Friday notes: Garry Gilliam — future left tackle?

I would urge everyone to listen to this weeks ‘Real in the Field Gulls’ podcast (see above). Danny O’Neil from ESPN 710 is the guest and provides a big dollop of educated Seahawks takes.

At the 24:15 mark Danny is asked about Seattle’s O-line. He suggests Russell Okung will probably leave the Seahawks in the off-season, that J.R. Sweezy could be re-signed and that Garry Gilliam might get a shot to take over at left tackle.

They clearly rate Gilliam and in many ways this first season at right tackle could be an audition. Can he show, over a 16-game campaign, that he’s ready to be a blind-side protector? He has the frame and the mobility. Can he develop into a technically sound blocker? We’ve seen gradual signs of improvement over the course of the season.

If the Seahawks pick late in the first round again in 2016, it’s going to be very difficult to draft a capable left tackle. So many teams are desperate for good O-linemen. They aren’t going to last very long in the first round.

It’s perhaps more likely they’ll get a chance to draft Gilliam’s replacement at right tackle or bring in a tackle-convert to play guard or center. Either way, it’s something to contemplate as we go through this process. It’ll certainly help if Justin Britt continues his much improved form at left guard, meaning they could theoretically focus on center and right tackle (Alex Mack + a draft pick? Maybe).

I’m not quite sure why Baylor’s Corey Coleman isn’t going early in mock drafts. Then again, you could make the same case for Shon Coleman and until recently Paxton Lynch. Nobody seems to be taking them seriously.

They should be.

The play above is a perfect example for why I recently mocked Corey Coleman with the #3 overall pick. We all know he has the fantastic athleticism, deep speed, explosive breaks and good hands. It’s the fact he adds this competitive spirit, grit and willingness to compete for the ball that separates good from great.

He also had an +80-yard score against Kansas State last night in a game-winning performance (11 catches, 216 yards, two TD’s). He has 20 touchdowns in just eight games. Think about that. He also has 1178 yards.

Teams are going to love Coleman. I think he’s a top 5/10 pick. Hopefully he’ll start to get the attention he deserves soon — along with Shon Coleman who is battling with Laremy Tunsil to be the best offensive tackle in college football.

Another receiver to keep an eye on is Mississippi State’s De’Runnya Wilson. He was superb against Missouri last night in horrendous weather conditions — snatching four catches for 102 yards and two scores.

He looks more polished, more consistent and more rounded this year. He’s 6-5 and around 215-220lbs. There’s some Kelvin Benjamin to his style. He’s a prototype big-bodied receiver who could work into the first round equation next year.


  1. Nick

    Rob, who should I be looking at for RT prospects?

    • Rob Staton

      Depending on where they draft any of:

      Shon Coleman (T, Auburn)
      Jack Conklin (T, Michigan State)
      Taylor Decker (T, Ohio State)
      Germain Ifedi (T/G, Texas A&M)
      Jason Spriggs (T, Indiana)
      Vadal Alexander (T/G, LSU)

      • Volume12

        Yeah I like Alexander much more than Jerald Hawkins. Alexander gives off a poor man’s vibe of La’El Collins.

        Intetesting take on Gilliam. His body type and lack of push in the run game seems to be much more suited for the left side.

        • RealRhino2

          You think Alexander moves well enough to play in our scheme? The only tape I saw of him I mentally sort of crossed him off as being too slow/unathletic for us. James Carpenter redux (which wouldn’t be bad to have right about now, but I’m not sure we’d agree that using a late R1 pick on him was a good choice).

          Agreeing with Rob more on Coleman. When I watched some tape, the thing I realized is that his taking plays off doesn’t seem to be an attitude thing, it seems to be a Baylor thing. Whenever an offensive skill player isn’t directly involved in a play they seem to just stand around and wait their turn. Maybe it’s something the coach thought up to keep his WR fresh.

          Where are you guys even seeing tape of Shon Coleman?

          • Volume12

            I think James Carpenter is a fair comp. You bring up a good point in him not being totally SPARQy, but he’s a mauler in the run game and I do think he’d fit in our scheme. Seattle always takes 1-2 guys every year that don’t have great SPARQ scores. He’s also incredibly versatile and maybe might end up being a sneaky good athlete.

            Corey Coleman is the real deal. Favorite receiver in this class, followed by Braxton Miller and De’Runnya ‘Bear’ Wilson.

            • Rik

              I would add Michael Thomas to this list. He’s smooth and fast and makes everything seem easy on the field.

          • Rob Staton

            There’s no Shon Coleman tape on Draft Breakdown. Luckily over here we’ve had several Auburn games on the TV and they’re saved on my system.

      • onrsry

        What about Ronnie Stanley?

        • Rob Staton

          More suited to left tackle. Thoroughly inconsistent effort. Just don’t trust him to excel at the next level. Think he’ll need to be constantly pushed. Overrated IMO.

  2. Volume12

    Impossible to say, but is Seattle looking at one of these CBs or D-lineman from Florida St.?

    Or doing early homework on RB Dalvin Cook and WR Travis Rudolph?


    • red

      OLB Terrance 6,3 235 very Mike Morgan 2.0

      • red

        Terrance Smith

        • Volume12

          Could be. Has looked very average this year when he has played. I believe he’s currentl hurt.

          Was an exciting looking prospect last year when healthy though. Also has a tremendous backstory. Talk about grit and overcoming adversity.

          • Volume12

            If ya haven’t checked him out or gotten to see him play, I highjly recommend Udub OLB/DE Travis Feeney. Length is unreal and dude will turn up at the combine. Said to be a mid 4.5 guy.

            • oz

              You need to keep that under your hat.Shhh!!!

  3. onrsry

    If Seahawks won’t re-sign Okung,i think they have to sign a top FA OL. For tackle position they don’t have too much options. Top tackles in free agency after this season are LT Russell Okung and RT Andre Smith.There’s no one else.You sign one of these two or you’ll have Gilliam and a rookie as your starter LT and RT,which is far from ideal.That would only cause much more problems and communication issues on the line.But if they sign Alex Mack instead of these two(Okung or Smith), that should compensate those issues.

    If they let Okung and sign Sweezy like Danny O’Neil said. Possibilities are:

    1 – Gilliam/Britt/Mack/Sweezy/Rookie (ideal)

    2 – Rookie/Britt/Mack/Sweezy/Gilliam (ideal)

    3 – Rookie/Britt/Rookie/Sweezy/Smith (ideal)

    4 – Gilliam/Britt/Rookie/Sweezy/Smith (ideal)

    5 – Rookie/Britt/Rookie/Sweezy/Gilliam(2 rookie is bad)

    6 – Gilliam/Britt/Rookie/Sweezy/Rookie

    (2 rookie and 1 position change is worse,which is similar to what they did this year)

    First 4 is more likely and ideal than last 2. They have to sign one of Okung,Mack or Smith,because a veteran presence is needed.Otherwise they can’t fix the problems on the OL)

    • onrsry

      Or maybe:

      Gilliam/Britt/Mack/Glowinski/Smith. If they won’t sign Sweezy, Alex Mack+ Andre Smith could make sense.Probably 15M $/year for both of them.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Mack is going to get big money if he does indeed hit FA. He might get one of the largest center contracts in the NFL. In all honesty, grab him and draft a tackle. I’m more than ok with that scenario. RT or LT, it matter not to me.

        I’m a bit surprised they didn’t flat out trade for him at the deadline. Perhaps they are not that high on him, compared to the seattledraftblog regulars.

        • arias

          Mack flat out told the press he wasn’t interested in being traded and has a no trade clause. Who knows if he might have agreed to come here so long as he wasn’t losing salary but he can also opt out of his contract at the end of the year which makes him less attractive as an 8 game rental + playoffs.

    • Volume12

      If Okung leaves and they re-sign Sweezy, I think they’ll keep one for sure, I like…

      LT Gilliam
      LG Britt
      C Rookie
      RG Sweezy
      RT Rookie

      And then add a veteran FA that can play and compete at a couple spots.

      Terry Poole seems like a Michael Bowie type of guy. Able to play/give depth to the LG and RT spots.

      • onrsry

        Only reason i can see for that possibility is they want to sign Bruce Irvin much more than upgrading OL.

        That would be lower cap hit of OL than this year.It can really work with top-2 draft picks but it’s not guaranteed improvement over this years O-Line.Mack or Smith could provide that guaranteed improvement.

        • Volume12

          Alex Mack and Andre Smith are both going to have a ton of money thrown at them this off-season. Seattle’s going to have go for the Giacomini or McQuistan types, if they don’t execute a trade.

          There’s only a handful of big name FA’s that work out for team’s every year. Overrated.

          • Volume12

            Forcing a rookie RT to play LT is ideal?

            Draft a rookie C and sign a veteran FA that can also play there. It’s a win-win scenario. Rookie beats out the vet, ya know ya got a good one. Vet starts over rookie, you improve your depth and shore up an important positon going forward.

            • onrsry

              -Mack probably will sign 9M$/year (highest paid center is Rodney Hudson now, 8.9M$/year,signed last offseason with Oakland)

              -Andre Smith at best 7M$/year (he is a RT,won’t paid like a LT,highest paid RT now is Bryan Bulaga,signed 4 year/27M deal with GB last offseason)

              Considering Okung’s 8M$ cap hit will be gone, SEA can afford this players,that’s not too much money,that’s cost of upgrade,which is needed.

              To me, neither Gilliam or rookie is ideal for LT. Starting 2 rookies without a veteran like Mack or Smith isn’t ideal too.But if you don’t sign Okung,you have to choose.I think they can manage with Alex Mack at center.

              I would prefer less rookies and more experienced guys on the line after seeing this OL.I don’t know, just feels like they need someone with top talent,to fix these problems,or Wilson will die. They need a real leader on the line who can call protections and adjust,and snap the ball better.

              • onrsry

                And we already have veterans in Lemuel Jeanpierre and Patrick Lewis, right.They can’t even start. Maybe Wisniewski but he is not very good too.They didn’t signed him when they had a chance.

                • Volume12

                  Starting 2 rookies isn’t ideal, but if that’s what they gotta do, they will. Having a guy like Sweezy between 2 rookies would be a big help.

                  I’m in agreement with ya that they need an upgrade at C. But it’s been proven these past couple years that rookie C’s taken from round 3 and later, can be effective leaders and starters for contending teams.

                  Hudson migh be the highest paid C currently, but Mack is better. I just have a hard time seeing them grab a big name FA on the O-line. They should target a Giacomini type FA.

                  • onrsry

                    You’re right about rookie centers, Bryan Stork for NE, Corey Linsley for GB and Russell Bodine for CIN, all three team made playoffs last season.And these rookies are 4th and 5th rounders.I can’t believe SEA couldn’t find a center like them in the last draft.They drafted two 4th rounders,one of them is a backup and the other is on practice squad.It’s just pathetic when it comes to draft an OL for SEA. This is why i think they need to sign proven FA.

                    I don’t know there is a Giacomini type in the FA,only 2-3 guys are available,as far as i know. Andre Smith could be expensive but he would be safest option. They can find a starter center in the draft like you said,but tackle is hard to find.So maybe FA like Smith could be better option than Mack.And cheaper of course.

                    I’d be OK with: Gilliam/Britt/Rookie/Sweezy/Smith

                    Max Tuerk or Nick Martin would be great. I wonder how Tuerk’s injury will effect his draft stock.

                    By the way if they can sign a quality FA for OL, that would free a high draft pick for use on another position. Maybe DT or SAM LB.

                • red

                  PFF rates Wis at 11th best center in NFL.

                  • Volume12

                    I’m all for them adding a veteran in FA, I just have my doubts about them being able to sign a big name guy.

                    It doesn’t have to be a guy built like Giacomini, but rather, someone that’s on that 2nd tier and flying undr the radar.

              • DC

                There are no rookies starting on Seattle’s OL…

                It just feels like it.

    • Steele

      I am not enthusiastic about the idea of Gilliam as starting LT, and do not like anybody on the line this season. Ideally, I would like to see as many starter-worthy rookie and seasoned veteran replacements as possible across the line, but we know that is going to be difficult to pull off. And it is also likely that Cable’s experiments will continue as long as Pete is the HC, even as they sputter.

      SPARQ convert projects are economical, but they come at a cost, and we are seeing it. I would like to see the focus shifted to linemen who know how to play their positions well immediately.

      The other big picture problem, which this FG-O’Neill interview covers, is the dysfunctional coaching arrangement with the offense that puts Cable in charge of the line and the running, Bevell in charge of the passing, and Russell Wilson doing schoolyard at his discretion.

      Better for an one offensive coordinator to have the authority to oversee all aspects of the offense, but this is another thing that won’t change under Pete.

      • onrsry

        Totally agree.

        Converted lineman on OL(too much pressure as a result), 2 different coordinators on offense , being very conservative when trying to prevent turnovers. These things hurt Russell Wilson’s development as a QB. Too much constraints. His growth is slowed down.

  4. Volume12

    Rob, what do you think of Florida St QB Everett Golson?

    He seems to be much improved this year compared to the last couple. I believe Seattle will target a QB in UDFA this year. He’d be a developmental type, but is he worth it?

    • Rob Staton

      He’s too streaky. Looks excellent one week and totally hopeless the next. Would definitely only be an UDFA for me. Someone you look at and work with on the practise squad perhaps.

      • Volume12

        Definetly an UDFA kind of guy and PS/developmental kind of guy.

        One guy that interests me is Navy QB Keenan Reynolds. Another UDFA kind of guy, but has a lot of BJ Daniels the QB to his game.

  5. DLep

    Hi Rob or anyone else who feels inclined to chime in, curious where you personally rate Gilliam. Is the gradual improvement he has shown thus far indicative of someone who can be a competent left tackle in 2016 or later?

    Would love to see a breakdown on where you think his strengths/weaknesses as are as well your opinion on what his ceiling is ultimately. Most of what I have read so far is that he is athletic enough certainly, but doesn’t anchor well or get much push. Do you generally agree? And if so, do you think he doesn’t do those things well yet but eventually can/will? Or are those things he just probably will never be plus at?

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s hard to say. If you’re relying on him to be the guy at left tackle, I think you need to invest somewhere else on the OL. You can’t have bad protection on the right if you’re trusting Gilliam on the left. They’ll almost be forced to draft a RT early.

      I generally agree with your points on Gilliam. I suppose it’s whether he’ll improve technically with more experience. He is a tackle convert, after all, like a lot of the line. And a rookie coming in will likely have teething problems unless they tank and get at Tunsil or Coleman (who I think goes very early).

      • Volume12

        Looks like more of a LT to my eye. Not sold on him yet, but I definetly see the potential in him.

        I’ve noticed he struggles moving to his right more than he does going to his left, which is what he’d be doing at LT. And obviously you prioritize pass protection out of your LT moreso than run blocking.

        Like Britt, I suspect he’ll improve going forward.

        • C-Dog

          Well, I agree Gilliam doesn’t look like a good fit at RT, and while he has some athletic traits you probably like a lot at LT, I absolutely cringe on how he would hold up. He looks like someone who could get easily bull rushed from the blind side by a schedule full of strong capable ends.

          I know how much Cable loves himself some Sweezy, but in choosing between the two, really, sincerely hope Danny O’Neil is dead wrong about the tea leaves he’s reading on this one. Because if this plays out that way, Seattle would almost have to be looking at drafting two tackles high instead of one, with LT being a crap shoot in the draft anyways if you are not picking in the top 10 and even if you are, with Gilliam being most likely the bridge, and there’s still the issue of center. They would almost have to add a veteran starter at Center, and if you going to spend big on Mack, why wouldn’t you use that $ to keep your LT?

          My hope is that they resign Okung, and possibly Sweezy, and draft a RT (Decker, Conklin, etc) and/or C, and keep cohesion together on the line if it continues any form of an upward trend. Cut bait with Cary Williams if you have to clear space. Sign the typical journeyman cast off DT to fill the void of an aging Mebane if his asking price is too much, draft another DT or two really, and quit changing 2/5s of the offensive line every other year.

          What’s harder to replace a starting LT, RG or a NT? My unprofessional guess is LT. They’ve currently got a good one, and they want to replace him with a guy who was supposedly going to offer better pass pro at RT, and is now currently rated as one of the worst RT’s in the league by PFF? I think Gilliam would have to show some major progressions through these next 8 games, and really, there’s literally no where else to go but up, and is that enough to make you feel comfortable?

          Tell me I’m crazy on this one, but I don’t get it. After having the fanbase gut through the line play of 2015, they would actually plan for this scenario in 2016? The only thing I can envision looking forward to on this is listening to Dave Softy Mahler’s head literally explode on live radio on the Monday after they first play the Rams.

          • arias

            What’s harder to replace a starting LT, RG or a NT?

            In isolation you’re right, LT. But with all 3 positions in play it depends on your depth at those positions. But in our case, our depth sucks all around and we’re left hoping one of the rookie linemen from this year’s draft steps up.

            • C-Dog

              Precisely, but when I look at the depth of this team, and how it would grade against the boards of the draft and free agency, I see maybe some drafted potential at RG with Glowinski, and maybe a dark horse in Sokoli. I see a much improved against the run play out of Jordan Hill who could be the next 1 tech, and I would feel somewhat comfortable there.

              Then I see Alvin Bailey, Gary Gilliam, and one practice squad player in Terry Poole as possible heir apparents for Okung, and I scream like I just saw a Banshee in my house. The only way I can see this happening is if Seattle is going to tank the rest of the way through the season and be in position to draft one of these kids high within the top 10 of the first, and then hope another slides to the top of round 2, and then they are potentially working with two rookie tackles in 2016. Not ideal, and recent drafts have not been stellar for LTs. As much as I trust in PC/JS, I can’t see the logic in this risk when really, this line is probably one RT away from being somewhat decent again if Britt continues his improved play.

          • Daniel

            totally agreed

          • bigDhawk

            What’s harder to replace a starting LT, RG or a NT? My unprofessional guess is LT.

            In a vacuum I would agree. The problem is, every season we end up “replacing” our LT due to injury for a significant chunk of time anyway, with the likes of a Bailey or potentially a Gilliam. So why not just carry this thing to it’s logical conclusion and cut bait with Okung for real? Save the cap space for a vet who can contribute at a Pro-Bowl level in every game, like a Mack.

            I’ve said it many times on this site for quite a while now: Bailey’s best position on the OL is LT. He is serviceable there, and useless everywhere else. I would even argue that he is provides a bigger bang-for-the-buck value than Okung with reliability factored in. Certainly Okung is a better LT than Bailey when both are healthy, but not $8mil better.

            If he had a Joe Thomas-like health record I would be all for resigning Okung at the going LT market rate. But he doesn’t. Far from it. And there is no reason to suspect that will do anything but get worse as he ages.So absent the ability to (re)sign a reliable FA LT, or draft a blue-chip prospect, I say we let the two ultra-low cost guys we currently have on the roster who have shown serviceable ability at the tackle position – Bailey and Gilliam – battle it out for LT next season. Then you have the cap flexibility to spend $$ at either C or RT as the market dictates and use a high draft pick on the other position. If we resign Okung, it will have to be an incentive-laden deal based on games played. Otherwise we will be in the same position of “replacing” our LT for part of the season anyway for years to come. No thanks.

  6. CHawk Talker Eric

    After watching as much film of Taylor Decker as I could find, I think he’s an excellent pro RT prospect. I like him better than Conklin, who looks more like an OG than an OT at the next level.

    It seems like there’s a relative abundance of legit R1 prospects at many position groups other than OL, particularly in the offensive skill positions.

    • Volume12

      I like Decker more than Conklin too. Decker would ideal and a homerun selection IMO. Just seems like a guy Tom Cable would love doesn’t he?

      • DLep

        Hey Vol, how happy would you be then w this line in 2016 then?
        Gilliam/Britt/Nowak, Mack, or Rookie/Sweezy/Decker – that cause for optimism or perhaps does it depend on which of the three center options we come up with?

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Gotta see Gilliam on the left side first.

          Maybe it’s an overreaction to all the film, but I think Decker is the #3 OT behind Tunsil and Coleman. I don’t know if he’s a LT in the pros – possibly – but his ceiling at RT is high.

        • Volume12

          Well, it depends on if Gilliam can keep improving. Not a fan of Drew Nowak being a 16 game + starter at all. If they can land Alex Mack that would be very exciting, but I have my doubts about it.

          I really do like that line you threw out. Love Taylor Decker. So, to sum it up, I’d personally be very pleased with your O-line scenario.

          • Daniel

            As C-Dog said though, why don’t they take the money they would spend on alex mack and give it to okung. It is much easier to find a center than a left tackle in the draft

      • drewdawg11

        I watch Decker and I see a kid who is tall and is often being pushed back into the QB. He’s not very good at anchoring in pass protection yet. Will he ever be better? He’s so tall you have to ask the he question.

        • Rob Staton

          I didn’t see that personally Drew. Thought his pass pro was pretty good overall — technically sound with power and control.

  7. Volume12

    Rob, what about K-St OL Cody Whitehair? Or is he more likely to be moved inside at the next level?

  8. DC

    Of the incoming C class, anyone have feelings on these 3?

    Max Tuerk, USC. He’s out for the season. I’ve heard good things but his listed weight is only 285?
    Nick Martin, Notre Dame. Good family name.
    Dan Voltz, Wisconsin. The center factory. Also injured.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Duke C Matt Skura is interesting.

    • Volume12

      Max Tuerk- what is he? Not sure he’s a C at the next level. Shows flashes, but also needs work. He’s kind of an enigma
      Nick Martin- Really like him. Probably the best C prospect in this class. 2nd rounder?
      Dan Voltz- like him too, but not where he’s currentlty being projected. Solid technician and your prototypical Wisconsin O-lineman.

      There’s also guys like Michigan St’s Jack Allen, ‘Bama’s Ryan Kelly, TCU’s Joey Hunt, Utah’s Siaosi Aiono, Baylor’s Kyle Fuller, Iowa’s Austin Blythe, and Texas A&M’s Mike Matthews.

      It’s a really good class for C’s in the mid to late rounds this year.

      • DC

        Good. Then we could grab a OT relatively early and a C when opportunity knocks. Without penciling in rookies as starters, here’s one envisioning for next season.

        LT Okung
        LG Sokoli (or Britt if rookie wins C)
        C Britt (or rookie)
        RG Boone
        RT Gilliam (or rookie)

        Am I missing something or is Sweezy still just meh..? Decent run blocker, poor pass protector. I feel Alex Boone would be a step up at a similar cost & he can play either G spot.

        • John_s

          Kyle Friend, C, Temple is supposedly highly rated as well

          • Volume12

            Yeah him and Matt Skura could be added to the list as well.

            • Volume12

              I’d also add Cal OL Jordan Rigsbee to the list. I really do think he’s a C in the NFL. Very ‘Seahawky’ kind of prospect.

              • John_s

                I love Rigs. I agree with you that he’s a center maybe a Tobeck type?

                • Volume12

                  Pretty good comp there my man.

  9. Nathan

    Where does the money get dished out of Okung goes?

    Keep Irvin?

    We have 23 mil free for next year according to overthecap.

  10. DC

    That is $23M free with only 32 players under contract in 2016. There are still 21 roster spots to fill.

  11. Nathan

    Geez the raiders must be making front offices nervous with their cap space.

    Especially Denver who have 3 linebackers(Miller will probably be tagged/signed long term) coming off contract.

    Wonder if a couple of our defenders might end up there, with Ken Norton being there.

  12. smitty1547

    U can bet on it their and Atlanta

  13. WALL UP

    This is a prospect that can fill Kam’s shoes as did Kam of Malloys’ in a few yrs. 5th-6th Rd LB convert to SS 6-2 218lbs. He also wares the same #. They need a backup for Kam.

    I still believe Okung gets re-up for a 3yr, 1st yr guaranteed, contract. It’s too early for Gilliam too man LT. Whoever they pick should be able to man LT & RT, especially if Okung is gone. Sweezy can be replaced much easier than Okung. I hope both stay.

    • WALL UP

      This is one of his motivational speakers:

      • WALL UP

        Evan Mckelvey ‏@ROLMAO_30 Oct 31
        As long as my pre- game speeches are felt by the players , I’ve done my job that day.

        • Wall UP

          Those were McKelvey’s words in how Lewis affects his leadership qualities. An emotional leader is an innate quality that cannot be measured nor be taught, but it is invaluable in bldg a winning team. Evan is that type of leader that can fill the void in time when Kam moves on.

  14. Trevor

    I just pray everyone continues to sleep on Shon Coleman and he somehow finds his way on the Seahwaks roster. I think he has the potential to be a pro-bowl caliber RT for the next 10 years and could be a really good LT as well.

  15. Trevor

    I was dead set against Seattle going WR in Rd #1 because we don’t throw enough but if Corey Coleman falls with his skill set you would have to take him.

    If we get either Coleman in Rd #1 we would be lucky!

    • nichansen01

      He is Locketts height… 5 10, Lickette had huge production in college but he’s not the athelete Coleman is. Coleman could slip a bit in round 1 because of his height but won’t fall past 20.

      • bigDhawk

        For some reason Coleman just screams Pittsburgh Stea…*ahem*…Steeler to me. I’ll make the call now and say that’s where he gets drafted.

  16. Trevor

    One thing we have definitely learned this year is how important a veteran Center is to our OL. That is why letting Wisnewski out of town to sign a cheap deal with the Jags was a huge mistake.

    Russel still clearly struggles with pre-snap reads and adjustments and struggles setting protection. I think those things have affected his play as well.

    I hope Lem starts the 2nd half just as a steady presence to take that pressure off Russ.

    Then in the off season Mack should be target # 1 and if he is too pricey then fall back to Wisnewski who is still young and having a good year with the Jags.

    I really don’t want to see another rookie Center next year. The teams like GB and NE who started a rookie Center with success both had veteran QBs who made all protection and pre-snap calls anyways so the rookie never had to think just snap and block.

    • Wall UP

      Russ is no slouch. A rook that has been tested in college can transition into the pros. NE,GB, DEN centers came from big time programs. Jack Allen will fit in nicely after 5yrs of playing C @ MSU.

      Money spent on a potential center is better spent @ OT for Okung. Nowak had never man center until this year. That’s a big difference between what Allen would offer as a rook.

    • nichansen01

      I agree with this, yet a player like Jack Allen is very similar to a “veteran center” playing for a big program for five years. Russ as a fifth year quarterback isn’t a “veteran” qb yet but is definetly an experienced qb (having started in (at least;) two Super Bowls is a plus) and should be able to work with an ‘expert’ rookie to get the job done.

      • Wall UP

        Amen. Preaching to the choir:-)

  17. KD


    Can you give a youtube link that shows off Shon Coleman a bit? Like you’ve said, everyone seems to be sleeping on him, or unaware, but I’d love to see your film breakdown of his game.

    • Rob Staton

      There aren’t any unfortunately. Auburn’s games have been on the TV a few times this year and I’m relying on my own saved copies of the games for the breakdown.

  18. nichansen01

    What keeps Carl Nassib out of first round consideration?

    • Volume12

      Probably the fact it took this long for the light to come on. Doesn’t show any great athletic traits or explosion. Not sure he’d have the stats he does if DTs Anthony Zettel and Austin Johnson weren’t occupying blockers.

      • bigDhawk

        Agree about the lack of athletic traits and explosion. I don’t know how any big time program looked at Nassib and said “that’s a DE” instead of “that’s a TE”.

  19. Volume12

    Going back to the fact that Seattle scouts were attending a Florida St. practice this week. One guy that’s very intriguing, only a jr., but has the body type they like and plays 3-tech, is this cat…

    DL DeMarcus Walker- 6’3, 282-285 lbs. 2015 stats: 26 tackles, 9 TFL, 6 sacks, 3 QB hurries, 2 PBU, 2 FF

    • Volume12

      CHAWK mentioned this guy. Another jr is this CB Marquez White. A very focused indvidual. Said to be a phenomenal tackler in run support, doesn’t have great numbers, but is that because he shuts down his side of the field?

      And DB LeMarcus Brutus. Looks like a Maxi clone size wise.

      • Volume12

        CHAWK, you might be on to something with FSU corner Marquez White. Let’s just call it a hunch.

  20. Wall UP

    Has anyone checked out Evan McKelvey of Marshall? He’s the Nation’ 2nd leading tackler in college @ LB. He should play SS @ the NFL.

  21. Volume12

    Who does Seattle like on this Penn St squad?

  22. Miles

    Hey Rob,

    Thanks for the write-up. Always appreciate your work.

    It seems there is a lot of chatter that Seahawks HAVE to take on offensive lineman in next year’s draft. While it will probably be the greatest need, it would not surprise me at all if they take a skill position player instead. Especially if the board is bereft of OL talent when their pick comes. Do you realistically think they would take De’Runnya Wilson over a marginal OL prospect if the opportunity presents itself? What if a potential superstar runningback is there at that time ala Ezekiel Elliott? We’ve seen the Hawks draft for need before, but they also like to hit the home run when the opportunity presents itself.

    I could also see them identifying this year as the year to patch up the OL as much as possible and fortify the defense more. Because in 2017 there is apparently going to be a bunch of talented skill players. Thus they could try and get their runningback or receiver that year. If they could get a bonafide starting lineman in the first round next year, I don’t know how they pass it up.

    • DC

      Seattle also has only 1 DT under contract in 2016, Jordan Hill.

      They are not locked into drafting an OL with their first pick and hopefully FA will balance things out a bit so that if opportunity knocks they can pounce. There is no denying that the OL is the greatest need this current season though.

      • Rob Staton

        Two things here though. Firstly, I can’t see this FO going DT in round one unless it’s a Sheldon Richardson, Aaron Donald level talent. The league is full of serviceable DT’s. Seattle has found them too with Rubin, McDaniel, Williams etc. Secondly, there just aren’t any DT’s worth considering in R1 since Harold Brantley’s unfortunate car accident.

    • Rob Staton

      I think ultimately they could manufacture the board to get a player they like on the OL. Trading down, finding value. After all, they’ve forced picks in the past (Justin Britt). Of course there’s always a chance they go for another position — but they have to repair this O-line next year. Even more so if Okung departs. It’s not just a minor need. It’d be a crisis waiting to happen. A crisis they cannot ignore.

      • Miles

        Not sure where I heard this, but Seahawks are going to have $23m in cap space next year. Is that accurate Rob and if so, does that mean they can use that money on a nice OT + Sweezy so perhaps it isn’t such a dire need come draft time?

        • Jeff M.

          That number looks about right but it’s minus a LOT of FAs. From that $23m we’d need to add or retain (as starters/near-starters) 2-4 OL, 2 DT, 2 WR, LB, Nickelback, P, QB2, plus assorted depth guys and money to pay for our draft picks and keep for in-season/IR. It’s going to be really tight cap-wise to add any external FAs unless you’re letting most/all of Okung/Sweezy/Irvine/Mebane/Rubin/Kearse go.

        • Rob Staton

          I think it’s more likely they try to use that money on a veteran guard.

          • Wall UP

            Do you think that money spent on a FA guard would imply that their recent splurge on guards in the draft was a failure? Cable failing to achieve his goals after not giving them a shot would be counter to Cables’ approach to developing the OL.

            Glow & Sok are receiving training behind the scenes that is not evident to all. Nowak came seemingly out of the blue. Not in Cables perspective. He has his hands on all 3 of their draft picks and he thinks, “This is the best group he’s had”. That’s says a lot. The one thing I take out of it is that he has a plan for this group of guards, Sweezy included. An external FA guard is not part of that plan. They apparently decided to move on from that notion by not going that FA route earlier.

            That said, I think they continue to build and fine tune this group. I hope they re-up both Okung & Sweezy, especially Okung. There will not be a LT of his caliber available for them in the draft. I also believe Okung wants to remain a Hawk. So, any money spent on a FA, it would be for an internal FA.

  23. line_hawk

    What about Kam’s replacement in R1? Kam isn’t playing like the 10m safety he wants to become. What if we trade him, sign Mack + Sweezy & drafted a tackle & safety?

    Is there any hard hitting safety worth considering?

    • Miles

      This is such speculative conversation because we are assuming a lot about what the FO wants to do and what Kam will say after the season and how much the FO will care and all that. But I wonder if there’s any chance we can turn Pinkins back into a strong safety.

      It would not be ideal to let Kam go for anything, but when you’re this close to the cap I guess you might have to get creative.

    • Wall UP

      Take a look at Evan McKelvey 6-2 218lb LB of Marshall. I have him as a SS backup for Kam in the 6th Rd. The only down side is that he’s 24yrs old and will be 25 @ draft time. He’s a passionate player like Kam. He was one of the leading tacklers’ in the nation until the last few games. Coleman is an older prospect as well, but that wouldn’t stop him from being drafted. I hope we get both of them.

    • Rob Staton

      No, they’re not replacing Kam Chancellor and he won’t be traded.

      • Wall UP

        I agree, Kam is not going anywhere. What they do need though is a backup for Kam. There is no True SS on their roster behind Kam. The way he inflicts punishment upon the opponents takes a toll upon his body.

        Evan provides the insurance that is needed if and when he gets injured, decides to move on, or if he were to retire. Evan could then step in. Rob, do you think they need a legit backup for Kam as a ‘Mirror Pick’?

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Kevin Pierre-Louis

          • Wall UP

            His injury record defies that possibility. I’m hoping he continues to develop @ WLB & as a ST stand out. A transition to SS isn’t best for him against TEs.

            Take a look at the tape above on Evan McKelvey from Marshall and let me know what you think.

            • CHawk Talker Eric

              I’ll take a look at Evan after I walk the dog.

              Meantime, I saw some of MSU-NEB last night and I agree Jack Allen is a fine C prospect.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            No, I meant Kevin Pierre-Louis at Colorado State.

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