Friday notes: Jordan shines, Vita Vea and RB search

— Dion Jordan was superb last night, a major high point during the Arizona win. For starters he looks enormous. Nicknamed the ‘praying mantis’ at Oregon because of his tall, lanky frame — he now looks like a completely different player. He’s big and physical, capable of bullying inferior offensive linemen:

Not only that, on other occasions he showed he still has quickness and mobility and he played with his hair on fire all night. This could be one of Seattle’s best reclamation projects yet. It’s only one game and Jordan has to stay healthy and motivated. Damontre Moore looked good a year ago, got hurt and then ended up drifting again during a short stay in Dallas.

He’s a restricted free agent in the off-season so the Seahawks have some club control here. If he builds on a solid debut there’s no reason why he won’t be back in 2018 at a modest price. Jordan was the #3 pick in 2013 for a reason and his talent was never questioned. With Frank Clark, Sheldon Richardson, Naz Jones, Jarran Reed and now potentially Malik McDowell and Dion Jordan — there are signs of a young, highly talented new D-line core emerging.

— Last week I had the opportunity to watch Washington easily handle Oregon at Husky Stadium. And while it was easy to be impressed by the offensive talent on display — the two players that stood out the most to me were Vita Vea and Greg Gaines. You have to see Vea live to understand just how athletic and active he is. He’s listed at 6-5 and 340lbs yet time and time again he was running to the sideline, chasing down ball carriers and making it look easy. There just aren’t that many human beings on the planet with his size and athleticism — and that’s why he’s destined to go in the top-15. Gaines is highly underrated — just a disruptive interior presence who can also handle the run. Don’t be surprised if he ends up going earlier than expected and having a fine NFL career.

Dante Pettis had a very good outing too. From my view it was fun to watch him consistently create separation. He’s a dynamic, sudden athlete and it shows when you watch his routes and return impact. I think he’ll go earlier than perhaps some are currently projecting. Royce Freeman also had a good performance I thought. He’s mobile and very active for his size. You’d like to see him thump a little bit more though. He’s not a bruiser at 230lbs. He deserves the nickname ‘Rolls Royce’. That’s what he is — smooth and quick, looks the part. Sometimes you wish there was a little more nasty in there.

— Speaking of running backs, that’s going to be the focus for a while on here. We need to have a thorough look at the options available. When a team like Seattle is so clear in setting out an identity and then struggles mightily to incorporate that identity, it’s worrying. The Seahawks want to run the ball. And they aren’t — or they can’t.

I’m not sure what else they could’ve done in pre-season. They went into camp with a long list of names and a strong competition. Eddie Lacy, Thomas Rawls, C.J. Prosise, Chris Carson, Alex Collins, Mike Davis. They gave themselves a fair shot to find someone to lead this running attack. They found Carson. Then he got hurt.

Unfortunately none of the other names were able to have an impact. Carson may return and end up leading the running game for years. The Seahawks need some security though. Some insurance. Rawls, Prosise and Davis might remain — but it feels like the writing’s on the wall for them. New blood might be required.

They might be able to land another veteran like Carlos Hyde. He might expensive. More than anything they need someone they not only trust to run the ball effectively — they also need someone they feel some pressure to get involved. With Marshawn Lynch they felt that responsibility to get him carries. His sheer talent demanded it. Now the best players on the offense are Russell Wilson and his targets. A struggling offense is putting the ball in their hands to try and make things happen. That, I’m afraid, is understandable and acceptable. Rawls had nine carries against Arizona for four yards — and one big 23-yard run. Feeding him was only going to lead to more failed drives.

That can’t go on for a third successive season in 2018.

Yes — the blocking also needs to be reviewed and analysed. However, Carson was running with authority and success earlier in the season. If he can do it — you’d expect the others to perform better.

We need to look for explosive runners listed within Seattle’s clearly defined size range of about 5-10/6-0 in height and 215-225lbs in weight. It’s a real shame Christine Michael never worked out because his body type is pretty much what they need right now. It’s hard to find players with his athletic talent. Sadly he proved to be a complete lost cause quite early in his career.

Let the search begin for a player who might fit a similar profile.

We’ve talked a lot about Rashaad Penny at San Diego State. He fits the size profile and he’s quite the all-round back. As we start this tour of the RB’s, here’s a collection of his highlights:

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  1. Sea Mode

    Sweet, I’ve been doing just that these past few days cause I knew that’s probably what we would be talking about during the mini-bye!

    Before getting into it, my question for the Hawks is this: if our R7 RB was tearing it up before injury (wasn’t he leading the league in YPC at one point?), and the year before that a UDFA Rawls was doing the same until freak injuries happened, how necessary is it to take a RB early unless he’s a real stud that you just won’t find in the bargain bin later on? Factor in as well the always-high injury risk to RBs all around the league and the need we might have at other positions early like EDGE.

    Well, here go some names to get us started. I didn’t spend as much time on the big names, just trying to see if the RB class was as deep as last year or if there was more of a drop-off:

    Arizona St. RB Kalen Ballage- SR (6-2 5/8, 227)
    We know from scouting him last year that he is an athletic freak. But how good of a RB is he? Being so tall, I would be tempted to take him on as a WR project, knowing he can audible into the backfield too every once in a while. He was clocked at 23.3 mph (without pads), that’s faster than Tyreek Hill’s fastest speed (23.24 mph) for crying out loud and has to be worth a shot if we can coach him up and find the right way to use him.
    He’s very articulate in interviews and was voted team captain. After his 7TD performance vs. Texas Tech, he brought his entire OL with him to the press conference… cool. Only 1 100+yd rushing game over the past two seasons… not cool. R4-R6.

    USC RB Ronald Jones II- JR (6-0, 200)
    Looks like Jamaal Charles 2.0 to me. Think he will go pro this year? More of a homerun hitter than a workhorse. Is he a fit for what Seattle wants to do? Should they shift to this style to complement the bigger backs they already have? I don’t think he goes later than R2 with that kind of speed.

    Georgia RB Nick Chubb- SR (5-10, 220)
    He would be that solid workhorse with the plus athleticism. Ideal RB build, powerful legs, hard to bring down, and above average vision. Is he worth our first pick given his injury history though? The other thing he has going for him is less tread on the tires due to that injury and timeshare in the backfield throughout his entire career. Would likely cost us our first pick. R2.

    Georgia RB Sony Michel- SR (5-11, 215)
    If what we want is a workhorse, this dude is as solid as they come, a little bowling ball type build. Low center of gravity, tough to bring down, keeps his legs churning. Might not offer the plus athleticism others do though, but should cost less draft capital as he lurks in the shadow of Chubb. R4-R5?

    Stanford RB Bryce Love, – JR (5-10, 196)
    Sprinter speed. Home run hitter. Needs a hole. Is he just Joe Williams 2.0 (on the field)? I’m not really interested if I’m Seattle.

    Auburn FB/RB Kamryn Pettway- JR (6-0, 235)
    He could be our cheap Eddie Lacy replacement, with an added bonus that he can line up at FB as well. His stride is kind of wierd, but he’s surprisingly quick at turning the corner and is definitely faster than Lacy… Fractured his scapula Oct. 21. R6-UDFA

    Washington RB Lavon Coleman- SR (5-11, 235)
    I’m actually kind of intrigued by this guy. Super solid build, brings attitude, nice little side step move without losing a lot of speed, always going north-south, tough guy. Role and production has been reduced from last year though. I’m sure lots of you guys have watched him quite a bit. Is he maybe a bit under-appreciated in the shadow of Gaskin? I liked what I saw. R5-R6

    Alabama RB Bo Scarbrough- JR (6-2, 235)
    Another Derrick Henry? Will that work for us with our OL?

    Notre Dame RB Josh Adams- JR (6-2, 225)
    Looks way too thin to me and not very agile at all laterally.

    W. Virginia RB Justin Crawford- SR (5-11, 205)
    Runs like Baldwin. Wicked jump-cut. Would be an interesting slot WR conversion project with strong RAC potential?

    Michigan St. RB LJ Scott- JR (6-1, 229)
    I liked a few things about his game. Patience to wait for holes, shoot through. Breaks arm tackles. Some nice hurdles hint at good athleticism. Will definitely be taking another look, because if he does declare, he will almost surely be overlooked in favor of the bigger names and could be good value later on.

    Alabama RB Damien Harris- JR (5-11, 221)
    Perfect build, a load to bring down. Really well spoken in interviews. We pretty much know what he brings to the table. Is he good enough to be your guy?

    LSU RB Derrius Guice- JR (5-11, 218)
    Runs hard ala Rawls, has the breakaway speed to finish, great acceleration off juke. Will be #2 RB off the board IMO.

    San Diego St. Rashaad Penny (5-11, 220)
    Rob, keep pounding the table for this guy. He’s worth it!

    Also looked at but not interested: Jalin Moore (Appalachian State), Mike Boone (Cinn.), Ralph Webb (Vanderbilt), Tony Brooks-James (Oregon)

    Lastly, a potential UDFA reclamation project if there ever was one…

    Akron RB Warren Ball- rSR (6-3, 230)
    Quite the physical specimen. He vertical jumps 39 inches, broad jumps 10’8”, was clocked at 4.4 in the 40 and only has 3% body fat. Transfer from Ohio State. Injured in game 2 last year and broke fibula after just 5 games this year.
    I couldn’t even find highlights, but here’s a run at least to get a look at him:

    Did I miss any names or whiff on any assessments? Let me know.

    For now, I would:
    a) jump all over Guice if he somehow fell to us late R1. If not…
    b) target Penny/Chubb in R2 after a couple trades down. Hope to pick up a R3 pick by packaging a R4 in the trade.
    c) see if any steals (Jones II) are still available with our hypothetically acquired R3 pick.
    d) grab another solid guy in the late rounds. For now, my favorites are Lavon Coleman and Sony Michel.

    • John_sm

      I would add Kyle Hicks from TCU

    • John_s

      I would add Kyle Hicks from TCU

      • Sea Mode

        Thanks, I’ll check him out.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks for sharing Sea Mode, interesting read.

      • Sea Mode

        My pleasure, Rob. Thanks for giving us this awesome space for discussion.

    • Preston

      Really like Sony Michel, but lacks explosiveness from what I saw. To me, two most important attributes a RB needs to have Vision + Explosiveness.

      That said, I really like Royce Freeman. Great vision and explosiveness, shifty enough to force missed tackles. Watching games, he’s had his fair share of match ups he was shutout in though.

      • Sea Mode

        I agree on the vision above all and that’s the main reason I like Penny so much. He’s near the top of his class in that category. (especially if we exclude Barkley as out of our range)

        On Royce, I’m still on the fence. Man, I want to like him, but I just get this feeling that his college success won’t translate that well to the pros. Not sure why. I’ll give it some time.

        • Volume12

          Freeman reminds me a lot of Jordan Howard.

        • Preston

          Watched RSP Film room on YouTube, great channel. Matt Walden said it best, explosiveness THROUGH the hole is most important. I couldn’t agree more. How long does it take that back to get through that mash fest at the line of scrimmage sets you up for more big chuck runs.

          Also a big fan of any back that can move laterally really well. Marshawn lynch was the best I’ve ever seen do it. Created his own magic.

          Still looking through this years prospects hoping to find an overlooked gem.

      • Volume12

        Michel for me is one of the best backs in the country that actually runs with power behind his pads. 3 down back, too notch COD. Great in space.

        • C-Dog

          He’s been grabbing my attention more and more.

    • drewdawg11

      Coleman put on some muscle in the offseason and he wasn’t as explosive to begin the season. His acceleration wasn’t here. It’s back now and he’s making the same runs he made last season. He’s a kid who definitely matured and got better as his career went on. He’s definitely a pro back. On Love, we don’t have that home run hitter and we need a field-tilter in the backfield and maybe someone who can relieve Lockett of his return duties. He could be a serious matchup issue.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I hope the seahawks give Levon Coleman a shot. He is just a solid working man type back. Much more likely for him to block a blitzer than some others. I like Love to but he won’t be on the field as often. He would be a great change of pace back.

        • AlaskaHawk

          Just saw Washington Gaskin score the second touchdown. Coleman would be used more often if Gaskin hadn’t become the lead back.

    • C-Dog

      From what I’ve watched, I really like Damien Harris, just ticks a lot of boxes, and seems like a tough well rounded runner.

      I keep thinking how physical Marshawn ran and how strong Carson was running, and wonder how much they want a home run hitter or how much they want a grinder. I think Harris can be a bit of that grinder type.

      • Rob Staton

        Big Damien Harris post coming tomorrow.

    • Ukhawk

      I’d add Justin Jackson

    • Kenny Sloth

      Damnnn I’m working on an RB piece for the long off-week. Definitely gonna be some repeat names

  2. drewdawg11

    Great write up. I agree about everything you said. I like Freeman a lot, but he isn’t a bruiser by any means. Penny is just a physical, talented kid and he could really bring something to the table for the Hawks. Vita Vea is just a freak. I’ve been watching him at UW and he’s getting better, more consistently dominant. He’s going to have a chance to be an impact player at the next level. There just aren’t many humans with his skills set. Period. My biggest worry now is that since we don’t have a second or third round pick, (someone needs to investigate the Texans because lane looks healthy enough to me), we can’t miss on the first rounder. Trade down seems likely, but how far could we drop and still get Penny?

    • Rob Staton

      I think, currently, Penny is probably R3 type range.

    • Sea Mode

      It’s hard to project draft position this early, but we sometimes do tend to project our favorites a bit higher than they actually go. We will be right about some (because Rob puts in the work and is ahead of the mainstream media) and wrong about others (over-excited maybe for a “Seahawky” player).

      With Penny, I suspect that we will be safe to move down to mid-late R2 and he will still be there. Considering he very likely has at least 4 if not 5 names clearly in front of him (Barkley, Guice, Harris, Chubb, maybe Jones II). The 5th RB off the board last year was Kamara with pick 3 of R3. I think this year’s class looks similar in the early rounds, perhaps with a bit less depth in the later rounds.

      1 4 Jacksonville Jaguars Leonard Fournette RB LSU SEC
      1 8 Carolina Panthers Christian McCaffrey RB Stanford Pac-12
      2 41 Minnesota Vikings Dalvin Cook RB Florida State ACC
      2 48 Cincinnati Bengals Joe Mixon RB Oklahoma Big 12
      3 67 New Orleans Saints Alvin Kamara RB Tennessee SEC
      3 86 Kansas City Chiefs Kareem Hunt RB Toledo MAC
      3 89 Houston Texans D’Onta Foreman RB Texas Big 12
      3* 105 Pittsburgh Steelers James Conner RB Pittsburgh ACC

  3. Aaron

    Maybe the identity of this team changed the day we traded for Jimmy Graham and Pete is still struggling with that change. I know he prefers and has basically built his career off of ground and pound plus a suffocating defense, however it’s been clear since the likes of Giacomini, Unger, Miller, and Carpenter left coupled with the injury riddled last season Lynch had in Seattle, that this team rides Wilson and not a running back.

    That’s not to say Wilson should do everything, but that he is our identity on offense and by association the targets he throws to. The imbalance is troublesome, but we don’t need to be a balanced football team. We simply need a competent running game to complement an offense built around Wilson and his targets in the passing game. The real issue is we don’t even have a competent running game, and haven’t had one since Rawls got injured in 2015.

    We don’t need to search for the next Beast Mode, rather we need to focus on finding an all around solid and dependable back as well as a group of five up front who can actually move people at the LOS. That back may be Carson, but I still have my doubts about him, injury aside. Those five up front who can move people aren’t all there yet. I think we have two or three right now and still need to search for one or two more.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think the identity changed with Graham. Not in the slightest.

      The problem they faced is replacing Marshawn Lynch. It’s nigh on impossible — and they’ve struggled to find a back that warrants the trust and attention Lynch carried. If anything the addition of Graham was planning for that scenario — finding another X-factor playmaker knowing they might not be able to find one at RB. But that’s not a switch in identity. That’s trying to do what you can to keep putting points on the board and manage the situation.

      You won’t ever find another Beast Mode. That’s not going to happen. But they do need to find a really good back. Average won’t cut it for this team and this identity. And that back needs to be someone they trust and crave getting the ball too.

      • C-Dog


      • Aaron

        Good points Rob. I agree that they need a solid running game, but I don’t think they need a dominant one like they had in 2012-2014. They need a big brusier of a back who actually has speed and nimble change of direction (opposite of Lacy) and can grind out yards by getting more than what’s blocked (opposite of any RB not named Carson). They need a guy who defenses have to respect. I sure hope we get a guy like Harris from Alabama. Tough, physical, a tone setter.

  4. Coleslaw

    Sucks that were pretty much screwed without sherman, sucks even more we traded away all our picks recently and now we need to rebuild. This could end up sending the franchise all the way down the ladder when it’s our time.

    • Sea Mode

      No comment.

    • Volume12

      The D will be fine. I’m more concerned about RW. I mentioned it last night. Pound for pound, he’s probably the toughest dude in the league. No running game to lean on and he seems off. Probably hurt. It would explain why he’s been so inaccurate with his deep shots. That’s his strength.

      Him and Bevell would be incredible damn near unstoppable if they could just protect him consistently or for a stretch of games. Bevell gets a bum rap.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Some of the pressures he’s facing are on him though. I know he loves to extend the play which is great but he can also put himself in harms way. I guess you take the good with the bad.

        • Volume12

          Absolutely. Part of his game is him ducking his head in the pocket which leads to him dropping his eyes. He’s young enough and good enough to overcome those handful of plays when they pop up. He’s missing a bunch of throws we all know he excels at and expect him to execute, which leads me to believe he’s playing through something fairly serious.

      • C-Dog


        I thought Russ didn’t look nearly as quick against the Cardinals. They are relying on him to do too much. Having Brown out with the ankle turn also changed the dimension of the offense, IMO. They were moving with more ease when he was in. It’s that fragile.

        Seattle needs to find a middle of the road run game at this point just to hang and make a run. Ten days off will be a blessing to get Brown back and then sort out the backs again.

        • Volume12

          IMO they need some size on offense. Would take attention away from Graham, and would let Lockett play in the slot where he should be.

          • C-Dog

            I’ve wondered that for some time, and then looking at the roster I’ve wondered if they sought out sudden receivers that would fit well in the RW sandlot. When things go sideways that direction how often is Graham the recipient over Doug, Paul, Tyler and previously Kearse? I imagine it’s hard for 6-7 260 to maneuver under those conditions. Just something I’ve been considering lately.

            • AlaskaHawk

              Seahawks were lucky that Tobin played as well as he did = all considering.

    • Rob Staton


      Change the record Coleslaw.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Every team faces injuries, as long as it’s not you QB you can usually get through them.

      • Coleslaw

        5 posts ago you talked about this and next year as our only realistic championship window. This team is not the same without one of Kam, Earl or Sherman. We are not going to be an elite defense anymore. Griffin and Shead are our best corners and Shead is still hurt. No run game, Wilson isn’t perfect, we can’t expect him to win us every game the rest of the way. We are looking more and more like the team that built an incredible, hall of fame roster and maintained it for 2 seasons, going 1-1 in the super bowl and spent the rest of the era chasing a dragon, sending our future to the curb. It’s not just some fan talking cause a player got hurt. This has been right in front of our faces for years. Deny it if you want, this team is done.

        • Greg Haugsven

          Why don’t you just jump ship and go be a Rams fan then. They are young and you mught have some good years with them. Either stand behind your team through thick and thin or go be a fan of some other team because we don’t need your negativity.

          • Coleslaw

            I can be a fan and know when my team is going down the drain. When did I say I wasn’t going to be a fan? You guys can’t handle a sliver of painful truth and want to bash me and nichhansen cause we bring it up. If there’s gonna be a comment section, let people comment without the Author and his minions coming to attack/call people names for stating their opinion.

        • Rob Staton

          I said the Seahawks were going all in to win this year and next. Big difference. Not the negative connotation you imply.

          You’re being overly dramatic, like a flouncy teenager. ‘This team is done’. Boring.

          • 503Hawk

            Ha, ha. Great use of “flouncy”! Who would have ever thought that flouncy would be used in connection with the Seahawks. Well w/ the Beast gone the Hawks are having an identity crisis. 🙂

          • Coleslaw

            Sorry our best player got hurt and I’m not in some fake ass euphoric state? Get real Rob. I never said I won’t be a fan. I endured many years of shitty Seattle football. Just because I’m speaking truth doesn’t give you the right to call me names. Your ego need a work, Rob.

          • Coleslaw

            You really think you’re so much better than everyone else. Something doesn’t fit your narrative and you bash your fans. Lol you’re a fucking egomaniac dude. Peace

          • Coleslaw

            We went all in for this ans next year, effectively damaging years after that, now we are looking like this years a bust, so if we can’t capitalize on the years we’re “going all in for” that would make us done. Obviously if we don’t win anymore were done? Or are we just suppose to have a glisten in our eye and smile from ear to ear when our hall of fame player who is the main reason our defense has been so historically good goes out for the season, OUR season.

          • Coleslaw

            If “this team is done” is too boring maybe you’d find the whole rest of the paragraph interesting. You know where I used logic on why I think this team won’t win much anymore.
            I was talking about the seahawks, and you wanna talk about me. That’s why I’m upset right now, and I’m sorry for making a scene but I’m not gonna take that

            • Rob Staton

              Well if the first post wasn’t a flounce, the next four certainly were. He used swears and everything.

              The Seahawks aren’t done. This is a silly overreaction. Leave that for Seahawks twitter.

    • Kenny Sloth

      1. Not screwed without Sherman. Sorry you bought his jersey and feel hard done or something, but no-one plays infinite football.

      2. We didn’t trade away all our picks.

      3. We’re not in a rebuild

      4. One player does not a franchise make.

      • Kenny Sloth

        This dynasty was built on ‘next man up’ competition and I think it’s an unwillingness to integrate youth that is stunting our depth at locked down positions.

        • Kenny Sloth

          See Cole?

          That’s a good take.

          • Kenny Sloth

            A really good take, man, I’m feelin myself rn

        • Coleslaw

          You’ll see.

          • Coleslaw

            If we don’t run a 2 safety set were going to get torched like the Houston game all year. Griffin won’t replace Sherm, he’s solid, but not going to lock down 1/3rd of the field. Lane is going to get picked apart. We have to change schemes or else our D IS going to take a MAJOR hit

      • Coleslaw

        We were struggling for every win as it was, if you think losing Sherman isn’t going to have a major impact then you got your head in the clouds in all honesty.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Where did I say losing Sherman isn’t going to have a major impact?

          Just step away from the keyboard for a while, man. It’s a long week to feel sorry for ourselves until our next game, I’m just trying to lose myself in some college ball today

  5. Greg Haugsven

    It will be interesting to see if Carson is there guy or if he was just the best of the bunch this year.

  6. Mike B.

    I dunno Rob, I’ve seen some pretty nasty Rolls-Royces in my time, including this one ’82 Silver Spur that was missing a headlight and was covered in primer paint.

    But seriously, a major shift in the run game won’t happen until next season, and I wouldn’t be shocked to see major roster turnover there. I know that Prosise will only be in the 3rd year of his rookie contract, but his inability to stay healthy is a major liability, so even he might be gone. I wouldn’t be shocked if only Carson and McKissic remain.

    As for drafting RBs, let me throw out this duo, which should easily be attainable assuming Seattle trades down a few times with that 1st round pick:
    – Damien Harris, Alabama, 2nd round(?)
    – Sony Michel, Georgia, 4th/5th round(?)

    That would net the team two big, talented, explosive backs who could compete for major playing time, regardless what happens with Carson. Harris is an all-around stud. Michel has major burst and is a very good pass-catcher.

    Picture a very talented, young RB core of Carson, McKissic, Harris, and Michel. That group wouldn’t be a liability if one guy goes down.

    • Greg Haugsven

      I love me some Damien Harris. That dude runs angry.

      • Rob Staton

        Big Damien Harris post coming tomorrow.

        • H

          Sounds like your about to drop an album Rob 😛

    • Rob Staton

      Big Damien Harris post coming tomorrow.

      • C-Dog

        Really looking forward to that one.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      “I’ve seen some pretty nasty Rolls-Royces in my time, including this one ’82 Silver Spur that was missing a headlight and was covered in primer paint.”

      You know what is funny… I used to have a neighbor with a 1968 (or so) … and it had paint bubbling up around the head lights. So maybe we should think of the kid more like a Rolls-Royce Merlin engine and less like a car. 🙂

      • 503Hawk

        Good word picture Charlie. The RR Merlin made the P51 into the legend that it was.

  7. Volume12

    Man, there ain’t a draft class that’s been more productive than what the Saints did.

    Marshon Lattimore, Ryan Ramcyzk, Alvin Kamara, and Marcus Williams is an amazing haul and has helped evolve this team into a dangerous group.

    • Coleslaw

      I could be the HC of any team I want and I’d still be scared to see the Saints in January. That offense makes Ds look like highschoolers

      • nichansen

        I’m eating my words right now. I was very vocal about not liking any of the Saints draft picks. Thought they blew the draft.

  8. Adog

    I think it should be noted that the seahawks drafted spencer ware and alex collins. For whatever reason they did not make the cut…kinda hard to believe that the current group out competed colins…which leads me to say that despite identfying talent at the rb position…they cannot see it through. Here we sit still trying to replace lynch. It is a delusion to think that lynch can be replaced. They need to forget that lynch ever happened and open their minds to a running back who does not fit in their cookie cutter.

    • John_s

      Collins was th odd man out partly because of his issues with fumbles

      • nichansen

        Alex Collins is now 10th in the league in rushing yards…

    • Acat

      I know us Dog’s and Cat’s don’t always see eye to eye, but I Meow with you Adog.

    • Kenny Sloth

      This FO is extremely cookie cutter in player identification.

      Even their ‘unique athlete’ mould is pretty predictable

      • Adog

        Well they cut their cookies in ware and Collins but they never put them in the oven.

        • Kenny Sloth


          You sir are a winner

          • Adog

            I wonder how much their coordinators wiegh into their personnel decisions? I dont want cable or bevell in schieders head when he’s making these calls on who stays and who goes. Carrol yes… but bevell Richard et al …no thanks.

  9. nichansen

    I have a feeling Damien Harris is going to be next years Kareem Hunt

    • Derron James

      He is going to go earlier IMO.

  10. AlaskaHawk

    Love is having a good game as running back for Stanford. STill in the third quarter an he has 91 yards and two touchdowns, Some tough running too.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Love had another good run, 109 yards through three quarters.

      • Adog

        I’ll take coleman over love any day of the week. Stronger and bigger.

        • C-Dog

          That was a good display of runners tonight by both teams.

        • AlaskaHawk

          I like Coleman too, he had a couple tremendous runs up the middle in traffic. And Gaskin but he won’t graduate for another year or two.

  11. vrtkolman

    I’ll keep saying that Jake Browning is a major choker. Ugh.

    • Greg Haugsven

      He is, the big games he just wilts.

    • C-Dog

      I don’t know if it’s that. I just think he’s been a bit overhyped and hasn’t really taken it to the next level from what he did last year.

      He’s not spectacular, but solid enough to be productive when surrounded by enough talent. What bothers me most about him is his demeanor when faced with adversity. I sense a temper that gets the best of him. Maybe that’s where you feel the choke vibe?

      I’ve seen some suggest that he could be a better pro than college player, but when I look at him, I see a pro comp that feels more Matt Moore than Alex Smith.

      • Forty20

        He simply refuses to throw a 50/50 ball when the game is on the line at the death. He either eats a sack or half-heartedly tucks it and runs. Downhill skier for mine.

        • C-Dog

          Yeah, that was really tough to watch, for sure.

      • vrtkolman

        I think you hit it there. His demeanor is just awful at times, and those sacks he takes just cannot happen.

    • MarkinSeattle

      UW’s OL has been a major weak point all year. They just can’t get the consistency and they struggle against good DL.

      Browning is capable in a system, very Alex Smith to my eyes. He is best in a system and can’t beat a t am on his own, but performs quite well with good WR talent and a stable running game.

      • Adog

        Alex smith was a good runner coming out of college…browning is not.

  12. nichansen

    Jake Browning is confirmed trash. Plays horribly in the big games. Bad arm, bad athleticism, bad decision making.
    UW has been insanely overrated all season. Trash football team… total embarrassment

    • Rob Staton

      More negativity.

      • Coleslaw

        You can’t have a “great platform for fans to come and discuss ideas” without allowing them to speak their minds. Either let us talk or disable comments, cause talking shot to your fans ain’t a good look.

        • C-Dog

          I think Rob was reacting politely to the hyperbole here, IMO.

        • Rob Staton

          The reason we have a great platform for fans to come and discuss ideas is because we reject the silliness of ‘this team SUCKS… we’re DONE… FIRE EVERYBODY’ that blights Twitter and forums.

          We have a higher standard of discussion here.

          And I will fight to retain that.

          • Coleslaw

            ***Removed for bad language***

            • Rob Staton

              Let me make this absolutely clear.

              1. Bad language and sending abusive messages to me or any other members will result in your messages being removed. This isn’t Twitter. This isn’t just some forum. The reason this is a fantastic community is because we don’t act like little kids. We don’t swear at each other and we don’t just come on crying about the team ‘being done’ 48 hours after they moved to 6-3.

              2. I don’t have to defend my position of the Seahawks not being done. It’s a total nonsense to suggest they are. The NFC is wide open and they’re 6-3. Man up.

  13. GoHawks5151

    Oregon resident here, though not a duck fan (Go Beavs!). Seen Freeman a lot. He’s not what we are looking for. Big body, but punch-less. Seems capable of power but avoids a lot of contact. Speed and catching ability is there but leaves a lot to be desired overal.l Does not break tackles consistently one on one. Better off looking at Harris or Penny. Chubb would be the best realistic player IMO

    • Sea Mode

      Thanks for the informed input. This is where I am right now too on Royce.

    • Rob Staton

      Freeman isn’t physical enough for his size.

  14. Myfanwy365

    Probably late on this as didn’t read the comments under the last post due to actually having to do some work. Could this work going forward for the NFL, hopefully reduce strain

    Two bye weeks should be a no brainer, and they should also be tidied up for the sake of the standings.
    Surely it’s simplest to give all four teams in one division a bye in the same week? Weeks 1-4 everyone plays, weeks 5-8 cycle through byes two divisions at a time, weeks 9 & 10 everyone plays, cycle the byes through 11-14 and then everyone plays the last four weeks.
    Bin the last preseason game, expand rosters and get rid of inactives.
    Every team plays a 4-5-7, 5-5-6, 6-5-5 or 7-5-4 schedule and there won’t be any more half game back silliness in division races.

    • H

      All of that sounds really good for all parties involved.

    • 503Hawk

      Recently I’ve heard more about this. I liked the specifics you included. Part of the problem might be that doing a schedule is extremely difficult. I fear that there is going to be MAJOR labor unrest when the current collective bargaining runs out. (May be a blessing in disguise though. NFL has a lot of issues they need to fix.
      e.g., my grand daughter knows what a catch is and what a fumble is! It’s frustrating to watch such unnecessary babel.)

    • Kenny Sloth

      These kinds of solutions need to be explored. To save our players and increase productivity.

      You’d have a longer season and less injuries.

      I can’t wait for the new CBA to be explored.

  15. Kenny Sloth

    I keep having flashed to the future

    Where Doug Baldwin is an analyst amd former President of the NFLPA

    Earl Thomas is coaching with Deshawn Shead

    Richard Sherman is playing well into his late thirties and is one of the most respected members of the Lions championship team

    Noones heard from Kam since walked off into the sunset.

    • nichansen

      I like the idea of Sherman as a Terence Newman- immortal type.

    • nichansen

      And Russell Wilson the leagues youngest GM.

  16. Kenny Sloth

    Does anyone have the link to a story about GI switching jersey numbers with Duane Brown??

    Was he compensated or was he just willing to step back.

    • Hawk Eye

      just gave it up.
      he did some training with Brown before, looked up to him

      • Kenny Sloth

        Hate that. Shows what we were lacking without Brown. Confidence and Leadership

        • C-Dog

          I thought Brown indicated a small exchange. Also, Brown was essentially Ifedi’s idol, from what it sounds like. I think it was just a sign of respect. Really young line before Brown came in. I think confidence and leadership comes with consistency over time.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Its a good point, but just because there’s a reason for it doesnt mean it wasnt killing us.

            They looked so unsure out there. Falling on their knees every single game.

            Fundamentals out the window. Shook.

            He had Okungs number. He gave it away. He said ‘Here, you be the leader, I’m chill’

            • Kenny Sloth

              I do think it’s an amazing addition if we can get him back without losing anyone. If not, its kind of a head scratcher

              • C-Dog

                JS made it sound like they intend to keep Brown around a while, and want him to retire a Seahawk. They got him through 2018. Maybe extend through 2021 with little guaranteed in the final year?

  17. Hawk Eye

    looking forward, here are a few predictions. Or wild guesses, to be more accurate.

    Procise gets switched to WR next year after P Rich signs somewhere else. Someone else mentioned this in previous post here. I doubt they cut him, too talented and too cheap, and they waited for Maxwell, Lane, P Rich, Graham, etc to get through injuries. Maybe takes less pounding at WR, although we can’t say his injuries have been a result of overuse.
    replacing PRich with a 230 pound WR who can play some 3rd down rb might work.

    O line takes a big step forward next year. Brown, Britt, Ifedi, Pocic should all start. Fant and Rees should compete to start somewhere also. I think in year 3 Ifedi steps up and gets fewer penalties.
    And when Joeckel gets back, Pocic switches to RG and the line gets a bit better. I doubt they take an O lineman in first 4 rounds and the “experts” give them a FAIL.

    I don’t think the defense falls apart without Sherman. But that also requires Kam and Earl to be healthy, and PC and CR make adjustments. And they should get more interceptions as teams test them more. But we will see the unfamiliar sight of TD’s scored against us on the left side. Sherman stepped up as a rookie when Trufant went down, if memory serves.

    I think Sheldon Richardson, Joeckel and Graham leave next year as FA’s. Hawks are tight up against the cap and need to make some tough choices and inject more youth. Reed, Jones and Malik make Richardson expendable for far fewer $$ and Richardson has played well, but has not dominated enough to justify big $$. Graham goes for more money and the Hawks go with Luke and Vannett. Not as dynamic, but better blocking and I also love the potential of Swoopes after a year on PS. Joeckel is ok, but too expensive and injury prone. I would mention Lacy leaving, but pretty obvious…..

    Malik steps up in his “rookie” year after almost losing his career and realizes it can all disappear quick. All the “experts” talk about what a great pick he was.

    not predicting Super Bowls, just DO NOT WANT the Pats to win it!!

    I think RB, LB, TE and CB are the first 4 picks, but no idea of the order.

    • C-Dog

      Interesting predictions. I can understand your logic. Not sure they convert Prosise to WR, but wouldn’t put it past them.

      They might let Sheldon Richardson walk, but IMO, I don’t think they traded a second round pick without the intention of re-signing him.

      Naz has looked great so far, but is there concern about that condition he had in high school could resurface?In terms of Reed, who as also been fantastic, how is he going to bounce back from that hamstring? It sounds like it’s potentially pretty serious and could keep him out for a while. With Malik, do we know what we even have yet? He might be more of a DE than a DT. I kinda get that vibe they see him more outside as Bennett’s eventual replacement.

      Richardson hasn’t produced the sacks but he has been distruptive with pressures and hits, and has played the run really well for a 295lb 3 tech. He had a terrific game against the Cardinals, and I think if he was playing against Washington, that might have been enough for Seattle to secure another home win. Carroll loves a deep DT rotation. I think the recent Timmy Jerrigan deal is probably barometer for a deal.

      As for Jimmy, I’ve felt all along that this is probably his last year, but I’ve had to remind myself that Carroll has said before that they want to make him a Seahawk for life. If he goes, it might be that he wants in an even more wide open offense, but considering how wide open Seattle is becoming, he might like sticking around. With his age, I’m not sure how expensive of a deal it would be to keep him, but I am leaning more towards the idea Seattle keeps him and Sheldon Richardson. Paul Richardson might be the hard one to keep.

      • Hawk Eye

        i get your logic on Jimmy and Sheldon, but I think it comes down to what the want, and I think the Hawks want more salary cap flexibility. I would love to keep both, especially Richardson to keep the D Line loaded, but it will come down to value.

        • C-Dog

          Seattle should have the cap room to extend both players, no? Also, they tend to reward core players and keep them around. It might come down to whether they view both as being core players. Right now, they are playing like they are.

        • AlaskaHawk

          With Seahawks defense first attitude = I think they keep Sheldon Richardson. My impression is that he is tremendously disruptive. With Reed out – Richardson is the most active defensive linemen. Clark will have to be resigned too to bolster the ends.

          Now that is based on Richardson getting a long term team friendly deal. If he asks for 20 million/year then he will probably go somewhere else.

          • AlaskaHawk

            Also meant to say that of the three you mentioned, I would least like to lose Richardson as he is hardest to replace.

            • Hawk Eye

              i get your logic on Jimmy and Sheldon, but I think it comes down to what the want, and I think the Hawks want more salary cap flexibility. I would love to keep both, especially Richardson to keep the D Line loaded, but it will come down to value.

      • Del Tre

        I feel like Richardson will be cheaper than we expect because you pay for sacks

    • JimQ

      A projected mid-round CB that I have an eye on (even though, he’s short and likely a SLOT CB only),

      CB/KR/PR-Darius Phillips, W. Michigan, 5-095/191, 4.52/40, #163-overall, projected as a RD-4 or 5 pick by Stats are per Looks like a mid-round SLOT corner that is a “ball hawk” and he’s also a pretty darn good return guy, + he is a converted WR. Could be a real “value” pick for the Seahawks because of their limited number of higher round picks, they will have to “beat the bushes” to find talent with their mid-late round selections. IIRC- They got Rawls out of W. Michigan so the must scout there.

      2017: 10-games, (so far), 32-tkls, , 23-solo, 5-TFL, 1.0-Sacks, 10-PBU, 2-FF, 1-FR (for TD), 3-INT (1 for TD)
      19-KR for 591-yds, 31.11-yd/avg, 2-TD’s, 13-PR for 104-yds, 8.0-yd/avg,
      2016: 14-games, 40-tkls, 26-solo, 4-TFL, 1.0-Sacks, 9-PBU, 1-FR, 4-INT (3 for TD)
      37-KR for 833-yds, 22.51-yd/avg, (1 for TD), 19-PR for 223-yds, 11.74-yd/avg (1 for TD)
      2015: 13-games, 48-tkls, 36-solo, 5.0-TFL, 16-PBU, 2-FF, 1-FR, 5-INT (1 for TD)
      36-KR for 837-yds. 23.25-yd/avg, (1 for TD),
      2014: 12-games played at WR, 32-rec. for 479-yds, 14.97-yd/avg. 2-TD’s, 3-rushes for 37-yds
      30-KR for 792-yds, 26.40-yd/avg, (1 for TD)
      CAREER TOTALS, (so far):
      49-games, 120-tkls, 85-solo, 14-TFL, 2-Sacks, 35-PBU, 4-FF, 3-FR (w/1-TD), 12-INT (w/5-TD’s)
      122-KR for 3053-yds, 25.02-yd/avg, (w/5-TD’s), 32-PR for 327-yds, 10.21-yd/avg, (w/1-TD)

      Anyone have any thoughts/comments on this kid as a mid-round possibility?

  18. Sea Mode

    Alternate Penny highlights:

    Sign. Me. Up.

  19. Kenny Sloth

    Hey Rob, just wanted to shoutout Blades and Cameron Carter-Vickers (who was recently called up for the USA senior side in light of disqualification for this summers world cup) for holding the 2nd place spot in the English Championship.

    Likely keeping Rob quite busy. Do you get a raise if they get promoted heh 😉

    • Kenny Sloth

      Any thoughts on the state of American soccer after not qualifying out of Concacaf?

      I know you’re not quite a fan, but I’d be interwsted to hear your take on how we can improve or even progress. Feel so isolated from top Futbol.

      • Sea Mode

        I feel we’re a little bit like the Hawks in a sense: we play up to our opponent’s level at times. This is good when you play a top opponent, and most definitely not good when you play a lesser opponent.

        We have to regain that mentality as a team that we have taken that permanent step forward over most of our competition in the CONCACAF.

        • Kenny Sloth

          MLS is making Concacaf nations better, but their backwards transfer rules make it a terrible destination for young talent.

          Young Americans start to get developed but theres no path to the first team and very little incentive to sell off your best players or any players because the single entity franchise model (which I can’t think of another futbol league using) makes almost half of the sale go to the league.

          USSF does everything it can to prop up MLS while ignoring other leagues in an almost collusive/anti-trust way. It does nothing for development and everything for money.

          That was good when we needed money, but now we need investment. We need to be involved in the business of soccer.

          Its a BILLION dollar business year round and we settle for millions.

          Its fucking sad. Nobody is indispensable in correcting the path.

      • Rob Staton

        I think it’s a disaster quite frankly. The World Cup qualifying group in CONCACAF is, with respect, set up to make sure the USA qualify for every world cup. Three automatic qualifiers from six? And a weak group of six at that. It’s about ensuring the American money and interest is at the tournament. Not qualifying is unacceptable and major change is required in America to sort it out.

        • Kenny Sloth

          It’s true. There should be no competition in Concacaf for Costa Rica, Mexico, USA. Even in an off year.

          I’ll be rooting for Panama, Costa Rica, Iceland of course, and Germany to win it.

          Hopefully this jolts the system and leads to some real change.

    • Rob Staton

      Sadly not! 🙂

      • Kenny Sloth

        Probably more opportunities though! Then you’ll get all that ⚽ out of your system and get a beat in seattle!

        Who are you watching today?

        I can’t wait to see Khalil Tate smother Oregon St.

        Im trying to find the UGA game rn

        • Rob Staton

          We’ve only got Georgia vs Auburn today

  20. Volume12

    RB Bryce’s Love is too small they said. He needs to much room to operate (what does that even mean), he runs through giant holes, etc. He’s a game breaker, field flipper, electric. Every time he touches the ball he has the ability to hit a home run. Those guys are rare. Size or not. He runs way tougher amend bigger than he is anyways.

    My man just run through a defense giving up 2.8 YPC on the year. He battled against one of the nations top 5 D’s.

    Inject him into my veins right now!

    • Volume12

      ‘Tyreek Hill was a woman beater.’ Probably was, but when he puts on those pads and steps under those lights there ain’t no one like him. He’s as unique as they come. Better than Percy ever was. Because he’s actually available and dependable. He flips the field, breaks open a game nearlly every time he touches the ball. And the #’s he’s putting up back it up.

      Point is, every team needs guys like that in today’s NFL. Just the way the game is going.

      • Kenny Sloth


        • Volume12

          Love is averaging more YPG than Bo ‘the God’ Jackson. If Seattle loves explosive plays, and we know they do, this is the guy.

          He blows me away. His vision is 2nd to none, he steps through tackles in the holes (that’s one of the things that make Kareem Hunt so good), and even nursing an ankle injury he’s still that dude.

    • Volume12

      On a bad ankle and he kept winning around the corner. Gamer. Udub gave up just as many TDs to him as they had combined in the previous 9 games!

      • Volume12

        * rushing TDs

        • AlaskaHawk

          How about a Love and Coleman one two punch combo? Or Love and Penny. It should be an upgrade if they can stay healthy.

          • Volume12

            I’m game for that. Coleman, I think or predict, will have a combine very similar to Carson’s and will end up getting drafted in the same range too.

            I just like his back story, his toughness, and his personality. He’s a fun dude.

            • AlaskaHawk

              OOO I agree he will be a low round pick or even UDFA. After all he is a backup RB. I like him for that inside running and toughness. A cheap Eddy Lacy perhaps?

              • Volume12

                Yeah. Something like that. Would be a nice backup to have. That 4th RB or so. He’s also a guy, I suspect, that’ll battle and won’t be satisfied just being a backup either.

                • AlaskaHawk

                  He would be first if Gaskin wasn’t so good. I would have high hopes for Coleman being a solid starter if he is chosen. In fact isn’t that what they wanted out of Collins? That scrappy tough running style.

                  • Volume12

                    Good point. Actually, if I were to do a full 7 round mock, Coleman would be a 7th round selection for me.

                    Gaskin is a tough eval for me. I see some Ameer Abdullah in him. But I’m just not sold that his game will translate. Great college back, but ‘meh’ NFL back. Possibly I should say. I’ve been proven wrong on guys at least 8-9 times a year and I’ve been following the draft for 22 years. Hahahaha.

    • C-Dog

      Was it me, or did Love truck on Vea a bit with a really strong inside run where he kept the legs moving and wouldn’t go down?

      • Volume12

        He probably did. His pass pro was real good too.

        Hot take alert: I’d take him over Barkley.

        • Sea Mode

          Wow, that coming from you will send me back to the tape!

  21. John

    Byron Maxwell is coming in for a try-out. Thoughts?

    • Volume12

      Good. Makes sense.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Hopefully he helps get Lane’s head right or he’s not even gonna make it through the season.

        • Volume12

          I like Lane on STs. A lot. Other than that, he can sit down.

          • AlaskaHawk

            Lane came back with a little more fire than I’ve seen. Maybe he will play harder!

            • Volume12

              Hopefully. Fingers crossed.

    • C-Dog

      Really hope they can get a deal done there. Big time hoping.

    • 12th chuck

      I hope we get direct tv Maxwell and not cable tv maxwell

  22. Volume12

    This FR & SO RB class is probably even better than this years. Just makes ya wonder what the game at the next level will look like in 4-5 years.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Its hard to imagine the NFL not being a pass dominated offenses. Even with the new running backs. Maybe injuries are thinning their ranks down quicker? They certainly have that issue in Seattle. I’ve never seen so many piles rolling onto someones leg before.

      • Volume12

        Yeah, that’s why I mention it. Your right. The NFL will always be a pass heavy league now with the rule changes and whatnot, but I still wonder. Will all this talent coming in at RB, what’s it gonna look like in a dew years?

        • Volume12

          Its also why, unless u got a top 10-12, that’s when the blue chippers dry up, teams are gonna go with 2 headed monsters at the position.

          I love Saquon Barkley, but for a 230 pound back, he runs with zero power in his pads. He’s a guy, even as a top 10 pick, I’d pair up with someone.

        • AlaskaHawk

          Its a good question. Both Seahawks and Cardinals tried to establish the run, but the defenses shut them down. I suspect that will be the case until the defense is worn down late in the game. We always talk about it that way = like the other team is going to turn into wet noodles in the 4 th quarter. Not sure how many 3 and outs a team can take while they try to soften up the other team..

          • Volume12

            LOL. I agree.

            It depends honestly. I just don’t think Seattle has that back currently on the roster.

            • AlaskaHawk

              Or the blockers – of course they could all develop over the season.

  23. Volume12

    Do we watch the Auburn/Georgia game or Clemson/Florida St one? Seahawk scouts at both.

  24. AlaskaHawk

    Switch back and forth!!!

    • Volume12

      That’s kinds what I was thinking. Leaning towards the SEC showdown though.

      Wonder if Seattle has 👀 on CB Tavarus McFadden? I absolutely love WR Auden Tate. Kid is a giant and for me has the most upside of any wideout in this class. Not unlike Kelvin Benjamin.

      • Volume12

        Maybe DEs Josh Sweat and Austin Bryant?

  25. Volume12

    WR for Iowa St just tipped the ball to himself and caught it! Holy sh**!

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