Instant reaction: Seahawks gain costliest win of Carroll era

The title says it all.

An ugly, miserable contest — endured and not enjoyed — was won by the Seahawks. It was scruffy, with a mountain of penalties (21 in total) and multiple injuries.

How can the NFL watch this and think Thursday Night Football is a good thing for the players or the audience?

Making things even worse is the ongoing experiment with something called ‘Skycam’. Next weeks Thursday game will feature the ‘Madden 18’ angle for the whole night. They used it one for series here, before a nauseated audience complained enough on Twitter to seemingly get it pulled.

Still, that’s not the topic for discussion tonight. Injuries make this a night that could define Seattle’s season.

Duane Brown didn’t last a half before going off with an ankle sprain. Jarran Reed exited early with what looked like a hamstring pull. Michael Wilhoite injured a calf and Kam Chancellor ended the night being transported off the field on a cart with a stinger.

C.J. Prosise got injured too — hurting his other ankle this time.

Yet the big story is Richard Sherman. Nursing a sore achilles already, he left the field in pain and was telling a captive audience on the sideline he’d suffered a tear. Hugs with Russell Wilson and Kris Richard ensued.

Cameras caught Sherman mouthing he was out for the season. Pete Carroll confirmed it’s likely serious. A ruptured tendon.

Sherman fought back tears in his postgame press conference. It felt like Carroll was doing the same. It summed up the night. Seattle won — but there was no real joy in this victory. Just sadness.

That’s just the worst news for now. If it emerges that Brown and Chancellor also suffered major injuries — you’d have to question Seattle’s status as a contender. It’s one thing to lose a player or two — but multiple starters (don’t forget the existing injuries to Avril, Fant and Carson) would be destructive.

The Seahawks are already having to kick and scratch to win any contest. This whole evening was another grind. In fact the entire game arguably swung on one big play:

Russell Wilson is so close to being sacked for a huge loss — and so close to throwing an interception. With Arizona already enjoying a 6-minute drive to begin the second half — good field position (or a pick six) could’ve swung the contest.

Instead, Doug Baldwin makes an incredible play. The best of the season so far? Possibly. Maybe the most important. Seattle couldn’t stomach injuries galore and a 5-4 record.

Moments later Jimmy Graham is catching his second touchdown and the game was virtually over.

What a huge swing in a season of swings for Seattle.

It’s a reminder that despite all of the injuries, the Seahawks have a loaded roster. There were still three stars (Wilson, Baldwin and Graham) capable of winning the game at a moment of desperate need.

They’ll need that trio to keep making plays.

This was another night when the running game was an afterthought. The running backs managed just 54 yards on 18 carries at three yards per carry. Thomas Rawls, the starting running back, had 27 yards on 10 carries — including a 23-yard run through a canyon-esque hole. His other nine carries collected four yards.

Equally J.D. McKissic had 26 yards on five carries, with 17 yards coming on a neat looking pitch to the outside. His other four carries went for nine yards.

Again they needed 19 yards from Wilson to boost the numbers. Chris Carson remains, unbelievably, Seattle’s most productive running back. He played just four games.

The Seahawks spent an off-season trying to remedy this problem. It’s not getting better. Too much responsibility is placed on the quarterback. When he’s able to make the Houdini plays (see above), Seattle has a shot. When they don’t come off — how do they win without multiple turnovers?

It’s an issue that isn’t anywhere near being resolved and likely won’t be now we’re into the second half of the season. And that could be as costly as the mounting injury crisis.

We’ll see what happens. If Prosise’s injury is bad it might be an opportunity for Mike Davis. It’s probably time for Davis to get a shot anyway. Can he really be any worse? Deshaun Shead might come back into the fold to replace Sherman — or we could see Byron Maxwell return (it’s a touch of fortune that he’s currently a free agent).

The Seahawks are suddenly very fortunate they didn’t trade Jeremy Lane to the Texans.

The good news is the defensive line. While they didn’t pile up the sacks tonight, they had another strong outing limiting the Cardinals to 34 total rushing yards on 24 carries. Sheldon Richardson was terrific and had a brilliant bull rush early in the game for a QB hit. Dion Jordan had a tremendous debut with another great bull rush for a sack. Naz Jones continues to play at a superb level. What a find he has been.

K.J. Wright and Bobby Wagner also excelled — as did Chancellor.

They’ll need all of those key players to stomach the loss of Sherman and the continuing absence of Earl Thomas. Plus the potential loss of the newly acquired left tackle.

A final note for today — Jimmy Graham now has six touchdowns and is on pace for double digit scores this year. All of the talk about trades or this being his final season in Seattle were premature. He’s a vital weapon — and the Seahawks are finally finding ways to get him the ball in the red zone.

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  1. mrwalterisgod

    The Sherman injury is likely a season ender for Seattle. Yes, they can still, and likely will, make the playoffs, but you can’t believe Sherman is a huge impact on defense and believe his loss is inconsequential.

    I haven’t felt lower after a Seattle victory in the Pete Carroll era. Just crushing.

    • Nick

      We still have a lot of amazing defensive players, but yes, this looks like a tough one to overcome. If Earl is good to go soon, however, we’ve still got a shot.

    • Tien

      Losing Sherman is devastating but our D can better cover for the loss of a great CB like him than to lose Earl for a big stretch of the season like last year. IF Earl, Kam, & Bobby and the rest of the D can stay relatively healthy the rest of the season, we’ll be good enough to still make the playoffs and then make some noise when we’re in.

    • C-Dog

      Getting Earl back and healthy the rest of the season will be the critical piece. Also critical is for Kris Richard to stir up more pass rush with the front seven. Seattle currently has 11 defensive lineman. They might hold around the number the rest of the way.

      • 12th chuck

        I don’t think this is the end yet, we have good d line, and need to work on getting to the qb faster. Would help if we had a run game, but good luck with that. Have
        we had more than 1 full game out of procise yet?

        • C-Dog

          None on Prosise. Frankly, I want to see him on the IR and give Mike Davis a shot.

          • Capt. Poopy

            I agree… I’m just beyond frustrated with him. I love him as a player, but he absolutely cannot stay healthy. It’s sad. Maybe convert him back to WR to help ease the burden of being hit by bigger men?

            • 12th chuck

              I like that idea of putting him out at wr. you could tell the few plays that he has had, definitely has fresh legs.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        I liked the DE/DT/DL rotation they had going tonight.
        It seemed like everyone was staying fresh… and it really showed up in the 3rd and 4th quarters.
        They finally look like they have 4-5 deep at the DE spot now… much like 2013. Just need to keep the DTs healthy… and the front 7 can wreck fools. LBs Wagner and Wright were also top notch today.

        • C-Dog

          It’s gotta be about the front 7 from here on out. Fingers massively crossed Earl comes back and doesn’t get injured again.

  2. Manthony

    I’m not usually a religious person but my thoughts and prayers are with Richard Sherman.
    I don’t think Duane Brown’s injury looked too bad, maybe a high ankle sprain, I think he’ll be ready for Atlanta.
    What a crazy season, we are taking care of our division opponents at least, which is a nice change up.

  3. Hawkfan086

    I just want to emphasize about the injury list Seattle was playing it’s 4th string Left tackle (Fant, Abushi, Brown, Tobin) starting there 4th or 5th string corner in this game. We don’t have a fullback anymore. It is injuries but they are piling up big time and as you noted Rob they were missing all 4 dbs at one point. As a big highlight it really shows what Bobby Wagner and KJ Wright mean to this defense…and we can say the dline has actual depth now.

  4. Ed

    I think they will be fine. Has Sherman been great, yes. But he has given up plays too. Shaq has been really good. Coleman has been pretty good. Lane has shown an ability. Shead might be back. They drafted plenty of DB last year, so let’s hope they step up. If the D line continues to pressure the QB, added bonus.

    The problem is still the running game. Just scrap it. Use the pass to setup the run. Bevel needs to get more creative and shorten up a lot of the drop backs. 35 passes to 15 runs sounds like decent ratio.

    It’s about time they are using Jimmy like they should have since last year in the red zone.

  5. Forty20

    Shaq Griffin’s season started off as a baptism of fire as the cornerback on other side of the field to Richard Sherman with teams looking to pick on him as the odd man out. Now it becomes a fully fledged inferno as he assumes the mantle of #1 cornerback with his first opponent none other than some nuffy named Julio Jones. He has stood tall thus far so here is to hoping this is all merely the making of a future star.

    Jeremy Lane is a worry as the #2 cornerback and the faster Shead returns or Maxwell is signed the better.

    I know the sacks didn’t come until late in the game but I am really enjoying our D-line rotation. We essentially played tonight without Jarran Reed (which is actually kind of a big deal) but saw big games out of Sheldon Richardson and Naz Jones. Dion Jordan made a hugely encouraging debut and his sack was pure athletic power – albeit against a backup tackle. I wonder if Carroll and Richard take some more risks up front and let the D-line off the chain a little bit more to aid the battered secondary?

    Our offence remains frustratingly bipolar. We run it and look for long developing bombs that put our o-line under pressure as they feel their way into the game or completely shelve the ground game and put it solely in Wilson’s hands. There is a distinct lack of tempo for long stretches for mine. The injury to Duane Brown did us no favours in that regard though. It would be a devastating body blow if his ankle sprain turned out to be serious after all of the other injuries in this game.

    The Wilson/Baldwin miracle play aside, by far and away the most important thing to come out of this game for our offence is the fact that Wilson is looking waaaay more comfortable tossing the ball to Jimmy Graham in the red zone. Wilson seems to have finally adjusted to Graham’s catching radius and doesn’t mind if he has a DB plastered over him 1-on-1. More please!

    • Forty20

      Just an addendum! Per PFF:

      “On 18 pass-rush snaps, [Dion] Jordan disrupted the quarterback five times with one sack, two hits, and two hurries. ”

      Probably a bit of a clue as to why Carroll was always so effusive in his praise of Jordan throughout the long process that was his injury recovery.

      • Rob Staton

        Jordan looked fantastic. If the injuries weren’t the story, I would’ve written more about him tonight.

        Highly active, looks BIG, great sack. Very exciting.

        • Seahawcrates

          That defensive line were bulldozers tonight. Arizona committed to the run and could go nowhere. Seahawks made the safety look easy. When Arizona passed late in the game the interior big guys just kept driving back the dirt and got sacks and Pressure that way.
          Such A Tough Win. Dreading the injury news.

    • C-Dog

      I think it’s absolutely critical that the defense keeps a healthy dose of pass rushers active. Getting Earl Thomas back at center field the rest of the way will also be key. If I’m John Schneider, I’m placing a call to Byron Maxwell’s agent NOW.

    • Volume12

      Chris Collinsworth pointed out a brilliant tidbit about RW that I think some fans don’t even realize.

      His throwing motion. Its a long, baseball wind up which means he needs extra an second or two, which is a lifetime in the pocket with pass rushers bearing down on ya, to make those deep throws. So it makes those routes seem even longer.

      • C-Dog

        I’ve been noticing that for a while. He did later point out that he gets it out pretty quick for that kind of windup, though.

        • Volume12

          He does. It works for him.

      • Nathan

        He seemed like he was just throwing darts at the end of the run in 2015, where he was looking like he was about to become the #1 QB in football.

        Strange he can’t do it now.

      • Drew

        As Collinsworth pointed out, his motion takes about .32-.38 seconds. Longer than usual, but not that long.

      • mishima

        Also tips direction of passes. D given .5 sec. more to read body alignment (setting of feet, .2 sec) and throwing motion (.38 sec).

        Bad technique.

        • Capt. Poopy

          To my recollection, Wilson has always had this technique. Don’t quite understand the issue.

  6. Grayson Dunn

    Thursday night football has got to go. The game was borderline unwatchable with a guy going down or a penalty on what felt like every other play. Tough to swallow the sherm lose. A true competitor and very tough dude walking off on his own. Reminded me of when Kobe ruptured his Achilles. Prayers up and hope he comes back stronger. Jeremy Lane getting sent back was a blessing in disguise. Hopefully Shead can return soon and maybe the Hawks go shopping for a corner. Maxwell is out there but I don’t know what he could offer.

  7. Preston

    What a tough game… the injuries are devestating. I believe we have the talent to still make a push barring any further injuries, but guys will really need to step up. Also worth noting griffin, Clark and Sheldon Richardson got banged up. If we lose any two of those three, that may be too much to overcome..

    Now I’m wondering how we’ll pay to bring in anyone else at this point given we have just over $600k in cap. Does a player going to IR alleviate any cap? Maxwell is out there and if we can afford, John likely will be giving him a call – Battle too.

    Also want to say how unbelievable it is, how much these players push themselves through the pain. Explains why sherm got those extra days off from practice.

  8. House

    Devastating win…

    Sherman going down for the year will definitely hurt. The one thing to keep in mind is that this team fights to the end and I have a feel Russ will rally the troops.

    RB: I called Mike Davis… I told him he needs to get his stuff ready and that he needs to play hungry! I truly believe Rawls’ running woes are mental. He seems to be so hard on himself and I think he’s constantly in his own head. Prosise is made of glass. I don’t know what to think about him.

    WR/TE: They’re heating up firing on all cylinders. Graham played TOUGH tonight. If he can minimize his drops, we’re in a much better place. Baldwin is the closest thing to clutch and I have a feeling Darboh’s role grows down the stretch.

    OL: Looks like we dodged a bullet with Brown. Ifedi’s penalties are killing me! Pocic got some good work tonight.

    DL: Reed went down, Richardson was banged up and we need health more than anything right now. Freeney got some good pressure tonight and Dion Jordan was a pleasant surprise. I had no idea what to expect with him.

    LB: Wilhoite going down with the calf is something to keep an eye on. Wagner is playing like a man possessed right now.

    CB: OUCH!!! Losing Sherman stings! Griffin scared me earlier in the game and as soon as I saw Lane, I was frustrated. Finding out about Shead will be BIG information. I don’t think Maxwell is much of an upgrade of guys we have.

    S: McDougald played well tonight. I’m curious what his role will be in the future. Earl will be back vs ATL and I think Kam is alright.

    We have found ways to dig deep in the past, but this might be the deepest we’ve had to go…

    • AlaskaHawk

      With all the injuries in Secondary they have to figure out a way to keep Mc Dougal on the field.

  9. drewdawg11

    Between my Huskies and Hawks, season-ending unifies have been far too commonplace this season. This makes me sick to my stomach. Sherman said in his press conference that he had been basically playing corner without exploding into his cuts. How in the world can you play pro bowl caliber corner with one good leg? Speedy recovery, Sherm. I’m completely worried about the lack of less rusb from Sheldon and Bennett. This is not the player who dominyed for the Jets. It can’t just be scheme. He’s not getting penetration with the Hawks. Bennett has shown up in maybe two games this season. He’s always good for at least one off sides penalty, though. If we have any shot at winning more than the division we need the offense to get right and take some pressure off of the defense. We have weapons. We need to execute much better.

  10. Mav

    I think a lot of X’s and O’s types like the skycam angle. I love it personally. And I don’t think RS25’s injury is related to this being a Thursday game, but overall I think the games are tough on players. I’m hoping he can come back and play strong next year, and this isn’t the last we’ve seen of him as a Seahawk. However I don’t think there is any data to support more injuries on TNF? If there is I haven’t seen it. But Dr Chao and many others have talked about a 2nd bye, and that would surely help.

    What I really find interesting though will to be if Kris Richard will change the coverages much now without Sherman. With Lane being suspect in coverage, and Griffin good but still a rookie, would they switch it up more to c2 or something to utilize our LB speed and keep the CB’s from being on such an island? There isn’t much cap room to look at new DB’s from what I’ve read, unless someone can convert bonus money that hasn’t yet. So it will be fascinating to watch how the D adapts to this huge challenge.

    • Rob Staton

      Well, the ‘X’s and O’s’ guys might be trying too hard to be seen as ‘X’s and O’s guys’.

  11. Pran

    Procise got to be a WR now.. he is too brittle to take RB pounding

    • Ty the Guy


      His body type is too lengthy to take that punishment, it seems.

  12. Nick

    Vannett had a few nice catches today—good to see him getting involved. Also, Amara Darboh is getting some opportunities…really hope he can have a break out game here soon.

  13. Greg Haugsven

    We’re going to be OK, it’s nice that Lane is still here and Shea is coming back. Good call on Maxwell as we could see as well. At this point we might just want to forget about getting that start to finish clean win. They might all be ugly from here on out but a win is a win. Hopefully Brown is OK as that could be big as well.

  14. Old but Slow

    Playing on Thursdays is a bad idea. At the very least, the teams chosen to play that game must be coming off a bye week, if that’s tough to schedule, that’s what computers do.

    Seeing the Seahawks scheduled for this game concerned me, although Pete’s teams do well in feature games, but it just does not seem healthy. And, isn’t.

    This officiating crew is a bit flag happy, and a bit nit-picky, but the penalties are adding up. They may have compensated some after missing the pass interference when Lockett was fouled in the end zone early in the first quarter.

    The defense was great. Nice DL rotation, linebackers stood out, Peterson went nowhere, Jordan stood out, Nazair looked special again, Kam was hitting, and Sir Bobby Wagner was all over the place. Not much for sacks, but lots of hurries as it seemed at times that Stanton was just aiming for open space.

    Injuries. Nothing to be said.

    • Volume12

      Stanton took a beating all game long. Pressures and and hurries are stats and important too. They’re just not as sexy or glamorized as sacks.

      U probably know this better than anyone on here due to the fact you’ve been watching the game for so long (not an insult). Sacks weren’t even stats for how many years for a reason.

  15. Volume12

    Football is not rocket science. In fact its a dumb, dumb sport that we all love. Proof?

    Richard Sherman: I figured my Achilles would rupture (been bothering him since the Rams game). But I just waited until it did because I wanted to keep playing for my teammates.

    Hahaha. Makes no damn sense.

    • Pickering

      Call me Debbie Downer: ​
      Once the tendon ruptures, it is usually never back to 100% again. Even in professional sports, 36% of NFL or NBA players sustaining an Achilles tendon rupture never return to pro sports, and those who do usually take about a year before they are playing competitively. Additionally, players who do return typically have a decrease in their power of about 50% and only play for an average of 3-4 more seasons. These injuries also seem to be on the rise, with more than 16 NFL players rupturing their Achilles tendons in the 2014 season.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I ruptured my Achilles 15 years ago and it hurt for a year before it finally I understand when he said it would rupture at some point. Mine actually came back stronger as they make it thicker. But you might be right as far as it happening to a pro athlete.

        • Volume12

          Makes zero sense. He wants to keep playing for his teammates so he actually and knowingly, ends up hurting himself and his team in the process for….?? To show how much the game/his boys mean to him? As if he needed any sort of validation.

      • Volume12

        We’ll see. The same was said about Jimmy Graham, AP, and countless other guys when it came to their specific injuries.

        As a sidenote. They needed to draft another CB with or without Sherm.

        • C-Dog

          Think the need for another young corner just shot up big time tonight, fo’ sho’.

  16. AndrewP

    I’ll say it: this is not Season-ending. Russ, Earl, Bobby… That would be crippling to the point of being over. Sherman hurts, and leaves little room for error. But, CBs don’t win Super Bowls. Get Earl back for ATL and keep him from there on out and this team can still function.***

    ***Love Sherm, think he’s a potential HOFer, please do not take that as such.

  17. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I think we should acknowledge the job JS has done on loading up the roster and / or replenishing the roster before and during the season.

    They traded a pick for Tobin, who had to step in and play tonight. He wasn’t perfect, but he did enough. They picked up 2 DEs who were either thought to be washed up or “done”… Freeney and Jordan. Both showed up tonight with pressures and disruptive plays.
    They traded for a LT… and through some quirk of fate retained Jeremy Lane, who now will most likely be the starting CB… I also should mention that it looks like they got a major “hit” with Griffin at CB.
    Last week Eddie Lacy looked like he was finally starting to get going… and this week I thought Rawls ran tough and had a few nice plays.
    Think about how they over drafted at safety, but tonight they ended up having to use everyone of them. Having McDougal was a god send…. a truly shrewd offseason pick-up.
    Imagine what they would have done if they hadn’t drafted Pocic or had spare parts for the OL on the roster…. they stacked it up. It may not be working right yet, since we have not seen the finished OL due to injuries, but I think they are very close…

    In many ways, this team is very likable and is fighting hard. They mentioned it in the telecast, Belicheck essentially said “Seattle will play hard until the final whistle.. and never give up until the final whistle. This is a team to be proud of.. and everything possible is still in front of them.

    • Volume12

      Control your destiny. Win your division and the rest will fall into place. Its out of their control, unless those teams are on their schedule, who wins what division or gets what seed.

      • Forty20

        Isn’t the division still technically in our control, as tough as it may be? We are a game behind the Rams but hold the head to head. If both us and the Rams win out from here barring us beating them in the rematch in Seattle we should win the NFC West. It requires us knocking over some formidable teams for no loss but is *is* still in our control.

        • Forty20

          The division in our control is worded poorly since the Rams clearly own it right now. More like our destiny is still in own control, albeit that we will walk a twisted and tangled path to the post season.

          • AlaskaHawk

            Which makes the second game with rams critical to playoff hopes

  18. 12th chuck

    lets not forget, Green bay went all the way and won the s.b. with 12-16 guys on I.R.

  19. Greg Haugsven

    Also nice to see Din Jordan get a sack. Good deal that we dont play again until next Monday night.

    • pran

      Its a good mini-bye for team to recover and plan.

  20. C-Dog

    1. Much needed win, but at a devastating loss. The key on defense is to get a healthy Earl Thomas back at center field, and for Kris Richard and Clint Hurtt to keep working those 11 defensive lineman into a steady pass rush. If I am John Schneider, I have already called Bryon Maxwell’s agent.

    2. The run game was still a struggle, but I believe the Arizona defense has actually been playing the run pretty well, they’re problems were defending the pass and redone defense, hence this is kind of what Seattle was taking advantage of if it weren’t again for the barrage of penalties.

    3. I’m done with CJ Prosise. I really want to see what Mike Davis brings. McKissic is proving to be a more than capable pass catching running back. I hope the IR Prosise, and call up Davis.

    4. Last Sunday, Seattle was chasing big plays, tonight they went more with a quick passing attack that was working well until penalties gummed things up. I want to see more of this moving forward.

    5. Love seeing Jimmy Graham getting more active in the red zone. I hope for a tight end to catch a TD every game so we can see the goofy techno dancing. It will be interesting to see what they do with the big fella at the end of the season. I gotta admit, I was pretty down on him a few games ago, and was fairly ready to ship him out. Now I’m kinda digging the idea of him possibly sticking around, but only if they figure a way to keep both Richardons.

    6. Big time game for the defensive linemen. Nice coming out for Dion Jordan, but man, watching the way Naziar Jones and Sheldon Richardson were playing at DT was special. Naz Jones is looking like a flat out steal. Hope they don’t loose Jarran Reed for a stretch, but other than that, this team feels ridiculously deep up front.

    7. The team can not depend on Russell Wilson to do everything and expect to go deep into the playoffs, but man was that Tarkenton-esque play incredible. The thing about Russ is, that in games like this that aren’t pretty, he has a knack for turning on the spectacular. That’s in the mind of the defenses that have to play this team. He damn near pulled out the win on Sunday, as well. Just, for the love of all, can they just give him a bit more of a run game, and cut down the freaking penalties?

    8. With Sherman done, Kam in question, in a bit of an emotionally detached way, I’m going to be interested in seeing what they depth of the back end of the defense does. Again, I think the big key is getting Earl back. Mcdougald can play. I kinda want to see where Delano Hill might be at, and see if Tedric Thompson might rise up. But the hope here as a fan is that we won’t have to wonder, and Kam will be ready go against the Falcons in 10 days with his brother Earl.

    9. Seattle stand 6-3. They are 3-0 in the NFC West. They host Atlanta, Philly, LA Rams, and Arizona. They go on the road to San Fran, Jacksonville, and Dallas. Is there five more wins there sans Richard Sherman? I think there is, but it won’t be easy.

    They need to find more of a run game, they need to eliminate the penalties that kill drives, and they probably need to further crank up the pass rush. I think they got the players who can do that, but it’s nowhere near a gimme.

    10. I think while RB feels like the biggest area to consider targeting the coming draft, this Sherman injury is going to take a year to recover from, no? Even if Shaq Griffin continues to emerge, does cornerback now become a more pressing need?

    • Volume12

      8. God I hope we don’t see Tedric until next year at the earliest.

      10. Yes. Always was. Even with Sherm. You have a RFA in Coleman, Shaq, and what else?

      • C-Dog

        We got your buddy Jeremy Lane!

        Quenton Meeks, is one I will be watching tomorrow night.

        • Volume12

          Christ. Don’t remind me. LOL.

      • Volume12

        Good post BTW.

        9. Rams, Cards, and Niners. I think they’ll win one of the Atlanta/Philly games, and one of the Dallas/Jags game.

        • C-Dog

          Thanks, Man!

    • neil

      Eliminating penalties is something that has eluded Carroll all these many years. Talk about dumb penalties, how about Benett lining up in the neutral zone on 4th down with the Cards knocking on the td door? If I was coach that would draw a $1000.00 charity fine. The Hawks gave up 4 or was it 5 ? first downs on penalties in the first qtr. The fact Carroll doesn’t have the cahones to do anything about it has really soured me on him.

  21. Daniel Bryan

    On the bright side, AJ Styles is the new WWE Champ(!) defeating Jinder Mahal in your home country.

    And I’m recovering nicely from that vicious attack last week from my former Team Hell No tag team partner, Kane.

    • Volume12

      Yes, Yes, Yes! Although Jinder is a god damn star and worked a better match with AJ than Kevin Owens ever did.

      Was Kurt Angle behind this or is it all a ploy from Shane O’Mac? When are u guys gonna start pushing Mojo?

      • Volume12


    • Rob Staton

      I have to ask, are you really Daniel Bryan? Because if you are, that’s amazing. And if not, it’s fine 🙂

      But it’d cool to know!

  22. Braden

    Does anyone know if mcdougald can play corner? Lane is awful. Shead will be rusty. CB is definitely a 1st or 2nd priority in the offseason.

    • House

      He played some in college. He did play some at TB as well when injuries were there

      • pran

        We should have kept Trumaine Brock considering his cheap cost

    • AlaskaHawk

      I think they need to keep him on the field in some capacity. He is too talented to rest.

  23. EP

    Feels pretty awful having Sherman out for the season (face of the franchise for me) but definitely isn’t the season over. Can only imagine how Packers fans felt with Rodgers going down early in the season, just got to be thankful that Wilson is a tank. Been a terrible year for injuries it seems with so many big names down. This might be good for parity as it makes some teams worse but definitely detrimental to the standard of the game as we lose big time players who simply can’t be replaced. Even if seahawks are playing I still like to tune in and appreciate the quality of Rodgers, Watt, Beckam and the likes.

  24. Rob

    Playing on Thursdays needs to go back to Thanksgiving only. Also, the officiating (which has always picked on the Carroll Seahawks) is at an all time low.

    Especially when they don’t call it evenly. I was telling my wife after the game that when I was a kid in the 60’s and going to watch the Rams in L.A. there might be 4 or 5 flags during the whole game. Now we have this festival of yellow flags and it’s worn out it’s welcome for this longtime fan.

    • Michigan 12th

      I’m with you Rob, I was hoping the refs were going to let the players play after letting that PI go against Lockette to start the game, but they did not. My friends and I were joking about calling penalties on the Seahawks for breaking blades of grass. The NFL needs to stop the witch hunt on the Seahawks. Let grown men play grown football.

      • brashmouse

        no e

  25. Mancunian Dave

    Hmm the NFL really need to look at these Thursday night games. The product appears to be poor, and the numbers of players going down is not good. All those injuries for the Hawks, AZ will likely put 3 starters on IR? For the NFL this leads to teams without starters and even star players in the play-offs, which will come back to hurt them as a sports organisation. We all want to see as many of the best players on the field for all teams as possible. Are these Thurs night games really worth the extra TV money? It seems so contradictory to make rule changes every year to improve player safety and then bring in games with only 3 days rest time. It is a hugely demanding sport physically, especially with the all the travel miles involved.

    Re: specifically the Hawks, it’s awful to see Sherman go down, he is such an entertaining player to watch. But as always, next man up! Although let’s hope some of the other injuries aren’t so serious. In certain areas, they are running out of next man up material…

  26. Calgaryhawk

    I for one enjoy Thursday Night Football. I look forward to it during the week and it is rare that I don’t get to watch the whole game no matter what two teams are playing. I don’t believe the NFL would be willing to give it up when ratings are so high. But I agree with Old But Slow that only teams coming off a bye week should be involved. As a fan, I would support extending the schedule by one week and giving each team TWO bye weeks (5 to 6 weeks apart). Players are in many cases bigger, faster and better trained than ever therefore generally more violent.

  27. nichansen01

    This board is all doom and gloom, and understandably so.

    But I say NEXT MAN UP.

    Dion Jordan, Naz Jones, Lano Hill, Bradley McDougald, Shaq Griffen and Desean Shead are going to have to step up now.
    Go hawks.

    • Rob Staton

      No, it’s not all doom and gloom.

      The key to everything on this forum is perspective. That’s the foundation it’s built on. Never talk with certainties, never try to act like the smartest guy in the room, never be too high or too low. I think we continue to manage this well as a community.

  28. dean

    Any body know about Malik McDowell is he going to play this year ?? NEXT MAN UP

    • C-Dog

      I think it’s doubtful. Dion Jordan looks like he could fill that role, though.

      • lil'stink

        Jordan is getting a ton of love on Twitter this morning. I didn’t think the move would pan out when we made it but it might end up being a sneaky smart move.

        • nichansen01

          Carroll did hint that he COULD play later on a few weeks ago

  29. YankinTa

    This team wasn’t going anywhere even before this injury. This O-Line and D-Line isn’t nearly good enough to go deep in the playoff, let alone Super Bowl.

    Time to let Tom Cable and Kris Richards go. It’s been 5 years too long and 3 years too long. 🙁

    • House

      Out of curiosity, what draws you to these conclusions?

      • YankinTa

        Which conclusion? The first paragraph or 2nd?

    • Ty the Guy

      I could understand your point on Tom Cable. Our offensive line has not been good for awhile. Period. But not sure if I agree with you. Remains to be seen.

      I do not understand why you believe Kris Richard needs to go. Our defense is still a top defense. He blitzes more than his predecessors and yes sometimes that leaves us vulnerable, but it also results in 2 safeties over the last 2 weeks.

      If anything, you should be looking for Darrell Bevell to be fired. Our offense has been inconsistent for years and he is responsible for that. But even then, last night’s game was an improvement for him.

      Also, yes I am an optimist, but I think you are underestimating the resiliency of the Seahawks. These guys have a track record of overcoming adversity. Not saying we are a sure thing, but hey that’s why you play the games.

      Mellow out on the doom and gloom everybody. These guys are out here fighting.

      • YankinTa

        RW has been the most pressured QB since he came into the League. Year after year for 5 years. What other evidence do you need? You wanna keep rolling the dice with Cable? Einstein would call that CRAZY!! 🙁

        lol, this Defense is a top Defense? This team is ranked in the bottom 3rd in QB pressure. Ranked in the bottom in 3rd and long coversion rate. When Dan Quinn took over as Seattle’s defensive coordinator, the 2013 Seahawks were #1 in the league at preventing 3rd and long conversions, allowing only 4 of 47 to go for first downs.

        Kris Richards Defense? 23rd best in 2016, 31st best in 2017. 🙂 🙁

    • Rob Staton

      YankinTa — we had about 17 posts on this narrative earlier in the week. You’ve made your thoughts known on Cable and Richard. Enough now.

      • YankinTa

        Okay, got it. I won’t bring them up again, at least until they’ve been fired.

  30. D-OZ

    The only Thursday night games I watch are the Hawks. I watch football on Saturday and Sunday and feel it is unfair to my family to overwhelm them with another night of football in the middle of the work (school) week. My wife is an avid Hawks fan who cannot watch the game in it’s entirety anyway. A child to get to bed and early work day the following morning. I am sure there are MANY household’s in the same situation. Never been a fan of TNF… There definitely needs to be some change’s made.

  31. Derron James

    Thoughts on Josh Jackson CB, Iowa?

    • nichansen01

      He’s been hot recently, but I think he’s day three.

  32. Ty the Guy

    Our defense may have just gone from “elite” to “good.” We should hold our own, especially when Earl returns.

    Offensively, I liked Bevell’s play-calling much better. We had somewhat of a commitment to the the run, early on. Rawls/McKissic may not have sniffed 100 yards, but they did enough to move the chains and keep the defense honest.

    I think the most encouraging sign, was our ability to execute short passing plays. The big play will be there with our weapons, but more than ever we MUST be able to sustain drives. We seemed to have way less 3rd and long situations. When they did occur it was mostly due to penalties.

    I’m Still In. GO HAWKS!

  33. Drew G

    Lions waive former #2 pick Greg Robinson… any chance you guys think he joins the like of Joeckel and D. Jordan on their former top five pick redemption tours in Seattle? Haha he’s battling an ankle injury and I doubt it’ll fit in the cap space situation. Any thoughts if Seattle would even be interested?

    • C-Dog

      I think Seattle probably knows him pretty well, and will probably elect to punt. If anything on the market, they are probably looking at cornerback.

  34. drewdawg11

    When you see the amount of questionable, sometimes phantom calls that were going against the Seahawks last night, it is almost impossible to not come to the conclusion that there was a league mandate to keep this game somewhat close. 4 drive-extending penalties that were all questionable, then they score a touchdown when Kam is blatantly blocked in the back and no flag. If the NFL has a beef with Seattle, or is worried about viewers tuning out since the ratings hit they took becaus of the protests, that’s unacceptable. On a side note, once again Bevell abandons the run by the second quarter. Is he trying to get Russell killed? Does he enjoy putting the line in compromising positions by exposing them to defenses who are pinning their ears back? Why respect the run against the Seahawks?

    • 12th chuck

      it comes to mind, earlier in the season a lot of primetime games were blowouts. Then you heard all the complaining about ratings etc. This game would have been a blowout without some of those penalties. What erks me more, are the non-calls for the Seahawks. I have seen 4 no-call facemask penalties on Wilson this year. Very frustrating

  35. GoHawks5151

    Plenty of teams have one a SB or had success with worse corners than Sherm. They are going to have to play to their personnel a bit more. Puts the pressure on the DL and LBs big time but they still have the personnel to be successful. A lot of great adaptations are born of necessity. I think i trust Maxwell coming back over a recovering Shead. Mcdougald is another slot type defender so at least you have some back up. Brown was up and walking around so hopefully he is OK. The key to the rest of the season is offensive consistency. I know that is a lot to ask for but there were some positives that could see it trend that way. Many talked about “taking what the defense gives you” this past week. Many times we did that. Wilson was on early with the short passing game putting us in 2nd and manageable (barring penalties…). Better play and creativity in the run game resulted in 3 Rbs with runs over 10 yards (Rawls, JD, Prosise though he got hurt on that play). Not to mention when they went “madden” view you could see Rawls miss another giant hole. The margin for error is razor thin and for some reason i am terrified to go to JAX but this is a mentally strong team of vets with proven coaches and that’s about all you can ask for when shit starts hitting the fan.

  36. PowerPeanut

    To me, right now the most important thing is to keep the support high. I have no doubt the players that remain, and the ones that have to step up now, will give everything. There are no one in that lockerroom who is willing to give up.

  37. Kyle

    I have read a lot of comments about the run game and how people were happy to see it get going, although not to the tune of a 100yds or close. I disagree… I don’t think we ran it at all really, did we even have more then 5 runs in the second half? This wont do late in the playoffs.. Im sad because Pete has the same philosophy I do when it comes to football. Have a tough nosed defense and real tough run game to eat up clock… will we ever get back to it?

    • Rob Staton

      Agreed Kyle. The running game was a complete afterthought again. It basically consisted of one good play for Rawls (who ran for the easiest 23 yards you’ll get in the NFL) and the pitch to McKissic (wish we’d do more of that to get away from the logjam in the middle).

      It’s quite simple — we don’t trust the run or the running backs. We think Wilson has to be involved to move the ball. We have become the type of team that relies solely on the QB. The type of team we never aspired to be. And it’s a major, major problem that this wasn’t a problem solved. When you set out a clear identity and aggressively pursue it, yet fail, questions have to be asked.

      • GoHawks5151

        True. But there have at least been wrinkles of creativity in the run game lately beyond zone left or right is signalling at least an attempt to adapt to a disappointing situation. By no means are they a successful run team but the JD pitch, the flat out draw to Rawls and the flares to the RBs are decent attempts to extend the run game. Results aren’t the best but I’d rather see that than negative runs on the same stupid play to the same stupid side like we did against Houston. I also hate it when the line up JD in the formation to start. It takes away any advantage of being matched up with a LB. Missed opportunity.

      • Kyle

        I agree, the JD pitch was great, and when you don’t have a back that can make it through the holes you have to switch to jamall Charles or s. alexander type runs… Which are the outside runs, pitch and hb screens… im just so blah with this years seahawks because of it. They have been an inside runner with lynch for so long, do they even remember how to get the rb outside?

      • Michigan 12th

        I agree, but is this because they paid Russel so much and now they need him to be the offense?

  38. FuzzyLOgic

    Looks like getting Lane back was a blessing in the end. My primary thinking on the Sherman injury is we better start blitzing a whole lot more from now on.

  39. FuzzyLOgic

    I hope our season isn’t over but it sure doesn’t feel like the Hawks are looking anywhere near as good as the Eagles right now. As for next year I have better hopes. If Carson is a legit RB and Fant can play RT while Ifedi slides in to RG and we resign Joeckel, our O-line suddenly looks like a pretty decent one with a potentially good run game. This would make all the difference in world for us to be a SB contender. Jimmy is looking like the red zone champ right now which is what we have all been waiting for and P-Rich is staying healthy and making huge plays.

    Does anybody know how long Sherman will be out for?

    • Rob Staton

      The season is far from over. The defense is still loaded. This isn’t like New England losing Hightower.

      The biggest issue is the offense. It’s abject and frustrating. The run game appalling. That will hold us back. Get it right and we can be good.

      • Drew G

        I agree. 6-3 at this point is great all things considered.

        The NFC is far from decided. A #1 or #2 seed isn’t out of reach since we play the two teams ahead of us. We all know how hot Russ and a PC team can get in the 2nd half of a season. Rodgers it out, its a QB driven league and look at the QBs leading each NFC division leader right now. Goff, Keenum, Wentz, Brees. Besides Brees, none of these guys have proven they can win late in the year. Heck I’d probably prefer a bubble team QB (Ryan, Dak, Cam) over them. Wentz is the only one who I think could be the real deal. I’d still take Russ all day over any of those QBs.

        Last year Atlanta (who also started 6-3) lost their #1 CB and still made a SB run with their defense rated in DVOA #26. I’d say the Hawks defense (minus Sherman and with a healthy ET) is still a top #10 unit.

        Obviously, the offense isn’t clicking like that falcons team but it doesn’t need to be on that level for the seahawks to have a deep run. Russ is playing like an MVP and his play gives us a chance every game. However, he still needs some help so he doesnt have to throw it 40+ times a game. Like Rob mentioned, the running game is vital to that. It would also take pressure off the defense.

        Also, no official report on Sherman yet but a typical full recovery from a torn achilles is almost a 7-10ish months I believe.

      • AndrewP

        I’d argue it’s exactly like NE losing Hightower.

        Both teams can still win the SB b/c they are set at the most important position in sports, but the road just got a hell of a lot harder.

        • Rob Staton

          There’s a big difference though between Seattle and New England. The Pats don’t have anything like the kind of talent and depth Seattle has on defense.

  40. nichansen01

    How is the corner depth in this draft?

    • Rob Staton


      • House

        Rob was nice in saying BAD. F’ing horrible.

        On a separate note Rob, I saw something today saying Quenton Nelson is being viewed by several GMs as a TOP-5 pick

        • Rob Staton

          Not surprised. That’s how good he is.

          • House

            I thought it was awesome to read. Seeing how spot on you were/are. Sucks we aren’t picking anywhere near Top-5.

  41. nichansen01

    Any Uw fans on this board? Probably.

    Go dawgs!

  42. vrtkolman

    I woke up with a sinking feeling this morning that we just watched Sherman’s last game with Seattle. Approaching 30, coming off a devastating injury halfway into the season that will impact his ability for the rest of his career, and he has a $13 million cap hit next year (which happens to be the last year of his contract).

    • Volume12

      Pete knew this whole time. It explains why Shaq sits between him and Sherm in meetings.

    • Rob Staton

      Sherman’s a warrior. I think he’ll be back, just like Earl, and he’ll be more motivated than ever.

    • Tien

      Until we see how Sherman comes back from the injury, I don’t think we can come to any conclusions. If he comes back with almost all his physical abilities intact, there’d be no reason to move on from him. An experienced & knowledgeable CB like him is not easy to replace so I’m hoping he has a good recovery and comes back to play CB for us for a few more years!

  43. Totem_Hawk

    Interesting how Jeremy Lane “failed” his physical but is fine to play for us…noone has said why he failed his physical. I maintain he refused to play for a that owner in Houston…Turing out to be good for the Hawks!

    • Kenny Sloth

      That deal looks like a fleecing with Brown not playing then getting hurt

  44. cha

    Davis Hsu tweets that he’s been tipped that Maxwell is coming in for a visit.

  45. Volume12

    Can we finally all agree that our RBs are garbage? They don’t trust them. If they did they wouldn’t abandon it week after week.

    McKissic is a nice gadget player, but that’s it.

    • Volume12

      Notice difference between Carson, who according to FGs no one had ever heard of, and these guys? They rode Carson as the game went on. As a MF***ing 7th rounder!

    • Rob Staton

      They need to find a RB that they a.) trust and b.) want to feature in the offense.

      It could be Carson but they need insurance after his injury.

      • Volume12


        Wouldn’t surprise me to see them draft 2 RBs this year. One early and one on day 3.

      • GoHawks5151

        Calling it now. 1st round trade back, and pick up Chubb in the 2nd!

        • 503Hawk

          That’s a pretty good call.

  46. Volume12

    Seattle checking out ‘Bama. Again! Surprise! Back to back weeks, 4th time this year so far.

    And Miss St. OT Martinas Rankin.

    • Derron James

      Possibly looking at Damien Harris and Levi Wallace???

      • Volume12

        I’m sure they probably are.

        Levi is gonna have to get his 40 time down. 4.6 ain’t good. If he can get it down to 4.54 he’ll make himself a ton of $$

      • Volume12

        Also at the Georgia/Auburn game.

        3 of the best RBs in the country playing in that one.

        Aubriun CB Carlton Davis too.

      • Nick

        Any thoughts on who we’re looking at? RB? CB? LB? OL?

        • Volume12

          My guess?

          ‘Bama: HB Damien Harris & Bo Scarborough, DT Josh Frazier, CBs Levi Wallace & Anthony Averett, LB Rashaan Evans

          Miss St.: OL Martinas Rankins, QB Nick Fitzgerald, DB Brandon Bryant

          Auburn: HB Kerryon Johnson, RG Braden Smith, CB Carlton Davis, LB Tre’ Williams, EDGE Jeff Holland

          Georgia: HBs Nick Chubb & Sony Michel, WR Terry Godwin, DTs Trenton Thompson & John Atkins, EDGE Lorenzo Carter, and SAM Davin Bellamy. Keep an 👀 on Bellamy. Versatile guy who fits their profile at that OTTO position.

          • Volume12

            At ‘Bama there’s also guys like Da’Ron Payne, Minkah Fitzpatrick, and Calvin Ridley. While I’m sure they’ll do the homework on them as well, those are 3 guys who In see as top 20 talents.

            • red

              I think Seattle might be checking out Alabama LBs. Wrights contract coming up after 2018 could also looking at will or ILB/Special teams depth on day 3. Alabama LB Hamilton out for year but Evans could make some sense in round 2 or maybe 3 if he slips a bit.

              • Derron James

                If Seattle drafts rankins, I’m assuming he goes to RT and Ifedi to guard???

                • Derron James

                  Also what do you think of Josh Jackson CB Iowa, from what I’ve watched he’s a willing tackler and sticky in coverage, thoughts?

  47. Volume12

    Aubrun HB Kerryon Johnson is a bad dude!

    Who’s this remind ya of?

    • Volume12

      Another one.

      • Volume12

        Has some bad habits, but they’re fixable. His 2nd effort is outstanding. Good hands, real good pass protector, the game looks like it comes easy to him. He’s leading the country in rushing TDs, in the SEC, and isn’t even 100%.

        Kerryon Johnson vs Ole Miss (2017):

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      That run definitely reminded me of Beastmode Vol! Good call

      Go Hawks

  48. Aaron

    Hearing that Reed is the only other major injury concern from last night apart from Sherm. Any chance McDaniel is still a free agent after getting cut by the Saints? I don’t expect McDowell back this year.

  49. drewdawg11

    Penny, Scarborough, Love as a changeup/all purpose guy…These players can help us. We just need to find a dominant interior player to glue it all together. Guard is still not a strength yet. We also, in my opinion, need an offensive house cleaning of the coaching staff and just start fresh. More innovation, more consistency.

  50. AlaskaHawk

    Just wanted to point out to the people who want Bevell and Cable fired that this is a wonderful opportunity for the coaches to show their skills with the backups of the backups. It’s going to be a tough season and I’ll be curious to see how much the team matures.

  51. Sea Mode

    Auburn OG Braden Smith scores a 3.22 TEF from reported testing numbers FWIW.

    6052, 303
    33 vert
    9.75 broad
    24 bench
    97.71 wTEF

  52. Rowlandice

    I may be in the minority, but I think they have enough on the OL to work with and don’t go OL 1st round unless a stud miraculously falls to them. I think it’s more likely they look at EDGE/DL, LB, CB (obviously) and RB (also obviously). JS WILL TRADE DOWN and pick up a couple more lottery tickets in later rounds. I’d like to see RB Penny in the the RD 2/3 area!

    • Rob Staton

      EDGE (considering Avril’s health) and RB seem to be the two focus areas we need to look at right now.

      • House

        I agree. The lack of OL in this draft is CRAZY… After the first 3-4 guys (will all go early 1st), its a crapshoot from there.

  53. Frank

    Injuries aside I didn’t think it was a bad game at all. I enjoyed watching the Pass rush we haven’t had here in years if ever, picked up a safety two games in a row and finally forcing turnovers now because of the pressure, way fewer commercials because of the anthem controversy, remembering how great the depth is when our guys went down is a nice silver lining and I liked the skycam ( wouldn’t want it every play). Rawls had some strong runs and Russ on some dropbacks had all day to throw. Finally he’s dialing up JFG ON THE GOALLINE WEVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS LITERALLY FOR YEARS. And sure There were some 3 and outs and squandered possessions but the questionable/overly conservative play calls seemed less frequent.

    It feel bad for Sherm but question his decision to keep playing on an Achilles he knew was about to break, he sounds like someone driving an old car with the tranny going out. Not a dr but I assume he could’ve taken some games off and had a less serious surgery than he’s looking at now. Anyway I think we can win without him and Lanes failed physical was a great blessing. Hope Sherman gets back strong in 2018 still playing for us.

    ET, Reed will be back soon hopefully. We have a long week off now and it feels to me like the team is coming together.

    • Sea Mode

      RE: Sherm
      Nah, they said achilles wouldn’t heal without surgery anyway, so might as well just ride it out until it ruptures. Don’t think playing on it made the operation or recovery outlook any worse that it already was, though I’m no expert here. Either way, kudos to him for giving all he had for the team.

  54. nichansen

    Huskies are TRASH. Embarrassing. Can’t beat a decent team to save their lives.

    • Rob Staton

      Because they lost on the road to Stanford?

      Reel it in.

  55. KD

    Penalties + ads
    Penalties + ads
    Penalties + ads

    Sorry, but I just can’t have the same enthusiasm for NFL football anymore. I gave it a shot and tried to watch the game, and I decided that I would rather spend my time playing The Last Guardian (1,000,000 x more enjoyable. It’s an amazing and beautiful game). Watching NFL football just does not feel fun anymore. On the one hand, everything feels like a violation. Great plays are called back, good plays are called back, and teams move the ball is they are lucky enough to have a ref see it.

    The advertisements. I know that the NFL needs to sell it’s brand, but I see enough ads. The constant advertisements are too much. Even during the draft, it is beyond obnoxious. Rob commented on this during the last draft when the NFL Network went to commercial break during the Seahawks picks two or three times.

    Am I giving up on the Seahawks? Never! But I am sick of all the nonsense around the game. Penalties, advertisements, injuries, etc.

    I apologize for going on another rant like this, but NFL football is just not fun anymore. I’m sure it’s less fun for the players who have to deal with the pain and injuries, but I’m just talking from a fan perspective. Watching NFL football is becoming stressful and annoying. Something great happens! 15 yard penalty. Amazing catch! PI, offense. Enough. And we’ll be back after 5 minutes of ads…….

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