TEF scores for 2023 — and what it means

Peter Skoronski will be a high pick in the draft

For years we’ve been calculating explosive traits among offensive linemen using a formula called ‘TEF’. Tom Cable and Mike Solari utilised big, explosive testers. The formula allowed us to predict with a decent degree of accuracy which draft prospects the Seahawks might be interested in.

Since they switched blocking schemes, explosive traits are seemingly not as coveted as they once were. However, there’s clear evidence the league still values these traits extremely highly. After all, most of the top offensive linemen in the league are explosive testers, as I detailed in this article.

So this breakdown is going to be a little different this year. There’s little to glean from a Seahawks perspective but the chances are several of the top explosive testers boosted their draft grade.

Here’s the TEF formula explained…

Tom Cable stated in 2015 that an O-line prospect would ideally achieve a 31-inch vertical, a 9-foot broad jump and 27 reps in the bench press. TEF uses these numbers to create an overall score for each individual offensive lineman:

1. Vertical ÷ 31
2. Broad ÷ 9, then cube the result
3. Bench ÷ 27
4. Results added together = TEF

Here’s what the ideal (31 — 9 — 27) would look like using this formula:

1. Vertical: 31 ÷ 31 = 1
2. Broad: 9 ÷ 9 = 1, cubed = 1
3. Bench: 27 ÷ 27 = 1
4. Overall score = 3.00

A prospect achieving the exact Cable ideal (31 — 9 — 27) will score a 3.00 in TEF.

Confirmed TEF scores 2023

These results include the linemen who tested in the vertical, broad and bench at the combine — allowing us to create a confirmed TEF score.

Peter Skoronski — 3.37
Andrew Vorhees — 3.26
Anthony Bradford — 3.17
Jovaughan Gwyn — 3.17
Olu Oluwatimi — 3.07
Luke Wypler — 3.00
Nick Saldiveri — 2.97
Juice Scruggs — 2.95
Connor Galvin — 2.95
John Michael Schmitz — 2.81
John Ojukwu — 2.78
Steve Avila — 2.74
Jarrett Patterson — 2.71
McClendon Curtis — 2.70
Dalton Wagner — 2.52
O’Cyrus Torrence — 2.43
Alex Forsyth — 2.42
Mark Evans — 2.38

What does this tell us?

Peter Skoronski is a certain top-20 pick. The angle on Skoronski has always been his lack of length will kick him inside to guard — so how will he test to project upside and potential at the next level? You don’t typically draft a guard that early so you need a reason to do it. Technically he is competent, so what does the testing say?

We now know he’s the sixth most explosive lineman to enter the league since 2016. He is marginally more explosive than Zion Johnson (3.33) and Kolton Miller (3.31) and he’s a notch below Cole Strange (3.42) and Tristan Wirfs (3.47).

Johnson (17th), Miller (15th) and Wirfs (13th) were all top-20 picks. Strange, a late riser through the Senior Bowl and combine, was a surprising pick in round one by the Patriots (29th).

The best case scenario with Skoronski seemed to be he could turn into a Zack Martin level interior lineman — yet the reality is he’s a far more explosive athlete than Martin.

In a year lacking blue-chip players — especially on the offensive line — I think teams are going to seriously consider Skoronski between the #6 and #10 picks. There will likely be a feeling that with so few appealing options in that part of the draft, taking the most technically sound, explosive lineman available is something you can live with. It’ll be a safe pick.

As it happens, Detroit, Las Vegas, Atlanta and Philadelphia are in the market for a guard.

Elsewhere, there were fears Olu Oluwatimi would last deeper into the draft due to a lack of physical quality. As an explosive tester, Oluwatimi should safely see himself called in the middle rounds. His tape was good and now we know he is not limited as an athlete.

Luke Wypler’s stock will be enhanced by the fact he’s an explosive tester. Combined with an excellent 4.53 short shuttle — he’s quite the athlete. This could mean he not only interests the zone blocking teams like Seattle and Minnesota — he could also appeal to GM’s like Joe Douglas with the Jets who seem to prioritise explosive traits.

O’Cyrus Torrence’s TEF score is extremely poor. He has consistently been one of the most overrated players in this draft. He isn’t explosive in the slightest, as his 2.43 score suggests. Not only that, he ran a 4.81 short shuttle. This is the profile of a mid-rounder, not the first rounder many have suggested.

Projected TEF scores for 2023

For the players who didn’t complete a full set of tests (vertical, broad, bench) — we fill in the gaps using the ‘average’ of the class. For example, a lot of the linemen simply didn’t do the bench press. Therefore, I took the average number of reps per player at the combine (28) and used it to project a TEF score that can be adjusted if the player completes a full set of testing at his pro-day.

Blake Freeland — 3.60
Jon Gaines — 3.26
Jaelyn Duncan — 3.20
Ricky Stromberg — 3.17
Darnell Wright — 3.15
Sidy Sow — 3.13
Earl Bostick — 3.12
Tyler Steen — 3.11
Paris Johnson Jr — 3.07
Braeden Daniels — 3.05
Wanya Morris — 3.04
Cody Mauch — 3.01
Broderick Jones — 3.00
TJ Bass — 2.98
Malaesala Aumavae-Laulu — 2.90
Anton Harrison — 2.88
Ryan Hayes — 2.87
Matthew Bergeron — 2.84
Tashawn Manning — 2.77
Henry Bainivalu — 2.76
Jake Andrews — 2.72

If these scores hold up after the pro-days, this will be by far the most explosive O-line class we’ve seen in years. Compare this to previous combines:

2016 — 6
2017 — 3
2018 — 7
2019 — 8
2020 — 8
2021 — No combine
2022 — 9 (projection)
2023 – 19 (projection

I’ve never calculated and had double-figure numbers for explosive testers at a combine. To have potentially 19 explosive linemen this year is quite remarkable.

It might not mean much for the Seahawks and their scheme specifically but the NFL is likely to be ecstatic with the depth of this O-line class.

We also created a second calculation to account for the fact that jumping a vertical at 320lbs is considerably more challenging than jumping a vertical at 295lbs. Thus, we created a formula (weighted TEF or wTEF) to account for weight:

Weight x TEF x 0.1

We can give each player a score that sufficiently emphasises their unique size. For example:

Germain Ifedi — 324 x 2.97 x 0.1 = 96.1

Confirmed wTEF scores for 2023

Peter Skoronski — 105.5
Anthony Bradford — 105.2
Andrew Vorhees — 101.1
Jovaughan Gwyn — 97.3
Olu Oluwatimi — 94.9
Nick Saldiveri — 94.4
Steve Avila — 91.0
Luke Wypler — 90.9
Juice Scruggs — 88.8
McClendon Curtis — 87.5
Connor Galvin — 86.4
John Ojukwu — 85.9
John Michael Schmitz — 84.6
Jarrett Patterson — 82.9
Dalton Wagner — 80.6
O’Cyrus Torrence — 80.2
Alex Forsyth — 73.3
Mark Evans — 72.1

Anthony Bradford really caught my eye during on-field drills and a weighted TEF score of 105.2 confirms he has outstanding physical potential. He is certainly one to watch and could be a fantastic mid-round option at guard.

Andrew Vorhees’ ACL tear suffered at the combine is a horrible setback. With his testing numbers he likely would’ve been a day-two pick. I suspect, with his physical profile, someone will be prepared to take a chance on him a little bit later on and use a redshirt season.

This is another hugely disappointing score for O’Cyrus Torrence. Even a bad TEF tester will get a bump if they’re 330lbs. It really speaks to how poorly he performed that he’s still the third weakest tester despite his size. There’s no bump to account for his weight.

Projected weighted TEF for 2023

Blake Freeland — 108.7
Darnell Wright — 104.9
Sidy Sow — 101.1
Tyler Steen — 99.8
Jon Gaines — 98.8
Jaelyn Duncan — 97.9
Ricky Stromberg — 97.0
Earl Bostick — 96.4
Paris Johnson Jr — 96.1
TJ Bass — 94.5
Wanya Morris — 93.3
Broderick Jones — 93.3
Malaesala Aumavae-Laulu — 91.9
Cody Mauch — 90.9
Anton Harrison — 90.7
Tashawn Manning — 90.6
Matthew Bergeron — 90.3
Braeden Daniels — 89.7
Ryan Hayes — 85.5
Henry Bainivalu — 84.4
Jake Andrews — 83.0

If these numbers are confirmed, Darnell Wright is showing off why he’s a top-20 lock in this class. He had an outstanding on-field performance at the combine to go with his testing. He is one of the best players in the draft.

Several of the potential tackle-to-guard converts are showing they have a nice combination of power and size in this group. Sidy Sow is worth some tape study moving forward and players like Tyler Steen performed better than expected.

If you’re wondering about Dawand Jones — he didn’t do anything other than run a forty and on-field drills. I can’t project him a score at this time.

So there we go. It might not be as useful for Seahawks fans to know this information these days — but it’s still interesting that this is such an explosive O-line class. It might lack top-end stars but there’s plenty of depth.

Who might the Seahawks be interested in then?

They’ve clearly identified a type at center — Pete Carroll has talked about leverage (shorter height) being important. The signing of Austin Blythe was indicative of a switch to the Rams approach.

My ‘not so bold’ take is that one of Luke Wypler or John Michael Schmitz will be drafted, unless they address the position in free agency. They are clear scheme and profile hits — they have the size, the wrestling background and the agility testing. Check out my article on Monday for more on this.

Tackle is unlikely to be a key target area with Charles Cross and Abraham Lucas entering year two — and with Stone Forsyth and Jake Curhan under contract as backups.

Guard is an interesting one. By re-signing Phil Haynes they have retained two big, explosive interior starters. They haven’t automatically switched to LA’s preferred method of converted college tackles. If they stick with that — and with Damien Lewis and Haynes both free agents next year, they might draft one of the better testers above. Anthony Bradford, Nick Saldiveri and Jon Gaines could appeal.

If they go with LA’s philosophy, we’ll need more shuttle times to make a reading. Logan Bruss (4.55) and Austin Corbett (4.50) both tested well in the short shuttle. David Edwards less so (4.77).

Jon Ojukwu ran a 4.52 and was a tackle at Boise State, making 51 consecutive starts. He could be a day three candidate. They could consider Cody Mauch here if they’re ok with his lack of length (he ran a 4.55). Tyler Steen at Alabama ran a 4.59 and could be a very realistic option, as could Braeden Daniels at Utah (4.60).

I’d be intrigued to see what times Jordan McFadden, Matthew Bergeron, Ryan Hayes, Wanya Morris, T.J. Bass and Earl Bostick run if they do a short shuttle at their pro-days.

The other name I’m going to keep mentioning is Nick Broeker at Ole Miss. He ran a 4.70 so he’s more like Edwards than Bruss or Corbett. He just feels like an ideal scheme fit with his mobility, control, ability to lock-on to blocks and finish and he showed well in the SEC. I thought he had an excellent performance during on-field drills in Indianapolis. I also wonder if he could be a consideration at center.

If you missed my live stream with Jeff Simmons yesterday, check it out here:

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  1. Blitzy the Clown

    I’ve never calculated and had double-figure numbers for explosive testers at a combine. To have potentially 19 explosive linemen this year is quite remarkable.

    It’s a draft class of amazing athletes who play football, rather than amazing football players who are athletic

    I’m starting to come around on Wypler over Schmintz.

    • Producehawk

      I agree on Wypler. I had been taking Stroud at five and pairing him up with Wypler at 83. I don’t think either will be there at those positions now. If we want Wypler I think we will need to take him with our number two pick in second round. I really feel Stroud could go number one.

  2. Ben

    I’m surprised you didn’t talk about Freeland. How does his potential high score affect his stock? Where do you see him going? Kicking inside? Someone for the Hawks to look at if he lasts to mid-round or later?

    • Rob Staton

      He’s just too upright for me

      Watching him makes my back hurt, let alone his

      • Elmer

        Love seeing the TEF scores. Can you remind me of the TEF scores for Lewis, Cross, and Lucas? Thanks!

  3. Peter

    I love these TEF breakdowns. What a wild year numbers wise.

    Yet again another year with some good center options.

    Let’s wrap this up once and for all and just draft someone the line can grow with. No multi position versatile unless it’s mauch. Maybe just a center who plays center.

    • Big Mike

      C’mon Peter, they still lack a WR3 so you know they’ve got their eyes on a 5’9″ 170lb speed guy that’ll break week 4.

      Yes, I am still bitter about passing on Humphrey. Hell I was hoping for Ryan Kelly in the 2016 draft and there he is, still solid in Indy 7 years later.

      • Peter

        Blind squirrel my friend. Sooner or later.

        • Big Mike


  4. hoggs41

    If Wypler or Schmitz are indeed a target I would if 37 instead of 53 might be the spot. Seems like waiting to 53 would be a roll of the dice.

    • Rob Staton

      If they can wait for Russell Wilson (and get Wagner R2) in 2012 they can wait until 53 for Luke Wypler. He might be there in R3.

      • Madmark

        I think he will go somewhere in the early 60’s. There are a lot of players coming out as juniors and means there young and athletic but they lack a years worth of experience and conditioning.

        • Derek

          Wypler’s tape is as good as his testing IMHO, put on the Wisconson tape and watch him working solo against Keeanu Benton

          • Spectator

            Shoot i didnt know much about him and so i put on his tape against Georgia and Carter… impressive to say the least and surprised he isnt getting more hype. Still think late 2nd is a spot tho, not sure why we would think Creed humphrey would last to middle 2nd and not him. Humphrey was a PROSPECT.

  5. OakleyD

    Rob, do you think the Hawks would be interested in Darnell Wright @ #20 and kicking him inside to Guard – or is he just too much of a ‘Tackle only’ prospect?

    I thought that he just looked the most complete prospect through on-field drills and looks like he carries his large frame well. He certainly has impressive tape to justify being selected that high imo

    Just as you thought Dawand Jones would be a sleeper option and kicking Lucas Abraham in to RG, I also think both Haynes and Lewis could have a serviceable year at OC if the draft doesn’t fall the right way for us.

    • Rob Staton

      I just think after signing Haynes they’ve marked their card

      And he’s a perfect RT (and we have one of those)

    • Madmark

      I’m completely against Abraham Lucas being moved inside. You don’t have to fix what isn’t broken by being cute.

      • OakleyD

        I fully agree moving Lucas would be a mistake and a regression of sorts.

        But if Wright is available at #20 and we truly are looking for BPA – he’s got to be up there on the draft boards, so was just trying to think creatively.

      • Scot04

        Thay could always put Wright a RG & leave Lucas as is; but I agree with Rob. It seems they’re planning on Haynes starting. Although we know our Seahawks love to move their O-lineman around.

  6. Peter

    For Robbie. Great comment on Steichen and Richardson.

    Will be very interesting to see who he thinks is the best option. Hurts ad herbert to me are pretty far apart yet he made one good to great and the other one he really helped kick off his career.

    • Robbie

      For sure, I think he knows what he can turn Richardson into. Man, April can’t get here soon enough. Such a long wait for the draft.

  7. geoff u

    This is a pretty massive change. After years of a lack of athleticism in offensive linemen vs defensive linemen, I wonder if this is an outlier or marks a shift in the paradigm?

  8. Ely

    It really sucks to see someone like Vorhees get an injury like that while competing in the combine and it further adds to why these athletes should get a level of compensation for their participation. I hope at least they cover the man’s medicals now. Something about Vorhees you have to love and I bet Pete will absolutely pay attention to; after tearing his ACL Vorhees still competed in the bench and did 38 reps with one good leg.

    • Producehawk

      Maybe take him in the fifth if he is there?

      • HOUSE

        I think it would be worth a shot. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  9. Cysco

    I think this has to do with the cyclical nature of the NFL. For the last decade we’ve seen the best athletes gravitate towards the defensive side of the ball. I do wonder if we’re seeing a reaction to that. Younger players may be getting encouraged to play offensive line as the need to counteract the athletes on defense has grown and the greater emphasis on offense in general. OL players in the NFL are also getting paid so any notion that if you want to make the most money, focus on DL is also going away.

    If you follow this line of thinking, we could be entering an era where offense dominates even more and high-scoring games are the norm.

  10. 916miked

    Rob , first off thank you for all of the tedious and time consuming work you do for us here . We’re really lucky to have you on our team . I’m on the same page as you if Anthony Richardson is there at number five I’m hiring Usain Bolt to run that pick up to the commissioner ASAP. My question…With all this talk from Pete Carroll and John Schneider openly discussing the possibility of drafting a quarterback at number five do you think that’s their way of trying to get a quarterback hungry team to trade up with them ? I hope it’s not . Thanks again

    • Rob Staton

      Nah, I think they’re just saying what you’d expect them to say

      • Brett

        I almost think trying to hide that they’re looking at a QB would be more suspicious and get teams to want to trade up more.

        Pete and John hold all the cards in having re-signed Geno and saying they’re looking at a QB – it makes them more of an enigma.

        Now imagine they signed Geno, said “we’re all good at QB and not looking there at #5” (when they’re a team who always claims to be in on everything) but are spotted at Pro Days and interviewed the QBs – you’d think they’re trying to hide their hand.

  11. Ben

    Fun group, it’ll be interesting to see who falls. Seems like there should be some good value in the late 2nd to 4th round. I’d be excited to see a center and a developmental guard. I think the Oline room could be as strong as anytime since early Carroll days. I know Schneider mentioned it being a weak FA class, but I still wish we could slot in a dependable veteran. Just a lot of potential rookie walls and sophomore slumps if we add more youth.

  12. Madmark

    I like your opinion on taking Jordan McFadden playing Guard spot? To me he just looks like a Guard and not OT but it doesn’t hurt to have versatility in an emergency.

  13. Volume12

    Dawand Jones has a VMAC visit

    • cha


      • GF


      • Volume12

        Shirt on but pants off

        • Big Mike


        • Hoberk Unce

          I hope Pete doesn’t decide to match him.

    • Rob Staton

      Well as noted a few weeks ago — if you want to hammer people in the trenches, kicking Abe inside and having Jones at tackle would be a way to do it.

      • Peter

        If this happens it will be well and truly time to consider moving tge family to mobile to work with Nagy.

        We’d miss you here.

        But that would be the freakiest prognostication yet from you.

      • j hawk

        Could Haynes play center? Play backup guard? Just spit ballen.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          I think they did try him there but they tried Lewis too and he was pretty solid.

          Gives them some flexibility in training camp to let the best 3 IOL rise from the crop. If that’s what they do. DJones might very well be BPA at 20.

          • cha

            That was the infamous Thursday night game when Arizona came to town. We got word that rookie Lewis had been furiously working to get up to speed a couple days before and he’d never played center at any level.

            Also where he got flagged for a phantom holding call on a 40 yard bomb to DK which set the Seahawks back….grrr…

    • samprassultanofswat

      Would love to see Dawand (the pile-driver) Jones in the lineup. Damien Lewis played center. That could an option(doubt it. I also like Joe Tippman a lot. But he is probably NOT what the Hawks have in mind. At 6’6 he is probably too big in Shane Waldron’s system. It’s hard to believe that you can have a center that it too big.

      • Peter

        I have generally positive vibes with how the team seems to be thinking. But tge small center ideas are definitely not jibing with me. I just don’t get it.

      • PJ in Seattle

        I love Tippman. He’d probably have to move to guard because he’s too big for the center profile they look for, but dude can move. He’s gonna be a killer center for somebody. Ricky Stromberg too.

  14. Cheese22

    I doubt the fo would tip their hand at this point, but it wouldn’t be too surprising to draft a very good guard with the intention of moving Lewis to center. He played the position very well when they tried him there and he has to know the calls better than a rookie center could in their first year.
    Either way, I’m excited to see what the IOL looks like at the beginning of the year, assuming they select somebody who could start. This could be the teams strongest unit and youngest also.

    • Cheese22

      I meant that the OL could be the strongest unit, not just the IOL.

    • Peter

      We could just draft a center…..

      • PJ in Seattle

        I’ve come around on Wypler. He’s the right size for Waldron, and checks all the boxes. Don’t know if he’ll last to #53 but that would be a great spot to grab him. Love his fluidity and attitude. Guy could lock down center for us for the next 10 years if the freak injury gods allow.

  15. Allen M.

    I’m curious if any of the Guard prospects could potentially be converted to Center and, if so, which Guards do you think could be drafted to become Centers for Seattle, if any?

  16. Trevor

    Was looking at some mocks today and I keep seeing them with the Colts or Texans moving up with the Bears. With the way the QBs performed at the combine and there clearly being 4 quality options why would the Texans move up given the state of their roster. Same for the Colts they are guarenteed one of the 4. Are they really going to give up the farm to target one of them?

    The only team I think will give up the farm to move to #1 is Carolina and do the Bears really want to move down to 9?

    • Trevor

      Most likely scenario IMO

      #1 Panthers – Richardson
      #2 Texans – Young
      #3 Cardinals – Anderson
      #4 Colts – Stroud
      #5 Seahawks – Levis

      • All I see is 12s

        2 things
        1-despite his amazing workout an upside, AR is not ready yet. I thought this was abundantly apparent during his throwing session. The timing, the touch, the accuracy- it’s just not there yet. This was especially notable next the Stroud.
        1- some of these teams such as the Panthers, Colts, and maybe the Raiders are in win now mode. Benching qb to learn doesnt help them today.
        I agree that Car will trade for the #1 but I think Stroudnis the obvious choice. This same reasoning makes me believe the colts will want Levis.

        • Big Mike

          Agree with this 100%. The owners of Carolina and Indy want results yesterday. It’s why I believe Richardson will fall to us unless someone trades in with AZ that can sit him for a year. Not sure who that would be. The only team I can see trading into the top 4 and being dumb enough to draft him and start him right away is LV.

          • Peter

            Dumb enough is right. The raiders totally.

            Everything else spot on. I think teams know this. I think a lot teams would love to draft him. But some teams are going to struggle running him out as their day one starter.

          • PJ in Seattle

            Problem right now is that the FA QB carousel is still spinning. I could see a team like ATL or CAR moving up to take Richardson and signing a FA vet to run the show for a while while they break him in. ATL at least has Ridder to run out there for a while and see what he can do.

            The nice thing about AR is that his ceiling is so high, but the floor is so low early on. That makes him palatable only to teams that either have him waiting for him at their native pick, or who already have a decent-to-good QB rostered to roll out in 2023. Hmmm… that’s the Seahawks. Any team expecting to dump capital to move up and get him has to be zero risk-averse, because there’s a chance he simply can’t QB an NFL team yet. You could force him in and just ruin him.

            Houston worries me a bit, becuase if they want to swing for the fences, they could take Richardson at #2 and play the long game knowing they can roll Davis Mills out there for another year.

            • PJ in Seattle

              Or Jimmy G. If there’s truth to the rumors and the Texans sign Garrapolo, odds are they are doing it to put their own bridge in place and plan to take Richardson at #2.

      • DougM

        Do you think the Bears will want to lose out on Will Anderson?

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Crazy right? Lots of groupthink going on and most of it is bollocks

      Not only do I agree Carolina is trading up to 1 (or 3), but I think Houston takes Will Anderson at 2 and then drafts Hendon Hooker on Day 2. I think that’s where Hooker ends up. He can sit a year behind Mills (or JimmyG) while his knee rehabs and he learns the offense. Speaking of, he’s tailor made for Ryan’s version of Shanahan’s offense.

    • HawkfaninMT

      I wonder a bit if NFL executives look at it differently from us fans though. What if Houston has Young graded significantly higher than the others based off their perceived scheme fit, interviews, etc. and they feel like a team might jump to 1 and take Young. Whereas us fans/draftniks see “there’s a top 4 and would be happy with any of them.”

  17. Peter

    Why don’t we stop with Lewis at center, or guard to center, or Haynes to center, or pocic at center and just draft a center?

    Get Wypler, Schmitz, Scruggs, or other and just have someone who can man that spot for a long time.

    It’s super cool that Lewis can move around.

    • KennyBadger

      Preach! Deep class of centers, just get one. I feel like it’s the one position you can guarantee Seattle comes away with. I just hope they don’t wait until the 7th round.

  18. Roy Batty

    Is it just me or has anyone else noticed Levis being informed by the media?

    All of them mention the other three and occasionally there’s a word or two about Levis, but nothing near the others.

    • Roy Batty

      Sorry, “ignored”.

      • dregur

        I just think he’s not as hyped as the other three due to:

        1) Not having the combine that Richardson had
        2) Not being on a contending team like Stroud and Young were on
        3) Not being all that hyped by the mainstream sports media for the past two years like Stroud and Young have.

        • PJ in Seattle

          Good that they’re not talking up Levis. So many great qualities with him, but his touch needs a lot of work. He fires some balls out that make it really f’n hard for his receivers. He can throw a finger breaking ball, just needs to learn that you don’t do that on a quick slant or a wheel route. Hopefully, that can be coached. He’s just behind a bit there. Stroud doesn’t have Levis’s pure power and velocity, but his touch is damn near perfect.

          That and people seem to think that Levis putting mayonaise in his coffee is weird. I see more ink on that than the fact that he looked like a man amongst boys against most at the combine.

  19. Madmark

    This is my dream to get Nick Broeker at 153. Chris Gray, a Seattle RG once started he never gave the spot and they every year they tried to replace him. If he can do that then it’s a great pick because you know Haynes going to get at sometime.

  20. Sea Mode

    Wow, good for him that he got the help he needed and I’m curious to see how he’ll perform this season.


    • Peter

      Damn that was good.

  21. cha

    PC and Rich Eisen


    Reiterates they’re considering a QB at #5.

    Eisen said same as Rob, AR lit up when talking about PC.

    AR “Talked a couple nights before combine perf. Most athletic, productive QB ever. Really good kid to talked to, had a lot of fun with it.”

    “QB’s were really impressive. So well prepared. Amazed me each guy, how far they have come with awareness, presentation, depth of knowledge of the game. That’s why these guys are so special and playing so early when they get to the league.”

    Which is the deepest position group? “TE group. RB group. DBs good. Still sorting it out.”

    Overall “seemed mature and poised for the moment. Guys we talked to represented marvelously.”

    • Rob Staton

      Eisen liked this tweet and has mentioned in back-to-back days about Richardson’s answer on Carroll.

      I’m taking credit for planting that on his brain and you can’t stop me 🙂


      • Rob Staton

        Carroll and Schneider doing LOADS of media this year

        Wonder if they think having more of a media presence will help in FA, get the message out a bit more, be seen

        • cha

          My thought is they have figured out hiding under the covers and then blaming the media for their internal drama hasn’t worked + they got a huge momentum boost from the draft and a great year from Geno.

          There is a major void there that needs to be filled and why not boost their Q rating a bit?

        • HawkfaninMT

          I also wonder if having the higher pick is attracting more interviews with the Rich Eisen’s of the world. If they were picking 25th would Eisen even reach out? I don’t know.

          I feel like the GM radio spot is nod to JS having more power

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I asked earlier wtf is Zierlein talking about when he said he heard the QBs underwhelmed in their interviews?

  22. Happy Hawk

    Jags cut former Hawk S Griffen save $13m.

  23. Volume12

    If Seattle doesnt go QB @ 5 & Will Anderson is off the board, what about Nolan Smith after a trade back? Checks a lot of boxes for them as a prospect.

    • Rob Staton

      With the first pick?!?!?

      I can’t get behind that at all

      He’s the definition of a tweener

    • Sea Mode

      Big Seahawks fan too:


    • Steve Nelsen

      I love your posts Vol 12. Nolan seems a bit small for Edge/OLB but do you think he could play ILB and help out in blitz packages? His character is Plus and he is very athletic.

      • Rushless pass

        He’s pretty much the same size as Hassan Redick coming into the league

        • Rob Staton

          They’re very different players though

    • Nick

      I’m down. The dude loves football and would immediately be a leader.

      • Rob Staton

        But from which position is he leading?

        That’s the question here

        He doesn’t get to play with Georgia’s DL against college OL’s now. He has to beat people off the edge at 238lbs (and he looked lighter on tape) or he needs to adjust to a permanent switch to LB and who know how that will work?

        Great athlete and leader. Also a tweener with a major question about where he actually plays

        People can say Hanson Reddick but I don’t see that comp. I loved Reddick in the draft, he was a blog favourite. I don’t think they are alike as players. And it took Reddick a long time to adjust to the league

        • Peter

          I’m getting strong Jabril peppers energy with the Nolan smith talk.

          Differences sure.

          But I remember a lot of “the dude can just play,” talk then.

          And he was never quite a safety and never quite a linebacker afterwards.

          • Rob Staton


          • Matt

            Damn that’s a great comparison.

        • Nick

          Great points Rob. I doubt they go this route because of his weight and lack of length.

          It’s just been PCJS’s talk on character all offseason which makes me think of Nolan Smith. He’s a guy that is character with a capital C. Not to mention his greatest strength is toughness and run D, two of the things we need most on D.

        • cha

          Smith comes across like a Patriots pick.

          Speedy undersized guy he can deploy differently every week and then discard him when he gets expensive.

          • Rob Staton


    • Nick

      Not to mention the 1.52 10 yard split. I know he’s only 238, but god damn. This D needs someone who can fly around and he would provide that and leadership in droves.

  24. Blitzy the Clown

    No idea why I care, but I’m curious what Houston does at 12.

    Do they go for Gonzales/Porter Jr to pair with Stingley? Or Darnell Wright to bookend Tunsil? Or maybe Bijan Robinson to go with Dameon Pearce?

    • Sean-O

      If I’m HOU, I’d think about pairing the QB I likely just drafted with a stud WR. A young trio of Young or Stroud, Dameon Pierce & say JSN, could be fun. Give the city something to be excited about team wise.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        I think Houston take Will Anderson at 2 with the intention of drafting Hendon Hooker somewhere between 33 and 65.

        Also, I don’t think there’s a WR in this class worthy of being a top 12 pick

  25. Cysco

    Hey! This is my one time a year where I get to take a little credit for a contribution to the blog. Pretty cool that we’re still referencing a formula/concept I came up with so many years ago.

    • Cysco

      Lol, in reference to wTEF

      • Rob Staton


        The original post with a shout-out!

        April 2016 😲

        • Troy

          i remember that like it was yesterday…damn where has the time gone

        • Cysco

          Absolutely crazy that it’s been that long. Can honestly say that I probably would have lost my my fandom for the Seahawks and become a Cowboys fan (I live in Dallas now) if it weren’t for you and this community. Here’s to another 7-years!

          • Ely

            I don’t care if your new address was AT&T stadium being a Cowboys fan would have been a rough transition. Thankful you suggested the wTEF 😂

    • Peter

      Dang!!! Awesome work.

      • Hawktalker#1

        Wow. Had no idea I have be on the blog so long. I also remember that post like it was yesterday.

        Go hawks

  26. Trevor

    My worst nightmare is that the 4 QB are off the board when we pick at 5. If they are then the Hawks could fix the defense with some high quality players with off the charts character.

    #5 Will Anderson – Ideal 3-4 Edge
    #20 Nolan Smith- LB bit of a tweeter but fast enough to be full time LB and in blitz packages
    #38 Mazi Smith – Hawks get a legit freak at NT in the 3-4
    #53 Julius Brents- Another physical freak opposite Tariq
    #84 Luke Wypler- Hawks get thier young Center

    This would not be option #1 because I really want Richardson, Levis, Stroud but this would be an incredible infusion of speed, talent and most importantly attitude to the defense.

    • Rob Staton

      I think Nolan Smith is a round too early and if he goes that high let someone else do it

      • HawkfaninMT

        Are people thinking too much Micah Parsons here? While the measurable seem similar on field play doesn’t seem to match the hype.

        • Spectator

          Size wise tho, they are similar. And that’s the bigger knock on smith. Parsons opted out of his junior year, or probably would have been higher pick. Smith is a poor man’s parson. I very much so want smith and wouldn’t be mad if we grab with our early second.

          • Rob Staton

            Parsons also player LB in college so it was easier to project him to LB. Then the cowboys tried him off the edge in an emergency and he became who he is

            That’s very different to Nolan Smith

      • JD

        Trevor, what about replacing Nolan Smith with Drew Sanders? I agree with getting QBOTF but this looks great as well.

      • GrittyHawk

        Rob, how do you think Nolan Smith compares to Bruce Irvin as a prospect? Similar size — Irvin had 7 lbs and a inch of arm length on Smith. Smith ran a slightly faster 40 and much higher vertical. Production-wise though, Irvin completely demolishes Smith. Nearly twice as many sacks in half the games. And even managed twice as many sacks in his final season as Smith while being ridiculously misused in a 3-3-5.

        Obviously we found out after the draft that many teams did in fact have him on their boards in the mid-first, even though the media (including you!) viewed him as a 2nd-3rd rounder. I bring up that comparison because it seems so ludicrous to me that people are now touting Smith as a top-10 pick when he has a similar athletic profile to Irvin, similar positional question marks, but incredibly mediocre production. Do you think teams will really be putting him on their boards in the first round, or is this just typical media overreaction to his combine performance? Am I completely off base viewing him as a dime store Bruce Irvin? I just can’t see him as anything better than a 2nd rounder, unless to your point back in 2012, some team out there has a fit for him as a 9T/LEO type end like the Seahawks did.

        • Rob Staton

          Very different players. Bruce was a classic EDGE who would win with impressive quickness and bend. He also had a long torso, decent arm length and he looked like you’d expect a LEO to look.

          Smith doesn’t bend and straighten well. He’s better at combat, surprisingly, given his profile. Very little evidence on tape of him winning like Irvin did off the edge. Wonder if he’ll find combat harder at the next level. Just an obvious tweener. Doesn’t have the long torso. Looks smaller than 238lbs on tape. Looks like a gadget player half the time when you watch him. Don’t feel like you’re watching an EDGE.

    • PJ in Seattle

      That would be a fully pants off draft. I think you might have to switch slots for Wypler and Brents and likely neither is there at #83, but damn, that would be haul.

  27. Steve Nelsen

    Rob, these TEF scores are insane. I have to assume Seattle will double-dip at O-Line in the draft this year with a center and a T/G project later.

    I suspect that TEF will continue to be an indicator of potential Seattle draft picks. Abe Lucas worked out great for them last year.

  28. Madmark

    This is JS working the phones listening to all offers.They were never going to trade pick 5 and for there reward they get a QB. JS makes 3 trades trades. He hell bent on blowing up this draft better than last year.
    5 Anthony Richardson
    24 Darnell Washington
    37 Drew Sanders
    62 Luke Wypler
    83 Bryon Young
    95 Keenu Benton
    123 Parker Washington
    124 Garett Williams
    Chris Rodriguezjr.
    153 Nick Boekers
    168 Karl Brookers
    198 I pick what every Rob picks hehe. Believe me I tried to the needs of this.

    • Hawktalker#1


    • Allen M.

      I’d be in favor of moving up to ensure Richardson or Stroud land with Seattle. Preferably Richardson. There just isn’t enough talent at the tail end of round or into round 2 that we must hold onto this picks where they are. This is the year you make the bold moves and set us up for the next decade. So what if you get the DL20 instead of the DL15? So what if you miss out on the top Center and have to take one later. What we do with pick 5 is central to this draft being a major success or a horrible missed opportunity.

      • Madmark

        I don’t believe we need to tradeup no matter what I get 1 of the QB in draft. What do you know it’s my mock and Anthony Richard. It could be Shroud, Levis, or Young. I would care.

    • Allen M.

      The other thing I’d add is that we have so many picks this year we’re not in the normal position of trading down (often!) to add more picks. We don’t need quantity over quality. We have the assets to move up or down yet finding a small number of elite talents is better than a bunch of replacement-level starters. That being said, John likes to churn and unearth stars that way…

      • Madmark

        My first trade to 24 was eye opening. The traded to 23 and took Michael Mayer I’m Quite happy with 2 monster Freaks and 52 was used by another team to get John Michael Schmitz.

    • Madmark

      Everyone interested in WR. You to imagine about using someone’s talents. After listening to Rod’s interview with Juice Scruggs interview he talked 2 other and Parker was one of them. He’s not a edge WR at 4.49 speed but he fits the slot. He’s 5’11”, 207 lbs built like a small running back. He returns punts and kick to earn a spot and Shane Waldron get him in on we boots.

  29. Hawktalker#1

    Here is a QB#2 question. If Lock goes to Tampa Bay, as some reports are suggesting, what is our next best option for QB#2?

    • Cysco

      A rookie

      • Peter

        Nailed it

      • Hawktalker#2

        Ok, preferences?

        • Hawktalker#1

          Great. A typo. Which rookie?

          • Cysco

            All a matter of preference. There are four really great options at the top of the draft. My personal preference would be Stroud or Richardson. (Probably in that order) But at this point Levis sounds like the most realistic option at 5. Really I’d be happy with any of them.

      • Hawktalker#1

        Any suggestions?

        • Peter

          Being a bit tongue in cheek but I really hope it’s richardson as the back up.

          But if you’re talking more of the typical clipboard holder I wouldn’t mind Bennett for a fairly late pick.

  30. Bballin

    The Seahawks are being way way to loud about drafting a qb at 5. It just seems like their trying to sell it too much, maybe it’s just Pete being Pete.

    • dand393

      I agree they are definitely talking about QB at 5 a lot more then I’d expect them to if they were actually contemplating it. I’m guessing it’s a smoke screen but I hope there just genuinely interested in QB

    • Rob Staton

      Or maybe they just keep being asked the question “will you be prepared to draft a QB at five?”

      It’s not like they’re volunteering these answers unprovoked

      Pete also spoke highly about the edge rushers on Tuesday 🤷‍♂️

      • Roy Batty

        And they’ve also consistently stated that all options are open and nothing is off the table.

        To me that is them letting everyone know that they are the one team in the top 5 that has no agenda. They’re picking value over need.

        That also screams, “Go ahead and call us.”

        Again, all options are on the table.

        • Rob Staton

          A lot of the time these interviews are just an exercise in ‘get them out of the way’

          I doubt any team is pouring over any media interview and trying to decipher what is truth and what is a smokescreen

      • cha

        Eisen also asked him to name a standout position group and he pretty quickly said TE.

        • Rob Staton

          I think they’re going to love Mayer

          • cha

            DJ just posted his top 50 and has Mayer at 21.

            Just saying…

            • Rob Staton

              Amazing as well that despite doing nothing wrong, Keion White has gone from #8 to #27

              Almost like he just hadn’t watched a whole bunch of players before doing those initial top-50’s…

              • cha

                And Sanders got kicked off the list altogether.

  31. JimQ

    I think it would be interesting if there was a “temperature checking” pole set-up (I don’t know how) to see how many SDB fans:
    (1) are in favor of trading up from #5 or to just let the draft fall as it may?
    (2) which QB(s) specifically is worth trading up for?
    (3) which of the 4 potential QBOTF do they prefer if they don’t want to or can’t trade up?
    —-Or something along those lines……

    • Hawk Fan 0503

      Swap Drew Sanders for your Nolan Smith pick and I love it!! Would be ideal for me if you swap Sandwrs for Smith. I agree with Rob in thinking Smith is a tweener and a bit over-hyped.

    • Happy Hawk

      I lean towards standing pat at #5 – i think Levis will fall to us and I think he is the guy JS has been eyeing all along. AR wasn’t really on the radar this time last year when he opted to not draft as QB and wait to get his guy in this draft.

      • geoff u

        It’s very possible their public interest in Richardson is a smokescreen to get him to land in the top 4 so Levis falls to them… though I’m probably giving them too much credit.

  32. Awm

    Any of the big 3 is good. My preference of order is Richardson closely followed by Levi’s and then Stroud. Do whatever necessary to get one of them.

    • Madmark

      I want see the networks guys heads explode when we get Anthony Richard. It’s the perfect fit for a guy that tells you he needs a year. This is why Seattle gets him. I’m not done yet making commentators heads explode on this first day of the draft. Pick 20 I take Darnell Washington( you here this JS/PC). This guy has nothing left to prove after the combine. His stats were off the chart and watching his drills he tore up the sled and gauntlet. This pick would make for a pretty freaky monster first day draft.

  33. samprassultanofswat

    Really looking forward to Rob’s post combine mock draft/horizontal board. Now that the combine is complete: outside of injury or making bad person mistakes(for example getting drunk and racing over 100mph at 3AM in the morning) there shouldn’t be a whole lot of change.

    • Old but Slow

      Oh, c’mon, irresponsible behavior? These guys are serious about this, no way they are going to get in trouble, or get out of shape, or…oh, wait.

      • samprassultanofswat

        Old: I Agree but it does happen. Look no farther than Jalen Carter.

        • Sea Mode

          —-the joke—->


  34. Seattle Person

    One dude that I think would have a high TEF is Joey Fisher from Shepard University. Interesting dude with short arms. Could be an UDFA but he had a good Senior Bowl and is expected to test really well. I think someone is going to gamble on that type of profile in the 5th-7th rounds.

    He has experience playing all 5 spots on the Oline. He played primarily RT at Shepard but he’s definitely kicking inside. His pro-day is March 28. He’s going to play guard in the NFL but I do wonder if some teams will try him at center too.

  35. Sea Mode

    Day 3…? Yes, please! Actually, I’ll take both of them thank you very much!

    Jim Nagy

    One Day 3 WR target for NFL teams that value size & explosive traits is @OleMissFB WR Jonathan Mingo.

    Mingo weighed 220 lbs at Combine, ran 4.46 official, and hit 39.5 VJ & 10-9 BJ.

    This is only 1-on-1 rep K-State CB Juju Brents lost in Mobile:


    • Peter

      This seems too obvious. Hope it happens with both players in blue and green next year.

  36. Robert Las Vegas

    Rob I have a question for you from what I have seen Tyree Wilson is rushing the passer his move is basically just power rush in the NFL you need more than that.maybe I haven’t seen enough tape.have you seen something that I haven’t

    • Peter

      I think you answered your own question. Dude is very powerful.

      Has nearly no moves. Looks like he might not be particularly quick.

      And then there’s the problem that he might not even be a fit for a 3-4.

      • Roy Batty

        But remember, pass rushers that need development are OK, but QB’s are NOT allowed time to develop.

        The hill of hypocrisy the pundits stand on is quite high.

        • Peter

          I know it’s ridiculous.

          I love the mocks that acknowledge Wilson is not a perfect prospect and yet keep mocking him to us.

  37. Forrest

    If the Seahawks draft Dawand Jones at 20 and move Lucas inside, I’ll be the first to admit that Rob was right and once again well ahead of the news.


    • Rob Staton

      Also worth saying though — this was a suggestion among several ideas. Not a prediction that it’s definitely going to happen or anything.

  38. Peter

    Been running draft scenarios (paper and pen no whacky internet trades) and after rummaging through the debris of a zillion mocks I think the following:

    -CB brents to Seattle in the third feels like the surest thing that the hawks will do. I know we covet certain players more on this site than other places. But brents feels like Abe lucas to me this year.

    -I think Seattle takes Center at 52. That’s right in the wheelhouse for Centers draft wise and a lot of sites mention center help for Seattle.

    -I’m starting to think pick 20 is the move down pick. Every time I run through it the difference of players from 20 to 37 is nonexistent…for me.

    -And finally I think it would be absolutely awesome to get Wright or Jones and either move Wright inside or Lucas inside. A year ago a good deal of us would have liked Scherff in FA. He was a very high pick tackle prospect who has had an absolutely great career as a guard.

    I know we groan at moving players around. But both those players absolutely handled their business 1v1 in games just this year. When you’re done rolling your eyes at this suggestion consider the following:

    1. Haynes is the ultimate hedge signing. A today little sum of money. No long term commitment.

    2. An oline that looks like this:


    For the first time that I could remember you’d have an oline where 4/5ths would be solidified for three years all fairly cheap. If they resign Lewis (and they should) you could be looking at a line fully constructed for three straight years. Which by my math rarely ever happens in the NFL.

    • ukalex6674

      Good post.

      I’ve got a IOL at 52, and also think 20 is a trade up/down pick.

      I’m still not sold on moving players around on the line – to many bad memories of that – but, when you put that line up on paper and note the cost effectiveness, that’s pretty solid to be fair.

  39. Steve Nelsen

    Rob, have you considered a trade-down mock? For example, the math is clear that having 9 & 26 and 2 extra Day 2 picks is more likely to result in additional players, starters and Pro-Bowlers than 5 & 20.

    Especially given all the needs in the front 7 and needs for WR3, C, CB2

    • Rob Staton

      Using math to build a team isn’t really my thing Steve

      • Steve Nelsen

        I think if Will Anderson is gone and they are not in love with any of the remaining QBs, it would make a lot of sense. They really need an infusion of youth and speed on defense. Adding one DL late in round one and one LB on Day 2 isn’t really going move a front seven rebuild forward very far.

        • Steve Nelsen

          But if you are talking about adding Ade Ade, Drew Sanders, Mazi Smith and Daiyan Henley…that would certainly qualify as a legitimate boost to the front 7.

        • Mick

          We need to hit on Dliners with the lower picks. I could live with e.g. not drafting a CB or dealing with another year of no top 3rd WR – we should find better usage of the players we already got at these two positions – so we could use more than one pick on the Dline.

          I could live with trading up and I would totally understand staying where we are, but I would be disappointed to see us trade down from 5.

        • Ashish

          Yes there’s lot of needs to build the roster. Just concentrate on quality and best player available rather than drafting for needs. Signing Geno is great example to let players fall to you. Also gives more bargain power other teams know you want or not want to trade.

        • Rob Staton

          Sure but I don’t think they’ll be against the QB’s

          And I think you can do a LOT to help the defense at #20 and #38

          Let’s not forget Seattle already has TEN picks

  40. cha

    Press Conference with PC, JS and Geno at 1030am


  41. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    Long-time great #Bucs LB Lavonte David, coming off one of his most productive seasons, is expected to test the free agent market, source said. A return to Tampa Bay has not been ruled out, but given their cap situation, it will be challenging.

    • Rob Staton

      He’s still got it

  42. QAgrizzly

    Is there really much difference between. Nolan Smith and Will Anderson or Tyree Wilson for that matter? Reason I ask is concerning the situation where QB ‘s are gone would it makes sense to trade back a bit if somebody is completely sold on Anderson or a QB Seattle is not sold on. Understand you are gambling a bit but there are also the likes of Van Ness or the kid from Northwestern, just dont see that much seperation between top 5 or so Edge types.

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