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  1. millhouse-serbia

    Who do you see as starters at safety positions in 2019 and 2020?

    Do you think Pete will play less cover 3 and cover 1 in years to come?

    And thnx for everytnihg you doing.

  2. Seahawcrates

    Do you see any changes in defensive philosophy as evidenced by this draft class? I was intrigued by Pete mentioning how the Utah safety was used in creative blitzing schemes. I’m thinking that pass rush has to be generated somehow.

  3. SamL

    If the Seahawks sign Ziggy Ansah and it pans out, or they find another way to improve the pass rush like a trade, do you think the Seahawks are super bowl contenders?

    • Simo

      Really think they are still a year away from being legit SB contenders. There’s just to many key players that need to be adequately replaced, including Earl, Frank, and Coleman. Also, they may have to replace ADB if injuries force him to retire. They should be able to identify those replacements during this season and be better prepared to compete at the highest level next year.

      Hawks also are projected to have some considerable cap room next year, which should help address any holes. A full complement of draft picks (and then some) in 2020 should also further solidify their depth.

      Look out in 2020!

    • So EZ even M Kiper can do it

      I say get Ziggy on a 1-2 yeah deal. Front load the contract with money this year. Leave less next year for when we gotta extend Wagner/Reed/etc. If he injury busts, oh well. We have spare cash this year now. When he leaves, we get a comp pick for a high salary player… he can treat it as a prove it deal. 2 year is better in case he doesn’t get real healthy till next year. If we front load this year and do less next year we could possibly get a top end guy at a discount for a year, right as the team should be in stride for a big year.

  4. Hawkin

    Two questions:

    1) is there a DE you know of on another roster who could be a trade target who is young and cheap? Something that would cost a 5th to 7th.

    2) with so many safeties on the roster now, who do you think gets cut? Obviously we need to get through summer training first

  5. Jmac

    Excited to hear what you think about all the new UDFA signings. Thanks as always Rob!

  6. UKAlex6674

    The o-line is looking to be in reasonable shape, especially with the drafting of Phil Davies. I have always been a supporter of Ifedi and last season he performed well under Solaris tutorage. How do you view the o-line moving forward into 2019 season? Is it on the verge of becoming good (I personally think it is good now) in NFL circles? What do you see them doing with Fant? How much longer can we squeeze out of Brown?

    • Roger Davis

      Phil Haynes…

  7. Andrew Taylor

    I was wondering how you thought the next stage of the reset will go with next years draft and where besides receiver you think the strength is. Continue to build with DL and refresh OL ? If we have good depth will it be more likely they trade up for specific players they target or trade to put them over the top and when they are expected to have lots of cap space?

  8. Jeremy

    1-Looks like you nailed the Derrek Thomas pick, can you detail him a bit more please?

    2-Jazz Ferguson, any sense he may be a DB convert?

    Thanks a lot for another great draft Rob, much appreciated!!

  9. Peanut

    How do you rate our UDFA class? Any highlights that you predict will play a role in the team this season? Seems there is some hype around Derrek Thomas.

  10. ScouseNathan

    Thanks for all the draft coverage and everything you do here, this year was top notch as always! I’m really excited to see how this draft class plays out!

    My question: How do you see the receiver position playing out this year? Especially if Doug Baldwin retires? What do you make of the Metcalf, Jennings and Ursua picks? Where do players like David Moore and Jaron Brown figure in to the depth do you think?

    I’m particularly intrigued by Ursua seeing as they felt the need to trade back in and not let him go to another team in UDFA cause of our previous picks and would be interested in hearing more about him, from the little I’ve seen he looks like they might be seeing him as having the potential to replace Doug!

    Thanks as always!

  11. Hawks56YNWA

    I discover your blog this year and I can’t thank you enough for all the job you have done and how this blog help me to have a better understanding of the Seahawks and the game in general.

    My questions are :

    1) On the UDFA who are on the verge to sign with Seattle, with which are you the most excited ?

    2) For the wide receiver, which one of the WR drafted (or UDFA) will have the biggest impact on the team this year ?

    3) Do you think player like Ed Dickson or Jaron Brown (or others) are likely to be cut in the next months ?

    4) What your view on Jacob Hollister ?

    Again, thank you of your amazing job !

  12. EP

    What wound you be willing to part with for Jadeveon Clowney and would you be willing to pay him the money that Frank Clark got?

    • ZB

      ^ this

  13. Ashish

    Rob, hawks didn’t pick FB in draft do you think a change in scheme or they can still add?

  14. Swedenhawk

    Hi Rob.
    Any thoughts on why the Seahawks passed on D’Andre Walker out of Georgia? You’d highlighted him as a potential fit for the Seahawks; he was a top-30 visit, and Tony Pauline’s assessment sounds very in-line with their goals for this draft class: “Explosive, can bend off the edge as a pass rusher and has an aggressive nature… He’s fierce, athletic and instinctive.” Walker fell into the 5th round for a reason, but it seemed like there was good value to be had picking up a player graded rounds 2-3 with one of their 4th round picks. Thanks in advance for the insight. Your coverage this year has been tremendous, and your analysis is second to none. Keep up the amazing work!

  15. Georgia Hawk

    What vets do you see as the most in danger of losing their roster spot with the rookie influx?

  16. Coleslaw

    What is your outlook on our RB group now? I can’t see us keeping 5 RBs, so 1 of Homer, McKissic and Prosise are likely to be cut, who’s your pick?

  17. EranUngar


    Typically, players drafted in the first/second round are destined to become starters or at least major contributors sooner rather than later.

    How do you see the chances of our first 3 picks becoming starters or at least major contributors in 2019?

  18. JohnH

    Thanks for all you do Rob, this site is such a great resource.

    Do you get the sense that Pocic and Vannett are on their last chance?

    For FB, any chance we bring back Khalid Hill from last year, or will we look for someone at the cut downs after camp?

    Do you think the Hawks will have any interest in Danny Shelton?

  19. hawkfanintMT

    Hi Rob~

    I continue to hear that next year is going to be WR heavy as far as the draft is concerned. If true, what do you guess is the reasoning for spending so much draft capital on WR this year? Was it just the value and fit? Panic regarding uncertainty around DB? is the draft supposed to be top heavy meaning 3 or 4 WR in the top 10 where the Hawks don’t intend to be drafting anyways? From a long term roster construction stand point, it struck me as odd.

    I would be interested in a (anonymous) poll of NFL GMs to see what other GMs they think are just incredible at working the draft. I am biased, but man PC and JS seem to move around the board and still get guys they want so smoothly! In your estimation, what GMs draft best? Top 3 perhaps

    I know there have been discussions going on about potential FA fits (Ansah, Perry, Liuget, Suh, etc). ESPN had an article detailing one player from each team that they expect the team will move on from (Seahawks was Prosise). Do you anticipate any cuts or releases that could offer some help at DL and TE?

  20. Logan Lynch


    One real question sandwiched between two goofy ones…answer any you feel like addressing (or none if that’s the case).

    How excited are you to see the new WR TD celebrations they’ll cook up this year? Jennings had some good ones at WVU and Metcalf lifted his leg to whizz on the ball for one of his. Should be fun.

    With PC recently mentioning working Shaquem a bit as a pass rusher (likely blitzing similarly to college), do you think he needs to show that skill in order to make the team with the addition of two rookie LB? Or do you think he’s safe for the duration of his cheap, rookie deal with the special teams contributions he brings?

    Lastly, with a hat tip to Volume 12, who would do better in WWE…DK Metcalf or Kam Chancellor? Assuming peak Kam before the injury.

    • Volume12

      Kam. He’s be a great fired up, bad a** babyface. Think Batista (I’m partial to him BTW. Top 5 favorite of all time)

      • Logan Lynch

        Good call. They could even time the pyro behind him to his Bam Bam celebration on his entrance!

  21. Roger Davis


    2019 11 picks. Looking good!

    2020 11(ish) more picks. Looking even better!

    How rare is it to have 22 picks(ish) combined in two years? How transformative is it to have 22 picks(ish) in two years?

  22. Logan Lynch

    Thought of another real one.

    As you come up on 10 years of SDB, Rob, what are some of your favorite moments or proudest accomplishments running this website?

    • Milwaukee Hawk

      By far the best question and a follow up:

      Where do you see the blog in the next five years?

  23. Gohawks5151


    Love all the coverage. What a great (and stressful) offseason its been. A couple questions.

    1) Seattle has been a developmental team. Is there a rising practice squad guy that is being overlooked by the draft picks? Someone that can make a David Moore like impact. Kalan Reed, Simeon Thomas, Tyrone Swoopes?

    2) Assuming they pick up Ansah/Perry and Liuget/Bailey (or something similar) who is the odd man out at DL and DE?

    • Elmer

      My opinion, for what it’s worth:

      Naz Jones either takes a big step forward or he has a tough time making the 53 man roster. Ditto Jackson.

  24. TCHawk

    Your thoughts on skillset of Taryn Christion. Seems more compatible with Russ’. Paxton has better college pedigree, but NFL track record needs to be repaired. I’m going to like the competition, and see who they think has a better future upside for the Seahawks.

    Curious move to trade for a TE who seems likely not to make the final 53. Or, is this a move to lower salary, get younger and move on from Dickson? I liked Dickson’s play when he finally played. Could Dissly’s health still be in question?

    Rob, thanks for the tremendous season leading up to the draft. Your analysis and insight really help my knowledge of players and schemes, and increase my enjoyment in being a fan. I also really appreciate the insights and thoughts of this band of SDB followers and contributors. Amazing! Many thanks!

  25. GauxGaux


    Thoughts on B. Mingo stepping into the LEO role and excelling?

    DL Depth Chart:

    Collier Green Jefferson
    Reed Jones
    Ford Meder/FA
    Mingo/FA Martin Marsh

    Actually feeling much better when I visualize this (especially when you have our LB Corp behind this).

    • GauxGaux

      1. Collier 2. Green 3. Jefferson
      1. Reed 2. Jones
      1. Ford 2. Meder/FA
      1. Mingo/FA 2. Martin 3. Marsh

  26. william valent

    Clearly trading back is an accepted approach to the draft, and Schneider its chief proponent. But one could argue that in the past the Seahawks have missed on prospects because of their draft tendencies. This year there were a couple of opportunities to draft quality players ultimately lost to others, at least to the untutored eye. The competition created is viewed as beneficial to the team’s performance and likely it is, but creating competition is not always conducive to obtaining the top level players.

    Obviously Schneider will trade up when he think someone is available that is underrated, like Reed and Metcalf.

    Rob, thank you for your exhaustive efforts in covering all aspects of the Seahawks draft.

    My question is fundamental: if the assumption about trading back is true, why aren’t more teams hiring Schneider clones and following his example? Is there now a trend toward teams trading back more so than in past years?

    • Rob Staton

      I can answer this here with a question…

      Who have they missed on?

      I keep seeing people refer to all of these great players Seattle passed on. Let’s see the list. And let’s just not write down names of ‘decent’ players. I want to see legit whiffs — guys that would’ve taken this franchise to another level had they not traded down.

      Because IMO these players don’t exist.

      • DrewMark

        Chris Jones is the only one that comes to mind. Although we could have technically grabbed him after a trade back. Not really a reflection of the Seahawks, considering everyone else whiffed on him too.

        • Rob Staton

          That’s the thing though — Chris Jones wasn’t someone they passed on by trading down. They picked at #31 and he was taken by the Chiefs at #37.

          I often see people assert the Seahawks ‘missed out’ on players by trading down. But the only name I can think of is TJ Watt, who I really liked, and they might not have taken anyway based on scheme.

          • DrewMark

            True. And I agree on TJ Watt. Loved that guy. He has been great in 2 seasons so far, but I wouldn’t call him a game-wrecker at this point. He very well could be though.

          • DCD2

            LVE last year, but would they have even taken him? It sounds like Penny was their guy, even before the trade-down. That’s what makes the question impossible to answer. Just because there was a guy who went in the next few picks after a trade-down, there’s no certainty that Seattle would have drafted that player had they stayed put.

            One that we’ll likely never know about, but made a lot sense based on body language and who they DID select this year is Jonathan Abram, the Safety from MSU. The idea that the Hawks would go for the best safety with our first pick and capitalize on the depth of DL with our second is very sound (nice call Rob).

            Now, whether Abram turns into an All-Pro or just another late 1st JAG remains to be seen. Looking back, I do think that taking Abram and then Collier, Hill or Winovich (second) was potentially the plan. I think they would have hoped to stay at #37 and land Collier there in a perfect world. This is all conjecture, but it would explain a lot.

          • D-OZ

            T.J. watt was the player I was mostly upset for them not taking, but you are exactly right on scheme fit. Although he would have made a hell of a LEO and rush specialist. To me that was a whiff. And so we are moving along. It’s a great day in the PNW. GO HAWKS!!!!!!

      • william valent

        These names are a response to the question posed, not intended to argue.

        1st Round: Montez Sweat, N’keal Harry

        Later: Chase Winovich, Terry McLaurin

        Thank you.

        • cha

          “1st Round: Montez Sweat, N’keal Harry”

          And instead of those two they got Collier, Blair, Metcalf, Jennings, Ugo, Ben BK and Homer. I’m Ok with that.

        • Georgia Hawk

          Whats to say they didnt get the top two guys on THEIR board as opposed to yours? They could very easily have had Collier and Metcalf over either one of those guys. In that case they didnt miss anything, but absolutely wrecked the draft.

          • Rob Staton

            Based on what Carroll said (‘We never thought we’d be able to get him’) it sounds like Metcalf was high on their board and they simply prioritised other needs (defensive end and a hammer safety) but with Metcalf dropping, they made an aggressive move to add another guy high on their board.

            So it sounds like all three players were very high on their board.

    • j

      if the assumption about trading back is true, why aren’t more teams hiring Schneider clones and following his example? Is there now a trend toward teams trading back more so than in past years?

      The answer to that question is a number of these.

      Or just look at what the Niners said about drafting Bosa.

      NFL executives and owners are people and people as a whole aren’t very smart. We are lucky to have a Gm that is.

    • McZ

      In a normal draft, picke every 32 places. They picked roughly every 20 places, trading like they did last week is a road to success.

      What we can debate is the players they finally picked. I still think Rapp is ten times better as a package than Blair, and I guess this will show in the NFL.

      But now I’m not a GM, you’re not a GM, and hell, guessing is not enough. You have to have detailed knowledge.

      • McZ

        Shpjdl have read ” teams pick every 32 places”

  27. RWIII

    Rob: What do you think are the chances the Shaquem Griffin makes the final 53 man roster?

  28. RWIII

    Three cheers for Jake Browning. Jake Browning got a record $140,000 GUARANEED. Really glad for Browning.

    • cha

      Alright! Now go beat out that $84m bust for the starting job!!

    • j

      I believe someone else broke that record about fifteen minutes after.

  29. Nathan M

    They didn’t draft a TE but just traded for one from the Pats. Do you think they missed out on this class compared to our current roster (particularly the bottom of the depth chart like Swoopes or PR guys), cheap vets, UDFA, 2020 class, etc.

  30. Coleslaw

    Who do you think will make the 53 as far as CBs go. Griffin and Flowers are locks I’m sure. Then there’s a bunch of guys like King, Reed, Simeon Thomas, Derrek Thomas, Thorpe and that other UDFA CB we got.

  31. RWIII

    Valent: You asked the question. “If the assumption about trading back is true, why aren’t more teams trading back.” There is a couple of reasons. One reason is the Seahawk board is different than other teams boards. When they look at players they have specific needs. Rob has mentioned many times the TEF formula. Phil Haynes had the 2nd best TEF score of any lineman in the draft. Schneider looks for specific needs. Another example is the 10 yard shuttle run for edge rushers. Cliff Avril had a 1.50 shuttle run. Bruce Irvin had a 1.55 in the 10 yard shuttle. When the JS looks at running backs he looks for certain body types/skill sets.

    Travis Homer
    “Athletic Fit
    Seattle’s archetype at running back is well established, but they have made a bit of a habit out of dropping below that mold for pass catchers. J.D. McKissic is the best example of this, and Homer is similarly undersized at 5-foot-10 and 201 pounds. Beyond his size, Homer has the explosiveness the Seahawks crave (39 1/2” vertical jump, 10-foot-10 broad jump) and more than enough speed (4.48 second forty).” In addition JS is looking for the HARDEST running back in the draft.

    There are many other reasons. JS is looking for FOOTBALL PLAYERS. Not pretty boys. He wants guys that LOVE BALL. Guys that live and breath football. They have been burned by pretty boys(Malick, Christine Michel). John Schneider has confidence not only in his scouting department. But he just has a keen eye for picking talent. John Schneider is also a master communicator. He gets along well with the other GMs around the league. Also JS just LOVES to wheel/deal. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has read the book “The Art of the Deal”. There are many other reasons.

    With that being said. I do believe that in the future more teams will be willing to trade down. Don’t know if they will be as successful as JS.

  32. ivotuk


    The only player we missed out on IMHO, was Fletcher Cox. I must forever remain humble however when I think about who I wanted in that draft. “Quinton Hopeless Coples.”

    My question is this, what quality DE(s) were taken in the later rounds, might be cut this summer and be a good pickup for Seattle?

    I’m hoping a good to decent DE gets cut just because he’s on a team with too many good players, and that he makes it to us. I believe we’re fairly high up on the waiver wire? Or do those players have their choice of where they want to go?

    • HawkfaninMT

      I feel as though the waivers vs direct to FA process is determined by the amount of pro years accrued

  33. Kenny Sloth

    Maaan y’all rollin deep w/ the questions!!!

    Cant wait!

  34. Roger Davis


    This is an extract from something I just posted on a thread over at The Athletic. I realized that my thesis in it, that our new big WR’s (DK and Jazz) might be able to have a spectacular effect on the running game, might be a serious point. Do you agree?

    “… Imagine a 250 pound TE (take your pick) with two 228 pound WR’s blocking on a sweep for Carson! A Penny for your thoughts about that!

    NOW – just to make it juicer – DK is quoted as saying: “I love to block.”

    Coach Carroll must already be drooling at the beastly modes of run blocking he’ll be able to unleash on unsuspecting defenses!…”

  35. Shadow

    Out of the three drafted receivers–Metcalf, Jennings, and Ursua–are there any that you can see stepping in and having an immediate impact given that they play a position that generally requires some developmental time?

  36. ZB

    How would you compare this draft for the Hawks compared to others in the JS/PC era at first glance? Meaning I don’t really want an answer like….Weeelllll we need to wait and see. How do you feel about this year right now as compared to how you felt at the time about other years?

  37. Zxvo3

    Do you see John Ursua as a potential replacement for Doug Baldwin?

  38. Kendo

    We seem to still be pretty shallow at DT. Especially for early down run defense. What solution/ who do you think is on the team’s radar?

  39. Coleslaw

    Do you see Metcalf having an impact on our offense similar to the “Richard Sherman effect”? I think just his presence will cause many problems for Ds, similar to how Sherman’s presence cause huge problems for Os.

    Is that accurate?

  40. CHawk Talker Eric

    2 questions:

    1. Is Travis Homer intended as a replacement for Mike Davis, CJ Prosise or both.

    2. Realistically, how ready will Rasheem Green be to start at DE after a relatively quiet rookie year?

    • Matt

      1. Homer, IMO, could be a big time guy coming out of this class. He looks really, really good. I think he will not only replace Mike Davis, but be an upgrade to him – he’s just a better athlete without sacrificing any of the football ability.

      2. I still think Green will most likely need another year, which this team should give him. He is still an extremely young player with amazing upside – so I hope he gets plenty of PT this year, but I don’t think him running away with a DE job is realistic or a sign of failure this early in his career.

      • Coleslaw

        They wouldn’t have singled him out publicly if they didn’t think he could actually contribute. Green was may more polished coming out than a lot of people realize. He really just needed to get stronger. if he comes in above 290 without bad weight, he’ll probably be a beast. I think we can bank on him at least being a good run defender at 5T on early downs (technically would make him a starter).

  41. Aaron Bostrom

    What is your take on the situation of the WR room if Doug Baldwin is done? Who do you predict will make the team?

    • HawkfaninMT

      To this point, if DB retires does the WR room need some veteran leadership? Locket has 4 (5?) years of experience and he would be the most veteran if DB were to leave. I am assuming Jarron brown is cut if he doesn’t take a pay cut. Any FAs out there that could be brought in to act as a leader if not an actual contributing starter?

  42. Trevor

    Interesting stat from PFF about Ansah

    Counting only the weeks that Ziggy Ansah played in last season (weeks 1, 9-14), he ranked first in pass-rush productivity among all edge defenders, totaling 20 pressures (4 sacks, 3 hits, 13 hurries) on just 101 pass-rush

    • cha

      Also impressed that during his big sack seasons, there wasn’t anyone else on the team providing much pass rush. So he played with a lot of attention from OC’s.

    • Eburgz

      #1 in pass rush productivity doesn’t exactly seem like a “hot and cold player”. Seems more like health, not fit or motivation is the major issue with Ansah. Considering he got cleared to play last week I think he gets signed by the hawks once he doesn’t count against comp picks. If we liked Rashan Gary I don’t know how we couldn’t like Ansah. And we have a huge need. I don’t think a rookie and Quinnen Jefferson are going to be our week 1 starters.

  43. Coleslaw

    Seattle only used 1 of their original draft picks lol….

  44. HawkfaninMT

    Speaking of Doug baldwin…

    If I am understanding his situation correctly, he stands to lose a fair amount of money if he retires. What I heard was that he would be more likely to remain an injured active player until the Seahawks cut him. At which point the hawks would save some money against the cap (vs keeping him on the team all year), and he would then simply retire as a free agent after collecting his maximum amount of money as a cut player. So when we see the hawks would save “X” amount of money if he retires, i think i would look at the amount of money the Hawks would save if/when he is released. To that argument, is it feasible that maybe the Hawks just put him on Injured Reserve? He would be allowed to stay around the team and be a leader in the locker/WR room, and could be a much needed mentor this young WR Corps. Seems like a lot more to unpack as opposed to the simplistic “does he retire or not?”

  45. Denver Hawk

    One of the difficulties in evaluating the “could have had this guy if we didn’t trade” is the volume acquired trading back. Passing on Sweat at 21 for Collier at 29 gave them Jennings, Homer, and the ammo to trade back up for Metcalf. Sweat may have a better career AV than Collier, but also needs to be evaluated on a combined basis including the AV of the other guys. Not to mention, adding depth pushes competition and could make other players better in the process.

  46. DC

    Mr. Rob,

    Seattle had continuity on the Offensive Line in 2018 with a personnel grouping that helped them forge a solid offensive identity. Looking specifically at the Tackles it seems assured that Brown is Hawk until health do us part. Jones is entering year 2 of a 4 year rookie deal. When it comes to Ifedi & Fant, both are slated to be UFAs in 2020 at the moment and both are in for significant pay raises be it via the Seahawks or elsewhere. It would be nice to keep them both for depth and familiarity within the system and with their teamates. Do you see it as an either/or situation, both or neither in 2020? Ifedi’s 5th year option decision is due within a few days.

  47. HawkfaninMT

    No love for GoT?!? What an incredible episode! Yes it was dark lighting… I turned of my kitchen light and was all good! What was it missing other than some light?

    • DC


      It was definitely the most intense episode probably of the whole series. My main gripe is that what made the show so great initially was the willingness to kill any character. I appreciate the unpredictability of that. It keeps your senses tuned up and keeps you guessing. Where George Martin’s writing stopped the story has become much more ‘safe’ if that makes any sense. It’s still by far my favorite tv show but I feel like a few more of the main characters would have bought it in that fight.

    • SoCal12

      –Spoilers below–

      I enjoyed the episode overall, but I kind of wished they had split the battle into two episodes. The whole show was building to this confrontation and it felt kind of anti-climactic being just one episode. Like just waves of (pseudo-)zombies and then the battle ends after the Night King is stabbed. I was expecting more interesting stuff to take place I guess. More stuff like Lady Mormont fighting the Giant, which was awesome, or the Arya stealthing around. Jon and Daenarys barely did anything except fly around and crash lol. Everyone else was just hacking and slashing for forever. Minor complaint though. Might just also be I’m a little climactic battle overloaded from watching Endgame and then this episode back to back.

      I actually didn’t mind the dark that much. The theme of the episode was a Long Night battle and the darkness of death afterall. Maybe was a little overboard in some scenes but it didn’t feel like this massive flaw it’s being talked about as.

      • Rob Staton

        My big issues were the following:

        – plot armour for major characters, who frequently were shown to be in grave peril only to either be saved at the last minute or, bizarrely, simply be shown in the next shot safe and sound.

        – the NK and the WW’s didn’t do anything other than walk around a bit before meeting a fairly straight forward end.

        – why didn’t Jon Snow fight the NK? They’ve been building up for that for a long time and then… nope.

        – too many characters made really, really dumb decisions. But nothing as dumb as the plot, like when Tyrian and Sandra decide to make a run for it and…. simply run into what I called ‘the safe zone’ in the crypt where all the main characters could just hide and avoid all of the undead.

        – lighting was horrendous and there were so many shots of hordes of undead racing to battle only for in the next scene for there to be a handful being picked off by a main character. Would it have killed them to be a little more modest in the edit? Half the number of zombies on wide shots would’ve made it more realistic.

        – basing plot on things they think the fans want, so they’ll tweet about it lots.

        – the end of the NK where Wolverine comes flying in from nowhere like Michael Jordan in Space Jam to save the day, off the back of a mild pep talk by a character whose entire character arc resorted to said pep talk.

        This is about half of what made it bad.

        • Georgia Hawk

          Your first point was the same thing I kept saying to my wife.

          “Wasn’t (insert character name) JUST burried under an onslaught of wights the last time we saw them?”

          It seemed like Jaime, Brienne, Tormund and a few others were making a one man last stand for 35 min and every time we saw them it was basically the end.

          Show runners artificially wrenching up the drama just bugs me. Its lazy writing in an episode that didnt ahve much of it to start with.

          • Rob Staton

            My wife says she’s not watching next week with me because I kept shouting at the TV during those moments.

            One minute a key character is swarmed… almost certainly meeting their end. Then moments later… they’re roaming around unscatched in 1v1 combat. Either that or some other random character comes flying in and saves them at the last moment.

        • HawkfaninMT

          I had never heard the term “plot armor” before and I love it!

          Tough to argue many of your points. In terms of major characters surviving, we lost 4 pretty main characters which to me is a fair amount for an episode. In addition to that, many of these main characters are set up to take out each other. For example, Cersei and a “little brother”, Clegane Bowl, Bronn and a Lannister son or two, etc…

          Didn’t mind Arya taking the glory over Jon. Those types of plot twists are why this show, to me, has become exciting. It has gone from anyone can die at any time to what you most expect could very well be false. I don’t mind that so much (as long as we still get to see the Cleganes battle it out!

          Again, the Wolverine Space Jan Manuever is something Ibreally for them to flesh out more in the books. I don’t mind that being the assassin she is, she was able to skull around amongst the dead, but not sure how she got so high unless she was falling from a tree in the Godswood or off a ledge or something.

          In any case, Hawks blog and All! This type of conversation is a testament to the community that is more than just football.

          Cheers Rob

        • mishima

          After arguing each of these points with the girlfriend, I feel validated. Sad, but true.

          Thanks for this and your excellent work, Rob.


    • HawkfaninMT

      2nd favorite episode behind The battle of the bastards…

      The “flying I wish Seahawks could do that” part was admittedly a bit questionable. I sincerely hope Martin is able to complete the books tonflesh that some more. As you know, only so much can make the screen. To be fair, she has basically been training for that moment for the entirety of the series in a lot of ways. The idea that she could sneak amongst the Wights shouldn’t be a huge surprise.

    • H

      I enjoyed the episode in vacuum, tension was good, some of the cinematography was cool (some of it wasnt, goddam shakey cam) But yeah my last impression was simply: “is that it?”
      All this build up for the Night King and he’s just dead with no real consequences for any of the major characters.

      Also am I the only who was really annoyed at the Dothraki charge at the beginning, does no one on that show know anything about ancient warfare? That’s just not a good use of your cavalry. What was even their goal with that?

      • Rob Staton

        The tension was real and probably the only redeeming quality for me. They’d done a good job building this war and when it started, the threat of ‘anything happening’ made it quite an intense watch. Which should be the case.

        But for practically everyone to survive, despite countless moments where they were miraculously saved by plot armour, and the NK to perish in such a swift and effective manner was absolutely maddening. The NK didn’t even do anything. He flew around, fell from the sky, then walked around a bit, then died. Preston Jacobs compared his death to Scrappy-Do jumping in to save Scooby and Shaggy and it’s spot on.

        • H

          Yeah agreed, when GoT killed Sean Bean it changed everything. All bets were off and any character could die at any moment, which made for some fantastic viewing. Sadly that’s gone now, even people like Brienne who they set up to die so emphatically last ep.

          Plus where the hell did Arya jump down from? Was she in the tree?

          • HawkfaninMT

            As a reader of the books, I feel like the general themes of character deaths will continue as they had pre-Jon’s end of time with the Nights Watch. I also feel as though Martin will flesh out the stories during the battle much more effectively. From what I understand he shared his vision for the end, but is allowing HBO a lot of freedom for how to get there. I just hope he finishes them!

    • Kenny Sloth

      Hahahaha y’all are so funny

      What’s the Mountain’s TEF?

  48. ZB

    GOT: I agree 100%…..possibly the worst episode yet. Really unfortunate considering we have been waiting 8 years for this ‘EPIC’ battle with the white walkers. The battle should have been done in daylight . Period.

    I am ok with the battle being done already and not the last episode of the season though. My only reason for thinking they did the battle in the dark was budget constraints, but….really?

    Here’s hoping the last 3 episodes make up for it.

    Also I know you hear it like every other post and this is why I don’t mention it often but it really is a special thing to have you relay such great content and consistency about the Hawks and the NFL in general. Maybe it’s because you are English but you come across as very succinct and logical in thinking and reasoning. American’s tend to be passionate first and logical second. It’s a good lesson for me anyway.

    Thanks Rob,

    • Robert Las Vegas

      Rob do you see the Seahawks having a fullback on the 53 roster

    • HawkfaninMT

      I think it was actually more costly in the evening. I feel like the theme of the battle necessitated the dark aspect. “The Night along.” “The Long Night.” “The Night is dark and Full of Terrors.”

      • Michael Matherne

        Ya, this battle was always going to be at night

  49. Robert Las Vegas

    Rob do you lockett will play a larger role any thoughts on return specialist punt return or kick off return

  50. CHawk Talker Eric

    Interesting thoughts on a potential Clowney trade. Been so focused on Ansah since he’s a FA, but Clowney could be pretty epic. Physically/athletically he’s the ideal LEO. Still prefer Ansah if he’s healthy though. If not, I’d trade a 2020 R2 for Clowney knowing they’ll either sign him to a multi year deal or get a R3 compensatory pick in 2021.

  51. So EZ even M Kiper can do it

    Hey Rob! Just want to shout out that this is the most informative football blog on the internet. Seriously, this is extremely informative and thought out.

    Question: As the media pundits are in “draft grade” season, where they basically grade teams based upon how close they were to whatever inflated rankings they have been discussing for months.. What would your draft grade be? Since you actually get at least a few of these predictions right each year!

  52. Coleslaw

    I believe Seattle currently only has 3 DL who weigh more than 300 lbs. Reed, Ford and Meder.
    A couple names I would watch for on cheap deals: Corey Liuget, Bennie Logan, Rodney Gunter.

    Wildcard that will never happen: David Irving.

  53. D

    Disagree with the value of trading for Clowney, especially if they aren’t going to resign him. That would be a similar situation to the Sheldon Richardson trade which was probably a justified risk at the time, going all in. I’m not convinced they are in the same situation now, just one player away from being super bowl contender. It also assumes they would keep the comp pick, but they’ll have a quite a bit of cap space next off-season and will likely cancel out the comp picks like they did last year.

  54. HawkfaninMT

    Nice to see arelatively updated FA list. What about maxx williams at TE? What has happened to Mohamed Wilkerson? I loved his abilities coming out and through the first few years of his career

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I didn’t know we resigned Cassius Marsh

      • Greg Haugsven

        Pretty sure Danny Shelton could be a Seahawk soon.

    • Eli

      I don’t see how Maxx Williams does anything more for us than Vannett or Dickson would. Dude has a career YPC of 7.9. And I think if I remember media sentiment, Mo Wilkerson pretty much turned into a lazy pile once he got paid big dollars.

  55. millhouse-serbia

    Rob tnx for answering. I agree with your projection who will be starters in 2019 and 2020 and that is why i have problem with Blair pick.

    As you said, at the end of last season it looked like Pete really likes Hill, and I think he will be starter at SS. And also as you said, they didnt spent 2nd round pick on Marquis to sit him to long. And when you spoke about 2020 starters you said Blair at SS and we will se who will be FS(T2, Mcdougal, Amadi etc). So no Hill among starters for 2020.

    So they have Hill who they really like, and Blair on whom they spent 2nd round pick, and only one spot for SS. And at FS they doesnt have proejected starter for years to come imo.That doesn’t make sens to me.

    And because of everything i said, i was one among a lot who were expecting FS as high pick. (And we were all wrong). And now I am little dissaponted and confused.

    And yes, I know Blair can play FS, but Pete was very clear that he sees him as SS.

  56. Shady_Hawkster

    Haha, the near-subliminal GoT drop. I feel like the contrast to material beyond the books has definitely shown the shift toward more typical ‘blockbuster storytelling’. All the main characters have suddenly developed plot armor and that battle plan was confusing to say the least. The meta nods last season were absolutely killing me (Davos saying to Gendry ‘i thought you were still rowing’…..cue trombone)

    My solace is that like The Sopranos and Breaking Bad before it, the series does help to push the television landscape more toward longform storytelling. And this one in particular helps to energize production of Fantasy and Science Fiction epics (*cough the Expanse*), which is just peachy with me.

    On a football note though, I’m getting the sense that a lot of people are discounting Rasheem Green. He’s still only 21 years old, and I can’t help but wonder if a year in an nfl conditioning program won’t benefit him more than most rookies. If he reaches physical maturity with a year of practice with Clark, Reed and co. under his belt, I feel like it could set him up to raise some eyebrows in year 2.

  57. Happy Guy

    Didn’t Seattle lose out on drafting Michael Kendricks in 2012? That trade down seemed to work out pretty well. Seattle got “stuck” picking Bobby Wagner, the perceived lesser player.

  58. Happy Guy

    Rob, could you do a write-up on UDFA’s who seem to have an opening to an actual roster spot. Players like CB’s Derrek Thomas, Davante Davis, WR Jazz Ferguson, OL Demetrius Knox and FB Winston Dimel. I’m especially interested in Dimel, because he is the only FB on the roster.

    • Comfect

      I would second this request. Though you also deserve a long rest, after all the content you’ve given us (which has been amazing).

      • Rob Staton

        Hi guys — I will hold off until after rookie mini-camp. Some of the guys they signed were cut immediately last year so want to see who sticks.

  59. Awsi Dooger

    Online reviews are all over the place on Travis Homer. Some are flat out wrong or leave out the most important aspects. But I found two that are very accurate. The one from is best because it correctly makes multiple references to Homer’s tendency to run smack into trafficked areas. I mentioned that here the other day as by far the #1 complaint and frustration about Homer from Canes fans. Minus that flaw the local reviews of Homer would have been markedly more positive. Nobody ever questioned his toughness or desire or versatility:

    “Run to daylight” back who excels as an outside runner with clear paths to follow. While he can make tacklers miss, his lack of vision sometimes takes him to trafficked areas when optimal routes are available. He’s a little undersized, but runs big and he already possesses NFL-level toughness in pass protection. Homer has his flaws, but he’s a smooth athlete with a chance to outplay his draft slotting. His value as a punt gunner and third-down option gives him a chance for early reps right out of the gate.”

    This review by The Draft Network is also very good because it points out the same thing:

    “The Hurricanes’ leading rusher in each of the past two seasons, Homer features an all-around skill set. His blend of balance, agility, receiving upside and ability in pass protection gives him upside on every down. With that said, Homer’s field vision can disappoint and yards will be left on the field. In addition, Homer proved to have a bit of a fumble problem in 2018. I don’t think Homer will warrant a feature role but his versatility gives him a chance to provide quality depth and contribute in a variety of ways at the next level.”

    • CaptainJack

      I still think you got the better Back in Gaskin.

    • Volume12

      I always like at like this. What do your own 2 eyes tell you? Because even if your wrong in your evaluation, at least you stuck to your guns and formed your own opinion.

  60. jujus

    GOT was infact a poor episode. The Battle for Hardholme was incredible, The BOTB was great as well.

    This… This was hype mixed with trying incredibly to hard to add effects and cover up for the poor screenplay imo.

  61. Trevor

    Really enjoyed the podcast. Thanks again Rob.

    Was really disappointed by GOT as well. Seriously what was even the point of the White Walkers and all the symbols etc. None of it had any relevance. It was almost like they had a couple of episodes left so had to cram in an ending. You can certainly tell it was not written by George Martin. Hopefully when he is done the books it will be given a proper ending.

    • Volume12

      Happens to all shows who can’t tell their stories in 7-8 seasons.

    • Volume12

      Just some of my favorite shows. Notice the common denominator?

      Original Office (01-03)
      Parks & Rec (09-15)
      The Soprano’s (99-07)
      Breaking Bad (08-13)
      The Wire (02-08)
      Martin (92-97)

      An exception to the rule would be, How I Met Your Mother (05-14)

      • cha

        HIMYM will live in infamy for the stupid ending. When you have to send the entire cast out to the late night shows and write multiple statements about why you did the ending as you did, you done messed up.

        • Volume12

          Yeah it was stupid. TBF, with the direction they decided to head in I don’t think there was a satisfying conclusion anyways.

        • Comfect

          Try rewatching it sometime on streaming–if you don’t have the long time scale of viewing it once a week over its actual airtime the ending makes a lot more sense.

          • cha

            There were a multiplicity of better ways they could have had Ted and Robin end up together. The story-telling was awful. I think by season 3 or so T&R had broken up so many times even the other main characters were sick off the on again/off again. How many times did Ted ‘finally’ move on from Robin only to take it back within 3 episodes? That’s not love, that’s psychosis. Then to wrench a Barney/Robin pairing into the mix, have Ted supposedly finally let go of Robin (on Barney’s wedding day, no less) and then shoehorn a “oh by the way Robin and Barney broke up” storyline literally minutes into the series episode finale? Foul.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        The original The Office was bloody brilliant. One of the best shows I’ve ever watched.

        Also really like Six Feet Under and Two and a Half Men (not after Sheen left)

        • Volume12

          I loved The Office spinoff too. Just went downhill when Michael Scott (Steve Carrell) left.

          Agreed on 2 and a half men and Jake was such an annoying cliched character.

          There was many more shows I could’ve listed like ‘Deadwood’ and ‘Justified.’ I’m a sucker for Westerns though. Wish they would bring some back. Such easy, fun stories to tell.

      • Trevor

        Breaking Bad are two of my all time favorites as well. Have you checked out Ray Donovan on Showtime or Luther on the BBC?

      • Coleslaw

        If yall aren’t watching Snowfall, get on it ASAP. Great show. Better call saul is good too for breaking bad junkies.

        Mayans M.C. ( sons of anarchy spinoff) is also really good. Its less repetitive than SOA so far.

  62. Volume12

    Was Derrek Thomas Seattle’s priority UDFA signing?

  63. Volume12

    Anyone watched TCU OT Lucas Niang?

    • Volume12

      I wanted to like him so much after seeing some favorable reviews and boy was I disappointed. That kick slide is so damn labored. Not sold on him as a tackle at the next level.

      Even though his balance needs work, give me Auburn OT Prince Tega Wanogho over him all day long.

    • McZ

      We have a whole CFB season to find out. I think, Niang needs a better coach able to improve his footwork. It’s not, that he isn’t explosive, but he lifts his feet too much in inappropriate dirdctions, in what I would call a waste of time and energy. This is pretty much coachable, and if he shows signs of being teachable and improves, he is a mid-round pick like Baynes to me. If not, we are talking about a 2020 UDFA.

      If we talk abput OT, the Ducks have possibly the player with the coolest name in CFB, Calvin Throckmorton. Add the guys from ND, Kraemer and Eichenberg, which could fall into our R4 price range.

      What I really hope is Trey Adams coming back from his injury and kicking some asses. Guy deserved it.

  64. James

    Hey guys, I just set a monthly pledge for Rob with Patreon, and I encourage you to do the same, if you haven’t already. Rob is the very best, and we would not survive the off-season without him.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks James appreciate that it means a lot.

  65. KD

    Just wondering if it is good military strategy to charge mounted cavalry in the dark at an enemy you can’t see, without knowing their location, formations, defenses, numbers, etc.

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