Report: Ziggy Ansah meeting with the Seahawks today

This isn’t a surprise. It’s not a sign that a deal is necessarily forthcoming either.

Ziggy Ansah is the most talented pass rusher available on the market. It would be shocking if the Seahawks didn’t meet with him, given their need to add a DE.

You have to meet with him to answer the questions regarding his validity as a signing. How healthy is his shoulder? How motivated is he to continue his NFL career? How much will it cost to sign him?

Many teams are doing their homework. Ansah travelled to meet the Ravens before the draft. As exciting as this news will be to many fans — they’ll likely be deeply concerned when, in a few days time, it’s revealed Ansah is off meeting with another team. He’ll be doing the rounds.

Here’s the reality. The Seahawks, or any other team seeking to protect comp picks, won’t sign Ansah for another week. That’s when signings don’t impact your comp picks. After that — they can sign whoever they want.

It’s possible they’ll also meet with Ndamukong Suh. They need to meet with all of the options out there and get a sense for what is viable.

Ansah has missed 14 games in the last three seasons and is currently rehabbing after shoulder surgery. The Seahawks are as well placed as anyone to take a chance on his health given their positive cap situation and desperate need for a pass rusher.

Even so — they’re not going to make a move for the sake of it. We’ll find out next week whether today’s meeting leads to anything.

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  1. Gohawks5151

    Was said on the last article that Suh was in town too. Any idea if that’s true. I know Ziggy runs hit and cold but as long as he is healthy I have supreme confidence in Pete and Hurt’s ability to get his best.

    • Rob Staton

      It hasn’t been reported anywhere that Suh is in town. I think that person mistook Schefter saying that Ansah, along with Suh, was the biggest name free agent still available, for Schefter saying they were both in town.

  2. Coleslaw

    • Rob Staton

      My big takeaway from that video was…

      Why is Michael Bennet shirtless?

      • Barry

        Haha, Rob. Have to love produced vids on the networks.

    • Michigan 12th

      Man I miss Michael’s interviews. That guy is so funny.

  3. Adog

    It was a toss up…in their draft year…on who to select first Ansah or Dion Jordan. Both players have underachieved their draft position I think…but perhaps Ansah can stay healthy enough to provide a rotational pass rush for the Hawks. It would have to be a one year prove it deal in my opinion. Maybe bring him and Jordan in and let the stars cross again.

  4. Greg Haugsven

    Ill bet there is a report soon that they will meet with Danny Shelton as well. Another guy they could sign after May 7th.

  5. CHawk Talker Eric

    How would you compare Ansah to Avril when SEA signed the latter? I could see Ansah on a 2-year $10-14M/year prove-it deal similar to what Avril signed in 2013.

    Seems that Avril had a more consistent career up to that point, but maybe Ansah has a higher ceiling?

    • Trevor

      Cliff was 2-3 years younger when the Hawks signed him and did not have he same injury history.

      In some other ways they are eerily similar. Both coming off a down year while being franchise tagged by the Lions. Speed rushers with ideal Leo measurements and 10+ sack potential.

      I would say Cliff was far more consistent but that Ansah has had flashes where he has completely taken over games and stretches.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Yikes I meant $6-8M year not 10-14. Don’t know what I was thinking.

        I don’t know about age, but Ansah will have played an extra season before joining SEA compared to Avril — 6 to 5. It all comes down to Ansah’s health. When he’s healthy he’s a double digit sack machine.

        • Tecmo Bowl

          Maybe $6-8m with the incentives to up to $12-14m could get the deal done.

          “When (Ansah’s) healthy he’s a double digit sack machine.” 100%

          At this point there doesn’t appear to be many options for Ansah. He’s ill suited for a 3-4 D, unless theyre looking for a DPR. Doubt that appeals to Ansah. Imo

          Truth is Seattle is the best spot for Ansah to prove his health and maximise his earning potential. Clark’s role is up for grabs, and we all know he got paid. Not the same situation I know, but still that has to be a huge selling point.

          • Rob Staton

            His best two landing spots are Seattle & Baltimore. Whether either sign him though is going to purely 100% come down to his health and motivation to play.

            He’s a big name but if he can’t play he can’t play.

            So it’s no surprise both teams have met with him in the last week.

    • cha

      One plus for Ziggy is the 10+ sack seasons he has already recorded, it wasn’t like he had tons of help. Both seasons he recorded nearly 1/3 of the Lions’ sacks and didn’t have a single teammate get more than 7. So there’s very little “yeah but the whole offense was keying on stopping the DE on the other end” argument.

      Depending on what his market is, it could be a good idea to heavily incentivize his deal. Kind of like Sherman’s deal. Bonuses for games played, etc. A short deal like Avril’s that gives him another bite at the premium pass rusher $ apple.

    • charlietheunicorn

      I thought his interview that was linked in this profile was interesting. What stands out to me is how fluid he is in general and what amazing length he has… and haw can you hate 35″+ arms as well….. amazing overall athlete. Sadly, this is pre SPARQ archive rating, but I’m willing to bet he is up there high in the 2012 draft ratings.

  6. Nano

    There’s certainly more work to do on the defensive line. However, I don’t think that fact precludes the possibility that Pete and John are higher on Jacob Martin and Rasheem Green than us onlookers. The same could be true for Naz Jones now that he’s supposedly moved to five technique. He was a disappointment last year. He really flashed in 2017 and seemed to lose his spot in the rotation last year.

    Of the names being thrown around, Liuget and Nick Perry probably make the most sense. Liuget, if healthy, could be a great part of a rotation for a few years. He’s never became a great three tech, but he can certainly play a versatile base tackle role like Tony McDaniel did. The Hawks have missed McDaniel a lot, IMO. Perry can be a part time pass rusher like Irvin was. I don’t think he takes Kendrick/Mingo snaps at linebacker, but he certainly gave the Hawks trouble when they played over the last few years.

  7. RWIII

    Nice to hear Ziggy is in town. No doubt JS/PC will add at least one body to the defensive line. The good is that they have salary cap room. As far as Jadeveon Clowny is concerned. It ain’t happening. The cost is too high.

  8. Coleslaw

    I wonder if Seattle might want to wait on a possible Clowney trade. Let him play on the tag in Houston, then try to trade/sign him next year or possibly before the season ends.

    If Houston is out of it week 15, give them a 2nd rounder for him and sign him to a long term deal.

    • charlietheunicorn

      Here is what doesn’t make sense. Why would Houston trade this guy? They need all the pass rush they can find, especially with Luck in the division. JJWATT isn’t getting any younger. They would definitely not be getting better and perhaps would waste another year of Watsons “cheap” rookie deal on a lost season. I also don’t feel like Clowney is the last piece Seattle needs to complete the puzzle.

      I would be disappointed if they did indeed trade a 1st for anyone. The last 2 times (overall) didn’t work out too well and set the franchise back some….. and I would hate for them to have a stacked 2020 draft pick bonanza get partially squandered on a guy, when they are in a perfect position to suddenly reconstitute the 2012/2013 team in terms of depth and quality of players.

      • GoHawksDani

        Totally agree Charlie! I don’t need another “who knows if he’ll work out” big deal. You don’t trade your young star player just to get a player with similar potentials and money.
        I would like a trade if the player is at least as good as Clark was, on his rookie contract (first round pick, 2+1 years left on his contract) and would only cost a 1st and 3rd tops. But that won’t happen like ever, so yeah…no trade for me

        • Greg Haugsven

          Why do people keep talking about trading for Clowney? The Seahawks weren’t going to pay Clark $21 million, what makes you think they would pay Clowney?

  9. charlietheunicorn

    The Seahawks agreed to terms with undrafted free-agent receiver Terry Wright from Purdue, sources tell ESPN. Listed at 5-11 and 180, Wright played in the slot and outside and returned kicks in college. He’s a track guy who ran in the 4.3s at his pro day. Seattle gave him $10,000 to sign.

    I just checked his overall SPARQ and it was lackluster, but what stood out was he had a 3 cone of 6.77….. which appears to be very good. Smallish dude, but shifty.

  10. HawkfaninMT

    In regards to ansah and suh in town, I think people are just misreading the tweet. They see “Ansah… along with Suh… is in Seattle”

  11. Jujus

    I had a unique roster idea today.

    Say we extend the 5th year to ifedi with the motive to package him apart of a trade to Houston texans his home town team as apart of a package for Clooney.

    I maybe him and a 3rd would do it?

    • cha

      Hard to see that with the Texans having just drafted tackles in the first two rounds.

  12. Barry

    Rob, question for the stream tomorrow, and if someone else has already asked apologies in advance. Do you see any big time talent that you think “this is a Hawks player” and he jumps off the screen at you?

    Look forward to the stream and they player or players you’d love to see as a Hawk.

  13. EranUngar

    You may have heard that a team paying top dollar to their QB never wins the SB or something like that. It is one of the hottest analytic takes in the last year and with RW’s new contract it seems we are doomed.

    The funny thing is that you never heard it regarding a pass rusher. The only big name DL players on SB winning teams in the past decade got their big contracts after winning the SB (Cox, Von Miller etc.). The rest of the top earners (Donald, Mack, Clark, Lawrence, Short, Atkins, Watt, Vernon, Campball, McCoy etc.) have zero SB rings combined)

    You can try the same with WR…

    • EranUngar

      It seems that Cap dollars are like shit. Spread them around and they fertilize the lad, pile them in one large heap and they just stink up the place…

      • charlietheunicorn

        or you end up like London England, with a clogged sewer system. 🙂

    • GoHawksDani

      It’s just total random man.
      How to win SB?
      1, Be top3 on D# or offense
      2, Be solid on the other one (top half at least)
      3, Your players stay healthy or if someone goes down the replacement is almost at good or exactly as good or even better than the previous player
      4, You draft well
      5, You’re smart in FA

      It’s that “easy”

      You can pump 75% into your offense if you always draft D and always hit jackpot.

      You have to have really good scouting people, be awesome at drafting, and be lucky with the injuries, and don’t be stupid (like giving Big Ben the 2nd biggest contract lol)

  14. millhouse-serbia

    Guys , what do you think about this…

    We have 26mil cap space and we will.have additional 7 mil when Dougvretires…

    Jarran Reed cap hit for 2019 is 1.5mil…

    If they plan to offer him 14mil apy for 4 years (2020-2023)…what do you think to give him 13.5(we have space for that) mil for 2019…we would save 3 mil for each year from 2020-2023…

    Rob, do you know what is happening with @ Sea Mode? He wasn’t active since draft starts…

    • Rob Staton

      I haven’t heard from Sea Mode

  15. Georgia Hawk

    Post draft grades are such a joke and waste of time.

    Hawks lose points for “over drafting” Collier, but gain points for “good value” on Metcalf?

    If their draft position were reversed everybody would be singing the praise of the Hawks for killing it. The time from now until training camp is almost unbearable with writers reaching for story lines.

    Can the season just get here already?

    • Ishmael

      The draft is just confirmation bias time. I’ve heard of this guy so he must be good. I have’t heard of him, and I would have if he was good, so he must be bad. Mock drafts had player X in the first round, but he got drafted in the third so he’s a first round talent who fell, but player Y was mocked in the second but he was taken in the first so he’s actually a massive reach because the internet man said so.

      All any of us can really do is use our eyes and be humble enough to learn a bit more every year. So with you, season can’t come soon enough. although with that come the hysterics about draft busts and the awful scouting/overdrafting/missed opportunities. The internet is great, but it’s also extremely bad.

    • James

      The idea that any draft analyst, even the McGinns or Paulines, knows more about a prospect than even the worst GM, is laughable. They know this, and that is why they become so defensive when anyone contradicts their rankings. They give a thumbs up if you draft Metcalf/LJ/Blair, but a thumbs down if you draft LJ/Blair/Metcalf!

  16. GoHawksDani

    Please Rob, or someone answer, why is this kid not with the Hawks or with other team?

    Chris Westry – Kentucky
    6’4″ 197 lbs.

    33 3/4″ arm length
    4.36 40-yard
    1.55 10-yard split

    From the team’s site:
    “Never missed a game in his four-year career
    Saw action in all 51 games with 34 starts
    Totaled 134 tackles, 3.5 TFL, 2.0 sacks, 15 PBUs, three INTs, one forced fumble, one fumble recovery and one QBH
    Helped the senior class win 29 games over the last four seasons, the second-most of any senior class since freshmen became eligible in 1972, trailing on the 2009 class with 30 wins”

    “Ridiculously long prospect at a full 6-foot-4 with almost 34-inch arms. Explosive athlete with rare long speed. Ran 4.31-second 40-yard dash with a 38-inch vertical leap at pro day. Above-average foot agility for his length. Adequate change of direction ability in space. Can overwhelm small receivers in the vertical plane. Hard to throw over skyscraper frame in trail coverage. Durable playing in all 51 career games. Paces with speed from side shuffle in cover-3.”

    “Was not a starter this season. Posted just 8 passes defensed over the last three years. Doesn’t bully receiver with his length often enough. Below-average patience from press. Struggles to stay in front of receiver’s release. Sticky hip flip to turn and run from off-man. Opens hips too early allowing space vs. comebacks. Inconsistent digestion of combo routes.”

    Seems smart too, his dream job apart from playing in the NFL would be working for the Google. (not sure if he could, but that seems like a smart guy’s dream)

    Raw, not a complete dog (yet), needs a bit more fluidity and teaching.

    But man…6-4…I repeat: 6-4
    Almost 34 inch arms??
    4.31 40 yard? OK, pro day, probably hand timed, and it would be slower at the combine, but probably not worse than 4.4
    Solid weight

    38 inch vert not huge number, probably not a really explosive guy and may have questionable short area quickness. I guess a long strider. But that height, arm length, long speed, no injury concerns, smart dude, seems solid character…could be intriguing.

    • GoHawksDani

      Ohh nevermind, he’s with the Cowboys :-/

    • Eli

      I was really pining for this guy leading up to the draft, his measurables are pretty insane. Maybe we get a chance at him once rosters start getting cut down

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