Talking Seahawks on KJR with Puck & Jim

Today I was on with the great Puck & Jim on KJR — if you missed it you can listen below, please check it out…


  1. Mr Drucker in hooterville

    always a great listen.

    What does the lack of and announcement re: OC tell you? They are undecided? Candidate is contemplating the offer? Rooney Rule?

    • Rob Staton

      I think it tells you that there’s no rush, most of the other teams have an OC, this is an extensive search and probably also Grubb’s agent is trying to play hardball because of who he is

      • Patrick Toler

        This is probably right, but another possibility is that Kafka has told NY he wants out and they are seeing if there is a deal to be made?

        • Rob Staton


      • Elmer

        How likely do you see Bieniemy?

        • Patrick Toler

          Burning is interesting. If Reid is still high on him and gave John a strong recommendation, I could see them having interest. He doesn’t seem a personality fit though, which seems to be what has held him back from HC opportunities.

          • Patrick Toler

            Burning? Spellcheck got me…

        • Rob Staton

          Not at all IMO

  2. Deadwrong206

    If this becomes a thing? I will gladly switch to listening to KJR over 710.

    • Rob Staton


      • DK

        Puck and Jim were plugging your segment afterwards. They threw it out there that if anyone wanted to sponsor your segment to contact the station.

        • Rob Staton


          • Forrest


    • Peter

      Exactly! Let it be

    • Mr drucker in hooterville

      710 are morons to not have Rob. They are the Seahawks station. My theory is Salk doesn’t like people smarter than him.

      • Submanjoe

        I totally agree that Salk doesn’t want anyone smarter than him!!
        Kudos to Rob and most commenters here for the depth of thinking and intelligent discussion

        • Joe

          Is that why they got rid of Danny ONiel? I always loved his perspective. Well thought out and really well spoken

      • BK26

        That’s odd that they don’t have guests….

      • Elmer

        Yeah! They would argue with Rob.

      • WLO333

        I got the sense that Jake Heaps really was interested in Rob’s takes when they invited him on a few times. Then Heaps moved to Denver to work with Russ. Is he still in radio, I wonder?

        • Rob Staton

          He isn’t but you’re right, Jake was the one who used to get me on and I was very grateful for that. The hits always went down very well yet when JH left, that was it

    • drewg

      Listened to your spot on Puck and Jim, and enjoyed your insights, as always. I was surprised they asked about your BBC mini microphone, as I have been curious, too. Seems handy and with good sound quality. What’s the name/model of that mic?

      • Rob Staton

        It’s just a standard mic but with a big BBC windshield on it

  3. Z$

    Awesome spot as always Rob, really hoping they get you on as a regular as they alluded to. You guys are developing some great chemistry as well.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you!

  4. Unio

    Perhaps there is someone on KC or SF staffs for whom they have interest.If so, who might that be? Nagy? MM did say previous play-calling experience was not a high priority.

    • Rob Staton

      Nagy is already the OC in KC so can’t come to Seattle

      • BK26

        And he isn’t very popular down here. He’s getting the flack for the offense and the wide receivers having down years. He doesn’t do much that is impressive.

  5. Ashish

    Eagerly waiting on OC appointment. At least the name proposed so far are trending towards offense like Lions which is exciting.

  6. Andrew Taylor

    Love that they want to get you a regular slot…

  7. nfendall

    Love your segments with Puck and Jim. I really hope that they are able to figure out a way to turn it into a regular thing!

    • Rob Staton


    • cha

      Seems very level headed. Experienced.

      First jobs in football were coaching WRs and TEs. Moved to defense and been there since.

      • Patrick Toler

        I like to see these cross trained coaches with a background on both sides of the ball (which is big in the Shanahan tree).

    • PatrickH

      It is interesting that they hire a LB coach before having a DC. Perhaps there won’t be a DC?

      Also, Wagner, Brooks, and Bush will be free agents. The team will have to get some LBs for him to coach.

      • Rob Staton

        They’ll have a DC, I think it’s just a difficult search for a number of reasons. Plus if Cullen is the guy he’s still coaching

  8. samprassultanofswat

    “710 are morons to not have Rob. They are the Seahawks station. My theory is Salk doesn’t like people smarter than him.”

    If that is the case he probably has a limited base to work with.
    Actually in some areas Sauk is pretty sharp. But in some areas, he so far out that he is not even in the ball park. Take Jalen Carter.

    But what he is good at is being the devil’s advocate. That is his strength. He like to argue and hear himself talk.

    • bmseattle

      Salk loves to disparage “internet people”, and “bloggers”, so having one on that actually knows what he’s talking about would shatter his worldview.

      • Brodie

        Ironically, I could see Salk being more open to having Rob on than Brock. Brock likes to be the smartest football guy and tends to discredit those w/ less football experience than he.

        I think Salk is more open to ideas other than his own, but doesn’t take a lot offered at face value w/o questioning it. He’s a skeptic & I actually appreciate that about him. He knows he isn’t the smartest guy in the room, especially about football in general and scouting/scheme in particular, but he doesn’t just concede a point because John Doe says so.

        Look at any PC interviews. Salk would actually ask relevant questions that put Pete on the spot, while Brock just fawned over Pete like most of the media or phrased a scheme question that he thought would make him look smart in Pete’s eyes (always in regard to a positive).

  9. James Z

    Great stuff with Puck and Jim as per usual. Hope you get a regular sponsored segment with them. I would like to see Geno somewhere else as much as I appreciate what he’s done in Seattle. I am hoping you are right about that and all the indicators seem to say you are. I think JS is determined to put his own mark on the team after too many years in the Carroll orbit with his seeming unlimited control on pretty much everything. So far, so good… if they get the DC and OC sorted soon and I will breathe a wee bit easier.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks 👍🏻

  10. Parallax

    You’re cultivating a role as Seahawks commentator icon, with smart, outspoken ideas plus an accent no one could miss. Like a modern Howard Cosell but British rather than Brooklyn. Plus, more focus on smart commentary than sizzle. Cosell was very smart but always more focused on making a splash.

    I imagine the 8 hour time shift is a challenge when it comes to making appointments to be on air at a specific time but I hope you keep doing it.

    • Mr drucker in hooterville

      I would love to see Rob in Mayock’s old seat on NFL network draft day.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you 👍🏻

  11. HawksFanMattMan

    Hey Rob, thank you for posting this here. This is really handy for displaced Seahawks fans like myself who are not currently living in the Seattle area. 👍

  12. samprassultanofswat

    “I would love to see Rob in Mayock’s old seat on NFL network draft day.”

    I am saying this because this is Rob’s blog. But Rob would run circles around Mike Mayock.

    • Rob Staton

      I wouldn’t — Mayock was the absolute best. Nobody worked harder. He was the draft for a long time

    • ukalex6674

      No, Mayock was THE man for a long time. Things went south in LV draft wise but apart from that his body of work is incredible.

      Now if we are talking about Daniel Jeremiah……

      • Big Mike

        Things went south in LV draft wise

        Guessing at least some of that was Gruden

  13. Rob Staton

    Have you noticed that there’s a bit more talk/projection these days in line with what we’ve been talking about for months? Maye overrated, Fashanu won’t go as high as people think, Fuagu/Guyton/Latham the better tackles, Rattler better than national media saying etc

    • Murphy

      I feel like this happens around this time )post senior bowl) every year. Speaks to how much work you put in during the season. Incredible stuff

      • Sea Mode

        Exactly. Media talking heads finally get a chance at the Senior Bowl to catch up with their contacts within the League and update their draft boards accordingly (some of them without putting in the time to watch the tape).

        Rob’s the man and much appreciated!

    • Peter

      On the rattler note I am definitely noticing an uptick in just articles and videos talking about him.

      • Palatypus

        He has excellent representation. The agency was formerly part-owned by Leigh Steinberg. Looks, like Leigh is retiring to the lecture circuit now.

      • BK26

        Definitely noticed that as well. He’s getting mentioned here and there. That wasn’t happening a week and a half ago.

        Still behind the middling three, but it’s noticeable.

      • Clayton B. Russell Jr

        I think if he(Rattler) gets the invite to the combine, we will learn more. A couple of the QB’s will get picked apart and drop for some reason or another. It happens every year and NFL teams continue to reach for players (especially) the QB position. Not saying the Top 3 will fall, but there will definitely be some concerns brought up once people start analyzing tape and the offenses they ran.

        • Palatypus

          After playing in the actual game at the Senior Bowl he might skip it and concentrate on his Pro Day. Or he might show up and only take the Physical. He was the game MVP, and his stock is high. I would prefer a more controlled environment if I was him.

          Besides, do we really need to know his 3-cone?

    • Peter

      The big let down to me is it doesn’t feel like anyone changed their horizontal board status.

      Was hoping for a mafe like name to emerge. But feels very status quo wrapping up the senior bowl from where it was prior to the week.

      • Rob Staton

        Darius Robinson possibly only one

        There are some adjustments to the board but Robinson the only significant one

        • Blitzy the Clown

          I thought JPJ was on his way to having that kind of week.

        • Brodie

          He had to be the big winner in Mobile. He was getting wins at every position on the DL.

          I thought Quinion Mitchell, Luke McCaffery, JPJ, Ladd McKonkey, Roman Wilson impressed.

          From the Zebra tech (tracking speed of players) page a name that stood out for top speed was – Carlton Johnson (DB Fresno) that you mentioned as showing well in the 1 v 1’s.

          If I’m reading the acceleration/deceleration numbers correctly, you’re looking for a high absolute value between them as a measure of fluidity and suddenness.

          Defensive Names that stood out (11+ absolute value): Trevin Wallace (LB: UK), Sione Vaki (S:UU), Evan Williams (S: UO), Jarvis Brownlee (CB: UL), Smith-Wade (CB: WSU), Bullard (CB: UGA)

          Offense (11+ WR’s): Javon Baker (UCF), McCaffery (Rice), Thrash (LOU), Walker (UNC)

          Interesting as there were only 10 guys, unless I missed some. Seems like it would be a better measure than straight-line speed.

      • Palatypus

        The kid from Toledo killed it. He went from maybe a round three to the first round for sure. He pulled a Cole Strange.

  14. Zane

    A lot of people have speculated that Tariq Woolen will bounce-back under Macdonald, but I was wondering, what if they instead decided to move him via trade?
    To my eye, he doesn’t really fit the mold of CBs in Macdonald’s system: physical, tough, versatile, good blitzers/tacklers. I imagine Woolen could probably fetch something like a 2nd and a mid-round pick?

    • Peter

      Woolen costs 1 million for a year removed droy candidate.

      Tre brown had a knee injury and a concussion.

      Mike Jackson, who like, is a free agent.

      Why are we interested in trading a CB who needs coaching and to get away from the slag in the DB room?

      • Peter

        *mike jackson,, who I like*

      • bmseattle

        Not arguing, just positing…

        *If* Woolen doesn’t fit the tough, physical style of play they might want of defense…
        and *if* the immediate goal is to build the trenches in a draft where that linemen are plentiful… I can see the logic in trading Woolen for a 2nd rounder.
        I’m not sure he’d fetch that, tho.

        Again, I actually really like Woolen. but I can see the logic in it.

        • cha

          *If* Woolen doesn’t fit the tough, physical style of play they might want of defense…

          For the record, in 2022 Woolen was tough and physical on the edge and in the run game. Not amazing, but definitely has shown it.

        • Peter

          I get it. I do. Cha yet again beat me to it though.

          I don’t recall talking about Woolen as ‘soft’ in his rookie season.

          I’d love that 2nd rounder but I’ve resigned a bit to just not having it.

          • bmseattle

            Yeah, I don’t remember it being an issue in his rookie year.
            He had a shoulder injury, right?
            It could be that he changed his playing style to accommodate or protect his shoulder.

  15. king

    I am really excited for the MM era. I am concerned that a 6 year contract, if I read correctly, will keep them from being proactive if it becomes clear it isn’t working out early. I have always been aware that moving on from Pete, the probability was high that the next guy, especially if they were swinging for the fences with young talent, might not be the guy. But hopefully that won’t be an issue.

    And while I am looking forward to him creating real culture in the locker room, getting the players to stop acting the fool, and fielding a defense that isn’t embarrassing, Seattle still hasn’t made the most important hire of the offseason. This team will go as far as the offense takes them.

    • Mr drucker in hooterville

      Why is the length of MM the focus of your concern? Sounds a bit “Eeyore-ish” to me. The good news is, if he’s great, he’s locked up for longer.

      • king

        That is a concern. My focus is on the OC.

    • Peter

      I don’t know. If cool, calm, collected MM is actually really Daboll, McDaniels I think we will find out that the contract is really five years with a sixth year option.

      Sort of like how we all thought Pete was through 2025 until we found out it wasn’t.

      Disagree that the OC is the most important decision. It’s important. Bu not more so than how and why the team functions going forward.

      • king

        Functional culture is a prerequisite, but offensive minds rule the league.

      • king

        McDaniel and Daboll are not even close to the same tier. McDaniel has done admirably. He has maximized the output out of a limited quarterback and dealt with devastating injury luck. I would trade him for Macdonald in a heartbeat.

  16. FloridaHawk

    I see a lot of people clamoring for Ryan Grubb as OC. No offense to UW fans, but do you think there would be even half the enthusiasm for him if he wasn’t from the local college?

    Would he continue with DeBoers air raid style scheme or switch up to something else? I figure he would try to adapt to something else but that’s a big change. Got locked down against Michigan.

    I’m always wary of stuff like this. We play against the Rams and Niners, vastly different from having Penix standing in the pocket for ten seconds and throwing bombs against the relatively tepid defenses of the PAC-12. Would definitely be more interested in Tanner Engstrand or Tee Higgins.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve heard mixed things on Grubb

    • Peter

      Pro Grubb: attention to detail or coaching or spotting oline talent.

      Con: who knows what kind of offense he runs in the pros.

      My guess is husky fans think if you get Grubb you magically get Penix.

      • FloridaHawk

        I’ve seen a lot of that talk too. Penix at 16 to go along with Grubb. No thanks!

        • Peter

          I think Rob’s right that John will love penix’s arm. I just don’t think John will love him mid first round the same way he wanted Allen (specimen) or Mahomes ( younger, mobile,more prolific per years played)

          • Rob Staton

            I think you’re probably right

            And the question for me is does he like any of these QB’s enough to take one of them in the range GB took Jordan Love

            • Big Mike

              I want Engstrand cuz I want that Detroit offense and cuz he’s already well exposed to the pro game.

              • BK26

                Agreed. I’ve said this before, but I just don’t trust that Husky offense. I don’t want a quarterback who is trained to have the work done for him and doesn’t know what to do on the field. Not sure how it will ALL translate.

                I also don’t trust air-raid offenses in the NFL. Grubb might run something differently, but odds are that he won’t from what we know.

    • Brodie

      If anyone watched that youtube of MM’s defense that was posted a couple of threads back, I think it shows that you can’t make pre-determined reads at the LOS in the NFL.

      Look right, throw left isn’t going to cut it. MM had the same post-snap formation with drastically different pre-snap looks.

      Doesn’t mean Grubb can’t adapt, but that offense will not translate directly.

      Film breakdown at 12:25

  17. Drew B

    Always enjoy your segments, Rob. You have a specific and underappreciated ability to be both a fan and advocate of the Seahawks, while at the same time being unafraid to call out the things that are broken and/or not working. Appreciate ya, man.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Drew!

  18. Aaron Bostrom

    Trying to figure out why they haven’t made an OC hire yet. Is there anyone they might be interested coaching in the Super Bowl?

    • Rob Staton

      There’s no need to rush

      No competition now

      It’s a process

      And there are new Rooney Rule obligations with coordinators

  19. dahveed

    I get the feeling MM and the Hawks are really turning every stone ,evaluating to fill the coacing spots and not just panick shopping,also i would not be surprised if they traded Geno to Chicago signed Lock and drafted a qb

    • Mr Drucker in hooterville

      I’d love it, but why would Chicago do that?

      • dahveed

        because Waldon is the New OC he will install his system and Geno knows it and can be that bridge qB as they move on from Fields

        • Peter

          Not sure Chicago is going to bridge if they take Williams.

  20. Rokas

    Excellent appearance by Rob as usually. Puck and Jim seem like nice guys and enjoy Rob talking as well. Happy to see Rob getting more and more time in SEA radio, totally deserved! I think if someone would have told Rob when he wrote his first article in SDB some dozen years ago, that he will be a constant presence in the SEA radio, would have been friendly called a lunatic by the Rob himself :))

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Rokas, I really appreciate Puck & Jim for having me on

  21. Trevor

    Always do first mock for Hawks after Senior Bowl. Still trying to learn more about the guys on Day 3 so only did a 5 round mock.

    -Only one trade. Hawks move back from 16 to 25 and get # 58 to get back the second round pick they traded for Williams.

    #25 Tony Fautanu (OL/ Wash) considered JPJ here but Fautanu makes more sense as he could play OT should the Lucas injury be chronic. If Abe bounces back the Fautanu could be a pro bowl level guard.

    #58 Spencer Rattler (QB- SCar) Rob has talked about him all year and JS hopes to find another day 2 gem at QB.

    #76 Mckinley Jackson (DT – Tex AM ) Hawks need to build up the trenches and Jackson is a beast as Rob has hilighted all season.

    #78 Junior Colson ( LB/ Mich) thought about Peyton Wilson here and prefer him as a player. Just think McDonald will go with the player he knows and Colson is a guy who can come in and start day 1.

    #118 Malik Mustapha (S -WF) if the Hawks cut Diggs and Adams as expected they will likely be looking to add a S. Mustapha is ultra athletic and made Feldmans freak list. He is raw but flies to the ball and is a playmaker. Really under rated player who would be a steal here and might even start early in his career.

    #150 Zach Zinter (G – Mich) if not for his injury would be a 2nd round pick. McDonald should know this guy well and the Hawks could pick up a cornerstone for the OL if they are patient.

    Would love to hear what people think.

    • Rokas

      Would be amazing, but not realistic i am afraid.

      • Big Mike

        Zinter’s definitely not going that low if the reports of him recovering rapidly and fully are correct. 3rd round seems his floor if true.

      • Trevor

        Other than Zinter if injury concerns are not there which pick is not realistic?

        • Big Mike

          I’m no draftnik to be sure but am a big fan of Zinter’s play which is why I said what I said about him.
          The rest of your suggestions seem pretty good. I’ll ask without looking at Rob’s board, would a guy with an ultra physical profile go that low? Maybe since S isn’t a high value position anymore (unless you’re Pete Carroll)? Or would he get snatched up sooner because of being a “freak”?

          • Peter

            I’m just getting into watching him.

            On NFL draft buzz ( website)…he’s got a lot of what we hoped Adams would be. However a knock on him is he’s not great in coverage.

            • Big Mike

              That would be a good argument for Trevor placing him properly then.

              • Peter

                Will say if your bored. Head to you tube and watch his 2 min highlights.

                It’s fun. And his interception something about his hops reminds me of earl. And his closing speed is pretty magical

    • BK26

      I would cut off a finger for this to happen. Not mine, but someone’s finger.

      Personally, I prefer Payton Wilson too (I think he is your defensive captain and tone-setter for 10 years), but I could understand Colson as well.

      You’ve got maulers, mean defenders, IDL disruptor, and a talented quarterback who is arguably the most NFL ready. This would be a draft that creates the backbone of the team for years. Love it, and pretty realistic (Zinter is probably gone by then, but who knows with injuries).

      • Palatypus

        Which finger?

        • BK26

          I am not going to answer so that nothing can be traced back to me! Hahaha

    • JimQ

      IMO: Move Zinter up to 78, Colson to 118 & Mustapha down to 150 and it’s a lot more realistic. However, I’m not sure if Mustapha is a worthy pick as high as 150 due to his lack of production especially as a pass defender.

  22. Denver Hawker

    Had a friend ask me which team I’m rooting for in the SB right after ranting how he can’t stand the Chiefs entitlements/success (Mahomes, Kelce, Taylor Swift, etc).

    I simply said, well, I’m a Seahawks fan so…

    He then lobbied, quite well actually, that Seahawks/Niners haven’t been a thing for nearly a decade, have no unlikeable players, forced Pete out, and bring legitimacy to a downtrodden NFC. Why would I oppose that?

    I simply said, again, f*ck the Niners”

    But got me thinking- do younger generations feel this way too or does my buddy have a point I’m missing?

    • slartibartfast42

      Your succinct reply says it all!

    • Peter

      I don’t really get the down trodden NFC take. In a decade the AFC has more superbowls. I hear all the time how awesome ravens, bills, etc are.

      Except they have the same problem that the NFC has. No one was getting beyond the goat and mahomes.

      Meanwhile our own division is hard as nails.

    • pdway

      i mean, Kittle not particularly loveable to me….

      kinda can’t help but admire Deebo and CMC though.

      And if ever in question, I’d just picture all those Niners fans lording it over us if they win…

      • James Z

        The only player on the Niners I even remotely like is Trent Williams. The rest are just obnoxious to me, especially Kittle and CMC. Haters gotta hate…and I gotta hate the Niners.

    • BK26

      I cannot, cannot stand the Chiefs. Players, organization, and fans. Entitled is right.

      I like a lot of the 9er’s players. Kittle (Hawkeye fan, knew he was this good), Deebo (wanted Seattle to draft him), and a few others I like. I don’t like Purdy, Warner, McCaffery (just from the Rose Bowl against Iowa), Kinlaw, Gregory. They have plenty to not like. Their fans are some of the worst, along with Eagles and Cowboys.

      I will not root for the 9er’s. I could have a child that played for them, still wouldn’t. Junior or Juniorina could light it up and i’ll cheer for them, but FTN.

      This Super Bowl to me is my worst matchup: the two teams that I hate the most. And it’s happened for the 2nd time in 4 years.

    • Big Mike

      Don’t hate the 9ers like I did 10 years ago, but am rooting for the Chiefs cuz I was a big AFL guy in the mid-late 60s. Still have a soft spot for the Chargers, Raiders, Chiefs, Bills and Jets. Lost it for the Patriots years ago and never had it for the Broncos.

    • Jordan

      Don’t care who wins, but hoping for the Chiefs to cover and the over to hit. Both would be signs of an entertaining game.

    • Henry Taylor

      I’m clearly in the minority, but I like the Cheifs. Pat Mahomes is the most exciting player to watch in the sport, he’s the NFL’s Leo Messi, and tbh I kinda like the Swift thing and think people are just being mean.

      • Palatypus

        I say put Taylor Swift in the game…for the “tush push”…on 4th and inches.

        • Big Mike

          Taylor Swift…. “tush push”…inches



    • LouCityHawk

      Hating Andy Reid is almost impossible to do, one of my favorite coaches of all time.

      Compare that with a repugnant fan base, despicable ownership, some of the dirtiest players in the game…

      Pardon me if I see this as an epic battle of good versus evil.

    • GoHawks5151

      Fred Warner has become extreeeeemly unlikeable to me. Pulled that bitch ass hit on DK and flipped and played the victim. He does that a lot. Take that stuff to the NBA

    • Sea Mode

      The Chiefs, not that I particularly like them, are already an established dynasty at this point and likely will be as long as Mahomes and Reid are around. I don’t care at this point if they add to their recent SB haul, but in no way do I want SF to have anything to show for their recent years of being competitive. I wish on them forever the agony of having been oh so close…

      (Nothing personal, just division rivalry, I guess.)

      • Denver Hawker

        This is pretty much where I’m at. I happen to like a lot of the Niners players for their talent and how they go about their business, but I could barely tolerate the McVey slobbering and imagine Kyle will be even more insufferable smirking at press conferences.

  23. Rokas

    Like you all ladies and gents who hangout here, but anyone who is rooting for the 49ers should be banned for a week at least. Just think of the insufferable offseason, where they gone shove into our throats everything. In our podcast group, we have a 49ers fan, who presents us with “daily Purdy” stuff, demonstrating how awesome he is Not reading or replying, but it gets almost unbearable. Hate their cocky faces.

  24. Ian

    At the beginning of any season there are 256 possible permutations for the Super Bowl match-up. Once the playoffs begin, there are 49 possible match-ups.
    SF vs KC is the worst possible combination.

    • BK26

      100% agree with you.

      • Peter

        Disagree Dallas vs. ‘X’

        • Big Mike

          Disagree….Dallas vs, the stealers. THE absolute worst of the worst
          And I had to suffer through 4 of those in my lifetime.

          • Peter

            I was going to put that 😅😅😅.

  25. Rob Staton

    We’ve now reached my favourite time of the year where people who haven’t spent any time/barely any time studying draft prospects now suddenly become the most opinionated people on what the Seahawks should do

    • LouCityHawk

      “I don’t watch college football, but it seems to me that we should be looking at what our needs are!”

      The takes flowing right now are out of this world. “Macdonald is bringing Madabuike, Queen and Stone with him!””can’t wait to see what Adams does with Macdonald as the coordinator.”

      No wonder so many are obsessed with saying the draft is a crap shoot, they want to approach it like a drunk in Las Vegas rolling up to the Roulette wheel telling then to out $20 down on black 17. No info, and what do experts know anyways, they liked Will Levis! Or Clausen.

      • Peter

        Listened to brock and Salk with Nagy today.

        Salk asks what about the two qbs from the northwest and then says:

        “Obviously we have a rooting interest.”

        It dawns on me in that instant that fans,of which we’ve talked about here before, really truly don’t know or care about two or more things around the draft.

        Only that the name(s) they’ve chosen are drafted higher because that player and by them are winners.

        If penix goes 1, 2, 20,50 spots before Nix or vice versa that shouldn’t move you from a draft angle.


        Sidenote: in the endless ruminations about prospects is Nix better than I (we) think. I’m just today finding out that he’s had a different OC every year for five straight years and college and if I heard Nagy right seven straight seasons?

        • Rob Staton

          “Lance Nix” 😂

          • Brodie

            I thought it was cool that he said that almost every scouting dept that he spoke to had a 5th or 6th round grade on Terry Maclaurin. He ended up going in the 3rd and Nagy said in hindsight he should have gone round one.

            Rob wrote this during the Senior Bowl in 2019:
            “McLaurin looks like a second round pick at worst and could easily be Seattle’s first pick in the draft. ”

            Tip of the cap on that one!

            • Rob Staton

              Yep — Scary Terry was a big blog fave

          • Palatypus

            Wendy Nix.

            She’s got some big calves.

      • Brodie

        I like Jeff when he’s on with you, so I listed to his Podcast. The host clearly isn’t doing his own research, just regurgitating what he’s heard from friends or singular tweets.

        “Penix is wiping the field with Bo Nix. Nix is having an atrocious Senior Bowl week… this guy can’t complete a pass. He’s completely inaccurate. Meanwhile Penix is doing what Michael Penix does.”

        Certainly not what I saw. Really frustrating when people with a platform spout off uninformed takes based off of hearsay.

        One of the reasons I value this site so much. You know that Rob has put the time in to watch the guys he’s talking about. If you ask about someone he hasn’t, that is the reply (Sorry, haven’t watched him yet), rather than having seen an 8 second clip of a guy and forming an ironclad opinion that someone will be a star/bust.

      • Big Mike

        ”can’t wait to see what Adams does with Macdonald as the coordinator.”

        I’ll tell those folks what he’s going to do……he’s going to be at the bank cashing a check (thanks Carroll) while his FORMER team is practicing. After that he’s going to go back home and put his 6K coffee cup on ebay.

    • Palatypus

      It’s the Department of Silly Walks.

  26. Mr Drucker in hooterville

    Regarding the 49ers, what exactly is to not like about Brock Purdy. Has character, good story, executes the Shanahan offense very well. Which is exactly what he’s supposed to do. He’s on our rivals, but as far as him personally, what’s to not like?

    • STTBM

      I think he’s great, don’t get the vitriol either. Greatness is as greatness does. He keeps winning, moreso than the QBs before him. Of course her benefits from the staff and players around him, that’s their job.

      Pretty cool scene in the locker room after the last game: Boss incredulous, asking Purdy where he gets his confidence, saying even he struggles with his confidence at times, even though he was the second pick…and Purdy humbly deflected the compliment.

      Dude kicked ass in the second half of that game. I’m a believer.

      People knocking him are the same dweebs that like to say Largent wouldn’t cut it these days. Bull! He’d tear it up more, with today’s QBs, offenses, and rules geared towards scoring.

      Greatness is greatness, and will out. I think Purdy has It.

      • Peter

        A,lot of fans are ‘touched.’

        Any qb could have won with the LOB. Okay then why didn’t the late TJax?

        Tom Brady is the real reason patriots won. Sure thing. When he was throwing 18 tds to 12 ints but had the number one defense he was the real reason….

        Brock purdy sucks….sure thing. I’d love to have a qb with his stat line on that dollar amount for my team.

      • James Z

        Purdy is a good QB, but ‘great’, I don’t know. Look at how many games Garoppolo won under Shanahan and then the SB against Baltimore… Look at the pieces around Purdy that elevate his game but not so much vice-versa. He’s got some work to do before he’s ‘great’, but darn good, no doubt.

      • LouCityHawk

        call me a dweeb to my face tough guy

        People I know with Purdy personality in real life for Conmen, always amazes me that people fall for their BS

        • LouCityHawk

          always forget when I say stuff like this in a comment section

          You can’t see that my expression is not one of aggression, but one of rolling my eyes.

          Not actually challenging anybody to a fight, just pointing out the use of a pejorative undercuts and the validity to your arguments

        • STTBM

          I’ll thumb wrassle ya Lou! Loser has to wear a Dweeb t-shirt…lol!

    • LouCityHawk

      Putting aside his coronation as Tom Brady combined with Joe Montana – but better!

      The reaction to anyone who doesn’t buy into the hype of Purdy as MVP, Mr Irrelevant to QB1, etc…gets a full blast. Then Purdy also gets propped up as the gold standard, I can’t have a QB convo in a comments forum or with a large group without someone saying “we don’t need to find our Allen, we need to find our Purdy (usually followed by some comment like Purdy is better than Allen anyways)”

      I find his personality grating beyond almost any player in any sport. I just switch off his interviews because it isn’t worth my mental health to listen. I really didn’t like Russ’s personality, Purdy is like that, but worse.

      I wouldn’t try to speak for everybody though

      • Mr Drucker in hooterville

        Interesting. I see him as a guy who gets the job done and doesn’t grand stand. I wish he wasn’t on the 49ers otherwise I’d root for him. He’s the polar opposite of Jamal Adams. I also think he’s more genuine than RW.

        I don’t know anyone who says he’s ‘great’ (like Brady or Montana). But he’s done his job and has done it with humility and class. That’s my only point. He definitely has benefited by being with Shanahan. That’s not a knock against him. Trey Lance was as well and didn’t deliver.

      • STTBM

        I haven’t watched many vids of him. And I’m not anointing him yet. Nor am I silly enough to label him a game manager for life. He’s had two seasons–so far, so good. He looks great. If he can keep it up for a decade, he’ll one of The Greats. I just don’t understand the hyperbole of either extreme. I believe he’s got It, can’t see making tons of excuses while he keeps playing great, not am I saying he’s Brady.

        I don’t care if he’s a Niner. He’s a really good player who doesn’t seem a total jerk.

        And as for my Dweeb comment, it was meant in jest. But I really find the insistence that Largent wouldn’t be great in today’s NFL annoying as hell!

    • BK26

      I’ve watched him since college. As a disclaimer, Iowa and ISU…really don’t like each other. ISU’s current coach definitely took each game personally and helped make the game into something not really fun. Purdy was kind of a byproduct of it. Played up the underdog and the “how dare they call us little brother.” Cocky and after his first few years he was getting the golden boy treatment. Jerkish.

      He might not be as bad anymore, but now I have two fanbases that I cannot stand talk about how their guy is the next Joe Montana. And now “Mr. Irrelevant” crap added on? Nah. I’m not rooting for him. And never for the team he plays for.

      He’s still the same guy in college and plays the same way. I think that if he’s on another team he wouldn’t be a sure-fire starter penciled in as a team’s future. Weird that he looks good in an offense that made Jimmy Garappolo look competent….

  27. Film12Hawk

    Interview with John and Mike.

  28. Glor

    Fantastic! You rock Rob

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Glor

  29. Nick

    What are people’s thoughts on Michigan LB Michael Barrett? Team Captain and also was there when MM was.

    Could be better value than Junior Colson?

    • Rob Staton

      What I would say about Barrett is he had one year at Michigan where his playing time rapidly reduced, he wasn’t involved and he struggled — it was the year Mike Macdonald was defensive coordinator

      For whatever reason he didn’t fit or didn’t impress MM

      He’s been featured three of the other four years he was involved at Michigan

  30. Nick

    Similarly, what are people’s thoughts on Michigan CB Mike Sainristil? #0 jumps off the tape whenever you watch this Michigan D. Former WR with a lot of versatility of where you can line him up.

    • Brodie

      I like him, but he’s also very similar to Spoon and Bryant, so probably too redundant for our team.

      Haven’t watched much of Barrett.

    • Rob Staton

      Really nice slot option but limited to that role I think

    • Palatypus

      What do I think of Mike Sainristil? After accepting an invite, I think he was a last-minute no-show at the Senior Bowl. I think I’m really pissed off about that.

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