How the Seahawks set themselves up for the 2023 draft

Will Levis is the QB to focus on for 2023

Amid all the hand-wringing over Seattle’s decision to pass on the 2022 quarterbacks, the reality is the Seahawks did exactly what they needed to do.

They set themselves up for next year.

While the 2022 group was filled with mid-round prospects, elevated unfairly within a media desperate for quarterbacks to discuss, the 2023 class is a different story entirely.

The truth is, while Drew Lock may carry a ‘damaged goods’ tag after a challenging spell in Denver — the likes of Malik Willis, Desmond Ridder and Matt Corral simply weren’t any better than he is. You can take that as a review of Lock as much as the quarterbacks — but why have two players, neither of which are likely to be the long term answer?

Especially when the roster needed major work at other premium positions where the 2022 draft class provided some actual solutions.

Let’s assume they draft a quarterback next year. That player will join an offense that now includes:

— Two young book-end offensive tackles
— D.K. Metcalf (expect an extension)
— Investment in other receivers
— Noah Fant & Will Dissly
— The prospect of a strong running game led by Kenneth Walker

That’s a great situation to come into — with the option to add even more talent to the offense in the draft and free agency next year.

They had to use the 2022 draft to set the table and they accomplished that.

Next season will present some challenges in the first year of a rebuild. It could even get ugly. Sometimes you’ve got to take your lumps and learn from it.

Imagine if they’d drafted an overrated quarterback this year. Not only would it have been a wasted pick (in my opinion) — but the clamour for said player to start would’ve been consuming. And what realistic chance would they have to succeed in an environment of learning and development?

In 2023 you can get a better player, coming into a better situation where the likes of Charles Cross, Abraham Lucas and Walker have a year of experience under their belts.

The Seahawks showed admirable restraint to project and plan with a longer term mentality.

So what do we know about the 2023 draft class at this stage to make this such a good approach from the team?

The quarterbacks

There’s going to be a ton of buzz around C.J. Stroud (Ohio State) and Bryce Young (Alabama). I think there’s a better quarterback than both eligible for 2023 and I’ll come onto him shortly.

Stroud’s footwork and base needs work to produce more consistent results. The Buckeyes offense is mass-production and has been for a long time — so it’s important to focus on the technical areas that will define Stroud’s stock. For example — he lit up the Rose Bowl but when you break down the tape, Utah couldn’t cover. They had no answer. There were so many wide open, huge plays. It was easy for Stroud and it’s hard to watch that game and really take much from it.

He has size, ample arm strength and I’d say the good with Stroud is very, very good. The bad can equally be horrible at times. An interception against Minnesota thrown needlessly high and wide under no pressure. A pick against Tulsa where he had enough time in the pocket to light a BBQ and sink two beers before throwing into horrible double coverage (what did he see?). He threw right to a defender against Nebraska when Jaxon Smith-Njigba had fallen over, despite having masses of free space in front of him to run for a first down and get out of bounds.

The decision making even from a clean pocket when the obvious decisions are in front of him is a concern.

No doubt he’ll have another ridiculous season statistically in 2022 and he’ll likely be a very high pick. Yet he needs technical refinement with his feet so he doesn’t throw off his toes as much, with his shoulders and legs in the correct position, without as many hitches before throwing and he needs to cut out the bad errors.

I don’t want to overplay it too much because he can work on all of this at Ohio State and in his first weeks of camp. There’s a lot to like — there are just some things to be aware of.

Bryce Young is only about 5-11 and 190lbs. Now — I wouldn’t write him off purely because of that. But we also have to acknowledge that he would be truly unique to come into the NFL and star with that kind of frame.

Playing for Alabama he doesn’t face too much adversity. However, it was noticeable in the National Championship game how inconsistent his footwork was when feeling pressure. Georgia got after him and he looked overwhelmed at times. Games like that matter because there aren’t going to be many occasions where he feels sustained, creative pressure at Alabama.

That said — his arm talent is good. He generates velocity when he needs to ramp up the reps to fit the ball into a tight window. He throws downfield with ease. He does an excellent job reading what the defense is giving, ID’ing the right opportunity to find a completion and hitting the target. His processing for a young player is already very, very good.

His accuracy is impressive. There are several throws on tape where you just have to sit back and enjoy seeing the combination of timing, anticipation and torque. There’s no doubt he is a very natural, gifted, skilled quarterback. It’s a difficult projection though because the size is so uncommon for the position and he plays for the most dominant team in college over the last decade. How will he fair in the very different setting of playing for a team picking in the top-10?

Both Stroud and Young are talented players but they are not quite the ‘OMG’ types the media have you believe. For me, the top quarterback prospect for 2023 is Kentucky’s Will Levis and it’s not that close.

He is the most exciting 2023 prospect aside from Alabama’s Will Anderson. He has everything — ideal size, arm strength, improvisation skills, the ability to challenge defenses at every level. He is a sensational talent.

Firstly, the physical traits. Levis is the closest thing we’ve seen to Josh Allen since he was drafted by the Bills. Now — he isn’t Allen. Nobody is. Allen is basically factory-made for the QB position with the complete physical skill-set. Levis isn’t far away though. He ran a 4.10 short shuttle at SPARQ and jumped a 36 inch vertical. His overall score was a 123.27 — which is seriously impressive for a quarterback who was already 224lbs in High School (he’s now listed at 230lbs).

Levis combines fantastic arm talent with a supreme physicality that allows him to excel as a runner. He can break off huge plays on QB-draws and scrambles to make a defense always account for his legs. He can also get his head down to make a yard when his team needs a conversion.

I recall one play last season where the center gave him a bad snap down at his feet. He plucked the ball off his toes, put his head down and drove at the LOS. He got the yardage for a first down, then pushed the pile Marshawn Lynch style for an extra five yards.

I like Levis’ technique as a thrower. He squares his shoulders off and positions himself to make accurate throws. His feet are planted on the ground, providing the necessary base to throw with consistent velocity. There’s evidence of touch throws and he has plenty of arm strength to drive the ball into tight windows. His release is compact and smooth.

There was one throw on a double pass where he received the ball towards the left sideline. A defender read the trick-play and closed on him quickly. In a flash he released the ball to the receiver downfield — it was such an improbable quick flick of the wrist and yet he generated so much force for a big-time completion.

He gave Georgia a game — more than a lot of quarterbacks can say in 2021. There was also a throw against LSU that felt like a statement of his quality.

Levis dropped back and processes the field. His first read isn’t open and there’s edge pressure from both sides. There’s a post-route option vs single coverage. As he’s being wiped out from the pressure, he launches the ball downfield. He delivers a 45-yard bomb right on the money, into the tightest window, settling between the covering cornerback who received some safety help. It hits the receiver right in the hands.

He does all of this while being hit, under immense pressure. Placement, composure and pure talent doesn’t get much better than this. You have to be able to create big plays downfield when things break down. Levis has the natural talent to do that — and in the modern NFL he has the improv and the physical attributes to excel.

I think he’s best placed to come into the league and have early success. His offensive coordinator last year was Liam Coen. Why does that matter? Coen was the receivers and quarterback coach for Sean McVay’s Rams between 2018-20. He was appointed back to the Rams this year to replace Kevin O’Connell as offensive coordinator.

He’s had pro-level coaching from the McVay tree, from a man so respected by McVay that he’s essentially become his right-hand-man. It also means he’s used to operating a lot of play-action and he’s a master of it. He is dealing in a translatable offense where the PA isn’t just a crutch to create easy completions.

Take a look:

There’s a level or projection you need to make with Stroud and Young that you simply don’t have to worry about with Levis because of the system he’s played in.

Coen has now been replaced by Rich Scangarello — the quarterbacks coach at the 49ers and the former Broncos offensive coordinator. So again, he’s going to be receiving pro-level coaching and guidance from someone familiar to modern NFL trends (Kyle Shanahan tree).

Levis is also an older player and while some will knock him for that — for me it just means he has a level of maturity and experience. He spent three seasons as the backup to Trace McSorley and Sean Clifford and it never really worked out at Penn State. The 2022 season will be his second full season at Kentucky.

It’s not that tricky to win at Ohio State and Alabama. UK finished the 2021 season 10-3 and defeated Iowa in the Citrus Bowl with Levis pulling the strings. They’ve just had an impressive recruiting cycle, ranking 10th in the nation according to Rivals. So they’re a team trending in the right direction. Levis is helping make that so.

Take a look for yourself at what he brings to the table:

As much as there’s a ton of hype around Stroud and Young — I wouldn’t be surprised if the Seahawks (and other teams) are quietly keeping a very close eye on Levis. He is one of the most exciting and intriguing quarterback prospects I’ve ever covered.

He would be the main man to target in 2023 for me. He will be the player I’ll be watching closest when the college football season begins.

What about the rest of the class?

The term ‘generational talent’ is thrown around too much but it seems perfectly acceptable for Alabama pass rusher Will Anderson. With 17.5 sacks and 34.5 TFL’s in 2021 alone — he could easily be the #1 overall pick next year depending on who is making the selection. The fact he wears #31 also speaks to the intensity and physicality he plays with. He’s a true game-wrecking edge defender.

Ohio State had two receivers drafted in the top-15 on Thursday. Jaxon Smith-Njigba might be technically superior to both Garrett Wilson and Chris Olave. He is a star in the making.

Notre Dame has been a breeding ground for interesting tight ends over the years. Michael Mayer may be the best one yet. He’s an incredible pass-catching target with the skill and athleticism to create mismatches across the field.

Georgia has just sent a boat-load of defensive studs to the NFL. There are even more on the way. Jalen Carter will control the interior next season and as a former five-star recruit, big things are expected from him. Nolan Smith is another five-star edge rusher who ran a ridiculous 4.15 short shuttle at SPARQ, jumped a 40 inch vertical and had an overall score of 141.18. Kelee Ringo is, you guessed it, yet another five star recruit and a big, dynamic cornerback prospect.

Jordan Addison won the Biletnikoff at Pittsburgh and during the draft has been involved in a somewhat explosive story over the weekend where he’s said to be transferring to USC due to a lucrative NIL deal. It’d be harsh on Pittsburgh (and indicative of the changing landscape of college football) but it would provide him an opportunity to elevate his stock even further playing for Lincoln Riley (and with Caleb Williams).

Addison’s a smaller receiver but shows off excellent route-running nouse and an ability to stretch the field and play with consistent hands.

Clemson will look to bounce back this season and 6-5, 275lbs defensive end Myles Murphy will be key to that. He’s been compared to Travon Walker and while he might not match his physical upside and testing performance — he’s a powerhouse who controls the edge and has the quickness to shoot inside and break into the backfield.

Miami offensive tackle Zion Nelson was impressive based on 2021 tape and it was a little surprising he didn’t declare for the draft this year. He’s very athletic, he mirrors well, he’s a stout run blocker. There’s a lot to like.

Sticking with the offensive line, O’Cyrus Torrence has followed Billy Napier from Louisiana to Florida and the highly rated guard could propel himself into a solid top-40 range with a strong season in the SEC. He was already highly rated.

I know there are people in the league who like the intensity and playing style of Louisville linebacker Monty Montgomery. Zach Charbonnet, the running back at UCLA, warrants serious attention — as does Zach Evans at Ole Miss.

Jalen Catalon the safety at Arkansas was a surprise snub for the draft this year but has every chance to go in round one. He has some of the playing characteristics of Quandre Diggs.

The two other quarterback names I’d recommend watching for outside of the first round are the underrated Dorian Thompson-Robinson at UCLA and Tanner McKee at Stanford.

So as you can see — it’s shaping up already to be a promising class, with the Seahawks owning two first and two second round picks.

Exciting times.

I will begin to pore over the 2023 draft class over the next few weeks. The Seahawks have a great opportunity ahead of them — largely because of the areas they addressed in the 2022 draft.

They set the table for the next step.

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  1. John

    Thanks for the content Rob, two other QBs I believe can be risers in the 2023 draft are Tyler Van Dyke and Jaren Hall.

    • Morty

      I saw a tweet from Matt Miller that had maybe 9 QBs he was going to study for next year and he made it seem as if all of them were better than this year’s crop. If true we can’t go wrong with almost any of them.

  2. Demitrov

    My God Rob, already cranking out content for next year’s draft. I can’t believe this site is free. I’ve been following it since the Russell Wilson draft, and it just keeps getting better and better. By far, the most informed knowledgeable discussion of prospects and the Seahawks. Appreciate it man.

    • Seattle Person

      No time to sleep.

      The separation is the preparation.

      Is that right Rob?

      • Palatypus

        …And then Russ got a divorce.

    • Tommyo

      I agree. I’m extremely happy I tripped over the site many years ago. Rob is amazing. Love the interviews with Tony Pauline and Scot Mccloughan.
      Thank you Rob for all your hard work and making me (us) more knowledgable.

      A couple questions and Levis. How is is make up? Is he a leader? No baggage? Very early for this question but what is early insight where he will be drafted? I think he would be an ideal target for Seattle.

  3. HoosierHawk

    I dont post much, but just have to echo those that have already thanked you Rob. The content on this board is second to none. This is always the first and last site I check everyday. Now kick back and relax awhile. You’ve earned it. On a side note, sounds like Addison is transferring to USC to play in Lincoln Riley’s system. Should put up huge numbers in that offense.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks for the heads up — I hadn’t seen that story break yesterday

  4. Sean

    Rob, thanks so much for the enormous quality and quantity. I do hope you take some time to get some rest.

    Looks like Kaleb Eleby is coming to rookie minicamp. Are you as interested in him now as when you were writing about him a month ago? Did he go undrafted for any reason that concerns you?

    • Henry Taylor

      I found his tape extremely unexciting, not an athlete and played in a very limited offense. But fwiw I think Brett Kollman tweeted that his stats when not including RPO or PA were basically the exact same as Matt Corral, who I did like.

      I do think there’s a chance they keep 3 QBs on the roster this year so he has a chance to beat out Jacob Eason.

    • Rob Staton

      He’s a limited athlete but he throws well. Good luck to him

  5. TJ

    Excellent job this year Rob. You content was exceptional and you were keyed into many players that Seattle ultimately drafted. Impressive.

    “I will begin to pour over the 2023 draft class over the next few weeks.” Take a break and recharge. You have earned it and this community won’t blame you for taking some time for yourself and your family – I can’t imagine how much time you put into this site.

    • God of Thunder

      Well said.

      Yes, thanks Rob.

    • Rob Staton

      I will definitely take a break for sure

      I’m going to Disney World Florida with the family for a fortnight in May too

      • Palatypus

        Diving in to politics I see!

        Scouting report: Goofy

        6’5 205lbs small hands, big footprint

        Player comparison: Rob Gronkowski.

      • Seahawcrates

        Enjoy your trip! My single mom scraped together enough money to take me to Disneyland as a kid 50 years ago. My first big adventure. Great to have those family memories.

      • VanHawk

        Close reader of this blog LOL.

        I noticed earlier you said the family was going to see a Harry Potter movie, might want to check out Universal in Orlando for the Harry Potter World.

      • LantermanC

        Have a great time! I just took my 2 little ones to Disneyland and while it was exhausting (and expensive), the joy it brought them, and the fact that the oldest is still talking about it 3 weeks later and can’t wait to go back made it all worth it.

  6. SpennyDunks

    Can Blythe play guard? Would really like to be able to move on from Jackson so we can move Lewis back to RG. If we have both tackle and RG solidified for the next 8-10 years then we are in a really good position.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Who’s center then? Fuller? Lestage? Shepley?

      C’mon we’ve done that dance already.

      Better to play Blythe at the position you hired him for and let Phil Haynes and Jake Curhan duke it out for LG. Lewis goes back to the right side regardless and I’d bet Jackson is a post 6/1 cut.

      • TomLPDX

        When Lewis subbed in at C last year he did a really good job. Wonder what his PFF score was for that game. Just thinking out loud but he could be a C option for us this year.

        • Ben

          I definitely wouldn’t mind that shift. This year is kind of whatever for guard. Might need some experience to help the rookies at tackle.

          Next year- Add one guard and center, one from FA and one rookie.

      • SpennyDunks

        Sorry, forgot to mention that Id love to see them add Tretter. Surprised hes still sitting there.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          They probably will make some FA move(s) once we’re post 6/1 and they have some extra cap space.

          Not sure it’ll be OL though. We still need a vet LB. Looking at KJ Wright returning, or maybe Danny Trevathan given the Desai connection.

          At any rate, the official roster lists only Shepley at C. Fuller is at G/C.

          A the rest, including Blythe, are all listed at G.

          But then, they also have Darrell Taylor at DE but Mafe at LB 🤷🏻‍♂️

          • Palatypus

            I can’t shake this weird feeling they might give Dissly a shot at center after signing that weird contract.

            • D-OZ

              Yea thats weird…

  7. jdruaint

    Anyone have thoughts on our UDFA Georgia State OG Shamarious Gilmore?

    • Pugs1

      Rob, thanks for all the hard work! Can I suggest Tennessee QB Hendon Hooker to your watchlist.

    • Pugs1

      I watched a couple of videos that showed him working out at center.

  8. Happy Hawk

    The Jamal Adams trade is finally complete:

    Adams and a 4th ( Coby Bryant ) for

    1st last year: A Vera-Tucker ( Guard ), and 1st this year: G Wilson (WR) and McDougal (cut)

    • Jabroni-DC

      The credit card bill has been paid in full…finally

      • Hawkdawg

        Not in full, unfortunately. We still have to pay an oft-injured box safety with questionable cover skills an exorbitant amount of money.

        Not to belabor the point…

        • J

          But that was separate from the trade.

    • Scot04

      I can’t really see it that way. To me it’s who would we have used those 3 picks on vrs Adams. Plus the rookie contracts vrs Adam’s contract.
      Regardless, Jets definitely won the deal. I’d prefer having 3 under rookie contracts. The two top 10 picks this yr alone. Honestly I will never understand how we gave up two 1sts for a safety.
      Hopefully this is the last arctice to bring it up.
      We’ve yet to see a good season from Adams here. So I’ll just focus on this years team & hope Jamal just adds something positive.

      • Big Boi

        Not to mention if the whole russ drama blows up the same way. I believe the Adams trade was the catalyst that started the train on the tracks. If they don’t trade for Jamal and if they use those picks correctly then who knows how things might have turned out.

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        This is where I am at. Having the #10 would have given them the options to move up, move back or take two potential high impact players. Judging by the players they took, I am not sure if the Jets won – it’s two early to tell – but the Seahawks definitely did not.

  9. Troy D

    Dream scenario. We stink next year record wise but players take their licks and learn. Then Stroud and Young are hyped and hyped and allows Levis to fall in the draft. We are picking 3rd overall and then around 20. Two QB needy teams take Stroud and Young. Will Anderson is there for us and we take him. Our next pick comes around and we take Levis.

    Levis comes in and does the job well and Anderson is the generational talent that he looks and we have a 1st round for the ages.

    A guy can dream cant he?

    • Scot04

      Wouldn’t the dream scenario be Denver really sucks & somehow gets us a top pick. Very tough division the AFC West. Maybe we get lucky & they finish 4th in behind the Chiefs, Chargers & Raiders.
      We know we’ll likely be 3rd or 4th, but who knows.
      Two high picks would be fun.
      Still I’d rather see us surprise & Denver flop.

      • eric

        Russell tears his ACL the first snap of the regular season, the Donkeys implode, we explode with our awesome QBs and end up with the #1 and #2 picks. Don’t have to worry about anyone falling as we get the best two players in a generation to come out.

  10. Seahawkwalt

    You are really honing in your craft. Imagine if you did this full time! Thanks for all your hard work. Check out next years rb. You will hv fun scouting him,vid:fMNQN9-7ajo,st:0

  11. Seahawkwalt

    Or him

  12. Mark

    Watching the Levis clip, at 0:58, watch how he feels the pressure, moves within the pocket, resets his feet and gets off the pass, all while keeping his eyes downfield the entire time. Really well done.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Watching Levis run the RPO and sense the pressure around him while eluding it just long enough to make the play, well it’s like I’m looking at a taller, lighter, younger Russell Wilson.

  13. Happy Hawk

    PFN Sim has: Spencer Rattler ( S Caro) Anthony Richardson ( Flor) Jaren Hall (BYU) and Jake Haener ( Fresno) plus Stroud and Young all ahead of Levis. Let’s keep it that way!

    • Rob Staton


  14. Seattle Murphy

    Fantastic draft coverage as always, Rob. This was the most enlivening draft possible for this rebuild. I love they drafted positions in pairs, creating the Hawks’ all-encompassing focus on competition.

    Two exciting prospects as our offensive bookends for the next four years or more.

    Two additions to the pass rush, with Mofe a potential steal.

    Two cornerbacks to a thin group, including Woolen who was ranked much higher.

    Even a couple fliers for the WR room, which falls off a cliff behind DK and Lockett.

    And despite the devaluation of the position, landing the top RB in college ball could pay huge dividends.

    Apart from Cross, many of these picks felt like theft. Perhaps only Baltimore found better value.

    They set the table for next year’s draft, where they already bring extra ammunition. A lesser record this season under Lock could be part of the plan. None of these rook QBs were going to improve our record.

    Our sights are set on what we will be come 2024.

    Some fun speculation…. who will return to the Super Bowl first, Denver or Seattle?

    • Gordo

      Freddie Swain is a solid 4. Eskridge is untested due to injury. So not a void altogether.

  15. Mark

    @rob have you gotten a chance to review Sam Hartman from Wake Forest?

    • Rob Staton

      I have, don’t really see a pro prospect TBH but kudos to him, good college QB

  16. Imani

    People will get over the Kenneth Walker selection when they see how talented he is and how quickly it translates. This isn’t Christine Michael. This is the Doak Walker Award winner. Other DWA winners since 2000:

    Kenneth Walker (41st)
    Najee Harris (24th)
    Jonathon Taylor (41st)
    Bryce Love (112th)
    D’onta Foreman (89th)
    Derrick Henry (45th)
    Melvin Gordon (15th)
    Andre Williams (113th)
    Monte Ball (58th)
    Trent Richardson (3rd)
    Lamichael James (61st)
    Toby Gerhart (51st)
    Shonn Greene (65th)
    Darren Mcfadden (4th)
    Reggie Bush (2nd)
    Cedric Benson (4th)
    Chris Perry (26th)
    Larry Johnson (27th)
    Luke Staley (214th)
    Ladainian Tomlinson (5th)

    Only 1 RB that won the Award and was drafted within 10 picks of Walker has failed since 2000

    Other RBs drafted between 30th and 50th the last 10 drafts:

    Javonte Williams (35th)
    Clyde Edwards Helaire (32nd)
    D’andre Swift (35th)
    Jonathon Taylor (41st)
    Sony Michel (31st)
    Nick Chubb (35th)
    Ronald Jones (38th)
    Kerryon Johnson (43rd)
    Dalvin Cook (41st)
    Joe Mixon (48th)
    Derrick Henry (45th)
    TJ Yeldon (36th)
    Giovanni Bernard (37th)
    Leveon Bell (48th)

    There’s maybe 6 names on that list you wouldn’t want. The other 8 are home runs.

    Given his profile, if he fails he’s an outlier. It seems highly improbably that he isn’t a stud with a year or two of being in the league.

    • Scot04

      Don’t forget to add Penny, even though he was drafted higher than your pick 30-50 range.
      I’ll just hope they both stay healthy all season, that alone will make me feel better. Well that & Penny hopefully coming into camp in the best shape of his career.

  17. BoiseSeahawk

    I was wondering what happened to Charbonnet in this years draft, glad to see he has extra eligibility. He and Dorian Thompson-Robinson* (typo in the article, sorry) should make for an interesting season at UCLA.

  18. Henry Taylor

    Re-watching some Tariq Woolen since I hadn’t since before the combine, back to back plays of really good and really bad here:

    This is another good play. Staying with the receiver all the way and playing the hands well, never seems to turn his head before the ball comes though.

    This game on the whole is a mix of really good display of traits and some pretty horrendous coverage plays and effort. Definitely a big project, but still a fun one.

  19. Chris

    Levi lewis will be a fun player to watch in camp this year.

  20. Kelly

    Tons of talent in the 2023 skill positions….but things seem to change quickly from year to year

    Qbs: Stroud, Young, Levis, Van Dyke, Richardson, Rattler. DJ U

    RB: Bijan Robinson, Jamyrr Gibbs, Sean Tucker, Zach Evans, tank bigsby, Zach charbonnet

    WR: Jaxson Smith Njigba, Jordan Addison, Kayshon Boutte, rakim Jarrett, Quinton Jefferson.

    As a dynasty football guy I’m super excited. Be interested to see how they all do in 2022 CFB season.

  21. Jabroni-DC

    Here’s to Denver going 0-16!

  22. Seahawk_Dan

    What’s Levis value? We talking 1st Overall next year?

    • Seattle Person

      I don’t think many have caught on with Levis yet. He’s projected as a 2nd day pick.

    • Rob Staton

      Possibly. We’ll see.

      Too early to say.

    • Robbie

      Well…since PFN Mock draft simulator is already up and with next years draft class I got him with pick 26 LOL 🙂

  23. Denver Hawker

    I did not anticipate the Walker selection at 41 would be so polarizing.

    The opposing camps I’ve identified (w/some overlap):

    – We have Penny and Carson, plus Homer/Dallas this was unnecessary
    – A subset of the first one- should have drafted QB at 41
    – Position value- RBs grow on trees, no need to draft that high
    – Walker has too many miles (this to a lesser degree)

    I think the merits of the pick has been well-argued here (and I agree with them completely). I was more interested in Breece Hall and advocated after the combine. After review tho, Walker looks just as amazing.

    The biggest reason I love the R2 RB pick this year is the support it provides for a young QB next year. A lot of young QBs come into QB-needy teams and are expected to carry the team. This pick alleviates that pressure.

    • TomLPDX

      I’m really happy with Walker at 41, it was the right pick. Getting really tired of reading about how we should have taken a QB. People just don’t get that none of them were any better than what we already have on the roster talent wise and form an NFL experience POV don’t touch our QBs. John did the right thing.

      I know Tariq Woolen is pretty raw at this point having only been a CB for 2 years, but to me his has the most upside of all the players we got this year…and we got a lot of great players.

    • Jerry

      Most of the critiques focused on need and positional value.

      The need argument – that we should have added a QB at 41 instead – is based on the assumption that the QBs available are good long-term options. Its arguable that those guys are even better than Lock. The league clearly didn’t view those guys as legit starters, otherwise they wouldn’t have lasted that long. Walker is a really good RB prospect. Thus, it’s not an apples/apples comparison of good QB versus good RB.

      The other part of the need argument that is just silly is the notion that the Hawks don’t need to add talent at that position. Penny and Carson aren’t exactly consistent reliable guys, and the depth guys don’t project as RB1 candidates. The Seahawks want to run the ball a lot, and they need guys who can carry that load.

      The positional value argument is at least defensible. Running backs just don’t go in the first round anymore. However, its not exactly hard to find recent examples of RBs drafted in the second round holding a lot of value. Personally, I’d have preferred to see them focus those Day 2 picks on the lines. But if they view Walker as having star upside, its not a bad pick.

      • Denver Hawker

        Ironically, once Hall came off, I was hoping to get Abe Lucas at 41. That worked out even better.

        Walker will be paid $8.4MM over 4 years according to sportrac. I’d say that’s pretty good positional value if he’s even league average. RBs in this range are plug and play so you get more value in my opinion.

    • Paul

      Anyone who sees analytics as a strategic tool for roster building will criticize any team for drafting any RB before the 3rd or even 4th round. They invoke “positional value” as if it were a truism and aren’t interested in debating any points about team needs or circumstances.

  24. AL

    The Will Levis sweepstakes!

    The teams the Seahawks play this season who are also in contention, Falcons (H), Panthers (H), Giants (H), Jets (H) and Lions (A).

    The Texans and Jags could also be players for a high draft pick.

    Five of these teams will most likely be in the market for a QB. The competition for the first few picks in next years draft is going to be stiff! Let the games begin!!

    • Happy Hawk

      Tanking is cool! Rooting for the Broncos to struggle as well.

    • Sea Mode

      That’s the problem for me. We (and Denver) might not lose enough games to pick above those other teams. The draft media can be ignorant about him, but teams won’t be. And even if we have the stock to move up, they might just say “no way”.

      • Scot04

        As talented as the AFC West is; I really don’t think it’s that crazy to see a scenario where Denver finishes 4th in that division.
        Will it happen? Unlikely we could be so lucky.
        Still I’ll be rooting for them to be swept by the Chiefs, Chargers, & Raiders.

        • Rob Staton

          End of the day… nobody in Seattle expected us to earn the 10 pick (to give to the Jets)

          One injury can change a season

        • Peter

          4th in the division?

          Current vegas odds has broncos 8th best to win the superbowl.

    • Jerry

      It’s going to be strange to be rooting for a rebuilding team.

      I expect the defense to be better than the offense next season, especially if Adams and Diggs are healthy and they can generate pressure. With Taylor, Harris, Nwosu, and Mafe, the latter isn’t silly. They have some talent to work with.

      I’d expect them to have a pretty bad offense, though. With rookies likely starting at both OT positions, unproven/frequently injured guys at RB, the interior line needing some help, and a mediocre (at best) QB, I don’t think they’ll score a lot of points. It would be great if the line starts to gel by the end of the season, with hopefully one or two guys already on the roster (Forsyth, Curhan, etc) developing into a contributor. But perhaps I’m wrong.
      Metcalf, Lockett, Fant, Eskridge, and Walker are all talented guys. If they can find a way to get the ball to them, who knows?

      I’d love to see them have a bad but productive year. An ideal outcome would be roster turnover, development of young players, and 12+ losses. That, plus a surprisingly bad outcome from Denver, would put us on track for an interesting offseason next year.

  25. Tomas

    Looks like a great draft, delighted, and also relieved that Rob’s mental health wasn’t compromised by a bevy of ridiculous picks that some of us feared 😎.

    But given that even the most highly touted college QB’s fail as pro’s more often than not, I still wish we had somehow obtained the mighty Minshew, with his 41/12 TD/Int ratio, etc.

  26. Pugs1

    Rob, I’d like to suggest Tennessee QB Hendon Hooker for your watchlist. I accidentally imbedded this in another post. I apologize for the repost if you’ve already seen it.

    • Seattle Person

      He really reminds me of Cam Newton. Running style and throwing style almost to a tee.

      Newton for a while was a very dynamic player.

  27. KennyBadger

    Rob, I hope these kind of posts never get old for you but I want to echo what many on the board have said so far. We are very fortunate as a community to have someone so knowledgeable and dedicated as you to host this site. I for one dreaded the aftermath of the Russ trade and was worried we were doomed to mediocre football purgatory for the next decade. However these last few weeks have been a lot of fun and your blog has been a big source of enjoyment for me. Thanks again for all the work you do and I look forward to the next chapter of Seahawks football!

  28. Scot04

    Rob it’s great to see you seeming so re-energized after the offseason & draft.
    Wonder if you noticed the last presser with John & Pete they seem to also be in a similar state. Feels so much different than leading into last season.
    I know I’m excited regardless of what happens, love the fact it actually looked like they had a plan.

  29. GoHawksDani

    I don’t think the Hawks will have a top5 pick next year. I don’t think this team will be that bad (wouldn’t mind though). I think our original pick will likely be between #5-10 and the Broncos pick will likely be between #12-19. So lets say #7 and #16. That’d be 2500 points. Between #2 and #3 in value, but I think you’ll likely need to pay more in these scenario, so I’d guess #3 in a trade could be doable.

    My fear is…in the top3-5 the teams usually have no franchise QB. If Levis is so good, and the other 2 are also potentially a franchise QB, they’ll likely gone be #5-6. Something like #1 – QB, #2 – DE, 3# – QB, #4 – OT, #5 – QB feels like a strong possibility. Why would a QB needy team trade back to a team that’ll likely go for a QB? I could see #2 or #4 in the example would be open to trade back to #6 or maybe even to #7 if they think they can still choose their DE or OT prospect, but unless you pick in the top5 it could be really hard to draft a hyped, really good QB.

    Maybe I’m overthinking this, or none of these QBs are viewed as a top5 pick. Or maybe the Hawks will pick in the top5. But my fear is, even with decent ammo, it could be really hard to trade up for a good player at a premium position with other teams also in need

    • LetLockCook

      One thing that isn’t being talked about is the fact that Russ has never won an NFL game without Pete Carroll as the coach. If this trend were to continue….jackpot

      • Sean

        It’s actually even worse than you say ..he hasn’t even completed a pass.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I agree, last season will be the worst season this team has. So we probably won’t be getting the top 1 or 2 quarterbacks. Unless there is a real attempt to tank. Which I don’t see happening with Pete Carroll. However I do expect the first half of the season to be pretty bad, while the backup quarterback, offensive tackles and whoever is at center learn the system.

    • Jerry

      I wouldn’t underestimate this team’s ability to suck.

      Even in the best case scenario, the OL will take some time to gel. The group will include two rookie OTs, a new C, and two guys who were not good last year at G. Even though we didn’t add any IOL talent in the draft, is it even a foregone conclusion that Jackson is on the team next year? Whoever is the QB next year might have a tough go of things. This will obviously impact the running game, too. This team could be pretty bad.

      On the other hand, you don’t necessarily have to pick in the top 5 to get a good QB. Of the best young QBs in the game, many – Mahomes, Allen, Herbert – went in the mid- to late-1st round. Out of the top 15 guys in most QB rankings, only 4 – Matt Stafford, Joe Burrow, Kyler Murray, and Matt Ryan – went in the top 5 picks. With what is looking like a good crop of QB talent next year, the Hawks could probably land a guy with franchise QB upside with a 10-15 pick.

      I personally think they’ll have a great shot at a top 5 picks, though.

      • Paul

        I’d rather suck and be on the way up than drift, which is where the team was heading.

        In January, I was more or less on board with a do-over in the hopes that health would make a difference. That was before I understood how disenchanted Russell had become. That combination just wasn’t going anywhere.

    • Peter

      I could pretty easily see seattle getting 7 wins next year. The nfl changes all the time. And an injury coukd derail tge best of either sides of the west.

      I also think Denver gets to the playoffs. Half the teans every year were not in tge playoffs the previous season. The broncos had a miserable time with coaching last year.

      • Paul

        Peter, thanks for the Seaside Joe recommendation!

  30. TomLPDX

    Question for the group: Now that Foles has been released, do we bring him into to comPete at QB? I prefer him over Baker everyday.

    • cha

      If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. LOL

      I’d offer Foles the same contract as Geno and may the best man win the roster spot (whether it’s starting or #2 to Lock). Would Foles take that little guaranteed money? It’s a better opp to get on the field than he’s likely to find anywhere else.

    • Jerry

      I don’t see much point in bringing in players from outside the org unless they might be a long-term option. If we brought in Foles, he’d be nothing more than Lock: a stopgap. It might help us win a few more games next season, but that would actually hurt our ability to add a franchise QB. Foles is 33. He’s not a long-term option.

      Lock at least is young, and could end up being a decent option for the next few years. We can give him an audition next season, and if he’s decent he could help the transition to the guy we draft next year.

  31. AlaskaHawk

    I had wondered going into the draft if they would be offense heavy or defense heavy picks. Usually they pick a mixture of both, and this year was about the same. The biggest difference being an actual attempt to build up the offensive line with two tackles and the best running back in the group. I have to wonder how things would have played out with Russell Wilson if they had done this five years ago.

    There was some chatter earlier about picking Walker at running back. Let’s get real here. The Seahawks sucked when their best running backs were injured. They have to have someone like Walker – or a Chubb – or a Henry. Now we are in a position of having the backup quarterbacks trying for a spot. It would be suicide not to have a healthy running back available. I don’t count Homer or Dallas as being that person, they are trying real hard but it’s not enough.

    Linebacker wise, I’m assuming they will dip into the veteran market – unless they get lucky in UDFA players. Which is hard for me to imagine. But it might be good to watch teams that already have too many linebackers and see who we could get off their practice squads.

    I am really please with their focus on Edge rushers and cornerbacks. That is exactly what the defense needs.

    Thanks again Rob, this has been an incredible year on your website. I’m looking forward to more info on the UDFA players.

    • Henry Taylor

      Definitely would have been nice to come away with that guy.

  32. Seahawkwalt

    Sincere McCormic could make this team. UDFA RB w camp invite

    • D

      nice…he is even more seahawky then pierce

  33. Eric

    Im already willing to trade all of our 2023 draft for Will Levis.

  34. Alaska Norm

    Rob, thanks for all your amazing work. I can’t imagine the time you spend putting together such a quality source of information. The 12s are extremely lucky to have you as a credible source of Seahawks draft insight. Much appreciated !!!

    I feel bad for even asking, but after you get a minute to catch your breath, any chance you will do a piece on the UDFA pickups? I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on who may be the most recent surprise that could make the roster. Thanks again!

  35. Sea Mode

    Updated with what I’ve got so far. Let us know if anyone finds any more.

    UDFA (17)
    Louisiana-Lafayette QB Levi Lewis
    Framingham State DE Josh Onujiogu
    Virginia DB Joey Blount
    Georgia State OG Shamarious Gilmore
    Nebraska S Deontai Williams
    West Florida DT Matt Gotel
    FAU TE/WR/HB John Mitchell
    Texas TE Cade Brewer
    Oregon St. CB Elijah Jones
    West Florida WR Rodney Coates
    Houston WR Jake Herslow
    Wisconsin S Scott Nelson
    FIU DB Josh Valentine-Turner
    Miami S Bubba Bolden
    Auburn WR Demetris Robertson
    NC State OLB Vi Jones
    Buffalo DT Josh Rogers

    Minicamp invite (9)
    Western Michigan QB Kaleb Eleby
    Idaho S Tyrese Dedmon
    Southern Utah LB La’akea Kaho’ohanohano-Davis
    UCLA OL Paul Grattan
    Washington P Race Porter
    West Georgia RB Jace Jordan
    UTSA RB Sincere McCormick
    FCF OL Alan Randall
    Oregon St. LB Avery Roberts

    • TomLPDX

      Thanks Sea!

    • Tecmo Bowl

      I’m sorry but Her slow at WR? White dude too. Good luck buddy enjoy your time at the vmac. Take lotsa pics! 😆

      • mtpgod

        Not sure what being white has to do with his skill level at wr, but ok.

  36. Happy Hawk

    Looking at our linebacker situation:

    Brooks and Barton

    Ben B-Kirvin ( torn acl)
    J Rhattigan (torn acl)

    Tanner Muse

    and I believe thats it. Under the new defense i would expect heavy linebacker play in a 3-4 concept. Will need UDFA or FA help to shore this up.

    • Henry Taylor

      The 3-4 has less off ball linebackers than the 4-3. Plus they may be planning to take the second off ball linebacker off the field in passing situations and run a 3-3-5 (possibly with 3 safeties).

      They also do have Joel Iyeigbuniwe and last years international player pathway prospect Aaron Donker, who in 2016 had 14 sacks and 20 tfls for the Dusseldorf Panthers, so… Pro-Bowl?

    • cDalt0

      There’s also Joel Iyiegbuniwe, Aaron Donkor, and technincally Nick Bellore can and has played LB. More than anything i think this shows that this is going to be more of “true” 3-4″ defense. There isn’t really that WLB on the roster that the Hawks have typically carried. I would guess when they line up in a 4-3 the WLB is going to actually be a safety and we will have 3 safeties on the field.

      • Tecmo Bowl

        Dont know man the LB core is the same as last year minus Wagner. Its hard to deduce much from that, other than we look thin at LB. Chenal or Tindall wouldve been real nice! Ah well

        They seem to like Barton more than we fans do. He looked better last year.
        Thought BBK was the better of the 2 until he tore his knee up. Hope to see him back at full strength.

        Could be they use more 3 safety looks. Use Adams in the box more, hes best closer to the line of scrimmage. If his shoulder holds together that is. /

        • Coach

          I’m rooting for them to sign Anthony Barr who played for the Vikings?

          Do you think that’s a possibility? He’ll bring speed, coverage, and is an excellent blitzed!

          Go Hawks!

  37. Kyle

    Rob, ever since I have started following this website 4-5 years ago, I have felt more in the know about football and the Seahawks. You have made the non football side of the club be exceptionally fun to get into. Thank you for your hard work and passion of love. I am truly thankful for what you do each and every year. Cheers Rob and cheers SDB!

  38. Lee Harvey Keitel

    To the James Brown of draft blogging:
    For the love of God take a day off! You’ve earned it and then some.

  39. Buf

    Well just gave the Hawks a C+ on their draft, so clearly they did something right!

    Their rationale frankly sounded like a media pundit whining that the hawks didn’t grab a QB like they wanted. It feels good to be underrated again.

    • Glor

      True that!

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      This year: C+ for not taking a QB.
      End of rookie contract: D+ for taking a QB who didn’t have any impact when they could have grabbed Mafe or Walker.

  40. Big Mike

    What you said about Young really caught my eye Rob:
    “He does an excellent job reading what the defense is giving, ID’ing the right opportunity to find a completion and hitting the target. His processing for a young player is already very, very good.

    His accuracy is impressive. There are several throws on tape where you just have to sit back and enjoy seeing the combination of timing, anticipation and torque.”

    To me those are maybe the most important traits in a QB. Do you see Levis as being equal in this area, very close, a step behind…….?

  41. Julian L

    What was it Renee Zellweger character said in Jerry Maguire, ‘You had me at Hello’. Well I just switched on that You Tube Will Levis video, and his QB potential ‘has me at that first throw.’ Wow it’s just a flick, 45 yards, done, looking so easy.

    • GoHawks5151

      I would think Levis is a riser. I don’t know how high though. There is something to be said about Blue blood school kids. Teams love them so maybe Levis becomes an option if if they can stay in the top 10. I love Smith Njigba. He is like a more athletic Mclaurin. Jaylen Carter is gonna blow up next year. In addition to Murphy Clemson DT Bryan Breese is a beast. He’s been hurt but he’s talented.

      • GoHawks5151

        Hmmm… Not sure how the comment ended up here

        • Julian L

          I don’t know, looks like the perfect reply to me 😉

  42. Tecmo Bowl

    Rob is absolutely correct about Will Levis. He is a special special talent. Can definitely see the Josh Allen comparison, hes probably the most like for like QB comp. The best comp I can come up with is a combination of 2 late first round picks:

    Dan Marino-arm talent w lightning quick release-top 5 of all time
    Tim Tebow- athleticism and running ability

    It would be a dream if we get Levis next year!

  43. seaspunj

    Rob if the Ravens draft QB Levis… the SDB crew will blame you for this hahahahaha

    Levis looks like he’s got a strong arm and can fling it. I hope to see more highlights this upcoming season and hopefully the Seahawks can get their future franchise QB. I recall you were on 710AM with Jake & Stacy and Jake really sounded like he saw similar things you did as well.

    the new era has begun and the rebuild is in full swing.

    thank you for your excellent and amazing scouting Love the insight where the SDB fans get emotionally invested with the prospects.

    I am curious to see if Levis will end up being the #1 QB come draft time.

    Here is hoping the Seahawks get their franchise QB next year!

  44. JimQ

    Which of the signed UDFA’s has the best chance of making the final roster and/or practice squad?

    Still looking at all of the signings, but so far, I’m reasonably impressed with the following guys:
    ***Georgia State OG Shamarious Gilmore; 50+ game starting LG, strong, agile, smart & +++ at run blocking.
    **Miami S Bubba Bolden; They seem to be beating a lot of bushes at Safety, this kid = best of the UDFA DB’s?
    *Louisiana-Lafayette QB Levi Lewis; Possibly he makes it at QB-3 or much more likely the practice squad.
    ….LB-La’akea Kaho’ohanohano-Davis: I like if only just to get to hear the announcers try and say his name.

    Who do y’all like out of all these signings?

    • Sea Mode

      Honestly, I had never seen any of them. Didn’t get that deep this year.

      Maybe these three are worth looking into since they deemed them good enough to bring for a VMAC visit:

      Deontai Williams
      Joshua Onujiogu
      Shamarious Gilmore

    • D

      i liked what i found of vi jones. probably mainly for special teams though

      • Scot04

        Shamarious Gilmore was very interesting to watch last night & today.
        I also like the fact he’s also played some Left Tackle.
        Love that he feels he could play Center if a team wanted him to; just needs the reps. At 6’3 295+ 32 1/2″ arm length; did 5.28 40, 4.63 SS, 7.39 3 cone, 10’6 broad, 36 bench & a low 29 vert, but seems like he would fit at Center.
        Definitely wouldn’t take much for him to compete for our starting LG.

  45. Trevor

    Watching Tyreke Smith and looking at his athletic profile I can’t help but think Micheal Bennett. He is not an explosive athlete but he just wins at the point of attack. I had not looked at him because of his testing but he has really good tape IMO.

  46. Rad_man

    One flaw I see in the argument of drafting a QB in 2022 and then moving on from him in 2023 if he doesn’t pan out is- an argument Salk and others have made in the media- is how would you know he’s not working out in just 1 season with a bad roster? Drafting a 2nd round QB and then tossing him after 1 season for a first rounder who maybe is better? That’s so wasteful of precious resources… If you’re going to try to see what you got with a QB you better give him more than 1 season with a bad roster. You gotta give them time to develop and a fair chance to do so, otherwise you’re in a QB death spiral.

    • Scot04

      If they use a top pick in round 1 on a QB they won’t move on after 1 yr.
      Your right what salk was saying about talking Willis or Ridder in the 2nd made little sense.
      Which is why it didn’t happen.
      Now if they would have taken one in a late round this year I could have seen it.

  47. Josh

    Don’t forget the new designer trend is for a Qb’s to leave the place they set down their roots. Hawks might find themselves in the qb market when a player grows tired of their current situation. Kyler Murray, Lamar Jackson, Patrick Mahomes, or Dak Prescott? It’s a copy cat league and qbs are willing to split for greener pastures these days. Last 2 super bowl winning qb’ have done this.

    • Brik

      If we build it, they will come

  48. Peppapig
    Levis in the top ten of this mock.

    • Seaj253

      Man, I’d love to see the Seahawks find a way to get a 3rd 1st round pick. So many cool players in this upcoming draft. If Levi’s doesn’t require a trade up & they can get 3 special talents in the 1st they’d be well on their way after this years foundational draft.

      Noah Sewell at LB would have me all types of excited (and I hate the Ducks)!

      Has Phil Jurkovec been talked about in here? He’s a guy I watched once last season and came away impressed by. Kids a gamer. Last Boston College QB that played for Seattle worked out okay…

  49. Coach

    Thanks so much for this Rob! After the draft and with us waiting for a QB, I went and researched the QB’s that are probable to come out next year and one that wasn’t on your list, that was high on other lists was Richardson from Florida.

    What are your thoughts on him?

    Thanks and Go Hawks!

  50. Rob Staton

    Firstly, thanks for all of the kind words. Apologies I’ve not read all the comments and won’t answer all of the questions but thank you for everyone who continues to support SDB and this community.

    Big thank you to all of the new Patrons. It’s so appreciated, trust me.

    Finally — I watched three games of Miami QB Tyler Van Dyke today. Article coming tomorrow. Exciting times.

    • GoHawks5151

      As a Canes fan, he could be really good and a great consolation prize for Levis

    • cha

      Just from the 6 minute highlight package I just watched, he throws an extremely catchable ball. Pillowy soft deep ball with accuracy.

  51. Sea Mode

    No Combine snubs were taken before R4 and just 4 in R5. Just a mental note for the future. The league knows who’s good. Anyone not invited to the Combine is most likely at best a R6-R7 pick.

    Dane Brugler

    There were 38 non-Combine players drafted this year.

    5th Round: 4
    6th Round: 14
    7th Round: 20

    That is slightly above the yearly average.

    • Denver Hawker

      Wonder how many attended and weren’t drafted.

      • icb12

        Begs the question.. are they really “snubs” then?

      • icb12

        And to answer Denver’s question:
        324 Combine invitees
        262 draft picks
        38 non combine picks

        100 combine guys went undrafted.

  52. CaptainJack

    Here’s an idea… how about we sign FA Anthony Barr to fill our hole at linebacker. Or dont’a Hightower

    • Hoggs41

      I dont think the Seahawks see it as a hole. They really love Barton to fill it. If you are truly playing a 3-4 you only really need two linebackers.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        No, you need 4 starting caliber LBs to run a 3-4 (if you’re running some hybrid defense, then you can get away with fewer)

        And Seattle is short. I fully expect them to sign a vet LB. I would expect either KJ Wright or maybe Danny Trevathan.

        • Ben Ft. Worth

          Would love to see KJ back in blue!

    • Brik

      Kwon Alexander

  53. Ben

    I took some time to watch Levis against Iowa, Georgia, and Missouri. Am I wrong to say that he kinda reminded me of Steve McNair? He’s a big dude, and he knows it. Legit athleticism and great arm strength. Lots to work with. He’s got accuracy to him, some throws that just blow you away, really. But, and maybe I’m making something out of nothing, but his ball placement on some throws that should be really easy was either really weird or just kinda off. There’s a bunch of throws to the flat and on slants where the ball is either way too high or otherwise in a really awkward place for the receiver. It actually caused an interception in the game against Missouri.

    Again, I do like him as a prospect, and I think that the Josh Allen comparison is a pretty good one, after all, Allen wasn’t exactly perfect coming out of college either. Will Levis looks and often plays exactly like the guy I’d want quarterbacking the Seahawks, but (and maybe I’m making a mountain out of a molehill) I’d want to see him place the ball better next year before I’d be comfortable spending a really high pick on him.

    • McZ

      Only watched one game of Levis, vs Missouri. It was awful.

      Sometimes, he is really careless with the ball; he has good vision and anticipation, but he has no real zip behind the ball. It seems to be always the same throw. Those bow lamps won’t work in the NFL, and they might not work without Wandale Robinson creating that much separation. He also acts awkward when he does his second reads, it’s basically an indicator where the shot will land. Also depends a bit too much on his feet.

      Maybe he improved over the season, but… lots of work to do, IMO.
      But that’s okay for a junior player.

      • Rob Staton

        I don’t even know where to start with this 🤦‍♂️

        • Ben

          I want it on record that I do think that Will Levis is good enough for a first round pick, but I’m just not quite as high on him as you. I liked what I saw in the Mizzou game with some hiccups that worry me a bit. Don’t know what this guy saw.

  54. lybberty

    Appreciate all the great work. This is why I’m a patron. Love to support awesome work like this

    Couple questions

    Anybody interesting amongst this year’s group of UDFAs?

    I would still be interested to see your weighted analysis of the trench explosion score. I still for the life of me cannot remember what you called it. I just remember having you weight those scores by size/weight was very revealing.

    Thanks so much for your awesome coverage!

    • GoHawks5151

      I bet Bubba Bolden is exciting to PC. Highly recruited guy, former Trojan. He has a lot of gifts. Miami has been a bit unstable since he has been there. He has a lot potential still. I think about the interview with Jim Leavitt and what’s been said about Desai’s 3 safety looks and think that he could have value as a hybrid S/LB

    • Lybberty

      Rob making sure you saw this request. @rob

      • Rob Staton

        I don’t tend to watch tape on the UDFA’s because some of them don’t even last beyond rookie camp. It ends up being a lot of work for players who don’t make it. Apologies.

  55. EP

    So say for instance we have NO1 overall. Do we take Will Anderson or Will Levis. For me (amateur as I am) I simply could not pass on Anderson, he seems to be a generational talent. Part of me would sacrifice our high stock in 2022 to push fo him. Obviously the QB is important but there is nobody like him and potentially won’t be for years to come.

    • Seaj253

      Fun thought – I just don’t think Seahawks will be a #1 pick team under Carroll. It’s not in his DNA to just throw in the towel. This team will fight & compete all year long and fall into some wins even with potential poor QB play.

      I foresee them picking around 8-12

      • Peter

        This 💯.

        Pete’s never going to tank. If they keep it simple for Lock with a heavy dose of running pick 8-12 feels like the floor.

    • Poli

      Maybe Wilson will hurt his finger again and the Hawks end up getting Will Anderson and Levis/Stroud/Young

  56. Jordan

    Perhaps it is self evident, but it’s worth mentioning how prudent it is to have Cross, Lucas and Walker take their lumps and get their seasoning while Geno or Lock is the QB rather than with the QB of the future behind centre.

  57. Adog

    It’s no fluke that the first draft after Russell leaves is the best since he arrived. It’s like Carrol and to a lesser degree Schneider got bug eyed in the presence of the mythical franchise QB. A myth since the wins and losses in the playoffs do not support the franchise QB status for Russell Wilson. He said he wanted stars…they got the best player available… Jamal Adams. Maybe he was talking about more intimate affairs. Anyhow…I cannot forget that this team beat a team that was as close to any…the niners to winning the SB… twice. That’s no fluke.

  58. Hoggs41

    Here is a 2023 mock with Levis going 6 overall. The comp him to Josh Allen.

  59. Palatypus

    Hey Rob,

    Of all the great work you did this year, I just wanted to say that your masterpiece was the horizontal board. Crossing off names during the draft, it leant a lot of insight into the biases of certain teams. Dallas really loves their SEC guys. And now EVERYONE knows Baltimore loves Alabama players. You could really see the regionalism.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      And Seattle really love Big 10 prospects.

  60. Gaux Hawks

    Bummed about Channing Tindall & Zach Tom, but no complaints here.

    Looking ahead to 2023, this feels good!

    Priorities: QB (1R23), ILB (2R23), DT (2R23), S (3R23), C (FA)

    QB: Drew Lock, ?
    LT: Charles Cross, Stone Forsythe
    LG: Phil Haynes, Jake Curhan
    C: Austin Blythe, ?
    RG: Damien Lewis, Jake Curhan
    RT: Abraham Lucas, Stone Forsythe
    RB1: Rashaad Penny, DeeJay Dallas
    RB2: Kenneth Walker, Travis Homer
    HB: Nick Bellore, Will Dissly
    TE: Noah Fant, Colby Parkinson
    WR1: Tyler Lockett, Dee Eskridge
    WR2: DK Metcalf, Dareke Young

    DE: Shelby Harris, L.J. Collier
    NT: Al Woods, Bryan Mone
    DT: Poona Ford, Quinton Jefferson
    LEO: Darrell Taylor, Alton Robinson
    SAM: Uchenna Nwosu, Boye Mafe
    MIKE: Jordyn Brooks, ?
    WILL: Cody Barton, Joel Iyiegbuniwe
    RCB: Artie Burns, Tariq Woolen
    LCB: Sidney Jones, Tre Brown
    NKL: Marquise Blair, Coby Bryant
    FS: Quandre Diggs, Ugo Amadi
    SS: Jamal Adams, Ryan Neal

  61. cha

    Another indicator of the depth in this draft class – teams handed out a lot of guaranteed money.

    Eagles spent over $500k on two undrafted players alone, including $320,000 to Carson Strong

    • HOUSE


      Great find. Crazy how things went down in this draft and preceding UDFA signings.

      I know you got the info on salary cap stuff. Is my understanding correct that we have to post-1 Jun TRADE Gabe Jackson to get the salary cap relief. If we release him, it looks like we save $0 (pointless to get rid of him since we’d be on the hook for $9M).


      • cha

        Correct. His salary became guaranteed in February so that changed his cap hit.

        They have to find someone to take him in trade to save any money this year.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          Which is why I think they should try to swap Gabe for Baker, but each team keeps their traded player’s salary.

          If Seattle have to spend $9m on a salary, I’d rather it be for Mayfield than Jackson.

          • Rob Staton

            The Browns have no leverage though

            They are an embarrassment of a franchise

            They should cut him or, before the draft, they should’ve come to a compromise on salary

            Now the entire NFL is going to let them stew in their own you know what. And rightly so.

            Eventually they’ll have to do something. If they want to wait it out so be it

            • cha

              I think the Browns are perfectly content to be called stupid over the Baker Mayfield situation.

              It deflects attention from their far greater stupidity with the Watson deal.

            • Blitzy the Clown

              I guess. I don’t really want to pursue Mayfield, but sure, throw him into the competition if the price is right.

              It’s just that nobody is gonna trade for Jackson and his $9m cap hit.

              • Rob Staton

                Jackson’s base salary is $6m so you wouldn’t be paying $9m if you trade for him.

    • V

      Highest guarantees for UDFA signings I’ve seen so far:

      Eagles QB Carson Strong: $320k
      Eagles CB Mario Goodrich: $217k
      Colts OL Ryan Van Demark: $175k
      Lions OL Obinna Eze: $170k
      Dolphins OL Kellen Diesch: $140k
      Dolphins CB Kader Kohou: $130k
      Saints S Smoke Monday: $120k

      One more to add: Vikings UDFA DE Luiji Vilain (Wake Forest): $227k in total guarantees.
      Another massive UDFA guarantee: The #Eagles gave DT Noah Ellis a $10k signing bonus and $240k in total guarantees, per source.

      • Sea Mode

        One of Rob’s favorites (R2 grade) who must have injury red flags got a big deal as well. I don’t think it’s worth it to spend that kind of money on guys you’re probably just going to cut in a few months anyways…

        Doug Kyed

        #Jaguars WR Kevin Austin’s UDFA deal includes a $25k signing bonus and $230k in total guarantees. One of the top UDFA contracts so far.

    • Henry Taylor

      Somewhat dissapointed we didnt take a flyer on Strong in the 7th. Upside vs cost would have been worth it there.

      • Rob Staton

        The thing is — he had no business going undrafted.

        Which means that the knee is more serious than perhaps people realise. As in, the NFL medicals staffs have determined that it’s going to significantly shorten his career or prevent him from ever amounting to anything.

        Big names like that don’t go undrafted without something very serious provoking it.

        • Henry Taylor

          I had the same thought following the conclusion of the draft, but the money he got from the Eagles gave me pause for thought. That dollar amount suggests there’s at least a chance.

          However, the fact that they pretty quickly secured a different UDFA QB suggests they were never going to take that chance.

          • Rob Staton

            To be fair it’s a shot to nothing. If the knee doesn’t hold up now and he doesn’t make it nobody will care about the 300k they spent to have a look

          • Big Mike

            Agree Henry. Wilson and the QBs they’ve reportedly been interested in the last half decade, Josh Allen and Mahomes, are all mobile. Drew Lock has mobility. The o-line this upcoming season will definitely struggle with 2 rooks at the Tackle position. Strong doesn’t fit what they like or where the team will be in the next year or two.

  62. HOUSE


    Thank you for the amazing write up as always. You continue to do awesome work and I am so lucky to just get to read it here. I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m going to try… this site has been a HUGE highlight in my Seahawks fandom and I can’t thank you enough for the hard work and sacrifices you’ve made to bring us the goods!!!

  63. Doug

    Levis will be fun to watch this season. He plays a bit like Andrew Luck.

  64. Kevin

    Now I know your take on Malik, but I found this laughable last night a guy tried to convince the world that Willis was a better prospect coming out then Josh Allen.. so I guess he thinks a top 10 qb, whatcha got so I can screenshot it for him because apparently I’m hating on him because of his race???

  65. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    Sources: The #Texans are signing #Seahawks FA pass-rusher Rasheem Green to a 1-year deal. Coming off a career year with 6.5 sacks, Green gives Houston a big post-draft boost off the edge.
    3:57 AM · May 2, 2022

    • Rob Staton

      Green gives Houston a big post-draft boost off the edge


      • cha

        But he’s only a year and change older than Boye Mafe and has 4 seasons of nfl experience so he must be better.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Translation: they signed Green to a 1-year deal in the hopes that he gives them a big post-draft boost of the edge.

    • SpennyDunks

      Addison is more productive in less snaps. If they want to bolster the depth / move on from Collier I wouldn’t hate that signing.

      • Big Mike

        Please move on from Collier. You blew that pick. Accept it.

        • TomLPDX

          At least they declined his 5th year option, so that’s a start.

          • cha

            Yes but in true Seahawks fashion, he’ll tear it up the last 4 games of the season and the Seahawks media team will be bursting with video clips of how awesome the guy is and what a fantastic draft pick he turned out to be.

            • TomLPDX

              That’s assuming he isn’t a healthy scratch in those games.

  66. Bankhawk

    The coming youth movement on the OL: LT- Cross/Forsythe; LG Gilmore: C-Blythe: RG Lewis/Haynes: RT-Lucas/Curhan. Who did I leave out?
    We’ll, I like the sound of it

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Isn’t Blythe 30?

      Also, UDFAs like Gilmore rarely start. Especially with Phil Haynes and Jake Curhan ahead of him.

      • Dregur

        Maybe he can follow the Jake Curhan route?

  67. Clayton B Russell Jr

    Rob, thanks for the hours you spent working on everything over the draft, the special “YouTube Videos via the Seahawks Rebuild / and others with Robbie etc.) I know you are excited as am I after this draft and I am also looking forward to this college season.

    I am planning on attending a few SEC games, since I moved back from the Middle East (UAE). I plan on watching/going to a few Florida, LSU and S. Carolina games. I am planning on looking at these schedules to see what matchups and players, I could watch in anticipation of next year’s draft.

    Speaking of next year’s draft, any upcoming thoughts on Spencer Rattler whose now at S. Carolina after transferring from Oklahoma? I think he is a junior now.


  68. Paul

    Hey, Rob—Thanks for everything and have a great trip. When we lived on the west coast, we loved taking our kids to Disneyland. Do you ever get over to Ireland?

  69. Ashish

    Overall happy with draft picks but was looking for center

    • TomLPDX

      Maybe we’ll pick one up in FA. Any good ones available?

      • JJ

        Blythe will be fine. Maybe pick up another for competition. I assume we’ll be looking again for options in 2023.

  70. Aaron Bostrom

    Thank you Rob for all of your hard work and excellent content. It makes the draft season so much fun. I’m glad we got to enjoy a good draft this year.

    PFF had the Seahawks taking Will Levis today in their mock draft at #8 overall. Let’s make it happen.

  71. Denver Hawker

    As I Monday-morning QB this draft, a few thoughts:

    – Boy was that draft room ‘meh’ on that Cross pick. Obviously I hope he becomes an all-pro, but Ekwonu and Neal strike me as more of Seahawk personalities they prefer and suspect the trade up that evaporated was for one of them.

    – I’m just not sure what they could have done different or better with 41/72. I would be equally pleased if they took Jurgens/Troy Anderson/Muma at 41, but Walker is the better value there. We still have needs at C/ILB, but perhaps they think those are better filled with FA.

    – Love what they did at CB- got a guy who can compete day 1 and an awesome project. Also love that they waited to tap into the depth at the position.

    – Really incredible how many WRs went in the first few rounds. Speaks to the surging price tag and the premium place on the position. That said, I think it’s also one of the biggest crapshoots drafting one. Perhaps teams are opting for the volume of WR lottery tickets. Wonder if the Hawks go WR early next year.

    – Outside of Cross, I thought the Board fell nicely for where they drafted and positions of need.

    – Last thought- Rob’s prep this year was simply superb. I had a bunch of friends asking me about players outside of R1 for their teams and I felt like a draft expert in their eyes just for reading this blog. Rob’s horizontal board was so accurate and well researched. I can’t think of how many hours must have been poured into the making. Appreciate all you do Rob.

    • Rob Staton

      Boy was that draft room ‘meh’ on that Cross pick. Obviously I hope he becomes an all-pro, but Ekwonu and Neal strike me as more of Seahawk personalities they prefer and suspect the trade up that evaporated was for one of them.

      I think it’s pretty clear they were prepared to move up for Thibodeaux or Stingley Jr. They said a trade up chance “vanished”. Well, by pick #6 both KT and DS were off the board and all three offensive tackles were there.

      So I think they saw those two players as legit blue chippers in a draft without them and once that chance had gone, they were probably a bit deflated and settled on what their board told them.

      Last thought- Rob’s prep this year was simply superb. I had a bunch of friends asking me about players outside of R1 for their teams and I felt like a draft expert in their eyes just for reading this blog. Rob’s horizontal board was so accurate and well researched. I can’t think of how many hours must have been poured into the making. Appreciate all you do Rob.

      Thank you. This comment really does mean a lot to me, because I can honestly say I’ve put absolutely everything into this. I’ve never worked as much on this blog. I’ve always kind of joked it’s like a second full time job. To an extent it was even more than that this year. The hours I’ve put into this was absolutely nuts. I’ve poured my soul into it. As soon as I finished work I’d start watching tape, writing, setting up or recording interviews, doing the streams, calling my contact.

      It was hours every night. And don’t get me wrong — I absolutely loved doing it. It’s a massive labour of love for me.

      But to see people got something out of it all is a major relief and hit of positivity. So thank you.

      • Ashish

        Really appreciate it. The second job you’re not getting paid but your content quality is top notch. One fine day you will be in NFL.

        • ulsterman

          Compare the analysis on this site to some of the so-called experts, like those predicting the Seahawks trade up to 3 to take Matt Corral.
          Rob your work is genuinely appreciated, it gets better every year.

      • David Ashton

        Thank you Rob. Legendary effort!

  72. MarkinSeattle

    Rob, fantastic job once again. You do amazing work and I am continually impressed with the content you put out.

    Several more Notre Dame names to keep an eye on for next year’s draft:

    Isiah Foskey is an edge rusher who will likely be a top 15 consideration this upcoming year. He has top notch physical attributes and this past year he had good production.

    Brandon Joseph was an AA in 2021 at safety for Northwestern. He wasn’t quite as good last year and transferred over to ND in the spring. Sounds like he is back up to form and his play may elevate him into late first/early second next year.

    Jarrett Patterson was getting AA mention in 2021. The entire OL was mostly awful last year due to very poor OL coaching. Harry Hiestand who coached the ND OL during the years they produced Zach Martin, Quentin Nelson, Ronnie Stanley and Mike McGlinchey has returned. Patterson will likely be mentioned as one of the top 2 centers this upcoming year.

    For the 2024 draft, watch the ND OT’s Joe Alt and Blake Fisher. Fisher in particular has the talent to approach Quentin Nelson. Marist Luifau at LB is another one to keep an eye on as well.

  73. HOUSE

    Here’s another 2023 Mock Draft (way too early I know) with us just missing out on Will Levis…

  74. Mark

    He looks like an NFL QB already to my eye. One more year of pro level coaching and I could see this.

    LOVE his moxie and well all of it.

    Nice find!

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