The Seahawks had the draft they needed to have

The rebuild begins with a bang

A week ago I wrote a list of ‘draft rules and aims’ for the Seahawks.

It included:

— Improve the trenches
— Don鈥檛 hole-fill
— Build to be the kind of team you want to be
— Be prepared to shoot for the stars at #9
— Be patient at quarterback (aka don’t draft one from this class)
— An unsexy draft is OK

All ticked off. Mission accomplished.

(They didn’t draft a Georgia defender though, shame)

Despite Pete Carroll’s protestations, this is a rebuild. You simply cannot move on from so many players — Russell Wilson, Bobby Wagner, Duane Brown, D.J. Reed, Carlos Dunlap — and not see it that way.

It might not be an expansion franchise-level build. It’s still significant. It called for a very deliberate and specific approach to the draft.

This was a foundational class full of building blocks in the trenches. Tapping into that to construct the foundation of your future team had to be the aim.

This also wasn’t the year to go chasing a quarterback. It was a class full of third rounders. How many times did we say that? We even had a long interview with Scot McCloughan spelling it out.

You were never going to find your next franchise quarterback among this group. Instead of feeling obliged to rush out and try to find a Wilson replacement who likely wasn’t any better than Drew Lock — and probably would’ve been worse — the Seahawks showed great restraint.

They went about building their structure. Two high picks on offensive tackles. Two picks on pass rushers. Two picks on cornerbacks. Two on receivers.

Premium positions — all of them.

The areas where you need to be strong in order to succeed — addressed.

And look — who’s to say that they drafted the right players or that these prospects will amount to anything? Who knows?

I’ve always felt, however, that as a fan all you can hope for, really, is to understand the plan. Have faith in the plan. The Seahawks sent the message that they know this is going to take some time and they needed to build from the front.

That’s refreshing and reassuring.

It’s also what they need to do to create the kind of team they want to be. There’s been a slightly awkward clash of philosophies in recent years as Carroll tried to instil his vision and accommodate a franchise quarterback who quite rightly expected a big say too.

Now, though, Carroll is in a position to build the kind of roster he feels is necessary. And whether you agree that he should have that power or not — that’s not the point. The only thing worse than having a Head Coach you don’t believe in any more is having a Head Coach who has lost all sense of identity and vision.

So while ‘Seahawks Twitter’ went about having a good moan after Seattle picked a running back in round two — I was completely comfortable with it. Not just because Kenneth Walker is a really good player — but also because Carroll needs a top runner for this to work. We’ve seen the stark difference in performance when his team can and can’t run the ball well.

He hasn’t been able to rely on Rashaad Penny and Chris Carson to stay healthy. Now he’s taken a player who can potentially drive this team on.

Walker carried Michigan State to unexpected success in 2021.

It may or may not work. We’ll find out. I understand the plan though. Frankly I also believe in it too. They’ve built up their lines. They’re now better placed to rush the passer, run the football and pass protect.

That is a good thing.

The three top picks headline everything of course. I think it’s interesting to look at how they were graded and marked.

I wasn’t a huge Charles Cross fan personally but appreciate the thought process and acknowledge others rated him a lot higher than I did.

Many people graded him among the best players in the draft and I never did. I wasn’t alone. Daniel Jeremiah only ranked him as the 22nd best player in the draft.

As I wrote after the first round, I think a lot of teams ‘settled’ on players. It wasn’t a draft with a great top-10 or even top-20. There were some solid players, some risky players and maybe one or two with star potential but some flags.

They took Cross probably because options such as Derek Stingley Jr, Kayvon Thibodeaux, Evan Neal and Ikem Ekwonu weren’t there. Two days on, I’m at peace with it. Like I said — he wasn’t my personal top choice by any stretch. He likely wouldn’t be the top choice for people like Jeremiah or Lance Zierlein (who had Cross ranked 17th in the class). I don’t think you can quibble too much, though, about taking a left tackle prospect in round one.

Here’s the thing though — the comparative value of their next two choices was really good. If they reached on Cross on Jeremiah’s board, Zierlein’s board and my own personal board, the next two picks were the opposite.

Jeremiah had Boye Mafe ranked 31st but he was taken at #40. He had Kenneth Walker ranked 33rd but he was taken at #41.

I don’t think they got a true top-10 value out of Cross but you could easily suggest they got two first-round graded players in round two. Don’t just take my word for it either. Dane Brugler had Walker as RB1, a fringe first rounder and compared him to Garrison Hearst. Zierlein had Mafe ranked 34th and Walker 36th.

I think it all basically balances out quite well in terms of value.

They then selected Abraham Lucas in round three — a player I thought genuinely deserved late first round consideration — before gaining tremendous value on day three with the two cornerbacks they selected.

I’ll say it again — mission accomplished.

People have quibbled and that’s fine. You don’t have to take my word as gospel on this draft class or the Seahawks.

I do think it’s a bit silly though that the running back value debate has reared its ugly head again — a thoroughly boring topic that people obsess over. I’d suggest the presence of Derrick Henry, Jonathan Taylor, Dalvin Cook, Nick Chubb and Joe Mixon — all drafted in the same range as Kenneth Walker — suggests there’s ample value to be found with a pick like this.

Not everything has to be viewed through the prism of straining every last drop of positional value out of every decision — then complaining about it on Twitter.

A lot of this was connected to the quarterback class. Why take a running back in round two instead of a quarterback, people asked. It’s a simple answer. The running back taken is really good. The quarterbacks were limited, middling and mediocre.

There were also people complaining about Mafe’s age. Presumably if he was only currently 21 or 22 instead of 23 it would somehow impact his ability to succeed in the NFL. Forget that he runs a 1.56 10-yard split, jumps a 42 inch vertical, had a strong 19.8% pass rush win percentage at Minnesota and made it look easy at the Senior Bowl with the way he rushed the edge with a great repertoire. Forget that he’s only a year older than T.J. Watt was when he entered the league.

No, he’s one or two years older than ideal. Let the complaining begin.

Anyway, enough about that.

Here’s what the Seahawks achieved over the last three days.

They are launching a rebuild with young book-end offensive tackles. Two legit options for the long haul at both tackle spots.

They have a dynamic, explosive, super-quick pass rusher to play across from Darrell Taylor and rotate with Uchenna Nwosu.

They have a running back with the potential and upside to be something a bit special. Walker is a dude. Look at his combine highlights video. Look at that frame. Watch his game against Michigan. Be excited by him.

There wasn’t a week during the 2021 season where we didn’t discuss the way Walker was putting on a show for Michigan State. He carried his team to a great season.

They’ve added two young cornerbacks — one hailed for his physicality, leadership and production, the other for his incredible upside and ceiling.

They drafted the guy who fought with Trevor Penning — a top-20 pick — throughout the Senior Bowl (and won his fair share of reps).

They ended with two dynamic receivers with upside potential.

They haven’t addressed every need and they were never going to be able to pull that off. It’s a little bit unexpected that they didn’t tap into this attractive linebacker class at any point.

They’ll need to return to the veteran market in the coming days to fill some holes.

I’ll also always wonder about the first round trade up that ‘vanished’ according to John Schneider. The Giants taking Kayvon Thibodeaux at #5 instead of an offensive lineman took away a possible move up to #6 in deal with Carolina.

In the future they will need to find a game-wrecking defensive player — probably a pass rusher — and a quarterback. In order to truly succeed, those will be the things they need to accomplish over the next one or two off-seasons.

The building blocks are in place though thanks to this draft. We’ll see what the 2022 season brings with modest expectations.

Then in 12 months time they’ll have a chunk of cap space to use, four picks in the first two rounds and a chance to push this team into a contending position — while finding the future at quarterback.

I can’t wait to watch quarterback tape. I want to start now. What an exciting prospect to study a talented class to try and find the player they will select next year. I’ve already done plenty of work on Kentucky’s Will Levis — who I believe should be the top target — but I will begin pouring over the other candidates.

Then when the college football season returns in September — the excitement will build as we watch these young players perform.

The future at the position, whoever it is, will be part of a team with all the necessary pieces to succeed on offense.

Rebuilds don’t happen in one off-season. Seattle started theirs the right way.

A good start. The right start.

Forward we go.

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  1. Sea Mode

    VMAC visitor

    Justin M

    The #Seahawks are signing Framingham State DE Josh Onujiogu, per source.

    • Palatypus

      His highlight tape was hysterical.

  2. ShowMeYourHawk

    Fully agreed on all items, Rob. Thanks again for your dedication to the site and as a fellow 12.

    BTW, if you want to finally rest a bit, it’s understood but the PFN Mock Draft Simulator is already running for 2023!

  3. Sea Mode

    Tom Pelissero
    路 18s

    Former Louisiana-Lafayette QB Levi Lewis is signing with the #Seahawks, per source.

    • cha

      Pete Carroll Draft Clue #1 for 2023. Anagram of Will Levis.

      • ShowMeYourHawk


      • Shawn

        Presumably a clip from a 501 pants commercial would be a bit too obvious 馃槵

  4. Sea Mode

    Tom Pelissero
    路 39s

    Former Western Michigan QB Kaleb Eleby has accepted an invite to #Seahawks rookie camp, per source.

  5. Sea Mode

    Doug Kyed
    路 45s

    Some UDFA signings:

    Georgia Southern CB Darrell Baker to the Cardinals
    UC Davis DT Bryce Rodgers to the Cardinals
    Nebraska S Deontai Williams to the Seahawks

    • Sea Mode

      Also a VMAC visitor

  6. Sea Mode

    Aaron Wilson
    路 1m

    Idaho safety Tyrese Dedmon invited to Seahawks rookie minicamp, per a league source

  7. Mr drucker in hooterville

    Rob, I hope you will do a posting/podcast about the UDFA鈥檚.

  8. Rob Staton

    Can I just say thank you to everyone who’s followed along during this draft season.

    I’ve worked harder and longer than ever since the Wilson trade — studied more tape on more players. And although I had my crappest mock draft in years in terms of results, I think we also got a lot right (especially on the QB’s).

    I can’t wait to get into the 2023 stuff.

    • cha

      Killed it this year Rob.

    • Hawk Scott

      Thank you for EVERYTHING, Rob!!! This site has become my go-to source for everything Seahawks, and your comprehensive deep-dive into all these players just shows why you’re the best in the biz.

      Get some well-deserved sleep and already can’t wait for next year!!!

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      Forward our thanks to your wife too pls for allowing us to have so much of your time these days!

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      Thanks for all you do it’s greatly appreciated.

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      Just an absolute treat.

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      Thank you very much for your outstanding work, Rob. Your website is my primary sorce for Seahawks-related news and analysis. Your deep and elaborated coverage in the last few weeks is simply excellent and has made my process of preparing for and watching the NFL draft so much more enjoyable.

      I agree with you in all main aspects regarding this draft: The Seahawks did exactly what they needed to do. Approaching this draft in respect of the long-term success of the franchise. Focus on building up the trenches. Restore our identity. Don鈥檛 waste draft capital on QBs when we are starting a rebuild – wait at least one year with that. This was absolutely not hole-filling, but still we addressed the trenches a lot as I was hoping for. Hopefully we picked the right individuals – but only time can tell. For now, I really like the players we got.

      Again, I really appreciate your work. Your posts are an important part of my existance as a Seahawks fan.

    • MychestisBeastmode

      You were a man possessed. There’s no way I get goosebumps after the Mafe pick or think this draft is near perfect when hearing Abe Lucas in the 3rd without your keen eye, resourceful interviews, and impeccable analysis.

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      Great work Rob, the amount of research you do and content you provide is incredible. Already excited about the season (despite modest expectations) and then gearing up for the 2023 class.

      P.S. Fantastic call on Nakobe Dean going in the 3rd round. I just didn鈥檛 see in a million years how that could happen, obviously the medical and size concerns were very real. The spirited debates were fun and all part of what makes this blog what it is.

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      Geno/Drew鈥 what they both offer is a live arm that can make the necessary throws and a few spectacular ones, plus athleticism, and some NFL XP. But they fit the full circle model of Pete鈥檚 team vision. Run the ball, take your shots, suffocate their run game, it鈥檚 all a out the ball鈥 you dont need a superstar QB for that. It almost seems they got away from their proper draft process because of the superstar we had.

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      Secondary shout outs to cha, Robbie and Sea Mode for the stuff you do that makes this such a special place. And finally the annual nod of appreciation for Mrs Rob, the woman must be an absolute saint.

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    • WILL

      Cheers Rob .
      Absolute great work over the last few weeks / months . Much appreciated for all the content .
      I really do agree with you on the summary at the end even if Pete wont admit we are rebuilding .
      I am very happy and excited with the picks . We might not be good this year but a big stepping stone for the near future .
      a quick question if you can ? what are the chances of going for GARDNER M from Philly seen as though they took Carson strong and another qb in UDFA ,s ?
      thanks again .

      • L80

        Rob, Like you, I quit all the ridiculous “fan forums” years ago…We were both part of the same one for years, and I loathed the way people were treated there. Including BOTH of us and guys like Kip.

        That being said, you have built this into the best place for a Hawk fan of any other site and it isn’t even close.

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  9. Sea Mode

    NFL Draft Diamonds

    Virginia DB Joey Blount is headed to the #Seahawks #HulaBowl

  10. Coach

    Thanks again Rob! What a blessing to see that the Seahawks finally took some of your key guys (we at the community, loved to see that) unlike years past where they drafted head scratchers.

    Also, without taking a DT or LB, what are your thoughts on signing Akeem Hicks and Anthony Barr? Is seems like we could now make a few cuts to make that happen. I think they would definitely add some thump to our defense!

    If not them, what other FA’s would be a possibility?

    Excited to see how our new guys contribute!

    Go Hawks!!

    • MychestisBeastmode

      Or Clowney.

    • Mr drucker in hooterville

      PC told Tyreke Smith he will be a lb.

  11. Sea Mode

    You love to see it.

    • Peter

      Love how stoked they are for him.

  12. Mike

    Thank you for all the great content. You absolutely crushed it this off-season.

    Does anybody else see shades of Josh Allen in Levis?

    • Bob Johnston

      I just made the same comment down below.

  13. Sea Mode

    For those who put a lot of stock into age:

    Jim Nagy

    Biggest learning lesson for next year鈥檚 @seniorbowl roster build is age doesn鈥檛 matter. Teams took a bunch of 23 and 24-year olds these past three days.

    • Henry Taylor

      Fwiw I do think age is a relevant factor, not just for the longevity of a player, but just the general idea that if someone breaks out at the college level as a teenager they’re probably better than someone who doesn’t start playing well until they’re the oldest, most physically developed guy on the field.

      That said it is just A factor, just like testing is A factor. Lots of people dismissing players outright because of it. And that’s wrong.

  14. God of Thunder

    So much fine analysis and it鈥檚 nice to have it all capped off with a fair minded summary of what the team accomplished this draft.

  15. DavidinBellingham

    My mood was dark when Seattle selected Cross at nine with J Johnson on the board. I chanted Johnson’s name at the television.

    • DavidinBellingham

      We will see in future if Cross was the better choice- I am rooting for him to succeed. The rest of the draft was spectacular. It reinvigorated my love for the hawks- and I started watching in the 80s.
      Great work again this year, Rob. This is the best football related website on the internet.

  16. Sea Mode

    Congrats, Mychest and family!!

    Jamie Council

    Sebastian Gutierrez was signed by the @Broncos as an UDFA per the family.

    Video reaction:

    • DavidinBellingham

      Yes, great news, going to a great organization with a great quarterback!

    • Tecmo Bowl

      I know a guy who signed with Denver as a UDFA back in the late 90s. He made their practice squad and got a Super Bowl ring!

      Good things can happen. Best of luck!

    • TomLPDX


    • MychestisBeastmode

      I always will be living the “Go Hawks” mantra, but today, Let’s Ride!

      Nobody knows what the future may hold, but my cousin is as grounded as anyone I know, gracious for where he’s at, and has all the potential to be an impact O lineman in the NFL. We are a proud bunch with family in western and eastern Washington, not mention those scattered across Wyoming, new mexico, Arizona, Oklahoma, and Texas. Awesome day.

      Thanks to everyone for the well wishes. I’ve never bought a not Seahawks NFL jersey, but I will definitely be picking up a fresh Gutierrez Broncos jersey in the near future.

    • Palatypus


    • Big Mike

      Sincere congratulations to he, you and the family. I wish him success

  17. IHeartTacoma

    I’m stunned by linemen like Mafe with 42″ standing verticals. That is incredible at their size.
    Win or lose, it’s going to be fun watching the young guys this year.

    • Palatypus

      I wish you could have been there at day two of practice at the Senior Bowl and heard all the oohs and ahs of the football writers.

      I predict he will be DROY and get us 12 sacks.

      • MychestisBeastmode

        I so hope you’re right. Whether he does or doesn’t, I have a feeling this front seven will be feasting more than we’ve been accustomed to in years past.

  18. BoiseSeahawk

    “In the future they will need to find a game-wrecking defensive player 鈥 probably a pass rusher 鈥 and a quarterback. In order to truly succeed, those will be the things they need to accomplish over the next one or two off-seasons.”

    Will Anderson (game wrecking defensive player)
    Will Levis (quarterback)

    • Tecmo Bowl

      Thats the dream!
      Nolan Smith+Bryce Young would be a nice consolation prize

  19. Veryal

    Coan and Borghi sign with the colts

    • Veryal

      Carson strong to the eagles

      • Veryal

        Kevin Austin signs with the Jags

  20. Sea Mode

    Met with him at CGS All Star game.

    Justin M

    The #Seahawks are signing Georgia State OG Shamarious Gilmore, per source.

    Gilmore put up 36 reps on the bench press. Gilmore is big, strong and athletic. 2021 All-Sun Belt Conference First-Team, 51 consecutive starts.

    • Scot04

      Love that he’s a LG

  21. DarrellDownUnder

    Best site by far.
    Nonstop content, what a luxury.

  22. CaptainJack

    Even if Charles Cross is say, only the 17th best player in the draft, he’s still the consensus third best OT. Not sure anyone had Penning over him. It’s a bit of drafting to fill a hole, but how would this blog react to seahawks going PURE BPA (assuming there were no devent tradedown offers) and going with Garrett Wilson?

    • Palatypus

      I liked Penning a hair more than Cross. I think Penning’s flaws are correctable.

      That said, he has a lot of flaws.

    • MychestisBeastmode

      Not a scout. Outside of Jameson Williams, I didn’t care much for the WRs in Rd 1. And not that it matters, but just blindly choosing BPA in a position of strength (DK + Lockett) would have been would have been moronic; which is why I doubt it was even considered unless they received an out of this world offer for DK.


      BPA would’ve probably been JJ, Jordan Davis, or even Kyle Hamilton.

  23. Mike McD

    Well said Rob.

    I would also add. If Drew Lock wins the starting job and plays decent this year. You could potentially have a solid backup for years to come.

    I am with you. What a draft. You can nitpick here and there but overall, mission accomplished. There were alot of naysayers leading into the draft about JS/PC but boy do they have to eat their words now. As you pointed out many times, JS/PC built an incredible team once – can they do it again? Great start.

    I also agree with you on the RB situation. Like it or not, it is better to have an identity as a football team and a purpose. This is a PC football team and he wants a point guard at QB, run the football, and play great defense.

    Excellent year Rob…. thank you for all the hard work. Cannot wait for 2023!

  24. Hoggs41

    Very excited about the future of the OLine even though next year could be rough. Not much leadership there as its pretty clear Brown wont be coming back. We have Blythe who is new to the team and Jackson in his second season if he stays. Will be interesting where Lewis plays.

  25. Sea Mode

    UDFA so far:

    Louisiana-Lafayette QB Levi Lewis
    Western Michigan QB Kaleb Eleby
    Framingham State DE Josh Onujiogu
    Virginia DB Joey Blount
    Georgia State OG Shamarious Gilmore
    Nebraska S Deontai Williams
    Idaho S Tyrese Dedmon

    • Palatypus

      Watch Framingham State DE Josh Onujiogu highlight tape. It’s hysterical.

  26. Spectator

    Kevin Austin and Haskell Garrett are two i am curious about. Another is Wydermyer, mainly because so remember the write up we had last year that he was potentially better than Pitts. What happened to him to go undrafted?

    • Henry Taylor

      An all time awful testing profile.

  27. Sea Mode

    A DT. Let’s see if confirmed.

    Lakes Lancers

    I heard SnowCollege/Uof West Florida Matt Gotel (Lakes ’17) is a UDFA for the Seattle Seahawks.

    • Palatypus

      Wow. I grew up a few blocks from Lakes and live a couple miles from the University of West Florida.

      Go Argos!

      You may like their colors.

  28. ivotuk

    Perfect once again Rob. We absolutely needed an RB! Even Aaron Rodgers plays better with a great running game.
    Bucky Brooks said “You have to look at who you want with your 1st and 2nd round pick. Which position will have the better options in the 2nd? In this case, Defensive end. Whereas, LTs in the 2nd round are non-existent.

  29. Tecmo Bowl

    “as a fan all you can hope for, really, is to understand the plan. Have faith in the plan. The Seahawks sent the message that they know this is going to take some time and they needed to build from the front.

    That鈥檚 refreshing and reassuring.”

    Spot on.

    This is the best draft they’ve had since getting Clark and Lockett, maybe even longer. Releived that JS/PC conceded that the roster needed a rebuild, not patching holes. Excited with the building blocks for the future!

  30. Sea Mode

    That’s a TE

    Willie Taggart

    Congratulation @John_mitchell13 on signing with the Seahawks. Go Owls!

  31. DAWGFan

    It was a very strange draft by Seahawks standards, I was really expecting them to trade down in the early rounds and stockpile draft picks.

    I really wanted them to trade up from 109 and land a LB that went in the 3rd, but am ecstatic over the DB’s they were able to use with those picks.

    While I think RW3 make Denver a much better team the AFC West is so loaded I don’t know how much they will improve record wise, also playing the NFC West these teams know his tendencies. Hawks will likely take a step back so we will likely have (2) top 15 first rounds pick and (4) in the top 45. That is a lot of draft capital if they want to move up to the top 3. And I absolutely agree that Levis is who I would prefer them to target but again it is a long ways away. Joe Burrow would of been a 6th or 7th round pick (if at all) the year before he was the #1 pick.

    Rob – As always you have put together so many topic points leading up to the draft, love the insight.

    • Whit21

      Im kinda glad they didnt get cute and move back… most the drafts the past 12 years now, when they move back they miss out on value picks.. it puts more pressure on them making the right picks in rounds 2 to 5.. which theyve missed on quite a bit.. only picks that have worked is dk, jarran reed, frank clark, and Tyler lockett.. mark glowinksi has had success but just not with the hawks..

      For some reason or another.. out of 5 or 6 years of drafting.. thats not a good enough result..

  32. pdway

    “There鈥檚 been a slightly awkward clash of philosophies in recent years as Carroll tried to instil his vision and accommodate a franchise quarterback who quite rightly expected a big say too.”

    That’s been my instinct too. It is what it is when you have a star QB, but I agree that it impacted/confused things in the post-LOB seahawks era.

  33. Producehawk

    Great year Rob. I don鈥檛 post much but have been hanging around for ten years or so. You had picks right on the button for great value. Thanks for the hard work.

  34. Sea Mode

    Jeff Howe

    @TexasFootball TE Cade Brewer confirms to @Horns247
    that鈥檚 agreed to a free agent deal with the @Seahawks
    #GoHawks #HookEm

  35. Awm

    Excellent work the last few months Rob! Best informational prospect site out there!!!! Go Hawks!

  36. Huggie Hawk

    Great stuff Rob. Love this draft. Proud of the Hawks for not reaching for a qb. Kakaawwww

  37. Sea Mode

    CB from Oregon St.

    Building The Dam

    Elijah Jones signs UDFA deal with the Seattle Seahawks

  38. Sea Mode

    Finally, a LB! Penn St.

    Alex Rocco

    Linebacker Ellis Brooks has been signed by the Seattle Seahawks

  39. Happy Hawk

    Thanks Rob for the best content and platform interaction anywhere on the draft and the Hawks. Impressive year for you and this site! The Hawks did what they had to do this year after being gutted of talent. Now we have to embrace getting our ass kicked next year playing the AFC West and the NFC West and get in position to draft our QB of the future at the top of the 2023 draft.

  40. Cysco

    As many have pointed out, this draft had a very different feel to it than previous drafts. Each pick made sense. Each pick had value. There were no reaches. No picks that made you think WTF?

    We may never understand the power dynamic in the Seahawks front office, but it sure did feel like someone different (John Schneider) was calling the shots this year.

    I am cautiously optimistic for the next year+

    • stregatto

      Was that Jody celebrating in the front while JS was on the phone to Cross? Pete had a thousand yard stare.. thinking about the trade to 5 for Thibs?

      • Rob Staton

        That is correct, she was very animated

  41. Sea Mode

    UDFA class update:

    Louisiana-Lafayette QB Levi Lewis
    Western Michigan QB Kaleb Eleby
    Framingham State DE Josh Onujiogu
    Virginia DB Joey Blount
    Georgia State OG Shamarious Gilmore
    Nebraska S Deontai Williams
    Idaho S Tyrese Dedmon
    West Florida DT Matt Gotel (?)
    FAU TE/WR John Mitchell
    Texas TE Cade Brewer
    Oregon St. CB Elijah Jones
    Penn St. LB Ellis Brooks

  42. Sea Mode

    What are we gonna do with all these WRs…?

    UWF Football

    The @Seahawks have signed Rodney Coates!

    • Sean

      Cut most of them.

    • Mr drucker in hooterville

      Mostly cut em.

  43. HawksGal

    Agree with the consensus here amongst Seahawks family, Rob you crushed it this year, absolutely knock out…

    Thank you again for all you do, thank your patient wife too. 馃檪

    It doesn’t seem enough for all you do, it means so much to many of us that are deeply passionate about this team.

    This loyal fan, former Season ticket holder from Canada says You Rock the Hawks!

  44. Whit21

    I think an important part at the end of the draft where they talk about a few teams that did or didnt do well… todd mcshay did comment that he has an ongoing 1 sided fight with the seahawks because he doesnt ever agree with who they have historically taken and where they pick em… which im sure most of is cling to the first 4 drafts for pete carroll and john Schneider.. but looking back.. 2015 to now has been always disappointing and i know at the time i always dismissed mel kiper and mcshay when they trash the seahawks draft..

    But this time he liked what they did which can be nothing or potentially be something.. i thought it was a promising start to this rebuild..

    By no means are they creditable “experts”… but it was nice for once to have one of them praise this draft along with Rob..

  45. Ben Ft. Worth

    Our Pastor’s grandson and buddies nephew is a Saint!! Praise God!!

    • Sea Mode


    • Felipe

      Nobody cares about your pastor’s grandson.

      • KennyBadger


        My waiter鈥檚 girlfriend got a northwestern cheerleader tryout.

    • 12th chuck

      wrong site

      • Ben Ft. Worth

        But they care about Borgi because he’s a local kid who went to WSU. Well this is also a local kid out of Washington. Was hoping Seattle would get him since we didn’t draft any LBers. Thanks for the feedback.

        • Peter

          Hey I think it’s pretty awesome! If i ever know anyone by any degree of separation going into the nfl i would be beaming.

          • Ben Ft. Worth

            Right! He played for Aberdeen Washington, balled out and got an offer from Cincinnati. He almost had a sack on the QB in the Alabama game in first quarter. We didn’t draft a single LB, so I was hoping we’d sign him and Borgi for that matter who went to Indy! Thanks man

            • Big Mike

              And some people think I’m an asshole.

              Congrats! Getting to the point if a UDFA contract puts hom in the upper echelon of football players in America. He should be proud.

            • Felipe

              Getting out of Aberdeen is a bigger accomplishment than getting invited to an NFL camp.

              • Ben Ft. Worth

                I’m from Aberdeen, and I barely made it out alive.



                • D-OZ

                  My friends daughter went to school with Dublanko. Tough kid. Good player.

                  • Ben Ft. Worth

                    That is awesome! Small world. I graduated from there back in ’97. Very cool

                • STTBM

                  Worked there in the woods, up and down the Coat to Forks for two years. Never been back…lol!

                  • Ben Ft. Worth

                    Ruby Beach!! I remember it being beautiful there. But yeah, I don’t blame you for leaving. Lol

    • Zane

      Congratulations to him! Thank you for shairng

    • CaptainJack

      And my neighbor’s cousin’s friend’s goldfish just died.

      • D-OZ


      • STTBM

        Classy as usual Captain Jack….who pissed in your Cheerios?!

    • Rob Staton

      I have no idea why so many people are being jerks in response to this comment

      Congrats to him

      • Ben Ft. Worth

        Thanks Rob, much appreciated! Thank you for all the hard work that you do. Another fantastic year if draft coverage. This one definitely goes down in the books a happy memorable one.

  46. Sea Mode

    Jordan Schultz

    Miami Hurricanes All-ACC safety Bubba Bolden is signing as an UDFA with the #Seahawks, per source. Pete Carroll and John Schneider really like Bolden, a versatile athlete can cover and tackle.

    • GoHawks5151

      Makes sense. Former Trojan and Cane (Pete and Hurtt connections). I don’t think anyone ever got the most from his talent. If PC/Desai/Hurtt can get the best he will be a plus

    • stregatto

      Paging Marquise Blair..

  47. Rad_man

    100% agree.

    I love the Lucas pick. First hand knowledge of him at WSU. Good character.

    Love the walker pick. Treating RB as 100% fungible is moronic. A special RB is a game wrecker for the D just like a special pass rusher or CB is a game wrecker for the opposing O.

    Don鈥檛 even worry about about the age stuff – 21 or 23 you still get two contracts out of a great player and you take it year by year after that. It鈥檚 a meaningless concern for almost a decade so if he鈥檚 great it鈥檚 a nothing burger.

  48. bk matty

    Pretty content right now. Seems they are still somewhat clued in in the front office. NO truly terrible picks that made zero sense. No reaches for a QB. No drafting a 4th rounder in the 1st.

    I thought they might trade around a bit more, especially moving back into the late 3rd round, but that is just nit picking.

    Now go out there and go 1-16 so we can pick our QB of the future.

    • Whit21

      Please no 1-16 or anything like that.. i will be watching Rob’s breakdown of the 2023 QBs and only hope since they did take a chance on RW.. that it atleast game them some experience drafting a qb and what they can identify in a player thats not or will be super hyped..

      I would just hope they can find that one guy that is a gamer and has the arm to play in the NFL..thats RW main attributes .. beyond that, if PC can build up a similar team to 2013.. you dont need an overhyped 1st overall qb..

      Theres a reason most the 1st overall picks that are QBs are failures more than successes.. they were just over drafted most the time.. aaron rodgers dropped. Drew brees was fiest pick 2nd round.. nobody needs to say what pick tom brady was..

      I just want them to find the one guy they cant pass up.. and just draft that guy wherever they can..

      Obviously this draft didn’t have that guy, which is why the league didnt overdraft any of them too much.. only time will tell..

  49. Sea Mode

    This will be a fun one for announcers if he makes the team…

    Rob DeMello

    After overcoming multiple knee surgeries in his collegiate career, Southern Utah linebacker & former Baldwin standout La鈥檃kea Kaho鈥檕hanohano-Davis has earned a mini camp invite from #Seahawks 鈥 These were his thoughts ahead of #NFLDraft process #NFLHawaii
    @hpbaldwinhs #Maui

    • Felipe

      RIP John Clayton

    • Old but Slow

      What kinda name is Davis?


  50. Sea Mode

    Anthony Yero

    Former FIU DB Josh Valentine-Turner has signed a UDFA deal with the Seattle Seahawks, he tells
    @305Sportss. @Joshyturner_

  51. WallaSean

    Just Saw B Mcfadden give us a C-, what a nice little cherry on top of a fantastic 3 days!

    • Seattle Person

      That was the laziest analysis. I don’t care about the grade but McFadden shouldn’t have a job if he’s going to spew generic things like that.

  52. Sea Mode

    Doug Kyed

    The #Seahawks are signing Wisconsin S Scott Nelson as a UDFA, per source.

    • Seattle Person

      Dude is fast…

  53. Scot04

    Crap Dohnovan West signed with 49rs. Do we just hate adding centers?
    Sure feels like it.

  54. Sea Mode


    The Seahawks signed Houston WR Jake Herslow, per source.

    • Russ Reid

      Hope Herslow gets a shot. He’s a Jordy Nelson type… slippery catches EVERYTHING thrown at him, no matter how crazy it comes in.

  55. Jabroni-DC

    My biggest concern regarding the franchise was whether or not Pete & John had a clear Vision for this team. Regardless of Pete’s politicking press conferences, that question has been answered in the affirmative. Love what they’ve done in this draft.

    Someone said that they are great builders but poor maintainers. We’re building again!

  56. John

    Can’t wait for your coverage of the 2023 class specifically the QBs, I loved this draft class but I think im twice as excited for next years. Which will be crucial to the success of this franchise moving forward depending on how they finish next year they may be in position to grab a QB without any major trade up next years class also has significantly more top end talent.

  57. Sea Mode

    WR Demetris Robertson

    Auburn Football

    #WarEagle 鉃★笍 #GoHawks

    @d_rob4 is signing with the #Seahawks 鉁嶏笍

    • Jabroni-DC

      Damn! Looks like they’re gonna churn the living piss out of the WR position.

      Must be getting ready to ship DK to the Eagles for their 2 2023 1st rounders.

  58. Hoggs41

    After reading as much as I could find about each of our draft picks, I think.when its all said and done K9 Kenneth Walker could end up being the best pick.

  59. Sea Mode


    NC State outside linebacker Vi Jones signed with the Seattle Seahawks following the draft. #PackPros

  60. Sea Mode

    Alright, I’m signing off. Sorry (not sorry 馃槈) for spamming the comments section a bit…

    Louisiana-Lafayette QB Levi Lewis
    Framingham State DE Josh Onujiogu
    Virginia DB Joey Blount
    Georgia State OG Shamarious Gilmore
    Nebraska S Deontai Williams
    West Florida DT Matt Gotel
    FAU TE/WR/HB John Mitchell
    Texas TE Cade Brewer
    Oregon St. CB Elijah Jones
    Penn St. LB Ellis Brooks
    West Florida WR Rodney Coates
    Houston WR Jake Herslow
    Wisconsin S Scott Nelson
    FIU DB Josh Valentine-Turner
    Miami S Bubba Bolden
    Auburn WR Demetris Robertson
    NC State OLB Vi Jones

    Minicamp invite
    Western Michigan QB Kaleb Eleby
    Idaho S Tyrese Dedmon
    Southern Utah LB La鈥檃kea Kaho鈥檕hanohano-Davis
    UCLA OL Paul Grattan
    Washington P Race Porter

    • JD

      Thanks for all the great info Sea Mode! It is really appreciated!

      • Big Mike

        Ditto. Appreciate the efforts Sea Mode.

        • Sea Mode

          My pleasure, guys. Just havin’ some fun!

    • Felipe

      Anybody think this is an especially weak ass group of UDFAs compared to what was out there and a team that probably has as many open opportunities as any team in the league?

      • Mr drucker in hooterville

        Cuz last years was better than the draft class. This year JS was in charge.

      • MychestisBeastmode

        I don’t know many names of players ranked in the 300s. Just wondering who you may have been hoping for instead of this lot to call it comparatively weak to what it could have been in your view?

        • Felipe

          Coan, Price, Knight, Goodson, Borghi, Ross, Austin, Sanders, Dixon, Fryfogle, Covey, Wydemeyer, Hendershot, A. Allen, C.Allen, Diesch, Eze, Rosenthal, West, Lindstrom, Anenih, Garrett, Hinton, Rose. Sanborn, Doman, Allen, Moon, Jobe, McKinnely, O’Neale, Weatherford, Monday.

          Still a lot of talent.

          • Scot04

            Alot of those have signed on elsewhere

            • Felipe

              Yeah, that was the point. We didn’t get any of the top left over talent.

              • Kenny Sloth


                • Felipe

                  Well, to be fair, most of the names on that list were on Rob鈥檚 draft board.

      • CaptainJack

        How can you tell if this is a “weak ass” group or not? every year I only recognize one or two rookie free agent names AT MOST.

    • V

      Ellis Brooks -> Green Bay

      • Sea Mode

        I had seen the conflicting reports, but it wasn’t a sure thing yet. Who knows, maybe he did actually commit to Seattle at one point then got an offer he liked more from Green Bay.

        V, I want to take a moment to shout you out and say a big thank you for all the updates you’ve posted throughout this draft season for the visits tracker. You’re a verified Twitter sleuth and I appreciate your contribution! 馃憡

    • VV

      I saw you wanting a confirmation about Gotel

    • V

      Minicamp invite – OL Jake Stetz (Boise State)

    • mtpgod

      Definitely not spam, you’re giving awesome early info SeaMode.

    • CaptainJack

      Bubba Bolden is an interesting one to me. Used to be a big time southern california recruit. Beyond that, no other names I recognize.

    • TomLPDX

      I love this kind of spam! Thanks for doing this Sea Mode, much appreciated.

      2 kids from The University of West Florida. I didn’t even know they had a football team!

    • Russ Reid

      Jake Herslow from Houston is a guy to keep an eye on. He belatedly got a shot at UH and quickly established himself as the “Miracle Man,” catching everything thrown to him, busting tackles and bailing the Cougars out time and again. A Jordy Nelson type, great route-runner, knows how to help out the QB in trouble, and ultra dependable.

  61. Jordan

    Pure speculation… but it feels like Pete may have been humbled coming out of that meeting with Jodi.

    The reserved, patient and value focused nature of this draft screams JS being in charge and having full autonomy over the draft.

    Then during these draft calls he’s passing the phone to young hungry coaches with pretty big alpha personalities. JS is dominating these press conferences .

    Rob had mentioned Pete as a Saban/CEO type of HC – setting the culture.

    • WallaSean

      I have to admit, it seems like they each have upped their game a bit, maybe a more hands off PC makes a more patient JS.

      • HawksGal

        T thought so too, such a buzz of energy this year in their draft room, loved having all the coaches in the room too, especially how they talked to these young draft picks.

        Something changed this year with their draft style, thank goodness!

  62. Brik

    Some people have brought up a valuable point with talking about PC trying to placate RW for all these years. Maybe Russ was the one to blame for all the crap drafts. Our 2020 draft was pretty damn good too. After that season is when Russ started to voice his frustrations and wanted out. Maybe that’s when they said screw him, we’re doing things our way. They started getting positive results but RW wasn’t happy that he didn’t have any say. I also believe JS has more control than PC. If that just started, then why did 2020 turn out pretty good?

    • Sean

      Who really knows? But it seems kind of tortured to start blaming multiple bad personnel decisions on Russ. We’ve had a lot of poor drafts. Are we going to blame Russ for picking Ifedi, McDowell, penny instead of Chubb, and picking guys that play one position and trying to convert them to another?

      • Brik

        One move can change the whole draft. RW begging for an OL with the first pick and they want him happy, but Ifedi is the only guy in the position of need. Not saying he’s the whole reason, but he could deserve as much blame as PC and JS.

        • Sean

          Well if we’re if that’s how you’re thinking about it, in that case we should congratulate Lamar Jackson for all the work he did selecting players for the Ravens the last few days.

          Even when a QB gives his input (solicited or not), it is still on management to make a decision. If they give weight to the QB’s opinion, that is their decision. They are responsible.

          • Brik

            Maybe you should. I don’t know the dynamics of the Ravens, but they have been solid drafters for years, long before Lamar. Seahawks seemed on another level until the year after they got Russ. I have no idea if what I’m saying is what happened, it was just a thought that I was hoping people would like to consider.

            There were a lot of people here that were talking about making Russ happy. Saying we should do what he wanted because that’s what you do when you have a star QB. He was here for a decade. Do you believe they never listened to him? Do you think they should have told him to sit in the corner when he gave them ideas? Tell him, “that’s nice, now take this coloring book and try to stay in the lines”. I’m sorry, I don’t think this idea is that far out of the realm of possible. Was he the sole problem? No. Could he have contributed? Absolutely.

    • MychestisBeastmode

      I have no clue. But I do hope I’m around to see a 30 for 30 on the ris and fall and hopeful rise again of the Seahawks under the Pete regime. Also, really want to get back to the Superbowl to see the next iteration of Rain City Redemption (assuming that creator still has the time and interest in making it happen this many years later after the failed dynasty).

    • Cambs

      Between this take and the LOB resenting him for the early years I’m looking forward to the comprehensive alternate history of Russ as the master villain of the Seahawks “dynasty” years, like those contrarian “actually the Empire was the good guys in Star Wars” clickbaits you get on YouTube.

      Woulda been better off staying faithful to Clipboard Jesus instead of falling for Succubus Russ.

  63. John

    Some QBs to look at for next year besides the ones the blog has been talking about include Tyler Van Dyke, Jaren Hall, and Herndon Hooker

    • Mr drucker in hooterville

      Jake Haener

      • CaptainJack

        If Jake Haener is drafted before round 6 or 7, I will spit out my cheerios.

    • GoHawks5151

      Van Dyke is one I will be interested but in watching. But I’m a canes guy so I’m bias

    • J

      Cam Ward.

  64. Denver Hawker

    Lots of QBs to study next year. Will be a really fun CFB season.

  65. Mark

    Pfn mock simulator already has next years draft up, According to them we will pick #9 and #26

    • MychestisBeastmode

      Nice to see the Broncos will have such a shitty year providing us another top 10 pick.


      • Brik


    • GlazeOne

      Dang, they really believe denver will only be a 6 win team. Wow, because we know the 26th will be our native pick馃馃徏

  66. Mr drucker in hooterville

    Pete Prisco Hated the SEA draft. His comment. 鈥淪eattle says they want to pass more. Why draft OL and a RB鈥. Is he that stupid?


      I think the best answer to this is… hopefully??

  67. Old but Slow

    This whole draft process can be volatile. I was looking through some of my material and stumbled on a pre-combine mock that Rob put together (Feb 10).

    Looked good for us, with Cross at 6; Lucas at 11; Mafe at 17; and Woolen at 23. Interestingly, and hence the volatility comment, Trayvon Walker was at 29; Ojabo was at 4; and Ekonwu was at 25.

    Changes come fast.

    • Rowdy

      I remember Rob mocking obj to the hawks at 25 when every other site had him as a 4th to 6th rounder. It’s suck a luxury to have a guy relying on his opinion of tape instead of just piggybacking off of others opinions. Even when I don’t agree with his take I respect it because I know he put in the work to form his own opinion. And every year we discover a player he points out way before anyone else in the national stage as a high pick. Last year he called out Zack Wilson week one and he called Kyle Murray picking football and being picked high before anyone else would even discuss him because he had a baseball contract. We are truly spoiled here

  68. 12th chuck

    nick foles might be getting cut from the bears, interesting…

  69. CWagner

    Man I love the Kenneth Walker pick. Watching his cuts, his strength, and incredible balance, he鈥檚 phenomenal. The Seahawks were slaying when they had Marshawn back there and ever since then they haven鈥檛 had anyone to truly rely on. This dude would have easily been a first round pick had the league not shied away from running backs in recent years.

    • MychestisBeastmode

      I don’t want to rosterbate, but its coming, so excuse me while I splooge.

      A healthy late 2021 Penny + Kenneth Walker may be something this league has never really seen on one team. Almost like a Jonathan Taylor + prime LeVeon Bell or Shady in the same backfield at the same time. At the very least if we can avoid the catastrophic injuries to both players simultaneously, they are an excellent hedge for common week to week injuries that are likely to pop up to either one over the season.

  70. Mick

    Rob, thank you for your work and dedication. I find it very telling that in a closing post you say you’ll start watching the tape for next year’s draft. Big thank you to cha, Sea Mode and all others making this blog the best place to talk Seahawks.

  71. Bob Johnston

    I watched some Will Levis tape you posted a few weeks back and I could have been persuaded I was watching Josh Allen tape instead.

  72. Hughz

    Another great year Rob! Thank you for the extensive and tireless work. Your love for the draft and Seahawks shines through your articles. Keep it going!

    Also you struck a nerve with the word Hope. I haven鈥檛 had this much hope for the hawks in years and feel there鈥檚 a clear path forward now

    Your the best!

  73. JJ

    I can’t help myself. I did a mock for 2023 and I am drooling.

    • Hughz

      We鈥檙e you able to trade up for a QB?

      • JJ

        Well based on current rankings Levi’s I going in 3rd and I got Anderson at 6.

        • Seattle Person

          You know Anderson is going #1.

          • Peter

            Next year? With a real qb class?

            I think he’s 3rd overall.

            Might not be young or stroud but there’s real qb’s next year.

  74. AL

    Rob it’s really quite remarkable what you have accomplished here at The Rebuild. You’ve made this an all-inclusive place for free agency, the draft and all things Seahawks!

    Looking at mock drafts and player evaluations around the web pre draft was really something of a let down in comparison to the quality of your mock drafts and player evaluations. I just want to thank you for all your hard work and the content you have provided thus far, it’s made this offseason a very enjoyable one for me!

    • AL

      Oh and before I forget, big shout out to Cha and Sea Mode for their contirbutions as well!

  75. Bankhawk

    Sea Mode, I appreciate the heck out of your UDFA updates! Thank you for those, my man!

    • Sea Mode

      My pleasure.

  76. CaptainJack

    Ok… draft is done. Time to read over the various media draft grade articles for an hour or so then take a break from draft content for at least 8 to 9 months.

    • UkAlex6674

      What? No way. CFB is back way sooner and Rob is already in his lab working on it as I type.

  77. Peter

    Rob stoked to look forward to next year. You got me reinvigorated with college football after the let down of the the playoffs and it’s banality.

  78. Denver Hawker

    Good LB class next year too- setup nicely to go QB/LB in R1 in 2023 and get the next Russ/Bobby.

  79. Peter

    This site has so many great and strange personalities. It’s the reaaon why I’ve been here since forever.

    But love a duck some of these comments have gone around the bend.

    Now the bad picks are because of Wilson? What in the what….!?! The qb wanting oline means they picked ifedi and the butterfly effect of that has them picking three useless safeties in 2017….what are we even doing?

    And the other one I see that is perplexing. Some how Scot McCloughan made all the good picks (love Scott btw) and not Pete’s knowledge of Sherman, Wagner, Irvin, Thomas who he had contact with all during his time at USC….then JS suggests Wilson but that’s it. One near HOF QB. But afterwards pete shuts him down for a decade after nailing that one and only pick he made. Then apparently pete made all the bad picks before and after that selection by himself…AND… John is finally taking control from pete and his god awful evaluations….give me a break.

    How about just enjoy a good solid draft. Remember who gives a f— about Wilson because he’s not here. And realize pete and john made a great roster once. Completely boned a roster together for about five years. And hopefully can make a great roster together again.

    • MychestisBeastmode

      I don’t know what you’re talking about. Clearly, Jody is leading this renaissance.


      Side note and off topic. I’ve never been too hip to popular songs. I’m just glad one of Pete’s clues included the Macklemore song Next Year. I never heard it until he posted the clue. This last month for an eclectic list of reasons was likely the culmination of the worst rut of my life while also mixed with some of my greatest successes. After this awesome draft, my cousin landing a spot with Broncos, and closure/healing to personal and family problems, this song just feels perfect for right here and right now.

      Maybe not everyone’s cup o tea. To each there own. But I’d cheers to this song with anyone else who is feeling just a bit better about what’s to come.

      • Peter

        That is so freaking awesome for your cousin! Just that experience. And damn if he sticks… cool. Denver is awesome. Great city. Killer fans.

    • Brik

      You’re obviously referring to my comment. What of it? It’s to get people to think. I didn’t report it as a proven fact. The thing is everyone has made comments that fit in with what I said, just no one actually said them. Everyone says they should have made RW happy and do what he wants, yet no one seems to think they ever did that. I sometimes like to put certain thoughts out there to get people to see a side they never considered. I believe in possibilities when there’s no certainty.

      I also wanted us to get rid of Russ. I agree F him, let’s move on. Go Hawks!

      • Peter

        Brik there’s nothing to ponder. They made a killer team once.

        We’re stuck with them til 2024-25 ao we have to hope they do it again and this draft and subsequent drafts.

        And the endless squall of Wilson “what if’s,” is tiresome.

        I would have preferred keeping Wilson. They didn’t and with fandom hope springs eternal because it has to to stay interested in the team.

        The “anti russ” crowd is still out here doing cirque de soleil level mental acrobatics about how and why it all got here.

        And it’s easy. Russ is a total weirdo. His agent is a prick who represents only Wilson in the NFL. Pete the ever optimist needed a wake up call about what the team really was. And JS is a bang average GM who has shown to make about as many good decisions (bennett, avril when no one cared for them,) as bad (letting both the DE market, the WR market get reset before extending star players, resetting the box safety market by himself)

        The comment isn’t about you BTW. It’s about 12 years of team management that’s pretty clear as day that JS and PC have been working in tandem more or less the whole time.

        • Brik

          Mental acrobatics? 馃榾 . All I can say for my comment was it was just a thought. You obviously disagree, whatever. I know there are people here who like to think Russ is god and that PC and JS are the reason that war and famine exist, but I always look for other ideas. I came up with one thought based on something other people have said. Didn’t mean for it to get under anyones skin. Anyone is more than welcome to completely ignore what I said and go on with their lives.

    • Big Mike

      Bravo Peter


  80. steele

    This was very possibly the best draft of the Carroll era, and I’ve watched all of them since the beginning. Not a wasted pick, every need met beautifully, and smartly. This is how teams are built, and I’m impressed.

    But Carroll did dump cold water on the proceedings today by pronouncing that Geno is the man. Disappointing.I continue to be pulling for Drew Lock, who never got a break in Denver, and has all the tools to be great.

    • Ulsterman

      I’d take that with a massive pinch of salt, although if Geno truly is the man we’ll be in great draft position for a quarterback next year.

  81. Poli

    I realize that it may’ve been a bit overkill, but am kind of disappointed they didn’t pick David Ojabo instead of Walker. Another Taylor situation, but he should be good to go by 2023.

    • Silly Billy

      He’s a luxury pick for teams with already loaded rosters.

      Seahawks don’t have time to let a guy lose a year then develop.

  82. Sea Mode

    @Mrs. Staton: 馃槈

    Sara Pelissero
    路 10h

    JUST IN: Former #NFLDraft widow/solo parent Sara Pelissero (who has dealt with insane kids allllll week) is signing with the local day spa for an entire weekend, per sources. 馃馃徎鈥嶁檧锔

    Contract details to be arranged by @TomPelissero.

    • Rob Staton

      She鈥檚 taking our son to watch some film about Harry Potter or something tonight (they both like it)

      I鈥檓 in with my daughter who is saying, 鈥渨e can watch football鈥 (she doesn鈥檛 want to really, she just thinks it鈥檚 what I want to do 馃槀)

  83. Rob Staton

    Thanks for all the kind words guys it鈥檚 really appreciated 馃憤馃徎

  84. SoZ

    I know it’s apples to oranges but isn’t it funny how Hutchinson is a consensus #1 or 2 pick yet people were complaining about drafting Kenneth Walker in R2 (and buying his jerseys by week 6 according to Robbie). Walker ran over Hutchinson and Michigan for 5 touchdowns with Hutchinson being not even a speed bump.

    Wonder how Walker felt when Hutchinson was picked.

    • Rob Staton

      Hutchinson is a quality player, drafted in the right range. Let鈥檚 be fair there.

      But Walker is a quality player in his own right. 15-20 years ago he鈥檚 a top 15 pick. Positional value has seen RB鈥檚 like him available in R2 these days. Getting him where they did, for a team that wants to run the ball at a top level, was tremendous.

  85. SoZ

    Agreed. He kind of looks like Penny at times with his ability to get through contact without slowing down much. What a brilliant day 2 of drafting.

  86. Trevor

    Rob simply incredible draft season coverage this year. I did not think it was possible for you to take things to another level but you absolutely did.

    Finally the Hawks had a draft worthy of your coverage. It is the first time in 6 yrs I feel hope and optimism for the team like this. I know we still need to find a QB and have holes but at least now there are some legit building blocks at premium positions and lots of draft capital next year.

    Rob Thank you for all you do it is sincerely appreciated.

  87. swedenhawk

    Thanks, Rob, for a truly incredible offseason. Your work 鈥 along with contributions by cha, Sea Mode, and the rest of the SDB community 鈥 has enriched my understanding of the game (and my Seahawks fandom) immeasurably. So amazing what you鈥檝e created here. Looking forward to your 2023 draft preview. In the meantime, get some (well-deserved) rest!

  88. Trevor

    Rob are there any free agents left in the dreaded third wave of free agency you think the Hawks should target? Seem like we could use an LB, Veteran Swing OT and Edge?

    • Henry Taylor

      They didn’t add a safety despite looking at some, so that Kazee visit to allow them to play Sean Desai’s 3 safety look would still appeal for the right price.

      Plus Baker Mayfield may end up getting cut after all.

      • UkAlex6674

        I think anyone using the word ‘disappointed’ when talking about this draft should think again. There really isn’t anything to be disappointed about.

        • Henry Taylor

          Who said they were dissapointed?

    • Rob Staton

      KJ Wright

      I’m serious

      • Sea Mode

        He’s already back “home” it appears:

      • TomLPDX

        I would love KJ back for 1 final go.

      • bmseattle

        I was thinking the same thing.
        He could fit right in as an ILB at this point in his career.

        • Dregur

          He’s played ILB in spurts. I think he could handle ILB in a 3-4.

  89. McZ

    I think, we can be highly optimistic about this draft. Especially Walker and Lucas are guys I think will kill it from day one.

    But then, at the same time, R1 and the late rounds feel like massive missed opportunities. The defense hasn’t become an inch better than it was a year ago. We are massively lacking at LB, with the unit being in the bottom ternary of the NFL, as it stands. Both CBs taken show promise, but they’ll need time to adapt.

    And while I think taking Cross cannot really be criticised in itself, I wonder if missing out on Jermaine Johnson will lead to buyers remorse in quite a short time.

    I’m above also puzzled over the Boye Mafe pick. IMO, he is what he is, maxxed out. But I can live with this pick and will root for the player.

    My prime UDFA target would be Kaleb Eleby.

    Looking at the division, the Rams keep doing remarkable things draft-wise. Getting Bruss, Williams and trading for Troy Hill gives them three immediate starters. They’ll bite themselves for missing out on Matt Araiza. If they somehow revive Derion Kendrick 2020 edition, they will get a late-round monster.

    The Cards possibly had the draft I liked the most. You can easily see what Trey McBride will do for them; getting three productive pass rushers in Thomas, Sanders, Luketa, certainly with the hope of one of them breaking through to replace Jones, is a solid plan.

    The Niners IMO bombed their draft. But then, they are drafting headscratchers for a couple of years, and they always turn out serviceable.

    Looking at what SF and NE did, I wonder, if teams are more and more depending on big data to inform their decision making. It helps them concentrating on later rounds of the draft, which also more and more teams are doing. This offseason, we can safely add Bears and Fins to the fold (McDaniel seemingly being a true Shanahan/McVay disciple). In general, those teams tend to do quite well. The NFL has become a league of margins; at some point, “moneyballing” will persist, the earlier the more data professional services like PFF are providing.

    • SpennyDunks

      Thats a strange take on Mafe. His athleticism is off the charts and has some really really good tape. With him its about refining his form in order to become more consistent and get those dominant snaps to look more frequent.

      Hes far from maxed out – I assume you鈥檙e just saying that as he鈥檚 a slightly older prospect.

      • Rob Staton

        ‘Maxed out’ as one of the worlds best athletes…

        • Peter

          I wish I was that maxed out at 23…

      • cha

        I really hope I鈥檓 misunderstanding Pete鈥檚 comments that Mafe is a better LB and Smith is a better edge rusher.

        They badly need to put Mafe in a position to effect the QB.

        • DougM

          I think he meant that Mafe was more accustomed to dropping in coverage than Smith at this point. Smith said in his interview that he was comfortable in coverage because they worked on it a lot in practice.

          • cha

            I really, really, really hope so.

    • DK

      Interesting take on Mafe, being maxed out. He and Johnson are the same age and Mafe actually tested better than Johnson. I鈥檇 be curious as to why you think Mafe has maxed out, and the Hawks might feel
      Like they missed out on Johnson. Johnson does have longer arms, but Mafe was more explosive. Just curious as to how you came up with your opinion.

  90. Henry Taylor

    Best drafts: Baltimore (obviously), Jets, Cheifs got some great players for their defence, hard to look past the Giants top 2 and Wan’Dale was a personal favourite of mine. But then I’d have to throw the Seahawks into that mix.

    Worst Draft: Other than the teams with almost no picks I’m gonna go Patriots. Felt like they over drafted a lot, not sure why they needed 2 more RBs and Bailey Zappe. But it’s the Patriots so I’m sure they’ll all be pro bowlers who get overpaid by another team in 4 years time.

  91. bv eburg

    Rob, first and foremost thank you and your family for all the time spent and allowed to do what you do on this website. This is the time of year you really shine.

    I really like this draft for the first time in years from the Seahawks. Love when teams build from the trenches and two tackles is a great starting point.

    Having said that I find it interesting the two tackles they took are so pass oriented when Pete likes his offense balanced and complimentary run/pass.
    Cross and Lucas are finesse pass first blockers. Running at both Miss St and WSU is basically 2 point stance, QB in shotgun, pass look, delayed handoff to RB. I am a on/off WSU season ticket holder and have a good handle on what these offenses look like under Leach and now Rolo/Dickert. Lucas is rock solid on the Oline and a very good technician. Not saying they can’t be coached up and love run blocking just found it interesting.

  92. Dave

    First off, thanks for all the hardwork on the draft this year. This is one of my favorite sites for college player breakdown in relation to Seahawks football.
    Second a request, would you or one of your colleagues on here take a look at the tape for Levi Lewis and give some thoughts? I’m curious on how he looks to guys who are used to breaking down player tape. Either way, thanks again for all your efforts. Cheers

    • Rob Staton

      Hi Dave — a few people have requested analysis on the UDFA’s. It’s something I’ve never felt inclined to do. These guys are cut at any second. They might not even see the other side of rookie minicamp. Plus tape is hard to come by. It’s a long, time-consuming process to watch tape so I don’t tend to do it for the UDFA’s because more often than not it’s a waste of time.

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