Miami quarterback Tyler Van Dyke is intriguing

Tyler Van Dyke… interesting

Yesterday I published an article discussing the 2023 draft class. I intend to take a bit of a break this month, which will include a family holiday, but I’m already into the 2023 work and will post when I’ve studied certain players.

Miami quarterback Tyler Van Dyke is a very interesting prospect.

He’s only a redshirt sophomore (like Bryce Young) so it’s not a given he’ll declare for the draft in 12 months. He only started in 2021 after an injury to D’Eriq King. He may prefer to gain a little bit more experience before turning pro. We’ll see how 2022 goes for him and if it’s going well, I’m sure we’ll hear about his intentions soon enough.

According to PFF he was the only quarterback in the FBS to finish in the top-10 for passing yards, touchdowns, big-time throws and big-time throw rate in the second half of the season. He lifted a team that was struggling to a 5-1 record down the stretch.

I am a little bit concerned about Mario Cristobal going to Miami. The offense he ran at Oregon didn’t make the most of Justin Herbert and made him a harder evaluation than was necessary. Van Dyke is at his best throwing downfield, attacking opponents with his arm — not indulging in all the screens and slants that Herbert was lumbered with.

Cristobal has spoken about tailoring an offense to fit Van Dyke though, so there is that.

So what does he do well?

I watched three games to get a feel for him. One early in the 2021, two later on (including when he out-duelled Kenny Pickett in a big win at Pittsburgh). The difference is noticeable. You can see him throw with greater confidence in the later games — he looked more in control, more comfortable and he looked every bit a quarterback capable of succeeding at the next level.

He stands tall in the pocket and his base is impressive for a young QB. He plants his feet nicely, steps into his throws and it helps him stay accurate. His passes carry strong velocity. The ball kind of flicks out of his hand on release — the throwing finger spinning it out with a little extra juice to launch downfield.

He does tend to drop his shoulder down and his release is a little more elongated than ideal. It’s not a deal-breaker but it’s something to note.

He throws into the right areas of the field, leading his receivers and playing with anticipation. Van Dyke drives the ball downfield, even when he faces pressure. His arm strength is very impressive.

Two throws stood out in a game against Virginia Tech. One flew 55 yards downfield on a dime, hitting the receiver perfectly in stride. He made it look effortless. Then he threw from his own 15-yard-line across the field to the right hand side dropping a pass into the tightest window. The cornerback had good coverage on the receiver leaving the smallest possible margin to throw to against the sideline. Van Dyke dropped it in there, giving his receiver a chance to make the grab. That was a 40-yard throw, with perfect timing, accuracy and velocity.

He’s not the most mobile quarterback (5.00 forty at SPARQ) but he can scramble away to make a first down from time to time. He’s not overly elusive or creative as a runner and it’s something he says he’s been working on.

I like the way he speaks too. His interviews are a bit Belichick-y but you can’t go wrong with a quote like this about the new staff at Miami:

“You can tell the difference, the discipline and intensity that has changed the program so far,” Van Dyke said. “There’s no more BS going on around here. “Always have to be on time or you’re going to face some discipline issues. [Paying attention to] small details will help us on the field. We need that standard and we’ve needed it for awhile. ”With him as the head guy, with all that talent, there no more excuses. We have the best coaching staff in college football. There are no more excuses to be 7-5, 8-4.

”We’ve got to be better with discipline and details…. That’s what gets us beat. The biggest thing is player-led accountability. Me and a couple guys are doing that to make sure everybody does the right thing.”

A sign that he’s seen as a big time prospect is that he’s already working with agent Drew Rosenhaus on NIL deals.

The way he was playing at the end of the season hinted at a player who could easily work himself into top-10 consideration if he continues to improve and elevate Miami.

For all the talk about Bryce Young and C.J. Stroud — it’s players like Van Dyke and Kentucky’s Will Levis that increase the excitement around the 2023 draft. And it further highlights why the Seahawks (and other teams) passed on the 2022 quarterback class with an eye towards next year.

I’m seeing a number of 2023 mock emerge, many refuse to acknowledge Levis as the prospect he clearly is. Take a look at his performance against Iowa in the Citrus Bowl. Let me draw your attention to the throw at 2:16 where, under pressure, he throws perfectly on 3rd and 26 for a huge completion in between two defenders:

That’s as good a throw as you’ll see. No hesitation, anticipation, accuracy, arm strength, throws the receiver open. Perfect.

He is legit. Any early projection that doesn’t include him among the top 2023 prospect should be ignored.

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  1. John

    BYU Jaren Hall is another interesting prospect. He’s mobile and has a big arm. 85% of his throws were catchable, which ranks up there with the best QBS in CFB.

    • Rob Staton

      I watched some of him today and wouldn’t put him in the same bracket as some of the players we’ve discusses so far. Great athlete, fun to watch. Not saying he can’t get there, we have a whole 2022 season to come. But a marked difference between WL & TVD and Hall for me.

      • HawkFan907

        Agree with Rob here. Hall may have late 1st Rd talent, but he has three things working against him: age (will be 23 and a half when the draft comes around), size (6’0″, 200lbs), and injury history (missed lots of time with concussions over the years). He could be a solid starter, but not a guy I’d target to be a franchise guy. Levis (who PFF mocked to us in their 2023 mock) and

        He’s a dynamic playmaker, and I think he goes in Rd. 3.

        • Spencer

          Yeah, I’m a BYU alum and I love Jaren Hall, but I wouldn’t want to spend more than a 3rd round pick on him. Even if he has a great next season, he seems a little too injury prone to be counted on for starting duty.

  2. lil’stink

    CBS is already mocking Van Dyke to us next year 🤷‍♂️

    • Lee Harvey Keitel

      And PFF mocking Levi’s to the Seahawks

      • Lee Harvey Keitel


  3. Rob Staton

    Nice long read on Kenneth Walker here:

    • Erik in MT

      Hey Rob,

      I’m interested in re-reading some of the thoughts/notes you
      posted abou Kenneth Walker during the 2021 college season. What is the best way to navigate that on the blog or ccan you easily send links?

      Thanks and appreciate all of your efforts!

    • OregonHawk

      Unfortunately you have to have a membership to read it.

      • MoBo

        You don’t need a membership.
        1. Open Word
        2. Click on the link to the Athletic article and don’t scroll, Press CTRL + A, CTRL + C
        3. CTRL + V in Word

        Enjoy reading 😀

        • UkAlex6674

          This is the icing on the cake after that sweet draft

    • Blitzy the Clown

      [In 2021] Walker recorded 1,636 rushing yards and ran for 18 touchdowns. He ranked first among Power 5 backs in rushing and first nationally in yards after contact with 1,154. He generated more missed tackles (89) than any player in the country. He was named the Big Ten Running Back of the Year, the 2021 Doak Walker Award winner and a consensus First-Team All-American and took home the 2021 Walter Camp Football Award — given annually to the nation’s best player.

      There’s no denying Breece Hall’s upside. He gives me AP vibes.

      But I still think Walker is RB1 in this class. He’s my Barry Sanders.

      Great backstory and journey to Seattle. I enjoyed the article.

  4. Rob Staton

    Forgot to post this and should’ve done.

    I joined Brandan on the Seahawkers Podcast to discuss Seattle’s draft:

  5. Tanner S

    Rob, another factor for Van Dyke is the Miami connection that Seattle seems to have with that program. Not only has one of Pete Carroll’s sons been a coach for the program, but it’s Clint Hurtt’s alma mater and where he had started coaching. I believe (not sure if true) the best man in his wedding is still a prominent figure down there. This doesn’t mean they will draft players from the program because of that, but they would for sure get top notch insight into Van Dyke.

  6. Zachary B

    Rob, what do you think of Anthony Richardson the QB from Florida? Most people would point to Cam Newton being a comparison for him, but I see a mixture between Terrelle Pryor and Lamar Jackson in his game.

    For some reason Dan Mullens did not like him when he was at Florida, but the new coach Billy Napier is raving about him after their spring game. Both he and Levis would be great options for Seattle and are far better than the media darlings Stroud and Bryce Young

    • Rob Staton

      There’s not really enough out there to judge him yet. One to watch though.

      I’m even considering going out to Gainesville for Florida vs Kentucky at the start of the season…

      • Robbie

        Ill meet you there!

        • Rob Staton


          I’m serious too. Already looked at flights (might need to stay outside of Gainesville though, hotels are $$$$$$)

          Tickets are not expensive though, if the press box option is a no-go

          • Robbie

            Yeah Tickets are not bad at all! I’m 100% in. Looking up flights now.

            • Rob Staton

              I can stay in a DoubleTree Hilton over here for anywhere between £60-120 a night depending on where it is.

              In Gainesville? £330 a night.

              • Robbie

                I can get a rental car for really cheap through my work too. so thats not bad. Email me where you want to stay and I’ll book in the same spot. We can work out details and such. i’ll plan on trying to fly in around the same time as you then we can just take the one rental car.

                • Rob Staton

                  Cool. I’ll have a look around Gainesville area to see if there are any towns nearby.

                  • Paul

                    You could try staying in Tampa or Orlando too. I used to live in Tampa and that’s not a bad drive at all. And outside of the game it’s a way more interesting place for a weekend and easier to fly in and out of. Tampa airport is great.

                  • brendon light

                    I lived in Jacksonville for 13 years. Flying into Orlando and staying there is probably the best bet. They actually have a double tree in the Orlando airport which makes travel very easy.

                  • Palatypus

                    There are lots of toll roads in Orlando. I saw Metallica perform on the University of Central Florida football field and had to deal with that.

                    I think they also have a tram that goes directly from the airport to Disneyworld.

                  • Purpleneer

                    My visit to the swamp was during the Florida Relays in the spring. We stayed in Tampa and commuted. It was cool being on the infield near the finish line for a couple of John Capel races in his first collegiate meet.

  7. Dregur

    is there anything that Levis needs to work on in the next season?

    • Rob Staton

      Fewer turnovers would be ideal

      • Mark

        I am curious how Levis will show with his most dynamic receiver, wan’dale robinson gone. UK also loses quite a bit on the OL.

        He also needs to learn how to slide and take less hits, the hurdles are amazing and exciting but I cringe every time a QB does that

        • Mark

          Add as an extra bonus, I want the hawks to draft him just for the reason of going into the niner’s stadium, and declaring it Levi’s house.

  8. Henry Taylor

    Thanks for the continued hard work Rob, from what little I’ve seen of Van Dyke his arm talent does look really special. Can complete passes downfield into really tight windows.

    With him being a Redshirt Freshman last year, what do you think the chances are he comes out if he’s unable to elevate his status to the same level as a Bryce Young on CJ Stroud. I do really want this QB class as deep as possible, a repeat of 2021 with 5 first round QBs would set us up nicely to come away with one.

    Another name I’ve come across (apologies if he’s been mentioned before) is KJ Jefferson out of Arkansas. Lot’s of tools, big accurate arm downfield, good runner, very thick build at 6’3 245lbs. He had 2,676 yards 21 TD 4 INT with 67.3% completion percentage, while rushing 146 times for 664 yards and 6 TDs. Will be interesting to see how he does without Treylon Burks in 2022.

    • Rob Staton

      With him being a Redshirt Freshman last year, what do you think the chances are he comes out if he’s unable to elevate his status to the same level as a Bryce Young on CJ Stroud.

      Well if that happens I suspect he won’t declare.

      But it’s impossible to project what these players are thinking

  9. Jordan

    Man, KJ Wright is just a all-time first class Seahawk.

    An active player in the league, not currently under contract, but in the building to greet fellow MSU Bulldog Charles Cross.

    I wouldn’t be opposed to bringing him back in a job share / competition capacity with Cody; given that they didn’t draft any off ball Lbers.

    • Jordan

      With Bobby gone I think there’s value in having a program stalwart from the SB teams around to carry Pete’s messaging amongst this new class / transition phase.

      • Big Mike

        But after his less than complimentary comments about Pete recently, would Carroll bring him back? I say no

        • Dregur

          What comments? The only thing I saw that might be an issue was that “Wilson and Carroll weren’t seeing eye to eye” which, by now, everyone knows.

          • Jordan

            KJ had a good long-form interview on Bussin’ With the Boys (Youtube, Apple, Spotify). He got into his departure from the Hawks – didn’t seem mad or upset about the way things went down; so just a little surprised/taken aback by how cold it felt, and how little communication there was.

            Didn’t get the feeling that bridges were burnt, more that his feelings were a little hurt but that he’d gotten over it.

            • Rob Staton

              It is a bit weird that they’re seemingly so bad at moving on from legendary players

              • Jordan

                haha totally! Even the low maintenance ones.

                Fair enough – a breakup with guys like Earl, Bennett and Sherm could be a little contentious given their nature.

                But Bobby and KJ are pro’s pro’s; should’ve been easy to pull of smoothly with pretty aware guys who understand the business.

                Seems like it has to end on the field with an injury for that relationship to stay solid – Kam, Cliff, Sid.

  10. cha

    “I will say, we’re going to get something done,” Metcalf responded when Sharpe asked if his agency and the Seahawks had any contact. “I think I’m going to be in Seattle for the next coming years, yes sir.”

    “It’s all smiles right now. It’s just a matter of when (I get paid),” Metcalf said. “I can’t stress over it, can’t think about it too much because I’m going to drive myself crazy. So I’ve just been enjoying this offseason, enjoying life and taking it a day at a time. I know it may sound cliche, but that’s really how I’m living right now.”

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Quite a difference from his demeanor at times during last season.

      But then, it’s his team now. He’s the superstar. I can’t wait to watch him seize his glory.

      • Jordan

        His demeanor is that of a fiery competitor who wants to dominate the man across from him. I’ll take that all day, even if it comes with some bad body language from time to time.

        Good teammate, good citizen.

        Minimal risk of a massive extension being something you regret. I would be somewhat wary of paying Holywood (very slight build), AJ Brown / Deebo (they take on a lot of contact). McLaurin feels safe to pay too.

      • TomLPDX

        I think Bobby was able to get him to view things in a more mature manner and he has responded in kind. Bobby’s leadership will be the biggest thing missed.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s felt inevitable for some time — this will get done in the next two months

  11. Coach

    I was just looking up FA linebackers and there aren’t that many. Here is the best by far according to PFF:

    Alexander Johnson has a complicated backstory and got his chance in the NFL late, but he has been consistently excellent in the time he has had. He hits free agency at 30 years old but with just a little over 2,000 career snaps to his name. Johnson should have at least one contract of high-end play in him as a middle linebacker that can do it all but especially bring the wood against the run. Though not his best areas, he can also be productive on the blitz and cover.

    It sounds like he could fill in for Bobby well vs. the run.


    Or do you think we’ll have Brooks and Barton in the middle on 1st and 2nd down and then go with Adams or Neal or Blair as a hybrid lb for Barton on 3rd downs?

    It still seems like we need someone else, especially to protect against injury. If Brooks had to miss time with an injury, it seems like we would really be weak at this position!

    Go Hawks!

    • Rob Staton

      Johnson’s backstory isn’t so much complicated as it’s a wonder he got a chance in the league. Doubt Seattle signs him.

      I think they’ll sign someone small level.

      Kwon Alexander is a shout.

      Joe Schobert is available

      Other options:

      Nick Kwiatkoski
      KJ Wright

    • cha

      My logical side says for years they’ve been loaded at LB, while being thin at C, RB, OT, pass rush and CB.

      I can live with one year of being thin at LB.

      • Coach

        I would love Kwon Alexander – he wasn’t even on PFF’s list of available free agents, I wonder why?

        Here’s an article on the Saints website about his play in 2021:

        Former LSU Tiger Kwon Alexander had his best season since 2017, playing in 12 games for the first time since then as well. In 2021, Alexander had 50 tackles, 39 of which were solo, 3.5 sacks, one forced fumble, one fumble recovery, 1 interception, and 2 passes defended. He was voted to receive the Ed Block Courage Award for his stellar play this season. Alexander is set to become a free agent in the offseason.

        Do you think he’d be a good fit for what we need and for our new scheme?

        Go Hawks!

        • cha

          Maybe. He does have a rep as an excellent coverage linebacker and we all know the Seahawks badly need that.

          But I wouldn’t offer him any guaranteed money. He cannot stay healthy.

  12. Jordan

    Cameron Ward at Washington State. Far too early to tell, but it’ll be interesting to keep an eye on.

    • Hebegbs4

      Agree Ward is one to keep an eye on. WSU needs to shore up their o line but this kid looks special so far from what little I’ve seen but read about him.

      With regard to RB Walker. Did any of Michigan State O line guys get drafted? If they did I didn’t see one come off the board early. Which to me means we prob have a super stud RB. He sure looks the part.

  13. Big Mike

    “No days off, no days off”. Think Belichick had you in mind when he was chanting that Rob.
    Seriously, glad to hear you’re taking time off soon for a family vacation. Recharge those batteries.

    A brief comment about Van Dyke and Miami. I know Cristobal said he’ll build am offense around the kid, but I don’t believe it for one second. Coaches tend to tend to go with what they believe and if Mario wasn’t willing to open his offense up a bit for Herbert, I don’t see it this coming season either. I live in Duck country (sadly) and many Oregon fans have not been happy with his offensive approach for some time. If it plays out the way I’m describing, it might make Van Dyke available a tad bit later than he might otherwise be drafted.

  14. Hoggs41

    Any thoughts on Brennan Armstrong? Ive been seeing some buzz on him as well for the coming year.

  15. james

    This draft feels like it reflects a big change in philosophy from John and Pete. After the extraordinary drafts of 2010/11/12, John and Pete appear to have been convinced of their own brilliance. They had no doubt they could identify future Hall of Fame players in R4/R5. So why not use this gift from the football gods to pluck even better prospects in R1/R2?

    As you can see below, 2013 marked the point when the same sort of “reach” that found Russ, Kam and Sherm was applied in R1/R2, with the full expectation that only John and Pete could see that these sketchy prospects would magically turn into perennial all-pros. The litany below is enough to make all of us sick to our stomachs, and should have resulted in rack and ruin and the firing of John and Pete years ago, except for the heroics of one Russell Wilson. Lord knows that Russ got minimal help from these 35+ players below, with only a handful of exceptions. It also did not help that the LoB, which should have dominated for at least the next five years after the SB win, suddenly imploded into egos and injuries and was never the same after murdering Denver in the big game.

    Either Jody gave John and Pete a “Come to Jesus” moment, or they realized of their own free will, but this draft reflects a major shift in mindset to draft smart and not draft with magical thinking. Who knows, but it certainly feels like this is a super-solid foundation for a rebuild. It won’t matter if we build an entire pro-bowl roster, if we don’t have an elite QB (unless we enjoy losing close games in the 4th qtr), but at least if we do land the QB, we will be ready to go for the ring again.

    2013: Christine Michael, Jordan Hill, Chris Harper, Jesse Williams, Tharold Simon
    2014: Paul Richardson, Justin Britt, Cassius Marsh, Kevin Norwood, Kevin Pierre-Lewis
    2015: Frank Clark, Tyler Lockett, Terry Poole, Mark Glowinski, Tye Smith
    2016: Germain Ifedi, Jarran Reed, CJ Prosise, Nick Vannett, Rees Odhiambo
    2017: Malik McDowell, Ethan Pocic, Shaquill Griffin, Lano Hill, Naz Jones, Amara Darboh
    2018: Rashaad Penny, Rasheem Green, Will Dissly, Shaquem Griffin, Tre Flowers
    2019: LJ Collier, Marquise Blair, DK Metcalf, Cody Barton, Gary Jennings, Phil Haynes
    2020: Jordyn Brooks, Darrell Taylor, Damien Lewis, Colby Parkinson, DJ Dallas
    2021: D’Wayne Eskridge, Tre Brown, Stone Forsythe

    • 12th chuck

      damn, when you see the draft list like this, it makes you wonder how many games we won because of wilson

    • Big Mike

      I don’t know man. I keep reading things here about how Russ was the problem with the drop off in team performance and Russ influenced them to draft poorly and yadda yadda yadda.

      FANTASTIC post and right there in black and white are the true reasons the performance of this team dropped like a rock. There are exactly 2, yes TWO studs in that list, Lockett and Metcalf along with a very good Frank Clark that was let go too early because they let the market dictate to them rather than being proactive on getting him under contract. There’s also one that is approaching that level in Taylor and one that it’s not too late to get there in Lewis. The rest? A bunch of average, below average and never weres. If we leave ’21 as incomplete, that’s 2 studs, one very good, one chance to be a stud and one it’s not too late in 42, yes FORTY-TWO drafted players. That folks is how you see a franchise descend from Super Bow to mediocrity, even with a franchise and likely HOF QB.

      I don’t know what woke them up for this draft, whether it was as you said a “come to Jesus” edict by Jody or realizing it of their own free will, but regardless, how refreshing to see a draft where they were picking guys a round or 2 LATER than the consensus rankings for said player (value!!). This draft gave me hope after what we’ve seen over the years as you outlined here. Obviously it’s still hope as not all of these players will succeed and the team will need to address the biggest hole of all, QB. But at least it feels like it’s moving in the right direction for the first time in a very long time.

      • Peter

        Been wondering if it was not Jody but one of the new coaches.

        Either way I’m pretty glad to be getting back to a plan of some sort.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          Well according to John Schneider in the post draft presser, they brought the scouts into the process more fully, which apparently was something they hadn’t done before

          I’m half teasing – he really did say that, but I’m sure he didn’t convey what he really meant by it, whatever that may be.

          Regardless, they didn’t reach for a single player this year, including Cross.

      • Brik

        Man you guys just can’t let go. Tell me, do you have a monologue in your head? When you think do you have full thought out sentences, like you’re talking to yourself? I came to a logical conclusion that could easily be come to as long as someone has critical thinking skills. Broncos had a crap draft by the way. The only one that might have any real impact is Bonitto. Why don’t you just write a love letter to Russ and tell him how much you miss him.

        • Rob Staton

          Brik, chill.

          And the Broncos didn’t have a crap draft at all. They had a good draft.

    • Jordan

      A healthy Penny could have had a bigtime swing on this team’s fortunes over the past 4 years. Oh well.

      Seemed to had nailed the evaluation on the player talent-wise, just couldn’t foresee the durability issues.

    • AlaskaHawk

      There were also issues with free agents who landed in Seattle for one year, and then had a totally inflated sense of their value on the market. I don’t know how it could occur, but when a free agent demands 20 million for next year and they leave all disgruntled because Seahawks only offer 5-17 million dollars, and eventually end up settling with another team for 10 million. Some of the picks have been head cases. Not just free agents but some of the draft prospects too. They need to get a better handle on the mental issues.

      I can think of at least three premium guys like that. If those guys had stuck with the Seahawks then the team would have been much better.

    • Big Mike

      I also would give Chris Carson a “pretty good” and could’ve been a “very good” had he stayed healthy.

  16. cha

    Adam Schefter
    Arizona is losing DeAndre Hopkins to a six-game suspension, it lost Christian Kirk to Jacksonville during free agency, and it adds more insight into the Cardinals’ draft-day trade for former Ravens’ WR Marquise Brown.
    Adam Schefter
    Cardinals’ Pro-Bowl WR DeAndre Hopkins is being suspended six games for violating the NFL’s Performance Enhancing Drug policy, league sources tell ESPN.

    • Henry Taylor

      Cardinals could implode this offseason.

      • Henry Taylor


      • Roy Batty

        They were already imploding in the 2nd half of last season.

  17. Happy Hawk

    PFF 2023 Mock Draft has the Seahawks selecting QB W Levis Kentucky with the 8th pick in the 1st round.

    • James

      Fingers-crossed Denver goes 0-17 and we draft whoever we want. Based on Rob’s analysis, and my very limited viewing, Levis does indeed look like an exceptional prospect. I wonder what his weaknesses will prove to be? He certainly looks strong in the pocket. If Bryce Young was 6-3, 230 like Levis, he would be off-the-charts, due to accuracy and decision-making, but 6-0, 190 just seems too small to take the beating (though he never seems to get dinged). No one needs to remind Seattle that an undersized QB can excel, but Russ is 30 lbs heavier.

      • Rob Staton

        I’m not even sure he’s 6-0, 190lbs. That’s what Alabama says — I think he might be smaller.

      • Spencer

        Who has ever gotten dinged playing quarterback behind Alabama’s line?

  18. AlaskaHawk

    For those wondering about Walker, here is a good video:

    Hopefully I’m not violating site rules with this???

    • Rob Staton

      No issue at all with posting links like that to highlights vids

    • Jordan

      Any touch from either RB could be a house call next season. Exciting.

    • AlaskaHawk

      In that case, rap out!!!!

    • Von

      I was watching that highlight real and he reminded me of someone butt I couldn’t put my finder on it and then it dawned on me. Fred Taylor. He has similar juke moves/power and the ability to take it the distance. Go watch Fred Taylor highlights, he was awesome!

      • Jordan

        Reminds me a bit of that dude Pittsburgh had when the Hawks played them in the Super Bowl; not Bettis, but the lightning fast guy.

        • Von

          Willie Parker

      • Moses Lake Brian

        Reminded me of a young healthy Doug Martin

    • Big Mike

      3:42 may be the most impressive run for negative yds I’ve seen in a long time.

      Suppose he’ll wear #9 with the Hawks?

      • Rob Staton

        I hope not. I hate the new numbers.

        I’m hoping for 27. Don’t know why.

        • Von

          Artie Burns is #9

        • Palatypus


    • Big Mike

      All you long time Hawk fans, do you see the similarities between Walker III and this guy? I sure do.

      • SKA

        When I first saw one of Walker’s hard cuts, I winced, flashing back to watching Curt Warner go down with a knee injury untouched on one of his cuts. (1:20)

        • Big Mike

          On the cement that passed for turf in those days though.
          I do get your concern for sure.

          • SKA

            Cement floors helped with the acoustics in the Kingdome :-0

            • Peter

              My ears disagree with this having watched a ton of Griffeys homers and then some idiot pressing ignition on a bundle of fireworkers inside giant sized bomb 😀

      • TomLPDX

        That man could move! Thanks Mike.

      • Hawkdawg

        Yessir. Curt could cut and juke, that’s for sure. Natural runner. Tough. More of a glider otherwise, it seems, than Walker.

        But the similarities are there. Watching Curt run in his rookie year was great. His career could have been even better without that bad ACL thereafter, though…

        Walker needs to keep his knees clean and healthy. Because the way he runs requires them to be.

      • Seattle Person

        Walker has a lot of wiggle. There are shades of Shady McCoy in his game.

      • Shuppda

        Went to San Diego State in the 90’s and all last year watching Walker he just reminded me so much of watching Marshall in college.

    • Jordan

      Such a cool pick really.

      People taking issue with a RB of this calibre at 41 are looking at it in a vacuum and not part of a larger plan.

      -The Hawks are at their very best when they have an elite RB. And Walker went in that Chubb, Taylor, Cook, Mixon, Henry range carrying a similar grade.

      -This should be seen as a multi year reset. And with 4 picks in the top 60 of ’23, given Carson’s neck and Penny’s durability issues,I think getting a borderline 1st round graded RB at 41 is a good move. The opportunity cost was weathered by getting Lucas where you did and by the ’23 capital.

      -Reverse the sequence in which Walker/Lucas were drafted and no one is whining. It’s not the Hawks fault for assessing the draft properly and catching Walker before that cliff at RB.

      – If you don’t address RB this year, and if Penny/Carson don’t hold up, you corner yourself into having to force an answer at RB next offseason or roll with a Homer/Dallas later round calibre player. This helps create a favourable landing spot for the QBotf, whenever he may arrive.

      Whatever other position someone might have preferred at 41, can still be addressed with a significant investment in either 2023 FA or the draft. But you don’t know when a RB of Walker’s calibre will be staring you in the face again.

      • TomLPDX

        Well put, Jordan. Really excited about Walker. Best thing? He wasn’t a first round pick so the pressure is not as high for him to perform. I love Penny but we took him too soon and it cost us. So much hope for my Seahawks in the coming years!!!

        • Jordan

          Thank you.

          Yes, I know people want to scream “opportunity cost” with a RB at 41; and usually I may be inclined to agree. But… when you had 3 picks in the top 41, 4 picks in the top 60 next year, ample cap space, and aren’t paying a QB, that opportunity cost is mitigated and an elite RB prospect becomes a great addition IMO.

          Sacrifice Geno and Lock to his lumps in pass pro while he gets better for the next QB.

          • AlaskaHawk

            If Seahawks hadn’t taken Walker at 41 some other team would have grabbed him. Do we really want to see him drafted by the Rams or the Cardinals or the 49ers? I think NOT.

  19. Spectator

    Levis and Stroud remain to be my favorite QB prospects. My thought on Stroud is this, he was only a RS Freshman, first year starter. He had his lumps as you have pointed out Rob, has some mechanical issues. But I am sure if we know that, they know that and he will be working on them. Beyond that though, he just looks like a dude. I was watching Kenneth Walker games and was wathcing the OSU game. Stroud was just very good. Then i wathced some others and he was off. So I get the hesitation and remarks. If Young was taller and thicker, i would be on him. But how did Levis look as a RS freshman? Would we have considered him as a top talent? I wanna see how Stroud evolves this year. He will have a loaded team though, so how much can you trust his success. His WR Smith-Enjigba(sp?) looks like someone i would love to get next year too. Im really hoping all these QBs come out and there is like 5 in the top ten, Levis drops out. We have pick 4 and can get Will Anderson and then trade up form 15 (where i think Denver will end up) and grab Levis at like 12.
    Or imagine a situation where we have top 2 pick and a team gives us a haul to move back a little and we still get Anderson and Levis plus extra picks. ORRRRRR Lock ends up being something! Super exciting times.

    • Rob Staton

      He had his lumps as you have pointed out Rob, has some mechanical issues. But I am sure if we know that, they know that and he will be working on them.

      To be fair though, Ohio State did absolutely diddly squat to fix Justin Fields’ technical issues.

      Stroud was just very good. Then i wathced some others and he was off. So I get the hesitation and remarks.

      He’s a tough evaluation like every Ohio State QB. They have better athletes than nearly every team they play and they spread things out and it becomes a basketball game. Their offense is like a Big-12 offense sometimes. The Rose Bowl is a classic example. Utah were just totally overmatched and couldn’t cover anyone. Stroud has a massive day. Most of his big plays could’ve been thrown by anyone. The receivers were wide open.

      And in 2021 he was throwing to the #10 & #11 picks in the 2022 draft, plus a guy who could go just as early next year, plus other players who would be WR1’s on most other teams, and guys like Jeremy Ruckert.

      Just like people got carried away with that one throw Malik Willis had at his pro-day, people will watch an Ohio State game where they hammer an overmatched opponents and will tweet away about Stroud.

      But I’m telling you — it’s a lot harder to play for a traditionally non-power house SEC team, elevate them, make them absolutely bloody competitive and look good against Georgia’s defense even when you’re getting your arses kicked.

      That’s what Levis did.

      Ditto watching Tyler Van Dyke take over a crap, horrible Miami team and end the season 5-1.

    • Peter

      I think Seattle will be out of the running for first pick overall.

      I think Seattle could realistically win six games next year. The cardinals don’t impress me. Outside of the AFC/NFC west run it’s an on paper soft schedule.

      Per denver? Who knows really. I get that some fans think they are the fourth team in their division but a “great,” carr is only as good as a bad Wilson.

      Chargers? Are they ever going to be relevant? Good offseason. But with a great qb they weren’t miles better than the Broncos. Way better offense pretty terrible defense. Maybe that changes with some additions this year.

      • Brik

        You are woefully underestimating Carr. He routinely throws for over 4,000 yards and almost hit 5,000 last year. He is a top 10 QB and now has Waller AND Adams to throw to. Carr can throw all over the field and rarely takes huge sacks. His career completion % is nearly identical to RW. The only category Russ is “great” in is his TD-Int ratio. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Carr have better numbers this year, or at least very similar.

        • Rob Staton

          Carr is overrated

          • Brik

            So is Russ. I’m not saying Carr is the greatest, but saying Carr playing great is not as good as bad Russ is way off. Carr will throw for over 400 yards and will now have more TDs because he has another legitimate threat. He had some bad years because of a severe knee injury. Carr can and will explode for huge games. He just doesn’t seem as consistent. They also like to hand the ball off in the red zone, which may be because they didn’t have enough reliable targets. We will see the truth this year and I will gladly admit if there’s a major difference.

            • Rob Staton

              Russ is not overrated Brik.

              He topped Carr in pretty much every category last year despite playing with a badly injured finger.

              It is what it is.

              • Brik

                Carr has beat him by about 4% in completion percentage in 3 out of the last 4 years. Wilson had DK and Lockett. You can believe what you want. I see 2 guys that on any given day can outperform the other. It will be fun watching them play this year.

                • Rob Staton

                  Me — “Wilson beat him statistically pretty much across the board despite having a broken finger.”

                  Brik – “errr four percent completion percentage”

                  I think it’s time I ended this and moved things along

        • Peter

          I don’t get the quotes on the word great.

          I don’t know why I need to thumb this out about four times a year.

          Passing yards? Such a pointless metric. Stafford should be a multi time all pro for detroit if that stat mattered.

          Maybe Carr nine seasons in, finally is really good. I’ll believe it when i see it. You’re trying to down play td to int ratio and bolster air yards but I’d argue there’s a pretty big difference when both qb’s have nearly identical interceptions but one QB has nearly 100 more touchdowns.

          Carr is a top ten qb? I guess.

          • Brik

            Stafford just won the Super Bowl.

            Russell has been in the league 2 more years, also Carr had a very significant knee injury that took away a year along with being one of those injuries that takes another year or 2 to get back to form. We’re talking a 3-5 year difference in healthy playing time.

            I don’t think Carr is the greatest. I also have never seen him with a decent team around him. We’ll see what happens this year. I just think comparing Russ to Carr is not as big of a difference as a lot of other people seem to think. Carr carried the Raiders, and has for years without legit support.

    • Happy Hawk

      Embrace the Tank!

      • TomLPDX

        We don’t tank. We comPete. Expect no less from Pete and John.

    • Mr drucker in hooterville

      Being a Buckeye QB gives me concern. I am biased against schools that have yet to provide NFL caliber QB’s. ND is on that list.

  20. V

    James Crepea: Oregon CB Mykael Wright has accepted an invite to the Seattle Seahawks rookie mini-camp this week, per a league source

  21. Rob Staton

    Colin spot on here:

    • Big Mike

      Saw this today. I was thinking “look it’s Staton without the accent”

      • Rob Staton

        Wish I had Colin’s hair line

        • Big Mike

          I wish I had his income

    • Sea Mode

      Wow, absolutely nailed it on all points. Wonder where his source is, btw.

      • Big Mike

        I think despite saying he has no rooting interest in sports , I do believe he still has a soft spot for the Seahawks, Mariners, and Huskies since he grew up in Grayland, WA. For those of you that don’t know, that’s a town on the Washington coast about 125 miles SW of Seattle.
        A personal aside, it’s a great place for digging razor clams.

        • MychestisBeastmode

          Ahh man. Last time a I did a clam dig was when I was an undergrad at Western Wash U. circa 2007 around Samish bay.

          I am now full Homer Simpson staring at a 🍩

    • bmseattle

      “It’s a grab-bag of nonsense.”


    • Trevor

      Cowherd nails it. Don’t always agree with him but he is good listen.

      • TomLPDX

        Always. He is a NW guy and always will be.

    • Scot04

      Yep. Spot on analysis. Exactly the draft we’ve all been hoping for. Even if it doesn’t work, can’t argue with the plan behind it. Excited for the season

  22. Sea Mode

    This guy any good for LG?

    Mike Garafolo

    The #Eagles agreed to release OL Nate Herbig, his agent Ken Sarnoff confirmed. Team had trade talks with a few teams during the draft but nothing materialized. Herbig, 23, signed his RFA tender last week, now hits the market as an unrestricted FA. Had 17 starts last two years.

    Herbig is a 23 Year Old that has played 33 games for the Eagles but only started 5 games in 2021.

    He had 481 Snaps // Committed 3 Penalties and allowed just 1 sack.

    He had a 68.1 PFF Grade in 2021

    • Rob Staton

      Too big for the scheme — 330lbs

      • Palatypus

        What did you think of Daniel Faalele going to the Ravens?

        • Rob Staton


        • MychestisBeastmode

          TL;DR – boom or bust

          I loved him after seeing his performance against Ohio State; which was dominant imo. Then I was quickly lambasted by others for my take. Then I watched more tape and also the senior bowl drills and my position changed to that of those who were disagreeing with me as he was off balance a lot and got owned far too many times, ending up in his backside against significantly smaller competition, especially at the senior bowl.

          There’s something there that could be special, to me at least. But he may also be easily bull rushed and be on the receiving end of pancakes far too often.

  23. Mr Drucker in hooterville

    Rob, I’d ask you to put CamWard at WSU in the queue. He’ll be a sophomore, but everyone seems to agree he is NFL-bound.

  24. Rob Staton

    Interesting that the team has shared this on social media:

    • Robbie

      It’s been, not a matter of if, it’s when it will happen. Seems to have been that way for a while.

    • MychestisBeastmode

      I find it refreshing and fortunate that our team and our best young player both openly want each other and appear to be working towards making it happen.

      It’s nice because so many other teams’ stories are about conflict and team or player not giving or conceding enough; which leads to a less than ideal or even toxic dynamic.

  25. Isaac

    I read this nugget on the 2023 pff mock draft. Where the slotted Levis to the hawks. “Levis opened a lot of eyes with his emergence after transferring from Penn State to Kentucky last season. He finished with a 90.6 overall grade in now-Rams offensive coordinator Liam Cohen’s offense. Levis has easy arm talent for a 6-foot-3, 232-pound signal-caller.” Who knew that his coach was from the rams coaching tree. If that’s not a sign that he’s going to be perfect for Shane waldrons system I don’t know what is.

    • Rob Staton

      I mentioned it in yesterdays piece

      And he’s now being coached by Kyle Shanahan’s QB coach in San Fran who took over

  26. cha

    Aaron Wilson
    Texans signed veteran defensive end Mario Addison to a two-year contract, per a league source
    Aaron Wilson
    Texans signing veteran defensive end Mario Addison, according to a league source. Addison played for Texans defensive line coach Jacques Cesaire with the Buffalo Bills. Addison recently visited the Seahawks

  27. Dan

    What should the Seahawks do if they wind up with first round picks in the 10-20 range next year? Are they going to need to trade up into the top 5 (or 10?) to get their franchise QB? The scenario I worry about is that Pete Carroll coaches the Seahawks up to 7-10 or 8-9 this year (and assume the Broncos don’t go 2-15), and then we’re stuck in mediocre QB purgatory.

    • Peter

      Early bet. Five qbs have first round grades next year. With the draft stock they have and rumblings of a trade up for Thibodeaux you’d have to think they’d pull tge trigger and move up for their guy. Very like they have their own top ten pick next year. And…..

      If they don’t Drew Lock has turned into pete’s point guard dream and we won’t even be looking next year.

      • Peter

        Not to say five will go in the first round.

        • Palatypus

          Supply = Better
          Demand = More (because this year was weak)
          Quality = Much Better

          I would put the over/under at around 2.5

          • Sea Mode

            Saw this yesterday

            Adam Schefter
            · 10h

            ESPN draft analysts @MelKiperESPN, along with @McShay13, set the over/under for quarterbacks to go in the first round of the 2023 NFL draft at 6.5. And Kiper is going with the over.

            • Peter

              I’d go under 6.5.

              But all the teams that came into this draft needing one plus whomever will need one next year definitely raises alarms that there could be some wild draft day deals to move up to get your guy.

              • Spencer

                Actually I was looking at this and I’m wondering the community’s thoughts…

                We actually might have a decent chance of the stars falling just right to get Levis.

                QB needy teams from this draft-
                1) The Saints will probably be wanting a QB but they gave up there 2023 first round pick
                2) The Steelers probably will give Pickett more than one season to progress
                3) The Texans seem to be okay with Davis Mills, and if not there’s Stroud and Young
                4) The Falcons, between Mariota and Ridder will probably not be looking to take a QB that high…but who knows
                5) The Panthers will give Corral a shot, hopefully he succeeds. And if not then hopefully the Seahawks trade up ahead of them (if needed)

                The Colts might want to go for a quarterback, but Ryan still has 2 years on his contract and they gave up a 3rd for him.

                I don’t know if the Vikings would have sunk that money in Cousins to then just try to grab another qb that high. And I don’t think that they will be picking before us.

                I could see as potential threats the Giants, Commanders, and maybe the Dolphins if it’s obvious that they don’t like Tua after this year…also the Panthers if Corral doesn’t show any promise.

                • Spencer

                  Also the Lions…they’re a maybe.

            • Palatypus

              No way nearly a quarter of the first round picks go on quarterbacks.

    • Rob Staton

      Worry about that when it happens Dan

    • WallaSean

      We should be in good shape, of the 5 teams that have 2 first round picks only the Seahawks have 2 2nds. Maybe not a sure thing, but plenty of ammo to make something happen.

  28. Kevin S

    Hey Rob, lets say we have a chance to draft Will Levis or Will Anderson who would draft right now?

    • Rob Staton

      Let’s return to these types of questions in 12 months 😂

    • Spectator

      I am trading up with everything i can, to grab both.

  29. samprassultanofswat

    It’s driving me crazy watching sports figures and NFL analysts complaining the Hawks didn’t take a QB in the draft. Brock Huard gave Drew Lock a higher grade than any of these QBs in this draft. So why would JS/PC WASTE a pick on a QB that has a lower grade than Drew Lock. The latest culprits are Rich Eisen, Steve Smith Sr. and Shaun O’Hara.

    Last year the Drew Lock led Broncos damn near beat the K.C. Chiefs. Late in the 4th quarter with the Broncos leading 21-20. The Broncos on Kansas City’s 8 yard line. Melvin Ingraham picked a Melvin Gordon fumble and rambled 86 yards for the winning touchdown.

  30. Romeo A57

    I follow Oregon football. Cristobal is an excellent recruiter but you cannot underestimate how conservatively he ran the offense. I had no idea that Herbert was any good until he got to San Diego. He is a recruiter and CEO who doesn’t want to risk turnovers on offense. I cannot see a QB flourishing with him in charge.

    • GoHawks5151

      I would tend to agree but this is Miami and between the alumni and the administration everyone usually has a say. Not to mention the OC Gattis just jumped from Michigan fresh off a playoff berth. They have to have sweetened the pot for him. I’ve spent many years cheering against Mario, but for the canes sake I think he opens it up

      • Rob Staton

        I listened to an interview with the QB from their spring game

        First question…

        “There was a lot of underneath stuff today”

        That is worrying. Because that was Oregon

  31. Palatypus

    Put yourself in the point of view of Drew Lock.

    Seattle did not draft a quarterback.

    Their first pick was a pass blocking left tackle.

    They went for the most productive running back in college football in the second round right after drafting a pass rusher to get you back on the field.

    They draft a right tackle with explosive traits in the third round.

    Then they double up on DB’s and WR’s at the end with traits.

    How do you feel?

    • SpennyDunks

      I think he feels pretty optimistic about them putting him in a position to prove he’s the guy. Its the ideal situation. If he can’t make it work in year 4 with all that invested in the offense and a run as the starter (I’m assuming he’s pencilled in easily over Geno).

    • Peter

      Very happy the team has done as much as possible to give him a solid chance.

      Doubtful he’s the long term answer but better to know this fully than have doubts going into the next draft.

      • MychestisBeastmode

        You know I’m ever the optimist.

        I’m going in 50/50 that Drew might show out enough to earn a contract and tentatively take the reigns as our QOTF and present. He has the physical tools. It’s down to understanding and executing a new playbook and minimizing costly mistakes. Still, 50/50 sound like a great opportunity given that if he fails there likely a legit QOTF in the upcoming draft. But, if he succeeds, then we have a shit ton of draft capital to keep building this franchise into a force to be reckoned with.

        Moreso, I will just try to enjoy the team’s successes and small victories (not wins per se, but quality positional play).

  32. Dregur

    I have a chance.

    • Sea Mode

      Drew, is that you…?

      • Henry Taylor

        Obviously Jacob Eason.

  33. Bankhawk

    What are the chances that the Hawks could come out of next year’s draft with their QOTF And a bona fide ‘game wrecker’ for the D?
    Asking a bit much, I’d guess. 🤔

    • Sea Mode

      That’s the plan, for sure!

      We could also consider adding a big FA signing as well to boost the D. Exciting times!

    • Roy Batty

      I’d say chances are pretty good.

      So many QBs and WRs going early will help push other players down the board. They may not get the absolute best defensive player, but I think, especially trading up with Denver’s 1st, will net them one of the beastly DT’s coming out, at the least.

      • Peter

        A true bad ass at a DT spot is something I’ve wished for for a long time.

        • Roy Batty

          Clemson has not one, but two badass DTs.

    • CaptainJack

      The more games we win the less likely that is. Which is why the draft is somewhat broken. I’d prefer a system more similar to the NBA

  34. FloW

    IMHO, Tony Pauline’s report days before the draft, indicating that the Seahawks are going to trade down for Penning and trade back into R1 for Ridder shows how the teams are using these analysts for smokescreens. To me, leaking an interest in Ridder in R1 and also bringing him in for a visit was an attempt to pressure the Falcons to take him late R1 or in R2 because they knew, the Falcons would take a pass rusher in R2. Maybe they even knew it will be Ebiketie.

    Therefore, I have to remind myself that mental breakdowns after reports like these are unnecessary before the upcoming drafts…

    • ulsterman

      It could have been deliberate or more likely whoever his source was putting 2 and 2 together and getting 5.

      They may well have been seeing what it took to move back into round 1 and had Ridder in for a visit, so that was assumed who it was for. But they wouldn’t have told anyone who they were looking to move up for so it was just guesswork on the part of the source.
      If they had taken a pass rusher early they may have considered moving back into the first round for an Olineman.

    • Rob Staton

      Or it was just an inaccurate report

      I don’t see why we have to lurch towards smokescreens because no team ever tells someone like Tony what their plans are. His info, as with others, is always sourced from chatter in the league.

      Clearly some people in the league expected them to go after Ridder. And the idea of trading down and taking Penning isn’t that fanciful. Tony also reported right before the draft that Seattle wanted to trade down but the phone wasn’t ringing.

      Seems a bit weird to me that people are getting after Tony for this but are failing to acknowledge all the other duff info that was reported — such as Deshaun Watson to Seattle by Daniel Jeremiah.

      • ulsterman

        I agree he’s just reporting what he’s been told by his source. The source got it wrong, it happens

        • MychestisBeastmode

          I agree. I do not feel Pauline was trying to gin up any false info. He was just doing his job and being a sounding board for what he was hearing from sources that he likely trusts to a degree.

          In the day of fast and ever changing information, no one can expect to get all near real-time reports correct.

  35. Trevor

    If the Hawks top picks work out as expected they truly have set themselves up perfectly going forward to now find the QB of the future.

    – Young stud LT and RT
    – Elite young WR in DK
    – Stud RB in Walker
    – Quality TE group

    I am really hoping we get a shot at Levis next year as he really does look like the pro-type 2022 NFL QB but I would not be surprised at all if Drew Lock plays much better than expected this year and the team has 8-10 wins which would kind of suck as it takes you out of the running for a guy like Levis.

    My hot take for next season is the Hawks have more wins than the Broncos who play in the toughest division in football. Hawks end up with 2 picks in the 14-20 range. Might need both to trade up for a QB in that circumstance.

  36. Denver Hawker

    The Athletic 2023 mock draft has Levis taken at #5 by Atlanta and Van Dyke gone at #7 to Carolina. Stroud and Young go #1 and #2.

    They have Hawks drafting Bryan Bresee at #9 and Tanner McKee at #25.

    Decent chance the Top 7 QBs flip flop by next year, but point remains Hawks might need to perform pretty bad in order to get one of the top QBs. It’s early of course, but I actually wouldn’t hate this mock for them.

    • JC3

      That is why holding two first rounders matter because you have the option of trading up.

      • Denver Hawker

        It’s helpful, but Houston has 2, Detroit has 2, and it does not appear that Carolina or Atlanta have any intent on being competitive this year. Giants and Vikings may be in the mix for a QB also. It’s far from a given that the Hawks will be able to trade into the Top 3.

        • Rob Staton

          Seattle has four firsts and four seconds overs three drafts to play with though

          So even as a worst case scenario, they are brilliantly placed to go and get a QB

          • Denver Hawker

            I agree they can make a play with ample capital.

            I’m also saying if draft order is Texans, Detroit, Carolina, Atlanta- and the QBs are as good as advertised- I’m not sure it’s enough. I recall Cincy supposedly turning down at least 3 firsts when they drafted Burrow. I realize it’s all idle conversation at this point, but I’ll be rooting for the aforementioned teams this year.

            • Rob Staton

              But why get caught up on that now?

              Who knows how this is going to play out?

              Let’s just wait and see, not worry about this now

              • MychestisBeastmode

                Rob, you’re a zen football fan therapist. Wait and see is all we can do. Let’s control what we can, not worry about what’s out of our control, and enjoy the process.

    • Happy Hawk

      That is why tanking is an artform.

      • DougM

        That is why I’m thinking about changing my handle to Happy Tank

    • Gaux Hawks

      unfortunately, we are not the only team with multiple first rounders and in need of a quarterback

  37. ulsterman

    Anybody know much about NC State’s Devin Leary, seems to another potential riser.

    Grayson McCall and Jake Haener other names I’ve seen.

  38. JJ

    Should we make anything of KJ Wright being at VMAC when Cross was there?

    • GoHawks5151

      Forgot to return his key

    • Denver Hawker

      I personally would love to see him transition to coaching. I absolutely loved watching how he read plays, positioned himself in space, and secured tackles. Those are teachable skills and he seems like a good dude.

    • MychestisBeastmode

      No idea where he is at in terms of NFL talent left on his tank. But if he can be put in a position that doesn’t require him to cover receiving routes downfield and focus more on protecting the edge and flat or generally playing downhill then maybe there is a fit.

      Or if he just wants to coach, that’s cool too. Great guy. Ring of honor Seahawk. He will and should always have a seat at the table imo.

  39. Hawkdawg

    Any thoughts on Grayson McCall out of Coastal Carolina? Seems to have pretty good tape so far…

  40. Blitzy the Clown

    I’ve seen a few comments since the draft that Mafe was a consolation for missing out on Ebiketie who was the real target.

    Is that based on anything or just conjecture?

    • Peter

      Is this from the same people who think we should have drafted a third round qb in the second instead of Walker?

      Not JS’s biggest fan but unless he comes to the podium and literally says we were going to draft Ebeketie but we couldn’t so we *had* to draft poor mafe…..who is bigger, more explosive, and everyone probably loves since PJ Fleck raves about him…..

      All this is is dorks who prefer ebeketie.

    • Rob Staton

      Conjecture. Mafe is much more suited to Seattle based on his testing

      • MychestisBeastmode

        I so hope Mafe thrives in the NFL. If he does, I definitely want to start or join the Boye “Mafia” fan club.

        • Palatypus

          I was at day 2 of Senior Bowl practice and it didn’t take me long to conclude that he was the player I wanted.

          I would have taken him at 9. I think he’s Von Miller.

    • Ukhawk

      I like the Mafe pick and believe he will develop and believe he can be a lot more versatile and play some OLB.

      That said I watched each of Ebiketie, Mafe and Ojabos games against Ohio St to compare them and felt that Ebi performed the best out of the three.

      • Palatypus

        But the only one who was better at the Senior Bowl was JJ. And it was close.

  41. cha

    Numbers are in on AJ Brown’s extension with the Eagles.

    It’s 4years, $100m with $40m is guaranteed at signing (almost certain to end up $57m guar with a pretty easy option to guar $17m more) with a $33m bonus.

    (My shot for DK was 4/$100m/$60m guar/$24m bonus.)

    The Eagles are a textbook demonstration of the aggressive approach to the cap. They only added $1m and change to Brown’s last year of his rookie deal and the cap hit for 2023 is a meager $8.3m. Incredible.

    (I had DK’s first year hit at $7.5m and second at $17.2m to really absorb some of the hit early on)

    The last 3 years of the contract they get hit with $88 million in cap charges.

    Brown counts $27m against the cap in 2024, and the Eagles only have $29m of cap space left. For 2024! And they don’t have a QB under contract yet.

    The amusing thing is they have already set a void year but only put $2.034m on it. Why so little on a massive $100m contract? My guess is they know they’re going to restructure it at some point and why not just have the void year built into the contract as a bucket for future bonus money to dump into.

  42. Gaux Hawks

    Should we be higher on Joel Iyiegbuniwe?

    Maybe this isn’t as bad as it looks:

    SAM: Uchenna Nwosu, Boye Mafe, Tyreke Smith, Alton Robinson
    MIKE: Jordyn Brooks, Jon Rhattigan, Nick Bellore, Aaron Donkor
    WILL: Cody Barton, Joel Iyiegbuniwe, Tanner Muse, Ben Burr-Kirven

    • cha

      Barton’s proven to be better at MIKE. Wouldn’t shock me one bit (if they don’t make any more additions) that they’ll keep Brooks at WILL and give Barton a year in the middle.

      • Gaux Hawks

        Cha, your thoughts on Joel Iyiegbuniwe? Have you looked into him at all?

        • cha

          I don’t have a strong feeling one way or another. Combine testing numbers in areas the Seahawks crave probably weren’t enough to get them interested initially. He’s a 4th round pick that probably was more like a 6th or 7th rounder.

          The Bears let him go after his rookie deal expired and he signed with Seattle for $1m and none of it appears to be guaranteed. He had a grand total of 49 snaps on defense in 4 seasons.

          I’d say he’s a ST guy and probably a hedge for Ben Burr-Kirven. Wouldn’t shock me if that is the one roster spot they’re playing for.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Aren’t we just ILB/OLB now?

        Or do we refer to both ILBs in a 3-4 as MIKE?

        • Palatypus


          • MychestisBeastmode




  43. Happy Hawk

    13 first round draft choices from the 2019 NFL draft had their 5th year options DECLINED. 19 had their 5th year options Exercised. That says a lot = 1/3 of the 1st rounders don’t pan out to the degree hoped for. Miss rate gets higher as you go down round by round.

    For a successful rebuild we need to hit these top choices the next few years. Critical.

    • cha

      That’s about standard fare for first round picks.

      Also keep in mind declining the option isn’t necessarily a vote of no confidence. Some teams don’t want to lock down a hefty guaranteed sum and would rather gamble on encouraging the player to earn that second contract.

      Penny was declined. Fans would’ve been screaming bloody murder if the Seahawks had picked it up in 2020. But he earned a bigger deal with an explosive end to 2021.

  44. HOUSE

    While I normally can’t stand Shannon Sharpe, this interview with DK Metcalf is pretty good. DK has a very unique mindset and this helped me appreciate it even more.

  45. Sea Mode

    Well, at least nothing serious happened and he’s getting help. Hopefully he can be back as a coach/mentor to the RB room. Seemed to help Penny a lot.

    • 12th chuck

      I thought he would be a great strength and conditioning coach/ass. but not so sure now

  46. John

    Another potential late riser at QB next year is Jayden Daniels played very well his freshman year for Arizona State then regressed played decently his sophmore year that was limited to 4 years due to covid. Then regressed heavily his junior year which may have been related to the lack of offensive talent. He transferred to LSU, so he should have better offensive talent.

    • Mr Drucker in hooterville

      Daniels may not start at LSU.

      • John

        True, but he has elite talent hopefully he can put it all together at LSU

  47. Ukhawk

    Pretty cool analysis of Cross:

    • TomLPDX

      Thanks for posting that Ukhawk. Good stuff.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Agreed. Very cool thanks

  48. Sea Mode

    Hadn’t realized we drafted 6 Senior Bowl players.

    • TomLPDX

      Nagy has to be feeling pretty stoked about now. He is doing it right.

  49. SoCal12

    Bootleg Football picked the Seahawks as one of their 3 favorite draft classes:

    It’s good to see analysts pushing back on the narrative that Kenneth Walker over a QB was a bad pick. Its frustrating to see the amount of people that are down on choosing a potentially offense carrying Runningback over mediocre QB projects.

    Interesting to see people so high on Tyreke Smith and Bo Melton as well. Didn’t really know much about either player but it sounds like they can be good contributes at a value price.

  50. Bankhawk

    I just spotted an article saying that Seattle has signed W Mich. QB Kaleb Eleby (Eskeridge’s Uni QB) as a UDFA: anybody confirm the accuracy of this?
    The article made it sound as though a couple years on the practice squad would be needed. If true all round, how does this strike folks-any comment?

    • Rob Staton

      He hasn’t signed. He had a mini camp invite

  51. Bankhawk

    Came from a writer at Heavy Sports, about which I have no clue as to their reliability factor.

  52. Palatypus

    While a lot of people where underwhelmed by our selection of Kenneth Walker at #41, I wonder how many fan bases are really pissed of at us for doing that.

  53. bk matty

    toss in the QBs from Florida and Clemson and you may have 6 taken in the top 12…

    Also love the talk of cost of hotels in Gainesville in pounds… Imagine offering the lads in north Florida quid.. Mate you might end up in Mexico…

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