I wanted to write something else about Jamal Adams

Jamal Adams, a crushing disappointment in every way

Let’s be absolutely clear about Jamal Adams’ actions.

I’ve seen people brushing it off on Twitter, with some suggesting he was being a jerk and should basically just be ignored. Move on, etc.

Sorry, but no.

Adams took the decision to publicly insult a woman over her appearance. He did this shamefully and for no other reason than he took issue with her husband’s coverage of his NFL career.

Incidentally, coverage which was very similar to Seattle’s media coverage of Russell Wilson last year. Connor Hughes, the reporter in question, didn’t include Adams in his posts (some of which are documented on Field Gulls here). He simply highlighted the success of the trade from the Jets’ perspective, commented on bad moments in games and generally just spoke in a negative way about Adams’ struggles in Seattle.

Like I said, this is no different than anything we saw with Wilson and Seattle’s media a year ago. Many covering the Seahawks revelled in Wilson’s Denver struggles. It’s the same thing.

There’s no evidence of any personal attacks from Hughes. Nothing slanted to Adams’ family. No insults. No messages sent directly to Adams. It’s all stuff like, ‘I see Adams still can’t catch’. Brutal, right?

Seemingly the comment of ‘Yikes’ to a terrible piece of coverage was the final straw and tipped Adams over the edge. In his own words:

“I knew when I did hit that Tweet, I wasn’t in it to win it. At the end of the day it was to get him to understand, ‘Leave me the hell alone.’”

“When others go low, I go lower.”

“Obviously, hey, he responded to something that was uncalled for that he didn’t need to speak on. And, honestly, I’ve been letting him slide for too long and I just got fed up with it.”

“I did what I did. I hate that I had to bring her into the situation, but at the end of the day the ultimate goal was to get at him.”

“I’m not here to say if it was fair or not. But at the same time, at the end of the day, it’s been personal with him and I ever since I’ve been with the Jets and even before that, since my rookie year. Like I said, it’s been going on for countless years. He’s always said some smart things toward my play, if I do make a mistake. And I just got fed up with it, bro. This was the end of it. And I knew, this only thing right here, I was going to Tweet was going to hurt him. Anything else I said wouldn’t have hurt him. But he got my point. And he knows not to continue to mess with me.”

“Again, didn’t want to bring her in. But I just so happened I scrolled down and I seen what I seen, and I responded back with the same comment he made.”

No Jamal, you didn’t respond with the same comment he made. He passed judgement on your coverage skills in a football game. He’s passed judgement on mistakes you’ve made in Seattle, which is par for the course of being in the spotlight as a player in the National Football League.

You took an innocent woman and propelled her into the spotlight, without any means of stopping you. You reduced the value of the woman in question to her looks. You, in a way, implied that Hughes was a lesser man simply because in your opinion, his wife wasn’t attractive. Like any of this matters. You suggested that the woman’s value to her husband was purely and simply defined by her appearance.

You posted this to over 700,000 followers. The story received enough traction that news agencies all over the world were reporting on it (with a screen-grab of the deleted tweet appearing in every piece I found).

It’s possible that Connor Hughes’ wife has brushed this off. It’s also possible, unfortunately, that the last few days have been a living nightmare for her. Imagine going about your business quietly as a wife and mother, then in the next instance you’re in the middle of an online storm because a well-known NFL player spat his dummy out because your husband said ‘yikes’ about some sloppy coverage.

Imagine if this was your wife. Or your daughter. Or your mother. Hell, imagine it was a man. Yourself. Anyone. You don’t stoop to this level. If you somehow do, you own it and make it right. You don’t double down.

Adams was given an opportunity on Wednesday to own the situation, apologise and try and row back into the good books of fans. Instead, he made things worse with the most ridiculous, shambolic diatribe.

“When others go low, I go lower.”

“I hate that I had to bring her into the situation, but at the end of the day the ultimate goal was to get at him.”

There’s so much I’d love to write about these two quotes. I’ll leave it to your imagination. He’s right about one thing though. He’s lower than low.

His explanation is so terribly ugly. He had some beef. He wanted to hurt the individual in the biggest way possible to, seemingly, stop him highlighting errors on the field. So he trawled his social media to find a picture of his family, cropped out the husband and child and insulted the mother.

“I knew, this… was going to hurt him. Anything else I said wouldn’t have hurt him. But he got my point. And he knows not to continue to mess with me.”

This isn’t acceptable. I appreciate there are some fans out there who don’t care. That’s their choice and they’re welcome to it. I guarantee there are many, many more Seahawks fans who are officially done with Adams. I am in that camp.

I have no interest rooting for him on Sunday and will not do so. He should be left in Seattle. Play Julian Love. Play Coby Bryant.

He needs to realise the error of his ways. He needs to apologise — both personally to Connor Hughes’ wife and to the fans who feel let down by his actions. He needs to promise to learn and change, realising that he was in the wrong.

It needs to be full, frank and meaningful — not lip service.

Even then, this should only possibly buy him a few more games. Come the off-season, he needs to go. He should be designated as a post-June 1st cut as soon as possible. That would spread out a manageable dead cap-hit of $10,416,667 in 2024 (and the same in 2025) — saving the team $16.5m next season.

The combination of his behaviour and his play (which has been consistently poor aside from his debut in Atlanta) do not warrant a cap-hit of $26.9m next year. And yes — the decision to trade for Adams and pay him has always deserved more scrutiny than John Schneider and Pete Carroll have received. It was a disastrous trade and there’s never been any serious question put to the two main players about it.

If the Seahawks don’t act and just brush this under the carpet, in light of Adams’ doubling down, then there are a three conclusions to be drawn.

Firstly, what control does Carroll actually have over his players? Given one of Carroll’s fabled rules is to always ‘protect the team’ — how is this ugly episode in any way, shape or form protecting the team ahead of a vital game on Sunday? It’s an ugly distraction.

Hugh Millen said on KJR yesterday: “I don’t think Pete Carroll has the chops… to handle this situation appropriately.”

Prove him wrong, Pete.

Secondly, we hear so much about culture in Seattle. They’ve spent the last two drafts completely dedicated to character and professionalism with their picks. The actions of Jamal Adams contradict this vision. That has to mean something.

Thirdly, it’s pretty clear Jamal Adams has no concept of accountability. It’s evident he thinks he’s pretty much untouchable, never wrong, never thinks anything is his fault, has the thinnest skin imaginable, needs to spend less time obsessing over people’s opinions of his coverage and needs to grow up.

A lot of people are starting to question Carroll’s Seahawks based on results, performances and issues that never get fixed. There’s no identity, we’ve had games where the coach has confessed to not being properly prepared for key games and we’ve had players admitting other teams ‘wanted it more’ after losses. They’ve had three blow-out defeats and it might be four come Sunday evening.

This latest episode with Adams, I sense, is making it thoroughly unenjoyable to follow this team for a lot of people.

Jamal Adams needs to go. That can’t happen now, so he needs to sit out Sunday and then be given a long overdue humbling, before he delivers a proper apology.

If the Seahawks won’t do this, they should cease harping on about their great culture and standards. They’ll be enabling behaviour like this, which as noted goes beyond simply being a bit of a jerk.

Behaviour like this can have serious ramifications on an innocent person’s mental health. Singling out an individual in this way is disgusting, childish and it embarrassed the Seahawks franchise and everyone who follows the team.

You can’t just hope this’ll go away. They need to do something.

In the real world, insulting someone’s spouse in this way would typically result in a bop on the chin. That won’t happen here, so a metaphorical version must be delivered from the people running the team.

He shouldn’t play on Sunday and his days should be numbered in Seattle.


  1. cha

    👏 👏 👏

    • cha

      I say this not as a joke but seriously.

      Where is Tater in all this? Isn’t he supposed to be the Pete Whisperer?

      If Pete’s statement yesterday really does project his feelings on the matter, why isn’t Tater in his ear telling him how bad this is and there is still more to come?

      We say Jamal is at fault here, and are pointing to the fact he had time to cool off and think before doubling down. He is and that’s true.

      But the Seahawks are wandering into the same territory. They’ve had time to work this out and they came up with “We don’t want to be part of that.” If they double down that this is a player matter and it’s been handled, they are just as culpable as Adams is.

      Put football theory and game impact aside for a moment, guys. We are right in the window where it’s starting to be ‘why haven’t the Seahawks done more? This can’t be where they stand on this, can it?’

      But it’s starting to shut.

      • Big Mike

        I said yesterday that the Seahawks would do no more and that the reason is Pete Carroll is still trying to save face on the worst trade in franchise history. His ego has overtaken his common sense. I believe he will continue to do this until the end of his time as the head coach of the Seahawks. Softy said the same thing the other day and it’s true.

        • Parallax

          It’s weird. Everyone can see how his ego gets in the way, time and again, of him recognizing reality. In so many ways. And yet he could have gone out with dignity by retiring a couple of years back. Even now, he could rescue a good chunk of his imagine. But, no, if it’s left to him, he’ll ride the team right into the ground. He built the Superbowl team and he built the slow decay that set in soon after.

    • Ty the Guy

      Jamal provides negative value to this organization. I wish it wasn’t so.

      Play him as a LB possibly…IF he knows the assignments there. I’d wager that Love/Bryant would make the defense better in all seriousness.

      I think the 12s have spoken, he is not one of ours.

      • cha

        I’ve resisted the Jamal to LB talk because his body can’t handle the constant pounding.

        But if we’re down to the nub with his value and they’re going to eventually deal with him, why not?

        I’m no X’s and O’s but at this point Bobby is worse in coverage than Jamal. And Bobby is a better surprise blitzer than Jamal is.

        Why not have Bobby play the Bobby role on run-centric downs, then shift Jamal to the Bobby role on pass-centric downs?

        It might telegraph your intentions a bit and put a mild strain on the defensive creativity. But with 5 games left, who cares?

        • Ty the Guy

          Also if Brooks is out, who fits better? Bush or Jamal?

          Jamal has pretty much been an undersized LB for the entirety of his time with the Hawks.

          The fact that we’re asking these questions proves that Jamal wasn’t lying…when our expectations of him get low, he goes lower…

  2. Red

    Between this and DK brushing off Pete’s penalty board im getting end of the LOB era reading books at meetings vibes. Love Pete for all he has done, but this is pretty brutal and like you said Rob, hard to want to root for this team with this kind of stuff going on.

    On the fans to make Jamal know how we feel at home games, bring out the boo birds.

  3. Seattle Murphy

    Right on as always, Rob!

  4. Rob Staton

    Watch the very end of this video


    • Matt

      Whoa…that was an “Im fucking done” toss of the headset.

      • Joe B

        Yes and no. He was ready to be done. But the headset toss seems to be a thing of his. Seen him do it before & seems to me it’s a little troll/playful thing to mess with broadcasters.

    • Sea Mode

      Weird. What was his problem?

    • Andrew M

      He says the team is at its best with a 1-2 punch rushing attack? Is he not aware they are currently 30th in the league in rushing attempts?

      • Andrew M

        Man I want the Hawks to cut this guy so bad if for no other good reason than we can stop being forced to think about him. I don’t want to think about this pile of s*** ever again.

        • Elmer

          Adams had the chance this season to show that there was some value (certainly not equal value) in the trade. He has failed to do that. Time to figure out how to cut the cord and part ways. You can do this, Pete. You have made lots of tough decisions in your career. The time has arrived for you as well to sh!t or get off the pot.

    • geoff u

      He seems like a 72 year old man who’s too old for this shit.

      • DC

        It really seemed like he’s not buying what he’s selling anymore. Looked like he had a hard time believing what he was saying.

      • Lawrie

        What has being 72 got to do with it?

        • dave M

          old geriatric and senile

          • Mark T

            Pete maybe some things but he’s neither geriatric or senile

    • Mr drucker in hooterville


  5. Sea Mode

    Rob, thank you so much for writing about this and making that video.

    I know it must be tempting to just give up and call it futile at this point, but I really respect you using whatever platform you have to call them out on this. Hopefully more Seahawks voices join in on this.

    • king

      I echo this sentiment.

  6. Big Mike

    you reduced the value of the woman in question to her looks

    Bingo Rob! THAT is to me is the “going even lower” aspect he fully not just admitted to, but embraced.
    Seriously Jody, you as a woman that grew up in a generation of women that fought to end that type of archaic thinking are going to tacitly accept this as ok by allowing him to continue to be a member of the Seahawks? If so, I find that pretty much as shameful as him doing what he did.

    • cha

      Don’t hold your breath.

      • Big Mike

        Oh I’m not but the question is why?
        Is it simply money as in she doesn’t want to pay him to be elsewhere?
        Does she simply not care?

        You know she knows about this by now

        • cha

          I’m just pointing out something from the past that might be an indicator.

  7. Pran

    Adams is listed as non-participant due to knee injury in the final report. expect him to be pulled citing injury not punishment.

    • Big Mike

      EXACTLY as cha predicted.
      They will try to slonk him back in next week and hope that it has all blown over. I sincerely hope that will not be the case.

      • Big Mike


        • Parallax

          Slonk is Jamal’s middle name.

    • Sea Mode


  8. BeingZinfull

    Completely agree with everything said here, except: “In the real world, insulting someone’s spouse in this way would typically result in a bop on the chin.” In no way should verbal abuse be equated to physical abuse. Jamal is quite wrong to bring up an innocent woman into his equation with the reporter, but if the reporter hit Jamal, he would be equally, if not more, wrong.

    I’m more interested in seeing how PC/JS publicly address this problem (should be a lot easier to handle given the lack of Jamal’s on-field performance).

    • Rob Staton

      You’re missing the point of that comment.

      In the real world, if you insulted a man’s wife in his presence, it wouldn’t be a surprise if you were punched in the chops.

      I would expect that, 100%.

      That isn’t going to happen here, as I said in the article, so the Seahawks should do it metaphorically. By getting rid.

      That’s the point.

      • Parallax

        If someone insulted my wife, I wouldn’t punch him. I’d laugh in his face and say “You should be so lucky to have a woman like her, idiot”.

        It’s completely irrelevant that the guy’s wife is anything but unattractive. Jamal is such a moron. His insult would be wrong under any circumstance and only makes him look bad. By calling a beautiful woman ugly, he also reveals himself for the nitwit that he is.

        • Lawrie

          I think the point is to “Man-up”
          I can hear you thinking …. What the fuck does that mean?
          Well it means , you take responsibility for your actions, you protect the young and vulnerable, and be respectful.
          It’s really quite simple all you need to do is grow up

    • Peter

      With respect….full disagree here.

    • LouCityHawk

      For real?

      Cause of someone said something about my wife, I’d throw them a shovel and tell them to start digging.

    • Scott Crowder

      Disagree. If he’d said that about my wife, he’d be lucky if I didn’t put him in concussion protocol.

      Then, not satisfied, I’d print out 20,000 pictures of his mother saying “Your son is ugly. Where’d he get it from?” and hand them out to the first 20,000 fans at the game with instructions to make paper airplanes out of them and toss them on the field when Jamal gets announced.

      Then we’d see if he woke up.

      • IHeartTacoma

        If your wife is as badass as mine, you wouldn’t have to do anything.

    • GrittyHawk

      I mean, I agree that physical violence isn’t going to solve anything. But in the real world, talking about a man’s wife will earn you a mouthful of teeth. Maybe it’s not right, but Rob’s comment was merely reflecting the reality of life, not promoting violent responses to verbal altercations.

    • Chris

      Disagree strongly.

      If it was my wife, a bop on the chin would be bare minimum of possibilities.

  9. Rob Staton

    Mike Garofolo said that Carroll spoke to Adams and that Dave Pearson from media relations had a long conversation with him. Then, he doubled down after that.

    Garofolo says he doesn’t sense they’re going to take him off the field:


  10. BobbyK

    Jody Allen is trash if, as a woman, this is okay. We know Pete Carroll is trash for allowing Jamal to keep being Jamal. John Schneider should quit trying to pretend he’s religious if he’s a Jamal supporter.

    The last two drafts have been about building a culture. How in the hell can you build a proper culture if the young guys have no choice but to look up to a douchebag like Adams? Lockett is a role model young guys should emulate. Not this pile of dung.

    I didn’t think Alan’s stylist could get any lower. I shouldn’t be surprised by anything this sh!tbag does/says anymore. I have no doubts he can still go even lower. Pete doesn’t care and I know this because actions speak louder than words.

    • BobbyK

      Anyone remember what happened to TJ Houshmandzadeh Pete’s first year as coach?

      Pete was adamant about setting a culture in Seattle. Housh didn’t buy in and made no secrets about it at team meetings or whatever. Pete booted his ass. It cost the Seahawks a lot of dead money but he did the right thing.

      It is clear Pete has absolutely no vision anymore and his coddling of Adams is further proof he went from a younger man with a vision to an old man who will do anything to hold on to what he once had. He’ll use tape to fix a sinking ship if he has to and while the ship is sinking he’ll keep insisting everything is going to be okay.

  11. Rob Staton

    I’ve also learnt today that Seahawks/Husky fans are going to be an unbearable as Seahawks/Jalen Carter stans this off-season.



    Apparently he’s going in the top ’10-20′ (nope)

    I can tell this is going to be a thing for months

    • Peter

      Not to worry sir. As a die hard hawks fan born and raised in Seattle living in the shadow of the campus at times, eye rolling rider of metro bus route 43 and seven I can safely say I hate the huskies and fully hope to not see Penix in Seattle on any pick higher than the third round.

      I’m not rooting for them in the playoffs.

      If you want an older qb get me Rattler.

      I care very little about arm strength as opposed to being baby sat in the same offense forever.

      • LouCityHawk

        My husky fan friends (none of whom went to the U) are also the ones sending me every news article saying that Ewers is going back to school.

        There’s a word for this.

        • Peter

          We’re a WSU family or Seton Hall in New Jersey.

          Hey at least your friends no other players.

          My husky fan friends also not alum think UW might be the only school in the country and think we should get Penix and Odunze….a regular Burrow, Chase connection.

          • LouCityHawk

            I mean, I’m an Indiana Alum and booster, but I’m not over here demanding that Rob give Cam Camper his proper due! Where is Andre Carter? Aaron Casey!?

            Katkic makes sense for the Hawks! Noah Pierre won’t make you say Yikes!

            Odunze will not be able to bail out Penix the way he does in college. My favorite is their belief that The Seahawks could get both somehow.

            • Peter

              Fans…you got to love ’em. The ‘both’ had me rolling.

    • cha

      FWIW of the top 15 comments,

      3 yes
      12 no

    • LouCityHawk

      Time for every non Husky alum to pull for UTA.

      And seriously, I’ve met Penix, more than once, great person, I wish the world for him, but let’s be serious…2nd rounder and Hendon Hooker are the most likely outcome.

      If it makes you feel better, Vols fans were just about this bad with Hooker, and I live around a bunch of them.

    • Scott

      First thing from me is a heartfelt apology to Rob from me. When talks about Husky fans getting stupid about Penex…well, just my photo in the description. I think Rob speaks his truth and that is absolutely admirable.
      I think Rob is very accurate with his insights on Penex.
      I also think Rob, even after being in town for a few days, might underestimate the love for Mike around Mountlake, the only player in recent memory I can compare it to is Jake Locker. The man, for obvious reasons has captured the passion of the fans.
      I know it’s gonna be a while for the Husky fans rotors relax, but I think that’s OK, maybe that’s one of the things Rob can’t measure or observe from afar, leadership, poise, heart, and being a quarterback that the other players want to play with (see the entire team gathering around Mike as they entered the 4th quarter against Oregon last week). The biggest reason he’ll go in the first round is the same reason Zack Wilson went early to the Jets, pure arm talent, some GM or owner is going to get a up close look at that arm and draft him in the first.
      Rob, thanks for all you do.

      • Rob Staton

        Appreciated. And I wasn’t calling anyone out in the tweet, rather just seeing it pop up on my timeline made me realise… we are in for months of Seahawks/Huskies crossover takes.

        To be fair on Zack Wilson, it’s easy to forget now why he went early. He was unreal at BYU. He was doing the lot, throwing on the run with accuracy, throwing off platform improbably, showing high level arm talent, scrambling and making plays with his legs. He was a magician. I remember the first game watching him, thinking ‘wow’. I remember where I was sitting, exact day, time and game.

        He screamed top five pick. It hasn’t worked. I think that’s partly him mentally and with his approach and partly the chaotic Jets. But it wasn’t just arm talent and he didn’t have a stretch at BYU like Penix had this year, where he was especially streaky, his completion percentage dipped dramatically over a large number of games to 60% and his PFF grade was around 70.

        Neither was Wilson throwing to elite college receivers with a top end OL with bookend top-64 pick tackles in a brilliantly coached scheme.

        So I don’t agree with the comp or the reasoning. I refer to my reviews over recent weeks. The arm is excellent and that, for me, gets him in day two. There are issues though that will, almost certainly in my mind, keep him out of R1.

        • Parallax

          FWIW, I’m a huge Husky fan and I agree with your analysis. It doesn’t lessen my adoration of Penix one whit. He’s the QB who took us to a 13-0 record, won us the very last PAC-12 crown, has us in the final four, and made my 9-year-old son’s first year as a true fan magical. I’ll forever be grateful and I’ve long felt I’d much rather watch a Husky game than the Seahawks. But I’d think it a poor bet, and a bad use of draft capital, if a team took him in the first round, or even the second. I think both he and Nix, great though they were in college, and wonderful young men that they are, should be day three picks. Third, maybe fourth, round. Both of them.

          Penix has the injury history offset by the great arm. Nix has a decent arm and decent wheels. Neither has faced consistent pressure. Both have occasionally looked great uncorking a pass or scrambling for a big gain with a man (or two) in his face. They have also at times made poor throws — particularly Penix.

          I’m not going to say either won’t succeed in the NFL. But I also wouldn’t be surprised if they’re off the radar fast.

  12. KennyBadger

    Rob and others over the week have brought up ‘culture’ and I’m not a big fan of the term although I get the point. Kind of like ‘irony’, it’s hard to define but you know it when you see it. Regardless of how you think of culture, accountability HAS to be a component of a good one. What about this pukes play, conduct, behavior demonstrates accountability (to robs point). That speaks to a lack of leadership at an organizational level. Seahawks fans have seen what winning cultures look like, and this ain’t it. 14 out of 32 NFL teams make the playoffs so using that as a measure of success is simply lowering the bar. This team needs an enema.

  13. LouCityHawk

    The thing about Prez that his excusers aren’t getting (and there aren’t very many of them) is that it is his elitist, privileged, wealthy bullying tactics that are inflaming everyone.

    You know why role player X isn’t doing this? Because they can’t afford to be cut, or be out of work. Prez will have to try to blow all of his money.

    He is supposed to be rehabbing his image right now (Carroll), proving the haters wrong (Carroll!!), showing that the team was wise to put their faith in him with the trade (Carroll!!??) and contract (CARROLL)…then he goes out and shows his ass, then decides to do it again in case any of us missed it the first time.

    Take away the keys to the VMac, send him home, cut him after the season or trade him if some franchise will give you anything (assuming the cap hit remains the same).

  14. Brodie

    In a weird way, I wonder if this JA thing is what finally seals Pete’s fate.

    Twice now this year, Pete has said he’s talked to players (DK & JA) about something that wasn’t ok and both times they’ve come out in the media right after and basically said “kiss my ass, I’m gonna do what I want.”

    Couple that with a team that is likely about to be 6-8 and on a 5 game skid. It looks like Pete can’t figure out how to win or manage the locker room.

    It will be a bit sad and ironic if his getting walked over and disrespected by guys he’s trying to protect will be his undoing.

    It’s the frog and the scorpion. Pete wondering why JA would end them both – that’s just who I am replying #33

    • Rob Staton

      My worry is rather than seal his fate, we just have to endure this for another year at least. As if everything is hunky dory.

      • Big Mike

        Not only my worry Rob, but my prediction. Literally praying 🙏 to be wrong.

        • Dave Stacey

          I think, sadly, I’ve reached the point where I think a 5+ game losing streak, some more embarrassing losses and missing out on the playoffs would be best for the franchise.
          Hopefully that might inspire a change in leadership
          I dread a wildcard exit and having to listen to Lete explain how we’re ’so close’ and running it back with this bunch.

          • Dave Stacey


      • Brodie

        Groudhog day 2024 promises to be as compelling as groundhog days 2017-2023

    • Mr drucker in hooterville

      This off season will expose the Hawks (Allen) as to who they really are. Will they run it out again? They are going to sell and Carroll is the bell cow in the organization. Super Bowls is not their vision. Status quo is. OR they will make the changes and modernize the offense/defense, draft a QB. Then they are looking to win.

  15. BurchMt1

    Rob, you are exactly correct this has to be dealt with if Carroll wants to retain any semblance of his protect the team mantra. Adam’s needs to go, a suspension thru the end of the season protects against the inevitable injury which would force us to either keep him or eat a bigger injury settlement. I know this would get pushback from the union, but he is a liability both on the field and off it. He is a cancer to the team and needs to be gone.

    • Trevor


  16. Trevor

    If Pete and the Hawks allow this to slide and Adams plays Sunday without apologizing at a minimum I am done with the Hawks till there are coaching / management changes and Adams is gone.

    I think this was one of the most despicable things I have seen a professional athlete do on social media ever. The publicly insult a man’s wife like that is gutless and shameful. Speaks volumes of the man’s character and if Pete / John lets it slide they are no better IMO.

  17. Rob Staton

    Adams practised today

    So the Seahawks are doing nothing

    They’re asking us to root for Adams this week

    The concerns at the end of this piece all ring true

    Just awful. Passion evaporating TBH.

    • Andrew M

      I haven’t voluntarily missed a Hawks game in over 20 years. But this is getting me creeping to the edge. It’s dramatic of course, but I can’t remember my enthusiasm for this team being so low. We’ve witnessed crazy bad, historical losses and officials stepping in at the biggest moment. But this is something else.

      • Rob Staton

        You won’t be alone

        It’s a massive commitment for us UK fans to watch every game. Many start at 1:15am.

        I’m in too deep to stop. But I kinda really dislike some key things about the team right now.

        • Peter

          I’m pushing the boat out right now on my enthusiasm.

          Even talking about the draft is rough because I don’t want at least one of the guys making the shots anymore.

          Like you said in the three lads pod: and now we present season three of geno(this).

          It’s a rudderless product. Dickson and Witherspoon are about the only two (mafe probably) that are playing beyond the team.

          And I’m well and truly sick of this weekly sit down with the boys for some laughs, maybe some stories, to chop it up every week when no one says to Pete….what’s up coach, why aren’t we good at anything?

          And now all this. The team’s voices are at least two guys I can’t even root for. 1. Because he’s all hat and no horses ( diggs) 2. And the other legit sucks as a person and player.

    • king

      Adams is a symptom. While I 💯 appreciate Rob and the community’s commentary on Adams, the real problem is Pete and he needs to be the focus of our ire.

      • Big Mike


    • Palatypus

      Remind what Adams was listed with on the injury report.

      Was it a sprained butt?

      Hyperextended feelings?


      • Jabroni-DC

        A cracked coffee cup.

        • Palatypus

          Well played, Jabroni. Well played.

          • Parallax

            Bruise ego and butt hurt.

  18. Dave Stacey

    Completely agree Rob. You’ve nailed it.

    I was done with Adams a long time ago, you were right in saying after year 1 that we should trade him and get some decent compensation and move on. They doubled down and paid him , moved money around this off season. It’s pathetic. One of the worst trades imaginable and they seem desperate to salvage something, which is impossible..

    His play is poor and it’s embarrassing when you look at what he’s being paid to ‘perform’ at this level. I hate his attitude on the field , the fake tough guy stuff, the cheerleading in LA and now this really takes the biscuit. How can anyone root for this guy. The tweet he made is so cold and calculating it’s not a moment of madness and it shows what an asshole he is.

    As for the culture it seems to be a case of so long as everyone is messing around and having a good old laugh in the PNW it’s all good. There’s no discipline. Different ball park but Why were they letting Diggs behave like he did on twitter in the offseason with all his Bring back Bobby stuff , who does he think he is – if I was JS I would have cut him or at least told him to wind his kneck in , but they seem to tolerate this sort of nonsense and clowning around.

    This is a hard team to support right now #wengerout

    • Rob Staton

      Completely agree Dave, some great points there.

      Also, thanks for highlighting that I wanted to move on from Adams before he signed his new deal after just one season. I got so much abuse for that. The three things I’ve had most abuse for, some of it quite horrible, is:

      — Not a fan of the Jamal Adams trade and wanted out after one year

      — There’s something in the Russell Wilson trade rumour stuff

      — Seahawks won’t draft Jalen Carter

      And I can count on about two fingers how many people who dished out that abuse have apologised.

      I don’t get everything right. On the big things though, I like like our record.

      • cha

        Let’s not forget the sweet summer of 2020 And The No Good Very Bad Pass Rush

        • Big Mike

          Benson Mayowa doesn’t like your post.

      • mantis

        If Adams hates this guy so much why is he reading this guys tweets or posts, why isn’t he blocked?

        This looks like Richard Sherman all over again, Pete is an enabler and some players don’t respect him.

        I worry that Adams and Diggs will affect Woollen and Witherspoon negatively

        • Hawkster

          I think spoon thinks JA is a peacock

      • geoff u

        So glad I checked out for awhile after that. I pissed when I found out about that trade. Two firsts for a safety?!? The hell is this team doing!?! Now we know — nothing. He hasn’t done a damn thing to improve this defense! We were better when Ryan Neal was starting.

        • Jabroni-DC

          We were better when Ryan Neal was starting.

          Exactly! It was obvious wasn’t it? So what in the blue hell is Pete seeing? Is it just a huge blind spot for him like Jamal is his own child & can do no wrong in his eyes? I really don’t understand what Pete’s deal is in this case.

  19. Palatypus

    New England @ Pittsburgh


    • LouCityHawk

      The big TV at the LCH household has been tuned into Christmas at the Opry, the small tv has the TNF game on mute.

  20. Big Mike

    Buffalo vs. Kansas City on opposite the Seahawks game Sunday. Just sayin’.
    Only hope for change is losing 4 of the last 5 and even then….

    • Peter

      I don’t know. Where do the wins come?

      It sucks to future cast but how is this different then the end of Holmgren? We became supremely mediocre almost over night then fell off a cliff even faster.

      How’s a Diggs, adams, wagner defense going to get better next year. The qb is regressing.

      There’s no cash and not enough picks to rebuild the oline, at a spark in defense, or a new qb all at once.

  21. Mick

    I still hope there is some response from Seattle. If the management doesn’t do anything about, which seems very likely, at least one player should open his mouth in a press conference and say that Adams was terribly wrong. Or the media people should refuse to speak with him. Or the fans should boo him whenever they have the chance. This cannot be treated as normal and ignored.

  22. AlaskaHawk

    I’ve said that things won’t change until the team ends with a losing record.

    I’ll add that if the media blows it up and Jody Allen’s friends start talking about how terrible Adam’s tweets have been, things will change.

    • Palatypus

      I feel like this team needs to be on Hard Knocks next year. That’s how you get rid of a cancer like Antonio Brown.

  23. Robert Las Vegas

    I really don’t follow the Pittsburgh Steelers that much but Mike Tomlin on the hot seat you were 7-4 then you lost to the 2-10 Arizona Cardinals at home now Pittsburgh just lost to 2-10 patriots at home.if Mike Tomlin isn’t shouldn’t he be has that proud franchise lower the bar that much.. I can definitely see a lot of head coaching changes in the NFC South next year as well. If Mitch trubisky is the starting QB for the Pittsburgh Steelers and play in Seattle the Seahawks better be able to win that freaking game

    • Parallax

      I don’t generally second guess coaches but those two play calls at the end seemed beyond stupid. In fact, far worse than anything we’ve done this season. You’ve got 3rd and 2 with two downs to pick it up with about five on the clock. So you call two pass plays — one intermediate, one deep. If you’re gonna lose, at least go down with a high percentage choice. They were moving it on the ground.

    • Peter

      Hot seat?

      Tomlin is 170-97-2 going 8-9 in post season

      Our guy… 134-87-1…10-8 postseason

      Maybe steelers should change but Tomlin has 36 more wins to ONLY 10 more losses.

      • Big Mike

        You guys all spelled stealers wrong

  24. Romeo A57

    Most of the hosts and guests that I have heard on local Seattle Sports Radio are disgusted by the cheap Jamal Adams tweet and subsequent follow up statements. But not everyone. During the last 10 minutes of this Bob and Wyman segment, they are latterly laughing this off as a funny juvenile prank.Yikes!


    I suspect that this is the exact same view as the Seahawks organization until proven otherwise.

    • cha

      This is disgusting.

      “are we supposed to not laugh at that?”

      “go ahead and clutch your pearls. It’s really not that big a deal. Everyone is acting like [dramatic voice] ‘this poor woman, how is she gonna recover?'”

      “Let’s stop acting like somebody got killed here and [dramatic voice] HE NEEDS TO ATONE.”

      “Let’s not act like ‘she’s just…[soppy voice] she’s gonna have to go to therapy now, Dave, I don’t know how she gets through this.’

      “It was juvenile. I gotta say, that’s kinda my sense of humor.”

      “I know people are on the other side, they’re clutching their pearls and this is [dramatic voice] ‘the most egregious thing to ever happen, and he needs to apologize immediately!’ No.

      One thing I will say in his defense, is I saw somebody tweet out, they had a screencap of 10 or 15 tweets from this particular reporter just ripping him left and right on this play and that play, with the Jets and the Seahawks as well and I’m thinking ‘you clearly have an agenda with Jamal. You’re going out of your way to seek him out and isolate the plays that are bad and comment on them on twitter, that’s social media. [righteous voice] ‘Jamal’s gotta have thicker skin than that.’ It’s like people that text, they’ll say really insulting things and when you bark back at them they’re like [mock shock] ‘I can’t believe he said that!’ What do you think this is? It’s another human being on the other end of this, you don’t expect a human being response?

      ‘Again not justifying Jamal but I understand the mentality of this guy going after him in the screencaps. It was at least 10 where the guy was ‘what a terrible play’ isolating him.’

      Then they say he should have apologized and shouldn’t have involved his wife (while laughing through the whole sentence) and talked about how the local media is overreacting (citing Softy’s tweet asking if Jamal is now the most hated athlete in Seattle sports) and ‘he should be cut immediately’ and ‘feeling offended on her behalf’ and OH MY GOODNESS.

      This captures it for me. ‘those of us who haven’t matured beyond 13 found it funny.’

      ‘Can we overreact a little bit more? She’s gonna be ok, I’m pretty sure she’s gonna be fine. She’ll power her way through this. She has plenty to be confident about.’

      ‘There’s lots of mean nasty things going on Twitter. Then to [mock horror] ‘What? This guys a professional athlete! How could he..’

      ‘I’m not on twitter. Why? Because I know myself. I know how stupid I could be.’

      ‘The reporter put himself out there! He entered the fray!’

      ‘The outrage on her behalf like “OH MY GOD” shut up!’

      ‘If you want to release Adams because you don’t think he’s a good player, that’s one thing. But if you’re saying this just crossed a line you can’t cross, let’s just take a breath here. You need some introspection there.’

      • Big Mike

        Would you expect anything better form Dave “Sycophant” Wyman? I sure wouldn’t, He’s as desperate to be right about Adams as Pete Carroll is.

        • bmseattle

          Maybe someone should do to Wyman’s wife what Adams did… see how Wyman reacts then.
          Wyman seems like the type to punch a guy in his mouth for insulting his wife.
          Obviously I’m not serious about someone doing it, but you get the point. Wyman is old school and I can’t believe he is defending Adams on this.

      • Romeo A57

        I was horrified when I heard this on the radio. I couldn’t believe that they missed that Jamal was bullying, and implicitly attempting to have his followers bully, a Woman who did absolutely nothing to him.

  25. Peanut

    The only reason Adams is still on the team just has to be that Pete and probably John just refuse to admit that it was an insane trade. Imagine giving up that package for a player that was desperate to get out.

  26. Sneekes

    Surely there has to be some public Seattle ‘punishment’ for Adams in this, even if it’s as weak as making him a healthy scratch this weekend?
    To be seen to do nothing – condones his actions.

    I am bothered by what Adams did, but I am more bothered about his doubling-down on it. We all make mistakes, most of us have said or done something stupid in the heat of the moment – but when given time to reflect good people realise they over-reacted and apologise.
    Adams considered lack of empathy for Mrs Hughes is the very antithesis of what I’d want ‘being a Seahawk’ to mean. If Adams is not publicly censured by the Seahawks in some way then we’ll see ‘being a Seahawk’ for the bullshit I expect it is.

  27. GrittyHawk

    The trade was bad enough. The extension was even worse. The restructure this year was even more vomit-inducing. I’ve been a huge fan of this team for 20 years, but if Adams is on the roster next year I promise I will not watch a single game. I’m so over it. I don’t think I’ve ever been so embarrassed by one of my teams, and I root for the New York Mets!!!

    • Big Mike

      if Adams is on the roster next year I promise I will not watch a single game.

      If Pete Carroll is still here, which seems very likely, you may want to start planning alternative viewing options.

      Oh, and your baseball fandom could be worse, you could be a Seattle Mariners fan.

      • Rob Staton

        If the Seahawks run this back next year, I will definitely be less invested than I’ve ever been


      • Gritty Hawk

        At least you don’t have to suffer through the national media stories about Bobby Bonilla Day every year until 2035! Not to mention in the last few years we’ve had to fire a coach we just hired because of cheating scandal, another coach accused of multiple sexual harassment incidents, and a GM being fired for getting a DUI after drinking at the house of the owner, a billionaire hedge fund magnate who was one of the people most responsible for the 2008 global financial meltdown. Oh and on top of all that, I live in Philadelphia lol.

        • PJ in Seattle

          Wow – we have a clear winner here.

          • Big Mike

            At least the Mets have won a World Series twice and been 3 other times in 62 years of existence. That’s an appearance percentage of 8%
            The Mariners have been to ZERO World Series in 47 seasons, a Blutarsky appearance percentage of zero point zero.

            Not clear to me on a strictly baseball level. Now you throw Madoff in there and yeah, that’s a different story.

            • cha

              The 1986 win vs Boston is an all-time baseball classic. I can still see Bill Buckner’s reaction and Ray Knight leaping into the air in my mind.

            • PJ in Seattle

              The Mets have actually tried though , repeatedly making moves and spending ridiculous money to land another championship. With nothing but playoff heartbreak since 1986 to show for it. I’m old and gray with grandkids now and I was 14 years old then.

              Not saying the Mariners have been more successful in that time… it does feel a bit like having a nasty flu bug and debating whether the vomiting or diahrrea is worse.

            • Gritty Hawk

              I was born in 1988 so for me it’s been nothing but heartbreak and embarrassment lol. I’m not really all that familiar with the Mariners history so I can’t say it’s worse being a fan of either team. Actually I think part of the reason why I consider myself a bigger Hawks fan than anything else is that they’re the only team who has won anything since I’ve been a fan. I’m also a NY Rangers fan (background: I was born in NY, moved to Philly as a kid, but became a Seahawks fan in high school because I liked the uniforms heh) and I was only 5 years old when they won they cup in ’94. As bad as things have been the last couple years with Jody, this stuff absolutely pales in comparison to the horrid ownership of the Wilpons and Dolans.

  28. DC

    ESPN has joined the conversation covered on Undisputed. National coverage on this is starting to pick up.


    • DC

      Pretty weak coverage though, they brought in Michael Irvin who knows JA and his family to explain it away.

      • Big Mike

        Michael Irvin is a freakin’ joke, always has been and always will be.

    • LouCityHawk

      *checks notes*

      People I am better than…Michael Irvin, check.

  29. king

    At first I wanted fans to show up and boo the entire organization for the rest of the season, but I think it would be a better statement if Seattle fans just didn’t show up for the games at all.

    Sell your tickets to the opposing team guys. Or just don’t go.

  30. GoHawksDani

    Yeah it speaks about Adams as a person…but it’s not a huge suprise…that dude is a mental case.
    But what does it say about Pete Carroll?
    And more importantly what does it say about Jody Allen?

    This is terrible PR and could hurt the team’s value. If She’s not just some paper cartoon pawn but a real owner shouldn’t she step in and force action?

    So yeah…this team accepts players with all sort of issues, has a head coach who’s too far up his own arse and ego that keeping those safe is more important to him than creating a good team and legacy. And has an owner who dgaf about anything.

    Pull out a couple more pieces that holds this clusterfuck called Seahawks together and it will crumble. Most likely it will be a couple of years and won’t be pretty in any way

  31. geoff u

    It’s only a matter of time before JA shows up here posting anonymously to defend himself lol

    • Peter




      Just a few handles to be in the look out for.

      Sample comment:


      • Big Mike

        Very creative Peter

  32. CL

    In case anyone wants to distract themselves from all the Jamal Adams BS:

    10 years ago today was the Snowpocalypse.

    • no frickin clue

      I enjoyed revisiting that. Thanks.

  33. Big Mike

    Oh Rob you deleted a post that I wanted to respond to. It was a highly positive post. Guess that just proves you’re mister negative like people have said you are.


  34. cha

    Today’s press conference should be interesting one way or another.

  35. Sean

    This whole episode clarifies how pathetic Adams is as a person, and how the team allows this sort of crap. If another piece of evidence is needed that drafting Jalen Carter would have been a terrible decision, this is it. You don’t take a guy with all those behavioral res flags that Carter had and put him in an environment without structure and accountability. Unfortunately, that is the Seahawks environment.

    Second, this is, or should be, of real concern to the league. The NFL has made a concerted effort to increase viewership (and spending) by women in recent years. And here is Adams being crystal clear and unabashed about his approach to insulting this woman. He is clear that the woman’s purpose is a tool to be used to get at her spouse, as if she has no value of her own. That is repugnant and dehumanizing. It sure as hell is not something I want to root for. And the team clearly sees it as acceptable, in that they are accepting that the behavior occured and not imposing any meaningful consequences.

    • Valerie

      Excellent point on Jalen Carter and the Seahawks. The positive environment of leadership in Philly no longer exists in Seattle. Where is Bobby Wagner’s voice in this situation — is he using it in the locker room, I hope?

    • Big Mike

      blockquote>Second, this is, or should be, of real concern to the league. The NFL has made a concerted effort to increase viewership (and spending) by women in recent years. And here is Adams being crystal clear and unabashed about his approach to insulting this woman.
      Very good point. Thus far crickets from NY.

      • JimQ

        I would like to add that by NOT taking the obviously appropriate actions, PC is essentially being supportive of such behavior and by his inaction he actually encourages such behavior by his team. Is that supporting player over team????

  36. Lord Snow

    I don’t think anyone is really surprised by what Adams has done if they’re being honest. I think we could see that something like this was coming. As king says above it’s better to cut off the head of the snake and that’s Caroll. I never believed in Pete’s culture. He’s just a Tony Robbins wannabe. How many times does Tony Robbins give marriage advice and how many marriages have worked for that guy? That’s Pete Carroll. win forever? If you’re being realistic the greatness of 2013 is now a distant memory and what he really is if we’re really being honest is mediocrity. And that’s what he’s probably going to be remembered for with most of a new generation of Seahawk fans not even remembering 2013 or not even having been there. He is destroying his legacy and frankly I don’t care, I’m done with him. I don’t care about him. I don’t care if he gets in the Ring of Honor which he probably will but I don’t care. Just retire with your millions and go away. I never thought I’d see the day where one man would make me not care about the Seahawks. Or make me root for them to lose. But that’s the only way to get him out of here is they need to lose. Watch them drop the next two games and then finish with three wins Miss the playoffs and Pete going on the podium and saying our three wins show we were right there Super Bowl ready. Sorry but I’m just tired of his BS and it’s all Bs. Jamal Adams is just a reflection of this legendary culture that Pete Carroll has built time for that kingdom to be torn down

    • Lord Snow

      And the same goes for Schneider too. Screw him. I don’t want to see him given a chance without Pete. He had his chances. I want him to just go away as well

    • Gary

      Amen brother! I might just copy and paste this when I submit my season tickets cancellation!

  37. Hawk Mock

    Does anyone know a team email, Pete Carrol networking site, same with JS that they actually interact with, use or would be guaranteed of seeing that we all can bombard with negative stuff to say about Peacock and the direction of the team. I’m willing to post 100 times a day if I thought someone in power will at least see the pulse of some of the fan base on this. Totally disgusted by JA’s behavior. Don’t have anything new or clever to add to the discussion on what a punk he is, but agree with all of the discussion about it here.

  38. Valerie

    Well said and written, Rob. I strongly agree with your approach to suspend JA for this game. Personally, I’d like the Seahawks to essentially cut him now: suspend him for the rest of the season, then designate him a post June 1 cut on the first day possible. The more time he spends in the locker room with a young DB group, the more time his poison spreads as does the sense of no accountability. Has Richard Sherman commented publicly on this situation?

  39. SeaTown

    Wow! Where to start. First, I agree 100% Rob! Great article. Second, I have been a Seahawks fan now for 46 years. I have seen every coaching administration in the history of the team. I have said this before on this blog, and I will say it again. Pete Carroll is going to end up leaving town as a villain.

    My wife and I were watching (well, I was watching she was just in the room:)) the Carroll interview with Brock and Salk and I mumbled something about hoping he would just retire, and she said, “Well, you didn’t like him way back when they hired him!” She was 100% correct, and I was 100% against the move at the time. Carroll left USC as a villain as well. I grew up in NY so I saw his tenure with the Jets first hand. Anyone remember this back in 1992:


    Carroll got roasted in the media for giving Pete Stoyanovich the choke sign. He then become head coach and was booted after a year because the owner at the time, Leon Hess, showed up at practice one day and saw guys shooting hoops and Carroll blasting music from his office. That didn’t sit well with an old timer like Hess. My point is, Carroll leaving teams under less than desirable circumstances is par for the course and that is the road we are on right now.

    I feel about Carroll right now the way I did at the end of the Tom Flores/Dennis Erickson eras. I just want it to be over. I want a fresh start. This team is never getting back to where is was from 2012-2014 under Carroll. It is over. Move on.

    This Jamal Adams fiasco and the way Carroll has handled it is just icing on the cake that this teams needs a new direction. Let’s face it, when a coach is long tenured coach, it eventually gets stale. Carroll truly is the emperor who wears no clothes. What really ticks me off is that I realize I have watched more Seahawks football than I have Seahawks football left to watch in the future. My seasons are dwindling. I am starting to really hate Carroll’s selfishly hanging on to power because there is no one in the organization to hold him accountable. Carroll running it back year after year is just another wasted year of me hoping to possibly see another SB win.

    As for the peacock? F’ him. He can go rot. Never should ave been brought in. In fact ,both Carroll and JS should have been shown the door after making that horrific trade. Imiagine where the team might be had they kept tose assessts and added that to the Russ haul? So frustrating.

    I’ve never rooted for the Seahawks to lose. But if you told me that Carroll is gone if the team goes 8-9, then so be it. Let’s lose.

    • Lord Snow

      This is important the statement you have made about the history. People don’t know that in Southern California Pete Carroll is largely despised for the way he left USC. He didn’t stick around to rebuild it to fix it or anything and he’s hated for it by a lot of that community

    • Big Mike

      Great post!

      What really ticks me off is that I realize I have watched more Seahawks football than I have Seahawks football left to watch in the future. My seasons are dwindling. I am starting to really hate Carroll’s selfishly hanging on to power because there is no one in the organization to hold him accountable.

      This is me too man. I’m 67. Been watching and rooting since the first season in ’76. I never looked at through the lens of having less games in the future than in the past. 😢😢
      God just go the eff away Carroll!!

      • SeaTown

        Big Mike, I understand wanting another bite at the apple, I do. But at this point, Carroll is just selfishly stroking his ego by hanging on and we all get to suffer becaiuse of it. Just not right. I wonder had Paul Allen not passed so early would he have made a change already?

        • Big Mike

          I would like to believe so

    • TJ

      I’ve been thinking about his departure from USC too. For years, everything was great; Heisman winners, championships, etc. Then, the wheels fell off, he bolted and left behind a smoldering mess. I’m starting to get the ‘history repeating itself’ vibe in Seattle. I hope this is just my pessimistic self reacting to this gloomy PNW weather.

  40. LouCityHawk

    Off-topic, but I think I might take in the Senior Bowl in person this year, look at the squad.


    • Big Mike

      A beer with Palatypus?

      • LouCityHawk

        If I go I’ll buy him two.

        That American lineup actually looks like an all-star team this year.

  41. EWeb

    Thanks for this post Rob.

  42. cha

    This is how you turn the tables on your haters, prez


  43. jed

    Well said Rob. One of your best articles you’ve written here, IMO.

    For those of you who are thinking of giving up fandom, it’s doable. I stopped being a fan of the Mariners after 35 years because of the whole Mather thing. Had to delete some bookmarks and change some routines, but it was a great decision. I follow sports to bring some fun to my life. I’m way happier not being a M’s fan. Of course I still see some things because of the cross-over between the fan bases. Julio should pull a Griffey and get out.

    • Snowman

      At least the Mariners got rid of Mather. Almost immediately.

      • jed

        Sure. But it doesn’t excuse them promoting him after they paid a few hundred thousand for him sexually harassing a subordinate. Just shows who the owners are. I’ve known guys like Mather and they can’t wait to say shit like that. I’m sure Jerry laughed at his jokes or at least was willing to listen without pushing back because he likes that job.

        I don’t pretend that anyone should feel like me or stop being a fan. More pointing out that you can stop being a fan, even after a lifetime of loving a team.

  44. Ryan purcell

    Classless move by Adams. Pathetic. I can also understand Carrol wanting to keep things in house. Maybe as punishment we could blitz him a dozen times against the 49ers. See if we can break his will and make him quit competing, and decide to retire. Or demand a trade? One can dream.

    • DarrellDownUnder

      He’d only get injured.

  45. Snowman

    I had been hoping against hope that Jamal would turn it around and be the all pro talent he showed early on. Be it the ravages of injuries, scheme use, or his basic limitations, it’s clear it’s not gonna happen. He sucks and he’s an asshole.

    Stack on this nonsense? Cut him. Just do it now. Sunk cost. To hell with him.

    For me, it’s the only way I regain any regard for the front office at this point. I think Pete and John have worn out their get out of jail free card. Going all the way back to the Percy Harvin trade, it just seems like one stupid trade or signing after another, with rare exception. And no, that one didn’t pay off either. Could have simply drafted Cordarelle Patterson with that pick, and you’d have had the same return skills (maybe better) and paid a fortune less money, and he’s actually still playing! Then Jimmy…and then…and then.. and then… Enough already.

    I was just looking today…they paid effectively the same price for Leonard Williams at 29 that the Giants did for him when he was 25. The same price as the Chargers did for Khalil Mack, who is older but far more productive, and under contract.

    My family has been a season ticket holder since year 1 of this franchise. I’ve been to hundreds of games in my life. Every home game this season. I’m basically on hold until they make some changes. I’m actually hoping they get smoked Sunday to force the issue.

    • DC

      As a long tenured season ticket holder I’d call them if I were you and let them know how you feel. They won’t make any changes unless they feel the heat from the fans

  46. Georgia Hawk

    I am a high school teacher and coach 3 sports throughout the year, including football. As a coach, I see this kind of bs all the time, and this stuff is only allowed if the HC allows it. It all starts at the top and the players are a direct reflection of the leadership from the coaches. What really gets me in all this is the utter lack of care from Carroll. At the very least come out with some strong condemnation..”this is not something Seattle stands for as a club, nor do I as a man. It will be swiftly and adequately dealt with in house” etc.

    “Thats not something we want a part of” screams apathy and frankly is embarrassing. The hope that if he ignores it completely it will just go away, disgusts me. I understand letting your players be themselves, but man….there is a line and that is well past it.

    Carroll has said some things this year that really make me question how far past caring he really is, but one comment made me double take in that interview:
    “I don’t know if it was a great decision at the time. I’m not sure about the details of it….”

    Im sorry, WHAT??

    You’re the HC of the Seattle Seahawks and one of your players is embroiled in a national controversy, and you don’t know the details of it???

    How is that even possible? How far checked out are you???

    If you can’t talk about it, say that. Don’t say you don’t know.

    • Rob Staton

      Well said

  47. samprassultanofswat

    I wonder if John Lynch would trade Kyle Shanahan for Pete Carroll?

    Just wishful thinking.

    • Big Mike

      Have you considered a career in comedy? I literally LOL’d.

  48. Mr drucker in hooterville

    Tough week to be a fan of Seahawks and Mariners both.

    • cha

      Kraken are 0-5-1 since Rob came out to Seattle.

      Just saying.

      • Big Mike


        • Palatypus


          • Sneekes


  49. cha

    Prez not on the Friday injury report.

    • Rob Staton

      The Seahawks have chosen to brush it under the carpet

      • Big Mike

        Good job Jody. Way to stand up for respect for women.

        • Palatypus

          You can brush it under the rug, but I can still smell it,

  50. Danzell

    I completely agree on all fronts. Pete needs to not dress him on Sunday. Anything else is not acceptable

  51. picklematrix

    Adams says:

    “When others go low, I go lower.”

    “I hate that I had to bring her into the situation, but at the end of the day the ultimate goal was to get at him.”

    Rob responds:

    “There’s so much I’d love to write about these two quotes. I’ll leave it to your imagination. He’s right about one thing though. He’s lower than low.”

    I’ll say it so you don’t have to Rob.

    There’s a lot of things I loathe about Jamal Adams but the most grating is his fake tough guy act.

    For years, we’ve been crying out for more dogs on this team. Glass eaters. Bad ass motherfuckers.

    The last time the Seahawks were true contenders, Kam and Marshawn set that tone. Those teams had attitude and swagger. They were imposing and intimidating off the bus. They were physical and punishing on the field. Opponents didn’t look forward to playing against them and left the field battered and beaten.

    That toughness meshed perfectly with Pete Carroll’s vision. Play defense, hammer opponents with the running game, and control field position with special teams. Complete the circle. That toughness and that vision delivered the franchise’s only championship.

    You haven’t been able to say the Seahawks were tough since 2015. You also can’t say that their actions match Pete’s vision to play hard-nosed football and complete the circle. Quite the opposite, in fact.

    Instead of emphasizing the run game, the team labored to replace Marshawn for years, and became a finesse passing offense in the process. Even now that they properly replaced Marshawn they still refuse to commit to the run game.

    The defense has steadily declined to the point where it’s consistently a bottom-tier unit. They can’t rush the passer and they get pushed around in the run game. They can’t even tackle properly much less lay big hits. Offenses move the ball and score points with frightening ease. They aren’t tough and they don’t intimidate anyone.

    Nothing is more emblematic of, and responsible for, the franchise’s downfall than its decision to replace a guy like Kam with a guy like Jamal. It speaks to the erosion of the toughness and core vision that made the LOB teams so successful.

    Kam was a legit BAMF. One of the toughest guys to ever put on a hawks uniform. He fought his way onto the field as a late-round pick. He earned a lucrative extension and his performance on the field always warranted his high level of pay. He punished opponents between the lines, and he didn’t feel the need to run his mouth afterwards. He was content to let his pads talk for him. He set an example for other players. He embodied the toughness and the Always Compete mantra that fueled the LOB’s success. He was a consummate professional who always put the work in and stayed out of trouble off the field. Despite his holdout he was the voice of the locker room and otherwise protected the team.

    Jamal is the exact antithesis to Kam. We gave up two first rounders to get him and his “energy.” His outsized contract has never matched his production, even when he is healthy enough to take the field. He’s been rewarded for his lackluster play and piss-poor attitude with a starting job that he seemingly can’t lose, a market-shattering contract, and free rein to be a jerk without consequences.

    He is setting an example for the young players on this team. Unfortunately I’m afraid it is the worst example possible. His play and behavior, and management’s acceptance of them, sends all the wrong messages to our young players. Always Compete is a lie. If you’re highly paid then you’re simply gifted a spot on the field even if less-heralded players outperform you. No need to respect the coach’s authority so long as your ego is bruised. It’s acceptable to ignore management, behave like an abject asshole in the media, and draw negative attention to the team as long as it makes you feel like a big man. It’s cool to gloat even if you didn’t do shit to deserve it. It’s tough to talk shit without backing it up.

    Jamal celebrates routine plays like he won the Super Bowl. He talks shit to players that just roasted him. He gave up a first down to Jake Ferguson and then got in his face like he was gonna do something. Now let’s be absolutely clear: Jake Ferguson would whip Jamal Adams like a rented mule and Adams knows this. He’s like your buddy who picks a fight and then makes a show of you holding him back. He doesn’t really want to fight because he knows he’s weak and he’d lose. He just wants to appear strong and tough to soothe his ego.

    This fake tough-guy schtick isn’t confined to the field. Let’s not forget he “had to be held back” from fighting an independent neurologist who was just doing his job and trying make sure Jamal’s didn’t suffer debilitating brain damage.

    But going after a reporter’s wife’s appearance on twitter because he correctly pointed out you suck? That takes the gold for the fake tough guy Olympics. If you have a problem with someone as a man then you tell them to their face and sort it out. Adams didn’t have the balls to do that. Instead of addressing the man’s claims he took a cheap shot at his wife’s appearance. Instead of having the balls to say it to the man’s face, he chose to be a keyboard warrior and cry to his 700,000 twitter followers. And after all that cowardice, he talks tough to the reporter through the media like he accomplished something other than making himself look like a douche.

    The evidence is clear. Jamal Adams isn’t tough. He’s a whiny, thin-skinned, little cry-baby bitch.

    (And yes, I would happily welcome the opportunity to say this all to Jamal’s face).

    • Rob Staton

      Bravo 👏🏻

    • Big Mike

      Such an absolutely spot on and awesome post!

    • Brodie

      Hell of a post my man

    • jed

      Well said.

    • Sea Mode

      Comment of the year candidate. Well-written and spot on!

  52. Jefferson

    Great points in the article. Jamal is in over his head and might consider a few suggestions.
    1. Hire someone to help him in the public relations and image crafting. Make it repetitive, contrite, sincere, apologetic and various targeted. Have the consultant in full control and stick to humble apologies in controlled interviews.
    2. Discontinue social media, except for strategic interve by the agent,
    3. Listen to a level headed teammate in game situations, such as Wagner.
    4. Do something significant and off the record for the damaged party
    5. Will he do this? Not a chance.

    • geoff u

      To be fair, Adams isn’t making nearly enough money to hire anyone to help with PR, maybe if the Seahawks extended him and gave him a raise

      • Jefferson

        I am not sure if you are being serious or sarcastic?? He should have piles of money and resolving this “matter” would be worthwhile. Clearly, the team, the league, his friends and most of all himself appear to have no connection strategy. I haven’t added it up, but hasn’t he earned close to 100 mil?

    • Andrew M

      Or you can just show him the door and say Thanks for nothing, good luck in your future endeavors.

  53. cha

    Mike Holmgren on KJR on Prez


    Money quote:

    If you are running the organization does this episode impact you about making decisions about the cap and long term?

    “If I had a talk with a player over something, and we came to an agreement, an understanding. And all of the sudden the very next day ‘boom’ that blows up, that means he’s not listening to me and I’m the boss. You’re the player, you’re a great player but you know what? There’s a line between players and coaches and I’m the boss. If you don’t want to help, do what I asked you to do, and we both agreed that it’s the right thing to do, and everyone else has in the building, and you still won’t do it, then I don’t see a future here.

    I don’t know how they’re going to handle it. I really don’t.”

    • Big Mike

      The Walrus is right about all of this except the “great player” part. Adams is simply not

  54. Romeo A57

    As many in this discussion have pointed out, Pete Carroll left USC in shambles when he came to Seattle. I have some concern that if we let Pete hang around too long, the Seahawks may bottom out.

    Currently the Seahawks roster is in ok shape. Some really talented young players on Rookie deals along with some way overpaid under talented veterans. They are ok at Quarterback for a few more years. I am concerned about what this organization will do in the next draft. I fear that the Seahawks draft will be focused on replacing Safties and Linebackers with their picks over the trenches and Quarterback.

  55. cha

    Not a single question from the press today about Prez. Not one.

    And to add insult to injury there was this exchange with Pete:

    Reporter: ‘what about this opportunity this week, having played semi-well against Dallas..’
    Pete: ‘I thought we played better than that.’
    Reporter: ‘Sorry.’
    Pete: ‘That’s OK.’

    • Rob Staton


      • Rob Staton

        My twitter timeline would be fun if the same situation over here was ignored

    • Big Mike

      Oh great and mighty Pete, I’m so sorry I didn’t kiss your ass.

    • jed

      Maybe Pete will join the reporter’s podcast now.

      Pete, this season is like a runaway freight train. Why are you so popular?

  56. Austin Slater

    Damn Rob this is one of your best pieces in a while. Well done man!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Austin

  57. ANDREW

    Not sure a guy who hails from a country where the mayor of London can openly say White ppl cant work for the transit system in London, Openly without pushback has his finger on the pulse…You work in media relax, over the last 7 yrs ppl here have been cancelled and called names for far less on social media, get off your high horse and do a better job on your verticle board….Its a joke and I will start with Joe Alt….You get airtime bro, if you particapte in the internet getto AKA social media, its all personal…Grow up.

    • Picklematrix

      Thanks for leaving this shit up every once in a while Rob. It makes me appreciate everything you do, content and moderation.

      • Rob Staton

        This is a tame one, too…

        Amazing what people write out and think… “yep, this is worth posting”

  58. Mark T

    Thanks for writing this Rob – it says a lot about you as a person. My impression of so many people has changed because of this episode and the way they have responded to it. We’ve taken a step towards the Dan Snyder Football Team and not enough people seem to see it that way. I thought we were better than that. Adams should never play for the team again until he makes an appropriate apology and I know he won’t.

    As for the Bob and Wyman piece quoted above I am just lost for words – parts of our society have moved on for the better but clearly not all. Shame on the Hawks organisation for tolerating his behavior and shame on the media for not holding them to account. Embarrassing all round.

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