It’s time for Jamal Adams not to be with the Seahawks any more

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  1. Dubb

    It’s obvious he doesn’t want to be here. He’s looking for a way out, but the Seahawks won’t give it to him. I’m sure the Hawks would ask for bonus money refunded if he retired.

  2. ShowMeYourHawk

    Miserable people do miserable things. Between his numerous injuries, his pressure to live up to a football ability and identity that were likely overinflated and reinforced since high school and his being paid like a premier player (while NOT performing like one), it stands to reason that Adams is dealing with imposter syndrome in the worst possible way, for all the public to see.

    • Big Mike

      imposter syndrome

      Ooh I like that. Kudos!

  3. Romeo A57

    Jamal is a poor football player and an embarrassment off the field. I have no desire to watch him play, terribly, on Sunday.

    In this holiday season and in the spirit of giving, I would like to encourage everyone here to support the less fortunate. Some of our brethren are having financial difficulties and need your assistance. Therefore, I would like to organize an Aluminum Can Drive to support the Seattle Mariners. Without your help, the Mariners might have to trade Julio Rodriguez for prospects.

    • Peter

      If you live in the puget sound and know an unscrupulous mailman feel free to load up a mail truck and bring your bottles to Romeo or myself for a great return rate.


      But if you want the mariners to keep being .500 we all have to dig deep.

      • Romeo A57

        (Love the Seinfeld reference) I am looking to set up a collection point at a homeless encampment in the Portland Area.

    • BK26

      Hey, as a D-backs fan, we will take him since we trade so much.

      Marte, Sewald, Suarez, (and A LOT of little trades that weren’t big enough to be remembered), I’m happy to be working with you guys.

    • dave M

      With What jerry Dipoto is saying/doing, I feel bad for Julio. Let him go play for an organization that actually wants to win championships…

  4. MattyB

    its definitely time for Seattle to jettison quite a few well played players, coaches and even GMs.
    after 3 to 4 years of flattering to deceive while acquiring some very good players i feel the franchise is right at the point of many seasons without playoff football with the current guidance.
    at times like this when lots of major decision need to be made you need the braveness of a good to owner to push these thing on……..

  5. Sten

    Part of what made Pete and John so good early on and set us up for a championship run was their willingness to actually do what they preach and cut any player, even if they were a high clout veteran leader. Competition hasn’t meant anything in a long, long time. I think they’ve got the guys they want and we need a different front office/ coaching staff before we see accountability again.

    • Peter

      Trying to figure out who the leaders are when the loudest voices are two players mote interested in their pff/madden scores rather than actually being good.

      Seriously as this team is staring down a possible five game losing streak who guides them out of that?

      Sidenote the ancient cry of the desperate fan is we catch niners sleeping or a tripping eagles…I don’t see either. Both have real stakes to play for in an increasingly tight top heavy NFC first place battle. Neither can afford to drop games to a sloppy Seahawks.

      • Joseph

        Pete’s fans don’t seem to think they’re sloppy lol Remember it’s all part of the process to trust the
        ‘rebuild” lol. They say that while they’re blaming Waldron, Hurtt, refs, and anyone else they can blame.

        • Peter

          I get it. I read all the time that we are the youngest team nit the delta between oldest and youngest is around 2 years.

          The excuses never end.

          • Joseph

            There seems to be a disconnect between Pete and the fans regarding the future. His supporters believe this is a rebuild. But like what Rob said the other day, the Leonard Williams trade says otherwise. I mean obviously the trade is because Pete deluded himself into believing we’re SB team lol.

  6. Joseph

    Probably the most idiotic trade in the Pete Carroll John Schneider era. Really???? 2 1st rd picks for an overrated, egotistical, injury prone box safety who lacks coverage skills and ball skills. Smh

    • Pran

      Even more dumber decision is to extend him, dumbest decision is to restructure his contract this off season.

      3 strikes…this FO is incapable

  7. J_DALEY

    Well said….let’s hope we see a change with Adams benched and off this team next year.

  8. Huggie Hawk

    Because of all the injuries I had been rooting for him to stay healthy and contribute… no longer. Cut him now.

  9. ShowMeYourHawk

    And, he’s still at it. Apparently, it’s a game. Maybe the attention is what he’s after, despite the PR damage it does to the franchise and even his own potential future playing opportunities…

  10. no frickin clue

    I think the reason Pete is going easy on Jamal is because (1) he wants this issue to go away, and (2) going hard on him will only pour lighter fluid on this brush fire.

    Remember Jamal’s scorched-earth campaign a few years ago, when he wanted off the Jets? The public take-downs that Jamal launched in every direction?

    This is who he is. They knew this when they traded for him. In poker terms, Pete and John have been pot-committed to Jamal Adams for a long time.

    And I agree with Rob here. It’s time to fold on Jamal Adams.

    • Peter

      If only he wanted off the team….one can dream.

    • cha

      I am not trying to take a victory lap, but I feel it fair to mention…

      When they traded for Adams, I pointed out that he had taken shots at everyone in NY to get his way off the team. The coaches, the GM, even the team owner. You don’t do that, you just don’t. And the most culture-obsessed team decided to trade for the guy. And they didn’t get a discount because he was a problem child. They paid a premium!

      And then I took a really deep breath when Pete said what he did about Jamal in his first real press conference after the trade (about 22:35 ).

      Pete was absolutely certain that Jamal was an asset. In fact he said ‘we found nothing that would give us any other thought than he would be a great teammate, and do everything he can to help us win.’

      He also said the ‘the energy….and how that effects the people around him. And I know that’s going to carry over to the locker room…He’s gonna effect us in a really positive way. He cares so much that the passion explodes out of him…to have a chance to add that to our team? Forget all the playmaking stuff it’s that element of mentality I’d love to add.’

      • Peter

        Pete-stradamus: forget all the playmaking stuff…..


      • cha

        Last part got cut off.

        Pete’s interview answer here was a ‘doth protest too much’ answer to the question that Brady Henderson posed about Jamal’s attitude.

        He discussed the depths they went to into Jamal’s character, the concerns raised and pretty emphatically (although he gave himself some rope a couple times with ‘we haven’t seen him yet in the locker room’ caveat) that Jamal would not be a problem, and that his attitude was actually an asset to the team.

        He was wrong.

        And now here we are three plus years later and the situation is blowing up.

        I wish I wasn’t right. I wish Adams was coming off his third straight All-Pro year. I wish he didn’t get injured so much. I wish we could just roll our eyes and laugh at how amped up he is on the field, but we shrug because he always backed it up. I wish we could tease him in a ‘that’s our boy’ kind of way about the ridiculous outfits Alan puts him in.

        And I wish this defense was even league average.

        But we haven’t gotten any of those things. And we won’t with Adams on the team.

        Time to move on.

        • Big Mike

          Go ahead and take a victory lap and then take another one Curtis. You deserve it

  11. Pran

    hate to say is time to blow up everything (coaching and front office included) and build from scratch. only folks that need to be retained are players on rookie contracts.

  12. UkAlex6674

    Same as Huggie Hawk – really wanted him to play to the level we know he can.

    But this is awful.

    Dude is garbage.

    Get gone.

  13. dave M

    Dk on with Colin Cowhard, summarizes the state of this team to a T. There is no identity, consistency. everything is in shambles

    • Rokas

      Thanks for sharing this.

      He only said what has been obvious for all of us, good performance is sporadic and not consistent throughout both the defense and offense.

      I think he matured a bit after the last incident, been head down and hard to provoke lately.

      I am surprised people want to trade the only player which is impossible to stop on our offense, when the scheme works and QB plays well.

  14. FloridaHawk

    After watching this, I went over to a popular Seahawks site and perused the comments about the same topic. The number of people brushing this off is staggering.

    For me, the worst part about the decline of this team (including the shift from “Win Forever” to whatever the Seahawks culture has warped into is that they are simply becoming hard to root for. I remember at the end of Holmgren’s tenure, being exasperated by the mediocre and aging roster. Guys like Craig Terrill and Bryan Russell being awarded roster spots and playing time despite being thoroughly below average. But at least I wanted to see them succeed. I am having a very hard time with this group. I am tired of guys like Geno Smith, Jamal Adams, Quandre Diggs etc. and I am doubly tired of Pete Carroll and his schtick. I miss Paul Allen.

    • Rob Staton

      I think many will agree

    • Rokas

      Adams and Diggs are narcissists who think of themselves way better than they should, can’t stand them as well. But how it is difficult to root for Geno? Because the only sin on his part, is that he is underperforming his contract. Which is not his fault if we are honest. Performance to be damned, I personally find it easier to root for Geno than all that cringe and superficial stuff by Russ.

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        It’s hard to root for Geno because of the whole drinking and driving thing, which is considerably worse than posting garbage on social media.

        • DC


        • Peter

          Is it really drinking and driving if you’re the starting qb?

          • geoff u

            Sometimes I certainly feel like he’s drinking and quarterbacking out there

            • Peter


              Nicely done.

      • FloridaHawk

        The drinking and driving is a huge reason for me personally, but also his on field behavior. Yes, Wilson could be cringey, but he was a leader. He didn’t pout on the sidelines or go out on the field trying to fight members of the opposing team after a hard tackle.

  15. 509 Chris

    I wonder how the 9ers or Chiefs would treat a situation like this? Would they allow a team leader to act like an embarrassment, representing the entire team like a bunch of complete fools? This aggression cant stand man!

    • cha

      But that strong safety really tied the defense together!

    • LouCityHawk

      I’m all honesty. The 9ers don’t care. Not even being a fan about it.

      They don’t feel that off the field conduct is a team issue, it is a NFL issue.

    • BK26

      Chiefs had Tyreke Hill and Kareem Hunt. They let the league take care of any punishments. Hunt had to sit out a few games for hitting his girlfriend only because he lied to the team.

      I don’t root for the Chiefs because of that: two guys that shouldn’t be allowed to play football and they didn’t have the balls to do anything. They’ve drafted guys with issues and then had those issues continue too. Refuse to root for an organization like that.

      Best part is that I live here too….

  16. Palatypus

    My sources tell me that Jamal Adams is running neck and neck for the Walter Payn NFL Man of the Year award with George Santos.

    • Palatypus


      • Big Mike

        I think your mixed up man. George Santos just one Time person of the year

        • Big Mike


          • Palatypus

            I thought it was Travis Kelce.

            • Romeo A57

              I thought it was his brother Jason’s girlfriend whatshername but am not sure?

  17. Peter

    You know the desperate grasping of fans starts with bad reffing, goes to if only this happened then heads over to stats don’t matter, takes a turn at the youth movement, and stops at the kicker sucks.

    The kicker does suck. The contract someone in FO gave him sucks.

    But I’m rooting for him….dude’s worth +40% (99 points) of the teams points by himself. That’s more than the QB (96) If you had a RB with 16 tds you’d be talking darkhorse MVP.

    I’d love to pay a qb 4 million for that output.

  18. cha

    Adams, meanwhile, suggested somewhere in his ridiculous presentation that he sorta knows he crossed a line, indicated that he didn’t really want to involve the wife of the journalist, but by gosh, he just had to so he could get back at him.

    It’s sad. Jamal Adams is still trying to cover up his lack of decency and common sense … and is doing it with about as much success as he covered Jake Ferguson.


  19. Rob Staton

    Everyone go and listen to the 5:30pm half hour of Softy on KJR from Wednesday

    It is absolutely FANTASTIC on Jamal Adams

    • DC


    • Andrew M

      Good on Mahler for speaking a little truth here. Has anybody from 710 made comment yet? They are the station that has access to Pete and John. It’s been a friggin week. I’ve always liked Dave Wyman too but he’s been a huge Jamal apologist since the guy put in a Seahawks jersey. I really want to hear him speak some truth now. And maybe he has, but I haven’t heard it.

      • Rob Staton

        Great passion from Softy. And spot on, too.

        • Andrew M

          Well Wyman did have something to say: “Those of us who haven’t matured past the age of thirteen kind of found it funny.” Then he pivoted to blaming twitter for making people mean. I was in my truck driving to the store and just felt totally gaslit. He also suggested the wife might be blaming her husband for making her a spectacle. Wtf?

          • Rob Staton


  20. DC

    What gets me on this…they moved on from Percy Harvin without an issue, over internal stuff! Not stuff he was doing publicly! They should have cut him already.

    How Pete handles this is the last straw for me. If its not handled right, I have no respect left for Pete and this is not USC 2.0, burning the place down on his way out.

    • DC

      Just read Pete Carroll’s response.

      “I don’t know if it was a great decision at the time. I’m not sure about the details of it, but I do know he realized that he needed to take it down.”

      Are you freaking kidding me?! You DON’T know? It’s plain as day. Come out and say it was a bad decision!

      Pete’s response is even worse than Jamal’s I’ll go lower comment.

      • DC

        and just read the full quote from Jamal. It’s so much worse than saying I’ll go lower. He literally keeps going lower and think he’s hurting the reporter from that tweet and still doesn’t realize he hurt himself more.

        Common sense isn’t all that common anymore.

        • cha

          I think what I can’t wrap my head around is the time.

          Adams took time after reading that to go through the guy’s socials, find a pic of his family, crop it down to his wife, and posted it.

          Adams saw how the internet reacted, heard about it from his family/friends, teammates (and probably the team) and then deleted the tweet.

          He then had more than three full days to cool off, talk to PC, think about how stupid and low that move was, to make amends, and apologize to everyone. And instead he clearly had either been coached or prepped what he was going to say, and made himself available to the media, and somehow thought that all of this was a good idea.


  21. leo

    I hated the trade for Adams when I first heard about it. I couldn’t believe they gave up so much for a player who’s contract was about to expire and who clearly wanted out of NY. But even if the Seahawks had just given up a second round pick for him, his inability to stay on the field, his poor coverage skills when he is actually on the field and his massive contract would still have made this one of the worst trades in the Pete Carroll era (arguably, the worst trade). And now this completely indefensible nonsense, which he actually had some time to reconsider and yet doubled down on his disgraceful comment. When rumors briefly came up that the Seahawks were considering trading for Deshaun Watson, I decided I would have to give up on being a Seahawks fan if they did that. I am very close to feeling the same way about Jamal Adams-I don’t want to see him in a Seahawks uniform ever again. Oh, and the biggest irony of all: Connor Hughes wife is actually very attractive!

    • 509 Chris

      To be fair a second would have been great for Adams. Whatever we think or thought of him he had an all pro season under his belt. I was skeptical of the trade at first, and thats when we thought he was a good player, but thats because 2 firsts and a third is a ton of capital. 1 second rounder for an all pro would have been absolutely worth it.

      • leo

        I totally agree that a second round pick would have been sensible at the time the trade was made. It’s only in retrospect that a second round pick would have been a poor decision. But, I never felt what the Seahawks gave up for Adams made sense, and that has nothing to do with how Adams has turned out. I just don’t see the justification of giving up two first round picks and a third round pick for a safety who needed a new contract and already wanted out of NY. Even a single first round pick might have been acceptable, but two first round picks and a third is indefensible.

  22. Palatypus

    The only good thing about the Jamal Adams trade is all the jokes.

    Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

    • Rob Staton

      If he blows a coverage on Sunday (likely) ‘Yikes’ will be the top worldwide trend on Twitter

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