Instant reaction: A boring game to cap a chore of a season

It’s pretty clear Russell Wilson isn’t close to 100%.

Yet the Seahawks had little choice but to take a chance on him still being able to deliver.

There’s no way, with Wilson saying he’s ready to roll, you could look him in the eye and say ‘no dice — we’re going with Geno Smith’.

I’m not convinced the offense would’ve functioned any better regardless. That’s more a review of Smith, though. Clearly Wilson shouldn’t be starting but when you’re desperate, you have little choice but to roll the dice.

The result was a first shut-out in a decade and another horrendous Seahawks gameday experience.

The overall feeling is one of utter resignation. How has it come to this?

The franchise is stagnant, stale and going nowhere fast. Games are to be endured, not enjoyed. There’s just no buzz, no energy. No hope.

They’re drifting into an off-season of uncertainty when anything and everything feels possible.

Seattle’s defense deserves credit for keeping the team in it for three quarters. Even when Aaron Rodgers found the holes (and he had far too much success with screen passes — again), they typically made a play to prevent damage on the scoreboard.

Then at the end Carlos Dunlap gave away 15 yards for throwing a shoe and Bobby Wagner rode A.J. Dillon into the endzone. They’d reached the breaking point.

It never truly felt like there was ever any danger of the Seahawks winning, thanks to the ineptitude of the offense. The end score — 17-0 — actually feels like a fair reflection.

Even the most optimistic fan knew this was a game where you needed to cook up some gains. Wilson, despite what he was saying about being better than ever, wasn’t going to be with that taped-up finger. His accuracy was all over the place. Every throw felt like an adventure.

And let’s be right here — that shouldn’t surprise anyone. If you’re here to hammer Wilson after this performance, you’re barking up the wrong tree.

You needed the easy screen plays Green Bay feasted on. Yet, alas, Pete Carroll was left admitting this week the Seahawks aren’t any good at those — in the understatement of the decade.

Perhaps then a collection of plays to feed your two star receivers? Or some creative runs? Maybe use your second round pick instead of Penny Hart?

There was nothing. Little imagination, no inspiration.

They just seemed to be hoping Wilson could provide some magic — as he threw high and wide and battled with the finger. He was off all day.

They needed to be more calculated than that.

You can just imagine Pete Carroll’s speech after. ‘We didn’t get the third down conversions to get to our plays’.

Well, yeah. But you’re playing a quarterback with a taped up finger because the alternative is Geno Smith. This was always going to be a day when you had to manufacture movement. And the Seahawks were left wanting.

Strangely the Packers and Aaron Rodgers looked as discombobulated as Seattle did. They also played a very similar game — stalling on offense, strong on defense. They just had more yards.

It created a deathly boring contest until Green Bay’s exclamation point at the end.

Not helping matters were the refs — who made a number of head-scratching calls (to put it mildly).

As scruffy as it all was — and despite most of those bad calls going against the Seahawks — there’s no case to be made for Seattle deserving to win this game.

By the end even the defense looked like they were a bit cold and wanted to go home.

The Seahawks couldn’t even muster a point.

The Packers had twice as much yardage and time of possession.

It all leaves the Seahawks at 3-6 and anyone hoping for a late rally is going to need to dig deep into the bag of optimism. Wilson simply doesn’t appear healthy enough to drive Seattle on. And while the defense is playing much better (and yes, that includes a good game by Jamal Adams today) — the offense remains a million miles away from being able to play complementary football.

When you’re desperate you’ve got to come out swinging. Seattle feels reserved, conservative and playing a brand of football worthy of a season with lives to spare.

The Seahawks are out of lives.

This horrible season — which has been an absolute chore to watch — needs to end as soon as possible and the forthcoming big changes should be embraced now.

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  1. YoMommasLlama

    Literally the most predictable game ever. Wilson rushing back, there being no game plan for a limited QB. The only surprise was the defense actually being palatable.

  2. Romeotrash

    I didn’t think the game was that boring, actually. The offense was terrible but I came in fully expecting our defense to be completely exposed and whatever “improvements” that were made in the last couple of weeks would be proven to be a mirage. It was kind of fun watching a low scoring game for awhile. Just knew that it wouldn’t be sustainable with the time of possession wildly unbalanced.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not sure how anyone could find that ‘fun’

      I like a low-scorer… but that was not enthralling. At all.

      • Romeotrash

        Well not exactly fun either, LOL, but I loved holding that team to 3 points most of the game and the effort by the defense was great to see. I think we win that game, most days, if our offense was competent as in the past.

        • DriveByPoster

          I agree with Romeotrash. A small shout out to Gerald Everett though. I think he caught more passes today than all the Seahawks TE in all the games for the last two years combined. Not exactly a crumb of comfort, but it is a crumb!

  3. Blitzy the Clown

    Get up, come on get down with the sickness
    Get up, come on get down with the sickness
    You mother get up come on get down with the sickness
    You f^cker get up come on get down with the sickness
    Madness is the gift, that has been given to me

    Witness the rise of zombie Seahawks

    Brought to you by Peteball brand football

    You won’t find a more boring brand of football than Peteball

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Should be obvious but that’s directed at the offensive scheming.

      It’s utterly predictable.

      Defensively they are getting better.

      • Spencer

        I don’t see this one on Pete. This one is on Russ and the Oline. If you want to put it on Pete that the Oline can’t block because we have this Ethan Pocic-sized issue in the middle, then go ahead. But playing ‘Peteball’ would have won us this game. Russ would rather swing for the fences than hit the checkdown, and he throws interceptions in the endzone. We instead kick a few field goals and this is a different game. That isn’t on Pete.

        • Mark

          Who has ultimate responsibility?

  4. Brandon Adams

    I’m going to have to bark up what you feel to be the wrong tree, Rob. Those interceptions were entirely unnecessary. Forced tosses into double coverage, at least one of them. The finger isn’t an excuse for that. They were decisions that would have been inadvisable even with a healthy hand, and probably led to the same result.

    This loss is on a lot of things, including the OC for being a total edsel at this point and Wilson’s finger injury, but I cannot get to the place where two what-was-he-thinking end zone interceptions just aren’t much of a factor.

    • Submanjoe

      I agree with this

    • Rowdy

      I agree completely, I can stop thinking there’s a good chance we win if smith was in. Rob is right about having to start wilson because he was promoting himself all week. But it’s also a sign that he was putting himself above the team, which he seems to do more times then not. Buy wilson possible played worse then smith has ever played tonight

    • Rob Staton

      The second one was a desperation heave as they chased the game

      The first one was a poor decision and a poor throw

      But they had zero points by the fourth quarter. The finger, by that point, had done it’s dastardly work

      • Justaguy

        Geno is less than Russ 364 days of the year but a safe bet would be on Geno today

        • Rob Staton

          It’s a totally worthless discussion

          1. There was 0% chance of Geno Smith starting today. Pete Carroll was never going to tell Wilson ‘wait another week or weeks’ after his doctor cleared him. Neither was Wilson going to ask to wait. He was starting, guaranteed, from that moment onwards. Everyone can second guess that if they want but it is what it is.

          2. Geno Smith is crap. We know he’s crap. He would’ve been crap today. It might’ve been 17-3. But then we’d have had a week of Carroll being hammered for not starting Wilson.

          • Submanjoe

            Maybe I’m missing something but I was thinking Brandon Adams was saying that Wilson made some poor decisions. The second interception on the deep pass, the running back was wide open in the flat. Down 10 with around ten to play, there was still time to ‘take what the defense was giving you’, and march down the field. Was a very poor choice by Wilson. Absolutely, Geno should never start over Wilson. Wilson at 30% is better than Geno everyday.

            I want to know, where did the run game go. They just gave up on it for no reason. 3 point game in the 3rd quarter. Why not try and run a bit and let the run game open things up for Wilson. Wilson didn’t need to feel pressure to carry the team, and the way the game played out he shouldn’t have felt pressure. Not until that second pick.

            • Rob Staton

              They needed to take some shots at 10-0 with no time. Checking it down and trying to work downfield was what GB wanted you to do.

              I have no issue with that second INT. The first just seemed odd and I’d like to study it more.

              But the finger was an issue long before those two picks. He was off all night in a way he never is

      • Spencer

        I think it’s fine to see/think differently, but just for conversation’s sake, I see/think differently on this one. I saw 2 inaccurate passes from Wilson. What I feel cost the Seahawks the game was the decision-making. To my amateur eyes, it looked like Wilson was trying to play hero ball and threw REALLY unnecessary picks. Maybe there was more to the scheme and the play-calling. The people that know that best probably don’t comment in places like this. But from the first quarter it looked like this was going to be a game of attrition and Russ just wasn’t patient enough.

  5. Hawk Finn

    Tough decisions ahead. Wags looks spent. Is Jamal Adams ready to step up and lead this defense? Is it time to trade DK, or do we give him another year to grow and risk signing him to an albatross contract or letting him walk for nothing?

    • 12th chuck

      d. brown looking pretty suspect as well

      • Spencer Pelfrey

        Yeah, that was tough to see, even tougher to deal with in the offseason. He looks done and we don’t have options really. A BIG, under-the-radar issue and no apparent answer.

  6. 12th chuck

    the only good thing to come of a game like this is for Pete to step down, and we all know he won’t. not sure why they waited so long to get Eskridge going, and abandoned the run while it was still working. another game lost, that they could have won, and still waiting for the team to play decent together as a whole. O is terrible, D steps up, O plays well, D tanks to lose. so many things wrong with this team, and could be several years down the road before it gets better

  7. Eric

    I agree that Russ wasn’t at 100% but even if he was, there weren’t many times when he missed open receivers. It felt to me, for whatever reason, the receivers couldn’t get open, couldn’t even get a tiny bit of separation.

    The run game hasn’t given much and the pass game seems to consist mostly of running verticals and hoping Lockett and/or DK can outrun their coverage. Today, neither could.

    • Jordan E

      If I remember correctly, there was a guy names OBJ who was available on waivers who may help… I think we had enough cap space for him and could get him on the waiver wire. Oh wait… Brock Huard and other Seattle media say Eskridge is all we need.

      • Spencer

        Do you really think that OBJ would have been the difference in this game? Receiver talent is not an issue. Play-calling, in-game adjustments, clashing philosophies, and oline ineptitude are all issues. Receiving talent is not what is hurting this team.

        • Jordan E

          No but I do think he is a massive upgrade over Swain and Hart (guys who Russ was trying to throw to in this game).

          I think their are many issues with this team. One is def clashing philosophies and poor coaching/management as evidenced by missing out on OBJ. Receiving talent can only help create some more space and opportunities.

          But Hawks and rest of Seattle media more focused on culture fit or “good guys” versus winning or doing anything anyway.

  8. ShowMeYourHawk

    So…. it may be time for a complete reset. It’s clear that Pete has to be on the way out, and rightfully so. That said, Russ isn’t going to lead this team anywhere in the near future, either. It’d take at least a couple of seasons to get adjusted to a new system, under a new coaching staff, not to mention that the ‘Hawks won’t have the benefit of an influx of new talent due to their lack of draft capital. Russ should also be shown the door, as I’m sure he desires. Likeliest destination? New Orleans. If Trevor Siemian can look quality in their system, Russ would achieve god status.

    Which leads to the larger issue at hand; ownership. Rob, would it be worth a look at potential buyers? Jody is clearly out of her element and we’ve no real idea who potentially makes the hiring and firing decisions that would keep a GM and HC accountable. Is it even likely that Pete gets shown the door, not knowing who is actually at the helm?

    This team currently has no future, as is. It’s spinning its wheels and sinking deeper in the mire. Please, Bezos/Ballmer/Manning/etc., save us from the void.

    • TJ

      Does anyone know the organizational structure for the Seahawks? I don’t mean the football operations, I mean the entire business organization of which the Seahawks and Blazers are a part. Jody Allen may be out of her element, but there must be other leaders who can make/influence decisions. I believe there must be managerial layers in between J. Allen and JS/PC.

      No thank you to Bezos, but Ballmer would be an interesting fit.

    • Romeotrash

      I highly doubt Russ stays. It would take something monumental to keep him. Maybe we can give him an ownership share. (Could they even do that or is there something against the rules? Aw,’s a whacky thought anyhow).

  9. Trevor

    This team has zero chance of making the playoffs. If Russ is not ready to play then don’t play him. Simple. This season can’t be over fast enough for me. It is painful to watch this team.

  10. SeaTown


  11. GoHawksDani

    Collins ran well. Why the hell they cannot ride him and Homer a bit? Would it be most of the time for 2-4 yards? Hell yeah. Does 3&4 looks better than 3&14 for example?
    Waldron sucks or Pete sucks. Russ was awful. Not because of his finger, he also made bad reads. But I’m not hating on him. PC&Waldron should’ve eased him more into the game.
    DK gonna cause issues, he’s a hot head.
    OL is awful
    Neal and Brown was pretty good, happy for them. Adams played well, Brooks was a mixed bag, Taylor had some nice moves. Dunlap sucks (how stupid is that shoe tossing penalty????), BWagz is done, Diggs was OK, DL overall OK-mediocre. Reed played well apart from his slipping.
    Crazy KNJ cannot figure out that screens are part of the game.

    Defense played really well apart from the screens. Offense was ridiculous

    • Spencer

      We took KJ for granted. He was the screen predator

  12. pdway

    It’s ultimately just a shame to waste such a good defensive performance. It goes right into the pile of winnable games this year, along w Pitt and NO.

    Russell was clearly off, but we also have nothing interesting going on in our offense, and our O-line always looks its worst on the most crucial plays. We haven’t been good at blocking on 3rd and long, since I can’t remember when.

    If we want to take some hope out of this, it’s that the D looks a lot better – esp the defensive backfield.

    I think we move on from Bobby and spend all of that money on O-line upgrades, and a pass rusher, if we can afford it. Draft for RB and DT.

    But I do also agree that coaching changes have to come first. The energy isn’t there anymore w this team.

    • Jordan E

      If the D is looking a lot better we keep Bobby… Agree with your other points but Bobby is critical for the defense.

      • pdway

        I like Bobby too – but if i’m reading it right, his cap hit is $20M next year. I don’t think he’s delivering that level of impact. Maybe a re-structure is possible?

        • Spencer

          Yeah. I see that, and you see that. We all probably see that. But what are the chances that Bobby sees that? If he were willing, that would be a god-send. But I also would not blame him in the slightest for wanting every penny. He’s never hurt, he’s been doing it at such a high level since his first game, he’s a leader of men, he’s not a complainer. Neither side should have been okay to make his final year so much.

    • Justaguy

      Piling up those winnable games feels great. What a great reason to be optimistic

  13. Roy Batty

    Eskridge went in motion and I told my brother-in-law “jet sweep.”

    GB noticed that, too.

    This team is so incredibly predictable on offense that it becomes amusing. Collins had some good runs, so let’s abandon the run and go pass heavy. The underneath and TE game was working, but Russ decides bombs away. So, so poorly planned and executed. Entrusting a four fingered QB is not the way to win a game. And Geno sure is hell is not the answer.

    The penalties. The poor preparation. The inability to adjust. It’s all pointing to one man who is becoming a sad shell of the coach he used to be. His pressers are depressing affairs that, in all honesty, look like a CEO who’s company is weeks away from filing for bankruptcy.

    If Murray returns next week, it could get rally, really ugly really, really quick.

    • GoHawks5151

      The offense is frustrating. There were some real creative seeds today. The screens to Everett, the flea flicker screen, the direct snap to homer for a 1st down, rollout throwback Dissly, some picks to free Lockett, draw action pass to Collins. Execution was all over the place. I cannot in anyway evaluate Waldrons chops as an OC. It reeks of unfocused scheme. It’s too bad because some ideas are interesting. Russ looked rusty. Missed high a lot. He wasn’t good enough to win but was still their best chance though. I think everyone knows what’s gonna happen after the year

      • Spencer

        Dude, rollouts?!? Bootlegs?!? Where are they? I thought that that was one of Wilson’s greatest strengths? Did he bootleg at all in this game? Apparently they didn’t want him taking snaps under center because of his finger(s). If that’s the case, maybe he shouldn’t be playing

  14. Peter

    Tell the truth sunday:

    Russ sucked.

    But halfway through the season: this team is a mess.

    The defense was terrible to start the season. Then plays average but Smith can’t get it done. Played pretty good today and the hawks are in such a hole they play an injured QB.

    Seattle’s time of possession game this season is atrocious.

    Wilson takes too many sacks. However if the oline was any good at all how the run game might be the worst under this regime?

    This team is so goofy it might be the time to just look for the BPA at nearly any position during the draft.

  15. Jordan E

    Remember a few days ago when local Seattle media said not to sign OBJ because we have Eskridge? 😂 Seattle sports media is a joke.

    • Dave

      Pretty sure OBJ is not the fix this team needs.

      • Rob Staton

        But nobody ever claimed he was ‘the fix’

        It’s a fair point to raise that they probably would have been better throwing to OBJ instead of Penny Hart as often as they did tonight.

        And I would suggest that any game-planners worth their salt should be able to challenge and test an opponent with three WR’s of the quality of DK, Tyler and OBJ.

        So not ‘the fix’ but certainly helpful, yes

        • Jordan E

          Exactly. Hes not going the “Fix” for this team. We need more things to really fix things. But one thing OBJ 100% does is improve our WR core. Ask any other team besides Seahawks fans/local media- but they always say they fear DK + Tyler the most…

          If we had OBJ in there it would at least make our strength of the team even stronger. There was no real negative of signing OBJ and at least improving our WR core after Tyler / DK. OBJ is def better than Swain and Hart. Eskridge has played like 1 full game and is not worth proclaiming he is better than OBJ.

          • Spencer

            How did we look trying to target our WRs? The problem is the oline/QB, not receiver talent. We can’t get out WRs the ball right now. I really don’t think having more talent at WR will help Ethan Pocic from getting dominated or make DB 3 years younger or give Shane Waldron a clue about adjustments and rhythm play calling. For how much OBJ would have wanted to come HERE, I’d rather role the cap over so we can do more with the rebuild next year. And I REALLY don’t think that the Rams will get a great comp pick for him when he leaves. He went through waivers, which tells me that teams don’t see him as that much of an asset and he isn’t going to go to a team that isn’t a contender, so that doesn’t look like it will turn into a 3rd or 4th comp pick. I’m plenty disappointed in the FO, but it’s for taking a Robert Woods-esque 3rd receiver instead of a top-level center.

            • Jordan E

              Your take is correct theoretically but disregards the current situation of the team and the NFL now.

              What Centers or OLinemen are available right now? And do you realize how bad the rebuild will be?

              Russ will not stick around and waste his career away while we rebuild. And to rebuild- we don’t have our 1st rounder this year because of Jamal Adams. Tyler and Bobby are not getting any younger. D. Brown is already showing age. What is the purpose of rolling over and saving cap when we will lose Russ and our vets.

              Based off the FO and current landscape in the NFL which top-level center do you see us getting? We missed out on Rodney Hudson. We missed out on top-tier linemen in free agency the past like 3 years consecutively. We have had the cap space to do so- but we also have FO who will not put money into them. They will rather sign mid-low level FAs for discounted deals.

              OBJ was the best opportunity available with the current landscape in the NFL and current situation for the team. He would have at least improved our depth and WR options. Perhaps Russ could throw it faster. Also it would have showed Russ that the team is willing to commit to him and all is not lost in Seattle.

              I would want a top-level center too but none are available.

              • Spencer

                We agree on the failures of the FO to spend money well on the oline in free agency. I think we just disagree on the potential impact that OBJ would make and the potential the how-ever-much in cap space we save will do in free agency. And I think we both agree that it’s pretty negligible compared to what could have been done in FA and the draft the last few years. (I was specifically referring to the FO drafting Eskridge or Creed Humphrey out of Oklahoma. He’s currently having a great rookie season while Eskridge has done a really good CJ Procise impression thus far). Have you watched OBJ lately? I haven’t paid a lot of attention to the Browns, so I can’t say that I have. But I’ve heard that he’s not the player he was 5ish years ago. I could be hearing from bad sources though. I guess my mentality is that this year is pretty much a waste anyway, so let’s not put anymore money into this year. I think that Russ knows that they’ll work to get guys here that he likes. (I also don’t think that guys want to be here as much as we think that they do, but that’s more of a gut feeling than anything that I’ve heard) But I’m afraid that that’s not the issue. If Pete goes, I think Russ stays. If not I think he’s gone. I just don’t see OBJ as being part of the equation in the end.

  16. Ashish

    Long off-season coming up and praying to God hawks make good choices to come back in 2 years as contender.

    • Justaguy

      Seahawks need more than prayers they need a fucking miracle

  17. CHaquesFan

    On the bright side, good job Adams and this young defense (keyword: young, not Dunlap or Wagner)

  18. 206

    Dan Quinn!!

    • Rob Staton

      It helps when you draft amazing young studs and then on the other side of the ball have a dynamite offense…

      • Rob Staton

        Actually, I’m now worried they’ll appoint Dan Quinn to replace Carroll

        • 206

          He did give it a nice run with Atlanta 🤷‍♂️ – a 28 to 3 close out away from being like Doug Pederson and Pete Carroll in terms of Super Bowls

          • Rob Staton

            And then Kyle Shanahan left for San Francisco and his tenure in Atlanta turned into a total and utter disaster.

            Meanwhile the defense he was in charge of never excelled under his guidance

            • 206

              True that. This league is ruthless. That’s why it’s fun!

  19. Big Mike

    It was just mentioned on the Sunday night game that Creed Humphrey is the number one ranked Center in the entire NFL by PFF.
    I wonder of the next personnel people will actually prioritize and draft well the offensive line?

    • Palatypus

      Creed has accepted an invite to the Senior Bowl, so I will get to see him there. If I can get out to the practices I will try to get some video.

  20. Andrew M

    Feels like every week my buddies and I are saying “wow, this was the worst game of the Pete Carroll era.” If you are saying that multiple times a season, season after season, it is over due to make changes. The defense has stepped up lately, like it did the back half of last year, but if it takes the coaches 6 -8 games to achieve that it isn’t enough. And there is no reason why an offense with Russ, DK, and Lockett fail to score a single point. TV graphic confirmed what most have suspectrd, this Seahawks team has the worst time of possession ratio in the league. And they were worse than their average tonight. Pete looks lost on the sidelines and in his press conferences. I would bet he just wonders how he lost his way. But he has lost it, this team is done. A lot of anxiety about the future, but if we are rolling into the ’22 draft with the same group it will mean another awful, dispiriting year, and without Russ we would be in the Lions or Eagles zone of franchises.

  21. Malc from PO

    This was a pitiful performance. Literally no interest in scoring, which ends up embarrassing the defense after a good effort and frustrating DK to the point of getting ejected. I wouldn’t blame anyone on the defense or DK or Russ for giving up at this point. The coaching staff clearly decided this was a game they could afford to lose so didn’t even try to come up with a scheme to win. The sad thing is 8 wins will probably enough to make the playoffs and we can probably scrape that out. But there is no interest or ambition here to actually be good and go out and win games. Just do the minimum and hope the opposition make enough mistakes so you can fluke a win. It’s hideous.

  22. no frickin clue

    Something struck me today watching this game unfold. Pre-injury, on those plays when Russ was setting up to take a deep shot down the field, I had just gotten confident expecting something big about to happen. A rainbow for an easy TD. If not that, a pass interference penalty. A chunk play in one form or another.

    Today, after seeing Russ misfire more than a few times, I did not have that same confidence. Russ can say he felt great out there and try to paint this as simply two plays gone wrong, but it didn’t seem like that to me.

    • Rob Staton

      The finger is a bigger issue than anyone cared to acknowledge, clearly

  23. Jordan

    Football, at it’s peak, is as enjoyable as sport can get.

    Bad football, as there has been far too much of in the NFL and NCAA this year, is a tedious chore and an unenjoyable expenditure of time. The 4 seconds on / half a minute off pace of play doesn’t help.

    • Rob Staton

      This has been the worst season of football I can ever remember

      NFL and college


      • Jordan

        Confirmation that I haven’t just been imagining that lol

      • Palatypus

        The early 90’s were worse than this.

        • Peter

          90’s college ball for me was more interesting than the last decade of college ball…

  24. RIPSonics

    The series in the redzone said it all to me. Throw, throw, pick. Why drive down with a balanced attack and moving the ball well running between the tackles only to try and force a throwing touchdown. Russ only scrambled once the game was out of hand but that was a clear weakness highlighted if the packers. I complement russ for playing through the finger. It was clear he was off. But i dont excuse trying to bomb it deep all game and refuse to take what the defense gave him. He has clear running lanes and kept rolling around and forcing the ball down field. I was really hoping they would look at this matchup and take advantage of his legs with the hand a question mark.
    All that said i though the d took a great step forward. Russ for the first time in 10 years said the loss was on him which for some reason makes me optimistic that the offense will get fixed. I am excited to see darrell taylor and tre brown continue to develop. Jamal adams actually caught one today! Collier got some penetration. Rasheem green continues to improve. As painful as the loss was i think with russ healthier this team could actually make a push for 10 wins. We shall see but they seem to be playing more like a team. I won’t count them out yet

  25. Tomas

    A fear: Would be all too easy for Jody Allen to conclude that the next franchise owners should have the option to replace Pete with the candidate of their choice. In the meantime, let’s Honor Pete’s contract, realizing that he’s considered a HOF coach.
    We could well be screwed – Russ leaves, Pete stays, more excited than ever about revitalizing the team with a strong running game.

  26. Tomas

    Rob, I think you have about 3 years to ready your “farewell Pete” article. His capacity for self-delusion should not be underestimated. He’ll come back in 2022 more energized than ever … relishing the chance to prove that he, not Wilson, was the most important element of the Hawks years of success. God help us.

    • Rob Staton

      As noted in the live stream — I am convinced Pete will retire

      The explanation is in the video…

      • Tomas

        And your explanation was viewed and considered by me … and you may be right… surely hope you are. But I simply have a different take, certainly no disrespect meant.

        • Rob Staton

          I know — that was more a heads up to anyone who hadn’t seen it

  27. brendon light

    Such a sad end to this era of Seahawks football. Mismanaged roster fails miserably after going all in on last dance season. The stars failed to shine and there wasn’t anything else to help further down the roster.

  28. Tomas

    RW 2022 stats: 51 TD’s, 8 interceptions, 4900 yds through the air. The New Orleans fans will be delighted.

  29. Palatypus

    Clearly, Russ’ middle finger is not ready for Interstate 5.

  30. Palatypus

    ESPN is reporting that Jimmy Lake just got fired.

  31. neil

    When I saw the wind chill temp at 22 degrees I thought they were in trouble. I am sure the finger was really bothering Wilson today, but if memory serves, he has never played well in cold weather.

  32. Robert Las Vegas

    You are right Rob it was a boring game .it was I believe it was 3-0 at half time .Russ did not look good and neither did Aaron Rodgers that pick to Mr Adams was a terrible throw. Did anyone besides me that after the game nobody went up to shake Aaron Rodgers hand he is not most popular player in the league these days.stay away Aaron with your animal medications.anyway .

  33. Kurt Frederick ZUMDIECK


    Way too many excuses for RW today. Finger. Month off. Green Bay. Snow. Wind chill. Drops.

    We basically threw away a game for Russ’ ego.

    Did he do anything today that will tell you that he will be better next week?

    We have watched ten years of this. RW looks tight in the first half and we get down, then he starts playing sandlot football. Now he forces balls into coverage. That’s a first.

    All worried about poor Geno and his turnovers.

    TOs! Russ made 2 TOs today. One in the end zone. Lets say it. Russ was crap today.

    I don’t see how he is worth 50mil year on the down side of his career. And whomever is coach is gonna totally beholden to him.

    I say throw it all out and start again. Russ is a creation of PeteBall and vice versa.

    Sorry, you guys dont have many legs to stand on after that putrid QB performance.

    • Matt

      I have but one question – who is your QB once he is gone?

      • Big Mike

        6 hours later and still no response…………….

    • J.P.

      That’s the part that gets me every time

      At this point I’ve gone full circle on Peteball and Wilson.

      Maybe Pete was always right.

    • Rob Staton

      Absolute nonsense

      • Peter


        You work in sports journalism. Can you explain to me this narrative that Wilson has sucked since the last half of last season?

        I just glanced back over the game logs and the last half of last season all i find is a 6-2 record with Wilson throwing back to back 5 td games. A total of 26 td’s to 8 ints and a defense that I heard was improved but still gives up tons of points.

        Why is it so hard for people to give up their narratives?

        • Rob Staton

          Good question

        • Roy Batty

          I believe the simplest explanation is fans have been spoiled by his great play, year after year.

          When someone becomes accustomed to something, they take it for granted. When that particular thing does not happen, people tend to assign blame and come to unsupported conclusions. In sport, this is amplified to the Nth. After all, “fan” is short for “fanatic”.

          Russell Wilson is a great QB, and Russell Wilson has play behind sub-par to atrocious offensive lines for more than 7 years. To me, this fact only emphasizes his status as a great QB. The hyperbole surrounding his shortcomings is just hot air from a frustrated fan base. I ignore it.

  34. McZ

    The whole point of a franchise QB is to win lazy. GB did just that. And the Seahawks are far away from this, actually since 2015.

    The offense is clearly playing anti-football. I cannot think of another franchise that is that predictable and outsmarted as this team. No consistent plan to win, apart from “being the bully”, which did work with Marshawn Lynch and could with Nick Chubb or Jonathan Taylor (ouch).

    And, yes, RW wasn’t 100%. He wasn’t since the Bills game in 2020. But that isn’t the point. He will want to have another chance to get to the top. And as much it is for football in Seattle, I think we owe him that chance.

    What I cannot bear is another rebuild with PC at the helm. It’s not an overreaction when we say that his scouting is hilariously bad, his player development controversial, his coaching and time management full of errors, and his pressers full of half truths and blatant overpainting. He is behind anti-football, and since this was exposed in ProBowl 2019, this is clear to the talented folk in the league. He works in perhaps the most unchallenged, braid dead, “Pete’s always right” environment, and it’s his making.

    It’s over, and it will be good. It has to be.

  35. Poli

    Can’t believe the one year they’re in line for a top 10 pick….

    Fire PC and whoever is responsible for these garbage moves.

    • Rob Staton

      You couldn’t make it up.

      The god awful Adams trade with one last parting gift.

      Now we just have to hope they win those easier games down the stretch to lessen the damage

      • Gary

        I’ve read this sentiment a fair bit, but other than pride, why do we really care how high the Jets pick is? Top ten, top five, whatever. The trade was an epic disaster from the moment it was made but the pick(s) is gone and not coming back. So I don’t care how high the Jets pick. And the higher the Jets pick in round one, the higher the Hawks pick in round two.

        • Rob Staton

          Sure, I understand that view.

          For me I just think it will be a particularly bitter pill to swallow it they miss out on one of the few quality players in the 2022 draft. I’d rather pick a few spots later in R2 just to avoid the ‘what if?’ possibility.

          • Roy Batty

            Imagine the vitriol if the Seahawks losses pile up and the Jets are able to select a dominant DE/DT with that pick?

            For the first time in 3 years, I am making an effort to watch the first round in ‘22.

          • BruceN

            Being an eternal optimist, I focus on the earlier/better picks in the later rounds. And the fact that the Jets will always be the Jets, regardless of our extra pick.

        • Simo

          I agree Gary, it matters not how high that Jets pick is at the end of the day. It’s gone, never to return. Sure, it’s a bitter pill to swallow no matter where it ends up, but to me it’s not any less bitter if it’s a few spots lower.

          We may as well hope the Hawks remaining picks are as high as possible, because this team is going nowhere. Now, we also need to hope (pray) that another regime is making the next round of picks.

          It’s been a pretty good run overall, time to blow it up and let somebody else build it back!

  36. L80

    And to cap off a dreadful season, we have the comedy of PC reaching into his pocket for the challenge flag and he throws a coin purse onto the turf.

    Now THAT is prophetic.

    • UkAlex6674

      An act only to be surpassed by Metcalf trying to get back in the huddle after being ejected.

      • Rob Staton

        I quite enjoyed that to be honest

        Some light relief at the end of a miserable three hours

        • Roy Batty

          The meme that he dropped his flip phone is absolute gold.

          • GoHawksDani

            Pete’s offensive philosophy is as fresh as his phone

  37. no frickin clue

    Peter King of is suddenly starting to wonder “if we’re seeing the end of the Russell Wilson era in Seattle”. Welcome to the party, Peter, thanks for coming. #ChristAlmighty

    If Rob is the artist who moved into a low-rent loft space when the immediate area was still considered dangerous, then Peter King is the guy who just noticed that a Starbucks has popped up on the corner and gets busy scouring the luxury rental units currently available.

    • no frickin clue

      Sorry, meant Pro Football Talk, not But same idea.

    • Rob Staton


  38. Forrest

    I just can’t figure out why OBJ didn’t pick a team where the top two WRs get 5 catches for 49 yards. He could have had 2 catches for 15 yards in this one to build his resume.

  39. Chase Little

    Will be tough to avoid a losing record by season’s end. Russ injury won’t be an excuse for an otherwise mediocre performance on the year. It’d be forgivable if this team was flush with young talent oozing with confidence. Sadly, there is very little inspiring about this team.

    I’d like to believe the talent is there and a couple small improvements can turn this roster into a contender. It’s just wishful thinking at this point though. My eyes tell me that no infusion of talent can fix this locker room and coaches need to go. If it weren’t the franchises best HC in the chair, this wouldn’t even be a debate.

    • Roy Batty

      I believe a bookend to Taylor would do wonders. The young DB’s are playing great (up until the pass rush disappears). Signing Diggs to an extension is key, though. Keep Neal, limiting Adams’ coverage responsibility. Trade Wagner and his $20.35 million cap hit in ‘22 (He is not signing a team friendly extension), and slide Brooks to his natural position in the middle. That’s an extra $16.6 mil to help offset the other defensive upgrades.

      On offense, spend on the Oline. Make your biggest splash right there. Make your HoF QB happy. Once the Oline is sorted, that frees up creativity in play calling.

      An RB with occasional game breaking potential would be the cherry on top. That dynamic has been so desperately lacking since Marshawn started piling up nagging injuries.

      All that is possible with the right GM and coach. People willing to make the hard decisions, not tout a tired and empty “Always Compete” slogan.

  40. cha

    Keep playing like this and the Seahawks will have to resort to bribing fans to show up and cheer like the Clippers are:

    • no frickin clue

      A couple of sore points that the TV announcers brought out during the national broadcast yesterday:

      – Pete ball is play conservative, keep it close, let Russ bail them out in the 4th quarter. :(, also known as “pretty much the opposite of what cha just said the other day in his pre-game notes”.

      – that there was no discernable strategy on offense.

      • pdway

        and pointing out what we all could see/know …. you leave your defense on the field too long, and present too many opptys to the other offense, they will always eventually break down.

  41. Paul Cook

    “…that there was no discernible strategy on offense.”

    There really wasn’t. Yes, they did throw to the TE’s a few times with some success. Yes, they ran the ball early with a bit of success at times. Yes, they ran a well telegraphed jet sweep. But they just didn’t have any consistency in offensive strategy. It was all over the place. They rarely threw in rhythm at all, rarely threw timing routes.

    I wish to god they would design an offensive strategy with the sole purpose of getting first downs. That’s all I want. An offense that can move the chains with some kind of reasonable consistency. An offense that doesn’t keep finding itself in poor 3rd down situations.

    Why can’t we make this a priority? Our top priority? Everything is telling us that it should be, starting with our abysmal 3rd down conversion percentage and our horrendous time of possession stats.

    • no frickin clue

      Here’s some video footage of the Hawks’ all-encompassing offensive philosophy, beginning at around the 1:40 mark. 🙂

    • J.P.

      Russell Wilson addressed this indirectly, or maybe even directly earlier this year. He’s not gonna change for you, just deal with it already. He’s basically a home run hitter, he’s swinging for the fences usually and he always gets impatient playing small ball within the confines of the offense. Hence him randomly heaving one into he end-zone in a close game with 8 minutes left to play while inside Packer territory.

      What did you expect to happen from a QB that had impaired vision, poor judgement and a finger that clearly is still in the process of recovery.

      The offense is gonna look like shit anytime the QB plays like he did. He was skittish in the pocket, the vision was just poor as hell, hit the DB right in the numbers. Just completely airmailed a number of short throws.

      20/40, 5 of 16 to DK/Lockett? BUT WHERE ARE THE PLAYMAKERS? He was busy overthrowing/under-throwing them or they were dropping the balls they got their hands on.

      • Peter

        Counter: as Rob and Robbie said on the post game, you can’t not start Wilson for extenuating reasons so why do you not plan a running game even with jumbo packages to keep Green bay off the field and try to control the clock?

        Wilson is always goig to be overly confident that’s who he is. But if you’re playing against Rodgers in the cold regardless of a bad finger aby above casual fan can see you need to minimize anytime that green bay gets the ball.

  42. Big Mike

    Did anyone listen to Cowherd at the beginning of his show this morning? He spelled it out pretty well as far as the seahawks go. Recommended listening if you can find it on YouTube.

    • Rob Staton

      For those interested, it’s here (7 mins in):

      • Big Mike

        Thanks Rob

        • Pavlos

          Don’t think Colin was being fair to the defense. They played lights out yesterday. Can’t blame them for giving up points after the offense kept them on the field for so long. The dam was eventually going to break.

          Also, Tre Brown looks like the real deal. Their cornerback situation is nothing like it was at the beginning of this season. Pete has turned things around and should get some credit.

  43. cha

    Pete Carroll Show w Salk

    [q] What happened? “Missed opp, we were ready to go. We went out ready to frickin play. Tight a game as you can get. They moving it a bit better than we were, defensive ballgame. I’ll be darned Mike, situation, another one, slipped through our fingers with opps. Field goal, penalty, interception, you name it. Ton of plays, disheartening. Chance for us to take adv of something.”

    [q] Missed opps? “Chance to win the game. Would be down to the wire. Too many situations that went by and we lost advantages we could have had. Russ throws INT, I see the ball on the ground! I don’t know why that was looked at in that manner. That’s points on the board. That’s one. Number of things happened really odd. Put ourselves behind 8 ball.”

    [q] Fumble same as Fail Mary? “No, didn’t have equal opp of football. Darrell had it from moment it went down. Ball goes to team has possession. I don’t know how they call it for offense. Big play, such a big play in the game.”

    [q] Delay of game not called on first INT, other things? “Very first chance Russ scrambles for first down. Break huddle, they stop the game and reverse the play. We understand booth has 20 seconds to make a change. Minutes went by. I got some gripes about this. Didn’t take adv.”

    [q] Russ game vs practice? “Similar. Practice had to get warmed up, once he did he was fine. Game wasn’t as sharp as liked, but so was the other guy. Everybody wants to chase this thing that Russ wasn’t ready, he was.”

    [q] Process getting Russ ready? “Watching him progress. Passing stages of being OK at each stage. He was. Started early in the week. Early on chance to get done he went there.”

    [q] Russ shotgun limit playbook? “No, most all of it. Many things we decided not to. Russ took snaps during practice. Just decided not to do it. Sounds like we’re looking for excuses why, there are none.”

    [q] Medical tests pass to clear him? “Process of diagnostics, response to work. Measure swelling in finger to gauge response. Didn’t deteriorate at any time.”

    [q] Legs good, ready to run? “worked hard to stay in shape.”

    [q] Weather effect game? “A factor in pregame, snowing. During just cold. A little wind affected kicks in one direction. Turf wasn’t bad. Saw a few guys slip but not too many.”

    [q] Russ’ accuracy not quite normal / finger? “A month off too. Finely tuned athlete. I said it to Russ after, could be a factor from being down for a month. We were OK, good enough to get this game done. We needed things to balance out, have opp. Interception, call when D Lew got run over called holding. We didn’t take adv of it.”

    [q] Proud of D? “So tough. Didn’t feel Davante had a great game. Did some cool things, but all in all wasn’t factor in the game. Guys did nice job scheme and execution.”

    [q] Tre Brown brings spark? “Does, making plays down field. Challenged deep, in position. consistency and toughness, feisty. Attitude we love.”

    [q] Both corners are small and let’s talk about that? “Tough, killer aspect to both. Brashness about them. Both play like that, overcome size thing.”

    [q] How turn the corner in yards allowed? “Explosive plays way down. Went into game 4th in league fewest explosive. Third down thing a factor. Early in game well. General overall consistency. Adams and Diggs played really good. Jamal particularly good game.”

    [q] Adams INT? “Big play for him.”

    [q] DK Metcalf battle to control emotions, what happened? “Frustration. Responded to them jawing. Penalty on them too. Guys yapping more than they should, he got involved. Got tossed. He should have, it was the right call.”

    [q] Trying to join huddle? “Supposed to take his helmet away, we didn’t do that.”

    [q] DK can jump over the goalpost?
    [q] Joking with officials? Advantage to get calls? “Answer is yes. Ongoing convo. Such a big part of the game yesterday. Huge part. Effort to try to make sure we’re on the same page. Call the game together in a sense. Work at it during course of game. Show respect. Don’t always see eye to eye.”

    [q] Challenge flag? “Real rookie move. Added layers, about two layers down.”

    [q] Scheme vs protection? “(pause, sigh) that’s a big Q. QB not on time getting ball out, gives rush chance to factor. Works together. Reads, route running, passing lane opps, big Q to answer. Essence gotta get the ball out. Harder on situations when it’s longer. Protect longer. Double chip, all kinds of things we do. Intricately woven. Simple factor is get the ball out. Working hard, better as game went on.”

    [q] Waldron better? “Midst of all of it. Game prep, teaching, calling game. Sharp, smart, on it, quick to take responsibility. Hasn’t been consistency we need. Still working at it. Lot of games left. Frustrated yesterday, chance to start the big turn. Hate opp got away from us.”

    [q] Ready for positive step, what do you mean? “Using Dickson to keep them back, field position, just couldn’t get on the board.”

    [q] Decision to punt after 4th down correction, vs Aaron Rodgers?? “Indicators of how we’re doing. Getting off the field. Good plays in running game. Didn’t run well. 3-something yards per carry. Third down wins, slipped and fell on first deep ball. Missed FG, I have to determine based on sequencing. I told Shane ‘we’re in a defensive ballgame’ to let him know climate.”

    [q] Different call in offensive game then? “4th down play, guy got hurt, we called play for first down. They had plenty of time, stopped us. As they’re explaining the shot clock started. I didn’t have time to figure it out. Back them up with a punt. Normal sequencing, I can’t tell you if I would have made a different call. As we understand it, they have 20 seconds to decide, minutes went in.”

    [q] Ask for a measurement? “They don’t do that anymore. Used to happen all the time.”

    [q] UW looking for head coach, what qualities look for? “That’s not my job, Mike (cha ed – no kidding). You’re looking for a guy that’s got a plan. A philosophy and approach. You are challenged in so many ways.
    Really hard to hire coaches. Have to figure out who they are, what you can count on from them.”

    [q] Harder – NFL or college? “Competition even in NFL. College game a lot to it, so much going on. Football part is same, job part is different. Bigger job in college w recruiting and booster stuff.”

    • Rob Staton

      Not sure what was the most frustrating part. The questions or the bit where Carroll said he wanted to win 9-3 at Lambeau (and lost 17-0)

      • Peter

        I like a low scoring game. And college shootouts are rarely interesting.

        But what happened to the PC who hung 58,50,42 on the opponents in consecutive weeks in 2012?

        Spoiler alert pete…..your kicker is pretty meh and you haven’t run the rock since 2018….so 9-3 is gonna be a real hard score to come by.

      • Roy Batty

        I listened to that same statement on my way into work and, instantly, an image of Wilson grinding his teeth together came to mind.

        Carroll will never, ever change and Wilson sits back and fumes.

      • GerryG

        So many issues with the things he said.

        1) Regarding what Rob said, the 9-3 close win bit. Im so sick of this philosophy. Play to win from the first moment. Having a game come down to the last moments, over time is basically going to come down to a coin flip. THe odds were significantly better years back because their roster was so talented. It’s not now.

        2) Regarding the officials and needing some of those to go this way. First off they didnt play well enough, period, stop making excuses, I cant remember a time Pete used calls as an excuse before. He’s grasping. The calls were bad, but it’s not why you lost. This also goes back to my first point, you’re putting yourself in a position where a bad call has more impact if your entire gameplan is to have the contest come down to a few plays at the end.

        3) Not being able to take snaps under center absolutely played a major factor here! To not say so is just BS. Look at the pass/run splits. It was way over the top towards pass despite a neutral game script most of the game. All of the play action pass, and associated runs from under center are off the table, and he’s trying to say that played no part? Plus it sounded like they made the decision at gametime, way to throw a monkey wrench into your OCs plan, a guy who has shown no ability to adapt, and whose best plays are the scripted ones to start off.

  44. L80

    Poor Eskridge, They put him in motion tipping off the fly sweep and they put Collins in stead of Homer in to block. He got DESTROYED.

    It reminded me of throwing to , of all people, Ricardo Lockette to win a super bowl.

    This regime is like the turkey in Christmas Vacation.

    • Jordan

      Spent a 2nd round pick on a crash test dummy so far.

  45. Henry Taylor

    I’m actually feeling a bit sad about this one. I’d been pretty checked out but Wilson’s return gave me a faint hope of a run, so faint I wouldn’t say it out loud, but now there really is nothing.

    Can only hope the last few games are slightly more entertaining than this one. Maybe one last big win for Carroll to ride off with? Just looking for something to maintain my interest.

    • Paul Cook

      I dislike so much of what is gong on now, but…they still have a chance to make the playoffs as unbelievable as that may sound. 9-8 might be good enough for the 7th seed in the NFC. It’s not inconceivable that they could go 6-2 from here on out. I think they have to upset the Cards next week, but good teams are being upset all the time this year. Then our schedule gets quite favorable the rest of the way.

  46. Henry Taylor

    Interesting that Hawkblogger’s post game reaction is basically the opposite of yours Rob. I definitely agree with you, but would certainly be down for a podcast debate on the issue if both parties were interested.

    • cha

      They already have had that discussion.

    • GerryG

      I am in agreement with HB that the defense playing well, improved coverage, Adams playing well was very encouraging.

      But overall, I am in the sky is falling camp.

  47. Peter

    For all the talk that Wilson sucks….are we going to talk about how seattle is averaging less than 100 yards a game rushing? Only breaking 100 yards in four games producing less than 80 yards in the last two games.

    Sure, sure all the woes on offense are on Wilson I get it. But doesn’t the person(s) who get the oline and running game schemed up bear some responsibility in this mess?

    • Big Mike

      Offensive line is crap. Even Duane’s play has fallen off. It ALWAYS starts at the LOS.

      • Peter

        One low key dream for the next administration. No projects on the oline, no switching players sides, no “value added,” three position picks.

  48. Paul Cook

    Until our offense is designed to play like first downs are touchdowns you’re probably going to be disappointed in our offense. Our defense plays great and we start off punt, punt, punt, punt…we didn’t even move the chains enough to try a FG.

    This is why the Waldron thing was a total farce. This is also why the let RW cook thing never really got at the center of the problem. It was our offensive scheme. We need an offensive scheme that can move the ball down field on a more consistent basis. If we don’t have the running game to do it, then we need a ball control passing game to do it, or some more creative combination of both. It’s not brain surgery.

    • BruceN

      “We need an offensive scheme that can move the ball down field on a more consistent basis.”

      In order to do that we need an offense that will take what the defense is giving us. We have completely ignored the middle of the field and short and intermediate routes. So the defenses are primarily staying with 2 deep safety look to take away DK and Lockett’s big plays. And we have no counter. I used to think this is all on the scheme but I’ve come to think this is the inability (or unwillingness) of Russ to attack it properly and move the chains.

    • Gary

      Last night the Niners of all teams opened the game against the Rams defence with a 93-yard, 19-play, 11-minute touchdown drive!!!

      Jimmy G: “I don’t want to say it took their soul away but it definitely did something.”

      Pete Carroll: “You can’t win the game in the first quarter.”


  49. BobbyK

    I don’t know what to think anymore.

    Pete needs more talent to win, but so do most coaches. He’s never been good adjusting during a game, which has been frustrating. The bad personnel decisions, led by Pete, has really destroyed a roster that should be so much better. Is him screwing up more draft picks what we want to continue with?

    The fact that Russ can’t step up in the pocket to save his life and takes horrific sacks has nothing to do with a bad finger. His attitude is something to be desired. Nothing is ever his fault. Is that a leader?

    I’m pretty down on both right now.

    For what it’s worth, this defense isn’t terrible. I thought it would only get worse, not better. I don’t understand how a team can want to run the ball and have two of the most pathetic excuses for a Center they do. How do you dominate the LOS with worthlessness in the middle?

    It’s so demoralizing as a fan to know we suck and don’t even get to look forward to the fruits of how terrible we are with a high draft pick.

  50. Peter

    Not sure how to fix Wilson. Of course he takes too many of his own sacks. But the seasons where he was clocking sacks in the 50’s weren’t all on him. Now i thibk he’s stuck never trusting an untrustworthy o-line.

    I’m still on the side of pete needs to. Franchise altering trades. Hot garbage draft picks. Letting Reed, richsrdson, and clowney go for …reasons,…?….with two of them also costing draft capitol for rental purposes. Ryan neal plays near to te guy who took 3 draft picks and 17.5 million dollars. Can’t remember that Alton Robinson is on the team.

    Wanting to be the bully and run the ball with deep shots minus ever building a run game. It’s been four years of a rebuild but the team is worse than ever.

    • BobbyK

      I don’t think he’ll even trust a trustworthy line. He’s extremely poor in the pocket. Always has been. He’s been sacked a lot, no doubt, but if there was a stat for QBs creating their own sacks – I’m willing to bet he’d be among the league leaders there every year, too.

      We’re caught between a coach and GM who waste too much free agent money and squander too many quality draft picks vs. a QB who will never accept fact he can be responsible for bad things as well (always seems to be someone else’s fault).

    • Paul Cook

      There’s something in between taking too many sacks and getting big chunk plays that take longer to develop. It’s about three step drop plays designed to get the ball out faster and keep the offense on the field. Tom Brady and Joe Montana made HOF careers and won 11 Super Bowls playing such a way. If RW wants to win as much as they did, then how about following their playbook more.

      • Peter

        Don’t disagree. But we can unfortunately do this all day. Je should play smarter….this is why this needs a rebuild. Pc/wilson have been living off each others pros and failures for too long. He holds the ball looking for drama. For years that worked by being a good to great running team. Daggers against the other team are great when as recently as 2017 the defense was good/great. Those pieces start to not compliment themselves then russ needs to adjust as does carrol.

        • Paul Cook

          Yeah, we’ve known for a couple of years now that RW no longer has that incredible escapability going for him. He’s not going to be able to extend plays anywhere near the way he used to. Unless RW’s got a great RB and a great OL (things you just can’t depend upon always having) his game was necessarily going to have to evolve. He needs to become a better ball control, pocket passing QB.

          • Peter

            My hate for brady has gone so far around the bend it’s admiration. Looking at his career it’s amazing how he just changed tactics and strategies for 20 years. Use teaditional wr’s sets. Check. TE’s. Check. Use small wr’s in weave schemes. Check.

            • Paul Cook

              Ditto. The guy just knows how to play QB. And he’s a friggin potted plant like Marino was. He knows how to get the most out of himself and his teammates, and he does it.

  51. Big Mike

    I care so little anymore I’m considering going to a sports bar Sunday to watch Chiefs v. Cowboys which is on at the same time as the Seattle game so won’t be on local TV .

  52. neil

    I have in the past gotten on Wilson for not shouldering responsibility for bad performances. I have to take my hat off to him this time thou, he didn’t try to blame the finger, although it must have hurt in that cold weather. He said the two picks were on him and that cost them the game, although there might have been a little more than that, it was nice to see him show that humility.

  53. cha

    Grading my watch points

    Let Russell Wilson remind you why he is your most important player
    Grade: C+

    Unfortunately the OL kept Russ scrambling most of the day and he didn’t have some of the best decisions at times.

    Russell had 5 runs for 32 yards and they threw the ball 40 times. However those runs and throws frequently came out of desperation rather than taking advantage of opportunities with well-planned game strategy.

    Aggression on offense is necessary to compete in this game
    Grade: D

    I wrote

    Having short yardage third downs allows the offense to run their entire playbook rather than be restricted to lower-percentage plays against a tough defense.

    Playing ahead of the chains with a pass-heavy approach in order to limit third down distances (or altogether) is a sound strategy for another reason.

    It will help the offense move the ball down the field and get into the red zone

    The Seahawks had 15 third downs. Average to go on those? 7.6 yards. That plays right into the Packer defense.

    The Seahawks had one red zone trip and it resulted in the interception.

    The Seahawks cannot afford a slow start in this game.

    A simple ‘test your jab and punt for field position’ mindset early in the game gives the Packers opportunities to set up their offense and employ strategies to strike at the defense later in the game.

    That is exactly what the Seahawks did. Instead of considering the defense was playing well and taking chances on offense, Pete crawled back into his turtle shell of punting and defense. Maybe he can find his challenge flag in there somewhere.

    Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf targeted one time each until that last gasp drive at the end of the half.

    Kudos is due though, for targeting Gerald Everett 4x for 36 yards and 2 first downs in the first half.

    An ill-advised flea flicker play to – Will Dissly? – killed the momentum on another drive. Russell Wilson should have thrown it away and lived to fight another day.

    Disrupt Aaron Rodgers
    Grade: B+

    A fine defensive effort, one of the best we’ve seen in a very long time. Rodgers was rusty but the Seahawks did not give him much to work with.

    I wrote

    The defensive backs and linebackers must be ready to close quickly on receivers in the flat. If they can limit these plays to just a couple yards per attempt — and even occasionally make a tackle for loss — that reduces that option’s effectiveness and makes Rodgers look for his second and third reads.

    When he does, the pass rushers must be ready to pounce and provide pressure.

    It is not just Rodgers that the Seahawks will disrupt if they can keep him from establishing a rhythm. It is their whole offensive system.

    That is precisely what they did. Other than some of the dreaded screen passes (miss you KJ), defenders closed quickly and for the most part tackled well.

    Jamal Adams had his best game as a Seahawk, providing impact in all three zones. Has a corner been turned in his fit and use on this defense?

    Quandre Diggs was a missile coming in from the free safety spot, hitting everything in sight.

    Tre Brown had another excellent showing, particularly with a 4th down pass breakup that gave his team a chance to score some points.

    I’m forced to wonder if the team lost a couple games due to his injury. How much better would the defense have been in the Vikings game or the Titans game, with his feisty attitude and good field positioning?

    Win on Special Teams
    Grade: B-

    No kicks for Myers. Dickson consistently was called on to pin the Packer offense deep and he did. Six punts with a 45.7 yard average, highlighted by a 61 yarder.

    Green Bay missed an early FG try which gave the Seahawks some forward momentum that the offense immediately squandered, with the help of a truly bizarre ball spot situation from the NFL on a critical third down run by Russell Wilson.

    Freddie Swain made two unfortunate fair catch calls on punt returns. He had open field, the defense was juiced after stopping Rodgers and the offense wasn’t doing much. The opportunity was ripe to add some momentum and he made bad judgement calls on both to just handle the punt and give the ball to the offense.

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