Instant reaction podcast: Rounds 1-3

R1 — Germain Ifedi (T, Texas A&M)
R2 — Jarron Reed (DT, Alabama)
R3 — C.J. Prosise (RB, Notre Dame)
R3 — Nick Vennett (TE, Ohio State)
R3 — Rees Odhiambo (G, Boise State)


  1. Brando

    Hey Rob do you think the Rees Odhiambo pick was a tom cable guy pick that he wanted? i think it might be.

    • Rob Staton

      I think all of these picks are a team effort. JS probably just as much on board with it — but certainly strong input from TC.

    • rowdy

      I just want see some game tape I’d anyone has some?

    • C-Dog

      Hugh Millen, who is hyper critical of most OL Seattle drafts, looked at some of his college tape, and on the air, said that he moves really well, has good feet and technique. JS said in the presser to Chris Peterson spoke to them very highly about him, loved coaching him. Could end up being a very solid pick.

  2. rowdy

    This looks like a role player draft so far. It’s not a bad thing at all.
    Ifedi can play many roles on the oline with sky high potential.
    Reed is a 2 down player witch is part time/ role player, he could be more but right now he’s a run stopper.
    Cj is a role player RB like turbin who played his really well.
    Verrett is the blocking te a lot of us ask for since miller, I’ve heard a very efficient receiver too.
    Ress I’ve not seen film on and the injury history scares me but the dff start are really intriguing. I need some film on him

  3. CharlieTheUnicorn

    PC/JS just did an interview. They claim they had 26 guys with 1st round grades.
    Ifedi and Reed were both in consideration for the 1st round pick. After Reed fell to mid of 2nd round, they said they couldn’t wait any longer. He was the best run stopping DT in their opinion in the draft.

    Odhiambo is being brought in to compete at RG it sounds like. Definitely going to give the back-up OL Poole a run for his money for a roster slot. Overcame a tremendous amount of adversity. Special note: Ifedi and Odhiambo were the two strongest OL that Cable worked out this offseason. It appears, at first blush, Seattle is ready to bully some people in 2016 on offense and defense.

  4. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I’ll give the Draft a solid B+/A- right now…… would have been an A if they had taken McGovern. 😛

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I also want to somehow sneak Cajuste onto the roster somehow……. *praying to football gods*

  5. Volume12

    What’s not to like?

    Seattle went bully. They wanna bust heads, win off the bush, intimdate right outta the gate, establish a presence.

    Odhiambo ticks that box. Kid is full of personality, I watch a lot of Boise St gamrs. Their QB is from my neck of the woods. Same city, different section or neighborhood.

    I’m can’t stress it enough. He’s highly underrated. He’s a good solid, nothing sexy type of lineman. Who knows what his TEF woulda been healthy.

    He can play. Very versatile.

    JLC said we’d take or consider a guy that might e affected by injury.

    BTW, thee ZZ Top clue is hi. They’re both from the same area.

    Odhiambo, like Ifedi, is Nigerian.

    • icb12

      Odhiambo is Kenyan. As opposed to Nigerian.

      Lineman from Boise state, with injury history, from kenya.

      The clues;
      Easy money=emmanual sanders=bronco=boise St

      • icb12

        I think its a great pick. Personally.

        If I was going to be upside about one-I think it would be prosise.

        • DC

          The most important thing about the Odhiambo pick is that I got a guy right on my mock draft(6th round) which is rare.

          Really awesome day. I love this class already. When they mature and coalesce along with the 2015 class they will be the reinforcements that help bring us back to the top of the mountain in Minneapolis in 2018.

  6. Greg Haugsven

    This is defiantly a bully draft. All but maybe Prosise fit that bill. Time to smash some mouths. Would have like to have seen some pass rush though.

    • sdcoug

      Prosise was the ND Special Teamer of the year in ’14. Something we should keep in mind

  7. Volume12

    CJ Prosise is a ‘PYT’ or ‘pretty young thing’ at RB. The MJ clue.

    Anyways, I’m not a huge fan of him as a RB, but he was just so obvious when you think about it.

    Raw, loaded with potential, get me the ball anywhere, can play 3 positions, STs and gunner, you can develop him at RB slowly, the sky is the limit.

    He’s a weapon no matter where you line him up because he wins in space, on the move. He’s an edge guy.

    Get me to the edge, I’ll wind my electricity and elusiveness up, and let me do my thing.

    All the while, this kid could become a DeMarco Murray type of back.

    • sdcoug

      ND Special teamer of the year. I’m sure we loved that about him

    • C-Dog

      When he gets into open space, he’s pretty fun to watch. I would look for pass plays out of the backfield. IMO, that plays well to the quick tempo thing they started developing with RW. I think he’s going to be a really fun player to mix in with Rawls.

  8. Forrest

    Rees is the only pick that I don’t get, but all of the others make sense. I Reid is a starter at either RT or one of the G spots, Reed takes over Mebane’s role and may actually be an upgrade, CJ is the 3rd down back of the future (he can also spell Rawls now and then), Vennett is a Miller replacement (a few years later), and Rees is competition.

    I think the O-Line will look something like this by preseason: RT-Ifedi, RG-Glowinski, C-Lewis/Sokoli, LG-Webb/Britt, LT-Gilliam. This is assuming they don’t get any more OL guys.

    Base D-Line will probably look like: DE-Bennett, DT-Rubin, DT-Reed, DE-Aviril with Marsh, Clark, and Hill rotating.

    TE will probably start out with Willson and Vennett at the start of the season, and then Graham coming in a few games later. Vennett is the traditional TE, both Willson and Graham are passcatchers primarily. I actually really like the Vennett pick cause that means Graham probably won’t be blocking as much, and will start becoming Wilson’s go to target.

    I still really want Cajuste, and at least one of the TEF guys before the end of the draft, but I’m happy with the picks they’ve made. I think all except Rees will be contributing by the start of the season.

    • J

      Ohiambo replaces Britt in that scenario.

      • Forrest

        Another scenario is Glowinski moves to LG and Rees plays at RG in competition with Webb.

      • Steve Nelsen

        Odhiambo is a right guard, not a left guard. He is competition for Glowinski.

  9. kelly smith

    Joe Dahl is still on the board. Im hoping they find a way to get him a DB and a raw pass rusher. Then I’ll be in heaven.

  10. Volume12

    Vannett I like too man.

    He’s a classic, Seahawk, low production, tough guy/play with an edge, kind of cocky character type of TE.

    I thought they’d target a more athletic TE, it’s oka that a TE was addressed early as a need.

    Whether wr like it or not, what IF Jimmy never recovers? What if Luke Willson walks? Willson gets banged up, Helfet is needed as a ST and emergency fill in, but had to play too much and thus, he gets hurt.

    Could be, has the potential to be the most complete TE in this draft.

    • Vannett I like too man. He's a classic, Seahawk, low production, tough guy/play with an edge, kind of cocky character type of TE. I thought they'd target a more athletic TE, it's oka that a TE was addressed early as a need. Whether wr like it or not, what IF Jimmy never recovers? What if Luke Willson walks? Willson gets banged up, Helfet is needed as a ST and emergency fill in, but had to play too much and thus, he gets hurt. Could be, has the potential to be the most complete TE in this draf

      Vannett had to be the ‘Tough Buck clue.’

      Can also use Vannett as a red zone weapon.

      This was the TE that a lot of SDB wanted, and now it’s like, ‘yeah but…’

    • sdcoug

      Exactly what I was arguing a month ago. All of it. Just made too much sense. Block, move, catch, slot, depth, etc. We have no clue what Graham will be or when. Drafting ahead (even tho he’ll help now).

    • rowdy

      Even if Jimmy comes back to form this can let him play a role more fitting to his skill set. I’m thinking he has miller potential.

      • Volume12


        They were missing this guy truth be told.

        I thought they might move on from it, I’m fine eating crow and saying I was off.

        I like Vannett.

    • C-Dog

      Best interview of the night. My favorite line, “I just love doing whatever it takes to win.” Go Hawks.

  11. Volume12

    Rob, man, IDK how you feel, but this is a cool class.

    Best run-stuffer? Check.
    Best blocking TE? Check
    One freakishly large athletic, long O-lineman. Check.
    One tough, grity, not sexy, versatile, guard prospect that can play OT too? We’ll take that.
    Offensive weapon, RB, STs stud. Did we tell ya he’s huge too and built like a greek god? Check.

    Let’s go get a mix of new age and throwback era guys.

  12. H M Abdou

    Liked the Ifedi pick

    Loved the Jarran Reed pick

    Didn’t like the Procise pick (where does that pick leave my guy CMike?)

    Loved the Nick Vannett pick (of all posters, I probably was rooting hard for them to take him)

    Didn’t like the Odhiambo pick – McGovern still available!

    • Volume12

      Might not believe me, but Odhiambo’s tape is better than Ifedi or McGovern.

      TC said his flexibility and strength were some of the best.

      McGoven looks upper body, maybe too much muscle type of lineman. Strong, sure. Football strength and grip strength? Doubt it.

      • Volume12

        Not better it’s smoother.

        You an tell that this guy will fit perfectly in a tempo, better be used to playin’ hurry up offense and conditioned enough to blocl for RW.

        There’s a good flow to Odhiambo and his game.

        • grit21

          I feel like I keep repeating myself. Did u see what butler did to McGovern in the senior bowl? Not saying he’s bad but he’s not the destroyer you guys want him be. However, I am encouraged. The Hawks not drafting a center likely means they really like lewis or sokoli.

  13. J

    What stands out to me is – no center. (Can Rees play center?). And which center will still be there at 5? Boehm?

    Shows a lot of faith in Sokoli.

    Gilliam – Ifedi- Sokoli – Glowinski – Webb is a heckuva line. That left side is athletic.

    • Volume12

      Dude. They can still get a C tommorow.

      • J

        At the end of round five? Who?

      • J

        If they are comfortable waiting to late day three for center, they must really be enthused with Soko.

        • Volume12

          They’ve obviously shown us that if the no. 1 C is off the board, the’ll take a mid or late round C.

          Sokoli was a 6th rounder, Lewis is an UDFA, same as Perciak.


          • J

            Lewis was an emergency starter. Sokoli was a defensive tackle when picked. Who has yet to be on an active roster. Perciak has yet to make the team. None of those guys were instant starters.

            • mtskibum16

              Sure not “instant starters” but there’s competition with a) One guy you know you can win games with (Lewis) and b) The guy you hope to be your super starter one day. I don’t get drafting a center high unless they’re just done with the Sokoli project (which they obviously aren’t). Hardly anybody saw Odhiambo coming, and it’s just as likely they’ve identified a late-round center for competition that isn’t on anyone’s radar.

    • Jarhead's Sokoli Bandwagon

      I think it shows that they are very content with rolling on Soke next season. And why wouldn’t they? He is the most atheltic lineman in football, highly intelligent, and he has been in the system under Tom Cable for a year. That exlerience is likely tons more valuable than even a natural college center who doesn’t bring a fraction of the athleticism and still needs to be retrained from scratch coming out of college. Honestly, I feel that Glowinski and Sokoli are the two most likely lineman to really break out next season. There is a lot of pressure on Gilliam so the jury is still out. Those three guys should likely carry the oline next year. As I am not impressed with anyone who has been brought in through FA/draft

      • C-Dog

        Perhaps it’s time to unleash the Kraken.

    • C-Dog

      They might feel they have their center on the roster, but they might have a few in mind in the later rounds.

  14. Volume12

    Prosise can play WR, RB, OW, KR/PR, gunner, and play one of the safety positions.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      PC mentioned he also played CB when he first got to ND, they switched him to WR…. interesting

  15. J

    What also sticks out is Reed – Rubin is going to be really hard to run on. Not sure if you want either out there in pass rush situations though. (Siliaga too).

    Vanett as a pass catcher and a help for the OL too – not sure we’ve had that guy since Miller.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if we pulled a 2012 and got another RB later on. Not sure they have much faith in Michael. Darius Jackson or Keith Marshall options around the sixth.

    Targets for tomorrow – interior pass rush, corner, lb, WR

  16. Forrest

    I honestly don’t think they’ll draft a Center…I think they like Lewis to start this year, and are training up Sokoli for either part way through this season, or starting in the 2017 season. All I gotta say is something’s brewing, and we might be looking in the wrong places. I’m probably wrong, but my guts telling me otherwise…

  17. icb12

    This draft is deep. I’m just mentally checking the guys left….

    All the rbs
    Pharoah cooper
    And plenty more. But those are guys I can remember being talked about here.

    • J

      About seventy picks until our next shot at any of em.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Prob can cross off almost all of them, but a kicker went in the 2nd round… so who knows!

    • C-Dog

      I would look for a play on Feeney possibly in the 5th. Blair could be hanging around as well, given he’s small school. Probably going to be out of play for Dahl and McGovern.

  18. J

    Reassuring to see the Browns are still the Browns. Kessler as a Matt Flynn ceiling player in round three.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I like the overall picks. Traded down, got some impact players… set them up for 2017 draft as well. 3rd round QB, just a place holder. I like the move long term.

    • jdk

      People were mocking us for the RW pick in 2012 too. You never know where a franchise QB is going to come from. Got to keep taking shots to get one until you have him. They certainly manufactured enough extra picks to make those gambles. I like what they are doing.

  19. J

    Any chance we trade up? Our fifth and a future pick for a fourth?

    • Forrest

      I wouldn’t mind that, but for who? Unless it’s one of the OL guys WE want I don’t think they’ll trade up. I think they’ll get one more contributing “role guy” in the 5th, and then three high ceiling guys in the 6th and 7th. UDFA is gonna be a blast this year though! 🙂

      • J

        An edge rusher or an interior rusher would be nice. I’m looking at Charles Tapper. If he lasts until the mid late fourth.

        Not sure if I trust Clemons to contribute. And we lost Frank Clark as an interior option.

        • Forrest

          Yeah that’s true.

    • Shadow

      Our 5th and 6th rounders are comp picks. Can’t trade them.

  20. C-Dog

    Love all the picks. While happy/relieved with Ifedi, absolutely jacked about Reed, thought it was interesting that Carroll didn’t commit to whether he would replace Mebane at nose, or if it would be Rubin, said they would sort it out between the two.

    Prosise is a player I thought might entice Seattle as an athletic 3rd down back. IMO, he could be a really interesting offensive weapon.

    Thought there was a chance they could go with Vannett at the end of R3 or at 124 if they held onto the pick, given that they talked with him at the combine. TE is vital for this offense and good to see them go back to a more physical presence. He’s going to be a really solid player.

    Odhiamboo kinda shocked me at 97 but then he didn’t. We knew they were scouting him hard. I thought it was as a fall back if they were going to be out of range for Dahl and McGovern, sure we all did, but man were we wrong. Listened to Hugh Millen on KJR after he got a hold of some tape, and he was surprisingly impressed, as he has always been hyper critical of OL drafted by PC/JS (was choking all over himself last night with the selection of Ifedi). I think he actually was surprised he was impressed, said he had good feet, moved well, looked technically sound.. liked him to Glowinski. Apparently a very high character kid. Kind of very excited about this pick as well.

    I give this draft a solid A. We might see needs for Center, LB, etc.. the team might actually think they already have some of those pieces in place.

    • Forrest

      My thoughts as well. I think they already have the guys THEY want, and the rest of their picks will be BPA or projects.

    • Volume12

      Couldn’t agree more C-dog.

      Well said.

      These guys weren’t the popular pick, so what, they are still good.

      LB or LB/S hybrid. Should say a big ol’ SAM or hybrid.


      Maybe D-line or hit on a STUD UDFA? Justin Zimmer anyone?

      They took care of needs tonight man and got some of the best at their respective positions at one trait.

      • C-Dog

        Zimmer would be very, very interesting.

        I’m staying true to my purple and gold colors, and thinking Travis Feeney might be a legit R5 target now, might be a good spot for Aaron Wallace, Stephen Weatherly, kinda doubt Josh Perry is doing to drop beyond R4.

        Killebrew would be a dream at the LB/S hybrid. I know a lot of folks don’t think that much of this game, but I wonder if Tevin Carter from Utah could be groomed for that spot, JS scouted them hard.

        Kinda thinking Evan Boehm might also be a target, Marcus Henry.

        They could be loaded up at DT now, but Onyemata might be that inside rusher project they could be looking for.

        My guess would be Wallace or Feeney looks like prime targets on day three. I would be stoked with either.

        • Sea Mode

          I am totally with you on Feeney and Onyemata, but give me Jeremy Cash as the hybrid. Solid production in TFL and brings the boom. Watch highlights, the guy is all over the field wreaking havoc and imposing physicality.

  21. Volume12

    Seattle is Odhimbo’s second home. Another guy who said it would be a dream come true.

    Ifedi isn’t a LG or LT. Matt Berry said they don’t want him on the left.

    Odhiambo is a OG. PC said we haven’t picked a side.

    And PC said there’s still timeto draft a C.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      PC mentioned he is most likely going to be the RT from day 1. Mentioned he has mostly played RT, but has some experience at RG. Mentioned his football profile fits the right side better.

    • H M Abdou

      Hahaha! I like how you did that – “Odhiambo is an OG”

      As in OG Loc (for any of you guys who have played Grand Theft Auto San Andreas)

  22. Trevor

    Love the pick of Vannett. He is a young Zach Miller clone. Best blocking TE in the class. I also has great hands. He will compliment Graham and Willson nicely and really help our OL in pass pro and run blocking. Love that pick. They finally take one of the guys I have been talking up.

    • Volume12

      Good call.

      Some others hit it too.

      What them Boise St O-lineman huh? 🙂

      • Trevor

        Yep you called that one Vol. I thought they were looking at Henry but you nailed it. Looking at Rees tape before the injury he is a lot more athletic than he tested. I really like the pick and prefer him over McGovern or Dahl.

        • Volume12


          He’s a natural.

          • Eran-Ungar

            There is a lot to be said for an O-Liner that played with his hand in the dirt on a run first college team rather than a 2 stand spread passing offense.

        • Beanhawk

          Don’t be so sure that they weren’t also looking at Henry.

  23. Trevor

    Really like the draft so far! My only wish for Day #3 is please Seahawks take David Oneymata!!!!

    • C-Dog

      We are thinking the same thing.

      • Sea Mode

        Hope he lasts!

  24. sdcoug

    This is a MUST read on jarren reed

    • Trevor

      Great article thanks!

  25. Volume12

    My favorite draft pick?

    Jarran Reed.

    Best run-stuffer, he’s an alphma male, fanswill love his peronality.

    This guy has Seahawk fan favorite written all over him.

    Similar to Tyler Lockett.

    • sdcoug

      Check out the article I posted above. You’ll love him even more

      • Trevor

        Seems like a great kid and ideal pick really. Looks like an absolute steal!

    • C-Dog


  26. Ehurd1021

    The interior 3rd down pass rush is still a HUGE concern, and a pressing need for a defense trying to re-establish themselves back into that dominate 2013 defense again – especially in 3rd down passing situations, which has hurt this defense for two straight seasons.

    I love the Reed pick. To me he was the best anchoring DT in the draft and should have been a day 1 pick (thought GB should’ve taken him over Clark.) But we all know he isn’t going to help/build our interior pass rush, he’s going to be that 1-tech, stout anchor that keeps Bobby and KJ clean and allows them to flow sideline to sideline. Stopping the run is obviously the mark of any good defense – especially in PC scheme – and we lost the best 1-tech in football this off-season. However, Reed isn’t going to provide us with a interior pass rush, can Reed possibly develop a solid bull rush that can force a QB from stepping up, sure… but it doesn’t give us the dynamic ability to force a QB off his spot – like McDonald used to do. This missing piece effects our entire pass rush.

    • Eran-Ungar

      Hali&Houston(KC) are the only pair in the NFL that gets more QB pressures than Avril&Bennett.

      However, QBs being able to step up the pocket has reduced their sack effectiveness.

      “can Reed possibly develop a solid bull rush that can force a QB from stepping up, sure… ” – That my friend is all it takes when you have Bennett, Avril, Clark and Clem charging.

  27. Thy Hawk Which is Most Screeching

    I want to say to y’all I love you but GD I could not even log on to Rob’s blog for over an hour because it was so clutster funked with replies. Hey yo give some other people a chance. Funking Hell!

  28. Football Analyst

    Interesting comments after TEF analysis nailed first round pick… Pretty sure Hawks wanted to keep 4th round pick to build depth, yet moving to 49 for Jarran Reed insures run defense will continue to be key to defense remaining top flight… Reed was rotated with best line in CFB and was considered best player. The NFL pundits calling him a two-down player will be wrong in couple of seasons.

    Reed will become a force in pushing the pocket over (short) period of time allowing sacks for outside rushers and develop into major force.

    Hawks have four picks left along with recruiting UDFA… More competition is forthcoming. The Hawks want their swagger back with more punch you in the mouth bullies leading the charge with waves of defensive players and new sets of two-tight ends formations as growth of Mr. Wilson continues…

    Pretty sure all players drafted to date fit profile of WTF just hit me, instead of being TEF that masses seem to be locked into… Take a deep breath grasshoppers, this should be 3rd visit out last 4 years in Super Bowl and maybe, just maybe the bullies will get the one yard for championship if opportunity arises…
    the time is now for Hawks, just review Cowboys of 1990s and Patroits at turn of century to see what I speak…

  29. Volume12

    I can’t quite raving about Odhiambo.

    He’s a stud. Plays with a ton hart and edge.

    Football IQ looks to be off the charts.

    When ya watch his tape, notice how fast he picks up looks from the defense. BOOM!

    • Kenny Sloth

      Told ya

    • Kenny Sloth

      Great lateral agility. Punch is awesome too. Better tackle than McGovern

    • Ehurd1021

      HEALTH, HEALTH, HEALTH – Don’t really know about the competition he faced either. But he’s big and athletic, looks like a dancing bear lol. We will see,

      • Kenny Sloth

        Def. Dancing bear type. Guess he’s a guard here. Big LG for us.

        He played Fackrell and Kaufusi i think

  30. TCLucas

    I think Rees was a good pickup. He will be a good guard. I think they are sticking with Lewis at center. He played really well after about 5 games in. I know they are converting Frank Clark to LB. I am liking the draft so far and like you said they may find a stud in the 5th or 6th. Who knows there may be a sleeper in the 7th that none of us saw coming.

  31. Kenny Sloth

    Prosise is interesting. He looks like a WR standing tall back there. Catching ability should not be understated. Takes 2 guys to bring him down

  32. Eran-Ungar

    A point to remember when we evaluate the picks –

    This is indeed a ridiculously deep draft class. You never get to “reach” out of desperation. There is a ton of talent available whenever you pick. Trust the Seahawks to have the list and all the names you have on your wishlist and more.

    So, when you look at Reed being picked when Bullard/Kaufusi were available or Odhimbo when McGovern/Dhal/Haeg are on board, remember that JS knows who’s there too. They picked the guys they did because they believe they are better for us. They did their homework, they know who they want and they had enough options available to tell you they wanted those guys specifically.

    The Seahawks never draft for popularity. JS does not need to please the crowds to keep his job. The guys that he drafted are the guys the Seahawks wanted out of that draft class. In the past 6 years, that worked beyond all our dreams.

    All that is left for us is to look deeper and understand why those guys are more likely what we needed than the guys we thought they should have gone after.

    • C-Dog

      I like to think JS occasionally sneaks onto this site just to peak and have a good giggle. I know I would.

    • Steele

      EranU, my concern is not that they avoided popularity. It is that they took another tackle, and one with health issues, including a relatively recent injury.

      That over interior o-liners who are (I think) more technically skilled, more athletic, and healthy.

      They need the center of the future most of all. Can’t have a Patrick Lewis band aid again, while last year’s experiments continue to not deliver.

      • Eran-Ungar

        In all honesty, what is it with the constant Lewis bashing?

        He is not to blame for the poor start with Nowak at Center. (That one is on Cable)

        Once he took his place at Center last year, the Seahawks played the best offensive game we have seen since 2006.

        Hence, her is either not that bad or the team can function with him just fine. Either should work for us.

        • Ben-Ft. Worth Texas

          I was just about to bring that up as well. Not only that, but we have Sokoli waiting in the wings as well. Lewis still has some tread on the tires before we have to pull the trigger on another Center, despite popular belief.

  33. Volume12

    Prosise said that he thought Seattle was the most interested in him at combine.

    Says he hasn’t discussed a position.

    Odhiambo, I love this, was making a pot roast when Seattle selected and called him.

    Vannett said he had no idea that Seattle liked him.

    Odhiambo got out of Kenya when he was 7. Has already lost both his parents. Adversity checked off.

    JS said they woulda took Reed at 31.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Pauline knew we liked that tough buck

  34. Kenny Sloth

    Watch Reed v. Georgia. Fires off the ball (new pats CB gets burned on first snap).

    • Kenny Sloth

      Driving guys to their backs.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Obviously needs some work, but that is some impressive half-a-man play

        • Kenny Sloth

          Important to note we employ a tilted 1 tech not a class 0 nose.

          Better angles for squat penetrating run stuffers. Like Mebane. Like Reed

          • Kenny Sloth

            Like Jordan Hill.

          • C-Dog

            Carroll was quick to point out the Reed is a very different player than Mebane, and the positions of 1 tech and 3 tech will be worked out between Reed and Rubin (sounds like a law firm). Don’t be surprised if Rubin goes back to 1 tech like he was in Cleveland, and Reed plays 3 tech on base downs. Love Reed’s potential at either spot, though.

    • Kenny Sloth

      He’s the one who kick-starts everything for us,” linebacker Reggie Ragland said. “As soon as he gets to talking, you can tell in his eyes that he’s bringing everything he’s got.

  35. GeoffU

    I get that Nick Vannett can block, but how is he a pass catcher or route runner? He’s barely done either at Ohio State, wouldn’t exactly call him a complete tight end just yet. He’s slow and not very athletic. I don’t get it. Never cared for the apparently now mythical Zach Miller either, he blocked fine, but never lived up to his hype or production coming out of Oakland.

    • C-Dog

      Has good hands and runs smooth routes. Think Zack Miller 2.0 with this guy.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Decent speed. Soft strong hands in traffic. Turns and runs well. Not thrown to a lot at all, but man can he block! No slice block though. Will have to learn that here

        • GeoffU

          He might have hands, he might be able to block, but he doesn’t have speed at all. It will become even more apparent in the NFL. He won’t separate, he won’t break tackles. If the point is to grab a 6th o-lineman, fine, but let’s not kid ourselves about the rest. Watching what tape I can, he doesn’t really stand out as a blocker either. There’s some whiffs, but I never see him get manhandled by anyone, so that’s good. Seems consistent.

          • C-Dog

            Zach Miller wasn’t a burner either though. I don’t think Vannett is any slower than Zach was. I think he’s going to surprise you.

            • GeoffU

              No, he was very slow. Again, I don’t get all sudden talk like Zach Miller was an all pro. He wasn’t that great. Is it because he was basically our ONLY tight end for three years? He was a way overpaid blocker. He was getting Jimmy Graham money for 30 catches a year. He was kind of a FA bust, to be honest.

              • C-Dog

                Yeah, well I can see where you weren’t impressed with what he did for the passing game, but he was a solid security blanket for Wilson to dump the ball off to in the short areas, ran solid routes, had solid hands and was a great blocker for the run game. Vannett should offer all of this, and for a much cheaper price. Miller did a lot for the run game and passing as an extra blocker if they needed him to and receiver when they needed. Classic TE, IMO.

              • Ben-Ft. Worth Texas

                Heath Miller can’t seperate either.

      • GeoffU

        For all 19 catches 162 yds (8.5 avg) and 0 tds? And as I said, Zach Miller was always decidedly average for me. I don’t want a Zack Miller 2.anything. Vannett will be nothing more than a #2 tight end, which I guess is fine so long as we have Graham.

        • Volume12

          He matches the skill set they want.

          Best TE left, best blocking TE period.

          Production is overrated at the TE position in college IMO. How man play in a run first offense?

          • GeoffU

            I see him line up a lot as receiver quite a bit, they move him around a lot like a joker, yet never pass to him?

        • jdk

          I think you undervalue the multiplicity a player like that brings. They are not looking for a high production receiving threat who creates separation with blazing speed. They want a guy that forces that can block and forces the defense to account for his ability to catch. If the defense forgets about himhe is going to make huge plays.

      • smitty1547

        Minus the 8 mil per year

    • rowdy

      Miller was a beast and covered a lot of flaws with the line. I also remember many tuff crucial catches he made in key downs. I can see playing TE 1 with graham playing a te/wr role. Much like are #2 WR is the third option, only the number 2 because of where he lines up.

  36. Steele

    This was a good draft until the last two today.

    Ifedi- As expected

    Reed- Run stuffer/Mebane, question mark as a pass rusher, but okay, they need the 2 downer

    Prosise- I don’t see why more of you are excited about this one. Swiss army knife x-factor, should be a huge asset, change up runner and accomplished receiver (who can get downfield). Harvin-like, without the insanity. This was about where he was projected to go, but I do question the priorities at this spot. A bit of a luxury pick.

    Vennett- Here is the blocking TE they have been missing. Won’t have to worry about Jimmy Graham. Arguably one of the top TEs of this class. But like Prosise, how necessary was a TE?

    Reed O- This guy has major injury issues, got hurt in October. Hasn’t played a full season. When he has been on the field, decent. But this was a major reach for a red shirt. What is his position?

    Up through Prosise, I was fine, but the two instead of McGovern? They risk missing on him and Dahl. Some good centers are still there with Allen, Boehm. Westerman is still there.

    That they are willing to take Reed O, even though he is an injury risk, and he isn’t a center or even really a guard, this tells me Cable may pass on McG/Dahl/Haeg (I wanted to see all three for the Hawks)—and the scary likelihood that the interior o-line is the existing guys.

    • C-Dog

      I would say that they found TE like Vennett very necessary probably to get back to the path of what this team used to be.

      As for Odiamboo, I think they liked his technique over McGovern and Dahl, definitely an A-lister in terms of character. His injury history is concerning, but I think he was drafted because of his skill set. Everything I’ve read up on, he has the makings of being a solid guard in the NFL.

    • Kenny Sloth

      They all offer something we didn’t have.

      Ass kicker OL.

      2 gap 1T

      3rd down scat back

      Blocker/Safety net TE

      Swing Tackle.

    • rowdy

      I think rb is a priority, they aren’t sold on cmike and there’s no guarantee Rawls is ready to go to start the season.

      • Volume12

        They just added a RB.

        He’s replacing Freddy Jackson, will backup Rawls or eventually, replaces Lockette at gunner on punt and kick coverages, can backup Lockett at KR/PR, can line up at WR in empty sets, trick plays, screens and jet sweep.

        Knows what a route tree is and understands the variances, nuances of it more importantly.

        To quote PC, ‘he’s a very cool pick.’

    • Eran-Ungar

      “and the scary likelihood that the interior o-line is the existing guys.”

      Glow replaces Sweezy.

      If Ifedi (or Rees) beats Webb for RT than Webb most likely moves inside to replace Britt.

      Only Lewis remains inside from last year until Soko can challenge him.

      The only way the interior remains even close to “existing guys” is if Britt beats those guys. If he does than he is better than them so what is the problem?

      IMO – college interior players are just O-Liners that where not good enough to win the Tackle spot. Why would you want any of them???

      • C-Dog

        Rees is listed as a Guard. Probably competing with Britt or Glow.

        • Ben-Ft. Worth Texas

          Ifedi started out at RG and finished a RT.

  37. matt

    Rubin and Reed for the next 3 years keeps the run game in check. Mebane replacement just might be an upgrade. Love the value getting a surefire DT starter at 48.

    Wasn’t the biggest Prosise fan, but think he fits well as a 3rd down back who brings special teams value. Has a clear role with some upside. Nice versatile pick.

    Vannett solidifies the TE position that we’ve been needing the past 2 years. Insurance in case Graham is out for awhile, and could replace Willson if he leaves next offseason. Vannett isn’t a burner but does everything well. Great pick will contribute from day 1. It’ll be nice to not have to bring in a TE off the street late in the season.

    Odhiambo I don’t know a whole lot about. Volume 12 seems to really like the pick, and of course Cable. Trust that the guy can play. That injury history is scary though.

    So far it looks like we have 2 day 1 starters in Ifedi and Reed. 2 role players who will contribute right away and have potential to carve out big roles going forward- Prosise, Vannett. Odhiambo OG competition who could back up multiple spots if he doesn’t win a job. Not a sexy first 2 days, but highly productive improving the roster as a whole, get some bullys on the roster!

  38. Kenny Sloth

    On Prosise he never goes down on 1st contact. Learning how to take hits. Brilliant hands.

    Similar athleticism much bigger than Tyler Ervin

    • Volume12

      He’s a weapon.

      Not as established of a back like Ervin, but this a huge offensive weapon guys.

      Percy Harvin, Julian Edelman, D’Anthony Thomas, all these fit that category to a certain extent.

      Sproles too.

      Know what those guys have in common? They’re tiny.

      Prosise is a 6’0, 220 lb Tyler Ervin, Braxton Miller, whatever kind of player.

      • DC

        V12 what’s your take on BSU C Marcus Henry? Seattle has shown interest and if he goes undrafted our recruiting efforts can’t be hurt by having teammate Odhiambo on board.

        I would still like to add a C to the competition whether via draft or UDFA. Of the guys that played in college that have been discussed at some point on the blog, still on the board are Evan Boehm, Marcus Henry, Austin Blythe and Jack Allen. Plus convert prospects Joe Dahl or Conner McGovern.

        To project the starting O line going into the 2017 season based on who we added today we are possibly looking at a starting group of,

        LT Gilliam
        LG Odhiambo
        C Lewis/Sokoli/2016 rookie???
        RG Glowinski
        RT Ifedi

        • DC

          Also keep an eye on a vet getting cut and scooped up by the Hawks. We are in better cap shape this year I believe to be opportunistic late in the off season.

        • Kenny Sloth

          He’s local. Might not be athletic enough. Tested the same as an injured Odhi

          • DC

            Thanks. Seems like most all of the college Cs have stubby arms are aren’t athletic enough.

  39. Volume12

    Going forward, now we know that in the 1st 3 rounds of the draft Seattle takes prospects from the Power 5 schools.

    I’d expect a few small school guys tommorow.

  40. GeoffU

    I can see the potential in Prosise. Still seems very raw. Needs to cut down on the fumbles. Might take awhile to figure out what his role is this year. The potential is certainly there, but not a whole lot to go off of. Could come out of nowhere like Rawls or do nothing all year.

    As far as Odhiambo, I know nothing about him so…

    • GeoffU

      I know we were all high on Irvin, but Prosise moves almost as well while carrying 30lbs more. And can play some receiver, though I haven’t looked at him playing receiver yet to know if he was any good.

  41. Ulsterman

    I like all the pics so far, but think reed could end up being the one that makes it special.
    Odhiambo was a surprise as I really wanted Dahl, but the more you read about him the only knock seems to be the injury history. But I’m more comfortable with it being a broken ankle than a ligament type injury.
    My only concern is lack of pass rush, someone like Blair or Sheldon day would be perfect today.
    Off to watch ulster and Leinster in big rugby match later but will be keeping an eye on draft.

  42. Kenny Sloth

    Any update on clues?

    La Grange could be Reed

    Did anyone mention a horse?

    • Kenny Sloth

      Ifeddie murphy
      Tough buckeye
      Prosise is PYT somehow.

      Still missing the Burr pick. Zz top likely reaction to Reed falling

      • Sea Mode

        Since the ZZ top was posted so soon before they moved up and picked him, I think you are absolutely right.

  43. Kenny Sloth

    That’s a good 20 ydforjarran reed 4.75 at 307

  44. Sea Mode

    Posted this yesterday, but since it was in the heat of the comments most probably didn’t get a chance to see it. Another must-read on Jarran Reed.

    So awesome that we got both guys we were deciding between in round 1!

  45. nichansen01

    53 projection… As of now.
    QB: Wilson/??????
    RB: Rawls/Michael/Prosise/Cottom
    WR: Baldwin/Kearse/Lockett/Richardson/Smith
    TE: Graham/Vannet/Willson/Williams
    OT: Gilliam/Ifedi/Sowell/Webb
    OG: Britt/Poole/Obhiambo/Glowinski
    C: Lewis/Sokoli

    DE: Bennet/Avril/Clemons/Barnes/Clark
    DT: Rubin/Reed/Hill/Siliga
    LB: Wagner/Wright/Morgan/Marsh/Pierre-Louis/Pinkins
    CB: Sherman/Browner/Lane/Smith/Seisey/Simon
    S: Thomas/Chancellor/Mccray/?????

    Just based on this it looks like safety and backup quarterback should both be addressed on day three.

    • nichansen01

      Spots up for grabs:
      Kevin Smith
      Sealver Siliga
      Tarvaris Barnes
      Brandon Williams
      Brandon Cottom
      Brandon Browner
      Eric Pinkins

    • Sea Mode

      Great list, thanks.
      I’m also looking at OLB, penetrating DT to backup the oft-injured Hill, and the next OL conversion project.
      Cottom I think is more of a FB so I think one more RB in the Rawls/Michael mold is on the way.

      So here are some possible targets for Day 3 of draft and UDFA:
      OLB: Feeney/Weatherly/French
      LB/S: Jeremy Cash (hybrid)
      DT: Onyemata, Blair III
      QB: Prescott? Liam Nadler?
      S: DJ Hunter? (more of a SS than FS though), Andrew Adams (reported interest)
      RB: Keith Marshall, Darius Jackson
      OL convert: George Fant, Joel Heath

      • Sea Mode

        Plus the possible WR: Cajuste, Jay Lee

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          Sadly, I do not see Cajuste lasting until the 5th round pick.

      • C-Dog

        I dig all these dudes. Thinking the next couple picks likely to go to the defense with the run on offensive players in R3.

        Feeney definitely, Weatherly, and French possibly. You should keep Aaron Wallace from UCLA in mind, Seattle was scouting him hard.

        Seattle was scouting Onyemata at his pro day, there was a cut away shot of two Seahawk scouts acting all giddy after one of his drills. I think he’s a definite target tomorrow.

  46. Sea Mode

    Ok, they have said this is a historically deep draft, so wouldn’t you think that the prospects still on the board in R4 this year are likely better than the same range next year? I wonder if they have a guy they really want who is unlikely to make it all the way to the end of R5. I’m thinking Feeney, Cajuste, Cash, maybe even Prescott.

    That, plus the fact that comp picks will be tradeable next year, makes me wonder if they won’t look to package next year’s R4 (we should have an extra R4: comp for Irvin) with some R7(s) from this year and move back into R4.

    My trade partner candidate: Redskins, Round 4, Pick 22 (120). McCloughan said before the draft he wants 12 picks and still he sits at only eight. The late rounds are where he finds his gems so I imagine he would like to pick up a few more.

    • Sea Mode

      The Falcons are also pretty low on picks left, only having three left after having picked just three players so far:
      Round 4, Pick 17 (115)
      Round 6, Pick 20 (195)
      Round 7, Pick 17 (238)

      • H M Abdou

        But is there a player worthy of such a move up? Not sure. I think they’re all set at WR/TE, so that eliminates Cajuste. I think they’re ok with the O-line, so probably no McGovern/Dahl/Haeg. All set at RB. Maybe a DB, a 3-tech, and DL/OL convert? And maybe a backup QB?

        • Rob Staton

          The two remaining needs you’d ideally address are C and S/LB or LB/DE.

          Depends on how far Travis Feeney drops I guess, or Cash, Killebrew. Seems unlikely that McGovern or Dahl drops to the late 5th but there are other C’s they might take.

  47. Coleslaw

    Hoping for a linebacker/ edge rusher next but wouldn’t mind making a play for Tapper

    • C-Dog

      Feeney is the one for me. He can rush and cover.

      • Coleslaw

        This late in the draft it would be a great pick!

  48. C-Dog

    One last time to do a simulated mock. Outstanding draft thus far. JS killed it with Ifedi and Reed. Prosise offers a unique offensive weapon. Vannett brings more balance to the TE and Obhiamboo depth and competition to guard. With the 3rd round going all to the offense. I think tomorrow there could be a run on at least a couple defenders.

    This is kinda how I realistically think it could go

    168: R5P32

    212: R6P40

    222: R7P4

    244: R7P26

    Feeney makes a TON of sense if he’s there at 168. IMO, he would fall in line with the classic PC/JS middle round steals. He’s fast, rangy, can cover, rush, adds a playmaker element to the D. Injury history is the only thing holding him back from getting drafted higher, and as we saw on Friday, injury history didn’t scare the team from taking Ohhiambo.

    I think they might double down at DL, and take Onyemata as an interior pass rush specialist project. IMO, he’s the great unknown in the draft, raw, but ridiculously athletic. Reed is raw as a rusher, Hill is in a contract year and often fighting injury, they are fairly loaded at edge with Avril, Bennett, Clark, Clemons, Marsh and Feeney can offer outside rush. Onyemata might be well worth a 6th round investment and a chance to develop his upside. Hawk scouts were all over his pro day.

    Seattle only has one QB on the roster, I like Brandon Allen’s game, and I think he has enough of an NFL arm.

    Seattle has no FB. I think there’s a chance they might burn a pick on one as well.

    They could certainly go Safety, but Feeney also has some safety ability. They could go corner, but they have a ton of them on the roster. Ditto WR.

    Cajuste could still be an option, although Vannett offers a tall inline pass catching target.

    I like a couple more picks for the defense, a QB, and a play making FB like Vitale. Travis Feeney is who I’m pining for most on Day 3.

    • Coleslaw

      We saved a little bit of cash by trading back, they could still sign more of their UFAs (Tukuafu most likely). So maybe instead of FB they go DB or WR

    • Coleslaw

      You can get great value on FBs late though, Glenn Gronkowski? Another blocking TE/ starting fullback, good blocker and can get a yard on FB fakes or run routes out of the backfield.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Glad you jumped on the QB Allen bandwagon, it is empty right now, but will fill up quick!

  49. Sea Mode

    Add DT Hassan Ridgeway as well to the possible SEA targets in R4… I just watched some tape on him and he could be the developmental pass rush DT to go along with Hill, and eventually even be a 3-down guy.

    He comps quite favorably to Rankins and Onyemata in agility and is not far behind in explosion:

    S. Rankins: 6011, 299, 33.375 arm, 5.03/1.73 40/10yd, 4.59 SS, 7.44 TC, 28 bench, 34.5 vert, 9.83 bj
    Ridgeway: 6033, 303, 33.000 arm, 5.02/2.88 40/10yd, 4.69 SS, 7.33 TC, 24 bench, 34.0 vert, 9.42 bj

    If I equal out their bench reps at 28, raising Ridgeway’s from 24 and lowering Onyemata’s from 33, here are the TEF scores:
    S. Rankins: 3.45 TEF, 103.24 wTEF
    Onyemata: 3.44 TEF, 103.22 wTEF
    Ridgeway: 3.22 TEF, 97.44 wTEF

    He mentioned in an interview that he was disappointed at his 24 reps at the combine, and you can see why as he has huge chest and shoulders. Seems like a laid back guy:

    Keeps fighting through blocks and pursues fairly well. Doesn’t have as quick a get off at the snap as the other two, but certainly not bad. Decent use of hands to fight off blocks on some plays, but obviously has room for technique improvement. Scouts seem to agree he should have gone back to school. Certainly his solid build he should not be a liablity vs. run. Played through injuries last season (“You have to push through those games. My team needed me and you have to play.”) and still managed to be productive.

    Zierlein projected him to go in R2. I don’t think he will fall far in R4 just based on potential, even if his work ethic has been put into question, although he is very coachable and just needs them to push him a bit:

    “Coach Strong has always had a lot of faith in me and my ability, and he’s always pushed me,” Ridgeway said. “It’s been a great help, both him and the coaching staff — coach (Brick) Haley, coach (Vance) Bedford — they’ve really pushed me and helped me become a better player and person. That’s not saying I can’t still get better, but they’ve pushed me farther than I thought was possible.”

    His conditioning was also a concern, at times appearing winded late in games (perhaps also causing him to take plays off because of this and not so much for lack of motor). This could be due in part to his injuries this year and should be helped by an NFL conditioning program. It could also be negated by just rotating him in on pass rush downs.

    Maybe the question marks would turn you down to use an early pick on him (as has actually been the case), but it is day three now folks and time to shoot for some upside and look to see if perhaps there isn’t more to the story behind the typical labels, without of course pretending to write them off completely.

    • Sea Mode

      Meant to post this link for you too of one scouting report:

      And here is Pauline’s conclusion on him from DraftInsider, which I think sums it up perfectly, although you have to give context to the question on his effort IMO:
      “Analysis: Moving towards the draft Ridgeway is one of the more underrated defensive tackles available and has displayed himself as a terrific pass rusher as well as a capable run stuffer. He offers potential in a variety of systems and has a terrific amount of upside if he’s willing to work hard.”

    • Ukhawk

      I’d personally rather have Willie Henry as a 3T

    • LantermanC

      We traded away our round 4 for Reed though.

  50. ROBERt Las vegas

    You know when it came down to the third pick in the third round I thought for sure they were going to pick Joshua Perry but I realize that are next pick is bottom of round 5.couldn’t take a chance finding o line man in that spot as good as Rees

  51. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I still would like Seattle to grab KEENAN REYNOLDS with a late round pick. He has played QB, but is a very dynamic athlete. Could be the emergency 3rd QB, but have other ways to help the team.

  52. Sea Mode

    Wow, the Ravens have five picks in R4 alone!

    Round 4, Pick 6 (104)
    Round 4, Pick 9 (107) (From Dolphins)
    Round 4, Pick 32 (130) (From Broncos)
    Round 4, Pick 34 (132) (Compensatory Selection)
    Round 4, Pick 36 (134) (Compensatory Selection)

    • H M Abdou

      The Ravens are one of those teams that just gets it. They know what they’re doing. Ravens, Seahawks, Pats, Steelers, Packers. Great, smart organizations.

      • H M Abdou

        Broncos also. Giants most years.

  53. Ukhawk

    Slept on it and really warming to the class so far based on interviews with JSPS, TC and scouts. Fav snippets getting me jacked:

    Ifedi – “Rare physical combo, power, aggression, versatile, leader, right-sided less transition” – Best power RT (implied)
    Reed – “Our other 1st rd target, alpha male, ‘best run stuffer to come along in years'”
    CJP – 3rd down back, Bucky brooks says SEA ‘not had an offensive weapon like this’, less wear/tear PC, huge untapped upside JS
    Vannett – Meyer said he’s a move tightend but JSPC think he ‘is the best Y TE to come along in years’ , JS “hard to find”
    Rees – ‘Strength & power’, Leader, Peterson favourite

    Loving how we are 1) adding power in the trenches, plus 2) adding different offensive weapons to make an already good offense even more diverse. Love how this sends a message that they are also confident enough in their core to look for unique traits to enhance the team

    • Sea Mode

      I feel exactly the same way and was about to write the exact same thing! Couldn’t be more pumped for our new Hawks. Even if these were the only guys we got, I would already consider it a hugely successful draft, and we still have Schneider’s forte to look forward to in late rounds and UDFA!

      I honestly don’t know how the rest of the league lets JS get away with this stuff. Get both guys we were deciding between in R1, and upgrade a late 4th to a late 3rd in the process. Just crazy (awesome) when you think of it that way.

      I want to give a direct shoutout to Volume12 as well, who has been peppering the comments with positive vibes about the draft picks. I don’t see how someone can not like these picks and their fit on the team once they listen to PCJS explain about each one. I think the only people disappointed are those who only took the time to grab hold of a couple names and for some irrational reason place all their criteria of a successful draft on the Seahawks drafting from those few names they know.

      I personally haven’t hit on a single pick yet in my armchair GM, and yet I couldn’t be happier that they found those guys and as I get to know them I appreciate the new assets they bring to the team that we didn’t have before and how they are all so Seahawky, tough, physical just like we always look for.

      Everyone is entitled to their own opinion about prospects and it’s a cool feeling as a fan to predict some of their picks (go, Rob!), but complaining about the new picks right off the bat just cause they weren’t your guys without hardly even knowing who they are or why PCJS wanted them is about as dumb as those “instant draft grades” that they put on NFL Network as each team picks.

  54. 503Hawk

    if there is one thing we have learned about the PCJS regime; they know what they are doing, and they know a whole more than any of us. So if I don’t understand a pick (Odhiambo vs McGovern) I default to “in PCJS we trust”.
    They definitely filled some needs. Needed two powerful, nasty O-linemen, CHECK! Big, nasty interior run stuffer, CHECK! Depth at RB, CHECK. Reliable TE, CHECK.
    They still need a few more parts (pass rush, maybe a C, back up QB, FB), but personally I feel pretty good. You got to believe all of these five players will start or have significant playing time as rookies. What more could a quality team like Seattle want.

  55. george

    All this is wonderfull hyperbely about the o line, but what if Wilson does tear up a knee? where the hell is our back up qb?

  56. Kenny Sloth

    Sorry I’ve been throwing cold water on these picks. Shotgun theory at work in the offensive backfield.

    Zac Brooks is our smallest RB

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