Live NFL Draft 2016 β€” Rounds 4-7 open thread

It’s the final day of the draft and here is the final open thread. I will post a reaction piece later today reviewing Seattle’s 2016 draft class. Kenny and I will also be recording a podcast on Monday.

Here are their remaining picks:

R5 (#171)
R6 (#215)
R7 (#225)
R7 (#247)

In the meantime, here are some of the players still on the board that we have discussed in the build up to the draft:

Connor McGovern (OL)
Joe Haeg (OL)
Joe Dahl (OL)
Andrew Billings (DT)
Willie Henry (DT)
Hassan Ridgeway (DT)
Charles Tapper (DE)
Eric Murray (CB)
Joshua Perry (LB)
Jeremy Cash (S)
Miles Killebrew (S)
Ronald Blair III (DT)
Deiondre Hall (CB)
Dak Prescott (QB)
Charone Peake (WR)
Ricardo Louis (WR)
Moritz Boehringer (WR)
Jonathan Williams (RB)
Keith Marshall (RB)
Tyler Ervin (RB)
Kevon Seymour (CB)
Travis Feeney (LB)
B.J. Goodson (LB)
Joel Heath (DT)
Kenny Lawler (WR)
Jordan Payton (WR)
Daniel Braverman (WR)
Devon Cajuste (WR)
Blake Countess (CB)
Hal Vaitai (OL)
Alex Redmond (OL)
Marcus Henry (OL)
Torian White (OL)
Justin Murray (OL)
Lene Maiava (OL)
Evan Boehm (OL)
Liam Nadler (QB)
Keenan Reynolds (QB/RB/WR)
D.J. Foster (RB/WR)
Zac Brooks (RB)
Devon Johnson (RB)
Darius Jackson (RB)
Paul McRoberts (WR)
Marquez North (WR)
Jay Lee (WR)
Jaydon Mickens (WR)
Dez Stewart (WR)
Brandon Swindall (WR)
Davonte Allen (WR)
Hakeem Valles (TE)
Terenn Houk (TE)
George Fant (TE)
Alex Balducci (DT)
D.J. Reader (DT)
Justin Zimmer (DT)
David Onyemata (DT)
Trent Corney (DE)
Alex McCallister (LB)
Christian French (LB)
DeAndre Elliott (CB)
Rashard Robinson (CB)
Brandon Williams (CB)
William Parks (S)
Andrew Adams (S)
Taj Letman (S)
D.J. Hunter (S)


  1. H M Abdou

    I think the only glaring needs left are 3-tech, DL/OL convert, DB (maybe), and backup QB (maybe, if no TJack).

    I think the team is probably set at WR/TE, so that eliminates Cajuste.

    No need for McGovern/Dahl/Haeg with the OL picks of Ifedi and Odhi.

    All set at RB.

    • Mexican Hawk

      A key thing to look at is our prospective 2017 Free Agents. Biggest hole I saw was at TE. If we didnt draft one now, it would have become a key hole for next year. Needed to be filled by a cheap free agent or a 2017 rookie. Drafting Vannett gives u time to develop before Luke leaves.

      With money spent on Graham, it would b hard to keep Luke. Here’s to hoping he has a great season and somebody gives him a good contract to get a comp pick back.

      With this in mind CB is a bit of a 2017 need. We have depth for this year, but Simon a bit of an unknown and due to become a free agent. Fullback also a good spot to find a good player on a cheap rookie contract (needs to play ST).

      • H M Abdou

        I agree totally with your comment, and I have been one of the most vocal critics of Tharold Simon on this board. The dude just can’t play CB, IMHO. He’s too tall, and what’s worse, he plays even taller than he is. Plays “high-waisted”. Doesn’t change directions well.

        I for one would advocate relaxing the height/length standards and get CBs like Jason Verrett, whom I desperately wanted the Hawks to draft a couple of years ago.

        I agree about Luke Willson, he’ll probably get a nice contract somewhere, if and when that happens, I’ll wish him the best. Drafting Vannett was a very good move.

        • Curt

          I’ve only liked CB’s that are ball hawks. Always trying to get the ball rather than being close enough to tackle them AFTER they make the catch. Like the height with our corners because of the tall WR’s out there. Can’t just let the WR high point the ball but being able to contest every throw.
          Loved Maxwell’s play in SB 48 where he actively tried stripping the guy after the catch (Didn’t do much after that.). Would Like to see more of this from our DB’s.

        • Coug1990

          I do not understand your thinking. The Seahawks have been the most successful team the last few years. They have lead the NFL in scoring defense four years in a row. And yet, you want the Seahawks to change to satisfy what your team building thoughts?

          • H M Abdou

            Hahahahaha!, Basically, yup! That’s exactly what I want, for them to tailor their drafting and team-building to suit what appeals to me! LOL!

            But isn’t that what every fan wants, to a certain degree?

            Not every Hawk fan agrees 100% with every personnel move they make, even taking into account how successful they’ve been.

            • Sea Mode

              Well, at least you are honest enough to just flat out admit it. Props for that I guess.

              • H M Abdou

                Thanks, man!

      • lil'stink

        I’m surprised that so many people think Willson is automatically going to be gone in 2017 after the Vannett pick. If Graham isn’t able to fully recover from his knee injury I would think the team would either ask him to restructure his deal or just cut him after next season.

        I really like the potential of 2 TE sets with Willson and Vannett.

    • bigDhawk

      I’d still take Cajuste and McGovern. We do still need some more picks on defense, though – 1D, 4O so far.

  2. Mexican Hawk

    Still good talent on board. This is shaping up like a key draft. Some immediate starting talent (Reed/Ifedi) and key role players (blocking TE and third down back). Not to mention Prosise special teams qualitied should be great there. Rees a bit of a reach, but if he was target and being unable to trade comp 5th and 6th (unless u reach into 2017 pick pot) good value judgement.

    Just like we got ourselves a 3rd TE to fill the blocking role we have been missing since Miller left would like to target backup QB, safety, a 5th WR who can block and play ST. Just let board fall to u.

    W/comp picks being tradeable next year not a bad deal to move your native 2017 picks if team sees need.

    Let’s wrap this up. Pretty cool to see many of these picks had an affinity for Hawks.

    Thanks again Rob, enjoy.

    • H M Abdou

      Yup, I actually was luke warm on the last 3 picks (but LOVED the Jarran Reed STEAL). I think Prosise, Vannett, and Odhi fill needs and offer unique skill sets.

    • Curt

      Do you see them trying to get back up into the 4th early 5th to get another target?
      Because they said 200 draftable guys, be interesting to see if they have some other targets in mind, right?

      • H M Abdou

        I think before yesterday, they probably planned to do what they usually do a lot, which is to trade down and stockpile picks. But I think when they saw Jarran Reed still on the board, they correctly traded did what they needed to do, trading the 4th-rounder, to go up from 56 to 49 and steal Reed.

        • Coug1990

          I agree. They had him graded as a first round pick. I do not think it was a low first round grade either, I think it was a mid first round grade. Giving up a fourth to get a player they rated that highly is like you said, a steal.

          I think he will be better than the currently 31 year old Mebane this season.

      • Mexican Hawk

        The beauty is they have their own board which sometimes lets quality players fall to them.

        Though for the first time I think we are going to get great grades by the pundits. Haha ? Not that we want that. Never have and dont care.

        If they see a 3rd rd value being available early 5th, could definitely see it.

        Important thing is they don’t panic.

        • Curt

          Would rather get a bad grade from the experts (Always wrong about us) BUT probably won’t because they are learning their lessons from the past and will give us a good grade regardless ?

          • Sea Mode

            Haha, they are at least thinking twice now about it, aren’t they! πŸ™‚

  3. Curt

    Would love to hear the opinion from Rob or other posters who follow the Seahawk draft more than I do.
    Loved the trade up in round 2 to get the stud DT Reed but looks like the draft according to Seahawk actions is in 2 halves. Must haves round 1-3 (help now) and rounds 4-7 develop hit or miss projects. By trading their 4th round pick, they’re saying no more must haves unless they trade their only tradable picks in round 7 (225,247).
    Do they stand pat? Be a while for their next pick. Or do they something up their sleeve and package the 2 7th rounders to move up for someone they think is worth the picks?
    The 3 picks in the 3rd round didn’t impress me (only because I don’t know the names) RB Notre Dame, TE Ohio St and the OG from Bosie St. Really thought they would pull the trigger for Dahl with that last pick in 3rd round.

    • H M Abdou

      Initially I was kinda negative about Prosise, Vannett, and Odhi, but I’ve warmed up to those picks a little bit. Prosise is like a swiss army knife, Vannett is basically a Zach Miller clone, and Odhi plays better than he tested.

      I still think 3-tech is a glaring need, hopefully some good ones are available by the time the Hawks pick again!

      • Curt

        Agree. One thing for sure, the Seahawks sure make the draft fun trying to figure out their thought process ?

        • H M Abdou

          Not possible, not even the CIA, KGB, or MI6 can figure out John and Pete’s brains!

          • Curt

            ?, not even Rob?

            • H M Abdou

              Rob knows who Pete and John will target even before they know it!

        • Sea Mode

          My favorite part is that they announce very clearly before the draft what they are going to do (i.e. get tougher on both sides of the ball to become the bully again, address the o-line as priority, add unique weapons tailored to the offense, find the most competitive guys, etc.), then they go out and do exactly that and still no one can stop them.

          • H M Abdou

            Pete and John have draft swag LOL

      • bigDhawk

        Vannett could be a faster Zach. He is a legit receiving TE but – wasn’t used much in OSU’s loaded offense – with the physicality to be the blocking TE we haven’t had since Zach. I wanted this guy and I’m pumped we got him.

  4. Forty20

    Even without a 4th round pick we might still be able to make out like bandits with the talent that is sitting on the board. Feeling pretty good about this draft when all is said and done.

    Not sure if it was posted in the monster Day 2 thread but here is a nice sit down with Jarran Reed ( Comes across as quietly confident and quite cerebral as he quickly breaks down the work of Michael Brockers. He does mention that he was a filthy Steelers fan as a kid but I am willing to overlook it!

    Really keen to see if PC and company can tap into latent pass rushing ability in Reed.

    • H M Abdou

      Thanks for the video! Love the quiet fire this guy has. And you’re right, I think there’s some untapped pass rushing potential there with him, especially the possibility of developing a good bull rush, considering all that strength he has.

      • Mexican Hawk

        The best thing I’ve read about Reed was that he was the Alpha Dog of that Bama D. That’s quite a compliment. Ragland mentioned it, as did our area scout.

        We will forever be grateful to Mebane. This guy looks like he has some Chancellor in him.

    • Curt

      Also loved his comments at the draft. Dude is coming here with an attitude.?

    • Coug1990

      Yes, thanks for the video. The more that I watch him on and off the field, the more I believe this pick is absolute highway robbery. I liked the last video showing Brockers against the Seahawks. I think Reed has a lot of uptapped pass rushing ability. The Seahawk scout in the press conference yesterday thought so after watching the senior bowl.

  5. 12thManderson

    Man that Vannett pick has QUICKLY became my favorite on the year thus far (Reed a close 2nd). I’ve been just ITCHING for a blocking TE since Miller’s exit and personally wanted Vannett’s teammate Heuerman, last draft. Strong, strong hands just classically underused due to OSU and his blocking helps so much in Ifedi’s development, Gilliam’s transition, and also Webb if he wins a starter role. It also brings back those clutch little TE Rub off blocks and escape to the flats and zones for Russ.

    I might be in a minority, I’m not sure but in my heart I’ve wanted Jimmy on the PUP No Matter What, to start the year(if we even have a choice). No rushing the process and honestly, I feel we started slow offensively last year because we were trying to integrate from day 1, a PLAYMAKER with no chemistry or playground scheme knowledge, all the while the coaches were trying to figure his best fits on the field. We weren’t focused on our base offense chemistry, our back to back Super Bowls base offense. If we can pick up where we left off and get our base offense’s chemistry down. THEN we slowly start integrating Jimmy’s 6’6″ mismatch distraction onto the field, by playoffs all the doors and windows should be opened for a dangerous run.

    My guys to watch today
    Will Parks
    Rashard Robinson
    Miles Killebrew
    Alex McAllister
    Aziz Shittu
    Jeremy Cash

    ALSO my personal names Petes clues gave me yesterday
    Jay Lee
    Tyrone Holmes
    And George Fant…… we shall see for Some

    • Curt

      Reed so far is my Favorite because of attitude. You can tell this guy is coming in to dominate. JS & PC have to be on cloud 9.
      Tom Cable has talent to work with now so no excuses for not protecting Wilson.

      • Sea Mode

        Wilson has to be absolutely ecstatic, too. A huge upgrade to the OL and blocking TE to protect him, plus a unique weapon that he has never had before in a 3rd down back, and who knows what is still cooking with the last 4 picks plus UDFA!

  6. Guy

    My hopes for day 3:
    5 DE Matt Judon, Great Valley St
    6 LEO/SLB Christian French, Oregon
    7 FB Devon Johnson Marshall
    7 SCB Blake Countess, Auburn

    Round 8
    LB/S DJ Hunter Marshall
    LS Jimmy Landes, Baylor
    OT/OG Lene Maiava Arizona
    S Will Parks Arizona

    • Trevor

      I like Judon’s potential too!

      • Naks8

        Dj hunter is intriguing

  7. Darth12er

    Here are kinda some of my thoughts about yesterday. When they traded up in the second, I was hoping it was for Reed. An obvious need, and like others have mentioned, I really think a few years in he can develop as an interior pass rusher. Loved that move. Was surprised at the next 3 picks a little. Rob talked about Prosise a little, he was on my list. Like the pick too. His potential is sky high. He definitely needs to work on his RB game, but IMO he might be the best pass catching RB in the draft. ST demon from what I hear too. Vannett was an unknown for me, but he’s my favorite pick. Miller was so valuable to them, I’m surprised they didn’t try to replace him a lot sooner. He can line up as FB, yes? He might eliminate that roster spot altogether, so versatile. I just think this move is huge, they’ve really missed that 6th o-lineman (who can actually block). I don’t know what to think about the BSU player, haha. In PCJS we trust.

    I fully expect the Hawks to trade draft capitol from next years draft to gain an extra pick this year. I also would be surprised if BB39 cracked the 53 man roster.

    • Darth12er

      Also, maybe Jason LaCaforna was referring to Feeney when he was talking about a player slipping because of medical issues. I’m hoping he’s a selection today.

    • Coug1990

      During the press conference last night, Schneider said they have been looking for an inline TE for years. But, because of all the spread offenses, there just are not many anymore.

      Vannett was the first inline TE that they have liked and they believe he will be a much better pro than he was as a college player.

  8. Steve Nelsen

    The only pick I am still trying to understand from yesterday is Odhiambo. His athletic measurables were affected by his recovery from his ankle injuries. So we don’t have any reliable info about his athleticism. He is a right guard and I thought left guard was a bigger need. His injury history seems inconsistent with the comments about reliability that we heard during the Okung free agency.

    The pick seemed to come a round or two early. Maybe trading the 4th prompted them to move up but there was no apparent “cliff” or dropoff in talent. In fact, a number of other very good O-line prospects seem to be available.

    I will be interested to hear as more info about this pick becomes public.

    • H M Abdou

      I thought the Odhi pick felt rushed also.

      • Sea Mode

        I thought the same initially, but then I listened to the press conference and heard what a special player and person they see Odhiambo as. Plus we don’t fall back into the “getting cute” argument about risking by waiting to fix the OL and hoping our guys will be available later.

        Especially since we don’t have a pick for basically two whole rounds, I am SO relieved and pumped we are heading into day 3 with all our real needs taken care of and can just enjoy picking some great guys at whatever positions we find them.

        • Dawgma

          IMO Odhiambo is the DEFINITION of getting cute – they’re taking a guy with a huge injusry history and unverifiable athletic profile (…due to his injury history) in the vague hope that he *might* heal up and their medical staff can keep him upright in which case his upside is…no better than players they could have just picked without the injury history and risk like Dahl or McGovern who have known and verified athletic tools and solid histories in major conferences.

          I’m suppose I shouldn’t be complaining too much, because their OL evaluation has been terrible and mostly he seems completely out of left field from their usual methods. Maybe that means he’ll actually be able to pass block better than a tackling dummy…

      • John_s

        This screams a Britt situation again. Take a guy 2-3 rounds early because he won’t be there at your next pick. I hate it. You don’t reach for guys especially ones with a history of injuries. It’s a throwaway pick. Good thing we had 3 3rds.

        • Del tre

          This doesn’t scream Justin Britt at all… Britt was a reach yes but odhiambo isnt a panic move he is just who they wanted McGovern and dall are both still on the board they know something we don’t

        • chet380

          If a reach means taking a 5th, 6th, 7th Rd guy in the 3rd, then this was a reach.

          Injury-prone, miserable measurables — WHY??

        • James

          Britt was a reach because of a desperate need for an OT, combined with a lack of available talent. Odhiambo is entirely different. They chose him over McGovern, Dahl, Haeg, because he grades higher for the Seahawks. This is a choice, not a reach. We can fall into putting too much on the numbers (no surprise given the sparq/tef tendencies for the Seahawks), but this guy did not test full speed due to the injury, and a quick eyeball test shows a guy significantly stronger and quicker than McGovern, Dahl, Haeg…

    • Coug1990

      I am sure that not having a fourth rounder likely affected where they drafted Odhiambo. One great thing for me to hear about him is that he is supposed to be a good pass blocker. It is nice that they drafted a player that will be able to block for RW and not just run block.

      • lil'stink

        That’s what my thought was as well. There is a big gap between our 3rd and 5th round picks, and they obviously really like Odhiambo. With our 5th rounder and one 7th being the only traceable picks we have left they knew they couldn’t really move up on day 3.

        • lil'stink

          Oops- just realized out 5th isn’t tradeable

          • Producehawk

            Yeah too bad

    • Alaskan Hawk

      Agreed with the thinking, he was picked way higher than his grade. Why take an injury prone tackle for guard when we had McGovern, a mauling guard and beast of a player with a higher grade right there. I have not always liked the teams line picks in the upper rounds, I’m always surprised by the overreaching. Carpenter, Moffitt, and Britt had lower draft value and were picked way too high, Odhi is right there with them. McGovern is going to prove a swing and a miss!

  9. Saxon

    Overall depth and talent base has been moderately upgraded with this draft so far, but how impactful it will be for 2016 is questionable. There are some challenges for the coaching staff:

    Ifedi: Needs to adapt to a true pro-set offense.
    Odhiambo: Needs to recover from injuries.
    Prosise: WR convert still needs to develop as a RB with blitz pickup and reading blocks.

    Vannett and Reed are both the most pro-ready. Vannett didn’t see a ton of targets at OSU and isn’t likely to see many as a rookie either. Reed is really the only instant impact player, but he will be part of a rotation and it still takes time to develop as an NFL d-lineman.

    This draft has a lot of potential but I was hoping to find at least a couple of guys that could help us immediately compete for a Super Bowl. Not sure we achieved that, unless these players can rapidly develop.

    • H M Abdou

      I agree with you, but in fairness the Hawks already have a pretty good core, so most of their draft picks will be guys trying to find a specific niche role, or to provide depth.

    • Coug1990

      I don’t agree. What does Pete and John always say? When they scout, they look for what a player can do, instead of looking for what a player cannot do.

      Each of these players, especially the skill players have unique skill sets. They will ease them into situations where they will be successful and contribute.

      This team was already going to challenge for the Superbowl, as it was already that good. So, you were going to improve on the margins and they really did that with this draft.

      • Saxon

        @coug: I’m sure they were looking for “what a player can do” when drafting Poole, Britt, Noorwood, Michael, Harper, etc. Obviously they saw some things to like about those guys and thought they would contribute. They didn’t. I’m looking at this current crop and not seeing guys that will contribute early either.

        So, while I like this draft in terms of long-term potential, my concern remains about rookies helping us this year. Not just “marginally” helping, because the Cardinals have taken a huge step forward, in my opinion, and we need to keep up . But I hope you’re right and that they bring enough to put us over the top.

        • Coug1990

          You must like Cherries for the picking you are doing there.

    • Sea Mode

      I’m with Coug on this one. I think the guys they got are about as ready to help us as we could reasonably hope, and all have been on upward trajectory the past year in CFB and that will only continue as they transition to the pros.

      Cable said that of all the guys they considered, Ifedi had the shortest distance to go to be pro ready. Then PC said clearly in yesterday’s press conference that we will see all these guys play, just like we have seen with rookies in past years.

      • Saxon

        @ SeaMode: Pete mentioned in his pre-draft presser that he works rookies into the starting line-up gradually with spot duty and scheme specific roles in the first half of the season and then expands their playing time as the year progresses.. He mentioned Tyler Lockett as a guy who started to really develop as the year went on. But Lockett was already a superb route-runner when he entered the league and his learning curve was not that extreme. I wish I felt that way about the two lineman we drafted. Not as sanguine as Cable about Ifedi’s ability to quickly transition. Not many TAMU guys have been able to do that.

  10. Trevor

    I am really glad my favourite OL prospect in this draft Shon Coleman got picked yesterday. Wish it was the Hawks but still glad for Coleman to get his shot after all he has battled. I hope he stays healthy and develops into a pro bowler and gets a big fat 2nd contract.

    Since joining this amazing SDB community lead by Robs incredible work my two favourite OL prospects were Coleman and Joe Bitonio. The Browns drafted both guys. Maybe they have a lurker here on SDB πŸ™‚

    All joking aside with Coleman, Bitonio, Erving and the incredible Joe Thomas that Cle OL has some really nice building blocks on their OL. They should have kept Mack though.

    • H M Abdou

      And Shon Coleman announced the Aaron Donald draft pick in 2014, so hopefully that’s a good omen for him. I agree, one thing the Brownies have done well lately is draft good OL.

  11. Josh

    Anyone else think Reed falling changed their whole plan? I have a feeling they were intending on standing pat and then couldn’t believe Reed was there and threw the game plan out the window. I think they will trade up with a 2017 pick since they have only 2 7ths tradable.

    • H M Abdou

      Agree completely about their reaction to having Reed still on the board, they panicked (correctly) and traded up to nab him before someone else could!

    • Sea Mode

      I think it changed their plan only in that they had to use the final 3rd rounder on Odhiambo since they no longer had a 4th rounder.

      I believe that they originally intended to draft Justin Simmons at with that pick, the guy the Broncos took right after us.

      But sacrificing Simmons (or whoever it would have been) was more than worth it to get a first-round talent like Reed!

      And I wouldn’t call it at all a panic given how far into R2 they waited before jumping up. They said in the press conference that they watched in awe that he was still falling and waited until it got to a point where the value seemed right to move up. (I take that as costing the 4th rounder and not one of the 3rd rounders).

  12. Trevor

    I am really excited about what the Hawks have done this draft. The picks are not glamorous but this whole off season has been about brining the bully back to C-Link. This draft goes a long way to doing that. I really like every pick.

    Ifedi- Is the perfect OT prospect physically for Cable to develop into his pro-type Road grading RT. He has all the tools and now it is up to the supposed OL guru to help him fulfill his potential. There is nothing holding back this kid except to fix his technique. He was my 3rd favourite OT prospect after Tunsil and Coleman and does not have they character issues of Tunsil or medical issues of Coleman. After seeing his reaction to being drafted I am not sure how any Hawks fan could not love this kid. Smart and high character with no injury issues. Love the pick as a true OL building block and bookend RT with Gilliam at LT.

    Jarron Reed- We got a top 20 prospect who was the undisputed leader on a National Championship defense who plays a position of need in the middle of the 2nd round. An absolute steal. He is much more than a young Mebane. He is the best run stuffer in the class, eats up double teams like Mebane but also gets solid push up the middle and plays with an incredible motor. I think he can provide the 5-6 sacks a year we missed when Clinton Macdonald left. He is a great character Alpha male guy who will thrive in our locker room. Listening to the other Alabama players talk about this guy you can tell they loved and respected this kid. Great pick that solidifies the middle of our OL with Rubin. I expect another year of no 100yd rushers for this defense.

    CJ Prosise- We all loved this guy till Rob highlighted Tyler Ervin. He is a dynamic 3rd down back already with the potential to be a great 3 down back. Ideal size and speed combo who is the perfect compliment to Rawls and Michael. I see him catching a ton of balls out of the back field year #1 giving us one of the most dynamic RB groups in the NFL. It was a position of need and Prosise / Ervin were the two best pass catching backs in the draft. We got one of them so another great pick.

    Nick Vannett – Of all the picks this guy is my favourite. Another extremely high character who will do all the dirty work to help a team win. He will not whine if he does not get touches. He will help the OL run block and pass protect like no TE we have had since Miller. This was something we missed when Miller left. He also has great hands. I remember watching him in the Senior Bowl practices seeing him make some amazing grabs. He only had 2 drops in his whole career. With Willson and Graham on the roster he won’t get a ton of targets but when he does this guy will catch the ball in traffic and be someone Wilson can count on. He is the perfect compliment to the best big TE target in the game Graham and the fastest TE in the game Willson. Our TE group is 2nd to only NE in my opinion with an elite receiver in Graham and Seam buster in Willson and great blocker in Vannett.

    Rees (I have to learn to spell 2nd name) – When we took this guy my initial reaction was oh crap we could have had McGovern, Dahl or Haeg our TEF favourites what is JS doing. Then I went and looked at the 3 games of tape I could find last night. Rees has one thing Haeg, Dahl and McGovern do not. He is one nasty SOB who plays with a far greater edge than any of those guys. he plays through the whistle on every snap and then some. He is also a lot more athletic than he tested on tape. My initial reaction of hating the pick has taken a complete 360. If this guy can stay healthy he will end up looking like a steal and will likely be a perfect Guard in our system. My only concern is injury. If 100% healthy I bet he meets the TEF requirements. I will go on record that Rees will be a starter day #1 on our OL if healthy.

    So basically we have 5 guys who I think will not only make the 52 man roster but have a signigicant impact in 2016. Even if we never had another pick I would give this draft an A+. This scares me because I am normally pretty skeptical ager Hawks drafts.

    The bully is definitely back in C Link in 2016 look out NFL.

    • H M Abdou

      Great post, Trevor, and I agree completely with every point you made! I guess the facial expressions of Cable during Ifedi’s pro day threw us off a bit, guess they were pleased with what they saw!

      • Sea Mode

        One of my favorite comments of this entire draft season has to be Rob’s blunt one-liner in response to someone arguing they wouldn’t pick Ifedi because of Cable’s facial expression at the workout. Something like:

        “I refuse to change my opinion on a player based on a supposed facial expression of Tom Cable.”

        If anyone finds it, let me know!

    • Darth12er

      Wow, sounds good and I like analysis on Rees. Thx

    • TJ

      If you listened to Schnieder and Carroll’s press conference, Obhiambo sounds like a Seahawk… They said that he was one of the strongest players in the draft, and has the athletic ability and has the mental toughness they love – he overcame the death of both of his parents over the last couple of years. I love the pick.

  13. Trevor

    Man I hope we get Davind Oneymata today! If we get one developmental prospect I hope it is this kid because he could be the elite interior 3 Tech pass rusher we have all wanted. Every bit the athlete of Rankins but longer.

    I know we were at his pro day and the Hawks scout seemed really impressed. My fear though is that the Ravens will nab him with one of their 4th round picks. The analysts will say the Ravens reached for this kid but he will be a steal in the 4th round IMO. My fingers are crossed he somehow makes it to the Hawks in Rd #5 but I highly doubt it unfortunately.

    • H M Abdou

      Ravens are a smart team, man! They do an excellent job scouting and drafting. Hawks, Ravens, Pats, Steelers, Packers, Broncos, great at talent eval/acquistion.

      Giants most of the time are pretty good in this regard also.

      • Trevor

        Great point I agree with all those teams and that is why they are never in rebuild mode. They just keep adding talent.

      • Sea Mode

        Right on about those teams, H M Abdou, and right on about hoping for a guy like Onyemata, Trevor!

        Although for sure they will pick someone else I didn’t have in mind that in hindsight I will say: “how did I not see that guy screaming Seahawk?!” (as has happened so far in this draft with the exception of Ifedi thanks to Rob)

  14. ItsAboutTheDefense

    JS said there were 200 players in this Draft. Our Rd 6 pick is # 215. How do you decide on a worthwhile way to use any of these further picks?

    • Sea Mode

      My opinion right now is that since we decided to take care of our real needs in the first two days, we can just sit back and enjoy watching them take the best player available at a position in which he might actually have a chance to make the roster. (Pete Carroll emphasized this last point in the pre-draft press conference I think it was)

      • ItsAboutTheDefense

        I hear you, Sea Mode. Not every team has our list of 200.

    • GeoffU

      Mostly because you have teams like the Browns who select players that aren’t on Seattle’s 200 list, ha!

      • GeoffU

        Or the Bucs who trade up in the 2nd for a kicker

        • AlaskaHawk

          Yes that was an interesting move. At first I thought it was dumb, but they said he is the most accurate field goal kicker in college, so now I have flipped my opinion. Maybe they could have got him at a later round, but if he scores half the team points and kicks game winning field goals, then he is worth a second round.

  15. Trail Hawk

    A player to monitor that hasn’t been talked about much on here is Lawrence Thomas. Hope we bring him in either as a 7th or UDFA.

    Lawrence Thomas: 6’3″ – 286#s – 33 1/4 arms – 10 1/8 hands – 4.98 40y – 1.73 10y – 35″ vert
    Michael Bennett: 6’2″ – 293#s – 33 5/8 arms – 10 1/4 hands – 4.98 40y – 1.74 10y – 35 1/2″ vert

    Thomas can play inside and out. Started 12 games at nose tackle as a junior and his senior season at DE. Has a motor that wont quit and his on field energy is infectious.

    His biggest knock is his hand usage/technique and shedding blocks. Who better to mentor him than Michael Bennett?

    He also jumped a 9’5′ – 24 BP – 4.58 shuttle – 7.53 3 cone

    • Trevor

      Will have to check him out for sure.

  16. Trevor

    Chiefs took Kevaire Russell too who I think was also a Hawks target. They seem to go after the same guys we do quite often .

    • Sea Mode

      Yup. Not sure if JS really thought we would have a decent shot at KeiVarae in R3 anyway, and I do think he was a bit over-drafted although he certainly has great potential and KC didn’t have a R3 pick to take him with either. He and Peters are going to be some duo to throw against!

      I’m interested to see if they are the ones who will scoop up McGovern too.

  17. TCHawk

    We still need a LB who is also a good ST contributor (and Ridgeway!).

    • Trevor

      Sounds like Jatavius Brown or Travis Feeney to me.

    • Sea Mode

      Give me hybrid LB/S Jeremy Cash! Easy Money…!

  18. Trevor

    My Seahawks Day #3 / UDFA Big Board

    Once you get to Day #3 I don’t give anyone round grades they are all developmental prospects. This is my list in order of how I like them for the Hawks. My favourite part of the draft

    #1 David Oneymata
    #2 Jatavius Brown
    #3 Devon Cajuste
    #4 Joe Haeg
    #5 Connor Mcgovern
    #6 Tyler Ervin
    #7 Travis Feeney
    #8 Willie Henry
    #9 Charles Tapper
    #10 Cardele Jones
    #11 Hassan Ridgeway
    #12 Andrew Billings
    #13 Josh Perry
    #14 Deiondre Hall
    #15 Ronald Blair
    #16 Miles Killebrew
    #17 Matt Judon
    #18 Dak Prescott
    #19 Rashard Robinson
    #20 Joe Dahl
    #21 Tyrone Holmes
    #22 Ricardo Louis
    #23 Pharroh Copper
    #24 Eric Striker
    #25 Charone Peake
    #26 Halapoulivaati Vaitai
    #27 Alex McAlister
    #28 Aaron Wallace
    #29 Kenny Lawler
    #30 Justin Zimmer
    #31 Christian Westerman
    #32 Eric Murray
    #33 Brandon Allen
    #34 Stephen Weatherly
    #35 Daniel Braverman
    #36 Marquis North
    #37 Kevon Seymour
    #38 Paul McRoberts
    #39 Kevin Hogan
    #40 Jack Allen
    #41 Mike Thomas (WR S Miss)
    #42 Sheldon Day
    #43 Keyris Garrett
    #44 Keenan Reynolds
    #45 Deandre Elliott
    #46 Fhan Cooper
    #47 Jeff Driskell
    #48 Jay Lee
    #49 Stephane Nembot
    #50 Caleb Bennoch

    -Mortiz Bohinger (The German freak WR)
    -Vernon Adams
    -Wendell Williams (the guy of 4.19 40yd dash fame)
    -Torian White (Former UCLA OT) if background checks out
    -Tyler Higbee (if legal issues get resolved)
    -Joel Schobert – Wisconsin LB from JS old stomping grounds

    • Trevor

      Liam Nadler (QB)
      Marcus Henry (C)
      Justin Murray (OL)
      Lene Maiava (OL)
      Trent Corney (DL)
      Jayden Mickens (WR)

      These guys should also be in the UDFA list

      • H M Abdou

        Good list, man. That must take quite a bit of time to put together, and in order of your preference I might add. Great job.

      • chet380

        Thx for taking the time to compile this list, buddy.

    • Sea Mode

      Cool list, but there are only 50 on the list and there are 74 picks before our next one. I know a lot of these guys are more tailored to Seahawks interest, but just wondering out loud how many of these cool project guys will still be there for us. Probably less than we hope but more than we think.

      As JS always says to other GMs when he wishes them ‘luck’: “pick a pawn!”

    • D-OZ

      I like Schobert a lot. Turnover machine. It’s all about the ball boss.

  19. Trail Hawk

    Is it possible to get Darius Jackson as an UDFA? We’re a run first team with an injured #1. I have all the expectations of Rawls being a beast again, but…. We need to bring in another back. I also like Tra Carson, hes an instant contributor on special teams.. Maybe even Navy’s QB turned RB Keenan Reynolds. He could be a weapon and that back-up QB we need. A scat-back that can throw the ball.

    • Sea Mode

      I would love some more competition, especially with CMike for the #2 spot since he really needs to be pushed. The cool thing is that, even though we are bringing him in right away as a 3rd down back, Prosise has the size to compete for early down snaps as well. It might not happen in year one, but I see why PC/JS are so excited about what he brings to the table immediately and down the road.

      Keith Marshall and Darius Jackson I think are interesting options. But there is another guy they worked out who sounds like a typical Seahawks pick: Devon Johnson, RB/FB, Marshall.

      From Lance Zierlein,
      “It’s not tough to see why “Rockhead” earned that moniker — no one wants to get in the way of this 6-1, 243-pound freight train when he’s healthy.”

      He would not only save one roster spot serving as FB and short yardage/goal line/backup RB, but also has great special teams value. Read this scouting report and tell me he doesn’t sound like a Seahawk:

  20. H M Abdou

    Here we go, day 3!

  21. Kenny Sloth

    Schobert to cleveland

  22. Kenny Sloth

    Anybody up on the clues?

  23. Kenny Sloth

    Haha raiders traded upp forCar’s backup

    • bigDhawk

      They gotta be thinking he will be a pre-season warrior and they will trade him for a million picks in four years, like the Pats do with their backups.

  24. bigDhawk

    Crap there goes Tapper.

    • Kenny Sloth

      That boy good

      • bigDhawk

        ugh…and Perry. Oh well, they weren’t going to last till round 5.

  25. sdcoug

    Vannett. I keep reading concerns over his lack of production.

    Kid played in an O surrounded by a play-making QB, the top-drafted RB, and two WRs drafted in the first 3 rounds! That doesn’t leave a lot of scraps at the table.

    We got a guy who is a throw-back, just scratching his potential. We added a piece that can move around, add a blocking element we lacked, catch contested balls, move chains, offer depth, keep our other TEs movin’, etc. Count me in.

    • bigDhawk

      You answered your own question about the productivity. OSU had other weapons and didn’t use TEs much in their scheme.

      • sdcoug

        It wasn’t a question haha! I was stating why people shouldn’t focus on his (lack of) numbers!

    • Madmark

      You won’t miss him 6’6″ 257lbs 34 1/4 arms and 10″hands when he standing next to Helfet at 6’4″ 239lb.

  26. Kenny Sloth

    Teams cant believe who is falling to them

    • Producehawk

      Deep draft

  27. Kenny Sloth

    Perry to chargers

  28. Kenny Sloth

    McG to Chiefs?

    • H M Abdou

      Nah, he’s too busy directing movies (see what I did there?) LOL

  29. bigDhawk

    Tapper, Perry, Day. Three solid defensive players pack to back to back. Gonna be scraps left when we get to round five. Be prepared for a bunch of names we’ve never heard of for the rest of our draft.

  30. Sea Mode

    I will be happy with however PC/JS surprise us given how they have hit it out of the park so far, but here anyway is my Fab4 wishlist (until convinced otherwise by any of you πŸ˜‰ ) for our last four picks, with fallback option, in no particular order:

    – Devon “Rockhead” Johnson, RB/FB, Marshall // Keith Marshall, RB, Georgia
    – David Onyemata, DT, Manitoba // Willie Henry, DT, Michigan
    – Jeremy Cash, LB/SS, Duke // Will Parks, SS, Arizona
    – Travis Feeney, OLB, Washington // Christian French, OLB, Oregon

  31. Madmark

    I’m always happy with what PC/JS come up with but sometimes you get hooked on a guy and feel that disappointment when you watch them go another team. I been doing these drafts since 2010 and i’m really excited about this one because I’m not doing that bad.
    Germain Ifedi was my pick as well as the trade back for a pick which I used Baltimore giving up 104. So for me this was 1/1.
    Jared Reed heres where I missed. I know why they did it and I think it was a great move. Disappointed about the pick 124 but it was worth it.
    C.J.Prosise I missed the RB pick but not the spot they pick him in so there some satisfaction and I like it better since the guys electric at 220lbs.
    Nick Vannett TE It was always my intention to take the trade down pick and grab the only Blocking TE in this draft. Believe me I’ve been looking for Zack Miller replacement since 2013. Like PC/JS said in there interview after Blocking Y TE are rare. This guy is Big. 6’6″ 257lbs 34 1/4″arms, 10″hands. He’s not the fast 40 TE like a Willson but this guy has a 4.20 20yd shuttle, 30.5 vj, 9’2″bj making him extremely. Reception targets are limited and if I get 20 catchs this is a win. Give this guy a year to learn the ZBS and he puts up 40 reception this is a homerun pick. A true 3 down TE so we can run the ball physically. This was my Thomas Rawls pick for this year.
    Rees Odhiambo WOW. This was my sleeper pick at 215. He was rank 113 at the beginning of the college season and he played great but then he got injured again and he slipped from sight. This guy was part of the OL at Boise St that rushed for 5k yards 3 years ago. This guy has beautiful footwork and movement but he needs to stay healthy. I going to say I pick this guy since he’s on my list and Seattle took him.
    So I’m 3/5 and I still have a
    Connor McGovern
    Willie Henry
    Devon Cajuste
    DeAndre Elliott
    Andy Janoviche
    Vernon Davis
    1 question they was asking on the 24 questions to new draft picks on the Official Seahawk website. What are you going to buy with your money? They all have answered what ever mama wants

    • Sea Mode

      Cool. Props to you for so many hits this year. I am still waiting for my first!

  32. Naks8

    Man, I guess people don’t think that highly of westerman/McGovern/Ervin

  33. Sea Mode

    No new clues as of yet.

    But there was a cool detail of the war room visible in the background of a video PC posted on Twitter a few min. ago. We know that their main board is directly in front of them. But on the side wall to the left of them there are different boards by teams where they seem to have placed their picks from each round. On the wall above these are specific character traits written in large letters: Open-Minded, Industrious, Respectful are the three traits visible. Just what they are looking for.

  34. Greg Haugsven

    Just remember the term “Bully”. Who are the nasty guys left in the draft. Possible players they could target.

    • Sea Mode

      Devon β€œRockhead” Johnson, RB/FB, Marshall
      Jeremy Cash, LB/SS, Duke

      Dem boyz bad…

      • sdcoug

        I’d be thrilled with Cash

  35. Kenny Sloth

    Those Cincinnati kids had some good games.

    Chris Moore literally broke William Jackson III

  36. Kullris

    I would love to see them get Feeney for that Outside/Dollar backer slot.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I think he’d be good as a Will too

      • Kullris

        I didn’t think about that

    • Greg Haugsven

      Well see when they finally pick again next Thursday

  37. Producehawk

    Anyone got the link for Seattle draft war room?

    • bigDhawk

      the direct link is on the home page of

      • Producehawk

        Thank you

  38. bigDhawk

    There goes Miles Killebrew. A lot of late round names we talked about this year are going fast in the top of the fourth.

  39. bigDhawk

    Gus having a heckuva defensive draft for JAX –
    JAlen Ramsey
    Myles Jack
    YAnnick Ngakoue
    Sheldon Day

    Look out, AFC South.

    • Kullris

      Man they might become the best D in the AFC in a year or so.

    • DD

      And they got Dante Fowler Jr. Back too

  40. Kenny Sloth

    The thing about this draft: there’s something for everyone. Big bodies, red zone threats. Tons of edge rushers and lots of Juniors.

    Why teams are taking Kenny Clark over Jarran Reed

    Why tweeners are falling so far

  41. Kenny Sloth

    Ricardo Louis to the Browns

    • bigDhawk

      Dude is a specimen.

  42. Volume12

    Have some of you guys calmed down and backed off the ledge?

    This is a dope a* draft class.

    I thought no matter what Seattle did, it would be.

    They like 200 players is BS.

    Try 30-50. That’s it.

    TEF, SPARQ Seattle HAD to get unconventional. The rest of the league is on to them.

    Sorry that Ervin wasn’t taken, but Prosise is bigger and stronger. That’s the theme of the draft.

    • sdcoug

      I’m thrilled with this draft. I can keep repeating myself but I’ll save you all the agony πŸ™‚

    • bigDhawk

      I like Prosise over Ervin. The Rees pick is the only one that has me scratching my head. With his injury history he probably could have been had in UDFA. A third round pick is a high price especially since there were still very comparable players on the board with no drop-off.

      • sdcoug

        It was either our last 3rd, or the end of Round 5. Sounds like they didn’t want to take that chance. I’m ok with it. Kid was rated much higher before his ankle injury

      • Volume12

        I thought he might too, but without the injury Seattle got a 2nd round talent.

        Could care less about the injury history.

        Seattle threw ya for a loop sayin they wanted to get healthier there?

        I can’t stress it enough.

        Odhiambo is the real deal. A steal, a stud. Plays pissed off, tough, punch ya mouth, I’ll do anything to make a team, play anywhere kind of guy.

        • bigDhawk

          A third round pick is a high price for a possible Okung-lite, though. All our TEF targets were still on the board so it’s not like it was either ReesO or nothing till the fifth round.

          • Volume12

            No it’s not.

            It was a freakin’ comp pick man. A virtual 4th round selection.

        • GeoffU

          Injuries are a concern, but the last one was a broken ankle. Should come back at 100%

    • Kullris

      I don’t know why everyone was freaking out. So far I have loved every pick. I remember at the end of last season and the interviews with PC/JS they talked about getting that swagger back, which I can see them doing with each and every pick they have made so far.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Well I think Reed falling was a big shake-up to their plan. And I think Fackrell got stolen from them by Green Bay

      • Kullris

        Were the Hawks looking at Fackrell?

  43. Kenny Sloth

    Hassan Ridgeway scheme fit for Colts?

    Better attacking 3-4 DL available

  44. bigDhawk

    Ewes get a TE and Pharoh Cooper for their absurdly overpriced QB.

  45. bigDhawk

    What is that big, purple plastic thing JS is carrying around in the war room?

  46. icb12

    Patriots took my guy Malcolm.

    I have to watch him haul in TDs for New England. ..


  47. bigDhawk

    …and Tyler Ervin goes to Houston. That’s OK. I like Prosise better.

  48. Kenny Sloth

    Tyler Ervin to the Osweilers everybody

    • icb12

      Houston drafting speed.


  49. troy

    David Onyemata gone

  50. bigDhawk

    Close your eyes, Trevor. Don’t look at the Saints that just took David Onymata.

    • Trevor

      Crap!!!!!!!! Saints took my two favourite and most explosive DL prospects in the entire draft. Rankins and Oneymata.

      I bet it gets a bad draft grade because all the analysts will say it is way too early. In 3 years this guy will be a top 10 penetrating DT in the league mark my words.

      Saints must have their own version of TEF set up.

  51. bigDhawk

    Billing finally off the board, fittingly to the Bengals.

  52. Volume12

    This is what I don’t get.

    We wanted Seattle to get back to the being the bully.

    Guess what guys? They listened! They knew.

    This draft class for me, = 100% bully.

    And now the majority of fans are like ‘yeah, but…. ‘we coulda got so and so.’

    What’s it tell ya about those guys if Seattle passed on them 3 different times?

    They don’t have the character, chip on shoulder, heart, physicality, they want.

    • sdcoug

      Re: Odhiambo.

      All you have to do is look at some of the more obscure (less name recognition) O-lineman coming off the board in the 4th, and we’re not even close to being near the end of round 5. There’s every chance another org liked Odhiambo enough to take him before us.

      Just cause WE focused on “tef” guys in the lead-up to the draft doesn’t make this the wrong pick. 31 other teams haven’t seen the value or need yet to select McGov/Dahl

    • bigDhawk

      “Bully” is not how I would describe this draft, necessarily. Just very solid so far.

      Again, ReesO is the only big outlier. They didn’t pass on our TEF targets due to any unreported injury concerns because they drafted an injured player instead. What it tells us is either we are wrong about TEF and it’s value to the team or they are, and they blew a chance to get a solid center prospect like McGovern or Dahl.

      • Volume12

        What if he wasn’t an outlier?

        How de we know what he woulda done healthy?

        What are his spring testing numbers? That’s more indicative of the type of athlete he is. Not a pro day on a bum ankle.

        • bigDhawk

          That may be so. We’ll see. What we DO know is ReesO was never a name we discussed and he was taken – injuries and all – ahead of players we discussed in depth that were at the top of the physical profile we identified. Just a big question mark, not necessarily good or bad at this point.

  53. icb12

    Thinking Cajuste Goes to Green Bay at the end of this round

    • bigDhawk

      They pass on him…

  54. Volume12

    TEF does not make a good football players.

    Why are you guys subsribing to that?

    • icb12

      C’mon man.

      Half the guys commenting on this board have been saying exactly that for the last month.

      It’s a point thats been beat like a rented mule for the last three weeks.

      • Rob Staton

        icb12 — you’ve totally missed the point on TEF if you thought it was ever projecting ‘good players’.

        It was a formula designed based on Seattle’s draft trends and Tom Cable’s admitted ‘ideals’.

        TEF was used to project what the Seahawks might do in the draft on the OL. That is it. It was never used to project who was good or bad.

        • icb12

          I’m pretty sure you misunderstood me.

          I was responding to V12.
          TEF does NOT indicate if a player will be good. Guys have been saying that on here for a while now.

      • sdcoug

        I think what he means is TEF was developed to identify guys who possess athletic qualities the hawks seem to covet.

        What TEF doesn’t do is necessarily indicate that player IS or ISN’T a good player

        • JimQ

          IMO- One of the weaknesses of TEF is that all players aren’t equally tested in the drills that TEF relies upon. Some are not testing at all due to injuries, others maybe cause they don’t feel ready for testing or over reliance on pro-day #’s, spring workout #’s which may or may not be completely accurate (hand held times, fast fingered stop watches, etc.)

          Bottom line, TEF is still a very useful tool for judging how athletic players measure up, compared to each other which is kind of the point.

    • Trevor

      I liked ONeymata as a player / DT with great quickness and movement skills. The TEF score was just a bonus.

      I am happy with the draft no matter what happens today. The bully is back at C Link

    • V12

      What do Ifedi and Odhiambo have in common?

      33″ arms or longer.

      And who knows what Odhiambo woulda done healthy?

      How many guys sit out their pro days and complain like little girl about a sore knee or sore hamstring?

      Odhiambo was not far removed from having surgery on his ankle and still performed.

      That shows he wants to play this gane. Love’s it, breathes it, eats it. Also showed trenendous heart and character.

      • Trail Hawk

        Well said. We didn’t see it, but in hindsight should of.

    • bigDhawk

      Well, yeah, we’ve been talking about TEF not to predict future performance but to predict who the Seahawks might pick on OL. We passed on the top remaining TEF prospects for an oft injured player. That’s what everyone is wondering about.

  55. Volume12

    Jim Nagy one of the best scoutd in the business, said that Jarran Reed was the best run-stuffer he’s seen in years.

    And Ryan Kelly was the best C prospect he’s seen in years.

    Seattle liked Kelly. They realky did.

  56. Hughz

    Any thoughts on what position we draft next? LB, WR?

    • bigDhawk

      Whatever the position it will be a name we’ve never discussed or heard of.

  57. Kenny Sloth

    QB 3, 1, 2, 1
    RB 1, 1, 2, 1
    OT 5, 1, 2, 2
    OG 1, 1, 3, 1
    OC 1, 1, 2, 0
    WR 4, 3, 2, 5
    TE 0, 1, 2, 1

    DE 3, 6, 4, 1
    DT 4, 5, 5, 4
    LB 2, 5, 3, 5,
    DS 2, 2, 3, 2
    CB 4, 5, 5, 4

    PLACEKICKER 0, ONE, 0, 0

    • Kenny Sloth

      7 QB
      5 RB
      10 T
      6 G
      4 C
      13 WO
      4 TE

      14 DE
      18 DT
      15 LB
      9 S
      18 CB

      And a second round kicker

      • Kenny Sloth

        49 offense

        75 defense

        ….And a second round kicker

        • GeoffU

          In a pear tree?

  58. Trevor

    Saints traded up to get Onemayata my guess is Min wanted him too he seems like a Mike Zimmer project. Too bad for the kid he never got to go to Minn with one of the best DL coaches in the game.

  59. Ed

    V12, I haven’t seen many people trashing the draft as much as you defending it. I would say most people are pretty happy with the draft. Relax and enjoy, a long wait until the Hawks pick again.

    I would have preferred to stay away from another G in the 3rd and maybe went DE somewhere there, but I like the Hawks draft. Possibly 2 OG, 1 DT to stop the run and maybe get some push up the middle on passing downs, a at worst 3rd down back that could probably do a lot more and an all-around TE.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Last night some guy was ranting until we started talking up Odhiambo’s potential.

    • sdcoug

      Very solid class that checks a lot of boxes. Hard-nosed players

    • Volume12

      Sorry Ed. I’ll contain my excitement for ya.

      There’s more Seahawk fans out there. It doesn’t just pertain SDB.

  60. bigDhawk

    There goes Boehm…to the Cards. πŸ˜›

  61. Trevor

    I loved the trade up in Rd #2 but man if sucks having to wait almost 2 rounds for a pick.

    • HOUSE

      40 more picks to go!

    • sdcoug

      It’s a tough wait, but think of all those fans of 31 teams who said “dang, I wish our team had 3 thirds!”

      • Veryal

        I can’t imagine being a rams fan. 1st pick and then none until day 3.

        • sdcoug

          Brutal. Next year will be lean too

        • HOUSE

          @sdcoug and @veryal… EXACTLY

          The craziness of the draft is we got 2 guys we WANTED/COVETED @ #31 (after trading from #26) by #49.

          We don’t have many holes and we have definitely addressed the NEEDS.

          The Rams dropped everything into Goff. If he doesn’t pay off, man oh man…

  62. Ron Hendred

    Christian French is the best option for OLB. Great kid. 6’5, 250, 4.7 40, would of easily been a day 2 pick if not a pectoral injury which is fully healed!

  63. Kenny Sloth

    Damn. I did a piece on both Deiondre’ Hall and Evan Boehm

    • bigDhawk

      Not going to be much left of the names we’ve discussed at 171.

  64. Volume12

    Thank you Rob.

    I’m not disagreeing about TEF. I think it’s brilliant work.

    But, some guys seem to think becausr you introduced us to it, thatit means anyone who doesn’t meet it, isn’t a good player.

    And Odhiambo might have. We have no idea.

  65. bobbyk

    I never thought about Reed being a potential pick because I thought he’d be long gone by the time we picked at #26. If anything, he’s just like the James Carpenter pick (dominant lineman at Alabama when we wanted to improve physicality), except I never thought Carpenter was very good (although he finally had a legit year in his 5th year for the Jets).

    Thinking Reed would be gone at #26, the thought of him being our second round pick was pure fantasy.

    As disappointed as I am not to get Fackrell and/or Hargrave, I “get it” with all the picks. How fun would it be for us to get a guy like Dahl in the fifth? lol

    Speaking of guys who are still available, people talked about Westerman being a potential first round pick, too. He’s still there and it’s almost the fifth round.

    • C-Dog

      I would watch for the potentially of Travis Feeney in the 5th. IMO, his upside is up there with Fackrell.

    • Darnell

      If you told me a team left the draft with Reed and Ifedi I would have guessed that their first pick was at 15-20.

    • Ron Hendred

      Fackrell overated and has an injury they could hurt him long term. He can’t cover in open space.

  66. bigDhawk

    Baltimore takes Willie Henry.


    • H M Abdou

      Baltimore is having a great draft (what else is new?).

  67. Darnell

    The more I dig in, the more I LOVE the Vannett pick.

    A pretty damn ferocious, ruthless (damn near dirty) blocker. I think there’s plenty of untapped receiving potential too given that the Bucks had Elliot, Thomas, Miller, Marshall and QBs that run.

    Big dude too, who’s floor I think is Matt Spaeth; a supersized blocker who can use his height to post up in short yardage/red zone. His ceiling? Well, there’s a couple guys that come to mind but it’s almost blasphemous to say.

    • bigDhawk

      Right there with ya. LOVE the Vannett pick. I’ve been clamoring for Zach’s replacement ever since we lost him. Mission accomplished.

      • Darnell

        And, I don’t think it reflects upon Jimmy/Luke at all.

        It allows both to detach from the line, where they’re both better off.

    • Trevor

      Agree completely. Love the pick particularly with a young developing OL. A great blocking TE is a huge asset.

      • Darnell

        He’s got some of that douche bro to his playing style too, in a good way. Gronk and Kelce have that, Shockey had it, Bavaro had it.

      • sdcoug

        I’m just gonna pat myself on the back cause I advocated this pick and need awhile back. If the Hawks ever need someone to get 1 pick out of 9 correct, they should give me a call as I’m currently available haha

    • Forrest

      Just from watching a few highlights, even when he’s half-ass blocking he looks great. Vannett is essentially the Hawks “traditional” TE of the future. He probably won’t put up many stats, but he will be a better blocker than Willson and Graham from day one, and that’s valuable.

  68. Ed

    2 positions of somewhat need for me:


    • C-Dog

      DE, Judon, Blair, McCalister, Fanaika, Cowser

      LB, Feeney, Wallace, Weatherly, Jatavis Brown, Striker

      Some players are definitely still there.

      • Volume12

        Fanaika is a stud.

        Was JS looking at him or DB/LB Tevin Carter?

  69. Nate

    Travis Feeny is who I am hoping we can pick up in the fifth. I am shocked that Kenneth Dxon is still available at this point but we already have Prosise so not a need.

    • Nate

      And as soon as i say that Dixon is gone bot ohh well.

  70. bigDhawk

    Ravens reading our mail – Willie Henry at 132 and Kenneth Dixon at 134.

  71. Saxon

    Can someone tell Bucky Brooks to stop speaking into the fan?

  72. Darnell

    Hawks obviously read the tea leaves on McGovern, Dahl, Westerman, Haeg appropriately.

    Good testers, yes. But obviously the football people aren’t loving the film.

  73. HOUSE

    Dak Prescott went to DAL

  74. bigDhawk

    Girls get their Quincy Carter 2.0 QB – Dak Prescott.

  75. Trail Hawk

    I maid the mistake of disregarding the tight end position this year, thought they’d address it in late rounds or UDFA. In retrospect I was a fool. Caught off guard by it but now LOVING the Vannett pick.

    • Darnell

      I think we may all have underrated what a crucial and important stud of a football player Zach Miller was. His importance may have got lost in the video game numbers that Gronk & Jimmy were putting up.

      • sdcoug

        Loved your douche bro comment hahaha

        • Volume12

          I know I did.

          Totally thought they were moving away from TEs like Vannett.

          But, he’s got that Gronk to him.

          Thinks he’s a pretty cool guy. But, I like that!

          Figured they would draft a TE, but thought it would be much later.

  76. Volume12

    That’s a good pick for Dallas.

    • C-Dog

      Yeah, I was kinda hoping he would be a Hawk.

  77. bigDhawk

    Those Gronk and Sherm jerky commercials are kinda awesome.

  78. HOUSE

    Cardale “12 Gauge” Jones goes to BUF

  79. Volume12

    I gotta say, I like Indy’s draft.

    The AFCS might actually be some good football.

    RD1 Ryan Kelly, C ‘Bama (Doug Baldwin’s guy)
    RD2- TJ Green, DB, Clemson
    RD3- Le’Raven Clark, OL, Texas Tech
    RD4- Hassan Ridgeway, DT, Texas
    RD4- Antonio Morrisson, LB, Florida

    • Kenny Sloth

      Attacking needs aggressively

  80. Forrest

    I still really want one of Cajuste, Braverman, or Boehringer at WR. Cajuste just has Seahawks written all over him, Braverman is super shifty and could be a hidden gem, and Boehringer is a FREAK of nature…I wouldn’t mind if they resorted him for a year. Getting Cajuste is a priority though, I guess he’s my man crush this draft…

    • Volume12

      That’s an interrsting discussion.

      They’ve never taken a WR after the 4th, their VMAC visitors at the position were late-UDFA type targets.

      Let’s see if they do in fact take a receiver after round 4.

      • Forrest

        Yeah that’s true. I think they would have to draft Cajuste, so it will be interesting. Braverman might be one of their priority undrafted guys, ditto Boehringer.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Haven’t they taken several WR in the first

    • Trail Hawk

      I worry with Boehringer the NFL will try to make us play in Europe, often. Don’t want that headache.

      • Trail Hawk

        we already travel too much.

  81. line_hawk

    I like that given their poor record in round 4, they completely skipped it this year. πŸ™‚

    • Nate

      I was just thinking the same thing yesterday when they traded up in the second.

  82. Dawgma

    Damn, 49ers took Blair and I was really hoping to scoop him in these late rounds.

  83. Troy

    Broncos took Connor Mcgovern

  84. HOUSE

    McGovern just went to DEN

  85. bigDhawk

    Of course. The Donkeys get McGovern.

  86. H M Abdou

    McGovern to Denver!

  87. ItsAboutTheDefense

    We can all agree that Rob’s Trench Explosion Formula identifies the candidates who might enter the Seahawks Technique Development Academy.
    It’s looking like there’s a second Formula that further seperates the candidates. One that relates to the mental side. Unfortunately this is information we aren’t privy to: Does the player learn well? Can he think on his feet? Does he care enough? Can he relate to his teammates? Etc..
    It means we kind of have to extrapolate who guy the player really is from whatever clues we can find. Sort of becomes a detective story.

    • sdcoug

      I’m wondering if of all the guys remaining, they felt Odhiambo had the best combination of 1) Guard toughness and upside and 2) realistic swing-tackle potential

  88. elliottatk

    There goes Connor McGovern rip

  89. Brandon

    So aside from Dahl, who are our remaining OG/OC options?

    • GeoffU


      • Brandon

        Seems more like a swing tackle, but possible.

        • Dawgma

          Hal Vaitai from TCU also.

    • Madmark

      Joe Haeg.

  90. Nate

    Dang it, Blair gone to the 9ers.

  91. bigDhawk

    Cards pick right ahead of us at 170. They better not take Cajuste.

  92. GeoffU

    Panther’s are just drafting corners

    • bigDhawk

      Throw enough at the wall, one is bound to stick.

  93. Volume12

    I like this Rashard Robinson kid.

    Tall, long arms, press man corner, plays the run. 4.3 speed. Recovery ability.

    He’s a good gamble.

  94. Shadow

    There goes McGovern. Sniff, sniff….

  95. Troy

    Seattle traded to 147!!!!!

    • bigDhawk


  96. HOUSE

    We just traded up to 147

    • HOUSE

      It was MIA’s pick… Traded to NE and then we got the pick from NE

    • bigDhawk

      We trade 243 this year and a fourth next year. Ouch.

  97. troy

    Hawks trade back up?!!

  98. Volume12

    Seahawks on the clock guys!

    • GeoffU


  99. Trail Hawk


  100. Ignorant

    The Ravens are doing flat out robbery out there.

    Stanley, Kaufusi, Judon, Henry. Think about trenches.

    Seahawks traded up with Patriots.

    • GeoffU


  101. GeoffU


  102. HOUSE

    147 for 225 and 4th rd next year

  103. HOUSE

    Quinton Jefferson, DL, Maryland

  104. Troy

    Quinton Jefferson?? And we gave up a 4th next year…

    • HOUSE

      Yeah. The comp pick we get next year should be a small move down

      • Troy

        true the Irvin comp pick had to be in their minds for that one

  105. Volume12

    There’s our hybrid D-lineman.

    This kid was productive.

    I like it.

  106. Kenny Sloth

    Panicky pick :/

  107. bigDhawk

    Quinton Jefferson, DT Maryland. uhhh…ok.

    We give up next year’s fourth for this guy? Help me out, everybody.

    • C-Dog

      Love this pick, very underrated, not much of a drop off from Bullard, I think. One gap inside penetrator. Mature player, married.

      • Martin

        Love it! Found this guy back in January. But he wasn’t a big name so he was overlooked and underrated. Watch some tape on him stayed in the back field. Got an int against Michigan off a tip by running to the ball.

  108. Kullris

    I have no idea who he is

  109. GeoffU

    Jefferson started three games in 2014 (eight tackles, one for loss) but suffered a torn right ACL against West Virginia. He came back with a vengeance for his redshirt junior year, earning honorable mention All-Big Ten honors with 12.5 tackles for loss, 6.5 sacks, interceptions, and a blocked kick.

  110. Forrest


  111. Nate

    Umm why did they feel the need to move up and draft this guy?

    • Kenny Sloth

      Size attitude

    • bigDhawk

      My question exactly.

  112. C-Dog

    Quinton Jefferson. Nice pick. Seattle got their pass rushing 3 tech. Underrated player in my view.

    • bigDhawk

      At what price, though. Was the move up necessary?

      • C-Dog

        Next year’s 4th rounder and one of this year’s 7. Seattle saw value in him. Pretty stoked about this one. I’ve mocked him to Seattle a few times.

        • rowdy

          We just got raped

          • 12er

            Chill. An early 5th now is considered equally or more valuable than a late 4th a year later. The timing matters – you get your guy now.

  113. Kenny Sloth

    We still pick this round

  114. Vista

    Bucs select Caleb Benenoch

  115. H M Abdou

    Quinton Jefferson good pick, interior rusher. Seems like a mature guy, too.

  116. Volume12

    C-dog, here’s your boy!

    Everyone wanted a pass rusher.

    This is it.

    Ony a junior, hae over 10 TFL, he s long, quick off the ball, physical, had 6.5 sacks IIRC.

    Might not be the name ya wanted, but he’s got the skill set of Blair d Tapper.

    • rowdy

      It will take him a year or two to see the field though

      • Volume12

        Maybe, maybe not.

        He gives Seattle a versatile chess piece on the D-line.

      • C-Dog

        Don’t count him out of the rotation. He’s a mature player, and they traded some value in next year’s draft to move up for me. I think he’s going to surprise some folks.

    • C-Dog

      Yup! Very excited about this one. I think Hawk fans are really going to like this guy. Good motor, mature, pure one gap penetrator. Love. This. Pick.

    • Charles

      after watching some of his tape, seems like his primary move is the swim, and it seems to work often.

      • C-Dog

        He’s got a great swim. Not super quick twitch, but neither was Bullard. Tackles with authority.

    • Kullris

      I like it

    • Madmark

      Jordan Hills replacement.

  117. Forrest

    Sounds good as a player, but I don’t dig the cost to get him.

    • C-Dog

      I think that considering what they gave up, they saw a lot of value though. Inside rush was a big need. This is what he does.

  118. Madmark

    What Seattle use to move up?

    • bigDhawk

      243 and next year’s fourth.

  119. Shadow

    “Movin’ on up” for Jefferson? Perfect!

    • H M Abdou

      Hahaha!!! Very good!

    • bigDhawk

      Was that a draft clue?

    • bjammin

      Ha, nice.

  120. Vista

    Giants pick is Paul Perkins

  121. Dawgma

    Not a fan of giving up picks like this. Seems pretty unremarkable from an athleticism standpoint too, and not unbelievably productive.

    • Lewis

      How many times has Rob talked about needing an interior DL to get 5ish sacks? They think this could be that guy.

    • GeoffU

      12.5 tfl and 6.5 for an interior guy? That’s very good production. Nearly identical 40 and 10yd split as Joey Bosa with 22 extra pounds. Good short shuttle too at 4.37 (also a hair behind Bosa).

    • chet380

      His Youtube highlight reel definitely shows pass-rushing skills.

      • Mark J

        He seems to use his hands very well.

  122. Volume12

    We still pick in the 5th, 6th, and 7th.

    Gave up a 4th next year. And? We can trade comps next year and we got a 4th round conp coming for Bruce Irvin.

    • Brandon

      Exactly, do not see the problem with this pick. People wanted a Blair/Henry type player, but they are gone. I like this pick, they’re preparing for the possible loss of Hill, or if he is unhealthy. Plus they still have another 5th and like you said, we’ll definitely get a 4th round Compensatory Pick.

    • H M Abdou

      I agree, no big deal.

    • GeoffU

      Never heard of the guy before, but now that I’ve looked into him a bit, love it!

  123. jdtjohnson

    you guys keep saying you don’t like the cost. we traded a late 4th next year for a high 5th this year. We get our hands on a guy a year earlier. Not sure how that’s “such a huge cost”. 7th rounders are not likely to make a team anyhow, so that can’t be everyone’s issue.

    • bigDhawk

      That’s all fine. He better contribute, though.

      • jdtjohnson

        he’s a 5th rounder…they don’t all contribute, especially right away. relax. 1st rounders are less than 50% successful, so cut them some slack on a 5th rounder

        • bigDhawk

          Then why throw away next year’s fourth?

          • jdtjohnson

            lol…never mind. keep your anger about a mid/late round draft pick. I’m never going to convince you of anything, so stick with what suits you

            • bigDhawk

              We could have stayed at 171 and taken someone who won’t play. That’s all I’m saying.

              • jdtjohnson

                but we did stay at 171

          • GeoffU

            They probably think next years class isn’t as good as this years.

          • drrew76

            147 this year for roughly 125 next year. That’s a perfectly reasonable deal. I’d imagine via trade chart numbers, Seattle actually got the better of the deal.

    • sdcoug

      Agreed. Let’s step away from the ledge. JS doesn’t just give away draft picks unless he sees value

    • drrew76

      We give up roughly 125 next year for 147 this year. The 7th round picks are really not of consequence. That’s a perfectly reasonable trade.

  124. Vista

    Bears pick is Jordan Howard

  125. Kenny Sloth

    QB 3, 1, 2, 3
    RB 1, 1, 2, 3, 2
    OT 5, 1, 2, 3, 2
    OG 1, 1, 3, 1, 1
    OC 1, 1, 2, 1
    WR 4, 3, 2, 5, 1
    TE 0, 1, 2, 2

    DE 3, 6, 4, 2, 2
    DT 4, 5, 5, 4, 1
    LB 2, 5, 3, 6
    DS 2, 2, 3, 3
    CB 4, 5, 5, 6, 1

    And a kicker

    • Kenny Sloth

      Another rb

  126. Troy

    there goes Dahl to the lions

  127. H M Abdou

    Dahl to Detroit

  128. bigDhawk

    Dahl to Detroit.

  129. Kenny Sloth

    Joe Dahl to Detroit

    • Kenny Sloth

      Good fit for him

  130. Forrest

    Another one bites the dust…

  131. Volume12

    Giving up a 4th next year is irrelevant. We have 2 anywas.

    Even if Jefferson doesn’t see the field, it’s okay to draft for future needs.

    Why would Tapper, Blair, Hargrave, etc. see the field early but not this guy?

    Very underrated. In any othe draft year, he’s a 3rd round talent,

    • C-Dog

      Yup! I think he will probably see some action in the NASCAR, he’s built for that. Telling y’all he will be a fan favorite, me thinks! GO HAWKS.

      • Volume12

        C-dog, your one of my favorite guys here at SDB to talk, debate, and discusd with.

        You called this one buddy! Very cool.

        Point is, I trust your eye.

        • C-Dog

          Thanks, Buddy. I appreciate that! Yeah, you’re totally a big fav of mine, as well.

  132. Kullris

    I still see westerman and allen are still on the board hmm…

  133. Vista

    Detroit’s pick is Joe Dahl

  134. Kenny Sloth

    Double double down on the trenches

  135. Trail Hawk

    I still want Cash.

    • bigDhawk

      Don’t we all.

      • H M Abdou

        I carry credit and I Kerry Cash (for all you posters of a certain age!)

      • GeoffU

        Cajuste will be our next pick. That’s all I got left πŸ™

  136. Nate

    I hope we get Travis Feeny with our next pick. We already selected two offensive lineman and can pick up more in free agency.

    • C-Dog

      Feeney or Aaron Wallace.

  137. Kenny Sloth

    I think we wanted mcgovern

    • Kenny Sloth

      Gave him up for Reed

      • 12er

        If they really wanted him they would have got him. They wanted Odhiambo to be their OT pick that’ll transition inside

  138. Vista

    Washington’s pick is Matt Ioannidis

  139. Ehurd1021

    we needed a nickle pass rusher…. and they moved up to get their guy

  140. Trail Hawk

    2 OL, 2 DL, RB, and a TE, What are needs now? Who’s still there? Never have too many Pass Rushers!

  141. icb12


    Combo of Reed and Jefferson could be nasty – together they make the complete package.

  142. CharlieTheUnicorn

    IN OUR VIEW: A two-year starter, Jefferson started as a defensive end as a sophomore before moving inside as a junior in 2015, finishing among the team leaders in tackles for loss and sacks – takes a business-like approach to the field because it is more than a game due to his family dynamic. He has a basketball background and moves well for a 290+ pounder, showing the early quickness to launch off the line of scrimmage and infiltrate the backfield. But Jefferson gets himself in trouble when he allows his pads to rise and base to narrow, allowing offenses to successfully run at him.

    Although his effectiveness drops if he doesn’t win with quickness off the snap, Jefferson has the athletic traits and workable frame to be a quality three-technique in a defensive line rotation.

    –Dane Brugler (4/28/16)

    • GeoffU

      It’s cool, if they run at him Reed will have his back and b-slab that RB

  143. line_hawk

    I said it above. 4th round is Hawks weakness. Good they got rid of next year’s 4th as well.

    Not enough info on Jefferson. Lets get to YouTube.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Yes, sir

    • C-Dog

      You will love his highlight reel on YouTube. Fun player to watch.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Very Vernon Butler light. Clean pass rusher though

  144. Forrest

    So, maybe WR or DB next?

  145. Kullris

    I am surprised that alex collins and devon cajuste are still on the board

  146. Vista

    Eagles’ pick is Wendell Smallwood

  147. sdcoug


    Go watch his highlight reel before immediately judging. Some really nice penetration there.

    • Mark J

      (I wrote above also) He also seems to have good hands.

    • Lewis

      No kidding. I’m impressed. He’s not a guy that blows linemen off the bowl, but he looks great at knifing between guys. If they could build up his strength a bit more so he CAN knock guys back a little when needed, he could be extremely disruptive.

      • sdcoug

        I imagine they have one purpose in mind for him: pin your ears back and get into the backfield. If he gets knocked off-base, you still have Bennett, Reed, Rube, Bobby to deal with

  148. Volume12

    During the season, this is why Iost whwhat games Seattle scouts are at.

    Every pick so far, they scouted that game in person.

    Jefferson is a production machine.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Some of the meh production at DT on 3rd downs have been put on notice…… produce or you are going to be gone by game #1 in 2016. (Williams / Marsh / everyone else on DL)

      • Volume12

        * I post what games Seattke scouts are at it shoulda said

      • C-Dog

        Williams is already gone. Marsh is edge. I think Jordan Hill might want to come out of the gates with his hair on fire. IMO, Jefferson can legitimately push Hill.

    • bigDhawk

      Very well. For the price paid let’s see him stay healthy and contribute something.

  149. Vista

    Browns select Jordan Payton

  150. Vista

    Colts select Joe Haeg

    • Mark J

      Indy got Kelly, Clark and Haeg. Could be a complete OL makeover?

      • HOUSE

        Yeah… One of my best friends is a Colts man. With the exception of Castonzo/Mewhort, the OL needed help

      • bobbyk

        Gotta protect the franchise.

  151. RealRhino2

    Lions and Dahl, good fit/pick for both.

  152. HOUSE

    Dahl and Haeg both gone

  153. Brandon

    I think that we go with either a LB or WR. Possibility of a DB too. I’m hoping for either Feeney, Cajuste, or Charone Peake.

  154. Vista

    Bills select Jonathan Williams

  155. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Rumor, Scooby Wright might be next pick for Seattle

    • Volume12

      I think he might be too.

      Did you see him eating Skittles?

      Was that a clue?

    • Forrest

      Holy shit!! I forgot that guy even existed!! That might be awesome.

    • Kullris

      Do we need another ILB or an OLB?

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        simple answer… yes, for depth pick

    • RealRhino2

      Hope not. Doesn’t seem like what we do at all. Scrappy production machine, but where’s the athleticism? Couple of corners I still like, lots of OLB prospects still available.

      • RealRhino2

        Heck, for that matter, three safeties I like, including Deandre Houston-Carson. Woot! Go Hawks!

    • C-Dog

      I’m Feeney Feeney Feeney, all the way, but would love some Scooby.

      • RealRhino2

        FWIW, I think the Bills are killing it so far. Browns are still being Browns, I think, with a good run of picks but some guys that don’t really excite.

  156. Vista

    Titans select LeShaun Sims

  157. GeoffU

    Next two picks could be any position. Probably at pure BPA right now

  158. Volume12

    Let’s get Scooby Wright man,

    He’s a mixture of Brock Coyle and Cassius Marsh.

    STs demon.

    Good developmental type.

    Tough,gritty, high football IQ, always around the ball, just makes plays.

    Plays best in big games/moments.

    • drrew76

      Yeah, I think he’s immediately a special teams starter.

    • bigDhawk

      Cajuste first.

    • Darnell

      Lol you reading from the “describe a white guy” thesaurus ?

  159. abark

    Was that Jason Hanson that announced the Dahl pick?

    • sdcoug


      • abark


  160. chet380

    Is there a sparq freak DB still out there?

    • Volume12

      S. Miss CB Kalan Reed, Colorado St CB DeAndre Elliott, Nebraska CB Daniel Davie, Auburn CB Blake Countess

      • bigDhawk

        I like Elliott – 6-1, 32 inch arms and 41 inch vert. Decent tape too.

  161. Forrest

    I would be happy with Cajuste, Feeny, Wright (interesting more than I pick I would love), or Cash maybe…

    • Mark J

      DeAndre Elliot, lots of good choices still around.

  162. HOUSE

    I didn’t realize we got 243 back from NE in the trade earlier. Initially thought it was 147 for 225 and 2017 4th rd pick.

    NE: 225 and 2017 4th rd pick
    SEA: 147 and 243

    • GeoffU

      So we didn’t even lose a pick? Basically moved next years 4th into a 5th this year? (and a high 5th, and as we all know next years 4th will be a low 4th)

      Good deal

      • HOUSE

        Exactly… The 4th rd pick next year will be essentially replaced by a comp pick so we moved up 18 spots and in the 7th rd and got another pick this year.

        • HOUSE

          *back 18 spots

  163. Vista

    Jets select Brandon Shell

  164. Nate

    Brandon Shell to the Jets. He was one I was kinda hoping for.

  165. Kenny Sloth

    QB 3, 1, 2, 3
    RB 1, 1, 2, 3, 5
    OT 5, 1, 2, 3, 4
    OG 1, 1, 3, 1, 2
    OC 1, 1, 2, 1
    WR 4, 3, 2, 5, 1
    TE 0, 1, 2, 2

    DE 3, 6, 4, 2, 2
    DT 4, 5, 5, 4, 2
    LB 2, 5, 3, 6
    DS 2, 2, 3, 3
    CB 4, 5, 5, 6, 2

    And a kicker

  166. Dtrain

    A lot of big WRs available…Cajuste, Peake, Garrett, Thomas, the German kid. Hmmm.

    • H M Abdou

      I want BOEHRINGER!

  167. CharlieTheUnicorn

    WR Cajuste or LB Wright would be nice picks in bottom of 5th

  168. Vista

    Texans select K.J. Dillon

  169. Kenny Sloth

    Ten more picks…

  170. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Dak Prescott still available?

    • Vista

      I believe he went to the Cowboys in the 3rd or 4th

      • bigDhawk

        Yup, he’s a Girl.

      • H M Abdou

        Yup, Cowboys drafted Dak.

  171. Vista

    Vikings select Kentrell Brothers

    • Mark J

      A two for one! Probably my favorite name in this year’s draft.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Nice pick in 5th round

  172. Kenny Sloth

    First rd 5 lb and s back to back

  173. Kenny Sloth

    Westerman is gonna look good next to Mitch Morse

    • bigDhawk

      Didn’t Morse go to KC? Bengals got Westerman.

      • Kenny Sloth


  174. Vista

    Bengals select Christian Westerman

  175. Volume12

    Jefferson has more than an 80″ wingspan.

    He matches what Seattle likes for their pass rushing DTs.

    10 yard split. Highly important for them. Jefferson’s is a 1.69.

    Knifes into the backfield, watch how he alters RBs lanes, creases, and keys. Impressive. Flys off the ball, elite swim move.

    He lives in the gaps. That’s a Seahawk DT.

    • bigDhawk

      Hope he becomes Clinton McDonald.

    • H M Abdou

      Excellent write up, makes 12s feel great about that pick!

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      negatives: he gets washed out of rushing plays and struggles vs double teams
      positives: can collapse a pocket or at least put pressure on QBs from the DT spot….. a need Seattle has had on and off for the last 2 years. Best part, he should only be on the field on 3rd down or 2nd or 3rd and 10+ situations, so the issues vs the rush should be minimized.

      • Kenny Sloth

        He manufactures his own pressure. Beats single teams

      • GeoffU

        Sounds like exactly what we need.

      • Beanhawk

        Well, if Quinton Jefferson starts garnering double teams in nickel, I think we’re in pretty good shape! πŸ™‚

    • sdcoug

      As I posted above, I think they have one job in mind for him: pin his ears back and get into the backfield. If he gets knocked off-base, you still have Bennett, Reed, Rube, Bobby to deal with.

    • Forrest

      So really the only reason we haven’t focused on this guy is because of injuries? With all that info I’m no longer surprised or upset with the pick. Thanks V12!

    • C-Dog

      Solid, solid pick. Kid’s going to come in and work his backside off. I think if he stays healthy, he’s going to be a fan favorite.

      Thanks for the props above, Volume 12. If you didn’t catch my response, you are absolutely one of my favorite contributors here. Really appreciate your insight, and football smarts. You’re a solid dude to chat with.

    • bobbyk

      I have never seen many DTs “juke” the way he does. I can’t believe how impressive it is. That’s a mans-man rushing the pass rusher. Love the pick. That “juke” might allow him to be somewhat effective as a rookie! I remember the way Warren Sapp would “juke” or studder-step before attacking with quickness. Bruce Irvin has absolutely zero “juke” ability. Jefferson has it. It’s not something you can teach or time either, you either have it or you can hope to get it a little bit… I’m impressed.

      • C-Dog

        Yup. Solid pick at this stage.

  176. Vista

    Chiefs select Kevin Hogan

    • bigDhawk

      I kinda liked Hogan ans a possible BUQG target.

      • bigDhawk


    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Solid back-up, could eventually become a starter in 2 years. Winner.

      • Volume12

        I’ll second that.

        Or 3rd, 4th it. Haha.

        I’m a big fan of QB Kevin Hogan,

        Woulda been a great fit for us.

  177. bigDhawk

    Trevor Davis a nice pick for the Cheese at 163.

  178. Volume12

    Next pick might be a wideout.

    WR coaches in the war room.

    WR, LB, or CB.

    • bigDhawk



      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Cajuste…. the draft would be an A then……. HR pick for Seattle

      • bigDhawk

        Or Boehringer.

      • H M Abdou

        German Megatron

        • Volume12

          Boehringer, Charone Peake, Cajuste.

          There’s also Tulsa WR Keyarriss Garrett and Udub’s Jaydon Mickens.

          W. Mihigan WR Daniel Braverman is electric. COD skills are unreal. Impossible to tackle, runs routes like Baldwin.

        • HOUSE

          Measureables comparison they just had on NFL Network shows he is very similar to Mike Evans

  179. Vista

    Packers select Trevor Davis

  180. bigDhawk

    Vaitai to the Iggles. Solid.

  181. Kenny Sloth

    Vaati Vaitai is an Eagle

    • Ignorant

      I loved him as LG prospect.

  182. Forrest

    Well, all the TEF guys are gone…

  183. Nate

    Vaitia taken. Last Tackle I really wanted.

  184. Volume12

    I wonder if Seattle would take Udub DL Taniela Tupuo and convert him to FB.

    He worked out as one and ran FB drills at his pro day.

    It’s uncany how comparable his athletic measurements and #s are to Will Tukuafu’s.

    • sdcoug

      Don’t forget Kache Palacio

  185. C-Dog

    Interesting that Jack Allen is still on board. Feeney there. Scooby Wright. Cajuste. Jeremy Cash there too.

  186. Michael (CLT)

    Have some fun guys. Enjoy seeing your favorite players get drafted. Having the players get drafted by other teams validates everyone’s analysis.

    The negative attitudes and absolutes are really a downer.

    Have fun guys. This is a game.

    • sdcoug

      Great post.

  187. Kenny Sloth

    We’re on deck

    • Kenny Sloth

      Working ☎

      • bigDhawk

        Did we trade up again?

  188. chet380

    C’mon, boys — how about some CB possibilities.

  189. bigDhawk

    DJ Reader to Texans. I thought he looked like Mebane’s twin.

    • C-Dog

      Good player for them.

  190. Vista

    Browns select Spencer Drango

    • bobbyk

      Heard they were going to take Ivan Drago. πŸ™‚

  191. J

    Don’t mind giving up the future 4th because it’ll be easy to get a new one.

    We got a third for moving down five spots this year. No reason why we can’t do that again.

    • bobbyk

      That’s a good point.

      You do have to realize though that it is abnormal to get a third the way we did it. Supply and demand. We only got a 4th a few years ago in the Vikings trade. But agreed. We can and probably will get it back.

  192. HawkFan907

    I’m hoping for Feeney, wouldn’t be surprised at Elliot though. I could also see D.J. Hunter coming in here earlier than expected.

  193. Vista

    Lions select Antwione Williams

  194. bigDhawk

    Hey, how bout that 400lb Baylor TE? Anybody in on him?

  195. Lewis

    What happened to 247?

  196. H M Abdou

    Moritz Boehringer would be terrific

    • bigDhawk

      Him or Cajuste. Cajuste is probably a better run blocker so that likely gives him the edge.

  197. Volume12

    Boise St’s Marcus Henry is a possibility at C too.

  198. Trevor

    I think Cajuste, Feeney or another LB / Special Teamer. Or the annual 5th round DB.

  199. Vista

    Cardinals select Cole Toner

  200. C-Dog

    Going to think Scoob, Feeney or Wallace here. Possibly, Cash, maybe Jack Allen, or Cajuste. CB’s Mike Jordan or Seymour.

  201. HawkFan907

    On the clock!

  202. cover-2

    David Perkins or Boehringer please.

  203. elliottatk

    hoping for cajuste

  204. HawkFan907

    Wow… Another RB. Crazy!

  205. Troy

    Hawks select Alex Collins, another RB!!!

  206. Vista

    ‘Hawks select Alex Collins

  207. Ed

    Alex Collins RB

  208. Madmark

    Wow what a steal

    • Michael (CLT)

      I love this pick. Sure I would love Cajuste or Freeney, but I don’t know poop regarding there medicals or personalities. That said, Collins is truly a beast. Really stoked for 2016.

  209. Nate

    Whoaa didn’t see that coming.

  210. Kullris

    Lol Mike Salk going crazy

    • C-Dog

      Can’t wait to hear what Brock Huard has to say.

    • Mark J

      I live in California and I can hear him cheering!

  211. jdtjohnson

    alex collins RB arkasas

  212. C-Dog

    Alec Collins. Well there you go. Loaded at running back now.

  213. HOUSE

    Alex Collins, RB, Arkansas

    I wanted him instead of Prosise… interesting

  214. elliottatk

    Ale x collins?

  215. bigDhawk

    Whoa! Alex Collins. Forgot about him. Five deep at RB now.

  216. HawkFan907

    That doesn’t bode well for Christine Michael. Maybe there is more to Rawls injury than we know.

    • H M Abdou

      Yup, bye bye to my guy CMike. I have no problem with this pick, CMike has had ample opportunities, maybe no longer?

      • HawkFan907

        He has the upside of Michael without the fumbling issue. I love it.

    • LantermanC

      I can’t see why they’d be leery of Michael.

      All he did the last few games was:

      16 carries 84 yards against CLE.
      6 carries 6 yards against STL (admittedly the whole team stank), Bryce Brown was 7 for 9.
      17 carries for 102 yards against ARI.
      21 carries for 70 yards against MIN in an Ice Bowl where Marshawn took all the practice carries then didn’t board the plane.
      0 carries against CAR where Marshawn came back and we fell behind 30-0.
      Maybe not a guy you want being your bell cow, but that sounds about as good as half the starting RBs in the league.

  217. Volume12

    Loading up.

    Alex Collins. Stud back, but again, didn t test well athletically due to an injury.

    One of my favorite backs in this class.

    So similar to Thomas Rawls.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn comp iin the NFL is Chris Ivory

    • James P

      Love this pick!!!

    • sdcoug

      Probably the highest guy left on their board. Too much value to pass up

  218. abark

    There’s a heck of a surprise

  219. bobbyk

    James Carpenter turned into Alex Collins!

  220. drrew76

    Christine Michael is going to be in a really tough battle to make the 2016 roster.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      If they only carry 1 FB, then there is plenty of room.

  221. Forrest

    I mean…ok, they must be doing BPA at this point…

  222. Saxon

    Bye-bye Christine Michael. You won’t be missed.

  223. J

    Called both of these picks in last nights threasld. trading a 2017 pick to move up to get a nickle pass rusher. And drafting a second RB.

    • darrenlk

      I remember that call..kudos !

    • bjammin

      Not bad at all.

  224. ]Ben-Ft. Worth TX

    Wow!!!! 2 bad ass RB’S???!! I guess we don’t have to worry about finding that UDFA RB this year. Lol

    No Cajuste or Feeney?

  225. Vista

    Cleveland selects Rashard Higgins

  226. Burner

    Does this selection suggest Rawls’ injury is worse than thought?

    • elliottatk

      I really hope not, but it seems like from all past reports that Rawls will be ready to go at the start of the season.

      • darrenlk

        I think its an indictment of c-mike…the only reason he came back was rawls ankle and lynchs’ hernia issue.

  227. GeoffU

    This has turned into a fun draft. What was his injury?

  228. Nate

    How many Receivers is Cleveland going to take?

  229. Brando

    alex collins might be a full back thats what im thinking.

    • bigDhawk

      He’s not big enough. We are obviously hedging our bets on a starting RB. Rawls might not be ready to start the season and Prosise is going to be a third down specialist. That leaves just
      CMike for early downs. Collins should compete for that role till Rawls gets up to speed.

      • j

        C-Mike might not even make the team. Only guaranteed 25k. Only a Seahawk because no one else would take him.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Or Prosise is a FB

    • GeoffU

      With Vannett, we don’t need a fullback

  230. Vista

    Browns select Trey Caldwell

  231. Forrest

    I don’t dislike the pick, but PC/JS continue to confuse me…offensive draft for sure…

  232. bobbyk

    Lots of young blood for the offense. Five offensive players through five rounds (four offensive players through three rounds).

    Love the Reed/Jefferson pick(s) for the defense, too.

    Broken hearted about Fackrell and Hargrave getting so close to us in the third, but really do like this class so far.

  233. Volume12

    We are so deep at RB

    Collins is a Spencer Ware, backup RB.

    Prosise replaces Freddy Jackson, Ricardon Lockette as a gunner, and gives us a Harvin like weapon.

    I love what Seattle is doing.

    This kid is a steal.

  234. Greg Haugsven

    Being the Bully. That’s what Schneider said and the picks are just that. All the picks so far except Prosise are bully type players.

    • C-Dog

      Yup. Promise gives us a very interesting Offensive Weapon. As Dennis Leary said in Draft Day “I got a team full of Tarzans, I could use a Jane.” Love this freaking draft.

    • MarkinSeattle

      Procise is 6-0, 220. He consistently fell forward for an extra yard or two. I don’t agree that he is not a bully, especially considering what he has done on special teams. He might not be a bowling ball, dive into the line. But he is definitely hard nosed.

      • bjammin

        Schneider mentioned a couple times that he needs to learn to finish. I don’t think he finishes like Rawls or Collins, but he’s a receiver in the backfield and homerun threat and still getting better. I think he’s the touchdown maker Pete always likes. Pete loves a loaded backfield, has just had luxury of Lynch the last number of years. I think he wants them all to battle it out and play the hot hand and keep the running game fresh. For anyone thinking the Seahawks might go to more of a passing game, think again.

  235. C-Dog

    Ifedi, Reed, Proisise, Vannett, Odhiambo, Jefferson, Collins. The Seattle Seahawks are getting back to the bully basics. Outstanding draft thus far.

    • bjammin

      Agree. Meat and potatoes.

  236. peter

    V12…excellent shout early on this one!!

    • Volume12

      Thanks man.

      Please come back more often! πŸ™‚

  237. Scottie

    By picking Collins, I wonder if the plan is to use Prosise as a Harvin-lite: line him up in the slot and in the backfield, throw bubble-screens and flairs in the flat. And they’ll use Collins and the traditional “back-up” RB to Rawls (or 3rd RB is Michael is the 2).

  238. Vista

    49ers select Fahn Cooper

  239. elliottatk

    Niners Take Cooper Fahn

  240. HOUSE

    Thoughts on the RB situation (as it stands)

    Rawls: Our starter and will be ready for Week 1. I don’t expect much of him at all in the preseason

    Prosise: A former WR and can line up as one. Similar to Fred Jackson. COP guy

    Collins: Traditional RB in our mold. Sheds tackles and is great at one-cut, hole blasting

    Michael: Showed some upside (always been there, just can’t hold it all together). I think he’ll be in for the fight of his career coming training camp/preseason

    • Troy

      House, shows that Collins only broke 5 tackles in his last 475 carries so he does not shed tackles

    • MarkinSeattle

      Procise weighs more than Collins does (220 v 217). Just because he can catch the ball well, doesn’t make him just a change of pace back.

      Collins is a challenge to C Mike.

  241. Vista

    Chargers select Jatavis Brown

  242. bigDhawk

    Fahn Cooper to the Whiners. We talked a lot about him before TEF.

  243. C-Dog

    Feeney in R6 would be an absolute steal.

  244. Volume12

    Seattle can carry 4 RBs, because Collins mightebe a Derrick Coleman like FB.

    Rawls is fine. He’s our 1, but we need insurance.

    C-Mike needs to pushed and hard. Check.

    Prosise gives us a weapon we’ve ben looking for since Harvin didn’t pan out, and is our 3rd down back according to PC.

    Collins might be a RB/FB mix. Or anothet backup if C-Mike gets cut or Prosise needs more time to develop.

    Remember guys, CJ isn’t a true RB. He’s different.

    • C-Dog

      Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking. They tried Ware at FB. Seem to always be laboring to have a playmaker at that position. This is going to be an interesting back field for sure.

    • MarkinSeattle

      I agree that Procise will line up all over the field. We will likely see him on the field with Rawls a good chunk of the time.

  245. Nate

    Can anyone explain why Cleveland has picked 5 different receivers? No way they can keep that many. If I was a Browns fan I would be pissed.

    • icb12

      RGIII airing it out this year …..


    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      The washed out the whole WR class….. one is projected to TE I think

    • HOUSE

      – Josh Gordon is probably gone for good… Can’t leave weed alone.
      – Travis Benjamin left (versatile WR and returner)
      – Cut Dwayne Bowe

      They need a major overhaul at the position… Hue Jackson has always had good WRs

    • Mark J

      And it’s not unlike the Seahawks have done. Identify a need and go all out to address it.

    • j

      Especially since Cody Kessler is only capable of completing screens to running backs.

  246. icb12

    I think writing off CMike might be a mistake at this point.

    • Saxon

      Why? He was waived twice last season. He is a borderline NFL player. Why some people hang on to this guy mystifies me. He’s all potential no production. Those guys last a couple of seasons then they’re exposed as frauds and cut.

      Collins will trounce him in preseason, but I doubt Michael makes it out of training camp. If the FO really trusted him they wouldn’t have cut him and then drafted two more backs in the off season. Buh-bye.

      • H M Abdou

        Fair point, and you may well be right, CMike may be out the door. But I agree with icb12 that it’s not automatic. They all still have to compete with each other. If Alex and CJ beat out CMike, then that’s great for the team (and shame on CMike for losing job to a couple of rooks).

        We’ll see how everything turns out.

  247. Kenny Sloth

    Prosise to FB anyone?

    • Nate

      I would think Alex Collins would move there over Prosise.

      • MarkinSeattle


        Also, Procise has been a RB for one year. Collins doesn’t shed tackles (5 in 475 carries), isn’t fast, but can dive into the pile.

    • GeoffU

      Too valuable elsewhere. I’m thinking Vannett with 2 TE sets and as a Joker/FB at times

      • Kenny Sloth

        They love hands at fb. Spider y banana cuz.

        • GeoffU

          Vannett can do that. Prosise was a WR, no way he can block.

  248. Vista

    Broncos select Andy Janovich

    • Madmark


  249. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Charone Peake WR Clemson is still available? Does anyone know why he slipped so far?

    6’2″ 209 4.37 40 at pro day

    • Coug1990

      Because the Seahawks were disappointed with the last player they drafted with a female first name?

      • JustMeMyself&!

        Charone is not a “female” name.

  250. Madmark

    Early to begin with Rob did article about Alex Collins in the 3rd round so at 171 this is a Steal. I just felt this was going offensive draft and its all that with a definite edge to continue to Run the football. I think CM time is limited here.

  251. Vista

    Rams pick Temarrick Hemingway

  252. bigDhawk

    A lot of teams having really good drafts. Speaks to the depth of this class.

  253. Volume12

    Collins is the perfect one cut runner for this scheme.

    Runs hard between the tackles, elusive, has those shifty shoulders that Lynch had. He’s another tough guy.

    Checks off the adversity box. Grew up rough in Southern Florida. Has that type of swag.

    He runs like a grown a** man. Looks like one too.

    Mom stole his LOI to Arkansas because she wanted him to stay close to home and go to Miami. He lived with his HC in HS, becausr his mom is rumored to have some mental healty issues.

    He never knew his dad, but hae to track him down to sign-off on his LOI because they couldn’t find his mom.

    Another draft pick that fell due to testing poorl because of injury.

    • Mark J

      And this is the gritty back story that the Seahawks love.

    • Michael (CLT)

      12, tell me you are on a cell phone or enjoying a brew, cause your spelling gets worse by the hour ?

      • Volume12

        Nope. I don’t drink.

        My typing is so bad. Agreed. I do apologize for that.

        The spell check on my tablet doesn’t work.

        I need an edit button.

        • Michael (CLT)

          Just ribbing ya. Love your insights. Be well.

  254. Vista

    Chiefs select DJ White

  255. TannerM


  256. Vista

    Chargers select Drew Kaser

  257. HOUSE

    Boehringer to Vikings

  258. New Guy

    Alex Collins says he was used a lot in pass pro. Might be indicative of how they see him being used (in part) in Seattle.

  259. bigDhawk

    Vikes get Boehringer.

  260. Vista

    Vikings select Moritz Boehringer

  261. Vista

    Jags select Tyrone Holmes

    • Trail Hawk

      Jags are getting scary good.

      • bigDhawk

        Have they even taken an offensive player this draft?

  262. Forrest

    Ok, so before the 6th round pick here are my thoughts so far:

    Ifedi starts at RT, Rees works as a backup G year one.

    Reed and Rubin on 1st and 2nd down, Jefferson and Hill on 3rd and long.

    Vannett starts next to Willson and Graham as a conventional every down TE, but doesn’t get Willson’s or Graham’s targets.

    CJ is the primary 3rd down back, and Collins spells Rawls, and/or acts as a FB.

    I still want a WR and a LB. But both of those can be answered in UDFA.

    Overall grade so far: -A

    • GeoffU

      I’m really warming up to the 2TE (sometimes 3TE) 1 RB set that Cable loves. Vannett can motion into the backfield for FB when needed, and on fakes can either block or cut through the line and into a route.

      • GeoffU

        Prosise can also motion out as a WR, we also like doing that (unfortunately Turban couldn’t catch that well). Imagine the flexibility? 2 TE, 2 RB, set, but where Graham and Prosise motion out to WR’s half the time? Holy match-up nightmare from hell. This offense is going to be INSANE.

        • Forrest

          Yup, this will hopefully be a top 5 offense ALL year next year! Definitely excited!

        • bjammin


    • 12er

      Vannett will compete and get some snaps as a Y, but he’s far from a year-1 every down TE tho…

      Jefferson will compete with Hill for one spot in nickel. Bennett plays the other DT spot in nickel.

      Ifedi and Reed are week 1 starters in all likelihood.

      The RB competition will be fierce.

      • 12er

        Odhiambo will compete for a starting guard spot

        • Forrest

          With both Webb and Glowinski in the mix?

          • HOUSE

            I think he’ll play behind Webb… Groom him for the LG position. Britt will be the main backup for Webb/Glowinski.

            • 12er

              Best guess is Britt and Glow start at G, Lewis at C (unless the Sokoli lottery tickets hits), and Gilliam/Ifedi outside

  263. C-Dog

    If they land Travis Feeney at 215, I’m going to flip the @#$% out, just saying.

    • bjammin

      hope so

  264. Vista

    Ravens select Keenan Reynolds

    • Trail Hawk

      Feels like 215 is going to be WR or DB/LB hybrid. Possible QB or DE/LB.

      • Trail Hawk

        Whoops, not meant as a reply.

  265. Vista

    Bucs select Devante Bond

  266. TannerM

    Wow, Devonte Bond taken before his more notorious teammate, Striker.

  267. Volume12

    JS and Bielema are connected man.

    We just went from ‘BeastMode’ to ‘BuddaMode. That’s Collins nickname BTW.

    • Trail Hawk

      You see him Irish step dance yet?

      • chet380

        Allie O’Collins

  268. C-Dog

    Thinking there’s a chance Seattle could to QB in 6. Jeff Driskel fits the mold of athlete at the position. Maybe they go with Collins’ teammate, Brandon Allen. Allen’s pretty decent on the boots and rollouts.

    • Saxon


      Want him too, but there’s a reason a former 5 star recruit falls this far,

  269. bigDhawk

    Three picks left. If we get Cajuste, DeAndre Elliott, and maybe Striker I’ll be giddy.

    • Forrest

      Fingers crossed…

    • Trail Hawk

      isn’t it two picks?

      • Trail Hawk

        Thought we traded 225.

    • Michael (CLT)

      Two. We gave up 243 for 147

      • Trail Hawk

        we still have 247, traded 225.

        • Lewis

          But Seahawks website says we don’t have 247

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      2 picks… traded 1 7th

    • Rob Harrison

      Three. They added a 7th in that deal, too.

  270. nichansen01

    Jefferson and Collins are great picks

  271. JustMeMyself&!

    When the 6th pick comes up, do you go Feeney or Cajuste if they’re both still available?

    • HOUSE

      I think we’re done at WR… Feeney would be my pick of those 2

      • Trail Hawk

        I’m still in for Jeremy Cash.

    • Forrest

      Cajuste is more valuable I think, and he kinda fits into that bully mold the they’re going for this year.

    • Sea Mode

      Considering Prosise can be used at WR, seems less likely. Maybe pick up Jay Lee in UDFA if he lasts. There is a lot to like about him.

      • Volume12


        Seattle is gonna target 2-3 positions in UDFA.

        This UDFA class is gonna be SPARQd to the moon!

        • Ron Hendred

          Christian French might be one of their targets for UDFA

      • bigDhawk

        Definately a /slash player.

  272. Sea Mode

    Dang Pete and John look happy there in the War Room. Think we’re gonna be runnin the ball at all this season?

    *Craziness would ensue if they still took Devon Johnson at FB!

  273. Volume12

    What stands out to me about Collins?

    He’s a short-stepper. Seattle likes that in their RBs.

    Remember when I said that guys like Odhiambo’s spring testing numbers are more indicative of the type of athlete he is?

    This is why.

    Collins ran a 4.45 40, 38″ vert, broad jumped over 10 feet.

    • Sea Mode

      Boom! Nice work, V12

      BPA in action. I think we could reasonably argue that every player taken by Seattle so far today could have been in consideration for one of the R3 picks. That’s how much value we are getting!

    • Kenny Sloth

      Elite feet on Collins

  274. Kenny Sloth

    Prosise has unique vision at RB

    Idk where this narrative of Alex Collins being a good blocker came from.
    Watch the tape.

    I like how he asks the opposition to help him up

    • Volume12

      Collins has someof the best tape of any RB in this draft.

      He’s one of only three guys to rush for over 1,000 yards his first three years.

      Needs to clean up his ball security though.

      • HOUSE

        Procise is a swiss army knife… Played WR 2 years at Notre Dame and due to an injury to a teammate, move to RB. I think he’s a move player that will be a matchup nightmare.

        Collins is a monster of a RB. Has nimble feet and packs a punch. I think he’ll come in and chew up yards. Had some ball security issues last year and will need to hold onto the ball

  275. Sea Mode

    Pete kicks his feet up onto the desk. JS stretches out. Two other guys pull out a football and start playing catch.

    Our team is awesome.

  276. Ignorant

    Feeney and Cajuste for the win.

  277. Steele

    This is turning out to be a hit and miss draft, in my opinion.

    The main thing is that Cable is happy with the existing o-line and will give last year’s conversion guys (and Webb/Sowell) every opportunity. Where will Ifedi play? LT, RT or G? I am leery about Rees O. He was a reach and an injury risk, projected low rounder. Same question, is he T or G? I have seen Rees comparisons with Ali Marpet. I sure hope so.

    I think the interior o-line needed help, especially at center, a huge problem. They passed on McGovern/Dahl/Haeg/Boehm. All of them. I am very disappointed on this. They have not done anything about C, which means it’s Sokoli/Lewis again.

    They loaded at RB. Overkill? Prosise will add a different dimension to the offense. Think Shane Vereen, Tavon Austin, Harvin, etc. I like Alex Collins, a Beast lite. A committee of Rawls/Collins/Prosise? CMike is the odd one out, I think.

    Quinton Jefferson. Film looks good. He has some pass rush.

    So just as Cable seems confident in the existing o-line, looks like they are not confident in Rubin/Siliga/HIll to have gone x2 at DT in this draft.

    • Lewis

      Solo li wasn’t ready to even be part of the mix last year. We have no clue how much progress he might have made. This could be a sign that he has come a long way and is ready to compete now. If not, you would have a point.

      • Lewis

        Sokoli, stupid autocorrect

        • Steele

          They really need a long-term anchor at center. A smashmouth tough guy who makes the rest of the line work. Sorry, I don’t see it. To trust that role to a guy who is just now learning the position is a dicey. This is one reason I had been hoping for a free agent veteran for a long time. Barring that, the best of this draft. Nope.

    • Sea Mode

      Rees is a guard. And a nasty, athletic one at that.

      Sokoli taking over at C was always the plan and has not been abandoned as of yet, testified to by their keeping him on the active roster all season long last year. Didn’t want to risk losing him off the practice squad. He’s going to be something special, and I hope he can jump in this year so our re-vamped OL has years to gel together.

      Agree on CMike.

      Jarran Reed is an upgrade to Mebane, let alone Siliga. There are still hopes for Hill but we needed another guy in case he gets injured again. All just awesome depth moves.

      • bigDhawk

        ReesO sounds like competition for Glow at RG to me.

    • bigDhawk

      Jack Allen still on the board if we want to bring in another bully to compete at center.

      • Steele

        Would make my day, but I don’t think he will last much longer. And he doesn’t fit the profile of TEF, etc.

  278. Trail Hawk

    Very surprised that James Cowser is still on the board. Might not be a great ‘fit’ here and looks awkward, but he’s a production beast.

  279. bigDhawk

    Boehriner is getting more air time on NFLN than any of the first round picks.

    • Lewis

      As an international player, he’s important to them. They are doing a lot of work to increase the presence of the game in Europe by finding European players. Really interesting article about the work being done by Osi Umenyiora in this regard here:

    • chet380

      ‘Infotainment” instead of boring informative analysis.

  280. reggieregg

    The Reese Obdhiamo tape is underwelming to say the least!

    • HOUSE

      From tape I’ve seen, he’s susceptible to swim moves off the edge (main reason he’ll be better at G). Looks like a road grader in run blocking and keeps his feet moving while engaged.

  281. Al

    I know we’ve moved on from him around here but Eric Striker is still available. I’d love to take him.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      don’t give up, there still is time!

  282. Donald

    How about Tyvis Powell, FS 4.46 / 40 considered a LB/ S hybrid. Takes Irvins place.

  283. Volume12

    So about the VMAC visits.

    Ragland and Derrick Henr were smokescreens for Jarran Reed.

    Maryland’s Sean Davis was a smokescreen for DT Quinton Jefferson.

    JS and Bielema have a grear friendship and connection, hence Alex Collins.

    Seattle’s interest in Germain Ifedi and Rees Odhiambo was legit.

    And Seattle scouted Ohio St and ND more than any other teams. They scouted 1 bowl game. Fiesta Bowl between Ohio St and ND.

    There’s the Nick Vannett and CJ Prosise interest.

    • H M Abdou

      Good observations.

    • Lewis

      Don’t know how you can say those guys were smoke screens for Reed when every mock draft had him going in the second half of the first round.

      • Sea Mode

        Um, didn’t we just pick in the second half of the first round…?

        • Lewis

          But they didn’t take him until the second (though they say they considered him in the first). But it seems kind of odd to go to a bunch of trouble to deliberately disguise their intent to take a guy they don’t actually take at that spot. Tons of people had Ifedi linked to us already. There was no need for a smoke screen.

      • Volume12

        And they said they woulda went with Reed at 31.

        These media guys have idea what teams draft boards look like.

        That’s one of JS’s specialities. To know where ‘their’ guys are going. Range wise.

    • Steele

      Interesting speculation, V12. But unless you have ears within the organization, speculation.

      Maybe they had genuine interest in everyone they met. If for nothing else, to gather info.

      • Volume12


        Yes, it is speculation. Just what I’m personally thinking.

  284. CharlieTheUnicorn


    • Ron Hendred

      Travis has too many shoulder injuries surgeries! Big red flag.. I hope Seattle dine their homework. Christian French barest option at OLB/DE/TE.

  285. Kenny Sloth

    I can’t say Collins looks like a world beater to me. Probably similar ceiling to Rawls. Heartbeat of the team kind of guy. Both of these guys have great balanace.

    Prosise has a much better second gear

    • bigDhawk

      We are absolutely loaded at RB now.

    • Sea Mode

      Will be interesting to hear what they say about him in the press conference.

    • Steele


      I think you have put Prosise in a separate 3rd down/change of pace half-WR category. Bevell and his bubble screens are going to have a new life.

      • H M Abdou

        Procise for the Harvin role?

        • HOUSE

          Thats what I see. Versatile chess piece that creates matchup nightmares. Who covers him a CB, LB or S?

          • Kenny Sloth

            Especially if you put him at FB….

          • Sea Mode

            Eh, I wouldn’t be so sure about that. In the press conference they did mention his versatility to be used as a weapon, but they seemed pretty set on his upside as a RB and how he was able to adapt and grow as a RB at Notre Dame this past year. Will start out as the 3rd down back and grow from there.

            • HOUSE

              I agree Sea Mode. I just feel his versatility and moving around creates options. With drafting Collins, Prosise is definitely the COP guy and a pass catching weapon on 3rd downs as you stated.

              I don’t know about him at FB…

            • Volume12


              3rd down back they’ll develop.

              But, in empty sets they’ll use his versatility. Line him up at WR, motion him into the backfield, sreens, stuff fro college playbooks.

              Not much different than what Tyler Ervin woulda been used as.

  286. Steele

    I hate that McGovern went to the Broncos. They got Tretola, now McG. Damn Elway.

    Titans and GB have drafts that I wish the Hawks had pulled off. Damn them too.

    • Steele

      Oops. I meant Sambrailo, not Tretola. Damn Elway anyway.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Broncos used the TEF formula it appears.. damn them for stealing Robs hard work!

    • H M Abdou

      RAVENS have had the best draft, I think.

      • Nate

        I really like the Jagurs draft. They will be vastly improved I think.

    • Trail Hawk

      Jags are killing it. Fowler coming back also.

    • monkey

      Green Bay really did take quite a lot of players I had pegged as possible Seahawks picks.
      Not surprising though when you remember they picked right ahead of us.

  287. Sea Mode

    Wow, I LOVE Quentin Jefferson’s highlights. I can already hear PC at the presser: “He’s a legit interior pass rusher and is only going to get better as he grows.” Hit the nail right on the head with that pick and got it done in the 5th round at that.

    Onyemata is a cool story but is MUCH more raw and unlikely to contribute much at all this year. Our guy will contribute right away.

    I dig the juke move that bobbyk pointed out. What makes it so successful I think is the way he is able to accelerate forward after it.

    And if anyone has not seen this tackle, stop what you are doing and watch it right now. πŸ™‚ The replay afterwards from the other angle is even better. Simply one of the coolest tackles I have ever seen.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Same. He’s a steal, there

      • Lewis

        Agreed, looks great.

    • chet380

      Great pass rush highlights — the main “weakness” seems to be that he gets easily run over – a “one-trick pony”?

      • HOUSE

        He’ll be a situational pass rusher for us. Not too worried about him getting rocked back when the opposing OL is hunkering down protecting the pass.

  288. Volume12

    Seattle targeted positions that don’t have be SPARQd up. Well none do, but we know Seattle likes that.

    LG/RG, RB, TE, DT. None of those need high SPARQ scores to fill in the blanks of tape.

    2 positions that usuall do? OT and OW/ATH.

    Prosise and Ifedi.

    Seahawks got a little bit unconventional, somewhat played it safe, and I love it! Got talent and steals that fell due to an injury that affected their athletic measurements.

    Usually the prospects they take in UDFA that have high SPARQ scores are the guys they take into training camp and usually keep. Not always though.

    But, what will be cool about this UDFA class coming up, IMO they’ll all be SPARQ demons, so we won’t know who they roll with. In theory anyways.

  289. CharlieTheUnicorn


    • monkey

      Not surprising that the Jags and the Falcons have made picks that seem just so Seahawksy.
      LOVE the Falcons first round pick, Kam Chancellor version 2.0
      Those two teams (along with Oakland surprisingly) are teams on the rise, no doubt about it.

  290. Sea Mode

    Ha, took them 5 rounds, but the Jags finally selected an offensive player this year!

  291. nichansen01

    Are Feeney and Cajuste still avaliable?

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Yes. They are available…… 3 49ers picks between now and Seahawks pick……. yikes

      • Trail Hawk

        And 2 Patriots. They seem to take our guys.

      • bigDhawk

        P, LS, K.

        There’s your three Whiners picks.

    • bigDhawk


  292. Kenny Sloth

    Bill Burr = fighting irish?

    • Trail Hawk

      Bill Burr sounds like Bilbo. Bilbo was a hobbit. Hobbits traveled to Mordor. Mordor is where evil lives. “Evil will always win because good is dumb”, said Dark Helmet to Lonestar. Lonestar used the schwartz. He learned it from Yogert. Yogurt comes from dairy farms. Dairy farms make cheese…. Cheese heads… I got it, we’re trading our 215 for Aaron Rogers…

      • bigDhawk

        Hobbits get rings, too.

  293. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Allen Jack is still available

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Jeremy Cash is still available

    • bigDhawk

      You mean Jack Allen, center?

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        oh, yeah him πŸ˜›

      • Steele

        I am hoping, probably in vain, for Jack Allen. Doesn’t seem likely.

        But—somebody tell Cable “He’s a winning collegiate WRESTLER!! You love that, dontcha, Tom?”

  294. Kenny Sloth

    10 more picks

  295. nichansen01

    Buccaneers having an awful draft. Overrated Harvreaves, then a kicker in the second, and a fullback in the sixth? Are you kidding me!

    • HOUSE

      They drafted needs…

      If the kicker taken in the 2nd rd (third 2nd rd K in history) can contribute in the likes of S. Janikowski and J. Hanson, they’re set there. K has become such a vital part of foot (especially with the XP being moved back). They’ve set up nicely with OL, RB, WRs and their Franchise QB. They’re gunning for 3rd in they’re division. Any/all points count.

      We got LUCKY that Hauschka was cut by BAL when we picked him up. K was an issue for us at that time.

  296. HOUSE

    9 more picks ahead of us…

  297. Sea Mode

    Hey, the Rams might have gotten something decent at WR.

    • bigDhawk

      Too bad they didn’t get anything decent at QB.

  298. Trevor

    I think the Hawks brought Ragland and Henry in for meetings to get inside info on Reed. Same as meeting with Center Henry from Boise then drafting Rees.

  299. Brandon

    Some of the WRs still on the board:

    Devon Cajuste
    Kenny Lawler
    Charone Peake
    Marquez North
    Keyarris Garrett

    And much more

    • Sea Mode

      Gotta think SF takes one or two with their next two picks.

    • Trevor

      That is a great list can’t believe they are all still there. Really like Peake, Lawler and Cajuste.

  300. bigDhawk

    PC toting the rock in the war room.

    • Sea Mode

      Seen that. It’s all about the ball!

  301. Volume12

    Think Seattle is gonna take some form of CB, C or LB.

    QB, WR, FB in UDFA?

    One of those positions probably won’t be addressed this year. Unless they go for a veteran.

    Can’t fill all your needs or wants.

    • Volume12

      Or, does Seattle go with Cottom and Tukuafu at FB?

      • bigDhawk

        That would work. If DC is still on the roster I’d actually like to see what he could do at LB.

  302. Trevor

    I remember before the combine a ton of people were talking about the Hawks taking Collins in the 2nd or 3rd round. So to get him at the end of the 5th is great value. I guess he and CMike battle it out for that spot.

    • Sea Mode

      Yeah, I think everyone we have taken today could have easily been a 3rd rounder in another draft. I’m stoked and can’t wait for the next pick.

      I like Cash, Feeney, Cajuste, but they’ve probably got someone even better up their sleeve…

      • Trail Hawk

        34 on BP..

    • HOUSE

      I was mocking Collins in the 3rd rd. To take Prosise, I was a bit perplexed. To get him in the 5th, I was ECSTATIC!!!

  303. nichansen01

    Best draft award goes to the jags in my opinion. Ramsey, Jack, Day, Ngakoue, Holmes, Underrated qb Brandon Allen

    • H M Abdou

      Ravens, too!

    • Sea Mode

      Some very nice pieces.

  304. Del tre

    I’m thinking they have Collins as a FB HB hybrid someone to diversify the offense because tuakafu and Coleman weren’t run threats

  305. Ignorant

    Lions just picked a LS.


  306. bigDhawk

    Long snappers coming off the boar in front of us. Nice

  307. icb12

    I think it’s pretty cool that Baltimore drafted Keenan Reynolds with Annapolis being right down the road.

    • nichansen01

      Reynolds is the Braxton Miller, Terrelle Pryor, BJ Daniels type. Seems like a cool idea but never really pans out.

  308. Sea Mode

    Take them long snappers!

  309. bigDhawk

    Think I’ve decided I want Cajuste, DeAndre Elliott, and Jack Allen for our final three picks.

    • Sea Mode

      Gimme Cash, Feeney, Cajuste

    • JimQ

      DT-Justin Zimmer…….still available….

      • H M Abdou

        Yes, please.

  310. willyeye

    Alex Collins pick just got an A+ grade from Walter Football

    • HOUSE

      GREAT value pick. Could’ve been a 3rd rd guy

  311. Steele

    I’m puzzled that the Raiders took Connor Cook. Feel bad for him. Dude has starter qualities. He’s going to get paid sitting on the bench behind D.Carr, or will be trade fodder.

    • bigDhawk

      He’s a develop-and-trade player.

  312. HOUSE

    49ers selected Aaron Burbridge, WR

  313. nichansen01

    Mike Thomas and Pharoh Cooper will probably be the number 1 and 2 wideout in LA. Outside of Austin… Who else hoes Goff have to throw to? Kenny Britt…

    • Steele

      Unless they draft Kenny Lawler, reuniting him with Goff.

      Rams are going to be dangerous.

  314. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Joey Hunt – Center TCU ; Seahawks

    • nichansen01

      Yikes… He passed up on Cajuste and Feeney for hunt?

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Local radio said Feeney not going to get drafted due to shoulder surgeries

        • C-Dog

          Priority UDFA signing.

    • bigDhawk

      Where you seeing that so fast?

  315. nichansen01

    At this point I think Feeney goes undrafted.

    • Beanhawk

      I would like our odds there.

      • nichansen01

        Major injury concerns with that shoulder.

        • Beanhawk


  316. Volume12

    Here comes a C.

    A guy that fits ZB perfectly.

    I’m guessing of course.

    • HOUSE

      Good call! I don’t know much about Hunt at all

    • nichansen01