Live NFL Draft 2016 โ€” Rounds 2-3 open thread

April 29th, 2016 | Written by Rob Staton

Kenny and I will do a review at the end of round three. In the meantime, here’s an open thread…

The Seahawks traded up from #56 to #49 (Chicago) to select Jarran Reed. The move cost a fourth round pick (#124).

A lot of D-liners left the board early in round two — yet surprisingly Jarran Reed lasted. We mocked him at #16 to Detroit before the draft and yet the Lions passed on him even in round two.

It’s unclear why he dropped so far — is it because he’s considered a two-down player? He and Andrew Billings (who also fell) were labelled as such. That’s not an issue though. He was immovable at times for Alabama — absorbing double teams and holding position.

His performance in the Senior Bowl game was superb — he was arguably the MVP. Watch the fourth quarter on Youtube and you’ll see why. His motor never stopped.

This is likely a direct replacement for Brandon Mebane but he can also line up at DE too. The Seahawks appear to be focusing on size and intensity.

If you want a reason to like him — check this out (taken long before the draft):

C.J. Prosise (RB, Notre Dame) was the pick at #90. He matches Seattle’s trends on running back athleticism/frame. Tough, agile. Just getting started at RB after a position change. He had a nice 2015 season.

Perhaps more importantly — he’ll be a solid special teamer immediately and a third down option.

Nick Vannett (TE, Ohio State) is 6-6 and 257lbs. Urban Meyer described him as an “efficient route runner” and a “move tight end” on the NFL Network. This is a nice hedge with Jimmy Graham recovering from injury.

Tony Pauline called the Rees Odhiambo (G, Boise State) interest weeks ago. He’s coming off an injury and that arguably impacted his workout numbers. However — Odhiambo is a bit of a surprise this early. He was way off on TEF and McGovern, Dahl and Haeg were all available. Plus he has struggled to stay healthy — he hasn’t played a full season of football.

This is a commitment though to establishing an edge.

Seattle’s draft so far:

R1 — Germain Ifedi (T, Texas A&M)
R2 — Jarron Reed (DT, Alabama)
R3 — C.J. Prosise (RB, Notre Dame)
R3 — Nick Vennett (TE, Ohio State)
R3 — Rees Odhiambo (G, Boise State)

Round two

#32 Cleveland — Emmanuel Ogbah (DE, Oklahoma State)
#33 Tennessee — Kevin Dodd (DE, Clemson)
#34 Dallas — Jaylon Smith (LB, Notre Dame)
#35 San Diego — Hunter Henry (TE, Arkansas)
#36 Jacksonville — Myles Jack (LB, UCLA)
#37 Kansas City — Chris Jones (DT, Mississippi State)
#38 Miami — Xavien Howard (CB, Miami)
#39 Tampa Bay — Noah Spence (DE, Eastern Kentucky)
#40 New York Giants — Sterling Shepard (WR, Oklahoma)
#41 Buffalo — Reggie Ragland (LB, Alabama)
#42 Baltimore — Kamalei Correa (DE, Boise State)
#43 Tennessee — Austin Johnson (DT, Penn State)
#44 Oakland — Jihad Ward (DE, Illinois)
#45 Tennessee — Derrick Henry (RB, Alabama)
#46 Detroit — A’Shawn Robinson (DT, Alabama)
#47 New Orleans — Michael Thomas (WR, Ohio State)
#48 Green Bay — Jason Spriggs (T, Indiana)
#49 Seattle — Jarran Reed (DT, Alabama)
#50 Houston — Nick Martin (C, Notre Dame)
#51 New York Jets — Christian Hackenburg (QB, Penn State)
#52 Atlanta — Deion Jones (LB, LSU)
#53 Washington — Su’a Cravens (LB, USC)
#54 Minnesota — Mackensie Alexander (CB, Clemson)
#55 Cincinnati — Tyler Boyd (WR, Pittsburgh)
#56 Chicago — Cody Whitehair (T, Kansas State)
#57 Indianapolis — T.J. Green (S, Clemson)
#58 Pittsburgh — Sean Davis (S, Maryland)
#59 Tampa Bay — Roberto Aguayo (K, Florida State)
#60 New England — Cyrus Jones (CB, Alabama)
#61 New Orleans — Vonn Bell (S, Ohio State)
#62 Carolina — James Bradberry (CB, Samford)
#63 Denver — Adam Gotsis (DT, Georgia Tech)

Round three

#64 Tennessee — Kevin Byard (S, Middle Tennessee)
#65 Cleveland — Carl Nassib (DE, Penn State)
#66 San Diego — Max Tuerk (C, USC)
#67 Dallas — Maliek Collins (DT, Nebraska)
#68 San Francisco — Will Redmond (CB, Mississippi State)
#69 Jacksonville — Yannick Ngakoue (DE, Maryland)
#70 Baltimore — Bronson Kaufusi (DE, BYU)
#71 New York Giants — Darian Thompson (S, Boise State)
#72 Chicago — Jonathan Bullard (DE, Florida)
#73 Miami — Kenyon Drake (RB, Alabama)
#74 Kansas City — KeiVarae Russell (CB, Notre Dame)
#75 Oakland — Shilique Calhoun (DE, Michigan State)
#76 Cleveland — Shon Coleman (T, Auburn)
#77 Carolina — Daryl Worley (CB, West Virginia)
#78 New England — Joe Thuney (G, NC State)
#79 Philadelphia — Isaac Seumalo (C, Oregon State)
#80 Buffalo — Adolphus Washington (DT, Ohio State)
#81 Atlanta — Austin Hooper (TE, Stanford)
#82 Indianapolis — Le’Raven Clark (T, Texas Tech)
#83 New York Jets — Jordan Jenkins (LB, Georgia)
#84 Washington — Kendall Fuller (CB, Virginia Tech)
#85 Houston — Braxton Miller (WR, Ohio State)
#86 Miami — Leonte Carroo (WR, Rutgers)
#87 Cincinnati — Nick Vigil (LB, Utah State)
#88 Green Bay — Kyler Fackrell (LB, Utah State)
#89 Pittsburgh — Javon Hargrave (DT, South Carolina State)
#90 Seattle — C.J. Prosise (RB, Notre Dame)
#91 New England — Jacoby Brissett (QB, NC State)
#92 Arizona — Brandon Williams (CB, Texas A&M)
#93 Cleveland — Cody Kessler (QB, USC)
#94 Seattle — Nick Vannett (TE, Ohio State)
#95 Detroit — Graham Glasgow (C, Michigan)
#96 New England — Vincent Valentine (DT, Nebraska)
#97 Seattle — Rees Odhiambo (T, Boise State)
#98 Denver — Justin Simmons (S, Boston College)

940 Responses to “Live NFL Draft 2016 โ€” Rounds 2-3 open thread”

  1. chet380 says:

    Waiting for the trade-down

  2. Volume12 says:

    Thinking a trade up is a legit possibility.

    These 2 rounds are loaded with talent man!

    Instant impact defenders everywhere tonight.

  3. Trail Hawk says:

    You’d think we’d have to to land Billings… He fits clue 2.

  4. Michael M. says:

    Now the real fun starts!!

    • bigDhawk says:

      ZZ Top are from Houston. Who on the board is from Houston?

    • Trail Hawk says:


      Rumour spreadin’ a-’round in that Texas town
      ’bout that shack outside La Grange
      and you know what I’m talkin’ about.
      Just let me know if you wanna go
      to that home out on the range.
      They gotta lotta nice girls.

      Have mercy.
      A haw, haw, haw, haw, a haw.
      A haw, haw, haw.

      Well, I hear it’s fine if you got the time
      and the ten to get yourself in.
      A hmm, hmm.
      And I hear it’s tight most ev’ry night,
      but now I might be mistaken.
      hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm.

      Have mercy.

  5. Grant G says:

    Here we go! about to “watch” the draft from my phone on the way to a bachelor party. Perfect way to start a guy’s weekend. Let’s grab Bullard/Day/Billings.

  6. bigDhawk says:

    Ogbah to the Brownies.

  7. vrtkolman says:

    Obgah goes before Spence, can’t say I agree with that pick.

  8. Volume12 says:

    Good pick for Cleveland.

    BTW, new clue is out.

    ‘La Grange’ by ZZ Top.

  9. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    I think we’re trading up to get a D lineman, probably in the 40 – 45 range.

  10. GeoffU says:

    Pass rushers are sellin’ like hotcakes. Though I’ve never bought a hotcake or even know what it is.

  11. bigDhawk says:

    Do the Girls take Jack here?

  12. Sea Mode says:

    Boo hoo, Dodd is off the board…

    Oh well, can’t have em all I guess.

  13. Michael M. says:


  14. Vista says:

    Jaylon Smith just went to Dallas

  15. troy says:

    So happy for Jaylon Smith!!!

  16. vrtkolman says:

    lol Dallas

  17. TannerM says:

    … Are the Cowboys mailing it in this year? I mean, Jaylon Smith hopefully will be amazing… in two years.

    • rowdy says:

      Right, what are they thinking?

    • Alicamousa says:

      Maybe they actually are planning for the future? If he’s out for a season and comes back fine it’s a total, total, steal. He’s still only, what, 20?

      • RealRhino2 says:

        Cowboys are so dumb. Defense isn’t nearly good enough now to take a guy who needs a redshirt year, and by the time he’s ready to go, Romo might be gone and they are in rebuilding mode.

  18. Troy says:

    the feels with smith getting picked ;(

  19. Sea Mode says:

    I thought the Cowboys were in win now mode…?

  20. Trail Hawk says:

    Look for Ragland and Jack to go soon after this…

  21. Volume12 says:

    Glad for Jaylon Smith.

    And glad we didn’t take him.

    Not that I thought we ever would.

  22. Vista says:

    Chargers picked Hunter Henry

  23. TannerM says:

    Jags move up… do they go with Jack?

  24. J2MED says:

    Hunter Henry, TE, seems like a solid pick for the Bolts

  25. Volume12 says:

    Not a fan of TE Hunter Henry.

    Doesn’t fit an uptempo offense.

    Next year’s TE class is loaded.

    BTW, keep an eye on VA-Tech’s TE Bucky Hodges for Seattle next year too.

  26. Sea Mode says:

    Paul Allen in war room today. PC keeping him entertained, as usual. Not a single Mac or iPad in that room today, I assure you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. reggieregg says:

    Fred T was that dude!

  28. J2MED says:

    Myles Jack finally finds a home

  29. HOUSE says:

    Good for Myles Jack and JAC… I wish a speedy recovery and a productive career

  30. C-Dog says:

    Miles Jack is a Jaguar. Great for Bradley. Watch out of the Jaguars this year.

  31. TannerM says:

    And here we thought two weeks ago that the Jags were picking between Jack and Ramsey at #5. Come draft time, and they get both.

  32. Madmark says:

    Yeah for guess Gus that was a steal by the Jg’s

  33. Trail Hawk says:

    Jags are getting scary good.

  34. 12er says:


  35. Alicamousa says:

    Man, I hope so badly for the Jags that Jack is fine.

    They’re already adding Fowler, Ramsey, Jack to their defence this year – in addition to all the FAs they picked up. I’d be losing my mind if I was a fan, potentially an incredible haul.

  36. Volume12 says:

    Good pickup for KC.

    Well, none of the clues were him.

  37. bigDhawk says:

    It probably wasn’t realistic to expect Jones to slip to 56.

  38. C-Dog says:

    Well, there goes Jones. KC’s and Carolina’s D lines are getting sick.

  39. Alicamousa says:

    Chris Jones to the Chiefs. Could be great, could be a whole lot of meh. Going to be interesting to see who we go with.

  40. bobbyk says:

    Hoping for Hargrave and/or Fackrell.

  41. seaspunj says:

    Any thoughts who picks Derrick Henry? I would like to see him as a Seahawk

  42. bigDhawk says:

    Both injury guys off the board and the character guys gone. All the slides are done. Nothing but pure draft picks from here.

  43. CharlieTheUnicorn says:

    Still giddy over Ifedi… woooooooooooooooo

    • bigDhawk says:

      I’m diggin it too. Did you hear that hack on KJR 10-12 show? Forget him name. He was totally baggin the pick. It was so over the top it sounded like just trolling for a reaction.

      • sdcoug says:

        I used to work at KJR. Most of those guys are arrogant hacks

      • C-Dog says:

        I listen to KJR for the laugh of the blow hards freaking out. Tony Softly is a good listen though, and knows his stuff.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn says:

        You are talking about that new guy, I barely ever listen to…..

        • C-Dog says:

          Softly is a former Husky who used to work in the front office of Carolina. IMO, the only guy worth listening to on KJR who knows his stuff and isn’t full of hyperbole.

      • Coug1990 says:

        I did and I had the same reaction that you did. It was so over the top and without any logic/critical thinking at all. I ended up turning it off it was so ridiculous.

    • Kenny Sloth says:

      With you on that. He and Webb will boost eachother so much

  44. GeoffU says:

    Traded up for him? weird, but good for us!

  45. Sea Mode says:

    ZZ Top: another Z receiver to take the top off defenses?

    La Grange = Le’Raven , Texas Tech.?

  46. Volume12 says:

    Is the ZZ top clue Andrew Billings or Hassan Ridgeway?

  47. vrtkolman says:

    There goes Spence, darn! Great pick Tampa.

  48. bigDhawk says:

    Spence to the Buccos. Nice pick.

  49. TannerM says:

    Good pick by Tampa.

  50. GeoffU says:

    Spence gone. No way Kaufusi falls to us.

  51. Trevor says:

    KC got Jones that really sucks. Last year they get the guy I wanted Morse in Rd #2 and this year they get Jones. They seem to scout and draft similar to Sea for sure.

  52. Ed says:

    Giants should get Spriggs. They need OT

  53. Trevor says:

    Wow what a draft for Jacksonville Ramsey and Jack. That team is loaded with young talent. Look out AFC South there is a new big dog on the block.

  54. bigDhawk says:

    Tyler Loc…errr…Sterling Shepard the the G-men.

    • Sea Mode says:

      Dang NYG is good a selecting WR though. That’s gonna be an even tougher combo to stop.

  55. Ed says:

    Here could be a run on DL

  56. SteveM says:

    Could Petes clue be DT Hassan Ridgeway?

  57. Sea Mode says:

    Might the Bills want Derrick Henry?

  58. GeoffU says:

    These are weird trades

    • bigDhawk says:

      Apart fromn the Rams and Goff. The weirdest yesterday for me was the Whiners moving way up for Garnett.

  59. Nathan says:

    Maybe a run on Bama guys now.

  60. bigDhawk says:

    Only 2 offensive players off the board so far in round 2.

  61. C-Dog says:

    Bills are loading on on LB.

  62. vrtkolman says:

    The value in this round might be on the offensive side, though I’d rather we focus on defense …

  63. Volume12 says:

    Could we move up with one of these Tennesse picks?

    We’re getting into that range.

  64. Nathan says:

    Does Derrick Henry start to become an option?

  65. John_s says:

    Odell Beckham and Sterling Shepard together? That’s going to be unfair

  66. Sea Mode says:

    Duh! So obvious!!!

    ZZ Top = Connor McGovern, Mizzou

  67. vrtkolman says:

    Another guy I don’t really like (Correa) off the board, nice!

  68. Sea Mode says:

    JS making a call, trade chart in hand…

    • Sea Mode says:

      I don’t want to seem like you know who, but it is pretty obvious that when they wheel out the steps to reach up and take a magnet off their board, it means that guy was on their board. With the supposed 5 min delay, I would say that was Ragland.

  69. TannerM says:

    Of the eleven picks in the second round so far, eight have been in the front seven.

  70. HawkfaninMT says:

    So many great options still, I doubt they trade up unless their guys start disappearing. Possibility of Spriggs too? What an athletic OL that would create

  71. GeoffU says:

    12 players before we pick, still loaded with options.

  72. C-Dog says:

    Raiders is where I think Bullard might go.

    • seaspunj says:

      All these Carroll disciples Raiders Jaguars Falcons make it harder for the steals the Seahawks seem to find. The Chiefs just seem to mirror the Hawks lol

  73. Volume12 says:

    Good pick for Tennessee.

    Correa is a classic Ravens pick. Short arms, good motor, just goes hard.

  74. Ed says:

    What if the value too good to pass on Spriggs.


  75. Nathan says:

    What’s the link to the war room feed?

  76. Trail Hawk says:

    Did we trade with Ten.?

  77. HOUSE says:

    I liked Jihad Ward @ 56… Just went to OAK

  78. Volume12 says:

    Good for Jihad Ward.

    This kid’s backstory is incredible.

  79. C-Dog says:

    Jihad Ward. Nice pick for the Raiders. DL run is probably going to happen in full effect now.

  80. Rob Staton says:

    When those anonymous scouts said Jonathan Bullard was a nice player but not special…

    • HOUSE says:

      Yeah… With the run on DL, do you think we could grab another OL or Derrick Henry @ #56?

    • C-Dog says:

      I’m hoping not special enough so that he lands to pick 56.

    • SeventiesHawksFan says:

      Thank you, anonymous scouts! I wouldn’t mind a trade up to get him if they can find a trade partner.

  81. lil'stink says:

    Crazy run on defensive players… I wonder if we don’t just go OL at #56 to be ahead if the run on them

  82. Mishima says:

    Can’t believe Billings is dropping…think I’ll dare to dream.

  83. Kenny Sloth says:

    QB 3
    RB 1
    OT 5
    OG 1
    C 1
    WR 4, 1
    TE 0, 1

    DE 3, 6
    DT 4, 2
    LB 2, 3
    S 2
    CB 4, 1

  84. GeoffU says:

    So for defense we still got:

    Jarran Reed (DT, Alabama)
    T.J. Green (S, Clemson)
    Jonathan Bullard (DE, Florida)
    Bronson Kaufusi (DE, BYU)
    Derrick Henry (RB, Alabama)
    Kyler Fackrell (LB, Utah State)

    Jordan Jenkins, 6โ€™3, 253 pounds, OLB, Georgia
    Aโ€™Shawn Robinson, 6โ€™4, 312 pounds, DT, Alabama
    Joshua Perry, 6โ€™4, 254 pounds, OLB, Ohio State
    Andrew Billings, 6โ€™2, 310 pounds, DT, Baylor
    Suโ€™a Cravens, 6โ€™1, 225 pounds, OLB, Southern California
    Shilique Calhoun, 6โ€™5, 250 pounds, DE, Michigan State
    Maliek Collins, 6โ€™2, 300 pounds, DT, Nebraska
    Javon Hargrave, 6โ€™1 3/8, 309 pounds, DT, South Carolina State

  85. Volume12 says:

    I think Detroit is gonna go D-line next.

    Reed? Bullard?

  86. Barry says:

    Dammit Titans. I have to love what they are doing and hate they took someone I think could have brought something to the Hawks.

  87. Ed says:


    Would a 3rd and 4th get another 2nd? Would be great if the Hawks jumped up and got:

    2nd Henry (RB)
    2nd Bullard (DL)
    3rd Henry (DL)
    3rd Striker

  88. Trail Hawk says:


  89. HOUSE says:

    WOW… They traded for DeMarco Murray and then draft Henry. Interesting

  90. vrtkolman says:

    Glad we won’t be tempted to take Henry with our 2nd. Honestly I think he will be good but he’s just not a super good fit with Seattle.

  91. Ed says:

    Does Murray want out again?

  92. C-Dog says:

    Well, we can take one Henry off the board. Good pick for the Titans.

  93. Volume12 says:

    Derrick Henry and DeMarco Murray?

    Running behind Conklin and Lewan?

    With DGB and Kendall Wright?

    That AFCS is gonna be fascinating.

    Love that pick man!

  94. TannerM says:

    Just saw something – the Seahawks waived Philip Sims yesterday, which means they have a single QB on the roster… Potential draft selection this weekend?

  95. GeoffU says:

    Wow no offensive lineman AT ALL since Ifedi

  96. Darnell says:

    Pete probably loves Braxton and Su’A. Just IMO.

  97. vrtkolman says:

    So what is Billings deal everyone?

  98. Sea Mode says:

    Guys, I think we’re gonna pick Connor McGovern!

    ZZ Top = Mizzou
    La Grange= means farm. He is agricultural academics major.

  99. Ed says:

    Indy would be smart to get Spriggs. A new C and LT to help keep Luck from missing half the season again.

  100. Kenny Sloth says:

    Lions tak Ashawn

  101. CharlieTheUnicorn says:

    DE/DT Bullard still available!

  102. Volume12 says:

    I’ll be surprised if Chicago doesn’t take a CB or D-lineman.

    Kendall Fuller anyone?

  103. Sea Mode says:

    JS on the phone again. Several white “trade cards” (at least this is what I suppose the are after watching yesterday) in front of him.

    Now he looks really pensative and is consulting all around him.

  104. Hawkn says:

    So if the Hawks take Spriggs at 56, does Rob get a ‘TEF GOD’ tattoo?

  105. TannerM says:

    Not surprised with NO’s selection of Thomas. Yes, their defense is absolutely horrible, but their WR corp is a little shallow.

    • Trail Hawk says:

      Are they going to rely on Rankins to make there edges better? They need pass rushers.

  106. Volume12 says:

    New Orleans has a very good looking receiving core.

    Cooks, Coleman, and now Thomas.

    One of the most underrated receivers in this draft. Along with Daniel Braverman.

  107. Hawkster says:

    GB take Fackrell?

  108. Kenny Sloth says:

    Packers picking

  109. HOUSE says:

    GB grabbed Spriggs… Nice pick

  110. TannerM says:

    Well, I guess the Colts really didn’t want Spriggs if they traded away their pick that became him.

  111. vrtkolman says:

    Packers take Spriggs? Weird, they have good tackles. Sounds like a future move, since they are going to be in cap trouble with their line soon.

    • TannerM says:

      They have four offensive linemen on the last year of their contracts this year. Just making sure they are not overrun by turnover with a guy quite a few might have thought could have gone in the first round.

    • Darnell says:

      Bakhtiari is better off inside. And a pending UFA I believe.

  112. C-Dog says:

    Packers land Kenny Clark and Jason Spriggs, but Clark R1 and Spriggs R2. Interesting.

  113. Trail Hawk says:

    What is wrong with Indy?

  114. Sea Mode says:

    Whoa, we got fist pumps and JS stood up to the other phone from which he calls the drafted player.

  115. HOUSE says:

    CHI traded their pick…

  116. Trail Hawk says:


  117. Volume12 says:

    Told ya’ll a trade up was coming.

    Here we go!

  118. GeoffU says:

    Great, what’d we trade?

  119. seaspunj says:

    Da Bears trade to seahawks !!! Here we go!

  120. Volume12 says:

    I bet Atlanta and the Jets were targeting the same gu we were.

  121. Nathan says:

    Has to be a defensive pick, getting head of all those sides who took receivers in round 1.

  122. GeoffU says:

    Lost our 124th, so we still have 3 3rds. Whew!

    • SeventiesHawksFan says:

      Still three thirds? Amazing. So smart to move in front of Atlanta and Washington.

  123. C-Dog says:

    Bullard or McGovern I think.

  124. HawkfaninMT says:

    Bullard is my bet

  125. John_s says:

    Jarran Reed

  126. Kenny Sloth says:

    Who did the Falcons want?

  127. nichansen01 says:

    Jarran Reed is a seahawk. Excellent value in the second, and the Hawks still have three picks in the third round.

  128. Kenny Sloth says:

    2 2nd rounders. Bullard McGovern?

  129. Nathan says:

    How nice was that, seeing them cheer for the kid.

  130. Volume12 says:

    How cool is this?

    My mom has bone cancer.

    Very touching for me.

  131. coachmattson says:

    What do you think about Pete going back to his roots and talking USC C Max T. in the third? Do you think he could come in and win the starting spot at C? Go Hawks!

  132. vrtkolman says:

    Awesome great pick! Fantastic value.

  133. GeoffU says:

    Eh. Run stuffer. Underwhelmed.

    • nichansen01 says:

      Are you kidding me? … Jarran Reed is probably the second best d – tackle in the class. Run defense will continue to be elite.

      • GeoffU says:

        Don’t worry, I will hold back my negativity until I look more into the guy. He’s a ‘hawk now anyway, so I’ll get myself behind the pick ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Nathan says:

      Luis Riddick mentioned that he has some athleticism which hasn’t quite shown up on tape/developed yet.

      It sounds like he one of those guys who could look like a massive steal in a couple of years.

  134. C-Dog says:

    Jarran Reed. I AM SO @#$%ING EXCITED! Did not see that coming. At. All. Both lines just got significantly bigger and nastier.

  135. Volume12 says:


    Most underrated DT in this class.

    He’s immovable at the POA.

    Great motor, plays hard, good athlete.

    Love this pick.

    Best run defender in the class. Hands down.

  136. nichansen01 says:


    Reed is an elite run defender with the lower body strength to command his gap, but the instincts and timing to be productive as a tackler rather than just a space ยญeater. Reedย’s lack of pass rushing ability creates a potential glassยญ ceiling on his draft stock; however, teams looking for a battle-ยญtested run ยญstuffer will find an instant upgrade who should be able to come in and start immediately if needed.

    Seahawks getting tougher in the trenches.

    • C-Dog says:

      I think Reed has the traits to push the pocket though. IMO, He could be a lot more disruptive than people think. I don’t know if the drop off from him and Butler is that much. Kinda thought he was going to go first round.

  137. bigDhawk says:

    Would anyone have rather moved up like that for Billings instead.

  138. HOUSE says:

    Jarran Reed: “The Seahawks got a good player coming…”

  139. Volume12 says:

    I never thought we had a shot at this guy.

    Top 20 talent.

  140. rowdy says:

    Can’t believe they traded up for reed, seems desperate

  141. Volume12 says:

    Did ya’ll see that?

    Dude had a pack of Skittles, and did the ‘woof.’

  142. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    Base downs DT. Stop the run. One of the most fundamental tenets of Pete Carroll football. I thought we’d get a more dynamic pass rushing type. But I’m more than pleased with this choice. He can be a ‘core player’ on the D line with Frank Clark for the next several years

    • C-Dog says:

      I think he has to tools where he could play some nose in the nickel, though. Don’t know if there’s that much of a drop between him and Butler.

    • Stewart Schaefer says:

      Agreed^ — i think carrolls defense typically just employs interior lineman that specialize so this makes sense. We don’t need a dude who dominates all 3 downs, not our style.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn says:

      Long term. Nice fit. I didn’t think he would slip this much, so missed mocking him to Seattle ๐Ÿ™

  143. 12er says:

    Reed is like the perfect fit for what Carroll wants in his 1T. He’ll replace Mebane and start there from day 1. I’m shocked they didn’t want a better athlete, but I love that they’re filling needs with quality players at the top of the draft.

    • bigDhawk says:

      It’s almost as if PC doesn;t want interior pass rush – just gap integrity. Would rather have moved up for Billings but he is not a the gap technician that Reed is.

  144. Sea Mode says:

    “Talk about value, this was my 13th-rated player in the draft. He is always working forward with that powerful base and dominates against the run.” — Daniel Jeremiah

  145. Volume12 says:

    I’m telling you guys right now.

    This kid is better than Billings, Ridgeway, Bullard, or Vernon Butler.

    He’s got grown man strength.

    Great gap discipline.

    He completely controlled that ‘Bama LOS.

    We thought ‘Bane was good?

    Best run stuffer, legit top 20 talent, and he’s not even a pass rusher. Yet.

    What’s not to like? We didn’t talk about him?

    • CharlieTheUnicorn says:

      We thought he would be gone by the end of round #1

    • Kenny Sloth says:

      Best NT this year

    • Veryal says:

      I agree! We didn’t talk about him because I think we all thought he’d be gone! I know I did haha

    • Sea Mode says:

      #3 ranked tackle on Walter Football behind only Buckner and Rankins:

      Jarran Reed, 3-4DE, Alabama
      Height: 6-3. Weight: 311. Arm: 32. Hand 10.76.
      40 Time: 5.21.
      Projected Round (2016): 1.
      4/27/16: Teams picking in the middle of Round 1 have told me that Reed is in the running for their first-round pick. He is a good run stuffer, but doesn’t offer a lot in the pass rush. Reed does have the speed and athleticism to develop more pass-rushing skills as a professional though.

      Reed had a solid combine workout. His 40 time wasn’t special, but he did well in the field drills. In 2015, Reed totaled 53 tackles with 4.5 for a loss, one sack and two passes batted. At the Senior Bowl, he flashed some of his pass-rush potential. Sources said that Reed might end up as a top-25 pick.

      8/22/15: Reed was an All-SEC honorable mention in 2014. He was a quality run defender for Alabama with 55 tackles, 6.5 for a loss, one sack, and five passes broken up. Reed needs to improve his pass rush to rise as a senior.

    • Trail Hawk says:

      Outstanding pick. Did not see him being available at all.

    • Steele says:

      “This kid is better than Billings, Ridgeway, Bullard, or Vernon Butler.”

      Different kind of player, Volume.

      • Volume12 says:

        He’s different than Bullard.

        He’s no different than Ridgeway, Billings, or Butler.

        None of those 3 rush the passer. They’re all 1-techs.

        • C-Dog says:

          I think he can play 1, 3 and 5 tech. IMO, he could be pretty versatile for Carroll, but love his potential lining up between guard and center.

    • rowdy says:

      I’m actually shocked because it’s usually the type don’t spend much draft capital on. He’s just what we need and it’s great that we have a player that can stick around for awhile

  146. Grant G says:

    Two picks, two physical starters on the line. No complaints from my point of view

  147. TannerM says:

    Hackenberg… Oh dear.

  148. Sea Mode says:

    Haha, they packed it all up in the War Room. Only a couple guys still there. Looks like we’ll be waiting a while.

    • bigDhawk says:

      Yeah time for their break. Seems like they’re content to take their picks at the end of round 3.

  149. Rob Harrison says:

    If the scouting report on is to be believed that “Reed has shown the ability to push the pocket from the interior,” then he has the ability to do what Pete wants from a DT against the pass. He’s not looking so much for penetrators as for tackles who will collapse the pocket and force the QB outside. Sounds to me like Reed has the ability to do that. If so, he’s worth the price, and more than worth it.

  150. C-Dog says:

    Been salivating for Vernon Butler for weeks now, was bittersweet last night seeing him go to the Panthers, but I think Seattle got a player in Reed where the drop off isn’t going to be that much. Can play nose, 3 tech, and 5 tech. Tough as they get. Thought he was going to do in the teens yesterday.

    Germain Ifedi and Jarran Reed are Seattle Seahawks. Man, am I dreaming?

    • nichansen01 says:

      Reed is better than Butler.

      • C-Dog says:

        Wouldn’t take it that far. I think Butler has the makings of being a special player at the next level, but Reed is very good, and might be right there with him when all is said. Tough to project those Bama DLs a bit, I think.

        • GeoffU says:

          22.5 tackles for loss for Butler over the last two years.
          11 for Reed…

          • C-Dog says:

            Got no problem with that at all. I’d take either. IMO, I think Butler might have a bit more upside, but Reed is right there with him.

          • HawkBrewer(d) says:

            One also played for Alabama against a strong SEC, while the other played through what I assume was a fairly lackluster Louisiana Tech schedule. So I’m not convinced the TFL difference is something to put a ton weight into. Just something to consider… I could be wrong

            • Magmatizer says:

              Reed also has 108 tackles over the last 2 seasons, and had 0 missed or broken tackles last season. If there’s one thing the Seahawks like from their interior D-lineman, it’s consistency.

  151. Volume12 says:

    We’ve never needed a DT before.

    Had to be adressed.

    They traded up for him because he’s legit.

    I thought they were scouting someone else at ‘Bama not him.

  152. Steele says:

    Reed. There is the Bane replacement. 2-down 2-gap, great run stuffer. Not a pass rusher, although they will try to get him to do that.

    I thought they’d go in this direction because Siliga is a one year rental. Will they go for more of a pass rusher later?

    I’m concerned they will miss out on McGovern/Dahl/Haeg. Would not have minded going for McG a few spots early.

    • Volume12 says:

      Yeah, you called it man.

      When you said that the 1-tech was a glaring hole, my antennae picked up.

      I thought we had no shot at Reed.

    • Troy says:

      i think it highly unlikely they will miss out on all three of mcgovern/dahl/haeg (gonna also throw in coleman), I am almost positive they will get at least one of those guys, maybe 2 if lucky.

      • Steele says:

        Unless they move up, I am worried. Will McG/Dahl/Haeg be there at the end of rd. 3? Better start lining up the plan B and C.

    • C-Dog says:

      I think they very well could. I’m thinking the Panther’s model a few years ago of grabbing the gap sound 1 tech first, and then going after a pass rushing 3 tech later. Bullard, Henry, Ridgeway, Hargrave, Kaufusi, Ioannidis, Onyemata, Day. This DL class is loaded.

  153. Saxon says:

    Reed is the manly Gurley neutralizer.

    But hope we can find some inside pass rush in R3.

  154. Cysco says:

    Control the point of attack and stop the run

    That’s core to the Seahawks defensive philosophy.

    In hindsight, we all probably should have spent more time discussing him before the draft. He’s the best run stuffing lineman in the draft.

    Neither pick has been “sexy” but they are getting better/deeper in the trenches. I’m onboard.

    • Sea Mode says:

      Honestly I didn’t think we would even have a chance at him. Should have gone mid first round.

    • GeoffU says:

      Don’t think anyone saw Reed falling this far. Doubt they would’ve picked a run stuffer otherwise. Reed better be damn special, is what I’m saying.

  155. Sea Mode says:

    He was the in the green room to be picked on day 1 for cryin’ out loud. Highway robbery by JS!

  156. Veryal says:

    Hoping kaufasi, fackrell, McGovern, dahl, and Ervin will still be there. Loving our draft thus far!

    • Dawgma says:

      If we can get Kaufusi, McGovern, and Ervin at the back of the third I will be very surprised. Also, very happy. Hell, I’d take any one of the three.

  157. Old but Slow says:

    What a nice pick. I did not consider him because I thought he would surely go in the top 20. I am jacked.

  158. CharlieTheUnicorn says:

    There is going to be some extreme value RBs in the 3rd round… love it!

  159. 12er says:

    2 picks, 2 day one starters. The top physical specimen at OT in the draft in round 1, the top run stuffing DT in the draft in round 2.

  160. Mike Kelly says:

    I like this pick. Thought we would be able to get Vernon Butler but obviously other GMs are smart too. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am very happy so far with the picks the Seahawks have made. I would be overjoyed if we can get Conner McGovern. Then I do not care what they do after that. 3 stud linemen is all I want.

  161. Volume12 says:

    Deion Jones to Atlanta.

    Him and Keanu Neal in DQ’s defense?


  162. GeoffU says:

    Redskins should pick Connor Cook haha

  163. TannerM says:

    Dan Quinn and the Falcons are really trying hard to make their D into the Seahawk D.

  164. bigDhawk says:

    Deion Jones to ATL. Quinn picking off of Rob’s big board.

  165. Mark Souza says:

    I’m disappointed. If they wanted a run stuffer, they could have waited until the 4th round yeah, the pick they gave up). They passed on Cody Whitehair to get a one-dimensional DT. Are they ever going to get a DT that can pressure the quarterback?

    • bigDhawk says:

      Nope. Just stay in the gap. That’s all PC wants.

    • 12er says:

      They’ll take a nickel rusher in round 3, watch.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Whitehair was a TEF flop. Not sure he was ever considered. There’s a reason why he’s dropping.

    • Volume12 says:

      Not their style.

      We need to accept the fact that PC might not ever have a pass rusher from the DT spot.

      It”s why they like the Bennett’s of the world. Versatility, technique/hand use.

      Guys like Bennett are too quick for OGs. Once they cross the guards face, game over.

    • Steele says:

      Mark S., I’m ok but not ecstatic about Reed. You’re right, run stuffers are available lower down. Reed fans will say he is an elite run defender. Reed’s tackle totals were not super, but I suppose he is more of an “occupier” than tackler.

      • Coug1990 says:

        Getting around 55 tackles in each of the last two years is very good for a DT. Understand as well that as deep as Alabama is, ever player is a part of a rotation.

    • Cysco says:

      The Seahawks gave up the fewest rushing yards in the league by a good margin. That’s what they do. It’s their DNA. Stopping the run is core to their defensive philosophy. If you want crazy interior QB pressure you’re following the wrong team. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • David says:

      If you are going to get a run stuffer you might as well get the best run stuffer in the entire draft in the 2nd round. Any guy they take in rd 4 is not the quality of Reed. Stopping the run is the key tenet in PCs defense, they’re run defense which was #1 last year just got a lot better.

    • hawkdawg says:

      Because that “one dimension” is crucial to their defensive philosophy, and the guys they could get in the 4th round couldn’t hold Reed’s jock strap as a run stuffer.

    • Chris says:

      Kind of hard to say what he’ll be on the Hawks other than that he’ll be a solid run defender. Not going to be 2-gapping like at ‘Bama so he might actually be tougher under a different scheme.

      Getting a guaranteed, solid, 2 down player as a starter in the 2nd round isn’t bad. And that’s his floor.

    • C-Dog says:

      But he has the upside to be a dominant run defender and has the power and wheels to push the pocket. He could factor in some on 3rd downs. When Mebane was in his prime, he would stay on the field in the nickel. I think Reed could do that.

  166. Josh emmett says:

    perry from Ohio state or Jenkins from Georgia next please

  167. Kenny Sloth says:

    Clue giving Jarran Reed

    • Sea Mode says:

      Nope. (or at least I sure don’t see it) Might have just been opportunistic when they saw how far he fell, in which case they would not have had a draft clue to send out before hand.

      • GeoffU says:

        Pretty sure they didn’t expect him to get into range. Also, it’s obvious Schneider didn’t want to let go of any of his 3rds! But once he got in range of our fourth —

  168. sdcoug says:

    I felt there were times last year our D line got pushed off the ball. I am stoked for this pick. Teams were clearly enamored over the edge rushers; well…we’re pretty darn good there (avril, Bennett, Clark, clem). It allowed Reed to fall in our lap and I’ll take it all day long.

  169. Madmark says:

    what was the price to move up and get reed

  170. Hawkn says:

    kaufusi with one of our thirds?? Is it possible??

    • Volume12 says:

      Let me ask ya this.

      Did we think Reed, Billings and the like would be alive in the mid-late 2nd.

      It’s entirely possible.

  171. Kenny Sloth says:

    Bengals get Fuller

  172. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    I still want them to find a way to get a pass rushing DT / DE. Bullard and Kaufausi are probably not getting past the top of the third. McGovern would be nice but Sokoli is slated as center of the future already. I’d rather get a pass rusher and take the best of Dahl / McGovern / Haeg who’s available at the bottom of the third.

    • Kenny Sloth says:

      Tapper still up

      • Sea Mode says:

        Please no, he just came across to me as having the wrong attitude, no passion for the game. Maybe I’m totally wrong on that cause I only watched some interviews and tape but I would prefer even Blair III to him.

    • hawkdawg says:

      If Hill can stay healthy, we may already have one on the roster…

  173. Steve Nelsen says:

    Rob had Reed at 16 to Detroit in his final mock. We got a bargain.

    And we still have three 3rd-round picks. I can’t wait.

    • Coug1990 says:

      You are right. Rob must have thought a lot of him. Of course, he is predicting what teams will do, not what he thinks is best.

      Still, in the Ifedi article, Rob mentioned Reed as a player that was still available.

      I am excited. The Seahawks have picked up around 635lbs the last two days and I expect them to add more than 600lbs more before the evening is finished.

    • DC says:

      In the Alabama games I watched this year their D Line absolutely dominated the line of scrimmage. PC & JS look for guys that are GREAT at something. I love the Reed pick! Before all else you stop the run. No more Jonathan Stewart 75 yard runs up the gut. Reed is an immovable object. Bring it Gurley!

      We are getting back to basics. Win the line of scrimmage.

  174. bigDhawk says:

    Bullard has to go here to Da Bearsss

  175. GeoffU says:

    Well Kaufusi, Bullard, Fackrell still there at our old 56

  176. Dawgma says:

    REally good top tier pass rushing DTs go in the top 15. I’m sure they would pick, say Aaron Donald…except they wont ever get a chance to.

  177. bigDhawk says:

    There goes Whitehair. Can we call it a slide for Billings and Bullard?

  178. Nathan says:

    How good does Dick Butkus look, for a guy his age, who played in such a violent era.

  179. Ground_Hawk says:

    Does anyone know Reed’s wTEF score?

    • Rob Staton says:

      He never did the bench.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn says:

        He did just fine ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • HaroldSeattle says:

        Not impressive in Youngs SLA standings.

        • Kenny Sloth says:

          True. Big reason I didnt look at him.

          As much as we know about their OL preferences. We have little info on their DT’s

          They have good agility drills. Not too tall.

          Interesting new information

      • Ground_Hawk says:

        That’s too bad. I’m surprised that they took Reed when it seems like there are more athletic prospects who could perform a similar role. I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do, for Seattle!

    • Sea Mode says:

      He did not bench, so we can’t really calculate it, but if we give him the average among this year’s DTs (27) he scores a 2.89 TEF and 88.85 wTEF.

  180. Kenny Sloth says:

    Colts take billings?

  181. Volume12 says:

    Our D-line coach Travis Jones came into the war rom before this pick.

    Think he wanted Reed?

  182. CharlieTheUnicorn says:

    OT Coleman and Clark still available
    S/CB Davis still available
    DT Billings still available
    SS Bell still available

    Plenty of good talent!!!

  183. Volume12 says:

    Indy might’ve just got the best hybrid DB in the draft.

    What a pick.

  184. bigDhawk says:

    Reed presser on KJR right now.

  185. bobbyk says:

    They got two physical maulers for each side of the ball. Can’t complain about that.

    Still hoping they can get Bullard, Fackrell, or Hargrave somehow.

  186. Robert says:

    So often when the dust settles and we look back on a previous draft after the player development has kicked in and we realize PCJS gleened multiple 1st round talents right out from underneath the noses of 31 other teams!

  187. HOUSE says:

    TB just traded up for a K

  188. bigDhawk says:

    wow, TB takes a kicker at 59 overall. Guess they plan on kicking a lot of field goals.

  189. Veryal says:

    Round 2 kicker?!?!

  190. GeoffU says:

    Wow, Bucs get demoted to the college rank. That’s ridiculous.

  191. Forrest says:

    So I think McGovern OR Dahl, Cajuste, and maybe Killibrew or Ervin in the 3rd. Definitely OL, WR/TE, RB, and DE before the draft is done.

  192. Volume12 says:

    Jarran Reed has been talking about the Seahawks since the Senior Bowl.

    For the past 6 weeks he’s been wearing a Marinere hat.

    Was eating Skittles when Seattle selected him.

    Says this is a dream cone true.

    We just got 2 lineman on both sides of the ball from the NFLs minor league. AKA SEC.

    ‘Bama and Nick Saban run an NFL defense.

    3-4 personnel for a 4-3 defense.

  193. Kenny Sloth says:

    Year 1 contributors. With size.

    • Producehawk says:

      Just got home from work and I am stoked about the pick. Now I can relax and watch the third round fireworks.

  194. Steele says:

    Would any of you have preferred Nick Martin, who went one spot later, instead of Reed?

    • bigDhawk says:

      Ask me in two years when Sokoli is either a boom or bust.

    • Trail Hawk says:


      • HOUSE says:

        No. After watching Martin tape, I see LIMITATIONS. I don’t know if its me unfairly comparing him to his brother…

    • David says:

      No. Lewis is serviceable until Sokoli is ready. Sokoli has potential.

      • Jarhead's Sokoli Bandwagon says:

        Honestly Soke’s potential is the thing I am most excited for. This draft has been meh for me so far, so having Soke coming in is like having a fresh pick to root for

  195. bigDhawk says:

    Pats gonna get Bullard of Billing. Nauseating.

  196. Madmark says:

    2nd round kicker , I see everything now.

  197. Michael (CLT) says:

    Billings and Bullard most likely have a medical flag

  198. Kenny Sloth says:

    We Trade Up…and we trade down..

    • Volume12 says:

      If we don t trade back into the 4th, highly likel, Seattle is gonna target sleepers and UDFAs the rest of the way.

      Because if we pick 3 times in the 3rd, there’s our needs right there.

  199. Miles says:

    So we are saying Jarran Reed is not a great pass rusher. Does that mean he can NOT collapse the pocket on pass plays?

    • Kenny Sloth says:

      Been furiously watching youtube and no he doesnt appear to from nt. Single or doubled

      • Sea Mode says:

        Rob says above to watch the 4th quarter of the Senior Bowl game to see why arguably he was the MVP.

        • Miles says:

          I am happy he is a great run stuffer. I am having a hard time getting too excited if he can’t provide a Powerful push on the inside for pass plays. We knew this wasn’t a good draft for pass rushing DTs, but that’s what our DLine really lacks.

      • Lewis says:

        I think his primary role will be to eat double teams so the other guys have a shot.

    • C-Dog says:

      I think he can be a pocket pusher. He’s probably not going to be a sack artist, but he can be disruptive.

    • Chris says:

      Honestly doesn’t look like he does much of that.

      He’ll be 1-gapping with the hawks so that might mean he’ll be able to be more aggressive, so that could be a part of his game that emerges, but at this point I don’t think we’ve seen it. He gets doubled on most plays and all he’s really shown is the ability to hold his ground, get his hands up fast and hard and control his ground, and move intelligently toward plays coming at him.

      If he can get isolated 1v1 more often I could see him bull-rushing successfully from time to time, but he’s a bit too slow and arms too short to do much than try to power his way through. He seems to have a lot of power though against college OL when that happens, we’ll see in the NFL …

      • Stewart Schaefer says:

        Bama notoriously stays home with 7+ in coverage…and they ask the interior to stay home and corral upfield/edge pressure to prevent QB escapability. I think it has more to do with his role than his ability. Not gonna be even a replacement level pass rusher but he can/will provide some pocket collapse.

    • Steele says:

      He flashed pass rush in the Senior Bowl, but was primarily run stuffer period for years. Sincerely hope they develop his pass rush skills in a hurry.

  200. Willyeye says:

    Wow, so we traded #26, #56, and #124; for #31, #49, and #94. I’m ecstatic so far.

    • David says:

      When you look at it that way, that’s insane. Moved back 5 spots in the first and moved up big in the 2nd and moved our 4th to 3rd.

  201. Greg Haugsven says:

    How about Dahl, Cajuste, and Ervin

  202. Sea Mode says:

    Packers acquire pick No. 48
    Colts acquire picks Nos. 57, 125 and 248

    Seahawks acquire pick No. 49
    Bears acquire picks Nos. 56, and 124

    Didn’t even have to throw in the 7th rounder…

  203. GeoffU says:

    Can’t believe all these short armed CB’s going so high

    • GeoffU says:

      Big run on CB’s, this is awesome. Push those other players down the board!

    • Steele says:

      Different teams, different systems.

      Patriots got a smurfy nickel back with their first pick. A surprise to me, but it is in keeping with their history. They need a pass rusher badly.

  204. David says:

    Love all the DBs and kickers coming off the board this round. We are going to have some serious talent to pick from in the 3rd.

  205. bigDhawk says:

    Wow, Bradberry to the Kitties at 62. Desperate to replace Josh Norman.

  206. Veryal says:

    Damn. Was hoping for bradberry late round

  207. bigDhawk says:

    Hey V12, there goes Gotsis. You and I were geeking over him during a GT game last season, haha.

  208. C-Dog says:

    Gotsis ahead of Bullard. Did not see that coming at all.

  209. Greg Haugsven says:

    So many good players left but with no 4th we go a long way without picking after 97

  210. HOUSE says:

    Schneider on the phone again…

  211. bigDhawk says:

    Wonder why GB took Clark over Reed in round 1.

  212. Kenny Sloth says:

    QB 3, 1
    RB 1, 1
    OT 5, 1
    OG 1, 1
    OC 1, 1
    WR 4, 3
    TE 0, 1

    DE 3, 6
    DT 4, 5
    LB 2, 5
    S 2, 2
    CB 4, 5

    K 0, ONE

  213. David says:

    Anyone upset that we got Jarran Reed, just think, we could have gotten Adam Gotsis

    • bigDhawk says:

      Would rather have had Billings in that spot, myself.

      • David says:

        But how would you have felt if they had not taken Reed or Billings and took Gotsis? At least we know why they took Reed. He is a dominate and disciplined gap defender which Billings is not. TY McGill was cut after a great preseason last year for freelancing.

        • bigDhawk says:

          Yeah I was bummed about McGill. Freelancing, shmeelancing…as long as he gets home, which he was doing.

      • Chris says:

        You beat me to it

    • Chris says:

      Not mad about that … would’ve preferred Billings over Reed though.

  214. CharlieTheUnicorn says:

    Have a shot at OLBs Perry and Fackerall still

  215. DC says:

    TEF guys left at the moment include McGovern, Haeg, Dahl & Vaitai plus our fan favorite Coleman. We’ve beaten 4 of those guys to death.

  216. Kenny Sloth says:

    Bullard’s chip just gets bigger

  217. bigDhawk says:

    There goes Tuerk.

  218. seaspunj says:

    I wonder how many “gots to have” players JS/PC have and will they stand pat where they are in the 3rd round

  219. Kenny Sloth says:

    I don’t think Schneider wants to sit on his hands, here

  220. vrtkolman says:

    Wow, some major reaches at the end of the 2nd round. Pats panic and take Cyrus Jones, and the Panthers take a CB who could have gone undrafted.

  221. David says:

    Anyone else think it’s funny that when they show a white guy playing a position generally dominated by African Americans (DE), of course they comp Nassib to the one prominent white guy DE (Jared Allen)

  222. Steve Nelsen says:

    Bullard, Fackrell, Kaufusi, McGovern, Ervin…

  223. HaroldSeattle says:

    Hope everyone high on Reed is on the money. Myself hate that the Seahawks picked a run stuffer in the second round, much rather see someone that can pressure the QB as a DT. The fact they moved up and gave a fourth, really disappoints me. Reed needs to be awesome to justify this pick, because the Seahawks have always found some cheap vet to do this job and do it well.

    • C-Dog says:

      IMO, he has a chance to be a dominant player. Would have been top 15 pick in other draft years.

    • bigDhawk says:

      Wasn’t Mebane a second or third round pick? That’s probably the comp.

    • Vin says:

      Agree with Harold on this. I’ll admit that I know little to nothing on Reed. Was hoping for more of a PR DT, and maybe there isn’t a DT, outside of Rankins, that can do that. We did lose Bane so this makes sense. When the run on DL started, the trade up made sense, but afterwards I don’t think any DL taken to 56. Hindsight 20-20 but I’ll wonder for a day or 2 if the trade was needed….in JS and PC I trust.

    • LantermanC says:

      Agreed. It was just one year ago where Pot Roast and Stephen Paeia, both good run stuffing DT went for around $4M each. Not super expensive.

  224. C-Dog says:

    Dream picks for R3 include Jonathan Bullard, Joshua Perry, Connor McGovern, Joe Dahl, Joe Haeg, Willie Henry, Hassan Ridgeway, Tyler Ervin, Braxton Miller, Charles Tapper, Bronson Kaufusi, Travis Feeney, Miles Killebrew, Devon Cajuste, Shon Coleman, Maliek Collins. Man, lots of players left on board.

  225. bigDhawk says:

    Collins a decent pick at 67 for the Girls.

    • C-Dog says:

      Yeah, that’s a decent pick up as a rush 3 tech, gets knocked to the ground a lot though.

  226. Sea Mode says:

    Rob and everybody, nice article here for you to Reed until the Hawks’ picks come along:

  227. DD says:

    Reed sounds like a fun guy on ESPN radio, well spoken.
    when asked about got picked a little bit late.
    He replied with how he stay with his familiy, and immediately ackowledge he is going to play for a
    GREAT DEFNESE! and loves taking on people running at him, which is what exactly what Bane was doing.
    and he talkes about the brotherhood with Regland, Robinson.
    and he loves Skittles too!
    two down run stuffer not a problem in our scheme
    he plays End for Bama too, maybe BIG RED Bryant role too?

  228. bigDhawk says:

    Blue light CB special on aisle three.

  229. Kenny Sloth says:

    Whooaa haha 9ers

  230. Sea Mode says:

    Something cooking again I think. They cut the war room feed to another interview.

  231. Volume12 says:

    Reed has only played 2 years of CFB and he’s already the best run-stuffer in this draft.

    He’s a JUCO transfer. Something PC/JS love. They’ve taken one every single year.

    He fell because he doesn’t rush the passer.

    You think he can’t becomr one after only playing 2 years and dominating SEC O-lines.

    Underrated pas rusher IMO.

    His upside and ceiling is ridiculous.

    • Sea Mode says:

      I agree. Plenty of room to grow. Only 22 years old.

    • C-Dog says:

      He will be disruptive, I can almost guarantee it. I didn’t think he would be there at 26, I thought Detroit, Cincy, or Pitt was going to take him.

    • rowdy says:

      I also remember reading on here that Bama doesn’t want there DT to rush, just play gap control and defend the run

      • C-Dog says:

        They ask them to 2 gab and hold there ground. I remember reading reports all season long that said while Robinson gets all the hype, Reed is the better player was more athletic upside.

      • David says:

        Hmm that’s funny, what pro team has the same approach to defense…

    • vrtkolman says:

      He’s definitely an underrated athlete. He’s not just some big, fat, strong guy who takes on double teams.

    • Chris says:

      Unfortunately no evidence of underrated pass rusher.

      Nonetheless, a great run-stuffing DT starter with a 2nd round pick isn’t bad value. I think some of the other remaining DTs have a higher ceiling, but this guy should be able to come in and start as a rookie for sure. That’s exactly what the Hawks want on 1st and 2nd down, so in that respect I think this is a about as safe a pick as could be. If any unexpected upside emerges, that’s all bonus. Even if he only becomes exactly what we know he can be, it’s still a good pick for his position in the draft.

  232. bigDhawk says:

    Whiners get Ngakoue. Darn.

  233. Cameron says:

    Man I hate every player the 9rs have taken so AKA I LOVE THEIR DRAFT

  234. CharlieTheUnicorn says:

    Bullard is getting closer

    • DC says:

      So is Coleman

      • bigDhawk says:

        Bullard, Coleman, McGovern at the end of round three, anyone? Heck, Billings too at this rate.

        • Chris says:

          Yikes, unfortunately I think Billings would be off the board now. With Reed picked, which apparently they clearly preferred for whatever reasons, another mainly run-stuffing DT is unlikely.

          That is unless they want to move one of them to the 5 tech on 1st/2nd downs … yarrr! That’d be pretty sweet actually.

    • C-Dog says:

      Bring it on!

  235. Sea Mode says:

    Tom Cable in the War Room, everybody. Smiles all around.

    • Steve Nelsen says:

      Cable knows he will get another player in Round 3. I’m hoping for McGovern. His strength is insane and I would love to see him battle some DTs as our LG.

  236. C-Dog says:

    Dahl, McGovern, Coleman, or Haeg.

  237. bigDhawk says:

    Kaufusi to the Ravens.

  238. seaspunj says:

    Dang those ravens

    Once again the Ravens scouting dept have been reading on Rob’s blog

  239. Volume12 says:

    Rowdy brings up a good point.

    He’s extremely disciplined, because that’s ‘Bama asks of him.

    Day 1 starter IMO.

    • Trail Hawk says:

      It will be interesting to see his pass rush ability. ‘Bama also sat him on pass rushing downs. Read into that what you will. Could mean he can’t or just that it was by design. Only 2 years playing ball, don’t want him getting overwhelmed, too many techniques to teach, focus on run stopping.

  240. Kenny Sloth says:

    Ahhh painful

  241. David says:

    Wow, if we can pick up Braxton Miller at the end of the 3rd I would take that all day over Ervin

  242. Kenny Sloth says:

    Year of the DB?

  243. Sea Mode says:

    Amazingly all quiet on the RB front. Will we be the next to take one? Kenyan Drake is my guess.

  244. Producehawk says:

    Giants have done nothing in the trenches…..good.

  245. C-Dog says:

    Area scout Jim Nagy says Reed is the best run stuffer he’s seen in the long time, saw the upside as a rusher as the season went on and during the Senior Bowl. Consistent every game. The Alpha Dog of Bama’s program. Go freaking Hawks.

    • bigDhawk says:

      Said similar things about Kelley, the center.

    • Coug1990 says:

      Yes, Nagy thought he was a first round pick. He said Alabama didn’t ask him to rush the passer. But, in the Senior Bowl he was asked to rush the passer and was great.

  246. nichansen01 says:

    Bullard, Billings and Ridgeway really falling… Dahl Haeg and Mcgovern still on the board…

  247. Steele says:

    There goes Kaufusi. Oh well. I had been warming up the idea of him.

    I was just thinking, while looking at remaining pass rushers, that there are so few. Almost none left with that edge/bend. Kaufusi’s sheer size and height could have been utilized in lieu of that.

    • Vin says:

      After Rob’s articles on Bullard and Kaufusi, I too had warmed to the idea of either or/both. I’m assuming now begins the run on OL as Martin and Whitehair are the only ones gone that were in discussion at one point or another.

  248. Greg Haugsven says:

    How do you watch the feed and can you do it on a mo-bile

  249. Sea Mode says:

    Browns have consecutive picks coming up here at 76/77. Possible trade partner?

  250. HOUSE says:

    Bullard to Bears…

  251. bigDhawk says:

    Finally Bullard goes, to DaBearsss.

  252. CharlieTheUnicorn says:

    Drake is gone now……. 3 RB down

  253. linehawk says:

    The Hawks often got run over by big backs last year (like Jonathan Stewart). Its a good pick that way. Only concern is his skills overlap too much with Rubin?

    • David says:

      They like Rubin at 3T in base. Reed is a perfect replacement as 1T in base. Sitting at 26 the Hawks had little chance to get any top 20 talent at any position and they got one in the 2nd round at a position of need.

  254. nichansen01 says:

    Bullard is a bear, Billings, Henry Ridgeway and Hargraves still on the board. Surprised Gotsis went in the second.

  255. C-Dog says:

    So long Bullard. Bears get a good player.

  256. Greg Haugsven says:

    Great pick for the Dolphins with Drake. The Seahawks and Drakes teammate Jarran Reeds week 1 opponent.

  257. Old but Slow says:

    With Reed we have less of a need for a run stuffer. Look for someone who can play the interior of the offensive line.

    • SeventiesHawksFan says:

      The interior of our D line on base downs is set and good to go now. No one is going to be able to run up the middle and between the tackles on us, assuming everyone stays healthy. The interior of our defense is going to be tough going for any team.

  258. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    Well one of the TEF o linemen is pretty certain to be there at the bottom of the third. Ervin too. I hope Fackrell lasts that long. Too bad about Bullard and Kaufusi.

  259. bigDhawk says:

    So many CBs going. We will have an embarrassment of riches at the end of the round.

  260. Kenny Sloth says:

    Keivarae Russell is a Raider. Finally the get a decent CB

  261. Steele says:

    There is a lot of talent to go. But I think edge is almost non-existent (barring surprise sleepers), and DL is very picked over.

    Fingers still crossed for McG/Dahl/Haeg/Coleman but there is plenty of OL still there.

    Prosise and Cajuste would be great somewhere, but I think they need to take care of OL business first. It’s going to be a tight window.

  262. Volume12 says:


    3 of my favorite players in this entire class, go back to back to back.

    KC and Seattle like the same type of DBs.

  263. reggieregg says:

    Go snag Coleman. Let him battle it out with Ifedi at rt loser plays guard….. HELLO!

  264. DC says:

    Who’s going to love Jarran Reed more than anyone else?

    Seahawks linebackers. JR is gonna keep them clean.

  265. Kenny Sloth says:

    Browns taking calls

  266. Steele says:

    Wow. Ken Norton goes for Shilique Calhoun!

  267. Troy says:

    FUCK! Browns stole another O line from us!! Wish we coulda got Coleman…sigh

  268. Sea Mode says:

    Can’t believe McGovern made it past Chiefs!

  269. Vapeo says:

    This draft may very well lead to a flawless season for the Hawks. They are filling needs one by one, with perfect trades, steals, and sleepers. Go HAWKS!

    PS. I love love this blog!
    im new btw

  270. Volume12 says:

    Good for Coleman.

    He fits Cleveland’s style.

    Eventual Joe Thomas replacement.

  271. CharlieTheUnicorn says:

    Coleman… gone to Browns

  272. Michael (CLT) says:

    Man, this is becoming painful

  273. nichansen01 says:


    (leraven) Clark

    All still on the board

  274. bigDhawk says:

    Wow, Worley goes early. That’s two big CB reaches for the Kitties.

  275. Kenny Sloth says:

    This is gonna get really tragic for SDB fans

  276. nichansen01 says:

    No! Not coleman! I wish he had at least gone to a better team.

  277. Sea Mode says:

    New Clue is up!

  278. Kenny Sloth says:

    Maybe teams just hate OT McGovern.

  279. C-Dog says:

    McGovern, Dahl, Ridgeway, Willlie Henry, Kyler Fackrell, and Josh Perry still on board. Please, JS, grab one of these guys.

  280. bigDhawk says:

    Deliciously underwhelming draft for the Patsies so far.

  281. bigDhawk says:

    JS on the phone…

  282. glor says:

    Isaac Seumalo to Philly

  283. Coug1990 says:

    Bills take Adolphus Washington and the Falcons take Austin Hooper

  284. Sea Mode says:

    On phone NOW!

  285. Volume12 says:

    Is the new clue Kyler Fackrell?

    He’s got a baby girl.

  286. John_s says:

    Braxton Miller, one of McGovern, Dahl, Clark or Westerman and Jordan Jenkins for RD3 please

  287. Coug1990 says:

    LeRaven Clark was just chosen by the Colts. I am personally happy, as I did not like him.

  288. bigDhawk says:

    JS passing out notes!…

  289. Kenny Sloth says:

    Fuck Colts and jets like Fack

  290. nichansen01 says:

    Washington and Seumalo are boring prospects to me.

  291. Coug1990 says:

    Jets just took Jordan Jenkins, a LB from Georgia. Things are looking good for the Seahawks.

  292. Michael (CLT) says:

    Getting close now

  293. Producehawk says:

    Will Billings drop to us?

  294. sdcoug says:

    3 picks!!!! OMG. OmG. OMG…

  295. Kenny Sloth says:

    Lee and Jenkins make that a crazy front seven

    • bigDhawk says:

      Jenkins would have been a nice IRvin replacement but I’ll take Fackrell instead.

  296. Pugs1 says:

    Looks like they are down to one trade card. Might be waiting this one out.

  297. David says:

    Ok 6 picks to go. Who’s still there for us for our last 3 picks?

  298. Michael M. says:

    Three picks so close!!

    Was hoping Kaufusi was gonna be there, but as always the Ravens are reading Rob’s blog. And the damn Browns stole Bitonio first and now they grab Shon Coleman. Jerks. Rooting for Coleman though for sure.

    Give me some Kyler Fackrell at #90 and then a double dip on the interior line with McGovern and Dahl!

  299. Kenny Sloth says:

    Nick Vannet could be a tough buck

  300. Coug1990 says:

    Kendall Fuller, a CB from Virginia Tech was chosen by Washington

  301. Coug1990 says:

    By the way, is it bothering people that for the last several picks I have been telling people who has been chosen?

    • rowdy says:

      No, the sooner the better

    • Producehawk says:

      Does not bother me. Perhaps stay silent when Seattle picks, but I don’t really care.

    • Michael M. says:

      Just seems a little pointless. Is anyone relying on this board to see what’s happening?

    • jdtjohnson says:

      only that it’s 1-2 minutes early compared to NFL Network…but thats just me. I can stop refreshing until the end of the round

    • Sea Mode says:

      I personally don’t care, but you are a couple minutes ahead of me watching online.

    • troy says:

      I can only speak for myself but the answer is no way. I can choose not to read your post until after the pick. besides its not like it changes anything. the pick is the pick regardless what source we get it from first. just my 2 cents

    • Vapeo says:

      No please keep doing I prefer it over waiting!

      The anxiety is too much!!!

      Thx coug!

  302. nichansen01 says:

    Another corner!!!

  303. Coug1990 says:

    Braxton Miller just went to Houston

  304. David says:

    Man, I didn’t think it was a particularly strong draft for DBs but it seems that is all anyone cares about

  305. C-Dog says:

    Fackrell, Perry, McGovern, Dahl, Haeg still on board. Looking more like one of these guys could be a Hawk at 90.

  306. Rory says:

    What do you think the odds are of us picking Ronald Blair with one of the 3rd rounders?

  307. Troy says:

    Braxton Miller finally off the board to the Texans

  308. Kenny Sloth says:

    QB 3, 1, 0
    RB 1, 1, 1
    OT 5, 1, 2
    OG 1, 1, 1
    OC 1, 1, 1
    WR 4, 3, 1
    TE 0, 1, 1

    DE 3, 6, 4
    DT 4, 5, 3
    LB 2, 5, 1
    S 2, 2, 2
    CB 4, 5, 3

    K 0, ONE, 0

  309. C-Dog says:

    Packers and Steelers are the only teams in front of 90 I can see where Fackrell might go.

  310. nichansen01 says:

    Braxton Miller is a texan. I wasn’t as excited about him as others were.

  311. East Side Stevie says:

    McGovern 90
    Hargrave or Dahl 94

  312. Chris says:

    Wanting Alex Collins with any of the 3rd round picks. It’s frankly idiotic how little buzz he gets. 2nd best back to Ezekiel, in more than a few ways he’s better.

  313. Old but Slow says:

    It is actually a pretty class of corners, it is just that there aren’t a lot that meet the Seahawk profile. Worley and Bradberry were attractive, but both have been taken. There are some smaller guys who could play the slot.

  314. Troy says:

    Steele I remember you being worried about not having a shot at Mcgovern/Dahl/Haeg earlier in the thread, (I HOPE TO FUCK I DONT JINX IT) but looks like we are about to have our pick of the 3! Just two more picks til our run starts!

  315. Producehawk says:

    Green Bay will probably take billings.

  316. bigDhawk says:

    hmmm… a Utah State LB goes ahead of Fackrell.

  317. Old but Slow says:

    *pretty good class*

  318. C-Dog says:

    Anyone else listening to Hugh Millen on KJR constantly clamoring for a big WR? Good lordy, it’s becoming an annual broken record.

  319. Steve Nelsen says:

    McGovern, Fackrell, Ervin all still there

  320. TannerM says:

    Vigil is like the anti-Burfict.

  321. Coug1990 says:

    Damn, Fackrell went to GB

    • bigDhawk says:

      Was just thinking they might do that.

    • C-Dog says:

      Yup, kinda saw that coming. Joshua Perry is still on board. Add him and Reed to this defense, and the bully is coming back to the PNW.

  322. nichansen01 says:

    Nick Vigil goes before Fackrell!

  323. Dtrain says:

    Jon Williams, McGovern, Feeney…I feel it!

  324. coachmattson says:

    Bullard is still on the board?!! Do we take Bullard, then McGovern, then Ervin? Thoughts?

  325. Michael M. says:

    Damn Packers

  326. Kenny Sloth says:

    Too obvious.

    • Michael M. says:

      Was pretty obvious. ‘Hawks must have known that was gonna happen, so I guess they didn’t really want him

  327. bigDhawk says:

    With Fackrell gone who are the remaining Irvin replacement options?

  328. Chris says:

    Now we find out how well the Hawks have done their homework … Biggest names all gone, we’re now in the grey area where people earn their paychecks.

  329. LantermanC says:

    Feels like every other pick this 3rd round has been a punch to the gut. Kaufusi, Bullard, Coleman, Miller, Fackrell, etc

  330. Producehawk says:

    Wonder what’s wrong with Billings?

  331. seaspunj says:

    Here we go

  332. bigDhawk says:

    On the clock!!…

  333. C-Dog says:

    McGovern, Dahl, or Perry, please.

  334. Kenny Sloth says:

    Running to the podium

  335. Michael M. says:

    Well there’s the RB!

  336. HawkScott says:

    Is this Prosise kid better than Ervin????

  337. Troy says:

    CJ Prosise RB! Newest Seahawk

  338. C-Dog says:

    Prosise. Wow. 3rd down back for sure. Went total athlete here. Did not see that coming, but will take it.

  339. bigDhawk says:

    Prosise! Ok. Check off the RB. That probably means no Ervin.

  340. Volume12 says:

    There’s the offensive weapon.

    Not my favorite back, but he makes sense.

    CHAWK, whereever you aret, s/o on this one!

  341. Clayton says:

    Re: Andrew Billings – It’s like deja vu in 2011 with Jesse Williams.

  342. Michael M. says:

    a Tight End with 19 total receptions last year? Sounds about right for the ‘Hawks.

  343. Volume12 says:

    Gotta like what Seattle is doin’.

    Mixing it up with some different weapons.

    ‘Baby Gronk’?

    This is the blocking TE everybody wanted.

    Old school, Vannett is.

    Better than Hunter Henry. By far.

    • bigDhawk says:

      I like the Prosise pick and love the Vannett pick. I was one of the block TE proponents. McGovern and Dahl will likely be gone by our R5 pick. So what is the prediction for tomorrow?

  344. Ed says:

    Have loved Prosise for a long time. Everyone banged the Ervin train and I got on board. Prosise can be special though.

  345. bigDhawk says:

    The site crashed for me. Just now got it to refresh. Not exactly who we thought with the last three picks. Anyone got Odhiambo’s TEF score?

  346. LantermanC says:

    Rees Odhiambo just broke TEF: 23 BP, 27 VJ, 7’9″ BJ TEF of 2.36. He’d have to weigh 400 pounds and to have a decent wTEF.

  347. lil'stink says:

    Like the Vanett pick, not sure about the other 2. Kind of an underwhelming 3rd round.

    • H M Abdou says:

      EXACTLY what I’m thinking! I’m a big CMike fan, this def wasn’t a big vote of confidence in him. And I, like everyone else, wanted McGovern (but unlike most 12s on this site, I did NOT want Dahl or Haeg).

      • H M Abdou says:

        But I LOVE the Vannett pick!

      • J says:

        I think giving him 25k in guarantees already wasn’t a vote of confidence. The reality is he is a Seahawk solely because he couldn’t get a job anywhere else.

        • H M Abdou says:

          I hate to admit it, but you’re probably right. I mean right now if the team decided to cut CMike, there’s really no rebuttal that I would have, they’ve given him ample opportunities to prove himself (which he only started to do late last season).

          But I would like to see him on this team, contributing, helping bring another SB.

  348. Old but Slow says:

    Good picks with Prosise and Vannett, but Odhiambo? I had considered him about round 6 or 7. And with McGovern still available.

  349. Alicamousa says:

    Mmm. Not totally sold on those three. But hey, what do I know? I like Prosise, but probably not more than Ervin. Vannett has some promise but is it really a position of need? Honestly don’t have an opinion on Odhiambo, I think V12 might have called him at some point? What’s his TEF?

    Unrelated, some fans are absolutely bizarre. I just saw some Browns fans hating the Coleman pick, there are Falcons fans losing their shit over Neal… Guess it really does drive home just how much people rely on the mainstream media for their opinions.

  350. Volume12 says:


    I like it. Another throwback man.

    Just a tough, gritty, versatile player.

    He’s got a ton of personality man.

    Migjt not meet certain measurables, but you gotta like what Seattlebis doin’ man.

    Mixing it up.

    Went grit, toughness, and good otball playets man. Not the most athletic, but they inow how to play the game.

    Prosise gives us that Ervin, Harvin kind of weapon.

    Deadly in space on the move.

    Let him develop as a RB.

    He makes too much sense.

    • Alicamousa says:

      Got any notes on Odhiambo?

      I can understand the other two picks, and I’m happy enough with them. Just remembered that pretty much all our TEs are off contract at the end of next year, so no harm in picking up this kid Vannett. Rawls, CMike, and Prosise has the potential to be a hell of a backfield.

      Odhiambo seems to be an outlier, but I’m not even going to pretend I’ve watched any Boise State tape. So anything you’ve got I’d appreciate.

      • J says:

        Very injury prone. Some speculation his poor workout was due to a lingering ankle injury.

  351. seaspunj says:

    I think we can say goodbye to McGovern
    With Odhiambo makes me wonder what is his TEF?

    • bigDhawk says:

      23 BP
      27 vert
      7-9 broad

      Sounds sub-3.0 to me.

      • Kenny Sloth says:

        Recovering from injury

        • bigDhawk says:

          Think we see him as competition at RG? Don’t see him as a LG or RT.

          • CharlieTheUnicorn says:

            I see him as the 6th OL player you put in on goal to go situations. Big man that is powerful and can move people. They need a few of them… bulked up the OL in the draft overall.

        • lil'stink says:

          Wonder why he would elect to do much in his pro day if his ankle was still bothering him that much. Bench press, maybe. But not VJ or BJ.

    • Charles says:

      Odhiambo, Rees TEF 2.361344114 TEF+ 2.528894757 WTEF 74.14620517

  352. Sea Mode says:

    Wow, I guess McGovern never was the guy after all.

    Bye, bye Simmons. I’m now jumping right onto y’all’s Jeremy Cash train!

  353. Greg Haugsven says:

    Tef score might be 2.0

  354. David says:

    What a horrible way to end the 3rd round. First 3 picks were great, got our 3rd down back… and then they take an unaccomplished TE and an absolutely horrible OL from Boise State. I am shocked… this could have been the best draft in a long time for this team, what a complete waste.

    • David says:

      i’m calling it now – Odhiambo is this year’s Terry Poole except worse cuz we drafted him higher… especially with so many other great players still on the board

  355. Rob Staton says:

    Kenny and I live now at the top of the piece

  356. GerryG says:

    Any player who gets drafted in rd#3 whose number one trait is “gets hurt a lot” “cant stay healthy” is 100% total Jagsfan .gif


  357. Brando says:

    Wow did not love that last pick was hoping for McGovern or anyone else

  358. Volume12 says:

    He was hurt. Who knows what his TEFwoulda been healthy?

    So what he doesn’t meet it? He meets TCs tough guy, won’t take your ish.

    I thought he moved extremely well in the drills on his pro day, bad ankle and all. It showed heart IMO.

    Prosise I can’t say it enough, and won’t.

    He’s a field-stretcher.

    Ervin was the same thing guys. Better RB? Yeah? Bigger, stronger? No.

    That’s the theme of Seatle’s draft.

    They went 100% bully.

    Wanna punch peope in the mouth on offense.

    And then to top it off, we’re gonna throw speed, ‘catch me if ya can,’ backyard athletes.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn says:

      Procise has the WR background and hands…… very very dangerous player on 3rd downs.
      He was one RB I had thought they would like…. along with Ervin.

      Very satisfied with the pick. Fits a depth need and has serious upside due to only 1 year at RB. Pass blocking needs work, but is willing and has incredible feet from what I’ve seen on UTube tape.

  359. lil'stink says:

    I hope Procise learns to go up the middle or to his right. He seems so left dominant – I hope it doesn’t become too much of an issue.

  360. Greg Haugsven says:

    Still no center unless they move Rees there…looks like Sokoli for the future

    • Jarhead's Sokoli Bandwagon says:

      Having the most athletic Lineman in the NFL who has also overcome a lot in his life is a good thing. He has a year in our system and I feel is better equipped to start week 1 than Ifedi. People are going to be pleasantly surprised with Sokoli I am betting

  361. HawkPower12 says:


    I just don’t get it…They are making HUGE MISTAKES!!!

    Taking someone we have Never heard of in 3?
    They have FAILED badly recently with drafting…
    And here they do again… Conner McGovern?? NO
    Some Lost 6-7 round guy that will never play…
    HUGE ERROR!!!!

    • HawkScott says:

      I wanted McGovern too, but I’ll reserve judgement until I see these kids line up for the Hawks. JS/PC know their shit… so you gotta give them the benefit of the doubt.

    • Kenny Sloth says:

      We’ve talked a lot about him. They’ve shown interest for months

    • Alicamousa says:

      Come on, get a grip.

      You have no idea whether McGovern or Odhiambo is going to be the better pro. I don’t either. I’m a bit uncomfortable with the pick, but I know thats due to my own ignorance. I’ll wait and look at some tape, read and listen to PCJS and try to understand their thought process, and then I’ll go down the multiple exclamation mark route.

    • JustMeMyself&! says:

      Don’t assume “we” haven’t heard of him before. You’re mad because of your lack of knowledge. Some of us get what they’re doing.

  362. Drew says:

    Odhiambo apparently only gave up 2 sacks and 12 pressures in over 900 snaps between 2014 and 2015. At face value I don’t like it but I’ll reserve judgement until I see him play

  363. sdcoug says:

    a month or two ago I suggested we should be discussing Vannett, and it wasn’t well-received.

    But it made too much sense, not knowing when or what we’d have with Graham, and Willson being a FA next year. Drafting ahead.

    Suggested a TE that could block in-line a bit better and still move. Solid pick.

    • Kenny Sloth says:

      Liked Sandland more

      • sdcoug says:

        I wasn’t necessarily tied to the player, just thought the need and interest would be real.

    • bobbyk says:

      Agreed. Solid pick with Graham making $9 million or whatever again in ’17 and everyone else at TE set to be free agents. Makes too much sense to have a guy ready to take over.

      • sdcoug says:

        Exactly. He contributes this year, provides depth, and that $9M is a lot easier to move on from next year if Graham just isn’t the same.

    • H M Abdou says:

      Love the Vannett, Ifedi, and Reed picks, hate the Procise and Odhiambo picks.

  364. Volume12 says:

    Could you edit that name again Rob.

  365. Drew says:

    As for Prosise, total athlete, only 1 year as a RB so he’ll learn, but he has the typical size they look for and great speed. He’ll be a great 3rd down back. Has a higher ceiling than Turbo who was great in that roll.

    • Mark Souza says:

      3rd down backs have to be great blockers. Don’t know that he perfected that in his one year at RB. Poor blocking is why C-Mike never saw the field in the two years before we cut him loose.

      • rowdy says:

        He also struggled with drops, as a former wr he doesn’t seem to learn fast

      • JakeB says:

        Prosise was special teams MVP for notre dame. And he can catch the ball downfield. Cmike doesn’t offer either of those things

  366. Misfit74 says:

    This is a fantastic draft so far. I absolutely love almost all the picks. Thrilled to get Reed, who I mocked in the first round consistently. Prosise could develop into a great player for us and certainly compliments Rawls and CMike well. I really like his size, speed and passing game chops. I did prefer Johnathan Williams but I imagine the medical was an issue for him. We finally addressed the OL comendably. Ifedi is a guy I really liked and was liked to us (good SPARQ). #GOHAWKS

  367. HawkPower12 says:

    Why did they WASTE a pick on a Garbage OLineman!!!!
    That no one has ever heard of??? He passed none of the test!

    At a point they are getting way to “Cute” To be drafting like this!

    • Kenny Sloth says:

      He might have if he were healthy

    • HawkScott says:

      Come on, dude. If you’ve been studying mock drafts, Odhiambo was a Seahawk target (just not in the 3rd round). Plenty of people have heard of him. He’s not a garbage OL. Just a little injury prone.

    • H M Abdou says:

      LOVED the Vannett pick, didn’t like the Procise pick because it’s a vote of no confidence in my guy CMike. Also, the Odhiambo pick was a bit of a head-scratcher, no McGovern???

      • Mark Souza says:

        KJR thought if Seattle picked a tight end it was a clear indication Jimmy Graham isn’t ready and may not play much, if at all in 2016.

        • rowdy says:

          I’ve felt that way last season. No one really comes back from his injury and plays at a high level

          • Chris says:

            If that was true they wouldn’t bring him back at his high cap number. They could get rid of him with no cap hit. If the Hawks had any questions about his recovery he would’ve been released.

        • Jarhead's Sokoli Bandwagon says:

          But why would they take the last year of his contract to pay him $9 mil if he won’t play before becoming a free agent?

          • arias says:

            Jimmy’s got two more seasons on his contract. Regardless, I think KJR got bait and switched. It’s not Graham they’re worried about. This is in order to groom a backup move tight end to be ready after Luke becomes a free agent at the end of the season.

    • seaspunj says:

      Give it some time on the field and coaching the occur … then rant or rave

  368. Kenny Sloth says:

    Really digging Odhiambo’s potential

    • Producehawk says:

      Ohiambo is someone I will reserve judgement on. Have to trust the FO on this one.

  369. Volume12 says:

    I don’t get what’s wrong?

    2 athletic, high upside, high character, get off the bus first guys.

    Prosise is a physical specimen. Think a bigger version of Tyler Ervin.

    And then, they throw 3 picks at ya in Reed, Vannett, and Odhiambo, who just want to bust heads.

    Might not be SPARQd up or TEF through the roof, they meet other criteria.

    Vannett gives ya inurance, and can develop into a complete TE. I thought they ere lookin aat move TEs, but I get what Seattle is doin.

    The 49ers did this with Jim Harbaugh guys and SF struck fear in ya, like it or not.

    Mix in freak athletes, with guys from the throwback era.

  370. J says:

    This draft is a real vote of confidence in Kristjin Sokoli. No C and all the good ones are either off the board or will be by our next pick.

  371. Madmark says:

    At the start of last year Odhiambo was ranked at 113 and because of his injury he just disappeared. He could just be the steal in the draft. I had him at 215.

  372. icb12 says:

    So far so good!

  373. Chris says:

    A little baffled by the last picks.

    Not impressed by CJ Proisse much at all. I think they’re going for a 3rd down type that can go out for passes, which he can be okay at, but I don’t see anything special. He’s fast, but not freaky fast. He’s got good cut and acceleration, but not anything special. His power is below average. When blocking he didn’t seem to be anything special. I frankly don’t really get it. Ervin seems far more dangerous in space and Collins seems far better as a pure runner. I really feel like I must be missing something, because I don’t see it at all.

    The TE Nick Varnett seems like a better pick. He moves around pretty well and he can stick his head in where it needs to be for blocks. He’s not a freak size/speed athlete but he seems like a pretty good all around player. He can block okay (although this seems to be over-rated), he can go out on routes with some short-range quickness, and he can catch. He seems like a very solid TE in all aspects of the game. I do wonder where he’s going to play though. Graham is going nowhere, and Willson has a higher ceiling. Nick’s a good TE, just doesn’t seem like a need fit.

    With Rees Odhiambo, like everyone else, I’m not sure. I’ve seen some really bad measurables posted for this guy, but on tape this guy’s movement is fantastic. This guy looks like a straight up LT dancer with fantastic feet and amazing athleticism. Since this pick came out of nowhere, I’m thinking the Seahawks had some info on this kid and his massive upside athletically, that the rest of us weren’t quite able to compute before the draft. The kid seems like a total natural and a freakishly smooth athlete that slipped. I have no idea what their plans are for this guy, but from watching him it seems like he is an amazingly natural athlete that could hold down an LT spot.

    • rowdy says:

      I think they learned there lesson with not having a blocking te

    • sdcoug says:

      In fairness, we really don’t know when Graham will be back, or even what he’ll be when he returns. Willson is a FA next year. I suggested this move awhile back as it just made too much sense. Production, more blocking, depth and a hedge on Graham.

    • arias says:

      This is Willson’s walk year since I’m sure the FO will do exactly that after the season given the pick of Varnett. Regardless of how much he might improve, he won’t be better than Graham and won’t be worth the raise he’ll surely get at season’s end by some team enamored with his speed. Hope he puts together a great receiving season to raise his stock in his money year, but his skills as a backup move tight end are imminently replaceable.

  374. Volume12 says:

    They’re getting guys like Giacomini, Sweezy, Bryant, Mebane type of intangibles and physicality back.
    Seattle was missing that 100%.

    I’m not a huge fan of Prosise’s tape at RB, but dammit if he isn’t exciting.

    You can see the potential and kind of weapon he is.

    He can return punts/kicks, give ya carries at RB or fill in Rawls if needed, you know PC will usr this kid as a gunner to replace Lockette.

    And more than that, he’s just a get the ball to me in space, on trick plays, he also played receiver so he understands things at receiver most prospects wouldn’t, and c
    Difference is, Prosise r is built like DeMarco Murray. Prosise’s tape, b.

  375. Producehawk says:

    They always fool us. At least we were close on some.

  376. Makal says:

    This stay should open some eyes on Odhiambo.

    • Makal says:

      Rees Odhiambo yielded two sacks, six hits, and 12 hurries on 645 pass-block snaps between 2014 and 2015.

    • GerryG says:

      It’s the injury report that scares me, not the talent. Guys that get hurt stay that way usually

  377. Kenny Sloth says:

    Odhiambo vs SDSU really strong. Reminds you of Ifedi. Long arms looks like he could stick at LT. Down blocks like a behemoth. Looks like Ifedi mixed with Coleman

  378. Volume12 says:

    Can line up at receiver.

    I thought they were gonna take one of the Boise St guys. Told ya that Tony Pauline was one of the best in the biz.

    Dorsn’t matter if he meets TEF. Garnett, Landon Turner, they were lookin at these guys.

    Odhiambo can play 2 positionbs, maybe 3 positions.

    If he doesn’t start you got a better version of Bailey. He’s no different than Dahl, McGovern, guys like that.

    Not as athletic, but Odhiambo is a good O-lineman.

  379. Madmark says:

    So far I Gemain Ifedi and the trade down pick from it right. The I said I would use it for a Nick Vannett so that’s 2/4. Rees Odhiambo although is a gray area. I had him at 215 so I’m sure if I’m 3/5?

  380. Kenny Sloth says:

    Disagree with the Graham narrative. Vannett hedges Luke Willson’s likely departure

    • Volume12 says:


      Like Luke Willson, he hasn’t produced or played a TON of TE, but he’s a natural. He can become a complete TE. Nothing wrong the fact that yes, Seattle does like TEs like Vannett.

      He’sn outlier like Odhiambo. They happen every year.

    • lil'stink says:

      Vannett can be a hedge for either Willson or Graham, and likely get some meaningful snaps in the meantime. I think there’s just as much of a chance that Willson is on the roster in 2017 and Graham isn’t. Either way I like the pick.

  381. Ukhawk says:

    Massive surprises, initial felt very let down as these guys were not projected, do not initially stand out nor follow the Hawks MO for drafting freaks but I keep telling myself you’ve got to reserve judgement…

    Now taken a breath. What do I like:

    Prosise is a real COP back, WR background, great athlete but clearly based on his experience his better days are ahead. Like Erving but bigger, more explosive, with higher upside overall. I was initially upset about going RB so high but this is a guy who is very different from anyone on the roster, who could make plays all over the field and offers us a new unique weapon out of the backfield. Best case: Marshall Faulk II

    Likewise with Vannett; Meyer said he had worked hard, improved greatly and his best days are ahead. Has great physical dimensions but looks like he can physically develop Moreso. Production wise he wasn’t utilised highly in the offense, will be interesting to see hoe he translates in the pro game but he looks efficient. Best case: Baby Gronk

  382. Volume12 says:

    If a guy doesn’t meet a certain measurable or TEF, it doesn’t mean he’s not a good football player.

    Look, I’m big a fan of guys like that as the next guy, but like I always say, we’ll never know what goes down when the look into these guys.

    You can’t measure heart, you can’t teach a guy to not be afraid of contact but rather embrace it, want it, accept it. To play at a consistent, high pace physicality.

    Can’t measure want to or the will.

    Some guys just have ‘it.’

    • Alicamousa says:

      Yeah, I’m not complaining about the Odhiambo pick. It’s just interesting insomuch as it is a complete departure from their recent drafting history – or at least it appears to be.

      They weren’t lying when they said they wanted to become the bully again. They’ve brought some serious ass-kickers in, CenturyLink is going to turn into the thunderdome this year.

  383. vrtkolman says:

    Nick Vannett might be my favorite pick in this entire draft! Zach Ertz who blocks like Zach Miller. He’s exactly what this offense is missing.

    • Kenny Sloth says:

      I will probably like a TE they bring in later even more

      • vrtkolman says:

        What happens to Luke Willson then? Not that I’m complaining if he gets cut or anything…

    • sdcoug says:

      This was a need pick to me, and I’ve said it for awhile. This vas Vannett’s first year starting and he blossomed. He can stick his nose in and block, catch, move to the slot, etc. This is a piece we’ve been lacking.

      And anyone complaining about his stats, remember this is an O that also featured the top RB (Elliott) drafted and two top WRs (thomas/Miller). That doesn’t leave a lot of scraps

  384. vrtkolman says:

    This draft has gone incredibly well, but there is one pretty big downside to it – we haven’t added any pass rushers. The interior pass rush is still a problem.

    • Alicamousa says:

      It is to a lot of us, me included, but it might not be to the Hawks. They want to shut down the opposition run game, force them into third and long situations where they can start bringing the heat. We’ve seen what guys like Donald and Short can do, but it’s not the only way to bring defensive pressure. They might well add a couple of guys late, then hope Jordan Hill can stay healthy. And it’s worth thinking about how many pass rushing DTs there actually were in this class? Rankins, Jones, Nkemdiche? One freak who was never in play, and two boom/bust types.

      I think, like you, that they’ve played a pretty good hand so far. Still got four picks tomorrow, then the usual UDFA haul. Can’t wait to see what they do.

    • Magmatizer says:

      Who is still available to us that has pass-rush ability from the interior? I believe Ronald Blair is still on the board, and Brandin Bryant is a viable late round option.

  385. Kenny Sloth says:

    Gonna be a hard fourth round for SDB