Could the Seahawks trade for O.J. Howard?

O.J. Howard is a non-factor in Tampa Bay’s offense

After five games, you could’ve made a case for Will Dissly being the best tight end in the NFL. He was outperforming everyone statistically. He was producing regular touchdowns and big plays. His blocking was vital and on-point.

His season-ending achilles injury is a crushing blow for player and team. He’ll no doubt be back. Even after two devastating injuries, ‘Uncle Will’ just seems like the type who won’t accept bad luck. You wouldn’t bet against him returning next year and having a long and successful career in Seattle.

In the short term the Seahawks need a 2019 solution. On 710 ESPN today, Pete Carroll spoke positively about Ed Dickson returning in a couple of weeks. Previously he hadn’t spoken optimistically about his health. Ideally he returns after week eight and the Seahawks can finish the season with Dickson, Luke Willson and Jacob Hollister.

They also need to see what else is out there for a few reasons.

Firstly, there’s at least some risk pinning all your hopes on Dickson. His injury was serious enough to start the year on injured reserve. He has an injury history. After the trade deadline closes — you’re stuck with what’s available on the street. Unless they’re absolutely convinced Dickson will be ready to contribute — they have to see what else is out there.

Secondly, Dissly was more than just a replaceable tight end. He was delivering consistent production. Someone needed to step up after Doug Baldwin’s retirement. Dissly was that man. The Seahawks just lost one of the most important players on their offense. Russell Wilson just lost arguably his second most vital target after Tyler Lockett. Seattle will only go as far as Wilson can take them this season. Making sure he has the necessary supporting cast is vital.

Thirdly, tight end is an important position in Seattle. They paid Zach Miller handsomely in 2011. They made a big trade for Jimmy Graham in 2015. They’ve always, seemingly, placed a high value on the position. That isn’t a surprise. They want to run the ball successfully, they use a lot of play action and their pass-pro needs help with an extra blocker. Dissly was an ideal fit. He’s a complete tight end. He’ll be a huge loss. If it was possible to add someone with plus blocking and receiving skills — it would soften the blow.

The purpose of this article isn’t to suggest they need to repeat the Jimmy Graham trade. It’s simply to highlight options.

In terms of free agents, Dwayne Allen (former Colts, Patriots, Dolphins) is available. Austin Sefarian-Jenkins (former Buccs, Jets, Jags) is available. The Patriots just re-signed Ben Watson — potentially anticipating that teams like the Seahawks would be looking for help today.

In terms of trades, there are some options. I wrote last week that A.J. Green could be a possibility. Remember — this isn’t just about replacing Dissly. Russell Wilson just lost one of his best pass-catchers, having seen his best target retire in the off-season. Again, this team will only go as far as the offense and the quarterback can take them this year. Making sure Wilson is as supported as possible is vital.

Green’s not a tight end but he would be a suitable replacement to inject some quality into the offense with Dissly injured. It’s worth noting though that the Bengals insist he won’t be dealt.

Another option who does play tight end is O.J. Howard.

Yesterday, Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller suggested the following:

Howard is a non-factor in Bruce Arians’ Tampa Bay offense.

Here’s his 2019 stat-line:

vs San Francisco — 4 catches, 5 targets, 32 yards

vs Carolina — 0 catches, 0 targets, 0 yards

vs New York Giants — 3 catches, 4 targets, 66 yards

vs LA Rams — 3 catches, 3 targets, 33 yards

vs New Orleans — 1 catch, 2 targets, 10 yards

vs Carolina — 2 catches, 4 targets, 35 yards

With the Buccs spiralling out of control and enduring a nonsensical travel schedule that the NFL should be embarrassed about, it stands to reason that they’d be willing to see what they can get for Howard.

It isn’t working, he’s an asset they can move as they prepare for an inevitable reset in the off-season (probably with a new quarterback).

Before the 2017 draft, Davis Hsu noted that the Seahawks were high on O.J. Howard. The feeling was they viewed him as one of the very best players in the class. In the days leading up to the draft, he was being touted as a likely top-10 pick — perhaps even a top-five pick. It was a surprise he fell to #19.

Here’s a segment of a USA Today report posted after the pick was made:

General manager Jason Licht and coach Dirk Koetter both expressed surprise that Howard, who helped Alabama win the national championship two years ago, was still available for Tampa Bay at No. 19 overall Thursday night.

While Howard said his agent projected he’d be selected anywhere between sixth and 20th and “that’s exactly what happened,” Licht referred to the prospect of landing the 6-foot-6, 242-pound tight end as a “pipe dream.”

So why did he fall?

Howard was a highly touted recruit. As soon as he arrived in Alabama, he was being talked about. He was the next big thing, destined to play in the NFL before he’d even started his college career.

He never really delivered on the promise. At least not in terms of production. Many pinned the blame on offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin for never really working out the best way to use him. Considering he’s had an indifferent spell in Tampa Bay now, people might have a different take. For a player who promised so much — he’s been underwhelming.

In Lance Zierlein’s pre-draft scouting report, he noted all the positives you’d expect:

Exceptionally gifted athlete. Has long arms and massive hands for his position. Tremendous acceleration into his routes. Has tools to torment defenses on second and third level. Play speed resembles a wide receiver’s when the ball is in the air. Linebackers have no shot against him in space. Can turn a short throw into a long gain. Light on his feet and smooth out of his breaks. Easy separator who creates instant throwing windows when he hits the gas. Natural pass catcher who plucks it away from his body. Can adjust to poorly thrown balls and secure contested catches. Shows no lack of toughness over the middle. Can be lined up all over the field.

He also wrote the following in the ‘weaknesses’ section:

Scouts question his competitive nature.

And he finished with this summary:

Howard has struggled to live up to hype that has come with his play-making ability while at Alabama, but some scouts put the blame on the staff and scheme. He has elite athletic traits and raw talent, but must add polish to go along with those attributes. Should become substantially more productive as a pro, but the difference between “potential weapon” and “elite tight end” will likely be tied to his desire and overall football character.

It’s possible that Howard’s potential is more appealing than the reality.

Even so — he’s a player with the tools to be the most complete tight end in the league. His combination of size, length, speed, athleticism, agility and blocking skills could make him a perfect fit for a team that requires a classic tight end who can also act as a playmaker.

The Seahawks love a high-upside project.

Brett Kollmann published this very positive video discussing Howard:

If the Seahawks were extremely high on Howard before the 2017 draft, this might be a good match. His salary next season is only $3,530,107. They would have the opportunity to trigger his fifth year option if they wanted to retain his services in 2021. He only turns 25 in November, so he’s a good age.

One way or another they’re going to have to add a tight end at some point. Ed Dickson and Luke Willson are not long term options. Dissly has suffered two serious injuries in two seasons, so they need some insurance at the position. Howard is cheap enough, young enough and has high enough potential to be a viable option.

Nobody would deny that Seattle’s biggest weaknesses are currently on defense. That’s the area they need the most help. Yet the chances are they’ll be spending a draft pick and/or some cap space on a tight end in the off-season anyway. Trading for Howard would simply accelerate the process.

As with any trade, it comes down to price. What would you be willing to spend? They have two second round picks but is that too high for a player who hasn’t produced at a high level in Tampa Bay? Would the Buccs take a third rounder to move on? Is that a fair price or can they get him for less?

If Miller is right and there’s a lot of buzz about an O.J. Howard trade doing the rounds, it won’t be a surprise if the Seahawks are in the hunt.

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  1. cha

    Bob Condotta

    Follow @bcondotta

    Jarran Reed’s suspension listed on NFL transactions today as being officially lifted. Seahawks get an exemption for him to practice this week but will have to make a move to add him to roster by gameday.
    2:12 PM – 14 Oct 2019

    • Sea Mode

      Dissly to IR will be the move.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Oof how convenient

        • Simo

          How unfortunate!

          • Bigten

            Looks like swoopes and Colbert were signed in the wake of dissly. Not sure of the corresponding moves.

  2. Nick

    Love this idea and I think it has a lot of credibility. I’d be okay giving up one of our 2nd rounders if Tampa Bay threw us their third or fourth round pick.

    • JJ

      I was thinking something along this line as well. I was thinking like our 2nd for Howard and a 5th.

    • Troy

      Agreed with this maybe even if we got less like a 5th. Weve talked about the Hawks finding a TE in the 2nd round (some people have and obviously that is just guys like us in most instances). I love Dissly but the team has to think big picture and hope that we have a situation where Dissly and Howard are both on the same team and demanding playing time becomes a thing. In the meantime this league waits for no one (usually) and I think this would be a great move for the team, and the player.

    • Brashmouse

      Based on this write up I would think that a late 3rd with a conditional 2nd in 2021 if he makes the pro bowl this year or next would be fair.

  3. Gaux Hawks

    Love it. Thanks, Rob.

  4. cha

    Rob would it be fair to say Arians doesn’t have much use for pass catching TEs? Looking at his Cardinals career I see a couple 30 catch seasons from TEs and that’s about it.

    • Rob Staton

      Yes that is definitely the case.

  5. Mark

    I would rather we reach out to see if ADB would reconsider joining the team in a limited role at half season then trade for AJ Green. I know it’s a long shot but a trio of Lockett, Baldwin and Metcalf would be awesome + add in a O.J. Howard (I am okay with a 2nd to TB for O.J. and a 4th). Rosterbation at its finest 🙂

  6. Denver Hawker

    Scheme could be why his numbers are down, but Winston is slinging the ball everywhere. Would love to look at his blocking tape and at least check that box before getting too excited. Nonetheless, love his potential. Will be interesting in that the two teams play each other after the deadline, may have to sit out that game.

    Can we trade the 3rd comp pick of it hasn’t officially been awarded a slot? I’m still okay with one of the late 2’s if we can get a 4th back.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Agree on the blocking. 242 is a little light in the NFL to be a great blocker.

    • Rob Staton

      Yes I think they can do that. Could just call it a conditional third and say it’s the ‘latest’ of our available thirds.

      • Whit21

        OJ Howard has had to compete with cameron brate for touches as well..

  7. Greg Haugsven

    That would make a nice 1-2 punch also for 2020. Different skills sets tormenting defenses. You could line them both up on the end and the opposing team would have no idea which guy might be running a route and which one could stay into block. We talked about Howard a week or so ago but you are right. Comes down to price if they are indeed ready to move him.

  8. cha

    Bob Condotta

    Follow @bcondotta

    Carroll says no specifics yet on Will Dissly but says it would take something “miraculous” for him to not miss this season.
    3:07 PM – 14 Oct 2019

  9. Henry Taylor

    I’ve loved Howard ever since the draft, was shocked he fell as far as he did. He’s only managed to flash that ability at the next level, but it’s there. The Bucs have a ton of pass catching talents to get the ball to and they’ve never seemed that willing to feature him. How much of that is on Howard and how much is the coaching staff and Winston? I’m willing to bet there’s more of the former.

    2nd round pick for Howard and a 4th sounds like a great deal to me.

  10. Greg Haugsven

    Another piece there is the NFL trade deadline is October 29th, we play the Bucs that week on November 3rd.

    • Gaux Hawks

      nice catch… this will definitely play into their decision making (visions of a little techno-thursday touchdown celebration party in the back of their minds)

      • Jamho3

        Yeah, thats not going to help. Good catch.

  11. line_hawk

    Can we un-trade Vannett? Based on how their season is going and the fact that he is FA after the season, there is no reason Steelers should keep him over getting a pick back. But, I know there is no precedent of this happening.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I hope not. Vannett is a thoroughly mediocre TE and a subpar blocker. At least in SEA’s scheme.

      I’d rather roll with Willson, Hollister and Fant than bring back Vannett. And if some of the underclassmen TEs in CFB declare, it’ll be a decent year to draft a TE.

  12. Sea Mode

    Way to go, Shaq!

    PFF SEA Seahawks

    Shaquill Griffin has a coverage grade of 83.5 after 6 games, ranking 6th out of 113 qualifying CBs (min. 100 cover snaps). #Seahawks

    Oct 14, 2019

    • Rob Staton

      Great news.

      • charlietheunicorn

        His resign price keeps going up… 14M/year range now imo.

        • Whit21

          I dont think it will be that much.. hes doing well in coverage. However hes not getting high number of picks. Hes not flashy like Sherm was. Its been nice.. but who knows what kind of money he will command at this point of the season.

    • cha

      He’s pretty low-key having a great season so far. Nice rebound from last year.

  13. Sea Mode

    Oh yeah… Let this BAMF loose!

    Adam Jude

    Carroll says Jarran Reed, in his first day back from suspension, was at VMAC early today. Reed told PC he had trouble sleeping last night because he was so eager to get back.

    Oct 14, 2019

    • Jamho3

      Yeah he’s one of our leaders, an Alpha admist alphas. We’re better now.

    • clbradley17

      Love to see this, he was one of the leaders of the DL along with Frank Clark last year. Bobby is the leader of the LBs/defense as a whole, and was great to hear that BW fired up the D after they got down 20-6 to the Browns. McDougald is the leader of the DBs, and found this Mic’d up video of him showing that during the Rams game.

  14. Kenny Sloth

    I need to join your Patreon Rob! So. Much. Content.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I’m hella waiting for one of your biennial inspiring “enjoy-it-while-it-lasts” masterstroke articles

    • Rob Staton

      Appreciate the support buddy

  15. Justin Mullikin

    I love the ides for trading for OJ Howard for the right price.

    I am not sure what his market price is right now.

    I do not think a first is on the table. A second maybe. A third. Pull the trigger right now.

    What do you think his market value is Rob?

    • Rob Staton

      It’s very difficult to project. This year alone we’ve seen Frank Clark moved for a R1 + R2 and Jadeveon Clowney traded for a R3. So judging trade value is incredibly difficult. My best guess would be a R3 or a R2 with Tampa Bay maybe giving back something like a R5. But I could easily see them wanting more or less.

      • Justin Mullikin

        Thank you for your insight.

        That seems fair.

        I do not want to rely on Ed Dickson staying healthy.

        Hopefully we go for it.

        P.S. If the Patriots sign him I will be very sad.

  16. Gaux Hawks

    thought it is worth mentioning that our two moves to IR are a back up OG and TE which somehow coincide with the most probable and best players we have available to return from IR/PUP…

    dodging bullets, but pull the trigger on OJ!

    R2 & R5 for OJ & R4

  17. charlietheunicorn

    Trade prospects.

    SEA 2nd round pick and 5th round pick, then get back their 3rd round pick and Howard.
    This appears to safe and doesn’t get Tampa enough value for the trade imo, so someone else could swoop in .. such as the hated Patriots (also rumored to be looking at him for the right price).


    Trade the SEA 1st round pick and get back the TAMPA 2nd and Howard. When the dust settles, more or less Seattle giving up a 3rd for him draft-pick value wise. You are left with 3x 2nd round picks from about #40 – #63. There are plenty of very intriguing prospects in this range, which could include OL, CB and WR/TE.

    You could also go cheap and throw a 5th at the Bengals and try to get Eifert. Purely a rental player, but could bridge until the TE room is replenished later this season.

  18. Kenny Sloth

    👀 Matt Stafford

  19. SgtPeppy

    Feels like watching an ex-GF on MNF with Darrell Bevell calling the Lions offense.

    Dumb 5 WR sets – check
    Fade route in the red zone – check
    A screen play that actually worked – gasp!

  20. drewdawg11

    I would have been alright with trading for Howard if Will hadn’t gotten injured. I’m definitely cool with getting him now for the right price. He’s got the ability to be a complete TE and one who can be a weapon in the passing game. Without Will, we are down a red zone threat and middle of the field target. He was a solid blocker at Bama, too. I’m in for sure.

  21. Brazilian Hawk

    Really bad news about Dissly, he was dominating the seam for us this season, catching everything thrown his way and the second best offensive player above replacement this season for us.

    Can’t remember the last time we plugged a player in midseason and had an instant impact. Not even Duane Brown was all that great in 2017, which imo is a deal breaker for most TEs.

    I like the idea of getting OJ Howard but more as an addition to our 2020 and 2021 hopes than for his 2019 impact, even if I believe he’s a nice fit skillset-wise.

    This is really on Carson to keep his performance up and Metcalf and Moore to absorb Dissly’s former targets.

  22. Coleslaw

    Some good news ya’ll!

    Phil Haynes and DeMarcus Christmas are back! Add in Jarran Reed and that’s a lot of fresh beef to throw in the trenches.

  23. Coleslaw

    Maybe I’m missing something but what’s wrong with Tampa’s travel schedule? They have like 3 or 4 cross country games and the london game, the rest are all within like 1000 miles of Tampa

    • Rob Staton

      They don’t play a home game between the 22nd September and the 11th November. In that period they go to LA and back, to New Orleans and back, to London and back, then a bye, then to Tennessee and back, then finally to Seattle and back.

      That is absolutely ridiculous, shameful and the league should apologise.

      • Lewis

        Same thing happened to the Raiders

  24. Paul Cook

    I just read your article, Rob. Great as always. 🙂

    My first thought after reading it was…is this not the perfect PC reclamation project?

    Just that…

  25. dcd2

    Rob, do you think that the Bengals would be interested in dealing Billy Price? He got beat out for the C job and Hunt has only played one snap this season.I think Cincy has moved him to G, but may be open to cutting bait.

    I know you and others here were high on him when he came out. 2020 is the last of Britt’s contract… I wonder if he would be worth a flyer. Fieldgulls wrote about the possibility of Hunt and/or Jennings being waived a few days ago.

  26. CHawk Talker Eric

    Off topic but did Booger McFarland say that the NFC North is the toughest division in football?

    Based on cumulative winning percentage, it’s the NFC West, though the NFC North is second

    • Simo

      I’d also argue that the NFC West is the toughest division, especially with Arizona trending up now. But this is a tough call as GB, Minn, and Chi are all tough, and Det isn’t a pushover either. Not a team in the division under .500 right now. Hopefully they will beat each other up the rest of the way!

  27. charlietheunicorn

    Against the Browns on Sunday, Wilson became the first player since 1950 to throw more than 13 touchdown passes without throwing a single interception in his team’s first six games. ~


  28. Pran

    Bevell is Bevell..glad he is calling plays for a different team.

    • Pran

      Refs screwed up big time and changed the outcome… cry baby Rodgers should never blame refs again.
      Lions deserve it for their shitty play calling and settling for FGs.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        They deserve it? That’s pretty harsh. They played a hell of a game in one of the toughest venues in Football. And they would’ve won it but for the refs handing the Packers the opportunity to steal it a walk off. And all those FGs put them in a position to win (again, but for the refs). What if they’d tried to go for it on any of them but failed?

        I agree with Rob. I’ve no patience for the blood and guts crowd who scream GO FOR IT on every 4th and short. That’s not how smart coaches win football games.

        • Pran

          Don’t get it wrong .. am talking about calls before the 4th down. When they are supposedly controlling the clock they kept throwing incompletions

        • Coug1990

          Amen. Arm chair QB’s are watching the game on TV or in a stadium for a reason.

  29. CHawk Talker Eric

    Good teams find a way to win. Hat tip to Green Bay.

    What a duel between place kickers!

  30. CHawk Talker Eric

    I’m as tantalized as anyone by Howard’s potential, but it’s hard to overlook the glaring red flag that he just may not have any fire in his belly. He’s underachieved since at least college, and maybe even in high school. Hard to tell with an athlete of his caliber; he’s like that genius student who can get straight A’s without even studying. You can say it’s just scheme, but you’d probably be kidding yourself.

    This quote, also from Zierlein’s pre draft scouting report, really stands out to me:

    “Alabama recruited a shiny toy but (Lane) Kiffin never really knew what to do with it. I don’t worry about the talent at all. He could be an all-pro. I JUST NEED TO KNOW IF HE LOVES FOOTBALL.” — NFC general manager (emphasis added)

    In the end, I think he’s got such a high ceiling that he’s worth a R3 flyer (or a R2 if they get a pick back along with Howard). But I’ll be tempering my enthusiasm if they bring him in.

    • Jamho3

      That GM probably long fired by now. Weak character assasinations due to lack of opportunity is a low form of analysis. Kiffin not setting NCAA on fire is he? We’ve spent no time evaluating OJ’s have we?

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        How do you know which GM that was? And your point might be valid, except for the fact that it’s well known and empirical that Howard hasn’t lived up to his hype. Not in college. Not in the pros. That’s not the opinion of just a single NFC GM (long fired or not). It’s the consensus of NFL experts.

        I’m FOR obtaining him because he has such a high ceiling. But if you think just coming to the Seahawks is somehow gonna make a guy who’s never shown he’s pissed off for greatness suddenly set the world on fire…

        • Jamho3

          How do you know it’s true? You’ve just witnessed NFL experts be wrong about SEA coaches, player evaluations, draft picks, game decisions, strats and outcomes for well over 10 years. Now you want to ignore Arians history, OJ’s targets, refuse to consider his blocking, because you’re not sure. Low level analysis.

  31. Greg Haugsven

    Howard’s cap hit would actually only be $1.97 million next year if we traded for him. The other $1.5 million (signing bonus) would go to Tampa’s cap.

  32. evan

    OJ Howard? or Trent Williams?
    why not both??

    • Jamho3

      Absolutely the right answers.

    • Simo

      Because they can’t afford both! The Skins aren’t trading Williams for less than two R1 picks, and the Hawks aren’t going to trade all their draft capital for two players.

      That said, if the price is right for Howard they should make that move!

  33. millhouse-serbia

    Ouch…there is “war” on twitter between Jim Nagy and PFF crew. 😀

    Its about jarrad davis.

    • Sea Mode

      Me: *pulls out popcorn*

  34. millhouse-serbia

    Somebody asked why would I move Jones to LT if he is great at RG and we have Brown at LT. Of course i didn’t mean that if Brown is healthey and ready to go. But if he isn’t I think

    Jones Iupati Britt Fluker (Hynes) Ifedi and Fant as 6th is potentially better than

    Fant Iupati Britt Jones Ifedi and Hunt as 6th.

    We saw that it is tough for Hunt to play Fants role.

  35. DC

    Any TE that Seattle brings in needs to be able to BLOCK. That’s not directed at Howard as I’ve never seen him play. Bring your lunch pail to work & leave your crème puffs at home. And then tell me where they are so I can eat them…

    • Jamho3

      This guy gets it!

    • clbradley17

      A lot of the teams that have 0 to 2 wins this year have discussed trading players. What about Atlanta and their TE Hooper as an option? Not sure how good of a blocker he is, but 2 of the last 3 games he’s had well over 100 yards. Would like to see us trade for Howard or Hooper at TE, possibly S Adams from the Jets although it might take a 1st.

      Could Washington consider trading rookie WR McLaurin since they’re also terrible this year? Heard Brandon of Field Gulls mention Metcalf and Marquis Brown as the only good rookie WRs in the post Browns game podcast, but McLaurin already has 5 TDs and 400 yards in 6 games, on pace for 60 catches, almost 1100 yards and 13 TDs this year. Rob wrote at least one long piece about him after his excellent showing during Senior Bowl week, and he also has 4.3 speed like Metcalf. They got him in the mid-3rd, seems like it would take at least a 3rd to get him with how he’s playing.

      • Simo

        I just can’t see Atl trading Hooper or Was trading McLaurin. These guys are comparatively cheap, still on rookie deals, although Hooper’s in his last year. McLaurin has been so productive as a third round rookie there’s no way they part with him. Hooper is making himself a lot of dough this season with the way he’s been playing, gotta believe Atl sees him as a key piece moving forward.

        • clbradley17

          You could be right. Denver let out a couple weeks ago when they were winless that anyone on the team could be traded for except Von Miller. Seems like a lot of the teams in football, just like in baseball, have “fire sales” on most players when they’re having a losing season. Who else from Denver, TB, Cincy, NY(both), Miami or Washington do you think we could trade for that fills a need?

  36. clbradley17

    2019 Week 6: Seahawks at Browns | Seahawks All Access

  37. Matt

    OJ Howard could be a Marshawn Lynch 2.0 trade. Uber talented player that is on a bad team/organization that hasn’t really let him be the guy.

    Get him on this roster and let him blossom.

    • dde393

      Couldnt agree more would love to get Howard and give up a 2nd and get a 4th back

  38. EranUngar

    2 questions on different topics:

    1. PC runs the ball because, in part, he values ball security above everything else. After 6 weeks, 0 interceptions and 4 RBs fumbles, is it time to realize that RW passing is actually safer than a running play? was that behind the call to pass on 3rd down to ice the game at the end of the game rather than the usual run-run-run?

    2. Is it time already to revisit the 10-6 season prediction or should we wait another week?

    • cha

      My two cents

      1. It’s not a scheme issue so much as a “RW and the WRs are having an insane year and the RBs had a bad stretch of fumbles” issue. I’m certain that historically, running the ball is considered the safer option.

      2. I think two weeks. The Hawks will be through 8 games, have Reed back and (I’m desperately hoping) have a better handle on what the pass rush is going to look like, and the safety spot at least a little more settled.

  39. Kingdome1976

    I would be excited to get Howard no doubt but if you were the Bucs would you want to get rid of a freak talent at such a young age? I realize the TE isn’t as special in there system right now but surely they will find a way to use him. Didn’t he have pretty good numbers last year?

    • dcd2

      In Arians 5 years in AZ, he never had a TE go for more than 400 yards and a couple of TD’s. He also had a former 1st round TE (Jermaine Gresham) for a couple of those years. I think it’s a matter of value vs fit. If they can get value for a guy who doesn’t fit their scheme, in a lost year, then sure they’ll trade him. The Bucs need a lot of things right now, and a TE who averages 25 yards/game is way down the list.

      The bigger is that everyone knows he’s on the trade block (Google OJ Howard trade rumors and a page and a half of articles, including this one, come up). Bears, Packers, Patriots & Hawks are just 4 teams mentioned by name. I get the feeling he’ll be dealt, just a matter of the highest bidder.

      • Hawksince77

        And didn’t they pay Camron Brate a big contract? It’s not like they don’t have good TEs….

  40. D-OZ

    I wouldn’t think twice about giving a 2nd for Howard. He has been miss-used there is no denying that. I also think he is a pretty good blocker also. He is a competitor who would excel in the Hawks system.
    Nice article Rob!!! GO HAWKS!!!!

  41. C Dub

    What about Austin Sefarian-Jenkins? He might have some character concerns, but I remember Pete had some interest….

  42. Coleslaw

    I wouldnt give up more than a 4th for Howard. A 2nd??? WHAT? Hell no.

    • Bigten

      Considering the likes of Vannett netted us a 5th, makes it clear that a former first rounder and freak athlete in OJ would garner at least a 3rd. We are likely to mock a TE in the 3rd or 2nd this year, and none of them will come close to the potential or athletic/blocking traits of O.J. I do agree that because of his lack of production, he drops to a third+ or a second and then receive a 5th (which I would be ecstatic about). My concern that it won’t get done is the lack of rumors or press from within the bucs organization and the lack of ties to Sea. It is also worth noting that Brate (other bucs TE) has Only 4 fewer targets on the year (14 opposed to O.J. 18) but has 2 more touchdowns. It’s definitely logical for the bucs to try and move him, but I have doubts it will happen.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      SEA need a TE this offseason. No question. I too wouldn’t want to spend a R2 on him, unless they get a pick back like a R4. But I’d give a R3 for him (especially a comp pick).

      So the calculus is, do you think there’s a TE in next year’s draft that could be better than Howard period, let alone in R3?

      I submit there is not.

    • Sea Mode

      I haven’t seen any TE yet in this upcoming draft who look to come even remotely close to the athlete OJ is.

      And he still has 2 years left on his rookie deal at around $1.5m/apy after the trade, plus the 5th year option at around $6m.

      Teams pay for that kind of potential and low cap hit. A very late R2 isn’t that much of an overpay IMO, and now they have leverage on us knowing that Dissly went down and we need to fill a hole.

  43. clbradley17

    LB Devin Bush of Michigan proving the Steelers right to trade up to get him in the 2019 draft. Just saw on the NFL network that he leads the league in takeaways with 6 – 2 int. and 4 fumble recoveries. Has to be the favorite for defensive rookie of the year so far, also has 4.4 speed with a sack and 52 tackles in the 1st 6 games.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Agreed. Did you see the metric last night that the Steelers are the only team to use all their R1 picks on defense under Tomlin? Most were LBs.

  44. UkAlex6674

    Rob – how was Dissley doing in relation to blocking before injury please? Good, below average etc?

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Good and getting better. Here’s a clip from the Rams game. In the first play, watch Dissly fire off the LOS and block the Rams’ LB to give Carson a lane to exploit for a good gain.

    • Rob Staton

      As far as I can tell he was doing as well as can realistically be expected for a TE.

  45. clbradley17

    WR Tyler Lockett coming up soon on NFL Now-NFL network.

    On a side note, not sure if it’s good to know that the frequent bad officiating isn’t just in our games, since eventually it could be a factor in us losing later this season and/or in the playoffs. DE Trey Flowers of the Lions had 2 terrible hands to the face calls against him last night when his hands were on the OL’s upper chest/shoulder both times, making a big difference during the close loss to GB.

    • clbradley17

      NFL Now-NFL network’s interview with Tyler Lockett is in a minute or 2 after commercials talking about a new book and poetry, also guessing football as well?

    • D-OZ

      The same thing Donald does with regularity…

  46. JJ

    What do you guys think of Tyler Johnson WR from Minnesota?

    • Rob Staton

      He’s in my top 50.

      • JJ

        Glad we are seeing eye to eye on him. I just watched a couple games and came away impressed.

  47. Sea Mode

    Bwahahahahaaaa! 😂🤣😂🤣

  48. Eli

    Seattle(ish) related news – WR Keenan Reynolds got drafted the the Seattle XFL team today, which is kinda cool. Kasen Williams was also picked by them.

    • Sea Mode

      So did Kasen Williams.

      Christine Michael was the #6 overall pick (for skill players)!

  49. Mumbles

    I think Seattle should trade for OJ and Chris Harris( as a slot cb)

    • Rob Staton

      Harris is getting old and wants a new deal

  50. cha

    Bob Condotta

    34 minutes ago

    Seahawks today added tight end Tyrone Swoopes and safety Adrian Colbert to the practice squad. Seattle had two open spots on practice squad following moves made late last week.

    • Sea Mode

      So much for Perry Nickerson…

  51. cha


    Ian Rapoport

    Verified account

    Follow @RapSheet

    Source: The #Rams have traded CB Marcus Peters to the #Ravens.
    1:21 PM – 15 Oct 2019

    • cha

      Ian Rapoport

      Verified account

      Follow @RapSheet

      Ian Rapoport Retweeted Ian Rapoport
      #Ravens LB Kenny Young is going over to the #Rams.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Why would LAR trade Peters after losing Aqib Talib for the season? Especially for Kenny Young.

      That makes zero sense.

      • cha

        Clearing the decks to go get Jalen Ramsey?

        • Simo

          Nice call!! You better get on down to Vegas!

        • Lewis

          Nailed it.

      • mishima

        Because Peters is crazy.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Totally. And he hasn’t been that good this year. But he’s superior to either Troy Hill or Nickell Robey-Coleman. Who? My point exactly.

          If they’re clearing roster and cap space to trade for Ramsey, that will benefit them this season, but hurt them for at least the next draft (maybe two), considering what JAX is rumored to want for Ramsey.

      • cha

        Rap just said a draft pick is involved as well.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Peters hasn’t had a great season so far. Maybe the Rams are doing the smart thing and getting some value for him while they can since he’s a UFA next year.

          • cha

            Sounds like they got a 5th round pick in 2020 + Young. So that’s not far off from the 3rd or 4th round comp pick they’d have gotten in 2021 for letting Peters leave in FA.

  52. Darnell

    Adam Bisnowaty – 7th round of the XFL Oline draft.

  53. Jopa726

    I saw this coming. I like Tyrone Swoopes. He is definitely liked by the coaching staff.

  54. CHawk Talker Eric

    Javon Kinlaw is so Seahawky. He plays pissed off for greatness and overcame a difficult childhood.

    Too bad he’ll go way to early for SEA to have a chance at drafting him

    South Carolina DT Javon Kinlaw (@JavonKinlaw) was once homeless and searching for places to stay all throughout his childhoodNow, he’s the driving force behind the Gamecocks defense and a prospect that’s quickly rising📈up NFL draft boardsMy Column 📰:— Jordan Reid (@JReidNFL) October 15, 2019

  55. Coleslaw

    I don’t care if OJ is the best TE in the next 3 drafts. You don’t spend a 2nd on him. No way. There are so many better options.

    Sure we need a TE, we need DBs, DL, OT, WR too. Sure OJ miggt be better than the 2020 TEs, but is he better than the other options at other positions? No, he is not. Not even close.

    Let’s not forget this is a guy who hasn’t proven anything in the league. You’re paying for upside that weve seen isnt panning out. It’s not just Arians. He has never shown hes worth a 2nd. The fact weve seen him in the league so far and hes still not living up to his potential troubles me even more.

    • Eli

      Let’s be fair to O.J. Howard – TE’s are notoriously slow to put up “good” stats their first year or two in the league, and within that context I would say he had a really good rookie season: 6 TD’s, 16.6 YPR.

      His second season he only played in 10 games but finished with: 5 TDs, 565 yards, 16.6 YPR (9th in the league). Over a full slate of 16 games his 2018 season projects out to 54 catches for 904 yds and 8 TD. Not sure you’re gonna find too many TE’s putting up a better line than that (or even have the potential to put up those numbers).

      In his first two years I think he’s more than proven he’s a great receiving threat out of the TE position. The only thing he’s proven more this season is that he’s criminally underutilized in the Bucs offense. He would be an awesome addition to this team.

      • dcd2

        Agree with Eli here. TE is one of the last positions that you draft and hope for rookie year production. He’s looked the part in other offenses. TB also has Cameron Brate who’s had 49, 77, 81 targets the last 3 years. If all of those TE targets go to OJ, how do his numbers look?

        Dissly was a vital piece of our offense, particularly in the red zone. I don’t see how you would put DL as a higher priority at this point. We have Ziggy, Poona, Reed, Clowney with Collier, Woods, Jeff, Green backing them up. At TE we have Willson, Hollister and Dickson who have combined for 59 yards on the season.

        Respect your opinion Coleslaw, but strongly disagree with it in this case.

    • Rob Staton

      1. Why is O.J. Howard not better than other options at other positions? Which players in the late second round that are eligible for the 2020 draft are definitely better than O.J. Howard?

      2. I raised concerns that he’s not delivered on his potential so far but his potential was Gronk II. It’s not like he hasn’t shown anything in the league. It’s simply that he hasn’t got close to his ceiling yet.

      3. They will have to add a TE at some point. Dissly has had two serious injuries in two years and might not be back for the start of the 2020 season. Dickson and Willson are out of contract. They will need to do something fairly significant at the position. Adding Howard now would solve an immediate and long term issue.

      • D-OZ

        + 12 🙂

  56. Gaux Hawks

    really excited to see how the seahawks and patriots manage the trade deadline… love how the activity has picked up! great entertainment thanks to rob’s great reporting!

    • Gaux Hawks

      …and everyone’s comments in this community. excited for the next chapter of sdb!

  57. Coleslaw

    Rams just traded 2 1sts and a 4th… NOOOOOOO

    • Coleslaw

      For Ramsey*

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      Very interesting. They are mortgaging their future a bit. Two first and a 4th removes a lot of valuable draft capital. And Ramsey is going to get PAID on his next contract, so between him, Goff and Donald that’s a lot of cap tied up.

      • Eli

        Don’t forget Gurley and Cooks got huge contracts too

        • Group captain mandrake

          Totally forgot about those two. Good call.

  58. CHawk Talker Eric

    Cha was right about why the Rams traded Peters

    Hey I give them credit for going all in while they have a window. But I’m very glad it wasn’t SEA giving up 2 R1 picks

    It’s happening: Former Jaguars’ CB Jalen Ramsey is being traded to the LA Rams for two first-round picks in 2020 and 2021, and a fourth-round pick in 2021, source tells ESPN.— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) October 15, 2019

    • Volume12

      Going from Peter’s to Ramsey is like going from KFC to Popeye’s.

      • arias

        You’re making me hungry for fried chicken.

    • cha

      Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Don’t sell yourself short. It was a keen observation

  59. Rob Staton

    Interesting trade for Jalen Ramsey.

    On the one hand, nobody the Rams draft with those two picks will be better than Ramsey.

    On the other, they’re going to have all their cap tied up in four players.

    Two of those players are elite (Donald, Ramsey). One is the QB. The other is a RB who might retire soon the way this is trending.

    Will be interesting to see how it plays out. But that defense now has two superstars.

    • cha

      They have to be extending Ramsey soon, right? You don’t give up that draft haul for a year and a half.

      Then again, Houston didn’t extend Tunsil.

    • Eli

      Don’t see Gurley retiring anytime soon, his contract is under water until 2022 at the earliest.

      Gonna be a fascinating situation to monitor – the Rams will pretty much need to hit on every draft pick and free agent signing they make given how much cap they’ve tied into so few players and how many premium picks they’ve given up.

    • Aaron

      The Rams can just keep mortgaging their future and keep getting older and slower with all that money tied up in four players. They’re 3-3 with two losses in the division so far so the road to winning the division this year is going to be tough. Ramsey is a great player but is another divisive personality for them.

      • DC

        The way JS runs a draft, two 1sts and a 4th could realistically equal somewhere between 6-12 players on rookie contracts.

        • JC3

          Yeah, but JS track records is pretty bad in first round. I would rather have Ramsey instead.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            For one first round pick? Me too.

            For TWO first round picks? No effen way

            I’ll admit I’m a little jelly. I would have liked Ramsey to come to SEA and start up LOB 2.0. But I’m very glad they didn’t mortgage the next two drafts to do it.

            This may benefit the Rams this year. But starting next year it’s going to hurt them. Not only will they not have a R1 pick for the next 2 years, but they also have to extend Ramsey in 2021. And considering they spent so much to get him, he’s got all the negotiating leverage.

            Also Ramsey puts them up against the cap now. They had about $3m in cap space, and trading Peters freed up about $9m. But Ramsey adds almost $14m in 2020, and who knows how much in 2021 and beyond. They’ll have about $50m tied up in just 3 players — Goff, Donald and Ramsey.

            That’s gonna choke them in 2021

            • CHawk Talker Eric

              I’m sayin’

              Rank of LA Rams 2020 Cap Hits:#1 QB Cap Hit, $36M, Goff#1 RB Cap Hit, $17M, Gurley#1 DL Cap Hit, $25M, Donald#6 WR Cap Hit, $16.8M, Cooks— Warren Sharp (@SharpFootball) October 16, 2019

              • CHawk Talker Eric

                That’s $90M tied up in 4 players. Add Ramsey in 2020 ($14M), that’s over a $100M in only 5 players.

                That’s not sustainable.

                • cha

                  Gotta sell those new stadium suites

              • Eli

                Only silver lining for them is they can get out of Goff’s contract pretty easy after 2020 if he keeps sucking, but then they have to go through the trouble of trying to replace him without draft picks. They’re gonna look real dumb in a year or two if this doesn’t pay off for them.

  60. charlietheunicorn

    OJ Howard has suddenly starting hitting the airwaves in Seattle with trade talk.. and Seattle being linked a few times.. Interestingly enough, John Clayton thought there was about 1% chance of him actually being traded ANYWHERE, let alone to Seattle.

    A few other times in the past, when trade smoke started rising, there was some validity to the Seahawks interest in the player.

    • Rob Staton

      I think John has downplayed every trade they’ve ever made. Sheldon, Clowney etc.

      • Logan Lynch

        I respect and like Clayton, but I’d take everything he says with a grain of salt. Seems like he’s wrong more than he’s right, which is pretty consistent with most media analysts.

        • Greg Haugsven

          He is definitely wrong a lot. I just see Howard as a Seahawk or a Patriot if he does get traded. Time will tell..

      • Simo

        I think JC is just very conservative by nature. He is not one to predict big moves, rather he prefers to downplay rumored trades. In defense, predicting trades (even for insiders) must be very difficult, a lot like trying to predict the weather!

  61. CHawk Talker Eric

    Remember when the Rams traded the 15th, 43rd, 45th and 76th picks in the 2016 draft AND their R1 + R3 picks in 2017 to the Titans for the #1 pick in the 2016 NFL draft, which they used to take Jared Goff first overall?

    I guess this is a better deal. Ramsey is a much better CB than Goff is a QB, and it only cost them 2 R1 picks 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Simo

      Some good perspective there Eric, but it is hard to compare trades/deals for QB’s with other positions. Even good GM’s seem to lose their minds when they try to make deals for their next “franchise QB”!!

      Personally I hope this new deal for Ramsey turns out to be even worse than the one for Goff!

  62. Sea Mode

    lol, so true…

    Gregg Bell

    #Seahawks will attempt to burn him with Tyler Lockett adjustment routes again Sunday for the second time in three games, apparently

    Quote Tweet
    Ian Rapoport

    Source: The #Rams have traded CB Marcus Peters to the #Ravens.

    10:30 PM · Oct 15, 2019

    • clbradley17

      Have David Moore shake and bake him for another TD too.

      Just avoid letting ET force his third goal line fumble or getting an int. or 2 like he did last year vs. Dallas. Seriously, if a much slower and injured Baker Mayfield can have several good runs against us, Lamar Jackson could be major trouble. He’s avg. almost 7 yds. a carry rushing, Mark Ingram also has over 400 yds. rushing at just under 5 yds. avg. with 7 TDs. And if they rush the ball well, could open up the passing lanes for TE Andrews, WRs Marquise Brown and Wille Snead etc.. Should be another shootout with Russ winning it for us again in the 4th quarter.

  63. Sea Mode

    Whoa. And apparently lost in the Ramsey trade news whirlwind was also this:

    Cleveland Browns

    We’ve agreed to trade C Austin Corbett to the Los Angeles Rams in exchange for an undisclosed draft pick.

    10:15 PM · Oct 15, 2019

    So they’re hardly going to have any draft picks next year? The definition of going “all-in”.

    • Sea Mode

      Nvmd, it’s a 2021 pick.

      Tom Pelissero

      Compensation update: The #Rams traded a fifth-round pick in the 2021 draft to the #Browns for C Austin Corbett, source said. Paying up for some much-needed O-line help.

      Oct 15, 2019

  64. Sea Mode


    Albert Breer

    Here’s what I’d say on Redskins OT Trent Williams’ trade value — asking price isn’t high, because there really hasn’t been an asking price. Teams I’ve spoken with that inquired have been stonewalled, told he’s not available.

    Maybe that changes over the next 13 days. We’ll see.

    Oct 16, 2019

  65. JJ

    Looks like TE will be another big need in the draft next year. Who do you guys like?

    • Kingdome1976

      I just looked at the top 5 TE’s coming out next year but only by way of highlights. On a surface level/first glance type of look I am not too impressed. I certainly don’t like any TE in the first round but maybe 1 or 2 in the late second round. I still want OJ Howard if possible and think we should try and make an offer for him.

  66. Kingdome1976

    Terrible move for the Rams and I’m glad for it. Ramsey no question is a top lock-down corner. Seahawks and 49ers are run first programs and when they throw the ball it’s usually to many WR’s during the game. Why should we be afraid of this move?

    They don’t have Talib or Peters. Talib is at the end of his prime and isn’t the player he was before anyway. Who is Ramsey going to “lock” down on either team anyway? Who cares. Both Seahawks and 49ers are not dependent on a superstar WR.

    They gave up first round picks in 2020 AND 2021 as well as a 4th rounder. They basically will have to pay Ramsey about 20 million per year after this year. They are in cap trouble after this year.

    The most important point is that making a big move should not have been at the corner position. Gurley seems like he is already going downhill and they have serious O-line problems. If Goff cannot hand the ball off to an excellent RB AND doesn’t have a decent O-line does it really matter if they switched Peters for Ramsey? In the end I believe this to be a big mistake. Any thoughts?

  67. Jamho3

    LJ & Brown will be trouble. Bad match-up for us. Hope we win big anyways!

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