Instant reaction: Seahawks beat Raiders 17-15

This wasn’t a classic. The weather conditions possibly didn’t help but Seattle’s offense amounted to a couple of great deep throws from Geno Smith, a handful of good runs and not a lot else. Things ground to a shuddering halt in the second half.

The Raiders seemed to function more consistently and they were capable of moving the ball — but they collapsed in the red zone.

Here are some quick notes…

— Ben Burr-Kirven was superb. He finished with 12 tackles, a sack (on a fourth down in the red zone), two TFL’s, a pass deflection and a QB hurry. Whether he was blitzing, dropping in coverage or just running to the ball — this was a statement to protect him on the roster. The linebacker spots are set with Wagner, Wright, Kendricks, Calitro and Barton. Can they find room for BBK? On this evidence, they might have to.

— Austin Calitro was fantastic again. For the second year in a row he had a superb pre-season. They took him out early in the game after a few impact plays. He’s a lock for the roster.

— Barkevious Mingo better hope special teams value is enough because he had another poor game playing as a pass rusher. On the first defensive snap he was dumped on his back by a pulling tight end. On the first snap of Oakland’s second series he lost contain on a run. It’s hard to see how he’s not a liability if he takes snaps as anything other than a linebacker playing in space. He’s a super special teams factor and that might save him. As a pass rusher it just isn’t happening.

— Rasheem Green had his best game of the pre-season and Branden Jackson continued to look good. Jamie Meder and Bryan Mone both had an impact here but we’ll see if either have a chance to make it.

— “If we’re fortunate enough to have him on our team he’s going to help us”. That’s Pete Carroll on Deshawn Shead. To me that confirms the likelihood he’ll be cut initially with the potential to be re-signed down the line.

— Geno Smith almost certainly won the backup job. It was unfortunate for Paxton Lynch that the offense collapsed after half time. He didn’t have much time or ability to create much. Yet when one guy throws two great downfield balls and the other goes 1/7 passing, there’s a clear winner. The only concern is Smith’s ‘tweaked’ knee.

— Gary Jennings didn’t even receive a single target in the game which is strange. Neither did John Ursua. Jazz Ferguson had two targets catching one (the 41-yarder). Terry Wright did well on his long touchdown as did Jacob Hollister to concentrate and complete the catch in a tight window. It’s very difficult to predict how this will shape up after today. Maybe the weather was a factor but it would’ve been nice to see more targets for the group.

— Seattle hasn’t turned the ball over in pre-season. They nearly broke a record in that area in 2018. This is a positive sign going into the new year.

— The running back depth looked excellent again. C.J. Prosise looked good for back-to-back games. They have to keep him on the roster based on these flashes as the #3. Travis Homer was sharp and Bo Scarborough had a nice run later on. Homer’s special teams value could be a bonus for him. J.D. McKissic was quiet but offers something a bit different. Given the Seahawks want to run a lot they might stash bodies here.

— There was a lot of blitzing again and that’s fine. The linebackers made it work today. However — it still really feels like they need more on the pass rush. Especially with Carroll stressing after the game they won’t rush L.J. Collier back as ‘the saviour’ (PC accidentally acknowledging the lack of pass rush with his choice of words there).

— The Seahawks ended the pre-season 3-1 (an improvement on 0-4 a year ago). There are areas where depth is a clear concern (DL, CB) but there are also positions of real strength and depth (OL, RB, LB) plus young talent (WR, S).

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  1. CHawk Talker Eric

    BBK has to have earned a roster spot tonight. I think they keep 6 LB and release Mingo.

    I also think Hollister makes the final roster too. There’s just no way they go into the season with only 2 healthy TEs. I like Hollister. He’s not the best catcher, but he blocks willingly and well, and he’s got great spirit. He plays all in.

    Brendan Jackson has impressed me this preseason. He’s been quietly consistent, both against the run and in pass rush. And finally, a decent game from Rasheem Green! Did he switch jersey numbers? I thought he was #94. Meder also had a nice game tonight. Marsh always plays with his hair on fire. He’s a true warrior, if not a superstar, and I’m glad he’s part of the rotation. Even so, they need to add someone else badly. Like you say, Mingo ain’t working out as a DE.

    No doubt the top 3 RB are Carson, Penny and Prosise. If they keep 5, I think Homer and McKissic round out the group (in that order if I’m ranking them). I like Bo Scarborough — or at least the promise he flashes now and then — but McKissic gives them a different look and he’s versatile so he gets the final RB spot. If they’re keeping Bellore too, then I’d keep Homer over McKissic.

    Some tough choices at WR and DB. Between Ursua, Ferguson and Jennings, you could make a case for each, though I think the strongest would be for Ursua, then Ferguson, then Jennings. I think Jennings makes it to the PS; not sure about Ferguson. Ursua would be claimed for sure.

    I hope Geno’s not injured. He looked down right respectable tonight. And that’s with the 2nd unit OL. A strong running game from Carson/Penny/Prosise makes him a better QB.

    Looking forward to your final roster projections.

    • Rob Staton

      I doubt Jennings makes the PS.

      Someone will take him. He was a fourth rounder.

    • Sea Mode

      Yes, Green gave #94 to Ansah.

      BBK really made a statement. Seems like there’s little hope he would make it to the PS after putting a performance like that on tape, even if it was against back-ups.

      I’m kind of leaning against keeping McKissic around. Yes, he offers a different profile (and is also an option for backup KR), but it seems like that profile is needed less and less by the Hawks’ pounding run style. The other guys have more upside in my eyes. Wonder if he would get picked up if cut or could remain on the “ghost” roster at this point. Would be nice to have Homer and Turner/Scarbrough to grind out 4th quarters and keep our top 3 RBs fresh and healthy.

      Ursua is a lock IMO. Even Lockett singled him out along with DK when asked which rookies have stood out in the WR room.

      As always, it’s hard enough to cut down to 53. Making room to bring in 1-2 guys from outside is even tougher, but we know it will happen. Just one more day and we’ll find out!

  2. MT-hawkster


    As always, thank you for your terrific assessment of the team’s strengths and weaknesses. IMO you are always spot on…

    It’s a great situation to have depth at LB, RB, WR and sadly, we can’t keep them all. I think there are alternative options for KR/3rd down back than McKissic so I think he’s the odd man out. I know people might argue he’s been historically more “healthy” than Prosise, but c’mon, who has more upside when healthy. Clearly Prosise IMO………. Same might be true for Griffin at LB/ST; yes, he’s great at ST, and an inspiring story, but will they really keep 7 LBs? BBK is a baller and I think would be stolen quickly from the PS. Perhaps ‘injuries’ takes one of these guys (McKissic, Griffen) off the starting 53 and to IR?

    Am crossing fingers that Geno’s knee is a minor problem. Lynch seems to have played his way out of the NFL.

    Am thrilled to see Prosise show his talent…. he’s a sparkplug and a true threat whenever he touches the ball. I feel bad for the guy as to how fans treat him simply because he’s been plagued by injuries. He’s an amazing player and I hope this is the year where he gets plenty of touches.

    The WR dilemma is going to be interesting to see how it plays out. Am hoping Jennings poor showing in the preseason games is simply due to missed injury time. We have nice depth at WR so some tough cuts are about to occur…. Reynolds? Is there any trade value in Reynolds? Moore?

    My predictions for the toughest cuts: Ed Dickson, Mingo, Bellore, McKissic, Shead, Reynolds (could they really keep 7 WR??), Hill.
    These are all guys that can and should play somewhere….

  3. calgaryhawk

    Nice to see the Seahawks grooming Wilson to take over for Carroll when he retires. Joking of course, but I do see a lot of good in having your QB calling plays from the sidelines. Gives the QB a whole new perspective and understanding on play calling.

    • fransgeraedts

      Actually, i think you are on to something. If you think like i do that the Seahawks are serious about wanting to build a dynasty, it is not at all a strange or a bad idea to think about Russel as a future head coach of the organization. I would love it if Pete Carrol stays in charge for the whole of Russels playing career. If that happens Russel could then indeed take over from Pete. He has the football iq, he can inherit Pete’s coaching style and expand on the existing the culture, i can easily envisage him working with Schneider.

    • GoHawksDani

      That was the highlight of the game. Not because he’ll be HC. Because it can help him read defenses and call plays. I’m only mad about him not calling most preseason games when he’s not playing. I think it would help him a lot as a QB

  4. Robeetle12

    Man, this is going to be interesting when the cuts start coming in. Difficult for sure but obviously BBK would get snagged by a team if waived.

    Branden Jackson had a real nice game which was good to see. Very puzzling with the WR situation and that is another area to watch for cuts.

    • D-OZ

      BBK is a lock!!! I don’t get where all the doubt has come from? The guy didn’t have any camp to speak of. He is just getting going. Elite smart’s, instincts, and hustle. Not to mention the textbook tackling clinic he put on.
      The Hawks may have to give Jazz a roster spot. Like the way he draws coverage. He is the type PC has coveted for year’s. Simon looked good too. GO HAWKS!!!!

      • D-OZ

        Simeon Thomas looked good. Jackson has really come on strong this preseason. He is a lock. I like Mone a lot. He is really disruptive inside. Reynolds had a good showing also. Martin looked OK inside also. I think he makes the team due to his versatility. Some tough cuts coming up man!!!!

  5. cha

    Who controls the running game?
    Who keeps your passing system lame?
    We do! We do!

    Who gives CJ Prosise snaps?
    Who puts your passer on his back?
    We do! We do!

    Who makes field goals…from afar?
    Who makes our punter…A STAR?
    We do! We do!

    Who wins every prime time game?
    Who makes coaches take the blame?

    Weeee do! We dooooo!

    • dream22

      NIce work!! Maybe we need more Simpson references since GOT is done

  6. Trevor

    Quarterback (2)
    Russell Wilson
    Geno Smith

    Running back (4) They keep Mckissic on the Phanton Roster in case of injury I dont see him signing elsewhere and Homer goes to PS. If they IR Phil Haynes they they go with 5 RB.
    Chris Carson
    Rashaad Penny
    C.J. Prosise
    Nick Bellore

    Wide receiver (6)
    Tyler Lockett
    Jaron Brown
    D.K. Metcalf
    David Moore (and once he’s put on IR, Malik Turner)
    Gary Jennings (I prefer Ferguson but they might try to slip him to PS)
    John Ursua

    Tight end (3)
    Jacob Hollister
    Will Dissly
    Nick Vannett

    Offensive line (10)
    Duane Brown
    Mike Iupati
    Justin Britt
    D.J. Fluker
    Germain Ifedi
    Ethan Pocic
    George Fant
    Jamarco Jones
    Joey Hunt
    Phil Haynes
    Total: 10

    Defensive line(9)
    Ziggy Ansah
    Poona Ford
    L.J. Collier
    Al Woods
    Quinton Jefferson
    Cassius Marsh
    Jacob Martin
    Rasheem Green
    Jadeveon Clowney !!!! ( B Jackson or E Mitchell )

    Linebackers (6)
    Bobby Wagner
    K.J. Wright
    Mychal Kendricks
    Cody Barton
    Austin Calitro

    Cornerbacks (6)
    Tre Flowers
    Shaquill Griffin
    Akeem King
    Neiko Thorpe
    Ugo Amadi
    Deshawn Shead (or new addition)

    Bradley McDougald
    Tedric Thompson
    Lano Hill
    Marquise Blair

    Special teams (3)
    Jason Myers
    Michael Dickson
    Tyler Ott

    Practice Squad
    Jazz Ferguson
    Bryan Mone
    Shaqueem Griffin
    Travis Homer
    Simeon Thomas
    JT Barrett

    Pass Rush really is the Achilles Heal but with Ansah coming back if they can somehow get Clowney and Amadi can develop into a quality Slot CB I truly believe this Roster has potential to win the NFC West.

    • Logan Lynch

      I agree almost completely…except Phil Haynes will stay on PUP and free up a roster spot which I think will go to Homer.

      • Logan Lynch

        And if I would’ve read post more clearly, I would’ve seen that you already outlined what I said…it pays to pay attention!

        I did have a few other changes I guess which I talked about below. Mainly the 6th WR and final CB spot.

    • Elmer

      I like your projection!

      Is it possible that they keep 7 LB’s? (Both BBK and Shaquem)

      Not sure that Shaquem would make it through to the practice squad. I’m with you, I would prefer Ferguson over Jennings based on what we have seen, and I’m not 100% confident that Ferguson would clear waivers so we could put him on the PS. Mone either.

      We will see soon, and there are bound to be a few surprises.

      • Logan Lynch

        I wouldn’t be surprised if they IR Shaquem. His knee is acting up again and they’re getting another MRI on it.

        • TomLPDX

          I have a feeling they will IR Shaquem before the cutdown so they can keep him in the fold for the year. I don’t see him as a post-53 IR candidate (but I could easily be wrong on that).

    • GoHawksDani

      No way they’re rolling with just Carson, Penny and Prosise. Homer is a lock and potentially McKissic or Scarborough will stay too. But I think they’ll roll with Carson, Penny, Prosise, Homer

      • TomLPDX

        With Bo on the PS. I think he has a good chance to make it through waivers

  7. Trevor

    I am really excited about this year. I can’t remember Pete Carrol ever talking also glowingly about a team / roster either. He is always ultra positive but he seems particularly upbeat and confident about the potential of this team.

    Worried about the pass rush but if Ansah can replace Clarks production and Martin, Green , Ford all improve then we should be fine. The incredible LB group will also help in that regard I think. Kendricks is a guy with 5 + sack potential IMO.

    They are going to punish team on offense with this running attack and should be even more explosive with the addition of Metcalf. Could easily be a top 5 unit this year.

    The schedule looks tough but I am predicting 11-5 with an NFC West title edging out the Rams.

    • Rokas

      A lot of IFs have to materialize, so the probability for these things to happen simultaneously is quite low I would say. Honestly, I don’t get it why people expect the Rams to be worse this year. Didn’t hear any arguments except that of a “Superbowl hangover”. 9-7 would be a perfectly fine season for us, as long as our young players demonstrate the necessary growth. Having said that, I will be watching every game hoping for the win.

      • Tony

        Could easily see a hangover for the rams. Teams saw how to really pin them down from NE. Mcvay has to have more tricks than his constant 11 base offense. Plus Gurleys knee is definitely not 100% and that’s the biggest hit for there offense. They are also older on OL and have had a great injury history luck last 2 years. Could easily see them having a more difficult year. Besides, as we saw in our prime days, that target on there back is huge right now. Tougher schedule too. And, the psyche of a team beaten handily in the super bowl could have big impacts. There is a reason why teams rarely make it back to back.

      • Del tre

        The Rams lost 2 of their 5 starters on their o line including their center, Gurley has arthritis in his knee and will be limited the rest of his career. They made 2 signings which astoundingly made them slower on defense with Clay matthews and Eric Weddle both of whom are way out of their primes. Additionally I also guarantee after having one of the most ugly chokes that was literally all his fault Goff is going to struggle. Additionally teams are going to try and emulate the Patriots strategy which is now on tape for every team to see, and the pats showed us that there is no back up plan. They don’t have good running back depth beyond a 200 pound scatback who does not have the build you want to be reliable over 16 games.
        Oh they lost Suh and like it or not they already had poor depth on their defensive line behind Donald, that has not improved.
        Oh and they’re starting a 33 year old corner next to one of the worst starting CBs in football. Somehow they found a way to make their 19th ranked defense even worse while also losing the key to making their entire offense work with no viable replacement. I wouldn’t buy into the idea that Gurley isn’t hurt, if he weren’t they would have run him in the superbowl, without Gurley that team has no legs. The Rams are going to fall over hard and when they go on a 2 or 3 game losing streak we’ll see if McVay is just another flash in the pan or if he can pull the team together.
        It isn’t a Superbowl hangover it’s a natural deterioration of talent without a top tier QB or a plan B.

    • Tony

      What about the possibility of dealing a LB? Typically you trade from strength and that is our deepest position. All 6 I have faith in being solid to great. I could see them move mckissic or prosise too. Prosise value is highest it’s been in 2 yrs. Not saying we will get clowney, but maybe we snag a DE from one of those. Or we deal a pick or 2 then move those guys to restock some late draft capital. I think PCJS roll with some youth over some peaked vets like mingo.

      I wonder what they do with ed Dickson. How far out is he and is he reliable enough to trust to keep. They seem to value Hollister a lot as a 2nd TE/big wr. I wouldnt count on him blocking much. But I think they keep 3 healthy TE to start with fant recovering as your 4th/backup tackle.

  8. Logan Lynch

    I’m interested in a few of the battles:
    1) #6 WR
    2) #5 RB/FB
    3) Nickel CB

    1) With the injuries and uncertainty on availability for Moore and Metcalf, I think they need to keep 6 WR at least initially. Lockett, Brown, Metcalf, Moore, Ursua will make it for sure I think. Jennings, Turner, and Ferguson are fighting for the last spot. That last spot is interesting since there are so many other factors in play. Do you trust your evaluation on Jennings and keep him around since it’s highly unlikely he slips to the PS? Going purely on play in the games, Ferguson or Turner deserve that spot. If you look at ST contribution, Jennings was a liability last night with that penalty and Ferguson has little ST value if any. Turner, on the other hand made a great tackle on ST. He’s also likely the most able to contribute week 1 since he was on the active roster last year. Ferguson is intriguing because he just gets open and has that great speed/size combo with the ability to play the jump ball. Do you decide that you’re ok with one of Jennings or Ferguson on the PS and cut both, keeping Turner around to help right away? Very curious to see how this shakes out…I don’t see them going outside the current roster here, but I could be wrong.

    2) I think Prosise makes the team unless someone else comes calling and offers something like a 4th/5th round conditional pick which I don’t see happening. He’s too talented when healthy (which is admittedly rare) to just cut. Homer also has a spark, runs hard, and has lots of value on ST. Carson and Penny are locks obviously. So what do they do at #5 if they choose to keep one? Bellore really didn’t do much, and they were using TE as the FB last night, but he supposedly has a lot of ST value. I personally would cut him despite the dead money and use the roster spot elsewhere. Mckissic is fine, but I don’t think he’s really a fit for what they want to do on offense. He’ll struggle running between the tackles and is more of a receiving back, which is a big tell for the defense when he’s in there. His value as a returner isn’t enough to justify a spot either in my opinion, because I think Amadi or Ursua could do that if needed. Scarbrough will probably go unclaimed and could be a PS option if they need another body.

    3) I think Amadi is the nickel CB of the future, but do they just pull the trigger now and live with the growing pains early in the season? Jamar Taylor was fine, and he can play outside a bit too, but I wonder if we don’t see another outside acquisition similar to Justin Coleman. That would give Amadi a bit of time to grow into the role. He flashes every time he’s on the field, so I think the future is bright for him.

    Any way you cut it, the “final” 53 man roster will really be for 1 day only. They’ll undoubtedly make claims on guys from other teams to fill out some of the spots with the most likely spots being DL and CB…possibly TE also. Fun stuff.

    • Trevor

      Agree completely!

      I think Amadi could end up being the steal of the draft along with Metcalf and Barton.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      What about Reynolds? Does he not figure in the WR competition?

      • Logan Lynch

        Yeah, I guess you could throw him in there too. I think Ursua took his spot and Wright should be on the PS to develop further. Reynolds could be a “ghost roster” type of guy. I don’t think anyone else will snag him. He seems steady, but his ceiling is lower than the other guys.

  9. Spireite_Seahawk

    Could BBK play a hybrid safety linebacker role? Be interesting to see him make use of his quickness this way.

  10. Hawk Hit

    final roster cuts projection/ 53 man roster, Rob?

  11. Aaron

    Even though Ursua was a non-factor in the passing game he was wide open when Geno threw his first TD and again on a later drive. Add in his punt returns, which didn’t amount to much but adds another element.

    Jennings was also a non-factor in the passing game but made some plays on Special Teams and even though he drew a flag he was the first one down there.

    I like Neiko, the team likes him but BBK can lead Special Teams, Jennings looks to be a good gunner, Homer was involved and those three all have to potential to contribute at their actual position.

    It’s gonna be interesting to see who they keep initially and what upgrades they find from other teams.

  12. Frank

    I wonder if the Texans would have any interest in a swap of Metcalf and Cailistro for Clowney? Metcalf has shown zero this preseason, and we’ve gotten significantly snaps out of Calistro and at very least can say he serviceable but not as good as the 4 guys in front of him.

    • Simo

      Creative, but I can’t see the Hawks giving up on Metcalf’s enormous potential so soon. Calistro has looked great, so may have some value, would rather give them Jennings though if a WR is a must!

      Why not Calistro, Jennings, and a R3 pick?

    • Trevor

      There is zero chance the Hawks would trade Metcalf for a 1 year rental of Clowney. Have you heard the way Pete and Russ talk about him.

      • Frank

        That’s the point though, enormous untapped potential and team control for a few years vs proven ability and talent with the worst case senecio being getting a third back after a one year rental. Metcalf was only one pick shy of being a third round pick. If they wanted a 2nd pick for Clowney and we sent them the very last pick in the second round ( pretty much a third round pick) and a LB that’s capable but not a superstar (maybe a 6th to 7th round value) for a former 1st overall pick that seems like a huge win to me. Wilson has never been able to develop a chemistry with that type of receiver big and un agile, and I wouldn’t bet on him starting to at this point of his career. I personally don’t think the Texans would go for it, but the only thing that would hold the Seahawks back from such a move would be blowback from the fan base. Worst case scenario we have traded what equates to an early third round pick for a late third round pic to have a generational talent for one year at worst. Personally I think they’d franchise Clowney or resign him long term, basically a rich mans Micheal Bennett. Like I said, I don’t think the Texans are dumb enough to do it, but I wish they where lol.

    • GoHawksDani

      Zero chance they give up Clowney with a high ceiling low floor rookie WR and a good BACKUP LB. If you throw in a third or second they might. But without a decent pick it would be a huge steal

      • Frank

        The single biggest predictor of success for Seahawks receivers has been their three cone time, there is a very very good chance that Metcalf is a bust and it’s the only possibility of getting anything past a feel good story out of him. He might be amazing, but far more likely can never get past his athletic limitations. No matter how good of kid he is, how hard he works, or how crazy ripped he looks, he still has the single worst 3cone I’ve ever seen. I see him as a low ceiling specialist that might be able to stretch a defense, but given he can only run a go route shouldn’t ever be higher than a teams #4 wr. I believe he has the mental make up, and is willing to work his butt off to be great, just lacks the talent. I’d love to be wrong, but I see huge bust potential but at least it’s just a lack of talent not a bad attitude that will be the reason. If your going to get anything out of that draft choice it would have to be before he gets exposed this season, because bye next season his limitations are exposed by NFL defenses. Nice kid, hope I’m wrong but there’s never been a successful football player in the NFL with his athletic profile.

  13. Phil

    I caught that too, when Pete mentioned not trying to make Collier the “Savior”. It certainly means one thing: Pete knows what we all know – this pass rush is potentially the one thing holding this roster back.
    After that, it has to mean one of two things:
    1. He thinks Ziggy might be the “savior”.
    2. Or he thinks they might be bringing in a player who can be the “savior”.

    *Not sure what else Pete could be meaning here. This man’s motto is: “You’re either competing or you aren’t”. He’s not about to sit back and hope if he can personally compete to improve this area.

    • Logan Lynch

      IMO, this is Pete being his usual snarky self. He believes the guys he already has can get it done. The “savior” comment is throwing shade at the fans who are saying they need to get Clowney.

      That being said, I’m sure they’ll still try and acquire another DL, but maybe it won’t be someone people are talking about.

  14. Rob4q

    Any interest in Jones or Smith for the Seahawks??? I thought Smith was a potential Seahawks target during the draft?

    NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported the Jags released receiver Terrelle Pryor, defensive tackle Datone Jones, and rookie cornerback Saivion Smith.

    • Bigten

      Heineke and tabor are interesting. Could tabor be an upgrade at nickel?

  15. Greg MI Haugsven

    Mingo is a goner. No way you can pay a special teamer that much money.

    • trevor


  16. D-OZ

    The release of Jones is a real head scratcher. The Jag’s are a dumpster fire….

    • TomLPDX

      Not necessarily, I think the Jags have a good D front and good depth there and could afford this move. I won’t be surprised if the Jags climb back up the rankings…

  17. Denver Hawker

    Latest Clowney news is Texans offered JC plus R1 for Tunsil, Miami declined wanting an additional “high pick” which Texans declined. News of trading Tunsil isn’t sitting with Dolphins locker room either. I’m guessing Hawks are still hanging around the rim, but Texans are intent on getting good players, not picks. Might take another trade partner wanting picks for the Hawks to get a deal done.

  18. All I see is 12s

    Does it even matter what the texans offer to Miami? Seems like if he is ok losing paychecks, then it won’t matter what hou and Mia agree to. He could care less. Sounds like he wants the locations he wants, regardless of what hou can get. So the teams that are desirable can essentially stare down HOU with there lower offers until hou caves.

    • All I see is 12s

      Check out Aaron Wilson’s recent tweet about Clowney kind of echoing this sentiment

  19. JJ

    With LB depth could Calitro be dangled for some a nickle or DE?

  20. DC

    If Seattle & Clowney are serious about marrying up I’d be stoked for it to happen in 2020. Imagine having the euphoria of that signing in your back pocket as JS/PC head into the draft with an overflowing quiver of draft picks. They do their best work going in loaded. I’m going to kick back and enjoy the ride this season regardless. Looking forward to witnessing the development of our youngsters.

  21. WALL UP

    The tenure of a RB under a rookie contract and successfully earning a second contract occurs less frequently due to the wear & tear that comes during that rookie deal.

    You can say all you want about Prosise’s inability to be available, during his rookie contract. Over the past 3yrs he has had far less wear and tear than that player who was available. From a players perspective, this might prove to be a wise opportunity to prolong your career in the league, particularly if he has the talent that Prosise possesses.

    Prosise has had a tremendous off season in rebuilding his body. He has gotten rid of the baby fat, and maintained his quickness and speed. Whomever he will end up playing for, watch out! They’re finally going to see the real Prosise.

  22. Brazilian Hawk

    I’d never believe the Seahawks would go into 2019 with just 5 LBs. KJ Wright hasn’t exactly been an ironman and Kendricks have off field stuff.

    We might even need Callitro to start and BBK primary backup this season, for real. BBK is a nice developmental piece.

    I don’t get exactly why someone like Green is not a cut candidate, he’s been outplayed by Quinton Jefferson and Branden Jackson, and LJ Collier better be better than Green and we could use his extra spot to carry an WR, LB or DB…

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I’m sure this will be an unpopular opinion, but if I was going to trade a marketable LB for a DE (or quality WR/TE/CB), I’d trade KJ. He’s the weak link of the starting LBs, is getting older, and will cost us $8.5M this season ($2.5M dead). Calitro and Barton have outplayed Wright in the preseason (fwiw), even BBK shows great promise. BTW I’d also trade Mingo, but I’m not sure how “marketable” he is.

      They aren’t going to trade or cut Green. He’s played only one season, is only 22 and has tremendous physical/athletic upside. They aren’t going to abandon a prospect at their position group of greatest need just because he didn’t dominate in his rookie year.

  23. Volume12

    Thought JaMarco Jones had himself a solid outing last night.

    • Rik

      I agree. He seems to be growing into his role as an NFL tackle.

      • DC

        I love hearing the continual good news regarding our young Offensive Linemen. It’s like having your first drink of water after crossing the Sahara.

    • WALL UP

      Agreed. His first outing against Denver wasn’t bad either. There he played the entire game on the left side. His future looks bright.

    • cha

      Didn’t hear his name all night.

  24. Sea Mode

    Dang. So talented. Hate to see it.

    Tom Pelissero

    The #Bengals believe rookie RB Rodney Anderson tore his ACL again last night, source said. Awful.

    6:02 PM · Aug 30, 2019

  25. Volume12

    Anyone watch any CFB last night? I thought LSU S Grant Delpit might be the next do it all safety, ‘5 star safety,’ ‘2 way player,’ whatever ya wanna call it. And while I think he certainly has that ability, I wonder if his best fit at the next level will be a prototype Free safety.

    However. Clemson’s Isaiah Simmons IMO fits that mold petfectly
    His range is incredible. Freak athlete. Plays a physical brand of football I love.

    • Gohawks5151

      Simmons is beast. He is the poster child for how defenses are moving in the NFL. A hybrid safety/LB dude who can bang and cover just enough. He is gonna be a weapon. Seahawks secondary has been lacking impact dudes (Maybe Blair) and this guy could be one.

  26. Chawk Talker Eric

    Interesting short podcast with Aaron Reiss who covers the Texans for @theathletic. Basically says Clowney is calling the shots. He also says HOU want an OT in trade, at least for now, but the longer this goes on, the less likely they are to get what they want and the more likely they’ll have to settle for whatever value they can get.

    If the deal with MIA falls apart (and I think it will), SEA are in excellent position to get Clowney. They have the draft pick trade, the cap space to tag Clowney (even as a DE), and most importantly, Clowney’s approval. Add in the Duane Brown connection, and I like our chances. I really believe Clowney has the potential to change the arc of SEA’s season. He’s arguably the best run defending DE in football. Pair him with Ansah, who is arguably one of the best pass rushing DEs (when healthy) and you got yourself arguably the top DE bookends in the NFL. What was our greatest weakness now becomes a strength.

    • Volume12

      Both of these teams seem incompetent.

  27. Frank

    Haven’t had a chance to scour the college ranks at all yet, too busy seeing who gets cut and whether they have a chance to make the team. Shane Ray cut, potentially a Leo and special teamer to replace Mingo on the cheap? He had 8 sacks a couple years ago before a wrist injury cost him some time.

  28. Sea Mode

    Ha! I was thinking last week about this possibility since we are pretty short on TEs right now. Anyways, place your bets: reunion coming or no?

    Mike Garafolo

    #Raiders are releasing TE Luke Willson, source says. One of the featured storylines of Hard Knocks this year.

    8:28 PM · Aug 30, 2019

    • Chawk Talker Eric

      Interesting, though I don’t agree SEA are short of TEs. But they’re always looking to make every position better, so ya never know.

      Of the 3 healthy TEs on roster, I think Vannett is the (i)least(/i) Seahawky of the group. I think Hollister is far more Seahawky than Vannett. Dissley is a quality prospect. Would I rather have Willson over Vannett? Yeah, maybe.

    • Sea Mode

      Former Seahawk Marcus Lucas was cut by Dallas as well.

    • Logan Lynch

      Maybe after week 1 when the contracts aren’t guaranteed? I’d be up for it.

    • Jamho3

      Reunion? I really like him as a person, as a football player he’s um… fast and willing.

  29. Sea Mode

    Yay, more ghost roster candidates…

    Michael DiRocco

    Not a surprise, but league sources confirm that Jaguars have released QB Alex McGough.

    5:20 PM · Aug 30, 2019

    • Frank

      Dontae Johnson (former Seahawk) cut by the 49ers, was projected to start when he was with the Hawks before being injured. Micheal Johnson former blog crush still available at 6’ 7” 280# and 4.6 40 speed.

  30. Trevor

    Looks like the Ravens cut Shane Ray. Bengals cut Tony Lippett.
    Jags cut Daonte Jones.

    3 guys cut so far the Hawks might kick the tires on.

    • Rob Staton

      The Seahawks don’t generally snaffle up ‘names’ though at this time of year. It’s usually the type of player we’ve never heard of that they make a deal for or bring in.

  31. purpleneer

    I couldn’t be more frustrated with the approach at QB. Lynch was set up to fail when he should have gotten the early game as a makeup opportunity to show something. Were any of the pass plays called for him not in an obvious passing situation? His near-pick was bad, but absolutely nothing should be gleaned from his overall non-chance. It was always a situation where the pressure should have been on Geno to be way better and all they did was set it up to make it look that way even if not really an accurate portrayal of what might happen in a meaningful game.
    Also, Geno looked decent overall, but calling the Jazz Ferguson completion a good (let alone great) throw is dishonest.
    I’m even more frustrated that the team spent last year learning that Mingo should’ve always been a LB and then did so much over the offseason to make sure that DE was his only chance. Clowney is almost a need at this point. I think they sacrificed too much opportunity to find a good enough DE in order to improve the quality of more of their cuts, especially considering how much they like guys who struggle when they don’t know run/pass presnap.

    • Jamho3

      Lynch was set up to succeed in the game vs Denver by the same token.

      Beyond that you’ve got his 2 years in Denver.
      The entire 2019 off season

      The 2 other preseason games.

      Lynch only played well vs Denver in his “grudge match” vs the team that drafted him. You might forget that seemingly everyone played well vs Denvers 2’s

      Now let us imagine that all the other opportunities we know of Lynch looked bad.

      Previously Lynch had 4 fumbles and 5 INT’s in 5 games total.

      But but I don’t like Smith… well comparatively Smith showed us extreme competence as he’d actually completed some passes.

      Smith made several solid decisions on whether to run or pass, he threw multiple passes that didn’t hit defenders hands first. Not something Lynch can claim vs previously 4-12 Raiders back ups in

      I appreciate Lynch trying to help my team, but let us never speak of him again.

  32. Bigten

    Still have one more spot open in the fantasy league. Drafts tomorrow at 5 pst.

  33. Volume12

    Sky high potential. Udub’s Levi Onwuzurike has caught my eye.

    Played limited snaps last year and his game is still developing. The play at 2:23 is incredible

    Levi Onwuzurike vs Colorado (2018):

    • Sea Mode


    • D-OZ

      I think Joe Tryon will have a breakout year also. 🙂

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