Jadeveon Clowney trade latest

Various reports have been doing the rounds today as the Jadeveon Clowney saga moves slowly to a conclusion…

This report at least suggests the Seahawks are ‘in’ on a potential deal. That’s not a big surprise. Clowney is a top NFL defensive end and Seattle has a major need at the position. They’re always looking for potential deals and there’s a sense of urgency given the way the pass rush has struggled in pre-season.

However, according to Armando Salguero, the Dolphins believe they’re in the driving seat:

The Miami Dolphins have re-engaged with the Houston Texans to explore the possibility of making a trade that would bring Jadeveon Clowney to Miami, and consider themselves the leader in the sweepstakes to land the pass rusher.

The Dolphins recently visited with Clowney, who met multiple persons within the organization as part of a recruiting effort of sorts to get the player to accept a trade to Miami. Part of this effort included a meeting with coach Brian Flores.

The effort, by the way, was necessary because sources say Clowney was at least initially not in love with the idea of coming to Miami. The Dolphins believe that has changed to some degree.

The Dolphins have constantly been linked with Clowney and appear motivated to make a deal. Any hopes the Seahawks have of landing him appear to rest on Miami’s ability (or inability) to get this done.

So what’s the compensation?

The Seahawks have two 2020 second round picks following the Frank Clark trade. It’d be a heavily discounted offer compared to the Clark deal but with the caveat that this could be a one-year rental.

Would you be prepared to spend a second rounder for a year of Clowney? If he did depart next year they should be able to get a third round comp pick (assuming they don’t make major additions in free agency). It’d be a calculated gamble. The last one on Sheldon Richardson didn’t work out. That year, however, the Rams skillfully traded a second round pick for Sammy Watkins and recouped a third rounder when he left for the Chiefs.

There’s no right or wrong answer. Everyone will have their opinion. The Seahawks need to add something to their D-line though before the regular season begins.

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  1. SwissHawk

    I would definitely take the risk for a second rounder. Would give us a potentially great front 7 assuming everyone stays healthy…

  2. DCD2

    If we could guarantee the comp pick, I would be fine with a 2nd rounder. We’d be dropping about 45-55 spots with one draft pick for a year of a top line talent. Duane Brown probably has some good insight on what kind of teammate Clowney is as well.

    D Line and CB, as mentioned are the biggest holes on our team right now. We can patch it together with other teams castoffs, but that won’t move the needle much in terms of talent.

  3. cha

    Aaron Wilson is all over it!

    Reports Clowney just fired his agent, Tunsil is NOT part of any Clowney deal

  4. Gaux Hawks

    I hope his accountant has informed him about Pennsylvania and Washington (but hopefully not Florida) state income taxes… should help take care of that LB franchise tag!

  5. RWIII

    I am hoping that the Seahawks can get either Clowney or Griffin. Prefer Clowney but Grifin would be fine with me. Just don’t want to see Clowney go to either Philadelphia or the Patroits. This is just a guess but I know if the Patroits can’t afford to give up an offensive lineman. They may have lost their starting center for the year. Don’t have any idea if Philadelphia has an offensive lineman that Houston would like.

    According to Over the Cap. Seattle has 18+ million in cap space.
    Philadelphia ” ” ” ” ” ”
    New England ” ” ” ” ” “

  6. Henry Taylor

    Given how badly the Seahawks need help on the pass rush, a second round pick as compensation would be a no brainer.

    Let’s also not forget, whoever gets him will still have the first attempt shot at resigning him, even if it will be a tricky deal to pull off. They’ll also have a year to get a really good idea of exactly how much he’s worth and a boat load of cap space to get it done if they choose too.

  7. Greg MI Haugsven

    I would much rather him go to Miami than go to Philly. We could also use the franchise tag on him next year (assuming its not Reed) and look to try and trade him like they did Frank Clark.

  8. 12th chuck

    I hope they are not using the Seahawks as leverage like other teams have

    • Coleslaw

      Houston has no leverage. Clowney is in the driver’s seat. If anything, us being interested in Clowney and Clowney being interested in us hurts the Texans leverage.

      • 12th chuck

        I kind of disagree. The Texans could be throwing the seahawks in the pot to drive the price up for the eagles or dolphins. Sounds like the dolphins are truly interested. Throw the eagles and seahawks in the pot, and raise the price.

        • GoHawksDani

          I think that Clowney is more interested in the Hawks came from Clowney not the Texans

  9. Coleslaw

    I find it hard to believe Seattle will let him get away. I think we’re playing hardball with the Eagles while Miami has a nice deal in place. It’s all up to Clowney. If he accepts that then there is probably no way we can match the offer. If he refuses, we can throw a backup on top of a 2nd and probably end this right there.

    I bet Seattle and Philly are offering something like a 3rd while Miami is probably offering a 1st.

    • cha

      If he decides to go to Miami, Clowney will join Mario Williams in obscurity. Top Texan pass rushers who decided to make big money and collect regular season stats for a team that will never so much as sniff the playoffs while he’s there.

    • Rob Staton

      Miami aint offering a first. That’s saved for their next QB.

  10. Volume12

    Philly and Seattle make more sense than Miami. Give up a high 2nd, try and franchise him for $20 mil? They ain’t close to contending.

    • Volume12

      He would give Miami a few more wins, but that would still be 6 or maybe 7?

      • Denver Hawker

        I thought Miami was in full tank for Tua mode this year.

        • Volume12

          Maybe they are. Maybe 6 or 7 wins is being too generous.

        • Kenny Sloth

          I would rather Tank for Trevor

  11. Pran

    Why Miami needs Clowney when they are going through a rebuild. By the time they get there Clowney’s contract would have finished too. There is no way he is going to Miami as long as Belchick is in AFC-E.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Agreed for your first point. But, don’t understand the logic behind the last sentence.

  12. Brazilian Hawk

    He’s not resigning in Miami so what’s the point? I player like Clowney is honna get paind anywhere he goes in the league, and playing for a playoff contender on a three year deal is probably best for him as he hit free agent in his projected prime.

    Seahawks just made Wilson and Wagner the highest paid ever at their respective positions making good win-win contracts, every elite player in thr league must love the idea of joining the Seahawks.

  13. kevin mullen

    Duane Brown must have sent him a few texts about joining Seattle…

  14. Milwaukee Hawk

    I would trade a 2nd. Hawks may have offered it, but figuring Texans would be more interested in a second from Miami than Seattle or Philly. Looking at value charts, a pick at top of 2nd round worth two at bottom of the Round.

    Fingers crossed Clowney will come help us out

  15. cha

    Some stuff filtering out of practice today:

    * PC says Moore will definitely be on the 53 and will be chomping at the bit to get on the field next week. He fielded punts today on the field

    * Joey Hunt has a high ankle sprain but doesn’t sound serious. Won’t play Thursday though

    * Ziggy doing individual drills for the first time

    * PC wanted Darboh to catch on with another team, thus the early waive

    * Iupati still not ready. Not set in stone but looks like he won’t play Week 1. Pocic starting then probably.

    • cha


      * Blair is practicing will likely play Thursday

    • Kenny Sloth

      Who’s the 3rd string C? Cannon?

      • teejmo


  16. Donovan

    A possible front four of Clowney, Reed, Poona and Andah? Sign me up.

  17. CHawk Talker Eric

    Just posted by NBC Sports. Only MIA have permission to speak to Clowney directly. Still, I have to think SEA are in best position to land him, especially considering the Duane Brown connection.


    • Rob Staton

      If the Dolphins have been given permission to speak to him that sounds like they’re very much in the driving seat. Essentially it’ll mean Houston and Miami agree on compensation and it’s simply the player refusing to go to Miami at this time. That meeting will be a sales pitch to Clowney. That they’ve met after he reportedly turned them down would make me think he’s heading there. He wouldn’t go to meet with them if he’s totally against that move.

      If he hasn’t met with Philly & Seattle, the two other teams mentioned, it’s almost certainly because they’re not offering an attractive enough deal to Houston. Or at least, the Texans much prefer Miami’s offer.

      I don’t think Clowney will be a Seahawk personally. I think the Seahawks are ‘in’ on a possible deal and are kind of loitering to see if an opportunity arises. The Dolphins seem to be the aggressors here and if he goes anywhere I suspect it’ll be there unless another team (like the Pats) steals in at the last minute.

      Seattle, as I’ve said a few times, need to do something though. The pass rush isn’t good enough, Ziggy is already banged up (and nearly always is) and Collier’s been hurt too.

      • Michigan 12th

        I agree totally with this take. I am wondering though is the Dwayne Brown trade has anything to do with the hesitation on Seattle’s part. I believe the Texans took advantage of us by asking for the extra pick, knowing we really did not have a choice. Could Seattle be doing something similar here? I don’t know what they would be doing to “win this trade,” but it seems like if the asking price is only a second rounder this would be done already.

  18. MyChestIsBeastmode

    Sounds like Clowney wants to go to a winner which is why he prefers Seattle or Philly. He’ll get paid regardless of where he lands this year. I don’t know what Miami could do to sway him if he does want to have a shot at a SB, but after hearing this news I have to imagine Hawks have the best hand with draft stock and Clowney’s desire to play here. For a 2nd rounder, to me it’s a no-brainer. Pull the trigger and let’s go win the Superb Owl!

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s a little more complicated than that though. I don’t think the Texans have any interest in simply acquiring a high draft pick like a R2. I think they want a contributor at WR or LT. The talk with Miami is they could get Kenny Stills. That’s an experienced, somewhat proven weapon that fills a supposed need (reportedly they are keen on landing another WR).

      What can Seattle offer? A constantly beat-up RB like Prosise? An unproven WR? A backup lineman?

      I just can’t work out what player they’d be able to deal. So while they have that extra R2 I suspect Miami’s deal is probably something like a 2020 second rounder plus Stills. That’s going to be tough to beat and it’s why, I suspect, Miami are able to talk to Clowney and Seattle are not.

      • cha

        Would be really curious to see how Still would react to a trade from a Trump fundraiser to Bob “don’t let the inmates run the prison” McNair. I’m guessing the Texans have a stricter organizational policy on creating turbulence than other teams.

        • Eli

          Didn’t McNair pass away?

          • cha

            Oh you’re right he did.

      • MyChestIsBeastMode

        I hear ya Rob. I made that comment before I had heard only Miami had visiting rights. I still wonder what Miami could do to sway Clowney if he would in fact like to be with a contender. I’m very interested to see what’s to come if he ends up turning Miami down. In that situation, would Houston budge for only a 2nd given they would have little leverage to gain anything more? I don’t want to get the cart ahead of the horse, but I do want to get Clowney and do hope he nixes the Miami talks. If they had any interest in Procise + a 2nd then I’m still in the “definitely make that trade department.”. Outside of that, I agree that we don’t have much in terms of actual player capital to offer for a trade. Time will tell.

      • wallasean

        I’m starting to wonder if we are missing something. A 2nd rounder seemed to be the asking price after the first wave of free agency, why did Miami not get it done? If Clowney refused Miami as reports indicated, what was on the table?, and now that Miami has been granted permission to negotiate has the offer changed? Maybe Miami is the only one offering a 2nd but Clowney is not interested in trying to build a resume on a bad team. That would make some sense, playoff sacks could get you paid more than sacks in the regular season. It seems that Clowney holds some cards here, if he wants on a contender he could care less about compensation, he must be paid the franchise number this year and will go to UFA regardless, plus he has a veto with signing the tag. Probably dreaming but just maybe a one year rental is possible with a 3rd and a player or two, that would be an amazing play by JS.

      • GoHawksDani

        2nd and Moore and Prosise? I know PCJS likes Moore, but we have some interesting WR guys (DK, Brown, Ursua, maybe Ferguson, Turner, Reynolds)…yeah, we’re not loaded at WR, but Moore is not a “must keep player”, neither is Prosise. But Prosise has ton of potential and Moore prove himself to some extent so if Clowney doesn’t wanna go to Miami and Hawks would give the Texans a 2nd and two players it might just be enough.
        Probably won’t happen, I don’t think PCJS are THAT concerned about the passrush (which seems crazy, but they don’t seem to be alarmed too much), and I feel they wanna push in the next couple of years more and just wanna compete this year….but I hope they make some moves

        • Rob Staton

          As I keep saying, they can’t have only two receivers on the roster who aren’t rookies. They need Moore’s experience with Wilson and the offense.

          Unless people want Wilson to have a major down year after being paid so much, he needs people who he can trust to be in the right spot at the right time.

          • TomLPDX

            This is why I think Reynolds still has an outside chance to make the 53, he has been with the team and has experience. We’ll see on Saturday for sure.

            • Rob Staton

              Pete’s lukewarm description of Reynolds recently made me think a) he wasn’t making it and b) PC didn’t want to talk him up because they want him on the practise squad.

              • TomLPDX

                Is he still able to be put on the PS? He was on the Ravens PS in 2016, Redskins for 2017 (starting in mid-November) and Seattle for 2018. I thought 3 years was the max. for PS eligibility.

                • TomLPDX

                  The question was answered on Fieldgulls. He is no longer eligible for the PS…bummer.

          • GoHawksDani

            Yeah, but this offense won’t put up 30+ points avg. Just no way. They wanna slow down the whole game by running the ball. They wanna run 7-8-9 minutes drives. If the opponent has no problem driving the ball downfield with a passing attack and most of the time easily scores under 2-3 minutes then it won’t work.
            My concernes:
            1, opponents will be able to move the ball without issue using intermediate and long passes
            2, PC and Schotty will wanna run doesn’t really matter how the opponent plays
            3, We start games slowly
            4, If the opponent has a solid run D, and we’ll be in 2&9 or 3&7 situations they’ll try to force the ball 20-30 yards downfield (which might work sometimes but just too volatile)
            5, Because we’re slow to react to the game, and usually play much better in the 2nd half, we’ll be in a hole a lot (like 20-7 or 17-3, 24-10 scores)
            6, Because the team’s usual rhythm is more like 6-8 minutes drives it will cause issues

            Running the ball, controlling the clock works awesome…if you have a solid defense that can reduce big plays and can force 3 and outs. We need the opponent to either go the length over 5-7 minutes or punt it or take time off the clock and even then punt it.

            Russ CAN score under a minute but the team is not built so he should do it over and over in a game

            • Rob Staton

              I think you need to go and look what the Seahawks were averaging points wise at the end of last season

      • Lil’stink

        “What can Seattle offer?”

        Germain Ifedi. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hating on him or saying we should dump him. His play has steadily improved and guys with his athletic profile don’t grown on trees. Our OL has looked good in preseason so it would be a huge risk to try and slot a new RT in so late in preseason. I get all that.

        But we didn’t pick up Ifedi’s 5th year option. Yeah, I know JS has never picked up a 5th year option yet. But Carpenter wasn’t worth it, and Irvin was going to be too tough with the cap, and he had kind of been in and out of the doghouse with his inconsistent play. I think Ifedi could play well enough to have justified the 5th year option, and we certainly have the cap for it. But we didn’t pick it up.

        So what happens with Ifedi this year? If he starts the year playing well then it won’t be cheap to extend him. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but he could very well be looking at a second contract worth well over $10 million APY. We aren’t going to get in a bidding war if he enters FA, which he most likely would choose to do rather than extend early. So he walks and we get a comp pick.

        For all the talk of Houston needing a WR or RB, I think an OL is what they really want and need. If there’s any sense in the Texans org they will see the Andrew Luck scenario as a cautionary tale. You want to build around your QB, keep him happy, healthy, and productive? The first step is to keep him upright.

        • Lil’stink

          Just wanted to add that I don’t think Houston would go for Ifedi for JC straight up. We’d probably have to add a player or pick to the pot.

        • Rob Staton

          The O-line is settled for the first time in years. It’d be a disaster to trade Ifedi.

          • Thomas Wells

            What do you think the team does with him in the offseason? I would like to maintain that stability but he might be pricey given the dearth of quality young tackles in the league. If he asks for Ja’Wuan James money do you pay it?

            • Rob Staton

              Totally depends on how he performs. If he delivers another season like 2018 I think you pay him and retain some consistency

              • Thomas Wells

                Agreed. They have the cap room. And with the amount of time it is taking offensive linemen to develop, veterans are the way to go. Nothing better than a young, homegrown veteran with high end athletic gifts that you know fits your system. Worth the coin in my opinion as well if he continues his upward trend. Here’s hoping he doesn’t ask for Trent Brown money!

  19. drewjov11

    Let’s remember what we just did for Russel Wilson. Let’s also remember what the Colts refused to do for Andrew Lick. When you have a franchise QB in his prime, you need to give him legitimate shots to win rings. If Clowney helps to get you there, you try to acquire him. I’m alright with trading for him if it helps that awful pass rush.

    • DC

      Well… They did give him the best offensive line he’s had since turning pro. On paper anyway. That was nice of them as a career extender & investment protector.

      • McZ

        If the defence cannot deliver on third downs, we will loose offense time. Result: 2017 all over again.

    • Michael Matherne

      Do we know why he wants out of Houston?

      • Jujus

        Similar to jimmy graham. They tagged him at a lower salary position LB rather then DE. They insulted him and he wont play for them now.

  20. John_s

    I would do it in a heartbeat. The fact that they would still have a 2 is huge.

    I’m always for adding talent especially at a position of need.

  21. diehard82

    Definitely. And releasing Mingo to make room would save $5M I think. Making the net cost 10-12M on the franchise tag, not much more than we are paying Ansah.

    • Jamho3

      Good point re: Mingo and the $$$

  22. All I see is 12s

    With truest respect, I think there is a right answer. Adding an elite edge rusher to a rotation with Ansah, Marsh, lj, Martin etc makes their defense as formidable as just about any. With Russell in his prime we would be a Super Bowl contender now and not having to talk about maybe next year if we can develop talent. I mean, how many pass rushers are even going to make it to the market?
    I mean, our linebackers are wonderful, but they’re not exactly young. It seems like the time is now. This is an unexpected opportunity. To essentially have treated Frank Clark for LJ Collier and Clowney? Too good to pass up. I’m not wanting to do this if they want more than a second but this does seem like a move that could put us over the top in being a contender.
    Thanks again Rob for all you do.

  23. Kenny Sloth

    I’d give them a first if they threw in a third and maybe some change

    • Sea Mode

      Looking to get the yearly trade-down out of the way early, I see… 👌

      • diehard82

        Funny and accurate. And at 3:34 am. Not bad at all.

  24. Denver Hawker

    Something smells fishy. He wants to go to a contender but visiting the Fins- projected as a top 5 pick next year…doesn’t add up. I also don’t know the team well enough to know if he’s a great scheme fit.

    I’d love to have Clowney for the draft capital discussed, probably even pay a 1st. But I can’t think to part with any OL, RB or WR in the deal.

    Also, I understand the possibility of earning a comp pick if we lose him to FA. The tag/trade for a better pick approach may not work if he does the same thing he’s doing now, which is to not sign the tag (a 2nd tag at that), and control the trade leaving the Hawks with little leverage. Likely scenario is binary- sign him up or lose him.

    Perhaps he’s looking to make sure it’s an Edge tag and a verbal agreement on a deal end of season.

    • Jamho3

      Not fishy, HOU is in control.

      • wallasean

        Houston is more in control of Major Tom than Clowney, he holds a strong hand, his only motivation is to upgrade his tag status, stick it to Houston, and maximize his value as a 2020 UFA. Rushing the passer on a run first team that is good enough to get some early leads gives him a big chance to do just that. ( Cue the descending slide whistle to indicate Houston’s compensation)

      • McZ

        They are not in control, they are in a deadlock,

        • Jamho3

          If they’re in a deadlock then why is MIA allowed to talk to JC but not PHI or SEA?

          • Rob Staton

            Presumably because Miami have an appealing enough offer on the table and the Seahawks and Eagles haven’t.

      • Denver Hawker

        Clowney won’t sign the tag unless he’s traded to a team he wants to play for- what does Houston control? They ultimately have to agree to the best deal for them, but Clowney holds the cards.

        • Rob Staton

          Clowney only holds the cards to the point he starts losing $1m a week.

          If he’s prepared to do that and potentially do a Le’Veon Bell then fine. But I suspect that will be highly unappealing. So if he’s not willing to play for Houston in 2019 he will soon enough be ready to sign his tender and be traded.

          • Pran

            Word was Clowney about to sign the tender when came to know about the trade talks. He will sign week 1 and HOU can trade then. Teams may not offer much compensation with out his signoff at that point..

    • Rob Staton

      I think he’s just hearing Miami out because he’s done in Houston and so far the Dolphins are the only ones making a satisfactory offer.

      • Denver Hawker

        What’s your best guess? Given the position need, I can’t imagine Hawks low-balling a draft pick. Sounds like Houston wants player(s). If that’s the case we’ll need a partner because we can’t afford the depth.

        • Rob Staton

          I think he’ll probably end up in Miami or Philly. Seattle doesn’t have a player to make the deal happen. This isn’t about draft stock it’s about Houston wanting someone who can be a key contributor in 2019. Any draft stock will simply be an extra.

  25. Tony

    Give em a 1st. The 32nd pick is basically a 2nd anyways.

    • Logan Lynch

      I see what you did there

  26. McZ

    Send Ifedi (and his contract headaches) and a third rounder.

    When the Ravens and their OL luxury problems materialize, we could sign a replacement right away. Patrick Mekari had hell of a preseason and will likely be sent to the PS. Or Jermaine Eleumunor, whom I wanted over Pocic in 2017.

    Or we trade for Laremy Tunsil.


    • Rob Staton

      No. The O-line is finally settled.

    • Simo

      I want Clowney as much as anyone, but we’re not in the position to give up on players like Ifedi right now. It’s taken 3-4 years to get him to play above average offensive tackle, sure don’t want to be back in that situation with another player now that the o-line is a team strength.

      And Fant isn’t the answer, he’s replacement level at tackle at best, not to mention injury prone.

      If Houston would take the pick and someone expendable like Prosise or Jarmarco Jones then let’s do it!!

      • McZ

        The thing is, I don’t even want him, but a starter is the asking price.

        I have mentioned the alternatives, and we can agree (spread the word) it is not George Fant.

  27. Sea Mode

    Is a R2 worth it for one year of Clowney + 2021 R3 comp? As Rob said, that’s the real question because that’s all you’re guaranteed. (assuming we protect the comp. pick)

    I am leaning towards yes right now. We have to do something if we want to be competitive this year. This would not just be “something”, but perhaps the best thing and would also send a message to the entire roster that we are “all in” on contending even this year. It also buys is a year for Collier to develop and step into a bigger role.

    My second question: would they even consider making Clowney probably the highest-paid defensive player on a long-term deal? My gut originally said “no way”, but:

    1. You get a full season to see how it works and evaluate his value to your team in your scheme. (I’m assuming he will only sign his tag this year if a “no tag” clause is inserted for next year.)

    2. This is not a perfect way to think of it, but Clowney at ($20m) is essentially moving on from Ansah ($9m) + KJ ($7m) + Mingo ($3.4m). That would still leave us with room to extend whomever they want of Reed, Ifedi, Carson, etc.

    So unless someone gives me some good reasons why not, I guess I would pull the trigger as it stands now.

    • Denver Hawker

      I suspect the issue is that just trading draft capital isn’t enough for Houston. They want players. I’m on board for the reasons your outlined, but we can infer that we aren’t the best deal on the table right now.

      I’m not sure about a contract for him- will depend on how the season players out for Reed and Ifedi. If they continue their development arc, I don’t see how we can pay them and Clowney. Ansah, KJ, plus Mingo money might cover Clowney next year, bit Ifedi is likely at least $8MM and Reed could push at least $17MM. We’d need to find more room. But perhaps Reed gets a discount with his suspension- lots of things could play out. I’m not totally convinced Hawks/KJ move on after this year either.

      • Rob Staton

        I think it’s absolute certain that draft capital isn’t enough for Houston. They want a player who helps them this year. Bill O’Brien is trying to make a point this season. He’s won the power struggle in Houston. He can’t have his team struggling in 2019. He will want a starting offensive tackle or a starting receiver.

        And that’s probably why Miami are in the driving seat. Because they have a guy like Kenny Stills who would fit very nicely in Houston’s offense.

        Seattle hasn’t got a player that is appealing really. They can offer draft capital but O’Brien will want someone who can contribute.

  28. GoHawksDani

    For a one year rental? No way… For a “worst case scenario” one year rental trade a 2nd for a following year’s 3rd and a high potential for a win-win long term deal (not sure what that would look like for both part…I guess a high total value deal for 3-4 years with ton of incentives and modest GTD amount in the last 1-2 years).
    I’d be fine with two scenarios:
    1, Clowney only stays for a year but he plays really well and we get a solid 3rd round conditional pick for him
    2, They sign a deal something like this: 4 years 23 mil avg TOTAL, 45m total gtd, if Clowney has 8+ sack and 12+ TFL, 2+ FF, 1+ INT, Pro Bowl, he’ll get 23m. If he has a more modest numbers he gets around 19-20m. He could make huge money, but if he’s more OK than elite here, than he gets to paid accordingly. And only 5m dead money for last year if he’d get cut

    • Rob Staton

      So you’re against a one year rental… then propose the exact one-year rental scenario we were originally discussing…?

      • GoHawksDani

        Probably phrased it wrong. If we would just see it as a one year rental without the comp pick then no. If we can manage the roster to get a comp pick, then I’m OK.
        2nd for Clowney for 1 year -> No for me
        2nd for Clowney for 1 year and a 3rd round pick in 2021 -> Yep

    • Brazilian Hawk

      There’s no way Clowney extends for less than 5 seasons if he’s not getting the highest APY for EDGE players.

      If Seahawks take him, expect his offer to be around 2-year 50 mil or 3 seasons 72 mil, something around that.

  29. Trevor

    Everyone bashes the last trade the Hawks made with the Texans for Duane Brown. I personally think it was the best trade JS has made excluding the Beast Mode deal. Brown has completely changed the culture and dynamic with this OL which is now a strength on the team and when you make your Q the highest paid player in the league that is a must. Can you imagine the last 2 years without Duane Brown at LT?

    Trading a 2nd to Clowney makes a ton of sense to me. We have an extra 2nd this year and even though we could not extend Clowney and it might be a rental this year gives you a chance to see if you want him as a long term piece. If he isn’t you franchise him and trade him before the draft or let him go for a 3rd round comp.

    A front 4 or Poona, Reed, Ansah and Clowney would be an elite front 4 and turn this team into an SB contender IMO.

    If it only takes a 2nd I say do the deal JS.

    • Rob Staton

      The Texans will want a player. Prosise isn’t getting it done. The Seahawks don’t have an O-liner or a receiver to make this attractive to the Texans. Which is probably why he’s been granted permission to speak to Miami only.

      • Simo

        What about a pick (R2 or R3) and a couple of players with real promise who don’t really factor much in the Hawks plans yet. I’m thinking of Prosise and Jennings. Houston gets some RB and WR depth plus a decent pick for a guy who doesn’t want to be on their team anyway!

        • Rob Staton

          Houston likely wants proven production not promise.

      • Lewis

        Why not Fant? As I said the other day, I don’t want to get rid of the guy, but he”s not displacing Brown, so he’s more or less wasting away on the roster. He’d be the starting LT without his injury a couple of years ago. I get that he’s not a big name, but he could step in and play LT at a serviceable level.

        Houston wants a tackle more than a WR. Throw in one of our skill guys since we can’t keep them all anyway.

        • Rob Staton

          George Fant has never started a regular season game at LT.

          Houston need a proven performer not a complete unknown.

          • Lewis

            Thanks, Rob. I forget he was hurt in the preseason in 2017. Was thinking he’d played some that year.

          • Gaeleck Eylander

            Rob, it would come as a relief if it was only a product of my nightmares, but didn’t Fant start 10 games at LT in 2016?

            • Rob Staton

              You are right, not sure how or why I forgot that. Unless Wikipedia is wrong.

              • Lewis

                NFL.com says the same thing. I missed it too.

  30. Logan Lynch

    Personally, a 2nd is right on the border of what I’d be comfortable with. Ultimately, I don’t think it’ll happen with Clowney, but there will be a trade somewhere.

    Does anyone have access to pressure rate stats from the last few seasons? This could give a short list of other players that SEA might be interested in trading for who may not be the well-known names. Pressure % seems to be a big focus for Pete recently, as he’s mentioned it multiple times when talking about guys like Jacob Martin.

  31. Haystacker509

    Anyone else read Brady Henderson’s 53 man projection? His projection has some really strange reasonings. After reading robs (who’s makes a lot more sense and actually has some thought out into it) Brady’s just seems like typical espn click bait reasoning. Maybe I’m wrong but I doubt that’s how our roster turns out.

  32. ZB

    I think we are the perfect fit for Clowney and we have the picks to move on him. Maybe if he really doesn’t want to go to Miami then we can offer another pick instead of a player. Houston might take a 2 and 4th or something if it comes down to it. Clowney is a beast in my opinion and one of his best friends is already on the team.

  33. ZB

    Thinking about this a bit more. Why would the worst team in the NFL want to give up players and picks for a year rental? They should be trying to get more picks and young players that they can sign to long term deals while rebuilding. This doesn’t make sense to me at all. A ploy?

    I think we just may end up with Clowney in the end. That would change my hopes for the season.

    • All I see is 12s

      Sounds like Clowney holds all the cards. Everything reported indicates that a trade has been agreed to between Hou and mia, but JC simply doesn’t want to go there or the deal would be done. So, in actuality MIA could throw 4 1st rounders and Tunsil on the table and it wouldn’t matter. JC has no reason to care. He only goes where he wants or he sits a while…

      • Rob Staton

        … and loses $1m for every game he misses.

        He’s not likely to be inclined to throw away millions so he only holds the cards for so long.

  34. Hawk hit

    Nope. Not a fan of one year rentals. It took once of getting burnt to learn that lesson. Hawks aren’t even THAT big of contenders this year to warrant the consideration. And I’d rather have reed and look to resign Carson too than have clown man.

    • Rob Staton

      Should we let the Sheldon Richardson trade dictate all future decisions though?

      If a first round QB fails, would you never draft a QB early again?

      And the Seahawks have over $50m to spend next year. Retaining Reed and Clowney is possible and Carson isn’t out of contract.

  35. WALL UP

    This upcoming game will be very telling as to whether or not the Hawks will be able to acquire the services of Clowney this year, or the foreseeable future.

    If a trade has not been made with Miami by then, perhaps players involved in a trade with Houston will be showcased in order to sell the value of the trade.

    I mentioned that perhaps Prosise & Jones and a 3rd may not be enough, which obviously is the case. But, if Prosise a featured as the primary back, and he blows off everyone’s socks, and run for over 100yds & (2) touchdowns, (5) catches for 75yds…

    Jamarco played the entire game in the opener, and played well. If he replicates that with no hurries, or sacks allowed and comes out clean? Or, if Pocic plays both center and RT, flawlessly, then things can change.

    Perhaps things can get done. Maybe, a 3rd still won’t cut it. Will a 2nd, with enhanced play by these players be enough to seal a deal for Clowney?

    If that deal with Miami has not gone thru in the next 24hrs, then Seattle and Philadelphia will be showcasing the players involved in a prospective trade.

    So, Go Prosise!

    • Rob Staton

      I cannot see any scenario where Houston is satisfied with Prosise and Jones as impact talents for 2019. One is totally unproven and one is always injured.

      • cha

        Isn’t this the classic Mexican standoff though Rob? If Clowney won’t go to a team that can provide that 2019 impact player (Miami) then Houston is backed into a corner. Either take the best offer (even if it is draft stock that won’t help them in 2019) or gamble that Clowney will sit out.

        • Rob Staton

          Sure. And if the Seahawks and Eagles really are interested they’ll be hoping Houston caves.

          But I wouldn’t underestimate Houston’s ability to let this play out until they get the offer they want. They won’t give Clowney away. And in just over a week this is going to start costing Clowney millions.

          • cha

            There is a slight, 62-yard-field-goal-try type possibility…that Houston acquires draft stock for Clowney and then flips some package of picks to say Washington for Trent Williams. Houston gets a ready made player and Clowney finds a home.

            Gruden has pretty emphatically said TW won’t be traded but when the countdown clock looms for Week 1, things can change in a hurry.

            Also, aren’t a lot of these trade rumorings highlighting what a precious commodity above-average LT’s are these days? Even a good pass rusher is more commonly found than a LT you can plug in and forget the position for the next 5 years.

      • Michael Matherne

        I find it hilarious that Prosise’s name has even come up in this conversation – he’d get injured on the flight from Seattle to Houston

  36. Ely

    As enticing as Clowney is I think I would rather see them hang onto the draft pick(s) they would use on him to move up in next years draft for an Edge rusher. Two seconds and two thirds leaves them in a prime position to move up next year. They brought in Ansah as a hedge for this year and while it’s a lot riding on Ansah getting back to form I think the right move would be exercising patience and continuing to build through the draft.

    • ZB

      Makes a bunch of sense but we need pass rush too badly. Clowney is literally what we need the most. We need
      him pretty badly to seriously compete this year. Well I hope not.

    • Simo

      Ely, a very compelling argument can be made for just staying the course, as you suggest. But how certain are you of nabbing a top edge rusher in next year’s draft? The Hawks are likely to pick in the late teens or early 20’s at best, and would have to use quite a bit of the remaining draft capital to move up into the top 10.

      As you know, top edge rushers tend to get drafted very high. Also, it doesn’t seem like there’s a bunch of quality, top tier edge guys projected in next year’s draft. It’s definitely not a top heavy defensive line draft like 2019 was.

      The point is a trade for a proven, top tier DE like Clowney may actually be the best option! We shall see before to long what happens.

    • Rob Staton

      Patience works to an extent. You also don’t want to waste a year of Wilson in his prime because you have no pass rush.

  37. King_Rajesh

    A potential complication (from Joel Corry) is that Clowney should only want to sign his franchise tender in exchange for a prohibition clause that means that he won’t be able to be franchised again next year – ensuring that he’ll hit free agency.

    That makes the rental less appealing.


    • Rob Staton

      If we’re describing it as a rental anyway, what does that matter?

    • Jeff M.

      He also points out that no one has successfully gotten that kind of clause since Albert Haynesworth.

  38. Ukhawk

    Quick questions

    Whats the future salary cap of the team look like in terms of signing other pending FAs both with and without Clowney?

    Can we afford to extend Reed AND sign Clowney to long term deals?? If not with Frank Clark, do we wish to extend Reed? Understand it’s maybe a wait and see in terms of his consistency on inside rush. Who else is coming up we want to extend?? Ok to want Clowney and take injury risk but can we afford him longer term? Hawks have tended to go cheaper on DT in lieu of DE so just wondering on Reed.

    Second, is there any FAs next year who offer a better option than Clowney – younger, less injury prone ? Jets Williams? Ngakone? Clearly we only have so much space and drafted players preserve this but needs to be spent on the right players?

    Finally assuming we pick mid round/early 20s, as an alternative to moving a 2nd, what does it cost to move up to top 3-5 in order to draft someone like Chase Young??

    • Simo

      Awesome questions, although probably no easy answers.

      First, who knows how Pete/John feel about Reed now after a six game suspension and the emergence of Poona as a serious disruptive force on the d-line. If they don’t want to throw big money at him, it would certainly make it easier to re-sign Clowney.

      Second, its so hard to predict which top pass rushers might actually make it to free agency. Those guys tend to get franchised as much or more than any other position. Then the Hawks are right back in a similar situation as they are now, trying to trade for a franchised player.

      The final question is probably easier, especially for a draft guru like Rob. There’s no question though that it does cost a ton to move into the top 5 from around pick 20 though. And you still have some uncertainty about that player becoming a star.

      • cha

        “who knows how Pete/John feel about Reed now after a six game suspension ”

        For what it’s worth, when the news of the suspension broke, PC said to the press that it doesn’t alter how they view Reed / their plans for him.

        • Simo

          Yep! Would you expect them to say anything other than that publicly? They always tend to throw public support at their players who have issues, but we don’t know how they really feel.

          That said, I like Reed as a player, and his apology to the team/fans/etc seemed sincere. Maybe his suspension can create a slight discount to resign him?

          • Gaux Hawks

            I can’t imagine new ownership keeping around domestic violence cases…
            Reed will be tagged and traded for additional draft capital in 2020.

            • Jamho3

              What do you mean new ownership???

  39. diehard82

    Eureka, I have to solution!

    1. Trade Jaron Brown and a 2nd round pick. Per PFF Browns player grades have been eerily similar to Kenny Stills, both peaking in 2014 and otherwise just being OK. If Stills is enough compensation then Brown should be also.
    2. Sweet-talk or downright BEG Doug Baldwin to come back for one more year.


    • cha

      What’s Steve Largent up to these days?

      • Jamho3

        Joey Galloway might consider if we asked him nicely

    • Comfect

      I would say the latter is not happening. Any begging that would work would have happened before he retired. But I could see something like #1 combined with grabbing a veteran off others’ cuts (I think Rob’s point that we need more than just Lockett with NFL experience for Willson to throw to is very valid, but there are always veteran WRs cut–they might not be as good as Brown, but Clowney is a big step up).

      • cha

        It’s not necessarily NFL experience, it’s team and system experience. Those off-season throwing sessions RW organizes pay dividends. Bringing in some guy who has a season or two with another team isn’t an exponentially better solution than playing rookies.

        • Gaux Hawks

          I completely agree with this statement.
          But Houston doesn’t? They want a tackle.

  40. STTBM

    Stills is a deep threat, Brown is not. With Moore and Metcalf banged up, there is no way Seattle trades Brown, leaving them to start the season with one WR who has caught a pass from Wilson in a real game–no matter how non-existant our pass rush is.

    Baldwin sounds done. While it wouldnt surprise me if he unretired next year, Seattle isnt likely to want him back period, let alone for the money he was making, and Doug wont come back for peanuts.

    It appears Doug had major issues with Wilson not being willing to fit the ball in tight windows, and no mention of friendship was made by either player on Dougs retirement. Even Tate was referred to as a friend by Wilson upon leaving.

    Seattle is also notorious for not wanting to pay big money to aging players with injury history, and after last seasons horror story of injuries, Doug fits that profile. He’s a risk, even if he were to unretire.

    • Rob Staton

      Doug’s done

  41. Bigten

    For those that wanted to do the fantasy football. Here is a link to the league. https://fantasy.espn.com/football/league/join?leagueId=63400479&inviteId=c3d88063-9a28-49dc-a0b7-c5ada0ab6c80

    • Kenny Sloth


    • Coleslaw

      Is there any way we can change the draft to after 3 or later pacific time? I’ll be forced to auto draft if not.

      If you want to kick me out I’m totally ok with that. I’d rather SDB members get in who can draft than me autodraft.

      • Coleslaw

        Actually 2:30 or later would be fine. I dont get service at work but i can make that happen.

  42. Henry Taylor

    In unrelated news, Alabama Linebacker Dylan Moses (featured in Rob’s last college watch list article) has torn his ACL.

    Seattle won’t be looking lb in round one next year, but still a shame to have one less top player to watch in college.

    • Rob Staton

      Major shame

    • Volume12

      That sucks. So much talent. Hopefully it doesn’t have too much of an impact on his stock.

      • trevor

        Really sucks but at least he should have time to get repaired and rehab before the draft process begins. Great talent.

  43. Trevor

    If Ziggy comes back and stays healthy and then the Hawks trade for Clowney are they a legit Super Bowl Contender with a front 4 after week #6 of (Poona, Reed, Ansah and Clowney)?

    If they answer is yes then I think you try and get that deal done. I would give up a 2nd and a couple of guys like Prosise and Moore.

    I would not give up Penny , Britt or Pocic as people are suggesting as all three could be key contributors this year.

    • Del tre

      I agree 100% I think the Hawks are going to make this move. They’ll also have a pretty deep defensive line as well, Collier will come back and if Clowney can push Green I’d say that’s a dominant unit.

    • Jamho3

      Trevor, I think so.

      But there are a couple of interesting ideas your question brings up.

      #1 It appears that offensive production is now much more predictive of NFL results than it has been previously

      #2 If you’re one player away obviously you pull the trigger. But SEA is neither scared nor gun shy we’ve got to trust our leadership

      #3 HOU isn’t going to want depth they’re going to want a starter or starters for a #1 pick. Which is fair. Most teams are going to feel that they have better WR’s than we have anyways.

      #4 I entirely agree that I wouldn’t give up on Britt, Penny nor Pocic.

  44. Trevor

    The Dolphins are in tank mode. Why would they trade a single thing for Clowney? No other team can sign him to an extension now. They have tons of cap space so if they want him as a long term piece just sign him next off season when he is a free agent. Makes no sense to me and there is zero chance they are trading Tunsil for him. If they do they are beyond incompetent.

  45. CHawk Talker Eric

    Looks like HOU was willing to take Kenyan Drake instead of Tunsil, but MIA said no. Now a HOU journalist is wondering if O’Brien might add personnel to go with Clowney to get Tunsil.

    If HOU is willing to sell their franchise for Larry Tunsil, so be it. But the fact that MIA said no to Kenyan Drake for Clowney doesn’t bode well for a deal between them.

    Progress on the #Clowney trade has halted significantly. Apparently Kenyan Drake was originally on the table for the #Texans, but the #Dolphins pulled him off the block. The main pieces Houston likes are Drake, Laremy Tunsil and Reshad Jones, none of which Miami will part with— NFL News 24/7 (@NFLNews2472) August 28, 2019

    • Rob Staton

      Is that a reliable source of news?

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        I can’t vouch for him personally, but he is a sports journalist covering Houston sports. And there’s some confirmation:

        Progress on the #Clowney trade has halted significantly. Apparently Kenyan Drake was originally on the table for the #Texans, but the #Dolphins pulled him off the block. The main pieces Houston likes are Drake, Laremy Tunsil and Reshad Jones, none of which Miami will part with— NFL News 24/7 (@NFLNews2472) August 28, 2019

    • Sea Mode

      Just my opinion, but I highly doubt they are offering Tunsil. Gotta protect whatever QB they end up finding.

      Daniel Jeremiah

      There are more quality QBs than LTs in the NFL right now. I can’t see the Dolphins trading the best young LT in the league. Good luck finding a replacement with similar talent in the next 5 years.

      1:23 AM · Aug 28, 2019

      • charlietheunicorn

        It makes zero sense to trade away a LT and leave your QB hanging out to dry.
        I keep thinking Washington will somehow fit into the puzzle, but I also think there might be some type of 3 team trade when this all shakes out. (I had thought maybe HOU, LAC and SEA previously)

  46. Gaux Hawks

    Couple Thoughts:

    1) Reed won’t be here in 2020. New ownership won’t let domestic violence slide.

    2) Clowney will be saving a minimum of $1.5M in Seattle (state income tax). That’ll help soften the LB franchise tag. Good friends with Brown. Possibly long term contract available with Reed gone. Great organization, coaching staff and scheme fit. Ziggy on his flank. SB Competitor. Seattle is checking a lot of boxes.

    3) We have the 2020 picks to keep Houston from looking like a total loser in this trade (but unfortunately not a great tackle).

    Looks great on paper. Fingers crossed.

    • Gaux Hawks

      Adding: Reed will be tagged and traded for additional draft capital in 2020.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s the same ownership.

      And she’s not overriding PCJS

      • Gaux Hawks

        Same ownership?

        • Rob Staton

          Yes. It’s Paul Allen’s company and his sister in control.

      • Gaux Hawks

        I’m not going to pretend that I know what’s going on inside our FO, just connecting the dots.

        • “New” ownership
        • Frank Clark is gone
        •. PC discussing shift in culture
        • NFL taking a stance against DV

        • Rob Staton

          Frank moving had nothing to do with his stuff in college. 0%.

          There aren’t new owners.

          • Gaux Hawks

            Not sure how we’re not on the same page regarding ownership… without going into too much detail, there has been a significant change within the the year.

            • Rob Staton

              You keep saying it’s new ownership.

              It’s not.

              • Gaux Hawks

                Sweating the small stuff?

                My observation is simple. I believe that Jody (trustee of the Paul G. Allen Trust) will run the Seahawks with a harder stance against DV (100% speculation). She has had an incredible impact on this community and we are lucky to have her as the new Chair of the Seahawks.

                Did this impact FC? Possibly.
                Will it impact JR? Possibly.

                Seahawks Core Value Statement
                “The Seahawks organization is guided by overall principles of acceptance and understanding that help us create a culture of respect, equality and inclusiveness both on and off the field. It is our goal to use these core principles and our commitment to passion, character and excellence to empower change within our community. We, as an organization and as individuals, represent and respect a wide range of human differences, personal experiences and cultural backgrounds.”

                Will we sign Clowney? Looks great on paper. Fingers crossed.

                • Rob Staton

                  I believe Jody will do whatever PCJS want.

                  She’s already shown complete and utter trust in the two men paid to run the football operations.

                  There is no evidence at all that she’s going to throw her weight around.

    • Coleslaw

      We are not going to just dump Reed over an accusation. If hes not here in 2020 that will not be the reason.

    • Jamho3

      Connecting the dots:

      But it’s all conjecture. Beyond that you’re absolutely ignoring what went on last year and the owners words which were corroborated by PC.

  47. RWIII

    Food for thought. It sounds like Miami has a deal in mind with Houston for Clowney. However, it appears that Clowney does not want to go to Miami. If I am Miami why would I do this deal. They would be giving up Larry Tunsil for Clowney. Tunsil is a pretty good up and coming LT. But it would be a long shot for Clowney to resign with Miami. Tunsil was a first round pick. So if Clowney plays for Miami and leaves Miami would receive a third round comp pic in 2021. So Miami is actually trading a 1st round pick for a third round draft pick(if Clowney does not resign.) The only way Clowney would resign is if they over pay for Clowney. Clowney’s best sack year was 9.5 sacks. However, I did read somewhere that 47.5% of Clowney’s tackles were TFL.

  48. RWIII

    Gaux Hawks: I don’t think that Houston is going to get what they want for Clowney.

  49. Volume12

    Limited viewing, but so far this duo looks damn good. Couple sleepers at CB from Georgia Southern. Keep your 👀 on them. 🔥

    Kindle Vildor (5’11, 180 lbs.) 42 tackles, 4.5 TFL, 4 INTs, 11 PBU
    Monquavion Brinson (6’0, 180 lbs.) 67 tackles, 1 TFL, 1 INT, 10 PB

    • Sea Mode


  50. Volume12

    Big, big fan of Boise St. EDGE Curtis Weaver (6’3, 250-260 lbs.) Dude loves to shoot some gaps. Fantastic UOH, good burst, has that knack for timing the snap, super productive the past 2 years (28 TFL and 20.5 QB sacks).

    I actually think he’s just as if not more effective with his hand in the dirt. That’s just me though. Also kind of a pass rush specialist, but man can be get after it!

    Curtis Weaver vs BYU (2018):

  51. RWIII

    Folks: The latest on Jadeveon Clowney.

    • Rob Staton

      What’s it say? Barred from viewing it in the EU.

      • charlietheunicorn

        HOUSTON (SportsRadio 610) – Houston Texans linebacker Jadeveon Clowney fired his agent Bus Cook almost two weeks ago, a source close to Clowney tells SportsRadio 610.

        Clowney is not in a rush to hire a new agent and seems to be comfortable fielding trade propositions without hired representation.

        • Coleslaw

          I would be too. It’s simple for him right now. Hes playing on the tag or not playing at all. Come extension/FA time he will hire an agent.

  52. Hoberk Unce

    1) If Reed isn’t here in 2020 it’s more likely to be a cap salary issue. Reed wasn’t arrested or charged in 2017. The suspension is an arguably arbitrary league decision. Hard to see that being the deciding factor on keeping a solid talent at a position of need.

    2) Also hard to envision Clowney joining a team where he’ll line up at LB given his dispute with Houston over the tag. And we need him at DE in any case. So if he signs here for 2019 and gets tagged in 2020 it will be at the going DE rate.

    3) We do have the 2020 2nd round pick but no T. Dolphins have the pick and Tunsil, Eagles (if they’re interested) have the pick and Dillard. Would be great to get Clowney but it seems like such a long shot at this point.

    But, looks great on paper. Fingers crossed.

    • Rob Staton

      No way Philly moves Dillard months afternoon drafting him (and trading up for him).

      And Miami would be insane to move Tunsil.

      This is why guys like Stills and Alston are getting mentioned. The only veteran tackle Houston can seriously acquire is Trent Williams.

  53. charlietheunicorn

    I was listening the 950 KJR a few days back and they believe the Utah defense is stacked with potential NFL talent? Utah was likely to take the PAC12. Does anyone catch your fancy (Rob, V12 and the gang)?

    • Rob Staton

      I will check them out 👍🏻

      • charlietheunicorn

        We know Seattle loves them Utah and Utah state guys 😉

        • Rob Staton


        • Sea Mode

          Not sure if he will declare early, but I’ve had Utah State LB David Woodward on my watch list for a while now. Tackling machine that can play all 3 LB spots.

          The nation’s surest tackler, Woodward flew all over the field for Utah State this season. Racking up a ridiculous 108 tackles, he missed just three attempts while also bringing down 49 defensive stops and 20 QB pressures on just 100 pass-rushes.

    • icb12

      Bradlee anae and Zack moss will be the 2 big recurring names for Utah. They will be who you read about the most.

      But I’d say keep your eyes on 2 dbs julian blackmon and Jaylon Johnson.

      For Utah State the RB (Darwin Thompson) and qb (Jordan love)

      • Henry Taylor

        Darwin Thompson got drafted by the Cheifs.

        • icb12

          Damn. I thought he was a sophomore last year..

  54. Tecmo Bowl

    Now that its been 24+ hours since the Miami connection with Clowney, and nothing has happened. The Hawks chances to get JC have gone up.

    Mike Garafolo is reporting that JC is willing to miss games. Deja Brown all over again eh?!

    • charlietheunicorn

      Let’s be honest. Would you want to play for Miami? in the heat? With some shoddy ownership and some unproven coaching…. or go to a team that has won a SB within the last 10 years??? Eagles and Seahawks run pretty similarly, in that, they let the guys be themselves…. and have imposing defenses which require maybe 1 more piece to get deep into the playoffs….

      Seattle is slightly better right now in my opinion, but the NFCE is at least 50% Eagles will win it and possibly get a first round bye… Seattle has a tougher road to win the NFCW, but they would be able to play anywhere with the offense and keep the defense fresh. If you could give Clowney a bit of a pitch count (think 2013 and the rash of DE types the Seahawks would cycle through the game), then he would be able to play at a very high level throughout the season and playoffs…. and minimize and injuries due to playing exhausted.

    • Logan Lynch

      I’d take a Brown-type scenario. I know the first part of the schedule is tough for SEA and it would be great to have Clowney for that stretch…but for every game he sits out, the asking price for him goes down. Maybe he misses a few games and SEA can get him for less a month into the season?

  55. charlietheunicorn

    Did some amateur sleuthing on the internet and these guys might be worth checking out more fully:
    Bradley Anae, OLB, Utah
    Leki Fotu, DE/DT, Utah
    Jaylon Johnson, CB, Utah

    and since we are talking the State of Utah….
    Tipa Galeai, OLB, Utah State

  56. Coleslaw

    I just want to draft a CB who can locate the ball this year. Thst should be a prerequisite just as much as our preferred physical profile imo. Those 2 traits in our scheme could easily be the difference between a Griffin type and a Sherm type. (Not saying well see another sherm. Just more of a ball hawk.)

  57. Jamho3

    Check your files, #37 is a major ballhawk. #26 was a 2nd year player, after a generational talent. Chances are likely he’ll be better in his 3rd year, same as so many others. I fully admit #26 wasnt in on a # of opps in 2018 I saw that too.

  58. Quinn

    Does anyone know whether, given that Clowney hasn’t signed his tag, any trade partner could agree terms with him/ Houston to tag him as a DE? Or is this set in stone thanks to Houston initially tagging him as an OLB?

    • Jamho3


      IDK and it’s too much and too intricate for me to understand but have at it. I’d guess the answer would be no. Just to save the teams $ and to simplify book keeping.

      It’s article 10


      Maybe easier to read here IDK?


    • Brazilian Hawk

      Seahawks send:
      KC’s 2020 2nd round pick
      SEA 2020 4th round pick
      SEA 2021 4th round pick

      Texans send:
      Jadeveon Clowney
      HOU 2020 5th round pick

      Redskins send:
      Trent Williams

      Seahawks get:
      Jadeveon Clowney

      Texans get:
      Trent Williams

      Redskins get:
      KC’s 2020 2nd round pick
      SEA 2020 4th round pick
      SEA 2021 4th round pick
      HOU 2020 5th round pick

      Who says no?

      • Logan Lynch

        The Redskins

      • Simo

        Agree that the Skins say no! Trent Williams is widely regarded as the best, or at least top 3, OT in the NFL. He’s definitely the best player in this deal, no offense to Clowney who is also a very good player.

        So, if Hou is getting the best player in the deal they likely have to give up more than Clowney and a R5 pick. What Sea is giving up in your proposed deal actually seems pretty fair, considering the situation surrounding Clowney.

        I propose this deal:

        Sea gets:

        Hou gets:
        Sea 2020 R2 pick

        Was gets:
        Hou 2020 R1 pick
        Sea 2021 R3 pick or Sea 2020 R4 pick

        • Jamho3

          Simo nice

  59. Jamho3

    I’ve been doing some sleuthing, HOU fan’s are livid. They don’t think they’re going to be good this season and they think the GM is an idiot. Worth taking a look at the comments.


  60. Malkavian

    From Rotoworld:

    The Houston Chronicle reports the Seahawks and Eagles have been in trade talks for unsigned franchise player Jadeveon Clowney.

    The Dolphins are the frontrunners for Clowney, but the Texans have reached out to two of his preferred teams. The Jets and Washington have also expressed interest. Houston has been in a holding pattern with Clowney, who won’t report or sign his franchise tender. Clowney is upset over being shopped and is willing to sit out regular season games. The three-time Pro Bowler looks destined to be traded before Week 1.

  61. Hawk Hit

    Is there any logical argument for why the seahawks took BBK instead of Charles Omenihu? This guy is fighting for a practice squad spot, we knew we needed depth at DE, and Omenihu was a blog favorite here. What am I missing?

    • Hawk Hit

      Joe Jackson also would have been a better and more useful pick. If they were bent on getting a LB in that range, how do you pick BBK over Mack Wilson??

      • Del tre

        Because BBK was probably a considerably better college player. It’s revisionist history to argue otherwise. He’s had a slow preseason but he’s a smart player who plays with a lot of intensity. He missed a good chunk of camp and is coming off an injury, be patient he was the leading tackler in the country.

        • Hawk Hit

          Not doubting any level of commitment of any player we are talking about here. But Mack Wilson has looked like a steal of a pick by the Browns… Certainly enough effort for both him and BBK.

          • Rob Staton

            The point is though — Seattle were focusing on special teams and high football character in the 2019 draft.

            BBK was the definition of both.

            Whether Wilson has looked good in his first pre-season or not, he didn’t tick those boxes.

            • Hawk Hit

              Has he been good on special teams though? He’s been invisible on the field all preseason. And from the practice squad, kinda hard to make any contribution. Supposed to be a special teams demon.

              Hernia surgery was back in April, with a 6 week recovery period. He’s been full go since game 1, so I wouldn’t conclude that as any explanation.

              I get everyone is applauding the franchise for choosing a path and sticking with it. But they made the wrong choice, and now trying to figure out how to add to an uninspiring d-line because of it. Including trading for a rental from Houston. That’s just compounding one bad decision onto another.

              • Hawk Hit

                Admittedly, what I said at the end was maybe too harsh. Nothing can be concluded as a wrong choice this early, but results thus far not promising. I am just frustrated we did not get more depth at d-line when John raved about “all the d-line depth” this past draft had and missed. I do think their strategy was flawed though

              • Rob Staton

                You’ve missed the point though Hawk Hit. BBK, pre-draft, was all heart and brimstone and special teams.

                The Seahawks specifically targeted players who would provide that tenacity and ST value.

                The fact it maybe hasn’t worked out is irrelevant. We’re talking about their pre-draft philosophy for 2019. BBK was seen as a great special teamer. Mack Wilson fell for a reason and it wasn’t because of his passion for the game.

                Just try and a take a step back. You’re second guessing the draft before the fourth pre-season game, weeks after the draft took place. Nobody knows what was the right or wrong pick yet and we won’t for a long time.

          • Dan Demmert

            Let’s wait for the season before we say we made any mistakes. BBK is looking good tonight, it sounds like the Hawks are keeping Malik Turner who has done absolutely nothing but we aren’t at the practices so it’s hard to say.
            I think BBK might take a while to develop, Wilson would be sitting in the same position on this team, on the bench likely still behind Barton on the depth chart, but even if he weren’t here wouldn’t be starting
            In one game he has a sack and now a pass deflection, I’m definitely guilty of calling players busts way too early (see my initial dislike for McDougald, but now I think he’s vital and is one of my favorite guys to watch), so I’m not trying to lay into you but I’ve learned over time that patience is important, especially with how much the Hawks rely on developing their players

            • Del tre

              I mention Malik because in a comment I left on this thread I was questioning why the Hawks would keep him, which makes sense when you consider that he’s one of the few receivers with experience in the system.

              • Del tre

                Lol my identity has been revealed

    • J

      This draft had two themes.

      Special teams skill.

      Passion for the game/intangibles.

      BBK trumps the other guys available in those areas. If you had an inconsistent motor and didn’t make the most of your abilities in college (i.e. didn’t produce) you weren’t going to be part of this draft class.

      Almost all the dudes we got do well on special teams and are dogs.

      It’s why I dont get it when people say PCJS was targeting Tillery or the Michigan DE.

      • Rob Staton

        100% spot on J.

        Seattle’s 2019 draft had a clear pattern. As fans, that’s all we can really hope and ask for. A clear vision and direction.

      • Hawk Hit

        I appreciate that the team had a vision and went after it, but that doesn’t mean they made a smart or logical choice to follow. A clear and painfully obvious deficiency on defensive line, and JSPC say “nah, let’s go all in on special teams guys”.

        I was hoping the pick would make more sense in hindsight, but with BBK best case is on the practice team, doesn’t appear so. As Rob pointed out, “they need to do something on def line” because they didn’t earlier.

        • TomLPDX

          Step back for a minute, Hawk Hit. J Reed didn’t get suspended until late July. I think they were comfortable with their situation with the addition of Ansah and adding Collier in the first round. We all knew Poona was stepping up. Remember the opening game last year when we were starting Shaquem in place of KJ…it showed there was a real need in our LB corps and something needed to be done. I still think it wasn’t fair to start Shaquem but he did and he tried and I appluad him for that…but he wasn’t ready. They addressed that need during the draft with Barton and BBK. We stil don’t know the final outcome for Kendricks until the end of September. I think BBK makes it to the PS if he doesn’t make the first 53. Possibly Shaquem as well.

          Don’t play the woulda, shoulda, coulda game…it will only cause you grief. We are who we are right now and I’m excited about our team this year, for better or worse.

          • Hawk Hit

            Poona and J Reed play DT. What this team is sorely lacking is DE. Further, Ansah is almost habitually injured and inconsistent. Collier is a rookie, so expectations are gonna be low.

            They took Barton (who has looked great so far), they have Shaquem and Kendricks. Let’s keep in mind JSPC had a pretty good feeling they would resign 1 of, if not both, Wagner and Wright after trading Clark. And that’s exactly what they did.

            So why did we need the extra LB depth instead of a DE??

            • Rob Staton

              Because they wanted to bolster special teams.

              Because KJ Wright might be done in a year.

              Because Kendricks has a one-year deal.

              Because for years they’ve had no long term, cheap, developmental LB depth.

              A fifth round rookie DE is not the difference between a good and bad pass rush either.

              I would urge people to stop judging the success or failure of a draft class — or second guessing day three picks — until we’ve actually seen said players competing in actual football games.

            • TomLPDX

              The fact is they did something to better the situation. The front 4 is a unit and they all matter to each other and play off each other. Yes, we needed to replace Frank and strengthen the front 4. They aren’t the only weakness on the D either. Our DBs are young and untested for the most part. I’m worried about how they will do but also know they are being coached by one of the best DB coaches in the biz. Shaquill is playing better, Flowers should make a jump too…who is our nickel back? Is TT going to make the next step. They all depend on each other as a unit to perform and they need to stick to their assignments.

  62. RWIII

    Rob: Here is the article you requested on Clowney.

    HOUSTON (SportsRadio 610) – Houston Texans linebacker Jadeveon Clowney fired his agent Bus Cook almost two weeks ago, a source close to Clowney tells SportsRadio 610.

    Watch NFL games now on fuboTV.

    Clowney is not in a rush to hire a new agent and seems to be comfortable fielding trade propositions without hired representation.

    He would make the same amount under the franchise tag no matter which team trades for him.

    The feeling inside Clowney’s camp is the Texans have no interest in him being a part of the organization.

    The source also said it’s been more than a month since Clowney had initial conversations with the Miami Dolphins about a potential trade.

    Clowney informed the Dolphins at the time he had no interest in playing there, but has since “started to warm up to the idea,” the source said.

    Ideally, Clowney would like to be traded to a winning team like the Philadelphia Eagles or Seattle Seahawks, according to the source.

    Clowney has not yet signed his $15.967 million franchise tender, which would need to happen before he can be traded.

    Clowney is set to make $939,235 a week over 17 weeks after he signs.

    Sorry I didn’t get back to you right away.

    • Rob Staton

      No problem — and thank you.

  63. Bigten

    5 spots left in the league, drafts this Saturday. https://fantasy.espn.com/football/league/join?leagueId=63400479&inviteId=c3d88063-9a28-49dc-a0b7-c5ada0ab6c80

    • Coleslaw

      Why is the draft at 7:30 AM?

      • Bigten

        I just put an arbitrary time, was going to post in the league what time everyone would prefer.

  64. Rob4q

    I’m in, just signed up! Thanks for doing this Bigten!

  65. All I see is 12s

    So, seems like tonight is actually pretty important as a potential trade showcase. I wonder if any of the bubble guys who would not last on waivers are on the block. Calitro( heard HOU needs an LB), procise, maybe even Jennings are in play.? Sounds like JC has them a bit over the barrel. I realize that 1 million a game is a lot, but JC sounds like he has virtually severed his relationship with the team and is willing to take short term loss. It can be fixed in the temp, but sounds all parties are just trying to move on. I would imagine the contending teams that JC wants realize how little leverage the Texans have and this has to be driving o’Brian nuts. I wonder if 2 of the guys I mentioned and a 4th gets it done?

    • Coleslaw

      I would do Calitro and Jennings and a 3rd. Maybe even a 2nd. Weve got a log jam at both LB and WR. I would prefer to keep Prosise, though. I think he can still be a weapon for us.

      • All I see is 12s

        You just have to wonder, how much has Clowney limited his trade value by naming the few teams he will go to. Every day that goes by his value lessens. Houston may feel the need to avoid the mistakes of the Seahawks last year with Thomas and get as much value as they can, even if they are getting the lesser end of the trade. This may well be a situation of Seattle and Philadelphia playing chicken with each other to Houston’s disgust.

        • All I see is 12s

          I’m also wondering if taco Charlton is in play as well …

          • McZ

            Taco Charlton has the second best pass rushjng grade in presseason. The Cowboys will not move him.

      • Volume12

        Houston confuses me.

        ‘Nuke’ Hopkins (does he go by that anymore?), Will Fuller, and KeKe Coutee. One of the better trios at wideout in the league. Unless they want some insurance for Fuller, why are they trying to trade for a receiver?

        • Sea Mode

          I’ve read OL and RB are what they want. Not sure where the WR came into play.

        • Rob Staton

          I think Bill O’Brien is a WR hoarder.

          Bit like Ryan Grigson.

          • All I see is 12s

            Coutee and fuller are always hurt

            • Rob Staton


              But so will Deshaun soon enough with that O-line.

              • All I see is 12s

                Yup. This is the unknown part of the Brown trade. When they backed out of the Lane aspect, we sent our offensive line woes to him and Houston.

                • All I see is 12s

                  Hope Lonnie Johnson was worth it…

                • Rob Staton

                  With hindsight it was a tremendous trade for Seattle even after having to give up another pick.

                  • All I see is 12s

                    Agreed. Looks like hou is going to cut the 3rd rounder they got from us. I like Johnson but he’s not worth Brown.

                  • CHawk Talker Eric

                    Mos def. Brown isn’t just a good LT, he’s a position group leader. He sets the tone for the OL, and that tone is BAMF.

                    He may not be Walter Jones, but he’s superior to Okung.

  66. Volume12

    Charlie, you mentioned the Utah defense.

    Don’t see anything on that D-line. EDGE Bradlee Anae looks like a Hauoli Kikaha. Has a nice push/pull move but that’s it. Tries hard though. DT Leki Fotu has an NFL build and size, but can’t see him being anything more than a day 3 pick unless he takes a big step forward.

    Just starting in on their DBs Julian Blackmon and Jaylen Johnson.

    Personally? That Cal defense looks like it has more NFL talent. Pretty loaded secondary there.

    • Sea Mode

      FS Ashtyn Davis…


      • Sea Mode

        And: https://youtu.be/1lqi4DGeaag

        He was also Cal’s special teams’ MVP in both 2016 and 2017.

        Is also #32 on Feldman’s Freaks list:

        The hard-hitting 6-1, 200-pound DB has been able to pack on 15 pounds after he didn’t run track this off-season after exhausting his eligibility in that spot. Davis was a first-team All-American hurdler who won the Pac-12 110 title by clocking a 13.50 and also took third in the 60m hurdles at the 2018 NCAA Indoor Championship with a time of 7.63. The former walk-on has never run a 40 but is expected to run in the 4.3s when he does.

      • Jamho3

        Exciting prospect, easy to imagine he and Blair as a nice set of S’s

      • Volume12

        Yeah he’s legit. Exciting talent. Their other safety Jalin Hawkins is a ball hawk! And I really like CB Cam Bynum’s potential. Has a swag about him. Fun prospect.

      • Volume12

        Camryn Bynum vs NC (2018):


  67. JHawk

    Do we have a team that can afford to trade off high draft picks to get what is likely an expensive rental player? Or would you rather wait and allow all the young starters we’re dependant on now mature a year and use all our draft picks for good depth?

    • Sea Mode

      If Clowney is considered quite possibly the difference between possibly winning the division or not, or making a playoff run or not, then I would say we absolutely can afford it in a year when we are heading into the draft with an extra R2 and R3.

  68. CHawk Talker Eric

    Just tweeted by Craig Mish, southern Florida sports journalist:

    The Dolphins are simply trying to maximize a deal for Tunsil to Houston. Clowney is involved but it’s just about the return at this point. If Miami gets what they want, a trade is made. That’s what it has been and what it is.


    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I said previously, if HOU want to overpay for Tunsil, so be it. And if MIA want to trade their Franchise LT for a one year rental and some bit players, go ahead. It’s a horrible deal for both teams, and I’m not saying that as a Hawks fan who wants my team to trade for Clowney. It seems like O’Brien & Flores, who know each other well, decided like a month ago to make this trade but Clowney’s intransigence over signing his franchise tag and comments about only going to a contender like SEA or PHI mucked it up. Even if MUA “get what they want” for Tunsil, there’s no guarantee Clowney will agree and actually play for the Dolphins. Could be another Le’veon Bell type situation.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        “…the Dolphins effectively would be trading away the certainty of a player under team control for at least three seasons — by employing a franchise tag in 2021 — versus a player under a one-year $16 million franchise tag.

        It is for that reason, according to one source familiar with the trade discussions, that the Texans would have to send the Dolphins other considerations in a trade involving Tunsil for Clowney.

        And the consideration the Dolphins have been focused on are a draft pick or multiple picks. The source would not disclose the value of those picks.

        Under this scenario the Dolphins would send Tunsil for Clowney and a draft pick or picks.”

        Read more here: https://www.miamiherald.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/armando-salguero/article234503077.html#storylink=cpy

      • Volume12

        Trading away one of the hardest positions to find and a super talented young building block in LT Laremy Tunsil seems bad.

    • Rob Staton

      It certainly seems like this is trending one way. Clowney meeting with Miami suggested a softening of his stance against them.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        It does. PFM again citing Tony Pauline says it’s just a matter of price. I wonder what Clowney will do. I suspect he’d play on the franchise tag in a sort of prove it season to the League, or at least to the contenders he says he wants to play for. FWIW, he should do well in MIA with Wilkins, Godchaux and Carradine. They also have McMillan and Alonso. Not singing their praises or anything but Clowney should do well in that defense.

        “Craig is correct.

        For more than a week now, sources have told @TonyPauline that the #Dolphins have expressed interest in acquiring Texans linebacker Bernadrick McKinney.

        That may push the deal over the top and get it done.”

  69. Volume12

    That is so damn sad to hear about CB Kalan Reed. 🙏

    • Coleslaw

      Seriously.. I hate hearing that stuff. Hoping for the best for that man. That’s gotta be one of the most frustrating, devastating, and heartbreaking things that could happen to someone. A lifetime of work, proving doubters wrong, legitimately on his way to his dream, and BAM.

      It’s over.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Wishing him well. As devastating as it must be to be forced to walk away from your passion, at least he isn’t permanently injured.

    • Frank

      So extremely sorry for that young man. I wish we’d see a modification to the equipment players wear to prevent this type of thing.:(.

  70. Isaac

    I compare trading for Clowney to someone getting a new job and salary increase. Then going out and buying a fancy new car that costs way more than they can afford. Then that person going broke because of it. Why have a fancy car for one year when a used Camry will do just fine?

    • Coleslaw

      That used Camry is gonna break down a week after you buy it.

      The fancy car wont be a 1 year rental. If we get it we are going to pay for it. It will be our daily driver for years to come. A franchise cornerstone to pair with Reed, Wagner, Poona, KJ, Kendricks, RW, Carson, Lockett, Dissly, Brown, Britt, Fluker, and arguably Ifedi. Those are all core players.

      This roster is way better than people think. Clowney could be the difference between 10-6 and 12-4

    • charlietheunicorn

      The rental might drive you all the way to Miami and you pull up next to the stadium to play in a SB

  71. Sean

    I think CB Keith Taylor from UW is very Seahawky. 6-3, 195 and runs well. Also a high character guy coming out of the Washington DB pipeline. He is also the highest graded corner returning in the Pac 12 according to PFF by a pretty good margin. I think he just hasn’t got the hype because he was behind Byron Murphy and Jordan Miller, although he started over Miller for a few games last year.

  72. WALL UP

    Go Prosise!

  73. Kenny Sloth

    Burr-Kirven, Calitro, Amadi, Prosise, Jamarco, Geno, all looking very good about midway through the second 1/4

    And then of course Ferguson picks up 40 yards too

  74. Kenny Sloth

    Its funny, I really like tweeners, physically, on defense, but really dont like tweener sized players on Offense.

    It just seems like you’re begging for an injury or kind of compromising something in your personnel. You can find a way to beat an OL as a 240 lb player, but a big WR is gonna struggle blocking inline, in my experience. But like most things in football its all about traits at the lower end of the roster.

    Just my personal views and probably heavily influenced by watching the PC seahawks with their hybrid defense and traditional offense. Watching guys like Clemmons succeed and Jimmy Graham maybe not reach the heights he could.

  75. Kenny Sloth

    Soccer leagues introducing video review. NFL had to 1-up them and make PI calls reviewable.

  76. Kenny Sloth

    Tough call on Burr-Kirven. Commentator says that’s not called in regular season. Hes probably right, but Im not sure how there is still so much variance in NFL officiating.

  77. Kenny Sloth

    Man, Loving the depth this year. Been a minute since Ive been this pumped about the back-ups/ nervous about cuts.

    Who we keep on defense is going to be vital to our season. The DL especially. I’d love to keep all the Lbs but sonething’s gotta give and I dont see any of Calitro, BBK, or Barton clearing waivers.

    Mingo has looked really rusty playing with his hand in the dirt, but hes one of those guys you dont have anyone to replace on the roster. That DL is far and away the most shallow position group and DE specifically has been ravaged by injuries so fans havent gotten a look at the presumed starters. I tend to trust the FO and coaching staff to know what they have in players, because they see them way more than us.

    With a hybrid defense its also sometimes confusing knowing who they view as depth at which position when you never see them lining up there in live snaps. Is QJeff going to play inside-out? Are Ziggy and LJ for that matter? Do they expect Naz Jones to be a factor as the season progresses?

    Keeping the right guys on the DL is going to be huge for us. A lot of fans dont want to say it, but I like our chances this year to compete for a Superbowl. Its not the most talented roster in the league, maybe not even the most talented in our division. But if we continue to make smart roster moves and stay healthy, hell, we wouldnt be close to the least talented team to win the SB.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Not getting any pressure when sending just 4. Allowing the QB to pick his pass out. Coverage is nice, but when they have +3 seconds the likelihood of a completion is exponentially raised.

      • Kenny Sloth

        I hate blowing up the comments, but the difference in the LBs is so clear. When you have impact depth it’s such a relief.

        It’s no surprise that we really value those agility tests at the position. You can see how much that little bit of short area quickness really helps the player break down and make a play, maybe more than the straight line speed.

        You see it a lot in BBK’s game. With his sack early on, you expect a less agile defender to be unable to finish that play and overrun the QB or even slip, but he’s got the ability to slip in the backfield, pursue, and the flexibility to bend and turn hard to make the angle.

        It’s been a real problem not having LB depth that we can trust for the last few seasons. Now we have an overabundance of players at the position and we’re talking about 9 guys that could make the roster hahah.

  78. Frank

    The depth this year is more encouraging in areas that have been problematic in recent years, but might be just as thin at other positions we are use to being loaded at. The Hawk DBs are decidedly below average this year compared to NFL average, and a huge step down from what they have typically been during PC/JS era this far. LBers are the best they’ve ever been, Oline a plus, Rb a plus, receivers average, but with upside and special teams looking special. The Pass rush, and coverage are really really bad though and feed off each other in a negative way. I’d be scared to see what passed rating we’ve allowed to 2Nd string QB this preseason. We’d have to get a monster year from Ansah, collect Clowney, and have the young receivers and DB make huge steps forward to challenge for a Super Bowl this year. Not impossible, but quite the long shot.

    • Kenny Sloth

      It’s funny to me how our depth seems to align with our DC’s specialty.

      When we had Dan Quinn, our DL had maybe the strongest rotation in the NFL
      With Richard, our backup DBs were all signing big contracts all over the place.
      Now with Norton, we’ve got maybe the best LB corps in the league

      • Lewis

        I’d imagine our second LB group could outplay a few first string groups out there, especially given a bit more experience.

        • Kenny Sloth

          I wouldn’t go thaat far. They’d definitely give some a run for their money, but that inexperience is a huge knock against them, especially at a position that requires so much cerebrally. BBK was saying after the game how much he used Bobby to diagnose the pre-play stuff, so that is the kind of thing Im thinking about when I project him as a starter.

          You make a good point, though, and it makes me wonder about the overall lack of depth around the league. Seems like some of the best guys want to play DE if they can similar to OL

  79. Chawk Talker Eric

    I can’t watch the game live on Game Pass so while I wait for the replay to start I’ve been monitoring the Clowney trade situation. According to the Miami Herald (and also the PFN/Pauline guys), HOU want Tunsil badly, and are willing to trade a R1 pick + Clowney for him.

    MIA is asking for more than that however. They want an additional high draft pick (maybe a R2?), or there’s a possibility they would take an additional player instead of a pick; Texans LB Benardrick McKinney has been mentioned specifically. That would be Clowney + McKinney + R1 pick to MIA for Tunsil. Clowney could still decide to hold out, so I have to think MIA could void the trade if Clowney won’t sign his franchise tag.

    I’m also reading that if HOU don’t get Tunsil, they want a R1 pick for Clowney. So far though, SEA and PHI have offered only R2 picks.

    Criticism of Clowney is that he doesn’t practice hard, or strive to do the little things consistently that lead to achievement; he’s basically relied on superior athleticism so far. If ever there was a team, a coach, and maybe a locker room, that could compel him to want to play pissed off for greatness, Seattle, Pete Carroll and the Seahawks locker room could be the one. Maybe it’s the wine talking, but seems like difference between Von Miller and Jadeveon Clowney is primarily one of attitude.


    • Kenny Sloth

      Not gonna get anyone on Clowney’s level with our native 1st. I’m not concerned with a 1 year rental, either. This is a player that makes us Superbowl contenders right now imo. I love when this FO swings for the fences and if it doesn’t work out, you still give them credit for trying to make it happen. Clowney’s one of the best run defenders in the league and this DL hasn’t passed the eye test all year.

      We have maybe the best LB and OL groups in the NFL, you can’t sacrifice a year of that if you can help it.

      Granted, we haven’t seen this DL at full strength and the FO knows what they can/can’t do, so I generally trust their evaluations, not only of players, but also risk/reward of trades/high profile additions.

      They made the move for Sheldon showing they’re not afraid to take this kind of risk, but some use that as a red flag in making this kind of deal. Maybe the FO is gun-shy after that objective failure.

      We’ll see how this situation shakes out, but it sounds like Miami’s in the driver’s seat and we don’t have the players to make Houston bite on a deal if they can figure out the Tunsil situation.

      So funny when a team trades one if their best players and then has to spend the next season+ looking for a replacement. Thinkin Duane Brown, Khalil Mack trades

      • DC

        “So funny when a team trades one if their best players and then has to spend the next season+ looking for a replacement. Thinkin Duane Brown, Khalil Mack trades”

        And Frank Clark…

        • Kenny Sloth

          Hahahah you got me there! Luckily, our FO is better than most and we at least picked up someone like Ansah in short order to at least attempt to address the hole.

          Some teams seem to have no foresight when making these deals, by comparison

          • charlietheunicorn

            They turned that Frank Clark trade into multiple picks.. picked up Ansah and still have cash to burn.
            If they trade a second and some other picks/players, then it might end up being a hell of a deal after the wheelin’ and dealin’ is completed…. enter Mr Clowney.

            And as Kenny says, some teams are garbage in the GM department.

            Something to note, Seattle has been aggressive several off seasons, trading draft capitol for well known players. The longer the Dolphins thing remains on ice, the better Seattle’s chances are of bringing him in on a fair trade deal. I guess 3 or so days until we know.

            • Kenny Sloth

              I think the best thing we can hope for is Miami deciding that Tunsil is just too valuable to trade away at this stage. It’s another case of trading away an huge talent and not being able to replace them, if Tunsil is dealt.

              It was a major coup to get him in the first place, after he fell in that draft, another first that will likely be in the late 10’s isn’t likely to yield a similar talent imo.

              It’s a nice haul if they can get Clowney and a 1st, but sometimes good business does not always translate on the field. Especially in the short term

  80. charlietheunicorn

    BBK played lights out. Stand out of the game. The LB group in general played very well, except for a few busted rushes up the middle of the defense.

    RW play calling was spotty, but I liked how aggressive they were on some of his calls.

    Geno dropped some dimes… and WRs showed up, except Jennings. Was tough to see him have an injury, hopefully 10 days will get him right to back-up RW. I thought Lynch resurrected his career this preseason, he has some tools and can play, just need more refinement. He is a tough SOB. He won’t be backing up in Seattle, but Colts should take a hard look at him… their QB room is a bunch of retreads over 30..

    Every RB shined at least 1 play. Homer looked very good to my eye, especially when he carried fools for 6-7 yards the one play up the sidelines… for maybe 8 yard carry. McKissic looks like odd man out to me, just not a spot, if they keep 6 or 7 WRs as some predict.

    The Slot CB still looks a bit dicey to me. Not sure who is going to make it or if they bring someone in…. especially for depth.

    Special Teams was almost flawless. Some outstanding open field tackles and decent returns on both punts and kickoffs.

    I thought Martin played pretty well at center, even if not his natural position on the Seahawks team. Was a bit iffy on a few QB pressures on obvious pass plays, but was not an embarrassment.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Yeah, this preseason I was watching for who earned a job around the league, not just who might make our team.

      I think our staff places a ton of value on what they see in practice and film sessions while us on the outside overrate what we see in games. Other franchise’s NFL scouts will be watching the games the way we do, hoping to sign the standouts that get cut.

      I think Martin and Lynch earned jobs this preseason, but highly doubtful it’ll be with Seattle. I think we need to focus on veteran depth that can play multiple positions. We’ve been killed by injuries the last few seasons. I also wonder what the ghost roster could look like when some of these players aren’t picked up.

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