Instant reaction: Seahawks beat Vikings, win another thriller

The Seahawks ran the ball with authority in another vital win

‘What did you do during the game last night?’

‘Oh just stressed out for three or four hours like usual’

Another game, another crazy night involving the Seattle Seahawks.

This latest 37-30 win against Minnesota, like all but one of the other nine this season, was equally terrifying and glorious.

This is a team that mixes moments of pure excitement with an inability to get out of its own way. The end product is a lot of entertaining football games — if you’re a neutral.

For Seahawks fans it’s probably created a few extra grey hairs.

It’ll be worth it if they continue on their current trajectory and make this a season to remember. They’re pushing fine-margins-football to the brink though.

This game had four major swings, which is incredible.

The first half was tight until the freakish ‘volleyball’ pick-six gifted the Vikings a half-time lead. After two quarters, you couldn’t help but wonder if this was going to be a similar story to the Saints and Ravens games. The Seahawks have now conceded five touchdowns on offensive turnovers — the most in the league. They lost to New Orleans and Baltimore by conceding cheap points.

Yet the third quarter was about as well as the Seahawks have played all season. They went on a 24-0 scoring tear — running with authority, forcing turnovers and threatening to make a major statement against a quality opponent. The Vikings looked dejected and beaten. It appeared, for only the second time this season, the Seahawks might win a game with a degree of comfort.

What followed was crushing.

A blown coverage by the usually reliable Bradley McDougald for a quick-response touchdown. Another fumble from D.K. Metcalf. A pass interference penalty against Tre Flowers. Another quick Vikings score. A 13-yard loss on an unnecessary Russell Wilson sack. Minnesota suddenly had the ball, driving to win.

You’d be forgiven for fearing the worst at that stage. Kirk Cousins completed a pass to Kyle Rudolph and the charge was on. Suddenly, the defense stood tall. Four stops, a turnover on downs. A final, decisive momentum swing.

The Seahawks still had to finish things on offense and this time they executed and obliged. A fumble-turnover on special teams denied Minnesota one last shot at a miracle.

A game filled with pro’s and con’s, excitement and pain — and the satisfying conclusion of a win and now first place in the NFC West.

We’ll see how they handle being chased at the top of the division. Hunting the Niners has seemingly suited this team. Now, despite being 10-2 themselves, San Francisco finds itself in second place.

Next week will again be crucial. The 49ers go to New Orleans while the Seahawks head to LA to face the rejuvenated Rams. It’ll likely be as significant as it looks.

The big thing today was the increased effectiveness of the running game against a stout running unit. Minnesota made the Seahawks work for their yards through the air with the exception of the David Moore touchdown. On the ground, Seattle romped to 218 yards — by far the most conceded by the Vikings this season.

Both Rashaad Penny and Chris Carson excelled, as did the offensive line. The line in particular deserves high praise for the way they continue to blossom this year — both in pass-pro and the run game.

The defense continues to make big plays. Tre Flowers’ interception was superb and should’ve been the clincher. Overall the Seahawks collected three more turnovers and had the key turnover on downs too. The special teams unit was also on-point — with a great kicking game complimented by the successful fake punt.

Nothing is bolstering Seattle’s Championship credentials more than the improved defensive and special teams units.

There are some issues to discuss too, though.

Tyler Lockett still doesn’t look right and it’s perhaps no surprise Russell Wilson’s MVP campaign has faded with Lockett virtually out of the picture. The Seahawks need Lockett at something close to 100% to function at their very best.

D.K. Metcalf is an exciting talent but he’s added ball-security to his list of issues along with high-pointing and boxing-out. These are not insignificant problems to overcome.

The team ‘finished’ in the end but really it should never have been so close. Are they pushing their luck or simply battle-hardened?

Overall though, it’s another win. It was a crucial victory in the NFC playoff picture. It’s first place in the NFC West this week. It’s another 10-win season. It’s a five game winning streak. And the Seahawks are in the hunt.

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  1. KD

    I think this gif sums up the entire season so far:

  2. Denver Hawker

    Thanks again for staying up Rob, whole lotta prime time Hawks games lately.

    Locketts absence only highlights the need for another WR, Metcalf has a ways to go to be #1, Russ needs another weapon with consistent separation.

    Love the defense coming alive lately- pushing turnovers, getting home, hitting hard. They look confident as if to say they can help this team win when Russ isn’t his best.

    Still haven’t put all the pieces together and yet 10-2. Could be scary if they can get it all clicking.

    • Kingdome1976

      I agree with the WR position being addressed in the draft. I have been holding out for other positions early for the last month or so but seeing Lockett double-teamed and held in check on almost every play I do think we need another weapon. I’m still holding out for Hamler but I’m open to suggestions.

      • Thomas Wells

        I wonder how healthy he is coming off what appeared to be a serious injury in San Francisco. He appears to be nothing more than a decoy at this point. Hope he gets healthy soon

        • Chris

          Tyler was one of many suffering from the flu. I’m sure that took away some of his explosiveness.

      • Denver Hawker

        Yes, certainly not to say Dissly and Metcalf can’t improve next year, but they haven’t proven reliable yet and Hawks need to hedge against an injury because the reliable receiving threats are thin.

        • Ben

          I think that Dissly has proven to be reliable when on the field, but that’s the rub so far, isn’t it?

    • Josh Gordon

      Dude…you forgetting about me?

  3. Pran

    Well deserved hard fought win for sure.

  4. Doug

    Battle-hardened. That is the mentality of a Pete Carroll coached team right there. Every week is a championship opportunity, and tonight was a big step towards the ultimate championship game.

    I just love the process of watching this team develop week to week. As usual, the Seahawks are getting better (especially on D). The ground game is really coming together (and preventing the run has really improved in the second half of the season also).

    Really the only concerns at this point are the injuries–Lockett is not 100%, Clowney is hurting, Ansah may have reinjured his shoulder… but the DL looks in good shape regardless.

    On to LA–don’t bet against the Seahawks to win, even on a short week.

  5. Tony

    I gotta say despite the frustration and ugliness, they are battle-hardened.

    They have won pounding the ball.
    They have won by defense making plays.
    They have let there mvp-ish qb drag them to victory.

    They have constantly found ways to win. I think above all it shows the Pete has gotten a group of 53 guys to completely buy in. There is no sherm, et, bennett shenanigans. I believe this team, no matter what the score says believe they will win. Somehow. And no one cares how itll look or what the stats say.

  6. Coug1990

    Lockett is one of the players that was hit hardest with the flu. I am sure he will be fine going forward.

  7. Paul Cook

    Just got home from the Hawk’s party. What a win. First place and the #2 seed in the NFC.

    But WTF! 34-17. Blood in the water. Be killer aggressive and make no dumb mistakes and we win with BAMF!

    But noooooo….they HAVE to make it interesting. LOLOL

    Anyway…I’m buzzed and just happy we won.

    Penny looking like he’s finally woke and ready to make a real difference. Great news.

    Team of destiny.

    If we can improve, we can be a real SB contender. We must keep improving.

    Go Hawks!

    • Mark Souza

      The change in Penny has been one of the most pleasant surprises. Last year it was like he was trying to avoid all contact and make every man miss. Sometimes he got big positive plays. And often he wouldn’t make it to the line of scrimmage with all the backfield dancing. Now, he hits the hole, or the best option he has, and makes the most of it. He put his head down last night and ran for some very hard yards. Carson is a little more able to move the pile, but Penny is so much faster and talented in the open field, that if he gets a hole, it could go to the house on any play.

  8. Tony

    Also let’s show some love to Myers looking solid again. We saw an XP miss by the vikes that prob was bigger than anyone is talking about. Since that dreaded game where he missed everything, he has been money. Especially compared to the rest of the horrific kicking in the NFL.

    • Kingdome1976

      Didn’t expect Myers to be mentioned. I am getting more confidence in our kicker though.

    • Simo

      Agree he has improved, but let’s not make him out to be Justin Tucker just yet. He made three short field goals and his extra points last night, nothing more. Are you ready to trust him to make a 50+ yarder with the game on the line?

      • Kingdome1976

        Aside from Tucker I’m not really ready to ANY kicker from 50+ with the game on the line.

      • Tony

        I trust no kicker outside of tucker this year. I’m not anointing him fixed, just saying hes been hitting his field goals since that dreaded game. Credit the seahawks not panicking and him for not imploding into Walsh immediately.

    • Jamho3

      Meyer’s slowly gearing up. Not bad!

  9. neil

    There were 8 Hawk players with th4 flu this week, Lockett was one of them, maybe he just hadn’t recovered completely. I choose to look at it as a 14 point win. That pick 6 was just a total fluke.

    • Kelly

      It wasn’t a fluke just one of two inexplicable mistakes by Russ tonight. Bat the ball down or just let it fall to the ground. Don’t make it a tip drill.

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        I don’t think Russ made a mistake. It looked to me like – and Pete even said so afterward – he was trying to bat the ball down. He just got hit while he was doing it and everything went sideways.

  10. Coleslaw

    Next week screams Clowney domination game

  11. Gohawk5151

    Don’t take anything away from this win’s impact. It was huge. People in my circle complaining about we didn’t best them with Cook. Also last week without Agholar or Jeffrey. Also the Niners without Kittle and Sanders. Blah blah blah… The thing is we are physical again. We pounding these guys til they quit. Seahawks football. Taking advantage of openings. Making it harder than it needs to be, but that’s Seahawks football too. Couldn’t be prouder of these guys.

    Russ himself is a double edged sword. He elevates guys and expectations so much that it’s almost disappointing looking at his stats after. 2 tds, with a Moore drop and DK fumble. But he is throwing to the injured, rookies and castoffs. It’s a little concerning he is making some mental mistakes late in games but we aren’t close to conrending without him.

    Great game.

  12. matt

    Doubting is fine but this team is now 10-2, why the constant looking at the glass half full? They have a history of the last ten years, they have the best quarterback of the last 8 years and they have the best coach in football sans belichek. What do you guys want. Perfection? Every game Seattle throws up a screwball play that alters the course of the game, yet they overcome, again and again. I love this team

  13. Paul Cook

    This team. Remember when the over/under for wins was 10? I agreed with that, but was optimistic and chose 11-5. 11-5 is in the bag now. Now it’s do we finish 12-4, 13-3, or, dare I say, 14-2?

    Whatever. This team has already far exceeded expectations. I love it when that happens.

    What a run this has been. From the beginning till now till whenever in the PC/JS era.

    • Matt P.

      The day they got Clowney I bet $50 on the Seahawks for over 9.5 wins (at +220). I did not expect that I would win that bet with a month left to play.

    • Jamho3

      Just stop counting chickens before they’re hatched.

  14. charlietheunicorn

    Postgame, they talked about 8-9 guys getting hit hard by the flu. These included the WR room… so that might have been why the WRs seemed slightly off during the game… they were still recovering.

    10-2 is still 10-2, I thought they would be 8-4 about now…. so now they need to go 2-2 and be sitting pretty at 12-4. Rams and Panthers are winnable…. on the road. Keep grinding and they might go 8-0 on the road, which is ludicrous.

    • Paul Cook

      They’re giving me that feeling that they’re going to win every game from here on out. Unrealistic? Yes. But that’s the feeling they’re giving me. As long as they keep trying to improve, keep building upon what’s growing from within.

      Rams? We should beat them.
      Carolina? We should beat them.
      Arizona? We should beat them.
      49ers? It may not even matter by then.

      It’s just a freaky year. I have to keep going with it until proven otherwise.

      • Simo

        The way they play, they are also giving me the feeling they could lose every game from here on out. I am optimistic by how well they seem to play in tight games though, what a bonus to have a savvy QB like Russ who is always calm and under control when the game is on the line.

        Rams are still in the playoff hunt so its gonna be a tough game down there. Hawks probably will be the underdog on the road against a somewhat resurgent Rams team.

        Agree we should be Carolina and Arizona.

        Whiners have proven they are for real this year, so this might be a hell of a game in week 17, especially if the division and a top 2 seed is on the line.

        Hang on, its gonna be a wild ride!

        • Doug

          Just checked on and you are right–Rams are favoured by 1 point next week in LA.

          For the remaining three games, the Seahawks are currently favoured in all three.

          Not that seems to matter much: the Vikings were favoured last night in Seattle!

          • Rob Staton

            I thought we were favoured -3?

            • TomLPDX

              We were

              • Doug

                The “Elo point spread” is not the same as Vegas.

      • neil

        Not too confident they can go 6 and 0 in the division. Can’t remember that ever happening before. I guess we can always hope.

        • cha

          They did it their 2005 Super Bowl year.

      • Josh Gordon

        Freaky year…you got that right!

        Who would’ve thought I would be a Seahawk after getting put on injury reserve, waived and somehow offered to every team before the Hawks…and they all would pass…not like puff-puff-pass, but hard pass.

        Breathe deep man! We got +4 games left!

  15. charlietheunicorn

    Oh I forgot. You guys should give Penny some love. He has shown up in 2-3 weeks ina row now. Finally bringing some balance to the backfield…. where each RB has strengths and weaknesses, but not a huge drop off from one to the other when they are in the game.

    And, what the hell kind of INT was that by Flowers? It is amazing, even in slow motion.

    • Kelly

      I was shocked the Vikings didn’t challenge for PI on that to be honest.

      • GerryG

        Turnover, was reviewed automatically

        • Kelly

          Yes the turnover was reviewed. But they don’t review for PI in that situation.

          • Brashmouse

            The sunday morning game had a similar call that did review the interception and then added the PI without a challenge flag

  16. neil

    Did notice RW coughing on the sideline, hope he is not going to be sick this week. I sure hope the Hawks can win the division because it looks like the Packers now have a clear path to win the north. If the Saints fall to the 49ers and the Hawks don.t win the division, a trip to Lambeau in January may be in their future. And we all know how those trips usually end.

    • Rob Staton

      I noted in the podcast last week he was coughing during the Eagles game. I suspect he’s one of the guys who had this flu they’ve just kept that quiet for whatever reason.

      • neil

        Kind of curious wouldn’t you say. So many players with the flu at the same time. One would think flu shots would be mandatory in such a communal environment, or would that be something else PC would not want to force on the players.

        • Rob Staton

          Depends if there’s actually a vaccination for this.

          • neil

            I am old. For the last 15 years I have gotten a flu shot every October. I spend over 2 hours a day six days a week in a closed environment with about 30 people. Haven’t had the flu in 15 years. Oh crap, I hope this doesn’t put the jinx on me.

        • Group Captain Mandrake

          Even if you get a flu shot, if it is fro the wrong strain, you will still get the flu. The difference is that you recover a lot quicker which could explain how these guys were even out there.

  17. GerryG

    Wow, what a crazy game. Vikes showed how tough and good they are as they capitalized on two mistakes when they seemed down and out.

    Wasn’t a big fan of the play calling at times. They were demoralizing them with the run, and seemed to return to the pass, and slow developing plays too often. Russ forced some balls into doubles and well covered guys. Vikes played the pass game really well, but couldn’t stop the run.

    Another strong showing from Rasheem Green. Multiple splash plays against the run, the fumble. We will need him as I’m wondering if Ziggy (who flashed a couple times again tonight) looked like he may have blown up his shoulder again?

    Have to take care of business next week!

  18. Greg Haugsven

    Great win but these big mistakes will eventually cost us. Seems to be more of them at home versus the road. WE have give other teams 5 TD’s at home and essentially 2 on the road (49ers game and the 3 yard drive in Pittsburgh). RW has to knock that ball down, I see he was hit by his lineman but he was still batting sideways and not down like he should have. Sometimes it feels like they give the other team chances on purpose just to make it close.

    • Paul Cook

      That INT for a TD was just a freak play. Right after it happened I wrote it off. Every once in awhile some bizarre thing happens like that.

      But the thing is…the Hawks saw it like I did. Just a freaky play. Write it off, and move on. And they did just that.

      There was nothing wrong about that play. It just happened.

      • SoCal12

        If a Seahawk had been the one to grab the ball we would be calling it one of the greatest plays of all time lol.

        • Paul Cook

          Yeah. There was nothing really wrong about that play. Some guy got his finger on the ball, deflected it back towards RW, and he did what logically he should do, he tried to bat it down. Instead, he batted it off the edge of his hand right into a defender’s hands for an easy TD.

          Come on. It was just a crazy play. Things like that happen in life. Like you said, it could have landed in a Hawk’s hands and he could have run far down field and we would be talking about how good of a play it was for us. LOL

          The important thing was HOW they responded to it. Magnificently.

        • Frank

          I saw the best quote on that, something to the order of “ people that said Russel Wilson was too short had to wait 8 years for a play to vindicate that belief 😂.

          • Paul Cook


            I will always contest that “the play” that cost us a 2nd SB was the play that shouldn’t have been called because of his height. if you’re not going to hand the ball off to Lynch there, then PLEASE don’t have our 5 foot 10 and 5/8th QB throw a pass over huge DLmen to a receiver just beyond the goal line.

            Anyway…that one still stings.

  19. Frank

    I’ve been a little concerned all year about Wilson peaking too early in the season, instead of his annual MR December routine. If he’s going to have a game or two that he just looks like a really good QB, instead of the best guy to ever do it, I’d rather see those now than in the playoffs. Penny’s burst and vision are amazing, we finally have our 1-2 punch at RB!! Before the beginning of the season Rob wrote about how all the top teams in the NFC are flawed or at least incomplete rosters, and with the defense finally rounding into shape, we might actually be one of the least incomplete teams in the NFL.
    Brady looks like a corpse of himself out there, and I don’t care how many people want to blame his receivers he consistently recognized the open receiver a minute late and doesn’t have the zip in his arm to make up for it, and just plain missed open receivers on other plays.
    I don’t see anyone in the AFC being able to stop the Ravens march to the super bowl, I’m sure Belichick has a plan for how to neutralize Jackson but without Brady being Brady or two weeks to prepare I don’t think it will be enough.
    Onto the Rams, and don’t want to get too far ahead but the Hawks are definitely looking like serious Super Bowl contenders again.

    • Mark Souza

      Maybe instead of peaking too early, maybe he’s playing at a new level.

  20. cha

    The crowd was really into the game tonight. Moreso than any other game this year, including the TNF thriller against the Rams. Volume goes up to 12.

    • Robert Las Vegas

      How good was the special teams the fake punt up by 4 points in you own territory was gutsy it was tremendous . Is Jarron brown did he play tonight just wondering. Correct me if I am wrong Jarmarko Jones played some downs on the offense line didn’t he .

      • charlietheunicorn

        I think Jones came in for Iupati when he was down with an injury. I’m not sure of how many snaps. I could have sworn he played on the rush up the left side, that Penny scored, from around the 2 yard line.

  21. SoCal12

    I think something’s really clicked with Penny these past couple of weeks. He looks so much more decisive and quick with his burst. I think that long touchdown last week really boosted his confidence. He’s been all smiles after that run, whereas before he usually looks a bit nervous and unsure. I’m happy that he’s weathered all the criticism and growing.

    • Volume12

      Not sure how much faith we can put into what ‘Booger’ says, but he mentioned on commentary that Penny is more serious this year. It would explain why at times he seemed to be in Pete’s doghouse.

      Or maybe it’s because he stopped eating his big macs. 🤷‍♂️

      • charlietheunicorn

        Or they have been trying to get him in space. He has been more involved in the screen game or swing passes than I recall. And he has actually had some nice sized holes to run though between the guards. Maybe it is the OL really hitting their groove 😉

      • mishima

        Some of Penny’s comments blew my mind. Maybe he’s finally becoming a professional.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Penny said himself “didnt take it seriously”. Which I mean yeah obviously

        • Greg Haugsven

          Having a 1-2 punch like that will serve us great going forward. I even liked how he finished a lot of his runs last night. I think he is getting more and more confident dishing out the punishment rather than receiving it like I have seen in his past carries.

          • Greg Haugsven

            Replying to the Booger comment, for some reason when he says “in our league” (which he says about 5 times a game) it just bothers me. Maybe its just me…lol

      • Jamho3

        Boomer seemed to be paraphrasing what Penny had said in one of his interviews last week. Not that he wasn’t carrying about his weight just that he wasn’t being as professional as he can be. To me this statement didn’t nearly bother me as much as when Golden Tate said something similar after his 3rd season re: what he was told after his second season.

        It was basically 23 year old needs to more cognizant of his habits for maximum performance. Don’t we all?

  22. EranUngar

    Well, 10-2, a 1-2 punch at RB totaling over 200 yards against a tough run defense, defense playing very physical and getting multiple turnovers, special teams perfect in kicking and getting the ball.

    PC must be in heaven.

    As for the rest, its nice to see this team progress as the season continues. They started with “fatal flows”, progressed to “serious concerns” and now they only have some “issues”. Winning will do that to a team.

    Funny, I was very bullish on them from before the season predicting 11-5 or 12-4 if they win 3 of the first 4. Seems like I have been just as wrong as most in underestimating them.

    Ansah and Green did very well again. This DL is evolving in the right direction with enough depth to keep them fresh.

    DK – dropsies by a rookie are an issue that could be repaired. So is fumbelitis. As for high pointing the ball, I went back to look at it again and I do not see DK reaching to a high ball and missing it. What I see are passes that reach his face or below. The balls look like a back shoulder attempt or trying to drop the ball in the bread basket. RW has never been a great high ball passer (Graham…) and going for a 50/50 high ball has never been a part of PC’s game plan. I honestly see a very very promising rookie that should become a huge force in his 2nd year.

    LIFE IS GOOD and a win next week should propel them right into the fight for the 1st seed in the NFC.

    • mishima

      I’d rather look at point differential (+36) and strength of schedule than record (10-2) when evaluating a team and/or determining whether someone’s evaluation was ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ (whatever that’s worth).

      The Seahawks are average/good, not elite. By performance, they could just as easily be 6-6 as 10-2. When they stomp a good team, I’ll change my mind.

      I do agree that they are improving, esp. the defense; from average at beginning of season to good, now. If they stay healthy and Diggs, Ansah, Green continue to contribute, they could go on a nice playoff run.

      • EranUngar

        I really don’t know what to say….

        I can understand why some fans have their own ways to evaluate team performance and why those may be more comprehensive when trying to see where your team is heading but with just 4 weeks left in the season, NOTHING is more telling than your team’s record. Nothing even comes close…

        Point differential is not even a factor in tie brakers…WINNING IS EVERYTHING…

  23. DC

    Any nominations for the next Husky Offensive Coordinator?

    It’s a chance to do something cool. I hope Jimmy makes a good pick.

    • Aaron

      If I were Jimmy Lake I’d spare no expense to bring in a talented offensive staff. He’ll be a first time coach and deserves a good coaching team around him to help him out. He might want to stay the defensive play caller since that’s his specialty. I’m excited but apprehensive for the future of UW football.

    • Rob Staton

      Have they dumped the current OC?

      • Kenny Sloth

        Promoted yeah?

      • Shaumye Adhikari

        No they have not dumped yet, they will not make decisions on coaching changes until after the bowl season. But I expect they will dump him..

    • Georgia Hawk

      As a the token Coug in the room, I hope its an absolute trash pick 😛

      • mishima

        Like picking someone from an Air Raid offense?

        • Georgia Hawk

          Bah, aside from the Oh-fer against UW, Leach has been the best thing to happen to Wazzu since before Price left Eastern Washington snow-bunny strippers for the gap- tooth Alabama variety.

          • mishima

            Like saying carrot cake is the best thing to happen to Golden Corral.


    • Eli

      Sean Gleeson, OC at Oklahoma State. Super creative guy, have enjoyed watching his offenses.

      • DC

        You think he’d leave OSU for another OC job? UW has a higher profile but OSU hasn’t been short of cash in recent-ish memory.

        • MarkinSeattle

          T Boone Pickens passed away. They might have some other oil tycoons lying around wanting to donate large quantities of money, but the price of oil has been down quite a bit, so likely not as flush as they used to be.

        • Eli

          Eh no idea, don’t know anything about him other than I like him and he’s a rising name. I think he’d probably be intrigued by the possibility of coming to coach Eason (potentially), Jake Sirmon, Dylan Morris, and the Huard kid in a couple years.

    • Dale Roberts

      I’ve been worried about Hamden mostly because of the discord in the QB room. He may be a good player caller (or not) but he’s also responsible for making sure guys like Sirm and Lowe feel good about being a member of this team. So far it doesn’t feel like is a brotherhood.

      Some names to consider:fiu
      Charlie Weis Jr – Currently the 25 yr old OC for Lane Kiffin at FIU
      Kirby Moore – Kellen’s brother is a wide receivers at Fresno and was a GA on Washington’s playoff team.
      Jay Harbaugh – Jim’s son with plenty of success on his own.
      Kenny Dillingham – 28 yr old OC at Memphis
      Kodi Burns – Co-offensive coorinator Auburn
      Mike Yurcich – QB coach Ohio State
      Kevin Johns – OC University of Memphis
      Graham Harrell – OC USC but if Helton is fired Harrell could be available
      Mike Norvell – Head coach @ Universtity of Memphis
      Phillip Montgomery – Head coach Tulsa
      Seth Litrell – Head coach North Texas
      Jake Spavital – Head coach Texas State
      Jeff Lebby – OC @ UCF
      Mike Bobo – Head coach Colorado State but could be on his way out

      • Eli

        Nice list. Don’t think we’re pulling anyone like Mike Norvell or Seth Litrell. Was definitely thinking someone along the lines of Kirby Moore as highly realistic, though I’d like to see him as more of a co-offensive coordinator with someone who has some play calling experience.

  24. Brazilian Hawk

    1. Carson and Penny were our offensive highlights.

    2. Ansah, Reed, and Green once again made splash plays all over the game. We need this to continue.

    3. It’s fun to see Metcalf trucking DBs, but I would rather have him taking those knees after getting first down than trying to run over a swarm of tackling defenders. It’s the second time he tries to do too much, we’re getting away too many times with those mistakes in the clutch.

    4. This is the best Seahawks OL performance all season. Duane Brown and Iupati were two beasts. This reminded me of that game against the Lions in 2016 Wild Card.

    • Simo

      Lots of guys stepped up last night for sure, but I think the offensive line all deserve game balls for their efforts. 200+ yards rushing against a team that doesn’t give much up!! Very good protection for Russ against a talented defensive line and pass rushers!! Best blocking performance all season!

  25. TomLPDX

    What was really nice to see last night is that there was only one penalty (On Tre because a savvy vet forced it on a short throw) and our OL was playing really well. The refs could have called a few more but I was glad they just let the players play. Duane Brown is a beast…and they didn’t mention Ifedi’s name one time! 🙂

    • Simo

      Agree, the officials didn’t ruin this game with ticky tack calls like we see so often now! Fans want to see the players decide games like they played last night.

      • Sea Mode

        +1 million

        And it was evenly called both ways. It would have been absurd to call the Metcalf fumble an incomplete pass, IMO.

        • mishima

          Agree, but the new NFL is absurd. What once was common sense has become confusing, abstract, up for interpretation. You just never know which way a call will go.

        • Georgia Hawk

          *Dez Bryant entered the chat*

          • mishima

            First thing that came to my mind, last night.

            Seriously, when your core audience doesn’t know what a catch or sack is, the rules are a mess.

    • Sea Mode

      Ok, maybe the refs went too far though letting this one go. I hadn’t seen it on broadcast.

      • Simo

        Yep, they missed that hands to the face call, but if DB just keeps playing he probably holds his block long enough for Russ to escape! Gotta play through sometimes during the course of a game, and then say something after the play is over!

        Still much prefer games with 3-5 penalties per side vs 12-15!!

  26. bv eburg

    Thought all along the defense would progress as the season went on. With how the Dline was riddled with issues to start the season and Pete’s tendency to improved play as the season goes along it just seemed natural.
    It’s been the offense that has been disconcerting. Last night they were really putting it together (except for freak pick 6). Punishing line play with punishing backs. 27 points and big lead by the 3rd quarter makes the other offense 1 dimensional for our defense.
    To me the unsung hero in this is Joey Hunt. As Wyman says, he just gets in people way. The Oline now for a good 3 weeks is starting to look punishing and really passing the eye test.

  27. Sea Mode

    Not-so-instant-reaction: LET’S GOOOOO! Top of NFCW, baby!

    Wouldn’t surprise anyone at this point if Week 17 turns out to be a “winner takes all” (and I mean all: division, #1 seed, bye) matchup. The first-round bye will be an even bigger deal with the NFC having so many good teams this year. Here’s to hoping the 49ers drop another one this week vs. the Saints, too…

    Zero offensive penalties. Wow. Have we ever said that before…? Even PC said something like: “I don’t know what got into us.”

    The big message I take away from this one is: if we can smash the ball down the throat of the Vikings’ top run-D, we can do it to anyone if we stick with it. And as long as we don’t shoot ourselves in the foot (too badly…), we have a really good chance in any game.

    Here’s a cool piece on Clowney enjoying the ride. We should too.

    • Paul Cook

      Ditto on last night’s running game. Caught me a bit by surprise that we ran it so well last night against their front seven. I thought the passing game was going to have to come up big for a win last night. That jumbo OL set paid off in some key moments too.

      It sure seems like we’ve got a real one-two punch now with Carson and Penny. It may have been a little too long in coming, but thankful that it seems to be a reality now.

    • cha

      “Duane Brown looking for some Viking meat!”

      • Sea Mode

        Metcalf more excited to get the block than to catch TD’s lol

        “Look at Fluker getting excited, catching air…!”

        I actually noticed that on broadcast.

      • mishima

        Anthony Harris (#41) is feeling it, today.

  28. Uncle Bob

    Lots of nice acknowledgment for performances both good and not so. I’d like to give a special nod for a guy who has apparently gone unnoticed here. In pre-game commentary it was supposed that L. Joseph was going to be a stout challenge for the “under sized” Joey Hunt. For a back up center, who’s undersized for his position, who doesn’t get much respect, he be doin’ good out there. Joseph and Co. didn’t get many shout outs. Running lanes were formed between Hunt and either guard often enough. The whole line did better than expected against a seriously good D front, and the “little” guy surprised the most.

    • GerryG

      Well, L Joseph did not play, so there is that.

      But, yes, Hunt has performed well. He is a backup with limitations, but I bet you’d be hard pressed to find a better backup C in the NFL.

      • TomLPDX

        Joey makes up for his undersized stature with his oversized smarts and knows how to use leverage when given the opportunity.

    • Uncle Bob

      Just re-watched the game and #98 on your Viking program was in a normal rotation the entire game, so not sure what gave the impression he was out. But glad others have an appreciation for the underdog replacement.

  29. Greg Haugsven

    Seahawks up to number 3 now in total offense and rushing yards in the NFL.

    • Sea Mode


      Seahawks PR

      @Seahawks are one of two teams (Dallas) in the NFL to rank in the top-10 in the three main offensive categories… total offense (3rd, 390.3 ypg), rushing (3rd, 143.7) and passing (10th, 246.6). #GoHawks

  30. Sea Mode

    Ahahaha, and we now have officially the best screw up of DK’s name so far: “DeCalf”.

    unfortunately, it might actually kind of fit him at times this season… 🙄)

    • cha

      How about the ref accidentally calling the Hawks “Cincinnati” ? The crowd got a kick out of that one.

      • Sea Mode

        Whoops! I missed that one. Probably distracted/frustrated by the uber-annoying commentating crew… 😷

        • cha

          It might not have made the broadcast. Funny moment for the crowd though.

  31. Erik

    Besides a win against the Rams, who is everyone rooting for? The saints, so we gain some breathing room for first place in the NFC or the 49ers so we move into 1st seed in the NFC?

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      If SF beat NO, and SEA win at LAR, we control our fate for the top seed in the NFC.

    • Ashish

      No one is talking but a tie will be best result 🙂 We get both 1st seed and little wiggle room in division.

    • Sea Mode

      Definitely rather see the 49ers lose and give us a little breathing room in NFCW. Would rather shoot for #2 seed and the bye than root for #1 and risk ending up a wild card.

      Remaining schedule for top NFC teams:

      NO (10-2): SF, IND, @TEN, @CAR
      SEA (10-2): @LAR, @CAR, ARI, SF
      SF (10-2): @NO, ATL, LAR, @SEA
      GB (9-3): WAS, CHI, @MIN, @DET
      MIN (8-4): DET, @LAC, GB, CHI

      So, the Saints have a fairly easy slate to finish after SF, so might as well root for them to run the table at this point anyways IMO and do damage to SF.

      If the Saints secure the #1 seed, then because the NFC East winner is pretty much locked into the #4 seed, it seems likely that either we or SF will travel to DAL/PHI for the wild card round.

      Assuming either NFCW team would beat either NFCE team, then in the second round we would be destined for another NFCW showdown, just 2 weeks after having played each other in Week 17! I would rather be the better-rested, home team on that occasion if it comes to that.

      (Of course, after saying all that, let’s just go eat our Lamb Chops this week. It’s still early…)

      • Mark Souza

        Scenarios, if NO beats SF and SEA wins the next 3 setting up a showdown at Century Link in week 17, we still have to beat SF or we’ll have the same record and would have nullified the head to head tiebreaker. In fact SEA would be in a flat footed tie with SF on the first 4 tiebreakers, and I don’t know how we fare on the remaining tiebreakers. It could come down to point differentials, in which case we lose.

        If SF beats or ties NO, we’re in the same boat. We need to beat SF here to prevent becoming the wild card. But the advantage of SF beating or tying NO is if we win out and beat SF at Century Link (which we have to do in either scenario), we have the #1 seed through the playoffs and all playoff games are home games.

  32. CHawk Talker Eric

    “And in impacting an impressive Monday Night Football victory for the Seahawks (10-2) for the second time in three weeks, [Jadeveon Clowney] the 26-year-old edge rusher continued to affirm his status as a key part of one of the swiftest and most stunning rebuilding efforts in NFL history.

    Despite parting ways with some of the decade’s most accomplished players in recent years — including safeties Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor, cornerback Richard Sherman, defensive lineman Michael Bennett and running back Marshawn Lynch — Seattle remains an elite ensemble with genuine championship aspirations.

    [Clowney] ‘I’ve never been so confident. I feel like we’re going somewhere. This is a special group. We’ve got good players at every position, and our quarterback is amazing. Sometimes, even during games, I have to remind myself what we have here. I’m like, ‘Damn, are we that f—— good?’’

    • Sea Mode

      ‘Damn, are we that f—— good?’

      Literally every Seahawks fan this season…

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Didn’t realize you posted the same article Sea Mode 🤷🏻‍♂️

        • Sea Mode

          Great minds…

          (or distracted readers… 😜)

      • Brazilian Hawk


        Unfortunately, the answer is no to that question, in the sense that the Seahawks have not been the same type of well-oiled machine that the Pats, Ravens, 49ers, and Saints have.

        Early in the season, we got away with poor defensive play (now, massively improved), now we are still getting away with concentration mistakes, but we still have the right talent level on the roster to be 10-2, and we should be confident we can improve until the playoffs.

    • Matt

      Pay the man!

  33. neil

    I was a naysayer here. After the first two games and looking at the schedule I thought those predicting a possible 12/4 or 11/5 season were fantasizing. I said they would be lucky to squeeze out a 9/7 year. Happy to say I was wrong. What do I know ? apparently not much.

  34. Matt

    Friendly reminder – DK Metcalf is over 2 years younger than Terry McLaurin and is a major contributor as a 21 year old on one of the best teams in football. Expecting him to be a complete WR is a bit much at this point.

    He clearly has things he needs to work on, but I think far too many folks are losing sight of how young and good he really is. Our 24 year old 1st rounder is consistently a healthy scratch…just want folks to have a little perspective here.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Expecting him to ever be a complete receiver is a bit much. He has a lot a lot to work on.

      Best things he has going for him are his mentality and having Russ at QB and neither seem to be at risk, so I’m happy with whatever he amounts to.

      The sophomore slump could be brutal af tho

    • Volume12

      Are we not acting like he hasn’t been WR1 from the ’19 class?

      Just as good as a route runner as McLaurin too.

      • Sea Mode

        Just as good as a route runner as McLaurin too.

        *Cringe* According to Booger yesterday, or what? He was complimenting his route running when he literally ran straight, shook, and then cut inside on his usual slant.

        Either way, I would honestly rather see him (hold on to the ball) learn to box out and high point over trying to expand his route tree. Curl, slant, and go will be more than plenty if he can actually play up to his size.

        • Volume12

          According to his tape.

    • Volume12

      Only played 21 games in 3 years at Ole Miss too

    • Simo

      DK seems like a hard worker, a player who will try hard to improve on areas of his game. Yes, he has much to improve on, but he appears more than willing to do so. With his work ethic, size, athleticism, and elite speed, he should be able to make big strides in the coming years!

    • Matt

      My comment wasn’t directed at anybody in particular here. I’ve just read a bunch of “DK isn’t good” through Seahawks Twitterverse.

      DK clearly has changes that need to be made…and with that in mind – he’s flirting with a 1000 yard season as a rookie who has made some major plays.

      • Rob Staton

        Metcalf will clearly improve with time. He’s too talented and committed not to. He will get better.

        I think it’s fair to note the seriousness of some of his current issues though. As others have said on here, he’s basically a 5-10 speed receiver in a big body. So he does a lot of the things smaller receivers do well but he isn’t, seemingly, naturally very good at some of the things you’d expect a guy with his size to be good at (boxing out, high-pointing). And now he’s had a run of ball-security problems. These are not insignificant problems to fix. They’re not easy to solve. Doesn’t mean he can’t fix them but it won’t be easy.

        • Matt

          100% fair take and don’t disagree with any of that. Just wanted to provide some perspective on how good he has been considering age and draft position. Go Hawks

  35. RWIII

    I have many observations from the victory of the Vikings. I don’t have time to post all of them. But one thing that comes to mind is the running attack. Seattle has just got done playing four teams with very good run defenses. Tampa Bay, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Minnesota. The rushing attack against those four teams was successful. Seattle did quit well running the football against those four rushing defenses. The running game is the staple of the Seahawk offense. I just LOVE watching the running attack gouge opposing defenses. This makes life easier for Russell Wilson. Especially his play action passing game.

  36. Sea Mode

    This is actually a pretty interesting thread as a topic for discussion:

  37. AlaskaHawk

    As a long time fan I love the improvement that Seahawks have shown. It’s nice to see the team developing a running attack – which we all know fits into Pete Carroll’s coaching philosophy. I’m actually relieved they aren’t as dependent on Russell’s arm and the receivers as they were mid-season. The Seahawks defense seemed to have turned a corner also. Perhaps it was the addition of Clowney and Diggs, though I always liked the defensive line they had. They are just playing better as a unit now.

    The moral of this story is: you can’t tell at the beginning of the season what will develop during the season. You can shout at the TV, and hope and pray for better. Ultimately we have to rely on the coaches to prepare the team, players to perform, and the health of those players over the whole season.

    Rob – Thanks for putting up your informative posts. Go Hawks!

  38. Pran

    DK need to improve his feel for where defenders are and take what is given to protect the ball. If he has space he can go for YAC or in a crunch situation. Tyler is very good at that decision making.

    • Greg Haugsven

      He never even saw the guy who knocked the ball out.

    • DougM

      I noticed in two fumbles, the one against Baltimore for the return for the touchdown and against Minnesota, his first reaction was to change hands with with arms extended from the body instead of first securing the ball to his body.

  39. Sea Mode

    Bob Condotta

    Pete Carroll on his ESPN 710 Seattle radio show on the big Quandre Diggs hit: “That was my favorite play of the night by far.”

    Ours too, Pete. Ours too!

    Some other random dude on Twitter really liked it too…

    Honestly, was kind of surprised the players/sideline didn’t really seem to react to it as much as I thought they would, or maybe they did and it just wasn’t captured well on the broadcast. Hopefully the upcoming Mic’d up segments will tell us.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Diggs plays like the lovechild of BamBam Kam and ET3

  40. Sea Mode


    If this isn’t Photoshop, this guy is a legend!!

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Man, I love 12s

    • cha

      That’s awesome. I spotted a couple other really creatives last night in the crowd:

      * a “Seahawks Joker” – guy in Joaquin Phoenix Joker makeup, the cheap 70’s suit and everything but all blue and green and Seahawks themed. Rose to the level of cosplay.

      * a “Seahawks Viking” – a huge guy with a Viking helmet on but with a green Seahawks band around the helmet. Clothes were all seahawks too. Not sure if he was trolling Vikings fans or what but it was insane.

      * two Vikings fans in purple tuxedos and top hats. Gold dress shoes. Think Harry & Lloyd’s tuxes from Dumb & Dumber.

      * a blue Seahawks jersey with #45 and IMPEACH on the nameplate.

      • Kenny Sloth

        The magic of Baby Yoda 3

  41. charlietheunicorn

    Pete Carroll on Ziggy Ansah, who left Monday night’s game with a stinger: “Ziggy’s shoulder is a problem … but he bounced back from that and he did recover from the stinger. So we’ll see, but he’s been nursing the shoulder all along for the last year and we’ll have to see how it goes moving forward.” ~ B. Henderson

    : /

    • Trevor

      Too bad because he was starting to play better. Almost wish they would hold him out either way the next couple of games to try and get healthier and stronger to see if he can be a situational rusher for the playoffs. Sounds like he could be done though.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Just give me some more Rasheen Green

      • charlietheunicorn

        An opportunity for Collier to add to the DL rotation. It sounds like he has been managing the injury all season. Perhaps he can come back next year on a modest deal, once he gets right. It is a shame since he appeared to be turning the corner this season.

    • Del tre

      I would be happy holding Ziggy out 2-3 weeks and letting Green and Shaquem get at it. I think for all the discussion about our edge rushers Jarran Reed is really the key to our defense.
      Holding Ziggy out might be a benefit if Green keeps developing into a solid defensive end

      • Jamho3

        Well said, Del tre. Reed is underated.

  42. CHawk Talker Eric

    In a stunning move, the Panthers have fired head coach Ron Rivera.— Pro Football Network (@PFN365) December 3, 2019

    • cha

      Wow. Can anyone shed some insight on what happened in Carolina beyond losing Cam for an extended period?

      I’m guessing having new ownership was a factor.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        NFL Twitter is speculating that CAR owner David Tepper is a big analytics guy (being a hedge funder and all) and Rivera just wasn’t willing or able to run a football team that way.

        • Greg MI Haugsven

          This hurts for our Carolina game in two weeks. Teams generally play better for there new temporary coach. I would just rather Rivera be there.

          • Paul Cook

            I think we’re way beyond being scared of Carolina now. Just stop their run game, win the TO battle, and don’t screw up. And we win.

            • icb12

              I think this applies to ALL football games.

              • Paul Cook

                Especially when you’re the better team.

    • JimQ

      I have to wonder at the timing here, maybe UW coach Petersons’ resignation and now this firing of Rivera a day later are related? The Panthers move surely means they want to be at the head of the line for a college coach to replace Rivera. Who are the most analytic of the current college coaches that may be available?

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        I doubt Peterson is even interested in that job. He is taking on some kind of advisory role in the UW athletic department. I’d be surprised if he was even interested in coaching for a bit as he stated he was pretty burned out. He could still have a change of heart, but it seems very counter to who he is as a person.

  43. Trevor

    I know one thing for sure the starters on that Vikings defense are very very very sore this morning. That was a long time on the field against a big nasty OL.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Church ⛪

      • Greg Haugsven

        40 out of 60. Thats some serious TOP

  44. Trevor

    Rams are brutal against the run. I really hope the Hawks go to LA on Sunday night and just run the ball down their throats all night. Nothing would bring me more joy than to see the Hawks eliminate them from the playoffs as a little pay back for two years again when they gave us one of the few beat downs the Hawks have taken in the Pete Carrol era. That spelled the end of the LOB. Also amazing how quickly PC/ JS and the organization recovered and rebuilt from that point.

    • Greg MI Haugsven

      Last year we went hog wild on them in both games.

  45. Jake

    Guys I’m a big fan of Javon kinlaw!! Dude would go crazy on our D LINE.

    • Paul Cook

      He’s one of Rob’s 4 elite DLmen prospects in the draft.

  46. RWIII

    Observation on Russell Wilson. Get get me wrong. I think Russell Wilson is playing great. But the last couple of weeks Russell Wilson has not played as well as he had the first 10 weeks. One reason is because they have played teams like San Francisco, Philadelphia and Minnesota. But I think another reason is because of Tyler Lockette. Tyler as had health issues the last couple of weeks and I think Lockette’s health issues has hurt Wilson’s numbers. Don’t get me wrong. I think Wilson is fantastic his play is still solid but it has not been as good as the first 9-10 games of the season. It’s too bad that Wil Dissly is out for the season. The Wilson to Dissly connection were on the same page.

  47. charlietheunicorn

    Let’s talk about the real story of the game..

    Action Green Tops and Blue Pants


    • Sea Mode

      Yuck. I don’t know why the NFL (the Seahawks?) did that to us. It’s not like going all action green would have clashed with Vikings unis or anything. Oh well, get the dub and get out of there…

      • TomLPDX

        I believe that is a coaches decision, not the NFL (except for that stupid color rush time a few years back on TNF). Pete chose it and I think I read that the players helped in the process. Bobby wants black unis…that would be cool!!!

        • charlietheunicorn

          Let’s not revisit the mid 1990 Atlanta Falcons jerseys (or almost every MLB team)… hated them.
          Then every other team in the NFL tried to model them after the Falcons “look”.
          At least the Action Green and Blue is a more modern look.

          • jopa726

            Action Green Top and Blue Pants effect the optic nerves of opposition. Scorching their retinas allowing our wide receivers and running backs an extra .54 seconds reaction time on the defense. This is just common sports science. Lol

  48. line_hawk

    Some stress reliever for Hawks fans for this coming weekend.. it helps us better if we lose this weekend to the Rams.

    Whether we win or lose to the Rams, winning NFC West comes down to Week 17 (assuming they beat Cardinals & Panthers).

    However, if we lose to Rams-
    1. Rams are still in contention, probably rejuvenated to take on the 49ers in week 16.
    2. 49ers go back to 1st seed and thus makes us the underdogs again which we cherish.
    3. We come with full force in potential letdowns games against Panthers and Cardinals.
    4. They always lose 1 game in December, it better be this game than week 17.

    I know players don’t think about all these scenarios but losing next week is probably not a big deal.

    • Paul Cook

      How about we just win every game?

      • line_hawk

        If this is what you got from the comment, you are missing the point.

        Even though you want them to win every game, the odds are they will drop a game before the playoffs. Dropping the Rams game makes no difference IMO.

        The Rams are going to be hungry with their season on the line. They want revenge for the October game. They always have our number. And they match up extremely well against us (good pass rush is their kryptonite which we do not consistently produce unfortunately). This is going to be an extremely difficult game. But, in the grand scheme of things, this is meaningless as long as they take care of Panthers and Cardinals.

        • Paul Cook

          I didn’t mean to sound dismissive. My only point was that, outside of the #1 seed in the NFC, our destiny is in our own hands.

          • line_hawk

            No worries.

  49. Sean

    I don’t agree with this. I don’t think it makes sense to just assume we will beat the Cardinals and the Panthers. It is the NFL, can’t take these games for granted. Plus the inconsistencies that the Seahawks have shown against bad teams in the past makes it even more likely they might lose one of those two. Not to mention how important it is for playoff seeding to win every game..Could be the difference between us playing in Dallas versus the very tough Green Bay environment.

    • Kingdome1976

      Even though we are leading the division at the moment and have a great record I would repeat what Rob has said many times this year……Just sit back and enjoy each and every game.

      It truly is a remarkable thing to see Russ do his thing in his prime every week. We are blessed indeed. The rest of the fans from other teams should be grateful too, because it seems like every time we play on prime-time it’s truly exciting.

      • TomLPDX

        We really are blessed to have such a great team to root for. Russ is amazing and just keeps showing up and getting the best out of the players around him on both sides of the ball. Our D is only getting better and they believe in each other more than ever.

        I could do with an outright ass-kickin’ game against a quality opponent though…when is the last time we put an opponent away early and just cruised to an easy win?

  50. Kingdome1976

    Penny. Finally we are starting to see a one-two punch starting to emerge. I’m getting a bit excited about what we might do with him for the rest of the year. I was kind of surprised he didn’t get traded at the deadline but I see now that PC/JS thinks he is becoming what they were hoping when they drafting him.

    Metcalf. Basically a third round pick. I know he has his issues but I think most of us would agree he was worth the pick so far. His potential is off the roof AND the opposing defense has to respect his speed/size on every snap. Totally worth it for me so far. Plus he is just a rookie.

    • TomLPDX

      I ask everyone to please not start picking on DK. How old is he? 21! Do you remember when you were 21, I do. I was not fully grown and still getting used to the body I was given (6’3″ and 175#) and played competitive tennis. As I got older and my body changed I had to adjust. DK has shown that he is willing to put in the work to be the best that he can be and for that I am truly excited about his future! Plus his birthday is one day before mine! Dec 14th! He’ll be celebrating being 22 when we play the Panthers.

    • Starhawk29

      Never been on board with Penny bashing. I can get the idea of trading him, but as a RB 1b in this offense I’ve always thought he’s more valuable. It will still take some time, I don’t think he’s completely turned the corner yet, but I think Carroll sees him as his Bush to Carson’s Lendale White.

      No reason to bash DK yet. He’s young, barely played in college, and has a lot left to learn. Receivers are notorious for their slow development (Lockett took three years or so to show up), and DK is already putting up gaudy numbers. Ball security is something he needs to learn, he never even tried to tuck it on the vikings fumble, and the drops are concerning. Yet he’s our number 2 receiver on a run heavy team…I can live with it.

  51. Frank

    I wasn’t much of a DK fan at draft time, but for a third round WR you absolutely cannot considering him a disappointment. I’ve never thought he was the next Julio Jones, but if he can manage to become the next Golden Tate, that would be a huge win for the Hawks. Most Rookies hit a wall and their performance suffers about this time of year. They finish their college season, then go crazy getting ready for a combine, then almost immediately are in rookie camps. It’s pretty much like being in season for a year plus straight.

    • DC

      I already like DK more than I ever liked Tate.

      • Mark Souza

        And Tate didn’t really get going until his 3rd year. DK is much further along.

  52. Kevin

    Never understood all the Penny hate. Just a lotta haters hating on their own team. I think Penny has a much higher ceiling than Carson.

    • Rokas

      I also do not understand that hate. Analytics made a big deal of RB being a Rd1 pick, when he went at 26th after SEA traded down. That pick was totally reasonable. I would not swap him with Chubb even, because he’s awfully similar to Carson.
      But saying that he has a much higher ceiling than Carson, is an exaggeration imo.
      Carson is easily a top 10 pick, top 3 in short yardage situation and between the tackles running.
      Saying thay Penny has a much better ceiling is basicaly equal to saying that Penny has the ceiling to be the best or at least top 3 RB in the league.

      • Mac

        Cool it lol Carson leads the league in fumbles, Penny is developing but is hardly any better than a 3rd round RB replacement. I love running the football. I just think having 1 main back is antiquated.

        • Volume12

          It is. And it should be. They already have such a short shelf life as is. I also think this is what Pete has always envisioned going back to his USC days.

          Lynch was different.

  53. clbradley17

    2019 Week 13: Seahawks vs Vikings | Seahawks All Access

    • Sea Mode

      Players gravitate towards Clowney. He is a must, must, must re-sign.

  54. RWIII

    Another observation. Everyone remembers when the Seahawks struggled to beat Cincinnati in the home opener. Maybe that was the best thing that could have happened to the Hawks. Because it taught this team (2019 Seahawks) that they had to FIGHT if they were going to win. It taught them NEVER give up. As my high school coach would say. You have to FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT. WIN! WIN! WIN!.

  55. Sea Mode

    Another WR for this crazy class. UCF WR Gabriel Davis. Pauline thinks he goes top-45.

    • Trevor

      This WR class is the best postion group I have seen since I started following the draft over 10 years ago. So much talent and so deep.

      • Matt

        This gives me hope that we may have a shot at a tier 1 WR in R1. I’m really, really hoping it’s Henry Ruggs or Jalen Reagor. I think either guy would destroy in this offense.

  56. cha

    Reading that Rivera has won Coach of the Year 2x, and I’ve never paid much attention to the award as individual awards mean far less than the Lombardi.

    But looking at the list, is COY the Madden cover curse for coaches?

    2018-Matt Nagy
    2017-Sean McVay
    2016-Jason Garrett
    2015-Ron Rivera
    2014-Bruce Arians
    2013-Ron Rivera
    2012-Bruce Arians
    2011-Jim Harbaugh

    The award seems geared more towards single-year trendy picks vs sustained success which I suppose is not an entirely unreasonable position. But still !

    Here are the current top active coaches who have been consistently successful and how many COY’s they have won:

    Belichick – 3x (ONLY 3x!!)
    Reid – 1x
    Peyton – 1x
    PC – never won
    Tomlin – never won
    John Harbaugh – never won
    Zimmer – never won

    • Trevor

      Carrol, Harbaugh and Tomlinson have never won. That says it all IMO.

      • Paul Cook

        As Charles Barkley once said about Michael Jordan (to paraphrase)…he should have won the MVP award almost every year he played.

      • Volume12

        Tomlinson should get it this year.

        Duck Hodges. ‘Nuff said.

      • cha

        It’s a badge of honor.

        Also have never won COY:

        Marv Levy
        Mike Holmgren
        Tony Dungy
        Chuck Noll

  57. Trevor

    I am not a big Matt Miller fan as an NFL draft evaluator but I absolutely love his most recent mock for the Hawks

    RD #1 Klavon Chaisson (Edge/ LSU) incredibly athletic speed rusher the Hawks need. Really anxious to see how he tests. Unfortunately I think he will be long gone before the end of Rd #1.

    Rd#2 Neville Gallimore (DT / Ok) Canadian kid who is raw but an absolute freak athlete for a DT

    R#2 Justin Jefferson (WR/ LSU ) In most draft classes he would be a top 5 WR. But this draft class is stacked. I would prefer the Hawks trade this pick to TB for OJ Howard or draft the best Center on the board.

    • WALL UP

      Gallimore will go before Chaisson. I hope they do trade dn, as usual and pick Gallimore @ 33-35 range. Chaisson reminds me of Mingo’s athletic ability, and not the best PR ability and instincts.

      • Eburgz

        Chaisson is that dude on the edge with all the traits. A little undersized but room to grow and really flashes some interesting stuff. Probably more of a 3-4 linebacker (although we have taken some guys like this in the past ala Bruce Irvin). You know how the hawks love traits.

        BUT…He has an injury history. Much like Alabama’s Terrell Lewis (I think Lewis is the slightly better prospect with slightly worse injury concerns).

        If we’re taking an edge rusher with speed with our first pick (hawks biggest need IMO) the obvious options look like:

        Any top prospects I’m missing with that skill set?

        I think hawks should focus on the trenches, DL (names above) OL (RT like Prince Tega, Jedrick Wills or SDB favorite Isiah Wilson) and/or touchdown makers (too many good RB/WR to list) with their early picks. Tons of good options.

        • Rob Staton

          I cannot imagine any scenario where Chaisson is considered good enough to go anywhere near Seattle’s first pick. He’s a mid-rounder at absolute best and that’d need to be after a good combine.

          • Eburgz

            Lots of early round buzz on Chaisson. Hawks first pick is likely a 2nd rounder and usually someone pundits have as a 3rd rounder or later haha. Like I said….dude has traits (Speed, burst, flexibility). He’s a known freak so if he’s healthy I think his combine is gonna be good. Only watched him close in the Bama game recently but he looks the part for me. No one had Bruce as a 1st rounder either. No one has Isiah Wilson in the first round but I’m sure that doesn’t bother you.

            All that said I wouldn’t be surprised to see him go mid or late rounder due to the injury history and lack of production.

            • Rob Staton

              I wouldn’t say there’s a ‘lot’ of R1 buzz. Some people, who will be wrong, have suggested it.

  58. WALL UP

    There should be interesting FAs available next year. CC would be a great addition if Jacksonville decides to break it up and rebuild their squad. It would be a unreal to have Clowney, Reed, Campbell and a healthy Ansah lined up together.

    Will Ansah ever get his shoulder strength back? We’ll see as the season goes on. I really hope so. He may be a key to the success of pass rush the remaining season. Teams will strive to ensure that JD doesn’t hurt them and leave Ziggy with single coverage the majority of the time. If he plays Sunday, it will determine if that is a possibility.

    Besides their own FAs, they may not sign other DEs. Collier and Green may take on a greater role in that regard. Campbell could even play 5tech as well, on running dns.

  59. Volume12

    If the Giants get the 1st pick what do they do?

    • Sea Mode

      Trade down a couple spots to a QB-needy team if the offer is there and grab a building block for their defense.

      BTW, did you hear Eli Manning is starting this week due to Jones’ injury? This could get interesting…

      • Volume12

        Do you risk missing out on Chase Young though? Just take Burrows like the Cards did with Murray last year? BTW I don’t think they’ll do that.

        lol. No I didn’t hear that. Am so here for it though.

    • cha

      Do what the Rams did in 2012 when they had #2 and Indy had #1 and was locked on Luck.

      Hey NFL: Submit your best trade offer by noon. No messing around with offer and counteroffer negotiating.

      Redskins traded a boatload of picks for RG3. 3 firsts and a second and they only dropped 4 spots!

  60. Brazilian Hawk

    So here’s why I believe the Seahawks defense can further improve in the final quarter of the season:

    1 – Defensive backs are playing lights out. Griffin is playing great all season long and is now further cementing his status as a true #1 CB. Diggs and McDougald have dominated in the past three games, except for that garbage time Treadwell play. Flowers is still inconsistent, but he’s created game-changing turnovers.

    2 – Reed, Ansah, and Green are making impact plays and creating turnovers. The defensive line is improving in every aspect of the game, but their fumble-forcing ability is the highlight. If we continue with this, we are contenders.

    3 – Bobby Wagner is waking up.

    4 – We play tough defense. Even when we didn’t look good at defense, we were physically imposing. People get hurt playing against our defense.

  61. Volume12


    James Madison DE Ron’Dell Carter. Day 3 guy. Would be the perfect type to develop behind Clowney. 22.5 TFL this year

    Ron’Dell Carter vs W. Virginia (2019):

    • Volume12

      Still waiting for some current cut ups of their CB Rashad Robinson.

    • Trevor

      Do you think he will get a combine invite?

    • Trevor

      Do you think he will get a combine invite?

    • Mark Souza

      Interesting prospect. What I liked was he sets a hard edge and on some plays showed he knows how to use his hands. Things he still needs to work on; he sometimes plays too high. Though he sets a hard edge, he has trouble disengaging from the block to make the tackle. And his motor. He starts every play with his motor set high, but he gives up too easily on plays, shutting it down if he doesn’t get an initial shot. There were a number of plays where if he hustled and chased, he would have been in position to make a tackle. Instead, he was watching. These are things that can be fixed if his head is on right and he’s eager to learn.

  62. Eburgz

    First of all, love what the Hawks are doing and how they are playing complementary football as a team to do what it takes to get wins. Had a blast at the game and loved the energy from the fans (so much better than the ravens game IMO).

    On the radio this morning they were asking what could be the Achilles heel of this Seahawks team. They pointed out some obvious ones like the pass rush (which has been an obvious problem until recently) and Pass Protection (loved the way they protected on Monday though).

    I think the biggest weakness is depth at corner. If Shaquille Griffin or Flowers go down I gues we can slide King to the outside and put Amadi in the slot. After that we are bare bones thin. Thorpe could play in a pinch I suppose. I guess the same could be said for any team if 2 of their corners got hurt. But ima hope Flowers and Griffin stay healthy because that’s what scares me most.

  63. Sea Mode


    PFF SEA Seahawks

    Jadeveon Clowney has an overall grade of 89.7 this season, ranking 4th out of 120 qualifying edge defenders. #Seahawks

    PFF SEA Seahawks

    Jadeveon Clowney is one of only three edge defenders who have an 80+ grade in run-defense and pass-rushing (Khalil Mack, Calais Campbell). #Seahawks

    As mentioned above, you can see how well he fits in our culture and the players gravitate towards him. As if it weren’t already dead obvious, absolute must re-sign. He’s gonna get the 💰💰💰.

  64. Sea Mode

    I’ll take the rumors and reports, but sometimes Tony’s scouting is… debatable. (like everyone’s, of course)

    In early November, you reported that TCU WR Jalen Reagor would enter the NFL Draft. On Monday, he announced his intention to do just that. Now that his name is in the mix, where do you see him going in the NFL Draft compared to someone like Henry Ruggs or other similar size/speed guys?

    First, let me say I am not as high on Ruggs as others and I would grade him lower than prospects like Jalen Reagor, K.J. Hamler, and CeeDee Lamb. Ruggs is a great sprinter but not a great receiver and a beneficiary of the talent around him.

    Presently I have Reagor graded as a second-day pick, likely somewhere in the middle of round two. That will change either way depending on how he works out – forty, shuttles, three-cone, and route running at the combine.

    I like Reagor and think he will be effective on the flanks, in the slot, or as a return specialist in the NFL. As more underclassmen receivers enter the draft – and I expect K.J. Hamler and CeeDee Lamb will enter the draft as well as Jerry Jeudy – Reagor will get pushed down the board a bit.

  65. Eburgz

    Armchair GM draft wishlist and ramblings

    1. Trade a 2nd rounder for Trent Williams as our future RT. Best tackle in the league, maybe (most physically dominant IMO) put him at right tackle and backs up Duane at LT. perfect fit. I’d even use our 1st on him but I think he could be had for less considering the situation (he refuses to play for redskins). Let’s sidestep the incoming massive contract for Ifedi (who is playing well but still is a bonehead) and improve the RT position with a true stud.

    2. Trade 2nd rounder for OJ Howard. I’d be ok with trading one or both of our 2nd rounders for established starters. Howard is a mismatch in the passing game and he can block. Perfect fit.

    THEN! Focus on the trenches and/or touchdown makers with remaining early picks.

    If we don’t resign Ifedi/fant/replacement, top options possibly available in range include:
    Prince Tega
    Jedrick Wills
    Isiah Wilson

    Who do you like best of that trio and do you have a better alternative?

    If RT is settled, next biggest need is speed rusher. Top rated options possibly available include
    Yetur Gross-Matos
    Terell Lewis
    K’Levon Chaisson

    Any other top speed rushers I’m forgetting? (excluding chase young and other top 20 types)

    Top offensive skill players possibly available when hawks pick (touchdown makers)?
    Viska Shenault
    Jalen Reagor
    DeVonta Smith (assuming Ruggs, Jeudy and CD lamb are gone)

    Jonathan Taylor
    Jk Dobbins
    Zach Moss (maybe Etienne and Swift but not typical hawks rb type)

    Those are my top 12 most likely hawks prospects at this point based on my arbitrary process.

    Ideal draft is drafting Shenault and trading the 2nd round picks for OJ Howard and Trent Williams. All the R3+ picks on hungry young defenders. Use free agency to lock up Reed, Clowney and Everson Griffen (assuming he gets released.)

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