Instant reaction: Seahawks defeat Lions, move to 2-2

The way things are going, the Seahawks will get an invite to replace Texas or Oklahoma in the Big-12.

Once again the defense was an absolute horror story — and I’ll come to that in a moment.

Firstly though, the positives.

I really liked the offensive gameplan. There was a lot of misdirection and movement. The Lions couldn’t stop any of the throws where Geno Smith got on the move and one of the receivers or tight ends ran adjacently.

Granted, better opponents will take this away and the Seahawks will need a counterpunch. That is part of their issue, at times. In this game though — the Lions had no answer. The Seahawks filled their boots and rightly so.

They did an excellent job of getting their key playmakers involved too — with D.K. Metcalf and Tyler Lockett heavily involved.

I’ve long thought Smith would perform well in the games against weak opponents and struggle badly to move the ball against good defensive units. I feel somewhat validated in that opinion, given the way the Niners game went and the second half against Denver. Yet I’m also happy to admit he has exceeded my expectations after four games.

The big plus, for me, is that he doesn’t threaten to turn the ball over as much as I thought he would. He’s also been a lot better at spraying the ball around than I envisaged. Smith doesn’t have a massive arm to drive the ball for major explosive plays but he’s been very impressive on the mid-range throws. The ball is getting to the target and he’s completing a lot of passes. They aren’t just relying on the dump-offs and underneath stuff like Kirk Cousins did in the frustrating London game against New Orleans earlier today.

So far Smith deserves credit for the way he has played. He’s not the future but he can be the present.

Abraham Lucas is everything we thought he would be. It’s a total joke he lasted until round three and what a masterstroke by the Seahawks to select him. I paid close attention to him in this game and just loved every minute. Great pass-pro, bludgeoning in the running game but it’s not just the power — he wins with subtlety, technique and athletic quality too. He’s looking increasingly like a top, top player in the making.

Tariq Woolen has two interceptions in two games and the one here — stealing six cheap points — was arguably the difference in the game. It’s the one major defensive play that happened. He is still very rough around the edges in coverage but his upside and potential, due to his physical profile, is extremely enticing. I graded him in round two and again — it’s nuts he lasted as long as he did.

The running game still looks very awkward and inconsistent and relied on big splashy plays today — but kudos to Rashaad Penny for hitting his home-runs. We needed to see a return to that and he delivered.

Now the not-so-good stuff.

Cody Barton and Josh Jones should be benched. Surely there has to be better options than these two? Especially Barton. It’s stunning how they didn’t sign or draft proper competition for him this year. He’s all over the place.

I called for defensive improvements this week and none were found. Detroit were missing their best offensive playmakers and the Seahawks still gave up 520 yards, 5.8 yards per run and 7.9 yards per play.

The Hockenson catch-and-run for 81-yards and the Jamaal Williams long touchdown run — my word. This isn’t good enough. And while it didn’t cost them today — there simply has to be improvement soon or serious questions need to be asked. This unit is appalling. Somehow, it’s starting to feel even worse than the Ken Norton years.

I wish I’d put money on T.J. Hockenson having a career day — it was obvious.

As well as Abe Lucas is playing — I think some of the concerns about Charles Cross voiced pre-draft remain an issue. It’s still early days so of course he has time to improve. I’m not writing him off at all, so don’t think that’s what I’m saying. But he has to get stronger and the technical flaws with his footwork he showed at Mississippi State are still cropping up.

My final thought is — I can sense increasingly people are going to move off ‘draft a quarterback’ and pivot to ‘draft defense’ next year. My response to that would be — tell me which defenders you’re drafting because I haven’t see many blue chippers in college eligible for 2023. And you need a long term quarterback. That will remain the priority for this team until it is solved.

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  1. SebA

    Thanks for this Rob. Whenever I think of Barton I think of the guy you preferred that draft year, Logan Wilson, who if I remember correctly was drafted after we traded up for Barton. Ah well. I miss when we could play defence.

    • SebA

      Painful to see Pete celebrating so hard when we gave up so many points, too

      • Seattle Person

        It’s not the best way to win but to criticize a coach for celebrating a win is sort of insane isn’t it? In the moment — coaches and players don’t really care about style points. They worked all week to prepare to win.

        With all that said, the defense stunk. The game wasn’t really exciting. It was painful to see both defenses being extremely bad.

    • Jordan

      You’ve got your drafts mixed up.

    • Rob Staton

      Loved Logan Wilson

  2. pdway

    it’s against a poor defense – so w that acknowledged – you can’t really play a much better offensive game that the Hawks just did. 41 points, 0 punts, 555 yards. And as you point out – it felt like it wasn’t just superior personnel against a crap defense, the playcalling had variety – guys are getting open (we’re not just forcing DK the ball in the flat) and we are doing things like consistently utilizing the TE’s, that we’ve never really seen before. Lots more proving to do against better defenses, but I”m giving Waldron some credit here.

    Hard to find a silver lining on this defensive performance. In hindsight, even though I liked the Walker pick at the time, it’s hard to now say we shouldn’t have used it on a LB. On a defensive side that is just horrendous, I think the LB’s may be the weakest link – which feels crazy b/c it seems like decent LB’s can be found all over the draft.

    Anyway….it wasn’t boring….. 2-2.

  3. Glor

    Man that huge catch and run that Barton just.. I thought would Kam, Kj or Bobby have looked that pathetic on the attempted “tackle “ or push out of bounds…. Man I’m totally done with Barton.

    • Glor

      That being said, I agree that Geno has totally surpassed my expectations. Welcome to a QB that can get the ball to a tight end.
      He isn’t a long term solution, but I would say similar to T-jack?

      • TomLPDX

        He’s better than TJack

        • Peter

          So far. Tjack was fun to root for but Geno is having the best career revitalization since tannehill I can recall.

          • Glor

            I dare say geno is looking better than Carr

            • Peter

              Say away.

              Carr is so average right now it’s ridiculous how much hype he got in the offseasin.

            • Elmer

              Let’s take it further. So far, better than RW.

              • Rob Staton

                Please let us just move on from the Wilson talk

                • Elmer

                  OK. You’re right. It’s only relevant to the Seahawks now in that it can affect the draft choice that they get.

          • TomLPDX

            I actually loved TJack. Dude had grit and played through some major stuff. Geno is doing well and I’m really happy for him. He is not the reason the Seahawks are not their best.

          • Seattle Person

            Yeah…TJack never moved the ball like Geno is right now.

  4. Marcus

    Waldron’s first successfully called game from start-to-finish since maybe his debut against the Colts. There was no need to counterpunch, so maybe that’s why… But, nonetheless, I’d liked the plan.

    • Marcus

      Maybe we just got to see what a Waldron offense looks like on the practice field because that Detroit defense is every bit as bad as the Seahawks.

      Though, I did like how the Seattle D made the Lions run game a non-factor by letting Hockenson do as he pleased.

  5. GoHawks5151

    Exciting game to watch. A win to savor as the schedule begins to turn up. It’s been mentioned here before that we don’t know anything about Shane Waldron. I think you are slowly seeing some of his touch on the offense. Rollouts looked great and TEs involved. He was able to get the ball to DK and Tyler in isolation. There was some easy throws to Eskridge to try and get something about him. Nice play on 3rd down where DK motions down and everyone runs slants as Penny leaks out the backfield for an easy conversion. A legit counter out of a 2TE set for a long TD run. If Waldron can continue to counter and make halftime adjustments he may stick around regardless of the coach

  6. Trevor

    KJ coming off the couch has to be a massive upgrade to Barton doesn’t it?

    • TomLPDX

      Yes. Yes it does

    • mtpgod

      Absolutely, I’d take KJ the screen stopper even if that’s all he could do at this point in his career. One great trait is better than master of absolutely nothing Barton. And I feel like we ALL knew this was going to happen, we all knew Barton sucked from seeing him on the field last year, but Carroll thought he saw something in him that no one else could see. Was he right about seeing that certain thing in Geno? Yes. But Barton and the overall lack of LB talent on this roster is all on PC/JS, and we all knew it too. Too bad Darryl Johnson got hurt early, I felt like he could take snaps from Barton as early as today.

  7. Troy D

    I get what you are saying about the narrative about Defense over QB but a big part of that will be how these QB’s look and right now its tough. Lots of time left and in the end draft positioning is gonna be a big part. Honestly best player available seems the best go in a way too early assessment. The defense is gash everywhere. I certainly would expect 3 of our top 4 picks going that way as it stands.

    • UkAlex6674

      I think you or I coming off the couch would be an upgrade from him at the moment.

  8. Henry Taylor

    Cody Barton doesn’t just need to be benched, he needs to be cut. Every week now he’s had disastrous plays but this was his tour de force.

    I liked the offensive design this week, continued to use their TEs well, moving them all around a lot. The Vikings couldn’t get Jefferson going against Okudah last week but DK had no issues.

    • Rokas

      Does not make sense to cut him, he is a very good ST player and does not cost much.
      Having said that, he has no business of being a starting LB in the NFL.

  9. Jordan

    2-2 after 4 , I’ll take it.

  10. 805Hawk

    Did Darrell Taylor play today? He’s completely disappeared.

    • seaspunj

      Taylor registered 1 tackle for the entire game …

      overall dee had 1 sack (Nwosu) which was also combined for 1 tackle for a loss

      gotta question how this dee will generate any pass rush

      • Elmer

        As Rob said, this D almost makes you want to have Ken Norton Jr. back. But not quite. It’s time, though, to start questioning what these defensive coaches (Hurtt, Desai, etc.) are doing.

  11. Sneekes

    It beggars belief that for all the focus on competition, and the switch to 3-4, the Hawks didn’t at least add one veteran off the ball linebacker. It’s completely negligent. It shows a distinct lack of planning/contingency, and evidences poor player evaluation in what they had in Barton. If they had got one of those judgements right – we’d be much better off.
    I suspect the interior LB issue is a factor (admittedly not the only one) in the DBs poor performance.

  12. Roy Batty

    I love watching Texas Tech play Baylor.

    So entertaining.

    • BoiseSeahawk

      I don’t know, this felt like more of a classic Oklahoma v Oklahoma State game to me.

  13. Trevor

    No matter what Geno does this year the Hawks need to address the QB spot in next years draft. However if he proves to be a competent starter it allows them to consider a developmental guy like Anthony Richardson if Stroud and Levis are off the board.

    • Peter

      Starting to sense that Geno may be the qb in 2023.

      Current pace: 4407 yards. 25.5 tds. 8.5 ints.

      Big problems against the niners. Rough sledding against broncos and Atlanta with second half progress.

      If Seattle is out on the levis/young/Stroud sweepstakes then I would very much like them to look at a developmental player to sit.

      Again all this is prefaced by Genos current games against a figuring it out team. A good defense. And two games against hawks-like defenses.

      I respectfully maintain the ability to change my tune if it’s a different thing all together when the team is playing from behind.

      But currently hats off to Geno for making the best if his opportunity.

      • Trevor

        No matter what Geno does if Stroud or Levis are on the board they have to be the pick IMO. If Geno plays like this all season then if those two guys are off the board you feel a whole lot better taking an Anthony Richardson or even Jared Hall.

        Still think this is a 4-5 win team based on the defense.

        • Glor

          Would be nice to have the luxury of being able to sit a rookie for a half season though

          • TomLPDX

            It would.

          • Peter

            Heck even a full year. If. If geno continues to show he’s not the problem like he has.

        • Peter

          Absolutely you don’t let a top qb go just because.

          But…richardson, hall, DTR? If they miss out? Geno’s showing to be a good student and a great teammate. He may actually be able to show a rookie something since he’s lived a weird ride in the nfl.

    • Silly Billy

      It’s worth noting that he’s only signed a 1 year contract for $3.5mil, which right now makes him this year’s MVP in terms of contract value. If he continues playing like this, he could reasonably ask for $20mil/year.

      Would the Seahawks even entertain that?

  14. L80

    I think we should change his name to Farton, because he’s about as useful as one in an elevator.

    • BoiseSeahawk

      Sounds good to me. Farton it is!

      I never understood the meaning of ‘The Prez’ until recently, sadly Jamal is about as physically able to perform his job as the President of the United States.

  15. Trevor

    Wonder how the Packers and Broncos fans are feeling about their $50 millon / yr QBs after 3 1/2 games?

    • Rob Staton

      I’m pretty sure Packers fans are quite happy having Aaron Rodgers

      And if Wilson wins this game, which is hardly improbable, Denver will be 3-1

      • Trevor

        Green Bay perhaps because of what Rodgers has done for that franchise. Neither team looks remotely close to being a super bowl contender.

        • Rob Staton

          But Rodgers is the least of GB’s problems

          Nobody in GB is crying over extending their legendary QB

          And Wilson just had a Wilson-esque drive to keep Denver in the game

          (Let’s not do this every week please — good, highly paid QB’s are not to be sniffed at just because Geno played well against Detroit)

          • Trevor

            This has nothing to do with Geno for me Rob I have always believed teams can’t win an SB with a QB who making more than 20% of the cap. It has never been done and that is not a statistical anonomoly.

            • Rob Staton

              Trevor, the Rams were paying a kings ransom at QB last year when they won the SB

              Stafford + Goff

              Please, let’s not have this conversation today

    • Peter

      You got to throw murray and to a degree carr into that mix.

      I’d argue none of them are helping their teams out much.

    • mtpgod

      Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers do not belong in the same sentence. Rodgers is top-3 qb still, while Wilson is just like he was here: very inconsistent, goes literally full quarters without being able to generate a first down, but still has one of the best deep balls in the game.

  16. Trevor

    Over the last 3 yrs has any team spent more money on the LB and Safety positions and gotten less production? Seriously the two positions we have spent the most on are our two worst postion groups.

    • Glor

      And it’s for that reason alone I think PC and JS need to go

  17. Chris

    It’s fun watching so many players on offense get involved. I’m not concerned for cross at all. He has a couple rough plays a game but in between he plays pretty good and he’s only 21 yrs old so he wil definitely get stronger.

  18. Trevor

    The defence just looks lost. They are out of postion, blowing coverages and failing to fill the gaps in the run game. Seems like they have no identity or leadership. Either they have not bought into the new scheme or don’t know what it is.

    Is this something that can even be fixed during the season?

    • Rob Staton

      Is this something that can even be fixed during the season?

      Not properly.

      Because the issue is twofold.

      A lack of quality and the scheme is a Frankenstein’s Monster of ideas rather than a firm, clear approach from one leader. It’s a bit of this, bit of that. Pete should either just run his scheme or relinquish control.

      • Trevor

        I agree and Frankenstein is a great description for it actually Rob.

      • Peter

        Can’t believe I’m typing this but just run Pete’s scheme.

        They’d be closer to better. They just don’t have the personnel to run a 3-4. Not at least how I’ve always seen a 3-4. It would be one thing if they were getting there but players are getting worse doing whatever this is.

        • Rob Staton

          I agree

          You’d probably get a lot more out of Taylor, Ford, Harris and a few others if nothing else

        • Whit21

          I feel like this scheme is an excuse to blitz at a ridiuclous rate..

  19. Trevor

    I thought with Josh McDaniel coming in and getting Devonte Adams that Carr might have a career year. He has looked awful.

    • Peter

      Is Josh McDaniels just a wade Phillips type? Just a super good coordinator and a terrible HC.

  20. Blitzy the Clown

    Holy crap the Raiders are gonna gift us a Denver loss!

  21. TomLPDX

    Broncos are done. Dropped.

  22. Hawks4life

    Russ surely isn’t getting any help from his team, so many easy drops by them

  23. Peter

    What a weird time to be a fan.

    I don’t think this team is that good. The defense is absolute trash. I want good picks in the best draft.

    Then I look at the schedule and the saints followed by Arizona look oddly winnable. The red rifle and a mediocre run game. And murray looks decidedly pedestrian right now.

    Maybe there’s a gas leak in my house but I think seattle might get those 7 wins I thought impossible. Especially if Pete does his usual thing and figures something out with the defense and by the end of the year the jets haven’t given zach wilson the hook by then.

  24. Blitzy the Clown

    Number one for me today was the fact that they finished strong on offense to win the game, not just hold on by a nail.

    How many times over the last 6 or 7 seasons has a floundering Seahawks offense been bailed out by the defense? Too many to count I’d say. But today they paid part of that back. By maintaining a strong running attack through the end, getting first downs, eating up time, they kept the defense — arguably the worst in team history — off the field.

    Abe Lucas is the best player on offense for me. I know he’s not the most valuable, but I pretty much watch him on most plays. I still can’t believe he’s ours and he’s only 4 games into what I think will be a pro bowl career.

    Cross is a curious one. He’s just not quite up to par athletically. Maybe fundamentally he can be — he’s pretty quick and well balanced — but his strength and stamina are not where he needs to be. Fortunately, he’s a sticky blocker who may give up a lot of ground (and he DOES, on virtually every pass pro) but he absorbs his man well and can wet blanket. He gets beat with power first and speed second, but I think an offseason in the weight room and another year of physical maturity will help.

    I like our CBs, penalties notwithstanding. I do not like our safeties or LBs. I think Brooks is at best a sidekick star to someone better like Bobby pre 2020, or maybe a solid citizen in a solid LB core. But he hasn’t been able to be the super hero Seattle is used to relying on in that position.

    • Big Mike

      As Chris said above, Cross is only 21 so he should and likely will get stronger. I think he’ll be good. That said, my man Abe got All-Pro written all over him.
      Really excited over Woolen too. Remember, he hasn’t even played CB for long at all.

      • Peter

        Abe lucas is some other fans creed Humphries. Some fan is screaming at the TV watching a soft as DK’s satin ( per your comment bleow) RT that should have been gone ages ago let the rushers run free.

        Stoked he’s on our team. I truly think if he was a skill position his play would put him in OROY talk at tge end of the season. All pro no doubt.

      • Seattle Person

        I don’t want to body-shame anyone but Lucas’ body is a man’s body. Not much baby fat on him. He’s in great condition and it shows. Cross’ play strength and and conditional needs to get better if he wants to get to All-Pro or Pro-Bowl level. Those two things directly lead him to have sloppy footwork and technique.

        • Hawkdawg

          His anchor and explosion are not there yet. He gets stuffed on power runs and bleeds too much ground on rushes.

    • AlaskaHawk

      None of the linebackers match Bobby or KJ. Brooks is the closest but I’m not seeing him make tackles. Diggs is the closest to a good safety but he has faded. The defensive line gets pushed around.

      Overall – this defense could use at least 6 more good starters.

      • Peter

        At this point Neal has to be the best safety on the team.

        The linebackers are so. Brutal to watch.

        • mtpgod

          I thought so too, before this game I thought, how the hell isn’t Neal getting more run? Well Neal got beaten badly a couple of times, he doesn’t look like his self from prior years yet, but I know he’s coming back from an injury, hopefully he improves over time.

    • Peter

      I think on a nice even trajectory Cross might be a sneaky good get.

      Yes he needs to hit the gym. But young guys can stack on the strength pretty easily. Not excusing the play but he looks way better to me than say Ifedi did. And if he stays healthy I think we’ll be quite happy with him.

      Next year if he isn’t cooked Lewis needs to red rover himself right on over to RG. The interior play sucks.

      • Rob Staton

        I hope he’s already hitting the gym because the same flaws are creeping up

        And he’s a top-10 pick. So I want to see some sort of improvement gradually this year

        Plus I’d rather people like Charles Harris not be beating up off the edge so easily

    • Peter

      Glad for the win. But I’m not yet there on the strong finish. If they had locked it down up 31-15 and bled the clock that would have been quite the statement.

      Fun win, for me. Just again for this fan not a strong win.

    • Seattle Person

      Love Woolen. Not polished but he’s playing and learning on the fly. Potential is enticing. Mike Jack isn’t the answer. I really hate that they already moved Bryant from an outside CB position. I think he needs a shot out there.

  25. KSB

    Good to see another Broncos loss. Keep them coming!!

    Was it just me or did anyone else here find it comical, when they showed a breaking news DK Metcalf on the cart being taken off the field. Then the update was that he is being carted off to go to the bathroom. Lol

    Don’t recall seeing anything like that before

    • TomLPDX

      That was hilarious!

    • Jabroni-DC

      Special thanks of the day to the Oakland-Los Angeles-Oakland-Las Vegas Raiders!!!


    • Rob Staton

      Apparently being a big name receiver means you receive a chauffeur driven toilet break

      Hopefully they let him use the special toilet paper too

      • Big Mike


        • Palatypus

          $100 bills.

          What is that in £?

          • Hawkdawg

            About the same these days…

      • Henry Taylor

        DK plays like he did today I’ll wipe his arse myself.

  26. Sten

    Where do you even begin to fix this defense? The past several years we’ve started out like this but we get better, but it seems like those years it was down to play calling, mostly. We’ve heard “gap control” more this year than in my entire football watching life. One has to wonder if there’s a point where Pete would step in and scrap the 3-4 but the struggle with our current guys messing up their assignments means that it probably would just make us worse, since most of them are first year guys with us. They’re bad AND the scheme is bad. Hopefully Coby Bryant can figure it out so at least we can’t be beat by slot guys on top of tight ends, who we have no hope of stopping all year because Jones is so bad.

    • 12th chuck

      the quickest way would be a new head coach

  27. GoHawksDani

    Forget drafting a QB. Just give our R1s and R2s to any team who’d be willing to take Barton from us. Jk. Agreed with everything…but mostly with Barton needs to be benched. He’s awful.
    As for Geno…no idea. Sometimes he looks really good. Sometimes like a true backup nothing more. Most of the time just plain average. But Waldron is stepping up. And Geno currently doesn’t seem total bad. If he’d be a rookie, I’d say he has a decent ceiling with a really high floor. But as he’s an aging vet, I’d say we need a QB in the next 1-2-3 draft, because he’s not the future.
    Defense is horrible. Brooks is bad, Barton awful, Taylor bad, safeties awful, DL mehh. Only bright spots: Mafe and Woolen. They might be good for the future.
    I’d also like a revamped iOL

  28. Palatypus

    I think we need to get about ten thousand people to mail Pete Carroll a challenge flag.

    But he probably wouldn’t get the message.

    • Peter

      Be easier to have the equipment manager do up all his flags like one long magicians trick so by the time he’s done pulling them all out the play clock has started.

      • Palatypus

        We’ll need the Bengals “White Tiger” uniforms for that.

  29. Chris

    I wish one of the Seattle media would ask Pete “how good is Cody Barton”😂

    • Palatypus

      “He’s fast. He’s explosive. He’s creative. He can do all those things. So all of those elements add to the attack and how we want this thing to unfold. The explosive part of our game is really a crucial part and hopefully, that will unfold.”

      – Pete Carroll on Cody Barton against the Atlanta Falcon 2022

      “He’s fast. He’s explosive. He’s creative. He can do all those things. So all of those elements add to the attack and how we want this thing to unfold. The explosive part of our game is really a crucial part and hopefully, that will unfold.”

      – Pete Carroll on Tomonaga at the Battle of Midway 1942

      “He’s fast. He’s explosive. He’s creative. He can do all those things. So all of those elements add to the attack and how we want this thing to unfold. The explosive part of our game is really a crucial part and hopefully, that will unfold.”

      – Pete Carroll on George A. Custer at The Little Bighorn, 1876

      “He’s fast. He’s explosive. He’s creative. He can do all those things. So all of those elements add to the attack and how we want this thing to unfold. The explosive part of our game is really a crucial part and hopefully, that will unfold.”

      – Pete Carroll on Crassus at The Battle of Carrhae, 53 B.C.

      “He’s fast. He’s explosive. He’s creative. He can do all those things. So all of those elements add to the attack and how we want this thing to unfold. The explosive part of our game is really a crucial part and hopefully that will unfold.”

      – Pete Carroll on Xerxes at The Battle of Themopylae, 480 B.C.

      • Kaesotullius

        Look, he’s a man for all ages

      • DriveByPoster

        Ha! Some nice historical shout-outs there, Palatypus. Especially Carrhae, which most people have probably never heard of.

  30. Hoggs41

    We all know we arent going to win a ton of games so every week I just root for the Broncos to lose to up them dtaft picks.

  31. BoiseSeahawk

    Any chance at all we go and get Roquan Smith from the bears?

    • Seattle Person

      Will we really go spend draft capital on him and then turn around and have to pay him?

      • Robert

        Better than blowing a lot of money on a lot of crap overpaid players. If we can get him for a 2nd or and 3rd rounder, then they should do it. The bears don’t have much leverage.

        • Seattle Person

          Is this really the best use of money?

          • Robert

            Yes, because we will be getting an established player who can actually generate a pash rush. I am not saying we need to make a Jamal adams.type trade, more like a quandre Diggs type trade. And we shouldn’t overpay him. If we can pull that off then absolutely do it. The pash rush has been horrid for a long time and it is time to fix it.

            • Seattle Person

              So you want to trade for him but give up a 2nd or 3rd round pick while calling that a Diggs type of trade? Diggs was traded for a 5th or a 6th. He also had already signed his second contract when he was traded to us. It’s a different situation.

              He is a F.A and you don’t want to overpay him? Why trade for him and let him go? He’s going to ask for top money is he not? Leonard and Warner are both around 19 mill. You think hiss agent is going to let him settle? Wait…he represents himself. Good luck.

              You won’t have to give up the draft capital like Adams but you’re going to hamstring yourself and give Smith a bunch of leverage if you trade for him. I wouldn’t put it past the Hawks’ FO because they’ve done weird moves before. This is just not a good use of resources.

              Trading a highish pick for an off-ball LB while not seriously contending? It makes no sense. Let’s not get caught up with how bad our LBs are and get out of wack. Our defense is not a Roquan Smith away from being good. It won’t even be average. So why waste picks and money for a LB? Count me out.

    • Rob Staton

      The idea of trading another first round pick and other picks for a freakin’ linebacker was not how I intended to spend my Monday morning

  32. Gary

    So when do we think Pete will move Abe Lucas to play out of position?

    • Sea Mode

      Oh my goodness, I was literally just going to type this.

      Watch them try to move him to LT next season… 😩

  33. Big Mike

    So Mahomes and Co have hung a 40 burger on the Tampa Bay defense with 11 mins still to play in the game. I think as Seahawk fans we best be hoping for snow in KC on Christmas Eve when Seattleplays there.

  34. Rick Mirer Fan Club

    Awesome article and I agree on many points, especially saying that I’m in the “draft defense” camp, I completely am. Agreed they need a long term QB but at this point they need way more consistent talent in the trenches and at linebacker, someone to stop the run and tackle, and another safety which we probably should not trade picks for. Wait for Arch Manning and trade some 2023 picks for some 2024 picks. My logic may be stupid yes but you can’t tell me a defensive coach can fix whatever that was by just making some tweaks. That runs deep and those bad drafts prior to this year are pretty evident.

    • Rob Staton

      Wait for Arch Manning???

      He won’t be in the draft until 2026 at the earliest. Is the plan to be the worst team in the NFL in 2025???

      They need to draft a QB

      • Trevor

        Could not agree more. Regardless of what Geno does this year a QB has to be priority #1 in this upcoming draft. If Levis or Stroud are on the board when you pick then you run to the podium. If Geno plays well all season the only thing that. changes is that perhaps you can consider taking an Anthony Richardson as a developmental guy instead of trading up for Levis or Stroud.

  35. Peter

    DTR…is robert griffin III….let’s argue

    I kid. But seriously he might be my favorite qb after levis.

  36. UkAlex6674

    The FO won’t make a move for Smith. They will stick it out with what they have on D, and when it starts to come good – which it will late down the stretch when Geno shits the bed – they will take great delight in telling everyone its panned out how they intended.

  37. Robert Las Vegas

    It seems like DTR has been at UCLA forever.

  38. L80

    Something I have never seen in 60 years of watching football.

    A player needing a ride to the bathroom to pinch a loaf.

  39. Trevor

    There have to be some LB on practice squads around the league who could come in an offer more than Barton. Why have they not been brining guys in and at least giving them a shot. Pete may be past his expiry date but he is not blind. Barton has been awful and shows zero signs of improvement. If he starts another game this year it is gross incompetence from PC/ JS.

    • DT

      Maybe we shouldn’t have Aaron Curry on the coaching staff, unless you subscribe to the “those who can do, those who can’t, teach” theory…..

  40. Cysco

    It’s looking increasingly like Seattle won’t have a shot at Levis. Hard to imagine a QB needy team taking a couple 1sts and 2nds to drop back if he’s there when they’re picking.

    I wouldn’t be opposed to just getting Anthony Richardson and grab a slew of best players available. The defense I saw yesterday has one single building piece on it. We’re not talking about patching a few holes in the boat, we’re talking about building the boat to begin with.

    Let Richardson redshirt, build up the overall talent level on defense, and maybe this thing is ready for when new ownership takes over in a couple years.

    • bmseattle

      I could totally see something like that happening.

    • Rob Staton

      I can get behind that plan

  41. Sea Mode

    Barton seeing ghosts…

    • Forrest

      I’m so glad to see all the talk about Barton. If you rewind and watch for where he is on the field he’s a liability at every level. It’s not just the ghosts play or the long run or the poor tackling, it’s occupying space around no one long into plays, taking weird angles all the time in run defense, missing assignments, etc. take a look at the long 2nd down conversion after the penalty that had Detroit backed up near their own goal, etc.
      This shows up every week. For gosh sakes, Pete, find a replacement!

      BTW, same thing for kick returner!

  42. Dave

    I don’t think I can watch another game with Barton. He’s absolutely awful. Would prefer to see almost anybody else. A shame that Rhattigan is still injured.

    Pete is supposed to be great at defense yet this defense is STILL struggling. It’s been years now. Time for somebody new.

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