Marshawn Lynch shaped hole still gaping in Seattle

5-3 after eight games?

The exact same thing happened in 2014.

One of two seasons often reminisced about in Seattle started with drama and strife and adversity.

First they had to force Percy Harvin into a role on offense. Then they sensationally traded him to the Jets. Then there was all the talk of Marshawn Lynch refusing to board the bus ahead of the St. Louis game. Then we had the ‘Russell Wilson isn’t black enough’ talk courtesy of Mike Freeman.

With all this playing out in the background, the Seahawks dropped to 3-3, recovered to 6-3, then suffered an ugly road loss to the Chiefs.

It was only then, as a 6-4 club, that the wagons were circled.

The subsequent run — six straight wins to end the season — carried the Seahawks to the #1 seed and eventually the Super Bowl.

It is not beyond this team to have the same kind of turnaround. Nobody who watched that Kansas City game would’ve seen a winning streak coming. The Seahawks were as inconsistent, disjointed and frustrating as they have been in 2017 so far.

Somehow they worked it out.

So what did they have that the current Seahawks don’t?

Lynch is the obvious answer.

Here’s a section of a piece from November 12th, 2014, four days before that Chiefs game:

Replacing Lynch will be the toughest thing this franchise has to do in the post-Super Bowl era. You could argue running backs are easy to plug into an offense. How else can you describe 29-year-old Justin Forsett posting 5.4 yards-per-carry in Baltimore as the fourth most productive runner in the NFL? I think for most teams it’s a valid point. But not for Seattle. Not with Lynch.

He is so integral to this teams identity. He is a phenom, a truly unique runner that deserves to be remembered as fondly as any other running back since the turn of the century. His physical style, ability to break tackles, his attitude on the field. These are not easily replaced by just plugging in another player. The moment Seattle loses ‘Beast Mode’ the team will also lose a part of its identity. There’s no getting away from that.

He’s also a darn good player — the only true ‘star’ on the offense outside of Russell Wilson. The talent drop off will be difficult to overcome for an offense that can’t rely on a brilliant QB-and-WR partnership. Assuming you can’t add a superstar to compensate for his absence, you might need to bring in several players to make up for it. Think about that because it’s a realistic dilemma. Seattle can cope with Lynch and the current group of receivers. But take Lynch away and you might have to pump up that passing game with a couple of additions — not to mention probably adding a new running back.

Looking back on those words today, doesn’t it resonate so much?

The loss of identity. The need to add multiple receiving weapons to compensate.

Everything came true.

It’s stating the obvious to highlight how badly the Seahawks miss Lynch. That’s not really the point. This is about trying to highlight the difference between then and now. Because the Seahawks are arguably even deeper and more talented than they were in 2014 — so you hope they can still make this a Championship year.

In sitting down to write this piece, I wanted to look at that season and see reasons for optimism. All I could glean was how much this team misses having a consistent and brilliant running back.

This stat from Danny O’Neil is telling:

Lynch and Wilson used to share responsibility for the offense. Now it’s all on the quarterback.

He was brought in to be the star point guard, not a one-man LeBron James show.

As O’Neil highlights — on the days when Wilson can’t be fantastic, the team loses. With Lynch, they could survive a rough day for the quarterback.

The idea of a Seattle running back getting over 100 yards in a game is currently unfathomable. It’d be a major surprise if it happened. A 100-yard rusher? What a luxury. We used to take something like that for granted.

It’s something they don’t have now and they miss the comfort and stability that Lynch brought to the offense. He grounded them. If he wasn’t getting the ball, it felt necessary to get him involved. What draws Seattle back to the running game now? The opportunity to see which of Lacy, Rawls or McKissic can struggle for a short gain? It’s too tempting to turn to Wilson instead.

Yesterday is a good example of the difference between the two versions of the Seahawks. In 2014 you imagine they would’ve come out in the second half featuring Lynch. In 2017 they practically abandoned the running backs and put the game on Russell Wilson, trying to chase the big play.

They badly need some balance and some help for the quarterback.

Chris Carson might’ve been the guy, sadly.

What can they actually do without him? They appeared to acknowledge the need to feature one back before the Washington game. Eddie Lacy was the chosen one. He got injured in the first half.

Now what?

It feels like if they’re going to get this right, as they did in 2014, they need that running game. Is it fixable with the players on the roster?

Wilson is currently the teams leading rusher with 271 yards. Carson, shockingly, is the second leading rusher with 208 yards despite missing several games with a broken leg.

They only have two rushing touchdowns — one by Wilson, one by J.D. McKissic. And they haven’t even threatened to establish a ground game or score running TD’s.

Can you really change this now? They’ll try, but is it possible?

If not, is it fair to hold high expectations for this version of the Seahawks if the quarterback needs to be fantastic every week?

And will they ever be as good as they were in 2013 and 2014 without Lynch? Despite all of the big additions — Jimmy Graham, Sheldon Richardson, Duane Brown — it’s the subtraction of Lynch and the inability to replace him that feels the most telling.

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  1. Dylanlep

    Good call Rob. I know hindsight is always 20/20 and they did appear to try to address this in the off season by signing Lacy, but if rb was such a priority doesnt it seem like they missed by not going after the likes of Kareem Hunt and Aaron Jones in the draft? And waiting until the late rounds to even grab Carson? THey had a few clustered picks in that late 3rd to early 4th range and it just seems like the team would be so much better off going Jones instead of say Thompson or Delano Hill.

    • Rob Staton

      I think there’s a bit of hindsight with Hunt and Jones. Some teams are pretty good at installing runners into their system and Andy Reid/Chiefs are one of them. Several guys have been plugged into their offense and had success. Seattle’s not really like that, they need a specific type of runner. Chris Carson could’ve been talked about as much as Hunt and Jones but for the injury. It’s also worth noting that after a fast start, Hunt seems to have tailed off in terms of production.

      I’m not sure what the solution is — but if this roster had Lynch, I think they’d take some stopping.

      • 12th chuck

        do you think its time to abandon zone blocking? They played a power blocking earlier this year and had decent #’s running and passing. I don’t know too much detail on either, and think we need to try something eles

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t know to be honest. I think it’s hard to answer that question without an intimate knowledge of the schemes.

          • Smitty1547

            It seems like in the Detroit playoff game when we went to a more traditional smash mouth approach it worked great.

            • Coleslaw

              These guys are so used to this insanely hard system. Power scheme would be a cakewalk and they’d be so cohesive immediately just because they’re overqualified as a unit on a communication level. I am about to start writing letters to the Hawks pining for a change.

  2. C-Dog

    I think it will be interesting to see how the run game takes off more with the addition of Duane Brown. I thought Lacy and Rawls both looked better yesterday than in previous games. Rawls in particular seemed to run without any sense of patience whatsoever pre-Brown, but that didn’t seem the case yesterday. Maybe knowing Brown is there has a calming effect for a guy who revs high.

    I kinda wonder if the team might have been banking a bit on an eventual combo of Carson mixed with Prosise, as a little bit of thunder and lightning, but injuries gummed up everything. I remember watching training camp practice in August, drooling over the emergence of Carson and thinking that RB was going to be an assortment of riches for the team. Needless to say, it didn’t quite work out that way, thus far.

    It’s also interesting that this issue coincides with what seems to be the year of the RB in CFB. Could Seattle be looking to take a RB high, and maybe even double dip in 2018?

    • Ty the Guy

      Carson/Procise….healthy would be an amazing tandem.


      Definitely need to take a good hard look at the RBs in this year’s classs

  3. Kenny Sloth

    Russell Wilson; too short, too…. White? Lol

    • Kenny Sloth

      Yall the nits are officially picked

  4. Kenny Sloth

    Is Germain Ifedi worse than any other OL to come out of Texas A&M recently?

    Ogbueghi looks like a pure bust these days.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Jake Matthews is OK, but he went 6th overall haha.

      I’ll still take GI over his compatriots for their value.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Even if h does lead the league in penalties by a far cry. 😢

    • C-Dog

      I don’t know if he is worse, but I do think 65 is a great number for a guard.

  5. Nick

    You were prescient in your analysis, Rob. It’s frustrating that the Seahawks abandoned the running game in the 4th Q. Pete et all preach non-stop about the importance of the running game and yet they completely abandon it when it matters most? Mind boggling.

    We had a game where Rawls finally was gaining 4 yards on carries, and we just gave it up. I don’t know what the answer is, but my goodness, the coaching on the offensive side of the ball needs to be addressed honestly.

    The last three years have had a consistent inconsistency—and that is starting incredibly slow starts on offense. Crippling starts that ultimately lead to losses. I don’t believe that is all on Russ…so we need to determine why this is continuing and what we can do to make it stop. Because we are not going to win another SB if we play this way. Rant over.

    • Rob Staton

      I think they struggle due to a lack of something they can lean on in a time of need. It used to be Lynch. Rough start? Go to Marshawn. Now they seem to chase big plays, or they go up-tempo, or they try to get the QB on the move. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Against Washington we chased big plays that never really arrived. The same tactic worked a treat against Houston. They miss that consistent, reliable force that Marshawn provided. And his presence meant they always had to turn to him. It’s too easy to go away from the running game now because Wilson is their best player. They used to have Lynch and Wilson. Now they just turn to Russell. O’Neil’s stat in the tweet suggests he needs some help on the days when he isn’t sensational.

      • cha

        One of the elements that would help RW when he’s not on top of his game is to have some screens. Just some simple, QB confidence-building, defense-massaging plays that can get you 4-7 yards. Unfortunately the Hawks have just never been a good screen-game offense.

        • C-Dog

          Quick passes was the thing that was working magic when Lynch was out for all those games in 2015. If don’t know if it was the OC chasing big plays on Sunday, or if it was the QB when he could have taken what was available underneath. When Washington was sending middle linebackers at him, that seems like the opportunity to take advantage with screens and or draws.

          • Pran

            Game plan is to roll with what worked until it’s taken away… team is desperate to show Something

          • Ty the Guy

            I can understand and appreciate the complexities of the NFL. The difficulties Offensive Coordinators and Assistants have when game-planning and implementing offenses. But like Nick said, “The last three years have had a consistent inconsistency.”

            Those 3 years were basically without Marshawn Lynch. Yes, he was on the roster in 2015, but never fully Beast Mode until the NFC Championship Game/Super Bowl (cringe.) I don’t have the time right now to review the tape, but I can remember struggles. Some flashes of brilliance, but under Pete, we have always been a 2nd half team offensively. Our coaches made solid adjustments at half time and we pulled out victories.

            What worked against the Texans is not a sustainable scheme. More three and outs will soon follow and our championship defense will start to struggle for it. Just like they did against Tennessee and others early this season.

            C-Dog, you said it perfectly. Quick passes can work magic. We can still look for opportunities deep and we absolutely need to find some reliability in the run game. Right now, we run some and look deep a lot. Does Russ’s height play a factor? It shouldn’t. Washington had Zach Brown spying Russ for most of the game. Where was the WR crossing his face? No draws? The only quick hitters were hitches to Graham. I’ll take a few of those, but I’m legally blind and that was predictablly obvious to me.

            Bottom Line: Russ needs to execute his thows. There were WRs missed. We NEED to be able to sustain drives. I believe we can achieve that with a more balanced offense: a few slants, HB screens, draws, etc. THAT responsibility is on Pete Carroll, Darrell Bevell, and their assistants.

            • Nick

              Great call about having WR’s crossing Zach Brown’s face…there was one occasion they did that (who did Russ target—was it Jimmy?).

              • Ty the Guy

                Not sure who it was, but that’s a strategic football play to slow/confuse a spy.

                If anyone has Bevell’s #, I can give him this info for free….. or maybe the coaching staff needs to start following the Blog.

      • LouieLouie

        Hey Rob:
        The O-Line was also different in 2014. They weren’t noted for their pass blocking, but they were top notch at run blocking. The only O-Liner left on the roster today is Britt, and he played Right Tackle then. Sweezy was an excellent run blocker at Right Guard. Even Carpenter was a good run blocker. I wonder how well Lynch would have run behind this line. Not very well, I would venture to say.

        • Rob Staton

          Possibly so

        • Joshua Smith

          While I am sure that the 2014 unit were better at run blocking than our current O-line is, I don’t think that they were ever an elite run blocking line or even a good run blocking line. In my opinion they were just average.

    • ddd

      Fully agree, I thought the running game was working great but the coaching staff just didn’t take advantage of it for two reasons. First, they don’t trust it, and for good reason, it hasn’t given them anything since Carson went out and it is hard to change your mind based on a few good carries in two quarters of football. Second, penalties forced them to abandon it in many instances. Still, to my untrained eye the running game looked miles better then it had in past weeks. With a healthy Lacy I think their is some room for optimism in that regard.

  6. FuzzyLOgic

    We should have traded for Ajayi

    • BobbyK

      Then we could have been without a pick after R1 the entire draft until the 5th round. And we barely snuck Brown in under the cap (thanks to the Wilson restructure) after that deal.

    • mac

      I would also have loved this move. We could of at least gained more picks back by trading down from round 1 to round 2 and hopefully pick up a 3rd that could of picked up a 5th with another trade down. Either communication wasn’t open between John Schneider and Miami, it;s a scheme fit issue or everyone is actually worried about his long term health. Had it not been for the Jeremy Lane fail, it would have been an amazing series of moves to get Ajayi.

  7. Stuart

    Great insight Rob!

    Does the NFL have something like Baseball where trades can happen after the trade deadline? This current group of RB’s will not carry us past 1st round of playoffs, if that.

    Somebody on this site mentioned the 49ers Carlos Hyde before the trade deadline. Also what about Elijah Hood or even bringing up Mike Davis?

    What about starting the rookie Roos at RG this week over Obushi? How could he be any worse?

    It was a beautiful day here today Rob in Seattle and I hope you got to enjoy that with your family. 🙂

    • C-Dog

      I was kinda beating the drum for Hyde. He might end up being at target in free agency this spring.

    • LouieLouie

      Hey Stewart:
      Hindsight is 20 / 20, but Collins is running pretty well this year. Too bad it isn’t with Seattle.

    • Rob Staton

      Had a great day today, thanks!

  8. Seahawcrates

    Yesterday stung. But the offense has moved the ball the last three games, though they haven’t scored with any consistency. Yesterday they beat themselves with a constant regurgitation of penalties and a kicking game that couldn’t compensate for the set-backs.
    I saw a running game flicker like the start of a reluctant, damp campfire. But I’m predicting a heat up. Penalties should be the easiest fix. I know, I know. Early in the year drops retarded the offense as much as the anemic run game. I’m seeing the makings of a more complete offense and smell another run. Keep pace with the Rams, and best them at home and win the division. If that pace is hot enough get a first round bye. Best the Eagles during such a run and who knows. Things looked more clear with a victory yesterday but I still see a winnable path and despite yesterday’s self infliction, a team making strides.

    • LouieLouie

      Hey Sea….
      Often the most penalized teams win the Superbowl. Some of the penalties were pure dumb-assity, but it was the missed field goals that tipped the scale. I hope that Seattle isn’t combing the reject list in two or three weeks looking for a new kicker.

  9. Donovan

    I hope Procise is healthy this week and gets a shot at the feature role. Last yr, he looked great. He’s their most talented back. None of the other backs can be a weapon.

    • Smitty1547

      If he does, he will miss rest of season

  10. House

    I loved the article Rob. Replacing Lynch is something that I feel will forever be difficult. Of the running backs we’ve rostered since Lynch, I think Carson would be the closest and we only had a small sample size. Rawls decision-making is sketchy and he doesn’t have “IT” in my opinion. Eddie Lacy appears to be a BUST and Prosise (as talented as he is) is made of glass. McKissic is a good mismatch piece, but can’t carry the load. I know the cap is ridiculous tight, but I think bringing Davis up from the PS is still within the cap. He’d be hungry to earn games towards Free Agency and it could work twofold. Looking at the draft for a compliment piece might be the most ideal situation.

    I usually rewatch games late Sunday nights after my wife goes to bed and I battle insomnia. I didn’t get to as she went into labor last night and we welcomed the newest member of the 12th Man!!! Myles is SEAHAWK proud! I’ll get to have him home for Thursday game! #gohawks

    • C-Dog

      With Lacy’s injury, we might see Mike Davis sooner than later. Is this team going to trust Prosise to make it through a full game?

    • LouieLouie

      Hey House:
      I think we can let you off the hook for Myles sake, but don’t let it happen again.

    • Rob Staton

      Congratulations House! Great news!

      • House

        Thanks Rob!

    • nichansen01

      Congratulations! Named after Myles gaskin? 😉

      • House

        No. We had picked the names when we found out we were pregnant.

    • BobbyK

      Go Hawks of all ages! 🙂

    • Jusjamn

      Congrats House! Another 12th!

  11. KingRajesh

    I don’t think that the Seahawks NEED Lynch per se, or any running back. Brady, Brees, Peyton, Rodgers, and to a lesser extent, Big Ben, have all gotten it done without any talent at running back.

    What the Seahawks DO need, is to be realistic. Is is possible that, with the talent we have on the offensive line, and at running back, that 100 yards rushing from the RB position is possible? Probably not. If that’s the case, then Bevell needs to throw out every run play on the sheet, and just treat Wilson like the elite QB that he is – and play to his strengths.

    You could hurry to the line, and then let Wilson draw up a play (ala Peyton), throw tons of short passes to RBs out of the backfield and quick intermediate passes (ala Brees and Brady), or just throw it 40+ times a game with moving pockets (ala Rodgers and Ben). Whatever the coaching staff thinks Wilson is best at, lets do that.

    What the Seahawks CANNOT afford to do, is chase the mirage of the running game. This isn’t that team anymore. When the the 2017 Seahawks hand the ball off, everyone knows the play isn’t going to work. We need to throw, throw, and throw some more. We have an elite QB. Lets use him like he is one.

    • LouieLouie

      Hey King:
      I don’t think we can abandon the running game. During the 4th quarter against Houston the play action still worked, even though the running game was nil. If nothing else, it keeps the defense honest.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I agree = the Seahawks haven’t lost their identity as much as they are not willing to embrace their new identity. Maybe next year they can reload with the big running back that the fans want.

    • Tien

      The problem is that IMO, while Russell is a very good QB, he’s not elite yet and so if your game plan assumes/is dependent on elite QB play, it might not be very successful. Plus, I still believe that to go deep in the playoffs, every team needs a solid running game to complement the passing game. Remember how we destroyed the Broncos’ best ever offense in the SB? Sure, that D was incredible but it also helped that the Denver offense was mostly one dimensional.

      • Matt B.

        Ultimately taking away that steady rushing presence makes for higher variances in terms of score on the offensive side. More three and outs because you’re taking bigger shots and relying on lower % plays to work. When it works (Texans Game) it’s awesome, when it doesn’t (this game) it looks like a mess. I go back to the horrible injury record we’ve had at RB since that season when Lynch got hurt. We haven’t been able to establish any sort of a rhythm in the running game because we can’t keep a back healthy. It seems to my untrained eye that there’s a bit of a symbiotic relationship between a RB and an O-Line in terms of knowing timing and where the holes are going to appear, that takes time to gel unless you have a line like the Eagles or KC where the holes that the O-Line are creating are gigantic. Feels like we keep second guessing ourselves in terms of finding our offensive identity.

  12. nichansen01

    Dilly dilly!

  13. Zpsi UW

    I really appreciate the civility of this website, have been following it for years mainly as a lurker. People just love bashing Tom Cable, but what does he have to work with? I understand Duane Brown was a huge pickup and he played well on Sunday, and Britt has been solid but the talent is simply not there! Schneider is to blame here because he overloaded the defense, which in theory is not a bad strategy, but putting all the eggs in the Tom Cable basket to create miracles obviously is not working. It is extremely difficult to be successful as an offense without a run game, I firmly believe Rbs are among the most replaceable positions in football along with Fullback, Kicker, and Punter. I dont blame the backs, Schneider’s gamble did not pay off! No one wants to criticize him ever!

    I think the problem with the fanbase is that people have a reputation bias that absolutely hampers their judgement. For example, Schneider imo is no doubt one of the best Gms in modern football history, but it should not give him a get out of jail card every time he makes a bad decision. Instead of evaluating through a comprehensive lens why not evaluate people through each action they make? No one is perfect! Russell had a terrible game today, how many posts are criticizing his play? Lets just be more objective! I get that precedence and history are important, but there is always more room to be more logical!

    • C-Dog

      Is it John, or is it Pete saying, “I don’t want to let KJ go; I want to extend Cliff; we need to reward Kam; we need to hang onto Bobby; we need to extend Bennett,” could this be the case?

      Pete is a defensive minded coach who is also the Vice President of the team. John essentially works for Pete. They can differ, but I believe the coach holds the veto power. It could easily be a philosophy from the HC that he believes a strong veteran defense mixed with a unique playmaking quarterback who can make up for the deficiencies of the OL is enough to win most days, and he would rather maintain that veteran defense.

      • Tien

        Good points from both of you Zpsi & C-Dog. I think the truth about what went wrong is a combination of what you both brought up.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I think the coaches have a lot to work with. Some of that talent was wasted. Percy Harvin was a classic case of someone that they couldn’t control. Ultimately it probably cost them a superbowl. Yes- there are ways to modify his behavior.

      Focused on the near term, what’s with all the penalties? When will special teams ever quit blocking in the back? The players are at fault but so are the coaches. And when will they ever field a decent offense on Game one of the season? Some other teams are capable of doing that = perhaps it is their coaching since they are able to do it every year.

    • nichansen01

      He has three first round picks and two second round picks, that’s what.

    • Jusjamn

      We’ve got nice problems to have right now. When Pete and John are gone, the poor next guys will always be compared to the duo that almost got us back-to-back superbowl wins.

      They have invested in the O-line. It just hasn’t paid off. Although I will forever hate that we passed on DeCastro.

  14. LeoSharp

    The type of player I really think will be essential for an improved running game.

    Dimitri Flowers 6’1 247lbs FB Oklahoma.
    He can operate out of the backfield in twin and I-formation sets. Works frequently as an inline blocker and is more than capable as a receiver out of the backfield. He also showed ability as a lead back against Iowa state 2016. With Willson a free agent after this season he would be a more than capable replacement. He’ll also be a massive upgrade at the fullback position something this team sorely needs.

    • C-Dog

      I would love to see more playmaking potential out of the FB spot, for sure.

      • Sea Mode

        Say no more:

        NC State HB/TE/FB/OW Jaylen Samuels
        5-11, 223

        This is another “baller” like McKissic in the sense that you can just get creative and get him the ball in any way possible. He’s extremely versatile and a huge mismatch in the passing game from FB, and we had a ton of success with Reece in that role (and on that huge play with Tre Madden up the middle). He can also take the handoff as RB as well, has the ideal Seahawk RB size. Not sure about traditional FB run blocking credentials though, but I think the passing threat out of the backfield is more valueable anyway.

        Stats: Highly productive, has 4 receiving TDs and 8 rushing TDs so far this year. In 35 games played over the last 3 years, he has 41 TDs total. Yes, you read that right: 41! And that’s in the ACC for good measure and with Matt Dayes taking a ton of the touches until this year.

        2015 Highlights:

        OC Quote: “He’s got great vision as far as being able to accelerate through the holes. And he knows what speed he needs to be at to get to the hole. There’s really no other way to describe it, other than he knows when to push the gas or let off the brake a little bit,” Drinkwitz said. “He does a great job with spatial awareness. He’s got really natural hands. He can catch anything. With the ball in his hands, he’s as dynamic as it gets.”

        Points he knows he needs to work on: blocking and film study

  15. D-OZ

    I am all in on Flowers!!!! Like him a lot…

  16. Hawk Eye

    there is another missing element to the Hawks right now that may rival the “Missing Lynch.”
    Where is Bam Bam?
    I know he is getting good grades from PFF and I think he is better in coverage, but when was his last big hit? he got a good hit on Davis and seemed to shake him up (brought back memories??), but he has not been noticeable this year.
    He brought the fear to this defense, the same way Lynch gave it to the offence.

    I hate to agree with Simms, but I don’t think the Hawks have an elite defense anymore. Still very good, but while they dominate bad teams, they don’t scare anyone anymore and they give up a lot of big plays and letting teams convert on 3rd and long. 7-8 pro bowlers by reputation, but there are at least 4 or 5 defenses playing better right now.
    I still think they can put up a game where they look like the 2013 Hawks, but I don’t think they can do it for 4 or 5 games in a row.

    • AlaskaHawk

      If they were elite they would make more 3rd down stops. Perhaps someone could track that ratio over the years?

      Its to be expected that safeties won’t age well. A few in the league will last – but most are pretty used up by 30.

    • C-Dog

      Arizona ran AP 37 times against San Fran. I think this Thursday might be a game where we could see a little more of those vintage Bam Bam plays if they intend to keep running him like that.

    • Mark Souza

      Hawk Eye, Bam Bam’s last big hit was on Sunday when he knocked Vernon Davis out of the game for a while.

      • Hawk Eye

        yes Mark, I mentioned that hit in my post. I don’t think Davis did anything after that. But that is the only one I can remember from this year.

        • Smitty1547

          Davis has to have bad dreams staring KAM in them

          • Hawk Eye

            yeah, only big hit Kam has had all year and it is Davis.
            Will probably be “injured” if they play again

  17. no frickin' clue


    Two additional thoughts:

    1. Do you think the Seahawks are overly enamored with the concept of the explosive play? Or, maybe more specifically, explosive plays through the air? How many times did Russ try a deep ball against the Skins only to see it fail? Now in some cases, the reason for the big throw was dictated by penalties pushing us back beyond 10 yards, but I get the sense that the Seahawks offense now is almost the polar opposite of how the Patriots played against us in SB 49. We have an incredibly talented WR corps (in my opinion) and rather than try and work the ball methodically down the field with higher-percentage plays, we’re trying to hit the big one all the time. We’re playing old-school English soccer when we ought to consider playing like Barcelona instead.

    2. The signing of Duane Brown and underperformance of home-grown talent like Odhiambo (3rd round), Glowinski (4th round) and arguably Ifedi (1st round, leads the league in OL penalties this year) suggests to me that if we remain highly committed to SPARQ as a tool in identifying OL talent, then maybe we’re missing something. It might be worth a look at the guys around the league who (a) were not drafted in the 1st round, and (b) are considered good young OL players – and then reviewing the draft profiles of those guys. It’s either that, or the sample size is simply too small to know if we’ve simply been unlucky in identifying the hidden OL gems that other teams (aside from Dallas, which focused on the known gems) have found.

    • Rob Staton

      1. I think against Washington they chased the big play in the passing game. I suspect they thought they needed something to get things rolling. It’s not a terrible idea to be fair — they just couldn’t make it happen. And later in the game they were a little less inclined to throw jump balls deep. The success they had here against Houston made it more likely I think. And to be fair — this plan worked against the Texans. When they needed big plays they got them. So I’m not sure it’s that they’re too enamoured with explosive plays — more that explosive plays helped them against Houston and one big play could’ve swung the Redskins game had it arrived in the second or third quarter.

      2. I don’t think SPARQ is the key with the O-line. What we’ve been able to identify is they have a physical ideal. Not every player recently has matched up to it — which suggests a tweak in what they’re looking for or considering. But considering the entire NFL is struggling to find good O-liners — and college O-liners are ill-prepared for the pro’s — identifying a ‘type’ is not a bad idea. I have to stress again — there aren’t teams out there finding great O-liners later in the draft and doing things dramatically different to Seattle. This is a league wide problem. And the teams with high performing O-liners (Dallas, Tennessee, Oakland) are the teams that have either invested early round picks into the OL or spent major dollars in free agency.

      • Peanut

        No team would be able to pay a top 5 QB, top 3 CB,Linebacker, safeties, some awesome DL, a weapon at TE, Doug Baldwin and after all that, still afford an o-line like Dallas, Oakland or Tennessee. Decisions has to made when O-line talent is found. Would we rather have had these years with the trio in our backfield, Boddy and KJ or Doug Baldwin, or would we rather had payed up for Okoung?

        I take our defense and the line we have now over shifting to paying more to linemen.

    • Matt B.

      Thought on the Explosive passing play, do you think our WR corp somewhat dictate that usage? Our three top receivers (Baldwin, Lockett and Richardson) are all more speed/agility receivers that thrive in creating space as opposed to outmuscling DB’s for contested balls on short throws. I continue to hope that Darboh could be that “possession” type of receivers that can box out DB’s for those shorter throws…

  18. Ty the Guy

    Rob, I sense a lead up to a few RB scouting profiles coming soon? I sure hope so.

    Determining how effective a college RB will be in the Seahawks’ offense is no easy task. Who would have predicted Chris Carson’s success? Apparently Pete Carroll. We are looking for a tough, decisive runner who can get through the whole fast and get maximum yardage out of each play.

    I have not given full effort into checking the upcoming class, but as of right now my RB crush is Damien Harris from Alabama.

    What are your guys’ thoughts and suggestions? I’m never a fan of drafting a RB in the first round, but I have found myself for the first time in years saying that the Hawks most glaring need is a reliable RB instead of the o-line (although it’s still close.)

    • icb12

      Why aren’t you a fan of drafting a RB in Rd 1?

      5 of the Top 10 leading rushers currently were 1st round picks. 2 of them are 2nd rounders

      2016 was a odd year, but still the leading rusher was a 1st round pick
      2015- 6 of the top 10 were 1st rounders, including the top 4
      2014- 2 of the top 10 were 1st rounders, multiple 2nd rounders
      2013- 2 of the top 10 were 1st rounders, multiple 2nd rounders
      2012-5 of the top 10 were 1st rounders, multiple 2nd rounders

      and you can keep going.

      But history has proved that if you want a game changer at RB, Rounds 1 and 2 are where you find those guys.
      I’m not saying it’s not possible to find game changers late in the draft. Because there are certainly those guys that make it; but if you want to make that commitment to the run game, then you need to make drafting a top level RB a priority.

      and lets not forget that the guy we all miss- the centerpiece of this very article— yup, first round pick.

      As a sort of side note- I don’t feel like the seahawks are Averse to picking a running back highly. It’s just that their respective draft positions have left them out of reach of the top level guys. Reportedly Gurley was the tops of their draft board a couple years ago.

      • Ty the Guy

        Misunderstood…slightly. I am normally not a fan of drafting a RB in the first, because I was of the opinion that you could find someone serviceable in another round.

        This season has definitely made me rethink my opinion.

    • Rob Staton

      • Sea Mode

        Easy speed + vision for days + ideal solid RB build + zero college fumbles! + sticky hands + KR value = still #1 on my list for Seattle at the top of R2 after the inevitable trade(s) down.

        Ability to recognize and quickly bounce the run outside is second to none I remember scouting.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Such a fluid mover. Deceptively fast, man. Thick for a speedy guy, too.

        • C-Dog


        • LeoSharp

          He seems like a Christine Michael type, great athletic traits but can’t break a tackle. Got good hands but his route running is poor. Not really a replacement for Procise, who can do everything except stay healthy. Don’t really see where he fits on the team unless you just want to replace Mckissic.

          • Sea Mode

            But I’m not looking for a replacement for Prosise, I’m looking for a lead back.

            And I have to disagree quite completely on the CMike comp. What makes you say that? I see almost completely the opposite when I watch Penny: a guy who is not going to blow the doors off of the combine athletically, but is faster than he looks once he hits the field and gives you in spades the one thing that CMike never had: vision.

            • LeoSharp

              The comp is really their inability to break tackles. His vision is great but he definitely won’t have that amount of running room in the Seattle. He’ll need to show he can keep driving his feet and run throigh contact instead of being instantly stopped.

      • Ty the Guy

        Yes please. Plays with passion too.

  19. vrtkolman

    Here are some special teams stats –

    Seahawks rank 28th in yards per kick return, 18th in yards per punt return, 12th in yards given up per punt return (not bad but certainly not at the historic level of 2013). I would imagine they are near the top in the league in special teams penalties. Pete Carroll always stressed the importance of special teams, but it’s been trending down significantly. At this point, Lockett should be taking a knee on every kick return that goes into the end zone.

    • Ty the Guy

      Pete believes in big play ability. Lockett has that.

      That being said, take a knee and the field position.

      However, other than the penalties, I’d say special teams hasn’t had an overly positive or overly negative effect on the outcome of games this year. Pretty on par.

      Other issues need prioritized.

      • vrtkolman

        Well except for last week. I’d argue that not having an impact is actually a negative with how much Pete stresses special teams.

      • BobbyK

        I would say Lockett used to have that. I don’t see anything explosive in our return game anymore. Maybe it’s worse blocking, maybe it’s Lockett and the injury from last year, but B. Walters would be better at the present time because at least he would allow the team to start from the 25, whereas Lockett usually returns it not as far as that and then there’s usually a penalty to back them up even more.

        • Kenny Sloth

          I disagree totally. I think outside of penalties and place kicks, our special teams are looking quite strong.

          Lockett specifically looks ready to break one in the coming games

    • vrtkolman

      The Rams special teams are unreal. First in kickoff return yard average, fewest punt returns allowed, they have maybe the best punter in NFL history and one of the best kickers in the league right now. They are so balanced everywhere it’s crazy. It’s really crazy to think about, but since 2012 the Seahawks have had to deal with another elite team in their division every single year except last year. 2012-2013 – 49ers, 2014 – Cardinals until Palmer went down, 2015 – Cardinals, 2017 – Rams. It’s been a challenge and looks to be that way going forward.

    • Peanut

      Can´t really remember the last time Lockett, or any returner, had a good return for us.

      Question, does return ability translate well to the next level? Lockett was a force on return in College, and started promising. Is he scared after his injury, or has our blocking just been that bad?

      • Jason

        Does Lockett still have the big play ability in the return game? To my eye he doesn’t seem the same at least in the return game post injury.

        • vrtkolman

          He seems really hesitant to me. The blocking is pretty much non-existent, unless it’s in the back.

      • Mac

        Lockett has never been a Percy type of returner. He fits the mold of Leon Washington and maybe a slowed down Devin Hester. He used to use his vision and patience for blocks. Nowadays he’s running right into tacklers. I think the problems in our return game are a combination of his lack of patience and the fact that we are carrying a lot of veterans that aren’t used to contributing on special teams. We use to carry backup linebackers, cornerbacks, wrs etc. that were special team aces. Now we are carrying experienced vets in their place like Bradley mcdougald, Terrance garvin, willhoite etc who aren’t exceptional special teamers but behind them are inexperienced rooks. Would love to know Robs opinion!

  20. YankinTa

    Sorry,, but even when Marshawn was playing well, our Rushing attack ranked average (15th to 17th) in the NFL without QB/RW’s rushing totals/average.

    Wake me up when Tom Cable and Kris Richards have been fired. 🙂 It’s been 5 years too long and 3 years too long. It would be insane to expect different results if Pete is unwilling to make these two changes….Albert Einstein would agree 🙂

    • Rob Staton

      You can’t just remove Wilson’s rushing totals and use the stats. They ran a lot of read option. Teams crashed down on Lynch and the Seahawks deliberately had Wilson run in those situations. That was the gameplan. They have a mobile QB and used that to their advantage in the running game. If they had a pocket passer quarterback they wouldn’t run these plays, Lynch would’ve had more carries and the numbers would be different.

      You might as well say ‘well Wilson threw the ball a lot but let’s not count the passes to the tight ends because they’re not real receivers’.

      • Peanut

        Does Seattle run less Read option now?

        • Rob Staton


          • RealRhino2

            It’s funny, I was just thinking about this a lot while I was working today. Maybe this is a central problem. I’d like to go back and watch 2012 and 2013 game tape and see what my impression is about Russ and his usage.

            Because what it FEELS like now is that we’ve decided we can’t risk Russ like we used to. Early days, he ran more, took off on scrambles, etc. Then it’s like we decided, hey, this guy’s really good so he’s really valuable, and he’s taking a lot of hits. We can’t *afford* to have him running so much. And he should add weight to better absorb the contact he IS getting. That in turn makes him a less effective runner, BTW.

            So we’ve purposely diminished our offense because of concern about losing Russ to injury. Same think Carolina said they would do with Cam this year. And then when they saw they kinda sucked because of it, they seem to have once again thrown caution to the wind and started running Cam more, all to the better.

            If you aren’t giving your all in the hopes that you preserve something “safe,” maybe the “safe” thing you’re left with isn’t really worth preserving.

            • Rob Staton

              I don’t think there’s any extra attempt to protect Russell. I think what we’re seeing is a complete inability to run the ball — and therefore nearly every game is on Wilson to provide magic. A much greater issue.

  21. Ukhawk

    Rob. I feel this is a prelude to some serious Lynch successor scouting ?!

    • Rob Staton

      For sure, RB has to be a big focus for us moving forward now. Especially with Duane Brown on the roster filling the LT need.

      • Ukhawk

        I’m in the same movie, mate

  22. nichansen01

    I say trade up for Barkley!

    • Sea Mode

      Can we literally just count that out from the getgo this time around please? Was never gonna happen with Fournette last year, not happening with Barkley this year either.

      Everyone Just say to themselves: I admire the player, but would rather be a contending team than have a realistic shot at an almost surefire top 5 pick in the draft.

      • BobbyK

        Says a team with no pick in the 2nd or 3rd round and no pick in the 2nd round the following year, too.

        • Kenny Sloth

          13 day 3 picks and our next 2 firsts lol

  23. GoHawks5151

    I think it is reliability of the threat that’s missing more than consistency of loss production. When healthy Thomas Rawls had as many big rushing yard games as Marshawn. The ability to suck up the defense and open up the middle and back of the field. The opposite happened Sunday as WAS was conceding the run to cover the pass. Easy to gain rush yards against a 5 man box. There is something to be said about taking what the defense gives you. We got a little greedy. Thus far we have not really utilized our best threat players in my opinion. Those would be Russ and Doug as they are the only 2 who force the defense to change. If the best CB travels with Doug as Norman did it should present a chance to feature other advantages in 1 on 1’s (Paul’s Speed, Jimmy’s size etc). He needs to be a bit of a decoy is spots. When hes not, he should run the 2 WR quick game possibly out of the stack look they like. Bubble screens too. We are all aware how defenses are coming after Russ. Playing smart is his best bet. Sometimes its best to take whats there. With Brown now blocking the threat of the Zone read should pop back up rather than the defense just sitting on Russ and taking their chances with the runner. The wild card to me is Prosise. look at the Pats and Eagles games last year and see how they adjusted when he was on the field. He is special as a pass catcher and good between the tackles. He just needs to stay on the field. Also side note McKissic needs to be the returner now. Lock has lost it back there.

    • Sea Mode

      Totally agree on this point of taking what a defense gives you instead of trying to force yourselves to play a certain way.

      If they are giving up the underneath stuff, for example, just dink and dunk them with Doug until they commit to covering it. If they leave Jimmy in single coverage, have him box out and toss it up to him for 5 yards until they have to adjust. If they don’t keep a spy on RW at all times, call a couple QB keepers until they are forced to do so. Then the deep shots and run game start to open up and you are more consistently in a down and distance situation that allows you to safely take those shots and still keep the drive going.

      Tying this into the theme of Rob’s article, maybe what’s missing is not the next Marshawn (let’s face it, we could be waiting for a very long time…), but the willingness to accept that without him, we simply aren’t the same team we were and should adjust the gameplan accordingly instead of trying to force the issue.

      I’m not suggesting we totally abandon the run game, but there are other ways to impose your will on the opponent besides just running it down their throats like we were accustomed to for many years. And I remain optimistic because I have zero doubt that this team absolutely has the talent to do that in many ways, it’s just a matter of finding it and trusting it this season before it’s too late.

      • GoHawks5151

        “Maybe what’s missing is not the next Marshawn , but the willingness to accept that without him, we simply aren’t the same team we were and should adjust the gameplan accordingly instead of trying to force the issue”

        The mental and ego-centric hurdles always seem to be the hardest to get over for this team. They are most certainly more talented on Offense than when the Beast was here. They just have to buy into the concept of ball distribution. People have won it all under that philosophy, we may too.

  24. Peanut

    Is it just my un-trained eyes, or are most of our RB runs, a run straight into a wall of grown men? Are they trying to find a gap, or testing their potential vs a brick wall?

    • vrtkolman

      It’s not just you. They did fire the running back coach in the off season. I’m wondering why now.

      • FAN Person

        Offense is about making a victim of the defenses ‘weak link’. But Pete is too dam STUBBORN just to attack that weakness, over and over, exposing the other team into a landslide victory.

        He projects his defensive philosophy of “can’t win until the 4th quarter” on to the offense, WHICH IS COMPLETELY WRONG!!!!!

        Offense CAN WIN the game in the first quarter, second quarter, third quarter…it is called SCORING POINTS!!!

        • Smitty1547

          Man I could not agree with this post any more, we might as well run are back up QB out there for the first half and bring Wilson in at the 4 min mark, its beyond frustrating.

          There was a point last week I was disappointed when they punted, thinking we had a better chance to score with are d on the field.

          It reminds me of the old Michael Jordan joke, can anybody hold him under 20 a game, yes his college coach Dean Smith. Let Wilson go create tempo, its the only time we are any good. Lets play with a lead, that way we don’t get beat at the end when one or 2 plays do not go are way. Taking the air out of the ball is for the less talented team.

  25. Doug

    Pete’s philosophy is to run to set up explosive pass plays and wear teams down in the end. They simply don’t have the personnel for that this year. Usually teams that can’t run the ball use a short passing game to set up the run, but I’m not sure Wilson or the SEA WR’s are suited for that. So either Pete has to abandon his philosophy until they have the players available that fit that style, or they have to play to the strengths of their team. I’d scrap the traditional run game and use Prosise and McKissic more in the pass game. Only use Rawls enough to keep the defense honest.

  26. FAN Person

    The MAIN problem is Pete Carroll’s philosophy. He is a defensive coach, and is COMPLETELY WRONG with his offensive philosophy…

    Seattle’s offense ALWAYS starts SLOW, in the season, in a game, etc!

    Whereas a defense Wins the game in the 4th quarter, or loses it like this week, the offense does NOT operate under that same STUPID axiom!!!

    If Seattle had scored 21 points in the first half, the offense would have WON the game in the FIRST HALF! Offense CAN WIN a game in the first quarter, first half, 3rd quarter, etc!

    Defense ends games, Offense Starts Games!!!

    His IGNORANCE is super telling in this regard. It is like he likes quagmire games and the pain and suffering that is thrust upon the team for being SO WRONG!!!

    Not only does Darrell Bevell LACK any ability to respond accordingly to the defense of the other team, SCREEN PASS A–HOLE!, he is a total loser at adjusting to his weak O-line, and his QB being BLITZED!

    ZERO screens, ZERO bootlegs, ZERO misdirection plays. Pete FORCES the offense to play this antiquated and losing approach of, “We are doing this thing, so beat us!” That Pete applies to his defenses.

    Offense is about match up nightmares, of which we have many, but they use ZERO!!!

    How can we watch other teams, like LA, and watch them SLAUGHTER opponents because of a Creative and Dynamic approach to play calling and structure, and NOT get upset with the total STAGNATION of Seattle’s talented offense because of HORRIBLE coaching, and the WRONG philosophy!

    This team has become UNWATCHABLE!!! They play like a bully that doesn’t realize the other kids have OUT grown them, and no One, I repeat NO ONE, fears them anymore!

    Richard Sherman fear? NOPE!! Completion after completion!

    Jimmy Graham matchup nightmare? NOPE…he wastes his life BLOCKING!

    Tis team is SUFFERING because their Best player Russell Wilson is STARVING for someone to set him free!

    Bevell is a DISASTER! Petes’ offensive philosophy is a total Dumpster FIRE!!!

    I can’t stand watching this team consciously make the WRONG choices, leaving them looking like a JV squad, with SO many talented players…

    It is SO MUCH better watching the fricking RAMS!!! Their Coach actually CARES!!!!
    He Actually KNOWS how to run an offense!

    And with the defense looking mediocre, what’s left in Seattle??? NOTHING!!!

    • Nathan W.

      …. are you okay?

      • CestrianHawk

        Probably got a sore throat with all that shouting.

        • Alex6674

          Cestrian Hawk – where are you from?!

          • CestrianHawk

            Over the Pond … like Rob. Been supporting the Seahawks since the early eighties when I spent several years visiting Seattle.

    • 503Hawk

      I decided a long time ago to watch my beloved Hawks on tape delay. I get more done around the home, spend more time with my family, and certainly don’t get nearly as frustrated. (When I got home midway through the 4th against Wash, at the end of the game I just deleted the tape.)
      Maybe you should try that. Life is too short to get worked up over stuff like sports.

  27. Del Tre

    Marshawn made up for our inability to scheme a proper offense, we had to hand him the ball, he was just that good. Now we are all over the place with inconsistent playcalls with the inability to stick to either the tun or the pass. I think we all know Russell can’t account for 85% of our offense if we want to win a superbowl this year, especially in an offense so reliant on personal. Rob you hit it on the head, we are unwilling to move on and indecisive because of it, we have no identity on offense, honestly this team would be better off with a new OC or at least some fresh blood in the offensive coaching staff, it won’t magically fix everything but it might help us let go,
    There is a prime example of how important coaching is in our own division. Jared Goff will never be more than a league average QB he doesn’t have the poise, the accuracy, or the ability to accurately read a defense, but McVay has made it so easy on him, every week their gameplan caters to both their players personal strengths and the opposing teams weaknesses.
    Flip over to the Seahawks and you see a team forcing players into roles that render them half as effective, jimmy Graham running bump routes every down like it makes a difference, calling streaks on 3rd and 3 with no underneath route to Lockett or Doug, two slippery receivers good in space who could make a 3 yard catch into a 10 yard gain. Theres plenty of blame to go around but when its been 3 years of nearly unfathomable offensive incompetence its time to cut off the head and let what was die. I feel like the hardest part is watching the defense suffer, every time they all look so sick of it, another 3 and out, another drive ended at the 50 or just out of fieldgoal range.
    I could tell midway through sundays game that it would be similiar to New Orleans and Tampa last year, a game thats biggest story was the offenses inability to get anything going.
    Ok my rant is done, sorry guys i like everyone else was incredibly frustrated by the chaos that followed Eddie Laceys injury. How can a team get that lost, they didn’t have any plan B?
    Great article Rob, sorry if that was too much of a hot take.
    Go hawks

  28. BobbyK

    The weakest link of the team is right guard. Then it’s RB. But Carson showed he’s legit when healthy.

    • Greg Haugsven

      I wonder if Pocic rolls to RG when Joeckel comes back.

      • Pran

        Don’t understand why Rees didn’t kick inside instead of pocic. He was drafted for LG in 3rd and lot more experience than the rookie. Cable makes some really dumb decisions at times..

        Nowak as C
        Gilliam as LT
        Ifedi at RG
        Glow at LG last season and at RG this season
        Sowell at LT and some other FA (don’t remember name) for RT

        • Sea Mode

          My gut says Brown – Odhi – Britt – Pocic – Ifedi as well, and I think we will move to this lineup in this coming off-season.

          I’m pretty sure there are two main reasons this isn’t happening already:

          1. It seems they want each young player (Pocic, Ifedi) to have a vet next to them. A very understandable choice IMO. That explains why Aboushi is still in there at RG even though Pocic is about as good and offers more upside.

          2. I think Pocic is much more technically sound for playing on the inside than Odhi, who played mostly LT in college IIRC.

  29. FAN Person

    TONY DUNGY called out the Seattle D for that last Washington winning drive.

    Why bump and run? TWO 30+ yard receptions! Tony couldn’t believe it!!!?!!!

    So was that Coach Richard LOSING the game by his horrible play calls??? (Like Bevell?)

    Are BOTH of the ‘coordinators’, offense and defense, the problem??/

    • Rob Staton

      How do you know Carroll didn’t make the call on the coverage?

      (Don’t answer that, let’s leave it be!)

  30. Aaron

    So…basically the Hawks are a 9 or 10 win team not an 11-13 win team then. Good to know. Expectations adjusted. Don’t see us getting past the wild card round again, whether we host that game or not. We’re basically treading water then as a franchise. Disappointing to see, but not at all unlike the Packers. They always fall short of their lofty expectations, except for that one year when they won SB45. Not everyone can win multiple SBs. Not everyone is the Patriots, in fact no one is. The Hawks are a flawed team and won’t be the team we want, but they are the team we get.

    • 503Hawk

      Yah, Aaron, I think that is correct. Just about everything went Seattle’s way in 2013. Then SD showed the league how to beat Seattle’s D. Then in 2014 NFC Championship game vs the Packers the Hawks needed “7 acts of God” to win. SB49 was decided when J Lane and C Avril went down. (Both on INTs.) Didn’t help that ETIII, Kam and Sherm all came into the SB injured.
      I think one of the things that sets NE apart is Belichick’s willingness / ability to adapt. (Think chameleon.)
      I feel that unless things change from the top down we will be in the 10-6 to 11-5 range and lose in the WC or Divisional rounds. 🙁

    • neil

      All that is true but the Patriots are the team they are because of Belichick. They deal with injuries and turnover of multiple players every year, just like all teams. Belichick just has a way of getting the best out of what he has. His way if changing the game plan each and every week to exploit the opponent’s weakness sets him apart. He gets the best out of his players by letting them know, they perform or there on the bench or gone.

  31. RWIII

    Rob good call. However, with that said. The offensive line and especially Germain Ifedi and Oday Aboushi need to quick shooting themselves in the foot. They NEED to get their head in the game mentally.

    • WALL UP

      With Aboushi and Ifedi, you get what you have. Aboushi is a grizzled vet that utilizes nuances of bordered play to prolong his career. Not overly talented, but smart enough to protect against quality linemen which will result in holding from time to time.

      Germain is young physical specimen, lacking that veteran savvy as expected, who hasn’t learned when not to hold. I also mentioned about Germain, prior to being drafted, that he had an element of being mechanical in his movements, rather than naturally reacting to the opposing players on “D”. Can he shut off that ‘M’ motion and just relax a bit in his play? I just don’t know. Thus far, he hasn’t. He’s had constant reminders to that effect. I guess you get what you have??

  32. H M Abdou

    Carroll never should’ve gotten rid of CMike (you knew I’d go there, Rob!)

  33. swisshawk

    In my opinion two changes in the offseason could help this team in the long-term:
    1. If you see Russell as your starting QB for the next decade (as you should), build a roof over century link (only half joking). It would be really nice if Wilson didn’t have to play something like 4 home games each year under circumstances he almost always struggles (wet & cold). This could be espacially helpful, if their identity is indeed slowly changing into a more pass orientated offense over the long term.
    2. Dilaimer; Pete Caroll is a f*cking legend and one of the best coaches ever! BUT I think you should part way with him after this season. Why? In my opinion he seems to stubborn to acknowledge that it’s Russells offense now and his (stupid) structure of offense just drives me (and probably a lot of other people) crazy. I would seriously consider replacing Caroll with an offensive minded coach (McDaniels, Reich,…), fire Bevell (he could be victim of the current structur, but if you start over on offense, I would rather do it entirely), “demote” Cable to OL-coach and let Richards run the defense without big influence of your new head coach.
    I know this post seems like a desparation move, but the disfunctionality of the play calling structure on offense and the believe that you only have to score points in the 4th quarter drives me mad. We have all the talent that is needed to not only field a really good “yard offense”, but to beat teams in the first half if necessary (but when did we lead with double digits at halftime the last time?).

    • swisshawk


    • Ty the Guy

      I whole-heartedly disagree with you, swisshawk. I have been frustrated with the offense for years now. Even when we were successful, I did not see the success as sustainable.

      Disclaimer: I am an old school guy, who believes in balance on offense and that the run sets up the pass. If you have a strong running game it helps in so many ways. Time of possession, rest for your defense, potential for big play-action plays, mentally demoralizes a defense, etc.

      I know this has been a quick snap reaction for a lot of us: Darrell Bevell needs to go. THAT is Pete’s mistake IMO. Bevell can be creative at times, but I don’t think he can orchestrate the offense the way Pete truly desires and I put the first half stagnation on him and the offense as a whole for not executing.

      Keep Pete as long as he wants to coach. Wouldn’t trade him for anyone.

  34. AlaskaHawk

    After reading all the Marshawn Lynch nostalgia, I just wanted to point out that even Marshawn needed an offensive line to block well enough for him to get past the line of scrimmage. He was stopped plenty of times behind the LOS when defenders penetrated. He was also stopped a number of times on 1 yard to a first down type plays. When the blocking was there, he was wonderful.

    Now that the offensive line has changed from cheap rookies to three first rounders and two second rounders – my expectations are going up.

    • C-Dog

      There were some encouraging signs last Sunday.

    • 503Hawk

      AK. If I could respectfully disagree with you on one important point about Marshawn… He had (still has as I saw in the Raider game Sunday) the ability to make the first guy miss. In fact for a “power-type back”, I believe his combination of strength, ferociousness and balance is generational. I don’t have the numbers in front of me, but Marshawn led the league not only in yards after contact, but also broken tackles and missed tackles!!!
      My strong opinion, he deserves to be in the HoF. (I just wish he wasn’t such a %#&@ diva.)

      • AlaskaHawk

        My strong opinion is that he took advantage of the Seahawks when they renegotiated his salary ahead of schedule and front loaded more money.

        Another opinion is that he will forever be remembered for his beast quake run that changed the playoff game against the Saints. I think your right that he had the most yards after a tackle as anyone I’ve seen. Right up there with Earl Campbell.

        He carried the offensive line. But he still needed a hole to run through. Perhaps someone can refresh my memories, I think that the second abortive Super Bowl – with the slant pass that got intercepted. Was set up by Marshawn not making a yard on several other series earlier in the game.

        I was watching highlights of his last game with Oakland. He broke through the line and made a couple moves that had one defensive guy so turned around that he ran right by him for a touchdown.

        • 503Hawk

          Interesting discussion.
          Concerning SB49 and the decision to pass vs running Marshawn… What I understand (I believe it was from post game presser w/ Pete) is that the coaching staff (as they always do – “self scouting”) had charted that giving the ball to Marshawn down near the goal line had a success rate of only 20% (if I remember the numbers correctly). So, they had planned if that scenario came up in the game, as it did, that they would call an alternate play.
          Personally I have no problem that they threw the ball. Remember, NE had subbed their “heavy” package in. My issue is that they threw into traffic instead of getting a one-on-one on the outside. In that case, it is most likely a TD or incomplete. If it is incomplete then they would run Marshawn on the next play.

          Concerning Marshawn’s attitude; apparently there are some stories starting to leak out about what a diva he was, much more so than any of us realized.

          • AlaskaHawk

            My memorie blurs but I think that was the season they were at 2nd and 1, ran three running plays into the middle and were stuffed every time.

          • Rob Staton

            I think it was quite clear, if never clarified by the team, that Lynch was an absolute nightmare at times for the team. Almost a law unto himself. And his departure was inevitable.

            The problem is — he was so important. And replacing him has proven to be PCJS’s greatest challenge.

            • AlaskaHawk

              I think he was good for an extra 2 yards, even without good blocking. So if the team doesn’t have Marshawn or good blocking = where are they at??? Its a tough one. Rawls seemed so promising. Then Carson seemed promising. Now Gurley seems promising but he’s on the wrong team.

              • Hawk Eye

                I would say that other than quarterback, never try to have a system where 1 player is irreplaceable. Injuries happen in the NFL more than any other sport. Your QB goes down, you are fighting for a better draft pick. Gronk goes down. NE still wins the SB. Earl goes down, the defense collapses. If they lose Sherman? Wagner? Baldwin? To depend on Lynch to overcome the line becomes a huge issue when he is not there. Does Seattle adjust scheme to cover up the lose, or is it just next man up?
                How does Seattle compare to other teams in this regard?

                Failure to plan is planning for failure.

  35. Preston

    Hey Rob,

    Fanrag just posted an interesting mock draft, in which the Seahawks land Christian Wilkins. But more surprisingly the Packers pick Hercules Mata’afa one pick earlier.

    I’ll say first that I have a bias in favor of any Cougar, but what are your thoughts on this mock? Do you think Mata’afa is a better pick than Wilkins? Having watched him every Saturday for the last few years, he’s been a fast riser who has an unbelievable get-off and knack for causing disruption.

    Here’s the link:

    • Preston

      Also want to mention that both Mcaffery and Bryce Love struggled mightily against WSU. Mata’afa had a big role to play in that.

      • Ty the Guy

        The Cougs will have a few guys off this defensive squad playing on Sundays in the future. Mata’afa, Luvu, Woods, Thompson, and more. Grinch has them playing live action football and carrying the team.

    • Rob Staton

      I think Wilkins will go top-15. So while I like Mata’afa — I think he will struggle to compete with Wilkins’ stock.

      • Preston

        That’s what I found so surprising by that mock. Thanks for the reply Rob!

  36. cha

    Dion Jordan activated, Odhiambo on IR with multiple finger dislocations, headed for surgery.

    Earl Thomas doubtful for tomorrow night per Rapaport.

    • Del Tre

      Well luckily Thomas being out isn’t what lost us last game, hopefully we take advantage of a beat up Arizona

      • Kenny Sloth

        I disagree. I think that game goes completely differently with Earl out there

        • Ty the Guy

          Earl is our unicorn. There is not another safety like him in the game.

          We are a different team without out him, attitude-wise, confidence-wise, and schematically.

          Against Washington, the Doctson play, notice no safety over the top. Yes it may have been drawn up that way to lure the safety to the middle. But if Earl was on the field, I’d wager he would have been of the vicinity of the catch. And I’d also bet that he would have gotten there in time to disrupt it.

          • C-Dog


          • Hawk Eye

            i think you are right. McDougall got there too late. Earl would have been there like a bullet

          • Kenny Sloth

            I don’t want to get into specifics, because they don’t even draw up the same plays if Earl is on the field. There is just zero offensive scheme that can dictate what Earl Thomas does om the field.

            I think the only gap of talent as wide in the NFL from #1 at the position to #2 as it is from Earl Thomas to say maybe Reshad Jones is MAYBE JJ Watt at 3-4 end

            • 12th chuck

              don’t forget about Griffin. He let his man over the top on the last touchdown drive and basically gave up. McDougal stopped him at the 1/2 yard line. I know everyone here knows our D is stingy with goal line t.d’s, so I don’t blame him for not letting him score to save time. Griffin is doing good, and has had a couple of bad games with a couple of good plays made. Consider it growing pains I guess

              • AlaskaHawk

                Maybe he thought the safety was coming over to help?

                • 12th chuck

                  not according to Pete C. during an interview

  37. cha

    Wow. Packers cut Marcellus Bennett with ‘failure to disclose medical condition’ designation.

  38. nichansen01

    Wow. We are carrying 10 defensive linemen right now…

  39. Robert Las Vegas

    Hi Rob I know it’s just one game but if the Hawks win on things they will be 6-3 yet if they lose they will be 5-4 I know it’s just game but it feels pretty huge

    • House


      Do you live in Vegas? Maybe we can grab a beer or something sometime. Just moved back here and someone mentioned a Seahawks Pub here.

      This game has big ramifications. We are currently 1 game behind the Rams in terms of the standings. Keep in mind, we beat the Rams so when our records are identical, we hold the tiebreaker. Losing to the Cards would put us in a 2nd place tie with ARI. Not where we want to be

      • Ty the Guy

        Yes it is a big game. Not to be all Russell-ly, but every game is a championship game now if we want to sniff home field advantage.

        Let’s not forget the CLink and the 12’s can make a world of a difference.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s a must win game for sure.

    • vrtkolman

      It’s a massive game. If they lose, you are looking at them missing the playoffs completely with their remaining schedule.

  40. House

    With Tre Madden and Rees Odhiambo on the IR and Dion Jordan being activated, the roster sits at 52. Has anyone seen anything on Shead lately?

    • cha

      PC said on Monday radio show I think that Shead wouldn’t be off the PUP to practice this week.

  41. C-Dog

    They activated linebacker Josh Forrest from the practice squad to take the place of Madden’s spot. They won’t be carrying a fullback this week.

    • Forty20

      Sheldon Richardson has a little bit of experience at fullback from his tenure at the Jets. Could be an option if we want a lead blocker tomorrow.

      • C-Dog

        That’s a really good point, and could be fun to watch.

    • House

      Thanks C-Dog. Missed the Forrest promotion

    • Hawk Eye

      given the lack of production in the running game, and with no fullback contributing either runs or catches, not sure what will be missed. Rather see 2 tight ends, with JG lined up as a receiver.
      Can also use Vannett and Willson as some sort of H back

      • vrtkolman

        Completely agree.

      • cha

        I wouldn’t mind some jumbo package action. Line up Tobin as an eligible receiver and ram Rawls down their throat. Then spring Prosise on some slash runs.

  42. Sea Mode

    Hmmm, I know of a certain NFL team that likes them some “different cats”…

  43. Sea Mode

    Just for fun, I checked Duane Brown’s TEF score coming into the league:

    6041, 315
    32.5 vert
    9’0″ broad
    24 bench

    2.94 TEF
    92.52 wTEF

    He is basically the lineman all our TEF projects should aspire to become.

    • vrtkolman

      He was also a conversion project! Tom Cable’s ideal lineman.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Almost matched Ifedi!

      • Volume12

        Did u see our boy OL Tyrell Crosby got a SR bowl invite?

        • Kenny Sloth

          If they had a QB this year he’s an all-american imho

  44. Volume12

    3rd week in a row that Seattle has scouted Udub. 3rd or 4th time for Stanford *cough RB Bryce Love *cough.

    • cha

      Wonder if they’re looking at the UW LB’s. So deep Victor can’t get on the field much. Lots of speed and athleticism there which tick off the LB boxes.

      • Volume12

        Udub: WR Dante Pettis, HB Lavon Coleman, DT Vita Vea, O-lineman Kaleb McGary and Coleman Shelton, SAM Azeem Victor

        Stanford: HB Bryce Love, DT Harrison Phillips (one of the more underrated interior pass rushers), LB Bobby Okereke (looks like a special athlete), CB Quenton Meeks, S/DB Justin Reid

        • Rob Staton

          I like Phillips. Gaines and Vea too. And Love.

    • Volume12

      This cat caught my 👀 Tuesday night.

      Buffalo WR Anthony Johnson (6’2, 206) JUCO transfer, accounts for 37% of Buffalo’s targets and 42% of their TDs.

      2017 stats: 63 rec, 1048 yds, 8 TDs, 16.63 YPC

      Anthony Johnson vs W. Michigan (2017):

      • Kenny Sloth

        Those are Seahawks percentages

        Wasn’t Richardson like 50% of his teams total yards on offense or something

        That was a crazy two years for WR

    • Volume12

      That’s because Victor got beat out by a FR and is transitioning into being a DE.

  45. Volume12

    Let me do my own here. Been seeing quite a few of these. Agree disagree?

    Mid-season 2017 All Rookie Team:


    QB- DeShaun Watson
    HB- Kareem Hunt & Leonard Fournette
    WRs- JuJu Smith- Schuster, Cooper Kupp, and Keelan Cole
    TE Evan Engram & George Kittle
    OL- Ryan Ramcyzk, Cam Robinson, Pat Elfein, Dion Dawkins, Garrett Bolles


    DEs- Myles Garrett & TJ Watt
    DTs- Dalvin Tomlinson & Naz Jones (I’m a little bias here. He might not have the stats, but he’s a playmaker)
    LBs- Jarrad Davis, Jalen Reeves-Maybin, and Myles Jack (I consider him a rookie. He didn’t play last year)
    CBs- Marshon Lattimore, Tre’Davious White, & Shaq Griffin (in today’s game, gotta include a nickel)
    S’s- Jamal Adams, Montae Nicholson

    * had to add HB/OW Alvin Kamara as well. Special talent

    • vrtkolman

      I’d replace Shaq with Rasul Douglas, although both are pretty comparable. I think Kamara passes up Hunt sooner than later, Hunt is trending down.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Jourdan Lewis has been a baller this year too.

    • C-Dog

      Not crazy at all. I think Naz and Griffin have both outplayed their draft spots.

    • nichansen01

      I was telling everyone to give Montae Nicholson a chance… looks like I was right.

    • nichansen01

      Nice to see Marshon Lattimore playing well.

  46. AlaskaHawk

    I was just looking at a popular draft site. According to their picks, the sweet spot for running backs is top of second round = with a wide variety of picks including Chubb in that range. Food for thought if there is a trade down from the first round.

  47. Greg Haugsven

    Shit!!!, just needed that Zeke suspension to last one more week so we didn’t have to face him. Well at least my fantasy team doesn’t have to face him this week

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      I feel as I’m most confident our club does.

      Bring on Zeke!

      You can’t be the best until you’ve beat them!

      Go Hawks!

  48. AlaskaHawk

    Rob- If your awake, how about a game thread??

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      Game Thread


      Seahawks vs. Cardinals

  49. Greg Haugsven

    Tim Jernigan signs 4 year $48 million extension. That’s a good measuring stick for Sheldon Richardson.

    • C-Dog

      That was my exact thought.

  50. Greg Haugsven

    Oh, did you hear that noise? No that wasn’t my first beer , it was the noise of the Hawks about to open up a can.

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      They both sound delightful Greg!

  51. nichansen01

    More of the same, more of the same

  52. nichansen01

    Ifedi getting penalized, Jimmy Graham being soft, Russell Wilson underthrowing receivers.

  53. vrtkolman

    Coleman is just a lot better than Lane.

    • Kenny Sloth

      He’s hungrier. He’s playing with his hair on fire. Something we haven’t seen from Jeremy for over a year.

      • vrtkolman

        Agreed for sure. Playing for that 2nd contract just brings out the best in guys.

  54. Kenny Sloth

    That was a no look touchdown pass from Wilson.

    Trade Jimmy Graham fs tho rite?

  55. Kenny Sloth

    Can Quill Griffin and his smile be seahawks forever?

  56. vrtkolman

    Seems like the refs are making sure this isn’t a blowout too soon.

  57. nichansen01

    Are we trying to set a new penalty record this season? It felt like we are getting a penalty on every play.

    • vrtkolman

      How many have been legit?

  58. Rowdy

    Why do seahawks get so many touch fouls but have to be mugged to get a call

    • vrtkolman

      It’s been a thing since 2013.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Like literally.

        Its insane how crazy more penalized we’ve consistently been since winning the Superbowl

  59. nichansen01

    This game feels rigged.

  60. Forrest

    These penalties -_-

  61. nichansen01

    This should be a blowout, refs are making this seem so fishy.

  62. Kenny Sloth

    That’s what happens when you give a team 80% of their yards on a drive

  63. Rowdy

    Major block in the back not called

  64. nichansen01

    Fire the refs! This is blatantly rigged.

  65. nichansen01


  66. Kenny Sloth

    Ifedi…. Thats not how you play OL.

    • Kenny Sloth

      And then he nails a beautiful recovery step and smothers the speed rusher from a trailing angle.

      After just pushing his guy before

  67. nichansen01

    When will the NFL do something about the crazy amount of penalties?

    • Del Tre

      They won’t, apparently offensive players can do anything to Griffin and if he attempts to play D its a penalty, total horse crap we see this all the time when we play the Cardinals, they try to make the game interesting with penalties, all it does is make fans tune out

  68. Thy Hawk is Howling

    Every 3rd play is a penalty on the Hawks and every 7th is a commercial. Frack you NFL you are ruining the game with your ways!

    • Kenny Sloth

      Thats why I like soccer now

  69. vrtkolman

    A hold on special teams? No way!

  70. Ty the Guy


    Our SAM LB of the future?

  71. Kenny Sloth

    It was all part of Jon Ryan’s master plan to pin em for a safety

  72. nichansen01

    Ifedi… what was that…

  73. Forrest

    Jesus Lord Mother of Buddha!!! Stop with these penalties!!!

  74. nichansen01

    Wilson, holding onto the ball too long

  75. vrtkolman

    This offense truly has zero identity. There is like some inner war going on between 5 different armies and no one is making any progress.

  76. Pran

    Coaches are spoilt by all the talent. Guess we are the new jaguars

  77. Kenny Sloth

    Good stunt protect there

  78. Thy Hawk is Howling

    Barry Sanders knows mortgages and car’s give you a sense of materialistic identity.

    Thanks NFL;

    • Kenny Sloth


  79. vrtkolman

    Maybe that Rawls run just sparked something? We can hope.

  80. AlaskaHawk

    I wish the Seahawks would throw a screen play once in awhile!!!! Man lots of penalties ronight. Makes that first non call in our receiver who got hit early even worse.

  81. Thy Hawk is Howling

    The Blair Walsh Project for 3 !!!

  82. nichansen01

    Refs hate us

  83. vrtkolman

    They still haven’t figured out what a catch is yet?

  84. vrtkolman

    Shaq! Super stud

  85. Kenny Sloth

    There’s Ifedi on his fucking knees

    This has been an extremely up and down game and season for him overall.

    I hope we move him back to guard to let him get his hands om guys

    • vrtkolman

      Well it did take Britt 2 position changes before he figured it out…

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      Yeah Kenny M8 I am always very meticulously paying attention to your comments, you are my favourite personality on this Blog. You have been a big Germain supporter and now you think maybe guard is his best position? He seems like the perfect RG athletic Aggressive guard.

    • Ty the Guy

      Agreed that Ifedi would probably proper at the RG… then kick Rees Odhiambo out to RT?

      Is Joekel coming back next year? If so do you mive him or Poscic out to RT?

      Or does RT become a need in the draft:FA?

      Persinally ould go with the draft/FA if Joekel wants the same kind of money he is fettinf.

      • Kenny Sloth

        I think you don’t change anything right now. The depth chart is set, but you take stock of needs when you have the full season to review.

        We’ll see who we have around after the season and what the future will hold on the OL. I dont think its safe to say we won’t go that direction in the draft, but we’re looking to make up a ton of picks already. Hopefully these are mostly growing pains and we have a well developed line next year with some depth and competition added to a group of confident starters.

        Wishful thinking perhaps, but the beautiful thing about versatility is it can match your needs. If we think we can get someone who would lock down the RT spot then its a no brainer to kick Ifedi back inside.

        Britt found his best position this way. They needed him in different spots and he was available to do the job.

        I think Ifedi would play better at guard, but only because of a current lack of awareness and confidence to be on an island against a speed rusher with solid counters like Chandler Jones

    • AlaskaHawk

      I didn’t like him at right guard either. That won’t fix his false starts.

    • Pran

      How about on the sideline.. we only have one center position

  86. vrtkolman

    Arians gave Seattle 3 free points by going for it on 4th and long on Seattle’s 35. Not only that, but a deep shot?

    • Kenny Sloth

      Must not trust his kicker

      I think that timeout had a lot to do with it. Really seemes like Stanton saw something he liked before the whistle blew.

      • vrtkolman

        Could have been. Their special teams has been a wreck all season.

    • cha

      That was stupid. 6 pt swing.

  87. Kenny Sloth

    It should be noted that this sunday was fucking snowing and windy as shit for no reason in the area

    Maybe that had to do with Blair Walsh not drilling em down the middle

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      Exactly Kenny windy and rainy with a billionaire owner at home comes down to stadium construction and design when you play in Seattle!

      Sometimes the Weather is like Bruce Arians!

  88. Thy Hawk is Howling

    Bruce Arians is a Bitch.

    I most likely would never say that to his face. He just has this way to him. I don’t hate him, He just needs to open up just a tiny bit!

  89. Forrest

    Are they trying to trigger us?

  90. Pran

    81 yards of penalties and 7 points of it already. Will we reach last weeks #s? Pete must be toying with refs to see how many are too many. Let’s see who wins Pete or refs!

  91. Pran

    Which is the worst OL? Cards seem better

  92. Rowdy

    Another bs call, what’s with calling anything that looks like a penalty?

    • Nathan W.

      This officiating is just downright atrocious…

    • AlaskaHawk

      At least two bad game changing calls in first half.

  93. Nathan W.

    Okay, okay… I’m not usually one to lament how crappy the refs are… BUT ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Of all the calls, the hands to the face call on Coleman was ABSOLUTE GARBAGE. His hands were nowhere NEAR his face….. Ughhhhhhhhhh. @nichansen01 you’re right this game is rigged.

  94. vrtkolman

    Seriously is this game rigged or something?

  95. Volume12

    I understand that Seattle is always going to have a high % of penalties on the O-line due to how difficult it is to block for RW, but these penalties on defense are bush league. Cheap football. Bad football.

    Every 3rd down is a flag.

    • Volume12

      There’s another one.

      • Volume12

        Flag here?

    • Pran

      Cards just need to take care of the ball and get to 3rd and manageable.. refs will take care of rest.

      Btw.. 0 sacks given up by up cards. This is the so called worst OL against the best DL

  96. Volume12

    Oh god. A Jeremy Lane sighting. When is Shead back?

    • Volume12

      Confirmed TRASH.

  97. Rowdy

    That was unwatchable Arizona has been doing that all game

  98. Forrest

    Lane -_-

  99. Thy Hawk is Howling

    That was barely holding on Lane it’s getting very unwatchable! What is the NFL going for?

    I’m bewildered!

    • vrtkolman

      That was a legit penalty on Lane.

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        Maybe it was, my eye’s have become tainted

        • Del Tre

          No it wasn’t he was going for the ball, very ticky tack bullshit right there.

          • Del Tre

            Oops sorry rob frustrated meant to say crap

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      Rowdy I typed unwatchable before I saw you felt the ssme way. That’s not a good way to describe the NFL it’s ridiculous!

    • Volume12

      It really is. I’m close to tapping out on football honestly.

      • Volume12

        What’s with this video game, Madden like camera view too? I thought it would be cool when I heard about it earlier, but its not a good look.

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        “Tapping out” a WWE reference. See I care Vol!

        • Volume12


  100. Volume12

    How tough is Russ man?

    • vrtkolman

      Concussion again? You could argue he got one last week as well at one point.

      • Kenny Sloth

        NFL concussion protocol:

        “Do you have a concussion?”
        “He’s good”

        • vrtkolman


  101. Volume12

    I was a big proponent of Ifedi, but he might need to be benched.

    • Volume12

      Draft a RT and make Ifedi compete his a** off.

      ‘Always compete.’

    • Kenny Sloth

      Dude…. Its like he throws every fundamental out the window as soon as he sees a speed rusher

      • Volume12

        He tries to jump the count. He make progress and then regresses. I don’t get it.

        • Kenny Sloth

          He literally does.

          Okung did it a ton too, but he was definitely more talented at that age.

          Ifedi is a guard maan

          • Kenny Sloth

            Rob called it, he can look like Kelechi Osemele.

  102. nichansen01

    This game is completely unwatchable.

    Can’t believe we lost Brown and Griffen.

    • Volume12

      All of the Cards points have come off 3rd downs where a penalty was thrown. Shouldn’t even be close.

  103. Pran

    Man.. atrocious OL n play calling. Wish we spent the same draft capital on RBs instead.
    Bev and cable should quit ..Pete won’t ask

  104. nichansen01

    Surprise surprise. Prosise injured.

  105. nichansen01

    Insane amount of injuries

    • Volume12


  106. Forrest


  107. Volume12

    My god! No flag?

  108. nichansen01

    Sherman down. Doesn’t look good.

    • Volume12

      Thursday night football except on Thanksgiving was always a bad idea.

    • Volume12

      He’s hurt.

      • vrtkolman

        Hurt his achilles, not good at all.

        • AlaskaHawk

          Youch I hate seeing all these injuries. Even when they win they lose .

  109. nichansen01


  110. Nathan W.

    NO FLAG???

  111. vrtkolman

    Lane is completely awful. My goodness.

    • Volume12

      Haha. And he misses a gimme pick.

  112. nichansen01

    Shaq back in

    • vrtkolman


  113. nichansen01

    Or quil I mean

    • Kenny Sloth


  114. Rowdy

    Funny that that same play was opi against us last week

  115. Volume12

    Sherm out for the year

    • AlaskaHawk

      It didn’t even look like a hard tackle. Darn it.

      • Volume12

        Tore his Achilles.

    • vrtkolman

      Were about to see how important Sherm really is, maybe even more than Earl. Our corners are going to get roasted on both sides of the field now. The pass rush is already suspect. Heartbreaking, pretty much season ending injury. What a disaster the last two games have become.

      • Volume12

        Still got ET and Shead coming back. It’ll be a challenge with Avril and McDowell out for sure though.

    • Pran

      There goes another season down the drain…

  116. Volume12

    Ifedi is getting his a** kicked! Oh my goodness.

  117. Thy Hawk is Howling

    Richard Sherman just mouthed he “Tore his Achilles” on the sideline. I trust Richard’s prognosis, that’s Why he shoved the medical doctor/training guy.


  118. Volume12

    Love that play call!

  119. nichansen01

    Wouldn’t say the season is over. Look at the UW huskies…

  120. Kenny Sloth


    • nichansen01

      Effort issues?

    • Kenny Sloth

      That was some Blindside Sandra Bullock ish right there

    • Volume12

      He’s got all the natural talent in the world and the right mindset, but the technical aspect escapes him right now. Next year will be very telling for him.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Absolutely. And if he’s not a pro bowler I gotta eat a tweet and that just shows


        how big a believer i am in


        • Kenny Sloth

          Tom Cable as a coach.

          Nice play tho

  121. nichansen01

    We need Shead back. But let’s not overreact.

  122. Nathan W.

    Would have been nice to have the speed that Reddick provides on the edge. He’s having himself a nice game tonight.

  123. nichansen01

    We’re going to win this game. We will be 6-3. Just need to keep winning.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Just need to go into the playoffs on a hot streak

  124. nichansen01

    Tobin sucks

  125. Volume12

    They cannot keep starting behind the sticks like this.

  126. Volume12

    Play of the god damn year! My god!

    • Volume12

      That is not humanly possible.

    • Ty the Guy

      Classic Houdini!

  127. nichansen01

    That was insane. Craziest Wilson pass I’ve ever seen.

  128. vrtkolman

    Haha! Baldwin for MVP

  129. nichansen01

    This is why the season isn’t over. This offense can be special.

  130. Forrest


  131. nichansen01

    The season is never over when Russell Wilson is your QB.

    • Kenny Sloth

      The truest take you’ve ever had

    • vrtkolman

      I want to believe, I really do.

  132. Rowdy

    If Sherman is out the year, are chance of winning a Superbowl are gone.

    • Rowdy

      Not trying to be a Debbie Downer but but elite playoff teams will pick lane apart. That Baldwin play was absolutely insane though.

      • vrtkolman

        Ideally Lane doesn’t see the field. Griffin is the new #1 with Shead being the #2, Coleman plays slot. It’s not great, Richard is going to have to really scheme something up against the Eagles/Rams/Cowboys. Were not going to be able to just line them up and beat them.

    • nichansen01


      And no, they are not.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Yeah cause no-one has ever won the super bowl without Richard Sherman

      • Volume12

        It’ll be tough, but if there’s one team I would put it last its this group. Shaq, Shead, and J-Cole is still a really good unit. Just need 1 more guy for some depth.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Imagine next year if we can retain Richardson and Brown, maybe pick up a back and another young WR.

          Get some fucking confidence on the OL.

          McDowell and Reed and Richardson and Jones and Avril and Bennett and Clark and Smith and Jordan

  133. Forrest

    Trade Jimmy F****** Graham they said!!!

    • AlaskaHawk

      That’s what I’ve been waiting for!!!

      • AlaskaHawk

        I meant the touchdown catch by Graham!

  134. Thy Hawk is Howling

    In a way I want to see our Team become I can score more than you playground style! That is our One hope , we still got Wilson and that boy doesn’t give up!

    Go Hawks

    • Rowdy

      The only way we can go the distance is if d-line can straight up wreck olines

  135. vrtkolman

    What are the chances Sherm makes it back before next season starts? Torn achilles is unfortunately a devastating injury especially for athletes that rely on quick twitch.

    • Volume12

      I never understood the trade him talks. U dont just replace a guy like that. We’ve seen it with our running game.

  136. Volume12

    Anyway Pete can talk WT3 outta retirement?

    • vrtkolman

      Maxwell is still available… that makes way too much sense.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Not bad 👳

      • Forrest


      • nichansen01

        Shead and Shaq. That is all.

        • nichansen01

          *quil oops I keep forgetting

    • Volume12

      Ain’t Maxi still out there?

  137. Forrest


  138. PowerPeanut

    Any word on Shead? Thought of Lane starting oppsite of Shaq ( He’s been good, but still a rookie) is not a happy thought..

  139. House

    F*cking Thursday games suck!!!

    – Prosise to IR. Bring Davis up
    – Figure out what’s up with Sherman. See what the deal with Shead is

  140. Kenny Sloth

    Bevell should be fired because he can’t get Jimmy Graham involved in the redzone

    • Ty the Guy

      First game in a few years that I haven’t had complaints about Bevell’s play calling. Not that they played perfect. But they started with a stronger commitment to the run game and found ways to isolate Jimmy in the red zone. And Russ finally pulled the trigger to JG.

  141. nichansen01

    Richardson and Clark BOTH down

  142. vrtkolman

    Richardson and Clark killed each other.

  143. Volume12

    Sheldon look he got a wicked stinger. Clark bruised thigh?

  144. nichansen01

    Dion Jordan – now THAT was a bull rush

  145. vrtkolman

    Dion Jordan! That was a beast play right there.

  146. Kenny Sloth

    Dion Jordan looking not out of his depth

  147. vrtkolman

    Fitz is taking over now that Sherm is out. Julio next week? Ugh.

    • nichansen01

      Falcons are a dumpster fire right now

      • vrtkolman

        True, but they have been competitive in every game aside from New England. They aren’t a pushover by any means.

  148. Volume12

    Good for Jordan man.

    • Kenny Sloth

      For real.

      When has he had good coaching?? Chip Kelly played him as an off ball linebacker

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        Sorry to correct you Kenny you meant Marcus Smith (Philly) Dion Jordan – Miami Dolphins

        • Kenny Sloth

          I’m a Ducks fan…. 😜

        • Kenny Sloth

          Funny to think he had a part in poorly developing both players

          • Kenny Sloth

            Clock management and situational football is far more important than gadget plays and gimmick offenses.

            Football is the most chess-like major sport I can think of.

            And a flea flicker only works once

          • Thy Hawk is Howling

            Oh oops I understand. I figured you never got anything wrong, you understand how I misinterpreted that.

            • Kenny Sloth

              Surprised yoy doubted me!

              I mostly just try not to declare a bunch of shit all the time, but I’m still plenty wrong.

              And theres a ton of grey area in scouting so its fun to debate

              • Volume12

                Oregon has a dude right now, Jalen Jelks who has a lot of Dion Jordan in his game. He’s an interesting player for Seattle if he comes out this year.

  149. nichansen01

    Naz jones and Dion Jordan are awesome. Can’t wait to finally see McDowell on the field some day.

  150. vrtkolman

    Naz is such a good player already, I’m so impressed with him.

  151. nichansen01

    Finally McDougald does a thing

  152. Volume12

    Love Shaq. He’s a rookie and he understands this scheme so well. The WR gets into to that deep third third the field, pass him to the safety.

    • vrtkolman

      He’s breaking up pass after pass. That long bomb on 4th down that Nelson “dropped” before halftime? That was partially broken up by Shaq.

  153. Forty20

    ‘Last of the Legion’ is a pretty bad arse moniker for Kam. One of the few cool things to come out of this game.

    • nichansen01

      Haha was thinking that. Epic new nickname!

  154. vrtkolman

    There goes the last of the legion. Don’t worry, Shaq will carry the torch going forward.

  155. Thy Hawk is Howling

    Wow, Jeremy Lane blocked a punt? Or am I having a mushroom flashback?

    Reality come hold me!

  156. Nathan W.

    “we have a flag down… of course we do”.

  157. Volume12

    This game shouldn’t of even been close. Not that it was until the last 20 seconds. But those penalties on 3rd downs are getting ridiculous. Couple of them were ticky tack, but still.

  158. PowerPeanut

    As I look at that W, here at almsot 6 AM ( god damn timezones) I will ask myself; “Was it worth it?”

  159. Forrest

    Please, Football Jesus, no more Thursday games.

    • Volume12

      Just awful. Every game this year has been bad. There’s no point. I get the Thanksgiving games in Detroit & Dallas, but other than those just stop.

  160. Volume12

    LMAO. Russ talks just like Pete. Cool IV right now. I relate !owing my pops early too. 💔

    • Volume12

      * losing

  161. 12th chuck

    devastating win. our depth showed up on d line, had plenty of qb hits, hoped for more sacks. Prepare for Byron Maxwell to be back I guess. hope Kam, Clark and Richardson are ok. rest up Sherman, see you next season

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