Instant reaction: Seahawks lose again


  1. Peter

    4 straight losses and five straight losses to the niners.

    Put a fork in this regime.

  2. Peter

    And this team on Monday night….

  3. Joseph

    Cue the excuses and cutting some slack from the pathetic Seattle media and Pete supporters. I wonder what excuses they’ll come up with 🤔

    • Noah

      It’s just about the execution, just gotta tidy some things up here and there. But how good was Bobby Wagner today?

      • Palatypus

        At the Heisman Trophy Awards, they asked Bo Nix, “What does it take to be a leader?”

      • Chris

        Just gotta tidy up some things …

        Such an empty platitude.

        Teams aren’t going to do the same thing every time. It will be something different next week, and the week after, the week after, etc.

        Getting it right the FIRST TIME is kind of the entire point. By the time things get “tidied up” after the fact, they barely even matter anymore.

      • Chris

        Sorry, that sounded like it might’ve been a shot at you Noah. I know you were just quoting Pete.

        • Noah

          It’s fine Chris, don’t worry I knew!

          It’s all the same stuff every week – we can predict a Pete press conference so far on advance it’s ridiculous, full of rubbish

  4. 12th chuck

    this team is wasting so much talent on the offense. No creativity, seem almost gutless most of the time. Now I almost wish that Wilson got his wish, and got Pete fired lol

  5. Lord Snow

    Didn’t see the game. I hope someone brings up answers to these following questions:

    Is Gino Smith 28 million $ better than Drew lock?

    Regarding the 6-day window to cut or resign Gino can you just offer a two-year deal to Drew lock before the sb season ends and make it Team friendly with the offer that he’ll be in the mix for the starting job. Then you can move away from Gino within the 6-day window without revealing to the NFL your plans to draft a quarterback

    • pdway

      honestly – he looked pretty comparable – and I don’t think he was really the problem today. threw one bad pick and one that wasn’t really his fault (and should have had another), but he looked mobile, and threw a decent ball. As always, when things really mattered – our O-line came up short and allowed bad pressure every time.

      But this loss was mostly about our soft defense. Niners are probably the best offense in the league right now, so they’re gonna move the ball and score – but we looked so slow today. Jamal and Diggs are just stealing the seahawks money w the way they’re playing. It’s depressing.

      • Lord Snow

        Thanks. At first glance when I saw 28 points I wondered if Seahawk apologists would say that’s not too bad for the defense. Then I looked at the team stats and it was 500 yards of offense for San Francisco which is again another embarrassment regardless of how good the offense is you’re facing

    • Jabroni-DC

      Is Gino Smith 28 million $ better than Drew lock?

      If it’s a choice between Geno at $31M vs Lock at say $6M in 2024 I choose Lock.

  6. Denver Hawker

    Now sitting on #13 overall

  7. Pran

    Sean McDermott is a defensive coach, Pete is not.

  8. BobbyK

    Rob – perfect visual for this post (Adams chasing Deebo with “Yikes”).


    • Palatypus

      He needs to be much further behind.

  9. BobbyK

    I want a young QB with potential on a rookie contract. I want that QB to receive the ball from a quality center. I really believe the offense is in good shape in terms of talent.

    The constant antics of DK Metcalf and Jamal Adams prove what a joke Pete Carroll has become and why change at the top is needed.

    DK is an awesome talent but he’s someone a new regime should trade if “culture” is valued by the new coach, much like Pete did with Housh in ’10. Adams being gone in ’24 is simply a no-brainer (like the space between Adams’ ears).

    At least we’ll always have 2013 (Feb. 2, 2014).

  10. BobbyK

    I really thought John Schneider had gotten GM control of the team based off recent history. I didn’t believe any sane GM would have agreed to trade for Adams. However, this Leonard Williams trade (no 2nd rounder this spring AND no 5th rounder in ’25) I really think there needs to be a fresh start like there was in 2010. I was okay with Schneider taking the reigns after Carroll leaving… but that seems like lunacy at this point, too.

    • Turp

      I’ve thought about this over the years, but JS had to buy into the fact that they thought they were contenders in order to deal those picks for #99 (and for Adams, too). So I agree, no reason to keep JS either. In any case, as long as Pete is fired/retired/voluntold to leave, it will be better.

    • Chris

      Not sure why folks give Schneider a pass.

      If we excluded drafting, and looked at every other part of a GM’s job (negotiating good value contracts, managing salary cap, making good value trades, etc) what ranking would Schneider be as a GM? About 30th at best?

      Let him run the drafts then. He shouldn’t be involved in any other decisions.

      • McZ

        Everybody can have two hits in a draft with this amount of firepower the Seahawks had the last two seasons. They basically squandered their capital for feature players, one-trick-ponies.

        The Rams just hit on Avila, Evans, Allen, Nacua and Turner.
        The Niners hit on Luter, Latu, Moody and Bell.

        Apart from Witherspoon (I’m generous here, because I see huge durability concerns), there are no hits in this Seahawks draft class. And their player development is in shambles.

        We need a thorough restart.

  11. God of Thunder

    I can see THREE quarterbacks worthy of a top ten selection, and ideally the Seahawks manage to grab one of those three in the draft. These are Williams, Maye and McDaniels. I’ve left Sanders out as he might not declare for the draft and I’ve really not scouted him.

    Additionally it is possible after the Senior Bowl and Combine that a couple of other QBs creep into the top twenty. But obviously it’d be best if they get a well regarded signal caller as opposed to taking a flier on Penix or Nix. IMO.

    • God of Thunder

      I meant Daniels not Mc-Daniels…

      • IHeartTacoma

        Come on Seahawks, 6-11 is within reach!

        Roll over like Spaniels for Daniels.

        • Peter

          Nicely done.

          It’s all coming together.

        • Big Mike

          Nice I literally LOL’d

          • God of Thunder

            I lol’d too!

  12. STTBM

    After last week’s game, I’m done blaming DK. I understand his frustration: he’s the single most talented specimen to play offense, and he had 3 TDs through 11 games. That’s unconscionable!

    I want Hurtt and Carrol gone. Nothing else will assuage my outrage at what this team has become.

    This Staff busy making Chicken Shit with a Chicken Salad plus roster. I ain’t eatin’ it, I ain’t smilin’, I ain’t even laughing at this farce anymore…I’m going home to cook a fried cheese sandwhich–far preferable to watching this clown show…

    • AlaskaHawk

      How bad Bradford is.

  13. Palatypus

    How do we get Jamal Adams’s neighbors to spell out “Yikes!” in their yards with Christmas lights?

    • Jaboni-DC

      Maybe an aircraft banner on game day with “PETE LIKES YIKES”

      • Palatypus

        I just did it with AI. Microsoft Co-Pilot has taken me to a dark, dark place.

    • geoff u

      Can this team start an actual rebuild now, rather than faking it? Starts at the top though.

  14. AlaskaHawk

    I was watching Chiefs vs Bills – and they had their own issues that I’ve seen with Seahawks. The Bills throwing passes right before 2 minute mark instead of running the ball and the clock down. After kicking a field goal for a 3 point lead, they left the Chiefs and Mahomes with two minutes and 2 time outs. Well with one minute left in the game Patrick Mahomes did get a long pass to Kelcey who lateraled to another receiver who ran it in for the touchdown . But wait, one of the chiefs receivers lined up offsides and they called the whole play back. The chiefs lost and the fans were devastated.

    Both teams reminded me of all the stupid mistakes the Seahawks have made in both clock management and penalties.

    Anyway I was flicking over to watch Seahawks and I really was struck by how Bradford is! Missed blocks and holding penalties. I really expected a lot more.

    • Palatypus

      I couldn’t believe how bad Buffalo was playing and winning.

  15. Justaguy

    Move the team to Oklahoma. Seattle deserves it

  16. Mr Magic

    1. Jamal Adams is an unmitigated disaster, no only does he get isolated and beat he injures his own players with his reckless play. He took out our best player on Defense today in the 1Q. He really has to go.

    2. No harm for me with DK today. Warner should have been flagged for a hit in the back that was a concussion worthy play if DKs head hit the turf. DK didnt swing, he did grab a facemask but he didnt go all in and Wagner knew he was wrong hence not swingin himself. Im not gonna tear down DK.

    3. Lock, eeh, huge eeh. Sure he can roll out and extend plays but man those were some awful throws all day. Even the DK TD was total luck it sunk thru, it was an underthrown ball. He is Geno, no different.

    4. THe TD to Parkinson, might have been the most creative play Ive seen by this team in 3years, why cant they do that more often?

    • Mr Magic

      5. Is it me or has Dickson not been a very good Punter this year? Totally eyeballing it but seems every time we putn from a decent position he cant drop one well inside the 15 yard line. Not that it matters much but still…

  17. Palatypus

    So, now we see if the 49ers gave the Cowboys the blueprint to beat the Eagles.

    Who was it that said that in an interview last week, again?

    • Palatypus

      Well, Jalen Carter just got a fumble recovery for a touchdown, and with #33 injuring Spoonman today, that might just cost him DROY.

    • Palatypus

      Mike Tirico said, “Well, they do have to go to Seattle next week, that’s nothing easy.”


      • Mr drucker in hooterville

        Tirico is right. That is a long flight.

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