Instant reaction: Seahawks lose, drop to 1-2

Seattle flitted between painfully poor and typically ‘Seahawks’ — but this defeat continued some worrying trends.

The offense, stagnant and unwatchable in the first half suddenly came to life in the second. They ended the game threatening to pull off one of their famous comebacks. Yet it took ‘desperation mode’ to get into a rhythm. Another game, another week where they were unable to establish anything in the first half to get a foothold in the game offensively.

The Seahawks are 1-2 and don’t deserve to be any better off. Considering last weeks toil against the Niners, they can be grateful to have one win on the board.

That doesn’t mean the season isn’t salvageable. They’ve had bad September road defeats in the past. A miserable start in 2014 led to a 3-3 and 6-4 record before the Super Bowl tear.

Having watched Red Zone before the game, it appears there aren’t any definitively ‘elite’ teams this year. Parity is rife and it wouldn’t be a surprise if a version of the 2011 Giants (9-7) or the 2012 Ravens (10-6) won the Super Bowl. Or it could just be the Pats again.

The talent is there to turn things around in Seattle.

But my word do they have some work to do.

There’s perhaps nothing more symbolic from this game than the sight of the overwhelmingly bigger Taylor Lewan getting right in Richard Sherman’s face following the late hit on Marcus Mariota.

That fracas inspired Tennessee and in particular the Titans O-line. A team that used to be the bully suddenly looked like the slender cornerback looking up at the 6-7, 304lbs left tackle.

John Schneider talked about wanting to be the bully again before the 2016 season. We’re three games into 2017 and they’re still not there. Not close.

There used to be a time when a 100-yard team rushing performance would be taken for granted. Even if Marshawn Lynch was held in check, Wilson would make up the difference. The Seahawks had 69 rushing yards today (26 from Wilson) compared to Tennessee’s 195. In 2016 and 2017, too frequently Seattle’s run production hasn’t been good enough.

Many will argue they don’t run the ball enough early in games. Perhaps so. For me the greater problem is Seattle’s complete inability to do anything well. Part of being balanced and effective on offense is not getting bounced off the field consistently after a three-and-out. Sometimes you need that initial first down to get things moving.

There’s nothing wrong with passing on first and/or second down to get there. Yet if you constantly don’t execute and you’re punting away after three plays — it’s impossible to establish anything. Pass or run. You’re constantly looking for something, anything, to get you going.

Thus, Jon Ryan is getting plenty of practise.

This is the third game in a row where the Seahawks have not done a thing well on offense early in a game. And while the numbers look great in the second half today — you can’t rely on desperation and a cautious opponent in the first two quarters.

The defense fought manfully in the first half right up until the ‘prevent’ version gave up a powder puff field goal before the break. Yet they’re also not blameless:

With Bennett, Avril, Clark and Richardson — aka ‘Death Row’ — the Seahawks barely muddied Marcus Mariota’s jersey. The temperature and time on the field undoubtedly played a role and partly excuses the big plays conceded and all those energy-sapping runs. They still gave up 33 points and didn’t have much of an answer when Tennessee got on a roll.

This is a very expensive defense, full of big names. There were no sacks or takeaways. They need help from the offense but this was still a rough outing.

It’s not unfair to make comparisons to the San Diego game in 2014. On that occasion the heat was intense, the offense struggled before a late rally and the Chargers kind of did what they want. That’s the hope you cling to today as a Seahawks fan.

That game was one chapter of a Super Bowl story.

However, the level of improvement required this year is substantial. In 2014 they were able, eventually, to lean on Marshawn Lynch and grind through their troubles. We’ll see if this offense can find itself.

The evidence so far is not encouraging.

What is this team? It’s a question we’ll be asking all week.

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  1. red

    Should of kept Rubin we were never going to use bass or Smith.

    • FuzzyLOgic


    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think they took the decision to cut Rubin lightly. I sense it happened for a reason. In the past Carroll has praised him as the best three technique they’ve had since 2010. Now cut, with very minimal cap saving. Basically paid him to move on. And Rubin didn’t get a job straight away either, so you wonder if he’s near the end of the road. We’ll see.

      • Ehurd1021

        Rubin is clearly better than Reed so it’s safe to say based on football alone, it was the wrong choice and we’re feeling the affects of it now.

        • Kenny Sloth

          I don’t know that thats either clear or true.

          In fact, the football people probably know better so I’m gonna say Reed is clearly the better option

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t think it’s clear that Rubin is better than Reed. As I mentioned, they used to love Rubin. Which suggests he’s regressed badly. We’ve not seen evidence to the contrary since he was cut. He might just be done.

          • C-Dog


          • Joshua Smith

            I think PFF gave Rubin a terrible 2016 grade for what it’s worth

            • Deryck

              They gave and continue to give all Seahawks DT’s terrible grades.

        • Pablohoney

          The run defense up the middle actually pretty respectable. Almost every big gain was towards the sideline and appeared to be the responsibility of OLB and/or CB. Rubin would not have helped there, and definitely wouldn’t have provided any additional pass rush.

          • Mr. Offseason


            Additional note is that FWIW Jaye Howard is still out there. He is a good pass rusher and plus run defender. I say we cut Glowinski, promote Pocic to backup G and use the extra roster spot to sign Howard. I feel we need the DLine depth.

  2. vrtkolman

    Maybe the worst coached game in the Carroll era.

    Defense – they seemed completely unprepared for the misdirection plays in the 2nd half. Credit Tennessee’s coaching for the adjustments where it looked like we made none.

    Offense – The second touchdown drive was a thing of beauty, fueled by th running game. They completely abandoned it after that.

    Special Teams – an on going trend but when was the last time we had a good punt return? When is the last time we had a return without a penalty? For a team that puts a lot of resources into special teams the results are poor.

    Time management – left too much time on the clock at the end of the first half, and wasted a timeout with 7 minutes left in the 2nd half.

    • C-Dog

      Tough to stay with the run game when they were suddenly down a couple scores, up against the clock and the Titans continually able to move the ball.

    • 1976Hawk

      I couldn’t agree more with you. I’m really starting to wonder about the following:

      Rashard- He alllows the players to do what they want and our defense has slipped each year under his guidance. I know there was no Earl Thomas last year, but even prior to his injury things weren’t right. I put this on Richard. Does he not command the defense’s respect, why not sit Richard Sherman when he loses his cool, where is the more advanced blitzes and schemes? Under Quinn and Bradley, this defense was second to none. What has changed? Rishard. He must improve, period.

      Bovell – Why does it take us getting down by 16 for the offensive creativity to come out? Where is this from the get go?

      Time management – Another issue surfacing again and again and again! Every year it is the same damn thing. Don’t get the play in on time, confusion, wasting timeouts in offense.

      Team discipline- It is fine to play with emotion but these guys are vets and the jumping off sides, Richard losing his cool and taking his helmet off is a frickin joke and then 3 and 1/2 hours to decide how to respond to an outside influence in team meetings (listen to Sherman’s post game interview this doesn’t include staying up until the wee of hours of the morning texting, talking to one another) is a waste of energy, focus and a lack of discipline. All of,these factors show a lack of discipline and focus. I’m very disappointed.

      Hopefully, it gets better, but I’m not holding my breath. Sad, because the talent is there. But talent on paper doesn’t win games, championships or Super Bowls.

      • Robert

        Bevell screams Hero Feed Trap into the microphone, but Russ heard Zero Read Slant….

  3. Joshua Smith

    Was at the game today. When they ran the ball on first and second they almost always went three and out. We don’t need to run the ball more. It was completely ineffective today

    • Hawk Eye

      maybe they need to keep the other team guessing and stop being so predictable in the first half.

      more concerned that the expensive defense is not stopping the run

      • Joshua Smith

        Yes and yes. There was a 2 and 10 play were they took Jimmie Gramhn out and at the moment it was obviously a run

        • Joshua Smith

          * at that moment

      • Hawk Eye

        and no pass rush today, did not see one d line player stand out today.

        • Lil'stink

          Credit to the Titans OL, one of the best (if not the best) in the game.

        • Joshua Smith

          Yep. Usually they are at least good against the run though and today they fell apart.

          • Big Freak Nasty

            That is one of the the things I am not concerned about, they have had stretches when struggle against the run. Bucs/Rams 2013, early on in 14, and have always corrected it. Not to mention they have been really good the last two years, what has changed? They replaced Rubin with Richardson, they’ll be fine.

    • GeoffU

      Yeah, it’s not that they don’t run the ball enough early in games, it’s that they don’t run it well. At all. A run for zero yards isn’t any different than an incomplete pass.

  4. FuzzyLOgic

    We suck in cold and hot weather apparently. We were gassed in the second half and no surprise considering we never seem to give our defense any rest time. My conclusion is maybe we should simply play like we’re in desperation mode ALL the time and let RW do his thing. We don’t let the D rest anyways so why not. Uggh

    • Brandon

      And the rain… we suck then, too.

      • Frontrower

        Makes ya miss the Kingdome!!

        • Mr. Offseason

          This team in the kingdome… hmmmmmm.

  5. Ehurd1021

    The defense hasn’t looked the same since Dan Quinn left. I know PC and Richard are both the DC on this team but Richard simply hasn’t been able to keep this team locked in like Quinn.

    1. Kam honestly looks like a shell of himself. He just got married, I wonder if that same physical presence he once played is simply behind him because he’s concerned with life after ball – which I COMPLETELY understand.

    2. Jarran Reed has simply looked horrible in run defense and he provides NOTHING in passing situations.

    3. SAM backer is a MAJOR need in this upcoming draft. Obviously, we have stop-gap players there right now but not having talent at that position like we’ve had years past (i.e. Bruce Irvin) is truly exposing this team/defense.

    4. This defense isn’t good enough anymore to have unneeded penalties. The CONSTANT jumping offsides and giving up first downs is simply a lack of discipline and I blame that on coaching.

    4. The offensive line is STILL horrible. Slow starts are killing this team and with the margin of error not being that wide anymore (essentially non-existent), the mistakes of years past are simply game-changing and disastrous.

    5. Lastly, this team has a true identity crisis. Simply because they’re not good enough at the OL to be a true bully anymore. The Seahawks ‘can’t close the circle of toughness’ because there is no physical running game to speak of.

    • Trevor

      Agree with all points. #5 is the critical one IMO you cannot be a defensive powerhouse if your defence is on the field 40 min a game.

      I am not allowed to discuss our coaches but until the OL is fixed and they can develop a run game this is nothing resembling a super bowl caliber team. All the $ spent on the aging defence should have perhaps been spent and some guys like Whitworth who can actually block.

      It can’t believe we gave Joeckel $8 mil he is awful like he has been since he entered the league. The left side of our OL is historically bad with him and Rees.

      Rob since the coaches are never at fault any ideas how you turn things around 3 weeks into the season?

      • vrtkolman

        It’s quite possible Seattle paid too many players based on past performances.

      • Ehurd1021

        The mintutes this defense has been FORCED to play the past two years because of the Seahawks lack of offensive production can’t be stressed enough. They’ve essentially been run into the ground in my personal opinion. I also think it’s becoming very mentality draining on them constantly seeing the offense not producing.

        And I absolutely agree with you, until the offensive line/coaching is improved the ability for this team to be ‘run-first’ and physical will be impossible. That 2013 offensive line was amazing compared to what we have now.

        Joeckel isn’t a starting OT. And Rees should be a starting OG on this team.

      • Ishmael

        Come on man. That sort of chippy passive-aggressive shot at Rob isn’t fair. He’s consistently said there’s blame to go around, that there’s more going on than just Cable being a bad coach – I think that’s been pretty well proven tonight.

      • Rob Staton

        Trevor, I have not once stated the coaches are ‘never’ at fault.

        My point has always been — the blame is not solely limited to two men (Cable and Bevell) and we do ourselves a disservice to limit the discussion to those two individuals.

        • Brett

          It’s only been three weeks… we have seen this story many times before. We won’t know who this team is until after the bye. But yeah, defense looking old and tired… 40 minutes on the field doesn’t help but it wouldn’t have mattered a few years ago. It’s the mental mistakes that are the hardest to swallow though. Jumping off sides to give free first downs, Shirm losing his S#&t… how about how the game ENDED with a penalty? The problem is that there isn’t just one problem, it’s throughout the entire team. I hope Petes voice isn’t getting lost as the vets age…

      • Robert

        Hahaha…a little passive aggressive?

        • Jujus

          In washington being passive aggressive is the common norm. sigh

    • Ehurd1021

      I would argue you could make the same argument about aging in regards to Cliff Avril too.

      • Trevor

        Fair enough when these guys are on grass they look old and slow. Not sure why. Hopefully just a one off bad game.

    • Lil'stink

      Agreed that Wilhoite was not good this game. Quite bad on first glance, in fact.

      Reed as been getting taken out by a single blocker in the run game. That simply can’t happen. This is the guy we traded up for?

      Not sure how Kam is a shell of his former self. Just because he’s not making ESPN highlight reel plays every other week doesn’t mean he’s over the hill. He completely balled out last year and 3 games into this year and he’s done? I don’t think so.

      You can’t blame this game on the OL. If you do, just… LOL. Sorry. They’re not great, but it seems that they have improved in every game so far. Wilson was flat out bad on several plays in the first half where he had clean pocket. Could have been completely different if he makes couple of those plays.

      I agree that there seems to be an identity crisis. And that’s almost completely on the coaches.

      • Robert

        Wasn’t Reed the tough guy leader who gobbled up all the double teams at Alabama?

  6. neil

    After the defensive players saying “it’s on us for a while” all week, they sure didn’t get it done. 27 points should be enough to win, so this loss is on them. Where was ET on that 70 plus yard run anyway?

    • Joshua Smith

      I saw him limping off the field after each team had shook hands post game. He was the last one off and was laboring so maybe he was banged up. Kam didn’t look like he had a good game to me.

    • Robert

      He was pin balling.

  7. Joshua Smith

    I was among the shocked Seahawks fans in the front row that FOX panned to after the Seahawks committed that final penalty

    • FuzzyLOgic

      Penalties on D-line are becoming more bothersome then they are worth. We didn’t even touch Mariota and gave up something like 5 first downs just on penalties. I still believe we would have beat them if it wasn’t so hot. MPO

  8. KingRajesh

    Defense lost the game for us today. They can’t take up the lions share of the cap and then give up 30+ points. Wasted a career day from Wilson. Totally undisciplined, liability against both the run and the pass, huge game killing penalties, just awful. Lane was a liability on run defense, everyone routinely over pursued and got gashed on edge runs…

    I don’t care that the Defense was on the field for a ton of snaps, they have to do better or we need to downsize on that side of the ball to try and get to some parity for next season. 0 sacks, 0 takeaways. Where was the oppotunistic D that we had in 2012 and 2013 that was hungry for the ball and GENERATED turnovers to give the offense a short field? Perhaps age is catching up to the LOB and the Defense overall.

    Furthermore, we saw what a disaster it is that the Seahawks missed the window to invest in O-line. Not even having elite talent on D can make up for anything if you can’t run the ball or protect for enough time to pass on an obvious passing down.

    • Ehurd1021

      Look at the number of minutes the Seahawks defense has been forced to play since 2014. They’ve essentially been run into the ground. They’re old and worn down. The Seahawks defense was amazing because they played FAST, physical, and could run… this isn’t the same team, period.

      Players got paid. Players have gotten older. Players got married and became more content and focused on life after football (i.e. Kam.) It was bound to happen.

      • KingRajesh

        That should be factored in – we shouldn’t have re-upped so many guys, or given them long deals.

        The players on D aren’t motivated or hungry anymore. I don’t know how you could motivate them outside of cutting a few stars, and even that might not work.

    • lil'stink

      I don’t think many defenses will hold up well against the Titans in 100 degree heat when the Titans have the lead. Especially when the offense isn’t helping you out by not chewing up the clock. That’s great that you don’t care, but it matters in the real world. It’s a bad game. I think they deserve the benefit of the doubt. They gave up 19 points the first 2 weeks (I don’t count that GB touchdown that came after the Wilson fumble as being on the defense).

      It’s on the coaches at the moment IMO.

      • Jujus

        we had the lead in the 2nd half, the defense gave it away. Im disgusted with the lack of sacks and disruption.

  9. Trevor

    Kam and KJ were not good today. Hope it is a one off because those guys are critical for this D. They both looked old, slow and passive today. That was the biggest concern for me watching this game. Sherman was the only guy playing with fire.

    Wish Pete and Richards would just replace Lane with the Griffin and let the rookie develop.

    Pete had to be looking at that Titans offence and be thinking this exactly what I want!

    • vrtkolman

      It was definitely the ideal Pete offense. Super physical running game with ultra physical backs, and most importantly it didn’t depend on the QB. Mariota had pretty numbers but he didn’t really do much IMO.

  10. Roger Davis

    1) Were Russ’ ankles taped up at the start of the game like they were at the end?
    2)I thought the OLine was not too terrible. To my aged jaundiced eye they are clearly better than game 2 and game 2 was clearly better than game 1. Progress of a sort.
    3) Russ – wide open Baldwin – meh.
    4) I do think the Cap and where you draft are just meat grinders after you’re good for a few years. It’s not drafting 30th – it’s drafting 30th every round. It’s a killer. It’s meant to be.
    5) I remember writing this OLine and this team off pretty much every year about this time. I’m not prepared to do it – y.e.t.
    6) Give me rain, give me sleet give me soaking wet through feet… anything but 90 degrees and 90% humidity. You really have to live in that sauna to be able to function in it.
    7) Little rays of offense, a pretty good defense (for a while) in a sauna.
    8) I’ll take it. But I want moar!

    • vrtkolman

      #4 – That’s why they are constantly trading down and trading high picks for players. They are looking for an edge in that regard.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I like that strategy better when you start near top of the first round. Plenty of trades available and you can still pick up a great player later in the first round. I’m not sure that moving into the second round has been that great for the team. Talent wise.

  11. Robert Las Vegas

    What bother me today was Tennessee got 6 first down from pentalll

    I guess what my biggest thought is how does Tennessee get 6 first down from penalty from seahawks defense that’s too many.. Lack of defense turnovers .and if the seahawks have the highest paid defense in the league why are giving up huge runs.

  12. Lil'stink

    I still come back to the thought that Pete is coaching this team like it’s 2013. If we are to have any chance for a SB this year PC needs to change his philosophy to better suit the talents his players. Seems obvious that the offense runs better with more spread formations or when it’s in uptempo mode.

    Instead of grinding it out, field position battles, why not emphasize forcing your opponents to play from behind (easier said than done, I know). Make your opponent one dimensional. How many times have we had a 2 score lead under PC and ended up losing the game?

    Trading 3 and outs, hoping the other team makes a mistake or gives up a big play isn’t going to work. Most of our core guys are getting older. Their losing half a step. Or running out of gas just the slightest bit earlier. Teams have years of film on this offense and defense. And that’s all it takes.

    • neil

      I have saying for a couple of years, Carroll and Richard lack creativity. I think others are seeing it now.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Doesn’t that depend on Wilson being accurate the entire game? He has been throwing high during the first half.

    • SeaHusky

      Pete’s philosophy has always been to simply out-talent and out-physical the other team. His defensive schemes have never been complex or unique, because we used to be able to simply outmatch the opposing team on talent alone.

      The fans have fell victim to this attitude as well. The reason 2013 was so special is because it’s so rare; few teams will ever match that defensive masterpiece of a team. If we were able to replicate it so easily, then it wouldn’t be considered so special.

      Pete needs to get his coaching staff together and start scheming around the team’s weaknesses. We are no longer talented enough (due to an aging defense and an inexperienced OL) to simply beat teams on talent alone. If you think the defense has potential now, imagine how good they could be if our defensive coaches actually began disguising certain coverages and schemed around the strengths and weaknesses of the players? Age and natural talent regression are two factors that Pete needs to begin acknowledging.

    • neil

      There is a lack of creativity in Carroll and Richard that is fueling the Hawks troubles. I mean how hard is it to prepare for the Hawks on either side of the ball ? I am glad others are seeing it now. Half time adjustments are not on a par with Quinn either.

      • Pablohoney

        Richard’s defensive play calling is actually much more varied than when Quinn was here. Greg Cosell has mentioned it several times during his tape study.

        • STTBM

          More varied, yes. More competent? A resounding NO. While Richard uses more blitzes and more complex schemes, they dont work anywhere near as well as Quinns defenses. Under Quinn, everyone seemed locked in and new exactly what to do. You rarely saw a Receiver (back, TE, WR) running free uncovered…yet under Richard, it happens at least every third pass play.

          Under Richard, Seattle’s D has fallen apart, losing its edge and very identity.

          I think its beyond obvious that Cable and Richard arent getting it done, and deserve criticism. This isnt about a lack of competent personnel (though Cable does have more room to use that excuse than Richard), but it may be partially a symptom of too much meddling by Carrol–especially on offense. Since when has our offense improved after Carrol yakked in the media about running more, or playing bit players more (RocketLockette, etc)? He’s doing that once again and our offense has bottomed out.

          And yet I dont hold Bevell as responsible. He’s naturally conservative, but it appears he’s being hamstrung by Cable and Carrol.

          Unnless Carrol cleans house by demoting or firing Richard and dumping Cable this offseason, then I am ready to see Seattle move on from Carrol. He’s simply lost a step, and his philosophy is no longer relevant in the NFL. At least not the way he chooses to implement it. Time for a coach who can adapt and innovate. THat is no longer Carroll…

    • lil'stink

      I still have faith in our defense. I still have faith in this team. It’s just that most of the defensive core is a little older, nobody beats father time, and the rest of the league has years worth of tape on us. Teams know how to attack us, and they are getting more disciplined in doing so. They need help from the coaches, they need help from the offense.

      I’m hoping this was a one off game. Stifling heat, great OL for the Titans, and a 3 headed rushing monster. The big plays by Matthews and Murray almost felt inevitable, and really broke our backs.

  13. WALL UP

    I guess they’re not going to win the remainder of their games after all. I still think they’ve got an exceptional defense though. They just need a little help in the trenches, especially against running teams such as the Titans. It would be great to envision Vita Vea anchoring that DL. Unfortunately, that may never happen.

    I’m sure they see the uncharacteristic play of an aging “D”, that needs to rethink their rotation. I did mention that Deon Simon, 6 – 4 332 lb 27 yr DT, could give greater assistance to that front four, in the trenches, against a running team such as the Titans. I think he’s more than a practice player for the Jets, that could fit right with this group.

    Did others notice the change of rotating Cliff in on passing dns? This may give both Bennett and Avril a breather for the long haul, especially against running teams, which frankly, they’re not designed to stand up against, without wearing down.

    Playing Bennett & Avril on early downs against a 7 OL front is asking too much of those players to also rush the QB on passing downs as well. The fatigue factor will be too much to bear latter in the season as well.

    Obviously, the OL does have a part in this as well. But, it’s really on the “D” to get off the field. With a little help up front and changes in the rotations, they could make the necessary adjustments.

  14. Totem_Hawk

    Tennessee is legit!!

  15. vrtkolman

    The transition from Browner to Lane has been huge. Browner was the definition of a bully. Lane was getting trucked out there by wide receivers today and it even looked like he gave up on a few plays.

    • Pablohoney

      I’ve got to think Lane is very close to being benched for Griffin. They desperately need more physicality on the outside, especially when his pass coverage isn’t great either. Wouldn’t be against playing Coleman in front of him in the slot as well.

  16. Hawk Eye

    is it to soon to panic yet?
    YES. Still early.
    Lots of reasons to be worried and maybe they don’t get fixed.
    They actually do not have to fix everything, most Super Bowl winners have flaws also.
    Offensive line was not terrible in pass protection today. Run blocking is still an issue. Russell played well the 2nd half, best he has played this year. Defense has talent, hopefully they are embarrassed by today and turn it back around. But they were not “ferocious” today, and they need to want it more than the other team. The pro bowls don’t count once you step on the field, you still have to be hungry.

    Has anyone seen the NE defense this year? They are tuuurrrrible
    How about Pittsburgh losing to Chicago?
    GB almost losing to Cinncy at home.
    Buffalo beat Denver
    Detroit should have beat Atlanta

    let’s see where everything stands at week 8 or 9
    but week 5 could be interesting(or scary), the Rams are playing better and their d line always eats our o line for lunch

    • Trevor

      You seriously think out pass protection was not terrible today? I guess that it is all relative. Any other fan base would have been disgusted with that performance.

      • Rob Staton

        I wouldn’t say it was a fantastic O-line performance or pass-pro performance — but neither is it on the list of key reasons Seattle lost today. Not for me anyway.

        • Trevor

          Agree I think the defense has to share equally if not the majority of the balms for this one. We have not seen a performance the bad from this incredible group in as long as I can remember. really hope it was a one off not a sign of things to come. I think and hope it was. Like you mentioned a little like that SD game from a couple of years ago.

        • Hawk Eye

          run blocking was not good
          pass protection helped by Russell able to run around.
          But by their own standard, the pass pro was improved. Not great, but we just need average or mediocre. Russell had enough time, most of the time, to make his throws
          376 yards
          49 pass attempts
          3 tds
          no ints

          • Trevor

            What you saw from the Titans today was good pass protection. What you saw from us was a great scrambling QB who still got the snot kicked out of him by a far from dominant pass rush.

            Russ started to look like he was getting comfortable finally in the 2 Half so from that point I have to agree with you I guess.

            • Hawk Eye

              youngest o line in the league. They will improve, but no one will remind us of Hutchinson and Jones. At least Russ looked good after a shaky first half. Now they need to get some semblance of a running game.

              Defense will be better, but Whilhote and KJ both looked a step slow today, the whole D lacked the swarming mentality. Grass + high heat?

              • Mac

                Next year the o line will be even younger

            • Drew

              As soon as they started to spread out the offense in the 2nd half, he was looking like 2015 Russell.

      • SeaHusky

        I think Aboushi is a massive upgrade from Glowinski, especially in pass protection. You’re right in that it’s all relative, but the increase in the number of (relatively) clean pockets that Wilson got today was noticeable. Hell, Aboushi even picked up a T-E stunt that I’ve seen Glowinski whiff or miss on completely numerous times.

  17. Kenny Sloth

    Couldn’t watch the game. Listened in towards the end of the third.

    Sounded like another shitty nfl shootout

    • Joshua Smith


      • Kenny Sloth


        • Joshua Smith

          What do you mean another shitty nfl shootout?

          • Mr. Offseason

            I think he meant shooty nfl shitout.

  18. Trevor

    One other thing enough of this creating a “Bully” again. The only way to be a bully in today’s NFL is witha nasty OL and big power running back. We saw that today. That was a Bully.

    The rules do not allow for a Defense to be a Bullly anymore. They need to be smart and fast first and foremost.

    We are so far from being a Bully on offence that lets just stop all that silly talk and be realistic about what the offence can become. IMO the best we can hope for on offence is to become and up temp quick passing offence that tries to limit Russ exposure to the pass rush. Then sprinkle is some power running from Carson and an improved screen game with Prosise. With this OL the idea of being a ball control power run team is just silly talk.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m merely relaying Seattle’s desire to regain bully status. I don’t think they can do it with this offense. But they’ve stated that as an aim, or at least they did before the 2016 season.

      • Mr. Offseason

        I’ve been reading me some Davis Hsu today, and he was emphasizing this sentiment. The Seahawks simply don’t have the personnel to be the bully on offense anymore. Until they realize that it may be very tough sledding. The OLine doesn’t have the grinders they used to and they will never have Marshawn Lynch again, who pounded defenses into the ground like no other back we’ve seen or will ever see again.

        I’m not sure what the answer is, but the most dynamic piece you have on the offense is Russell Wilson. How can they make him more of the focal point? How can they use Russell to control games the way they want to?

        • Logan Lynch

          I also have been following Davis and don’t forget the other part of his argument – Pete’s philosophy doesn’t call for putting the onus on Russ to do everything. That’s the main problem we have going on.

          Pete’s whole offensive philosophy/mentality is all about running the ball and being the aggressors. Wearing down the defense. Making them feel every play and essentially pounding them into submission. Now, as you mentioned it seems like he doesn’t have the personnel to match his philosophy.

          In his own words, Pete doesn’t feel it’s sustainable to win by leaning on the passing game. He’s really at a crossroads. Does he go against his core philosophy which has been successful in the past and lean on Russ? Or does he try to stay the course of his beliefs even though he may not have the right guys to pull it off?

          In terms of not having grinders on the OL, I think they actually may at 3/5 positions. Britt, Aboushi, and Ifedi all seem like they have the right mentality. The question marks are Joeckel and Rees. And a side note is that having the right mentality does not always mean they have enough talent to pull it off.

  19. Forrest

    Positive (s): The offense finally “woke up,” and…uh…

    Negative (s): The defense looked bad in the second half, offense stutter start and weather aside, they were getting bullied bad. ST was not on point. Too many penalties. Coaching.

    I’m not a doomsday sort of person. I think 3-2 going into the bye is possible and likely, and I think the Hawks will make the playoffs based solely on the state of the NFC West, but after this season I really think the fundamentals need to be tweaked in a major way. The Superbowl window is still open, and most of the pieces are present, but the pieces are not being used properly. PC is too stubborn. We’ll see where this season goes, but I personally feel that some major changes and revisions are needed to keep the window open. Anyway, onto the Colts. Go Hawks!!!

  20. Trevor

    Glad we have the Colts at home next week; hopefully it is a confidence building game that lets both sides of the ball right the ship.

    • Alex

      Like the 49ers game…….?

      • Mr. Offseason

        I thoroughly believe the Colts are worse than the 49ers right now, with the caveat that in the NFL it’s impossible to know … really anything.

  21. Trevor

    There was some awful football played today around the league. The officiating is making the game almost unwatchable at times.

    guys like Vol have been signing the praises of Saturday ball vs Sunday ball and I have to say I am starting to think I agree.

    Even a team with the greatest coach in the history of the sport NE looks sloppy and awful at times. Have all the limits on practice and the off season had this big an impact or is it something else?

  22. Joshua Smith

    Finding an identity is overrated. When we lose, it’s said that we have an identity crisis. When we win, we don’t. We just need to be a little bit better. Things will start to fall our way I hope.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think it’s simply a comforting complaint after a defeat. I think even last week there was talk about it.

  23. Drew

    Three things

    1. Chris Carson keeps looking better and better. He didnt have big numbers today but he continues to make good reads and great cuts and doesnt lose yardage. I love Rawls but I think its Carsons job to lose at this point. Rawls only had a couple snaps and had 0 carries. I dont think Lacy saw the field.

    2. Jeremy Lane continues to be a liability while Griffin continues to impress. I think Griffin should be CB2 and Id like to see Coleman in the slot, he looked decent against GB.

    3. Aboushi looked better than Glow has which was nice.

    • Trevor

      All great points Drew!

    • AlaskaHawk

      I would like some stats on Lane before I judge him. I remember him making a great hit early in the game. Don’t remember hearing about him since then.

      • Drew

        Jeremy Lane is great at making hits, but he always seems a step late in coverage and is terrible at tackling. In the 2nd half he was targeted a lot on running plays. Griffin seems much more physical.

        The 1 play that impressed me the most from Griffin was the quick out pass he just missed breaking up, and held on to the WR jersey to make the tackle. That’s not easy to do, I dislocated a finger making that kind of tackle once. I don’t see Lane making that same play.

      • Chris

        On DeMarco’s long run there were 3 Seahawks that all could’ve eventually tackled him, although way down the field after many yards.

        Lane came flying over from the side, misjudged the tackled and washed all 3 Seahawks out of the play, leaving no one to stop him.

  24. Ishmael

    Few thoughts.

    – The drop off from Quinn to Richard is proving bigger and bigger by the year. It feels like they’re continuing to slip. That’s the price you pay for success though, teams are going to want your coaches. Was Rocky Seto an underrated loss as well?

    – Aboushi > Glowinski. The jump from awful to league average is far bigger than the leap from average to good.

    – It’s a weird year, especially in the NFC. We might struggle to get the #1 seed, but the playoffs are still well and truly an option. Once there, anything could happen.

    – Wilson’s a bit of a mess at the moment. He’s making some things happen, but it feels streaky and unpredictable. Don’t think he’s seeing the field particularly well.

    – Kam isn’t impacting the game the way he has in the past. Wright had a bit of a funny and quiet game as well.

    – For all the money and roster space poured into special teams, they’re not good. Who’s the coach?

    They feel like a formally great team just hanging on at the moment. Cracks have appeared, standards are slipping, there’s frustration and pressure and that’s not helping anything either. Hopefully they can turn it around. They have before, and they’re going to need to again.

    • Hawk Eye

      generally agree.
      Worried about Richard, if he is creative enough. Or is the D getting old? They are 2nd oldest starting D right now. They seemed to lack fire today. I think they need more youth injected.
      I think Wilson played well in second half, need to see a whole game like that. Or, the rest of the season, would be nice.

    • SeaHusky

      On your last point about special teams, it was obvious that the unit sorely missed Alexander and Thorpe on kickoff/punt coverage. I think Ryan has been playing relatively well to this point, and Walsh has been decent. Coverage can improve, but I think they’ll get better when Alexander and Thorpe are back.

      I thought Davis Hsu made a great point on Twitter about Wilson. When he’s “off,” Russ performs like a bottom-quartile QB. He misses open receivers, misreads the defense, scrambles out of clean pockets, etc. Much of that can be blamed on the OL, but I think some blame has to go to Russ himself. However, when Wilson is “in the zone,” he is a legitimate contender for the best QB in the game. He maneuvers well within the pocket, scrambles when there’s real pressure, and makes beautiful throws to his receivers. The team is sorely missing a leader on the offensive end of things, and while WIlson has great leadership qualities, his maddening inconsistency is having an impact on everybody (again, much of his troubles is attributed to the OL). He’s often cold for a quarter before becoming white hot for an entire half. The team needs him to fluctuate between warm and hot, and I think Russ recognizes that he needs to be more consistent as well. There is no excuse for a six-year vet to be antsy for an entire quarter and miss throws that a rookie should hit.

      • Ishmael

        Good points, both of you. I honestly don’t have a whole lot to add, I agree totally.

        Watching the Washington – Oakland game now. Jim Tomsula is a hell of a D-line coach. They’ve sacked Carr four times already, and there aren’t many big names on the line. The Raiders, even with their vaunted O-line, have 10 net passing yards and 29 rushing yards TOTAL, five minutes into the third quarter…

        • Hawk Eye

          agree about the Russell needs to be consistent. As annoying as Prisco is when he says Russell is not elite, he is not wrong. Russell has to stop having games where nothing works. Yes bad oline, receivers drop balls, etc, but the great ones overcome that. Sometimes Russell does, and sometimes he just blames Jesus.

          Tomsula. Terrible head coach. But maybe a very good d line coach. Stay in your lane. Maybe Richard is a great DB coach and over his head as a coordinator. Have we seen a game where he did something on defense that made us go “wow”? Are we expecting too much?

          biggest worry on D is that the d line really struggles when matched up against a good o line. Have to at least get it to neutral, but it seems a good o line over powers them. No pressure and bad run d in the same game is scary. Hopefully a weather issue and just a bad game. Let’s see how they play against Dallas and Atlanta this year and find out if they are contenders or pretenders

          • Ishmael

            Peter Principle right?

            Just wonder if a bit of nepotism hasn’t crept in, if things are getting a bit stagnant and stale in the building.

  25. M

    My takeaway from these first 3 games is Seattle lacks an offensive identity. In past years, they established that through:

    1) Beast Mode – i.e., the running game
    2) The read option
    3) The quick strike passing game

    Options 1 and 2 were the Seahawks at their best. Then they could layer explosive plays on top of that. However, there’s only one Beast Mode so it’s understandable that the Seahawks can no longer rely on that. It’s somewhat understandable that they’ve dialed back the read option because it puts RW3 at risk.

    It’s option 3 that’s tough to understand. They have the receivers, especially in Baldwin and Graham, that are a great fit for that scheme and they have an OL that struggles at pass pro. Yet, almost inconceivably, they opt time and time again (in the post-Lynch era) in the beginning of games for the deep drop, slower developing routes (classic example, the playoff in Carolina–compare the 1st half strategy and results to the second). A part of that is that can’t establish the running game so they are left in 3rd and long but it’s also extremely hard to understand why they don’t come out with their quick strike game (<2.5 seconds to throw) at the start, mixing in the run and then layer in the explosive plays.

    As far as the defense, if you have that lopsided a deficit in time of possession and you take into account the heat…you would probably predict the defense is going to struggle somewhere in the 2nd half.

    Bottom line, this team has the talent but it doesn't have the right offensive identity or scheme.

    Let's hope they put it together soon.

    • Robert

      Agree completely. Get Russ and the entire offense in a rhythm by converting some quick release, shorter throws to move the chains while forcing the D to cover more grass. I hate seeing 8 in the box and no attempt to attack the over-aggressive LBs. Leverage our strength while mitigating our weaknesses would be helpful.

  26. AlaskaHawk

    Seems like we have plenty of opponents who want to take Seahawks down. They are willing to play with that little bit of extra effort. I’m just going to say that the offensive line looked better, and we had a bit of a run game with Carson and some decent passing.

    However, RW needs to be more accurate early on, and the receivers have to catch balls. To many drops early on. Lets also give those 110 degree temperatures credit. I do terrible in that hot weather. Seahawks were lucky to hang in as long as they did.

  27. Pran

    Offense stunk in 1at half and defense in 2nd half.

    Offense and Russ will get much needed confidense.
    Defense comes back to earth

    Negatives: many
    3 bad snaps killed 3 drives
    Russ and receivers screwed totally in 1at half
    Sherm Kam and LBs

    Sherman and Graham will be gone after the season so is prich
    Bevell and Kris gone after the season

    • AlaskaHawk

      Sherman is signed through 2018 so if he is gone it will be to save cap money, and for a general falling off of his playing ability.

      Thomas is signed through 2018, I thought he played well last night.

      Chancellor through 2020, he would have had an interception except for Sherman holding call. Didn’t see him much other than that play.

      Lane signed through 2019.

      I really hope some of the rookies will step up. Griffin and Hill or Thorpe for instance.

  28. Hawk Eye

    21-0 for Washington over Oakland
    under 50 yards offence in 3rd quarter
    4 sacks on Carr, 2 ints

    weird week

  29. SgtPeppy

    What a mix of good Russ and bad Russ today. We saw Brady and Rodgers lead their teams to ugly wins today – Russ would have had a shot if he’d just done a couple little things better.

    2nd Q (1:29): 1st and Goal from the 4 yard line. Russ snaps the ball with around 25 seconds left on the play clock. With 3 timeouts left, that’s inexplicably bad clock management. We need to bleed the clock there so that they don’t get the ball back. If they don’t get the 3 points before half, we might just pull off the comeback. That’s on Russ.

    4th Q (7:59): 2-10 Ten 16. Lockett in the slot. Safety times the snap count and comes on the blitz. Intentional grounding, 3rd-27. Russ has got to see that blitz, or at least vary his count so the blitzer doesn’t get off the line so fast.

    It’s the small mental miscues that separate good from great. Love Russ, but we need him to take that next step.

    • David

      Not to mention he just keeps dropping further back and then tries to heave ball to LOS on intentional grounding when he could have just spiked the ball at Carson’s feet directly in front of him and avoided the loss. That was a bad mental error.

      • David

        I think that’s a clear indication of where his head is at with this line in terms of muscle memory (keep play alive as long as possible before heaving ball out of bounds) as opposed to situational awareness, which is the difference between a good and great QB.

    • DavidInBellingham

      I wondered if Russell was trying to snap the ball and catch TN off guard, either seeing the defense lined up incorrectly or trying to snap the ball before the defense could read the offensive formation. I suggest that based on my memory of Russell coming to the line and getting the ball snapped quickly.
      Just a thought.

  30. C-Dog

    A few thoughts.

    1. I think the offense will find it’s identity more as the season rolls on. Whatever it ends up being, whether it’s run first or pass first, I would expect it to still be a somewhat balanced attack because that has always been a Pete Carroll mantra. The reality check that I am getting out of these first few games is that, as encouraging as Chris Carson has been, it’s a lot to ask a rookie 7th rounder who didn’t exactly have a big body of work during his CFB career to all of a sudden play to a near level of Beast Mode. However, the traits are there, but he’s going to need time in the system. I think throwing to set up the run is a good way to go about things, as needed, in the meantime. I liked the was Prosise mixed in today.

    2. Speaking of Carson, did I say that CJ Prosise also showed promise today? It was interesting to see the lack of Thomas Rawls, and again, no Eddie Lacy, an if that becomes a trend moving forward.

    3. RW had some early misses that have practically become customary in this early season, but again, WRs dropped catchable balls in the first have. If Seattle is going to rely on it’s passing attack, they need to be crisp from the get go. The second half was full for solid decisive passing and catching. That was encouraging.

    4. The defense started out gain busters, but IMO, Sherm loosing composure did not help matters, and might have well been the start of things going down hill from there on. This is a bit of an alarming trend for me, with composure on that side of the ball during adversity, and today felt like a bit of a carry over from last year. Mike Daniels essentially said to his GB players during their battle with Seattle, “I hate these guys. They think they are tough, but if you hit them in the mouth, they quit.” Taylor Lewan could have essentially said the same thing today. Some teams are not going to intimidate that easily, and if Seattle doesn’t watch itself, they could become a bit of a laughing stock. You live and die with high emotions and histrionics, and IMO, it’s wasted energy. Kam said it best, and if I’m Kris Richard, I’m telling my players, “Look, things aren’t always going to go your way, but if you want to be the true bad ass defense that you think you are capable of, contain that anger and frustration and use it to get further dialed in. That’s the scariest thing you can do as a player on this team.”

    5. I like the move to Aboushi over Glowinski. I hope they stay with that. All and all, I thought there was better OL play than in the other two games. Some of the early runs looked ugly, but those looked like pretty predictable run plays. Some of the Titans’ early runs like like microwave poop, as well. The difference was that the Titans stayed with it more, and found success in big ways sooner. The 3rd quarter Titan scores forced Seattle into a shoot out.

    8. Jimmy Graham showed up today. Luke Willson had another nice game. Excuse me while I might find myself starting to climb on a I like Luke Willson More Than Jimmy Graham bandwagon. Is there one out there? Or am I the only one?

    7. If I’m a Titans fan, I am really fired up about my team. Exciting young QB with all world talent, an exciting smash mouth offense with an NFL rarity in a strong OL, and a defense that has some interesting talent. When the schedule game out, this was a game I found it kind of difficult to pick Seattle to win, and I didn’t think that they were going to today.. until the second half. I would have to think that Pete Carroll must be salivating over their exotic smash mouth running back combo. For those who think the football is lousy in the NFL right now, I wouldn’t whole disagree, but I would invite them to jump onto the Titan bandwagon. They look fun.

    8. Mock Draft After Titans Edition.

    21: R1P21

    Gotta think OL is early pick, and at this rate, they might be picking early enough to grab an elusive LT.


    Contract extended.

    85: R3P21

    Maybe Seattle can create their own brand of exotic smash mouth with SPARQy Chubb mixed in with Carson and a dash of Prosise.

    123: R4P21

    Bye bye Jimmy Graham. Hello Luke Willson extension. Add Hurst into the TE mix with Vannett and Tyrone Swoopes.

    164: R5P26

    Today was a nice example why Seattle might want more at SAM even if it’s only called on 20-ish % of the time.

    168: R5P30

    Pete Carroll allows John Schneider to draft another QB.

    240: R7P18
    DL B.J. HILL

    I like BJ Hill and Seattle can use another bigger DT.

    244: R7P22

    Bierria to back up Bobby.

  31. Matt

    Unfortunately, I’m slowly hopping on the train that this is a poorly coached team, at this point. And no, that’s not a Bevell or Cable shot. It’s a “there’s too many mistakes by everybody” shot. This team continues to have breakdowns and you cannot give away 2 quarters of football and expect to win.

    This team, quite frankly gives away too much football. It’s like a major league baseball player who gives away 1 at bat a game. You simply cannot hit 300 if you give away 162 at bats a year. This team continues to just squander 15-30 minutes of football. And honestly, they simply aren’t good enough to do that.

    A couple lowlights – Kam Chancellor…where are you fine sir? Brutal start to the year. Cliff Avril? We need to put him on a milk carton.

    A couple highlights – RW is a warrior. I have a lot of problems with him, but he’s overcoming a lot and never giving up. Baldwin…just a pro. Carson still looks like a steal. OL looked much better (still had horrendous breakdowns). Bobby Wagner continues to be underrated.

    We need an identity, and we need it quick. This team…what are they? They certainly are not a running team. You know why? They can’t run the ball. I know it’s antithetical to PC defense, but this offense needs to be built around RW, and right now that looks like uptempo out of the gun.

    • AlaskaHawk

      The trouble is that I don’t think the offensive coaches can design a variety of passing plays. They have some plays and sometimes they are successful = but where are the adjustments for the other team? Green Bay changed their pass routes in the second half to incorporate more crossing routes. Why can’t the Seahawks change their alignment? Denver in their winning run was brutal about opponents weakness. If you couldn’t defend a pass play they would run it two more times. And were usually successful again.

      I don’t think they have a modern passing offense, because they don’t have modern pass oriented coaches. A lot of what I see are either long passes with low success rate, or short passes that are either behind the line of scrimmage or way short of the first down line. It is hard enough for the team to complete a pass, then the receiver has to pick up another 3-5 yards? Almost impossible situation.

      Here are a few things that Seahawks should be successful at:
      Read option, RW willing to pass or run.
      Quick passes to take pressure off RW
      Bubble screen = I hate it but Seahawks need to practice it until they can are successful
      Hitting running back coming out of the backfield.
      Graham and other tight ends, just go straight up the field and find an open spot to wait for the pass. No more sideline stuff, it takes too long to develop for a tight end.
      Moving the pocket, I would like to see the team practice it and see if they can move and still hold the defenders off.

  32. Steele

    As Ehurd1021 succinctly put it: “The defense hasn’t looked the same since Dan Quinn left.” Add Norton to that. In addition to far more overall vulnerability under Richard, the D veterans are older, post-injury, and clearly not the same. Sherman is half of what he once was. Giving up huge plays is not only a pattern, but a worsening one. Lane, KJ, Kam stood out today, but there was also no pass rush, poor tackling, you name it.

    As for the offense, same old same old Bevell/Cable issues that never get resolved. Russ should not have to run for his life and singlehandedly save games.

    Jimmy G “vaulting” into the arms of Logan Ryan was symbolic of the day.

    • line_hawk

      The difference between Dan Quinn defense and this defense is this is a old, fat defense that gets pushed around. The players have several years of tread on their tires and look uninspired. Plus, they are all rich now and no one is playing to get the next big contract. There is no hunger.

      I don’t think its the player’s fault for being slow for I believe they are trying. Its well known that average NFL lives are very short. I believe its the front office’s (PC/JS) fault for not being able to stock up the team with younger talent. Look at Denver’s defense and how many iterations of core players they have gone through over the last 5 years. The inability of this team to draft effective front-7 players over the last 5 years is mind-boggling. We are still playing 2017 teams with 2013’s defense.

      I think Kam’s extension is going to come back to bite us very soon. I also think this is Sherman and Avril’s last year in Seattle. The days of LOB aren’t coming back. Whoever you want to blame (Cable? Bevell? Carroll? Wilson? lack of running game?), the window is closing down. We need to take the next step and develop future stars quickly.

      • H M Abdou

        Completely agree. I’ve been saying that the defense is getting OLD. Sherm has increasingly getting beat over the past few years.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I agree on the Kam extension. Not many safeties play well past 30. It’s a young mans position. And vitally important as the safeties and middle linebacker make the most tackles.

        I thought Sherman looked a little slow last year. Fortunately the refs let him grab a lot. Sherman has been coasting on his reputation – but make no mistake, he still has good hands and an errant throw is more likely to be an interception than against any of the other secondary.

        • line_hawk

          Yes, I think Sherman is still good but not $14M good.

          • H M Abdou


  33. Awsi Dooger

    Not complicated. The Seahawks are a Crowd team now. Since 1984 I’ve divided the league into Cream, Crowd and Crap. Really simplifies matters, especially for betting purposes.

    Cream are the teams likely to win 11+ games, basically 5 or 6 teams on average. Crowd is the vast middle of the pack, essentially the teams that will win 5-10 games. Fans and media members thrill to differentiate too much between teams on this level. Crowd teams basically can’t be trusted when too much is expected of them. My Dolphins were the ultimate example today. You’ve really got to be a special type of genius to give 6.5 points with a Crowd team on the road. Miami is the annual Crowd dependable…only team in the league to win between 6 and 10 regular season games for each of the past 8 seasons. That’s why it’s the most boring era in franchise history.

    Crap teams are the handful of reeling teams that simply can’t win. They typically try very hard and are actually a good investment taking big points on the road, but they’ll let you down if you try to force them to win a game at home.

    Even when Seattle has had some down stretches in recent seasons there were still Cream tendencies, like dominating wins against Crowd teams and good numbers in the most important statistical categories.

    Right now everything looks like Crowd, although it typically requires at least 4-5 games for clarity.

    As Rob indicated, it could be a season in which a team with modest number of wins captures the Super Bowl. However, I’d caution that many of the popular examples were actually underperforming Cream teams in disguise. Some of the lower seeded champions had huge numbers in Yards Per Pass Attempt Differential, which is one of the most vital stats and the brainchild of the late Bud Goode. Seattle was weak in that so-called Killer Stat after two games and no doubt worse after three:

    Last season Atlanta led the league in YPPA Differential while New England was second. Seattle was the league leader during its championship season.

  34. HawkBlondie

    We all love what PC/JS have built in Seattle and I believe the culture is still second to none in the NFL. They have a roster however with some holes in serious decline it appears after 3 weeks.

    -Weak to awful drafts since 2013-2014. Hopefully this years class will reverse the trend but if Mcdowell is lost it is unlikely.

    -2 trades that despite looking great on paper that did not work. Harvin and Graham

    -Failure to fix OL

    -Paying aging defensive stars top $

    I hope we can turn things around this year but if not a real shake-up in roster may be needed.

    • Drew

      If McDowell doesn’t even touch the field, I think this years draft class is going to be pretty good.

      Delano Hill – looks like a solid backup and eventual Kam Chancellor replacement with good special teams ability.

      Shaquille Griffin – good starting corner, eventual Sherm replacement?

      Chris Carson – 7th round steal that stole the starting RB spot.

      Naz Jones – solid rotating DT

      That’s not to mention the rest of the draft and depth if they ever do anything. At this point for me, if McDowell ever gets on the field its icing on the cake.

      • C-Dog

        I agree, and would add in that Ethan Pocic has shown promise, and at this rate, might be working towards a starter spot somewhere on the line sooner than later.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I haven’t seen much of Darboh yet, hopefully he will add to the receiving corp.

        I’ve said my take on Harvin before: Seahawks should have stashed him that last year and brought him back for playoffs. He only would have had to play three games at end of season, but his presence would have made a difference in the Superbowl. Trading him to Jets for nothing was a sign of desperation and bad management.

        Failure to fix OL, well I am finally ready to say that they have tried to fix it this last two years. Last year I complained about not picking a Left Tackle and getting stuck with a no experience Fant at that position. But they did add Ifedi at RT. This year it was a totally bad break to lose Fant early. Seahawks have again invested draft capital on the offensive line. And hired Joeckel. So they are trying, just not looking very successful.

    • john_s

      Love your points.

      Paying aging defensive stars top $ is a huge concern.
      – They paid Kam which I was against.
      – Extended Mike B, who definitely earned it, but he’s 32 and on the wrong side of his career.
      – Sherm, Earl, Cliff and KJ’s will all be up and it’s going to be a big decision if they will pay them. I assume you pay Earl. Sherm I assume so, but off field griping with management may lead them not to re-sign him. Then Cliff and KJ I would say they won’t be back.

      I was hoping that they would enact the Patriots model of cutting a guy too soon versus too late and turn the roster over year to year.

  35. Nolyon

    So I know the defense didn’t look great today but after the first two weeks of this year people were saying this d might be 2013 good. I hardly think one bad week means this d can’t be championship caliber. Do you remember what they did to Aaron Rodgers literally 2 weeks ago? They will be fine.

    And Russ started slow, but I don’t buy that all the production was “desperation time” Two really great TD drives before Tenn got up big. It’s not like the game was over when Russ started playing well.

    When the game ended I actually thought, “Ok, now we’ve seen both Offense and Defense can do this. That’s encouraging.”

    Run Offense is the only thing still worrying to me. But if Russell plays like he did in that second half. Maybe our pass will open up the run? Like get a lead and then take the air out instead of get behind and scramble. That would also help the D. They could pin their ears back.

    It’d be like the Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison, Edgerrin James Colts but with a defense that actually can play. Think of what playing with a lead all the time did for Robert Mathis and Dwight Freeney. Not saying we should open it up that much. But if up tempo gets a lead. I think that’s helpful. Even if we score fast.

  36. D-OZ

    When they flexed Graham out wide he was able to create space for himself and Russ was able to get him the ball… WOW, what a concept!!!! Some real brain-storming by Bevell there, or was it by accident? Too many dropped ball’s to start the game. Totally threw the offence out of sync. All three game’s so far have started that way. They need to get the ball to Baldwin early and often. It was nice to see Russ dump the ball off to Carson, something he needs to do more of. GO HAWKS!!!!

  37. Alex

    Look it’s not all doom and gloom. The D isn’t over the hill and becoming mid-tier, not by a long shot. Exotic smash mouth will break more than just our D this season guaranteed. The only point that worries me is the turnover drought. As much as we all blame the O the D needs to help themselves by getting the ball back more often. Regarding the O……I have always stayed clear of the coaches arguments on here, but it is galling to see we can put up the numbers and points when we have to. People say scoring often and early puts it on the D and will tire our D out by having them on the field longer…..but I would rather play to defend a lead rather than play the in the vague hope we can keep it close and the O may or may not get some points. Plus it puts the other team on the back foot, chasing the game which could lead to mistakes and turnovers…..which rectifies my point above. I don’t like ‘it’s not how you start it’s how you finish’. We finished strong last night and didn’t get the W. Why can’t we play how we finish from the start?? But hey, we go the D still, and the O showed signs of recovery. We were never going 16-0 this year, estimates ranging from 10-6 to 13-3. Let’s just make sure we go 1-0 here on out. Go Hawks.

    • C-Dog


    • Volume12

      It’s worrisome when teams rush for over 150+ yards in back to back games against the #1 rush D in the league over the past 4-5 years.

      They have 0 run stuffers. Naz is a nice young, rotational 3-texh, Reed is much more suited for a Nose in a 3-4. And Richardson is an $18 million dollar one dimensional DT.

      I said it 2 months ago and I’ll say it again. DT is a much bigger need than realized.

      • Volume12

        IMO Seattle knew this might be the case and its another possible reason that factored into the Richardson trade.

        • AlaskaHawk

          You can only get that many yards when the linebackers or safeties aren’t filling the holes. Perhaps Seahawks have a linebacker problem and not a defensive line problem.

        • Ishmael


          Carroll has never relied on a 3T to do much though, he’s always wanted a big body to hold up and keep his LBs clean. That they’re getting away from that is telling. Something has changed behind the scenes that we haven’t heard about, either they’re trying to protect Wagner and Wright a bit more, or they’ve decided they’re willing to sell out their run defence a bit to get more interior pressure on the passer.

          Everything feels a bit reactive and panicky at the moment.

  38. HawkBlondie

    Read this quote this morning. Keeps things in perspective.

    It was a bad showing, yes, but this Seattle D still boasts ten—ten!—Pro Bowl-caliber players, eight of whom are in their twenties. (The two who aren’t, 31-year-olds Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril, both still shine weekly on film.) This group has been together for several years. The safe bet is on its continued excellence in 2017.

  39. Logan Lynch

    Being out of the market, I didn’t get to see this game. Probably for the better.

    Didn’t get through all the comments on here yet, but I saw a few on another popular SEA fan site that actually said they felt better about yesterday’s loss than the win against SF. Are you kidding me? In no way, shape, or form do I feel better about a loss than a win. As I said after the game last week, I would take an ugly win over any sort of loss.

    There are some encouraging signs, but the lack of consistency in any one aspect of this team is concerning. I agree with Rob that it could be a year where a hot team wild card team to finish the season takes the SB. The NFL wanted parity, but it seems like they’re getting “parody” in terms of the quality of play.

    SEA has hunkered down and went on a hot streak before, so why can’t they do it again? They’ve been pretty bad overall in September especially on the road so, while concerning, this isn’t a new trend. I choose to be optimistic that they can turn it around. There really isn’t a powerhouse team in the NFC. ATL is 3-0, but could just as easily be 1-2. GB is 2-1, but looks vulnerable. DAL got spanked last week. Let’s hope SEA gets it figured out before it’s too late.

    • C-Dog

      I think this team is closer to getting on track than some people think. I wouldn’t be surprised if they adjust the offense to get more aggressive early to try and capture a lead in which they can slow things down for the defense later. It’s clear through three games that this quarterback executes better and probably with more confidence up tempo, but the key is that he and they have to execute.

      Additionally, the defense has to keep its composure, and it’s not just Sherman, the neutral zone infractions were a killer yesterday.

      This team has too much talent to go 8-8, or less. Loosing to an upstart Titan team on the road is not a killer to the season. I think there were encouraging signs in this game.

      • Logan Lynch

        Agreed. I think if they can take care of business on Sunday and somehow eke out a win vs the Rams (we know that game will in all likelihood cause heartburn for all of us), going into the bye at 3-2 still puts us in a pretty decent position. Most of our tough away games hit early in the season. Just need to take care of the home games. Also need to find some way to get turnovers on defense.

        • C-Dog

          They should take care of business against the Colts, but that Rams game looks like another serious test. The Rams defense hasn’t been great adjusting to their new 3-4, but I would say give Wade Phillips time with those players. Agreed that the toughest away games appear early. I don’t think it’s a season killer to be 2-3 before the bye week. It almost feels reasonable.

          • Logan Lynch

            SEA seems to have a tougher time against 3-4 defenses also for some reason. Maybe it’s because they’re used to facing their own 4-3 in practice. The Rams D is underachieving so far, so it’s probably a good thing that we face them on the road early in the season. Aaron Donald is already giving me nightmares.

            • Volume12

              You watch No Mercy last night my man?

              • Logan Lynch

                Nah man, wish I could’ve. I live in the boonies, so my streaming capability is zero. I basically end up having to catch highlights after the fact. Did it live up to expectations?

  40. nichansen01

    This elite defense that’s taking resources from the offense isn’t even good.

    I don’t know what else to say.

    • vrtkolman

      It’s still a great defense, but they really need to start winning time of possession. They had the chance to really control the game early with all of Tennessee’s 3 and outs. They can’t really afford another season of staying on the field as much as they did last season, they will be wiped out by postseason again.

      • Volume12

        Someone told me yesterday that Sherm’s BS antics didn’t affect the game. Imagine thinking that.

        The TOP was even up to the point, he took a huge momentum shifting INT off the board, and fired Tennessee up.

        • Volume12

          And all that b****ing and arguing just expends energy which at even more of s premium in 100 ° weather.

          • C-Dog


            Gee Scott pointed to the sideline hit on Mariota and the donny brook that coincided as the turning point for the Titans. I think composure and the lack there of threw the D off its
            Game, without question. They weren’t able to match the fired up Titans.

    • KingRajesh

      The elite defense that makes literally 32 million more than the offense can’t stop the run.

      Coaching heads need to roll.

  41. vrtkolman

    Here’s a thought, had Seattle capitalized on Tennessee’s awful offensive start to the game the flow of the game would have been entirely different. Had they gone up say 10-0 early, Tennessee wouldn’t have been able to pound the rock in the 2nd half.

  42. H M Abdou

    In my opinion, forget defense, WR’s/TE’s, RB corps. Priority #1 through #100 should be: build a DOMINANT (not good, DOMINANT) offensive line. The Seahawks have to do what every aging team does as its great defense gets old: become heavily dependent on its offense.

    With Russell’s lack of height, the OL has to create consistent passing lanes for him. Spare no expense in buulding him a great line, like New Orleans did for Brees circa 2009-2011.

    • John_s

      Do you trust the staff to build a dominant online? They have spent a lot of high draft capital on the line and this is what we have

      • Volume12

        It doesn’t even need to be dominant. They’ve proved that. Average road graders with a pass protecting LT is more than enough.

    • Ishmael

      Oakland built a dominant O-line and they got beaten up last night. The Cowboys built a dominant O-line and they got beaten up last week. It’s not the be all and end all. Was far from the biggest issue last night.

      • Hawk Eye

        going up a dominant o line and not scheming to beat it is a problem.
        You can just line up and stay try to beat me, when they can. This seems to point to a Richard/Carroll thing about adjusting to a team that matches up well against you. Need to change plans sometimes.

        • Hawk Eye

          “say try to beat me”, not stay

    • H M Abdou

      To answer John_s, Volume12, and Ishmael:
      For the few examples of OL’s not exerting their will on the defense, there are dozens of examples where a great OL did dominate. I personally think that’s the approach to take going forward.

      • Ishmael

        Which was the last team with a truly great O-line that won a Superbowl?

        Plenty of ways to skin a cat. I actually think the Seahawks are falling into the trap of being too QB-centric. They need to tell Wilson to suck it up, use his mobility, and make things work. Throwing more and more and more resources at him is how you end up like the Saints.

        • H M Abdou

          Each situation is unique, of course. Russell really needs some good passing lanes to throw through in order excel. I read an earlier comment that mentioned Davis Hsu tweeting that when Russ is bad, he basically is terrible. But when he’s good, he’s nearly unstoppable. I agree, really hope Pete and John focus on building OL.

    • mishima

      Just find league average guards and we should be fine. Joeckel and Aboushi will be gone and Glow and Odi aren’t improving/showing. Britt (C), Fant (LT), Ifedi (RT) should be fine. Fear another year of OL rebuilding. How long before RW is damaged, wasted, demoralized?

  43. Mark Souza

    I still look at the play calling as a major issue. Tennessee showed how commitment to the run pays off. They owned the clock. They pounded our defense over and over on a hot day and softened us. It payed off big time for them in the second half. What they did to us is what we should be doing, especially with the pass protection problems we have.

    Now for the stats from yesterday’s game. I keep stats a little differently for the purposes of showing what Seattle is doing regarding play calling. When the quarter back scrambles, that isn’t a run, it was a called pass play that filed due to protection or coverage. The two times Wilson had to fall on the ball due to botched snaps, I reviewed the O-line blocking and what the receivers were doing (running routes as opposed to blocking and determined those were both called pass plays. Now the results.

    When the game was within a score or we were ahead, the time in the game where you don’t have to abandon your game plan, the Seahawks ran 13 times and passed 25 times, only 34.2% of our plays were called runs. This is not commitment to the run game.

    After we went down 23-14, we ran twice, and passed 30 times, 6.7% rushing plays.

    The total for the entire game was 21.4% of plays were called runs. And this was the second game out of 3 that we were dominated in time of possession and our defense paid the price.

    • AlaskaHawk

      But if you look at the run statistics you find that Carson was 11 for 34 yards, Wilson was 7 for 26 yards, and Prosise was 4 for 9 yards. combined total was 22 carries for 69 yards. Seahawks made the effort and weren’t successful at running. I love Carson’s effort, but they shut him down.

      And I don’t see the running game as being all that much different results in the first two games. There was the use of Carson to run time off the clock last game, and he did make some first downs doing that. That was probably the high point of the run game. For the most part it has been ineffective and a waste of time. The hurry up offense has been their only effective tool so far.

      • Mark Souza

        Take Wilson’s numbers out. There wasn’t a single read option or QB sneak called. Every one of his runs resulted from a called pass play that failed in one way or another, so he ran. My point is that for a team that claims they are committed to the run and they want to be a run first team, they call very few run plays, even when there’s no pressing need to get all pass happy. I blame one person; Bevel.

        It’s been 3 weeks, mostly in very close games where we could run the ball if we chose. And yet, the best we’ve done all season is 33% run plays against Frisco. I don’t want to see this become the trend, where we get our asses kick in time of possession and our offense gasses our defense. The offense doesn’t need to score a lot, as long as they control the ball some so the defense is fresh enough to do what they do.

  44. Volume12

    This team has sold out. Plain and simple.

    • Ukhawk

      Ouch. Need to hang in there

    • mishima

      Explain? I think I agree.

    • Kenny Sloth

      They’ve regressed, I think.

      They’re kind of a regular team

  45. pran

    PFF ratings

    Frank Clark had a bad game.
    Aboushi is not good.
    Titans pressured 44% of drop backs with such an average DL. its going to be a long season

    • Aaron

      Just imagine what a great d line like LA or ARZ or NYG or HOU or even JAX can do…😨😨😨 It’s gonna be a long season. They have the talent to be 12-4 but are playing like 9-7. I think that’s their floor even if this o line is one of the worst units in the NFL. Personally, I’m not gonna watch their games for awhile. They play on the knife edge too much and are increasingly falling off that edge. I’m gonna stick with my steady eddy UW Huskies for now. Hawks just don’t have it in them.

    • Mark Souza

      The line with Aboushi was marginally better, and I’ll take that. But the line problems are greater than one guy, so one new guy isn’t going to fix it all. But it was better. And I’ll take better.

  46. John_s

    So is the video in this URL indicative of a coaching issue or a talent issue on the line?

    5 count em 5 missed cut blocks on one play!

    • Ishmael

      That is hilariously awful. I don’t see how you can blame that on the coaching though, that’s not a difficult block to make.

      • vrtkolman

        I’ve seen enough of these whiffed cut blocks already this year, to where I’m certain they are being coached not to make contact with the O line’s knees anymore. I’m pretty sure that is going to be a 15 yard flag. Cut blocking is on it’s way out of the NFL.

        • Ishmael

          Interesting point.

          Honestly, I won’t be even a little bit sorry if they do get outlawed.

  47. Ralphy

    Scrolled through and didn’t see much on Jimmy Graham. I am sick of the way he plays. He does not compete like other Hawks. When you choose to cut cost on the OL but spend big on TE, it needs to be a TE that can block. He can’t. He also doesn’t go and compete for the ball. He’s great at catching in the open and running, but if he has to go compete for the ball then forget it.

    We’ve heard how cognizant the team is with drafting players that will fit in their locker room. Sometimes it seems like they don’t do it with their big offseason additions. Percy didn’t fit and I don’t think Graham does either.

    • Rob Staton

      Graham was the third leading receiver in the game and had 72 yards on seven receptions (11 targets). Alongside Doug Baldwin he was a useful weapon.

      • Hawk Eye

        I saw Jimmy make a nice chip block late in the 4th. Same thing he was failing to do in the earlier games. Maybe like feeding the centre near the basket to keep him interesting in blocking shots, they have to let Jimmy play more outside, catch some balls to get him to participate in what he does not like to do also.
        Not sure they resign Jimmy, really depends on how he plays the rest of the year, along with do they resign Richardson to a big contract. If Malik can come back, maybe they let Richardson walk.
        And where is Vannett? Wasn’t he supposed to be a good blocking TE?

        • pran

          Remember two similar plays run by each team – one run by hawks with RB ( on a 3 &1 if i remember correctly), RB made a read on the right side(between C-RT), graham from the left side need to make a block on LB shooting (thru the gap between C&LG) to tackle RB. he miserably failed.

          Titans ran the same play with a FB on the left side, Our LB is shooting from the edge on the right side for a RB read on the right side. they blocked successfully for a 1st down.

          Graham is a liability in blocking except a play here and there. we also have a 2nd year TE who is touted as a Y TE but just dont contribute or used much for whatever. Rookies are contributing big way across the league.

          • AlaskaHawk

            My prediction: Graham will play out his contract with the Seahawks this year. Then move on and he will become very productive with another team that likes to pass the ball. Perhaps he will even go back to the Saints.

  48. HawkBlondie

    See link below from Shaun Ohara. A link to a play were all 5 lineman whiff on cut blocks and we fumble snap.
    It is so bad it is almost laughable. This is a prime example of why we should have switch from a ZBS to a power man scheme with this group. We have big explosive athletes who don’t play to their strengths.

    Let these guys lineup and play. All the whiffs and missed assignments are killing us.

    • Ed

      Been on that wagon for 3 years now. Or just play more wide open scheme and let RW do his thing. Been fitting a square peg in a circular hole for a few years now. PC thinks he is smarter than everyone else and it’s getting ridiculous.

    • Ukhawk

      LMAO, what else can u do? Are we going for Darnold or what??

  49. Ed

    I can be honest. My love of football and hawks is really being tested. The political stuff. CTE. The same problems for 5 years now. As Vol said, maybe Saturday is the way to go. I seem to enjoy my fantasy team and talking prospects more than real football. ha ha. Never thought that day would come. It’s almost hockey time.

    • FresnoBrad

      Ed team chemistry & cap space is everything. Marshawn Lynch & core defensive players started racism & distrust lies that turned into league wide self destruction. We all remembers Marshawns accusations against Carrol, defensive stars calling Russell Wilson “too White” etc.. Now Seahawks & NFL accusing President Trump of being insensative & a Racist because Trump said what 72% NFL fans think & regularly say about pissing on Flag & National Anthem. Media, NFL, & famous folks have zero impact on us. Financial Analysts conclude bare minimum NFL will 60% of revenue due to the disrespect. Ed your spot on! This will most likely bankrupt the NFL, no way folks buy tickets next season.

      • mishima



      • pmoney

        Can we keep these stupid, irrelevant takes out of the comments on here?

    • Kenny Sloth


    • AlaskaHawk

      Saturday is the way to go until the FBI finishes their investigation of college basketball and moves over to college football. Then you will see some heads roll.

      • FresnoBrad

        Sorry I just wanted to explain why the NFL is dying. I’m gonna make you guys happy & not comment here, read, watch anything NFL related. My 43 years of diehard Seahawk support is over as we’ll as being an NFL fan!

  50. vrtkolman

    Not gonna lie, I really like the NFL heels. Josh Norman is Sherm 2.0 with his post game stuff. After Crabtree and Cooper were talking trash about getting 200 yards on the Redskins defense, Norman went off on Crabtree and said “Sherm was right”. Love it.

  51. Ishmael

    Funny how we see things, hey?

    I like the political stuff, the Hawks players standing up for what they believe in makes me like them more. It’s like the guys who refused to play the Apartheid-era South African teams back in the today, and then compared to the players who went and took the blood money. Sport is deeply tied up with national identity all around the world, something that the NFL has gone out of its way to play up – somehow managing to tie military fetishisation, patriotism, and sport all up in one neat package. Protest is meant to make people uncomfortable, to challenge existing systems and narratives. The amount of national attention that’s been brought to the issue is pretty amazing, and totally justifies the stand (or knee I suppose) that many players are taking. I’m sympathetic to people who just want sport to be an escape, but I’d urge those people to continue to enjoy the sport while also reflecting on what it is about the anthem that is making the players uncomfortable. Try and have some empathy for what the symbolism means to them.

    Totally with you on the CTE, but the college boys aren’t immune from that either and they’re being massively exploited for their labour in the meantime. That and the defense is mostly so awful that I find it wildly frustrating to watch. I love watching it to try and spot talent, but it would drive me completely insane if I actually followed it. Professional sport is problematic in almost all of its forms, collision sports even more so. There’s always going to be a degree of hypocrisy in how we watch it, just have to find a limit I guess.

    I think the NFL is going to see more and more people hitting that limit over the next few years. We’re going to see fewer and fewer parents letting their kids play, knowing that practically the only way to make it is to get on PEDs from a very early age, and knowing that it’s a career that will almost inevitably result in brain damage… This might sound like a criticism, but I honestly don’t mean it to be so apologies in advance if it comes across like that. It’s interesting to me that the two things you’re enjoying about football at the moment are the two things that do the most to dehumanise the players – they become points and traits, not people. I don’t know, maybe I’m overthinking it, but I think the league is in real trouble.

    • Ed

      That’s the part that bugs me though. You have a huge platform, so use it, but use it correctly. Have Sunday for Sunday, then on Monday and Tuesday gather the media and spend time and money to help those communities in need. Tell them to respect authority. Tell them to work hard. Life isn’t fair. I’m hispanic, nothing was handed to me. I was called plenty of names growing up and was treated differently, but I didn’t let that define me. Then on Wednesday sit with local law enforcement and say I know your job is hard, but how can we help you understand how to better work with communities that are uneasy about police.

      I tell you what, you would have a more positive view of the of your intentions and efforts and it probably becomes a wave of change. Instead, since CK, it is about disrespecting the flag and what it stands for.

      Not a Trump fan, didn’t vote for the guy or Hilary for that matter, but I love how Lebron said sports is what brings people together and Trump brought politics to sports and that’s wrong. Dude, that’s what CK and all the kneeling last year did. That’s why so many people are upset, because the one place you could have a bunch of people together cheering for the same thing was tarnished last year and continues to be tarnished.

      Sorry Rob, back to just Hawks talk. Keep up the good work. I was a patron when you started it this year and hope a lot more are helping you continue this awesome blog.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Trump is a failed Football team owner, tried to shoehorn into the NFL for cheap and was rejected. He has had a grudge against the NFL for 20 years. He’s driven 4 companies into bankruptcy and now he is intent on driving the NFL into bankruptcy. Just look at his tweets imploring owners to fire players and fans not to watch the game. He wants the NFL to go bankrupt so that everyone knows how important Trump is.

        Kneeling didn’t bring politics to sports. Black players are not safe except in rich gated communities. What brought the politics is everyone interjecting their opinion on what being a patriot means.

    • vrtkolman

      Fantastic post.

    • Hawk Eye

      I don’t think the politics will kill the golden goose. The NFL will survive it. The CTE thing is different. I won’t let my kids play, and many more parents are doing the same. The game will change or it will not survive long term. My dad was just diagnosed with dementia at 83. Watching him slip away, but at least it is at an age where it is expected. These guys are getting it in the 30’s, 40’s and Hernandez was only 27. I see my father act like a little child, mix up memories, cannot recognize letters or numbers, cannot be trusted to be alone. How do the wife and children handle that with someone young and physically powerful?

      Trump has managed to piss off not only the players, but all the owners, who are mostly rich Republicans. Now the owners agree with the players. He did Kaps’ job for him.

      No one seems to mention the fact that playing the national anthem at a sporting event is a political statement. So okay for the overlords to do it, but not the underlings? Why should athletes stick to sports? doesn’t everyone get to participate?
      Is it not better for athletes to stand up for social justice than making it rain in a strip club?

      Ismael, you cannot be American.
      “somehow managing to tie military fetishisation, patriotism, and sport all up in one neat package. ” Americans do not see this in themselves. You have to be an outsider to see it. Something about not seeing the forest for the trees….

      • Ed

        I never thought it was political, I thought it was country pride. I didn’t serve, but my Dad did, two of my brothers did (1 KIA). It’s a country that give everyone a chance. All the players that are protesting the injustice, in other countries wouldn’t be millionaires. That’s the point. In this country, everyone has the opportunity to be rich and successful. That’s the point of standing and having pride in the anthem. Stand for social justice, don’t disrespect one issue for another.

        • Hawk Eye

          the anthem at sporting events was started in WW2.
          Purely political.
          Now, if your government has never lied to you, never oppressed anyone, never made mistakes that hurt anyone, then feel free to be insulted when someone takes offense at the anthem. However, if your government is not perfect, then respect those who are risking a lot by making an unpopular stand. Ali went to jail for refusing to go to Vietnam, Martin Luther King was killed for his politics, and many many others have suffered to bring about needed change.

          and watch the famous opening scene from The Newsroom to get a little perspective on “the greatest nation on earth”. Or read Goebbels thoughts on patriotism. Don’t confuse ideals for facts or morals.

          • Ed

            So now having love for the anthem is like loving the Nazi regime. Come on. It could have been started for politics, but in my long lifetime, at sporting events it has been about country pride, nothing more. No left, right what happened 150 years ago. It brought people together. Whitney Houston in the 1991, every stadium after 911. it’s pride of your country. You could want to make changes to social inequality and still respect the flag. They

            • Hawk Eye

              started in WW2 by US and Canada as part of the war effort.
              pride in your country is fine until it blinds you from the truth.
              Nationalism tends to promote a lack of empathy for others, which always creates problems

              • Ed

                Disagree. Can it. Sure. But that’s a broad assumption that is a bigger problem than nationalism leading to no empathy

              • neil

                What is it in this country that a white person can have or do that a black person cannot.? Since 1960 this country has bent over backwards to correct the sins of the past . Do we still have a ways to go? sure, but we are well on our way. We have had a black president, attorney generals, supreme court justice, hundreds of congressmen,mayors of large cities, thousands of professors in major collages etc. This could not happen prior to 1960. It would be nice for liberals and some black athletes to acknowledge the efforts the country has made.

                • AlaskaHawk

                  Here is the thing. When I’m stopped by the police I have a reasonable chance of driving away with a warning or minor traffic ticket. When a black person is stopped by the police they have a reasonable chance of ending up battered or dead.

                • Group Captain Mandrake

                  Have efforts been made? Absolutely. Is there more work to be hone? Hell yes.

                  I have two sons, both black/native american. At school they’ve been called nigger repeatedly. They have been followed in stores for doing nothing wrong. They have been followed by men in a car carrying a 5 foot cross with a noose wrapped around it. They’ve seen enough news to know that they are nervous around cops simply for being who they are. They are 13. No one should have to deal with that shit. EVER. Let alone at 13. That is what the kneeling is about. Acknowledgement of progress is not what it’s about when there is still so much to overcome.

          • Vista

            Jumping on the use of the National Anthem at sporting events. From what I recall reading, the players were not on the field for the anthem until 2009 which coincided with the Pentagon giving money to the NFL to give military tributes. It wasn’t always political, but it definitely was made that way.

            Here is a link to an article in regards to the national anthem at NFL games and sporting events in general.

      • neil

        As a veteran I do not like the protests. I guess you had to be alive before1960, as I was, to really understand racial injustice. This country has bent over backwards and made tremendous strides in correcting the sins of the past in just 53 years. It will take 100 more years to breed bigotry out of our society, but we are well on our way. My god we have had a black president, attorney generals, supreme court justice, hundreds of congressmen, mayors of large cities, thousands of professors in major collages, etc. What is it in America today that a white person can have or do that a black person cannot? Once in a while it would be nice for some liberals or some black athletes to acknowledge the effort and success we have achieves in only 53 short years.

        • Ed

          Agreed 100%

          • Ed

            to everything that you posted

        • Mr. Offseason

          Neil, I appreciate your perspective coming from a military background and all the unique qualities that brings to your thoughts. However I’d just like to point out that racism is much much more than having a black president, or allowing blacks to have the ability to have prominent jobs in government and otherwise. It is no secret that blacks are still killed for no other reason than that they are black, whether that be by other civilians or by police. I don’t see this as a time to point to 53 years of progression, rather we need to keep pushing forward and keep the conversation going. And in order to do that we need all perspectives and values to be brought in. At the end of the day it’s about equality. Allowing a black man to become president for a fleeting eight years doesn’t excuse the murders that happen in streets every day, that were either motivated by racism or were complicated by it. In fact, it’s not only blacks who’s lives are unjustly claimed by police, but many whites as well. These families deserves justice and we all deserve equality and livelihood. We should not stand by as police are allowed to take that away.

          I would also like to add that this does not mean ALL policemen are to blame. There are good officers out there who try to hold themselves to higher accountability. But name one policeman who has been jailed for murdering an innocent while on duty. I can’t recall one. Families deserve justice.

          And that’s why it’s not about disrespecting the flag. It’s about lifting it up higher. It’s about making the national anthem true for ALL OF US. Giving true equality, that we really are ONE NATION UNDER GOD, INDIVISIBLE. That is not how the country currently is. One could argue the nation is as split as it’s ever been, and that is not because blacks are ungrateful, as if blacks should be “grateful” that they have been allowed to participate in this democracy. No, that is their right. And being treated equally with others is their right, as it is all of ours. Every life matters, and black lives matter. I mean no disrespect, I respect you for standing up for what you believe as that is our first amendment right, and as such I see it fit to do the same. One day I believe this country will be united and we all will be equal, but it doesn’t come without deep introspecting, conversation, and looking upon what others believe without judgment, even if those opinions are far different from yours.

          • Hawk Eye

            well said.
            The failure of people to understand the problem just makes it worse. Or to accept a partial improvement. And the problem is just not race, but a militarized police force that is not accountable. And not just in the US, that is a world wide problem where most police forces are above the law. Read some stuff by Frank Serpico if you want to see how deep the problem is. Or about the 12 NYPD officers who are suing the department for forcing them to ticket minorities. Denied by the department, but they were recorded.
            Protest against injustice is not only a right, it should be a requirement in a healthy democracy.

            • neil

              Actually the stats say more white people are killed by police every year than blacks. Yes I know on a percentage basis they are on the short end, but they are not the only ones to die at the hands of the police, Some justified some not.

              • Mr. Offseason

                I know and I alluded to that in my post, Neil. We are fighting for equality for ALL.

          • Ed

            Sure, families and people deserve justice. But that is not a black and white thing. That is a bad officer thing. That is a bad citizen thing for thinking it’s ok to fight or run from police. I don’t care if an officer shoots someone for coming at them with a knife. People say, shoot them in the leg. Or the kid in Ferguson. If you do not obey a police officer and you fight with a police officer, I as a police officer feel my life is in danger because they don’t care that I carry a gun.

            Can police have more training. Yes. Should parents and communities teach respect for the police. Yes. The narrative has always been police is bad. It should be police need more training and our youth need to respect the police and the job they do.

            • Kenny Sloth

              Does the youth need to respect you for you to do your job?

              I sell shit to dumb jerks all the time. You don’t get to pick and choose when justice is just.

              If cops are so scared of unarmed black kids, maybe they need a lot more training. Or a desk job

              • Ed

                Actually, yes. It’s not being scared of a black kid. It’s being scared that someone is fighting you knowing you carry a gun. It’s so easy to judge from your home after an incident, but truly put yourself in their shoes. It’s not a 1 sided problem. I always told my son, do what the police ask you to do, no ifs and or buts, until they tell you to do something illegal. That’s it. So many of these confrontations can be handled better by police, but the other side takes zero responsibility. That’s all I’m saying. There was a white woman (tourist) in Minnesota I think that was killed by police. Was there outrage, no because it was a white person. Had the tourist been black, the media and everyone would have been all over it as a hate crime.

                • Ishmael

                  Yes? There was a heap of outrage, at least in Australia which is where she was from. She’d called the police because she’d heard a domestic disturbance and was scared, and she got shot for her troubles.

                  The amount of people who are killed by police in this country per year is absolutely wild, and black people are disproportionately the victims of that. The protests should be welcomed, and they should be making people question the state – not the protesters.

          • neil

            I understand where you are coming from but you seem to ignore the fact that most black men killed in the street’s today are killed by other black men. Chicago is the prime example. And the liberal mayor and governor do nothing about it.

      • Ishmael

        Ha, yeah, not American. Australian, but I live here now. It’s an amazing, inspiring, country in a whole lot of ways, but it’s also got its fair share of problems.

        The thing that I find odd about all of this is the idea that the military have sole moral ownership over the anthem and the flag. What it’s presumed to mean to them becomes more important than what it means to anyone else. Chomsky is far from perfect, but Manufacturing Consent covers this pretty well. It ‘proposes that the mass communication media of the U.S.”are effective and powerful ideological institutions that carry out a system-supportive propaganda function, by reliance on market forces, internalized assumptions, and self-censorship, and without overt coercion”, by means of the propaganda model of communication.’

        The Pentagon have been pumping millions into the NFL, and in return they’ve got unquestioning acceptance of the American military and state from NFL fans. We’ve got people burning players jerseys, the President abusing them – calling for them to be fired, did you guys hear about that Pennsylvania fire chief? He wrote on Facebook that “Tomlin just added himself to the list of no good niggers. Yes I said it.” These are not rational responses to a few guys exercising their right to protest in the search for greater civil rights.

        • Mr. Offseason

          +1. That’s why it’s important for all voices to speak up. We shouldn’t be condemning anyone else as if they don’t have a right to speak, even if what they are saying is outright RACIST. We should be protesting and speaking out for police accountability and more importantly EQUALITY, and not be trying to silence anyone. We should be trying to prove them wrong with our words and our actions. Police are held to a high standard, they have a tough job — there’s no question about that. But when it comes to taking responsibility, what officer has taken ANY when it comes to taking the lives of men, women and children of ANY race? Meanwhile, black men are put in jail in DROVES. I believe there is something systemically wrong with a society like this, and it’s not acceptable, at all. Our police are suppose to be helping us, not holding us down and taking away the rights of anyone they choose to.

        • mishima

          Truth. Agree 100%.

        • Hawk Eye

          hard to separate a lack of civilian control over police, racism and militarism, in my opinion, when talking about this issue in the US. Every international problem become a nail when you have a huge military “hammer”.
          Can anyone count the number of countries that the US has attacked or forced regime change on over the last 70 years? The US public is desensitized to the problem overseas, figures they deserved it. Should it be a surprise so many also support “law and order” at home and come up with excuses to support the police? UK police killed 0 people in 2013, 1 in 2014, 3 in 2015, 4 in 2016, the most since 2007, when they killed 5. That is a country of 65 million+
          Not exclusively a black issue, but lets not pretend it is equal to all races and colours. Nor exclusively a US issue, I was pulled over at gun point in Canada by a couple of excited narcs 30 years ago. No charges, and they were not allowed to even pull their gun, let alone stick it to my head. But they were having fun. The police do attract a certain dangerous type of predator that should not be allowed to serve.
          All countries should have civilian control over the police and the police should not investigate police crimes. Canada covers up police crimes also, and has a huge racism problem with the natives and police.

          and Americans should support protest, even by Liberals (not a 4 letter word if you read a dictionary).
          Jefferson, Adams, Hancock, Hamilton were protesters, and were considered some the the greatest LIBERALS of their time. As were most of the founding fathers. Who were also mostly anti military and against a standing army, hence the 2nd amendment. Most wanted to ban slavery in the Constitution, but were afraid the south would go on their own and they would be vulnerable to the British. But if you read about it, they knew the issue would be a huge black cloud over US society for a long time.

  52. vrtkolman

    Jourdan Lewis is a stud. He’s one of the very few bright spots on a horrid Dallas D.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Hell yeah.

      He might have been just too small for this team.

    • Trevor

      +1 he looked really good last night. Love his compete level.

    • Volume12

      I mean it wasn’t like DE DeMarcus Lawrence had 3 sacks and hit the QB 6 times or anything.

      • Trevor

        Lawrence is a beast I almost felt bad for Veldeer.

        • Volume12

          Was hoping Seattle would’ve took him or Bradley Roby in the ’14 draft.

      • vrtkolman

        Lewis, Lawrence, and Sean Lee. The rest of that defense yikes.

  53. Trevor

    Watched all 3 games again last night and I know this is a broken record but our OL is not just bad they are flat out awful. Everyone seems to think they were not that bad against Ten? Really what tape are people watching.

    -Rees is simply not a starting LT in the league. He was not expected to be before the Fant injury and he is simply not ready. He is at best an emergency starter and backup LG IMO.

    -So far Joeckel is the worst signing since Carry Williams. He looks exactly like he did in Jax. Cable thought he was one of the best LG in the league prior to getting hurt last year. I wonder if he thinks the same thing of his $8 million dollar man so far this year. I pray he will improve as the year goes not but he has already been in the league 3 years so to expect a big improvement seems wishful.

    -Britt has been OK but was not good against Tenn. Hope is was a bad game and he gets back to the guy we saw last year.

    -The RG spot is a mess plain and simple. Why not just start Pocic and see what we have in him? can he really be worse?

    -Ifedi has not been great but shows signs of improvement and I have hope for him still. Can someone explain why we wasted a year of his development last year playing him at RG.

    Plan to fix the Hawks OL (Instead of just complaining some ideas)

    -I am a believer in George Fant and his athleticism to be a legit LT so first and foremost we have to hope he has a quick and successful recovers from his ACL. If so he can have some significant time prior to the start of Camp to continue his development. He seems to have developed a bit of a relationship with Big Walt and I would love the Hawks to retain Jones as a consultant of some type if he wanted to be involved.

    -Let Jimmy Graham and Joeckey walk this off season. They currently take up 18 mil in Cap Space. Graham just does not seem to fit in the Hawks offense unfortunately. Joeckel is what he has always been a 2nd overall pick bust and was an awful signing. At least so far.

    -Traget Quenton Nelson (LG) in round #1. Rob has hi-lighted him and he look like a legit LG with the potential to be a perennial pro-bowler. Fant and Nelson could become our new Walt and Hutch.

    -Keep Britt at C and Ifedi at RT hoping they continue to develop

    -Put Ethan Pocic in at RG now and let him develop to see what we have in him. Can he really be worse than Glow and Oboushi? If he shows potential then he is our new RG. If not then target the best RG on the free agent market. A legit and proven starter who can be brought into stabilize the right side of the OL. If you have to over pay so be it. Just bring in some proven talent not a scrub.

    -Hire a new OC and OL coach who run a power scheme instead of ZBS and let these big explosive athletes like, Britt, Ifedi etc. play to their strength and fire off the ball.

    For every other position group when we have a need or issue then JS just goers out and is ultra aggressive doing everything possible to fix it. This offseason JS has to do that with this OL. If not then the finger pointing has to switch from Cable and Bevell to Pete and JS.

    • Logan Lynch

      This is not a dig at you, Trevor, but you’re not the only one I’ve seen who has brought up the topic of Fant lately. Now, I agree with your assessment that he seemed to show improvement and he seems to have the athleticism to be at least a passable LT.

      The problem is that what “seems” to be is not always reality. Fant was the worst LT in the league last year and it wasn’t even close. Considering the fact that our other young OL (Glow, Ifedi, Rees) are developing slowly or in some cases regressing a bit since college, we can not say for a fact that Fant would be any better this year. Heck, the OL looked competent in preseason after Fant went out only to still be a dumpster fire when the regular season kicked off.

      I sure hope SEA doesn’t pin their hopes on a 2nd year UDFA former basketball player coming off an ACL surgery to man the LT position next season. I agree that Rees is probably not the long term solution at LT, but I don’t think we should count on Fant either. He showed promise and I’m hoping he makes a big recovery, but his lost season also affects his years remaining under contract. LT needs to be a top priority in 2018 one way or another.

      • Trevor

        Good point but can you tell me a starting LT who is a better option than Fant in free agency or the draft next year.

        • Logan Lynch

          I’m not advocating giving up on Fant, merely that I don’t think we can put all our eggs in one basket. Depending on SEA’s draft position, there may be LT prospects available who grade higher than Fant.

          • mishima

            Also known as the ‘Gilliam Reservation.’

            I have zero expectations for Fant at LT, next season. The Seahawks will be going into next season with Britt (C) and Ifedi (RT) and needing RG, LG and LT. Good times.

    • Ishmael

      Thanks for actually trying to post some solutions. Leads to a much more constructive discussion than dead-end coaching talk. I think they actually did try to address the O-line this offseason. We know they went hard after TJ Lang and almost had him, they went and got Joeckel who’d been okay at LG for the Jags. Could they have taken Whitworth, or paid overs on Reiff similar? Maybe? They’re trying, they just don’t seem to be very good at it.

      To your points,

      – Graham is drawing double and triple coverage almost constantly, especially in the RZ. Wilson doesn’t like throwing contested balls which is whatever, but then at a certain point the other receivers have to do better in one-on-one coverage. This was the issue with Kearse last year, Wilson kept going to him because he was isolated, but Kearse wasn’t good enough to finish. Is he worth 10 million? Probably not, but he’s not playing as badly as the current narrative has it. Joeckel has been bad. It’s a rough spot, you want continuity but you also need a baseline of competence. No easy answer. Maybe Odhiambo can slide inside next year?

      – The issue with a guy like Nelson is he’ll probably go top-15. It’s how Dallas built their O-line, but it’s not exactly a realistic option for the Hawks at the moment. Although the way this season is going…

      – I agree on Britt and Ifedi. They’re at least league average at the moment. Leave them there.

      – Pocic seems like a bit of a funny signing at the moment. I almost wonder if he was brought in as a hedge for Britt, and then they either decided to, or were able to, sign Britt for a reasonable amount. I thought Oboushi was better than Glowinski, but at a certain point we might just have to see what we’ve got with Pocic. Good guards are getting massive money, didn’t Zeitler sign a deal worth 60-odd million? It sounds good to say just pay overs, but does that actually make you more likely to get to a Super Bowl?

      – I do wonder if they need to shake up the division of coaching. Too many cooks in there. Whether that means someone needs to go, or someone needs to step back I’m not sure. And maybe they do need to have a think about running some power, or at least mixing it in. Isn’t that what happened in that Detroit playoff game last year?

      • Hawk Eye

        Britt and Ifedi should be league average or better. And no one better on the roster to replace them. LT and LG are problems, and Cable calling Joekel the best guard in the league is a head scratcher. I would be happy with average. I think Rees is better suited for guard, and I could see him and Pocic being the guards next year. Fant at LT? He has the physical profile, and would love to see them hire Walter Jones to coach him, but we may be asking a lot to expect him to be even average next year. Possible, but their o line projections have gone awry once or twice.
        Will they draft a o line at #1? Doubt it, I think they go defense again, oline is young, defense is old. Also depends on in the sign JG, Sheldon and if Malik can come back.
        I have no problem with the Malik pick. Used at NT in college on a bad team and he was the vet. Not going to work and if the kid sees that the coach is screwing up, he is going to be frustrated. Put your people in a position to succeed, not fail.

  54. SheHawk

    Getting back to football, the huskies made me so proud Saturday!! Can’t wait for Cougs to upset the overrated Trojans! Saturday is a lot more fun.

    I think Seahawks have tendency to get a little too cute in lots of areas including thinking they could coach immaturity out of Malik while passing up on others who could have contributed. ((We’re also going to regret letting 49ers draft Foster for a long time.)) unclear why we’re clinging to ZBS. The ohara comments were telling — the cut blocking plan was not only high school like but didn’t align with TE and WR assignments?? …. seems a 3 headed monster created that play. Not one coach with clear accountability.

    Let’s get faster on D and fly to the ball again get take away s. .. Play the rookies!! Griffin is already better than Lane. I want to see more of Hill and Naz! Next year draft Hercules for speed! Hawks should focus internally and spend energy fixing their performance.

    PS Cincinnati is doing better with new OC. Face it we may ultimately need some fresh thinking injected into our coaching staff just to shake things up and become less predictable.

    • Trevor

      Great post!

      I think the Cougs upset USC as well and win by 2 scores +

      I agree completely about regretting passing in Foster. If he can stay healthy he is going to be stud and exactly the type of youth, speed and toughness this defense needs

      I hated the Mcdowell pick because of his attitude last year the accident was really unfortunate and I hope he recovers to full health. It could not be foreseen by PC / JS obviously but when you draft a guy with character issues there always seems to be something that pops up.

    • Coleslaw

      Yes we need a fresh mind to contribute to the offense. We should get a co-offensive coordinator, some HC from college. I want Sarkisian or some WR or TE master or something lol. All I know is we are figured out on offense and defense, completely. Neither have changed much at all in 8 years lmao you cant do that in the NFL

  55. Mike B.

    1. Aboushi was better than Glowinski had been the first two games, but he wasn’t great. He allowed too many pressures against a mediocre pass rush (the Titans didn’t blitz that much). Russ was under pressure on over 40% of his dropbacks again.

    2. The Titans frequently had a 6th offensive lineman or just extra blocking on one side, and the Seahawks failed to set the edge there. Maybe they were just outmanned, but they didn’t counter the heavy blocking set.

    3. Jeremy Lane occasionally makes a good play on a pass, but he’s just not very good in run support.

    4. Not sure why people are saying that Kam wasn’t good. He was. Seven solo tackles and four stops. Also that that INT that was taken away.

    5. Can the Seahawks please find a way to draft Oklahoma’s Orlando Brown, assuming he comes out for the 2018 draft? My god he’s a monster at left tackle.

    • Volume12

      He’s my favorite OT in this draft. Little inconsistent, but when he turns it on? That’s one bad dude.

      • Trevor

        I like Nelson more as he is more consistent based on what I have seen but Brown would be a great addition for sure. He is the most physically imposing guy I have seen come out of college in a while.

  56. Volume12

    For Mishima who asked to me explain why I said this team sold out.

    They’ve gone away from who and what they are. They’ve selling out against the run. When did PC ever not have a doiminat run stuffer on his D-line? Never is the answer. He thought Richardson as a 1-gapping DT would work when he’s 2 gapped as a 5 his entire career?

    Look around. The best pass rushing DTs are undersized and too quick for O-lineman. Mike Daniels, Jurrell Casey (PC guy at USC), Aaron Donald, Geno Atkins, Grady Jarrett, need I go on?

    They’ve gone away from who they were. They used to be and say they’re ‘all about the ball.’ How are you all about the ball when yoiu throw it 49 times and continue to throw more and more?

    They saw the flash and the way the league was going, knew Lynch was leaving, and panicked. ‘Time to go add a TE that the defenders on this team don’t even like. He doesn’t fit in. Let’s try to be a passing team.’ Now you’ve messed with the camaraderie.

    Thats not RW nor will it ever be. He needs to have balance on offense to be effective. How do you defend the run and a mobile QB at the same time?

    How do you defend a mobile QB? Easy. The way the rest of the league has done it for decades. It’s why we haven’t seen many great scrambling QBs last in said league.

    Who even and what even is this team anymore? Do they know?

    • Volume12

      RW ain’t Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady. He never will be. He’s Steve Young and that’s OK.

    • Trevor

      I agree with most of your points Vol. I would throw in the drafting of Mcdowell as another head scratcher. The team is built with over achieving players whom have had to battle for everything and play with an edge. Mcdowell was the complete opposite of that in college. There were players available like Foster whom fit the Hawks profile and culture and we take a guy who the whole league passed on because of attitude. I realize they were desperate for an interior pass rusher and that is fine but the made the trade for Richardson anyways when they were desperate.

      For me it seems like the Hawks were ahead of the curve when they built this team and now they are behind the curve trying to catch up and making some bad decisions as a result.

      When I think of the 3 players JS has added that really didn’t fit what we think is a Seahawk they are Harvin, Graham and Mcdowell. How has each of those moves worked out.

      I applaud JS for trying to be aggressive but he built this team into a champion by acquiring and drafting character. I wish he would go back to his roots and what made the Hawks so great.

      • Volume12

        The Harvin move I get. PC wanted him forever. It was between USC and Florida and he choose the latter.

        McDowell? I get that too. PC loves, loves reclamation projects. Always has and always will. Its part of his moral fiber. Seattle was sniffing around ‘red flag’ guys all of last year. I thought it would be Tim Williams, but alas.

        Foster? Amazing talent, but SF fans better get used to seeing him on the sideline.

        Jimmy was a head scratcher no doubt.

        • Volume12

          And I thought the Jimmy move was going to pay dividends. I really did.

          Its just a waste to have a 6’7, 260 TE that is a below average inline blocker when you need to keep a TE inline to help the poor pass protection.

          • Trevor

            So did I. I loved the trade at the time and keep expecting for the light to come on but I think it may never.

            • Mike B.

              Well, things did mostly click with Jimmy last year when he set team records for receptions and yards for a TE, though the TDs weren’t there. Too many fades to Jimmy in the end zone! I hate fades–too high-risk.

              The JG acquisition in 2015 did surprise me. I thought that the Hawks were going to make a play for Martellus Bennett either in 2015 or 2016, had they not acquired JG. It would’ve been great to have both Bennett brothers on this team.

  57. Volume12

    Has anyone brought up what a great play Shaq Griffin made with that tackle on WR Taywan Taylor? He doesn’t make that play and Tennessee puts up 40 on us.

    • Trevor

      He should be starting over Lane IMO. I think he will end up being a really good pick similar to Lockett and Clark in the type of impact he could have.

      • Volume12

        He’s incredible. He just gets ‘it.’ Has the confidence needed to play the CB at a high level in the NFL. He’s like a 29-30 year old corner in a 22 years old body if that makes sense.

        • AlaskaHawk

          Yes I really like him. Nice to see some rookies playing well.

          • Hawk Eye

            the kid can play, so let him.
            bye bye Felisha, I mean Jeremy…..

            the defense needs some youthful enthusiasm, someone to get the vets fired up and competing.
            They need pressure and turnovers and speed, speed and more speed.

        • mishima

          Baller. Griffin, Naz and Darboh are my favorite 2017 picks.

  58. nichansen01

    Let’s face it. The season ended when Fant went down.

    • mishima

      OK, you get jersey #11, as in ‘Tro11.’

    • Rob Staton

      Oh good, the Lord of Doom and Gloom returns…

  59. nichansen01

    If Volume12 called the draft picks, this team would be way ahead of where it is now.

  60. SheHawk

    The entire WSU coug nation is in state of elation!😁 For record we have always had good to great offense but AGrinch brought SPEED to our D and coug program changed forever!
    We knew USC overrated. Seems Pete’s old program plagued with similar problems as current Hawks.. poor O line play that “magical” QB can’t erase, overcome.
    I m going to reiterate we need more speed on D (ala coach Quinn)
    Let play rookies more Griffin better than Lane. Put Hill in more

  61. SheHawk

    More Naz. Please!! It’s the Colts -let our rookies see the field more. Spell s our aging and slowing starters

    On offense why not add more plays with multiple tight ends? Luke is good player and either Vannet was wasted 3rd round pick or he’s being under utilized now…. Time to see what Tobin and Proic can do as our LT problem has to get solved.

  62. Kenny Sloth

    I’m expecting a blowout honestly.

    24-10 would be a conservative projection

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