Instant reaction: Seahawks lose, own pick #18

I’ve posted two pieces today. This instant reaction piece and a top-50 players eligible for the 2018 draft article. Check out both.

This was a fitting conclusion to the 2017 season. The end it deserved.

Back-to-back abject home loses to division rivals.

The Seahawks came into the season with hopes of winning the Super Bowl. A playoff berth was a bare minimum. They finish 9-7 and miss the post season for the first time since 2011.

Now the only thing to look forward to is an earlier draft pick. #18 overall.

Seattle again started poorly, a common trend this year. Every single time it puts them on the back foot. This is a team that sets out with the intention of controlling the ball and playing solid defense. When you’re constantly 10, 14, 20 points behind early in the game — how can you hope to achieve this?

Seattle figured out a counter in the second half but gave themselves too much to do. As was the case so many times this season.

Bruce Arians boasted last week that this was essentially Arizona’s home field. Yet again his team dominated both lines of scrimmage. He had the ultimate answer to stymie Russell Wilson. Creative blitzing, perfect contain, keeping Wilson bottled in the pocket lacking an easy out.

This was about more than just the performance of the offense though. The defense struggled early too. Special teams, aside from Tyler Lockett’s return touchdown, were poor again. Jon Ryan, Seattle’s longest serving player and a hero for this team over the years, appears to be nearing the end. Blair Walsh isn’t just done in Seattle. He’s probably done in the NFL.

This has been the least enjoyable season of the Pete Carroll era. In 2010 there was an unlikely playoff appearance and the Beast Quake. 2011 saw the emergence of a team that was ready to compete. 2012-2016 speaks for itself.

Now, this is a major step back. And the future is uncertain.

What happens next?

— Michael Silver, Danny O’Neil, Ian Rapoport and Jay Glazer, all connected journalists, have touted significant change to Seattle’s defense. Silver specifically quoted the terms used by the front office to describe the change: “It’s something the front office has refrained from referring to as a rebuild, instead preferring the word transition.” There’s too much smoke here. Change is inevitable. It has to be after the Arizona and Los Angeles home games.

— Getting younger on defense is inevitable too. The Seahawks are spending an incredible amount on a defense that is now older and increasingly susceptible to injury. They cannot hope to transition without freeing up cap space and that means moving on from some big names. It’ll be a sad day when the Legion of Boom is no longer a feature of the Seattle sports world. Ditto the likes of Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril. But that day appears to be here.

— Will they change the run game coordinator as many have asked for? Tom Cable was yesterday linked to the Colts by Michael Silver. That could be ideal for both parties. It would give Cable another shot at being a Head Coach. It would give the Seahawks a fresh start with their running game after two disappointing seasons. The last few games have shown Seattle struggles to rely on its passing game. It needs balance and a run game to turn to. Wilson is majestic when he’s on top form. When the magic isn’t happening, or teams successfully contain him, we see games like this and Seattle struggles to move the ball especially in the first half. With the defense not what it once was, this is more important than ever.

— The most troubling thing about this home game and the last one vs LA is surely this — how can they come out so flat, so bad and so seemingly unprepared for two vital must-win games against NFC West rivals? They are familiar with these teams. And on both occasions, miserable starts. How does that happen?

— The Seahawks lost four games at home this season. Their record was better on the road. Let that sink in. They were 4-4 at Century Link.

— If there’s a positive for the future, it’s the way Shaq Griffin, Justin Coleman and Byron Maxwell finished the season.

We’ll get into this more down the line. This was not what anyone hoped for or expected in 2017. Unfortunately, this is where we’re at — asking questions like the one below…

How do the Seahawks avoid the Carroll era just fizzling out like the Holmgren era?

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  1. Forrest

    And that sums up the season; a missed field goal. I’ll be around for the draft, but I’m taking next season off for personal reasons (University overseas hopefully) and the current state of the team. I will never cheer for another NFL team, but this is beginning to look like a sh**show. I’ll definitely check in now and then, but I don’t think I can sit through another season of this level of incompetent, inconsistent, and abysmal play. I love this community and the content Rob produces, stay classy SDB!

    This season undoubtedly marked the end of an era. Changes need to happen. Here’s a song that sums up my feelings, and likely a lot of similar feelings (lyrics are perfect):

    Anyways, see you all for the draft, thank you Rob for the excellent content, and Go Hawks!!!

    • Trevor

      Good luck with the move sounds exciting!

      • Forrest

        Thanks, it should be exciting. University costs in Asia are soooooo cheap compared to the states. Plus, I want to teach English as a second language as a career, so that plays into it as well. Either way I’ll be busy moving and getting set up come September, so watching games will just be really hard.

        • SighGone

          Getting setup isn’t that bad in Asia, it’s the time difference that makes it tough sometimes. 4 seasons now of 4 a.m. games for me, I admit I’m ready for Mondays to be normal again.

    • Ishmael

      Good luck with your move man!

      It’s funny, we all feel like the sky is falling, but it was still a 9-7 season. Browns fans would probably quite literally kill for that. This is an extremely well run organisation for the most part, even though they have made some serious mistakes that now need to be fixed.

      • Forrest

        Oh I agree, but the cracks are beginning to show. I think with some fundamental changes and trimmed fat this team could be back in the driving seat as early as next season. If they double down, make no staff changes, have another “Huh? Who?” draft, and keep the same OLD players, then I think collapse is more likely than success.

        • Ishmael

          Yep, totally with you. Just mean don’t completely give up on the team yet is all. Plenty of good reasons to stop watching football mind you, so maybe it isn’t the worst move.

          • Forrest

            Giving up and being to frustrated to watch are different, but yeah I agree with you. Even if they’re bad in two years I’ll probably be back watching, but I just need a break. This team, this year, temporarily drained all my emotion for the sport.

            • Dave Ashton

              I follow soccer in the UK man and Everton are my team. Everton haven’t won a trophy since 1995 (and there are 3 trophies). You don’t win every day. That’s sport.

              Tough loss today and it will sting for a while but a lot of people go through the difficult times each year in the pursuit of success.

              Good luck in Asia my man.

  2. cha

    Sloppy, undisciplined play today.

    Drive extending stupid penalties on defense.

    Rawls killing a drive with a stupid mouthing off penalty on offense.

    Willson dropping a RW lollipop at the 3 yard line.

    • Forrest


    • neil

      Who’s fault is all that ? could it be the coach? You mean a sloppy undisciplined season.

  3. Trevor

    Perfectly summed up as we head into an off season sure to be filled with rumor, speculation and likely change.

  4. Lennyjames

    That was a set up for Walsh. Why not go for the 3&9? They knew he would miss. Now we get a better draft spot without looking like it was on purpose. The Hawk off season begins and Im excited. Who stays , who goes? Duane Brown needs ti be extended, Clark extended, Dion Jordan extended, McDougall extend, extend Sherm with the possibility of moving him to Safety in tge future. Extend or Tag Jimmy. Get some draft capital for Earl looks like 2 year overhaul. Let Sheldon walk, let P Rich walk.

    Rd 1. Best RB available

    • Braden

      In round 1 the only game changer is Barkley who will be gone before we pick. Trade down get some speed and talent on defense try to pick up a round 2 and take Sony micheal. A 1-2 punch of him and Carson plus Davis and more than likely procise is a solid group of backs. Then fill depth needs and trade sherm or Bennett for another pick.

  5. tony

    Gutless ending to play for the field goal. Where was the big balls Pete Carroll. Just sad. Not the vision of the Seahawks we were promised. Big changes are needed. Most fitting end to the season. Defense gave up game winning fg on a 3rd down roughing penalty that extended the drive. Walsh missing it, poetic.

    • Rugby Lock

      I was very upset that they tried to set it up for a long field goal to win the game. At least try for a shorter kick…

  6. Volume12

    ‘The end is deserved.’ Truer words have never been spoken.

    What are you doing with the conservative play calling on that last drive from the 30 yard line? You got the dirt worst K and thought he was gonna come through for ya? In what game has he come through for this team that would make them think otherwise?

    • Volume12

      * it deserved.

      Man my typing is trash.

    • Ishmael

      Playing for the draft pick. They knew Walsh wouldn’t get that, and they would have known the Falcons-Panthers score.

      I think I’m more worried about coaches than players this off-season.

      • Volume12

        Boy. Seattle better have a game changing talent in mind and must have some magic worked up with the limited cap space they got. They went all in this year…. and then what happened?

        • Ishmael

          They lost. It happens. I’d rather have a GM who took a swing than a Ted Thompson who’d rather be safe than sorry.

          Anyway, I’d love to see the Jags go on a run and win it all from here.

          • RealRhino2

            OTOH, I feel like that’s just what we did (rather safe than sorry), it’s just that we did it with the staff rather than the roster. Sure, we swung for the fences with Richardson and Brown, but what about trying to improve in the areas Rob mentioned that have shown signs of crumbling for at least two years? Run game? OL? Special teams? Yeah, we’d trade for a gunner here or there, but if the same people are running the show, that’s another way of playing it safe.

            • Ishmael

              Really good point. I’ve said elsewhere that I’m more worried about the coaching than the players. Think both PC and JS have to shoulder a lot of the load for what’s been going on.

          • Mishima

            Agree, but same GM signed Joeckel, Aboushi and Lacy to fix the run game. Drafted a knucklehead DL who couldn’t get on the field.

            Applaud JS for fixing his mistakes? I guess.

  7. Nathan_12thMan

    Not mentioned is the potentially horrible loss of Pocic to a knee injury. If he needs surgery then that really, really hurts. He needs to be healthy this off-season, in the S&C program, putting on 10lbs or more of good weight. He needs to train with the OL to develop more continuity and then get work in camp, be a legit starter at OG and help the continuity of this OL in ’18 (Pocic, Britt, Brown, Ifedi, ____). Damn, hope he doesn’t need surgery.

    • Volume12

      Since when has Seattle never toyed with their O-line? Its inevitable. Continuity would be great, but I’m not sold PC/JS have seen anything to keep this group together.

      • Nathan_12thMan

        Brown isn’t going anywhere, Britt isn’t going anywhere, Ifedi likely isn’t going anywhere, and Pocic clearly is a starter at OG so what are you talking about? The line is set, Cable fired or not. Pocic seems able to play LG and RG with no drop off so that doesn’t matter.

        • Volume12

          I think Brown and Britt are set. Pocic will very likely get a spot, but Joeckel ain’t worth keeping and Ifedi either needs to pushed competitively or pushed to the God damn bench.

        • Volume12

          And if they stick with this line, Cable will tinker with it or if they bring in a new coach he’s gonna want to put his stamp on things and they’d be bringing in a new coach to upgrade and improve things, not roll with Cable’s guys and do things his way.

          • Nathan_12thMan

            I just don’t agree. Pocic no matter the OL coach is a legit starter, especially after a off-season of S&C. Yes I think Joeckel goes but a R1 pick in Ifedi with his potential to be developed better? I think a new OL coach would see the potential and try to make him the starter. This was his first year at RT and he had some good stretches of good play, even against great competition. Penalties seem to be from insecurity, immaturity and needing to drop back so damn far cause Russ is taking 7+ step drops so often.

            It all depends on what we can get or do in the draft at OG or OT. If we get a RT than obviously Ifedi is in trouble. But if we get a OG to replace Joeckel than Ifedi is probably safe and 4 of the 5 starters are back in their same positions.

            • BrianB from PA

              My thought on the offensive line for 2018 could look like this. Brown at LT IFEDI AT LG BRITT AT C POCIC AT RG (before injury)Odihambo at RG FANT AT RT. IFEDI at lg could be his best spot on oline. Remember Britt took 3 yrs to find his spot.

    • Nathan_12thMan

      It’s insane to me that Pete took the ball out of 4th quarter Russell’s hands at the end of the game when we are trying to comeback and instead put it on the run game (awful) and Blair’s foot from 48 yards out. That is insane to me. How stubborn do you have to be to do that? How do you not adapt to your awful run game and awful kicker (esp from a long distance)??? That is big against Pete.

      Against Schneider? Signing Walsh and no camp competition at kicker for camp. Signing Lacy and letting that go how it did. And no 2nd rounder until 2020. He had some wins but he had some big losses.

      • Volume12

        Agreed wth everything you said. This season was full of head scratching decisions. Even during the pre-season now that we can look back on it.

  8. Aaron

    Spot on Rob! A fantastic summary and first look into this rebuild postseason for the Hawks. I’m feeling actually really good and hopeful right now. I’ve accepted it all and am taking it in stride. I’m ready for any and all changes, and expect them to come very soon and very frequently. Go Hawks, onward and upward!!! Finally can start focusing on the draft!

  9. Elliott Atkinson

    I sincerely hope both Cable and Bevell are fired tomorrow, the offensive play is unacceptable for the amount of talent we have. It’s an absolute joke.

    • Ishmael

      Okay, but what about the RB, WR, and TE coaches? Are they doing a good enough job? What’s Pete’s input into things? Will getting rid of Cable and Bevell actually change things, or is it shuffling deckchairs?

      • Aaron

        Nobody is safe or guaranteed a job next season, coach and player alike. This is a top to bottom examination and a rebuild that might be a quarterback away from being a total one.

        • Elliott Atkinson

          The status quo is clearly not working Ishmael. Is there risk that we could get worse? Sure but at this point I think it’s a risk worth taking how many more seasons do you wanna throw away cause the O-Line is complete rubbish? How many more games do want where the Seahawks offense is virtually invisible for over half the game, despit having loads of talent? It’s possible that a new coaches may not be able to fix all these issues but at this point I think it sure as hell is worth trying. The Seahawks have had the same issues for several years now and it’s crazy to expect anything to change when it seems we do the exact same thing every year expecting different results.

          • Ishmael

            They haven’t though, that’s the frustrating thing. It’s been different problems each year. Even the O-line has been bad in different ways. I agree that things haven’t worked out this season. But if rock bottom is 9-7 we aren’t that far away. I guess all I’m saying is that it’s easy to hope/assume that bringing in a new coordinator or two will swing things around, but I suspect the problems are a bit deeper than that and ultimately lie with PC and JS.

      • Forrest

        See this is where I have always thought some of the biggest issues were. Get RW the best QB coach possible; someone who will know how to maximize his potential, but also maintain health. RB and TE coaches, ditto. Especially after the play that both groups turned in this year. Coordinators probably need some new faces as well, but finding quality position coaches is paramount.

      • 1976Hawk


        If your stated mantra is “Always Compete”, how can being abysmal in 3rd and long situations live up to the mantra? Or, how can being abysmal in the run game and run blocking equate to that mantra? Richard was handed Pro Bowl players on defense. Juxtapose what Quinn and Bradley did with those guys to Richard. There’s no comparison. Richard has gone on a Lyndsey Vonn downhill slalom run to the bottom of the NFL with this defense for 3 fricking years without any consequences. We’ve become worse under his guidance not better. Same with Cable. PC needs to live up to his mantra and send these guys packing. Richard has had ample time to prove himself and has not done it. Heck, PC was fired after 3 years in New England for mediocre results; so he understands the NFL is a demanding/results oriented league. I hope to the “Blue and Green Gods” that the rumors of Cable to the Colts as a head coach are true. Please take this guy off our hands in an amicable fashion. Bevell, is another gentleman who needs to go. IMHO, I would like to see young, hungry, innovative coaches who would relish the opportunity to work with these phenomenal players. In the vein of Kyle Shanahan or Sean McVay. Roster turnover and coaching changes are a must.

        Things are not as bad as they seem. They are foundational pieces in place: Baldwin, RW, Brown, Clark, Reed, Griffin, Wagner, Clark, Naz Jones, Pocic, Vannett, etc. Let’s start the “retooling process”. Again, if “Always Compete” is the stated mantra; neither PC/JS nor the 12’s should fear the changes but rather embrace them as an opportunity to go after the ‘ship!

    • Alex Higgins

      Totally agree. Out-coached every week this year.
      I think the whole coaching staff needs an overhaul. Pete’s philosophy worked very well for awhile. It’s not working anymore. If he wants another year, he’s earned it. The assistants have to change though. Cannot come into every game getting outplayed from the opening whistle. Not a recipe for success.

  10. AlaskaHawk

    I don’t see the defensive changes as being a big deal because they have successfully drafted and trained defensive players. This year has shown many new stars – in fact I believe the Legion of Boom will be back next year with these new players.

    It is the offensive side and special teams that need the most help. There are 15 guys on the offensive line roster. How can they not have decent blocking from that group? Why the slow first halfs? Something is wrong with how they are drafting and training them. Something is wrong with the play designs.

  11. joel

    Ha, everyone is going to feel good about themselves blaming this season on Blair Walsh when the reality is much, much uglier than just one player.

    • Elliott Atkinson

      While that’s true, Blair did play a huge part in losing at least 3 games and he’s just been terrible in general.

      • joel

        Seahawks managed to lose 4 games that had nothing to do with Blair Walsh.
        Seahawks were 4-4 at home, including losing to an injury ravaged Redskins team.
        Let me repeat that: Seahawks were 4-4 at home.
        Seahawks offense only really showed up for two games.
        Seahawks offensive line was awful all season, even with Duane Brown.
        Seahawks running game was literally non-existent all season but that didn’t stop them from trying to run it anyway.
        Seahawks special teams was awful all year.

        No identity on offense, anemic special teams play, and critical injuries on defense contributed but they went 9-7 as a team. They failed to make the playoffs because they lost 7 games as a team.

        Even if Blair Walsh was 100% on FGs and they make the playoffs, got a BYE, and HFA, I have zero faith that this version of the Seahawks (who got man-handled by Drew Stanton and injury-riddled Cardinals today) would win against any of the NFC playoff teams this year.

        Just being honest.

        • Smitty1547

          Honest is you are completely right but Blair cost us 3 games anyway you slice it, 3 games on a football schedule is HUGE!!!!

          • lil'stink

            Walsh wasn’t on the field when our defense let Kirk Cousins drive the length of the field for the winning score. He also wasn’t on the field when Russell Wilson spotted the Falcons 2 scores with his 2 awful turnovers.

            Walsh stinks, and he’ll be gone. But blaming him for our woes this year is lazy and just plain inaccurate.

            • H

              lazy yes. Inaccurate absolutely not.
              Its not fair just to blame him and we still wouldn’t have gone to the super bowl with a good kicker (most likely) but we’d certainly be in the playoffs. And id have taken that

            • Group Captain Mandrake

              Walsh wasn’t on the field, but he missed FOUR field gold. That last minute drive by Cousins shouldn’t have mattered. Seems like every kicker out there can hit 50+ consistently but Walsh has trouble at 40+.

          • sdcoug

            Walsh cost us 3 games when we have an offense that can’t manage a first-half TD in 563 consecutive games? I don’t think so.

            • Elliott Atkinson

              Sure but that doesn’t change the fact that if Walsh had made his field goals in the skins, falcons, and cardinals game and possibly even the jags game for that matter as well we probably or at least had a good chance of wining all those games regardless of how the offense performed.

              • Smitty1547


              • sdcoug

                By that logic, if the offense had contributed anything for 85% of the game, it wouldn’t come down to Walsh missing or making a field goal.

  12. Comfect

    Despite Pete claiming he wasn’t going to be scoreboard watching, I noticed the Seahawks suddenly got conservative when the Falcons won. I wonder if that was intentional…

  13. Volume12

    I’ll say it again. With all the injuries, lack of a run game, the penalties, everything else, if Seattle had a better K, they’d be at 11 wins and in the playoffs. Crazy to think about honestly.

    • Forrest

      Just realizing makes this season even worse.

    • Sea Mode


    • C-Dog


      • Braden

        Not sure if not making playoffs this year was a bad thing though. The defense is worn out and a long offseason for the D might be a good thing. We do need to add more young guys to the defense move on from 1-2 vets chancellor, Avril, and Sherm or Bennett for a pick. Rest up get healthy I think this team will be ready for next year.

        • Smitty1547

          I agree 100%, worn out and cocky, we needed a humbling and a long off season of some soul searching from top to bottom. Plus just added Nazir Jones to IR and we let Cardinals run pretty easy on us, playoffs were going to be a long road to hoe.

      • Rugby Lock

        But hey! They saved a couple mil by going with Walsh over Hauschmoney!

  14. bankhawk

    Rob-so often ive looked to you for a sliver lining and some steadiness when the *sky is falling chorus* gets too loud. But now is a time for a good, tough dose of reality, and as usual you have hit the right note bang-on! Thanks for all you do. Happy New Year to you and yours-cheers!

  15. FuzzyLOgic

    So who’s responsible for us being the most penalized team EVERY damn year? Are our coaches not disciplining our players enough? I mean what the hell? Penalties have been and will be killing us for years to come unless something changes fast. We simply can’t keep going on like this.

    • Forrest

      I think PC because of his “Ra! Ra!” culture. Sometimes players need a good kick in the pants. When the team is winning the culture looks fun and player positive. When they start losing it just looks bad because (most) of the players feel entitled and do not have a lot of negative repercussions from the coaches.

      • BrianB from PA

        Being the most penalized team in the league for a couple yrs ina row is unacceptable. Also Bennett jumping offsides every week is a problem with the coaches not being able to discipline the stars. Pete’s message may be falling on deaf ears with high priced stars. Mike B doing it weekin and week out is just unacceptable.

    • neil

      I have been saying that for a couple of years.

  16. vrtkolman

    The point about coming out flat – Bruce Arians talked up that Seattle was his home field. They come out and score on the first drive engineered by Drew freaking Stanton. Where is the pride??? Some of the defensive players looked like they didn’t even care out there. Very disturbing after Earl was caught talking to Garrett and Bennett was retweeting about leaving Seattle.

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      I think Bennett was pretty clear he expects to be cut and that is why he would leave.

  17. Isaac

    I have a feeling we trade Michael Bennett. There should be plenty of interest in him. Avril gets released. Sherman probably traded. Kam traded aswell. If the draft capital is right make the moves and get cheaper/younger. Resign mcdougle. Resign maxwell. Resign dion jordan who had 4 or 5 sacks in a limited role. Resign Frank Clark. Let go of Richardson squared. Let go of lane and graham. Then use some of your cap space for a RT and LG.

    • Forrest

      I’m down. Bennett in particular. Avril should retire. Same with Kam. 50/50 on Sherm. McDougald, yes, keep if possible. Maxwell, yeah sure. Dion Jordan, yes!! Clark, yes!!! S. Richardson, depends on how much he wants. Lane, yes, please cut him. Graham, depends on how much he wants. 10 TDs is nothing to scoff at. Also I think P-Rich needs to go. He looked great early, but then crashed and burned.

      • RealRhino2

        10 TDs IS something to scoff at in this case. It’s fool’s gold, IMO. You have to consider what value a player provides overall. Do those 10 TDs get us TDs that we would otherwise not have scored? Because if they don’t, what good are they? Any fantasy player knows it’s a bit of a zero-sum game. Balls thrown to Jimmy are thus balls not thrown to other receivers. Perhaps better receivers, such as the guy who scored 14 receiving TDs the year Graham went out and who showed today that he’s still one of the best in the biz if we just target him.

        Jimmy essentially started his TD run the first week of October. The three games before that, we were scoring TDs in the red zone at about a 55% clip (spoiler alert, we are mid-pack). By the time his big TD run ended with a TD in the Philly game in early December, we were scoring TDs in the red zone at a 54% clip. Then he went on a short drought, and we’ve finished the year scoring red zone TDs at a 55% clip. Our red zone success with Jimmy catching TDs is essentially the same as when Jimmy doesn’t catch TDs. Now, you could say it’s because he draws double coverage or something, but the only real data we have for how we do w/o Jimmy since we signed him shows we had better red zone success without him than with him. And we’ve all seen how he disappears for long stretches (even multiple games) and whiffs on blocks, killing running plays. I just don’t understand why anybody thinks it’s a good idea to re-sign him, at any price.

        When Garappolo got traded, my son texted me that “Jimmy G got traded to SF.” Honest to God, I got so excited. I thought we had traded Graham to SF. I think I texted my son, “Good, I’d take George Kittle straight up for him.” Still 100% my take.

        • Rob Staton

          It’s inane to ever scoff at ten touchdowns.

          People can make a solid case for not re-signing Jimmy Graham without needing to undermine his ten touchdowns. Simply put it’s one of the few consistent things about Seattle’s offense this year. They were not as bad in the red zone because of the Wilson-to-Graham connection. And considering their totally inept production in the run game, his touchdowns were absolutely necessary.

          It’s silly to undermine what he did for the team and completely unnecessary in the grander discussion of Graham. If they don’t re-sign Graham it will be for various reasons. If they re-sign him, the 10 touchdowns will be a big reason why. His touchdowns were a positive. A lot of other aspects of his play or use within this team were not. End of.

          • Alex Higgins

            We relied too much on Graham in the redzone because our OL cannot get any push in the running game. Most teams can simply pound it in when they have 1st and goal from the 1. We have to throw the ball so we don’t lose 3 yards trying to run. Seriously, look at the tape of our running plays from inside the opponent’s 5 yard line. It’s absolutely the worst in the NFL.

          • Drew

            Unfortunately they tried to make him a TE and he did improve somewhat with his blocking, he was still very underwhelming and could not run block hardly at all. Id be fine with re-upping him but for not for what hes going to get

            • Braden

              Graham was our red zone offense and without him we might have been below .500 to be honest. Other than that I 100% agree with everyone else on what we should do with them. Richardson has so much talent but he only capitalized on a few splash plays this year and what he will want likely isn’t worth that take the comp pick and move on.

        • Smitty1547

          Real Rhino could not agree more, would not let hi take up a spot on team next year for free. Starting to feel the same way about Bennett.

  18. Sea Mode

    Anyone catch PC mouth “unbelievable” after the Walsh miss, then Duane Brown pointing to his head as he ran off the field indicating “it’s a mental issue”? Good riddance.

    • Rob Staton

      Sadly, it was very believable.

    • Forrest

      Yeah… sad really.

    • Mishima

      Pete electing to run instead of pass on 3 & 9 is what’s unbelievable.

      Clown show.

      • Pran

        All 3 plays were called to kill clock and protect ball, not move the ball or score! Insane to think they trusted Walsh!

        • Rugby Lock

          Wholeheartedly agree!! I was so pissed by those three plays. Felt like they were just giving up! At least try to get a closer shot given who our “kicker” was…

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      Soon as Walsh trotted onto the field I told my wife he was going to miss. So predictable. Why not at least try to get better field position?

      • Rugby Lock


  19. Ishmael

    My wishlist for the offseason.

    New ST coach. Related – a new punter, and a new kicker.

    Just one guard who can run block worth a damn.

    More speed at the second level. Go find a deathbacker and plug him in. Getting cut up way too easily.

    A huge run-stuffing DT. Help keep Wagner and Wright clean.

    An analyst who can help figure out why we concede on third and long so easily.

    Get serious about the position coaches. Are Pete’s sons and old USC staff seriously the best in the business? Seriously? Because if they’re not, you’re shooting yourself in the foot in a massive way.

    Either a new OC, or for PC to give up on his obsessive need for control over the offense. It’s not working. It’s not sustainable. I genuinely don’t see any good reason why we can’t have a program schemed up along the lines of what the Niners, Pats, and Rams have been able to. Obviously they’re run by some of the very best offensive minds in the game, but the current nonsense is beyond a joke.

    Figure out what’s up with Wilson’s arm. It’s still good, but he doesn’t have the juice in it he once did. Similarly, what’s up with his decision making? Is he getting spooked by the line? Why does he continue to miss open receivers?

    Find a sports psychologist to work with Ifedi. His problems look more mental than anything else to me. Same with Rawls.

    Related, cut down on the rah-rah. It’s detrimental at this level of sport. Does nothing good for decision making, which has been a little bit of an issue all year round.

    Bring in a personnel guy with a history of spotting offensive players. Don’t care who they are, what their background is, how much they cost, if they can spot a wide receiver, a TE, a running back, or even (perish the thought) a lineman, get them in the war room.

    Talk to the referees. Work out what’s going on with the flags. Get your PR people onto things, start reversing the narrative, get back to at least close to parity. And also, stop the players from giving away dumb, avoidable, penalties.

    Work out who you want to be, and what personnel can fit into what you already have. Lacy made sense in a vacuum. He was a big, tough, dude who could bang at Green Bay. But they had a significantly better line than the Hawks that let him get rolling. Be more cognisant of context. Too much wishful thinking this season.

    Probably have another 80 things I think of in about two seconds time, but that’s the stuff that’s popping off the top of my head.

    • Forrest

      Yes. 100%

    • Hawk Eye

      agree with everything.
      Need changes to ST, different offensive mindset and get Russell to step up a level, especially in the first half. Not a single first drive touchdown all year and pretty miserable first halves all year. Not a recipe for a winning team.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Yes I agree. And bring in someone that can design a modern passing scheme. It shouldn’t be that hard to find receivers.

  20. Sean-O

    Pretty fitting end to a up & down season. Bad kicking, lots of injuries, slow starts on offense, etc…

    I think what’s most alarming is that in the last two games at home (versus NFC West rivals no less) that there wasn’t a better sense of urgency. Baffling.

    PC’s resume allows him to leave on his terms I believe but the message needs to change…

  21. Totem_Hawk

    RIP LOB run in team history! Thank you!!!

    • Forrest

      Time to evolve and move on. Keep Earl (maybe, I have idea what all his stuff was about), and maybe Sherm if he can be more flexible. DL and LBs need some refurbishing as well.

      • Totem_Hawk

        I say cut Sherman, and trade Earl..watching this year Earl just isn’t a big difference maker…good player but lets get a 2nd rounder and move on from a guy who doesn’t want to be in Seattle…Shermans time is gone, in hindsight shoulda traded him last offseason before he turned in damaged goods..Kam I love but will he play again??

        • Drew

          Why cut Sherm when you can trade him?

          • Totem_Hawk

            Trade him? With 1 year left on his deal, coming off an Achilles injury just not sure you get more than a 6th rounder

            • drewdawg11

              He can’t even run. How is he going to pass a physical is jeremey Lane clukdn tans he didn’t miss games? Oh, maybe the Texans screwed us intentionally? You can’t get anything for Sherman while he’s rehabbing.

  22. LouieLouie

    I hate to say this about anybody, but Blair Walsh should be banned from ever setting foot in the City of Seattle for the rest of his natural life.

    • Ed

      He got Hawks a win last year, so it evens out. Ha

      Wishlist for 2018

      No Cable
      No Bevell
      No Richard
      No Bennett (trade)
      No Sherman (trade)
      No team FA (Richardson/Richardson/Graham/Lacy/Joeckel)
      Draft Barkley
      Line Brown/Pocic/Britt/Ifedi/Fant

      • Rob Staton

        I’ll take a New Year’s shot of whatever you’re drinking if you think they’ll be able to draft Saquon Barkley.

        • Totem_Hawk

          Rob, I hope your right and i’m wrong on this years RB class, it looks like a hot mess of average to me..Saquon can hit the homerun but he and the rest don’t seem to jump off the screen..combine/testing will be interesting. I think Bo Scarborough (even tho he doesn’t fit the Seahawk “type”) will be as good a pro as most of the backs you listed…if he comes out

          • Rob Staton

            It’s a deep class. Hot mess average? It might not have 3-4 top-15 types but it’s a good RB class.

            • LouieLouie

              It became more clear today why Rawls hasn’t seen much action this year. It was only one of several knucklehead penalties, but he wasn’t in the game as much as the other knuckleheads. Even Bobby Wagner had one.

              • H

                Bobby’s penalty was as significant as the Blair Walsh miss in this game. Was a real shame

    • Smitty1547

      Don’t be to hard on him, he won us a playoff game when he was a Viking.

      Just since it’s been brought up, if Pete were to retire who would you want to replace him? My vote would be for Josh McDaniel. I think he learned a few things when he was in Denver he would do differently, and we need an offense creative mind.

      Other than that we need a Giant cleansing and purge this off season, not sure how it’s gonna get done with low draft capital and cap space. But I’m sure they will figure it out starting with a couple of trade backs. I will start off with the obvious Lacy, Blair, Joeckel l, Ryan and for me Graham. I’m sure Rob will push back on that as well as my next point the offense needs a fresh start and new look with new coaches all the way around. New Ol scheme, i think the zone scheme lost a lot of it’s advantages with the lack of cut blocking in the game now, adopt and overcome or get left behind, right now we seem to be getting left behind.

      Also anyone who thinks Kam is going to retie and just leave 8 or 9 million on the table because he would like the Hawks to have some additional cap room is a fool. He will either play or ride the IR and make bank, as he should he got hurt on the field and was underpaid his first 4 years. We should have never extended him, but that is hindsight now.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Yeah, how we getting Barkley?

  23. Fairlawn

    The front office had a brilliant three-year run capped by a draft for the ages in 2012.

    They’ve been subpar at talent evaluation ever since.

    All the rest is details.

    • schuemansky

      They found Griifin, Coleman, McDougald, Jordan, Jonesthis year alone. Not too bad.

      • Jacob M

        Clark, Reed, Britt…

        • Fairlawn


          They haven’t found NOBODY.

          But every year the whole 53 gets another click older. You’ve got to fill to the line to replenish the ravages of time. Are they anywhere near that line even with the most generous estimation of these men’s talents?

  24. Jacob M

    Is it me or did Jordan Roos play a good game? I know it’s not big of a sample size but he could compete for a guard spot next year.

    • Leosharp

      Same thing happened last year with Mark Glowinski

      • Smitty1547

        2 years ago with Glowinski against the cards, looked like he was going to be a good one.

        • 503Hawk

          I totally disagree w/ the Glowinski praise against Arizona. We mentioned it then; how he was always a half tick slow at the snap. How a least three times he got blown off the ball into the backfield. And yet he was suppose to be the strongest lineman according to Cable. It doesn’t surprise me that he didn’t work out.

          • Greg Haugsven

            I wonder who would let them go? If Pete doesn’t do it maybe the big dog will step in.

  25. Trevor

    I have the same wish this one big off season wish I have had for the previous 3 off season. Please Please Please bring in a new OL coach and blocking scheme. I can’t take another year of this insanity expecting things to change and get better when they simply wont unless they change things.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Cmon Colts. Hire Cable. Maybe he will hire Bevell.

      • Trevor

        I think I would cry with joy.

        • Smitty1547

          Me too!

          • Rugby Lock


      • STTBM

        Wish I could believe the report lol! Cable isn’t in consideration to be a HC even for HS!

  26. Trevor

    Positives this year to build on
    -Griffin, Coleman and Mcdougald (even Maxi to some extent)
    -Reed and Naz Jones
    -Dion Jordan
    -Carson before Injury
    -Vannett improvement
    -Russ and Wags taking play to another level

  27. Tien

    Not much else to add to Rob’s excellent post and all the other comments up above…but of course, I’ll add my two cents anyways!:)

    That ending was so appropriate for the disappointing season.

    Many of my friends on FB are already blaming Walsh for this loss and sure he missed the FG but it wasn’t a gimme and he wasn’t the main reason we lost the game.

    For me, the Seahawks lost this game because the defense allowed Kerwyn Williams to run at will in the first half, which limited pressure on Stanton (a mediocre QB who can be pressured into bad decisions), leading to giving up a lot of points in the first half. The offense was pathetic in the first half as usual but as per the season, got some competent/brilliant spurts in the 2nd half, to only get much too conservative on the last play to put Walsh in a very difficult situation to win the game from about 48/49 yards. Coaching is about putting your players in the best position to make plays. If you have a shaky kicker and your offense has been rolling in the 2nd half, why go conservative and put the kicker in a pressure filled situation, with a not easy kick, to win the game?! Those last three play calls made no sense at all!

    And of course, all the penalties didn’t help either. In particular, the three unforced dead ball penalties (Clark’s late hit on the QB, Rawls’ really dumb taunting penalty, & Bobby’s late hit on the QB that extended the Cardinals’ last drive for the game winning FG), were all impactful on this game. All these penalties come down to lack of discipline and the buck stops at Pete. He either cares and reduces these penalties or he doesn’t, no more excuses.

    Despite this disappointing season, I was still rooting for the Hawks to win and get into the playoffs one more time but the loss was well deserved and the fault is with the entire team, not just Walsh, who will be the scapegoat for many of the fans.

    I don’t have a blueprint on how to fix this team but here are my top wishes 1) Fix the running game and if that means using the 1st round pick on the RB that you love, do it 2) Get faster & tougher on defense. Despite the DL’s alleged prowess, they were pushed around all first half, allowing Kerwyn Williams to get an easy 5 – 7 yds each carry 3) Quit loving the big chunk plays so much. Don’t get rid of them but when it’s 3rd & 5 or 6, why always go deep on low percentage passes? Why not get that 7 yd completion to extend drives?

    Thanks again Rob for all your excellent blog posts!

    Happy New Year everyone and Go Hawks!!

    • neil

      All you said is true, but you cannot give RW a pass either. Ariens sets the standard on how to play RW. Sure he escapes now and then but being disciplined and keeping him in the pocket pay’s dividends. RW was an anomaly when he first came in the league. More and more def coordinators are figuring out how to contain him. Going forward I fear RW will no longer be as effective as he has been. When kept bottled up his height and increasing age will catch up with him. I know, everyone points to Drew Breese, but in my opinion Breese has more football saavy. Breese reads defenses better than RW, he changes plays at the line of scrimmage with signals to take advantage of blitzing linebackers. I don’t see RW changing plays, rearranging set ups and protections. Maybe that will come nest year, I certainly hope so.

      • Tien

        RW definitely has issues but given that he’s been carrying the team offensively this season, fixing his issues is a little lower on the priority list ie we can still win a SB with RW as is if our running game and defense are back to being dominant again. But I agree with you that RW is definitely not Brees yet and I also don’t consider him an elite QB yet either. He’s a very good franchise QB not quite the level of Rodgers, Brady, or Brees yet. I’m still frustrated that Wilson can’t consistently throw the quick slants but I’ve resigned myself that his height limits his effectiveness on these passes. But I still think he can progress to elite status if he can 1) Do a better of reading defenses/blitzes (as you mentioned) and audible to a better play out of this pressure 2) Learn to trust his receivers more so that he can throw a receiver open rather than wait to see that a receiver is open before throwing it. I’ve seen so many plays where that if the ball had arrived when a receiver flashes open, we’d have an easy completion but by the time, Wilson sees that the receiver is in fact open, it’s too late as the defense has recovered. I think that if RW can correct both of these traits, he will become an elite QB but these aren’t quick fixes and who knows when this will happen.

  28. Rad_man

    Not that it matters now, but the last few plays before the failed FG attempt are indicative of a lot more than a missed Walsh kick- the attempted pass that stopped the clock was a stupid call. Left time on the clock and zona had no TO. The 2 stuffed runs were vanilla attempts. And they were kicking with 30 seconds left because of the dumb pass attempt. Even worse, they didn’t call a TO before the FG attempt. Dumb and all too common – foolish clock management, bad TO managmeent, and bad play calling sequence at the end.

    Walsh should have been closer, and should have been kicking from a TO, with just seconds on the clock- not 30.

    Feels insignificant now but to me it is all too typical of this team’s offensive coaching on many levels.

    And how many games now is it that sehawks don’t have an opening drive TD? More than 1 season. Unacceptable. Totally unacceptable.

    • Rob Staton

      The sequence leading up to the field goal was abysmal. Mishandled the clock on second down, then went overly conservative and rushed the kick.

      Prior to that they were moving the ball nicely. Should’ve gone for the win. Better to put it on Wilson than Walsh.

      • 503Hawk

        Or, better to put it on Carroll or Bevell than Walsh.

    • Smitty1547

      Opening drive how about just getting some points in the first half, I know Pete feels you can’t win a game in the first half but you sure can put yourself in a position to lose them!

  29. 503Hawk

    Fellow Hawk fans, don’t hate me when I say this; “I’m glad it ended this way.”

    For the last couple of years we have all talked about how Seattle is no longer the bully, how teams no longer fear the Seahawks, Clink is just another stadium, how ABYSMAL this offense is (esp in the first half), and how many misses they have had in the draft. Ever since Marshawn “retired” we have seen the steady decline.

    Nothing was ever going to change until something like this happened. Playground football is unsustainable. No, you can’t win the game in the first, second or third quarter, but you sure can lose it then. Your opponents have caught up with you, so you had better learn to adapt and improvise so
    that you can again overcome, ala NE Pats.

    Drafting in the 18th spot yet no 2nd or 3rd.

    • Donald

      I agree 100%. Glad they lost, and lost this way.

      I was hoping they would lose. Looking at it objectively, can anyone say that the Hawks offense was really good enough to take them deep into the playoffs. My gosh, look how they beat the Cowboys with more penalty yards than offense. What a fluke.

      Getting into the playoffs would have just delayed the inevitable rebuild that needed to be started last year. Most fans are too blind and refuse to see the faults of their team, the OL, the lack of a run game, the penalties, all the while making excuses.

      Start the Rebuild!

  30. Mac

    If it weren’t for losing a second and third round pick, I would be much more positive about the future. We mortgaged it and ended up being a miss. Hindsight is always more clear. Look at teams that locked up good Olinemen before their salaries exploded. Our team isn’t too damaged or too broken. We need a new kicker (udfa Erik Powell wsu), RB’s (Ronald jones & rashad penny), Oline depth(cole Madison, tyrell crosby), speed at the linebacker spot, a new safety or two. Even if we didn’t trade down in the first and only traded Sherman or Bennett, we could have a good draft. We are a David Johnson, Alvin Kamara or Kareem hunt away from having a turn around on offense

  31. Leosharp

    More than anything this team needs to improve in the passing game. To only be able to score 14 Tds in the first 3 quarters of games and averaging half a touchdown in the first half of games is appalling.
    The impact of a running game on winning football games is quite insignificant when compared to the importance of the passing game.
    There isn’t a significant correlation between the running game and a teams ability to play defense or use play action .
    The team hasn’t ran the ball well the entire season but have been able to generate a huge amount of points when the passing game has played at a high level they have repeatedly shown they are capable of producing in the 4th quarters all season.

    The team insistence on trying to have a balanced offense sunk this season. They have been unwilling to open up the passing game until it was absolutely needed. Have been quick to shut it down in an effort to limit possessions. Have consistently called ineffective plays

    Against the Cardinals the moment they tried to close the game out by running the ball (ineffectively) they sealed their loss by putting the game at the foot of Blair Walsh.

    Either the coaching staff honestly believes Russell Wilson isn’t the best way to close games or they’re incompetent.

    • Rob Staton

      The reason the offense is so rough to start is because they are so dependant on the passing game. They have no balance, no ability to get into good situations early.

      Fixing the run is vital.

      • Totem_Hawk

        I totally agree the Hawks are totally unableto run the ball early.. Yesterday, I saw Arizona D lineman early in the game unblocked getting into the backfield and tackling Davis for a running back can work with that..guys up front just whiff too much..its crazy..

  32. Drew

    Trade Earl, Sherm, Bennett and cut Avril (retire) and Lane.

    I think what the defense missed most down the stretch was Kam’s on field leadership presence. Earl is a great safety but we missed his leadership.

    If you can re-sign S. Richardson and Graham for cheap, do it. Let everyone else walk.

    Re-sign Maxwell for vet minimum if you can, he started to get in the groove.

    OL Brown – Fant / Pocic – Britt – Pocic / Ifedi – Ifedi / Fant

    If Carroll doesnt retire Im fine witb Richard staying as DC. Need to replace Cable and Bevell.

    • Nem Beselek

      Need to have Bennett retire as a Seahawk. He is a warrior, and he deserves it. Just don’t have him play 85 to 95 % of the defensive snaps. That’s crazy having a guy as beat up as he is in this stage of his career in that heavy of a rotation.

      Trade Earl. He wants to be traded, trade him, period.

      As has been noted already, and will be noted too many times to count in the coming months, nobody’s trading for Sherman. He is much more valuable to the team as a coach on the sideline, than any conditional sixth or seventh round pick you may get out of him.

      JG’s value lies in treating him like what he is, and not like what you want him to be. He is a 6’7, 260lb. wide receiver. Utilizing him correctly is much more on the coaching staff than anything else. If all of the coaching remain next year, specifically Bevell and Cable, along with Kippy Brown, then we should trade him. Because he is being criminally under utilized.

      And finally, install an offense that plays to RW’s strengths. Good God, you have the most mobile QB in the league. Roll him out of the pocket, and have the D-line wear themself out chasing him, while giving him a cleaner look at his WRs.

      Additionally, put a two second limit on RW finding a receiver in practice. All this school yard carp, of just having him run around till he finds someone to throw it to is simply poor offensive scheme, and obviously leads to penalties by the O-line.

      • frontrower

        Other than Bennett deserving anything, I agree with all of your points. Bennett was given a huge contract, that is his reward. He should of been traded before they gave him that contract. That was his true value to this team. Holding onto players one, two seasons to long is a fatal error of most all franchises. Hawks included as we saw this season and a couple more too come.

  33. GerryG

    If Pete sticks around (he’s not getting fired) he has to have a major self reflection and metamorphosis (which he has done before) and realize he needs a team that is prepared to play from the first snap.

    Schneider has done a good to great job getting good young starters the last few years in the draft: Clark, Lockett, Ifedi (stilll think he can come around), Pocic, Reed, Jones, Griffen. Several redshirt guys may develop next year: Moore, Darboh, Vannett, and the safeties from this year.

    He’s made some solid trades for st players, and getting Coleman was a huge get

    • Donald

      Some of us would say that Schneider has NOT had that much success since that marvelous draft of 2012. From 2013 to present, his success rate on finding and drafting probowl players have dropped to near ZERO. Tyler Lockett (’15) was the last probowl pick. With all of the trading down for quantity, how many picks have they kept for more than a season or two?

      I think Schneider’s reputation is resting too much on the success of what happened 5 years ago, and he has done little since then. I also think that we are seeing how much he relied on his drafting staff and scouts back then, some of whom have departed.

      • QuestionRome

        Oh the drafts of the past…2010, 2011 and 2012. How marvelous…Thomas, Sherman, Wagner, Wilson, Chancellor and so many more who had success and remained. Others have moved on like Irvin, Tate, Okung, Smith and Carpenter. Don’t forget about some of the “inherited” players like Unger or key free agent signings or trades like Lynch, Avril or Bennett. In my opinion, this lead to a “stacked” team and modified the drafting philosophy. With the rooster full of mostly young, hungry and “pro bowl” talent, management began to take bigger risks. Look for players who have a high ceiling and if they busy, no worries as the roster is strong. Management focused on high risk type players with high reward in certain instances. This may explain the trade for Harvin, Graham, or most recently Malik McDowell. However, we now see the morality of our heros and perhaps we will see a change in drafting philosophy.

        On a side note, anyone see the press about Stanton playing with a torn ACL? Makes the loss even harder.

        • 503Hawk

          Drew Stanton beat Russell Wilson @ the Clink.
          Arians beat Carroll 4 out of the last 5 times @ the Clink.
          Yah, Arizona came up to “their home field and kicked the Seahawks’ %#€!”


  34. turbo_tpl

    I for one, as with the previous years, am highly puzzled why so many people think the Seahawks need a running back to improve their running game. A huge part of that can be laid at the feet of their dismal offensive line, and predictable, poor playcalling by Bevell. ‘Hawk running backs are routinely “touched” a yard in the backfield, or there simply aren’t holes to get through.

    The other puzzling thing is that people suggested major changes on defense. Given the disastrous injuries this year, the people they plugged in were actually not half bad (ignoring Rams game). Thought Maxwell was a bright spot. In general, I think the Seahawks spend too much on defense, and not enough on offense. With even an average offensive line, the ‘Hawks running game would be quite good (Carson, Davis are bright spots), and Wilson could use his legs to extend plays rather than simply run for his life every play. That time and Seattle’s good receiving corps would make up for the loss of Graham.

    Here’s my $0.02 on suggested Seahawk movees:

    • Run Blair Walsh out of town (suggest tar and feathering first)
    • Run Bevell out of town (suggest tar and feathering first)
    • Let Jimmy Graham go, and use the $10 million/year to pick up some quality O-linemen/increase cap space
    • Ifedi → gone (the idiot is penalized every other play)
    • Joeckel → gone (can’t block)
    • Re-sign Duane Brown to short-term contract (decent/promising, but was shaky at times)
    • Probably going to have to let Sherman go (age, salary, reduced effectiveness, and Achilles injuries are notoriously difficult to come back from)
    • Re-sign Dion Jordan to short-term contract (showed flashes of his previously un-demonstrated potential)
    • Let Sheldon Richardson go, possibly keep for lower salary (poor run-stopper, expensive)
    • Give Earl Thomas whatever he wants to keep him (more than Dallas)
    • Re-sign Bryon Maxwell (filled in quite well in a tough spot)
    • Eddie Lacy → gone (ineffective although not entirely his fault, plenty of other good backs)
    • Thomas Rawls → keep, but put a clause in his contract to keep his big mouth shut or forfeit game pay
    • Any basketball players masquerading as offensive linemen → gone

    Also, have Paul Allen call Carroll and Schneider into his office and read them the riot act about always neglecting the offensive line and trying to fill the gaps with rainbows, unicorn farts, and bloviating happy talk. Enough is enough.

    Free agency priorities: A kicker that is vaguely reliable, offensive line, tight end, secondary
    Draft priority: Offensive line, offensive line, offensive line. Grasping the idea, Carroll/Schneider?
    Other: Pay some team (college or pro) to hire Bevell, and find a better OC

    • STTBM

      I am puzzled why so many think the offenses struggles are Bevells fault. Bevell is at times too conservative, and uses some plays far too often. But the offensive struggles are mostly due to an atrociously inept offensive line and having the run game coordinated by Tom Cable. Bevell should be given a medal for digging us out of the hole Cable puts us in every first half of every game…Seriously, the job Bevell has done to put any points on the board with such a terrible O line is nothing short of amazing.

      I do blame Bevell for having a totally stale and predictable Red Zone offense until game five of this year. Since then though, he’s brought in new plays and diversified, and even begun to throw the ball into the middle of the end zone at times. I also blame Bevell for wasting Jimmy Graham in the Red Zone until this year, and for wasting all that time trying to make him block.

      However, Bevell has adapted, and I for one would love to see what he could do with a competent O line coach and line.

      • Daniel Mock

        On the one hand, Bevell probably has his hands somewhat tied by what Pete wants. However, our execution of the ZBS the past two years has been beyond atrocious, and I blame the entire offensive coaching staff for that. Our first running play against the Cardinals was case in point…three Arizona defenders knifed through our o-line as if no one was even there, and Davis was tackled for a loss. Even when Beastmode was still on the team his last year, we struggled with our run game. When Tom Cable has “his guys” running a blocking scheme of which he is supposedly a guru of sorts, and we have one of the worst running games in the entire league, that should just about tell you the whole story. Go to more of a power blocking scheme (hat on hat).

        I also can’t stand watching so many play calls where the ball is thrown or run horizontally, allowing more opportunities for the opponents to tackle us behind the line of scrimmage. For whatever reason we have gone away from using a fullback, when that was a regular staple of our offense when our running game did seem to be more effective. I also think it is ridiculous that we haven’t run more screen passes to the RB all of these years under Bevell until just the last few games..lo and behold, they work (assuming a stupid holding penalty didn’t negate it).

  35. Cysco

    Just doing the quick napkin math, I have the Seahawks having close to $30m tied up in players that finished the season injured.

    Sherman – 11m
    Chancellor – 6.8
    Avril – 7
    McDowell – .778
    Carson – .550
    I’m sure there are more.

    Throw Lane’s 6m onto that pile (he seemed to be constantly injured) and you’re into the 30m range.

    I’d be curious if there’s another team out there that had as much money removed from their roster via injury this year. If you went to a team like the Rams and told them they had to remove ~20%+ of their salary cap by removing players how they’d do.

    It’s one thing to have injured players. It’s another when those players make up such a huge part of the total salary of the team. It’s clear to me that something needs to change going forward. The team can’t have so much money tied up in aging defensive players.

    Should be a really interesting to see what the team does. I wouldn’t be shocked in the least if Thomas, Sherman, Chancellor, Avril and Bennett are all gone next year.

    • Cysco

      whoops, grabbed 2018 number instead of 2017. Even with 2017 numbers the math is basically the same. Seattle had a pretty massive portion of their salary cap tied up in players who were injured.

    • STTBM

      Don’t forget Lacy. Paid nearly 6 million, and he was inactive 3 of the last 4 weeks and had only one game where he didn’t look totally washed up. He would have done us more good going on IR game one…

  36. Bob Johnston

    I wonder if it’s possible that the anthem protests had more of an impact than might be thought. The Seahawks, Niners and Broncos were the three teams most caught up in the hullabaloo and all three teams underwhelmed. Is it possible that there was more strife created than was realized?

    And for me the slow starts were by far the biggest problem, I can’t think of a game where the offense wasn’t bad in the first half nor a game where the defense wasn’t pushed around a bit more than you would expect. Slow starts have been the norm for years but if the cause were finally identified and fixed then this team has a real chance moving forward. I think that starts with coaching, I’m believe that changes in that department must be made.

    • Mishima


    • GerryG

      Offense was abysmal in most of or the entire first half in every except Philly and Houston. Pretty sure they were still scoreless in first qtr against Houston. Philly was the only crisp from snap 1.

      That is completely unacceptable and shows problems with focus preparation and game plan to me

    • Lil'stink

      Seriously? The anthem protests had nothing to do with it. It didn’t affect the players at all. It certainly had an impact on Caucasian fans who don’t think African Americans should have the right to bring attention to racial and societal inequities.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Malcolm Jenkins raised a fist at every game until the NFL promised to raise their efforts and theyre fine.

      Your hypothesis falls very very very short of the mark.

      If anything, its far more likely to have brought our team together

      • Kenny Sloth

        The image in my head of Britt next to Bennett just rings a little stronger with me than pure speculation based on two other bad teams seasons.

  37. Totem_Hawk

    Positives I like what I saw in the 2nd half of the season with Coleman, Griffin, Clark, Reed, Pocic and even Jordan Roos yesterday looked pretty good..please Seahawks get a physical WR playing on the outside for next year!

  38. Chawk54

    Great comments. One thing I will mention on defense is I hate the way we play and let teams march down the field and only get tough in the red zone. We rarely blitz and it seemed when we did we were successful. I don’t like when our D isn’t aggressive. I hate losing to a crappy Arians team at home.

    Disappointing season. You knew Blair was going to miss!

  39. Rob

    Thank Gawd this dreadful, uninspiring, piece of crap Seahawks team is put to rest.

    This was the most UN-FUN year to watch Hawk football I have seen in the entire time I have watched them (since day 1).

    Every game except for Philly was an exercise in frustration as a fan, especially with all that talent.

    Trotting out Bevells well exhausted playbook for another year produces what?….Exactly what we’ve seen for several years now.

    One can point to O-Line, RB, injuries or any other excuse, but to ignore the simple glaring fact that this team needs a new offensive philosophy is ignorant and smacks the fan upside the head.

    “I feel bad for the Fans” says Pete afterward, but why feel bad when you know what needs to be done but are to damn stubborn to make it so.

    The one good thing that this season is doing for me is me dumping the extortion that is DirecTv because I live out of market and have it mostly to get Sunday Ticket. No more for me. I’m not paying to watch this “football” anymore. So thank you Seahawks for knocking $200 per month off of my monthly bills.

    • Joshua Smith

      I have the same problem as you (moved out of market after growing up in Seattle). Except, I now live in an apartment complex that doesn’t even allow DirecTv installation. I had only been able to watch about 4 regular season Seahawks games per year up until this past year when I discovered an awesome website called I don’t know how much longer the site will be able to stay up but its exactly what it sounds like – every NFL game from every week absolutely free.

    • AlaskaHawk

      In my town in Alaska the local carrier dropped the Fox channel and left a message that the Fox network was tripling their rates and so they wouldn’t carry them anymore. I have to go to a bar to see the Seahawks. Not all bad = I needed a drink to make it through their games. And no need to show up until the second half.

      I’ve said it many times = they should have fired an offensive coach after the superbowl loss. They needed to set a new tone then. And they need a modern play designer and caller to reinvigorate the offense. Someone who can design plays to their strengths instead of forcing them to do things they can’t do well.

      Exhibit A: WE are run first = even when the line can’t block and our best running backs are injured.

  40. drewdawg11

    Everyone has their opinions on what they should do. I have one. At some point, the message stops being received and sometimes the best thing to do is start over. When you are winning, you accept certain things. However, I have been concerned about the culture of this team for a while. Players have way too much leeway, and in sick of the penalties and lack of accountability. It turns my stomach to see stupid football. Seahawks get a stop? Bobby Wagner of all people with a cheap hit. Drive extended. Michael Bennett living offsides each week. Yesterday might be the first time all season I didn’t notice him jumping. I don’t have a stat, but I would set the over/under on his penalties this season at 20, and I would take the over. I would very much like to see somewhat of a cleaning of house. I’m saying we need to rebuild and we need to Shave salary cap space ASAP. I think that the Rams’ success is somewhat sustainable. But the Niners have the best setup for long-term success. Cap space, plus young talent and finally a QB. John Schneider caught lightning in a bottle 7 years ago and since then he’s been riding that success a bit. I think he gets fleeced in most trades that he makes, and his decisions in FA lately aren’t great. I still don’t know what he saw in Joeckel and Lacey. That 18th pick can’t turn into a mid second and a third and pick some non-impact player. They need to turn some veteran players into draft capital, and use that to maybe even move up for a Davenport, or hell, go and get a Barkley! Strip it down a bit, just not to the studs.


    Franchise QB, (give him an innovative offensive mind for once)
    Bobby Wagner, (K.J. to a lesser extent)
    Good, young defensive talent: Frank, Naz, Reed, Shaq, others who may pop.
    OL pieces who may need a new system or coach: Pocic, Ifedi, Britt, Brown
    Doug, Lockett
    Chris Carson
    Sherman, Earl, (Kam?)

    Revamp both specialists: they aren’t cutting it and Ryan is a great Hawk… but he’s not worth nearly $3 million

    Sheldon was a mistake. He didn’t impact our defense the way he was supposed to. If someone thinks he’s who we thought he was, franchise and trade. Otherwise, don’t pay this guy.
    We could use a young, new coordinator on offense and a totally new staff on that side of the ball. They have proven time and time again that they can’t get it done without Russell or lynch balling out. Way too many slow starts. Way too many line breakdowns.

    Trade Earl now, before it’s too late and he leaves
    Keep Sherman, but don’t extend him until he shows what he can do, and even then, he’s not goin got see $13 million per season again with us
    LG can’t be another veteran who makes $$$
    Jimmy Graham: no long term deal. Either franchise, or let him walk. I love the guy, but we need to be cap free. You don’t go long term on a 32 year old athletic TE who doesn’t block.
    Trade Bennett: he’s making good money and he’s not as productive as he used to be from snap to snap. The penalties and the nonsense alone make me want him to go. Say what you want about what you think he lied about, etc. I think he’s a distraction and I don’t like it as a fan. But if he could still bust up an offensive line that would be easier to stomach. He’s not, though.

    Acquire at least 2 extra picks between Earl and Bennett, and make this your next great class. You need to get an impact rookie in the first round, and possibly second as well. John can’t get too cute. Russell wilson’s Prime years are going to be wasted unless they can trim the fat and get aggressive here. If Pete stays, ok. But someone needs to convince him that loyalty to his assistants is choosing mediocrity at this point. There are smart coaches out there who can help us, help Russell. I would love to see this happen. Sorry for the rant. I’m tired and angry at the moves they’ve made this year. I can count at least 324 signings or trades that I didn’t believe in one bit, and they’ve proven me correct on all of them.

    • Getright18

      I’m on board with the trading of Bennett and ET. I love ET and his passion for the game, but at this point of his career he is prone to injuries. I think a team would be willing to give us a 2nd and 4th or 5th for ET. Bennett may get us a 4th round pick.

    • Icb12

      I hear you on the penalties.

      Bennet has 12 for 70 yards this year. He makes the top ten
      Ifedi tops the list with 16 for 120 yards.

      List is top heavy with pass rushers and younger tackles. For instance Bolles and Von Miller make the top ten. Clowney, Tunsil, shon Coleman and can Robinson both up there too.

      And the outler is Phillip Rivers, ha. With 9!!! Delay of game penalties and 4 intentional grounding.

  41. drewdawg11

    * 3 to 4 signings, (Walsh, Joeckel, Lacey).

  42. STTBM

    Excellent summary of the season, Rob. Bavo.

    I agree, a frustrating season nearly utterly lacking in fun. This season was a slog, and its ending a mercy.

    On Tom Cable being a candidate for the HC job in Indy (or anywhere, for that matter): Hahahahaha! I read that and laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes! A guy who has been given more draft capital over the last six years than the Dallas Cowboys yet has consistently fielded the worst offensive line in the entire NFL for three years running, and bottom five for the last five years or so a candidate for a HC gig in the NFL?! In a pigs eye! This “report” is just Cable and his Agent desperately trying to drum up interest in a guy who is one inch from being totally out of the NFL, in ANY capacity.

    Seriously, if Seattle fires Cable–as they should–I believe he will be out of the NFL entirely. With the changes in the cut-blocking rules and the changes in personnel and scheme in the NFL, Cable’s philosophy and schemes just do not work anymore. I don’t think he could field a competent O-line if you gave him five Pro Bowl players. The NFL has figured him out, and he is no longer innovating. Once that happens, you are washed up as a coach, and I firmly believe Cable is finished.

    All I want for Christmas is Tom Cable fired and a new scheme on the O-line. I would also dearly love to see our ST coach fired. Like Cable, he has consistently been given players to help his squad (how many ST guys have we traded for the last three years?!), yet has gotten worse three years running. Their performance–or lack of same–has mirrored each other and they both deserve to be shown the door.

    The other big change I would like to see is the qb coach fired. Its time to get Wilson a guy who will push him to throw guys open rather than waiting until they break open to throw–especially in the Red Zone. Its time Wilson had a coach who will push him and help him throw a deep ball that actually hits a guy in stride. How many times this year and last has Wilson flat missed Tyler Lockett and others running downfield with yards of separation between them and the DB?! And the apparent aversion to throwing the ball into the end zone except at the corners needs to end; you have to use the entire end zone or else you are giving up too much to the D and allowing them to control what you do.

    On the Defensive side, I would like to see Ken Norton brought back as LB coach if possible. Not that our current guy did a bad job, but Ken was fantastic. I am unsure whether or not Kris Richard should be fired, but to my eye he did very little with one of the most talented rosters in football, even including injuries.

    I hope Seattle keeps Sherm and Bennett. Bennett will end up in NE if we let him go, which will make me sick. Sherm is still Sherm and Nuff Said. Maxwell needs to be resigned. Chancellor should probably retire–hes a fine player and a great leader, but he’s expensive and no longer able to play a full season. We need to pay Bradley McDougle. Avril is done, IMO and will likely retire. Seattle badly needs that second round pick we dumped for out washed up LT….

    Pocic stunk this season, and looks like a wasted pick. I thought Roos looked pretty good for his first game. Not pleased with Joekl, and he is PRICEY. Same with Brown–the guy looks washed up. What a mess….

    • Tien

      Some really good points here, STTBM, about Russell, Sherm, & Bennett!

      • STTBM

        Thanks, Tien! Nice to know I’m not all alone in the nuthouse with my opinions lol!

    • Kenny Sloth

      Sounds like Tom Cable will be promoted within the league.

      Must be doing something right

  43. Kenny Sloth

    McKenzie Milton for backup QB

  44. FresnoBrad

    Like I said at the beginning of the season “team culture” matters and I knew we were in trouble when our players started hanging out with Kapernick (gang bang rape accusations in FL) & even worse believing in Kapernicks radical liberal lies. Bennett’s false accusations of the Las Vegas police department. Don’t forget the racists claims that Russell Wilson was not “Black enough”. Basically we have racists players on our team that accuse EVERY ONE else of being racists, we have players on our team who are willing to frame & defame innocent people.
    How can anyone rise to the top & stay there with this much hate in their heart? Not only is it impossible but the most powerfull people in America along with the NFL’s biggest spending fans have every intention of destroying the NFL because the NFL stabbed them in the back & continues to insult these fans.
    The smart owners will sell their teams ASAP because their teams will never be worth as much as they are now. The wise GM’s will avoid huge contracts & focus on young players due to declining revenues. Finally the winning coach’s will be the ones who coach players with integrity, players who appreciate the gift the American people have given them, players who tell the truth & not lie.

    • STTBM

      I’m sure you sleep with a coy of Atlas Shrugged under your pillow. But dude, this is a football blog. Save your Right WIng evil for your Rush Limbaugh Fan Club blog…

      • FresnoBrad

        Facts speak for themselves, clearly our team has been distracted! Look at the Patriots, they usually have less talent than Hawks but they continue to win, look at the Jags changed attitude now they win.

    • Hawk Eye

      ladies and gentlemen, let this be a warning to all when we forget to take our meds…..

      • Kenny Sloth

        Not to get preachy, but one also should avoid the demonization of mental illness as your reply could be construed.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Althought you said ‘we’ so I’m caught in a paradox.

          Time to play; is… That… Ableism?

    • Rik

      This divisive language is not at all helpful. At this site we are united by our love of the Seahawks, even when we are frustrated by the difficult games and seasons that we’ve just endured.

      Politics and language designed to make us hate each other has no place here.

      • FresnoBrad

        Are you suggesting pissing on loyal fans & the President of the United States is not political? Are you suggesting fans who complain about getting pissed on by Sherman & Bennett is political?

    • Kenny Sloth

      If everybody who called others racist are really racist themselves, do black lives even matter

      • Kenny Sloth

        “NFL teams will never be worth more than they are now”

        He’s a philosopher and an economist.

        The NFL is done growing yall. Ypu heard it here first.

        • FresnoBrad

          Kenny if you heard it here 1st obviously you don’t keep informed! Many Billionaires have stated they would never buy the Panthers because their research has determined NFL is a dying business. Have you seen the TV ratings?

      • FresnoBrad

        Kenny are you aware that Mike Bennett’s new book coming out is title “What White People are uncomfortable talking about”? What about the accusations that Russell Wilson is too white by Seahawk players?

    • Kenny Sloth

      Secret 49ers fan.

      Take the hot takes back to Santa Clara!

      • FresnoBrad

        Kenny I prefer mentally ill vs 49ers fan.

  45. Getright18

    Fun Fact: Seahawks had 3 players in the top-20 most penalized players in 2017.

    Germaine Ifedi with 16
    Michael Bennett with 12
    Jeremy Lane with 8

    IMO it’s highly likely that Lane and Bennett won’t be on the team, and Ifedi won’t be starting. So without those three players we will substantially reduce the Seahawks penalties.

    • Rob Staton

      Ifedi will probably be starting.

      • 503Hawk

        Ifedi will definitely be starting.
        Remember Breno Giacomini was frustratingly horrible with personal fouls, yet in his third year he turned it around.

        • Getright18

          IMO Breno was a better player. His fouls were a bit different than Ifedi’s. Breno was so damn physical and would play to the echo of the whistle. Breno’s penalties were more unnecessary roughness.

      • Getright18

        If the Seahawks sign LG Andrew Norwell, then Ifedi may have to fight for a starting role.

        It would be Brown at LT, Norwell at LG, Britt at C, at RG either Pocic or Ifedi, then at RT Ifedi/Fant/ or Pocic. For me, Fant was a better player than Ifedi in 2016. I think Fant could win the starting job at RT.

        I know signing Norwell is a big “if”, but he playing alongside Brown would be a huge upgrade to our o-line.

        • Rob Staton

          I can’t see Norwell signing, he’s going to get Zeitler money.

          • Getright18

            According to spotrac, the Seahawks have 17 million in cap space next year. Zeitler’s contract yearly average is 12 million for life of contract, this year he made 8.4 million. So the Seahawks can sign Norwell, with money left over to re-sign a couple of their free agents.

            Also, if Earl Thomas is traded, that would give them a total of 27 million in cap space. If Earl is traded then I would believe the Seahawks would pay up to get Norwell.

            • Rob Staton

              They really can’t.

              Look at the number of free agents on the roster. Quite aside from their need to fill it out to actually be able to carry a filled team in camp, they need to save money for IR and the practise squad.

              Paying a guard $12m a year in the off-season is a non starter. And if they cut or trade big names to create room, they still won’t do it. He’d be the second or third highest paid player on the team. An UDFA guard. Better to find their own Norwell.

              • Getright18

                If they keep Earl, then yes it would be too financially tight to sign Norwell. But, trade Earl and cutting a few other aging/injured players would leave them with around 30 million dollars.

                Yes we have a lot of free agents, but two of our best free agents are highly unlikely to re-sign. Maxwell, Dion Jordan, and maybe Luke Wilson are the only key Seahawks free agents that I see us re-signing. Then the rest of our free agents can easily be replaced or re-signed for very little money. We would have enough money to sign Norwell.

                They could very well keep messing around with UDFA to find a starting o-lineman hoping they strike gold. But, I’m of the opinion that they are tired of having a struggling o-line because of either bad free agent signings or struggling rookies. Coach Carroll sounds kind of desperate to get the running game going and paying a legit OG makes too much sense. They would then have one of the best LT and LG in the league, which goes a long way to get the running game back on track.

                Paying a Guard 12 million is not ideal, but when we have the money left over to do it then I can easily see them do it.

                • Rob Staton

                  I personally wouldn’t want to pay Norwell $12m. Zeitler maybe. Whitworth maybe. Not Norwell.

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    Well nor would I

  46. Lyric

    From the 18th pick, JS will trade down in the first round at least three times, gaining back second rounders for ’18 and ’19 and a bevy of mid and late round picks to boot. Now if they could manage to score on half those picks, I’ll be pleased.

  47. Getright18

    Top free agent target for the Seahawks is…

    OG Andrew Norwell, former team Panthers. He is an underrated OG who is young at 26 years old and his best football may be ahead of him. He is a LG, so lets sign him and plug him in next to Duane Brown. Norwell, whom is one of the better guards in the league, will help fix our run game. Then, draft a RB in the 1st or 2nd round.

    Here is Norwell’s highlights from this year…

    • Greg Haugsven

      He is a mailer in the run game. He would be a great addition if Carolina let’s him go.

  48. Thomas Wells

    Special teams were a major issue this year, coverage and kicking game both. It’s time for a new placekicker and punter. After the Walsh debacle and watching Hekkercontrol field position for the rams I would even spend late round picks on them. Anyone know if there is help out there in the draft and/or free agency? May be a simplistic way of looking at it but if we had dedicated more resources to these areas (read: paid a mil or two more to get a reliable placekicker rather than relying on a bounce back from Blair Walsh) we are celebrating another postseason appearance.

  49. Kenny Sloth

    Trade Earl Cut Earl Resign Earl Ban Earl Franchise Willson Resign Mebane Trade Earl Retire Earl Trade Kam

    Draft McDowell Cut Duane Brown Undraft Ifedi Heal Carson then Cut Him

    Trade Russ Cut Earl

  50. Steele

    This is all years in the making. The consistent inconsistency, the problems that never seem to get fixed. The stubborn refusal to make (the right) changes. The aging of a nucleus, and the lack of great replacements. The basic tiredness that comes with predictable habits, per player, playbook, etc.

    The height of the Pete Carroll era was that last Super Bowl run, and the failure to cash it in is as painful now as it was then.

    It is going to take more than moving pieces around. Top down, changes big and small are needed, and the question really starts at the top.

    The O line experiment is an official failure. They still don’t have Marshawn’s replacement. Russell remains a mixed bag, because coaching has not made him into a better QB, and he has fallen back on the same tricks for years. The WR corps is unconvincing, beyond Doug.

    The entire D needs to be revamped, with new leadership and new blood.

    • Rob Staton

      And all of the changes they need to make are achievable.

      Nobody would argue there aren’t problems to fix. The sky isn’t falling, however.

  51. Kenny Sloth

    So great that development in football comes from good coaches with Talented players.

    The 46 defense is named after Buddy Ryan’s safety’s jersey number. He drew it up because Jim Plank could lay the wood and in my opinion it’s the best concept of a defense in American Football

    That crazy trick play with the punt misdirection was drawn up for oppo Devin Hester~ by Lovie Smiths crew in 2011
    Of course all eyes would be on the greatest returner of all-time. Aaron Rodgers called it the most incredible play he’d ever seen.

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