Top 50 prospects for the 2018 NFL draft

I’ve posted two pieces today — this article on the draft and the usual instant reaction piece which can be viewed by clicking here.

With the regular season complete, here’s an early look at the top-50 prospects eligible for the 2018 draft (and it’s early, so this is subject to major change).

The Seahawks own the #18 overall pick after finishing 9-7.

The players are listed position-by-position:

Quarterbacks (6)

Sam Darnold (USC)
Josh Rosen (UCLA)
Baker Mayfield (Oklahoma)
Lamar Jackson (Louisville)
Josh Allen (Wyoming)
Drew Lock (Missouri)

It’s a decent crop of quarterbacks. Sam Darnold and Josh Rosen have both declared. It’s possible as many as five quarterbacks go in round one with 3-4 potentially going in the top-15.

Running backs (9)

Saquon Barkley (Penn State)
Damien Harris (Alabama)
Ronald Jones II (USC)
Kerryon Johnson (Auburn)
Nick Chubb (Georgia)
Bryce Love (Stanford)
Royce Freeman (Oregon)
Rashaad Penny (San Diego State)
Sony Michel (Georgia)

It’s a loaded class at running back. Barkley will probably go in the top-five and the rest of the names will likely be gone by the end of round two. Several could go in round one including Harris, Jones II, Chubb and Johnson. Derrius Guice misses out here — I think he’s in the R2-3 range.

Wide receiver (5)

Calvin Ridley (Alabama)
Courtland Sutton (SMU)
James Washington (Oklahoma State)
Anthony Miller (Memphis)
D.J. Moore (Maryland)

It’s a down year in terms of the first round at receiver but there are some interesting mid-to-late round options (eg Javon Wims at Georgia). Ridley isn’t particularly big or fast but he gets open and he’s consistent. Sutton is a big bodied Alshon Jeffrey type. Washington, Miller and Moore could go in the 20-40 range.

Tight end (0)

As things stand, there’s a chance we won’t see a tight end go in the first two rounds of the draft. It’s almost certain there won’t be a first round tight end.

Offensive line (9)

Quenton Nelson (G, Notre Dame)
Billy Price (C/G, Ohio State)
Orlando Brown (T, Oklahoma)
Mike McGlinchey (T, Notre Dame)
Isaiah Wynn (G, Georgia)
Frank Ragnow (C, Arkansas)
Braden Smith (G, Auburn)
Will Hernandez (G, UTEP)
Coleman Shelton (C, Washington)

It’s a decent crop of interior linemen but a weak looking tackle class. Nelson could go in the top-10 and Price isn’t far behind. Brown and McGlinchey are expected to be first round tackles. Expect the rest to go in the late first or second round.

Defensive line (12)

Bradley Chubb (DE, NC State)
Clelin Ferrell (DE, Clemson)
Marcus Davenport (DE, UTSA)
Vita Vea (DT, Washington)
Tim Settle (DT, Virginia Tech)
Christian Wilkins (DT, Clemson)
Taven Bryan (DT, Florida)
Arden Key (DE, LSU)
Derrick Nnadi (DT, Florida State)
Maurice Hurst (DT, Michigan)
Austin Bryant (DE, Clemson)
Ogbonnia Okoronkwo (DE, Oklahoma)

This is a really good looking D-line group. Chubb, Ferrell, Davenport and Vea could go in the top-12. Others will be competing for places in the second half of round one. There’s a bit of everything here — speed, power, length, size.

Linebacker (6)

Tremaine Edmunds (Virginia Tech)
Roquan Smith (Georgia)
Leighton Vander Esch (Boise State)
Rashaan Evans (Alabama)
Lorenzo Carter (LB, Georgia)
Keishawn Bierria (Washington)

Edmunds is the outstanding linebacker prospect and could easily go in the top-15. Smith, Vander Esch, Evans and Carter are equally capable of going in the first frame.

Cornerback (0)

It’s not a good looking cornerback class. Iowa’s Joshua Jackson has major production this year with eight interceptions and a pair of touchdowns. He could sneak into the first round. Ohio State’s Denzel Ward is another possible high pick.

Safety (3)

Minkah Fitzpatrick (Alabama)
Derwin James (Florida State)
Ronnie Harrison (Alabama)

The safety’s are a bit overrated but Fitzpatrick is likely a top-15 pick, James could go between 15-30 and Ronnie Harrison could be a late first or early second round type talent.

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  1. Rawls

    I like Shaq and Coleman as the cb’s of the future. D end is looking good too with Frank and Dion. Wouldn’t mind splurging on a receiver since Prich isn’t worth the cost.

    • peter

      I’d love for them to sign Dion Jordan but I have a feeling he’s going home to San Fran. He seems to love it there and they have a boatload of cap space.

      • C-Dog

        Seattle has club control over Jordan.

        • peter

          Really? did not know that. SO they can do that whole first round tender stuff? I honestly didn’t now that applied to players signed after missing so much time.

          • C-Dog

            Yup. Because of the years that he hasn’t been able to play, the rights roll over.

            • Greg Haugsven

              They can actually do an original round tender (which is much cheaper) because he was a first round pick anyways. That will be about $2 million next year.

  2. Trevor

    Great list Rob thanks for this really helps start the pre-draft research get rolling.

    My initial wish list at #17 is either Edmunds, Davenport or Price. But I have feeling we will be picking 3 times in the top 50 before all is said and done.

    • peter

      I’m super into Edmunds and Davenport. I’ve watched a good deal of both and think Either could really change the course of the defense.

  3. Ukhawk

    Imagine how bad this team would be without RW? It’s a rebuild – plain and simple.

  4. Trevor

    Rob how much fun would you have writing for the Browns Draft blog this draft season!

    Pick 1,4,33,36, Eagles 2nd rounder, 65 on Days One and Two.

    Hope JS is on the phone with them to see if they would like to add some experienced Vets to their young core.

    • FuzzyLOgic

      The Browns will determine their destiny for next 5 years in this draft. Don’t Browns it up. I do take the browns to the superbowl every day so…lol.

  5. FuzzyLOgic

    This is going to be a strange off-season. My vote is for Billy Price right now and it’s not even close but I give it about a 90% chance we trade back into the bottom half of the first round and probably again into the second.

    • Greg Haugsven

      I would personally ally like to trade back once and get an RB and a defensive player and may e use some cap space for a guard. I’d be happy letting all our free agents walk.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Unless they trade Earl then keep McDougald

      • peter

        The only free agent I’m into them signing as of now is Dion Jordan. The rest even S.Richardson I’m about playing the long game and look towards 2019’s comp picks.

        Not that I don’t like S.Richardson but what he’ll command I think is way to big this year.

    • Michigan 12th

      I couldn’t agree more with you FuzzyLOgic our Oline can not run block to save their lives. Only Barry Sanders could run behind this line. Get me Barry Sanders or the best guard in the draft.

      • peter

        I have to say my vote is for a RB. Seattle keeps going Oline after Oline and the last time they could run the ball they had a game changing talent at RB.

        I like Price but Davis isn’t that good. I understand he has these moments but I feel like it’s become so bad in Seattle that Davis breaks a big run here and again but nothing sustaining and it feels like 2006-07 all over again when people thought Maurice Morris was the “answer,” to Shaun Alexander. He wasn’t and Davis isn’t the “answer” either. He’s nice. But just that.


  6. Lennyjames

    Sad to say its time to trade Earl. Those Dallas Cowboy comments, he’s not coming back after 2018. He’s our biggest asset for draft capital for 2018.

    • FuzzyLOgic

      I honestly don’t think we will end up trading Earl because I don’t think any team is going to give us what we want for him. But I’m sure we’ll shop him anyway and test the waters.

      • JimQ

        FS’s in the draft that MAY be somewhat similar to ET, rangy, speedy, ball hawks. Pretty slim pickings.
        Replacing ET with a similar type of player will be tough if he gets traded, here are a few I think may be viable options, however, none are all of what ET is, so compromises will have to be made.

        Maybe available late Rd-2 to late Rd-3: (IF he slides into RD-3 range, could be a real good value.)
        –FS-Armani Watts, Texas A&M, 5-110/205, 4.49/40 +/-, #67-overall, proj. Rd-2/3 @ nfldraftscout
        2017: 13-games, 87-tkls, 57-solo, 4-INT, 1-FR, *10.0-TFL*, .5-Sacks, 5-PBU, 2-FF & *2-blocked kicks*
        2016: 9-games, 56-tkls, 36-solo, 2-INT, 6.0-TFL, 1.0-Sacks, 3-PBU, 1-QBH, 2-FF
        2015: 13-games, 126-tkls, 83-solo, 1-INT, 6.0-TFL, 2-PBU, 2-FF
        2014: 13-games, 59-tkls, 38-solo, 3-INT, 2.0-TFL, 8-PBU

        Maybe available in late Rd-3, speed may be an issue, dual FS/SS prospect? (a tackling machine?)
        –FS-Quinn Blanding, Virginia, 6-011/210, 4.58/40 +/-, #89-overall, proj. Rd-3 @ nfldraftscout
        2017: 13-games, 137-tkls, 62-solo, 4-INT (1 for TD), 3.5-TFL, 2-PBU, 1-QBH
        2016: 12-games, 120-tkls, 70-solo, 2-INT, 2.0-TFL, 6-PBU
        2015: 12-games, 115-tkls, 68-solo, 1-INT, 1.0-TFL, 3-PBU, 1-FF
        2014: 12-games, 123-tkls, 60-solo, 3-INT, 2.5-TFL, 1-Sack, 6-PBU

        Maybe available in Rd-3/4: (This guy could be a target as a viable CB draft choice as well..)
        –CB/FS?-M. J. Stewart, No. Car, 5-111/205, 4.53/40 +/-, #118-overall, proj. Rd-3/4, @ nfldraftscout 2017: 12-games, 45-tkls, 33-solo, 5.0-TFL, 2.0-Sacks, 12-PBU, 2-QBH.
        2016: 13-games, 66-tkls, 48-solo, 3.5-TFL, 11-PBU, 2-FF
        2015: 12-games, 62-tkls, 34-solo, 4-INT, 2.5-TFL, 1.0-Sacks, 14-PBU, 1-FF
        2014: 13-games, 26-kls, 14-solo, .5-TFL, 4-PBU

        Maybe available in Rd-5/6:
        –FS-Sean Chandler, Temple, 5-106/195, 4.52/40 +/-, #192-overall, proj. Rd-5/6 @ nfldraftscout
        2017: 13-games, 79-tkls, 56-solo, 3-INT, 1-FR, 1.5-TFL, 4-PBU, 1-FF
        2016: 10-games, 51-tkls, 30-solo, 2-INT, 3.5-TFL, 1-Sack, 1-PBU, 1-FF
        2015: 14-games, 66-tkls, 45-solo, 4-INT, 5.5-TFL, 1-Sack, 10-PBU
        2014: 12-games, 69-tkls, 52-solo, 1-INT, 3.0-TFL, 1-Sack, 8-PBU, 2-FF

        Maybe available Rd-7/UDFA: (The speed guy of this group?)
        –FS/CB-Jamar Summers, UConn, 5-116/190, 4.44/40 +/-, #999-overall, proj. UDFA @ nfldraftscout
        2017: 11-games, 63-tkls, 49-solo, 1-INT, 1.0-TFL, 1-Sack, 7-PBU, 1-FF
        2016: 12-games, 59-tkls, 42-solo, 2-INT, 1-FR, 4.0-TFL, 9-PBU
        2015: 13-games, 39-tkls, 25-solo,* 8-INT (1 for TD)*, .5-TFL, 3-PBU
        2014: 12-games, 22-tkls, 16-solo, 1-INT, 2-PBU, 1-Blocked kick.

        Other Safeties that may be of interest: FS-Damon Webb, Ohio St, FS-Nick Orr, Texas Christian,
        FS-Chris Hawkins, USC, ————– SS-Kyzir White, W.Virginia, SS-Kyle Queiro, Northwestern,
        SS-Tyree Robinson, Oregon & SS-Cole Reyes, No. Dakota.

        • JimQ

          IMO-If ET is traded, the closest match to his talents (and the best available FS) in the coming draft is:
          FS-Armani Watts, Texas A&M, Watts may not quite have the long speed that ET has, but he seems quick & he looks a lot longer than ET and is a better physical tackler, maybe even a big thumper at FS.
          See ultimate highlight video for examples.

    • Trevor

      I would like to see Earl traded to the Browns for #33 and their 2nd rounder from Philly likely around #58.

      Option #1
      #18 Davenport or Edmunds
      #33 Harris or Jones
      #58 Will Hernandez

      Option #2
      #18 Billy Price
      #33 Ronnie Harrison
      #58 Rashaad Penney

      • Greg Haugsven

        Not sure Cleveland would do it even though I do t think they are far away even though they are 0-16 but I like option 2

        • Greg Haugsven

          Change that, option 1 I meant

          • peter

            That won’t happen and I love Earl but I’d love option number 1. to kickstart a new beginning.

        • Trevor

          They won’t but they do need leadership and a free safety is a huge need for them.

    • Ishmael

      Remember how hilariously bad the defence was without Earl last year?

      You get rid of him and the you either have to completely change the defensive scheme, or go out and get the rangiest safety in what’s looking like a pretty weak class.

      He’s a weird cat, pretty uncomfortable personality, but the Hawks will be significantly worse without him.

      • Trevor

        I think a scheme change might not be such a bad thing.

        Earl either gets an big $ extension or is traded there is no way they want his stupid comments as a distraction all next year. I prefer the trade option over a highly paid under sized Safety in his 30s.

      • Volume12

        Never got that either. A scheme change means a coverage change. That’s basically all your scheme is. Can’t ever see Pete not running Cover 3’s or 1’s.

      • peter

        Sadly the defense is actually really bad for how they are constructed as a whole to be successful. 4-4 at the clink. getting blown out by St. Louis. The Houston shootout. Being one of the lead leaders if not THE leader in allowing teams to convert on 3rd and plus 8.

        33 points to Tennessee. 34 to atlanta. Sure none of those losses are blowouts but Seattle isn’t built for the shootout and it showed winning only one all year.

        • GerryG

          While I agree, defense success is closely related to Time of Possession and Field Position; two things that were abysmal this year many times

  7. Sea Mode

    Thanks for getting this up so quickly to take our minds off the season. We have certainly hit new lows, but let’s not forget the high points either (Texans, Eagles). This team needs some tweaking, but it is not as far off as some seem to think IMO.

    To be honest, I’m actually kind of glad (after knowing the Falcons won) that we lost. 10-6 would have been nice for our pride, but honestly, we need the “humiliation” to get hungry again and those couple extra draft spots could be the difference between landing a Davenport or Price and not.

  8. Rowdy

    I would like to see Maxwell back next year. He had a great game today

    • Trevor

      +1 I would like Maxi, Shead, Coleman all back.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I agree, add Griffin to those 4 along with Thorpe and Elliot. That would make releasing/trading Sherman easier.

        • Trevor

          For sure that would be a ton of quality depth.

        • bankhawk

          And McDougald?

  9. Greg Haugsven

    Who could trade up to 18 to grab a QB? Buffalo, Jacksonville? Maybe whoever wins that playoff game to get ahead of the other team.

  10. Greg Haugsven

    You guys think they trade back once (later first), twice (early 2nd) or actually draft where they are for the first time since 2011 ( James Carpenter)?

    • Trevor

      I think they will keep 18 and trade a couple of vets if possible to add picks.

    • Rowdy

      I think they would love to trade back 3 times in the first. Say, go from 18 to 23 then 23 to 27 and again from 27 to early second. But what will actually happen is up to other teams. I think them trading down is almost guaranteed though.

    • Trevor

      At 18 they should be able to get a legit 1st round talent for the first time in years.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I agree but waiting 3 more rounds to pick isn’t good. I would guess they trade back if they don’t trade any players or actually use the pick if they do trade players.

    • C-Dog

      I think it depends who is there at 18, but if I had to bet, I would say that they trade back.

  11. John_s

    Drew Stanton played the last 2 games with an ACL!

    Arians said that with all the injuries during the game he could only call 4 plays on the winning drive

    Wow. That team is gutsy and deserved to win.

  12. schuemansky

    Even if it had no impact on the playoff picture the loss today has the potential to be very impactful.
    Maybe it tips the balance to bringing on coaching staff changes and trading veterans before it’s too late.

  13. schuemansky

    We were so afraid of the end of LOB.
    I have to say that our secondary looked great today and seems to be more adapt to the NFL play of these days than the original version

  14. Trevor

    If I am the Colts my coaching search begins and ends with David Shaw. Call him and say we want to re-unite you with Andrew Luck how much do you want?

    If I am the Browns I call Nick Saban and say I will give you 10% ownership in the team and you come coach the Browns till you retire.

    • peter

      not bad but I’ve heard a lot of David Shaw on the radio over the last two years and it seems like he really likes Stanford.

      How about Indy go ahead and call up Harbaugh. Dude’s a turd but he can right a ship pretty quickly. Can’t win in the big 10 but that has more to do with Urban being Urban and Penn, Wisconsin, Ohio, and even Michigan St. all being schools people want to play at.

      • drewdawg11

        Harbaugh can’t even get Michigan where they need it to be. He can’t beat his rivals, (OSU and MSU). He is all flash right now and no substance. Hasn’t found a QB in 4 years now, and they recruit really well.

  15. C-Dog

    Going to combine my thoughts on both of Rob’s pieces here.

    1. Rob Staton is a Godsend on the internet for any fan who loves this team, and respectfully likes to share their views and or questions about their favorite team and the draft. Again, thank you so much, Rob.

    2. For the people on the twitter handles and blogs who are advocating the team to trade RW, I’ve grown to be cool with your thoughts and fews. I think there is a vastly greater chance C-Dog becomes the new offensive coordinator for Seattle in 2018 than the team will trade RW. Just my take.

    3. Fix the run game. Just. Fix. It. When Seattle’s offense has a plus run game going, RW plays a lot better. It was exemplified perfectly in the second half of the game today.

    4. Changes are inevitable, but I think it is pretty safe to say there is going a big share this offseason. Could be just a few vets on the defense, but part of me wonder if PC/JS aren’t going to go with a turnover somewhat like the crazy one they did in their first season back in 2010. Michael Bennett even just suggested that he’s not expecting to be back in 2018.

    5. If the youth movement defense is inevitable, I think Seattle has really nice young pieces to build around with Jarran Reed, Shaquille Griffin, Naz Jones, Dion Jordan, and Justin Coleman. I think the team missed Naz big time in December. I thought today was another really nice showing for Reed, Jordan, Griffin, and Coleman. This is definitely a plus heading into 2018.

    6. My own personal short wish list is for the team to add one solid veteran player on the OL, either at guard or tackle, add a legitimate featured RB, and then get younger and faster on the defense. Three simple things that shouldn’t be that hard to accomplish.

    7. It’s a pleasure interacting with all of you folks. Happy Year. Peace and Love.

    8. Mock Draft Season Ender Edition.

    One of these team set to make a deep playoff run could very be looking to move up to 18 for a QB. Seattle could drop back and land a late R1, R2, and R6 pick.

    30: R1P20

    Seattle gets a whole lot quicker and athletic up front.

    62: R2P30

    Seattle gets potential solid every down RB

    120: R4P18

    Ejiofor projects to be a LDE at the next level. Bennett is likely moving on.

    143: R5P4
    DL B.J. HILL

    I like Seattle to continue drafting at the DT position finding more Reed/Jones types to build on. Hill looks that way.

    150: R5P11

    If Seattle moves on from Jimmy or Luke, Thomas seems to be getting some buzz. Wouldn’t want to see them reach for a TE, but in R5 maybe they make some magic.

    168: R5P29

    I could see Seattle being enticed to continue adding size at WR

    208: R6P30

    There’s your QB of the future Davis Hsu.

    226: R7P7

    Draft BPA at OL for depth

    249: R7P30

    Do it again

    251: R7P32

    Draft depth at DB

    • peter

      I’d like to see Seattle draft not a “big,” DL but a Mebane type. I’m still leaning hard toward Nnadi out of FSU. I really like Hill, however.

      • C-Dog

        They may have to take Nnadi early to get him.

    • Braden

      I really like this mock hits all the main needs. Edwards would be perfect to take over for KJ. Micheal would more than likely be best RB available at that point and the rest fills depth in positions where we need it. I wouldn’t mind us trading sherm to pick up say another 2nd or 3rd either as griffin looks like he could be a #1 and maxwell and Coleman aren’t bad 2s and 3s. If Kam retires and we keep earl and mcdougald our safeties are solid and build the front 7 and turn that to the strength of the defense.

      • Michigan 12th

        I could go for this mock ONLY and ONLY if we get someone to play guard in free agency. If we can not get anyone to play guard at an NFL level for us in free agency then, we need to go Guard early, and can not even wait until round three, we simply must improve our oline. It is completely keeping us back.

        • C-Dog

          I definitely want one more quality veteran addition to the OL. I would like them to go in a different direction with the draft, RB, DL, or LB.

  16. Volume12

    Its like its 2001 all over again. Buffalo, Rams, Jags all in the playoffs and Jon Gruden as the HC of Oakland.

    • Volume12

      Hahaha! Bill/Jags is an actual head to head playoff game?

      Remember when Buffalo traded away their #1 CB, pro bowl DT, benched Tyrod for a guy that threw 5 INTs in just the 1st half of his 1st game, and still made the field of 12? Only in this dumb sport.

      • Volume12

        * and traded both starting WRs

      • Ishmael

        The AFC is a joke. There are two and a half good teams in that conference.

  17. Volume12

    I like some of Hsu’s reasonings. ‘When RW falters does the rest of the offense.’ That’s literally every team in the league. Your QB struggles, so will the offense.

    Its almost like it took no run game for some to realize Wilson’s weaknesses. He’s always had these. Big difference was a run game to mask it and a D that would get TO’s and give him short fields to work with.

    • Ishmael

      The problem with the argument is that they’re essentially complaining that he’s not as good as Aaron Rodgers, so you’re better of cutting bait and entering draft purgatory so that at some point in the future you can find a rookie QB good enough to help get the team to the Super Bowl. I’d rather not sit through a decade plus of Tom Savages because Seahawks twitter thinks we can miraculously whip up another top-three all time defence, while simultaneously unearthing a top-10 QB in the middle rounds of the draft.

      When he next contract comes around, just do some dodgy Pats stuff. Set Wilson up a company that the team can pay for services, can be training, hospitality, literally anything. He takes a generous paycut and suddenly looking at all that shiny cap room.

    • peter

      First Hsu’s takes are so smoking hot I need my Eclipse summer of ’17 glasses to even read them without going blind.

      Second, seriously dude should get traded because he threw a boatload of TD’s and a pick for every 3? How many teams would kill to have that level of not just consistency because Hasselbeck was consistent, but plus level skills and that level of consistency?

      People should head on over to Pro football reference and just see how few Qb’s playing now have as good of a TD to Int ratio as Wilson. It’s a pretty short list. There’s a lot of QB’s that year to year throw more TD’s. BUt to get to more “TD’s,” they throw significantly more Int’s.

    • C-Dog

      That’s my take. Most quarterbacks working with a broken run game are going to struggle with consistency when forced to become that much of the offense.

      Initially, I was just so astounded by his takes, I was practically offended. Now, I’m just amused. The more relentless he gets with those takes, the more amusing it is, and the hoards of responses that trash on him and the few that agree just makes it come across like a Twitter dumpster fire of wasted energy.

      It’s so Lord of the Flies.

      Seattle is not going to trade RW.

  18. Aaron

    Any thoughts on Christian Kirk? He looks like a stud to me as both a returner and WR.

    • John_s

      Dude gets from 0-60 in a flash. He seems to me like a Percy / gadget guy. Dude is yoked built like a RB. Tightly wound athlete kind of stiff hips. Didnt really see any tapes running routes. Mainly bubble screens or go’s

    • GoHawks5151

      Chippy, tough,. prepared. A tough minded, Doug Baldwin type mentally. Percy type runner is right on. Thick build. Does go across the middle. Not just a fade and bubble runner like harvin

      • John_s

        Agree, He does have that alpha dog mentality that all too receivers have

  19. GoHawks5151

    I think trading with Dallas is where you start. Drop just one spot. I think they’ll want Derwin James. That’s worth a 3rd or 4th. Keep the picks and draft an impact D guy like Davenport or Edmunds. Or keep moving back, most likely to a QB deficient playoff team picking up another 2nd or 3rd. Ending up in the middle 20s I think you missed out on a impact defensive player. Possibly Billy Price Falls. Or do you reach for a guy like Vander esch.? I think that we need to hope for a run on QB’s and running backs, letting defensive players drop and OL too. A lot of variables at play.

    Thinking about tight ends I liked from bowl seasons. Dalton Shultz from Stanford I like a lot. Great blocker, great hands. Classic Stanford TE. Mike Gesicki from Penn St. All around the TE. Also Cam Serigne from Wake Forrest. Smaller go but good route runner and athleticism

  20. Pickering

    Start rebuilding the D; keep pick #18 and draft the best front 7 player available.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Then what to do at RB?

    • AlaskaHawk

      Next time they trade away future draft picks they need to remember that there are at least 4 positions to fill every year. It sure would be nice to pick at #18 and in the second and third rounds.

      • peter

        It’s going to come at a painful cost this year with a current player to remedy the fact that they almost (depending on how it works with Brown) wasted a draft for a 9-7 season.

        • peter

          And BTW I know Brown is under contract but I was referencing him wanting a new contract in Houston.

          • Chris

            Yup, if Brown holds out, then the trade will really look bad…

  21. Ed

    1. Browns (Rosen)
    2. Giants (Darnold)
    3. Colts (Brown)
    4. Browns (Barkley)
    5. Broncos (Allen)
    6. Jets (Mayfield)
    7. Bucs (Chubb)
    8. Bears (Sutton)
    9. Raiders (James)
    10. 49ers (Smith)
    11. Dolphins (Fitzpatrick)
    12. Bengals (Nelson)
    13. Redskins (Vea)
    14. Packers (McGlinchey)
    15. Cardinals (Jackson)
    16. Ravens (Washington)
    17. Chargers (Rudolph)
    18. SEAHAWKS

  22. schuemansky

    Don’t think I’m crazy but looking bucket this last game I am really positive for the future.
    Offense will be fixed by coaching changes.
    Defense already found younger blood this year (Griffin, Coleman, McDougald, Jones, Jordan)
    Wouldn’t be afraid of trading ET and/or Sherm. Really think that depth and quality on our secondary is underrated.

    • C-Dog

      I see reason for optimism for the future with a lot of the younger players.

  23. red

    Bennett played half the season with a torn plantar fascia.

    • Kenny Sloth

      That was so clear.

      Anybody who watches him year to year would see the difference in ability.

      He left so many sacks on the field becauze he couldn’t keep up with Drew Stanton. #bench

      • Greg Haugsven

        Torn planter fascia but he still played a million snaps. If he stays that snap count has to come down

        • Kenny Sloth

          So ridiculous.

    • C-Dog

      Michael Bennett is a warrior. Personally, I hope he is kept.

      • Hawk Eye

        based on his cap hit, and his productivity when healthy, I would be shocked if he is not back in 2018. Would love to see him back to 60% of snaps and 98% health.
        and based on cap hit, health, etc, pretty sure Kam will also be on the roster. Might not play, but don’t see him as a trade potential with his injury.
        I think they keep Sherman. Cap hit is not horrible for a pro bowl corner and doubt he would bring back much in trade.
        Could see all 3 gone in 2019 though
        How the Thomas situation plays out will give us a god idea of whether or not they see 2018 as rebuilding or just an adjustment.

        • Smitty1547

          i agree with this, kam and Bennett stay because of cap hit and health, same for Sherman he plays and performs we get more next year when he leaves as FA with a comp pick that we could trade for him now.

          • GerryG


            Let’s also not gloss over the fact that you don’t get squat for aging injured defenders with big cap numbers. I laugh at all these “trade so and so” comments. The only guy mentioned that has trade value is ET imo. Nobody is taking on a kneeling-at-anthem-police-vendetta-32-year-DE (I have no problem with Bennett but that is the view any team will take) and have a cap number after an injury plagued year. Sherm is 30 and coming off an Achilles, you aren’t getting squat for him. Chancellor? His cap hit is nuts and can’t stay on the field.

  24. schuemansky

    What a fitting end to this season. Blair Walsh gave us a first round pick at 18. Thank you very much.
    Let’s look ahead to our long off-season.
    What does it need to move on from Cable? Our O-line not getting any better over the season despite major investments drfatwise and by adding Brown? Alex Collins getting almost a 1000 yds rushing behind an O-line compiled of a first rounder, a sixth rounder and 3 UDFA’s? Seeing his development over the whole season, the yards accumulated by the 4 to 5 guys that were higher on the Seahawks RB depth chart at the start of the season and the new coaching in the NFC West, even PCJS warm up to the idea that maybe there are alternatives on the offensive assistant coach market that should be explored. What about Gary Kubiak, who after a break, wants to get back into business without being under the stress of an HC job. A lot of experience and a good fit for RW.

    With the actual cap situation, the missing draft picks in round 2 and 3 and the need to find an upgrade at LG after letting walk Joeckel, PCJS decide to trade ET to the Kansas City Chiefs. In return arrives their 2018 2nd round pick and an old SDB favorite, Mitch Morse. With him being on his rookie contract for another year the Hawks find around 7m of additional cap space, hopefully improve the line and get draft capital.
    The cap space gained and added to the savings from releasing Lane will be invested in 3-year deals with McDougald, Coleman and Dion Jordan. They also get deals done with Shead, Dawson, and Q. Jefferson.

    Actually the secondary despite losing ET and KC looks not to bad quality- and quantity-wise.

    On the offensive side, Jimmy Graham is offered a 2-year 7m APY with medium guarantees, which he rejects. He signs elsewhere for 9,5m. PCJS see potential in Darboh, Moore and Grayson and also bring Kasen Williams back. They also have to look ahead to the extension of Lockett. So they just offer PRich a 3-year 4,5m APY deal with little guaranteed money. He signs elsewhere for around 6,5m. Luke Willson accepts a 2-year 3m APY contract.

    On Sheldon Richardson:
    Scenario 1: From what they see at the VMAC PCJS are not convinced that McDowell cannot play the role they foresaw for him next season. So they offer 3-year 36 mils with 15 guaranteed to Richardson, which after having a look at the market he accepts.
    Scenario 2:
    From what they see at the VMAC PCJS are hopeful that McDowell can finally play the role they foresaw for him. So they let Richardson go.

    In FA the Hawks stay put at least until June. This way they’ll get a third (if Richardson leves), a fourth and 2 fifth round comp picks for the Richardsons, Joeckel and Graham in 2019.

    Cliff Avril and Kam Chancellor both retire. Kam lets the Seahawks off the hook for his injury guarantees. Why? Because he becomes the best paid Assistant DB coach in the league. Thank you, Paul Allen.
    Special teams will be revolutionized by letting Ryan, Walsh and Ott go. Our new long snapper, TE conversion project is called Tanner McEvoy.

    Now to the draft. It goes without saying. JS trades back to 27 and gets 91 and 129 in compensation.
    So that leaves the Hawks with 27, 52, 91, 120, 129, 162, 3 fifths and 3 seventh round picks.
    11 in total – seems like an average JS draft picks number.
    Having shored up the O-line, the draft is all about D and RB. LBs with the first and fifth pick, maybe a speedster like Roquan Smith can help to rush the passer and to cover the loss of ET a little bit. RBs with the second and a fifth-round pick, DB with the third pick, a run stuffer with the fourth pick. That leaves us with the last five picks: K, P, … and, if he is still on the board when the Seahawks pick in round 5 … Shaquem Griffin.
    Sorry … it got a little long … too much time these days.
    A Happy New Year to Rob and his family and all of you of course!

    • C-Dog

      There is some word out there that the team is planning to move on from Cable and Bevel, and they want to bring in a OC that will design on offense to further fit RW’s skill set.

      • drewdawg11

        I’ve been saying those worlds for a few years now.

        • C-Dog

          A lot of people have.

    • Chris

      Lockett won’t get an extension. If PRich doesn’t get one, why would Lockett? He’s lost a step (and despite the TD yesterday) hasn’t helped the return game.

      Ott is fine as a LS. No need to keep DickFingers_v2 around.

      • 80SLargent

        Tyler Lockett has “lost a step”? “Despite the TD yesterday”.
        In case you missed it, one of the guys Lockett ran away from on that TD was Patrick Peterson. If you don’t know who he is, he’s the fastest defensive player on the Cardinals team.
        That return is what happens when Lockett gets just a little bit of blocking. Plus, he flat out abused the Falcons on 5 kickoff returns. It’s not like the guy forgot how to return kicks, it’s more like the remainder of Seattle’s special teams (like their blocking) wasn’t very good this year.
        Lockett is plenty fast. If he lost a step, he’s gotten it back. I’d much rather see Seattle extend him than PRich.

  25. Old but Slow

    My New Year resolution is to never give up on the Seahawks. May they forever be entertaining.

  26. Hoberk Unce

    We finished 9-7, but with some made Walsh field goals it’s reasonable to think it would have been 11-4 (Washington, Arizona at home) with the Atlanta game going to OT. 12-4 or 11-5 would have won the division and the 4th seed (11-5 wins the tie-breaker over LA with a 5-1 record in the division).

    So all that said, Rob, other than the obvious off season need to get a kicker who can make field goals, and fixing the putrid first half offense and run game, do you think it’s necessary to trade pro bowlers/potential HOFers away for draft picks? Or really make any huge changes at all?

    • AlaskaHawk

      I don’t see how the current team can beat the Rams or San Francisco. We split with the Rams this year because their receiver dropped a sure touchdown pass in the end zone. Their defense always plays the Seahawks tough and their offense has improved. The 49ers with Grappollo look much better and you know they will come after the Seahawks. As for Arizona, we usually split with them.

      So that is probably 3-5 losses a season in their division until the Seahawks improve.

      As far as who is responsible for losses. Its true that Walsh missed the field goals, but he is just the final blow. A number of receivers had drops, including Graham who dropped some balls that would have affected the game. He has one of the worst drop rates in the league this year. But there is plenty of blame to spread around to all the receivers not named Doug Baldwin. Considering that the run game sucked, it made dropped balls even more important.

      • Del tre

        I think you are being a bit too pessimistic after a tough season, yes we get blown out without KJ, and with Bobby significantly slowed, we need someone who can take some of the pressure off those guys and make the defense faster no doubt, but with a healthy Wagner tracking Gurley, hes pretty limited, especially if you throw in a healthy KJ and a new talent at linebacker like Edmunds. On top of that we don’t know if McVays success will last or if teams will start to figure him out a little bit more which is not to say the Rams won’t still be a good team but Mike Zimmer sure outcoached him. All hope isn’t lost, and honestly, the Rams were the most fortunate team in the league in terms of injury, this offseason with no post season gives our guys extra time to relax and recover, now Earl, Sherm, Kam (if he can come back) all have adequate time to get their bodies completely healthy.
        Doubt the Rams could beat us if we are healthy for both games and if Shaq makes that second year leap (sherman sure did) and Lano steps up so that we dont need McDougold and have more size/speed. Lets also not forget guys like Deandre Elliot and Mike Tyson, just because some of the rookes aren’t seeing the field yet, doesn’t mean they aren’t developing in practice, some guys just take more time to figure it out. I think Pete Carroll’s patience with rookies has been on full display this year and i think it will pay off.

      • Hoberk Unce

        If nothing changes, yes, we will have a hard time beating teams that have improved. When we can’t run the ball. And when we spot them 14 to 20 points in the first half. And we shank game winning field goals.

        All I’m saying is that an off season improving the run game, kicking balls between the uprights, and overcoming whatever stalls the offense in the first half may be enough without a ‘trade everybody and start over’ approach. These aren’t drastic changes, and they aren’t out of reach for the current roster and coaching staff.

    • Dave

      Do we draft a kicker? This is the first time, I’ve looked at kicker prospects. I like Florida’s kicker Eddie Pineiro.

  27. EP

    Just wondering if you’ll be watching for anyone in particular throughout today’s games Rob, at least in terms of potential draft targets.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Not Rob, two Georgia RB’s…Roquan Smith, Ogbonnia, Wilins, Ferrell, Harris, Evans to name a few.

      • peter

        i’m going to be watching my guy Van Smith out of Clemson. FS. Laaaate pick I believe. way better center fielder than Tedric Thompson.

  28. Ground_Hawk

    Interesting bit of Seahawks history: Tremaine Edmunds father, Farrell, played for the Seahawks in the 93 and 94 seasons. Having two generations of the Edmunds bloodline play for the Seahawks could be a bonus if Seattle were to draft him.

    • C-Dog

      I remember Farrell.

  29. drewdawg11

    No way! He was out very first true, free agent signing. Played with the dolphins first. Good pull.

  30. drewdawg11

    Everyone has their opinions on what they should do. I have one. At some point, the message stops being received and sometimes the best thing to do is start over. When you are winning, you accept certain things. However, I have been concerned about the culture of this team for a while. Players have way too much leeway, and in sick of the penalties and lack of accountability. It turns my stomach to see stupid football. Seahawks get a stop? Bobby Wagner of all people with a cheap hit. Drive extended. Michael Bennett living offsides each week. Yesterday might be the first time all season I didn’t notice him jumping. I don’t have a stat, but I would set the over/under on his penalties this season at 20, and I would take the over. I would very much like to see somewhat of a cleaning of house. I’m saying we need to rebuild and we need to Shave salary cap space ASAP. I think that the Rams’ success is somewhat sustainable. But the Niners have the best setup for long-term success. Cap space, plus young talent and finally a QB. John Schneider caught lightning in a bottle 7 years ago and since then he’s been riding that success a bit. I think he gets fleeced in most trades that he makes, and his decisions in FA lately aren’t great. I still don’t know what he saw in Joeckel and Lacey. That 18th pick can’t turn into a mid second and a third and pick some non-impact player. They need to turn some veteran players into draft capital, and use that to maybe even move up for a Davenport, or hell, go and get a Barkley! Strip it down a bit, just not to the studs.


    Franchise QB, (give him an innovative offensive mind for once)
    Bobby Wagner, (K.J. to a lesser extent)
    Good, young defensive talent: Frank, Naz, Reed, Shaq, others who may pop.
    OL pieces who may need a new system or coach: Pocic, Ifedi, Britt, Brown
    Doug, Lockett
    Chris Carson
    Sherman, Earl, (Kam?)

    Revamp both specialists: they aren’t cutting it and Ryan is a great Hawk… but he’s not worth nearly $3 million

    Sheldon was a mistake. He didn’t impact our defense the way he was supposed to. If someone thinks he’s who we thought he was, franchise and trade. Otherwise, don’t pay this guy.
    We could use a young, new coordinator on offense and a totally new staff on that side of the ball. They have proven time and time again that they can’t get it done without Russell or lynch balling out. Way too many slow starts. Way too many line breakdowns.

    Trade Earl now, before it’s too late and he leaves
    Keep Sherman, but don’t extend him until he shows what he can do, and even then, he’s not goin got see $13 million per season again with us
    LG can’t be another veteran who makes $$$
    Jimmy Graham: no long term deal. Either franchise, or let him walk. I love the guy, but we need to be cap free. You don’t go long term on a 32 year old athletic TE who doesn’t block.
    Trade Bennett: he’s making good money and he’s not as productive as he used to be from snap to snap. The penalties and the nonsense alone make me want him to go. Say what you want about what you think he lied about, etc. I think he’s a distraction and I don’t like it as a fan. But if he could still bust up an offensive line that would be easier to stomach. He’s not, though.

    Acquire at least 2 extra picks between Earl and Bennett, and make this your next great class. You need to get an impact rookie in the first round, and possibly second as well. John can’t get too cute. Russell wilson’s Prime years are going to be wasted unless they can trim the fat and get aggressive here. If Pete stays, ok. But someone needs to convince him that loyalty to his assistants is choosing mediocrity at this point. There are smart coaches out there who can help us, help Russell. I would love to see this happen. Sorry for the rant. I’m tired and angry at the moves they’ve made this year. I can count at least 3 to 4 signings or trades that I didn’t believe in one bit, and they’ve proven me correct on all of them.

    * I accidentally posted this in the article below. Also, I’m watching our future kicker in the peach bowl. Carlson from auburn is good.

    • Ed

      I would pretty much second all that. I would move on from CA/KC/RS and maybe trade ET, MB and KW. Only 2 untouchable veterans for me are RW and BW.

  31. Ed

    Funny how numbers can always be deceiving.

    Hawks Offense (11th in scoring):

    Yet they only averaged 7.8 in (only behind Browns and Dolphins)

    Hawks Defense (13th in scoring):

    Yet at home, they were the worst team in the league giving up 16,2 ppg in the first half

    That’s not just players. That’s PC down. Undisciplined, unmotivated, terrible playcalling, terrible scheme. AND NOTHING CHANGES. Get some new blood in players (bye MB/CA/RS/KC/JG/EL/LJ/ET) and coaches (TC/DB/KR)

    • Ed

      7.8 in first half

    • Volume12

      You can skew #’s to support any argument ya want. At least that’s my belief.

  32. drewdawg11

    Stats are for losers. They don’t always tell the true story. If you stink offensively for 2 weeks, then blow out a cupcake, you look like a consistent, good offense. Stats lie all the time. The eye test shows that they weren’t good enough.

    • Ed

      Exactly what I said and have been saying the last few years. Hawks offense stats wise looks good, but mostly thanks to RW late in games being RW. Get a RB and and starting caliber OL and a new OC and let RW loose

    • Chris

      This is why I never want to see JG play another down for the Hawks. The TDs mask the fact that he’s a horrible TE. He doesn’t block, his routes are terrible. He’s a bad receiver too. Bad hands, he has no speed anymore, and despite being a former basketball player, he has NO hops. His size is his only attribute that helps him, but I think he’s completely replaceable. And those are just the physical attributes; this guy is as soft as margarine. We knew it before we traded for him, and he’s shown that was a correct evaluation. He sulks, he gives up, he sure as hell is looking for an exit.

      I’ll give him points for toughness; coming back from his knee injury was amazing. But despite his “recovery” he’s not a good fit.

  33. Michigan 12th

    We should see if Fox wants to come over and be our D-Coordinator. I think he could make our defense special again.

    • drewdawg11

      If Pete is still here, how will that work?

      • Michigan 12th

        I think Pete could work with anyone. Fox will have the ability to make in game adjustments, of course he will still have to run PC’s defense, but I think he can do it as well.

  34. Volume12

    I’d take the one handed Shaqueim Griffin at LB on day 3 over some of these LBs ya’ll want in round 1. Why would you ever spend a round 1 pick on a LB that isn’t going to see the field more than a 1/3 of the time? You change that, that means you change your coverage scheme.

    If he’s a Bruce Irvin type great. But those type of athletetes don’t grow on trees ya’ll. I’m pretty sure Seattle would love to have a pass rusher whom runs a blistering 10 yard split, can buzz the flats, hang with some TEs in coverage, and has amazing instincts.

    • H

      I love Queim, would be delighted to have him here.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I would think that would be the point of drafting an LB in the first round would be to use him like Bruce. The defense hasnt been as good since he has been gone.

  35. vrtkolman

    I think a lot of people are forgetting that the offensive scheme is by and large Pete’s. Run the ball and explosive plays. That isn’t changing unless Pete wants it to. Remember he fired Jeremy Bates because he wasn’t on the same page. On the other hand, Bevell has been here a number of years now and Pete always talks him up. Pete is still going to tell a new OC to be stubborn in the run game.

  36. EP

    Shaquem Griffin is so good. Really is amazing to watch him play. Would take him for Seahawks in a heartbeat. Will be interesting to see who he ends up with because he should undoubtedly get drafted.

    • Volume12

      He really is. Unique player and person. His brother ain’t too bad either. 😉

      • drewdawg11

        Shaq came along nicely this season. He was one of the more impressive rookie corners I’ve seen in a while. He looked so confident out there, especially yesterday.

        • Volume12

          I thought Shaq gave Seattle round 1 level of play as a 3rd round pick.

          Didn’t see a better rookie CB all year other than Marshon Lattimore and TreDavious White.

          • Kenny Sloth


            • Greg Haugsven

              Him getting drafted in Seattle has a feel good story written all over it.

              • Dave

                I watched the highlights for today’s bowl game. Shaquem had a sack and 3.5 TCL total to go along with 12 total tackles. We have 1 1st rd pick, no 2nd or 3rd, 1 4th and 3 5th rd picks. Where do we pick him?

  37. Volume12

    This LSU/ND is butt.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I wasn’t feeling Scar/Mich either

      • Volume12

        Literally had no clue that game was even on.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Playstation Vue haha

          UCF/UA is where its at tho

          This is why I wish the CFB playoffs were expanded.

          • Volume12

            It is. Although my man at UCF is 2/15 for 14 yds. Hahaha!

  38. drewdawg11

    Griffin is balling out. We could totally keep it in the family if he’s there when we have a pick in the 4th. I still can’t believe John allowed the Texans to fleece him. Wait, yes I can.

    • Ed

      While it didn’t work out because of injuries, I don’t think JS got fleeced. He got a top 10 LT for at least 2 years. Injuries, Walsh and an unwillingness by PC to make changes (by season/by game/by half) was the downfall. Not saying JS doesn’t have his faults, but if other teams sustained the injuries this team did, it would probably go 4-8.

    • Chris

      A 4th for Shaquem is way too high. He’ll probably go 7th/UD.

      • Dave

        Hawks have 3 5th rd picks. I think he’s gone by 7th rd.

  39. Schuemansky

    Watching UCF Auburn. JS, please get us Shaquem Griffin!

  40. Kenny Sloth

    Rob you should take a look at DeShon Elliott at Texas! He just declared for the draft and breaths some life into a stale DB class.

    He has the production, if he has a good combine, he could rocket up boards! Potentially even ours

    • vrtkolman

      He hits really hard! 9 career interceptions too. His cover skills should improve with NFL coaching, he definitely has quickness and burst to his game.

    • Dylanlep

      Like that guy, good player

    • D-OZ

      Elliot and Hill…

  41. Volume12

    UCF got another great CB in Mike Hughes.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Ive thought the same!

  42. Volume12

    Couple questions. Feel free to answer.

    1.) Who was your favorite College QB of All-time? Doesn’t matter if he was good or ever made it to the NFL.

    2.) Is Blair Walsh the biggest choke artist the league has seen in quite some time for a K?

    • vrtkolman

      1. Tommy Frazier – the best option QB ever IMO, I’ll always get goose bumps remembering him running through Florida’s defense. Jake Plummer is a very close 2nd.

      2. No doubt.

      • Volume12

        Yes! You just made my day. Was so hoping someone would say Tommy Frazier. Mine too!

        He was incredible. Too bad for all those blood clots he had. Those Nebraska teams with him, Lawrence Phillips, Grant Wistrom were so incredibly fun.

        • Greg Haugsven

          Cant believe you said Tommy Frazier as he is mine too. He was a missed field goal from going undefeated 3 seasons in a row with 3 national championships. Dude is underrated.

        • vrtkolman

          Nice! Laurence Phillips was an all world talent, too bad about his personal life.

    • DC

      Mark Brunell

      *homer alert*

  43. Volume12

    According to Michael Silver, if the Indy HC job becomes open, TC is gonna get serious consideration.

    • Greg Haugsven


  44. John_s

    Seahawks are in a weird spot you don’t want to be in. An aging, overpriced defense that is in need of a retool, but also an offense with no identity.

    Can you be the grind it out running team that this team was known for? Or are you now in the process of becoming a pass first offense?

    If it’s me, the only aging defender I keep out of LOB is Sherm and that is mostly due to his injury. I trade Earl preferably to Dallas for their first rd pick. If you have to throw in a 4 so be it. This allows you to be able to have options in the draft. You have 18 and 19 but are without a 2,3 and 4. If the right players falls you keep both picks and wait it out to the 5th round. Quality over quantity is more important at this juncture.

    This is how I see it breaking down.

    1st (native pick) – Taven Bryan – DL – gives you the hybrid DL this team was looking for but will never get from McDowell
    1st – Jordan Whitehead – FS – this is the Dallas pick, but I think they trade down a couple times to get an additional 3 and 4. Jordan Whitehead will test out to be the most athletic safety prospect other than Derwin James. He’s the Earl replacement including his refusal to form tackle and tackle with the shoulder.
    3 – Jaleel Scott – WR – my favorite WR prospect. Dude is smooth at 6’5. Loose hips, a big bodied redline target that this offense desperately needs.
    4 – John Kelly – RB – his hobby is skateboarding which is unique, but it helps him with his balance. The guy has an alpha dog personality and wants to be the man. Has good hands
    5 – Michael Jackson – DB – one year starter at Miami but is big, long, physical. The Brandon Browner type.
    5 – Kendall Joseph – LB – one of the better defenders on the Clemson defense. Instinctive , a little undersized but flies to the ball.
    5 – Mason Cole – 4 year starter at Michigan played all positions. Smart and versatile.
    6 – Daniel Carlson / Eddy Piniero – got the pick with the trade downs. You get one of th best kickers in the nation
    7th – look for the most SPARQ’d up guys and a FB/TE who can block.

    This is a continuation from last year of getting younger on defense and also filling a need at WR and RB.

    With the limited cap space this year, you let Graham and PRich walk. Hope that Lockett with a full offseason will be back to pre-injury form. Darboh and Moore will need to make a big jump from year 1-2. I’m torn on Sheldon Richardson. His motor runs hot and cold. The problems with the running game starts with him. I say he walks. You sign Quinton Dial to fill the big DT role that Tony McDaniel filled. Sign Tyler Eifert to a one year prove it deal. Hedge with Brice Butler.

    QB – Russ, backup QB
    RB – Carson, Kelly, Mike Davis, McKissic
    FB – Fowler
    WR – Baldwin, Lockett, Darboh, Scott, Butler, Moore
    TE – Eifert, Vannett, Swoopes, Willson (depends on how much he wants)
    T – Brown, Ifedi, Tobin (or someone similar), Battle, Beavers
    G – Rees, Pocic, Roos, Mason Cole
    C – Britt, Hunt

    DE – Frank, Taven Bryan, Dion, Branden Jackson
    DT – Reed, Naz, Dial, Garrison Smith
    OLB – KJ, Kendall Joseph, DJ Alexander, Dewey
    ILB – BWagz
    CB – Shaq, Coleman, Shead, Michael Jackson, Neiko, Deandre Elliott
    S – MacDougald, Delano, Jordan Whitehead, Tedrick
    K- Carlson / Piniero
    P – New P
    LS – Ott

    This team still has holes especially backups on the defensive side but this is another step to retooling the team.

    • John_s

      I forgot to throw Sherm in there

    • Awsi Dooger

      Good call on Michael Jackson of the Canes. He will enforce and he also turns and finds the ball on deep routes. Looks like he has long arms, although I’ve never seen the specifics. Wisconsin basically avoided him in the Orange Bowl, which picking on everybody else.

      There are conflicting reports on whether Jackson will leave early. Likewise with the Canes defensive tackles Norton and McIntosh. They are moderate prospects. Jackson can be very good. He hadn’t played much until 2017 so the level he reached so quickly was startling. I don’t think he’ll last until the 5th round if he enters.

      Last year I touted Adrian Colbert here as a value guy off the Canes roster. He was drafted in the 7th round and ended up starting for the 49ers late in the season.

      I noticed Tim Settle on the Top 50 list. Big yes on ability but he is so undependable in terms of maturity and weight I’m not sure he’ll declare. That bowl game performance was so pathetic it was like he was screaming at the NFL to leave him alone, that he’s not ready. Baby faced kid who reminds me of a football version of a young Charles Barkley, given the awful body type with rolls of fat but loads of rare ability.

      Settle looked like he was 350+ in that bowl game against Oklahoma State. Must have spent the holidays chowing down on his mom’s cooking, like Marcus Dupree famously did before his freshman year bowl game against Arizona State.

      • TheDarnold

        It would be pretty funny to have Michael Jackson and Mike Tyson as two of our corners next year.

    • C-Dog

      I would be quite happy with Taven Bryan being added to the defense.

      • John_s

        The guy Seattle really wanted last year was Jonathon Allen from Bama. Not McDowell. Bryan is in that similar mold.

        • peter

          I think we wanted Allen. And maybe the team did as well. But I think Seattle really thought they were getting some rare find in a super young, super athletic player that people were down on. Like how Seattle was pretty stoked to get Frank Clark who has become a good almost great player for super cheap.

  45. Kenny Sloth

    The worst part of missing the playoffs is the rookies missing that experience.

    In retrospect that Atlanta game was a playoff game and we came up short.

    We need to draft a tailback with the expectation that he’s the guy and I’d go with Damien Harris. Thick and explosive, chunk play specialist you have to respect. Decent hands and plays like a pro

    • C-Dog

      I’ve been kind of thinking that December 2017 had a number of playoff games for Seattle.

      I would love to have Damien Harris in Seattle.

  46. drewdawg11

    Carryoen johnson just treated some poor defender like carry on luggage. Tackled for a loss, but the first man was tossed aside. Wow.

  47. drewdawg11


  48. Greg Haugsven

    Not knowing who they want to draft or go after/retain in Free Agency I thought I would go through some of the current players and see what kind of cap space they could have in 2018. Based off the salary cap being $178 million in 2018 currently the Seahawks will have about $19 million in cap space. If we guess what they might do with trading/releasing players there cap space could look like this:

    Start with $19 million:

    Release Jeremy Lane w/ a post June 1st designation…cap savings is $6 million

    Cap Space $25 million

    Release Jon Ryan w/ a post June 1st designation…cap savings is $2.6 million

    Cap Space is $27.6 million

    Release Cliff Avril…cap savings is $7.5 million

    Cap Space is $34.9 million

    With the potential depth at CB looking like this (Griffin, Coleman, Shead, Maxwell, Thorpe, Elliot) they could trade/release Richard Sherman…cap savings is $11 million

    Cap Space is $45.9 million

    Personally I would want to retain Michael Bennett as we would want him for leadership and his cap savings isnt monstrous and he still can be productive. Remember he did play with a plantar fascia which is very painful (ive had it)

    I also have left Chancellor off this for now since we dont know exactly how is $12 million injury guarantee will play out.

    Having almost $46 million in space isnt bad but we would need to use it wisely as its not as much as it appears.

    • drewdawg11

      That’s a decent amount of money, but when your division rival has $100 million to potentially play with, it’s tough to compete. We also need to resign frank, maybe brown, etc. jimmy and Sheldon are free agents. That money goes fast. And plus now we have a pretty barren roster. That’s why trading Earl makes sense now. Cap hit, get more picks who will be cheaper than vets. Bennett saves us money next year, this is true. I really would love to see what someone is willing to offer for him.

      • Del tre

        I thought the Rams only had 60? Beside 25 million of that is going to Donald, he is without a doubt about to reset the market, Johnson and Watkins will both be asking for 10+ million and Barwin is probably going to try for 7-8. Lots of cap that might get eaten up quick if they plan on retaining their guys

    • John_s

      Agree that it goes quickly. That money drops quickly once you tender Dion (1.9), Coleman (2.9 for 2nd rd tender), Mike Davis (1.9), extend BMac (somewhere around 5mil cap hit), Extend Shead, ERFA 650k to Branden Jackson, Garrison Smith, QJeff, Hunt, Swoopes, Ott, McKissic. Plus 8-10 mil for draft picks, IR and Pracitce squad. You’re looking at somewhere around 15-20 mil. Which is still quite a bit until you decide what to do with Sheldon, Graham, Joeckel and PRich

      • Chris

        Davis won’t get tendered, and he won’t get a contract for $1.9m, even with how he showed out in the last part of the year.

    • C-Dog

      Personally, I think it would be definitely worth having Bennett back for one more season.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Not sure I would tender Mike Davis, I might try to get him back w/out tendering him. McDougald will be interesting as he kind of gets tied to what happens with Chancellor and Thomas. If we trade/release one of them for sure you would want to retain him. If not it would be hard to justify paying big money to 3 safeties. Just cant wait for all this to start moving.

    • Ed

      Agree with all, including letting all FA go, outside of Wilson and McDougald. Save the money. I would also try and trade MB. Yes he is older, but a 9 sack guy could get the Hawks a 4th and save more cap space.

      • Greg Haugsven

        It would be interesting to see what we could get in trades for Sherman, Bennett, and Thomas.

  49. Trevor

    Love watching UCF QB Milton. Dynamic young player in the mold of Wilson, Watson, Mayfeild.

    I guess with OL play getting worse being mobile is almost a must.

    Nebraska made a great hire with Frost. He will be the next hot young NFL HC in a couple of years.

  50. Schuemansky

    Does anybody see the possibility of Vita Vea falling to 18?
    1-techniques never get drafted where they should get drafted.

    • Ed

      I do. If he does, I still wouldn’t want Hawks to draft him. Hawks need 3 things:

      1. RB (Barkley pretty please, with a cherry on top)
      2. OL (starter at either G or RT heir to Brown)
      3. LB/DE (Bruce Irvin type)

      • Greg Haugsven

        Barkley aint happening, maybe Harris or Jones.

      • peter

        While I don’t disagree with the needs list. I just think Vea is a special talent. I think there are good guards but I’m not sure how special = game changing any of them would be without a RB.

        I’m fairly confident Seattle is going to pick an Olinemen in the first or second round. And I’m even more confident that it’s going to be a who-dunnit to nearly all the fans except maybe Rob who basically called the Carpenter/Ifedi picks. But Seattle needs a RB in the worst way. A legit tone setter.

        An Irvin type is probably a bigger priority I’ve yet to see anyone like that. I like Davenport but Irvin was truly special at least in college. West Virginia had him lining up as a DT and doing all kinds of goofy things with him since he was their best athlete on the field most games.

      • Schuemansky

        I am not so sure we need a first round RB o Oline. what we need is new coaches on offense. There is enough talent to be worked with. With Vea no team runs more than 100 yes against us though.

        • peter

          My thought about the RB’s is as follows: Since Lynch left Seattle has truly not had any answer for that position. When PC ran a committee at USC he had both dynamic and truly different styles of backs. I know they brought in Lacy (fail) but between Carson and Davis are they really that much different? And currently, the team hasn’t been able to really count on either. again I like Davis and I really like V12’s man in Carson a year ago but only time will tell if he really comes back from a terrible injury.

          Rawls hasn’t. as of yet.

        • Smitty1547

          You must have missed the Penn St game then

        • Del tre

          Truth, McVay, Shanahan both those guys are showing the difference a game plan can make

    • peter

      I’m going to cry if he falls to 18 and Seattle trades down. I get there are a lot of holes to fill but I’m no kind of huskies honk, but that dude to me could really help improve the front, could help keep bobby clean, could give Bennet less work, and could help improve the secondary by tearing up the middle of the pocket.

      • C-Dog


    • C-Dog

      Not likely. I think he can be a massive 3-tech in a 4-3.

      • drewdawg11

        I’ve watched every snap of Vita’s UW career and all of his high school film. He’s a massive and athletic man. He moved better than any 340 lbs man you’re going to find. His weakness is that he doesn’t have a lot of pass rush moves. He’s mainly a bull rusher. He’s great at pushing a center or guard into the QB, but he doesn’t utilize a swim, a rip or club as often as he should. He hasn’t maxed out his potential yet, but he needs to get better in hand to hand combat at the next level. Honestly, I would love to get Barkley. I would trade up if he fell to say 8-9. Not sure that he will, though. Adrian Peterson somehow fell to 8. 7 other teams regret letting him. If we somehow got a second round pick or an extra first for Earl, I would definitely try and move up for that kid. The value may not be there because the draft is deep at running back, but he’s a special athlete. He’s elusive and powerful and can catch it, return it, and hurdle defenders like they are small children. These guys don’t come around often. Can you imagine he and Russel in the same backfield? Goodnight.

        • peter

          strangely I’m a stats guy but pc likes a 3 tech that does nothing else than consistently crushes the pocket. so getting him some extra moves and some sacks are great but if he disrupts on most plays but allows Bennett, clark, even Jefferson, naz even a little extra pass rush that could be huge. plus more run stopping if Gurley keeps going year to year

          • C-Dog


        • C-Dog

          Yeah, I got to be honest, I don’t think it’s purple color lens I’m looking through when I see Vita Vea. Personally, I would be kinda of shocked if he didn’t go top 5 in this draft. He’s a freakish talent at that size.

        • C-Dog

          In terms of Barkley, I think he is the absolute dream scenario for Seattle.

  51. GoHawks5151

    When Pete IS ready to move on, go get Scott Frost. So impressive. No doubt about him at nebraska. Big 10 gonna be nuts. Creativity, charisma, leadership

    • peter

      Frost really does have some CEO macro view charisma and manner about him. Very self-assured. Kind of interested in what he does at Nebraska. They say it’s hard to recruit there because it’s Nebraska. But Wisconsin has been putting together some great teams and though I love Wisconsin from my travels, it’s not exactly a destination for a young student athlete……

    • Schuemansky

      And let him bring his Oline coach along with him. Milton had 5 secs every time he threw and always a lane to scramble straight ahead.

  52. John_s

    Shaquem Griffin has to be drafted by the Seahawks right? He is the epitome of grit, character and All In

    • peter

      I wonder if he’s not a bit too slight to play LB at the next level? I’d love to have him on the team and play some sort of ‘backer in a 4-2-5 sort of the hybrid player fans keep calling Kam to become. Maybe a bit lean to take on the fournette’s of the world head-on, but big enough to take on most RB’s and fast and big enough to take on many TE’s.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I saw him playing some DE in the game. Hes the same size as Deion Jones so maybe if he has good speed.

        • peter

          his twin brother had a pretty nice combine for himself….hopefully there’s a little bit of that Shaquil speed in Shaquem?

          Getting him in a hybrid role for blitzes, and being able to disguise coverage could be pretty amazing.

          His stats were a bit down last year but still good but his 2016 season….11.5 sacks, 2 forced fumbles and recoveries, one int, and 7 passes defended.

          • John_s

            His shirt area burst is off the charts. I’d love to see what his 10 and 20 yd splits are even if he runs 4.6. I think he’ll run 4.4/4.5

  53. Volume12

    Mike Pettine spent all year as a defensive consultant for Seattle and learning their system. What team does he end up being the DC for?

  54. Volume12

    I’m thinking Seattle should be all over Florida St’s Derwin James.

    Fits their ‘study a body of work not 1 year.’ And a ‘highly touted prospect coming into the year who falls a bit, was injured, or had a down year.’ Should fit their physical and athletic profile as well.

    He’s incredibly versatile. Can fill that Mark Barron role for Seattle at LB, can eventually replace Kam at SS if they want to go that route, can probably some CB as well. He’s also an excelent blitzer. Gives Seattle the type of defender they need.

    • Volume12

      I’d re-sign Dion Jordan as well. There’s your hedge if McDowell isn’t cleared.

      60 rushes with 12 pressures and 4 QB sacks is astonishing.

      • Volume12

        Seattle should have a very young D-line rotation next year.

        DE: McDowell, Jordan
        DE: Clark, rookie
        * and probably one of Bennett or Avril. Possibly Branden Jackson or someone like that

        DT: Reed, Naz, Sheldon or another vet or a rookie, and either QJeff or Garrison Smith

    • Del tre

      I’d love to see James paired with Thomas, if Kam cam back it could make things pretty easy on him as he’d only have to see the field on first and second down. I think you are on to something with your comments on linebackers lately, Pete and Richard sure seemed to like the Mac package before Kam got hurt, and have two 6’3 freaks of nature out there running around sounds like a good way to aid run support without sacrificing pass coverage ability

      • Volume12


        • Del tre

          Oh and another thing, thank you for being one of the only people i have seen to say McDowell can make it back, it hasn’t even been a year, the brain is a complex thing we should expect the team to be overly cautious. Everyone is saying he’s a wasted pick and how he’ll never play must not understand HIPPA. We don’t know the injury, we do know that he was cleared for workouts at some point this season, if he comes in and is a phenom next year a lot of people will have to eat crow.
          The D line looks great for next season, if we can shift Bennett into a 3rd down pass rush role and keep him on the bench in favor of Clark and Jordan then good. This team isn’t as far off as some people think, if we stay healthy next season and sign a good kicker pretty good odds we go 12-4 or 13-3.

          • Volume12

            No problem. I like McDowell so I’m a bit biased, but you said it better than I ever could. That’s an injury you don’t want to mess around with.

            RB, defensive stud, are the big needs. Than an OL and TE (unless Jimmy stays) on day 3. I truly believe with all my heart that this team will find a way to get a 2nd or 3rd round pick back this year.

      • Volume12

        And he occasionally returns kicks so you know he enjoys STs.

    • Trevor

      I would love the pick Vol and think he would be a steal.

      If they trade Earl I would be completely comfortable with Mcdougald and James at Safety.

      Jordan, Coleman and Mcdougald are all must have re-signs IMO.

      • Volume12

        All 3 of those are guys I agree should be kept.

  55. Del tre

    How ready some people are to depart from Earl for virtually no value added is remarkable to me. This defense gives up at least a TD more a game and becomes one of the lesser defenses in the league without Earl, just because we didn’t get shredded when McDougald was in doesn’t mean he could replace Earl for a full season. Just nonsense.
    You wanna trade Earl? We need a top 5 pick and a clear cut replacement, right now we have neither of those because McDougold isn’t even a sure thing to replace Kam as strong safety next year. Tederic has the ball skills but lacks the speed to be a single high, Delano Hill was the single high safety for Michigain but can’t generate interceptions. And theres no clear candidate to replace Earl through the draft. Would ratherkeep the guy around thats barely missed any games and has a gold jacket waiting for him when he retires

    • Trevor

      I would trade him only for a 1st.

      If they dont trade him they have to extend him. If not then a year of drama.

  56. Volume12

    Wow! Texas DT Poona Ford is a stud.

    Really like Kentucky EDGE Josh Allen. Long as hell, twitched up, rangy.

    Will be surprised if we don’t start to hear these 2 names more often.

  57. dunderhead9

    anyone just watch shaquem griffin work Auburn? we should draft him, maybe it would lessen the drama

  58. Volume12

    Sony Michel! Best RB in these college playoffs.

    • C-Dog

      Sony Michel me likey lots and lots.

    • Volume12

      That Georgia CB is huge. Damn.

      • Volume12

        Long I meant

    • Trevor

      +1 Michel IMO is the best RB not named Barkley

      • Trevor

        There Michel he goes again! Explosive!

  59. Trevor

    Mayfeild is legit and this years Deshon Watson IMO.

    Browns really should go Barkley 1, Mayfeild 4 or vice versa. Add Njoku, Coleman, Gordon and instant explosive offense.

    • Greg Haugsven

      That could we ork, think they would have to go Barkley 1 if they wanted him cause the Colts could take him at 3

  60. AlaskaHawk

    Give me any of the Oklahoma offensive linemen and Anderson the running back.

  61. Volume12

    Oklahoma OT Orlando Brown, Jr is a god damn grown man out there.

  62. Volume12

    There goes our guy!

    • Trevor

      Explosive, can catch the ball. If we go early has to be Michel right?

      • Volume12

        Tough to say. I would want Michel, but Harris, Jones, Guice, even Freeman would make a lot of sense too.

        • D-OZ

          Don’t sleep sleep on Penny…

      • Volume12

        I’m very interested to sew how L’ville’s Reggie Bonnafon tests. He’s a late day 3 guy, but 6’3, 215 lbs.

        He’d be a guy I could see double dipping at the RB position. Gives off a Rod Smith with a similar background to CJ Prosise.

        Former QB there, then they switched to him to WR, and this year was his 1st as a RB where he split the carries.

        2017 stats: 459 yds, 7 TDs, 4.94 YPC/ 21 rec, 182 yds, 1 TD

        • Trevor

          I think they definitely take two RB in draft and a udfa or two.

  63. vrtkolman

    Wow Michel is a game breaker

  64. Kyle

    Has Dion Jordan been a steal or what? The Dude looks like a monster and has backed it up in the games we have played. Got to be the largest triceps on the team haha.

    Here is a question we need to ask ourselves, we have team control with the tender over him next year… But after that? he could be the new cliff avril and MB for this team. We might want to look at resigning him to a longer deal along with Clark. That would be pretty legit to get them locked up together for a while.

    What do you guys think about that?

    Also, the draft will be interesting. I go back and fourth on who Id take. Is it the RB that we need, or a defensive stud? Which one do we think is going to be more beneficial to the team?

    • drewdawg11

      Jordan still needs to prove some things, and one of them is durability. No way you go long term at this point. Make him prove that this wasn’t a fluke. However, it’s beem very encouraging.

      • Chris

        And sobriety. I hope he succeeds (either with the Hawks or somewhere else) but we shouldn’t offer him more than 3 years with a decent way out of the 3rd.

        • Greg Haugsven

          To me RB. HaVing a good ball control offense can help your defense. Jordan will be intetesting. We can get him for about $2 million next year for his age 28 season. Then maybe give him some kind of we year deal after that if he does well. I think the Seahawks would want to see more than what they have seen so far.

          • Greg Haugsven

            3 year

  65. C-Dog

    Sony Michel me likey likey lots and lots.. and lots.

    • peter

      I think I might like him the best after the combine….its just a hunch of mine.

      watch harris have a great game later and then i change my tune!

      • C-Dog

        Could be a solid hunch. I’ve liked him all year.

  66. drewdawg11

    Very time I watch Chubb get into the open field he reminds me of Shaun Alexander, and I don’t know why. He’s probably more powerful, but he just sort of glides.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Please no Shawn Alexander comparison…lol

      • Silkybrown

        Yeah, because we wouldn’t want a running back who is a league MVP capable of scoring 28 rushing touchdowns in a season!

  67. Ed

    PC needs to make some changes. I hope some coaching news comes out about Hawks soon. Would love to see TC/DB/KR move on. JS needs to make some changes on his RB (Michael/Prosise/Lacy/Collins at least in Seattle, he is balling for Ravens) and OL (Ifedi/Odi/Poole/Glowinski/Mofitt) philosophies.

    If possible, trade back 2 times and still get (Davenport/Edmunds/Price) and (Michel/Jones/Williams/Johnson). Would give the Hawks a stud defender or guard and starting RB.

  68. drewdawg11

    How would you get Davenport if you trade back, let alone twice?

  69. H

    Lets not let Michel overshadow the fact that Chubb is also having a great game
    Its also nice to see the Shaquem hype in full flow here now, feel ive been banging that drum for a while now.

  70. Volume12

    What a f***ing play! That was great.

  71. AlaskaHawk

    Are you kidding me Oklahoma?????? Wow great touchdown throw to the quarterback Mayfield.

  72. vrtkolman

    Lincoln Riley is a future superstar coach. He’s putting a clinic on one of the SEC’s best. Oh yeah he did that same to Urban Meyer earlier this year.

    • John_s

      He is the college version of Sean McVay. Super impressed with him.

  73. SeahawkeyezSub80

    Interesting news on Ted Thompson transitioning into new role with Green Bay. Would JS/Green Bay make a move?

    • C-Dog

      I would say only in the slightest of possibilities. Schneider just signed a 5 year extension with Seattle, and it allegedly did not include a rumored GB clause. Also, some word is out there that it is JS who is leading the roster makeover charge. No sure how invested he would be in that big project if he was one foot out the door looking at GB.

      • C-Dog

        Just confirmed by Bob Condotta. JS has a contract through 2021, and it does not include an escape clause.

      • SeahawkeyezSub80

        I hope word is true with JS leading the change in Seattle. I think he is our future when Pete moves on.

        • SeahawkeyezSub80

          Thanks C-Dog

        • Ed

          Agreed. Might be interesting, because JS has always been a draft guy. Maybe PC pushed for the DB and SR trades. It was aggressive and for the short term and it backfired.

          • C-Dog

            That’s what I’ve been kind of mulling in my mind. It seems more likely for an aging HC to want to see aggressive moves like that to help push the team over the top than a middle aged GM who is signed for a longer deal and likely looking at playing the long game more.

    • Ed

      Would be interesting. Could you imagine the transition if:

      -PC retires and therefore no TC/DB/KR
      -JS goes to GB
      -New GM trades Sherman (2nd)/Bennett (4th)/Thomas (1st)/Wright (5th)
      -Doesn’t resign Graham/Joeckel/Lacy
      -Cut/retire Avril/Kam

  74. Brazilianguy

    I agree with those who believe the Seahawks should be defense or running back, really. This team should really be ware of the decadence in quality of play and discipline of some key players in tbis defense. I am talking about some real decline for key players like Wright, Avril, Bennett and the questions about Kam and Shermans careers post several trauma.

    Running Back because Russ win more games for us if he could ride an elite running back. He’s at the highest point in his decelopmental curve and is one of the best in the bussoness in ajusting to the fly. His audibles are incredible and he can make every possible throw. With no running game threat this dude threw 34 touchdown passes to lead the league.

  75. AlaskaHawk

    Dang I would love to snag Chubb!!! Power and a second gear.

    • Greg Haugsven

      OU has some solid run defense.

    • H


    • peter

      will be interesting to see how he tests at the combine. I really liked him filling in when Gurley was injured and just sort of slept on him this last season.

  76. Greg Haugsven

    Damn, could we get 11 guys together and have better r u defense than Oklahoma

    • Greg Haugsven

      Michel and Chubb

      14 carries for 280 yards and 3 td’s

      20 yards a carry

      • Trevor

        I have like Michel since Vol12 hi-lighted him early in the year.

        If we trade back into the early 2nd I really hope he is the pick. He is easily my 2nd favorite RB in the draft behind Barkley.

        If we draft Michel and Carson comes back healthy that would be an Ingram and Kamara 1-2 punch. Both guys can catch the ball as well.

        • Greg Haugsven

          A solid 1-2 punch like Atlanta has would be ideal.

        • Rowdy

          Jones from USC would also be a great 1-2 punch

  77. Smitty1547

    Gonna be disappointed if by the end of the week, Beavell and Cable are not canned!

    • Trevor


    • Ed

      Yep. Especially with some good position coaches that could move into those roles. Eagles QB coach as OC woukd be great

      • Greg Haugsven

        I was dissapointed when I woke up this morning.

        • Ed

          Funny but true

  78. Hawk Eye

    from various twitter

    S Richardson said Hawks told him they want him back. I am torn about that. No way he is worth $15 mil/year and I cannot see anyone else paying him that much. He has past suspensions and effort issues, and he did not get sacks. Teams pay for sacks, not “almost sacks”. If he leaves, I doubt they get a 3rd round comp, maybe a 4th. For the right price and term, bring him back. You can never have too much depth and quality on D line. I could see him getting back to 8 sacks, you can see him flash at times. Re-signing him would allow them to take a RB high.
    But the line also needs a big ugly on the line, someone at 330+ who can take double teams and allow Bobby and KJ more room to make tackles.
    Getting McDowell back would also be a big boost, like recovering the 2nd rd pick they lost for SRich. And Dion Jordon for a whole year would make up for losing Avril.
    Bring back Coleman and Shead, try to get Maxwell back along with Griffin and Sherm and the team can take a FAST LB with one of the top 2 picks.
    I know most people here want McDougall back, but I think they go with Hill. Kam ties up to much cap room and Hill was a 3rd rd pick, he has to play. I am not in favour of trading Earl, but it may happen if they cannot extend him, and that would open the door to bring back McDougall.

    going to be an interesting off season

    • C-Dog

      Sheldon is a really talented DT, IMO, and for the most part, I thought played pretty well for Seattle this year. However, I don’t think Seattle will spend anything close to $15 annually on him. Also, I don’t see him market being nearly that steep. They might be willing to see him test the market, and if it’s cooler than he anticipated, I could totally see them bringing him back.

      • Hawk Eye

        I think he gets short term offers in the 10M a year range. Hawks can pay that and be ok. I would not go much over that to keep him.

        • drewdawg11

          He was supposed to collapse the pocket this year and he did not. Occasionally he made some plays. He was more valuable in the run game, but not so much that he’s worth that much. I’d love for him to get back to his days of living in the opposing backfield.

          • C-Dog

            I’m not so sure Carroll wants his DTs to just pin their ears back every play. I think he wants more gap control where in another system Sheldon would be charging upfield more.

          • red

            It might make more sense bringing back Clint McDondald as interior rush guy and maybe Justin Ellis as run stuff early down 1tech kind of guy for half of what SR will cost us. Draft a 3tech in the 4th or 5th round.

  79. John_s

    You gotta protect the ball 1!

    • John_s

      And he makes up for it. Wow!

  80. Kyle B

    Damnit I was so impressed with Michel before he just fumbled. His pass blocking has been significantly stronger than I thought. He’s a stout dude but that doesn’t always translate to blocking out of the backfield.

    Anyways, minus that fumble six, this dude is a stud and is for sure someone I’d be happy about in the late second.

  81. EP

    Amazing game. Absolutely thrilling

  82. Veryal

    What are yall’s thoughts on Oregon LT Tyrell Crosby? I love the guy but I’m also biased being from his hometown and going to UO. I was under the impression he’s a top 3 tackle prospect but rob says it’s a weak class

    • drewdawg11

      Crosby is going to make a jump up the boards if he tests well. Big, athletic with Long arms I believe.

      • Kenny Sloth

        He’s long but has a thin frame. I need to see more of his tape. I’ve neglected OL thus far

        • Sea Mode

          Voted top OL in PAC12 by opposing dlineman. That’s the opinion that really counts IMO.

          • Veryal

            Thanks for the input guys! He’s definitely improved vastly and was a 4 year starter. I hope wherever he goes he ends up doing well

  83. drewdawg11

    He may not last that long.

  84. drewdawg11

    Wyms needs the ball. He’s been clutch every time I have watched them play this season. Great body control and hands.

  85. Kyle B

    Michel… good lord man. That stout and that shifty in space and on top of it is a more than serviceable blocker. Also, Wyms is a low key monster.

    Really cool to see Chubb run that in as well. Good story there.

  86. drewdawg11

    I think the hawks can take Chubb… lol. Wow, those two.

  87. AlaskaHawk

    Great game going on. Two good offenses playing against two average defenses.

  88. Rowdy

    What a dumb play call

  89. AlaskaHawk

    First overtime in BCS!!! Oklahoma and Georgia – Oklahoma wins coin toss

    • Pickering

      This game is clearly among the best bowl or college football games ever played, and could easily be called the very best.

  90. GoHawks5151

    Roquan Smith is a beast. Not sure exactly where he fits but what a talent.

    • Derron James

      I think he may be a bit undersized, so maybe best fit is at WILL.

  91. Michigan 12th

    I just do not see how defensive lineman is going to change our team that much. We already have a really good defensive line. We need a mauler for a Guard that can pass protect as well. Its that simple bring that in and you will see a change in our offense like you saw in Atlanta when they brought Mack in. We need Oline and we need to take one as early as we can. Of course we need to NOT let Cable pick the guy. We need to take a top rated Oline man period.

    • Rob Staton

      And before they just needed a left tackle, or a right tackle, or a center — and now they’ve invested in all three positions, now they just need a guard.

      Eventually you have to move on. This isn’t about line talent. How many teams line up five R1 or R2 picks? It’s about scheme, talent at RB and other factors.

      • Trevor

        Good point Rob. The OL issues are not from a lack of draft capital.

        • BigB

          Good point? We’ve roughly used the same draft capitol over the years on the o line as we have the d line. Over the past 5 drafts identical. Are we supposed to be moving on from drafting d-line? Fix the trenches until they get it done on both sides of the ball.

          • BigB

            Talking about first two rounds btw.

          • Rob Staton

            You rotate a D-line. Not an O-line.

            • BigB

              True, of course would be curious to know how many teams have 5 1st and 2nd rnd picks on the d-line as well.

              Anyway, I read a comment you made after that I agree with anyway.

              “And they should only consider interior OL if a top tier talent like Quenton Nelson or Billy Price is available (Nelson 100% won’t be).”

              Another project is not going to help us. Maybe FA, like Leary last season.

      • Ed

        Which is why I have wanted Cable gone for multiple years now. Not only is the draft philosophy used to draft OL bad (assuming it’s Cable) his necessity to not coach players up and create continuity is maddening. New RB, new OL coach and maybe new OC and I think the offense will be better off

        • Rob Staton

          This is just wrong Ed. Sorry. We’ve been over this too many times to go over it again.

      • Hawk Eye

        if you want to change the scheme, you probably have to change one or both of Cable and Bevel. I was not on the fire the coaches bandwagon, but the last 3 games, along with the struggles of the last 2 years have me ok with it. Not about them being good at their job, just need to change things up and move on.
        Now I doubt PC does it, but bringing in a new OC and O line coach is not the worst idea at this point.

        • Rob Staton

          You don’t necessarily have to change coaches. I’m not convinced they’re tied to a scheme. Pete on the other hand might be.

          • Trevor

            Agree Pete’s unwillingness to make scheme adjustments is a major problem in todays NFL.

      • Michigan 12th

        The problem is we only have two players that are decent. People get drafted all the time on the NFL in the first round that are busts and cant play. Aaron Curry comes to mind. That’s part of the process, just because we have 2 players on our line that were drafted in the 1st round does not mean they can play.

        I get the argument of moving on, it is a valid argument, but if we really want to make this Russel Wilson’s team then we need to make it Russel Wilson’s team. Give him a line that can block. At least get a line that is good at either Pass Pro or Run blocking, but right now our line is inept at both, and inconsistent at best.

        I guess we will just have to agree to disagree on this one, I feel like I have stated my opinion strong enough, you have stated yours, we just disagree. I really appreciate all you do for this fan base. Your articles are very good, very informative. I am often one of the smartest in a draft conversation because of this website. So thank you for what you do.

        • Rob Staton

          But here’s the problem Michigan 12th. Russell Wilson is not a conventional QB. Do you accept how difficult it is to block for Wilson? Have you seen Duane Brown run his guy wide, away from the pocket, doing his job — only to see Wilson scramble into the lane of the DE? The Seahawks live in controlled chaos. It doesn’t mean they don’t need talent on the OL. But it means simply investing never ending picks in the OL won’t solve the problem. Wilson due to his style of play will always make life difficult for the OL. But that’s what you live with to have the dynamic brilliance he also brings to the table.

          Seattle will not take a step forward with another rookie OL, especially at guard. This is bigger than that now. And they should only consider interior OL if a top tier talent like Quenton Nelson or Billy Price is available (Nelson 100% won’t be).

  92. Kyle B

    Sony. F******. Michel


    • Trevor

      He should be in a Hawks uni next year. If we trade back he would be an ideal pick in the early 2nd.

      • Kyle B

        I’m hoping he slides maybe to mid second round. Mid to late would be IDEAL

        • Trevor

          For sure he is listed as a 3rd rounder by most draft guys but I think he will jump up the board after combine.

          • C-Dog


            He looks at least R2 to me.

  93. Trevor

    One guy I really like who does not seem to get much buzz is Georgia LB Lorenzo Carter. He is raw but had great length and atletiscm. Would love to see the Hawks add a guy like him if they go offense with the first pick.

  94. Trevor

    Not sure how he exactly how he does it but If JS wants to fix the run game we need 2 picks in the top 50.

    Pick #1 Price
    Pick #2 Sony Michel
    New OL coach

    Run game fixed!

    • Kyle B

      it’s not at all unreasonable to turn pick 18 and a fifth into three picks in the top 90

    • Kyle B

      Also I’m all for this right here. Not gonna find a safety you like in this draft, and the only thing that worries me wanting an edge rusher really really bad. Only a few I like currently (with respect to where we will be).

      • Trevor

        I am with you if Davenport or Edmunds are on the board I am not sure how you can pass on a dynamic playmaker like that which our defense really needs.

    • Ed

      I could live with that. Even Nelson. Find a starting RB and a stud OL and use later rounds to find the DE and LB.

  95. Trevor

    Rob curious what your thoughts are on Lorenzo Carter? Seems to have the kind of athletic profile the Hawks might like for that Bruce Irvin type roll.

    If they trade back and take an RB with the first pick would he make sense if we end up with a 3rd round pick after the trade back.

    • Rob Staton

      I like Carter and think he has major pro-potential. I’m just not sure yet how early I would want to take him. Combine is big.

      • Trevor


  96. Trevor

    I love College Football!

  97. Trevor

    With the Packers GM job open. Wonder what Paul Allen says if GB wants JS and offers a 1st rounder so JS can leave for his dream job?

    • Ed

      I know you can for coaches, didn’t know you could for GM.

    • C-Dog

      I think that’s possibly how JS ends back in GB. GB would have to offer compensation. No escape clause in JS’s contract.

      GB might go in house anyways.

    • James

      With John under contract for four more years, and apparently no out-clause, I can’t imagine Paul Allen would let him go even for a high draft pick. Even though John might like to have the final word on personnel, rather than Pete, Coach Carroll will only be around a couple of more years, at which point John would gain full authority, including hand-picking the new head coach. This is an ideal situation for him, and don’t forget his personal matter of having a special-needs son, who can get far better treatment here in Seattle than he could in Green Bay.

  98. drewdawg11

    Bama continues to allow Clemson to hang around. Just like last year…. Minkah Fitzpatrick flies around, but his tackling is suspect. These backs today are fun to dream about being on the Seahawks.

  99. drewdawg11

    I never understood paying draft picks for coaches, etc. there are always good candidates out there, but that’s a future player. I wouldn’t do it.

    • John_s

      I don’t know… I’m sure the Bucs don’t mind trading for Gruden nor the Pats trading for Belichick

      • C-Dog


  100. vrtkolman

    Anyone see Damien Harris’ hops?

    • drewdawg11

      Text to my friend: “I didn’t know Damien Harris could fly”.

  101. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Ted Thompson stepping aside as GM of the Packers
    Rumor of Jon Gruden coming back to the Raiders as their coach
    Bruce Arians riding off into the sunset, retired for good.

    There are some really intriguing openings around the NFL now.
    I keep thinking we will hear of some other shocking moves soon.
    My bet is the Texans will mess up and release this HC O’Brien.

    • Ed

      I think he stays. Shocking to me would be Harbaugh leaving Michigan for Indianapolis.

  102. drewdawg11

    Daryl Bevell should be the leading candidate for the Cardinals’ job. 🙂

  103. Ed

    On another note, the 2018 opponents really favor the Hawks.

    Home: Rams/Cardinals/49ers/Cowboys/Vikings/Packers/Chiefs/Chargers

    Away: Rams/Cardinals/49ers/Panthers/Bears/Lions/Raiders/Broncos

    Most hard games at home (Cowboys/Vikings/Packers/Chiefs).

    However, if they don’t pull it together in general, they could go (11-5) or (6-10)

  104. vrtkolman

    Man this had to be the worst case matchup for Clemson. You know Bama had to be amped up as soon as this game was set, with it being a revenge game and all. Bama’s D is also a nightmare for a young QB like Bryant. Clemson will be back, this was just a perfect storm against them.

    Hurts is an amazing athlete. Anyone think he can QB in the NFL?

    • FuzzyLOgic

      No but I might take him as a RB prospect.

    • C-Dog

      I think he can. I can see a bit of RW to his game, not as polished, but could get there. I think there’s a chance the league might trend back towards scrambling QBs.

  105. peter

    A few thoughts on this awesome day of football:

    Roquan Smith, whoa…..some beautiful looking stops late in the game. Is the definition of sifting through traffic.

    Rashaan Evans, Alabama is yet again on a whole other level from everyone else in recruiting dudes to play defense but there were a few plays where he appears to have eye-popping closing speed and short area quickness.

    Sony Michel, Basically the same size as my favorite last year in Alvin Kamara. Absolutely “sudden,” just gets to full speed in what, one? maybe two steps? Had a play that I thought was amazing in saving his QB. Obviously big runs. Seattle loves weapons (harvin, Graham, procise at least the idea of him, even taking take a former RB/WR hybrid, even Lockett pre-injury as an open field WR.) Maybe Michel is the weapon Seattle looks for…….

    That said…

    Nick Chubb. Former state track and field 100 m/ 200 m/ Shot put/ Long jump competitor. Being a top contender at all of those disciplines and former state weightlifting champion. 143+ Sparq score. Sometimes you see a player who just screams NFL player. Chubb looks like a grown up running back with a crystal clear second gear in the open field. I read some comments about him looking like Shaun Alexander….sure, sometimes he does glide but he can run through traffic and has a great ability to find creases.

    Maybe in a fantasy world Seattle drafts both of these guys? Worked when Atlanta drafted Grady Jarret and Vic Beasley!

    • peter

      meant to reference golden tate as a weapon….

  106. SeahawkeyezSubj80

    Check out this clip of Doug Baldwin Not coaches fault on offensive side but players execution. Said 2 much already? Is this shade at R. Wilson or Offensive line. IMO I think Russell been playing too much backyard football and needs to recommit to the program(In fairness he has been running for his life). No doubt a revamped offensive line and running game would be for the best. I think front office messed up by not building around him sooner. I’m not sure where I heard/read this but I’m in agreement with the philosophy that keep your defense hungry(young/not cap invested)and pay your offense. (QB & Offensive Line).

    • Del tre

      I think he is standing too close to see the bigger picture, if half the offense isn’t executing who’s fault is that? If we are regularly inneffective who isn’t putting the player in a better position to succeed? This was kind of a bad move as a teammate to point the finger at his own guys.

      • AlaskaHawk

        With all the dropped passes and missed blocks it is clear the players had a big part in the losses. Add me seed field goals. Wilson started the season staying in the pocket but changed to scrambling mode somewhere all by the way.

        • Del tre

          If Wilson needs to scramble and rely on broken plays that tells you the inneffective part of you offense right there. When’s the last time you saw a big play off of an easy catch? Or a guy who’s wide open and its not off of a scramble play? Wilson his OC and his QB coach are all responsible, maybe Luke catches the ball yesterday if we give him an easy catch a few plays before.
          I know those things factor in, but the offense isn’t making it easy on those players. And yes no Blaire Walsh might even have us at 12-4. But i doubt it changes the embarrassing 7 points against the Rams, it doesn’t change yesterdays embarassing showing.
          Putting players in the position to succeed is the coaching staffs job, and if dropped passes missed blocks and repeated personal failure are happening play in and play out it’s time to look to the coaching staff for not making it easier on their own players. Maybe Bevell is a true talent at OC and Cable is just that bad but, dude where is our short passing game? Where are the plays to get Lockett into space? Why did we let this entire season hang on Wilsons shoulders instead of trying to get that ball out of his hands and having other players do the work for him? We have the personal for it, McKissick, Lockett, Doug, and Mike Davis all were at a minimum capable of making plays in space. Lots of questions for the coaching staff this offseason.

          • AlaskaHawk

            I agree with a lot of your thoughts. I would like to see a thorough house cleaning of offensive coaches and even the general manager spot. Some questionable trades when you consider the draft picks given up. Plus their hit rate on drafting offensive linemen is atrocious.

  107. drewdawg11

    I wasn’t thinking about Chubb a lot before today, but I think I just discounted him because of the knee injury that he suffered. Now? Wow. And Sony Michel showed his burst today and when he had a crease, he exploited it. I’m so tired of seeing our backs struggle to get through a hole, or even missing the hole. We talk so much about the line, but one question: did Chris Carson run behind that line? Minus Brown, yes. He looked good. Decisive, talented runners can succeed. We need a talented young back, and for Carson to come back 100%. So many options out there.

  108. SeahawkeyezSub80

    • Sea Mode

      Thanks for this. Great link.

      • Sea Mode

        Here’s the first paragraph, which comes just before what was said in the video:

        “Do any of you guys really watch tape? Like, I really question that sometimes. Because you all make these narratives, you all put these topics, these main titles and (stuff). … And it really pisses us off sometimes as players. And I really wish I could say more, but I’m not going to. And obviously I’m frustrated because we lost. … (but) actually investigate. Watch the (bleeping) film.

  109. drewdawg11

    Farrell from Clemson is a beast. He had a good game tonight despite the fact that they lost. He may rise into the top 15 and that’s out of our range. I keep watching the film of Davenport and I see a kid who is a year or two away from being a major force in the NFL. He’s got to get stronger. He’s super raw. I think teams will be banking on the fact that they can help him develop into something special. Farrell might not have the ceiling that Davenport does, but he’s ready to roll now, at least much sooner.

  110. Kenny Sloth

    Crazy how many touchdowns Georgia backs score untouched.

  111. bankhawk

    Ive only had the chance to watch Youtube highlights, but whoa! How Id love to have either of those Ga. Bulldogs in our backfield! And I got itchy palms watching Rashaad Penny too!
    How do folks read ADBs defense of Bev and allusions to the problem being in the locker room, rather than laying it on the coaching staff? Still musing over that rap line.
    Finally, read Hawkbloggers post expecting to be irritated and found myself nodding my head quite a bit. Offseason will be an interesting ride, for certain!

  112. H

    Kris Richard a head coaching candidate for the Colts as well it seems.

    • Sea Mode


      The #Colts have requested an interview with #Seahawks DC Kris Richard for their head coaching job, sources say. So add him to names @RapSheet and @MikeGarafolo said earlier: Josh McDaniels, Matt Nagy, Steve Wilks, Mike Vrabel. #Bills interviewed Richard last year.

      5:38 PM – 1 Jan 2018 from Florida, USA

  113. Sea Mode

    Y’all catch the Mike B. comments? Telling.

    “I probably won’t be back next year.”

    “I expect there to be a lot of changes,” he said. “Especially when you lose, there’s always changes. … Like I said, it’s a young man’s game. We lost a lot of players, and we’ve seen some of those great players, when those young people got in the game they had to be prepared. So I could see trying to get those guys going and seeing what happens.

    “With me, I’m fine. I mean, whatever happens, I’ve loved being a Seahawk. … You love the organization. You love the players that you played with. We’ve won a lot of games. So if I am not here I would never have any hard feelings toward the organization. I love Pete Carroll and (general manager) John Schneider, and we just move forward. It’s part of football.

    “This is just part of sports. It just keep growing and you continuously play for another organization, if you have the opportunity.”

    “I mean, people think about retiring all the time,” he said. “But I continuously want to play with these guys, and see what’s next.

    “If not, and nobody picks you up, then you go on and find something else to do.”

    • Sea Mode

      Hats off to him for what he managed to do this year playing through injury. Still somehow (why would they let him…?) played 3rd most snaps on defense after only ETIII and Wagz:

      “People, a lot of fans don’t realize it when people have injuries and how they play through it,” Bennett said later Sunday after a large mass of reporters made it to his locker. “Most people tear their plantar fascia they don’t even do anything. I played through it the whole season. Swollen knee.

      “You do what you can for your teammates. You do what you can. That’s just the sport.”

      • Trevor

        He is a true Warrior and I don’t know why the Hawks would cut him as there is very little cap savings. Unless they can get a pick in the first 3 rounds for him then I would definitely want him back.

  114. Sea Mode


    Asked if he got any indication in exit meetings with coaches on Monday if the Seahawks will make any effort to re-sign him for 2018, Joeckel said, tellingly, “No, I haven’t.”

    Then he spoke of Seattle in the past tense.

    “Oh, I loved it here,” Joeckel said. “This is a great building. I loved playing here. Loved the teammates. Loved the guys in the O-line room. It was great. Great. I loved this year. It was a lot of fun. Didn’t end like we wanted, but I had a blast.”

    I’m not counting out an extension, and I think he played better than most fans are able to recognize on a leg he was never fully able to get back to 100%. Still, Odhiambo might be up at LG next year. I think he will look much better at Guard next to Brown than he ever could at Tackle or playing next to rookie Fant.

    • Trevor

      I really hope it is past tense unless it is a Vet min type deal.

    • drewdawg11

      “He plays better than most fans are able to recognize.”

      Absolutely false. He had so many breakdowns this year, injury or not, and he did it at a pretty hefty salary. I was watching the game Sunday and I saw him fire off and finish a block and thought “that’s new”. He spends a lot of time missing, or being stuffed at the point of attack. For the money, you could get the same production from a younger player like Reece. I still can’t believe that there are people who want him back.

  115. Sea Mode

    You don’t say…

    Sources Tell Us: Damien Harris better prospect than Scarbrough

    Don’t miss the quote on Price too:

    “Man, he is a different kind of guy altogether. Has a lot of edge for sure. Love his toughness and his grit and wait until you see him at the combine. He might hit 40 on the bench and he’s going to run well, too.” — AFC executive on Ohio State C Billy Price

    Is Price better than Nelson anyway for ZBS?

    • Trevor

      I would say Price is a better ZBS Guard but I really hope we move away from that scheme.

      • drewdawg11

        ZBS should die a swift and uneventful death.

  116. Trevor

    I have been leading the fire Cable charge for 3 years now but Rob made a great point earlier in a reply on todays thread.

    The Hawks biggest coaching issue IMO is Pete’s unwillingness it seems to make adjustments in the offensive / defensive schemes he loves and brought us an SB. Bilichek has great quote where he says in todays NFL coaches need to be able to change and adapt or die.

    The Hawks have become predictable and not adapted or evolved. I hope Pete does some self reflection this off season and embraces innovation and change.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Pete is clearly better at picking and training defensive players. That is where his strengths lay. But if they fire all the offensive coaches, they will need Pete to rebuild the coaching staff. During the game they need to have someone besides Pete make the offensive calls and manage the clock and time outs.

  117. Trevor

    You think Saban and Alabama were glad Watson graduated. The impact of a great QB was never so obvious. Clemson had a better D this year but were no match for Bama without Watson.

    Also how good did UCF QB Milton look yesterday! Wow

    • Michigan 12th

      I like Milton when I saw him play against USF. Kid can straight up ball, has a strong arm, and some wheels to go with it. He would be an ideal candidate to back up Wilson. To bad he is only a Sophmore. By next year he will probably cement himself as a strong candidate for a starting job in the NFL, but who knows.

  118. Trevor

    My Dream Off Season to make Hawks SB contenders in 2019-20. Warning 2018-19 could be ugly.

    #1 Pete re-invents message and innovates defensive scheme.

    #2 Pete brings in an innovative young run-focused OC and gives him the reins of the offense.

    #3 Hawks bite the bullet and embrace youth movement on D.

    #4 Sherm traded to Dolphins for a 3rd round pick.

    #5 Earl Traded to Jags for a 1st

    #6 Bennett Traded to NE for a 4th rd pick

    #7 Avril retires, Lane Cut ($12 mil cap savings)

    #8 Kam returns to play one more year and be mentor for young D then joins coaching staff

    #9 Frank Clark get 4 yr/$75 mil extension (5yrs total) Priority #1

    #10 KJ gets 2yr /10 mil extension (3yrs total)

    #11Dion Jordan signs 3yr/ 15 mil deal

    #12 Mcdougald signs 3 yr 18 mil deal

    #13 Coleman signs 3 yr /12 mil deal

    #14 Shead brought back as 1yr deal rolls over from last year

    #15 Maxi brought back 3 yr /12 mil deal

    #16 Luke Willson signs 3yr /$10 mil deal

    #17 Lacy, Rawls are let walk

    #18 Graham signs elsewhere (4th rd comp pick 2019)

    #19 PRich signs elsewhere (4th round comp)

    #21 Joeckel signs elsewhere (5th round comp 2019)

    #22 Sheldon Richardson signs elsewhere (3rd round comp 2019) Would love him back but not at $15 mil per year.

    #23 Sign Kenny Vaccarro 3yr /20 mil deal (Lose 5th Rd comp Joeckel) Needs a change of scenery but youbg and talented. Like Mcdougald can play either safety spot.

    #24 Sign DJ Fluker 3yr /$10 mil Deal- Big mauling LG to help in run game. Can backup RT as well.

    #25 Sign Terrell Pryor 4yr/$50 mil deal (Lose 4th Rd Comp PRich) He would be an ideal big WR to compliment Baldwin and Locket.

    This would give us tons of draft capital and cap space

    • Logan Lynch

      I’d be all over getting Terrelle Pryor, but don’t you think we could get him for less than 4yr/$50M? He signed a 1 year deal last offseason for $6M and had a poor season. Really, he only had one good year so far. I know nothing about contracts, but if we could swing something more like 3yr/$15M I would be much more inclined to bite.

      • Trevor

        If they got him at that price it would be awesome!

    • Trevor

      2018 Mock based on scenario above

      Hawks Trade #18 to Buff for #25 and Bills 3rd Round pick

      Hawks Trade #28 from Jags ET deal to Cle for #33 and 1st pick in Rd#4

      Rd#1 Pick #25 Davenport (Edge/UTSA)-Freak edge rusher and ideal LEO to combine with Jordan and Clark giving the Hawks the best young edge rush group in NFL.

      Rd#2 Pick #1 Sony Michel (RB/Georgia)- This years Kamara and with Carson a great 1-2 punch

      Rd#3 Pick #11 (Sherm to Mia Trade) Will Hernandez (Guard/UTEP)- Big nasty LG this OL lacks

      Rd #3 Pick #21 (Bills Trade Back) Auden Tate (WR/FSU)- Big 6-5 ultra talented WR Pete has always wanted

      Rd#4 Pick #1 Lorenzo Carter (LB/Georgia)- Long, super athletic LB to play WIL opposite Bobby and KJ

      Rd #4 Pick #18 Adonis Alexander (CB/V-Tech) Big long developmental press CB the Hawks like

      Rd#4 Pick #32 (Bennett to NE deal) Greg Gaines (DT/ Wash) Young run stuffer to go with Reed and Jones

      Rd #5 Shaqueem Griffin (LB/UCF) Not sure his role but starts as LB depth. Love the player and grit

      Rd#5 Mark Walton (RB/Mia) Talented RB to add competition and depth

      Rd#5 Daniel Carlson (Kicker/Auburn) Best college kicker

      Rd#7 Dickson (Punter /Texas) Best college punter to replace Ryan

      Rd#7 Azeem Victor (LB /Wash) Had 1st round talent before injury. Now he is a project.

      Rd#7 Van Smith (S/Clemson) Down year coming off injury buthas upside and would compete with Thompson for a backup/ST spot.

      • Trevor

        Roster Based on Mock

        2018 Roster
        QB Wilson, Davis
        RB Carson, Michel, Prosise or Mckissic, Walton or Davis (this group would be a huge upgrade)
        WR Baldwin, Locket, Pryor, Tate, Moore, Darboh (Tate and Pryor are both huge athletic red zone targets)
        TE Willson, Swoopes, Vannett (TE would be focus early in 2019 draft)
        OL Brown, Hernandez, Britt, Pocic, Ifedi / Rees, Fluker, Fant, Roos (Fluker, Hernandez bring size and nasty to the run game)

        DE Clark, Jordan, Davenport, Mcdowell (wow)
        DT Reed, Jones, Gaines, Braden Jackson, Vet Run Stuffer
        LB Wags, KJ, Carter,Griffen, Victor (would love this unit)
        S Kam, Mcdougald Vaccarro, Hill, Thompson or rookie Van Smith (Safety would be focus early in 2019 draft)
        CB Griffen, Maxi, Coleman, Shead, Elliott, Thorpe or rookie Alexander

        LS :Ott
        PK: Carlson
        P: Dickson

      • peter

        I will say I like your draft quite a bit if your scenario pans out. Actually no, as I’m re-reading it I’d love that draft again if your scenario for the offseason came anywhere near true.

        The more I think about Griffin the more I see him playing a Buchanon/Dione jones role. He just has a nice mix of sacks and passes defended.

        I also like that you are willing to draft a kicker and a punter. It’s always strange to me when people say that’s a waste….I think “have you seen the teams draft picks from the 5th round to the 7th?” Sure you get a sherman/Sweezy but you also get a Sokoli/Murphy/Brooks…not exactly a who’s who of starting talent. And I love Jon Ryan but the overall kicking game is terrible.

        • Trevor

          I am with you on Griffen! Adding him, Carter, Davenport would make or front 7 really fast.

          Agree abut the kicking game completely. They decide at least 2-3 games per year.

          • peter

            well pc did mention how much faster everyone has become. maybe across the board this off-season speed becomes the defining ingredient for draft picks.

      • Sea Mode

        Interesting thoughts. Not sure I’m ready to move on from Earl and Sherm, but if the offer is there they will surely consider it.

    • peter

      I’d like to see Vaccarro. I’d be intrigued if a change of scenery is what he needs and what he could do with some great DB coaching.

      Fluker has really leveled out his playing from his draft to now. I wonder if he doesn’t get a better offer? There are just so few olinemen to go after in FA.

      Plus, I have a feeling that for reasons no one knows Seattle is resigning Joekel sighting continuity.

      I’m pretty indifferent to Luke Willson but that’s a doable price.

      I like Pryor the player and what he’s done for himself if actually almost remarkable. The humility to go and make yourself into a WR after being the big dude at QB, you have to like that. I just think that’s a lot of dough to pay to a guy who hasn’t really done anything yet. He had a great year two seasons back. But PRich had a pretty good year this year and I still don’t think he’s worth what he’s going to get paid.

  119. Logan Lynch

    Going back to when we sniped Dan Quinn from Florida to be our DC, anyone you guys would like to see us pull in from the college ranks? I have 2.

    Dave Aranda, the DC from LSU. His defense may have dropped a bit this season, but he’s still finished as a top-20 defense 6 years in a row for 3 different schools. That includes a 4 year run as a top 10 defense from 2013-2016 at Wisconsin (3 times) and LSU (1 time).

    The other is more of a long shot, but that’s Jim Leonhard the DC from Wisconsin. Former walk on at Wisconsin who went on to play 10 years in the NFL after being a UDFA. He was the DB coach at Wisconsin last year and assumed the role of DC this season, where he led the Badgers to the #2 defense in the nation. He was rumored to be in the running for the DC job at FSU.

    Both of these guys are relatively young (Aranda is 41, Leonhard is 35) and are rising stars in the college ranks. I’d be all for getting one of them on our staff, even though it’s probably highly unlikely.

    • peter

      I think Seattle is going to chalk up this last season to “injuries,” and Richard stays owning the down year to a series of unfortunate events. Part of which is true. Richard does seem to be a great DB coach. I just hope that Seattle has a plan for Sherman maybe starting the year in the PUP, Avril (hopefully for him) retiring, a Kam injury settlement because none of those players could you confidently say they are coming back 100% pre-injury level.

      They might but even so each will be one year older and injuries often start to have a cumulative effect as we age.

  120. peter

    Early morning dark prediction of Seattle Off season:

    1. No coaching changes at any level including Special teams, QB coach, and so on. Seattle staff comforts themselves in that “it was the injuries,” that did them in and not lack of depth or a brutal amount of yards from penalties.

    2. At 18 when Seattle picks Tremaine Edmunds, billy price, and a number of running backs are available so Seattle does the sensible thing and trades out of the first round for an early 2nd round pick and a fourth round pick.

    3. When say pick 33 rolls around Seattle is staring at Harris, Chubb, Guice, and a few others plus Rashaan Evans and Derrick Nnadi they do the next best thing which is trade that pick down to the late 2nd round and pick up a third.

    4. With pick 54 the Seattle Seahawks pick Frank Ragnow. A big Arkansas Olinemen who was considered one of the best Center prospects. Why does Seattle do this you ask? Ragnow coming from a SEC power scheme with almost zero ZBS background and a late-season high ankle sprain is praised for his ability to be a “big guard with scheme versatility to play center.” Both statements although true are actually false as that in a (non) rare twist Ragnow is one of the few players entering the draft that doesn’t need to be coached on how to run block but doesn’t have the foot speed to do it with a mobile QB and in a ZBS based offense.

    I’m mostly joking here….and oddly I would like to see a player like Ragnow. But I’d worry that Seattle would use him incorrectly and screw around with where to play him. All while missing on other good/great ready to go talent.

    • Trevor

      That is funny but the point is well made.

  121. Del tre

    I don’t think they trade Sherman, i think they ask him to take a paycut and have him focus on coaching while he shifts to a role as a 3rd down back on the outside.
    Personally i see him coach Shaq, and I see a guy who’s gonna be a seahawks coach the second he retires.
    He doesn’t want to leave and move away from the kickstep, he might want to stay keep his family put more than any of us realize.

  122. MarkinSeattle

    Too bad that Q Nelson won’t be anywhere near the Seahawks. Read a ND article mentioning that despite being listed at 330, he played the season at 340. He also has long arms from what they were saying. Here is a link to him throwing down LSU LB followed by a pulling play where he blew up their 250 lbs ILB.

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