Instant reaction: Seahawks move to 11-3, win in Carolina

The Seahawks played far from a perfect game in Carolina. There were some errors, injuries and a needlessly nervous ending.

What should’ve been a Sunday saunter end up being a brisk walk.

That said, they needed to win this game and next week’s game against Arizona to set up a NFC West Championship decider against the Niners.

Regardless of the manner of this victory — it’s one down and one to go.

The Seahawks waltzed to an early lead and were never under any real pressure. They should’ve buried Carolina. It set up a complacent finale. They needed a desperate, bare-knuckle offensive drive to prevent the Panthers launching a comeback from a 30-10 deficit.

By this stage though, do you really care about any of this? Is anyone really holding out hope that suddenly, 15 weeks into the season, the Seahawks are going to become clean and efficient? Winning in weird and wonderful (and stressful) ways has been the story of the 2019 season.

They’re two more wins away from equaling a franchise record for regular season wins. They’ve already set a franchise record on the road (7-1).

They also won without Jadeveon Clowney, Ziggy Ansah, Mychal Kendricks and Shaquill Griffin. They lost Quandre Diggs during the game. There was a huge scare when Bobby Wagner had his knee and ankle bent backwards. What a relief to see him walk off the field relatively easily.

With this long injury list on defense, any kind of win was good enough — even if the ending was a little bit too close for comfort.

On the positive side the Seahawks ran and passed well on offense despite some inefficient drives after an early scoring tear. The defense forced three turnovers (and could’ve had more). They had some luck on two potential fumbles — but they were due a bit of fortune there.

On the negative front, for the second week in a row they struggled with motion and sweeps. The 49ers will have noticed that and it’s something they’re particularly good at. The Seahawks have a fortnight to try and work something out. Unfortunately, the Niners also have two weeks to cook up some creative ways to exploit this weakness.

We’ll need to see how serious Diggs’ and Wagner’s injury’s are. They, along with Clowney, are absolutely vital for the Seahawks to be at their competitive best in week 17 and beyond.

They also need Kendricks back. Cody Barton has struggled in every game he’s played in so far. Being violently stiff-armed by Kyle Allen in the fourth quarter was a review of the rookie growing pains he’s experiencing.

I might finish by noting the way they almost threw away a 20-point lead and needed a scramble drill clincher from Russell Wilson to Tyler Lockett to avoid giving Carolina an opportunity to complete the comeback. The Seahawks were lacklustre at the end. Again though — this is who they are. This is who they’re going to be.

They’ve overachieved to get to 11-3. They’re in the mix for the #1 seed. If they have two more ridiculous, unnecessarily tense victories they may well secure homefield advantage against the odds.

By now it’s simply time to let the rest of this tune play out.

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  1. Paul Cook

    My main takeaway from this game is…7-1 record ON THE ROAD THIS YEAR! That’s crazy.

    • cha

      Perfect this year in the dreaded 10am games.

      • Paul Cook

        Quite impressive. I thought I read somewhere that they travel to such cities earlier than they used to when games are in that time slot.

  2. Volume12

    Seems like every year Pete has something saved or they unveil a new wrinkle for the playoffs. Could that be what they’re going to do w/ Gordon?

    • Sea Mode

      Perhaps. It may also just be the time he has taken to get up to speed with the offense.

      Would definitely rather see him on the receiving end of passes rather than on the throwing end though…

    • Jamho3

      We dont throw the ball. How many targets are there to go to WR3 over the last 10 years let alone 5 games?

    • Mark Souza

      Gordon won’t be that wrinkle.

  3. Kyle

    Great take, Rob. This is who they are. They have a puncher’s chance against anyone, but leave themselves vulnerable for any puncher below them. If the D can get healthy it makes a satisfying path more likely.

  4. Nick

    I know we had Clowney sitting, but we recorded only 3 QB hits this game. Simply not enough. Stating the obvious: gotta address pass rush.

    • Rob Staton

      Yep — pass rush is the clear, #1 need. Not the only need but certainly the most significant.

      You can’t have a sack leader with 4 sacks by week 15 and such meagre numbers across the board in terms of hurries and pressures.

      To have any chance in week 17 and the playoffs they’ll need Clowney and Reed’s A-game plus better health across the unit.

      • Nick

        Absolutely. Free agency will tell us a lot about where Seattle will focus their early efforts in the draft.

        • Rob Staton

          I would expect a more aggressive approach in FA with the pass rush the #1 priority.

          • Michael P Matherne

            It’s truly unbelievable that we’re the #1 seed right now (and will be all week even if the Saints win, thanks to the three-way-tie rules) with this pathetic of a pass rush. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s begun to make me wonder if the way the game is being played (and officiated) right now is actually DEVALUING the ability to rush the passer. I know at first blush this sounds like conspiracy theory level crazy, but here me out…

            I think most informed fans would agree that it’s easier to move the ball on offense right now than it’s ever been in the history of the NFL. Sacks are not the absolute drive killers they once were, and while it will always be important to pressure QB’s is it possible we’re past the point of maximum value on the pass rusher impact graph?

            • Michael P Matherne

              That being said, I really hope the ‘Hawks go out and put together another Avril/Bennett combo somehow. Man… looking back, how insane was it that we got both of those guys that offseason?

  5. Volume12

    Christopher f***ing Carson. That’s it. That’s the comment. The man is a junkyard dog. An animal.

    • Nick Cassella

      When he’s not fumbling, he’s one of the best running backs in the game. A true feature back.

      • Sea Mode

        When we don’t fall so far behind that we can actually feed him and take our shots off play action…

  6. Paul Cook

    You’re right about something. The Hawks have been weak most all of the season on the edges of the field near the line of scrimmage and just beyond. Very soft area defensively for them.

    • Rob Staton

      Well at least I’m right about something

      • Paul Cook

        LOL That obviously didn’t come out right. You’re right about most things Seahawks. I just latched onto that particular point you made.

        • Rob Staton


      • Duceyq

        The “Edge Issue” seems to be by presnsap alignment. Seattle has played more 2 Deep and off coverage than I can remember. They need to move their CB’s in Press and SS shaded toward the strong side. When they did this with a McD in the 2nd half they had more success against the jet sweeps and dives by McAffery…hence the 30-10 lead…so the formula is there…Dallas played more press man against the Rams with great success like Seattle played more press man Cover-1 against SF the first time too with success. So there is hope in week 17 but your point is taken.

        Health will be Seattle’s biggest hurdle moving forward….as you stated…but scheme has to be more aggressive than its “prevent ways” for 4 quarters to avoid a lost lead in the playoffs.

  7. Ishmael

    It’s an overachieving team that’s had a bit of luck in one-score games. From my very sketchy memory of Barnwell’s Pythagorian Expectation the Hawks point differential suggests they should be about a 7-8 win team at the moment, and that results in one-score games are more luck than anything else.

    But hey, might as well enjoy it while things are swinging in our favour. Been plenty of ordinary teams who have got hot when it mattered and ridden that wave. Will it last? Who knows.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think you can fluke 11-3.

    • line_hawk

      I was reading some article which said they have under achieved by point differential. But they have under achieved their point differential compared to their dvoa which they are sixth in. Of course, they have been plenty lucky but they are sixth in dvoa which means they are an overall good team.

    • Awsi Dooger

      Truly a bizarre season from a numbers standpoint. The Seahawks are overachieving but not nearly to the extent of the Packers or Texans. On the flip side the Cowboys and Chargers have severely underachieved.

      I have followed this vital category for 32 years. I can’t say I remember a season with so many inexplicable won/loss records as this one. Normally it falls very close in line with expectation:

  8. Denver Hawker

    What is keeping this team from going for the jugular?

    I don’t mind close, hard fought games, but a couple times now we’ve let opponents climb back fast.

    Is it conservative playcalling? Mindset? I do t recall the SB teams letting this happen.

    • cha

      Occasionally I think it’s game awareness. Conservative or aggressive at the wrong times.

      The next to last offensive series. 3rd & 5. Carolina has burned 2 timeouts and will take their final one if they stop the Hawks. The Hawks have had 2 timeouts already to draw up the next couple plays.

      Another Carson run? A RW scramble? A dump off to a TE? Make them burn their final TO at worst, at best you get a first down and ice the game?

      Nope. Either they called, or RW checked into, a lower % pass to DK in good coverage down the sideline. Incompletion. Clock stoppage. Maddening.

      • LouieLouie

        Hey Cha; That and those two stupid holding call on the o-line when trying to run the clock out.

        • cha

          That Duane Brown call was ludicrous. Unless I’m missing something. Is pushing a player to the ground now holding in the NFL?

          • Dave

            That was one of the best blocks I have ever seen in my life. Someone need to turn that into a GIF that reads DENIED.

    • Rob Staton

      I think today it was injuries and a bit of complacency.

      • Elmer

        This team can’t afford to be complacent. Even after seeing all these games I ask myself “How is it possible that there guys are 11-3?”

        • Rob Staton

          I think we all ask ourselves that. Yet here they are.

  9. SoCal12

    Maybe someone more knowledgeable than me can clarify, but I’m thinking maybe our struggles with motions and sweeps are a scheme issue? I feel like teams have kind of figured out Pete’s bend but dont break gameplan and simple coverages that rely on execution. Thankfully we can still execute on that philosophy well enough to be in games, and we seem to at least adjust a little bit at halves.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s definitely a scheme issue.

    • Kelly

      Is it personnel though? Is Kris Richard doing anything different with the Dallas D or are they just younger, faster, stronger than our Defense. I heard Gurley only had 4 total yards at halftime.

  10. Sea Mode

    I love these Seahawks, too. Battered, bruised, imperfect: still find a way in the end. Gotta love ’em!

    Lockett makes our whole passing game tick. Glad he’s back to his usual TD-catching, RW-mind-meld self.

    Talking about things bouncing our way this season, helping us over-achieve: do you ever remember playing against so many backup QBs in one season?

    Anyways, on to the Cards (and Go Falcons!)

    • Trevor

      The Locket early extension by JS is perhaps his best signing to date and that is saying something.

    • LouieLouie

      Sea: If Locket isn’t back near 100% today the Seahawks are 10 – 4.

  11. GoHawksDani

    I disagree with the Barton comment. Yes, he’s a rookie, he made some silly mistakes, taking bad angles, and so on. But to be honest, apart this game he played only like 10-15 snaps? And he has the X factor. He’ll need time, and experience, but he’s quick and able to recognize plays (just a bit slow yet), great communicator, A+ effort and mindset. He’s the future. Maybe not next year, but definitely after 2021. And maybe even next year…

    • Rob Staton

      Disagree all you want. Every time he’s been on the field he’s made mistakes.

      • LouieLouie

        You are right about Barton’s mistakes Rob. That’s why Carroll and Co prefer to bring the rookies along a little more slowly.

        • Rob Staton

          Some rookies adapt quickly but for the most part there are growing pains. The key for Barton is to learn. Unfortunately though he’s had a number of glaring errors and ugly plays when he’s been on the field. Being dumped by Kyle Allen was simply the most startling.

          • LouieLouie

            There was definitely a dorkish hue on that play. Hopefully he can shake it off. The best defense against a stiff arm is to grab the arm. It not only makes the tackle but discourages stiff arms. I’ll bet Barton figures that out.

            • Rob Staton

              They’ve praised him enough in camp etc to know there’s something there. He just needs to work through a tough first year.

              • LouieLouie

                Barton might have made a few mistakes, but he had 10 tackles and called the defense when Wagner left the game. I’d say that isn’t a bad day for a rookie who’s seen limited time so far this season. He’ll be a pretty good linebacker.

                • Rob Staton

                  ‘Tackles’ is no guide for success or failure.

                  Listen — I’m not being negative for the sake of it or trying to hammer a rookie. He hasn’t played well. He’s made mistakes. A lot of rookies do. It doesn’t mean I’m writing him off. Just acknowledging what has happened.

      • GoHawksDani

        As did most of the younger guys.
        Where was Collier apart from the lineup? He did nothing, maybe a few mistakes
        Amadi didn’t secure the INT and took some bad angles.
        DK run a shitty route on the Gordon INT, and how much passes did he drop in previous games?
        BBK was nonexistent on a couple of snaps he was on the field.
        Griffin was nonexistent, he was stonewalled on every passrush attempt (and he was waaay more awful when last year they tried him as LB)

        And for the vets. KJ and Bobby got raped all year against faster offenses. They tackle after a WR/RB gains 7-8 yards usually. Kendricks make great plays, but also cannot keep his assignments.

        I don’t argue that he made mistakes. But he’s a 3rd round rookie with basically zero NFL game experience pushed into a pretty difficult and shitty scheme (we saw how well it worked all year). He also showed some potential previously and this game too. He needs to get better, but throwing him under the bus is a bit rich

        • Rob Staton

          So you started by saying you disagreed with me on Barton — that he’d made mistakes.

          Now you’re saying all the other young guys have been anonymous or have made mistakes.

          Why not just take the final step and admit I was right.

          • GoHawksDani

            I disagreed with you on how hard you hammered him. I never said he didn’t make mistakes. Just to me it’s a bit harsh compared to the critique Penny, Collier, and some other guys receive. He’s not Bobby or KJ (yet), but he did an OK job given everything (limited exp, bad scheme, against one of the best players in the NFL (CMC)). The stiffarm was ugly. I think he wanted to go for the ball…or just simply made a mistake. Other than that I didn’t see a worse game that we usually get from KJ

            • Rob Staton

              I didn’t ‘hammer’ him.

        • mishima

          “…KJ and Bobby got raped all year…”

          Stupid and offensive.

          • Rob Staton

            Incredibly stupid — I’d missed that comment while skim reading.

            I think Dani needs a time-out. That kind of language isn’t welcome here.

            • mishima

              Thank you.

      • AndrewP

        Rob- Curious… How would your constant Barton critique be different than the typical Seahawk fan of that re: Ifedi?

        • Rob Staton

          It’s different in the sense your assertion that I “constantly” criticise him is complete rubbish.

  12. Sea Mode

    Bob Condotta

    Carroll says Diggs has sprained ankle that could keep him out a little while.

    Gregg Bell

    Bobby Wagner says he’s fine, had a scare when leg buckled—and that doctors told him if people vote for him for NFL Walter Payton Man of the Year Award his ankle will be fine.

    • Aaron

      We’re gonna need to rest everybody who’s banged up significantly next week so we’re at the best possible situation for a potential regular season game for the ages in Week 17. I’d rest Wagner, Clowney, Ansah, Shaq Griffin, Diggs, Kendricks, and split carries for Carson with Homer.

      • LouieLouie

        Aron: I did notice that even though it wasn’t a “fumble” they sat Procise for the rest of the game. At least he didn’t get many chances. He won’t be on the roster in ’20.

        • Hawktalker#1

          Perhaps, but how long have we all been saying that?

  13. Sea Mode


    Adam Schefter

    After winning the toss, Cowboys QB Dak Prescott told the official they wanted to kick and did not say “we’ll defer.” Thus, the Cowboys kicked off to begin the game and will kick off to start the second half.

    • Aaron

      So they essentially let the Rams start on offense in both halves? Never heard of a team wanting to do that before.

      • Hawkster

        It was a screw up. You get to pick what you want in 1 half, the other team gets to pick in the other half. Coin toss decides who picks first. If you win the coun toss you can pick, or chose to defer your rick to the 2nd half. You only get to pick once.

      • Crazykind

        It happened in the ‘Whammy in Miami’ in 1994 – Miami accidentally said they want to play D instead of deferring and the UW got the ball both halves. Only time I have ever seen it happen.

        (And it remains the only time since the NFL decided to let the Cowboys get the ball in the end.)

  14. Uncle Bob

    On the positive side, glad Lockett looks to be at or very near back to his ol’ self. Is there any receiver in the league with sweeter hands than Gordon, every catch, even the finger tip ones still look……………smooth. Amazing skill. Carson looked mindful of ball security while being a hard charger…..very hard…….good timing.

    Like many the tendency for this team to fall on their face when they have a good lead frustrates the heck out of me. They can get away with that against teams (with a little luck) who aren’t top of league quality, but that won’t be who they’ll face, for the most part, in the playoffs. Offense needs to keep up the scoring pace no matter how much of a lead, and the defense needs to plant their foot on the opponents neck……………show no mercy. Right now, that’s not the Seahawks. Stop letting up guys…………………

  15. GoHawksDani

    Dear Santa!

    For Christmas, I’d like for the Hawks to get these players in the offseason:
    1, A passrusher. DT, DE, EDGE, I don’t care. Someone who can get at least 8+ sacks (but it’d be better to have a 10-12+ sack guy)
    2, One or more guys who can set the edge. Don’t need to be awesome at everything, just help handle the outside runs
    3, A DC or a scheme that can stop these f’in sweeps, screens, and anything that is wide
    4, A really good CB. A, Flowers is an amazing backup, but not a #1 and neither a #2. Griffin and a CB who’s as good as him could help the pass D and could help with coverage sacks too
    5, A nickel CB (or Amadi to be a good nCB)
    6, A badass TE. I know, we have Dissly, he’s really good. Hollister solid too. But a guy like Kittle, Hockensen, Kelce could elevate RW to the stars and beyond. They could run 2TE sets with Dissly and the new guy, and if Dissly/new/Hollister gets injured, we won’t have as much of an issue with the depth
    7, RB depth. CC is amazing, hopefully he can control the fumbling issues. Penny showed some promise, but he got injured badly. Prosise sucks. They didn’t play Homer much. I want another guy who can battle hard for snaps. Who knows what’ll happen to Penny. He had issues (game shape, YAC and now the injury). Prosise is just bad. Homer is unknown. If we roll only with these guys next year, I’ll be affraid (CC goes down first half of the season, pretty much the offense dies)
    8, A good OG. I don’t need a completely re-tooled OL. Just give me a good RG. Jones could play LG next to Brown, that is a solid side. We need a pretty good RG to help out Ifedi. Than the right side is fixed also.
    9, WR depth. Potentially 2 WR, one could be a RS the other could be an RB style WR. That way even if none of them claims WR2 or even WR3 they could have a place on the roster (returning kicks/punts instead of Tyler and runnings sweeps, screens, trickier plays).

    I know that’s a lot, but not impossible imo.
    Passrusher from FA/trade
    DE in R3-7 (or Collier?)
    CB in R2-5
    nCB in R3-7 or Amadi
    TE in R1-2
    RB in FA or R4-7
    OG in FA or R2-3
    WR in FA or R4-7

    • Trevor

      Completely disagree about FLowers. A 2nd year player who is a converted Safety. For him to be playing as well has he has is amazing IMO. Only going to get better.

      Agree with almost everything else.

      • Rob Staton

        Flowers is doing very well.

      • GoHawksDani

        He’s OK. He’s not a shutdown CB, never will be. He still crazy handsy. A more strict referee team could’ve call DPI on the long throw he defended (I know, the WR did some handfighting too, but still, it’s usually goes against the DB). He’s pulling jerseys a lot, and keeping his hand on the receiver a lot too. It would be fine 4-6 years earlier, but refs call every little thing.
        If he can clean this up he can be a solid CB2…with limitations…but until then, I’d put my most agile, quickest WR on him running deep routes with some fakes, and see how many DPI can I get in a game

        • Rob Staton

          Maybe just chill out for the rest of the day Dani.

          Critiquing Tre Flowers, in year two, with him leading the team in picks, with him having a terrific sophomore season, is just not necessary.

          • GoHawksDani

            How is me critiquing a player different than you? If someone can show me stats about his quickness and agility, fine. Or ton of tape when he’s in close coverage AND not grabbing the WR or his jersey. He’s a grabby DB. And while I didn’t check the stats, I’m pretty sure he’s leading the team DPI and among the leaders in holding too. Didn’t say that he’s a waste of roster space, but his ceiling right now seems like Maxwell. With a good passrush it’s fine, but without it it can be a liability. You can help the passrush by an A+ secondary and coverage sacks. If you say you’d take Flowers over Humphrey or Ramsey, then OK. But I don’t see the reason why couldn’t we entertain the idea of getting another young CB to battle out with Flowers and Griffin for #1 or #2.
            And you’re chill out comment is a “bit” condescending. Which is fine, but if you don’t like others’ point of view, why have comment section? Just to hear back your own opinion?

            • Rob Staton

              You’re needlessly criticising a player who has been excellent this season. Flowers has shown major progression and is a clear, trusted starter. That’s why it’s different.

    • Nick

      Agree that RB is a more pressing need after the Penny injury. I think they will wait later in the draft if the RB depth this year is solid.

      The idea of CC going down next year is, indeed, a scary thought and warrants the selection of a RB in this year’s draft.

  16. Trevor

    If Josh Gordon really can get his life together and wants to stay a Seahawk that could be huge for the Hawks this off season. A trio of Locket, Gordon and Metcalf is as good a trio as there is in the NFL. Would allow us to focus on other needs early in the draft as well.

    Pass rush has to be addressed this off season and I fully believe PC / JS will. When they identify a need they usually attack it guns blazing like they did 2 years ago with the run game.

    Ideally I would like to see them resign Clowney, sign Fowler and then take a flier on Vic Beasley or even Bruce Irvin as purely a 3rd down rotational speed rusher.

    One last comment. Ifedi has played better this year but I really don’t see how anyone can sign him to a big money contract. He is just too inconsistent and never really dominant. I think he could be back a lot cheaper than expected if the Hawks want to retain him.

    So pumped to see the Hawks 11-3. Tough game next week in Arizona and then hopefully playing for Home field the last weekend in December. Can’t ask for much more.

    • Rob Staton

      Even if they re-sign Gordon — you’re not walking away from the receiver options early in this draft for Gordon. Just look at his time in NE. He’s basically week-to-week for the rest of his career. This receiver class is too good. The only realistic way you avoid it is if the top guys fly up the board — which is possible. Keeping Gordon would be good insurance against that happening.

      Improving the pass rush is going to come down to free agency or the trade market.

      • cha

        What would it take to get Akiem Hicks away from Chicago? 2 years at about $12m/per left on his deal and the Bears need cap room and youth bad. He’s a monster on the interior.

        • Rob Staton

          Hard to imagine a deal that works for us and them. He’s 31 next season so you’re not offering major picks. And yet he’s one of Chicago’s best players so they’re not going to give him away. Seems like a situation where no realistic offer would entice the Bears.

  17. Nick

    Hunter Bryant makes so much sense for Seattle’s first pick. A dynamic passcatcher who allows them to run heavy formations. I know you’ve written a lot about him and Seattle’s needs for TE, Rob—the idea is sound on so many levels.

  18. Rob Staton

    A weeks’s a long time in football.

    Dallas hammering the Rams. The Falcons giving San Fran a game in Santa Clara.

    • Robert Las Vegas

      One of the days the the Seahawks will stuff a jet sweep I am pretty sure everyone will be running 2 or 3 per game for the rest of the year. I guess we should thank the Rams for that.we do need more pass rushers that is for sure . Bottom line we are the words of Al Davis just win baby

      • Mark Souza

        2 or 3 per quarter is what I predict, until we show we can stop it.

    • cha

      Kudos to Dan Quinn for having the Falcons playing so hard.

      • Rob Staton

        Shame the refs are bailing out the Niners.

        • cha

          I get that holding isn’t reviewable but how is grabbing a WRs jersey in the end zone not pass interference?!?

        • Ashish

          Good to see that comment I felt same. An excellent sack was given roughing the passer twice. Are you kidding me

  19. neil

    Once again the ” prevent defense ” sucked. Didn’t prevent a score and only one and a half minutes off the clock. Made the game a lot closer than it had to be. It just seems to me for the Hawks to have any success in the playoff’s Wilson is just going to have to run more. Teams don’t seem to respect Wilson’s run threat anymore, they just tee off on the running back. I don’t know if it is a coaching decision or Wilson’s. I realize he has lost some quickness and he is not Lamar Jackson, but he is certainly capable of picking up 5 yds and sliding down. I recall him doing it once in the game. Too often he scrambles looking for the home run and winds up throwing the ball away or getting sacked, when it appears 5 yds was right in front of him. 3rd and 5 is always a hell of a lot better than 3rd and 10 or 15.

    • Rob Staton

      Let’s also remember that the ‘prevent’ defense was also minus:


  20. Henry Taylor

    I enjoyed today, I didn’t even find the Panthers come back that stressful, I’m probably just used to it. All my favourite Seahawks were making some plays, Poona getting in the backfield, Bwags and KJ picking off passes, loved DK high pointing the ball, and Carson is just a grown man.

    Hopefully those injuries arent too bad and the team can at least be close to full health by the 49ers game, let’s go get the bye.

  21. Easthawk

    So. I love the Seahawks, but my cardiologist loves them more. It just HAD to be close in the end, again. I’ll still take the W though. Also F the Rams. Damned goats are kryptonite to hawks but no one else. Hope Cowboys can close it out and just end their season.

    • Rob Staton

      We need to learn from how Dallas are playing the Rams.

      • Easthawk

        At this point, I’m up for anything lol. But the real question is, why Seattle or KNJr hasn’t copied how non-hawks team play the Rams. It’s absolutely maddening! Also. Thank you Rob for always being a bastion of reason and logic. I don’t know how you do it.

      • 12th chuck

        it must be more personnel than play calling, as I don’t think Richard called this good against them when he was here

        • Rob Staton

          Richard is just the passing game coordinator and D-back coach, not the DC. As a staff Dallas had a better plan than we did, using virtually a similar type of defense.

          • Kelly

            Didn’t know that. I thought he went there as like assistant head coach and DC for some reason.

      • Kelly

        Just mentioned this in an above comment. Kris Richard is the DC so what gives.

  22. Edgar

    One of our most important guys to keep fresh and healthy Chris Carson had to take a beating late 4th quarter to unnecessarily seal a close win. Wagner injury happened in the 4th as well. This needlessly playing to win by one score mentality might get us killed before the regular season is over.

    We were a failed Wilson scramble drill 3rd down and long conversion away from me triggering a classic Seahawk fan post game take in partially blaming the refs 2 hold calls on the last drive. Ravens would have hung 50-60 on Carolina today. Wilson once up 2 scores seems content to punt. I can’t see them winning more than a game in the playoffs.

  23. Easthawk

    Ah yes, the infamous Michael Bennett offsides-extending-opponent-drives-leading-to-points-at-the-most-in-importune-time. And it’s two lining up instead of jumping the snap! jeez MB, thought he cleared that up already.

  24. Coleslaw

    Hawks clinched a playoff berth! Let’s go!!!

  25. Easthawk


  26. CHawk Talker Eric

    Holy Crap! ATL is going to beat SF!

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Oh these refs…they better not blow it

      • Hawks4life

        TD babyyyyy let’s gooooo

        • CHawk Talker Eric


          ATL WINS!!!

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        It’s clearly a TD by Jones

    • Easthawk


  27. icb12

    Good work falcons

  28. EP

    Madness in San Francisco, compare the replay system in the NFL to VAR

  29. Volume12

    Falcons beat the 9ers!

  30. Paul Cook

    Oh. My. God. 49ers lose and we’re in first place. LOLOL

  31. SoCal12

    Dan Quinn still trying to win Seattle a Super Bowl lol.

  32. Trevor

    Wow Falcons do is a huge favor. Need Indy to run all over NO tomorrow night now.

    • Rob Staton

      Can’t see New Orleans blowing it vs Indy — but next week they play the Titans who got a kick up the arse today vs Houston. That will not be easy.

      • Trevor

        I expect the Saints to win but they are depleted on the DL and Indy can run the ball. Could be closer than expected.

        • Rob Staton

          Indy seems to be trending one way though at the moment (down the toilet).

  33. CHawk Talker Eric

    Hahahahaha ATL scores a meaningless TD on the final second of the game to seal the win

    • Volume12

      That was hilarious. The Cherry on top

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Dude I just said the same thing in a different post — cherry on top

        We’ve been tuned into the same wavelength all day

  34. Easthawk

    I love you Falcons, Eff you Refs! Hell yeah

  35. Chawk Talker Eric

    What a banner day for SEA!

    Win on the road to go 11-3 and 7-1 away

    LAR loss to DAL clinches SEA’s playoff berth

    SF loss to ATL leaves SEA in 1st place in the NFCw

    The cherry on top would be an IND win over NOS tomorrow

  36. neil

    yahoo !! Things are starting to fall the Hawks way. After the thumping the Rams got today lets hope they come out with a vengeance next week.

  37. Aaron

    Holy Crap! How did Atlanta beat the Whiners? Thanks Dan for giving us a chance to win the division next week. However, should both teams win next week, the Whiners can still go into the Clink at 11-4 in Week 17 and still win the NFC West due to tiebreakers. Today the Hawks lead the division again, but Week 17 likely still looms as the biggest regular season game in a long time for the Hawks.

    • Aaron

      Oh yeah, irregardless of what happens the next two games Ol’ Jerry Boy’s team did help send the Hawks to the playoffs. We’re going folks!!!

  38. Donovan

    Next week, if Hawks win & 49ers lose, are we division champs, regardless of week 17 matchup?

    • Rob Staton

      Yes. But the Niners game would then become crucial for playoff seeding.

    • Easthawk

      Yes that would be the case. But honestly? I think 9ers win against the Lambs. But I would be happy to be proven wrong!

    • Henry Taylor

      I don’t believe this is true, just posted about it below.

      But because we are currently tied up, if we both go 1-1 the rest of the way (and the 49ers break win against us) we’d have an even record, head to head, divisional record, common games record and conference record. So it would therefore come down to strength of victory.

      • Rob Staton

        There’s some discussion about what is possible or not. The ESPN playoff predictor seems to be quite confusing strangely.

  39. Ashish

    I hate when PC take foot out of gas when we are ahead and let opposition bet back in the game. Today before half time they already made mind to punt the ball on first down. We were lucky not to hand over ball at goal line, result of the game would have be different. Someone needs to tell Pete, keep the momentum especially when defense had so many injuries and don’t want to hit the field.

    Do you guys think same or I’m overthinking?

    • Rob Staton

      LSU played bump-and-run when well ahead in two games recently and gave up quick-fire scores.

      Managing in-game isn’t easy.

      • Ashish

        I don’t like the lack of Intend, when offense firing all cylinder why you change the game plan just because you are two score up. Just play normal game you do what you should do.

        • Rob Staton

          Because if you know a team is going to attack you (because they have to) and you’re lining up to play the possibility of an inside run or balanced attack, you create a greater opportunity to give up a big play.

          • Bob Johnston

            The problem with the Seahawk’s version of the prevent defense is that instead of giving up a lot of 8 yard throws over the middle that chew up the clock the opposition is getting 15-20 yard outs and little time comes off the clock before there’s a score. Completely maddening.

  40. Henry Taylor

    I’m not sure the Falcons winning actually helps us at all, even if the 49ers lose again next week we’d still have to beat them in week 17 to take the division. If we do lose that game, after a Hawks win against the Cardinals and a 9ers loss to the Rams, it comes down to Strength of Victory, which, according to my playoff calculator, would make us the 5 seed.

    I suppose it means we can lose to the Cardinals and still win the division.

    • Rob Staton

      Just win two home games.

      I know it’s not as simple as that sounds — but the Seahawks have a great opportunity here. Take it.

  41. Coleslaw

    SF loses when Garoppollo gets pressured consistently. Were gonna need a big game from Clowney, Green and Griffin in week 17. I think we can beat them again. Clink will be rocking!

    • Rob Staton

      Pass rush will be absolutely key.

      Fingers crossed Quandre Diggs can make it too.

      • Justin Mullikin

        Yes, we need everyone back. Also lets hope for an injury free game against the Cardinals.

        • Ashish

          We can/should rest key injured players to make sure they are healthy Diggs/Wagner/Clowney

  42. millhouse-serbia

    I think it goes this way…if we win vs Rams and 49ers lose vs Rams and we lose that last game vs 49ers we will both be at 12-4 with same head to head, same division score and same conference score…than it will come to strength of victory…in that case PHI,MIN and ATl will need to have more wins than NO, GB and WAS…it is +2 currently for SF opponents and it will be +3 if NO wins vs Colts…

    • Rob Staton

      From twitter:

      SoV is based of UNcommon opponents. So NO & ATL don’t count, bc we both played them.
      Battle remains between MIN/PHI & GB/WAS.

  43. Coleslaw

    I know hindsight is always 2020 but my God could you imagine if we had drafted T.J. Watt and McDowell had half a brain?

    • Dave

      I wonder this every time when I see Watt have a big play. The hit on Wilson was one of the hardest hits RW has ever taken.

    • McZ

      It seems assured the Hawks will never take assured plug-in talent in R1 and R2, but are seeking for even higher ceiling guys. This has rarely turned out well.

    • McZ

      Oh, and while we’re at it… Taylor Rapp has grown into a cornerstone for this Rams D.
      Had him constantly mocked in mid-R2 to Seahawks, so it’s basically no hindsight but prediction.

      But we should be thankful for the team we have. They are 11-3, and it’s a team effort.

  44. bigten

    Has there been a consensus to what happens if we win out and the packers and saints also win out? looking at the rules, it looks as though we would then get the 3rd seed.

    • Rob Staton

      If Seattle, Saints and Packers all win out we’re the #1 seed.

      • Coleslaw

        I’m so confused by this.. they have head to head tiebreaker..

        • Easthawk

          I think strength of record, or conference record goes first before any head-to-head, in the case of a 3-way tie. Don’t quote me on that too hard tho

    • Justin Mullikin

      This can help

  45. Justin Mullikin

    I have been using ESPN Playoff machine. We will loose heads up against the Saints but seem to win the three way tie between saints, packers, and us.
    Win the next two home games and maybe the NFC goes through Seattle.

  46. Paul Cook

    I may have this a tad off, but I think the 49ers have lost 3 out of their last 4 games on either the last or the second to last play of the game. That’s got to get into your head just a bit.

  47. CaptainJack

    Both Cody and Ben have a long way to go.

  48. WALL UP

    This has been a remarkable season. The good thing about it is they have yet to play a complete game, with all phases playing their best. You have to give credit to the leadership on both sides of the ball for the victories they’ve achieved to this point. When and if they do play a complete game, the they will be tough to beat, regardless of where they play.

  49. neil

    Number 5 on the list of tie breaks is ” strength of victory” ?? not plural. Does hat mean head to head points scored ? Next is strength of schedule. We played all the same teams except two. The Hawks Vikings and Eagles, 49ers Redskins and Packers. Hopefully the Redskins win total will work in the Hawks favor.

    • John_s

      Strength of victory = combined winning percentage of the teams you beat

      • Ronni Bostromi

        Ya, that’s how I see it. If we beat cards and rams beat niners, then there are only three wins per team that are different. Us = vikings, falcons, and eagles. Them = Saints, Packers, and Skins. Right now, the combined records of the three teams we beat has three less L’s then the teams they have beaten. Still possible, but unlikely we pass em up. Just seems destined for the Week 17 showdown

  50. line_hawk

    Whatever happens in week 16 Hawks/49ers games is meaningless with respect to NFC West. Week 17 is NFC West title game.

    So should they rest the starters next week for week 17? Or should they try to win next week for the #1 seed? It will be interesting to see what Carroll does, so we can judge him later. I would rather rest the starters for week 17 and worst case aim for the #2 seed.

    • Ronni Bostromi

      Have to play to win against AZ. There’s no guarantee we’ll get the 2 seed with another loss. With a loss, we’d be banking on two saints losses or one Green Bay loss. Basically we would need MN to beat GB.

      • line_hawk

        Yup, but with the way the defense is banged up, let them rest so they come back stronger for the playoffs. Especially, Clowney, Ansah, Shaquill & Wagner.

        I think GB likely loses to MIN and NO has a great chance to lose at TEN.

    • neil

      Can’t rest starters. Lets hope the team doesn’t take the game for granted, as you seem to be. The Hawks have laid an egg many times in the past against Arizona. Let’s hope Arians did not give his game plan against the Hawks to the new Arizona coach.

      • line_hawk

        Game has no impact on NFC west picture.

        • neil

          No but it has huge implications for overall seeding and a possible 2 seed.

    • line_hawk

      Also, please ignore this article about Hawks clinching next week –

      The author is lazy & does not understand math. He is comparing current SOV, not the final SOV. how in the hell do they let him publish this?

  51. Greg Haugsven

    If the Rams beat the 49ers and we beat the Cardinals and the 49ers beat us week 17 it will come down to strength of victory.

    Tiebreaker 1…(head to head) we would be 1-1
    Tiebreaker 2…(division record) we would both be 4-2
    Tiebreaker 3…(common games) we would both be 10-4 in common games
    Tiebreaker 4…(conference record) we would both be 9-3
    Tiebreaker 5…(strength of victory) The 49ers different teams are Packer, Saints, and Redskins and our are the Vikings, Falcons, and Eagles. Right now the 49ers teams are 24-17 (Saints play Monday) and our are 22-20. So we would lose this right now but it can change depending on how games go. We need the Vikings and Eagles to win which will help us. No

    I have read about 10 different articles telling me that strength of victory is all your combined wins and not uncommon games. Now none of this matters if the 49ers beat the Rams.

    We also wants to root for the Eagles especially in case we end up the 5 seed. If the Cowboys win they win the divison and can rest there starters week 17. If we end up the 5 seed we would then play a Dallas team coming off two great wins and with a week of rest for there starters.

    Go Eagles.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Now none of this matters if the 49ers beat the Rams next week.

    • GerryG

      ATL is a common opponent, you have listed as non-common opponent

    • GerryG

      Also, it’s non common games because those are the ones that matter in terms of SOV, the common games cancel out

      • neil

        Those are only four, Vikings and Eagles and Redskins and Packers. Of course it is all moot if Hawks lay an egg this week. I hope the team is not taking the game this week for granted as many posters seem to be.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Where do I have Atlanta as a non-common opponent? I know we both played them but we beat them and the 49ers didnt so that is part of our strength of victory and not theirs. Its not non-common games its non-common wins that determine SOV which is a major difference. Our non-common wins are as I explained above. Our three wins that are different are the Vikings, Eagles, and Falcons and the 49ers non-common wins are the Packers, Saints, and Redskins. The 49ers currently are leading that race 24-17 to 22-20.

        • neil

          OK, got it. Losing to the Bridgewater Saints at home was the most detrimental loss of the season so far, .for overall seeding and tiebreak scenarios.

  52. GerryG

    Holy smokes, what a day!!

    This season is seeing a TON of injuries to all of the NFC front runners, and maybe GB too (haven’t seen as much on them).NO Sea SF all are dealing with some serious adversity, and I think we all have zero clue how this will play out.

    For Seattle to pull off this road win today, facing their is MASSIVE. I know Carolina is meh at this point of the year, but to be down 4, then, 5, then SIX starters on D, is insane. They held up well, but losing Wagz proved too much, at that point you’re down so much it’s nearly impossible to play team defense. Thankfully the clock ran out.

    Look what happened to SF down players today. Now the question becomes how many guys can suit up next week, and how many do they truly need to win the game? Can the O simply out score AZ? A lot more f these D guys could truly use another week off. This is truly one of the craziest endings to a season, a lot to say during the P Carroll era.

    Go Hawks!!!!

  53. DC

    Carson firing on all cylinders and a warm welcome back to ‘No-E’!

    Heal up Diggs! We NEED you brother.

  54. Aaron

    Not related to the Seahawks, but good on the Bills for their first 10 win season in 20 years. They’ve been a mess for years until making the playoffs in 2017 and now guaranteed a playoff spot again tonight. Great to see different teams make the postseason.

  55. charlietheunicorn

    Everyone should be fired up

    Seahawks win
    49ers lose
    Rams lose

    Sitting about as best as could be expected with 2 games to go.

    11-3 ain’t too shabby.

  56. 12th chuck

    I am hoping that T.Sugs wants to stick it to the cards and join the hawks! but I doubt he will clear the waiver all the way to us

  57. charlietheunicorn

    According to Don Van Natta Jr. and Seth Wickersham of ESPN, the Patriots filmed as many as 40 games before being caught. (2 weeks ago)

    Shocking how often they can win a game, when they have this type of advantage(s).
    There will always be a tarnish on BB for this crap. Nothing will definitively prove they did wrong, but the history of the organization and smell of this particular incident… leads one to think the worst.

  58. millhouse-serbia

    SO here is how we are going to PO with loss against SF…
    week 16
    PHI over DAL
    ATL over JAX
    MIN over GB
    TEN over NO
    WAS over NYG

    week 17
    ATL over TB
    MIN over CHI
    PHI over NYG
    DAL over WAS
    NO over CAR
    GB over DET

    That would be enough for us…

  59. McZ

    Dear football Santa,

    I know you are a Seahawks addict, so you should do reasonably well. 11-3, playoffs, possible #2 seed. Yay!

    If I have one wish to make it’s this… please let Philly hand the evil Cowgirls their asses over next week. I cannot bear Jerry friggin Jones making any more high-5s this season.

    Cheers, an Go Hawks!

    • Sea Mode

      😂 lol 🤣

      And I believe it is spelled: Jerrah.

    • Largent80

      I rather enjoyed seeing the Rams get their asses handed to them after that game last week. I was a (throw up in the mouth) Cowpie fan yesterday. I watched every minute of the game.

  60. Sea Mode

    Truth. 💯 Love it. Can we please arrange for just one more transfer from the Seahawks’ southern branch…?

    “If teams don’t know now in the fourth quarter — s∗∗∗, Hop gettin’ the ball.”

  61. EranUngar

    This is so much fun!!!!

    I went to sleep at halftime of the 9ers game (1am here) after reading the instant reaction and promised myself to react when I get the time. I woke up to a brave new world where playoff calculations replaced frustrated hand wringing about pass rush, lack of killing instinct, stressful games, motion sweeps and a lucky overachieving flawed team.

    Winning is not the most impotent thing in football – ITS THE ONLY THING and you are what your record says you are. That’s not me, smarter savvy football icons branded those axioms.

    Since the beginning of the season, so much was said about what this team does wrong that it completely shadowed the fact that they kept winning. Just a week ago they were still labeled by many as lucky overachievers at best. It’s time to put that notion to rest. They are WINNERS in the full scope of that word. It’s a trait that propelled many a player and teams to “overachieve” until they forced the conception to change and give them the respect they have earned. It is not “measurable” (I know it’s annoying) but it a clear and tangible quality this team has in spades.

    2 teams with playoff aspirations found themselves missing half of their starting defense on a certain date. Both faced teams with losing records with nothing to play for.
    Team A – the heralded SB front-runner of it’s conference after ample dominating blowouts struggled on defense (reasonable…) and got dragged into a tight game till they manged to get a 10 points lead 10 minutes to the end. The depleted tired defense could not hold any more and the offense could not keep the ball long enough. They ended losing a heartbreaker at home in the last second of the game.

    Team B – a lucky overachiever that had no place on the SB contenders list (other than their record) came out blazing on offense since they knew this game is on them and opened an early lead. The struggling depleted defense that was considered subpar even at the best of days manged to fight and keep the game in check till they had a 3 score lead 7 minutes to the end of the game. Losing the last key defender and defensive captain, they finally collapsed allowing two rapid scores but manged somehow to regroup for a key stop. They offense managed to get the needed first downs on two 3rd and longs and they could take the knee and escape with a W.

    With two home games left on the year, on top of the NFC west and with the 1st seed still on the plate, could we (pretty please) stop with overachieving crap and bask in the glory of this wonderful fighting team we are lucky to be fans of?

    Also, to Richard and Michael, I have heard that PC’s message was repeated over and over and became stale over the years you have been with us. Failing to understand how much that message helped made you into the players you became drove you out of this place and a new generation of believers is proving PC right…I wish you both bad luck with your respective teams, you deserve it.

  62. Largent80

    The trick play with Gordon throwing it was Pete trying to pound in a coffin nail and being complacent. All the while about half of the defense were rookies and seldom used back ups.

    Can’t do that in the playoffs. They should hold out Diggs for AZ. Keep getting the youngsters playing time on D and just simply try to outscore AZ, and they should be able to do that easily.

    • Sea Mode

      I didn’t mind the trick play call, but Gordon has got to know not to throw it since DK’s guy didn’t bite and the safety was already there to help. Just tuck it and try to get back to the line of scrimmage at that point or pick up a couple.

      On a side note, I was happy to see Gordon fired up with Lockett’s game-sealing 1st down catch. Haven’t seen much emotion from him yet other than that.

  63. Trevor

    Really excited we head into playoffs and then draft season. I still am not convinced this is a SB caliber roster but they play hard and no matter how you slice 11-3 is 11-3. Pete gets a ton of criticism it seems from Seahawks fans / twitter but lets stand up and give him a big clap for what he has done with this team. They are 7-1 on the road and 4-0 going out east for early starts. That speaks volumes to a head coaches ability to get his team ready to play and compete.

    There is a reason this team has been so competitive week in and week out in the Pete Carrol era. He gets his teams ready to play hard every week and he has leaders in Wilson and Wagner who are like minded.

    I can only think of maybe 3-5 games in the last 5 years where the Hawks just did not seem to have that spark (away vs Jacksonville and the Titans a couple of years ago as well as once last year agains LA and then again last week against the Rams.

    In the NFL where anything can happen from week to week the two constants are that the Patriots will be leading the AFC east and the Seahawks will be playing hard and competing. Kudos to Pete and the culture he has created for that.

    • cha

      Hear hear!

      Let me be clear: I think Coach of the Year is a stupid award. There is only one trophy that matters.

      That said, how nobody in the national media (that I’ve seen) is talking about PC as at least in the running for COY is beyond me.

  64. Trevor

    Rob as someone who watches a lot of tape and has a talent for scouting players I have a question for you.

    How is it that the whole scouting community misses on guys like Kittle and Mclaurin for example? Two guys who tested incredibly well at the combine, had no injury issues and were said to have incredible off feild character. every team passed on these guys at least twice and they just seemed like such obvious potential stars.

    There are tons of others but these are just examples of two guys who were loved universally here on the blog and I am just curious as to your thoughts. They seemed to tick all the boxes and had no red flags still fell.

    Is it just group think? Certain guys get labeled as a day #2 or 3 guy and the scouting community just falls in line?

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve absolutely no idea. We had McLaurin in R1 and Kittle in R3 (

      It didn’t make sense with either player.

      Ditto Tre’Davious White who we talked a lot about.

      • Trevor

        Yes I remember how high you were on White and spoke about him wearing the #18 which is concsidered the leadership # at LSU.

        It just seems odd that some team or scout was not pounding the table for these guys as it seemed so obvious for those of us with much less knowledge of scouting.

        I understand the guys with any red flag fallling but these guys seemed to be so clean and test so well.

        Speaking of the #18 at LSU one of my favourites Javon Chaisson had the number this year if I am correct.

        • Eburgz

          Chaisson is 18 for sure. Speaks to the respect he has at that program. lots of his former teammates from LSU now in the league have hyped him up too. Foster Moreau was 18 last year and I like what he’s done for the raiders. 18 at LSU and the single digit guys at temple are always guys I look at.

          Idk why we aren’t talking about the top speed rushers like Chaisson more. It’s the hawks biggest need by far IMO. I think he could play SAM/LEO like Irvin. Prefer T. Lewis as a pass rusher though.

          • Rob Staton

            We’d talk about him more if the play on the field warranted it. He’s not a dominant edge. He has 4.5 sacks and 11.5 TFL’s playing on a dominant team. He’s in that half-way house between LB and EDGE. Wearing #18 is legit, that’s a big deal. But I’m not going to talk about a guy just because of size and the character positives.

  65. Kenny Sloth


    Germain Ifedi will absolutely sign w/ the Houston Texans this off-season

    • Rob Staton

      They’ve got to pay Deshaun and Tunsil first.

      • Greg Haugsven

        And Tunsil has the leverage now to be the first $20 mill a year offensive lineman to beat Lane Johnson. Those could be a couple fat contracts right there.

        • Rob Staton

          Probably talking $55-60m for the pair.

    • McZ

      I think, the Chargers will try to get a grip. Fits their requirement for a RT, who is more durable than the current lot.

      • cha

        Durability with another club doesn’t matter. One you sign with the Chargers, you’re snakebit.

        half joking/half serious

    • Trevor

      What kind of $ do you think Ifedi will get this off season?

      I think he has played better the last 2 years but he just seems so inconsistent and never truly dominant. I would be fine with the Hawks retaining him I just hope it is a mid level deal at best.

      • RWIII

        Trevor: You don’t have to worry about John Schneider overpaying for Ifedi. Schneider sets a value on a player and that’s it. There is little or no wiggle room.

        • Trevor

          That’s very true.

      • Eli

        Probably $9m-$10m APY. The top tier of right tackle contracts seem to take off at $11m and I think Ifedi is a notch below that. I also don’t think you’ll see him get a greater APY (from us) than what Duane Brown is getting ($12.5m & $13m the next two years).

        • McZ

          Anything below Ja’wuan James $12,5m/y would surprise me.

          Being a notch or two below means nothing. His durability will be valued, his up games will be valued, and his lower penalty count will be hyped. I think, he will command $14-15m.

          • Eli

            I mean, there’s only 6 tackles in the entire league that make $14m+ and only 2 of them are RT’s, but sure. Anything could happen. Just don’t think he gets that kind of dough, and definitely don’t think he’d get it from us.

  66. Georgia Hawk

    I know Barton is a rookie and there will be some growing pains there, but….woof. That was a rough game for him in all aspects. Mental mistakes are to be expecte with Rookies, being int he wrong place, looking at the wrong guy etc. But when you get shut down by a rookie QB like that… I wouldnt want to be him watching film tomorrow.

    • McZ

      Re growing pains… rewatched a couple of situations this morning. Barton really needs to work on his instincts. He seemed utterly surprised that Kyle Allen used his arm at all. I think, BBK would be a better plug-in at this point.

  67. Trevor

    A guy people should keep an eye on leading up to the CFBB Playoffs and Senior Bowl is Oklahoma DT Neville Gallimore. He is a freak athlete that went to Oklahoma with little football experience being from Canada and has improved every year. He has been really solid this year and I think will dominate the Senior Bowl 1 vs 1 drills and combine testing.

    He would make an ideal penetrating 3 Tech IMO. A guy who will be a much better pro than college player.

  68. RWIII

    Rob you have mentioned a number of times about Dante Fowler. Fowler signed a one year deal for 2019 for 14mil. Any idea what it is going to cost team for his services? Also do you think he would sign with Seattle for less money then another team? For example a team like the Jets.

    You also mentioned Everson Griffith. Right now at the age of 32 Griffith has 8 sacks and 39 tackles. How much do you think he has left in the tank for 2020?

    • Rob Staton

      Hard to say with Fowler. He signed a prove it deal and delivered but so did Bennett in 2013 and he signed a modest deal to stay in Seattle in 2014. I think Fowler is just what they need —- good age, quickness.

      Griffen for me has plenty to offer as a speedier compliment to Clowney.

  69. Sea Mode

    Name recognition is everything in Pro Bowl voting. Dickson in the lead for NFC punter.

  70. Sea Mode

    Just sayin’… if I were the Bengals, I would… um… discreetly make this happen. With Burrow lined up as the clear #1 pick, you can’t risk an opportunity to draft a potential franchise QB.

    Dane Brugler

    Technically, there are 4 teams still in play for the No. 1 overall pick (#Bengals, #Dolphins, #Giants, #Redskins).

    However, if the Bengals lose one of their final two games (at Miami, vs. Cleveland), they will lock up the No. 1 pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.

    BTW, speaking of Cleveland, their loss yesterday and the ensuing arguments seem to make Beckham (or even Landry?) even more available.

    • cha

      Bomb for Burrow?

      • Bigten

        So the dolphins vs bengals game could be as important to each team as the hawks vs 9ers game haha but while we are tying to win, each team is going to be trying to lose that one hahaha

        • Paul Cook

          Burrow makes too much sense for Cincy, Burrow being an Ohio guy. Yes, bomb for Burrow.

  71. Sea Mode


    Adam Schefter

    Heading into tonight’s Colts-Saints game in New Orleans, here’s a look at the NFL’s all-time leaders in TD passes:

    🏈Peyton Manning, 539
    🏈Tom Brady, 538
    🏈Drew Brees, 537

    Imagine leapfrogging Manning and Brady on the same night to become the NFL’s all-time leading TD passer…

    • Greg Haugsven

      Its going to happen. They will throw from the one to get him those three td’s tonight.

  72. Sea Mode


    Gregg Bell

    Pete Carroll describes to @710ESPNSeattle all #Seahawks mobbed around team Dr. Edward Khalfayan’s lone wifi connection on phone on tarmac boarding team plane in Charlotte last night roaring over ATL winning last-second at SF to put SEA in 1st place in NFC West. Said ’twas a blast

  73. Sea Mode


    PFF SEA Seahawks

    Chris Carson earned a rushing grade of 89.1 in week 15, his highest-graded game of the season.

    He forced 8 missed tackles and gained 4.1 yards after contact per attempt. #Seahawks

  74. Aaron

    Suggs claimed by Chiefs per ESPN

    • Paul Cook

      Makes sense. There are a few teams who you’d think would claim him just so Baltimore couldn’t.

  75. CaptainJack

    I have no words…

  76. Aaron

    Josh Gordon suspended indefinitely again per ESPN

    • Paul Cook

      Good Lord. I wonder when the infraction occurred? If it was when he was with the Hawks, then he’s got problems too deep, it seems to me.

    • Trevor

      If true that is really sad. MOre for him than the Hawks.

      • Paul Cook

        One article I read said suspended substance abuse AND PED abuse.

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