It’s time for a new era of Seahawks football

It’s been a great run, Pete, but it’s time

There are a lot of concerning things about the current Seahawks.

You could start with the hopeless run defense. Despite being an off-season focal point, mentioned time and time again, it’s as bad this year as it’s ever been. 202 more yards conceded against the Steelers, when every man and his dog knew they’d try to run the ball to take the pressure off Mason Rudolph.

No resistance. No pushback. Just pure domination.

You could mention the tackling. Soft, inept, hopeless. The Steelers had 132 rushing yards after contact, their second-most in a game since ESPN began tracking the stat in 2009. It was embarrassing to watch on Sunday. Whenever the Seahawks play any opponent with even a modicum of toughness, they seem to roll over.

You could note that once again the Seahawks are left relying on other teams to make the playoffs. Last year it was the Lions upsetting Green Bay allowing them to sneak in. Now, they’re left hoping something similar happens with the Packers losing to the Bears and that they can win in Arizona. Is this what we constitute as success now? Possible back-door entries into the post-season, not winning the NFC West, having very little chance of making any noise in the playoffs? All while the 49ers and Rams consistently achieve more?

Is this the new standard in Seattle? It’s OK to be the second or third best team in the division year after year just as long you’re better than a bad Saints team and a Vikings side without its QB, in order to grab the seventh seed? Is this really enough for fans and media alike to stave off difficult conversations about the direction of the franchise?

You could mention the massive resource spend on the roster. The expertly executed Russell Wilson trade has allowed the Seahawks to revamp their team with a ton of fresh blood. They’ve then gone way beyond that — spending so much on contracts that they’re now projected to have -$9m in effective cap space next year. They’ve already used their second round pick in the highly aggressive Leonard Williams trade. They’re paying big salaries to experienced veterans. This is an expensive group and they’ve been lending from the 2024 credit card.

Despite all of this spending — picks and money — they’re getting the absolute bare minimum for their investment. An offense loaded with skill players only seems to play in fits and starts. The defense is just awful. They’re clinging onto a playoff possibility by their finger-tips. The Williams trade told everyone in the world that they thought they were contenders and were going for it. We should hold them to that standard now that the season is on the brink of ending in mediocrity.

Yep, you could mention any of these things and they’d all be legit points in an argument for change. Nothing is more concerning, though, than the words of Pete Carroll himself discussing the performance against the Steelers:

“(The) mindset needs to be different than it was”

There you go. In a must-win game with control of a playoff position at stake, the Seahawks ‘didn’t have the right mindset’.

They allowed an opponent, in a similar situation, to come in and bully you in your own stadium. The Seahawks, you can take from that comment, didn’t take this occasion seriously enough.

Pete Carroll has never been celebrated for his tactical brilliance. In fourteen seasons I can’t remember many times where, after a game, we basked in the glow of how he out-witted another coach.

What Carroll was able to deliver was the right competitive mentality. You never had to worry about that. He might’ve had some teams with glaring weaknesses over the years but there was never a passive attitude towards a big game.

If Carroll can no longer resonate with his players so that they can play with the necessary attitude and intensity in a vital game like this, it’s over.

Increasingly this team looks like one that gets by on talent alone. The Seahawks don’t have a roster full of blue-chippers but they have more than enough ‘good’ players to not be awful. That is why they are able to get to 8-8. Yet elevating beyond that — as the Ravens have done despite a similar lack of Niner-level blue-chippers — is going to require a whole lot of ‘the right mindset’ and/or some tactical brilliance.

The Seahawks clearly aren’t getting either. So what is the answer?


It is time for a complete breath of fresh air within the franchise. New voices, new ideas, new identity, new approach.

That to me would be an offensive identity. We all watch the games. Seattle’s best characteristic is the offensive weapons they have. Putting someone in charge who can maximise these weapons is critical. Then go for a complementary defense where you fix the tackling, shift resource from the back-end to the D-line and go from there.

If you have to have a defensive-minded Head Coach, let’s at least have one who has shown he can do more with less, not the reverse as we’re seeing in Seattle. Baltimore DC Mike McDonald doesn’t have a Nick Bosa or Myles Garrett pass-rusher to rely on. He’s rejuvenated Jadeveon Clowney on the cheap and made Justin Madubuike a force. He’s converting safeties to fill in at corner. He’s created the #2 ranked defense per DVOA and they were eighth last year. McDonald took over a unit that ranked 28th in 2021. Look at that rapid and dramatic change. That’s what Seattle needs now — not more of the same as we saw against Pittsburgh. Not more massive investment, being aggressive, only for the same disappointing results.

It’s time for Jody Allen and Bert Kolde to get their heads together and make the kind of decision that isn’t comfortable, isn’t desired but is absolutely necessary. They need a new direction for this franchise.

Or, the Head Coach needs to make the decision for them.

Carroll has had two resets to get this right. He’s appointed two different defensive and offensive coordinators too. He can’t turn this around. He can’t fix persistent problems or drive the Seahawks forward. He hasn’t been able to deliver a serious contender since the LOB collapsed years ago and the prime years of Russell Wilson’s career covered for a lot of issues after that.

The Seahawks are not close, not knocking on the door. They are a middling team, with players who are either delivering par performances or they’re under-performing.

People qualify it all by pointing out that the Seahawks are never hopeless, like it’s enough to merely exist in the NFL and avoid being a disaster. This is no position to take. As I keep saying, you either need to be a contender or be able to have faith that you’re on the road to becoming one. Who can watch that on Sunday and think the Seahawks are on the right track? Who could possibly think that a Championship run is forthcoming within the next two years?

The franchise doesn’t exist for Carroll to coach for as long as he wishes. They exist to compete for Championships. Carroll will not get this team back to the Super Bowl before his contract ends after 2025. Therefore, there’s no reason to wait. Appoint someone instead who can start to create that vision now, rather than just playing for time because it’s what Carroll wants and it’s the easy way out.

Any serious Seahawks fan doesn’t enjoy writing or reading those words. We should all embrace and cherish a great era of Seahawks football under Carroll. Nothing lasts forever though. Better to bow out now — still a few years later than he should’ve done — and retain the status of legend, rather than cling on to the bitter end and have an increasing number of people calling for you to go.

The Seahawks are flat as a franchise. It was chastening hearing how noisy the Steelers fans were in Lumen Field on the broadcast. Bullied in your own home by a tougher team with their fans taking over the stadium. I’m told it was a similar story for the Eagles game. I was at the 49ers game and couldn’t believe how many red jerseys there were.

The mystique and the magic has gone. So has the intensity, the toughness, the message being sent by the coach. These players as a collective group aren’t delivering for Carroll. Not on that evidence. Not with him questioning whether they had the right mindset. Not like the Steelers were playing for Tomlin, anyway, who got that performance with his QB3 under center.

You can look at Pittsburgh and wonder, what if they actually acquire a top QB? They could be a really good side. There’s at least that hope. With the Seahawks, it goes way beyond replacing Geno Smith.

It appears to me the message has gone stale, or a large number of players are not being receptive to the coach to the level required. Carroll shouldn’t be afforded two new coordinators and another reset of the roster. The fact after the game he was even talking about ‘getting Jamal Adams back next year’ says it all.

It’s time. It’s just time. Thanks for the memories, Pete — but we can’t watch the same baffling brand of football next year, with the same issues, with the same soundbites and the same end result.

14 years has been a great run. Now we need to see someone else get their shot to lead this Seahawks team in a fresh direction, regardless of what happens next week and whether they become a lousy seventh seed qualifier in the playoffs or not.

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  1. Pran

    Can the fans run a campaign so this is heard loud and clear to all decision makers?

    • LouCityHawk

      Best way is to engage with the media, until they start holding the feet to the fire there won’t be urgency.

      • Joseph

        Don’t forget we gotta be louder than the delusional Petehawk fans.

      • DL

        You can, but local Seattle media seems to be protective of Pete, and always makes excuses. Even today they are doing it, and I don’t see them stopping.

  2. Blitzy the Clown

    Just in case you were feeling optimistic all of a New Year’s Eve that things might be different next year…

    Pete Carroll: Seahawks preparing for Jamal Adams’ return in 2024
    Adam Jude Dec. 31, 2023 at 5:55 pm Updated Dec. 31, 2023 at 6:10 pm

    Jamal Adams’ season is over.

    His Seahawks career will carry over into 2024.

    That is how Seahawks coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider described the team’s future plans for Adams on Sunday, a day after the safety was placed on injured reserve.

    Adams missed virtually all of the 2022 season because of a major knee injury, and Adams and Carroll acknowledged repeatedly that he was still not fully healthy this season.

    “To me, it’s a heart breaker,” Carroll said Sunday evening. “He did everything he could. He tried so hard to get right, get back. He just couldn’t make it all the way back.”

    The 28-year-old Adams, who in 2021 signed a four-year contract extension with the Seahawks making him, at the time, the league’s highest-paid safety, appeared in just nine games this season.

    He last played in the Dec. 10 loss at San Francisco. Carroll hoped some downtime the last couple weeks would allow Adams the chance to return.

    “We came to the conclusion together that he couldn’t get right, couldn’t get full speed, couldn’t put his foot in the ground [and cut],” Carroll said after the Seahawks’ loss to the Steelers. “I admire the heck out of him. He did everything he could. He busted his tail throughout the whole time with the right attitude, and it was really hard to have to get to the point where you go, ‘Yeah, I’m not able to get back.’”

    Schneider expressed a similar sentiment earlier Sunday in his regular pregame radio interview, noting that Adams had “such a bad injury.” Schneider was hopeful that, without a major surgery to rehab, Adams would be able to have “his best offseason” and return fully healthy to open the 2024 season.

    That would seem to indicate the Seahawks intend to have Adams on the roster next season. There had been some speculation that the team could cut ties with Adams, who has a $26.9 million cap hit in 2024 (and a $20.8 million dead-cap hit).

    Carroll, asked a specific follow-up question about plans for Adams next year, said he is confident Adams will return healthy.

    “This is an injury that takes more than the time we had [this season],” Carroll said.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s all waffle

      He’s done. Carroll knows it. We know it. This is fluff designed to not create any drama but he’d be better off just brushing it off.

      • Marc

        Does Pete know that? I wonder.

      • Palatypus

        Is it a Belgian waffle? Mayonaise?

    • Starhawk29

      “We have no intention of trading Russell Wilson.”

      -Pete Carroll

      • Rob Staton


      • Blitzy the Clown

        I’ll take that. Thanks Starhawk29

        • Forrest

          “The right attitude”?!? You mean going home to pout after being benched, rather than watching the game at the stadium with his team? He hasn’t been present at any of the past three games.

          Was going after a reporter’s wife “the right attitude”?

          Was “When others go low, I go lower” the right attitude?

          Was refusing to apologize “the right attitude”?

          Was yelling at the concussion consultant so publicly “the right attitude”? If so, why did the league fine him $50,000 for the incident?

          Was the separate personal foul in the Dallas game “the right attitude”? He was fined another $10,927 for that unsportsmanlike conduct less than month ago (Dec. 9).

          Rob, you noted in your Dec. 9 post:

          Hugh Millen said on KJR yesterday: “I don’t think Pete Carroll has the chops… to handle this situation appropriately.” Prove him wrong, Pete.

          I think we have our answer – Pete Carroll doesn’t have the chops! He needs to go. It’s time.

          Now, here’s my question – Does Jody Allen have the chops?

      • Palatypus

        It depends on what your definition of “is” is.

  3. James Z

    I almost lost my effin mind when I read that Pete said he wanted Adams back next year. Instead I opened a bottle of Sake… it’s not working, though.

    I laughed derisively when Pete threw that challenge flag out. Yeah right, Pete, you’ll win that one…

    • Palatypus

      Try drinking sake while listening to Baby Metal.

      • IHeartTacoma

        With a High Rise chaser

  4. jed

    I wish Pete would get asked why the stadium is full of opposing fans. The Seahawks best paying customers are telling the owners they don’t want so watch this team.

    • TJ

      I was at the game today and couldn’t believe how many terrible towels were being waved by fans in Steeler jerseys – It was shocking!

      • jed

        You could tell with the crowd shots on the TV too. And no announcer talk about the fans or loudness.

        Does the defense look like they don’t try in person or are they really bad? Or both???

        • Picklematrix

          The effort looks even more pathetic in person.

          I’ll never forget watching Quandre Diggs try to tackle Najee Harris. He just sort of jogged up to Harris, dicklessly grabbed hold of him, and then rode him for eight yards until someone else brought Harris down. At no point did Diggs make any effort to bring Harris to the ground. He looked like a toddler jumping on his dad for a piggyback ride. The man literally got sonned on national television.

          This is our eighteen million dollar safety (the one who’s actually healthy enough to play anyways). He’s supposed to be a veteran leader. But today, with the season on the line, he’s making business decisions.

          This is cultural rot. The players are not playing hard for Pete. They aren’t buying into his message. They don’t even respect him.Probably because Pete isn’t holding them accountable.

          Pete called DK out for his dumb penalties after the Rams game. DK basically tells Pete to go fuck himself because he’s not changing. He has seen zero consequences and continues to let his emotions hurt the team.

          Jamal Adams showed his whole ass on twitter and then openly defied Pete by doubling down after Pete told the media he’d handled it. He wasn’t punished or even publicly rebuked. Instead, he was welcomed back into the starting lineup and the team brass is telling us how they can’t wait to have him back next year.

          This is why I think it’s over with Pete. Nobody would have fucked with Pete like this ten years ago. If they did, Pete would have dropped his nuts on the table and done something about it. Now the team leaders openly defy him with impunity, and he’s either powerless to stop it or just too damn tired to care anymore. The saddest thing is that I feel like it’s the latter. I honestly think he hates this team. I never thought would say it but I don’t think Pete is having fun coaching football anymore. When that happens something is seriously wrong and change is needed.

          I hate to see it end this way. Other than Paul Allen, Pete is the best thing that ever happened to this franchise. His peak was magnificent. He brought us some special teams and some great memories. But all good things eventually come to an end. It’s over. This team won’t be special again until the franchise recognizes that and moves forward with new leadership. The only question is whether we do it now or sully Pete’s legacy by trying to keep this sinking ship afloat until we get new ownership.

          • Big Mike

            Great post

            • Blitzy the Clown

              +1 excellent post

    • Rob Staton

      Absolutely embarrassing and happening all the time these days

  5. Billy

    Rob, what would u give the odds they move on from Pete? Realistically?
    If they do do they move on from Schneider as well, if so where do they look for GM?

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t know man — but I think the odds are growing

      I would let Schneider pick the next coach

      • Peter

        I’m pretty flat on John. But I’m willing to see what he has in mind.

        I will probably lose it slightly if he, Pete, and Dan Quinn are all holding a farewell/hello presser together in the coming months.

      • Adam Z

        Well with one game to go, I reflect on the season as a whole, and quite frankly the record is way better than the performances. We’ve had a brutal schedule mid season and haven’t competed. The below average teams we’ve beaten, just.
        Have I enjoyed this year? No, I love this game, team because of the defense, I remember being beside myself when The Boz was drafted, Tez was amazing and still is my all time favorite. This defense is just awful, and there’s nothing to give me hope (cornerbacks do nothing for me).
        What’s the answer? I’m on the verge of joining the growing calls for change, not just Pete,but John too. They are responsible for ALL player recruitment and this defense has very few great players and no one comparable to Tez. If there is to be change it should be top down, not just Pete.

        • Big Mike

          Pete is the top. He gas final say on everything

          • Big Mike


  6. Pran

    Taken from Twitter: Rams rookies

    Puka Nacua – 1,445 receiving yards, 29 yards shy of the rookie record

    Kobie Turner – 9 sacks as an interior defender, leads all rookies

    Byron Young – 7 sacks, t-2nd among rookies with Will Anderson Jr.

    None taken with a top 75 pick

    • Rob Staton


      • laphroaig

        And scouting.

    • UkAlex6674

      Mcvay should be COY, or at least in contention with the Texans coach.

      • Rob Staton

        Kevin Stefanski

    • Scot04

      I Really liked Turner, probably more than most. Figured Rams would like him, reminded me a bit of a poor man’s Aaron Donald.
      Yes I know that’s saying alot, but his 3 cone & short shuttle were very similar.
      I was hoping we might get him in the 4th, but figured his short arms made him a no fit for us.
      Didn’t see him going in the 3rd, but the Rams made perfect sense.
      Who better to mentor a mini Donald, than Donald himself.
      We all know Byron Young was a Blog favorite.
      Like Rob said, coaching.
      Rams are are good at both coaching & development.
      Both things we lack.

    • Elmer

      And we should believe in JS?

      • Scot04

        It’s not his job to coach & develop. He can only add the talent. It’s up to Pete and the coaching staff to do the rest.

        • Elmer

          Clearly. Should we also be questioning talent evaluation and acquisition.

  7. Jabroni-DC

    The Williams trade told everyone in the world that they thought they were contenders and were going for it.

    If they hadn’t done that trade I could blur my eyes & see a vision for building this roster to eventually contend. Then 5-2 happened & Pete popped the champagne cork in his pants.

    On top of QB, C, G & NT as priorities we might have to add RT. What a blow it would be if Lucas has a short career.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Assuming they don’t total crap the bed on the Williams trade, and he resigns, I don’t see a big need for an IDL. Definitely need another EDGE, and we need LBs for days. Day 3 plus athletes who are hungry for a roster spot.

  8. STTBM

    7 years Ive been convinced Carrol needed fired. Kinda nice to see so many finally see the light–or the darkness.

    But it’s sad. This team is awful to watch, despite having a good roster full of players who should be fun to watch.

    I skipped the game again, and glad I did.

    If Jody brings Carrol back next year, I’m checking out. I’m not in Jr High, I’m not supporting Seattle through another 2-14 season with a roster this good. There’s No excuse.

    I’m just tired. This ain’t fun anymore.

    • Jabroni-DC

      I was over Pete as Seahawks’ coach the year he thought a TE from Western Kentucky was going to be an adequate LT for ‘in-his-prime’ Russell Wilson. The delusion was obvious then & it remains to this day. Pete sees what he hopes to see, rather than what is.

      • Big Mike

        Bradley Sowell called an said “hey what about me?”.
        I was at the Dolphins game when he got used like a $10 hooker by Suh who then injured Wilson’s knee.

      • Spectator

        I get your point, but that WKU former TE is still starting at Tackle for an up and coming Texans team and hasn’t played bad at all.

        • SeaTown

          Exactly. Point made but Fant turned out to be a decent player. I’m
          More concerned with the horrific trades over the years: Harvin, Graham, Adams, Richardson.

  9. Tomas

    Rob, your anger and frustration, expressed so colorfully and often amusingly, is cathartic. I always feel better after watching your vids, no matter how bad the outcome of the game.

    I fear we may have to hang tough for another 2 seasons … or longer (God forbid), if the sale of the team is delayed, and Jody extends Pete a year or two until the sale is accomplished. I dislike the thought, but it’s not hard for me to imagine Pete coaching until he’s 75, as enthusiastic and half-crazy as ever. Believe Halas coached the Bears til he was 80.

    Appreciate your work, and work ETHIC, and of course Robby is stellar.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you Tomas, appreciate you saying that

    • Troy D

      Halas coached til 72 along with Levy. Crennell became the oldest at 73.

      If Pete coaches next year he will essentially be tied with Crennel. 2 more and the record is his.

      • Eric

        Maybe Pete’s goal is to be the oldest head coach ever.

      • Tomas

        I stand corrected, Troy, I was way off.

  10. LouCityHawk

    Do we have any evidence that ownership hasn’t made a decision?

    It is hard to imagine they haven’t, although I’ve gotten flak for pointing out that the Seahawks media office may have made it very clear that media persons who value access that Carroll and his assistants are off the table for discussion.

    Seeing Lumen look like Blue Jay’s games, increasing comments, poor performance.

    I imagine they have a plan, that plan might be to run it back, and then you will have your answers, and that will make two Seattle franchises in need of change.

    Happy 2024 everyone, go Hawks.

    • Peter

      The bluejays…such a deep cut.

    • TJ

      I almost made the Blue Jays comparison in my above post about the terrible towels in the stadium. For those of you who’ve never been to a Mariner’s game when they host Toronto, Blue Jays’ fans fill the stadium. Lumen had a similar feel yesterday.

      • JimQ

        I have to wonder, could the eventual selling price of the franchise be slightly less with a poor winning record and slightly more with a good winning record? If so, could that affect the decision of when to sell?

  11. T-Mac

    100% agree that it’s time for a new coach, but I can’t bring myself to dislike Carroll despite his increasingly obvious shortcomings. I don’t see how he can come back from this, and I can’t imagine there’s much fun in it for him. He’s been as negative about this defense as quotes I’ve seen from him about any facet of any of the Seahawks teams through the years.

    Winning championships is of course the goal but as only one team will achieve it, some other metric needs to apply for sustained enthusiasm. As a Seahawks fan I used to believe that wins and losses were a decent metric but they aren’t. I think every Seahawks fan has struggled to enjoy watching games this year and in the past despite the fairly frequent victories.

    What I want to see is heart and skill, a team of great athletes doing their best against other great athletes for 60 minutes. That’s not an accurate description of Seahawks games anymore.

    Many thanks to Rob for the hard work in maintaining the content on this blog. Happy New Year to all Seahawks fans! – and whatever special bit of good fortune is needed to get a new and talented coach to shake this team up.

    • Rob Staton

      Winning championships is of course the goal but as only one team will achieve it, some other metric needs to apply for sustained enthusiasm

      As noted in the article, for me it’s determining whether you are a serious contender or on a pathway to legitimately believe you can become one.

      Neither applies to the Carroll Seahawks at the start of 2024 and that’s why change is needed.

  12. Mick

    All the noise made about Broncos losing the Wilson deal, but I feel like we didn’t come up as winners either. We lost our chance to improve at QB with the high picks we got from them and we are wasting talent away but not employing our players in a scheme that maximizes their abilities. One can argue about why we didn’t get a QB, so I’m not after John yet, but the scheme is Pete’s responsibility and he should own his mistakes. I think he is too old and too set in his ways to do something to fix them. As much as I may like him and as grateful as I feel for the Superbowl 48, I think it’s time to part.

    Sad start of the year, but I still want to wish everyone on this site better times for 2024. Rob, many thanks for your dedication and hard work and fighting the battles of truth with all the stubborn people who only see the W/L differential. For me this is the place to stay sane when it comes to Seahawks.

    • Peter

      Happy new year…soon to be depending on where you are on earth.

      Straight up….

      We did not win the russel trade if we don’t change course post haste.

      If we sit back at the end of 2025 and we are not seriously contending, then all that hubris and our “superbowl,” against the broncos will have meant nothing and we and the broncos will have both been losers.

    • BobbyK

      It’s possible for two teams to win a trade and it’s possible for two teams to lose a trade.

      • Big Mike


    • Denver Hawker

      The whole winning/losing of trades is a bit of fanfare for me. Both teams are 8-8 – and low odds to make the playoffs. Both teams lost the trade in that the Broncos overpaid on an extension for Russ and the Hawks failed to draft a cost controlled replacement QB with the draft capital.

  13. Orcas Viking

    Unlike the Eagles and Steelers, our coach doesn’t even have the cojones to fire a terribly underperforming coordinator…Clint Hurt should be fired this week to send the message that such lack of performance just won’t be tolerated. But, he is one of Pete’s guys so he gets a pass, which is the root of the rot for this coaching staff and organization.

    • SeaTown

      Pete will never do that. Firing him now shines light on the fact that he never should have been hired which then shows that Pete was wrong…again. Pete will say that they both decided to move on in the off-season. Just like he did with Shotty. Just like he’s doing with Adams by saying he just can’t get right when we all know he has been benched and will be cut.

  14. BobbyK

    The Chiefs have struggled without Bieniemy. The Commanders have whined how tough he is on them. The Commanders, mind you, are perennial losers. This tells me all I need to know. He’s a candidate on a short list I’d like seriously considered.

    We need to go from Grandfather Pete who the players don’t compete for anymore, to a guy who will kick some ass to make sure there will be tough competition.

    Year after year the Seahawks suck at running the ball consistently. Year after year their offensive line pretty much sucks. Every year some bum is tried at center. Every year you don’t see a pair of quality guards. The investment at tackle in the 2022 draft was nice but it was just the tip of the iceberg.

    Year after year the Seahawks defense is poor, yet they pour resources into the cancerous Jamal Adams. They pay Diggs like he was a Pro Bowl superstar not coming off a significant injury. I don’t understand how a unit can have added so much to yield such poor results.

    Year after year the Seahawks are among the most penalized teams in the NFL. At what point is that not acceptable?

    I know Carroll knows more about football than probably all of us combined, but we’re not blinded by the stupidity of how there’s simply no long-term vision anymore. It’s “comPete” for each year to year. It screws the team every following season.

    Hell, the Leonard Williams trade screws us of a 2024 2nd round pick and the 2025 draft is also screwed over by the lack of a 5th round pick. It might not sound like a big deal, but it’s so symbolic why we are pretend contenders every damn year… nobody cares about the future!

    If they keep this business as usual garbage we know for a fact we’ll be 8-9 or 9-8 again next year. I don’t know how consistent mediocrity can be tolerated. I don’t think Bieniemy would tolerate another team “wanting it more” or he’d clean house… much like what Carroll and Schneider did when they first took over.

    The team didn’t win the Super Bowl in 2011. But by the end of the year, they had me believing they were on their way. Trending in the right direction.

    The 2013 team didn’t win the Super Bowl. But they were a yard away. I know we won’t win the Super Bowl every year, but having faith you can compete for it is what I want. Not this garbage of knowing you’re simply not good enough, but good enough to beat a lot of crap teams yet losing like this year to the 49ers and Ravens almost 100-30. It’s embarassing and demoralizing.

    For me, a new coach and QB with OL additions would be enough for me to see progress next year even if we went 4-13. Then you could pour resources into the defense in ’25 and try to emulate 2011. This same Groundhog’s Day is maddening and isn’t acceptable. Rant over. Happy New Year!

  15. 509 Chris

    At the gym i was talking to these 2 guys about the Hawks. One guy was pointing out DK hit 1000 yards for everyone talking about how much he hurts the team and needs to be traded. The other one says he’d trade dk in a heartbeat because we don’t use him enough anyway and the team could use said capital to draft a qb. This blows me away. I’m thinking lets fire the coach and bring in someone that can use the weapons we have. A better qb will still be stuck with this bogus unimaginative offensive scheme anyway, surrounded by guys who play undisciplined fundamentally unsound football. We need an offensive minded head coach, preferably younger. His response to my stance is of course, but new coaches suck all the time! As it stands now we’re in the playoffs pretty much every year.

    I think we need the fans to be more vocal. Im not so sure that J Allen is asleep at the wheel and would refuse to move on from pete. Maybe she’s already decided to but is waiting out “her guy.” Paul’s vision for the team and his love for the game and the city were notorious. My guess is she wants to honor that legacy, and the fact that playing winning football is more profitable doesn’t hurt either.

    Happy new year everyone. I hope 2024 brings you all prosperity, and I hope for great change within our beloved Seahawks organization.

  16. Carolinahawksfan

    Rob, thanks for all you do, consistent insight of this quality is rare.

    You have convinced me that it is time to move on from Pete. I would love to see him move into a figurehead role and be replaced by a more tactically minded coach on either side of the ball. Let’s give the man his flowers, but also start moving in the right direction.

    The attitude/effort/strategy changes that this team needs start with a new coach as you pointed out. But I also have to ask what about on the field leadership/tone setting. This defense has one bright spot in this regard… Devon Witherspoon and to some extent a few others, but largely there is no one that I can see that commands a tone for the team defensively. (The offense has some problems here too, but not nearly as bad)

    With an upcoming offseason that, as you point out, is cash and semi-draft capital strapped, how can Seattle address the lack of on the field “tone setters” on defense. I would argue that the draft is probably the only way we will see improvement here, but if we are getting a qb, it’s going to have to be later picks that we do so.

    Some ideas I’ve had about addressing this:
    1. New coach, and oc/dc
    2. Use our first to grab the best trenches player available.
    3. Take rattler in the 3rd
    4. Take someone like Peyton Wilson (LB, NCSU) in the 4th (or later)? – I won’t pretend to be nearly as good as Rob is at projecting talent but after watching all his games, I believe he is NFL talent AND most importantly he brings the relentless, aggressive attitude we need so badly. I have watched him rally an entire team and fan base around a team that frankly did not have the talent to win as many games as it did this year.

    It doesn’t have to be Wilson, but this team needs players like him badly in my opinion.

    • Elmer

      Or next best in their opinion if Rattler is gone. Yes, I agree that they need large, fast, talented monsters in the trenches.

  17. Sea Mode

    Amen to this, all of this. It’s time. Past time, actually.

    • Sean-O

      100%. But would it really surprise us if the Hawks squeak out a win in Glendale, sneak into the playoffs, get blown out & then Pete declares that the team “is really close”?

  18. Murphy

    I hope this is the end! I’d hate for this to drag on any further and have the city turn on Pete.

    Looking to the future, one combo that Would get me really excited for next season would be Bienamy and Rattler. Pair the guy who ran Mahome’s offense with the poor man’s Mahome’s. Also, it seems like Bienamy is a bit of a hard ass that keeps. People in line. There is talent on this team but it is so undisciplined. Inject a “coach who doesn’t always let the players act how they want but does get them pissed off for greatness” right into my veins

  19. Big Mike

    Good stuff Rob. Thanks as always. For me, Carroll has beaten any “caring’ out of me. If he’s back next year I’ll watch IF I have nothing better to do. Otherwise, no thank you. It’s just monotonous at this point. We know how it’s going to end. My hope is that the one thing that might catch Jody’s attention the most is the amount of opposing fans in the strands. That is a very bad look.

    Happy New Year to everyone here. May the Pete Carroll Ego Show finally be over this year!

  20. Richard dolan

    Jaxson Dart (QB OLE MISS) & Jim Harbaugh. Build the trenches not the back end first. Jamal is a joke and so is fundamental football (and NOT just this year)! This isn’t about coordinators any more 🙄

    • Richard dolan

      Jody Allen – show US what you got !

  21. Robert Las Vegas

    I could be wrong but I believe the team this just isn’t buying or listening to Pete mostly on the defense side of the identity offensive side. Who is being 3 and outs for the Steelers with a third string quarterback. And one punt for the entire game.time of possession was horrible.. and finally if I am Leonard Williams do I really want to come back here next year? I could go play in Los Angeles play on the defense line with Aaron Donald who still gets double teamed every single play.they have plenty of cap room. Or even the raiders laugh if want the raiders are playing hard for coach Piece.and say whatever you w ant about Maxx Crosby but you can’t really criticize his effort or desire.he plays fired up why wouldn’t you want to play on the defense line with that guy.. the raiders desperately need a QB one but if they figure that out . different story

    • Malc from PO

      Watching CFP semi finals today it struck me that there is no wonder Pete’s message isn’t sticking. These young players are coming from systems that showcase talent on both sides of the ball, play aggressively, and need to go all out to win every week to have a shot at the playoffs. How do you sell “we will deliberately play down to the level of the opposition in order to manufacture close but boring games that we will have a coin flip chance of winning at the end; and if we generally don’t screw up too often that will most likely win us enough games to get us into the postseason; oh, offensive players we’ll have the ball for about 20 minutes and get about 40 plays a game, that way there are fewer opportunities for us to make mistakes, so don’t get too excited about putting up those great numbers you did in college?”

    • Big Mike

      Thats a team Captain. Says it all doesn’t it?

      • Rob Staton

        Absolutely pathetic.

        A man who has completely given up.

        • Peter

          There’s an terrible watch early in my morning.

          • Troy

            Need to play young hungry players fighting for their job/2nd contract and less of this overpaid checked out BS.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Not sure who we’re talking about here Big Mike.

        Could be Wagner. He barely raises an arm to act as a turnstile for Harris.

        Could be Diggs, who literally walks his way to the end zone while watching Harris punch through our defense like hot snot through a wet tissue. But I don’t know if he’s a captain.

        Could be Dremont Jones who overpursues himself into irrelevance so that his ass is facing the play when it passes him by. But he’s no captain.

        Could be Myles Adams, who must be wearing roller blades for how easily and far he’s blocked out of the play. Again, not a captain.

        Could be Mike Jackson, who looks, I’m sorry to say, like I used to in high school practice when I was totally gassed and just going through the motions to avoid Coach’s critical eye. I can almost hear him think to himself “gotta look busy”

        Could be Devin Bush who…does he scamper out of Harris’s way to avoid contact?!

        I mean, this is a dog’s dinner of mailing it in.

        Still not sure who we’re talking about

    • cha

      This is literally the guy who was chirping after the Philly game that fans say ‘he doesn’t do anything.’

      Get outta here.

      • Big Mike

        Oh c’mon cha, he does a lot…………a lot of avoiding contact, making a lot of ‘business decisions’, a lot of getting beat in coverage, a lot of acquiring terrible PFF grades…..pretty much a lot of utter failure

        Enjoy the Winter Classic today!!

        • Peter

          Feels like he hacked the pff grading system. If he literally does nothing the way pff scores he might actually bring up his score.

    • Big Mike

      Again I remind you, Ego Carroll made this man a team captain. That’s what he considers a ‘leader’ apparently.

    • Gross MaToast

      We continually preface anything related to Pete through his age, looking for rationales that explain what we’re seeing on the field that may hint at the fact that he’s obviously not fully engaged, that he does not demand excellence from his players, that he has failed repeatedly over the past decade in attempts to reload and run it back again after some shuffling of the staff designed to explain away the previous failures, and that he simply is not, at this point, in this era, a very good football coach.

      We continue to tread lightly around saying the obvious because Pete’s defenders appear in force with warnings of, “be careful what you wish for,'” and threats of Mora redux if change should come. The sad truth is that this is a poorly coached football team. The sad truth is that there is zero accountability. If this were a serious franchise, Pete would be in the owner’s office at 7:00 AM answering difficult questions on why he claims to be prepping for the return of Jamal Adams next year and how “efforts” like the one Quandre Diggs half-assed here are tolerated.

      None of this has anything to do with Pete’s age. None of it has anything to do with 2013. The head coach of this team, the man through whom every decision runs, makes inexplicable hiring decisions, inexplicable in-game decisions, fails to hold players who have obviously checked out accountable for their lack of effort, and has failed for almost a decade at this point to put a team on the field that has anything approaching the identity that he constantly refers to in the off-season – establish the run game, play tough defense, always compete – all of which seems nothing more than rote, knee-jerk answers that move past tough questions and into the “How Good is Bobby?” phase of every single interview.

      This is a football team with some talent that is poorly coached and without an overall vision that accounts for what it has on hand right now – not what was here in 2013. Pete Carroll is not the coach to correct the wrongs that plague this franchise.He’s had multiple shots at it and each iteration digs deeper holes for the next regime to escape. His age doesn’t matter. The fact that he had one of the great teams of all-time over a decade ago doesn’t matter. What matters is that he’s simply not done a good job with the power entrusted to him. He should be offered the opportunity to retire and then released on the spot if he refuses. This franchise is crumbling under the weight of the LOB’s ghosts. Let it go.

      • Big Mike

        Incredible post

      • 509 Chris

        This franchise is crumbling under the weight of the LOB’s ghosts. You hit it on the head there.

      • BobbyK


    • bmseattle

      Do they even re-watch film of the games as a defensive unit?
      Effort like that would be called out and chastised, it seems… but apparently he doesn’t care.
      It makes me wonder if there is *any* accountability *at all* in that locker room.
      Is Diggs just “off limits” for criticism because he’s captain and a veteran?

      • Peter

        Imagine the knock on effects of trying to “tell the truth,” and how it might make players feel getting called out when Diggs is on camera pretending to mime his way out of a box or whatever it is in that play he’s doing.

        If I was a player and they called everyone out, fine. But if for some reason certain players were off limits it would sicken me.

      • Scot04

        He’s off limits if your talking to KJ Wright. He was hammering anyone who thought getting rid of Diggs made any sense. Went on by saying people just don’t realize how good Diggs is.
        It’s funny how he hammers Woolen for doing this exact same thing, but don’t dare bring up Diggs.

    • pdway

      i saw that clip too – f-ing embarrassing. He’s been that guy all year.

  22. TeeDeeBee_11

    If was to post a meme of your article Rob. It would be the Forrest Gump seen where Forrest is asked to describe what war in Vietnam and afterwards the guy in the America flag shirt says “Right on man. You said it all” thanks for your content and look forward to your content this offseason. Let’s just all hope football gods give life to your words.

  23. Trevor

    With almost every great coach / player there is a time or moment when it becomes crystal clear it is time to pack it in.

    Yesterday was that moment for Pete. The nail in the coffin will be next week when they are crushed by the Cardinals and everyone realizes they are the worst team in the division.

    • Big Mike

      next week when they are crushed by the Cardinals

      That would definitely be for the best for this franchise

      • Joseph

        Sadly it won’t do anything. Jody Allen will still keep Pete. This delusional Seattle media and fanbase will still be worshipping him and come with all the same excuses for him and blame someone else.

        • Sean-O

          You’re probably right. She doesn’t strike me as someone who wants to make tough decisions. Though, I’m down in Portland & the Blazers finally blew it up after years of purgatory.

          I don’t get the constant reference to the media part though. Like they have any influence on anything. Could they ask “tougher” questions? Sure but again, do we really think that if MSD or Condotta did ask a tough question we’d get anything other than the usual crap back from Pete? I don’t think the expectation is realistic.

      • cha

        I think losing to Arizona and Chicago beating Green Bay would trigger some fan outrage.

        Week 17 – playoff lives in their hands vs Pitt and blew it badly
        Week 18 – Need help. Got help. Still couldn’t make the playoffs

        • Scot04

          Hate to say I hope it plays out this way; especially since I always want to win.
          However, serious change is needed.

  24. Joseph

    You know what I find so funny about this delusional fanbase? When we lose they blame everyone but Pete. When we win they all worship Pete lol The Seattle media especially guys like Brock and Salk are such clowns are also making it worse. These groups of people are way too appreciative of Pete but that’s what happens when you have a bad franchise for so long considering the Seahawks weren’t anything that special in the 70s 80s 90s.

    • LouCityHawk

      They were special to me

      • Joseph

        Aside from the 1983 afc championship appearance. See I was born in the 90s. I first became a fan in 1998 which was Ericksons last season.

    • Big Mike

      They were good in the 80s under Knox. Please no revisionist history despite how bad things have become.

      • Peter

        When football was hard and everyone didn’t go to the playoffs and a 12-4 season still didn’t make you the best team in the conference.

      • Joseph

        If you think about it, that’s what’s mainly keeping Pete here. Since he’s our only sb winning HC. That’s why fans are over appreciative of him.

        • Peter

          This is it. In roughly 130 years of sport ( I’m being lazy on my math but mariners, sonics, hawks) the city has two championships and one of them is from a team that doesn’t exist…the sonics. Which is to say for a huge portion of Seattle old and new Pete is the only coach that got a ring.

          • Joseph

            Ugh don’t get me started on the Mariners. That franchise has never had the luxury of a really good front office. This current front office is no different than the others. And I’m hopeful the Sonics will be resurrected lol. That’s what happens when you have a lot of downfalls and bad ownership. I miss Paul Allen dearly!!

          • Big Mike

            For me throw in Gonzaga hoops missing twice in the championship game and you have a very ugly Washington sports history. I guess I should throw in the Huskies split natty in ’91 which was good tho since there was no playoff at that point and it was split, it was a bit hollow. I do believe they’d have handled Miami if there were a playoff back then.

            As for the Ms, the most pathetic franchise in North American pro sports and it ain’t even close
            As for the Sonics, fuck David Stern

            • Peter

              I didn’t throw in the Huskies because my take from ’91 was college ball was a combination of regionality plus alumni.

              I grew up in a super blue collar area where every friend I had their parents worked for Boeing, pacific bell, or similar. No one I knew went to UW, this is before you needed a college degree for seemingly every job under the sun, and for most of us it was just a passing moment in the Seattle PI.

              The mariners were king. Followed by the seahawks and sonics were tied.

              • IHeartTacoma

                You aren’t wrong. There is a class aspect to UW fandom.
                I’m a Seattle kid and always loved Husky football, but be honest I would rather hang out with Cougar fans.

                • Peter

                  That’s it completely. As a kid it felt like a class difference between the schools.

            • pdway

              ….and howard schultz

              • Big Mike

                Yes! Thank you

      • jed

        They had some fun players too in those 80’s team. Largent, Easley, Curt Warner, Kreig, Jacob Greene, etc. That team was tougher too.

    • Sten

      I remember when 710 first started it pretty much lined up with Pete being hired and I thought they were so much better than KJR because they’d only talk about sports, mainly football, all the time. Brock had said before they drafted Russ that Pete and John were in love with him, Bob and Groz had a fan contest and coined the term Legion of Boom during training camp in 2012, too. Nowadays it’s only KJR I listen to since all of the 710 guys are Pete fart sniffers. I’d rather not hear about sports as much, hell I’ll listen to Mitch’s podcast since he’s the best interviewer Seattle media has ever had, hear him talk about golf or something rather than this hopeless shell of a franchise.

  25. LouCityHawk

    With the Fields revival in Chicago, who are the likely suitors for the trading into the Caleb Williams pick? What is the Cost? Which teams seem most likely to pay?

    • BK26

      and oddly it sounds like Eberflus is coming back too.

  26. Peter

    Probably the most checked out brain numbing online comment exchange I’ve read in forever…

    Fans liking and commenting about how cool it will be if/when Bobby gets 2000 tackles……?!?

    He would need 2 to 3 years of this awful play to get there.

    What the actual blank…..huge chunks of this fan base are out here writing fan fiction for their favorite players that it’s more important for Bobby to get 2000 tackles, that Pete has ‘earned’ staying til he wants to leave, or commenting about how they feel bad for Geno in a loss.

    Do fans of other teams and other sports talk about players/coaches like we are all good friends or family….I know people have favorites sometimes it just feels so disconnected from following a team.

    • LouCityHawk

      They absolutely do, and worse.

      And not just me wishing that they brought out Bobby Knight’s interred body for every IU home game!

      Bears/Cubs fans are some of the worst I’ve seen for this, also Reds fans. Packers fans are very sentimental, as are Vikings fans. I do wonder if it is an upper Midwest to PNW thing? My memory is that Sonics fans were like this, T-Wolves, Bucks, etc… all are. Bulls fans are.

      • Peter

        I lived in a lot of cities and I must have missed some if this. I’m sure fans are ridiculous everywhere.

  27. Sean-O

    Another game where it was clearly obvious what the opponent needed to do to be successful & SEA couldn’t do anything about it. Another post-game press conference where Pete is delusional. Not prepared, no fight, no heart, etc. It’s time folks.

    How do we feel the SEA job compares to other potential job openings though? CAR, LAC, NE, WAS? I know Dan Quinn is an obvious name but unless he gets the power to get new coordinators, are we expecting much of a difference?

    Should be an interesting off-season…..

  28. Joseph

    Let’s talk about the Washington huskies game: Hopefully the stage is not too big for this team especially Penix. I want Washington to win so badly but I love Ewers. I want him to have a good game and hopefully he’ll declare. If he doesn’t then give me Daniels or Rattler.

    • Big Mike

      Whichever teams defense plays best will be the team that wins this game imo. Both offenses are very good so whoever gets stops and/or turnovers most often leads to a win I do believe.

    • Sten

      Kinda a shame how it works with Ewers probably not declaring if the huskies win given how much obvious interest there is in him from John

  29. Peter

    Rob, you killed me with the fans need to be able to dream…

    Hands up if you truly remember the 2012 team…

    8-0 home record. 11-5 overall.

    Points for: 412
    Points against: 245

    We were very good and fun for the first half of the year. Late-ish season bye. Come out with loss to miami. Then proceed to go on a five game winning streak where we score 193 points to the opponents 60. Including a three week run of destroying teams. Not this bordering on pathetic “can you win in the fourth quarter,” crap.

    Go to Washington and beat them in their house followed by a painfully close loss to Atlanta.

    That was a team you could dream about.

    Now, 16 games in the books home field advantage is basically over. Our point differential is upside down. And for the second year in a row we not only need to win but we need an NFC north team to lose so we can get a participation trophy.

  30. joe

    I have to disagree with the author’s sentiment and I don’t think that Pete Carroll should be replaced. I love his enthusiasm and he’s a coach I would have loved to play for. There’s every possibility of getting a far inferior coach (ask the Chargers) and digressing. Pete has earned the right to continue to build. 8-8 sounds about right with Geno Smith at QB. No offense, but he’s a mid-tier QB.

    They are desperately trying to build the defensive line. If there is one area to point to on defense as under-achieving, it’s the secondary. Other than Devon Witherspoon, did anyone live up to expectations? Tariq Woolen digressed badly in his sophomore year and Diggs and Adams didn’t come close to earning their contracts.

    You can’t look past the fact that the Seahawks had a REALLY hard schedule. Playing the Niners (twice), Eagles, Cowboys, Lions, Ravens, Lions, Browns, and Bengals was rough. The Rams, unfortunately, turned out to be a lot better than expected.

    Give Pete one more year to right the ship. He’s earned it.

    • Rob Staton

      Someone else reply to this, I’m face-palming too much

    • Peter

      When is enough time?

      We had a very good almost great qb and three years of a top ten offense while the defense was faltering.

      Now we have a mediocre offense and an absolutely horrible defense.

      The team needs yet another overhaul. There’s no schemes. It’s just hope our guys are better than the other team’s. And we are only 50% of the time.

      Can’t beat our division. Players are gutless.

      So next year…..cross your heart if it’s the same for what will be the 7th year in a row of an unserious, not tough, not imposing team then finally we throw in the towel?

    • Scot04

      6 yrs of poor defense. How long can we simply change coordinators and see the same result.
      Now players aren’t even engaged or listening to the HC.
      There’s absolutely no identity for this team.
      The only constant with these 6 yrs of underperformance and embarrassing defense is Pete Carroll.
      I appreciate what he’s done, but it’s beyond time.
      He’s had 6yrs to fix this defense and failed.

    • Big Mike

      When I read this I thought it was sarcasm and that it was pretty good sarcasm at that. Re-reading it……….um, apparently not?

    • McZ

      Pete won’t right the ship. Pete already, once again, wants to save face over Adams by talking him up to bring him back. Pete wants to play Geno, and Pete won’t move on from him.

      This is simply a badly constructed roster full of dumb nuts and unlikeable selfish wannabes. The second highest paid defense, that is bottom ternary in almost any respect.

      I still cannot fathom how this franchise can pay 17m to a guy who had a 51.7 PFF rating in 2022, who did nothing once Chubb left the Donkeys.

      Re playing those tough teams… who do you expect to play in the postseason? Isn’t that exactly the point, not being competitive with the cream of the crop for so long? You also won’t “right the ship” without getting competitive with those teams.

      For ideas, watch the Rams and their rejuvenation.

      • Rob Staton

        Pete talking fluff about Adams

        ‘Russ isn’t being traded’ etc

  31. GoHawksDani

    Biggest thing is that this FO/coordinator and coach team must go.
    I think that’s the most important part of this team getting to the right direction. No QB, defensive player or else will fix awful management, playcalling, scheme.
    If that’s changed and hopefully fixed, we can focus on the roster. Tbh Geno is not a bad QB. Not a great one, but definitely not a bad one – which I thought he was. So while I’ll be happy if they get a young QB, not sure that’ll be the most important this offseason.

    I think the biggest problems are (other than the players are not buying the bs Pete serves, and bad gameplan and playcall on both offense and defense): Bad run blocking, bad run defense.
    Not sure if it’s a scheme thing or player thing, but when you have K9 and Charbonnet this team should be able to avg at least 4-5 yards/carry and it should be able to comfortably get 100+ yards per games.
    And while the Stealers is a good running team, this much running yards are unacceptable and it was not just this game. On the defense I think it’s Pete getting stale, Hurtt is a bad coordinator and players are not playing up to their potential and also some just suck.

    After fixing the coordinator-coach issue, I’d get the roster under a microscope.
    I think these players are in a good age, play well especially for their contract and could be a culture-setter or building blocks for the future:
    DK Metcalf
    Devon Witherspoon
    Boye Mafe
    Michael Dickson
    Julian Love (not super great, but plays pretty decent and doesn’t costs too much)
    Kenneth Walker
    Zach Charbonnet

    A bit older guys, but play well, so for the right price I wouldn’t mind keeping them, or if they’re tradeable I’d trade them:
    Tyler Lockett (mid R2?)
    Jarran Reed (late R2?)
    Leonard Williams (for between 13-16m avg 3 years)
    Uchenna Nwosu (too much dead cap, so I wouldn’t trade him)

    I didn’t list Cross and Lucas. I think both are pretty good OTs, but not superb. Cross is a bit hot and cold, and not sure if he’s even a decent run blocker. Lucas might be the better between the two but he got the injury bug lately. I’d use them as starters, but if an opportunity presents itself to draft a good looking OT in the near future, I’d jump on it and use that situation for competition and strong depth.

    I feel the iOL needs to get better, so I’d focus the offseason efforts there (run game), and I feel the iDL needs to be a bit bigger (inside run defense), and the outside needs to be better (pls no more Darrell Taylor). The other problematic area is the middle of the field where TEs and crossers always cause issues for the defense. I’m not a fan pushing money into LB or S, but those positions needs to get better. I think Love and Bush are decent (sometimes, sometimes less), but I hope they get another S (in place of Diggs and Adams) and another LB (in place of Wagner and maybe Brooks).

    If PC would retire, new coaching tree would planted, the roster would be re-imagined (cut the unnecessary costs and players), some smart moves and drafting (iOL, iDL, EDGE, LB, S) with a cherry on top young QB, this could be a great team.
    If they make a step for this direction, I hope they start with the FO, and work to rebuild the roster in 2-3 years

    • Scot04

      Leonard Williams will likely cost over 16M per.

  32. jed

    Just re-reading the articles and comments this morning. I’m still so done with Pete and this team. Great work again Rob. Thank you.

    The nice thing is they have 40 players under contract and can easily get out of 10 or so more. This could be a year or two from having a new roster, new front office, new head coach. Maybe the new group would fail, but I’d rather watch that than this team full of guys that don’t try.

    That Harris TD, the run where Quandre got carried like a toddler were so bad. I’d rather watch a guy blow his assignment and run as hard as possible to make the play than watch a highly paid vet just coast. And I hate judging effort from professional athletes because it takes a ton to get and stay there, but my mopey teenager tries harder at chores than the Seahawks defense did yesterday.

    I’m sure most of you read it, but I’d recommend Hawk Blogger’s post this morning. He went on a couple of pretty good rants on their show last night too. Lots of similar feelings across the fan base right now.

    • BK26

      Might be time to try listening to them again. They have been waaaay too head in the sand.

      Now the debate will be what to do at qb and who to get.

      • jed

        I don’t agree with everything they say, but I don’t agree with everything here, and I’ll disagree with previous stuff I’ve said too. I just thought they were in the same space and I like it when the fans are feeling more similar than opposed.

        • BK26

          I agree. Says a lot when fans are all coming to the same conclusions.

          • BobbyK

            But what about a few years and weeks ago when too many “real” fans were saying we were stupid and Pete deserved better and it could be worse? That was the majority in recent history.

  33. BK26

    Cameron Ward declaring for the draft.

  34. Anthony

    Rob, is there any chance that Marvin Harrison Jr goes first over Caleb Williams? Bears fans seem pretty content watching Fields run around rather than play QB

    • Rob Staton

      Bears will go QB

      Williams is better and will be cheaper for four years

  35. Hebegbs

    Fan apathy has set in. When you have multiple home games at Lumen and the opponent fan base dominates our own, that should be all Jody and ownership need to see here. It’s over. You can’t be afraid to “move on” for fear it could get worse. I’m not sure how the apathy could get much worse. The franchise needs a major change in coaching leadership.

    And I loved Pete. Loved what he brought to Seattle. Will forever be grateful for what he built. Please retire PC.

  36. Forrest

    For far too long, I’ve endured watching:
    Poor tackling
    No pass rush
    Giving up long sustained drives
    Never feeling like the offense is in a rhythm
    Poor 3rd down offense/defense
    Lack of ability to run the ball or stop the run
    Losing time of possession
    Slow starts
    Being dictated to versus dictating
    Lack of an identity
    Completely preventable penalties
    Poor clock management
    Wasted time outs
    Lack of discipline on the field
    Players not held accountable
    Bizarre salary cap decisions
    Asking myself why we are this bad?

    It’s time.

  37. Blitzy the Clown

    What a wretchedly boring Fiesta Bowl

    • Palatypus

      The Liberty Flames are going down in them.

    • TJ

      There have been a lot of stinker bowl games this year. Between players entering the transfer portal and quitting on their teams before their bowl games, opt-outs, and the collapse of the traditional conference matchups, this bowl season has been hard to watch.

      • Sten

        Give it another few years and they’ll just do a 32 team playoff because bowl season is ruined

  38. ChuckaKnox_83

    Please hire Chris Peterson and a new a GM. Why isn’t anyone talking about Chris Peterson? If he is interested in coaching again, I think he can be the guy for next ten years.

    • Rob Staton

      Well, is there any indication he wants to coach again? I haven’t seen anything

      I’d rather have someone who is actively coaching and didn’t leave his last job out of the blue

    • TJ

      I’ve said this a few times recently: I don’t think Petersen is the NFL type. He’s a phenomenal college coach because he is a leader and developer of young men. I don’t see him having any interest in working with highly paid professionals or the business of NFL football.

  39. Shawn

    Bo Nix on his way to surpassing Caleb Williams in the NFL draft. A lock for the top 10

    • Palatypus

      If I were Caleb, I would bet my Heisman trophy against that.

      • BK26

        Or literally anything against it.

    • Rob Staton

      Bo Nix is nowhere near Williams

    • RomeoA57

      Bo Nix is not near the prospect that Williams is, and I am an Oregon Fan. The Oregon offense does not translate to the NFL.

      Williams did seem to check out of the season once everyone realized that USC wasn’t very good. Nix playing in his bowl game, while Williams left USC early, should be considered by scouts. Caleb is waiting on his lottery ticket and had nothing to prove playing in another game.

      • Ben - Fort Worth

        As sure of a thing as Williams is, I’m not quite sold on him. I like D. Maye, J. Daniels, and M. Penix Jr. quite a bit though.

        • Phil

          Like many other posters, I’m beginning to form a list of QBs that might turn out to be the QBOTF. But, I feel that I’m jumping the gun by focusing on names instead of turning the focus to what kind of skills we want in a QB. For example, do we want a traditional drop-back pocket passer, or do we want a dual-threat QB? Do we want a point guard type, or do we want the QB to be the focus of our offense? Do we want the “new” front office to make the decision (whenever the “new” guys are picked) on the QB, or do we want JS and PC to make the pick? Do we want to pick a guy that fits a certain offense, or do we want to build an offense that fits the QB’s skills? Do we want someone new to the NFL, or do we want someone who has some NFL experience? Etc., etc.

          Or, do we address the DL instead?

          In a perfect scenario, I’d start with the front office. Is there a particular offense/defense we would like to emulate? Then, who are the GM/Coaches who have proven experience in these systems that we can hire. Then, turn the personnel decisions over to them.

  40. SW67

    If I succeeded, the video is the long ago Steve Largent hit on Mike Harden. That’s the toughness I want!

    • BobbyK

      We’ve got Diggs and Jamal. We can’t get any tougher, can we?

      • Mick

        I imagine Diggs and Adams sharing the locker with Kam and having to explain to him why they stay out of a play.

  41. Glor

    Well of Jodi sells the team finally, maybe we will get a new owner who wants to make waves

  42. Rob Staton

    And THAT is one of the reasons why I do not get all the JJ McCarthy R1 talk

    It’s an utter nonsense

    • Big Mike

      That was awful.
      He had a receiver as he started his roll out and instead waited and then tried to force the ball into double coverage

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Why even do that to him first play?

      Anyway, the Wolverine DL is fierce today.

      And another huge Michigan mistake

      • BK26

        I would just appreciate it if they both lost.

  43. Palatypus

    Four sacks by Michigan so far, or is it five?

    • Palatypus

      Four out of Alabama’s five drives have been three and outs.

      • RomeoA57

        Michigan’s Defense has been relentless.

  44. Merl 613

    Maybe the Williams Trade was the last gift for Coach Carroll. I am not sure if they really thought they would be contenders when it comes to the Top but to win a weak NFC might would be possible when everything worked out (it didn’t…)
    I really hope Carroll can decide when to leave and this should be after the season with or without POs.

    I really will miss him, but sometimes changes can create new stories…

    With talented players like Witherspoon, JSN, our OTs, our two RBs among others we got a fundament that shouldnt be wasted.

    • neil

      I don’t get it though, tackling isn’t rocket science, its motivation and toughness. It shouldn’t take 4 or more players to get an opposing player on the ground. That is where PC is lacking.

  45. Joseph

    I know Jim Moore has faced a lot of heat over the years with some of things he says. But finally someone in the media who isn’t a Pete Carroll fanboy!!!

    • Rob Staton

      Jim is great

      • Bmseattle

        Didn’t Richard Sherman get him fired years ago?

        • Bmseattle


        • Rob Staton

          No. Richard Sherman acted like a complete arse and threatened to get his credentials revoked. Sherman made himself look like a prat. Jim carried on hosting his radio show.

    • KennyBadger

      Atta boy Jim. Better late than never.

  46. Palatypus

    3rd & 29 and Alabama runs it.

  47. Big Mike

    If this continues as is and Michigan loses, is Harbaugh going to start hearing “can’t win the big one”?
    Lost in Super Bowl and would have lost 2 years in a row on the college playoffs.

    • Palatypus

      Consider his quarterbacks.

  48. Trevor

    If JJ Mcarthy was on any other team than Michigan he would not be considered a draftable prospect. First round is just crazy talk. Imagine him with South Carolina’s OL this year.

    • Palatypus

      He’s not very accurate, His receivers are bailing him out.

  49. ShowMeYourHawk

    My word. Malachi Moore making Jamal Adams look good in coverage.

  50. Palatypus

    Alabama’s defense is gassed.

  51. Trevor

    That missed extra point could end up being huge.

    • Palatypus

      …annnnnnd overtime.

  52. Rob Staton

    Michigan vs Alabama has been very ‘meh’

    • cha

      Sloppy play

      • Palatypus

        Can we get to the real quarterbacks already?

  53. Palatypus

    Living here in Pensacola, the butthole of the SEC, just underneath Alabama, this loss feels like a refreshing dose of hemorrhoid cream.


  54. ShowMeYourHawk

    Tide completely shat that game away. Milroe losing that fumble turned the momentum.

    • Palatypus

      Everyone in the world knew Saban was putting the ball in the hands of Milroe.

  55. Peter

    Huskies fan,

    Please. Either you or Texas. I can’t with Michigan’s boring a** football.

    • BobbyK

      You hate a recipe for winning football?

  56. Pran

    Jim harbaugh may bolt to NFL if Michigan wins the championship

    • Palatypus

      Hello Raiders!

    • Rob Staton

      He might if they don’t

      • RomeoA57

        Hasnt there been 3 NCAA investigations against Harbaugh just this season.

        Covid recruiting violations
        Goofball illegally taping sidelines
        Now hacking iPads to steal playbooks

        • Palatypus


        • 509 Chris

          Sounds like this guy that left an absolute giant shit mess at USC to come to the pros. 🤔

    • cha

      Chargers job seems like fait accompli.

  57. Big Mike

    Damn that deep pass by Penix was beautiful. When he has time….

    • Palatypus

      Looks like the referees are going to let the offensive linemen get away with a lot today. There was a block in the back during that Texas TD run.

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      …which he likely won’t at the next level, especially in Seattle.

  58. Bmseattle

    Texas looks a lot bigger and stronger than UW.
    Penix is going to have to be magical for them to win tjis game

    • Palatypus

      Sweat does. And he’s setting the edge brilliantly so far.

  59. Palatypus


    You might not want to stack the box like that, Texas.

  60. cha

    That Penix to Odunze throw under pressure was an NFL throw.

    • Palatypus

      Yeah, he’s going to feel more pressure than he’s used to tonight. But so far I think the O-Line is performing well.

      No penalties.

    • Bmseattle

      Yep…very impressive

  61. Palatypus

    For those of you who have never been there, there is a ring of lights in the ceiling of the Superdome that may have contributed to that muffed punt.

    • Bmseattle

      Makes sense.
      He didnt get in good position to field the punt.
      That could explain why.
      Potential 14 point swing

      • Big Mike

        Definitely a 7 point gift

    • Big Mike

      It looked to me that he was afraid he was gonna get hit so he shortarmed it, or at least was trying to avoid contact which on a fair catch isn’t on the receiver

      • Big Mike

        But yes what you said makes sense as well

      • Palatypus

        Saw the Hawks lose there about five years ago.

  62. ShowMeYourHawk

    Can we just trade up for Odunze? Barely kidding. 👀

    • Rob Staton

      So we can see him have one catch for eight yards midway through the fourth? 😂

      • Big Mike

        The truth can be so painful

      • ShowMeYourHawk

        Yeah, but it’d be Waldron’s most spectacularly designed screen pass yet…

    • Palatypus

      The lights aint bothering him.

  63. Big Mike

    That catch right there is not easy straight over the head or nearly straight over the head

  64. Palatypus

    Two turnovers.

  65. Bmseattle

    What a terrible couple of play calls.
    You arent going to win forcing the run up the middle against this defense.
    And no threat of a pass.

    • Palatypus

      Yeah, I would prefer they do that in the 4th quarter when their fat guys are gassed.

    • Big Mike

      Your offensive line is smallish going against huge defensive linemen. Terrible play calling. Leyt your best player try and win it for you, if it’s incomplete so be it

      • Palatypus

        Don’t do it against T’vondre Sweat. Do it against T’vondre Sweaty.

    • nfendall

      The back to back runs up the gut felt like hubris getting the better of DeBoer.

      • Bmseattle

        Except he isnt calling the plays, is he?

  66. Wren

    Dead serious, this UW team lines up against the Seahawks and they win

    • Palatypus

      LOL!!! Yes, they can tackle

      • Pran

        Is Pete coaching Huskies D tonight?

    • HawkfaninMT

      Nope… they look good, but College teams are not beating pro teams

    • Whit21

      Less than half the greatest college teams are nfl prospects.. this husky team has maybe 15 guys that will see the nfl.. where an nfl team is made up solely of all nfl players..

      • Peter


  67. Palatypus

    So far, I think Ewers looks pretty good. He’s just not getting a lot of help from his teammates.

    His best friend is two Washington turnovers.

  68. geoff u

    Last time it took Tod Leiweke stepping in to right the ship. Who’s going to do it this time?

    • Palatypus

      I seem to remember Todd Leiweke having a great contracts guy who left for the Jets, I think.

  69. Troy

    If the huskies win a championship that’ll make me feel a lot better about Pete ball and our cheeks run defense

  70. Jack Frost

    I like Penix better than Ewers

    • Palatypus

      Seven completions in a row will do that.

    • Brodie

      I haven’t been the least bit impressed with Ewers tonight.

      • Phil


    • BK26

      Great college qb.

  71. Big Mike

    I just don’t understand this play calling
    Your quarterback is on fire and you’re handing the ball off 3 straight times

    • Big Mike

      When you’re outweighed by the defensive line and you haven’t run the ball well all night
      Look I get you can’t throw it on every down but at second and 5 or third and 2 throw the ball

      • Bmseattle

        Totally agree.
        They can’t stop the pass at all.
        They love it, every time we decide to run the ball.
        Penix is on fire…you gotta give him at least one throw into the endzone.

        • Palatypus

          If they score a touchdown on this drive, it sets up the anaconda. We CAN run on them some. But it’s got to be on the perimeter, where they will be slow.

  72. Peter

    The way Alabama and currently Texas are playing…fsu should be ripping pissed.

    These are the best teams?

    • Whit21

      Letting 2 one loss teams in just shows you that they were scared of their qb1 getting hurt and they wanted certain matchups for ratings..

    • Brodie

      FSU lost by 60, so I don’t think they have room to say much. I know they were missing a lot of guys, but that’s a FCS level beatdown.

      A larger playoff can’t get here soon enough though.

      • Peter

        I get what you are saying but it’s a little different playing for a championship vs getting hosed for ratings.

    • Palatypus

      No, I am close to it. I was saying all year how overrated they are. And once their QB went down, you saw it. Then everyone jumped ship.

      Tallahassee is about as dysfunctional as Iran.

    • Vanhawksfan

      Yeah, but they aren’t getting blown out by 50+ points. Are we watching the same games because I think that the top 4 was more than accurate?

      • Peter

        Again…..they did not care because the season was over.

        • Peter

          On my phone I typed “how many starters…..”

          And the first result was sat out for Florida state.

          I think against Georgia or whomever they still lose. But it was 14 starters.

          • Palatypus

            I think there were a couple of game time decisions that might have made it more.

      • BK26

        Getting screwed out of the playoffs probably had them a little pissed and apathetic about a consolation bowl game.

    • RomeoA57

      FSU would have lost by 3 scores easily to any of the 4 Playoff Teams. Alabama played fairly well today.

      • Peter

        Look I hear all of you.

        But Texas with huskies ball might lose by three plus tonight.

        • RomeoA57

          Only picking 4 teams teams for the playoffs was ridiculously unfair this year. You can go back to some seasons where there may not have been 4 teams good enough to be in the playoffs.

          Michigan and Washington had to be in. There is no way that the SEC would not have a team in the playoffs. If Alabama is in then Texas has to be in because they beat them. Once FSU lost their starting QB they lost their playoff spot. Fair or not.

          Texas looks tonight like they do not belong. Georgia is probably one of the best four teams in the country. They probably should be upset that they didn’t get in over Texas.

          • Big Mike

            Guys the 4 team playoff was designed to keep the big 10 and SEC in and the pac12 and at times the ACC out and it worked

            • RomeoA57

              Fair enough. Before the 4 team playoffs there was the BCS which pitted the supposed best two teams. Before that, the media picked the Champion after the bowl games where the best teams most likely didn’t play each other.

  73. Peter

    Re: ewers who had some great games this year….

    With that fanbase I wonder if he declares win or lose?

    Those crazies will not be loving this tonight.

    • Bmseattle

      I bet you are right.
      A bad game makes it just as likely he leaves as a great one…maybe more.

      • Peter

        Just pondering how it goes next year. It’s one thing to lose and think we almost could. It’s another thing getting rolled over

  74. Vanhawksfan

    Alabama/Michigan was one hell of a defensive battle. Both McCarthy and Milroe look like day three picks. Most of the talent was on defense and the o-lines. Washington is proving to be better than i thought they were. I’ll pick them over Michigan.

  75. Palatypus

    Texas right tackle held a Washington player by the neck.

  76. Tony

    Ball is blatantly out! Wth?!

    • Palatypus

      Home field advantage.

      • Tony

        Atleast they overturned it

        • Palatypus

          This crew seems decent. They correct themselves.

  77. dragonhawk

    A PI in college football is a 15-yard penalty? Are you kidding me?

    • Palatypus

      I think it was in pro football too until about 1970.

      • Big Mike

        Should have never been called but Penix underthrew that. Should have been a touchdown

        • Whit21

          Its hard to underthrow a 60 air yard pass.. he just waited a hitch before releasing.. when they showed the replay, odunze was open the whole way.. he didnt need to wait on the route that long.

  78. Palatypus

    Trice draft status ^

  79. Palatypus

    Perfect throw by Ewers to Worthy.

    • Bmseattle

      A Dime.
      Just beautiful.

  80. Big Mike

    Husky defense is not good enough to hold a 6 point lead. Their offense must score again for them to win this game

    • Pran

      That husky offense series before off the turnover is bad. Didn’t run, f didn’t stick to what was working and got cute taking no time off the clock. It must be a Seattle thing

    • Bmseattle

      And hopefully there isnt a Texas bias here at the end.
      I could see some people preferring a Texas v Michigan final

  81. Palatypus

    The Texas cheerleaders uniforms remind me of Woody from Toy Story,

    • Palatypus

      …and they don’t give me a woody.

      • Big Mike

        Then they are not good uniforms

        • Palatypus

          Texas and USC are the difference between Chick-fil-A and Hooters.

  82. Big Mike

    Very good series here

  83. Troy

    Penix picked a helluva game to play like a god. His accuracy on deep balls has been insane

  84. Rob Staton

    I’ve got a lot of thoughts about this game. I’ll write something on Tuesday (it’s 5am here)

    • Big Mike


    • Bmseattle


    • Vanhawksfan

      Rob, I understand the simplicity of the Washington offense. I can also understand having 3 pro receivers, a pro tight end and the best offensive line in college football. But, but, but, Penix did his job. What an arm!

  85. Big Mike

    Do not like that pass on third down. Give them a free time out to use

  86. Troy

    Also the huskies line has been on point. Has Penix even been touched? Great play by the line, by the QB, by WRs…beautiful to watch

  87. nfendall

    Trice is getting held on almost every play.

  88. ShowMeYourHawk

    More impressed with Ewers in the 4th than the preceding three quarters.

    • Peter

      Glad they hung in

  89. Palatypus


  90. Big Mike

    Why do coaches have such a difficult time with clock management? If the Huskies don’t throw incomplete on third down before kicking that field goal Texas would have not had the last time out and this game would be over

    • Pran

      And putting injured RB in game now ..

    • Big Mike

      This game if the huskies lose is completely on DeBoar for not running the ball on third down before that seal goal

      • Big Mike

        *field goal

    • RomeoA57

      Washington has played and coached a mostly clean game until the end

  91. RomeoA57

    That was a bizarre Cristobal level mistake. Taking a knee and running the clock would have been good.

    • Pran

      Huskies are playing like Seahawks… disgusting coaching

  92. Pran

    Deboer is Pete.

  93. Big Mike

    This loss will 100% be on the head coach of the Washington Huskies
    The clock management was unforgivable

    • Pran

      And they deserve to lose. What should have been a blow out win. Deboer is out of depth, stands no chance against Jim Harbaugh.

      • Big Mike

        If I am Michigan I run the ball then I run the ball some more and then I run the ball some more until Washington defense proves they can get a stop

        • Pran

          Washington has no running game now due to injury

    • RomeoA57

      It looked like Texas might pull it out, but Ewers couldn’t get it done. Huskies will need better coaching decisions next week against Harbaugh.

      • Rob Staton

        Ewers couldn’t get it done?

        He’s the only reason (aside from appalling clock management from UW) they had a chance!

        • ShowMeYourHawk

          At his best, Ewers could be something special. The first three quarters didn’t much showcase his best playing self.

          He has a hell of a decision ahead of him. If he returns and doesn’t excel from jump, the Texas crowd is going to clamor for Manning. If he comes out, he could be taken slightly later than he’d hope. Don’t envy his choice.

          • Pran

            Sarkisian dint help with his play calling.

            Evers will declare.. he can’t stay there with Manning taking all spotlight

          • DougM

            Transfer portal: Washington

  94. Big Mike

    Lucky to win
    No favors whatsoever from the head coach

    • Pran

      Definitely. That’s high school level game management

      • Big Mike

        That was Pete Carroll level clock management
        Hell, it was so bad it was Mike McCarthy level clock management

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I mean, maybe in a couple of instances.

      But the Huskies physically dominated Texas. They were never in danger of losing this game. Not to me they weren’t.

      What else do you want?

      I thought Harbaugh’s team was worse.

  95. Anthony

    I think Penix will end up being better than Mahomes is in the NFL. Mahomes wasn’t doing any of this in college and he was even more reckless with the ball. Penix was in the Heisman race, lit up this elite Texas defense, and I see him in the echelon of Burrow, Mahomes, and eventually will be in Brady’s company. He makes Mahomes look like Geno with his overall ability

    • Pran

      Don’t let Pete read this..

    • Murphy

      I, too, enjoy drinking during a football game

      • Big Mike

        Thanks. After the stress of what should have been a coast to a win by the Huskies I needed that

      • Palatypus

        I’m on my third x3 vodka Gatorade in a beer stein and I don’t say things that crazy.

    • BK26

      Mahomes played for Texas Tech. Less talent, much worse coaching. He had to do it all. Andy Reid, an offensive and qb guru, called his meeting the most impressive that he had.

      Penix plays in a VERY friendly system that helps him a lot. The Heisman is a crapshoot and means nothing in the NFL. He has to learn how to run an offense for the NFL, has injuries that might not let him have a long career, and his development hasn’t shown through too much since Indiana. Still has trouble with pressure.

      Mahomes has done things that no other qb has done. You are basically saying that “insert the air raid qb” is going to be better than the greatest talent we’ve seen.

      Penix could definitely be something, but come on. This is going to be a long offseason….

      • Peter

        He’s not wrong…

        Patrick Mahomes literally was not doing this in college.

        Unlike penix it only took mahomes 3 years to get over 11000 thousand yards, 93 tds, and 29 ints.

        Whereas penix took five years to get there.

        • Palatypus

          But, he didn’t have Andy Reid coaching him, a bridge quarterback, and an outstanding supporting cast including the next big country and western music sensation Tavis Kelce.

          • Palatypus


  96. Troy

    Ultimate winners of today, the fans. Man that was some great football to watch between Elden ring

  97. Chicagohawk

    Assessment of the game: my penix is bigger than Ewers.

  98. Jordan

    2/3 isn’t too shabby.

    My alma matar winning the Sugar Bowl to advance to the national championship; Kraken beating the defending champs in the Winter Classic.

    Aside from the Seahawks loss, a really nice combo.

  99. Vanhawksfan

    The correct 4 teams made the playoff

    • AlaskaHawk

      They should play to the BCS championship. Then sell one more game between BCS champion and Georgia. Because Georgia is better than three of those teams and it would sell more advertising. It’s all about the $$$$$$$$$$

      • Peter

        Dang Alaska!

        I was going to say something about how georgia probably doesn’t think so.

  100. Palatypus

    Bad clock management? Sure.

    But it came on the last of many lucky breaks for Texas. Let’s not forget that DeBoer has never been here before. He’s a virgin.

    Or, he was.

    The truth is, Washington should have Rick-rolled them.

    Not Rick Astley. I’m Rick James bitch!

    • Hawkdawg

      That game was closer than it should have been. I know this will not be a popular opinion among some on this site, but Penix significantly outplayed Ewers, who seemed mostly asleep for the first three quarters, and with a legitimate chance to win the game over several plays at the end, did not.

      Not exactly sure how Washington is doing what it’s doing this season, but it is quite remarkable.

      • Palatypus

        After that second TD pass, the Texas secondary was shitting their pants.

      • Peter

        Not unpopular with me.

        Neither is my guy for the seahawks. Just watched the highlights. Penix would get killed by our oline. A team that makes it a priority….could be something there.

        Ewers though….I legit see what Rob is talking about with him. And he’s still not my guy. I think he needs another season. To me there’s something very streaky going on.

        He got going today. But Texas was also helped by weird plays today.

        Now that big sloppy 60 year old man trapped in a young man’s body Will howard ( not that he isn’t athletic…he is…he just reminds me of a different era.) is staying in school I’m pretty much Rattler or Jordan Travis or bust at this point.

        • Palatypus

          But, if you could trade up/down and get Ewers in the 2nd round to sit for a year?

          • Peter

            If he sits. I just think he needs time or reps or both.

  101. Palatypus

    Does anybody here think virgin Kalen Deboer did a worse coaching job than Nick Saban?

    • IHeartTacoma

      No way. DeBoer had to overcome the awesome presence of Matthew McConaughey.

  102. Peanut

    I just want to follow a franchise chasing something, not trying to barely stay afloat.

    • Matt

      Perfect summation of how I feel.

    • 509 Chris

      You can bandwagon the 9ers. They’re truly fun to watch even if I shake my head in jealousy while doing it.

  103. McZ

    Anybody want some bags?

    I feel that way since 2016.

  104. Blitzy the Clown

    I’m a bit stunned by the criticism for Kalen DeBoer on the blog today.

    I’ve been a Huskies fan since I was a toddler. They are my original sports team. I’ve seen more Husky games live than any other team, including the Sonics (and they play 80+ games a season).

    Dude took the reins of the program last year and here they are in the national championship game, first time in 33 years.

    They physically dominated Texas such that the final score doesn’t represent how thoroughly they beat them down. Go back and read the box score stats. Especially that crucial 3rd quarter. A thinking man would see that DeBoer made key adjustments at halftime such that his team came out prepared to beat the snot out of the Longhorns.

    And after watching Harbaugh’s Wolverines make mistake after mistake but still win because they’re the better team.

    Kinda shaking my head here guys. Not sure what some of you are looking for, or if you’d be happy if you found it.

    Prove me wrong.

    • Peter

      I’ve not seen many or any Huskies fans critical of play calling.

      The comments I read critical of his playcalling seem to be from fans of other teams that are generously pulling for your team. I’m not a huskies fan and I want you all to beat Michigan. I also don’t want bad clock management or to watch your team try to run right at the wolverines dline.

      For most of the game it was pretty meh for me and huskies should have walked away easy. Ewers turned it in late but for the majority of the time I felt the huskies easily handled them and frankly made some goofy errors to let them back in.

    • Matt

      I’m not really seeing what you’re talking about. That said, the last 3 minutes of the game was truly a disaster from a coaching perspective.

      3rd and Goal: I’m fine with trying to pass for a TD, BUT coaches needed to tell MPJ, “if you don’t have a clean throw, hit the deck in bounds.” Throw away and saved a TO for Texas.

      Post Onside: Kneel the ball. There was zero reason to do anything else. Instead, they run risking a turnover and unfortunately a player gets hurt and kills the clock. Truly terrible series.

      Punt: They know Texas is trying to block the kick – long snapper runs into the returner. Just a stupid penalty that I put on coaching.

      Defensive Series to end the game: Not a ton of complaints other than you cannot allow a chunk play.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Final 3 minutes all Washington had to do was not give the ball back to Texas with enough time for them to score a TD.

        That’s it.

        Mission accomplished. Anything else is looking for problems imo

        • Peter

          Again I don’t know if Matt is a husky fan.

          But it’s not looking for problems. He just lined out problems that a lot of us saw.

          They did give them the ball back. It’s a very good win against a very good opponent.

          I think you and fellow huskies fan would have been absolutely gutted having it in your hands essentially the whole game had texas pulled it off under a minute.

      • neil

        I am not fine with them throwing on 3rd down late in the game. They were clearly playing for a field goal, all they did was save the Texans an extra time out which worked to their advantage and almost cost the Husky’s the game.

  105. Blitzy the Clown

    Coincidence that the only 2 successful DCs under Carroll (Bevell and Quinn) he inherited from the previous FO when he took the HC position?

    • Matt

      Nope. Pete is the guy who hires his friends, who are clearly inferior to him. I admire guys like Saban and Shanahan who seemingly want to be surrounded with brilliant coaching talent. Pete’s hubris is why we are here as a franchise. A low-key egomaniac.

      • Peter

        Pete doesn’t need coordinators. People in comments talking about scheme is the issue are funny.

        There is no scheme. Pete’s brand since USC is essentially we have more, better players than the other team.

        And if he doesn’t have that…..this is what you get.

  106. Denver Hawker

    Penix showed a little more last night- movement around the pocket, escapability, running (?), and also made some anticipatory throws. I wouldn’t say he had a Stroud like playoff game to change my mind about him, but definitely showed a little more than what I’ve seen this season and should be an R1 pick. Michigan should be an even tougher test.

    Ewers maybe missed the moment. Kinda got going later with some nice throws. Admittedly it was my first real full game watch of him, and I can see tools that are exciting, but I can’t see him starting on an NFL team next year. I don’t know if that’s a maturity thing or needing more pocket development. I didn’t see anything that made me say WTF, just missing some confidence perhaps.

    Odunze looks like a NFL vet, no wasted steps, late hands, over shoulder catches, body control, complete package.

    Byron Murphy stood out more than others on Texas D, excited to see some reps from him at the senior bowl

    Sweat seemed his usual explosiveness, but wasn’t sure why he was off the field so much or how often UW doubled him or ran away from him.

    Trice is an interesting prospect- like he has so many things you look for at his position and has a great motor, but I don’t see anything elite, maybe combine will show otherwise. He’s still near the top of the stack this year, but maybe an R2 guy most years.

    Curious others thoughts.

    • Elmer

      Penix put on a show and helped himself. How far, I don’t know. Odunze looks like the real deal.

    • Jabroni-DC

      Fautanu is most likely a R1 pick also. He was fantastic this game as he’s been all year.

      • Peter

        Since Odunze would be a “stupid,” pick for Seattle get me Fautanu.

        I see Sweat all over the place as a pick. From first to third still. If only we had a second…..

        • Elmer

          If they don’t re-sign Williams it will be even more stupid. Did they actually think that they were good and that Williams would put them over the top? Or has the defense quit trying.

          • Peter

            Williams will probably get 15 million next year. It’s weird because sometimes it seems like he’s one of the few trying.

            Straight up it was a stupid move by an unserious team that has almost no ability to really see what is they are or where they are at.

            If a goofy guy (me) can sit there with graph paper and pencil drinking my morning coffee and see that 5-2 against terrible teams with backups, and *elite* run defense is coming against teams like the giants and Carolina with 15 attempts is a mirage….I’m very confused as to how the people who quote/unquote know so much more about football than fans can not see this team for what it is.

            • Hawkdawg

              The very worst part of this late-stage Pete career has been his reflexive optimism about how good his team is, and how close or far it is away from contending. I’d like to think that this is not a reflection of his personal interest in squeezing in another Super Bowl before he leaves the scene, at the cost of the future of the team thereafter, but the evidence suggests that this is at least a possibility. The Adams trade is Exhibit 1, and the Williams trade is Exhibit 2. They both showed utter inability to judge what he had, or what he didn’t have. At least Williams has been decent, if not transformational, and any further money we pay him will be voluntary. But Adams….

              • Bmseattle

                It sucks, because now we are in a position where the only “smart” move is to pay Williams whatever it takes to keep him.

                As good as he is, a high cost, interior DL, in his early 30’s is not, ideally, where we’d be investing resources.

    • RomeoA57

      I was a little disappointed in Ewers last night and feel that he did hurt his draft stock. Won’t be surprised at all if he goes back to college next season.

      Penix was very impressive last night. He did surprise me with how well he moved around. A lot of beautiful throws. I still can’t ignore his season ending injuries in his first four college seasons. I beleive that his injury history will knock him down at least one round. I believe he is worthy of a First Round selection if you ignore his injuries.

      • Rob Staton

        Ewers nearly won them the game with some outstanding play at the end

        Not sure what people expect

        • Mr drucker in hooterville

          The last 4-5 plays were inexplicable. His last pass was off. Should have been near the pylon.

          • Rob Staton

            They were perfectly explicable. The first one is a terrible play-call. There’s a throw away under pressure and a play that wasn’t on which was thrown out of the end zone. The final play he throws a 1v1 that came off previously and didn’t this time. I had to laugh at the couch QB’s on Twitter saying, ‘should’ve thrown to the pylon’ right off the snap. If that isn’t the play, in that moment, doing something totally against the called throw, if it doesn’t come off — what then? It’s just wonderful hindsight and freeze frame QB-ing.

            Sark is to blame for that sequence.

            • geoff u

              If he were a real nfl seahawk quarterback though he’d have taken a sack on 4th down

    • BK26

      Personally, Penix isn’t going to sell me too much anymore. With that offense, those players, and that coach, he is going to do what he has done. I do think that he is going to push himself into round 1, if not only to get a fifth year option on him.

      The one thing that I noticed last night was the difference in skill players. Texas just can never get guys to be consistent. That includes Ewers. Wanted to see more from him.

      Odunze and Polk might be the best wide receiver duo that I’ve seen in college since Jefferson and Chase. Penix still has his same pro’s and con’s. He probably won’t be able to move the needle for me no matter what he does.

      • BA

        Same. Penix is hard to judge since he has the best o-line and receiving corps in the country to the point that like 95% of his snaps are just playing pitch and catch, especially against your typical outmatched college defenses. Nix is in a similar, through not quite as advantageous, situation at Oregon.

    • IHeartTacoma

      Ewers looked short.

      • Bmseattle

        He did look smaller in stature than i expected.
        Not just height, but his overall frame.

  107. cha

    Oct 22, 2023

    Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Clint Hurtt revealed what it takes to be successful against the run while playing a lot of nickel and dime personnel.

    • cha

      Maybe December Clint Hurtt and hop in the DeLorean and have a chat with October Clint Hurtt.

      • Elmer

        I wouldn’t blame PC for being sick and tired of these guys. You don’t hear anyone on the defense saying they will fight harder and will get better. Stick a fork in them.

    • Mick

      Well you can play whatever personnel, as long as you simply lack the power to finish a tackle, to push aside an offensive lineman and to kick someone to the ground, you can’t be successful against the run. It’s not only a matter of system, it’s a matter of how the players prepare and how they approach the games. It cannot be that just missing Mario Edwards and Jordyn Brooks changes the face of this D so much. We are still not able to draft a defensive lineman, Cam Young looks like a completely average player, we moved D. Jones around until he doesn’t know himself if he’s an edge rusher or a DI, we’re gonna lose Leonard Williams next year and we wonder what needs to be done to stop the run.

      If Pete stays, I’m putting my money on drafting an edge rusher in the first round with high chances of him not getting enough play time and ending up a bust.

    • Rob Staton

      ‘Elite run defense’


      • cha

        The local media needs to enter the transfer portal.

        • Tomas

          Ha! Well said, Cha.

  108. neil

    I see Geno doing his RW impersonation, ” We will bounce back “. How about not having to bounce back for a change, that would be nice.

    • BK26

      Bounce back to what? Barely beating these bad teams rather than losing to them?

  109. samprassultanofswat

    I have to agree. It’s time for Pete to go. The cheer, cheer,, rah, rah, go gettum boys. Is not working any more. It has fallen on deaf ears.

  110. Aceboy1974

    Thank you for the cold, hard truth Rob! It’s been a nice run with some great memories but Pete needs to go. It’s probably going to take a couple years to get back to the top of the division but sometimes fresh and exciting can overcome early losses. This current flavor of the Seahawks is no longer fresh or exciting. It’s stagnant and numbing. Fans deserve better…….

  111. Orcas Viking

    Perhaps the players on the team are, just like us thinking fans, tired of Pete (and his staff) as well. Maybe the lack of effort is not collective business decisions but is some sort of covert mutiny.

    • Wilson502

      If that’s the case then they should mail it in like the Chokers did vs LV and got Brandon Staley fired. If they want to get Pete fired then they should mail it in vs AZ.

  112. Mr drucker in hooterville

    “It’s time for Jody Allen and Bert Kolde to get their heads together and make the kind of decision that isn’t comfortable, isn’t desired but is absolutely necessary. They need a new direction for this franchise”

    Eveything you wrote, Rob, is “ no doubt” material. The big UNKNOWN is if ownership sees things this way. I think I also have become cynical of Seattle sports ownership because of the Mariners. I very much want to be proved wrong, but I see PC walking into ownership and convincing them of the opposite of the obvious.

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