Instant reaction: Seahawks stroll through San Diego

Robert Turbin had a big night vs San Diego

Russell Wilson put in possibly his best pre-season performance. The Chargers couldn’t stop him. He scrambled to extend plays, he rushed for first downs. More importantly he struck up an early connection with Percy Harvin and made use of the two starting tight ends.

It might only be pre-season but it goes to show — Wilson could and probably would be a touchdown machine on another team. He’s a natural playmaker. It’s only Seattle’s determination to make the run such a focal point (especially in the red zone) that prevents him from stacking up the points.

Harvin showed why he’s such a valuable commodity. Everywhere he lined up he drew attention. A late motion helped set up Robert Turbin’s 47-yard gain. When he moves around a defense has to react. If he’s healthy in 2014 the Seahawks offense has a chance to go to another level — even when he’s not catching or running with the ball.

As for Turbin — he surely has the edge over Christine Michael after an excellent showing here. He took advantage on the big run (kudos to Justin Britt for a superb block too) and ran with greater authority overall. Too often in the past he’s gone down after initial contact or struggled to find that second gear to make the big play. Against the Chargers he looked menacing and if he can recapture this form next week he’ll likely get the #2 job behind Marshawn Lynch.

Christine Michael didn’t have a bad game with 45 yards on eight carries. He did have a clumsy fumble for the second week in a row. This two-way battle is about fine margins and with Turbin ascending after this game, Michael needs a statement performance in week three.

The pass protection and run blocking across the board saw a big improvement. The return of James Carpenter helped. Wilson had a few broken plays where he had to scramble — but that’ll always happen. This was a reassuring performance for those concerned about the state of the O-line, especially with Russell Okung and Max Unger still to return.

It was a quiet night for the receivers. Paul Richardson didn’t have a catch and I think only had one target. Doug Baldwin just missed out on a touchdown thanks to a good defensive play and also drew a flag in the end zone. Phil Bates and Chris Matthews had one catch each. Bryan Walters impressed as a kick returner with some nice plays — even though he got away with a poor decision to field the ball at the end of the first half. It’s difficult to judge the position battle here, especially with Kevin Norwood’s expected return.

Terrelle Pryor had the most explosive play of the night — a 44-yard touchdown run. How many people with his size can make a play like that? Kaepernick? I think that’s it. He didn’t have much opportunity to flash as a passer (1/4 for 10 yards). When you see a guy with his build running so fluidly you can’t help but feel like you want to stick with him. He’s not ready to usurp Tarvaris Jackson (who didn’t play vs San Diego) but they might just find a spot on the roster to stash Pryor.

B.J. Daniels also looked sharp on a good night for Seattle quarterbacks. He also added a rushing touchdown (Seattle QB’s scored four on the night).

Defensively there were some improvements, even if certain areas need more work. Michael Bennett didn’t play but Cliff Avril gave D.J. Fluker a torrid time. O’Brien Schofield was busy, lining up in multiple looks and getting a late sack.

The second string defense still had a couple of issues. Against the Broncos they struggled against the stretch play and misdirection. Denver broke off big run after big run and San Diego had similar success early on. As Pete Carroll mentioned during the week — it’s just about getting off blocks. After a slow start they seemed to rectify the problem and shut down the run as the second half progressed.

The pass rush was hit and miss. Benson Mayowa and Mike Morgan split a sack, while Gregg Scruggs also got on the stat sheet. Kellen Clemens is more mobile than he looks and he managed to escape the rush a few times and find receivers downfield. The secondary looked a little exposed at times. Seattle is still missing some key starters at linebacker so some of the backups are acting as starters. This has to be playing a part, because the second string defense isn’t quite as smothering as it has been the last two years.

Tharold Simon had a busy night. He probably should’ve ended a drive with a pick in the end zone but he dropped the ball. Shortly after, a +100-yard pick-six was called back on an unfortunate penalty call. The drive ended in a Chargers touchdown, but I sense Simon will receive credit for his contribution. He was, at least, there to make the plays. You can see the potential, he just needs polish.

Mayowa did a great job bending around the edge for his half-sack, but I sense if it comes down to a straight shoot-out with Schofield the more experienced man will win. Schofield’s versatility and ability to impact a play stands out. Mayowa had an improved game here, but he’s still yet to match last year’s promise.

Cassius Marsh had a quiet night. That was probably to be expected after he suffered a slight knee sprain this week.

For the second week in a row, the opponent avoided Richard Sherman like the plague. Teams were willing to chance their arm against Sherman last year. He’s going to be pretty frustrated in 2014 if this continues. Byron Maxwell is going to get a ton of opportunities to make plays in a contract year.


  1. peter


    Awesome to see you having more and more reason to do write-ups! I can not believe that Texas A&M and S. Carolina are about to kick off the college world (not counting the goofy games with Eastern Washington, et al.)

    I think I’ve made my piece with Turbin, last night he reminded me a bit of the Turbin from college, who was decisive and powerful with a dash of quickness. I have nothing against C-mike, and blahblah I get he’s a SPARQ maniac, but as of now I see him as Reggie bushian in that when stretching the play outside if it works it’s going to be awesome, but until that happens Turbin’s overall game is just better right now.

    Watching Russell in the first half I was smiling thinking about the stat line, and how barring some crazy event like all the RB’s go down with injury like the freak year where the seahawks had to bring in Koren Robinson with the WR’s his stat line will always be a nearly perfect ultra crisp 21/26 220 yards 2Tds/0.2 ints per game. Sure he can put up the numbers just look at the playoff loss to Atlanta…but the question the Jaw’s’ and the Hodge’s of the world need to start asking when doing dumb comparison’s to Nick Foles.(.talk a bout a good gravy moment if there has been one recently…I mean Nick fole’s? Really Jaws? Really..let’s get the guy some game tape first before we start talking that dinosaur pocket passer jive)…is why. why on earth does or does not putting up 300 yds matter, it’s pretty clear that Russell can drop dimes all over the field at will and simply does not need to.

    Anyways here’s to more great writing from you this year…some unknown sleepers from the college ranks….dumb sometimes fun battles about how so and so is a better DE then so and so…mixed in with just a dose of neener neener I’m right wrong to keep it interesting.

  2. James

    – so good no one dares enter: Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas (Kam just as good, but since he plays the middle-up, they have to enter his territory)

    – playing on another plane: Russell Wilson, Percy Harvin, Cliff Avril, Michael Bennett

    – can’t see cutting either one of these guys: O.B. Schofield, Benson Mayowa (just have to carry Toomer on the PUP so you can keep both Leo’s)

    – how do you defend Percy Harvin on a wheel screen and stop Beast up the middle at the same time? answer: you don’t, which is how you win another Super Bowl

    – only two real worries about this team: 1) keep the key guys healthy; and 2) the O line. Upon a second viewing of the game last night, Carp and Sweezy were dominant, won their match-ups virtually every single time, moved the D line backwards…. and Britt played well, he is already very good in the run game, he just engulfed Melvin Ingram and caves in the DT, he just needs work on his pass pro technique, since he is so raw from his college spread offense….he is definitely going to start ahead of Winston.

    – and Tharold Simon, on the hoof, looks like the real deal…. the LoB just gets stronger and stronger.

  3. AlaskaHawk

    Loved watching the game last night — we are back!

    I don’t think we are anywhere close to declaring a winner between Turbin and CMike. Turbin had more carries and looked great. CMike less carries but is still statistically getting more yards per carry. Fumble wise no one holds on to the ball when a helmet hits it, plus Turbin was fumble prone last season. Best scenario is that both prove to be valuable backups.

    Wilson with 11 for 13 passes was his usual quietly successful self. That Baldwin catch and hit in the back, last year would have been called for hitting a defenseless receiver. Come on refs, you need to protect players in pre season.

    That 5th or 6th receiver will have to be determined in practice as they aren’t getting many passes during the game. I have hopes that Norwood recovers soon- I want to see him play.

    Defensively we looked a lot better then last week. The line was penetrating, shofield stood out for me. Linebacking was a mess as would be expected with a bunch of second and soon to be cut players. They were missing tackles and slow to cover receivers. Secondary looked good. Loved the early on Johnson blitz, he played well. So did Simon and we all know the pass interference call was bogus.

    Go hawks!

  4. Bjammin

    Cheers rob. And how bout that crowd? Sounded and felt, on tv, like a regular season atmosphere. Kept shaking my head that it was just a preseason game. That Percy Effect is certainly real and should help our whole offense particularly the te’s get some easy chunk plays like they did last night. This offense is going to be as fun as the d is this year. Hopefully.

    Turbin surprised me this game. Russell and the coaches have been talking him up from his offseason and practices. Didn’t see it until last night. Though I want to see more before I’m convinced. All 3 rb’s might see a mix of carries, cutter, fastball, change-up. Sounds good to me with lynch still being the main stud.

  5. Steve Nelsen

    I woke up this morning smiling. Now that is more like it.

    The Hawks still had several key players out and they were keeping things vanilla since we play San Diego in the regular season but they dominated a playoff caliber team both offensively and defensively.

    Game notes:
    I was open to letting Earl Thomas return punts (let your playmakers make plays) but not any more. He did not look comfortable.

    The Pryor/T-Jack battle looks like it will go through Week 4 of the preseason. I favor T-Jack but I can really see them keeping both. Pryor has the “unique athletic ability” that Carroll loves. He made his TD run look easy.

    Speed kills. RBs, WRs, DBs, LBs, even QBs. Seattle’s team speed has to be the best in the NFL.

    Gary Gilliam looked good enough to make the roster. So did Brock Coyle.

    Tharold Simon looked really good. They played him outside and in the slot which tells me that Lane is in a battle for the starting nickle CB role.

    I had Winston pegged to be the starting RT as soon as Seattle signed him but Britt has continued to improve. I would not be surprised to see Britt start again next week. And I would not be surprised to see him start Week One.

    Add Carpenter and Sweezy to the list of veterans whose contracts are up next year and we will want to keep. The Hawks will roll over about $10 million from this year to next but that won’t be enough for Avril, Maxwell, Wright, Smith, maybe Wagner, Carpenter, Sweezy… Oh yeah, and Russell Wilson.

    • Arias

      I still think it only makes sense to re-sign Carp if the contract is a heavily incentive laden one, regardless of how well he performs this year he hasn’t been exactly dependable over his 4 year stretch. Definitely want to avoid Bowie redux when he’s not in a contract year. If he does have a lights out pro bowl caliber year this year he’ll have options though and might not be willing to agree when some team will guarantee it to him up front.

  6. Colin

    I guess everyone has climbed off the ledge. Good to see. Much better showing last night.

    Pretty evident the staff wanted to get Michael and Turbin carries. Little emphasis on the passing game overall.

    The Turbin run and the Zach Miller catch get me excited to think of what this team is capable of when they start scheming it up.

  7. Rory

    Does anyone think mayowa looks a little too big? i recall hearing that he bulked up a bit in the offseason, but maybe he shouldn’t have, he looks less explosive than he did last year. Also, he seemed to get tired down the stretch and get washed out on runs easily.

    • CC

      Benson had one notable play, but seemed blocked or a little off his game. I have always liked Obi – and right now, he seems to be playing faster than Benson. Tough to lose either of those guys, but right now, I’m taking Obi – he is getting to the QB.

      • Darnell

        Benson was better this week.

        Last week he seemed to slip on that crappy Denver field every time he dipped turning the edge.

  8. CC

    This was a fun game to watch because it seemed like the team was back to its old self. With the first team out there, they only had one penalty – which was huge. The passing game looked good and had so many options. Exactly what we needed in several games last year when we seemed stymied.

    Now, Pryor’s run was pretty cool! I think the team was a bit sloppy when he got in there, but he did move the team. He isn’t going to be the passer RW is – but he sure is fast. I realize that Tjack is the safer backup, but I really want them to keep Pryor. One reason is because I’m sure SF will pick him up if we cut him. He won some big games in college and made plays. And while I love what Tjack has done, I don’t think he can win big games if needed.

    Turbin played great! Michael may get some carries, but Turbo is the back up for me. I would like to see Winston play with the first string next week for a bit to see if he can play better than Britt. Britt may be the future, but I was concerned for RW’s safety for a few plays there

    Right now if Norwood comes back, I think if we keep 6 WRs it is between Lockette and Walters. I keep looking for Bates – but the special teams efforts by those guys will keep them on the roster.

    • Jeff's

      As long as Michael has fumbling issues he should be third string. But from a running perspective, he is superior to turbo, including that game. It’s hard not to like turbo personally. He comes off in his interviews as a great guy

  9. Jeremy

    Personally I thought Simon played like crap. The flag on his pick 6 was bogus, but other than that he was beaten over and over……it was sad. I see the potential, but he needs to do better.

    I really think Coyle takes over for Farwell this year. This is the year Farwell gets cut. It also wouldn’t surprise me if they hire Farwell as a special teams assistant.

  10. Mylegacy

    Random thoughts in no particular order…

    Bailey – big , strong, slow, real slow…if he is needed for a prolonged period of time…yikes.

    Britt – Close to being ready for prime time – but still flawed. However, very fast and can recover from his mistakes.

    Mebane – I’m falling in love with the guy. Later last year he seemed to be getting much more penetration that he had been getting – clearly, this is keeping up this year. A bull in the middle – even more fun watching than a bull in a china shop.

    Wilson – the guy is so smooth Gillette should use him to sell razors.

    Pryor – big beautiful stallion. However, he’s light years away from being an all-round NHL QB. However, the upside is so firkin interesting.

    Daniels – shifty, talented. I see this guy playing a few years in the CFL and comming back to the NFL as the next Doug Flutie.

    Avril – fast, fabulously fast.

    Coyle – clearly got that something – but will need a couple of years of learning to become a Wagner. But – he might just actually make it.

    Lockette – I love the guy. Can we afford to lose Falwell and Lockette off special teams? Bates and Norwood both look like keepers.

    Turbin – FINALLY a long run that wasn’t called back by a penalty. Between he and Michael the winner will be he who can protect Russell while also being able to rush well with ball safety a priority. At this point Turbo is ahead.

    Willson – becoming someone who seriously needs to be defended. Another quality quiver in an ever growing arsenal.

    Schofield – cannot be beat out – on talent or effectiveness – by Mayowa at this point. O’Brien is a clear difference maker. If Mayowa is kept on the 53 man roster it’ll have to be because of his up-side not his present production or ability – when compared to Mr. S.

    Farwell – we won last year because we were 53 man deep strong. Farwell was a big part of that. Pierre-Louis and Coyle however will not be denied – they both make the final cut over Heath. Sad to lose a winner but happy to see some exceptionally talented new bood too.

    Simon – my oh my. Billion dollar skills being directed by a not ready for prime time football IQ. However, he wil become something very, very, special.

    Bates, Norwood and Walters… can we afford to keep any? Bates might become very special, Norwood will become something special. Walters can fearlessly return punts and actually deliver on Special Teams now. Something’s got to give…

    Gilliam – WOW – I like this big guy. 6′ 6″ 308 pounds of quick (real quick) smooth (real smooth) offensive tackle. I have a real good feeling about this guy. Big men who move like him are rare. Somehow, we have to find a way to keep him until he becomes what he looks (to me) to be able to become.

    Marsh – he’s the final piece. Avril, Bennett, Schofield and Marsh. The four serious pass rushers we need.

    Pierre-Louis – green as grass, fast as stink, powerful, potential oozing from every pore. We either keep him on the 53 or hide him under a wharf near the Alaskan Way.

    A.J. Jefferson – from what little I’ve seen of him – I’m seriously impressed. Fantastic depth who can be plugged in on any day at any time.

    • Arias

      I like Gilliam too, you can tell he was a college tight end. Makes up for the Garrett Scott miss to be able to nab him as a UDFA. As far as Bailey, I’m wondering if his lack of quickness has to do with not taking his off season conditioning seriously and also showing up seriously bloated for camp.

      Guys that show up for camp overweight make it that much harder on themselves. The time to shed the pounds is during the off season when you don’t have to worry about sustaining performance either. Once you get to camp, losing weight while being able to perform at an optimum level is a much trickier balancing act. If you’re a bubble player, you’re just playing with fire showing up to camp overweight. Letting his weight balloon for a 2nd year guy, I think Bailey got a little too complacent about his security with the team. Bowie had better reason since he played in 8 games. But with the spot duty Bailey last year, he shouldn’t have seen himself as anything but fighting for a job this year. If our line depth wasn’t so thin, he’d be much more questionable if it came down to him or Gilliam or Hauptmann.

      • Mylegacy

        Arias, on Bailey – Imagine, you or I were him. We’ve just come off a SB win – we’d BOTH be excited and would have spent the off-season working like devils to get even stronger, faster and studying tape like crazy. Bailey (like Bowie) both are showing disrespect to the team and MOST important to their teammates who DID work their butts off all winter to bet ready to repeat in 2014.

        If I was the Carroll – Baily would only make the team as a back up this year – IF – I was satisfied that he clearly understood that his behavior off-season had been unacceptable – and – if I truly believed he intended to mend his ways. OR – if despite my concerns he was still the best option. But in that case he’d be walking on very thin ice indeed.

        • Arias

          My thoughts exactly. As pissed as the coaches were at Bowie, they couldn’t have been thrilled about Bailey either. I read that while Bailey had worked his way back into the good graces of the coaches Bowie had not, but that might have just been from sheer virtue of not getting a season ending injury when trying to play his out-of-shape self on the first play of camp. Not only that, Bowie had known all off season that the right tackle spot was his to lose, and he needed to come to camp ready to own it outright. That should have motivated him to come to camp in shape and break his balls to secure that starting job. It was obvious he really didn’t want it that bad or must have thought it was in the bag.

          Bailey has still got to be a disappointment because the kid was a DL convert, he’s still got a ton to learn and reps to take to get to where he needs to be. He should have taken his need to learn a new position group more seriously. He seems to lack JR Sweezy’s work ethic, as Sweezy finally looks poised this year to blossom into a quality guard showing up to camp adding 15 pounds of muscle and in great shape. I’m not sure we can ever expect that sort of dedication from Bailey.

          • Ben2

            Bailey came out of Arkansas after mostly playing guard, I believe. It was the fat Rabbit who was the other DL convert I think.

    • Brianhut

      I especially agree on Schofield. I’m sure PC / JS remember the Falcons game. That kind of insurance is FAR mor valuable than the sixth WR / sixth LB / fifth RB spot. Can’t imagine he doesn’t make the roster. And he is most certainly well ahead of Mayowa in terms of value to the team.

  11. Hay stacker509

    Does any one know when the first round of cuts is coming?

    • PatrickH

      August 26th (by 4Pm EST)

      • Hay stacker509


  12. PatrickH

    The Green Bay Packers are going to be tough in the first game of the season. I am watching the Packers – Rams preseason game right now (playing in St. Louis), and Aaron Rodgers and co. have shredded the Rams 1st-string defense. The talented St. Louis D-line looked helpless out there.

    • Colin

      It is a preseason game- let’s not get too carried away. St. Louis has a very talented defensive line and just because they are not super effective now doesn’t mean they won’t be later.

      And just because GB is great now is no guarantee they’ll be good later.

    • Arias

      I see Green Bay as a formidable opponent too, and jumping straight into it on a Thursday night season opener on national TV will let it get off with a banging playoff atmosphere.

      We watched how Manning kept throwing to DT on Maxwell in that opening drive last week. Sure the defense was vanilla and un-schemed, but throw the more versatile Rodgers back there instead of Manning and his two legitimate targets of Nelson and Cobb and it would be much the same, except Rodgers has deep ball potential they’d have to respect that Manning doesn’t as much at this stage in his career. Excited to see whether Rodgers will test Sherman, as I could see him taking the risk … at least until the first pick 6. 🙂 So long as the team can bring it with the pass rush I don’t see that it will be a challenge to keep Rodgers contained, but if not, it could be a long day.

  13. EranUngar

    It’s been a fun game to watch indeed.

    OL – Yes, they looked much better with Carp in there. Carp and Sweezy should have a big impact this year – both reaching thier prime experience wise and are in better physical shape.(Carp down 20 pounds and Sweezy up 15 pound of good wieght) Still, the Chargers have a very poor D and they are far from a proper measuring stick for OL performance.

    2nd stringers against the run – With the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th Linebackers out – it’s actually the 3rd stringers that failed to plug the holes. Most wont be here in September.

    Recievers – During the draft i kept asking for J. Matthews but what do i know right? Then he gets 9 catches on his 2nd game and i feel like kicking someone. I love Richardson so far so maybe that will ease the pain…still…

    Bennett was missed on that game. With him the pressure would be doubled. He opens Avril or Avril opens him. Together they are scary. With both in – Obi should enjoy less attention.

    Keep in mind, we still had 6 out of 22 starters on the bench and the beast practically benched.

    After 2 preseason games it’s time to bench Sherman. The quaterbacks don’t even look to thier right anymore…it’s a waste of practice time.

    Earl misses Kam. He is used to hunting the survivors outside Kam’s kill zone. It’s not the same without Kam.

    Can’t wait to see the Bears facing an almost full healthy roster.

    • bigDhawk

      The thing about J. Matthews is we already have several of his clones on the team – Kearse, Bates, (and Norwood after the fact). What we didn’t have (and what Philly no longer has since ridding themselves of D. Jackson) is guillotine player like Richardson. Yeah, JMat will get targets and catches, but a lot of that is the scheme they run. Any of the JMat clones currently on our roster would enjoy similar success in that system. It may take a little time, but Richardson will become a weapon for us like DJack was for Philly, but with the nuclear warhead of Harvin attached. Health permitting, it will be a force unlike anything NFL defenses have had to reckon with in a long time.

    • Arias

      If it’s even a tiny consolation I’m convinced that had Richardson been gone the team would have selected Matthews if he had been there. When fielding questions immediately following the draft and in radio interviews afterwards, when asked about Richardson and whether he might have been available at 64 or later if the team had not traded back to 8 then again to 13 before taking him he kept bringing Matthews name up, albeit indirectly, about the run on receivers that they felt compelled to take Richardson at 13 in the 2nd round.

      But Matthews went before Richardson, they could have nabbed him with the 8th pick in the 2nd before trading back to 13, but I think Richardson was their #1 receiving target all along but that Matthews probably headed the ‘best of the rest’ consolation prize on the next tier for them. With Matthews off the board they decided to take their top prize at the spot while they could and he was still there.

      • EranUngar

        I also think Richardson may be all we ever wanted and needed.

        I do not see myself as a draft expert, far from it. I saw something special in Matthews and kept bringing him up in here just to be told he is a mediocre college receiver not worthy of the high standards set for a Seahawks receiver. I stopped beating that drum after a few times and decide to “agree to disagree”.

        I made it a point to check afterwards how he does compared to Latimer and others just to see if I was wrong about him. I still think he will have a big impact on this league for years to come and his mentality is truly hawkish.

        I can understand why they picked Richardson and created the fastest show on turf. With the bigger physical corners becoming the norm – speedy smaller receivers will have the extra speed to separate and force the safeties to stay behind. It’s hard to stack the box with rockets flying behind it. Add to it having to dedicate manpower to mirroring the QB and protecting read option plays and something will be open.

        • Steve Nelsen

          Jordan Matthews ended up in a perfect spot for him. He should fill up the stat sheet in that offense. I see him as more “Seahawky” now because he was a team captain at Vanderbilt. He reminds me of a taller Doug Baldwin. He is a good receiver but the Hawks were fortunate to get a similar player in Kevin Norwood later in the draft.

          Draft Matthews for your fantasy team and enjoy.

          • WBeyer

            Late to the JM praise party but Hawks fan who went to Vandy and all of his games. I have 100% certainty Jordan Matthews will be on SC Top 10 for some clutch toe-tap 4Q catch within the year. It’s hard for a WR like him who’s not some x-factor Harvin-type to be an entire offense, but he was by just making every single catch. Taller Doug is a great description.
            Very sad we didn’t get him, but I’m liking Richardson more and more. Interested to see how they integrate him into this unique WR corps during the year.

  14. dave crockett

    It’s funny how intuitively it seems that RW could be a “touchdown machine” in another offense. But he’s only one of three payers to have 50+ touchdowns in his first two seasons. (I was re-watching the Giants game last night, and they mentioned that.) He’s on that list with Dan Marino and Peyton Manning. In other words, he’s already a touchdown machine.

    I mention that because it may be high time for ALL of us to think about how RW is the perfect fit for this offense. It’s clear that RW’s critics, like Jaws, don’t get it. This offense (and personnel) doesn’t protect him as much as accentuate his skills while downplaying his negatives (e.g., holding onto the ball and occasional problems with vision). At the same time, I think that his biggest fans often miss how a different, more supposedly QB-centric offense, would rob him of a lot of his big plays. Many of those offense are geared toward RAC and RW would be required to get the ball out of his hands much more quickly. The Bevell/Cable offense is simultaneously conservative AND high-risk. The plays are quite traditional but the offensive strategy is predicated on the big play. (By contrast, Chip Kelly’s stuff is non-traditional but predicated on safer, low-risk plays. They throw a lot of screens and shallow crosses.)

    This marriage between Pete Carroll, Cable, and Bevell is an odd one. The most comparable marriage in some ways is early John Elway with Dan Reeves. (Only Reeves never got the dominant run game he always wanted). )

    • Arias

      I think he’d be successful in any offense and would be able to handle whatever coaches wanted him to do. I think he’d be outstanding in Kelly’s offense that’s already suited to many of his strengths. They do the designed rollouts to help with his vision, but I expect we’ll see a big leap in his growth this year in that area by trusting his receivers enough to throw before their breaks like Brees did as he evolved, and learning to climb the pocket and not bail early. I think the latter was seriously hampered last year by the shoddy offensive line play that negatively affected his development.

  15. James

    Let the roster carnage begin:

    – keep Tyrelle Pryor as the 3d QB, so he doesn’t go to Santa Clara, but he is a FA after this season, and wants to sign somewhere he can compete for the starting job, so you are going to lose him anyway after this year, so what have you gained?

    – keep Bates and Lockette at WR, but only by placing Norwood on the IR-designated return list, and don’t be surprised if Pete shocks the world and keeps Walters instead, because he is the most reliable punt returner, and ends the crazy talk of having ET or Sherm do it.

    – keep 8 DBs means to drop Jefferson, keep Jefferson and you can only keep 6 LBs.

    – keep 6 LBs means you can keep only 2 of Coyle, KPL, Farwell or Morgan… so who do you cut? (this assumes Toomer on PUP, and we know that neither Coyle nor KPL would make it through to the practice squad)

    – 9 DLs is the max, so you can only keep 1 of Schofield or Mayowa… so who do you cut?

    – keep 3 QBs and you can only keep 9 OLs, so you can only keep 2 of Winston, Gilliam, Schilling or Hauptmann…. so who do you cut? (note: LTs are more rare than hen’s teeth, and Gilliam will be looted off the waiver wire, so think twice before you cut him)

    • Arias

      I’d still like to see Pryor win the 2nd spot outright. Yeah it’s a tough that he’s gone after this year probably, unless he can be convinced to stay to get more seasoning by signing a one year contract because he doesn’t feel he’s ready. But if he’s gone after this year, then sign tjack as a free agent or bj daniels if he’s still hanging around.

      I think it’s probably going to come down to Bates or Lockette being the odd man out. If healthy I’d rather see Norwood out there getting experience and in sync with Wilson. He looked great before the injury. Even if he goes to the short IR someone would have to go eventually anyway when he returns.

      As starved as they are for quality offensive lineman they can’t risk PSing Gilliam. Schilling is history imo, he hasn’t been that sharp. Hauptmann is someone they might want to keep on the PS.

      Why not 7 DBs so they can keep Jefferson and Gilliam?

      • James

        – I agree that Hauptmann would be more likely to clear waivers to the PS than Gilliam. An undersized OG seems unlikely to land on another team’s 53 man roster; but Gilliam has enough athletic promise at LT to be worth a gamble for the Hawks or another team. Both Bailey and Jean-Pierre can back up at OG, so Pete and John might go with Gilliam and Winston as the final two for the 9 OLs on the roster. Gilliam would be stashed until next year and never get off the inactive list (see Mayowa last season).

        – Pryor was interviewed this past week and clearly expressed his desire to compete for a starting job, so I believe he will ultimately sign next spring with one of those QB-bereft teams and take his shot. He is actually an even better fit with Santa Clara than with Seattle… with the 9’ers he would be a poor man’s Kap, lots of QB draws and a simplistic passing game that doesn’t require progressions. The bay-area babies would love to have him and would claim him in an instant…but wouldn’t he have to fall past the lesser teams with first dibs? A trade would be the ideal scenario for the Hawks.

        – Bates has not shown enough thus far that would get him on the active roster, and it makes no sense to carry him just to sit inactive every game, especially with Norwood next up in the pecking order. I believe the WRs will be Lockette and Walters, due to special teams, at least until Norwood returns.

        – today Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times projected the Hawks keeping Pryor at the expense of Spencer Ware! I seriously doubt that…. with Beast Mode likely gone next season, Ware has too much value. He also projected the release of AJ Jefferson so the Hawks can keep 10 DL, but said it would be D’Anthony Smith and not Mayowa…. don’t agree with that one either. Leo’s are too difficult to find, and although Mayowa hasn’t flashed thus far, we have often heard about how much the Seahawks like his potential to release a Leo, especially with Avril a FA after this season…. though I still think Mayowa is losing out to Schofield at the moment, and if they only keep one of them, it will be O.B. Condotta projects both Irvin and Toomer to stay on the PUP so the Hawks can keep Morgan, Coyle, and KPL. Toomer yes, but I believe Irvin will be activated for Green Bay, which will cost Morgan, Coyle or KPL a spot on the roster….. this would be a good time for KPL to come down with a sore back.

        • Arias

          Everything I’ve read about Bates was indicating he was having an outstanding camp and had flashed quite a bit. Not sure why he didn’t see action last game, but that’s why I was thinking it’d come down to Bates vs Walters and whether Walters return skills will be valued more highly than Bates being a better receiver.

          On the flip side, everything I’ve read about Spencer Ware has been that he’s had a pretty poor camp and has been putting balls on the field. I just don’t see how they’d keep him and wouldn’t be surprised to see him gone after the first round of cuts. He’s not even being considered as a fullback anymore, and that was his primary means to make the team last year. Now he’s competing with Turbin and Michael as a primary back and he’s just not in their class. I just don’t see them keeping a 4th string halfback on the roster at the expense of a guy with a higher ceiling like Pryor.

          • Robert

            PC has raved about Bates in practice and has said that is a big factor in addition to the on field performances of pre-season games. Bates would make a great red zone target because he has huge hands and is great at blocking out defenders with his large body. RW is pulling for him.
            Gilliam is an amazing find. His upside is through the roof! He could be our starting LT next year!
            I hope we can trade Pryor for a 5th or 6th. There is no room on this roster for him because he will be a FA next year and wants to be a starting QB.
            DL depth players have been uninspiring…

            • Arias

              Yep, from everything I’ve read Bates has taken his game to another level this camp and is making the competition really fierce for that last wide receiver slot.

              It seems like Bates vs Lockette vs Walters. Walters sounds like he’d make it primarily for his return skills, but if they had a designated returner like that who would be the casualty? If Bates and Lockette are tied I have to imagine Bates will get the nod for being younger. Then again, Lockette brings it on special teams too. I think this is the biggest battle shaping up in camp and it will go down to the wire.

              Yeah I really hope they keep Gilliam and give him some seasoning this year on the active roster if/when Okung gets injured. Okung’s cap number freeing up could really be useful seeing how Wilson’s contract is seriously going to cramp their flexibility moving forward and they’ll need to think about Avril, Mebane, Wags, Wright. Even if Gilliam isn’t as good as Okung at his best, if he can be relied on to play 16 regular season games a year I think that would make up for it and at a fraction of the cost.

        • Jeff C

          Is Ware such a rare player that the team can’t live without him? Especially if he isn’t showing much?

      • EranUngar

        I have a feeling we might see an “injury” or two happening till the 53 men cut enabling us to divert one or two players to IR rather then losing them. I’m not saying those will be fake injuries but players get hit and banged all the time and who’s to say how serious it is.

        As for the return from short IR designation – It’s again up to the team and other players will get injured during the season so we can hope it works out.

        • Robert

          I would like to see Horace Miller get a red shirt year via injury. His athleticism is insane and he hits like a truck (in college).

    • Brianhut

      Keeping Tyrell Pryor away from SF for only this season makes no sense. Sign him for two years and maybe it starts to. And he’s still not a superior backup QB to TJ. The QB’s primary job is still to throw the ball in this offense.

      Of the bubble players you have listed, I’d order them in importance for this and future seasons as:

      1. Schofield. And WAY higher than all the rest listed here. (the insurance we need to not have another Falcons game type disaster if Avril goes down)
      2. Norwood (more future than present but his value is so high in future terms)
      3. Morgan (best and most polished of the bubble LB’s)
      4. Jefferson (fills out that last corner spot)
      5. KPL(future at LB, barring injuries expect him to not be activated for a single game)
      6. Mayowa (disappointing so far but provides pass rush insurance)
      7. Pryor (I’ll take him starting over Kap any day; let’s hope it happens)
      8. Bates / Walters / Lockette (ghost roster players you can cut and at least one or two will still be available if needed).

      • Arias

        You’d take Pryor starting over Kap? That’s insane.

        • Brianhut

          Starting over Kap AGAINST us. Meaning if SF picked up Pryor and Kaepernick also gets hurt and so then they start Pryor when we play them, I’d rather play SF led by Pryor than by Kaepernick.

          The prospect of SF picking up Pryor doesn’t scare me. And seems a silly reason to keep him on our roster. I didn’t state that very clearly.

      • Robert

        If we cut Pryor, someone will nab him before 9ers get a chance.
        Jefferson looks good at slot CB and was good at returning punts in college. Surprised he’s not comPETEing for that job. His SPARQ is huge. Short arms compared to Thurmond.

  16. The lump

    It’s going to be awesome when they break out the Harvin & Richardson reverse / double reverse. Talk about spreading out the field…

  17. red

    We could probably flip Pryor for a fifth rounder in next years draft if need be. I would like to pup Norwood to start the season for insurance on any injuries to receiving corp after 6 weeks bring him in cut Walters if he cant cut it as the return guy. I think the Seahawks will also be looking at the cut list from other teams DBs there might be someone they like better than Jefferson who does not make a 53 man roster. Guys you need to make an impression next Toomer if he plays, and Bates lot of hype around Bates but does not show up so much in these games. I also like some of these PS type of TE in Allen and Presley if we can hide one of these guys and develop them maybe we don’t need to draft TE high in next years draft.

    • Colin

      How could you flip Pryor for a 5th if you gave up a 7th to get him?

      • red

        Does not matter what you gave to get him. Injuries and backups not producing in preseason for other teams could make him more valuable if he gets cut he will get picked up fast. Also is a free agent next year probably sign for a 4-5 mil next year which would probably get you 4th or 5TH round compensation pick anyway.

        • Arias

          In theory it’s possible, but in practice what starting QBs have been lost for the season that would make Pryor more valuable to them that they’d trade a 5th for him? I don’t see a trading partner out there that fits that scenario yet, nor do I think it’s likely. The team trading for him would have to think Pryor is an upgrade over their backup, one that might be signed long term. Pryor so far in preseason has been ok, above average but not outstanding. There’s more interest in Eagles backup Mark Sanchez right now who has had a lights out preseason so far as a possible trade target for teams. Pryor, not so much.

          Compensation pick is more likely at this point imo.

          • red

            Houston Texans starting QB is Fitspatrick and Keenum is lucky to be on a roster. They are not really developing anybody could hedge against drafting a QB in the fist round next year by picking up Pryor. Plus there is two more weeks for guys to go down. Ethier way Pryor was a nice pickup for a 7TH, Best case scenario is makes the team helps us win and we get draft pick compensation when he becomes UDFA. Two years ago we got a Fifth for Flynn with 2 years control and 13 mil cap hit over the two years.

            • Arias

              Yeah that’s true on Flynn but he was still a relative unknown at that point, and had only had the brilliant starts for Green Bay to judge him from. Pryor is a more known commodity where teams know they wouldn’t be getting a polished passer from the pocket and instead a guy that they’d have to develop, and when he’s in his contract year and could walk next year that wouldn’t be very enticing. I think Sanchez would have to be the #1 target for anyone looking to trade for a current backup.

              The only teams needing a backup QB right now that I see are SF and Buffalo. Obviously SF is a no go, and my guess is that Buffalo would want a different type of backup for EJ, like a more reliable vet that could give some guidance to their sophomore QB, rather than someone to directly compete with him that needs to figure out how to throw too. That’s why they traded for TJack last year, I think the experienced vet would be what they want.

        • Arias

          Also, Jefferson’s play in preseason has been excellent, I’m not sure why they’d be scanning roster cuts to look for an upgrade over him any more than they’d be doing for any other position.

    • Robert

      IF Pryor makes the 53, we lose team control before next year’s draft. He will be a FA.

    • Steve Nelsen

      I have been considering Pryor’s contract status (in the final year of his deal) as a disincentive to keeping him but the more I think about it, the more I wonder if it isn’t an incentive. We will get a compensation pick if he signs somewhere else as a free agent next year. That pick will be at least a 7th but could be as high as a 3rd depending on his contract. The compensation picks we get from losing free agents are no doubt a part of John Schneider’s plan to restock the roster in the future. It makes more sense if you think of the whole process: trade a 7th round pick for an inexpensive reserve with unique athletic ability who will create competition for backup QB and add value to the scout team. Train him up and give him a chance to show his ability to other teams and then a year later get maybe a 4th round pick. At worst you get back the 7th rounder you gave up.

      Bottom line, cutting Pryor means giving up a compensation pick but cutting the other players we have been mentioning does not. That is an incentive to keep

      • xo 1

        Nice take. The reasoning is sound. Particularly given the wage scale of QBs is substantially higher than other positions, this makes some sense. I don’t think it drives the decision but it certainly could be a factor if the decision is split. It would be sweet if T Jack could be shipped out for a late round draft pick this year and then Pryor brings back a mid-round compensation pick.

  18. Glor

    I felt a little dirty watching this game. Wilson in there the entire 1st half with the ones running up the score when Rivers only played one series.. I really don’t get this preseason and why we are playing him so much. Also, ET didn’t look good on the punts, we need to stop the dumb experiment.

    • CC

      Agree with you on ET – he may want to return punts, but I didn’t see anything there to warrant him taking a big hit. Someone else has to step up.

  19. James

    The Pete-speak at today’s presser after practice tells me that Walters is almost certain to be the punt returner (thank goodness). That means Lockette and Bates are battling for the final WR slot, assuming Norwood goes on IR-designated for return.

    • Arias

      Yeah I got the impression listening to his radio interview that Walters has the edge on Thomas at this moment after he said Earl still had to earn the job and said some nice things about Walters. But I didn’t get the impression that Walters had it all but wrapped up. Maybe he was more emphatic and clear in the presser you heard.

  20. CC

    So one of these NFL guy said that the practice squad could go from 8 to 10 players – I know they can be signed by any team, but have to be kept on the roster, but that may help Seattle a lot

    • James

      Agreed. The Hawks have the best collection of talent in the league. Even if several of our guys don’t clear waivers, there will still be some good players to hold on to. I can promise you that our #9 and #10 practice squad guys will be better than anyone else’s.

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