Instant reaction stream: What was that?


  1. Seahawkward

    This is exactly what you were praying for with that agent article. Hope you’re happy.

    • Seahawkward

      GENO ARTICLE. Rob willed this game into existence. I’m not saying his overall desires ar wrong. But this game is exactly what he wanted. Don’t let him tell you otherwise for a second.

      • Patrick_in_orlando

        What is wrong with you dude? Rob is a fan first and foremost. You’re kidding yourself if you think Rob wanted any of this to happen. And why are you even on this blog if you think this is what Rob wanted? Come on man, grieve the loss like an adult.

      • BK26

        I hate to tell you…but that’s not how football works. You don’t “will” anything. If you’re at all surprised by the game, then maybe you’re just new to football.

        Is that really what you came to the page for?

        • geoff u

          Or is it? And all we need is for Rob to write an article on how Geno will have an MVP season and we’ll Super Bowl and BOOM! it happens?

          • BK26

            At this point, could it make it any worse? Haha

      • Hawkdawg

        Well, this is as clueless as anything I’ve seen on these pages, if it’s serious. But I can’t believe it’s serious.

      • Chris

        You strike me as the type of fellow that writes angry emails to the local weatherman every time it rains.

    • LouCityHawk

      That was a mediocre Geno Rob was worried about. This was an awful Geno. The type who everyone thought he would be last year.

    • BruceN

      The guy stays up until the middle of the night on a different continent to watch this team and he runs a blog (and spends a ton of time) following this team with little financial reward and he does all that because he wants them to lose? Did I get that right? Take deep breath. Not a good look.

  2. Seahawkward

    *Geno article

    • Sean

      Absolutely embarrassing performance. Not really sure what to say much more than that.
      Defence terrible as expected but how bad was that apparently loaded offense in the second half?

  3. STTBM

    There is no excuse for having Clint Hurtt as your DC. Carrol deserves to be fired for that alone. 3 yards in the second half is all Waldron can manage?! That has to be a record for futility…

    Where are all the jerks who thought it was ok to have only 2 guys over 300 lbs on the team?!

    No pass rush at all. Nwosu is a stud, but they refused to have him pass rush. What a waste…

    • geoff u

      There was no excuse for Norton Jr either after how bad he was with the Raiders as DC, but we kept him for 4 years of bad defenses

  4. Big Mike

    For anyone who cares about watching quality football Chargers and Dolphins are going down to The Wire on CBS

    • Big Mike

      And the bonus is Kevin Harlan’s doing play-by-play

    • Elmer

      Has Pop Warner ball started up yet? Rather watch that.

  5. L80

    It looked like every game we play vs. the Rams.

    And it also looks like that vaunted, loaded offense, is a load all right, but the brown kind.

    • Palatypus

      No, I’m pretty sure it’s green.

  6. 12th chuck

    Pete Carrol answers to nobody. What a shame

    • Big Mike

      You are correct and what does absolute power do?

      • Lord Snow

        I feel like once again Pete Carroll has stolen 3 hours of my life. The mistake is mine the fault is mine I’m getting to the point where as a fan I’m not going to give any more chances and I’m not going to watch the advertisements buy the jerseys purchase the jackets the blankets the hats Etc. Cue Russell Crowe are you not entertained? No no I’m not

      • Roy Batty

        But the culture🤣

  7. Ukhawk

    The wait was so not worth it… All I can say is “Ouch, like a kick in the nuts”

    • Malanch

      I’ve been kicked in the nuts twice, once in the fall of ’85 and then again on Fourth of July weekend in ’87. On neither occasion was “ouch” included in the ensuing array of interjectory speech.

  8. Sten

    What’s the point of having Pete in basically the ambassador role when he can’t even control the players on the field? This team has no leadership and hardly any fight in them. And now, half of the past 2 years draft classes are injured

  9. Forrest

    Man…I think I’m gonna sit this season out. This game was just bad and painful to watch. I’d rather just watch the highlights and save myself from the stress.

    Yeah yeah, injuries probably exacerbated issues, but all phases looked utterly broken. Metcalf needs a talking to; unacceptable behavior. Geno isn’t a long term answer. Worst of all, apparently the entire team is made of glass.

    As always I’ll root for the team, but watching games like this is just nauseating. Go Hawks.

  10. BA

    This is pretty much how you can expect the Seahawks to play against the Rams. McVay can outcoach Carroll with a middle school team.

    All the weapons on offense don’t matter when Geno is your QB

  11. Gross MaToast

    All I know is that I bet they’re going to try like heck this week to get this thing figured out.

    • Lord Snow

      They’ll get after it

      • geoff u

        Getting Jamaal Adams back is really gonna be a boost to this team

        • Tony

          If you’re banking on Adams turning this D around, keep dreaming. Worst contract on the team, but possible Dre’Mont takes that spot after today’s performance

          • Tony

            I’m not throwing the towel on Dre’Mont, but come on man

          • geoff u

            Think about it, what was wrong with our defense today? No pass rush and bad secondary play. Jamaal Adams is legend, a man who can literally get an interception and a sack on the same play while scoring a touchdown inbetween. And that’s before he even sees the field. Just wait till he gets on the field, man.

            • Tony


  12. Travis

    Just a typical Pete Carrol football game, really hard to care about this team anymore as long as he’s the coach

  13. James Cr.

    Why are we so bad at home? Teams probably look forward to playing here now.

    • Seahawkward

      Something happened 5 or so years ago. There’s absolutely zero home field advantage anymore. I blame all the tech bro idiots and out of town doofs who have absolutely ruined our home field. We lost all of our 9ld school Kingdome era die hards and replaced them with a bunch of pampered tech babies. Just as with everything old millennial and Gen Z touches, same goes here. Pampered babies who doesn’t know how to bring it. Patrick Kerney is not pleased.

      • GrittyHawk

        Ok, boomer. One more episode of Matlock and then it’s off to bed. You’re getting crabby.

        • Thomas Wells

          For sure, this man is the “old man yells at cloud” gif in human form

      • Roy Batty

        A tech bro idiot saved the team from moving to SoCal.

      • Malanch

        “I blame all the tech bro idiots and out of town doofs who have absolutely ruined our home field.”


        Blame the Seahawks.

  14. Toffee

    Remember you had that vendetta against a potential generational DL, and we’re thrilled when we drafted a CB who was not healthy and inactive today?


    • Rob Staton

      No, I remember correctly predicting the Seahawks wouldn’t draft Carter, explaining why, and being proven 100% right

      • Elmer

        Yes, it was a prediction, not a vendetta. You predicted that the probability they would not draft Carter was 99.5%. I thought the probability they would not draft him was a little lower, maybe 95%. You were correct.

    • Malanch

      … Aaaaand here’s Toffee, unable to make it through a single sentence without a strawman fail—and a fairly spectacular one at that. Just embarrassing.

  15. Tezza

    Why are you guys so upset I’m happy Rams where a challenger to us for 1st overall pick and that loss puts us ahead. Caleb Williams in this offence makes us nfc version of the chiefs

    • RugbyLock

      Now that was funny!

    • Peck

      Can Caleb Williams play defense? If not, it will be the same shit.

    • Malanch

      The problem with winning the #1 overall pick is losing everything else to get there. ‘Yay, we get a franchise quarterback … to lead our hapless roster. Can’t wait till football season!’

      • Malanch

        See: If the Seahawks offense is really as talented as you are suggesting, Tezza, then they’re not winning a blue-chip draft slot, let alone #1 overall.

  16. Elmer

    Blitzy, are you out there? Sadly, Elmer called it. Run all over the Hawks D, dominate time of possession, win the game.

    They were on a mission to change personnel on defense. Yeah. Made it worse. No blame to Bobby Wagner though.

    • Seahawkward

      Can somebody please tell me what the heck is the point of thr pre-season anymore?

      • Roy Batty

        It gets you a Jake Bobo, who then gets ignored by his QB when he’s wide open for an easy TD.

      • Malanch

        “What the heck is the point of thr pre-season anymore?” –awkward

        The point of the preseason is [1] to maintain the league’s full 320-game broadcast inventory while [2] affording teams a tuneup period and [3] provoking customer demand for real football—which might be delivered by the third Sunday in October, if consumers are lucky.

  17. Whit21

    Pete carroll’s last year.. calling it now.. he needs to be front office.. and call back someone that he can passs the baton to.. all his best coaches have moved on.. could this be dan quinn again?

    • Whit21

      Hawks defense i dont think has enough size. They want to hit… but they need jamaal adams to hit.. but the d line didn’t have the size i think.. they kept the run down.. but pass rushers didnt get home.. amd whats needed is bigger d tackles..

    • Malanch

      Whit21, why does Carroll need to be in the front office? What’s wrong with him being in his Malibu home, from where he can imperil the franchise no more?

      • Rob Staton

        There’s no place for Carroll interfering in the FO

        That would not be good

        • Whit21

          I only said that because i doubt he would just walk away. He would want some type of control.. and im sure they would give it to him.. im not sure jody allen would just fire pete outright

          • Rob Staton

            Well that shouldn’t be acceptable

            PC doesn’t get to dictate everything

            • Whit21

              Its not hut you have to think why he had a bad year and we all speculated that PC was done or they had to trade RW. They traded RW after the end of the year meetings with jody allen and all that.. and we saw and heard all the drama.. but his contract is still a factor for them so. I think it could come down to hes still in the front office.. calling it now.. if not after this season.. maybe after 2024..

  18. geoff u

    Too early to tank for Caleb Williams?

    • geoff u

      Fire Pete, higher Sanders, draft his son…

      • Trevor

        Sign me up for that! Team needs some new energy and a different message that’s pretty clear.

      • LouCityHawk

        I want Dan Quinn.

      • Tecmo Bowl

        Draft Shedeur Sanders and Primetime will follow.

  19. Denver Hawker

    Poopsicle- nothing positive to hold my attention or one small adjustment to get right.

    Not ready to play.

    • Elmer

      S*** on a stick.

      Coaching mismatch. They know how to attack Clint’s defense and there was no response. Sad. The Lions will steamroller them.

  20. Ben

    Have been on the fence with Pete for a couple years. Watching QB’s complete endless passes between our zone D and the lack of discipline seals the deal for me. Pete’s done a lot, but it’s time for him to go.
    That was the hardest game to watch since the game no one likes to bring up.

  21. Andrew M

    You guys are made of sterner stuff than me (and maybe even some of these Seahawks players), credit for picking up a few pieces and doing the podcast. If it wasn’t 5:00 here in Tacoma I’d be in bed with all the blinds closed.

    Hey, the Chiefs need wide receivers pretty bad. Trade DK for Chris Jones and be done with it.

    • MatiG

      That’s an inspired idea. Age difference makes it feel a bit lopsided, maybe they can throw in a pick. Also not confident the current regime would make good use of Jones.

      • Andrew M

        Was made partly in jest- on Thursday night I joked to a friend they should trade Bobo for Chris Jones, straight up. But in the aftermath of the embarrassment we watched today I think I could entertain the idea of seriously moving DK. I certainly think he should have been benched in those last couple minutes just to send a message. Now, would Chris Jones make this a Super Bowl team? No he wouldn’t, but neither does DK at this stage. And if I had any hope the Hawks might make a move for Ben Johnson after this year the discussion would be moot. As it is I think most people here on the blog would agree the biggest issue facing the team is coaching staff, top to bottom. And there aren’t really any in-season moves they could make to fix that.

  22. Denver Hawker

    Pass rush even more non-existent:

  23. Glor

    How did geno smith play? Like the Geno from the second half of last year. Forcing the ball to the “stars” and one read

  24. Ashish

    Any updates on how serious the injuries to tackles?

  25. Hawkdawg

    Many things about this game were awful. But the one that sticks in my mind most of all is how cataclysmically wrong the coaching staff was about what it had as a team. How head-shakingly unaware they were. Pete chastised himself mildly in the post game for “maybe a little misjudgment” about his team. It wasn’t little.

    This is not a good sign. Pom-poms are no substitute for honest self-analysis.

  26. Big Mike

    For all of us that want a change at head coach and/or in the front office, I will warn you that you will not see it. Jody stayed with the GM of the Blazers 2 years too long and only fired him when they had enough on him to prove a toxic work environment so he didn’t have to continue to be paid until his contract was up. She is absolutely loathe to pay someone for not working. If I’m wrong, I’ll happily eat crow.

    • Hebegbs

      Poop-sandwich. That is all.

    • Lord Snow

      As we chatted in curtis’ post I believe you are sadly absolutely correct.

    • geoff u

      Well then let’s hope she sells May 24th and we get a billionaire who doesn’t suck (fat chance, I know)

      • Wilson502

        Itll probably be Bezos who ends up buying the team if anybody is to buy it.

        • Malanch

          You could well be right about that, Wilson502. If current owners want Jeff Bezos in their club, I expect that’s what’ll end out happening. And what a match it would be:

          [Lord of the Rings franchise] + Jeff Bezos = Rings of Power

          [Seattle Seahawks franchise] + Jeff Bezos = ?

  27. Ishmael

    Lol imagine waiting six months for that. There’s just nothing new to say, same issues we’ve been seeing for five years now. Crony hires have the players unfit and unprepared. Carroll has to take the majority of the blame for overseeing a programme governed by mildly corrupt mediocrity, but Schneider and the half absent leadership who have aided and abetted him need to take a whack too.

    No doubt things will improve through the season, and we’ll talk ourselves into it, but this team isn’t going anywhere. What’s the line? “I love you, but you are not serious people.”

  28. Schrub

    Man, this team just looks soft. No BAMFs. Probably most disturbing was the secondary. OMG.

    • SeaTown

      You mean the secondary being call LOB part 2? Lol

    • Roy Batty

      The pass rush was putrid. All the hype from practice and beating up on scrubs in the pre season, then they roll,out this steaming pile?

  29. Seahawkward

    Can somebody please tell me what the heck is the point of thr pre-season anymore?

  30. Leo

    Well, nothing like completely demoralizing the fan base right from the start. That was definitely the most disappointing game I’ve ever been to. I know it was just the first game of the season, but there was nothing at all in that game to give fans even the tiniest bit of hope for the season.

  31. Troy

    More than ever before, I am firm believer this all starts and ends with Pete Carroll.

    The defense has no identity and quite frankly is easy to pick apart. Scheme changes, new coordinators, yet one common theme -Pete Carroll.

    There is no creativity on offense or defense. Another game completely out coached on both sides. Again, Pete Carroll and his vanilla styles.

    I haven’t been this demoralized in a long time after a season opener. The defense looks no different than the last 4 years, despite all the rah rah bullshit Pete speaks. The can’t get off the field and consistently lose the time of possession battle.

    I’ve long been a supporter of Pete, but I’ve had enough. This team is so freaking predictable, in a bad way. Pete needs to go.

  32. Tony

    As a season ticket holder, who do I call for warranty claims. This product I purchased looks defective and broken.

    • Roy Batty

      You didn’t read the fine print on the back of your stub.

      It clearly states, ”Sucker.”

      • RugbyLock

        NGL… that made me laugh

  33. Palatypus

    I haven’t watched the video yet, but I’m guessing the word “shambolic” is used in the first three minutes.

    • Palatypus

      Damn, Rob, it took you 13:30 to say “shambolic.” I am impressed.

      If DK Metcalf had shown that kind of restraint, he wouldn’t have been flagged.

  34. downtownjewelrybryan

    never thought i would root for a team that has players i despise

  35. Mick

    I can understand not being able to see a problem, but when you see it and don’t fix it it’s your fault. And when you don’t fix it for so many years in a row, it starts going towards questioning your skills. Of course nothing will happen in terms of consequences, but with the way this team is managed I don’t expect anything this year.

  36. LouCityHawk

    I’m leaving one comment here and will check this site later this week to see the QB thoughts from Rob.

    That was the most frustrating game since the Mora era.

    Now I was taught, after a win you study game tape to keep people humble, after a loss you watch game film to see what can be improved, but after some losses, you throw the film in the garbage, and you tell everyone in the building they have one more shot, but if that is all they have, changes are being made.

    People are clamoring to try and make excuses for their favorite player or position group. No one player would have fixed tonight, this was an organizational failure from top to bottom. If this is the team that shows up in Detroit they would be well advised to strip it for pics and tank for Caleb.

    • Grubber

      That was an absolute shit show. I don’t get why the commentators kept crowing about McVey being a genius when all he did was outcoach Pete Carroll again.

      • Peter

        Low key funny comment.

  37. Hawk Mock

    The good news is – it looks like we’re trying to work on things by scrimmaging the Cowboys right now. Always ComPete!

  38. MattG

    I feel less miserable than I ought to, because it was so bad, it doesn’t even feel real. The offense showed well in the first half. The roster is pretty similar to last year’s, with some seemingly clear upgrades and additions. The team can’t be as bad as the second half suggests. They have assets. Is it just poor strategy? Did they overcompensate on defense by selling out to stifle the run (the expected weak point)? Are the receivers not as good as expected, or did Geno shy away from risky throws due to his incentives? I’m just throwing out ideas, trying to make sense of this nonsense.

    Unrelated, I’m glad they overpaid for Dissly.

  39. neil

    Trailing in the game late in the third quarter, on a third and four, they throw the ball 25 yards on a side line route over Metcalf’s head. Stupid. Once again we see the ” just move the chains, baby” mentality win out. Rams converted 17 third downs and had twice the TOP. Enough said.

    • STTBM

      Yes. A low percentage Fly route on third and four. Carrols done this at least a hundred times, and it’s worked maybe 10 times. An absolutely pathetic coaching/scheming/playcalling decision.

      • Hawkdawg

        What they needed then, especially, was a damn first down. Like the Rams picked up over and over again facing 3rd and 4. But apparently Metcalf drew single coverage and the first read was for a long fade down the sideline to him. Low percentage football.

    • Pack of K9s

      I was so frustrated by that play. It seems like they rely on pass interference with certain play designs which isn’t a reliable way to build an offense.

  40. Roy Batty

    The most disappointing thing for me was the pass rush. There was none.

    I can take any of the other failings, but the pass rush was astonishingly bad. So much hype, investment and focus from the media. Then this heaping pile of steamy goodness showed up.

    Geno I understand. It’s Geno. It’s the reason his contract is structured the way it is.

    DK I understand. He’s a child. It is who he is.

    Bobby reverting back to the stat monster man from 2021 I can understand. I expected it. He was pissed last year. This year he’s…comfortable.

    But the pass rush has talent. It has prior results. It has physical freaks. And now it has zero credibility. Zero.

    That is astonishing.

    • SeaTown

      Yeah but Boye Mafe looked great this preseason vs undrafted scrubs.

      • Hawkdawg

        He actually looked good against the run today. But nobody looked good against the pass.

        • SeaTown

          The Rams didn’t need to run.

    • geoff u

      Yep, no pass rush and poor secondary play. But at least we stopped the run. Is it opposite day?

      Hurt might just be the worst DC since Quinn left.

  41. Grubber

    The most embarrassing thing from today is knowing none of this shit is going to be addressed.

  42. Denver Hawker

    Hawks couldn’t possibly play worse than this at least.

    • Denver Hawker

      Giants fan has entered the chat

    • 805Hawk

      Hawks: “Hold my beer.”
      Hawks: “Challenge accepted.”
      I can’t decide which is more appropriate.

  43. Fudwamper

    Well, the run defense looked great!!

    Not much pressure on the QB though.

    That back end was putrid, horrible tackling and piss poor coverage in zones. The rams could throw at will into the middle and the flats.

    The first half is exactly what I wanted to see out of the run game and the passing.

    The second half O??? What the hell. I get that both tackles were out but it was just bad.

    • Rob Staton

      Well, the run defense looked great!!

      Because they didn’t need to run!

      • RugbyLock

        I think he was being sarcastic… this team is just bad…

      • Fudwamper

        I agree but at all times in the game, beginning middle and end it did look great. I agree they didn’t need to but also they couldn’t run well.

  44. MattG

    Yet the Rams still ran a lot, even though they weren’t getting many yards.

    Meanwhile, Walker was running consistently well, but the Seahawks went to the air over and over in the second half instead of running. Go skim the play-by-play; it’s tragic. Walker is getting 4-5 yards every run.

    Feels like it gets back to that difference in coaching.

  45. Blue and Green Bird Team Fan

    This may be a hot take but I’m honestly not upset at DK for todays game. His unsportsmanlike conduct at least showed he cares, which is more than I can say about any other Seahawk player on the field. Everyone else looked like road kill. Tyler Lockett, our co-captain on offense, looked like he was searching for reasons to stay engaged this year. Everyone else showed about as much spirit as a roll of dead snake skin.

    • Chris

      You’re right. DK does care. Unfortunately, it’s not about the team winning games but instead about his childish in-game vendettas.

  46. Pack of K9s

    The way the play looks like they lack any fire in their bellies. I do think if you run K9 30 times the game is different. Trying to make Geno into a star instead of letting him game manage and make good decisions. They had protection today and did nothing with it. Clearly Geno is a game manager and thats fine but they need to scheme for it.
    Defense looked fairly wretched but not completey untalented. I think many will disagree but i honestly was impressed by the run defense and felt unsurprised that they struggled against the pass. Sean McVay has been burning us with those plays for years and Clint Hurtt is a major downgrade from even Ken Norton. If the defense gives up that many yards again i think Hurtt needs to go because i do believe the D line has talent and that the secondary has enough talent to not be embarrassing. This is the worst loss ive seen since pre-Carroll. I think they do the opposite of what they used to say which is putting players in positions to utilize their strengths, they do the opposite and try forcing players into roles that dont work

    • McZ

      It’s easy to point at Hurtt.

      The DL assembled by PC and JS was graded as being #30 in the league by PFF. The OL has the same grade. Secondary is #17. Geno is not a game manager, he is a backup. Our #5 WR corps got targetted 24 times.

      The way this roster is constructed stinks. And when rookies have no players to be lead and learn the craft from, you have serious problems. We go into year 6 of those problems.

      A stream of injuries are pointing to a lack of preparation and professionalism. Who has the oversight over the athletic department? It been atrocious, for years.

      And what about the offense? A no-name defense of first and second year players around Aaron Donald kept the Seahawks to 10 yd in the second half.

      So many more names to be named other than Hurtt.

  47. Dubb

    Well, that was ugly. I thought we would be in 11 personnel most of the game; but I kept seeing Dissly and Parkinson running routes. They got 2 catches each and none for Fant. We must be giving out participation trophies, so everyone must play.

    Metcalf has to be frustrated when other “number 1” receivers in the league like Tyreek, Jefferson & Chase are guaranteed 10-15 targets a game and he gets 5. They need to determine who their best players are on offense and feed those players.

    Same on defense. I understand you need to rotate players to keep them fresh; but get your best 11 on the field as often as possible. Again, participation trophies aren’t given in the NFL.

    • James

      If I’d have had as poor a performance at my job as this team today, I’d be looking for a job tomorrow. That’s a lot of months to roll out a bad team.

  48. Huggie Hawk

    Welp… glad I went golfing and missed the game. Hard times.

  49. cha

    Larry Stone once again thoughtfully delineates the game. Nobody else in the general press corp is writing like this. It’s a shame he is retiring.

    • cha

      Here’s a snippet

      You’ve got to hand it to the Seahawks: They unveiled a master class Sunday on how to turn the warm glow of anticipation into a cesspool of disgust and incrimination — all in 60 increasingly futile minutes.

      It’s hard to imagine a bigger buzzkill than what the Seahawks foisted upon their fans in a 30-13 defeat at Lumen Field that evolved into total capitulation after a somewhat promising start. All the positive energy and big-time dreams typical of a season opener were systematically shattered as the Los Angeles Rams sucked the life out of both the crowd and their opponent.

      • RugbyLock

        Brutal but true…

      • BruceN

        He has a way with words. He will be missed.

        On the bright side. NYG lost 40-0 at home to their hated rival. That was worse. I know I’m grasping at straws…

  50. Lord Snow

    I think if Pete was coaching the Cardinals he would win 7 to 9 games. if he was coaching Kansas City he would win 7 to 9 games. I think that’s what he’s become. I think that’s all he’ll ever be from now until the year 3000 when he finally retires

  51. Donovan

    Meanwhile, Jalen Carter getting over half dozen pressures in Eagles opener. I

    • Peter

      That’s wild.

      Didn’t know if you knew this but the eagles were in the superbowl last year with a stacked defense that finished 8th overall and is still stacked this year.

      So… would jalen do with our team? Are the eagles spending around 22% of their cap on safeties that don’t all play? Do they have more than two down linemen worth anything? Are their linebackers better than ours?

      Unless Carter is pulling a bottom 30 defense into top ten by himself this Carter talk is irrelevant. Adding Carter to a team full of babysitters so he can rotate on a deep roster is awesome. But then there’s the seahawks….

      • McZ

        So, the expectation on our 5th pick, who showed his red flags after the draft, is to turn this D around?

        People talking themselves into this should get ready for a nasty disappointment. He is a slot corner, and to light for the position. Add to this obvious lack of preparation and professionalism on the athletic department, and he will will find himself on a stretcher, soon.

  52. 509 Chris

    This team still has a TON of young promising talent and a history of success. The head coaching job would be so easy to fill with your pick of any young hungry minds. Last year was a mirage and once we get over all this weird offseason hype plus slipping backward into the wildcard round well remember that last year we were thinking that Pete may choose to step down if the season implodes. Damnit maybe thats finally going to happen and we can watch a new era form around us with this young team, and potentially a drafted qb next year. I dont think we’ll be in the running for Williams without a trade up but hiring a new coach and trading the farm to go get a generational talent doesn’t seem that far fetched right? Williams has already made it clear he doesn’t want to play for a garbage organization so depending on who drafts first they might be inclined to seek trade offers rather than have him stay in college or pull an Eli/Elway.

    • CD

      I disagree, they have 1 good (not great) draft class in the last 10 years. The jury is out on this years class (and from what I see it’s not special). That’s it, I don’t think the team has that much more talent than other teams. I think there is a bias fans ‘hope’ for, like for Taylor and now for Mafe. Also, any up and coming coach would jump at a full time NFL gig no matter if the team has low, medium, or high talent.

    • BK26

      I’d rather wait and get Rattler or Shedeur.

  53. LetArichCook

    At least they burned that 5th overall on a non tester of a slot corner because he pounded his chest a few times last year. Resources randomly sprayed across the field and the IR, sunk costs and pride drive decision making, Pete defiant in joy that he has done it his way. An arrogant, boring, bad football team.

  54. MattyB

    I was positive all off season that things are/were moving in the right direction, but after one game all my worries about this football team come flooding back – everything about The Seahawks is predicatable created by the repetitive nature that is now Pete Carroll – we need fresh ideas and a fresh face to go with the youth and talent that can grow together. I now feel myself routing for 3 losses in order to speed up the enveitable

  55. UkAlex6674

    We are 3-7 in our last 10 games including the playoff loss.

    That’s trending completely the wrong way.

    All those saying ‘relax it’s just week one we can turn it around’ need a reality check.

    There are only 17 games to play in a regular season. It’s not acceptable to have the mind-set it’s OK to drop one or two because it’s early on.

  56. UkAlex6674

    Rams had 39 minutes possession? 😳

  57. Dubb

    Great article. Also, help me understand how you give TE Fant a $6.85M fifth year option to be a rotational TE. Either he is your starter that plays 75% of the TE snaps or you let him become a free agent and spend the money on a DL or other position. I was expecting more Fant and less Dissly/Parkinson.

  58. L80

    Bumpus on the radio basically saying “I love the first game”….People want to fire everyone, blah, blah , blah…..It’s accepting this type of mentality that is rooted in this team. CHANGE was needed years ago and the proof is right in front of all of us, year after year, the same crap starts. The same predictable offense and defense…..Why should we expect diffent results?…Because palyers are different?

    We seen the same results with changes made at every position….Ya know, being stuck in a bad marriage is the worst, just end it and start over.

    • Rob Staton

      I have absolutely zero time for anyone in the media who, rather than analysing what happened, wants to just undermine anyone else’s opinion with ‘it’s the first game’ rhetoric BS

      • L80

        Exactly, I kept listening and although he stated, I’m not giving them a pass for a dreadful performance, but it’s only week one…..At that point I was gone. It’s his ass kissing opinion, to give the coaches a mulligan, while all during the preseason he kept players out and they looked beaten before the first snap was taken. At NO point in the first half did I feel comfortable.

        The 2nd half speaks for itself. Maybe the worst half of football on both sides of the ball I have ever seen and that’s saying a lot…..I like Stacy, but when Stacy and Jake parted ways so did the show.

        Yeah the Hawks will probably rebound in this crazy league and world we live in, but serious change is in order and has been for at LEAST 5 years.

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