Curtis Allen’s week one watch points (vs Rams)

This is a guest article by Curtis Allen…

NFL football is finally here.

The Seahawks have had an extraordinarily busy offseason. They re-signed Geno Smith, rebuilt their defensive line, added another great draft class and brought a Seahawks legend back into the fold.

Time to put it all together.

The team kicks off the regular season the same way they ended it last year — against a Los Angeles Rams team that is still suffering from a Super Bowl hangover and is no longer chocked to the brim with star talent.

Gone from last year’s team are Allen Robinson, Leonard Floyd, Jalen Ramsey and Bobby Wagner. They’ve not had a first-round draft pick in years to restock the roster. This year’s team is loaded with unknown and untested players in starting positions.

Cooper Kupp will miss the game on Injured Reserve. Matt Stafford is playing for the first time since November last year.

Their offensive line is once again being shuffled around. The defense can best be described as ‘Aaron Donald and a bunch of other guys.’

The Seahawks swept the Rams in 2022 and come into this game featuring what should be one of the NFL’s top offenses.

It could be the equivalent of a scrimmage game. You could argue the Seahawks couldn’t ask for a softer start to the season.

But you and I know better.

Seattle has always struggled with the Sean McVay-led Rams. Last year, despite playing a very depleted team, they needed a game-winning drive late in the fourth quarter in Week 13 to beat them with John Wolford at quarterback. In Week 18, the Baker Mayfield-led Rams – who had nothing to play for but pride – took them to overtime and nearly stole the game. That would have knocked the Seahawks out of a playoff spot.

It is clear this game should not be taken lightly. The Rams have demonstrated they can give the Seahawks a game no matter what their roster looks like.

Two years ago, we cracked the code of how to put up a tough fight against this team. While all those principles stand – starting well, committing to the run, winning the time of possession – the Seahawks finally have a serious talent advantage over the Rams. This game could and should be a clear demonstration of that fact.

How can they do that?

Use the Offense to Control the Game Script

This right here has been the Seahawks’ Achilles heel against the Rams. They have tried to play the game the Rams’ way for years — playing from behind, not running the ball very much and calling for deep passes that allow LA pass rushers to cause havoc.

No more. It is the Seahawks’ turn to control the game. It starts with the offense.

The Seahawks have to overwhelm the Rams defense with their talent by efficient use.

Let us start with the lowest-hanging fruit. Their defensive backfield is a bit of a mess, to put it lightly.

Starting on one side is old friend Ahkello Witherspoon, who had a decent 2021 but followed it up with an awful 2022, between his play and a hamstring injury that kept him out the bulk of the season. He is thrust into the starting lineup due to their lack of depth at the position. How bad is it?

The corner spot is a tossup between Derion Kendrick – he of the 43.7 PFF grade last year and who infamously ran a 4.87 40-time in predraft testing – and rookie sixth-round pick Tre Tomlinson, who is obviously green but has better deep speed and showed some preseason ability.

A small bright spot is nickel corner Cobie Durant, who had three interceptions and only allowed 59% of passes to be completed from his spot in about 280 snaps last year for a nice 73.3 PFF grade.

At Safety, it is not much better. Jordan Fuller (60.5 PFF) and Russ Yeast (57.4) are set to start after playing only sparingly last year. The Rams brought John Johnson back after Cleveland cut him and signed him to a veteran minimum contract with no guaranteed salary.

This poor group gets to start their season against Tyler Lockett, D.K. Metcalf, Jaxon Smith-Njigba and Jake Bobo — plus the three tight ends. Geno Smith should have options all day long. This matchup alone could define the game for the Seahawks. As much as we relished the constant battles with Jalen Ramsey — Metcalf could have a big, easy day in this one.

This does not necessarily mean ‘bombs away’ the entire game (although that would be fun). It just means that the Seahawks should be able to deploy the offense to control the game and put the Rams in a bind. LA with their limited defense would love nothing better than to employ their offense to plod the ball down the field and control the clock, which – let’s face it – they can do against the Seahawks. Do not let them. Putting points on the board pressures their offense and introduces instability to their plan.

That does not mean the Seahawks should ignore the running game. On the contrary, they have consistently run well against the Rams. A good mix of the run and pass is essential to control the game.

Aaron Donald and to a lesser extend Michael Hoecht are the threats the Seahawks have to contend with to establish the run. While Donald is still an All-World talent, he has very little support. Bobby Wagner is gone and now Earnest Jones is in the lead at linebacker. That’s it. He is the only inside linebacker on their roster who was drafted. Jake Hummel and Christian Rozeman have seven snaps of NFL experience between them.

The Seahawks’ interior of Damien Lewis, Evan Brown or Olu Oluwatimi and Phil Haynes should be able to keep the Seahawks ground game moving. This matchup with Donald is the one the Seahawks would need to be concerned about most. Battling Donald to a draw would make this an extremely comfortable game for the offense.

The Seahawks have Ken Walker and Zach Charbonnet ready to take advantage. They have Will Dissly to act as an extra blocker and Noah Fant and Colby Parkinson to find all the pockets left open by the wide receivers drawing coverage help.

What we are saying is this side of the ball could determine whether the Seahawks coast to an easy win or struggle once again to get past a tough and determined division rival.

It is certainly more pleasant than talking about the tough challenge awaiting them on the other side of the ball.

Contain the Rams’ Running Game

Death. Taxes. The Rams running well against the Seahawks. These are three certainties in life.

Few teams have had as much success running on the Seahawks as the Rams under Sean McVay have. In fact, they have only run for under 100 yards against Seattle once in the McVay era. They ran for 82 yards in a 2019 game they lost due to Greg Zuerlein missing a 44-yard field goal try as time expired (that was the Tyler Lockett miracle toe-tap catch game).

Another illustration of how effective they have been? In the McVay era, they have averaged 141 rushing yards per game against Seattle. The rest of the NFL in that same time frame? 114 yards. The Rams are running 23% better than the average offense against the Seahawks.

That is a problem. It kept the Rams quarterbacks from having to do too much and kept the Seahawks defense on the field.

Cam Akers topped an excellent run to finish the season with 104 yards on 21 carries, including a 32-yard run. Tutu Atwell and Brandon Powell had big runs on gadget package plays.

This needs to be contained better. While the impulse is to say that this is the critical area the brand-new interior line needs to really show what they have, in truth, the Rams attack all parts of the defense in their run game.

Last year, you could see the Rams constantly exploiting the defense’s inability to set the edge with players like Darrell Taylor and Bruce Irvin. Assignments were abandoned, bad angles were taken and defenders were muscled out of position and the yards just came too easily.

It does appear from preseason games and the practices I attended this year that the edges have been coached well to hold their spot and not abandon it at the first sign of misdirection. Players like Boye Mafe, Uchenna Nwosu and Tyreke Smith played with discipline and stayed home when they needed to.

For certain Bobby Wagner will have shared some detail and strategy on defending this Rams running game and will be a better support than the linebacker group the Seahawks rolled out last season.

One Rams strength over the years has been adapting to what offensive line personnel they have available. They will need every bit of that skill this year as they are starting rookie Steve Atwell at left guard and it appears that $40million man Joe Noteboom has lost his left tackle job to Alaric Jackson and will move to right guard where he has virtually no NFL experience. There may be an opportunity for the defensive line to disrupt what the Rams want to do.

This game will be a big test for the Seahawks’ front seven. If they can at least limit the running game that will enable the Seahawks to further control the flow and dictate the tempo. It would allow the Seahawks to unleash their newfound pass-rush depth and let players like Dre Jones, Boye Mafe, Uchenna Nwosu and Darrell Taylor give the Rams a taste of what they have been dishing out to other teams.

Matthew Stafford will have to rely on throwing to an average group of wide receivers and with a short window of time, players like Riq Woolen, Quandre Diggs and Coby Bryant will have opportunities to make plays.

Win the Unknowns

Week One in the NFL always brings surprises. The Seahawks have to come out ahead in this category.

For all their faults, they have done very well in this area, particularly in the last three seasons. They have opened with impressive wins on the road in Atlanta, Indianapolis and of course the big win against Denver last year. They have been able to prepare well, throw wrinkles at the opposition that gave them an advantage and put them in a strong spot to win.

The Rams are badly depleted. They are starting players who would not start on most other NFL teams. Yet Sean McVay has a way of coaching these guys into competitiveness. The Seahawks can’t overlook them. Chances are they will not.

Join us after the game tonight for our ‘instant reaction live stream’


  1. Rob Staton

    Thanks to YouTube, I was able to watch a collection of college games last night and today.

    Some big QB notes coming this week…

    • Denver Hawker

      A lot to like yesterday; so much potential in this class. Will be a fun year tracking who takes another step as the season moves along.

      • Rob Staton

        Lots, lots, lots to like yesterday

        Multiple QB’s impressed

        I have tape notes on eight QB’s who all played well

        • BK26

          Cough * Rattler again *cough cough

          • Rob Staton

            He’s one of them for sure

  2. Big Mike

    You could argue the Seahawks couldn’t ask for a softer start to the season.

    But you and I know better.

    Boy if that ain’t the truth.

    Thanks for the breakdown Curtis. Great read as always. Must limit their run game by controlling TOP and by the LOS.

    • Peter

      Games like this are the worst. It’s like the NFC south fiasco last year or a crumbling Raiders. The team has such a hard time handling its business.

      It’s not a key to the game but I’d like to see old dog Carol learn some new tricks this year. He’s a legend motivating young rookies. And we’re almost always chugging along.

      But his timeouts, clock management, blown challenges, bad in game decisions, and the big one, terribly slow game adjustments probably work out to something like:

      .5 game of losses just on the clock management stuff to around two losses per year on the woeful in game adjustments.

  3. LouCityHawk

    Great write up, and sounds like the most logical keys to watch in this game.

    I’m not sold that this will be a close matchup though, I’ve prepared for that mentally, it just doesn’t feel like it should be close.

    Starter for Starter, the Rams have only 1, or 2, players who are clearly better than their opposite numbers. The Seahawks have vastly superior depth.

    A sound drubbing of the Rams would be a signal that this team does have ambition to take things to the next level.

    • Peter

      I’ll take a win. I don’t need a drubbing. I don’t know if any team has played down to its competition more than ours. The line was 5.5 points. Get that lead and hold it.

      That’s what I want to see.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Agreed. Can’t recall a bigger roster mismatch between these two teams. I know nothing of the culture in the Rams’ locker room this season, but I can’t imagine it’s good.

      I’ll be surprised if Seattle don’t win by double digits

      • Elmer

        I am hopeful but not confident that they will win at all. The biggest concern is a scenario in which the Rams running game runs over us and our D can’t get off the field. Much will be revealed today.

  4. GerryG

    Good summary.

    I listen to way too many Seahawk pods during the week, it’s great background noise while working. Was shocked to hear the optimism from Rams podcasters who were crossover guests on Seattle shows. One guy has them going 10-7 this year, another picked the Rams to win today. Sure both are possible, especially winning today, it’s week 1 and a division game. But the optimism with that team is certainly far different than the national narrative. Will be interesting to see.

  5. Denver Hawker

    I’m sure a lot will be made of Will Levis inactive and Willis #2 – and maybe rightfully so given where they drafted him and Willis the year before.

    Tannehill is in his last year and not a long-term answer. I applaud the Titans for taking a longer view at the position, not rushing QB prospects to the field, allowing them time to develop and compete. Wouldn’t even be surprised if Willis is still the backup to Levis starting next year.

    I’m also really happy with our picks and trust JS. Drew Lock appears mildly improved and an average league backup so difficult to justify another QB on the 53, but Levis will be a “what if” for me for a few years.

    • Rob Staton

      From ESPN:

      If things go according to plan, Levis will not see the field this season — unless there is a blowout. Having played in a pro-style scheme in college makes Levis less of a developmental prospect than Willis. But ideally, Levis gets to sit his first season, unlike Willis, who was thrown into the fire as a rookie.

  6. Palatypus

    Cynthia Frelund wasted no time resuming her pantsuit reign of terror.

    • UkAlex6674

      It’s awful.

  7. JimQ

    I would like to see the Seahawks get off to a FAST start, for a change, going up a couple of scores early in the game. That will force the opposition to pass more –and run less–. Passing more into this strong secondary will then be the source of forced errors & turnovers. **I predict a final score of 38-17**. The old PC tactic of staying close & waiting into the 4-th quarter to “magically” come from behind in all those close games they have every year needs to be retired. ——Score fast & score often—— should be the new team goal-IMO.

    On a side note: Did anyone else watch ESPN’s Alabama/Texas game? The 4 or 5 “commentors” sharing 1/3 of the screen for the whole game? They were all “talking over” each other (typical) & making silly off-topic (to the game) comments (typical), some fine, others, not so much. If this is the future of college football on TV, I may have to consider watching a different sport or at least not watch ESPN’s coverage. NOTE: I always watch Seahawk games on TV with the audio muted while I listen to the game on radio. There is usually a 5-10 second delay for the TV broadcast, so by hearing the play on the radio earlier, I know where to look. Raible also is so much better at calling the game & providing names of who did what than ANY of the network guys -IMO.

    • Big Mike

      I would like to see the Seahawks get off to a FAST start, for a change, going up a couple of scores early in the game. That will force the opposition to pass more –and run less–. Passing more into this strong secondary will then be the source of forced errors & turnovers.

      Great post. With the run D likely being still suspect, forcing teams to pass more and run less can only be a good thing. Will Carroll see it?

  8. LouCityHawk

    AR first pass is a AR screen tk Downs, the SDB special. Then 3&out.

    • Palatypus

      He has a rushing TD. It’s the Russell Wilson rookie playbook.

  9. KnoxHawk

    49ers looking good early.

  10. Palatypus

    Zach Ertz dropping an easy touchdown from Lou Dobbs.

  11. Palatypus

    Randy Moss was dead on about Brandon Aiyuk today.

  12. Palatypus

    Matt Prater with a 50+ yard field goal.

    Does he get a Praetorian guard?

  13. Palatypus

    Hayden Hurst tosses Bryce young’s first NFL passing touchdown into the stands. He’s my kind of jerk.

    Then Brock Purdy comes up with a Butt-Fumble-Recovery, I have never seen that before.

  14. Big Mike

    Starting to think maybe Pickett isn’t the answer for the stealers. Boo hoo. Screw that franchise
    9ers look really good on both sides of the ball and that pissburgh D is no ’22 Lions/Seahawks.

    • Gross MaToast

      Pittsburgh should seriously consider renting a trebuchet and flinging Matt Canada from the stadium at the half.

      Also, thanks to cha for these weekly write-ups – always good stuff.

  15. KnoxHawk

    A lot of offenses are having a slow start to the season as predicted

  16. Mick

    Cardinals failing to tank, that’s a funny one.

    • Big Mike

      Well yes and no. I have the Commanders −6.5 as part of a 2 game parlay. But yeah, I’ll sacrifice my $20 wager to see them not get Caleb.

  17. Rob Staton

    The life of a British American Football fan in 2023:

    — College Football no longer on British TV
    — The NFL has given the Gamepass rights to DAZN, who charge you £150 for a subscription, lock you out of all of the games when the regular season starts, say your account isn’t recognised in their system, don’t do anything to help and basically tell you to f-off they’ll deal with it when they can be arsed

    • Sea Mode

      *cough* marrkystreams *cough*

      I mean, you’ve paid for the games anyway…

  18. Sea Mode

    Some stuff from Twitter, mostly Schefter.

    🏈Chargers and Seahawks each have won four straight season openers.

    🏈Falcons have lost five straight season openers, the NFL’s longest active streak.

    🏈Cardinals ended last season on a seven-game losing streak and Arizona hasn’t lost eight straight since 2006.

    🏈Packers have won eight straight against the Bears.

    🏈Raiders have won six straight vs. the Broncos, their longest win streak vs Denver since winning 14 straight from 1965-1971.

    🏈Dak Prescott has won 10 straight starts vs. the Giants.

    🏈The NFL will not have Tom Brady, Drew Brees, or Peyton Manning playing in Week 1 for the first time since 1997.

    🏈Anthony Richardson will become the seventh different quarterback to start on opening day for the Colts in each of the past seven seasons. Their seven QB starters in seven years: Scott Tolzein (2017), Andrew Luck (2018), Jacoby Brissett (2019), Philip Rivers (2020), Carson Wentz (2021), Matt Ryan (2022), Richardson (2023).

  19. Sea Mode

    Eyes on the 💰

    Ian Rapoport

    #Vikings WR Justin Jefferson took the field without a contract extension, set to play out the year. So far… Seven catches for 138 yards — at halftime.

    • cha

      And a Baby Steve Largent hit on an interception too.

  20. Denver Hawker

    The Colt’s Week 17 tank job to leap the Broncos pick may be one of the more defining outcomes by allowing the Colts to get Richardson instead of the Seahawks. He looks very poised in a game he should be redshirting. All his talent is on display.

    • Rob Staton

      Great debut from him so far

      Imagine what he’ll be like when the game slows down…

      • Denver Hawker

        Only a few moons past 21 years old no less.

    • Big Mike

      I am going to hate the colts the rest of my life for that

      • Frank

        I’m with you on that big Mike, the Colts Tanked and stole our QB. I fully believe the NFL need to start penalizing teams their first round picks for tanking. I’ve been absolutely livid about it all offseason.

  21. Rob Staton

    The 49ers are winning the NFC West again

    • Sea Mode

      Utter dominance today

      • LouCityHawk

        I’m not ready to hand them a Lombardi just yet for losing to one of the more overrated teams in the league. Let’s see what next weeks brings.

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Inclined to agree. But then, they haven’t had their annual IR Party yet, either. It’s a tradition.

    • Big Mike

      Yeah I think it’s just a formality at this point. Purdy looks like a 10 year vet. Always making the correct decision. D is bad ass again. And so on and so forth.

  22. cha

    No real surprises


    Devon Witherspoon
    Kyu Blu Kelly
    Jamal Adams
    Tyreke Smith
    Anthony Bradford
    Ben Brown

    I guess Curhan has the versatility to be active over Bradford at this point.

    • Ashish

      LB Tyreke Smith, should have been active, he played well.

    • Big Mike

      Do not want to seek Curhan in the game so here’s hoping neither of our guards get hurt.

    • Palatypus

      Cody Barton had a tackle. That’s a surprise!

  23. Blitzy the Clown

    Bobo, I know I say this every offseason, but this one seemed to last a century.

    Gettin close to game time fellas

    • Rushless pass

      Every time I hear Bobo I think of Nothing But Trouble. Bobo and Little Angel.

    • Palatypus

      I am pulling for Bobo.

  24. ShowMeYourHawk

    Did Burrow hurt himself signing that record contract? What a horrible, horrible game he’s having.

  25. bmseattle

    Anyone else happen to be in Spokane?
    If so… can you watch Fox?
    I’m getting a message about xfinity not having a contract with Fox, and it’s not allowing me to watch the 49ers game.
    And then, apparently, the Seahawks game as well?

  26. Hawks4life

    Anthony Richardson just got hurt on a scramble, Minshew is in the game.

    • Palatypus

      Got cracked on his non-throwing shoulder.

  27. WallaSean

    Here we go! This season is all about the run, if they can be middle of the pack on D and top 10 on offense, will really get rolling. Please just roll the dice and play these young guys ASAP, especially on D-line. A season of good progress. I see 10-11 wins and a playoff win or two, but maybe some big upside if the young guys pop. Let’s go Hawks!

  28. Blitzy the Clown

    Can you imagine how much worse it would be if the 49ers had simply drafted Mac Jones and kept those R1 picks to further load their roster?

    I was off in my initial assessment. They might be one of the two best teams in the League right now.

    • Peter

      Feels like news of their hopeful demise might be overstated.

      • Big Mike

        Agree with both of you

  29. Blitzy the Clown

    Gonna take the Ferrari out for a spin first

  30. Blitzy the Clown

    Nice pass blocking on that 3rd down conversion. Lots of time for Reno to find Lockett

  31. Blitzy the Clown

    The OL looks fantastic to start, especially in pass pro

  32. Big Mike

    Great pass pro on that third down

  33. Big Mike

    Nice block Haynes

  34. Blitzy the Clown

    Uninspired set of play calls here in the red zone

    • Big Mike

      I didn’t like to run into the middle on first down

      • Blitzy the Clown

        You don’t think it’s a good idea to go right at the only all-world player on the field?

        • Big Mike

          Maybe I just don’t understand football but no it doesn’t seem like a good idea

  35. Henry Taylor

    Love a seahawks screen pass

  36. Blitzy the Clown

    Pretty effen tired of hearing Josh Allen tell me that’s not my best plan before asking me if I know what is

    • Big Mike

      This year’s Aaron Rodgers State Farm commercial?

  37. Blitzy the Clown

    Wagner miffed on that Akers run

  38. Big Mike

    Have you studied the rosters butt fumble?

    • Big Mike

      Charbonnet plays for Seattle dude

  39. Big Mike

    My 90 year old mother who uses a Walker could have hobbled through that hole

  40. ShowMeYourHawk

    SIX DBs. Akers goes 8 yards before contact.

  41. Blitzy the Clown

    Oh FFS

    Nothing in the middle. Nobody home

  42. Peppapig

    Looking good so far. 😂

  43. Blitzy the Clown


    • Blitzy the Clown

      In truth though, younger Bobby makes the tackle too. At least he can still set it up

  44. Kyle R

    Seattle offense absolutely fun to watch. Seattle defense absolutely terrible to watch.

  45. Kyle R

    How many completions over the middle about 9-12 yards deep is that on this drive?

  46. Peppapig

    Why isn’t Chris Jones playing. 😂

  47. Blitzy the Clown

    Derrick Hall made that play practically all by himself

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Nice to see Hall getting starter reps

  48. Big Mike

    Pete Carroll defensive head coach.

    • Big Mike

      The same team as last year

      • ShowMeYourHawk

        But… but… Bobby Wagner!

      • Big Mike

        Only the names on the defensive line and linebacker have changed

    • Bmseattle

      Making em earn it!

  49. Peppapig

    Oh dear. That was easy.

  50. Kyle R

    Worst damn out come possible for the defense on that drive but very predictable.

  51. Feindt

    Who is ready for 200+ Yards Rush D in the first 4 Weeks? 😂

  52. Troy

    New season. Same old issues. Hammered in the run game. Killed in time of possession. Ho-hum.

  53. KennyBadger

    16 plays. Get off the goddamn field.

    • Big Mike

      At least four 3rd down conversions possibly 5

      • Big Mike

        9:18 on the drive

  54. Blitzy the Clown

    Mario Edwards depresses the crap out of me

  55. Rokas

    Absolutely horrendous and pathetic defense. Nothing has changed. No one can shed a block tackle or cover. Against the lowly Rams. Gonna be a long season.

  56. SEAhemoth82

    2 down linemen on a goal line play. What else is left to say on that series by the Rams Offense?

  57. JP

    It’s a good thing Pete is also a QB whisperer and offensive genius, or else this team would be screwed by his defenses.

  58. Kyle R

    You’re either coaching or letting it happen I remember a coach saying years ago. Pete and the defensive coaching staff the last few years have just be letting it happen year after year and I’m sick of it.

  59. Lord Snow

    At some point Pete has to answer for this nonsense of a defense. it can’t all be Clint hurt or Sean Desai or whoever else they put on the sideline. At some point he has to take responsibility.

  60. Blitzy the Clown

    Geno ice

  61. Blitzy the Clown

    How does Geno miss Bobo?!?!?

    • STTBM

      I don’t know. Overthinking? That was bad…

  62. Pran

    Hope D adjusts.. It’s the same old D does not matter How much talent you add

  63. Blitzy the Clown

    Liking what I see from Walker a lot

  64. ShowMeYourHawk

    Pass pro is looking pretty stout right now. Credit where it’s due.

    • Big Mike

      O looks great
      Geno making excellent decisions

  65. Blitzy the Clown

    That’s how it’s supposed to look boyos!

  66. KennyBadger

    Watching the offense makes me younger. Watching the defense is gonna kill me.

    • Rokas


  67. Kyle R

    This offense is so good! I hate that we are probably going to waste it.

  68. ShowMeYourHawk

    I need to see some sacks or at least some pressures, D.

  69. Big Mike

    First and 30 I give us a 50/50 chance of making them punt here

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Hey, can’t get gashed by the run, right? Right?

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Be nice to see something from our big offseason acquisition. C’mon Dremont this moment is for you

    • KnoxHawk

      Face mask saved our ass lol

  70. Big Mike

    Why would McVay just give up against this defense?

  71. seaspunj

    great seeing Bwags back in a Seahawk uniform he’s comforting seeing on dee again

  72. cha

    I’d like to say DK pantsed the Ram CB on that TD but that coverage…Rams need to call the Seahawks at halftime and see if they’ll tell Kyu Blu Kelly to fly back to LA with them for a pick…

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      I see your Kelly and raise you a Mike Jackson. “HE HAD THE BEST CAMP!”

    • Blitzy the Clown

      They probably wouldn’t want Tre Brown based on his performance today

  73. Blitzy the Clown

    Nice return!

  74. Peter

    I’ll take that stop.

    Grab the lead and hold it.

  75. ShowMeYourHawk

    Okay, offense. Commence “Operation Throat Stomp.”

  76. Blitzy the Clown

    That’s my mofo!

    Let the K9 bark!

  77. Rokas

    Walker is amazing. Has a unique running style.

  78. Bmseattle

    Has it been Brown at center all game?

  79. Big Mike

    So I have a suggestion: should we maybe block Aaron Donald with someone?

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Dude, this team couldn’t block Donald on Twittter.

      • Big Mike

        You win the internet for the week

    • Rokas

      We tried that for a decade already

  80. Henry Taylor

    I know it’s early but Charbonet looks so much worse than Walker.

    • STTBM

      Well, Walker is Special. And he didn’t do much till his fourth game…

    • Blitzy the Clown

      He’s had two runs in the middle, right into the teeth of the Rams defense

  81. Big Mike

    Ok 3rd and long….

  82. Kyle R

    Damn it they have us right where they want us.

  83. ShowMeYourHawk

    Way to be, Special Teams!

    • Blitzy the Clown

      That was fun to watch!

  84. Big Mike

    Covering DK Metcalf with a Defensive lineman?

  85. Blitzy the Clown

    Reed was pretty fired up right before the snap

  86. Kyle R

    Damn Reed can do everything. There is no way he can get injured

  87. STTBM

    How bout DJ Dallas!

  88. cha

    Why can’t we have nice things?

    • Peter

      Just leaving an inferior team in the game as long as we can

  89. ShowMeYourHawk

    C’MON. All that. No points.

  90. Big Mike

    What a terrible waste of a scoring opportunity
    Running on second 5 was a poor choice
    I saw the blitz coming on 3rd down why didn’t Geno change the play to find a hot?
    Then a missed FG


  91. Kyle R

    Offense is leaving points out there with all the good field positions it has been starting with.

  92. ShowMeYourHawk

    So… Waldron’s gameplan for that series was “let Deejay have it?” How about mixing it up a bit?

    • Big Mike

      Yeah running him again on 2nd and 5 was not smart imo

  93. Kyle R

    It looks like we to blitz to generate any kind of pressure.

  94. mantis

    middle of the field has been open all day for the Rams, better make adjustments at halftime

  95. Big Mike

    Seahawks should have 20 to 24 points. Hope this doesn’t come back to bite us in the ass

    • Peter

      Thankfully the rams want it less than us. At least for now.

  96. Bmseattle

    Why is the middle of the filed so wide open!
    How many more millions do.we need to pay our safeties?

    • Big Mike

      It all be ok when Adams comes back dontcha know?

  97. Peter

    Keys to the second half:

    Don’t hope the rams miss 100% of field goals. Score tds when Reed does cool stuff.

  98. ShowMeYourHawk

    Oh my. Was Diggs on Twitter back there? Bailed out.

  99. Big Mike

    Zero pressure on Stafford so far

  100. Peter

    Hell yeah Jefferson….thank you

  101. Bmseattle

    Our defense isnt bad when they drop passes and facemask our pass rushers

  102. Big Mike

    Keystone cops

    • Bmseattle

      Yes…and just as unfunny

    • Peter

      Cha’s presser notes today:

      Just gotta clean some stuff up.

      • Kyle R

        Pete….”you know we’re almost there…it’s early we are still learning and gotta clean some stuff but we’ll get there and put it together and get this thing right

        • Big Mike

          I’m so tired of the guy

      • cha

        “We competed like crazy”

        • Big Mike

          “We’re really close”

          • Peter

            “Guys are fighting,”

  103. ShowMeYourHawk

    Tre Brown beat out Jackson for starts? Really?

  104. Kyle R

    If it wasn’t for offensive penalties, drops and missed field goals the Rams should have 28 points by now. Nothing the defense has been doing was stopping them only themselves.

  105. JP

    This year will be better.

  106. Glor

    Man our D is awful

  107. Chris

    Well.. with the DB play so far, I do not feel like the Devon pick was a luxury type of pick anymore. We desperately need help on the backend. Also cant cover the middle at all. Hopefully Devon can make an impact.

    • Big Mike

      But your backend is so dependent on some sort of QB pressure and we’ve generated zero.

      • Peter

        Agreed. But stopping something at this point would work. This 20 db set is not working.

      • Elmer

        Sorry, Coby. The bench is looking pretty damned good.

  108. James

    Hey is anyone able to hear/see me? I’m standing in the middle of the Seahawks defense and all I can see is grass as far as the eye can see.

  109. dragonhawk

    This defense is garbage. 4TH STRAIGHT YEAR, this team has ZERO PASS RUSH. 4TH STRAIGHT YEAR the front office does NOTHING to improve the abysmal pass rush. Every year this team CHEAPS out on the most important part of the defense and every year this defense sucks. This team isn’t winning anything.

  110. cha

    Dugar, Michael-Shawn
    Looks like Jake Curhan will be playing right tackle in place of Abe Lucas, who is standing on the sideline with his helmet off.

    • Peter

      Nope. Do not need this.

  111. Big Mike

    3 and out after a long drive by them

    • Peter

      And now the TOP gears start turning.

  112. ShowMeYourHawk

    3 and out with a gassed D. Buckle your seatbelts.

  113. Bmseattle

    Having a lot of offensive weapons is great…unless you dont use them.
    Has Lockett caught a pass today?

    • Big Mike

      3 or 4 on the first drive nothing sense

      • Bmseattle

        Oh, i missed that, trying to find a way to watch the game here in spokane

        • Big Mike

          Channel 28 over the air

          • Bmseattle

            Yeah, im shopping for antennas online as we speak.

  114. cha

    Am I misremembering, or did Artie Burns do the exact same thing last year? Had a dead to rights punt inside the five and couldn’t corral it to save his life?

    • Bmseattle

      Oh, please tell me we’re watching a replay of a game from last year.

  115. Murphy

    This version of Geno feels like the exact version that Rob was concerned about in the last article

    • Peter

      Geno….today I’m gonna be generous this is *peak* Seattle defense.

  116. Troy

    Where is the creativity with this team? Out schemed, out coached and out played.

    • Big Mike

      If Jeff Fisher can outcoach Pete Carroll, which he often did, I think McVay is capable of doing so as well.

  117. Mark

    Looks like Geno is a pumpkin again

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Why? Is he drawing up the defensive coverage? He’s been clean, so far.

      • Mark

        Not changing protections, audibles, and that was what supposedly won him the job over Lock. Drops are not his fault, but setting protections and running the plays right is

        • ShowMeYourHawk

          We’re not down in the game because of Geno. Both our starting OT are now out. Is that on Geno, too? I don’t even believe in the guy but dogging him when there are way more pressing issues right now seems like bias justification.

          • Mark

            He’s making over $30 million dollars, this was fine last year when he was making chump change, but Lock could do exactly what Geno is doing at a fraction of the cost.

  118. SEAhemoth82

    I know it’s only the first game gents, but this game already seems like a looking glass into a very frustrating season.

    • Peter

      Or a review of the last few seasons.

      • Big Mike

        Or both?

        • Peter


        • SEAhemoth82

          Here come the injuries….

  119. Chris

    On a positive note the run D looks solid this game, but unfortunately we sacrificed our pass rush for it. Stafford has allll day. What happened to the pass rushers?

  120. Rushless pass

    Cross and Lucas out?

  121. Peter

    Lucas and Cross. Wtf…

  122. Big Mike

    Cross taken away on a cart. The Stone Forsyth era begins.

  123. cha

    That’s Geno yelling OH MY GOD

  124. Pran

    Nothing ever changes in Pete’era I guess. Here for another same.ols shitty long season

  125. SeaTown

    What an embarrassment. Losing to the Rams at home. This Rams team. Hurtt needs to go. He’s clueless. Defense is a joke.

  126. James

    Defense is absent. There went the Oline. Now all we need is for a RB to go down and Seahawks football is back in full swing baby! (shit happens).

  127. SeaTown

    Has any D lineman even touched Stafford?

  128. Peter

    Rams 8-11 on third down.

    Seahawks 2-6.

    Not good.

    • Big Mike

      💩 actually
      But you knew that

      • Peter

        Can’t win like this.

  129. Lord Snow

    I don’t think it’s fair to defensive coaches to call Peter defensive coach anymore. He’s Tony Robbins

    • Peter

      I don’t think it’s fair to me to call Pete…peter😀

      • Lord Snow

        Sorry man. The voice Interpreter did me in

        • Peter

          Imagine 14 years of autocorrect talking about our coach. Delete “r,” maybe 1000 times!!

  130. DC

    Pete Carrol coached Seahawks are the definition of insanity

  131. Peter

    Thankfully Maher has had a bad day at the office.

  132. Peter

    Toe injury for cross. Knee for lucas. Hope neither are serious.

  133. SEAhemoth82


  134. DC

    When was the last time a pass was attempted 10 yards down the field. Everything is short.

    • SeaTown

      Can’t pass protect.

  135. Big Mike

    And now Lockett down 😢

  136. Rushless pass

    Lockett hurt too?

  137. SeaTown

    Can you imagine what the Lions are going to do to this team next week?

  138. Tony

    Did Dre’Mont Jones get hurt and leave the game because he hasn’t done a damn thing

  139. Peppapig

    What a pile of of poop this is .

  140. Big Mike

    Butt fumble is correct why are we throwing 40 yd downfield when it’s third and four?

    • Big Mike

      I mean didn’t we draft JSN for just that type of situation?

      • Peter


      • Kyle R

        Or have 3 pretty decent TEs

  141. SeaTown

    And for the love of god can we all just stop talking about how tough it is to play in Seattle? That was buried years ago with the legion of boom. Seattle is a cupcake

  142. ShowMeYourHawk

    Stafford leaving Bobby in his dust. Sad.

  143. Kyle R

    If you would have said Geno would have just over 100 yards and the Seahawks would have 178 yards at the end of the third quarter with all of the weapons I would not have believed you.

  144. Hawks4life

    This is going to be a long season, this defense looks worse than last year so far. Pete and staff haven’t learned.

  145. Peter

    Nacua has almost as many receiving yards as Geno passing. Sad emojis only.

  146. Troy

    This defense is trash. For the FOURTH YEAR in a row.

    • Big Mike

      Pete Carroll

    • Bmseattle

      Never fear!
      There will be a few games in the middle of the season where we face backup QBs and look good, and everyone will feel good for a while.

      • Peter

        Hope we don’t face Colt Mccoy

  147. Big Mike

    Touchdown drive here and the game is over. It may be over anyway but that would definitely put the knife in the back

    • SeaTown

      A FG and it’s over. A TD and then it becomes how badly do they run it up.

  148. James

    Matt Stafford with positive rushing yards…

  149. SeaTown

    Stafford just out ran Wagner. Joke.

  150. Peppapig

    Seattle is a cupcake with no filling.

    • Bmseattle

      It appears that the Rams are exploiting a weakness in the middle of our defense.🤔

  151. Big Mike

    On a happier note if the Bears and Packers score 6 more points I win a 3 way parley and pocket $123 on a $20 wager
    Root for me guys

    • Peter

      Get some!!

    • Bmseattle

      Very nice!

    • Kyle R

      Well look at that a little sunshine on a rainy day indeed.

  152. Peppapig

    No pressure what so ever.

  153. ShowMeYourHawk

    Put Clint Hurtt on a ferry and let if slowly drift into the Pacific. Please.

    • Kyle R

      Sadly if it was a Washington state ferry it would probably break down or run a ground not long after it left the dock.

      • ShowMeYourHawk

        And the problem is…..

        • Kyle R

          He’d still be just off shore I want him shipped somewhere off in the middle of the Pacific!

  154. Kyle R

    Seahawks Defense is like Oprah. “You get a first down and you get a first down and you get a first down…”

  155. SeaTown

    This D turned Atwell into an NFL player lol

  156. Chris

    Our DBs and pass rush both horrible today.

    • Peter

      More DB’s?

  157. Peter

    “Too much time to throw and too much open room,” Steve and Dave in the booth.

  158. Rokas

    The good thing we might be only a few spots away from trading up for Caleb Williams

  159. Peppapig

    I’ve had enough. I’m to embarrassed to watch anymore.

  160. Big Mike

    Well we had to stop there goes that

  161. Big Mike

    Tre Brown, shit day

  162. SeaTown

    Tre Brown. Sucks. That is all.

    • Peter

      Both lbs look confused…thanks Dave Wyman.

  163. Hawks4life

    It’s early, but I don’t see any significant improvements on this defense.also, WTF is the offense doing against a suspect D.

  164. KD

    Has anyone tried unplugging the defense, waiting 30 seconds, then plugging it back in?

    • Peter

      Perfectly played!!

  165. Big Mike

    How many more years of Pete Carroll are we going to be subjected to?

    • Bmseattle

      That depends on whether we’re in Hell or not.

    • 805Hawk

      This. 100%. I’m tired of all the blame going to the coordinators. The buck stops with Pete.

  166. SeaTown

    Game over. Season over. When’s the draft?

  167. Troy

    Anybody heard from Dre’mont Jones today? (the 18 million dollar man)??????

    • ImUrHuckleBerri

      Had never heard one whiff of the dude’s name before we signed him.

    • Bmseattle

      Good call.
      Very little impact today.

    • Big Mike

      Who dat?

    • Jon W.

      One assisted tackle today per stats. Obviously well worth the investment!

  168. ShowMeYourHawk

    Bobby with a front row seat to Akers’ TD. Hope the jersey sales were worth it, Front Office.

    • pdway

      WAY too slow to be on the field anymore…

      What a terrible experience this game has been to watch.

      • Bmseattle

        It seems he’s only good at this point when he’s playing the seahawks

  169. Jon W.

    That’s all she wrote. Dandy Don is singing…

    Good lord our D line is Horrific.

  170. Rushless pass

    Boy I can’t wait for your post game stream!

  171. Feindt

    We just need to wait until „Prez“ returns. Everything will be fine!

  172. SeaTown

    Most embarrassing home opener loss since Pacells and the Jets hammered them 41-3 back in 1997.

  173. SEAhemoth82

    And we got Detroit week fellas.

  174. Peter

    What happens when we play a real team. The rams have actually sucked most of the game and have very few players compared to our legendary depth.

    • Big Mike

      On a happier note I just won a $123.75 on a $20 bet because the Bears and Packers game just went over 43 and a half.
      And it was thanks to a goal line stand by the jags at the end of the game to keep the Colts from scoring. I have Jacksonville −4 and a half and Atlanta −4 to combine with the over on the bears and packers.
      Is my first ever 3 way parley win. I’ve won two team parlays several times but never a 3 way.

      Ok. I’m done being happy with this crap going on.

      • Peter


        On a happier note I’m missing the lions because me and the missus will be in Rome next week.

        • Big Mike

          That’s awesome my friend! Hope you enjoy yourself. You ain’t gonna miss anything here.

  175. Troy

    Hammered in time of possession AGAIN!!!

    • Peter

      Almost 2:1. Brutal. Rams with 10/13 on third down.

      • Troy

        It’s a reoccurring theme. Defense can’t stop anyone. No pass rush. No creativity. Career days by average players.

  176. STTBM

    This might be the single worst coaching performance I have ever witnessed. Seattles staff couldn’t coach a pewee league team to victory today. The fact that not a single local media outlet will say boo about the coaching only adds salt to the wound.

    I can’t wait for the team to be sold. Until then, there’s no hope, because Jody tightened the purse strings and won’t fire Carrol.

  177. Henry Taylor

    This is shit.

  178. Pran

    Suck for Caleb!

    • Bmseattle

      Geno hasnt elevated the offense today.
      And he wasnt even before the Cross/Lucas injuries.

    • Hawk Brewerd

      Be silly bums for Williams?

    • Jon W.

      We’re bad but not bad enough to get him.

  179. Brian Chase

    Now we can focus on the 2024 draft

  180. HOUSE

    Started out looking good, but the short/intermediate passes are killing us.

    With both starting tackles out, we can’t afford to let Geno get hit like that last play. We’ll be getting a look at Drew Lock if that keeps happening

  181. Peter

    Dumb penalty. Stamp your bingo cards folks.

  182. HawkfaninMT

    Section 304 is emptying out with 9 mins to go. Can’t say I blame them

  183. Kyle R

    The glass half full take…the first round pick this year will be higher than we thought it would be just like last year.

  184. cha

    Once again, we have an offseason of positivity, and belief and ‘this is a special place to play’ and these guys are ready and really jacked to get the season started.

    Followed by ‘we’re still working on some things. I believe our guys will improve and I’m gonna kick ass on getting them ready.’

    • Big Mike

      I’m going to ask again, how many more years of peak Carol do we have to put up with?
      I’ll go ahead and answer my own question however many years are left on his contract because she will never pay someone to not work I promise you all.

      • Bmseattle

        So…you’re confident that she doesnt extend him?

        • Big Mike

          No I certainly am not and that’s a very good point

          • Kyle R

            That thought just sent a shiver down my spine.

  185. Travis

    Only good thing is hopefully we can actually draft a good QB and hopefully we will be bad enough that Pete will be done

    • Hawks4life

      Should done all we could to draft Richardson. Instead Pete and John got cute, waited, colts pounced on the opportunity, and we got stuck with a borderline 1st round talent diva CB who’s had injury issues.

  186. pdway

    what a f–cking embarassment

  187. Rushless pass

    Nwosu down

    • Big Mike

      Great, the only defensive lineman that’s done anything all day. Not exactly a high bar though.

  188. Romeo A57

    When is the 2024 NFL Draft again? This looks like the team I expected to go 5-12 last year.

    The Detroit game could be really ugly

  189. Bmseattle

    Man, they are physically juat beating us up, too.

  190. Troy

    For all the hate on the defense, let take a minute to consider just how great Geno Smith has been. PATHETIC QB PLAY.

    • Big Mike

      And the sad thing is the first couple of possessions he looked great

      • Peter

        Yep. Wilting flower today.

        • Peter

          Still time to pad the stats.

          • geoff u

            Sack stats for the rams?

      • Bmseattle

        Well, i was told over and over again that Geno’s poor play last year coincided with injuries to the offinsove line.
        With Cross and Lucas out, i can hear the excuses already.

  191. Hawks4life

    Rams over 400 yards of offense

    Hawks under 200 yards of offense

  192. ShowMeYourHawk

    My word. Without Cross or Lucas, can you imagine what Hutchinson is going to do to Geno next week?

    • McZ

      They were rated the #30 OL by PFF with both available, so we can only guess.

  193. Big Mike

    Utterly dominated in the 2nd half. 1 first down in the 2nd half. ONE.

  194. Peter

    Put a fork in it.

  195. Tallyhawk

    This has been a Sean McVay masterclass. We stopped the run but didn’t make Stafford break a sweat.

    • Big Mike

      As I said earlier when Jeff Fisher can outcoach you it’s not exactly a high bar for McVay to do so

  196. geoff u

    Well the good news is our run defense has done well.

    And apparently we could’ve just selected Nacua in the 5th instead of JSN.

  197. Big Mike

    Cheap ass football Metcalf

    • Troy

      I am so tired of his immaturity. Bench this sore loser..!

  198. Whit21

    Pete carroll’s last year.. calling it now.. he needs to be front office.. and call back someone that he can passs the baton to.. all his best coaches have moved on.. could this be dan quinn again?

    • Big Mike

      I badly want you to be correct but I don’t buy it for one second. I truly hope I’m wrong

  199. Big Mike

    If Pete Carroll had 1 oz of testicles he’d have his ass on the bench right now for the rest of the game

    • Hawk Brewerd


    • Bmseattle

      To be fair…its not easy to weigh your testicles.

  200. Lord Snow

    The question in Rob’s article has already been answered. No one here can believe that Gino will lead this team back. That’s not what you pay off quarterback $40 million to be just a guy. Nice guy but really a poor man’s dak Prescott

    • SeaTown

      To be fair Lucas and Cross are out. This isn’t on Geno.

      • Bmseattle

        Yep…just call it a season.
        Geno can’t function at all if they are out.

      • Lord Snow

        But he can’t elevate. He’s a guy who functions within the scheme. You don’t pay 40 million for that.

        • SeaTown

          Patrick Mahomes wouldn’t have elevated this team today.

    • Mark

      Well shoot, Lock could do exactly what Geno is doing at a fifth of the cost

  201. .king

    That is why I don’t like DK.

  202. SEAhemoth82

    This game is the Divine Comedy.

  203. Denver Hawker

    At this rate we might be in position to get a top 10 pick for QB

    • geoff u

      Schneider with finally a chance to draft his qb, only to find out it’s the year he’s no longer the GM.

      I exaggerate but it’s that kinda day

  204. Kyle R

    Could they really have shit the bed any worse today than they did?

  205. Troy

    Can’t wait to read Rob’s summary of this all-around shit show…

    • Pran

      Waste of Rob’s time. Copy paste from any of the past 4-5 seasons of Pete

  206. KennyBadger

    What a complete failure. I know it’s only week 1 but between injuries and coaching, how can you be optimistic. Looking forward to more DK meltdowns this year.

    • SeaTown

      There is no optimism after this shit show.

      • Big Mike


    • Jon W.

      Supposed team leaders DK and Diggs losing their cool. Geno unable to lead the team and openly showing his frustration on the sidelines.

      Things are falling apart fast folks…

      • Big Mike

        What kind of tweets are we gonna get out of Diggs this week?

  207. SeaTown

    Rams out gained them 251-3 in 2nd half.

    • Troy

      3 fi**king yards. I am shutting the TV off..

  208. Jon W.

    Complete and utter embarrassment. The Lions are going to TORCH us in Detroit next week.

  209. ShowMeYourHawk

    I’m more convinced than ever that John and Pete are going to knee-jerk and trade too much for the DL help this team needs. Pete has a legacy to uphold, with little consideration for the clean up his eventual departure will cause.

  210. SEAhemoth82

    What an undisciplined display of football by the Seahawks is last 5 minutes of this game. A total embarrassment on par with the way the team acted in the waning minutes in the Super Bowl against the Patriots.

    No need for acting like sore losers when that’s who you are.

  211. Big Mike

    Hey our 18 million dollar defensive Liman did something look at that

  212. Ashish

    What the f****

  213. SeaTown

    Pete Carroll: “I didn’t even recognize that. That didn’t look like us.”

    • Big Mike


    • Travis

      Make sure to turn in to brock and Salk to hear how this isn’t Pete’s fault and how he is still a top 5 coach

      • Big Mike

        And be sure to listen to Dave Wyman so he can tell you that the Jamal Adams trade wasn’t horrible and that Adams isn’t done

  214. Lord Snow

    Just watched Groundhog Day. I’m tired. I’m old and retired don’t have too many years left. But this is what it’s going to be because billionaires are just as averse to change as any of us. Jodi needs him because she thinks she needs him. She doesn’t know what else to do

    • Big Mike


      And I’m telling you I live in the Portland area and I promise you she will NOT pay someone to not work. She had to find a different way to get rid of the Blazers GM without pay after he should have been fired 2 years earlier. As long as she owns this team, Carroll will coach til his contract runs out.

      • Lord Snow

        To me the sad thing is I am convinced that if Paul Allen were alive Caroll would have been fired a long time ago

        • Big Mike

          Agree with you 100%

  215. Kaesotullius

    At least get your ass kicked with some dignity, Seahawks.

  216. mackenzie bruce

    It’s time to fire Pete and bring in Coach Prime.

  217. Travis

    Pretty much done watching this team while Pete is still the coach, they can’t do anything well. Just a pathetic team from ownership all the way down

  218. Hawks4life

    Really wish we would have drafted a QB over Witherspoon, at least we’d something to look forward to this year.

    • Wilson502

      Hated the pick the day of the draft, hate it more with every passing day.

    • Lord Snow

      See I can live with that. I can live with the Growing Pains of a rookie quarterback because we all can see that this team is not a Super Bowl contender and has years to go. So I can live with the quarterback growth but I can’t live with mediocrity. Mediocrity bores the hell out of me it doesn’t make the game fun. At least with a poor team I can look forward to growth and new energy new ideas new players. Gino appears like a nice guy but you don’t want to build a team around his ceiling so why do it?

  219. Whit21

    That feels like an oxymoron..i dont hope for anything.. i just call as i see it..

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