Instant reaction: Seahawks win epic game in San Francisco

Jason Myers kicked the winning field goal after five quarters of agony

This was an incredible game. A complete mess, but incredible.

To the neutral it was probably the game of the season. To Seahawks and 49ers fans it was exhausting.

Both teams made a horrendous number of mistakes. The ref’s were appalling — for both teams. And yet somehow the game was overflowing with moments of brilliance and high drama (again, by both teams).

I can’t remember a game like it. The early dominance from San Francisco before the Seahawks scored 21 points on turnovers. A Jimmy Garoppolo pick and one that was called back by a flag. A fumble by Garoppolo returned for a touchdown. A fumble by Russell Wilson (shared by Germain Ifedi) returned for a touchdown. Two late dropped interceptions by K.J. Wright and Bobby Wagner. One brilliantly caught interception by Dre Greenlaw to seemingly deny the Seahawks a win. A missed kick by Chase McLaughlin to keep them alive.

And a week after having possibly the worst game of his career against Tampa Bay, Jason Myers kicked the winning field goal.

It had practically everything. It was unpredictable, it was maddening, it was exciting and it tired you out.

Players on both teams left the field with injuries. The Seahawks are fortunate to have a bye week next. They’ll feel this one tomorrow.

It was physical, majestic, ridiculous and rubbish all in one go.

Both teams contributed. Both teams deserve credit. Both teams looked like contenders.

The Niners have looked that way for several weeks. For the first time, the Seahawks looked the part tonight. It’s all thanks to an improved defensive performance.

Wilson wasn’t at his best. The entire offense struggled against San Francisco’s punishing unit.

Yet a defense that hadn’t done anything all year suddenly burst into life, thanks to a career-best performance from Jadeveon Clowney.

All those years of promise at South Carolina and the gradual development at Houston came to a crescendo here. This was a player making a statement — for future earnings and for status.

Suddenly, when well supported by the rest of the unit, Clowney was an unstoppable force. He was no longer a one-man band. The Seahawks have found the player they need to build their D-line around for the long haul.

Garoppolo looked rattled. They limited the Niners to 87 rushing yards at 3.2 YPC. They had five sacks (and it could’ve been six had the awful refs not flagged Quinton Jefferson on one of several weak calls).

Clowney wasn’t alone. Shaquille Griffin had a remarkable third down PBU in overtime. The rest of the D-line stepped up to the plate and Quandre Diggs announced his arrival with two big hits and an interception.

Combine this type of defensive performance with Seattle’s quarterback and general offensive play and things are looking up.

There were some negatives to discuss in more detail at a later date. Ziggy Ansah was essentially benched for Shaquem Griffin — an acknowledgement that it isn’t working for Ansah and that they need more speed off the edge. D.K. Metcalf — as good as he is — can’t high-point a football and that needs to change with his size and talent. They also lost three more fumbles, taking their season total to 11 in 10 games.

Some context is also required in the sheer number of injuries San Francisco has. The Seahawks are working without Will Dissly and Justin Britt and lost Tyler Lockett in the game. The Niners were also without George Kittle, Emmanuel Sanders, Azeez Al-Shaair, D.J. Jones and Ronald Blair left the game, Ahkello Witherspoon didn’t play and Weston Richburg missed some time.

Nevertheless, this was one the Seahawks had to have. And they got it. In the most elongated, ridiculously dramatic fashion they’re 5-0 on the road. And rather than stew on one that got away for two weeks, Seahawks fans can instead dare to dream.

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  1. Easthawk

    Hawks win!! I lost 3 years of my life watching that OT thriller! I love this team and I hate (losing life expectancy) watching this team!!

    • charlietheunicorn

      …by the end of the year, you might lose at least 30 years of life at this rate.

      • Easthawk

        If it means a SB win at the very end? Sign me up! But seriously, my heart won’t last at this rate lol. Go Hawks!

    • McZ

      At the end of your days in February, turning 27 or something, you could always tell your… ahhm… dog, that you where there, when the Seahawks were in the mix for another SB.

  2. Glor

    wow, wow, wow

    I much prefer daring to dream!

    (DK, what the heck, two plays he should have caught with ease….)

  3. GerryG

    Wow is all I got for now.

    Good luck getting to sleep everyone

  4. Ben Ft. Worth

    What an epic win to finish off an incredible weekend. First my LSU Tigers beat Bama in Tuscaloosa. Then the Hawks win a Classic on the road against st THEIR RIVAL!!! GNITE FROM TEXAS Y’ALL!!!

  5. bk matt

    refs really tried to steal that one from us. Great win, we 10000% deserved it, we outplayed SF across the field, if not for shabby officiating that was totally one sided we win in regulation by 7.

  6. Nick

    Amazing win. Terrible performance from the refs.

    The whole D-line looked excellent tonight. Reed, Clowney, Woods, Jackson, Ford. All had great plays in the run and pass.

    Agree about DK’s inability to high-point the football. Definitely needs to be worked on this offseason. Also, I know a lot of us spent time watching Deebo last year and boy did he look good for the niners.

    I also thought Shaq Griffin played so well tonight. Look forward to him being in a Hawks uniform for years to come.

    8-2, baby! Go hawks.

    • Volume12

      Deebo was one of my 10 favorite prospects. Love his heart and grit. Such a fun player to watch.

      • Will C

        You don’t get the nickname Deebo for nothing. That’s one you gotta earn and he proved he’s deserving.

        • Johnham

          I honestly don’t know, what is the significance of the nickname Deebo? I thought it was his actual name.

      • Matt

        Keep in mind…Deebo turns 24 in January. A whole 2 years older than DK

  7. Spireite_Seahawk

    I’m a card fan next week and if they can do the business we return from the bye on top of the west. Unlikely but after tonight I can dream, which is ironic since its 6am and I’ve no chance of getting any sleep.

  8. Volume12

    ‘5 quarters of agony’ is the perfect way to describe this one. It was a classic though.

    DK needs work on the JUGs machine. He likes to trap it against his body.

    Carson had the most quiet 90 yard day ever.

    One reason I think Pete likes games like this, other than the fact he’s an apparent adrenaline junkie, he has guys who have been there before. Been in these situations. Learned from them. And it shows late. All the time.

    Really nice to get a glimpse of what this defense has the potential to be with some pressure from the D-line. Clowney was just incredible. Please pay the man.

    Also, Shaq Griffin. This dude locked down one side of the field and the defense was that much better for it. He still has some lapses, but he’s beginning to be show that he can be better than good.

    • Mark Souza

      The D-line performance was huge, but so was the decision to put our DBs tight to the LOS and disrupt routes rather than allow free releases like they have all season. I love the change. I hope we see a lot more of it going forward.

  9. MyChestIsBeastmode

    Let’s go!

  10. bk matt

    One troubling thing that shoudlnt go unnoticed either, Carson fumbled again in the red zone. Luckily we recovered.

    • GerryG

      Everyone fumbled, including two on one play, ridiculous

      • Michael P Matherne

        Ifedi on that play literally lost his mind. You need to go into the full Peyton Manning fetal position as soon as the ball is in your hands!

        • Barry

          I was yelling that at my tv as it was happening… sadly we all know what happened….

        • Group Captain Mandrake

          Shouldn’t have mattered anyway. Somehow the refs missed another face mask on Russ during the sack. I am not sure at this point what game they were watching.

  11. Will C

    Almost felt like a classic LOB game. Messy, lots of flags, full of weird turnovers, Russ does just enough, and Seattle W. Game ball goes to Clowney, was a monster all game long. Made Jimmy see ghosts and look like Mark Sanchez out there. Shout outs to Flash for coming up big when we needed him. Same goes for Myers, I’ve been critical of him all season but he really came through tonight.

    I’m not usually the kind of person who criticizes officiating all the time but I thought there were some really egregious calls here in front of a national audience, in particular the phantom tackle on Russ leading to 3rd and 17.

    Still, what a way to go into the bye. Lots of things to clean up but momentum is swinging our way as we head down the stretch.

    • Volume12

      Yes! That call was mind blowing. How was he ruled down in the grass when he never stopped moving?

    • Glor

      Phantom Tackle on Russ, but a few minutes before hand, Russ is being driven back by 4 guys and he “isn’t” down and instead able to fumble the ball..

      Absolute Crap officiating.

      • 12th chuck

        not to mention ANOTHER missed facemask on Wilson. I know the refs are human and all, but a facemask on the qb is a must see.

        • GerryG

          Locket got helmet to helmet by two guys on one play, sherm then a LB, both lowered their helmet

  12. Denver Hawker

    Thanks for the very late (early) writeup Rob. Great game thread too!

    I can’t put in to words how this game felt- I see you tussled as well. Great, terrible, frustrating. Euphoric. Damn turnovers, but turnovers! Damn refs, worse announcing.

    My biggest takeaways:
    1. Pay Clowney now. Don’t wait- get him off the market. He belongs here.
    2. Offense can do just enough against one of the best defenses- really encouraging.
    3. Secondary stepped up when needed, but Sanders injury really shifted momentum.
    4. Blitzing DBs might be a good formula especially if LBs can complete plays on the ball.
    5. Diggs is a difference maker- different energy from the D with him and Clowney. They fed on those big plays.
    6. Carrol is a wizard. Don’t know how he does it, but he keeps doing it.

    • GerryG

      1) can’t pay JC now due to not signing his tag. Nobody can negotiate with him until offseason

      • Denver Hawker

        That’s right. Still, need to keep him up whatever the cost. With Wagner in decline, need that gamewrecking ability.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        I think they’re free to offer him at any time. If he wants to test the market he doesn’t have to accept. But if their deal was attractive enough, he could.

    • mishima

      Clowney can’t be extended until after the last regular-season game.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        They can’t come to terms before then?

        • Starhawk29

          Under the CBA we have to wait until the end of the season to negotiate with him. There is nothing we can do until then.

    • Rob Staton

      The announcers…. eesh. Every call by the ref’s was right. Everything was talked over. No room to breathe. Every potential angle extracted.

      • Michael P Matherne

        I really just don’t like the MNF crew at all. Give me the Sunday Night game every time

      • Barry

        I had to mute the announcers. Radio is better anyway.

        • Largent80

          I too shut the sound off multiple times. They we HORRENDOUS, biased, and they need new jobs because that was worse than when Sam Rutigliano tried announcing.

          The refs were right there with them. Just when I thought I had seen the worst officiated game a week ago, they shit out this turd?…

          The DEFENSE was energized. Diggs was all over the place,,,,They dropped 3 easy INT’s however. Metcalf has a lot to learn about ball security…..

          Amazing, awesome win. Happy Myers got his chance…..

          • Michael P Matherne

            One last thing about the broadcast: is anyone else sick and fucking tired of the sideline shots of Robert Saleh?? He gets more screen time than any coordinator I’ve ever seen. Is he really that good looking, or is he a Disney board member or something?

            • Mark Souza

              Another sign of bias. I’m sure they thought his unit was going to be the difference maker, so let’s highlight him. It came up as a point of contention this morning on Pro Football Talk. Peter King railed at all the shots of Saleh. His point was that Ken Norton Jr’s squad was having a hell of a game yet he was a forgotten man to the camera crew.

  13. CHawk Talker Eric

    Clowney just abused both SF OTs. He walked McGlinchey right back into JimmyG and made Staley look like a wood post.

    That was his best game as a pro. He elevated the play of the rest of the DL. He has to be the centerpiece of their front 7 moving forward.

    • OH Hawk

      Man I’ll be really effing cheesed if Clowney doesn’t get a new deal. He is just a one man wrecking crew.

      • Michael P Matherne

        still can’t believe we got him for a 3rd round pick… haha

        • Mark Souza

          On the good side, Clowney loves it here, loves the vibe of the team and coaching staff. If we make a reasonable offer, I think he stays.

          • MyChestIsBeastMode

            Unless some team offers crazy $$$ – i.e. ~$30 mil per year, I definitely think the Hawks will keep him. It’s going to cost at least $24 apy imo.

  14. mishima

    Beautiful to see the defense come together. Hopefully they can build on this, improve as a unit.

    IMO, Diggs, Blair and Shaquem Griffin will play important roles and make a difference down the stretch.

  15. Thenameisdietrich

    Forever and always…

    GO HAWKS!!!

  16. icb12

    I put some of DKs problem dropskies on Russ

    Yeah, he HAS to catch those balls to be great. I mean he got his hands on them.

    But man, Russ can put them up there too. DK has 4 Inches on that cb. Put it UP there. Every single time Metcalf is reaching down and back to try and make a play. Throw it up. Let him go up and get it. Honestly on 2 of those if the cb had just turned around the ball would have hit him right in the chest for INTs

    • Mark Souza

      The problem I noticed with DK high-pointing the ball is he drifts when he goes up. It keeps him with the DB and makes the catches highly contested. If he’d plant and stop his forward momentum when he goes up, the catches would be nearly uncontested. It would make him much harder to cover.

  17. charlietheunicorn

    I thought one of the best parts of the game was….

    Sherman and Wilson exchanging jerseys on the 50 yard line.

    • mishima

      Until Sherman says it never happened.

      • Eric

        Fact… Stone cold fact

    • Uncle Bob

      I enjoyed DK tradin’ punches with Sherm…………………he wasn’t gonna let the ol’ man abuse at his get off.

      For all it’s flaws this was a great game for team building and experience for the younger guys.

  18. LAHawk

    It’s just incredible that we have such an entertaining team. For all the baffling decisions and mistakes that come up, they have a chance to beat anyone week in and week out. Still don’t think this team can get a 1st round bye and make a playoff run but games like this show I literally know nothing. What a ride. Go hawks…

  19. Josh Gordon

    Hey 12s… I didn’t want to make you OD on me… So I gave you an appetizer. Let’s go Hawks!

    • Simo

      Nice start for sure Josh! Please avoid the weed, we’re gonna need you even more down the stretch!

  20. Alex Higgins

    Since Penny seems to be a complete waste of time and a fumble waiting to happen, would it be weird to ask for CJ to get one active game over Penny?

    • Arias

      Procise has fumbled too in his limited time on the field.

    • Del tre

      He has 1 career fumble. It was a bad one but lets take it easy.
      He is a dynamic player who can be a weapon for us, if we carve out a niche i could see hom becoming a serious contributor. He seems to be this coaching staffs jimmy graham.

    • GerryG

      Seems pretty BS to me Penny gets benched for fumbling, and Carson doesn’t. Had same number of fumbles last night

      • Simo

        I agree that Penny shouldn’t be benched for one fumble, but not sure you can compare his night with Carson’s. Penny had two carries to Carson’s 25 and 3 receptions. Yes, Carson fumbled as well, but he’s clearly the lead back on this team, so he’s going to get more rope than Penny.

  21. 12th chuck

    well rounded win, offense, defense and special teams. first game this year that’s happened. Go hawks!!

  22. OH Hawk

    Damn Jim Beam got me through this game. Refs suck. Sign Clowney for 6+ and 120mil. Niners defense is real, but Jimmy G is not a real G. We maybe get the division, but we should expect the wild card still. Man if we just had an Avril or Clemons opposite Clowney.

    Man it might be the drinks in me, but we just beat the team to beat in the NFC on the road. Got a real shot if Locket is fine.

    Neighbors though I was getting murdered though.

  23. Volume12

    Malik Turner is becoming a solid wideout. Seems like Seattle always finds one of these guys.

    • Denver Hawker

      In other news, Brown and Moore no where to be found. Will be curious snap counts. Game plan likely favored heavier protection but still don’t recall hearing their names at all.

      • Frontrower

        Brown was a healthy inactive.

    • Volume12

      BTW. Did Pete really use a TO coming out of a TO?

      • Volume12

        * coming out of the 2 minute warning

        • charlietheunicorn


        • Rob Staton

          Yes but I think he wanted to see San Fran’s formation.

  24. CHawk Talker Eric

    Still struggling to accept we’re 5-0 on the road

    • OH Hawk

      I know right. Making me believe we can still make a run even if we don’t get the division.

  25. Gohawk5151

    What a great game!!! This is the game the Seahawks Pull off every year. The one that we fear they may get blown out and they bring a performance. Thank goodness for the bye week next week.

    Such a great job by the defense Clowney, Reed, and Jefferson are our best combination at the moment. Please pay Clowney. The main defensive adjustment I noticed is trust in the deep safety. Diggs allowed Pete more versatility than any point in the past year. He sat at 15 yrds (not 20 like Tedrick and Blair have been) and closed on the underneath routes with speed and decisiveness while never getting beat over the top. This allowed Bobby and KJ to play in better position and cover less ground playing to their strengths. Classic LOB. This also allowed for a lot of man and cover three switching rather than the week cover 2 we’ve been playing. A lot of Nickel though Taylor was bad. They need to find a way to get Blair on the field again with Diggs and McDougald. Maybe Bradley in the slot?

    The offense didn’t play great but that had a lot to do with San Francisco. DK had some rookie moments tonight and they made a concentrated effort to shut down Tyler. Carson played good and Hollister has been a gem. Malik Turner has solidified his role on this team. And give Josh Gordon a couple of weeks to get on the same page with Russell and we have quite an attack. Gritty, gutsy win tonight. They deserve all the praise for sticking this one out. Not perfect, but then it wouldn’t be a Seattle Seahawks game haha.

    Also can we bury the Sherm hates Russ and Pete thing? He and Russ had a long hug and exchanged jerseys. He said nothing but great stuff about Pete before the game too

    • line_hawk

      The reason Diggs was closer to line of scrimmage was also because 49ers don’t have a great vertical game due to their personnel at WR or QB. So, you can cheat a bit especially with the pass rush working out.

      I am not sure if this is something you can do against TB or Baltimore’s vertical passing game.

  26. Doug

    A heroic win. Coming back from 10 points down to win on the road is not something that happens often in the NFL.

    Love the progress of the D to hold the #1 rushing attack by DVOA to under 100 yards. The DL is definitely rounding into form with an improved performance by Reed and continued great work by Ford and Clowney… a one-man wrecking crew. Loved what Diggs brings to the DBs. Griffen is a force who has announced himself tonight. Now if our LBs could just hold onto an INT…

    Another GW Drive by Russ–his 4th this season I believe. With Lockett on the sidelines on the last drive, too. Some promising signs from Gordon, and a bye week to work him fully into the scheme.

    I have said all along the Seahawks are 11-5 or 12-4 and I am now thinking 13-3 is not out of range. With the Saints stumbling this week, a 1 or 2 seed is a definite possibility.


    • Barry

      Oh Yeah! Go Hawks!

  27. KD

    My supervisor is a 49er fan. I arrive at work before he does. What is the best way to troll him? I was thinking of printing out a bunch of papers that just say 8-1 on them and taping them around his station

    • Rob Staton

      Hey, we have to play them again! Keep your powder dry.

      • One Bad Mata'afa

        Aww man, my grandpa was my best friend and he always used to tell me to keep my powder dry. I don’t hear that very often

    • SoCal12

      If you can find a screenshot, there was a great shot of Sherman’s reaction to the winning FG that’s very similar to his infamous SB49 pick reaction. I’d print that face out and tape it to his door or something.

  28. Nickhawk

    The refs are absolute garbage. . The NFL needs to hold them accountable somehow ..

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      I can’t even understand what they were watching. So many missed/crappy calls. How do you miss hitting the QB after he started his slide? How do you miss a face mask on a sack? How do you let said sack continue after he was being pushed back and the play should have been dead and then call a sack when he escapes and makes six yards on a later play?

  29. EranUngar

    I have been very bullish on this team and kept my mouth mostly shut over the past doom and gloom month. I can’t keep my old mouth shut any longer….

    * Wining football games by 3 points or less is not sustainable. Ah ha.

    * Pete says he expects the pass rush to pick up big time but we know better. Ah ha.

    * This defense is a lost cause and will destroy RW’s fantastic season. Ah ha.

    * Kyle Shanahan’s offense is a problem for Seattle. Really? a team that plays base defense against a team that runs the ball 56% of the time? Ah ha.

    * The Seahawks can barley win against bottom feeders and will collapse against quality opposition. Ah ha.

    * The Seahawks need to release Mayers immediately and swallow the 5M hit. Ah ha.

    I guess it won’t be as roomy on the Seahawks band wagon now and there is no need to ask again – Are we still behind the 10-6 at best forecast?

    Never mind. This team is becoming a younger RW incarnation, all they do is win football games.

    • Rob Staton

      I think is all a bit unnecessary Egan. We’ve talked realistically on this blog. Nobody said winning by three points or less was not sustainable. We simply noted, quite rightly, that the defense wasn’t playing well enough and the pass rush stinks. That they reversed course today isn’t so much a glorious insight on your behalf warranting a slice of ‘I told you so’ as some repaid blind faith.

      Just enjoy the win.

      • EranUngar

        I do, I am enjoying it immensely.

        And if you go back and read everything that has been posted here for weeks while this team clawed it way to victory after victory somehow, it certainly warrants a “what were you thinking when your team kept winning?”.

        It’s not about me and my rosy glasses, Its about a winning team whose fan base fails to abide by the no. 1 rule of the NFL – A win is always A WIN, no matter how you get it.

        P.S. – Locket was taken to the hospital due to swelling. That usually seems to indicate a fracture. DAMN….

        • Doug

          With you, Eran. They don’t give out part wins for close victories. It is 1-0 every week, and a team that “just wins, baby” can go a long way.

          The thing is we KNOW the Seahawks will be better in the second half of the season than they were in the first half, that has been their MO under Carroll. So when you accumulate a 6-2 record in the first half, it is hard not to see the team able to replicate that in the back half, opposition be damned.

          Now in this game we see the D coming around. It should not have been a surprise it would take Reed a couple of games to get back into form, but with his improved play (and Ford) and Clowney (who also seems to play better in Nov/Dec based on his history) make the DL a much improved unit overall. It isn’t hard to see the D becoming a top-10 unit over the last 6 games of the season, to go with Wilson and company this is going to be a helluva team down the stretch.

          • Rob Staton

            1. I don’t understand why people are talking about the close wins. Nobody ever said anything about them. We simply highlighted, quite rightly, that the defense wasn’t playing well enough against poor opponents.

            2. The Seahawks sometimes finish well. However…

            2013 — finished 2-2
            2016 — finished 3-3
            2017 — finished 4-5

            • Brashmouse

              3-3 would be 11 wins

              4-5 would be 10 wins

              2-2 would be 10-12 wins
              Any of those cases the Seahawks are in the playoffs as long as the Cowboys and Eagles, Rams, or Panthers don’t go 5-1. I was on the 10-6 train but if they can keep the injuries from impacting they could win the division and absolutely control their fate (and the tiebreak) with a game against every other team that can knock them out except the Cowboys who play the (2x) Eagles, Rams, and Vikings.

  30. SoCal12

    Sounders come home with the Cup and Seahawks kill the 49ers undefeated streak in an instant classic.

    Amazing couple of days in Seattle sports!

  31. Seahawks fan

    I believe that we should have blair play the nickel or diggs we need both of them on the field, jamal taylor had a holding call that took away an interception, gave up a touchdown, and missed mulitple tackles that would have forced 4th downs. We need to play our young badasses. If we can replicate this performance on defense for the rest of the season, and clean up the fumbles on offense we can go all the way this season.

  32. CD

    I think the Seahawks just showed the formula to beat the 49ers. Stack the box, stop the run. Jimmy G isn’t all that. We will see how he does with that tape out there.

    While the refs sucked, I couldn’t believe how one sided the entire ESPN telecast was, always seemed to be showing the 49ers sideline, Kettle, 49ers stats. They should be embarrassed how one sided it was.

    • steele

      The officiating was clearly favoring the 49ers. The Hawks had many opportunities to close things out, and failed. Russell’s INT was an unusual moment of stupidity. And yet, they still managed to get the W. In the end, that’s all that matters!

    • SoCal12

      To be honest I don’t think stacking the box would’ve work as well if Kittle and Sanders were out there, and Jimmy could hit them on the quick slants. I think actually hitting Jimmy and shaking him a bit probably works decent though. He seemed to get a bit jittery once he felt like he could be hit when holding the ball long enough.

  33. steele

    An epic game between evenly matched teams. The winner, as I predicted, was the grittier underdog with more heart, that had been more tested prior to today.

    Character and grit wore down the upstart 49ers, who started hot. Also, I think experience and smarts won out. The 49ers D looked dominant and scary, but they also overpursued, sometimes recklessly, and Russell Wilson took advantage as only he can. They got gassed,

    Jimmy G panics when pressured. Until that is fixed (if it ever is), he is exploitable. The Seahawks did enough tonight to unravel him. They also did well stopping the run. Clowney was a monster.

    Enjoy this win. This was a Seahawks classic. Infuriating, weird, heroic, nuts.

    The next one is going to be just as good.

  34. Mr.seahawks

    I believe that we should have blair play the nickel or diggs we need both of them on the field, jamal taylor had a holding call that took away an interception, gave up a touchdown, and missed mulitple tackles that would have forced 4th downs. We need to play our young badasses. If we can replicate this performance on defense for the rest of the season, and clean up the fumbles on offense we can go all the way this season.

  35. charlietheunicorn

    Don’t look yet but….

    @ Eagles
    @ Rams
    @ Panthers

    ….are all inbound games. Very tough road ahead.

    Top 2 seed is still in grasp as well. Remarkable when you think about it.

    • Henry Taylor


      Ari, GB, @Bal, @NO

      Equally tough imo.

      • Barry

        Good point both but I like our odds. Injuries are now the biggest opponent going into the playoffs. Lets look at depth and fix our fumbling, damn that’s frustrating me.

    • TomLPDX

      Our next challenge is to get healthy and go 1-0 against the Eagles.

  36. MarkinSeattle

    The DL play tonight was a lot closer to where I saw them playing when we picked up Clowney and after Reed’s return. Hopefully Reed and Clowney are both hitting their stride. Also, hopefully Griffin can provide that speed rush that Ansah has been lacking.

  37. Henry Taylor

    If this Defence is what we get for the rest of the year this could really be a special season, what a day!

    I also really hope Seahawks’ twitter’s narrative on Schotty is shared by the league so no one comes after him with a head coaching job, he’s having a phenomenal season (having Russ helps but there’s no denying this version of Russ is better than we’ve ever seen).

  38. matt

    Rob. i agree with Eranungar. Realistic or not, the tone of most of your recent posts have been doom an gloom. There was a common thread of the seahawks would go no where cause they couldn’t get the defense together.I love this blog ,don’t get me wrong but you as well as many forgot how the seahawks improve over the season. They’ve done it now for ten straight seasons. cause it’s what they do. as a fan it’s easy to forget this in the middle of the mess that is early season screwups,mistakes and clusterf…

    • Barry

      I like to disagree with the guy at times, but its his blog. I’d rather not offer a critique unless it’s asked for.

      Lucky for us the team, Pete, Russ, and everyone can enjoy this epic win on a arrow still hopefully improving like your said.

      I’m not saying your assessment is wrong, Matt. But Rob is a genuine writer. He doesn’t write for hits or likes. He puts his assessments out there and just like yourself or I he can lean one way or another too much at times. Even be wrong. But even when I disagree with him he has a line of thought that has facts to back it up. Unlike many very big time names in the sporting world.

    • Troy

      What is the point of this post? To try and feel superior and smug? Why can’t people just enjoy a crazy win instead of trying to say I told you so? Fucking weird mate.

      • EranUngar


        You know how hard it was to enjoy a crazy win after a crazy win when everywhere you turn is swapped with negativity?

        A month ago Rob posted here that we should just enjoy this crazy team and ignore all the negativity around it and I loved every word of it but it seemed that the “lets see who is more negative” tidal wave managed to sweep even this place.

        It is not about Rob whose even keel style I adore for years. It is more about the doom and gloom comment section. Did it make you all (almost) feel superior and smug bashing your own ream???

        Fucking very weird mate….

        • Johnham

          You’re way out of line man. Rob is one of the most level headed and positive Seahawks commentators. He’s only “negative” if you’re a rabid homer who thinks anything other than blind optimism about everything is negative.

          And regardless, this is his blog. Disagreeing with him is one thing, coming here to try to dunk on him is another. Just stop.

          • EranUngar

            “It is not about Rob whose even keel style I adore for years” was not clear enough?

            Or you just had something to say and did not bother reading till the end?

            And yes, it’s Rob’s blog that i have reading judiciously for almost a decade and if he tells me to stop I’ll respect it and you’ll never hear from me.

            Your opinion on what I should or should not do here is dully noted…and completely ignored.

            • Rob Staton

              Nobody should stop writing and contributing.

              But one thing that is important to avoid is the concept that this place has become ‘negative’. The defense has been playing shockingly. That is a fact. And there was absolutely nothing wrong with highlighting and debating that (as I did with facts and stats last week) and discussing how it could undermine a promising season. There was no sign whatsoever of an upturn. The fact they played well in San Francisco was enjoyable but unexpected. Hopefully it’s not a one-off.

              We don’t cheerlead here and we are never negative for the sake of it. The accusation that this community was being doom and gloom is ridiculous. This community provides some of the best, most forthright, honest and intelligent Seahawks discussion around.

    • McZ

      I really hope, you will not be required to eat crow after another one-and-out in postseason… there’s still a lot of work to do and football to play.

      Robs criticism of the DL was well deserved, and he picked out exactly the contributing factors. This was knowledgeable work in detail, giving hints where it matters. And he was also right to not put the expectations on a achange of personnell too high.

      The Seahawks have changed a couple of things that seemed to help; exactly on point to Robs analysis, which validates him more than it contradicts him.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ll always call it how I see it. There’s no doom or gloom or cheerleading. Just honest, forthright views.

    • Michigan 12th

      Guys I am as happy as anyone after that win. It was huge, our defense finally showed up, and we got some pressure. However, before we get all excited about turning the page and having a formidable pass rush, I would like to see it repeated at least once. The 49ers did not look like they were double teaming Clowney, Ansah has still done nothing and was benched for Griffen at the end of the game. Teams going forward will look at this game tape and notice those things. It’s possible we regress back to the mean after this game, just as it is we have turned the page. I haven’t read anything Rob was off on in his analysis of this years team. This team is still riding the back of it’s MVP caliper QB and last night was no different. Russ just got more help last night.

      • Mark Souza

        Speaking of not getting too excited from this one game, I did notice something last night I hope other teams don’t pick up on. Joey Hunt is a weak point if you line someone up on his nose one on one. I watched on more than one occasion were Hunt was rolled like a ball into the backfield. I was grateful SF didn’t take advantage of this more. But other teams might.

        • Brashmouse

          They adjusted and helped with the guard the rest of the night. As long as both Fluker and Iupati are healthy this isn’t a big risk. The was more of a struggle when it was C, RG, and RT that had known weaknesses.

  39. clbradley17

    This could be terrible news, hopefully it’s not as bad as it sounds. From the Seattle Times:
    “Tyler Lockett taken to hospital with ‘severe’ swelling in his leg.
    Seahawks star receiver Tyler Lockett left Monday night’s game against the 49ers with a leg injury that was severe enough to require an immediate trip to the hospital. It’s possible he could stay the night there.”

    • clbradley17

      More on the Lockett leg injury – “In the final seconds of regulation, Lockett received a kickoff and took a knee, sending the game into overtime. But he did not take the field in overtime and was instead taken to the hospital because of swelling, Carroll said, adding that there was concern of possible compartment syndrome in the leg.

      It’s possible Lockett could stay the night at the hospital, but Carroll didn’t have an exact update immediately after the Seahawks’ 27-24 overtime victory.

      “Tyler Lockett got a really bad lower leg bruise, a contusion that caused some issue that we’re working on,” Carroll said.

      “I can’t tell you much more about it right now. He’s out of here right now to get looked at.”

  40. Kyle T

    This was a great win! We are setup to make a 2nd half run and get healthy on the bye.

    Last week I commented that this defense didn’t need too much to play well. This game proved that point.

    Diggs looks like a difference maker in our secondary
    Reed looks like he’s back to his 2018 form in this game.

    What a difference it makes to cover a bit better, get Clowney some help and watch those factors have a “whole > sum of there parts”

    I’m hoping either Shaquem, Collier or Ansah figure out how to contribute more QB pressure down the stretch as well.

  41. Barry

    We can finally hate the Niners again!

    I think we saw an accumulation of things on the D-line we’ve known for a while without any consistency. There is talents at DT, and we have missed Kam’s leadership badly. Perhaps we just found the alt leadership, the talent in Clowney that makes others step up to match.

  42. One Bad Mata'afa

    Ok, so that DK Metcalf/Tartt debacle…what the heck.

    Does the rule(s) applied strike anyone else as being illogical? Forget that Tartt reestablished himself. The dude is literally standing out of bounds while ripping at the player and ball. Impacting the play. Seems so weird that aspect isn’t really taken into account

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      Not sure what the rule is (did the refs just miss the call?), but it seems like he can make that play as long as he is not the one that recovers the ball while he is standing out of bounds.

  43. Barry

    Which direction is DK going after this game? He seems to almost be making game breaking plays but just not (the strip). Can he keep driving to just get that edge on each play or not will be interesting to see.

    Shaquille Griffin seems to be directly feeding off of Clowney. He has raised him game. Just a few more notches and consistency and we have another elite CB

    • SoCal12

      Really wish Shaquille’s INT had stood. Dude deserves one for the way he’s been balling.

      Shout out to Quandre Diggs also. Dude was laying down some heat tonight. Really like what I saw from him tonight.

    • GoHawksDani

      DK is still a rookie and a raw rookie. He can be special, he can be good, he can be mediocre, or even bad. He’s better than most people thought. I have trust in him, because he is focused and willing to work a lot

    • GerryG

      DK also has a little bit of the the Shaquille Oniel syndrome. Shaq was mugged all the time in the NBA but was so big and strong, you didnt notice it as much, and he often times didnt get the foul call.

      DK, has CBs all over him, often, but the guy is such a hulk, it doesnt move him, and he doesnt get any PI calls. Some of those back shoulder throws would get a flag in today’s PI world if the contact knocked him around more. Sherm was all over him on that quick slant in OT, and DK didnt budge an inch.

      • MyChestIsBeastMode

        I agree on the non-PI calls. When Sherm had that 3rd down quick slant pass-breakup, I couldn’t help but think how Sherm’s back arm wrapped around his shoulder prior to the pass reaching him looked easily as egregious as the multiple PI’s called against Trey Flowers this season for similar grabbing. DK is a hulk and refs treat him as such to his detriment.

        Speaking to DK’s future – he’s got intangibles that can’t be taught. Mistakes will happen, but I believe they will eventually be few and far between. His talent will win out in the long run and his ceiling is in the upper stratosphere.

    • Matt

      DK is a 21 year old rookie who is starting on a competitive team and doing well.

      The fumble was a fluke play that really happened only because of his effort and strength. I will never blame a guy for going down in a fight like that. Sure, we can argue he should have been smarter, but I’d rather have to coach a guy to be smarter than I am hoping to try to make someone tougher.

      The stupid fades are stupid. RW is not good at throwing them and DK is not good at bringing those in. Could they become good at it? Sure, but right now, it’s an unsuccessful play that needs to be scrapped from the playsheet on 3rd and medium.

      I mentioned this earlier…DK is a full 2 years younger than Deebo Samuel. Can you imagine what DK will be like in 2 years? The kid is a worker who clicks with his QB…this is just the start of something special.

  44. Barry

    I honestly don’t care what the other teams win or lose down the stretch…. This team tonight, it can win anywhere. Clean up the fumbles keep clawing and I like our punching chances.

  45. Paul Cook

    Just got home from the MNF Hawks party. What a game. Game of the year. Drama to the last second of overtime. If you asked me what would be the perfect score of a great game, a 27-24 thriller would be near the top of the list. Not too much a shootout, not too much of a defensive juggernaut. Just right. Like tonight.

    Well boys and girls…we’re in the SB hunt now. Are you kidding me? Our defense won us the game. Who would have thunk? Like nobody.

    I’m sure it’s been said many times here already…wow…what a performance by Clowney. Sign him. Don’t let him take a breath of air the moment his present contract expires at the end of the year. Sign him. Make him a Seahawk for years.

    And Hollister…WTF! Has this come through or what?

    I’m basking in the warm glow of this victory. 11-5 is pretty much in the bag now, my preseason prediction. Good times.

    • Barry

      Glad you got to enjoy this one around a good bunch of fans, Paul.

      I feel a bit smug as I did say the kid has something to him after that trade haha. Smart, tough, gutsy kid!

      • Paul Cook

        I still can’t believe they made Meyers win that game twice for us. LOL

  46. LouieLouie

    Nice write-up Rob:
    Tonight was why we are all football fans. Now the Hawks have beaten all of the NFC West teams and hold the tiebreakers.

    The D-Line looked pretty good tonight against the run, and getting to the QB. I liked the way the Seahawks made adjustments on both sides of the ball. Kudos to Shott and Norton.

  47. steele

    Big plays from Jacob freaking Hollister, Josh freaking Gordon, Shaq freaking Griffin.

  48. Paul Cook

    That play by Shaq in OT was all-pro.

  49. line_hawk

    Myers kicks give extra heartaches. Why does his kicks always kiss the uprights?

    • MyChestIsBeastMode

      True, at least his pre-ice kick split the uprights. The eventual game winner was a little scary though. Ultimately, it was good in the end so I give zero f’s.

  50. Del tre

    Rob,with the mentions of negativity above, i was unsure if you saw this and figured youd appreciate it because i really appreciate this blog and your honest stances. I didnt feel good about this team until tonight either.
    Hey rob, i remember asking you about why they cut Jazz in favor of Malik, if i remember right you said the bottom receiver will realistically only get 10-15 targets and that what he does in practice might matter. This is why i come to this blog, it reminds you of those small aspects, everytime malik turner catches a pass i remember that post and smile. Nice to see that kind of success.
    Im not sure why but this kind of stressful win really reminds me that i love football because it brings people together
    Go hawks

  51. Paul Cook

    Make no mistake. This was a HUGE win. This changed everything. Perhaps only slightly, but sometimes that’s all it takes. This is a game of inches and a few key plays. The defense found their mojo tonight. No, I’m not saying they’re great or anything, They’re not. But you can’t help but think that they just might start believing they can be a lot better than they’ve been.

    I said early in the season that the front 7 wasn’t going to start coming together until the second half of the season. Well they certainly started tonight. Let’s hope for more. And let’s not forget Q Jefferson. This guy is more important to the unit than we might have thought. And, hopefully, Reed starts building on tonight’s performance. And Clowney…we’ve got a star on the line now.

    No major injuries, please. 11-5 seems pretty mcu in the bag now, and 12-4 is not out of the question now. Nor is a division title and first round bye.

    This was a HUGE win.

  52. Paul Cook

    On a slightly sadder note, it’s looking more and more like Penny is a bust, at least in terms of being a first round draft pick. He picks up his game soon, or it’s time for someone else. And yeah, I’ve got a bit of a Chubb headache. Maybe Travis Homer can give us something. Perhaps it’s time to move him up the depth chart.

    Penny…puts the ball on the ground at a key moment when he hasn’t given us much of anything Carson has. Not good.

    • millhouse-serbia

      You have problem with Penny who had like 2 carries. Yes he fumbled (I think for the frst time in seahaws jersey) but id doesn’t have sense to speak about rashad when he doesn’t even get a chance to play.

      Instead lets talk about Carson…he fumbled again, is that 5,6,7 times this year? and he was awfull at pass pro…and he didn’t run very well to…a lot of 2nd and 3rd and one that he couldn’t converte…

      • Paul Cook

        I’m just keeping it real. Penny has shown only a few flashes of first round talent, and he can’t he unseat Carson, a late round pick. I’m not for dumping on a guy, I’m just saying that if we could get a 3rd or 4th round pick for him, take it.

      • GoHawksDani

        Don’t trash Carson. These niners went after the ball viciously.
        I may be a heretic, but remove the fumbles and Carson is better than Lynch to me 100%
        I wanted to bench him after his first 3-4 fumbles. But he got much better. This was not his fault. Last week he made a mistake. He tends to carry lightly when he busts a big run. But in short space he’s solid now.
        RBs will fumble. Carson still needs to be better at handling the ball, but he delivers. He had almost 90 yards in this game and a TD, while the niners was set to stop the run with their scheme. McAffrey who seems like probably the best RB currently had 117 yards against them and a TD (although with much better avg. Adrian Peterson had 81 yards without a TD. Nick Chubb 87 yards no TD. Ronald Jones 75 yards, no TD.
        Right now only Kenyan Drake (110 yards, 1 TD) and McAffrey had better games against them than Carson.
        It’s easier to run against SF than to pass, but it’s still not an easy task with their line. And there wasn’t any major holes to run through.
        Carson is legit. Hard runner, OK pass catcher (although he has some head scratching drops), he’s OK in passpro (sometimes he destroys even solid DEs, sometimes he whiffs bad), had some speed to him. He’s the runner the Hawks wants

        • Group Captain Mandrake

          Problem is, you CAN’T remove those fumbles. I believe the announcers said he has more fumbles than any other RB in the league this year. RBs will fumble, but they can’t fumble that much. It will (and has) lead to loses.

    • Rob Staton

      Sure but he’s not getting many snaps and the guy ahead of him can’t stop fumbling.

    • icb12

      How on earth is he supposed to pick up his game if he doesn’t get a chance? I’m so confused by this.

      I can’t imagine Penny is too stoked about being in Seattle at this point. I would assume he would much rather play for someone that will give him a legitimate chance to play, and play to his strengths.

      It’s pretty clear that Carson is PC’s guy. Period. I honestly don’t think that would change no matter who was brought in or who was drafted.

  53. GoHawksDani

    I’m always against blaming the refs, but they were hard to cheat the Hawks out of this one…
    They blow dead a Wilson scramble for a sack…They didn’t blow it dead with like 4 defenders on him when it was the fumble (insanely ridiculous that they let that one play out). Thorpe penalty was bs. I can live with the QJeff penalty, although that’s sucks, but based on the current weak-@ss rules it can be called as a penalty. I can’t remember more as of now, but there were like 6 times at least when I was like: “That’s not a penalty on them? How the hell?” or “How is that a penalty for us?” or “Why blow it dead?” or “Why not blow it dead?”
    It was ridiculous af, and I felt that most of those bad calls came against us.

    While at the topic of negativity: Ansah is rubbish…they called his name…when…he was offside, nothing more.
    Not happy about the fumbles…too much this year…
    Russ did not play like an MVP. Not hating on him, and I know it’s an amazing defense, but he made stupid mistakes. Most of the sacks were on him (or might be coverage sacks, but if it’s a rush situation he can’t hold more than 1,5-2 sec or if he must then roll out of the pocket)
    I feel our next year’s draft direction should be clear: CB
    Flowers had a sack, but was beaten on like 4 plays pretty bad
    Taylor had a pretty nice PBU, but was also beaten a couple of times
    Not happy about how PC called the game yet again. It was too conservative and I think if you say him at the middle of the OT: “Hey Pete, how about let this be a tie and finish the game?” He would’ve say OK.

    Enough with this negativity…amazing game!
    Wow, that defense! The sacks! The turnovers! The constant pressure!
    The offense carried the D# this year. This game was different.
    Diggs seems like a steal. My only issue is, how should we put Diggs, McDougald and Blair on the field as much as we can.
    Griffin needs a contract extension ASAP
    Put in Shaquem. I think Shaq and Clowney would provide great speed and motor on the outside.
    Clowney is a must keep. Extend him now if you can. Well worth 20m
    Reed is a must keep also, hopefully we can keep him for 15m. He was a bit rusty, but seems like he’s a really-really good DT.
    Gordon got 2 crucial catches! It would be awesome if he could deliver for us
    Wow, Hollister is also pretty pretty good. And Russ uses TE really well
    Now push the pedal to the metal, don’t slow down!
    Build on this! This team and defense can even be much better!
    Imagine: Some stupid penalties eliminated (by either the refs or the team). There were like 4-5 dropped INTs, if half of them made, wow. If they’d keep the ball more secure.

    I think this team has cornerstones on each side of the ball:
    On offense:
    Wilson, Lockett, Carson, Brown, Metcalf, Dissly, Hollister, Gordon?, Ifedi?
    On defense:
    Wagner, Clowney, Griffin, Reed, Diggs, Blair, QJeff, Poona, McDougald

    Where am I missing key players:
    OGs (2), CB (2 – nickel, and I’m not sold on Flowers), DT (1), DE (1), EDGE (1)

    Where am I missing depth:
    TE, C, OT, WR

    I feel these issues are easily resolvable:
    Re-sign necessary guys and get maybe a higher end OG if possible from FA. Also get a speedy outside guy. Don’t need to be expensive, and a fully developed passrusher, just someone who can beat you outside with speed.
    I’d target CB or TE with our first pick.
    I know CB would go against PCJS thinking, but we need a Justin Coleman. And we also need another Shaquille Griffin, ’cause Flowers is a bit slow as an athlete and slow in his reads. He could be amazing depth, but not sure about him as #2 CB
    And Dissly is amazing, Hollister seems really good, but if one of them go down then it’s a really thin position. We need a good TE who can block and catch. We need them in the passing game and in the running game too.
    I’d go in the draft if the board falls right:
    1st round – trade back into early 2nd round while picking up a late 3rd maybe
    2nd round – CB
    2nd round – TE
    2nd round – OG/OT
    3rd round – CB (nickel) or EDGE
    3rd round – WR
    4th round – CB (nickel) or EDGE (which wasn’t taken previously)
    4th round – OC
    5th round – DT
    5th round – RB
    6th round – FB
    7th round – KR/PR

    • MoondustV

      To be honest, I think Zero of 5 sacks are Russell’s fault.
      1st:Hunt got completely pancaked by D.Jones. Zero reaction time for Russell.
      2nd:LB blitz, huge mis-alignment on the O-Line, Iupati didn’t even try to block F.Warner, and Carson missed his block.
      3rd:Basically the same as 2nd sack. Carson tried to block on Warner again, but at the worst angle and Warner got to Russell.
      4th:Nickel Blitz, and Carson messed up the third time on K’waun Williams…though the Refs should blew this snap dead after Russell was held by three 49ers players. And Ifedi made that hilarious run.
      5th:Refs didn’t even give Russell the chance to escape. What a joke tonight by those zebras.

    • McZ

      I’m in on your plan to trade back, with the following exceptions: Walker Little and Javon Kinlaw. If one of those fell tomus, we have to pick.

  54. millhouse-serbia

    Some thoughts…

    I always believed this defense has talent…the only weak spot is nickle CB and I think we will end the season with Digs as NCB and Blair at FS…whit average nicke we are above average defense…pay the Clowney…he is better player than Clark…

    OL played great exept against blitz…Carson was so baad at pass pro …

    Carson fumbled again…how many times he will do that before Penny get real chance?

    Refs tried to steal this victory from us…just look at holding when Shaq intercepted the ball and look on that 3rd down when Sherman defend I think Turner…

    Look at Q Hef hit (he tried to tackle Jimmy above his knees but Jimy just lower his body ant put his head in front of Quinton’s…and then look at hits while RW slides…

    Refs allowed 3 SF players to grasp RW and they didn’t blow the whistle until ball was out (and it was face mask there) and in over time thay stop the action ass soon as they saw Russ was free…

  55. CaptainJack

    Found our guy.

    Patrick Jones II from Pitt. 6-5 and 260 pounds. Leads CFB in hurries. There is what they were looking for by signing Ansah.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Ansah is absolutely doing nothing. He might be a healthy scratch here at some point.

  56. Georgia Hawk

    Penny: I got the fumble today Cris, you take the week off from it.
    Carson: Screw you, I’m gonna fumble and not lose it this time, just to mix it up.

    Ifedi: Hold my beer.

    • Kyle T

      Hahaha, love this comment.

  57. Georgia Hawk

    We’ve gone round and round on the game management and decision making by Pete this year. I really felt like the decision to punt in OT with some 2 min and change left about sent me to the grave. At best, I saw it as a play to the tie, at worst….

    Sure it worked again, but it is sort of like sitting at the roulette table and betting black every time cause you know you have even odds and can always get it back on the next spin. I feel like the Hawks have hit on black 6 times in a row and haven’t gotten bite by it. I’m just waiting for red to come up the next 6 spins. Maybe I’m a fatalist but every time Pete punts the ball away in these situations I can’t help but think this is the one that gets away.


      I had the same thought, that we were playing for the tie. Turns out Pete was right here, though, they got a 3


        Splegh, that wasn’t supposed to send. Anyway, they still got to snap it, hold it, kick it, I suppose… but yeah, would’ve liked to see them go for the win with possession. Defense deserves a lot of credit today, they won this one for us, which isn’t something we’ve had the chance to say for awhile.

        • Georgia Hawk

          That is very true

  58. Trevor

    Great writeup Rob I think you summed up the game perfectly and have been spot on with your assessment year to date. I dont always agree with all your takes on individual players (that is what makes the blog and draft season so much fun) but for years your assessment of the Hawks culture and team outlook under PC/ JS have been dead on almost to the point of being uncanny.

    Thanks again for all you do it truly is amazing from not only a content standpoint but from the amount of effort and time you put into this.

    I really do appreciate it more than you could ever imagine and I for one don’t say it enough.

    Looks like it is going to be a fun ride this year. Let’s all enjoy the roller coaster ride it is sure to be.

  59. GerryG

    A few notes I had:
    Diggs was really good, fast and physical and seemed to elevate the play of Mcdougald too.

    Jamar Taylor was really bad aside from his play, when he tipped the ball. Was hoping like many maybe Diggs could play NB, but he looked too good at FS. Can Ugo be much worse than Taylor?

    I thought Wagz looked better, product of better DL play.

    Run blocking was a disappointment, but pass blocking was pretty good on a lot of plays considering faced best DL in football, which is not what I expected coming in.

    • Kyle T

      I really am concerned that Taylor is still out there at nickel. Why isn’t Ugo claiming that spot? Will Diggs end up at Nickel after that great performance at safety?

  60. Kingdome1976

    Wow. What.A.Game.

    I don’t know how much Clowney is going to cost us but get it done John. Reed finally had a pretty game and we can see what this might look like if we added another book-end pass rusher.

    BTW, is Collier injured or something? Have we made another sub-par 1st round pick or trade choice?

    Anyway….great game.

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      Just something to keep in mind when discussing Collier: One of the DL on the 49ers (Arik Armstead) was a former first round pick as well. In his first year he started one game on a bad team and had a total of 19 tackles that year. He’s turned out pretty decent so us fans probably need to give the Hawks/Collier a little bit of time to see what he really is.

    • MyChestIsBeastMode

      Collier was a healthy scratch with Q Jefferson playing same position/role. Too soon in my opinion to call him a bust, and still I’d love to see more impact from him. That being said, I’ve got nothing against the team making him earn his time rather than simply giving him a spot.

      Not to read too deep into it, but I think the team is trying to find a speed compliment to Clowney, et al for the pass rush. Collier is another big bodied anchor type, of which nearly the entire D-line is at the moment. He’s better at overpowering rather than quickness. Ansah has been a complete bust who I hope will eventually come around. You may have noticed they pulled Ansah and put Shaquem Griffen in to rush the pass in the 2nd half. I don’t think they cut Ansah, but if he remains this inept then I have to imagine the team may consider getting Collier some snaps in his place. Either way, right now, I just want the best defensive front we have on the field regardless of name recognition, draft position, etc. Go Hawks!

  61. Douglas Morrill

    Can a defense play with that kind of intensity for 16 games? It seems like they have been pacing themselves until this game.

    • john_s

      Not sure that they were pacing themselves moreso it was the impact of Jarran Reed and Clowney plus Quan Diggs being a massive upgrade at FS

  62. Michigan 12th

    I think it is unfair not to give the 49ers some credit, they played really hard and absolutely wanted to win that game. We just made one or two more plays for the victory, but this is a very good 49er team and I am happy because I missed the rivalry we had going with them.

    Having said that, what a game. GO Hawks!!!! Russ made a very big mistake but with the year he is having, I can easily forget about it. He is clutch when the game is on the line and is absolutely proving he is the MVP this year.

    Clowney showed up tonight and is going to get paid by someone. I hope it is the Hawks. It did look to me though that he wasn’t double teamed all night like he usually is. What a difference that makes and what a mistake the 49ers made by deciding not to double him. What a beast.

    On the negative side though, Flowers was abused tonight. Week in and week out it is to easy for teams to dump off underneath against him. I am hoping this is a sophomore slump and he will grow out of it, but if not, it is time to really think about his replacement next year. And for the life of me, how bad are Amadi and Thorpe? They can’t get playing time ahead of Taylor who is an absolute liability out there? Please reconsider Pete or find another avenue, because Taylor is not good enough.

  63. HENRY

    First ten minutes got me a little nervous but after that deep inside of you, you knew who was in control.This is it boys. It’s not a cliche Pete Carroll’s teams get hot on the stretch. Bacile up boys. Should I get Clowney’s Jersey after tonight 🤔

  64. James

    10 years ago Jim Mora was leading us through a bleak 5-11 season that saw Seneca Wallace start two games, a Julius Jones led rushing attack (Jones averaged 3 ypc and 40 ypg, Forsett fumbled 4 times…also Hasselbeck fumbled 11 times, and Wallace 5). It was a season where the Vikings could pull Brett Favre in the 4th, and Tavaris-freaking-Jackson would put points on us… I don’t know about anyone else, but I never saw this 10-year run coming.

    I guess what I’m saying is…whatever you think, whatever you feel about the current state of things, who could’ve expected a Superbowl win, a Superbowl loss, winning the NFC multiple times, sporting the best defense umm…EVER, an MVP-caliber QB, a HoF beast, and getting to sit at the edge of your seat because every game is a barn burner. We’re blessed.

    • Doug

      Right on, James! This will be looked back on as the ‘golden age’ of Seahawks football. For all the criticism PC gets on clock management (at times, deserved) there is no doubt that PC/JS know how to build a team around their vision within the salary cap, and Pete’s enthusiasm for the game gets the best out of his players.

      I have fun watching this team play! We are blessed, indeed.

      • RWIII

        James: Totally agree. I remember I was not all that excited when the Hawks signed Pete Carroll. My theory was. Yes, Pete Carroll was a very good coach. But down in Los Angeles he has all this talent in the world. He should do well.

        Pete Carroll shows that you don’t have to yell at players for them to do their best.

  65. Logan Lynch

    Logan Lynch says:

    November 7, 2019 at 10:31 am

    My feelings will probably change closer to Mon, but my gut tells me Myers will kick a game winning FG or be 5/5 or something. I can just see PC gushing about him post game

    Should’ve stuck with my original gut feeling! Didn’t get to watch the game, so I saved some inevitable gray hair and heart problems. Glad to ride this into the bye week.

  66. RWIII

    One of the most important games in the 2019 season. And the NFL comes up with a bunch of Bozo’s for Officials.

  67. Greg Haugsven

    It appeared as if they played quite a bit more nickel yesterday as I saw Taylor out there more and didnt see Kendricks as much. Jamar Taylor wasnt good so I would like to see Diggs and McDougald as the starting safeties. Then put Diggs in the slot and bring in Blair to play safety when they go to nickel.

  68. john_s

    Some great insight from Jim Trotter –

    “Interesting insight from the Seattle locker room after OT defeat of the 49ers: If it looked like the D had a good read on Jimmy G late, LB Bobby Wagner told me it was in part because he and KJ Wright began picking up on Jimmy’s checks

    Wagner: “They’re a team that runs so many different things that it’s hard to get a tendency, but I felt like the last couple of times that we played them we were able to figure out what they were doing.” … (cont)

    Wagner: “Because they run so many different things, it’s a game where you have to be disciplined and you just have to read your keys. It becomes kind of like simple football: Read your keys and it will take you to the football.” …

    Wagner: “Once we started reading keys, me and KJ started hearing the calls and picked up on the checks he was making, and it allowed us to break faster.”

  69. Steve Nelsen

    I took the wife and my son and a couple of his friends out to watch the game at Buffalo Wild Wings. We were hoarse at the end of the game from all the cheering. Remarkable primetime games like last night create great memories.

    It feels good to hate the Niners again. I hope that this game helps reestablish the rivalry. Already looking forward to a Week 17 rematch at home with perhaps the division title and a #1 or #2 playoff seed at stake. Just like old times.

  70. Chris

    Managed to avoid the result all day to catch the game when I got in from work tonight over here in the uk. Wow. Absolutely shattered. Pacing around the lounge, adopting PC pose on every play, trying not to wake the kids when shouting at the screen, believing you’ve lost it, won it and lost it again. Outstanding defensive performance. Ordinary offensive performance. An improbable win. That’s Seahawks football in a nutshell for me. We all need the bye next week!

  71. Ronni Bostromi

    Although it looks like Lockett will be back for the next game (thank goodness), in the event he didn’t make it back, would you guess that Ursua is active? It just seems to me they need a quick and slippery slot out there, when the rest of their receivers are rather big bodied.

    • Rob Staton

      It increases the likelihood of him being active but then they might just roll with Turner and Moore along with Gordon and DK.

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