Instant reaction: What was that?


That’s how long I lasted. Then I figured — balls to it, I’m writing the review now.

As appealing as the fourth quarter was, I’d had enough. Half an eye was probably too much as I began to type.

That was absolutely dreadful.

Forget that it’s pre-season week two for a moment. Even forget this is a rebuilding team playing on a short week.

The Seahawks were totally unprepared to play this game today against a comparably retooling opponent. They couldn’t function. Everything was bad.

It was a repeat of last week, only minus the eventual settling down and gradual improvement.

If nothing else, Chicago looked organised and functioning (until a couple of their own special teams snafu’s late on).

The Seahawks were atrocious.

The special teams in particular highlighted that. It was a horror show last week and it was worse tonight.

You had the Justin Coleman cock-up, costing 20-yards of field position because he couldn’t stand in the right spot under no pressure. Jason Myers missed another field goal. Cade Johnson muffed a punt leading to a Chicago touchdown. There were big kick returns for the Bears.

What exactly have they been doing in camp on special teams?

There were a ton of penalties and mental mistakes. Charles Cross — so impressive last week — looked absolutely terrified tonight. He had four false starts and a holding penalty. He was hardly alone though. Gabe Jackson basically turned the ball over by giving away a ‘hands to the face’ flag on a fourth down conversion. Seattle then punted on 4th and 12.

The Seahawks finished with 13 penalties compared to Chicago’s three.

The offense didn’t function aside from a couple of nice runs. I suppose it’s a positive that the runs happened, given how important it’ll be in 2022. But this was beyond ugly. It was unwatchable.

Geno Smith was hardly the singular problem but neither does he inspire anything. The ESPN broadcast worked especially hard to promote his claim to start but this is what games will be like when they don’t dominate with the run. He is severely limited and will never elevate the offense. On the days when things are not rolling, he is not going to carry you through.

A quarterback, even a point guard, has to be able to get things going. They have to provide a bit of inspiration. Not just struggle along when things go south.

Everyone loves to mention the Jacksonville game last season but nobody mentions the awful New Orleans performance. That’s what is coming.

The muffed punt to end the first half, followed by the boos from the sparse crowd, summed it up. Yet they started the second half with a penalty, a three-and-out and then gave up an easy touchdown drive to Nathan Peterman.

That’s about as bad a performance as was physically possible tonight. It’s hard to think of anyone who improved their stock. Abraham Lucas maybe?

Look — we all know what this season is. And I maintain I’m comfortable enduring this season to max out draft position and hopefully get a quality, young quarterback in the 2023 draft.

That doesn’t mean this team and staff are shielded from criticism though. This was a disgraceful showing.

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  1. KennyBadger

    Yep. 🤮. I’m sure the preparedness, tackling, and win forever will be better soon.

  2. Pavlos

    One good thing that came out of tonight – QB competition is definitely not over. Drew Lock has a chance to start and I’d MUCH rather watch him than Geno.

    • icb12

      I’d rather watch Eason than any more of Geno Smith.

    • cha

      It’s very possible COVID was the best thing that could have happened to Drew Lock in this camp battle.

      • samprassultanofswat

        Cha: ” It’s very possible COVID was the best thing that could have happened to Drew Lock in this camp battle.

        I think you nailed it. We know what Geno Smith is. Smith has been in the NFL for 9-10 years. Why should anyone be surprised about his performance last night.

    • Ty the Guy

      Watching this game, I caught myself seriously considering Jimmy G for the first time. I’m with Rob, let’s set the table for a rookie next year. But Geno isn’t T-Jack. He’s more Whitehurst. I feel like he gives the team ZERO juice.

      Ugly, ugly, ugly.

  3. cha

    Aaron Levine and Jordan Babineaux surprisingly candid in their postgame wrapup.

    ‘PC should be embarrassed’

    ‘Geno did nothing to stake a claim on the job’

    ‘Fans in stands extremely disappointed’

    • Tony

      I hope seattle media finally gets after pete.

    • Rob Staton

      Fair play

    • cha

      Aaron: What can we expect next week in Dallas?

      Jordan: A win!

      Aaron: How about just some execution?

      • cha

        They’re having to soft shoe a little as Pete Carroll is taking his time getting to the podium.

        Pete will probably say he was addressing the team but he probably is needing some extra time to collect his thoughts after that mess.

  4. Tony

    I get this team being bad this year for rebuilding. And qb play being bad when moving on from a HOF qb. But this is fire everyone bad. This is all phases bad. This is bad coaching not being bailed out by a few good players.

    Just bad unwatchable football. I can’t do 17 games of that. And I watched this whole game.

  5. Palatypus

    Covid-19 is the frontrunner at quarterback.

  6. Tien

    I didn’t care what the score was but the Hawks looked so unprofessional tonight. Special teams was horrible the entire team. Defense missed tackles again and couldn’t get the Bears off the field. The offense was ineffective until the last 3 or 4 minutes when it was mostly backups.

    What was really frustrating was the same slow start to the game and all the unforced penalties. The announcers acted surprised about all the penalties but we know that’s a regular issue with a Pete coached team.

    I’m not sure I can say anything positive about that game. The injury to Lewis looked serious and unfortunate. Here’s hoping the bookend tackles and our other young players develop so that they can help whoever we draft at QB.

  7. Hawkdawg

    I was at the game for the first half, and the first Seahawk “drive” in the 3rd quarter.

    That was certainly the worst half of football I’ve seen in recent memory. Offense–D- Defense–D+ Special Teams–F.

    If that is how we are going to play this season, or anything close to it, it will be a 17 week root canal. And I’m too old for that sh*t.

    I do think they will improve, on an absolute scale. But games are about relative performance, and their opponents will presumably also improve. So it looks like slim pickin’s, at best.

    I’m convinced you cannot start Geno at this point, and almost certain Pete will do it anyway. Lock is a spin of a roulette wheel that could at least possibly hit, but Geno is a thoroughly known quantity.

    • Glor

      Thanks for the laugh, 17 week root canal, lol

      • Big Mike

        Ditto. Very funny!

  8. Scot04

    Great write up Rob, I think we all felt the same.
    Found the DK in game interview interesting when asked which QB he felt was in the lead.
    Him saying 50/50 & it likely comes down to who develops a better rhythm with he & Tyler.
    Didn’t sound like a ringing endorsement for Geno.
    I agree with Icb12 I’d rather watch Eason than Geno.
    Geno definitely wasted his opportunity to separate himself.
    I’m sure Pete will put most the blame on the penalties.
    The sad eality is that Geno is just not an NFL starter, heck he’s a fringe backup at best. Embarrassing night all around. Never thought I’d be saying Eason has been the highlight on the preseason so far; but he was after tonight.

  9. CaptainJack

    I wouldn’t blame any fan who takes stock of the team right now and checks out until next April

  10. Denver Hawker

    Me, crouched in the corner, eyes closed, clutching my pillow, uncontrollably trembling in the dark: “it’s just pre-season, it’s just pre-season…”

    • Palatypus

      Vecna is coming for you.

      • seaspunj

        que the Kate Bush song … “running up that hill”

  11. cha

    Post game press conf PC

    “Man there’s so many lessons for us here. We got a big list. There’s some obvious things, penalties, special teams. Really hard to win when you play like that. Big lessons. I really need to zoom in guys having problems. Charles had problems. You can’t play FB like that. We’ll learn a lot here. I’m not going to bellyache about Thursday turnaround. No excuse. Learn from this.

    A lot of guys didn’t play again. One thing to evaluate, where are the errors coming from? Leverage on return game really bad. Things and some people – there will be changes. Full week for us. Get prepared, practices, take the week, installation of game plan. Come back after it. Need every minute of it.

    I have to stay up on where we’re going. Guys that didn’t play would be making nice plays for us. Looking at the game, not great game at all for us. Gotta get better in a lot of areas.”

    Damien? “Lateral ankle sprain, very fortunate. X rays negative. Surprised by results, thrilled.”

    Geno? “Geno bruised knee. Banged on ground. Still could’ve gone back in. Thought about 3rd Q to get more plays, wasn’t right thing to do. Good learning exp for Eason.”

    • cha

      “Have to catch the ball better. Keep evaluating”

      Guys in locker room? “Games you fall behind, takes a while to come back. Takes patience. Work your way back and gain momentum. Got to feel it last week, this week too. Important things to learn stay poised make things come back to you. Preseason big evaluations. Everyone needs to be accountable. Can’t give stuff to the other team. Tried to make impression on them, everyone’s responsible for taking care of their own business. Impressed on them ‘don’t let it be you.’

      Tackling? “Check on tacklers, guys who missing tackles. Fix that problem. I don’t think it’s an epidemic type thing. Looked like it last week. If guys don’t get it right, they won’t be here. Drill it, emphasize it. We did a bunch of stuff this week. Assess the situation. Some guys ahead of other guys. Recognize opp and what it calls for. Out of whack, overjacked, you miss assessment of it.”

      Drills? “Do all kinds of stuff again.”

      Geno’s play? “OK, (sigh), we need to help him out too. He’s running the show well. He’s doing oK. Got out of pocket when needed. Receivers gotta make plays for him. Tight ends good job. Bright spots. Asses stuff for guys playing when time comes.”

      Cross? “Each penalty diff situation. Every one had own storyline. Not all same. Comfortable, assessing adjustments, just experience.”

      Lock look like after seeing tonight’s performance? “Disappointing he’s not here. Different plan for tonight, couldn’t do it. He’s done enough good things. Real stuff to him. Playmaking ability.”

      Change thinking starting comp? “Postponed thought of that. I don’t know how to do that yet, because I don’t have to.”

      Lock health? “Hit him pretty hard.”

      Negative? “NO reason to test.”

      Lewis back for opener? “I don’t know.”

      • cha

        Bryant? “He’s a ballplayer. Improved. He’s a ballplayer. Attitude to make plays and believing.”

        ST bad coverage? “bunch of young guys all trying to make tackle and not working together. Spending time on it.”

        Practice physicality an issue? “Sometimes dont’ have guys in right spots. Getting info but sometimes doens’t help us.”

        Running game? “Didn’t get going. Didn’t have plays. Not the rhythm to give you a chance.”

        Eason? “Good job. Clear, big throws. Great opp for him. A lot of good stuff.”

        Are you worried? “Am I worried?! No, I want to maintain my patience. I’m more concerned about the guys will play in opener. This week didn’t help. Next two weeks enormous. Guys can’t wait to get out there. They have a sense the pups are out there playing for them. We know that. We’re learning a lot.

      • Sea Mode

        Impressed on them ‘don’t let it be you.’

        Yikes. Not a great new positive philosophy to build on…

        • stregatto

          I’ve only seen ‘culture of fear’ Pete come out once before. In the meltdown after Let Russ Cook..?

      • Big Mike

        “I’m not going to bellyache about Thursday turnaround. No excuse. Learn from this.”

        That statement is nothing more than a sideways way of making that as an excuse.

        • Big Mike

          “A lot of guys didn’t play again.”

          More excuses

          • Roy Batty

            I would love for one reporter to simply ask, “So, Pete, did all the Chicago starters play tonight?”

            • Peter

              This is a super big concern for btw. The hawks are playing a ton of starters and getting this outcome.

          • Elmer

            A lot of guys proved they don’t belong on the NFL. Let the slaughter begin.

            Let’s be clear. Eason isn’t very good. But better to watch than Geno. If Lock hasn’t beaten him by now it shows that the QB we need isn’t on this roster.

          • Elmer

            I would have said “A lot of guys will never play again,”

            No more mister nice guy. It’s time to go with guys who will put out 100 percent effort and execute fundamentals.

        • Peter

          Nailed it.

        • Hawkdawg

          Old coaches’ trick. Holmgren used to do it all the time.

    • Palatypus

      Cha says, “Damien? “Lateral ankle sprain, very fortunate. X rays negative. Surprised by results, thrilled.”

      Pretty sure Pete suffered an anal-cranial inversion before the game.

  12. One Bad Mata'afa

    Didn’t we have a false start our very first play? And it only took Mike Bennet…errr…D Taylor jumping offside to gift Chicago life their first drive before I thought “yep same ol’ Pete Carroll seahawks.”

  13. Tomas

    Tire fire. With Jody at the helm recovery is years away. Go Mariners.

  14. Old but Slow

    There is plenty of easy criticism for a lot of players in this game, but the real responsibility is with the coaches. The team was not ready to play. Maybe the worst example of preparedness in Carroll’s tenure.

    This is a time to develop a style of play, which is supposed to be run the ball with strategic passing. But, the coaches decided (apparently) to treat the game as one they needed to win, so they went mostly to the air. It is not regular season, and winning is not important, and if you are behind, so what? Develop what you do best, not what the other team forces you to. That’s for games that count.

    A depressing experience, overall.

  15. Palatypus

    I wonder if the thing Cha quoted from his source on Quandre Diggs with Tariq Woolen might be part of the overall plan.

    Scare the rookies like in Bull Durham.

    crashes into a locker. Whitey hurries out.

    If I ever need a brain transplant
    I’ll choose a sportswriter ’cause
    that way I’d be getting a brain that’s
    never been used.

    A couple snickers from the players. Skip whirls.

    What’re you laughing at?!


    The Durham Bulls sit and stand quietly.

    You guys lollygag the ball around
    the infield, ya lollygag you’re way
    to first, ya lollygag in an’ outta
    the dugout. You know what that makes
    Lollygaggers. What’s our record,

    We’re eight and sixteen.

    Eight and sixteen?! How’d we ever
    win eight?
    Jose, what’s this sign?

    SKIP FLASHES THROUGH A SEQUENCE of signs. Hand to face, hand
    to belt, hand brushes letters, etc.

    That’s the steal.

    Wrong. That’s the bunt. This is the

    to hands. He speaks rapidly — a private language.

    Face is “skin to skin”. Skin starts
    with “S”. “S” stands for steal if it
    follows the indicator which is hand
    to eye ’cause the word “indicator”
    starts with an “I” so I figure “eye” —
    (touches his eye)
    — would remind you of “I” for
    indicator to indicate that what
    follows is the sign. I figure wrong —
    You’re a buncha lollygaggers.
    This is a simple game.
    ya throw the ball, ya hit the ball,
    ya catch the ball.

  16. Chris

    Sheesh, calm down people. Everything is going exactly to plan.

    0-17 guarantees the 1st pick. Get with the program people!

    • Happy Hawk

      On schedule

  17. Mick

    This is exactly what I feared last week, and I’m afraid this is how our entire season will look like. Bad QB decisions, lots of mistakes from the rookies, extremely poor play in special teams, same old terrible D. Don’t think we should put this on the players, even if Jackson should have done better at the first Bears TD and Cade Johnson was dreadful with his punt return (maybe DK or Tyler should do that too?), this is a matter of not good enough preparation, not good enough coaching, not good enough roster. And when Geno looks worse than Eason, no way we should start him. Least we haven’t lost Lewis for all season.

    With or without special motivation for us because of the Russ story, Denver are eating us alive first week.

  18. Henry Taylor

    I wouldn’t even say Lucas improved his stock in this game, I definitely saw him give up some pressures and miss his block on some runs. Certainly a step down from last week. Cross looked good other than the penalties, but there were just way too many of those.

    I thought the two rookie corners improved their play, but that’s my only highlight.

  19. Sneekes

    All we’ve got this season, is that we see the young players grow.
    That we can get to the draft and say we’d feel comfortable sticking a rookie QB in behind our OL.
    We may win the odd game on the ground this year, but that’s it.

    • Big Mike

      The problem is that Pete Carroll will be coaching that rookie, high draft choice QB.

      • Peter

        Problem 1 through 100.

        Additionally I don’t know if Pete would take a guy like Levi’s. Since Rob has me watching a ton of his stuff Levi’s plays an actual “pumped and jacked style,” can do all the modern qb stuff. And takes risks.

        I think this geno stuff is what Pete’s all about. Six yards on 3rd and 12. No turnovers. No chances.

        It’s easy to dog on Geno but with Pete in his ear I think a realistic stat line will be something like: 3500 yards. 22 tds. 8 ints.

        Which might work if you had a generational defense. Two preseason games in this defense looks all the world to be a carbon copy of last year.

  20. GoHawksDani

    This is miserable. This likely won’t be a “draft a QB next year and we can go to the SB”. This team started to develop some serious deep rooted issues, that will only go away with ownership and FO changes. We didn’t just loose a good QB. That’s only a small part of the problem.
    We also lost all of our leaders. Kam and Sherm went and issues started to rise. Then we lost KJ and Bobby too.
    Who’s the leader on D? Who can keep others accountable? Adams? Don’t think so. There is not a single core elite player who is vocal enough, has leadership qualities and grabbed that role.
    Harris just arrived, Woods won’t be here for long and rest of the players are either young or not that great that others would listen to them and follow them. Maybe Diggs, but I don’t really see him like that.

    Offense is the same. Tyler doesn’t have that mentality and character. DK could be, but we can be happy if he can contain his own issues and character problems. Fant doesn’t feel like a leader. Rest of the guys are either young or just bad.

    This team needs good and hard coaching. A vision. A captain that has clear intentions. They need at least 2-3 guys on the team who will call they on their sh*t. Who’ll go there after some bad tackles and ask “What the hell was that? Why are you not focused?” and stay with them after practice 1-2 hours to work on tackling drills. Guys that when they chant “we all we have, we all we need” they respond to and believe in.

    It won’t happen this year and I doubt it’ll happen next year. This could be a 3-5 year awful period and only after that this team can compete for the SB.

    Only good thing that I have a reason to watch the Broncos also, and there are couple other teams that are fun to watch. This will help to swallow the pill that the Hawks had became

    • stregatto

      Some optimism here from Madden..

      rebuild in 2 years to SB with..
      Ryan Tannehill @ QB
      TVD never developed for me 🙁

      2022 traded Jamal + 5th for Kwity Paye + 2nd
      2023 improbable run & narrow SB win led by Tannehill to DK.. defense bottom 5 scoring and turnovers (yikes)
      2024 traded Tyler for young 82 OVR CB

      Replaced Tyler with

      Missing on Jeffrey Simmons in FA sucked. Still wish Hawks had drafted him.
      Signed Micah Parsons after letting Brooks walk for big $.

      If anyone plays Madden, Start Today mod for PC is fantastic franchise. Heck, even check out a YouTube rebuild.

      • stregatto

        *replaced Tyler with Ja’Marr Chase for YAC

        Fit him and Parsons under the cap by giving Parsons a backloaded max contract

    • Peter

      It’s not just that we lost all the leaders.

      The last time Seattle was building towards greatness in 2011, which I occasionally like to think this season is, it wasn’t just the future BAMF’ers but Pete and company also mixed in veterans on both sides to help set the pace.

      On defense guys like Chris Clemons, Red Bryant, and Lawyer Milloy.

      Maybe poona is that guy? I’ve never heard anything like that about him. Even if Diggs is the leader on Defense that’s one guy. Maybe Harris gets everyone rolling.

      On offense I was kind of hoping it would be Walker and maybe still if he recovers quickly. Love DK. A WR who depending on your own biases either throws a fit or is simply pissed when things aren’t working probably isn’t the leader. A badass player but probably not the one who gets everyone in line.

  21. Trevor

    Performances like the Seahawks had last night are the type that get coaches fired. Preseason or not that was a disgrace on all levels. Complete lack of preparation and discipline. It does not matter how talented your young players are if they are not being coached up and developed. I have zero confidence that Pete and this coaching staff are the group to lead this rebuild.

    The Hawks likely have a top 5 pick and mid first round pick next offseason so they will have the ammo to get the QB they want to lead them going forward. But is won’t matter if they don’t make a move at HC I fear. Have always been a Pete supporter but his time is up and he needs to go.

    • UkAlex6674

      I’m not ready to make or support a statement like that based on a pre-season game.

    • Big Mike

      “The Hawks likely have a top 5 pick and mid first round pick next offseason so they will have the ammo to get the QB they want to lead them going forward. But is won’t matter if they don’t make a move at HC”

      Agree. I fear that whomever is drafted will never flourish under Carroll and it’ll take an ownership change, complete housecleaning and a new regime drafting another high choice QB to have any hope of that guy succeeding.

  22. GoHawksDani

    Also…how the hell is that when the Hawks plays on the road the commentators only talking about the opponent…if they play at home, the commentators only talk about the opponent. I want to know who made the tackle from the Hawks, who missed it, who’s on the field, etc.

  23. GoHawksDani

    tbh it wasn’t ALL bad.
    Josh Jones played pretty well.
    Apart from the penalties which are bad, Cross played pretty well. So did Lucas
    Homer played well again. At this point I might start him in front of Penny and Walker
    Woolen had some nice plays and tight coverages
    Mike Jackson had some nice plays
    Coby Bryant had 2 really nice PBU

    The awful-need to bench/cut stuff came from
    Dublanko (hope I write his name right, #48)
    Blair (penalties, bad coverage)
    Justin Coleman (awful ST and didn’t played well at CB either)
    Gabe Jackson (stupid penalty)
    Freddie Swain (drops, showed nothing good and not a great ST guy)
    Geno (just give me any backup, like Simean or any of the Steelers QBs, and they’ll be at least as “good” as Geno)
    WR3 (Geno not helping them, but they don’t help Geno either)
    Dallas (not cut, but he’s RB4 after tripping half the times on his legs, not stepping out at the end of Q2 and not realizing they don’t have more timeout)
    Eason (had 2 nice throws, but some headstcraching ones too and he’s not on point and pretty limited)

  24. Burner

    Lucas pancaked this Bear

    • MosesLakeBrian


      It looks like Lucas is matched up against Trevis Gipson there. Gipson is listed as a 263 lb DE. Lucas should be able to reliably handle undersized DEs like this. They would have to be exceptional to beat him.

  25. Big Mike

    Jody Allen has decided to not send TV or radio personnel on the road to cover Portland Trailblazers games. All coverage will be remote from Portland. I have little doubt this is a cost saving move. Since the end of Covid, no pro sports team has done this.

    This folks, is the woman that owns our Seattle Seahawks.

    • Peter

      We think we have it bad. I can not imagine attempting to be a fan of the trailblazers.

      Cost saving move. Give me a break. A billionaire by birth playing with house money when that team should be up for sale by now.

  26. CurlyBrown

    With the decline and Pete looking more stubborn then ever, surely if we look this abject after 3 or 4 regular games the Coach has to be fired/move-on/golden handshake and thank you very much.
    Time for a fresh young hungry Coach, half a season get the feel for the club then a great draft…

    • Big Mike

      If the owner doesn’t want to spend the money to send television and radio people on the road with her basketball team what makes you think she’s going to be willing to pay Pete Carroll to not coach the Seahawks?

  27. SeaTown

    I’ve followed this team almost from day one. I’ve seen every coach from Patera to Carroll. What you saw last night was Tom Flores level bad from 1992. But in 1992 the team at least had a first rate Defense. This Carroll team is atrocious in every phase of the game. I listened to the post game presser. Pete mentioned the word accountable over and over. I wonder when he’s held accountable for putting this crap show together?

    His time is over. The league has passed him by. It was a good run but it’s simply over. Unfortunately we are stuck in a version of the Sixth sense. Pete just doesn’t realize he’s dead.

  28. Denver Hawker

    I’ve been strongly convinced and believe that Pete Carroll won’t lose his job after trading Russ away, no matter their record this season.

    He will not last the season with more games like this.

    • Peter

      Will be very interesting come late October if/when fatigue sets in for fans what happens in the stadium. What was once a decided advantage has gone to a push. The ticket prices are very ridiculous and why would you go to sit in the rain for this product?

      Just glanced at the schedule. Two primetime games. One because of intrigue and the one in December I fully see ( if possible,) getting flexed right out of that.

      I think a lot of us were stuck on the bargaining stage of the schedule thinking surely games against Atlanta, the giants, etc., were sure wins. Well as Big Mike points out ( and Rob,) the hawks are supposed to be better than the Bears.

      Before the season I had the hawks at a six game lock. Now I’m trending them down to five games.

      This is not a ” I told you so,” comment. No deep analysis where we argue nuances….but that first game against the Broncos,…all it looks like now is the broncos will just have to play bog standard basic assignment correct football and beat our butts. Forget their qb. Our team is failing at all three phases right now.

      • cha

        I think the fatigue is already here.

        Day one of open practice was crazy sparse. Last year and the year before I got there an hour plus early and couldn’t get a good spot. This year was probably about a third of previous crowds.

        After about 4-5 days of that, the team started bussing in Boys & Girls Clubs members and other youth clubs. The Aug 10 practice was notably chocked with them. It’s the trick they employed in the 80’s when the team wasn’t selling games out and they needed a sellout to get on the broadcast.

        Softy said seats were as low as $9 for the game last night.

        • Big Mike

          The boos raining down on this team at the end of the first half of a preseason game support your opinion that fatigue has already set in as well.
          By the 5th or 6th home game I expect a half empty stadium, if that.

  29. Happy Hawk

    As someone close to us used to say “The Separation is in the Preparation “. It was clearly evident that the Hawks were not prepared last night to play a bad Chicago team at home.

  30. Robert Las Vegas

    You know I hear people this team can win 4 to 5 this year I say what in the first two pre season games proves that point . Face they are basically a mess .I question how much time they spent on special teams it didn’t look like muchLast night. I am kinda leaning towards 3 wins. Can someone tell who the Seahawks will be favorite against? The lack of depth is very notice able. Pete should be embarrassed by last night performance

    • Peter

      The giants and the falcons is all I’ve got right now.

    • Ashish

      They can just kick into end zone to mitigate the risk. Though it is good to check in preseason how good is Special team.

  31. BriceN

    Rob, kudos to you for not only watching the game to the end (late your time) but also do the article. This game was ugly but not unexpected when you have so many rookies and new faces playing. So many missed tackles, penalties, etc. What I am surprised about are how sloppy and unprepared we looked and our D was not very good, again I expected a more aggressive and effective defense with all the changes and addition of Hurtt and Desai. Granted the starting safeties and DB’s haven’t played yet (although Bryant and Woolen looked better this week) But the front 7 starters have played plenty for preseason and our D is porous. On the offense, I still like our new look OL and will take the growing pains. Cross looked great last week and was itchy this week. But aside from his drive killing 5 penalties he wasn’t too bad considering this was his second game and Lucas looked good. Geno is Geno. I hope after this game Pete will now seriously consider Lock. All in all, pretty disappointing game but I managed thru it thinking about next year’s draft. Keep up the great work. You and the blog (including Cha and all the posters) will be one of the very few highlights of this season.

  32. Sea Mode

    Still in love with this guy’s intensity in interviews! 😂

  33. Gross MaToast

    The press conference statement about, “so many lessons” they could learn – what in the living hell have they been doing for the past three weeks? Not a single unit was prepared for a football game last night. Pete had his Confused Pete Face in midseason form, but everything else was somewhere around a first game of junior high level of preparation.

    What happened to the team that was, “right there;” the team that “no one would want to play in the playoffs” a few months ago? Pete was selling a potential juggernaut when questions about his return were circulating. He’s safely back in the saddle and this team will now spend the next week, almost a month into training camp, learning how to field a punt while allowing Shane Norton Jr to continue whatever he’s doing with the offense, picking which level of despair to start at QB, and having Pete begin his annual overriding of the defensive coaches and, friends, there ain’t no juggernaut in sight.

    So far, though, Pete is accomplishing the primary objective set by ownership – a group of guys wearing Seahawk gear is taking the field at designated times and participating in football games. He sold whatever legitimacy he held for a big number to cover a few years of limbo between owners. That’s the bottom line. Current ownership is simply coasting until the team goes up for bid in 2024. If Pete is humiliated by what he’s putting on the field, he only has Pete to blame. He built it.

  34. McZ

    If a new young QB comes to this team, even if he plays like RW he will still be on a very bad team, playing unwatchable “almost yesterday” football.

    We cannot defeat that simple logic by applying unwarranted hope.

    Let’s root for the Fins, they have the headcoach we should have taken.

  35. Big Mike

    One year of what APPEARS to be a good draft (would help if the 2nd round RB stays healthy once the regular season begins) is not going to make up for 6 or so years of shit drafts. The depth is abysmal because of that. For example, who do we have at WR outside of Tyler and DK? (answer: not much)
    Would certainly have helped if they hadn’t wasted two firsts on a box safety ranked in the mid-60s by PFF 2 years in a row as a Seahawk.

  36. Vancouver Seahawks

    Hi Everyone,

    Nathan Rourke from the BC Lions is putting up a historic first starting season (24 years old)
    9 GP 248 Completions 313 Attempts (79.23%) 3281 Yards (364.56 yds/g) 25 TD 10 INT
    39 Rush Attempts 304 yards (7.8 yards per carry) 7 TDs
    32 TDs/10 TOs
    6’2 209 lbs

    I hope/expect the Hawks to draft a stud QB in the 2023 draft.

    Between 2020 and 2022 on Defense they drafted: Brooks/Taylor/Robinson/Brown/Mafe/Bryant/Woolen. We need to see it first… but top 5 in 2023, seems in the range of possiblity.

    2023 2 1st, 2 2nd.

    Offensive Line: Cross/Lewis/Haynes/Lucas. WR: Metcalf/Lucas.

    Is their any chance, if the Hawks somehow don’t select a QB in 2023 (I assume that all their targets go before they can pick) they entertain Rourke as part of a competition? This would allow 4 premium picks to be used elsewhere.

    I am not hoping for this to happen. Just curious what everyone thinks if let’s say they grade 3 QBs as potential franchise guys and they are all gone by the time they pick. Could this be a part of their plan B? (Assume with another 1 or more likely 2 dart throws)

    • Elmer

      It looks like the Lions are a really good team this year.

      I think the CFL has the best team names of any sports league. The Tiger-Cats, the Blue Bombers, etc.

      Didn’t the Edmonton Elks used to be the Eskimos? And wasn’t Ottawa the Rough Riders?

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