The inevitable is now all but confirmed

Geno Smith is basically confirmed as the starter

The quarterback ‘competition’ is starting to feel like a dog and pony show.

For all the talk of the race being on, Pete Carroll’s language suggests otherwise.

Take Saturday’s opening pre-season game. Any enquiries into Drew Lock, or the QB battle in general, were brought back to Geno Smith’s performance. In two separate press conferences, Carroll has referenced that Smith ‘could’ve been 10 for 10’ in terms of completions.

Lock received a more lukewarm review.

Then, on Tuesday, Lock was given an opportunity to play with the starters in practise from the get-go. A first during the pre-season. He was even declared the starter against Chicago. Yet Carroll also stated, clearly, that Smith was still ahead of Lock and in pole position to win the job.

Now that Lock has tested positive for Covid and will miss the Bears game, the writing is on the wall. The competition is all but over.

Lock will only have one more pre-season game to impress. Even if he excels against Dallas on the 26th August, he’s not going to overtake Smith is he? It would’ve already taken a strong outing against Chicago and building momentum.

Carroll is unlikely to hand the keys to Lock off the back of the final pre-season game.

So Geno Smith will be Seattle’s starter. Lock will likely only get an opportunity if Smith performs especially poorly during the season.

It remains the case that there are a couple of ways of looking at this.

Firstly — for all the fair criticisms of Smith — he is a convincing communicator. His statement at a press conference recently that he ‘had Drew’s back’ whatever the outcome of the competition was an inspired line. It’s probably more impactful than any throw he’s completed over the last few weeks.

Leadership is a key aspect of quarterbacking. That line, timed to perfection, perfectly illustrated Smith’s leadership chops.

Lock doesn’t come across poorly during interviews but neither is he particularly impressive or convincing. You can imagine Smith leading this team. He speaks with conviction and authority. I suspect the locker room will be fully behind him because of this aspect, even if there’s a general indifference towards each players’ performance.

Given this is a season where the Seahawks will talk a lot about competing (but ultimately settle for development), having someone who is highly respected in the most important position is understandable. It might cause more issues than it’s worth to change on the basis of ‘upside’ or ‘the unknown’ — despite my own preference for those things.

At the same time, Geno is still Geno. He’s still the player with a career passer rating of 75.7, a touchdown/interception ratio of 34/37 and as he nears his 32nd birthday, it’s a legit possibility he wouldn’t still be in the NFL if it wasn’t for the Seahawks.

They’re probably not going to be much fun with Smith starting, which is the cross a lot of fans will have to bear. Games or wins will need to be earned in the trenches. Seattle will need to win up front — with the pass rush and running game likely dictating whether they have a shot week-to-week.

Personally I don’t mind that too much. It might seem wildly old-fashioned, uncool and against everything the frustrating world of the NFL on Twitter has become to say this. Yet I like physical football in the trenches. I enjoy watching teams run the ball well. I like great defensive line play.

I enjoy exciting, creative passing games too. But if given a choice, I probably would choose a classic Alabama vs LSU slog that finished 9-6 than a Big-12 game that finished 55-52.

Something in between is the ideal, rather than the two extremes, but you get the point.

As a consequence I’ve never felt compelled to be overly negative about Carroll’s brand of football. It does require, however, a proper ‘point guard’ to be enjoyable. I fear Smith will never produce that. I sense the game against New Orleans last season, where he couldn’t move the ball for toffee, will be witnessed more often than a routine win against Jacksonville (the worst team in the NFL last season).

Yet there were some encouraging signs from the O-line and D-line against Pittsburgh — plus the running game was motoring on.

So the Seahawks will give themselves an opportunity to be in some close games and they may sneak a win or two more than people are currently predicting. This is going to be a 2011 type season where there will be some absolute stinkers — but if the running game thrives and if young players emerge, the Seahawks will likely finish as a relatively competitive upstart unit.

Two things seem very certain though. Geno Smith is going to be Seattle’s starting quarterback and the Seahawks will know their top, 100% priority is going to be finding their next franchise quarterback in the 2023 draft.

A gentle reminder that Kentucky’s season starts on the 4th September. Miami begin the night before. Bring on the Will Levis and Tyler Van Dyke showcases.

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  1. L80

    It was reported yesterday that Walker III has some sort of hernia issue.

  2. Sea Mode

    What you don’t know can’t hurt you, I guess…

    Pro Football Network
    ·Aug 16

    “That’s kinda crazy,” a rival NFL personnel exec told PFN after being informed of the trade. “[Amadi] has been Seattle’s starting nickel the past two years, he can play safety, too, and is good on special teams.”

    • Rob Staton

      Amadi was bad last season

    • cha

      It’s funny that is being brought up now.

      Before Blair got hurt, Pete did the same thing in press conferences with Ugo as he does with Lock.

      When asked about Ugo he’d say he is competing and has some nice qualities and then pivot to how talented Marquise Blair is. Pete clearly had picked a horse. Blair just kept getting hurt and they were thin on depth.

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      I guess it’s a difference between “can play” and “can play it well.” Like Rob said, he was not very good last year.

  3. Sea Mode

    Louis Riddick

    I’m going to say what I have been saying for a while now. #Seahawks are building something special. It’s been too obvious to me. Made even more obvious seeing it up close today. They just have to figure out that one last position…🤷🏾‍♂️

    • Trevor

      Lucas / Cross on the OL, Metcalf / Locket at WR, Mafe / Taylor at Edge and Woolen / Bryant at CB certainly gives the Hawks great potential at the premium positions outside of QB.

      • Peter

        Feels very much like a redo of ’10 and ’11.

        Getting the real replacement to Wilson is going to be one of the hardest things this FO ever does but the rest of the pieces are shaping up.

    • Rob Staton

      Feel like Louis is getting a bit carried away here

      They’ve had a good draft and it’s a solid start to the rebuild

      That’s all it is

      • Steven D

        Completely agree Rob. The Seahawks were in desperate need of the Wilson trade/additional picks due to 10 years of draft and trade ineptitude.

        First good draft since 2012. Just think if we’d been even mediocre for the previous 10 years…

        We still need to further build this roster and add depth.

        My question:
        Beyond QB for next year what are our top three draft needs? My thought: 1) DT, 2) WR 3) C.

        What do you think Rob and how is the strength of the draft sorting out for next year beyond QB?

        • mtpgod

          DT first priority? Shelby Harris and Poona are really strong, and Woods (who is old yes) and Mone provide good depth imo. I’d go Center first priority for sure, followed closely by LB, WR.
          As the year wears on, I wouldn’t be surprised to see LB be the biggest glaring weakness on this team, except for the obvious.

        • RealRhino2

          I think we’ve had 3 good drafts in a row. The Eskridge draft hasn’t shown much, but that’s largely due to injury. Tre Brown showed starter potential, good for a 4th-rounder.

          I just don’t know that they will prioritize defensive tackle or center. I feel like our biggest needs are wide receiver, cornerback, linebacker, and of course always defensive end/outside linebacker.

          • Rob Staton

            They needlessly wrote off the 2021 draft and that was a mistake

    • Tomas

      Too bad, Riddick must have suffered a stroke or something if he believes that. Best wishes for a full recovery.

      • RealRhino2

        Or, and I know this is crazy but just consider it for a second, you’re wrong.

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        If their last few drafts work out, then they could be building something special. He did add the caveat about finding that “one last position” by which I assume he means QB. That is really the key that they can fill that.

  4. Ghost Mutt

    Looking for positives here. But in a way, Geno could be a better temporary custodian for a developing team than Lock.

    He’ll play within the system, and his shortcomings will be more down to his own limitations than going off-script or making head-scratching plays.

    If the primary goal is to prepare a young offence for a new young QB, then give me the guy that knows how to adjust protection and put guys in the right position to succeed.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t know, Geno is more than capable of making head-scratching plays

      • Ghost Mutt

        Yeah, there’s a chance I’m bucketing them into “steady but talent-poor vet” and “talented but untrustworthy gunslinger”.

        The negatives are apt for both buckets but the positives may be an exaggeration. I’ll never expect anything more than average from Geno, but guess I’m hoping that the reps and time with receivers might produce a marginally better version than we saw last year.

      • Roy Batty

        I have had my fair share of coworkers talk about Lock missing the read on the blitz before the fumble against Pittsburgh. They trumpet how Geno would have seen the blitz and wouldn’t have turned it over like that.

        I then respectfully remind them that Geno ended two regular season games last year on turnovers.

        • tyler jorgensen

          Then they come back and say, “but Tyler slipped” and “How could he have seen Watt, the greatest pass rusher in the league.”

          How could he NOT have seen him is my thought.

          Geno is terrible, is going to lead to boring puntastic games where a 10 point deficit feels like 20, since we know the offense will be incapable of long drives or big scores.

          We’ll be hoping for DK to break 84 yarders, then await credit for it being given to Geno. (This has happened already.)

          I’m just so disappointed. I don’t even want to go to any games, but worse, I know it’s going to be so boring I won’t be able to sell any tickets. Going to take a giant bath this year, and it’s my first year with tickets. You don’t get to “wait a year” when you get to the front of the line.

          Really really disappointing.

          Makes me want to root against us, since I so hate this status quo.

        • Rob Staton

          That’s a narrative that people have settled into unfortunately

          Guarantee Geno will do something just like Lock early in the season to lose a game

          • Tyler Jorgensen

            Agree with Rob on this. I’d put money on it. It’s what he does.

            Lock played really well with the exception of that play. Geno will play mediocre but still make a crucial mistake down the stretch, but will somehow be absolved of it.

            It’s crazy.

          • cha

            My personal favorite is the “Geno would have avoided the sack”

            He was sacked 13 times in 3 games last year. THIRTEEN!

            But the OL was trash right?

            Geno had more time on average in the pocket than 24 starting QBs.

            So let’s drop the premise that Geno is somehow some kind of processing supercomputer.

            • Rob Staton

              It feels like he dances into pressure or sees ghosts as much as anyone

              But it gets talked about like he’s an ace processor who ‘gets the job done’ just in an unspectacular way

              No — he’s been a turnover machine in his career who hasn’t played well

              Even the whole ‘five touchdowns to one pick’ stat from last season doesn’t include the game-losing fumble in Pittsburgh or the fact that one of his touchdowns was a 85-yard jaunt by DK Metcalf after a blown coverage (and that was the only play the Geno-led offense made all night vs New Orleans)

              • cha

                That New Orleans game is Pete’s model for 2022.

                Geno is 12-22 for 167 yards, 1TD, 0 INTs, only 3 bad throws. 5 sacks but who cares, he didn’t turn the ball over.

                Metcalf made a play.

                The defense made enough plays and/or the opposing offense was inept enough to keep them in the game.

                It came down to FG tries.

                I’m certain he sees an improved running game as the linchpin.

  5. Big Mike

    “Dog & pony show”.

    Thank you.

  6. Sean

    With little hope of a competitive team, I am mostly excited about watching a good run game. But geno is so non-threatening as a passer that I expect defenses can just load up to stop our running. If true, that will be some dreadful football to watch.

    • Ross

      With a decent OL and coaching, this shouldn’t happen. Geno can throw the ball given time. But he’s not an improviser, so coaching needs to design plays to get the ball to playmakers and take what the D gives. RW was terrible at the latter.

      • Peter

        Not sure where this comes from. Geno was up until three games last year an exceedingly reckless/improvising qb.

        Then in a very small sample he plays with greater caution and Seattle can’t move the chains.

        My hope is Walker is not seriously injured and Smith is throwing less than 25 times a game. Not to have competitive games but rather to not get blown out of the water if he starts pressing in the slightest.

  7. Rob Staton

    Watched a big chunk of KJ Jefferson today

    He is not even close to the level of Will Levis or Tyler Van Dyke based on 2021 film

  8. Hoggs41

    In my opinion, no matter who the “starter” is this is going to be a two QB system unless Jimmy G enters the equation.

    • Rob Staton

      I’d put good money on Jimmy G not even being considered by Seattle

  9. Big Boi

    I can see Shane Waldron now, rubbing his hands together with a big cigar in his mouth a la Hannibal from A Team, saying “I love it when a plan comes together”.

    I still find the whole “We have a plan, we’re just not telling anyone” the most ludicrous thing a coach can say and this proves it. If this was the plan, it was a piss poor plan.

    I would also point out that I can guarantee that COVID right now is running roughshod through our team. Every fringe player is doing their best to hide their sniffles so they can play Thursday. Every player that is on the “inside looking out” might be trying to get a test in order to sneak through without risking a bad performance on Thursday. It would be ironic if Lock causes all of our QBs to test positive and we have a WR start at QB again. It will also be interesting to see if the Bears demand that all symptomatic players be tested. How the NFL handles this will be interesting since this hasn’t shown up in a while.

    Lastly, wouldn’t it be ironic if Seattle Highway Patrol decides to release Geno’s January blood alcohol level in the next week or so?

  10. Happy Hawk

    Great news about Smith leading the Hawks this year = 3 wins. Even PFN simulator has moved the Hawks to draft #5 next year down from #9 last week. Can’t wait to watch Levis perform this year. Go Smith!!

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      Sigh. I don’t think Seattle is going to win much with either QB, but at least Lock has the potential to make games interesting. He has the potential to make dazzling or boneheaded plays while Geno is just bad and brings almost nothing to the table besides that vaunted “team leadership.”

    • Big Mike

      I hate that I now hate Pete Carroll but as I said in a previous thread, a Pete Carroll coached team is not going to go 3-14. I’m at 6-11.
      I wouldn’t shed a tear if you were right and I was wrong though.

      • Tomas

        I see 2-4 wins, perfectly positioning PC/JS to secure Spencer Rattler.

        • Peter

          With the first pick in the 2026 draft (post sale, post pc/js walking papers) the Seattle seahawks….yet again select a qb in the first round….

        • Big Mike

          At first I laughed Tomas, but then I cried cuz I could see it happening. 🙁

  11. Starhawk29

    Totally agree with you Rob in regards to physical defensive games. Points are fun, sure, but I could watch basketball if I wanted to watch constant scoring. I fell in love with the physicality of this game, with watching giant athletic freaks smack the crap out of each other. I don’t expect another defense as good as 2013, but I remember LOVING when they were on the field. I couldn’t wait until 3rd down to see the opposing QB crap themselves.

    It’s fashionable right now to completely dismiss the run game and defense oriented teams as “backwards” in todays NFL. I think that’s foolish hyperbole. The Titans have been contenders for almost five years now on that formula. Ditto the 49ers. Two years ago we watched Tod Bowles ruin Andy Reid’s game plan in the Super Bowl. Defense matters still, and the philosophy Pete wants to run is still plenty relevant. It may not be what everyone wants, it may be more difficult in some ways to execute than the pass-game and points oriented teams, but it’s still plenty viable.

    • RealRhino2

      If I could give this 1 million upvotes I would. There’s a certain segment of the fan base that take robs measured criticism and concerns and runs with it as if Pete Carroll was a dinosaur idiot who didn’t understand football and John Schneider couldn’t tell a good player if it bit him in the arse.

      They claim that running the ball and being good on defense is a fools errand, while ignoring that what Kyle Shanahan and Todd McVay want to do most is run the ball. They ignore that the Tampa Bay defense totally destroyed Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City office to win the Super Bowl.

      Take all the screenshots you need: a Pete Carroll team, no matter who the quarterback is, is not winning four games. I think the defensive line will be much improved because now we have ends who can actually drop back. I think we have a lot of good defensive backs to mix and match our coverages. I think we have a really good run blocking off offensive line that will take pressure off of our quarterbacks, and people seem to forget that this office thrived with a guy like Jared Goff behind center.

      • Starhawk29

        Yep, and I can understand the sentiment. There is a strong argument that the best teams right now have offensive head coaches, many of whom seem to be good playcallers. Yet ultimately I think this is an extreme view without some of the nuance that exists in both leadership and coaching philosophy. Some people refer to Carroll like he’s offensively inept, as though he wants to run the ball 100% of the time or throw 2 yard outs every play. He’ll never be an offensive genius, and we all know he limited what Russ was allowed to do, but I think it’s relevant that he’s had a number of excellent offensive players in his career. When I think back to his time at USC, I don’t think of vicious defense, I think of QBs and runningbacks like Palmer, Leinart, Sanchez, Bush, Lendale White, and others. They were complete football teams famous for heisman contenders on offense, not just defensive prospects.

        I have many issues with Carroll, and personally would have fired him and kept Russ if I owned the team, but I think some of the perspectives on Peteball are a little hyperbolic. Pete wants explosive plays, he wants the offense to score and be dangerous. It’s a core element of his philosophy. Limiting turnovers and all that is obviously a big part of it too, but it is for every offense. If Jaquiski Tart could catch, the storyline this offseason would be how Stafford’s recklessness cost his team a Superbowl. Minimizing turnovers is part of good offense. So are explosive plays, and you need a QB to do that. It won’t be this season, but Pete will be aggressive in getting a QB, and I’d put money he picks a good one.

  12. Ashish

    Some positives starting Geno – he will assure Hawks top 5 pick next year. I doubt if he is starter when season start will able to hold that for 5 or 6 games.

  13. CaptainJack

    I’m a bit concerned about ken Walker. But maybe better he gets a redshirt year anyways.

    Because we ain’t doing shit with Geno

  14. Trevor

    Rob no draft analyst or pundit was even remotely as high as you on Abraham Lucas all season or during the draft season. You are the only person I ever saw grade and mock him in the first round.

    It is still really early but that scouting report is looking better and better by the day. Still can’t believe we got him in the 3rd round.

    • TomLPDX

      What’s really cool is that we potentially have our OTs lined up for the long haul. Now, if we could just get a center…

      • Trevor

        Agreed they should be able to address that this draft. Tend to think Blythe will be better than expected as a stop gap.

      • CaptainJack

        Scouts were dismissing him because he played at WSU


        • Group Captain Mandrake

          But, but… air raid. That was a ridiculous argument since he only played a year in that system. Last year I think WSU ran something like 40% of the time. Same argument about Cross. It’s almost like players can learn other styles or something. Weird.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Trevor

      I couldn’t believe it either

      But at least the draft media got Malik Willis going in the top 10 right…

      • Big Mike



    • Starhawk29

      I love watching all the SDB guys Rob has talked about for half a year (or longer) suddenly “come from nowhere.” Dameon Pierce is suddenly being touted as a future star for the Texans, Romeo Doubs looks set to be an impact player for the packers, and of course Lucas and Mafe have started off quite well. The rest of the world may be surprised by these guys, but Rob’s seen it coming.

      • Rob Staton

        Thank you for pointing this out Starhawk29

      • Trevor

        So true! Over the years it really has been quite incredible to track.

  15. Jaymo

    Don’t sleep on Jacob Eason! Strongest arm, two years in the system. Going to ball out this Thursday and going to make it a real QB competition

    Ok, this was all in jest. I’m hoping his handoffs look real crisp tho

    • mtpgod

      Wouldn’t be surprised if PC brings back Jake Luton and drops Eason after tomorrow’s game, reports from training camp have said Eason’s looked terrible.

  16. Gross MaToast

    Geno ‘Maverick’ Smith, originally drafted to pilot a Jets team to heights previously considered unreachable, then finding himself unceremoniously benched by coach Todd ‘Hammer’ Bowles for Smith’s failure to accept anything except ‘somewhere beyond hypersonic’ from his team before crashing the Jets and then later relegated to various outposts in the NFL hinterlands, has one final mission – to sneak Pete ‘Iceman’ Carroll’s rag-tag Seahawk team through hostile territory at heretofore unknown combinations of speed and altitude and complete an impossible, physics-defying bombing run in Glendale, Arizona, the site of Iceman’s greatest failure.

    The odds: overwhelming. Likelihood of success: nonexistent.

    Geno ‘Maverick’ Smith wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Something-something danger zone.

    It’s all in the framing.

    • TomLPDX

      Love it! Will there be a sequel (to the sequel)?

      • JimN

        Maybe Rob will watch it 5 times!

    • CaptainJack

      Definitely not the worst pilot, or even second worst pilot, in New York City history

    • Hawk Finn


    • Big Mike

      Fantastic Gross

  17. vbullen65

    Jamal is now the 3rd highest paid safety, behind James and Fitzpatrick….

    • Rob Staton

      Wish someone else was paying that salary

  18. Luis

    The owners should do something. For the brand and the business, it’s better to have someone bad on average with a huge variance (Lock) than someone consistently bad (Geno).

    If you’re winning, you can play as conservatively you want. Go ahead, punt from the 40 on 4th and inches since the game is drawn and you’re 8-2. If you’re losing, you better give your fan base some thrills. Any team that employed Fitzpatrick understands that. And that’s why he had a long career, outlasting most journeymen drafted even in the years after him.

  19. DAWGFan

    If the Hawks get the first pick in the draft, they will take Will Anderson JR. How could Pete pass on the next Derrick Thomas? I do expect the Denver pick will be top 15. Also, I don’t think the currently projected top QB’s Young and Stroud will be elite in the NFL.

    • Rob Staton

      Also, I don’t think the currently projected top QB’s Young and Stroud will be elite in the NFL.

      They aren’t the top projected QB’s on this website…

      • DAWGFan

        No and I know your love for Levis who I think has all the tools to be elite and reminds me of Josh Allen, Van Dyke looks a lot like a not as polished Carson Palmer(at least coming out of college).

        One QB who’s potential I really love is Anthony Richardson and will be paying close attention to the Utah/UF game on 9/3. He needs as much reps as he can get.

        • Rob Staton

          I think Richardson is impossible to have an opinion about currently. There’s just not enough plays to judge.

    • Peter

      I think they’d pass.

      You need a qb in the nfl contrary to what Pete might think. Like Adam on a podcast said and I agree: if it was so easy to find a point guard then no one would be paying 50 million for qbs.

      I don’t get this broncos losing record stuff. Look at how many games they lost last year by a td or less (5). Old broken down wilson gives them a +9 td to interception differential on a bad year, for him vs. Whatever the broncos were doing at qb.

      I think the chargers are primed to win that division and I’m going to differ to Vegas with the broncos being the 8th best bet to win the superbowl….or a wildcard spot and pick 24 or so for us.

      • Big Mike

        Don’t you think the “Broncos losing record stuff” is mostly just Wilson hate?

        • Peter


        • mtpgod

          Wilson can win you several games, but his inconsistency and inability to throw over the middle can also help stall an offense for 2-3 quarters at a time. I’m very curious to see how consistent he is this season, he’s lost a lot of his mobility that made him so hard to game plan against, and I don’t care what anybody says about “Russ will finally have weapons to throw to now.” DK and Tyler are straight up better than Sutton/Jeudy and they traded their stud te to us, he’s not going into the 2019 Chiefs offense by any means.

          • Peter


            Know one knows if wilson can or can not throw over the middle. Pete loves a deep ball and no turnovers. Sounds like a recipe to not throwing over the middle.

            Dk I’ll give you for sure.

            Not the others. I mean they played with lock, Bridgewater, etc, while Lockett played with Wilson and was a good but not great receiver his first 2-3 years in the league.

            Schlereth thinks the TE they kept is better….? Remains to be seen.

            Wilson has slowed down. So how they use him going forward will be interesting but a slowed down Wilson doesn’t that just make him a plus mobile qb? I don’t know. We will all see in a few weeks. I think the OC that revitalized Rodgers would know a thing or two about qb’s. At least more than the guy who is going to comPete with smith.

      • DAWGFan

        The Broncos are the 3rd/4th best team in their division and a very difficult schedule, I would be surprised if they are .500 this year. They lost their most productive pass catcher in the trade for Wilson and their WR corps has severely under performed. Wilson is a top 10 QB but he needs weapons to be effective and outside of Williams at RB I don’t see any, plus his O-line is in the bottom 3rd in the league.

        This year’s is much deeper at the QB position with likely 5 taken in the first round, so the depth will be there up to the low 20’s, but like I said I don’t expect the Broncos pick to be much higher than 15.

        • Peter

          Maybe you’re right. Who knows. We will find out in about five months.

          Right now a ton of pundits who played the game: Sharpe, schlereth, people who follow professionally- cowherd, and Vegas odds makers all have them as a wildcard level team. So I’ll lean to them for now.

          Btw their schedule is no harder than ours. The Chiefs are awesome and so are the Rams. Then it gets to pick ’em territory real quick. The niners can be great and limited. The raiders and the chargers like the cardinals can look fantastic and then eminently beatable. All three teams records last year show that.

          • DAWGFan

            Time will tell, but the AFC is a monster division this year and probably the best in the NFL. The Chargers and Raiders both have improved a lot(at least on paper), Chiefs are still very good. IMO the Chargers are the team to beat in the division. Plus he plays against the NFC West where every team is familiar with his tendencies, though I think as a whole the NFC West took a step backwards and won’t be nearly as dominant.

            Hawks NFC games outside of the west are Falcons, Lions, Saints, Giants, Bucs, Panthers

            Broncos AFC games outside of the west are Texans, Colts, Jets, Jags, Titans, Ravens

            Denver playing Colts/Titans/Ravens are playoff contenders only the Bucs will be playoff eligible.

  20. cha

    Pete on tomorrow:

    “Let’s hope we get off to a better start”

    Thanks Captain Obvious

  21. V

    Ian Rapoport: My understanding is that #Seahawks RB Kenneth Walker underwent surgery to repair a hernia — not what is sometimes called a “sports hernia” or core muscle injury — and he’s expected to make a full recovery. The plan is for him to be out there Week 1 if all goes well.

    • Peter

      Fingers crossed. Need the ball out of Geno’s hands as much as possible.

    • Mike

      What’s the over/under on amount of games both penny and walker play together this year I’ll set it it 3.5.

      • Big Mike

        Seems about right, sadly.

    • Palatypus

      I don’t think that is right. That’s not what Pete said today, although he was really unclear. He said that it wasn’t a sports hernia and that a “procedure” was done.

      My guess is that it was an endoscopy, based on what I have read. I think they call it a Hiatal Hernia. Again, not a doctor, just a guess.

  22. Geno Smith

    I’m better than Tarvaris Jackson.
    Also I’ve a much better OC than Darrell Bevell.
    We will go back to run first, with a progressive OC and top 10 defense. And win week 1.
    So I’ve got that going for me at least 😏

    • Big Mike

      Seriously Geno, considering your problems with alcohol do you think purchases at the dispensary are a wise choice?

      • Peter


        Tarvaris Jackson. More yards. More accurate. A better td to int ratio.

    • JC3

      Lets ride~~~~🤣

  23. Henry Taylor

    Dameon Pierce everybody…

    • Big Mike

      And he doesn’t have a hernia. 😞

  24. Henry Taylor

    From Corbin Smith: Pete Carroll says Cade Johnson “is making a move” in receiver group, has made noise in preseason game and training camp. Says his skill set – not a big receiver or super fast, but crafty – takes time sometimes to truly appreciate.

    Would be interesting if he made the roster, really liked him coming out. One of Rob’s best interviews imo.

    • Old but Slow

      Johnson seems to have a bit of Tyler Lockett to him.

    • Palatypus

      He said that in his presser today.

    • Luis

      I think Cade will eventually take Swain’s roster spot.

  25. seaspunj

    ESPN McShay reveals top 50 2023 prospects

    i love how BOTH Will Levis ranked 21 Tyler Van Dyke ranked 26 waaaaay too early but I am hoping the national scouts keep both Will and Tyler bottom half of the rankings

    • Ashish

      So true we don’t want unnecessary attention.

      • Peter

        Too bad Tob has gotten this down to a near science….expect both to go top eight next year if they both declare.

  26. Ashish

    Rob, you should be proud on Abe Lucas scouting report. Found OTs next year QB

  27. Pavlos

    Somehow I sense we are going to see Lock play this year and it’s gonna be far more interesting than Geno. It ain’t over yet.

    The Seahawks don’t have to make a final decision by Game 1. They could choose to continue the competition if they want more info. If Geno plays a boring half of ball against the Broncos, perhaps they turn it over to Lock in the second half. Why not?

    If Lock flashes in Game 3, this could be a real possibility in my opinion – regardless of what Pete has been saying about Geno. I think he wanted Lock to earn it.

    • Peter

      Think we need another word to describe this other than “competition.”

      Pete’s all but given the job to Smith. Neither has played with the true ones in game time. I hear about the locker room as some metric. Though there are up to three new linemen. A whole handful of WR’s. A new RB. A TE I haven’t heard a peep about who actually played with one of the QB’s.

      What’s going on here is more like: if you have two QB’s you have zero QB’s.

  28. Sneekes

    Do you reckon there’s a little bit of wanting to keep Lock out of a direct dual with RW in week 1?
    So plan is Smith starts Week 1 at the very least, and then at the first bad game after that – Lock takes over on a longer leash.
    That’s my take, admittedly with a bit of wishful thinking involved.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think so

      You don’t base starting QB decisions around keeping a player from playing the first game

  29. Rob Staton

    Just realised Louis Reddick is part of the crew covering a televised prime time pre season game tonight

    Which probably explains why he is hyping up Seattle

    Because why on earth would anyone want to watch this game???

    • Big Mike

      I feel bad for Fields. I know Ohio St. QBs have done nothing, but this franchise has likewise done nothing to help him succeed either.
      This will be a good barometer as to how bad the Seahawks are because this Bears team is putrid, especially on O.

      • Henry Taylor

        Yeah I agree, I liked the guy coming out, but acknowledged he had a lot of work to do. Players like that need a good situation and he’s not been given it, probably the worst OL and group of weapons in the league.

    • CaptainJack

      To be fair

      Why would anyone want to watch any preseason game without their favorite team

      I’ve never been interested in a non- Seahawks preseason game

  30. Sea Mode

    Well dang, Joe!

  31. Forrest


    You’re absolutely right. My hope is we see a strong run game and Geno hitting some passes over the middle (slants and TE usage), running a little bit and throwing balls away rather than stepping around into sacks, with an occasional deep shot when DK or Tyler break free after the defense stacks the box to stuff the run. That would give us a good evaluation of where things stand, keep some games competitive and provide a decent fan experience as we get excited for the future with the development of our young talent.

  32. Forrest

    ….and if there’s any way that one of our wins can come against Denver, that will be that will be icing on the cake!

  33. CaptainJack

    Who do we prefer between Tyler Van Dyke and Will Levis?

    • Rob Staton

      Well, let’s see how the season plays out

      But right now I’d have Levis ahead

  34. Palatypus

    After the revelations in Miami about Stephen Ross and Brian Flores, I think it is unlikely the NFL will let us “suck for Luck.”

    But we might be able to Beavis for Levis.

    • mtpgod

      Crevice for Levis.

  35. Thomas

    Guys, if they’re giving Eason a half in this game they’ll give Lock more than a few games this season.

    We’ll only see Geno every game if they make the playoffs as what… a 7-10 wildcard? It’s possible.

    They want more tape on Lock. They can’t bet on drafting a great QB and Carroll is not going to throw the season intentionally.

    • Rob Staton

      They’re drafting a QB early next year regardless

      They don’t need tape on Lock. The drafting of a QB will happen anyway

  36. Matt

    Regarding Lucas and Cross…I was so relieved that we avoided Penning. That decision looks like it could be franchise altering, in a few years.

    I’m intrigued by this season. You’re right about Geno, he’s the starter but won’t last long. I’m just excited to have no expectations from a season and to simply enjoy watching which young guys pop.

  37. cha

    What I’m looking for tonight

    Are they ready this week?

    They clearly were not ready to play last week, and now they have a quicker turnaround.

    Tackling was a serious problem, and Pete Carroll was rightly not pleased. He correctly identified the issue – that if they’d have tackled better they would have been more in control of the game.

    Not only does the defense need to avoid another disastrous start like the last two years, they will need to occasionally steal a game if this team is going to do anything this year. And it starts with tackling on defense.

    I’ve always wondered if the NFL/NFLPA’s negotiated practice restrictions have affected the Seahawks more than other teams and Pete Carroll has yet to be able to adjust. He said in his Win Forever book that the goal with practice is that ‘Sunday is the easiest day of the week’ because practices are so hard fought.

    Nowadays in practice, scrimmage plays are whistled dead when a defender gets two hands on the guy with the ball. Is muscle memory working against the defenders? Can Pete Carroll and Clint Hurtt solve this issue?

    Run it back with the rookies

    By all accounts the Pittsburgh game was an impressive coming out party for the class. That’s in the past now. Lots of players can have a good game. The ones who succeed can show up in the next game. And on short rest as well.

    Let’s see Cross and Lucas duplicate their performances. And if they blow a play let’s see them dust themselves off and get right back at it.

    Can Boye Mafe handle some increased attention? He announced his presence quite nicely last week.

    Is Tariq Woolen about to force Pete Carroll to speed up his timeline?

    Plusses: A mostly effective game Saturday against Pittsburgh. The fact that he came back from a blown play and had a week of practice that by all accounts was excellent, including an interception that Pete said he’d never seen before. Think about that. Pete Carroll, renowned DB Wizard, saw something he’d never seen before.

    And also this from ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky/Quandre Diggs:

    Orlovsky shared an interesting story about Woolen from talking after practice to Seahawks safety Quandre Diggs, who was Orlovsky’s teammate on the Detroit Lions a few years ago.

    “I was talking with him after practice and we were talking about Tariq and he was like, in practice when they call man coverage, they give Quandre the freedom to go roam and help wherever he kind of wants given what the play is or whatnot,” Orlovsky shared with Mike Salk. “And (Diggs) purposely never helps Tariq when DK is out there or (Tyler Lockett) is out there because he wants him to go and know that, like, ‘You’re by yourself, champ. And if you can handle it by yourself in practice versus those two guys, you can play versus anyone in the league.’ And that was a really impressive thing to hear from him, so I think (Woolen’s) been super impressive.”

    Minuses: The blown play. His inexperience. Pete said something to the effect that he got tired at getting a lot of snaps in Pittsburgh.

    Can Woolen not duplicate something like the blown coverage play and use his length and speed to impress again? If it takes something impressive to get on the field in the regular season, can he do it without sacrificing the security Pete demands from his corners?


    -Can Geno have another “near perfect” game again? I’d desperately love to see him making decisions in less than 4 seconds.

    -Can the Seahawks balance snaps and escape the game without any key injuries? Is there anything to really be evaluated on offense once Eason comes in?

    -Are they auditioning right guards in order to size up a move on Gabe Jackson?

    -Is Myles Adams a real contender for a roster spot or one of those practice and preseason stars?

    -Where does Coby Bryant play? Are they really thinking of getting him on the field at nickel when the games count?

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Love it cha

      I’m looking to see if Dallas and Homer can continue their success without Walker (and Penny? is he playing). Even if he is, he won’t go for long, and that puts a lot of the load on the OL. I’m sure we’ll see some possessions with Curhan at RT, but I sincerely hope Lucas gets the start.

      I’ve an odd feeling the TEs will feature in the game plan tonight. Just a hunch, but there it is. I think Fant, Diss and Parkinson will be busy.

      On defense, I’m eager to see Mafe pick it up where he left off last week. Eager to see Taylor start to develop some chemistry with Mafe. Eager to see Woolen play period (lovin that kid) and very eager to see Marquise Blair get significant snaps. Geat a measure of what we have in him this year.

      Go Hawks!

    • Ashish

      Excellent article / Comment Cha.

    • Peter

      Really good stuff.

      All good things to watch for.

  38. JJ

    Still wish the hawks drafted this guy.

    • Peter

      Sauce, Jermaine Johnson, breece hall, and Mr. Clemons that jets game at the end of the year could be rough.

    • CaptainJack

      I agree, I would rather have him than Coby Bryant. Who looks like a little kid out there on the NFL field.

  39. DT

    OK I’ll go with the unbridled optimist view.
    We are seeing/hearing a typical PC smoke screen, and after Geno lights it up tonight he will be traded to Cleveland to cover their QB situation, leaving Lock in the pole position.
    Conspiracy Theorists unite!

    • Palatypus

      And Deshaun Watson’s masseuses were paid off by Robert Kraft!

    • DT

      ……or, not lol

  40. Blitzy the Clown

    Marquise Blair making plays!

  41. Blitzy the Clown

    Well done by the defense in the red zone nicely handled by the defensive backfield

    • Peter

      Still got to get a little tighter. Bending a bit much for my liking. But good to get off the field.

    • cha


      It’s the 2021 defense all over again.

  42. Blitzy the Clown

    Well, well. Look who’s out there!

  43. dand393

    No abe Lucas

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Was just gonna say.Though to be fair Curhan is playing well.

  44. KennyBadger

    Nice catch Fred.

  45. CaptainJack

    Someone has to step up and overtake Swain. He doesn’t belong on an NFL field.

  46. Palatypus

    Gonna see ALOT of Michael Dickson this year.

  47. cha

    Defense can’t get off the field.

    Offense can’t stay on it.


  48. Mike

    Freddie swain is the Travis homer of wide receivers

  49. CaptainJack

    great punt return freddie!

  50. TomLPDX

    The more things change, the more they stay the same. Seattle offense is stale and boring.

    • TomLPDX

      Defense is flat too

  51. Blitzy the Clown

    We still have Gabe Jackson why?

    Three n out

  52. icb12


  53. KD

    Well THAT was some putrid coverage

  54. Palatypus

    It’s the Michael Dickson show!

    With special guests Paul Hogan, Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman and Kylie Minogue

  55. cha

    Its 👏 not 👏 how 👏 you 👏 start 👏

  56. KennyBadger

    If the tackling does not improve, the beatings will continue.

  57. Rob Staton

    This is the same game as last week

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Seems worse

      • Elmer

        Lock benefitting from COVID. This is REEE LUGLY so far.

  58. seaspunj

    another slow start
    bad tackling and poor execution

    getting ready for a tough and long season 2023 draft cant come quick enough

  59. cha

    Pete at least acknowledging the obvious.

    Can’t get a first down to save their lives. Tackling on defense stinks.

  60. Romeo A57

    This seems like a rerun from last week. Horrible on Defense, Offense and Special Teams to start the game. This is especially troubling as the better players start the game. It really doesn’t matter much if the Seahawks Third Stringers can beat the Bears Fourth Stringers.

    I don’t like Geno much, but I would like to see some pass completions.

  61. Blitzy the Clown

    Abe Lucas is head and shoulders better than Curhan. I truly don’t understand Carroll’s stubbornness starting Curhan over him.

    First play in the game he seals off the backside to let the runner cut back.

    Oh no not Damien Lewis

    • Big Mike

      But Curhan is a vet. You just don’t understand the genius of Pete Carroll

  62. Big Mike

    Good God what a shitshow. Getting eaten up by Trevor Siemien and the O has no anything outside of Homer

  63. KD

    F**k preseason!

    • Big Mike

      Don’t be fooled if it was a regular season he would have punted

      • Matthew

        You’re unbearably negative. Wow lol

        • Big Mike

          This team is unbearably bad
          But if you want something positive Travis Homer and Abe Lucas have played very well

  64. KennyBadger

    Please get all talented players off the field now Pete. And thanks for the injury replay ESPN.

  65. TomLPDX

    Gawd this sucks. And we lost Lewis.

  66. Simo

    Cut Coleman now please!

  67. Big Mike

    Fundamentals lacking. Am I right Darrell Taylor, Justin Coleman?veterans

  68. cha

    Dumb Gabe Jackson penalty by a vet who should know better pushes them out of FG range and they can’t down a Dickson coffin kick.

    Man this is so 2021 it hurts.

    • Big Mike

      Yep 3 very poor place all by veterans

    • Simo

      Is the coaching really this poor, or is the talent missing.

      • cha

        It can be two things

  69. cha

    Bob Condotta
    Damien Lewis is listed as having an ankle injury and is out for the rest of the game, according to press box announcement.

    • KennyBadger

      I’ll speculate- high ankle minimum with possible fibular fracture.

      • Rob Staton

        The fact he hopped onto the cart was encouraging IMO

        Not sure you’d do that, even assisted, with a fib fracture

        • KennyBadger

          Being able to weight bear after is actually predictive – did he put any on it?

  70. Dragohawk

    Awful tackling against this crappie Bears team. good luck with that….pete is delusional if he thinks he’s going to have any success in the next few years.

  71. SeaTown

    It’s over for Pete Carroll and Co. time for Pete to go. This is a dumpster fire. At best a 3/4 win team. That might even be too optimistic on my part.

    • Big Mike

      Pete is going nowhere until Fatima sold

      • Big Mike

        * the team

  72. KD

    Is Ken Walker not playing tonight?

    • Big Mike

      Hernia surgery not expected back till at least week one of the regular season

      • bmseattle

        geez… what a negative medical prognosis, Big Mike.

        • Big Mike

          Yes I shouldn’t listen to the doctor’s reports. I should say hes healthy everything will be just fine

  73. Big Mike

    Hey Matthew how many negative comments followed mine why only me man?

    • OP_Chillin

      Negative or not were you wrong? It’s pretty well known Pete is very conservative on fourth down.

      • Big Mike

        Thank you

    • Matthew

      Because you’re probably the most prolific poster on this site, and I noticed.

  74. Bob

    Doesn’t matter who the QB is… four win team. Max.

  75. cha

    Lucas brought the syrup and butter

    • Big Mike

      Bad ass

  76. Hawks4life

    Still highschool level play calling, the sad thing is I don’t even trust PCJS to draft the right player with a top 5 pick

    • SeaTown

      Shane Waldron is trash. He is just a PC stooge. He doesn’t have a creative bone in his body.

  77. Blitzy the Clown



  78. TomLPDX

    This is hard to watch.

  79. Palatypus

    Time for She-Hulk!

    • Rob Staton

      This is bad

      But it’s not that bad

      • KD

        Are you aware of the glorious cringe that is Batwoman? Quite possibly the worst TV show ever made, but it is absolutely hilarious in it’s incompetence.

        • Rob Staton

          I am not a Super Hero/Marvel guy but yes — I am aware of it.

          To be honest this She-Hulk sounds about level par with Batwoman

        • cha

          Not as hilarious as the Batwoman movie – $90million and it’s in the can and it’s been shuttered. It’ll never see the light of day.

    • downtownjewelrybryan

      sea hulk? what happened to that guy?

  80. Rob Staton

    I would like Louis Reddick to flesh his thought on this ‘special’ Seahawks team he saw this week

    • bmseattle

      Maybe the Bears are even specialer

    • Elmer

      Definitely special. But not in a good way.

      The defense looks helpless. Chicago’s reserves are having their way.

      Charles Cross looks lost.

      Based on the evidence of this game, can you say that Geno is significantly better than Eason? Maybe Drew Lock just has to sit there and let Geno hand him the job.

      The Bears look well coached.

  81. TomLPDX

    Silver lining:

    We get the choice of all QBs in next year’s draft!

  82. CaptainJack

    geno isn’t good.

    but the rest of the offensive depth (outside lucas) is really, really bad.

  83. WildBill

    Why is Jason Meyer on this team? He was bad last year.
    Isn’t this the year to try out cheaper kickers?

    • OP_Chillin

      He went 100% in 2020, a year when he attempted a whopping 24 field goals.

      • WildBill


  84. SeaTown

    We are witnessing the calling card of a PC coached team—unprepared. Waldron is atrocious on offense and Hurtt looks worse than KNJ.

  85. ShowMeYourHawk

    Not gonna panic after 6 preseason quarters but I will say that considering Waldron’s system couldn’t work with an All-Pro at the helm, he may be a/the sacrificial lamb after the season. This could go from comically bad to blisteringly awful, real quick.

    That, and that for all Hurtt’s platitudes, not seeing much different in results regarding open passing lanes underneath. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s possible Waldron is rubbish

    • 12th chuck

      I am baffled how many passing plays the seahawks have where you throw the ball BEHIND the line of scrimmage

  86. Big Mike

    Oh Charles. 2 bad penalties

  87. Big Mike

    3 stooges time

    • TomLPDX

      More like the Keystone Cops

      • Big Mike

        Better analogy. You da man Tom.

    • cha

      “Other than that, Mrs Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?”

      • Big Mike

        And I’m negative?

        Holy shit that’s funny cha.

  88. SeaTown

    The worst part of this dumpster fire? Even if they finish with two high draft picks next year, PC & JS will be making those picks. 🙁

  89. OP_Chillin

    It’s interesting how Geno seems to have attracted a fairly sizeable amount of support from some of the film guys d/t process, playing in structure, etc. Esp in contrast to Wilson, but that’s never translated to results in his earlier career or currently.

    Tbf he’s played pretty well been victimized by some drops and penalties but there are still zero points on the board with almost a half of the game done…

    • Big Mike

      The other side of the coin is he just killed that last drive tripping over Homer’s feet and then missing Melton open over the middle. Yes tight window but hes gotta hit that on 3rd and long.

      • OP_Chillin

        Def missed a couple throws the past two drives and the trip was something special.

        Hope we can get the next Justin Herbert next year!

  90. Hawks4life

    DK: “we’re going to be special in our own special way”

    Me: “special doesn’t sound so good”

    Hahahahaha, DK knows we’re going to suck

  91. KD

    I hate these sideline player interviews. Media coached to death.

  92. Rob Staton

    What a rancid half of football

    • Big Mike

      And you stayed up late for this smell.

  93. KD

    That was all on Geno. What a disaster

  94. Hawks4life

    Geno thinks he can win the starting gig by playing conservative, boring and terrible and the sad part is he will win the job. I pray our small core or future building blocks have a healthy season in hopes we draft a game changer

    • Big Mike

      But will it matter with this head coach?

      • Big Mike

        A “game changer” I mean

        • Hawks4life

          I’m almost 100% sure it won’t, but one can hope for change sooner than later

  95. cha

    3rd and 15 and I counted to 5 and Geno still has the ball.

    Makes no move to expand the pocket or buy more time if he doesn’t see anything.

    Gets booed off the field by the crowd.

    • OP_Chillin

      Hey that means the pass pro was pretty good in an obvious passing situation!

  96. TomLPDX

    Why is everyone apologizing for Geno? He sucks!

    • Rob Staton

      Can only assume his parents are producing tonight’s broadcast

  97. TomLPDX

    Cade just blew his chance to make the team. I really liked Cade but that was just … bad.

  98. CaptainJack

    a fitting end

  99. KD

    LOL WOW!

  100. Big Mike

    Hey Jody,
    You happy with your choice now?

  101. seaspunj

    when it rains …
    it pours

    omg what a disaster of a 1st half

    • Rob Staton

      ‘Disaster’ almost doesn’t feel strong enough

  102. OP_Chillin

    Louis, I think most fans will definitely accept whatever result Pete produces.

  103. uptop

    Izzo has really dropped the ball this season, pun intended.

  104. Big Mike

    And don’t forget hair folks this is not the rams we’re playing against.his is a team expected to be one of the crumber teams in the NFL this year.

    • Big Mike


  105. CaptainJack

    I’m feeling good about securing that top overall pick

  106. SeaTown

    20 seconds left in the half and Geno throws three straight check downs? Why bother? Just kneel down and get off the field. What a joke.

    • Rob Staton

      Yes… but did you see the way he talked before the snap? Because he’s a 10-year vet. And that’s fantastic.

  107. Simo

    Horrible, just absolutely awful!

  108. Grossmandg144

    It going to be a really long season. But I will be excited to watch college games this year cause there is no way they are not going to be drafting top 5 next year.

  109. Romeo A57

    Driving back to the house with a pizza during halftime listening to Seahawks Radio. First thing Bumpis said during the halftime show was to give a shout out to Geno for playing well in the first half.

    I get that this was Seahawks Radio, but that was ridiculous. Wish I was making it up…

    • Rob Staton


    • Andrew M

      I have really been missing Jake Heaps on 710. Russell had to take one of our best radio guys too.

  110. Gross MaToast

    The guys are out there fighting their tails off, they want to get this thing right. We’re so close to getting it right – we’re right there, we just have to keep pushing.

    I don’t think my doomsday scenario thinking with the retention of Pete & Co. was doomy enough.

    Shane Norton Jr. should be allowed to find more suitable work tomorrow.

    • Rob Staton

      As soon as the offense, defense and special teams start playing well — we’ll be just peachy.

      • Gross MaToast

        The guys know it’s how you finish.

    • cha

      “We see it all week in practice, we just didn’t see it in the game.”

  111. Palatypus

    This is what I think is being said in the locker room right now…

    We can’t leave! We never met that chick!
    Dammit!!! We were supposed to get some!

    Huh huh huh. Settle down Beavis.

    Oh yeah,…I mean no. NO! I won’t settle
    down! Not this time!…

    Beavis is shaking, fed up. He delivers the speech of his life.

    Dammit, this always happens! I think I’m
    gonna score and then I never score! It’s
    not fair! We’ve traveled a hundred miles
    ’cause we thought we were gonna score, but
    now it’s not gonna happen!

    (yelling from his seat)
    Hey buddy, sit down! Now!

    SHUT UP! (continuing) I’m sick and tired
    of this! We’re never gonna score! It’s
    just not gonna happen! We’re just gonna
    get old like these people, but they’ve
    probably scored!

    Hey! I’m warning you! Sit down!

    It’s like this chick’s a slut (motioning
    to Martha)… and look at this guy!…
    He’s old but he’s probably scored a
    million times!

    (nods in agreement)
    Ohh yeah.

    But not us! We’re never gonna score! WE’RE

    The bus driver tackles Beavis.

    • Romeo A57

      ” I am the great Cornholio, I need TP for my Bunghole”

  112. Denver Hawker

    Am I the only one triggered by the sight of Pete’s confused sideline face?

    • Rob Staton

      No, I am equally frustrated seeing a man look like he never saw this coming

      • TomLPDX

        and it is getting really old.

      • Tony

        But he said all the right things! He even brought extra gum! What more can he do!

      • Denver Hawker

        Looks like he’s watching his dog eat his own poo.

  113. Big Mike

    Loving Travis Homer. He looks quicker stronger 1st guy is not bringing him down even with a carry for a loss.

    • Gross MaToast

      And on August 18, 2022 at 6:59 PM, just like that, the 2022 Seahawk Wheel of Hope landed on Travis Homer.

      • Big Mike

        And Abe Lucas

  114. chet380

    Over the many years, every now and then, owing to retirements, players moving on, bad drafts, a mediocre team is fielded — this is one of those years. What is to be done? — sweet f**k all … accept the inevitable and don’t do anything stupid like giving up draft picks to try to rescue a foundering ship.

    Somewhat positively, a poor record will likely produce a Pro Bowler in the draft — Okung as an example.

  115. Rob Staton

    Given how much this broadcast praised that ‘performance’ by Geno Smith, presumably they’ll be calling Nate Peterman a future HOFER for that drive

  116. TomLPDX

    G’night guys…I can’t watch any more.

  117. seaspunj


    any DT run stuffers to look at this upcoming draft? or dynamic DT like an Aaron Donald?

    tired seeing this Dline get run over

    • uptop

      Jalen Carter from Georgia

  118. Dragohawk

    Broncos country, LET’S RIDE! 😂😂😂

    • Denver Hawker

      Lez ride?

      • Dragohawk

        Ok LEZ RIDE 🤪🤪🤪

      • Big Mike

        So then you’ve turned the game off and are watching something a bit more, um “entertaining” it seems.

  119. Tony

    The very real likely scenario of this season going straight hindenburg is just getting all the more real. Does a 2 win season make fans/seattle media actually call out pete???

  120. Huggie Hawk

    I started this game thinking a 5 win season… I’m down to 3 now 💩

  121. Romeo A57

    What is everyone’s confidence meter in Eason leading a comeback in the second half to overcome a 4 score lead?

    On a scale from Charlie Whitehurst to Frank Reich?

    • Tony

      Dan Mcguire

      • seaspunj

        the unsackable QB hahahaha

  122. Trevor

    Anyone else tired of hearing how good Geno is in the huddle and getting in and out of the huddle? Who gives a shit about his command of the huddle if he can’t make a play.

    • Tony

      Huddle command is like 9/10ths of qb play.

      • Peter

        You’re not wrong.

        But why is there connection to his huddle command and the actual game?

        • Tony


  123. chet380

    Over/Under at 5.5 — what are the chances of 6 wins?

    • Peter

      I was pretty stuck at six but I might take the under.

      Our division. Afc west. Might get ugly

      • Big Mike

        Yeah I’ve been pretty strong on 6 as well, but looks like I need to rethink that.

    • Gross MaToast

      How many seasons are you giving them to get the 6 wins?

      • Romeo A57

        🙂 The newest Seahawks over-under prop bet is a total of 6 wins over the next three seasons.

    • chet380

      For perspective, the Bears are projected at 2-15

      • Big Mike

        Like I said earlier, this ain’t the Rams our team is playing.

  124. CaptainJack

    Eason is the most one dimensional qb I’ve ever watched

    • Dragohawk

      Reports coming out of Santa Clara is Jimmy G will be released by the weekend and flying to the pacific northwest with Pete picking him up from the airport!

      • Palatypus


    • Mike

      Dude can only throw a fastball…. But he does throw 100 mph heater lol

      I still remember I thought Justin Herbert sucked because I saw eason outplay him in college

      • Mike

        I honestly think eason might not be much worse than lock or geno. I don’t think any of them are starters.

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