Introducing the most explosive O-line class in years

BYU’s Brady Christensen is the most explosive O-liner we’ve ever tested

Since 2016 I’ve been using something called the ‘Trench Explosion Formula’ to measure explosive traits among offensive linemen.

The formula originated from a town-hall meeting involving Tom Cable. He revealed what is considered to be an ideal physical profile for an offensive lineman.

It included:

— 31-inch vertical jump
— 9-foot broad jump
— 27 reps in the bench press

Using this information we can calculate an explosive physical profile:

1. Vertical ÷ 31
2. Broad ÷ 9, then cube the result
3. Bench ÷ 27
4. Results added together = TEF

Here’s what the ideal (31 — 9 — 27) would look like using this formula:

1. Vertical: 31 ÷ 31 = 1
2. Broad: 9 ÷ 9 = 1, cubed = 1
3. Bench: 27 ÷ 27 = 1
4. Overall score = 3.00

So a prospect achieving the ideal (31 — 9 — 27) will score a 3.00 in TEF.

You may ask why it’s a worthwhile exercise — especially since Cable no longer works for the Seahawks.

There are two distinct trends identified since we started using the formula:

1. League wide, teams will draft explosive offensive linemen earlier

Three years ago, only seven offensive linemen scored an optimal 3.00 or higher in TEF. Of the seven, Quenton Nelson and Kolton Miller were both high first round picks. Braden Smith, Connor Williams and Will Hernandez were second round picks.

In 2019, only eight players scored an optimal 3.00 or higher. This included Chris Lindstrom, Garrett Bradbury, Andre Dillard and Kaleb McGary (all drafted in round one). Erik McCoy and Elgton Jenkins were also top-50 picks.

Last year, again eight players scored a 3.00 or higher. This included first round picks Tristan Wirfs, Austin Jackson and Cesar Ruiz. Ezra Cleveland was a second round pick and Matt Peart was taken in the third.

It’s not a coincidence that the most explosive offensive linemen are being drafted early.

2. The Seahawks in particular, even since Cable’s departure, have targeted explosive offensive linemen in the draft

In the last two years they have selected Damien Lewis (2.97) and Phil Haynes (3.22). Prior to that, they selected a large number of explosive testers including Mark Glowinski (3.34), Justin Britt (3.00) and J.R. Sweezy (3.13).

In fact the evidence showed the Seahawks were specifically targeting the most explosive O-liners every year. When they made the Britt pick in round two for example, most people didn’t understand why. He was a relative unknown. It turns out when they were on the clock, he was the last explosive offensive tackle remaining on the board.

This isn’t to argue that every explosive offensive lineman will be a high pick or that this in any way projects ‘quality of play’. It doesn’t.

The formula is simply designed to assess explosive athleticism, help us compare players and identify possible Seahawks targets.

We also run something called ‘Weighted TEF’ (or w/TEF).

This accounts for bigger players (325lbs or higher for example) having an incredible vertical and broad jump performance despite weighing 20-25lbs more than other O-line prospects.

Weight x TEF x 0.1

2021 is the year of the offensive lineman…

Over the last few years the league has had a major issue finding quality offensive linemen in the draft. It’s something John Schneider has talked about often.

In part this is due to recruiting pressure. The top athletes at High School want to play defensive line. That’s where the stats, the glory and the money comes from.

The top college teams, in an attempt to recruit the best talent, are granting their wishes.

On top of this, the development of the spread offense and non-compliant pro-technique has created a dearth of NFL-ready players and athletes.

The TEF results highlight the issue…

Offensive linemen scoring a 3.00 or more:

2016 — 6
2017 — 3
2018 — 7
2019 — 8
2020 — 8

Defensive linemen scoring a 3.00 or more:

2016 — 26
2017 — 30
2018 — 22
2019 — 24
2020 — 14

However, the 2021 offensive line class is bucking the trend.

2021 TEF results

Standard TEF

Players scoring a 3.00 or higher are in bold…

Brady Christensen — 3.72
Sam Cosmi — 3.57
Kendrick Green — 3.42
Rashawn Slater — 3.37
Spencer Brown — 3.36
Quinn Meinerz — 3.34
Teven Jenkins — 3.33
Alijah Vera-Tucker — 3.31
Drew Dalman — 3.31
Trey Smith — 3.30
Sadarius Hutcherson — 3.29
Creed Humphrey — 3.25
Landon Young — 3.24
Alex Leatherwood — 3.16
Dan Moore — 3.08
Penei Sewell — 3.04
Dillon Radunz — 3.04
Brendan Jaimes — 3.03
Liam Eichenburg — 3.00

D’Ante Smith — 2.97
Robert Hainsey — 2.97
David Moore — 2.95
Walker Little — 2.93
Jaylon Moore — 2.91
Josh Ball — 2.89
Jimmy Morrisey — 2.88
Tristan Hoge — 2.83
Carson Green — 2.80
Kayode Awosika — 2.78
Cole Van Lanen — 2.70
William Sherman — 2.69
Aaron Banks — 2.68
Stone Forsythe — 2.68
Larry Borom — 2.62
James Hudson — 2.48
Alaric Jackson — 2.39
Adrian Ealy — 2.35

Weighted TEF:

Brady Christensen — 112.3
Sam Cosmi — 112.0
Kendrick Green — 107.7
Quinn Meinerz — 106.9
Trey Smith — 105.9
Teven Jenkins — 105.6
Sadarius Hutcherson — 105.6
Spencer Brown — 104.1
Rashawn Slater — 102.4
Alijah Vera-Tucker — 101.9
Creed Humphrey — 101.4
Penei Sewell — 100.6
Landon Young — 100.4
Drew Dalman — 99.0
Alex Leatherwood — 98.6
David Moore — 97.4
Dan Moore — 95.8
Liam Eichenburg — 91.8
Walker Little — 91.7
Dillon Radunz — 91.5
Robert Hainsey — 90.9
D’Ante Smith — 90.5
Jaylon Moore — 90.5
Brendan Jaimes — 90.2
Carson Green — 89.6
Josh Ball — 89.0
Tristan Hoge — 87.8
Jimmy Morrisey — 87.3
Aaron Banks — 87.1
Kayode Awosika — 85.3
Larry Borom — 84.3
Cole Van Lanen — 84.2
Stone Forsythe — 82.3
William Sherman — 81.8
James Hudson — 77.6
Alaric Jackson — 76.7
Adrian Ealy — 76.6

The following players did not participate in full testing and therefore cannot be given a score:

Landon Dickerson
Christian Darrisaw
Josh Myers
Wyatt Davis
Ben Cleveland
Jackson Carmen
Jaylen Mayfield
Deonte Brown
Michal Menet
Drake Jackson
Trey Hill

What the results tell us

— There are 19 players with an ideal, explosive physical profile or higher this year. That’s by far the most since we started using TEF:

2016 — 6
2017 — 3
2018 — 7
2019 — 8
2020 — 8
2021 — 19

— Brady Christensen is the most explosive offensive lineman we’ve ever tested in the formula. Furthermore, 10 members of the 2021 draft class are among the 15 best testers since 2016:

Brady Christensen — 3.72
Iosua Opeta — 3.62
Sam Cosmi — 3.57
Jason Spriggs — 3.54
Braden Smith — 3.52
Tristan Wirfs — 3.47
Kendrick Green — 3.42
Rashawn Slater — 3.37
Spencer Brown — 3.36
Quinn Meinerz — 3.34
Teven Jenkins — 3.33
Alijah Vera-Tucker — 3.31
Drew Dalman — 3.31
Kolton Miller — 3.31
Trey Smith — 3.30

— To put Christensen’s performance into perspective, his 3.72 score is the same as top-10 pick D-liner Ed Oliver’s. Among defensive linemen, only Myles Garrett (4.21), Ben Banogu (4.05), Solomon Thomas (3.83) and Jabari Zuniga (3.76) are more explosive athletes currently playing in the NFL.

— Twelve members of the 2021 draft class are in the top-20 for w/TEF since 2016:

Brady Christensen — 112.3
Sam Cosmi — 112.0
Tristan Wirfs — 111.0
Braden Smith — 110.9
Iousa Opeta — 109.0
Kendrick Green — 107.7
Quinn Meinerz — 106.9
Trey Smith — 105.9
Teven Jenkins — 105.6
Sadarius Hutcherson — 105.6
Spriggs, Jason —- 104.9
Spencer Brown — 104.1
Phil Haynes — 103.7
Isaiah Wilson — 103.6
Austin Jackson — 103.4
Rashawn Slater — 102.4
Alijah Vera-Tucker — 101.9
Creed Humphrey — 101.4
Landon Young — 100.4
John Simpson — 102.7

— Simply put, this is a truly special class of offensive linemen.

Predictions and judgements based on the data

— Rashawn Slater and Alijah Vera-Tucker will be very early picks

— Teven Jenkins could easily go in the top-20

— It’s very possible Quinn Meinerz and Creed Humphrey will go in the top-40

— I think it’s highly unlikely that Sam Cosmi will get out of the top-60

— Brady Christensen and Kendrick Green should experience a sizeable jump in stock

— The medical checks for Trey Smith will be among the most important of any player in Indianapolis because he has a legitimate top-40 physical profile

— Walker Little, Liam Eichenburg and Dillon Radunz are very similar athletically and could all go in a similar range, or at least carry similar grades

— If you want to know why teams like the Raiders were willing to move off ageing, expensive veterans — this draft class is probably why. Expect them to select a couple of O-liners, including with their first pick

What it means for the Seahawks

They have selected a number of the top testers over the years but scoring a 3.00 is not a cut off point.

Players scoring just below the 3.00 threshold have been considered in the past, especially those who then perform well in weighted TEF. This includes Damien Lewis (2.97 & 97.1) and Germain Ifedi (2.97 & 96.1).

The Seahawks seemingly place a lot of value in arm length. It appears that the only offensive lineman they’ve drafted in the Carroll/Schneider era with sub-33 inch arms is Joey Hunt — taken in the sixth round in 2016.

Former Seahawks scout Jim Nagy recently suggested on Twitter that hand-size is more important than arm length at center.

Hunt had 30 inch arms but 10 inch hands.

Therefore, they might be willing to draft a shorter-armed center with big hands. That’s no guarantee though, especially earlier in the draft where they appear more focused on ideals.

At tackle, length seems to be a big factor. Russell Okung and Germain Ifedi both had 36 inch arms. Brandon Shell has 35 inch arms. George Fant has 36 5/8 inch arms.

Duane Brown has 33 1/4 inch arms — so it’s certainly possible it’s not always a big deal. Yet Brown was a proven, established player in the league when they acquired him. In terms of drafting, they’ve never taken an unproven player with that kind of profile to play left tackle.

Rees Odhiambo had 33 1/4 arms too but was drafted to play guard and only really played tackle in an emergency (and he wasn’t successful).

Here are all the players who registered a 2.97 or higher, with their listed arm length and hand size measurements:

Brady Christensen (G/C) — 32 1/4, 10 1/4
Sam Cosmi (T/G) — 33, hand size not known
Kendrick Green (G/C) — 32, 10
Quinn Meinerz (G/C) — 33 3/8, 10 1/8
Rashawn Slater (G) — 33, 10 1/2
Spencer Brown (T) — 34, 10 3/8
Teven Jenkins (T/G) — 33 1/2, 9 1/2
Alijah Vera-Tucker (G) — 32 1/8, 9 1/2
Drew Dalman (C) — 31 1/2, 10 1/2
Trey Smith (G) — 33 5/8, 9 3/4
Sadarius Hutcherson (G) — 32 3/8, 9
Creed Humphrey (C) — 31 3/4, 9 5/8
Landon Young (T/G) — 33 3/4, 10 1/8
Alex Leatherwood (T/G) — 34 1/2, 9 1/2
Dan Moore (G) — 34 1/2, 10 1/8
Dillon Radunz (T/G) — 33 1/4, 9 1/8
Brendan Jaimes (G/C) — 32 3/4, 10
Liam Eichenburg (G) — 32 3/8, 9 5/8
D’Ante Smith (T/G) — 35, 9 7/8
Robert Hainsey (G/C) — 32 1/8, 9 7/8

My takeaway from this is that the Seahawks are probably going to have a major crush on Quinn Meinerz. He has the length they love, he is one of the most explosive offensive linemen to enter the draft in years and he carries those traits with great size.

Unfortunately the rest of the league will be paying attention to this too.

Meinerz’s rise has been compared to that of Ali Marpet in 2015. He was drafted 61st overall after creating buzz at the Senior Bowl as a little-known prospect from Hobart.

He also had length (33 3/8 inch arms) and explosive traits (3.08 TEF, 94.6 w/TEF). However, his profile is nowhere near as good as Meinerz’s (3.41 TEF, 109.1 w/TEF).

Unfortunately, I see virtually no chance Meinerz lasts until the 56th pick. It’s simply not plausible for a player with his profile to last that long. He is a top-50 player in any class and could easily sneak into the top-35.

If they plan to draft a tackle for the future, keep an eye on D’Ante Smith. He has the arm length (35 inches) and the explosive testing (2.97 TEF, 90.5 w/TEF) they look for. He also performed very well at the Senior Bowl.

A lot of the other tackle prospects don’t have the length they seek. Alex Leatherwood and Walker Little could be candidates but based on trends — the other players would be a departure from their previous actions.

At center, if the ‘hand size over arm length’ theory correlates with the Seahawks thinking, the following players could be considered:

Brady Christensen
Kendrick Green
Drew Dalman
Brendan Jaimes
Robert Hainsey

It’s also worth remembering that the likes of Landon Dickerson, Josh Myers and Michal Menet haven’t tested. Myers only has 32 inch arms but 10 3/8 inch hands, while Dickerson has 32 1/2 inch arms and 10 3/8 inch hands.

Menet wasn’t measured.

My feeling on the Seahawks, four weeks out, is as follows:

I think they re-signed Ethan Pocic knowing full well there was a chance the top centers wouldn’t be available. With the way Meinerz and Humphrey tested, plus the general reputation and quality of Dickerson and Myers, it may not be possible to draft a center at #56.

It’s not impossible but perhaps it is increasingly unlikely.

Retaining Pocic gives them a necessary hedge. Now, they can potentially wait until round four — or trade down from #56 — before taking a player such as Brady Christensen or Kendrick Green (who has experience at center).

Green is a player to keep in mind. He plays with real aggression and purpose. He also has a similar testing profile to Meinerz, just minus the arm length. It’s plausible the Seahawks see him as a cheaper version and someone they might be able to target in rounds three or four, assuming Meinerz is off the board at #56.

If they stay at #56 or trade down a few spots, things might be trending towards selecting a receiver first. They haven’t replaced Phillip Dorsett, David Moore or Josh Gordon with any kind of hedge so far. That could happen in the next four weeks but it’s at least worth noting.

This is such a loaded class at receiver, with multiple options.

An ideal scenario is probably Quinn Meinerz first, then a receiver second. A more realistic scenario is a receiver first, followed by a center project (Kendrick Green) in rounds three or four after some manoeuvring.

When I publish my updated, horizontal board — I will discuss some of the receivers who could be considered.

This is assuming the Seahawks stick to their trends. I would never rule out selecting a 33-inch-armed left tackle of the future, or a non-ideal explosive tester.

However, trends do point us in the right direction more often than not. It’s why we’ve been able to identify so many potential Seahawks players over the years. The proof is in the pudding, as they say. Even when there are occasional exceptions.

And if you’re wondering if they still pay attention to this, especially since appointing Shane Waldron as offensive coordinator, it’s worth noting that Gabe Jackson is 335lbs and scored a 3.05 in TEF plus a 102.5 in w/TEF.

If you missed my Talkin’ Seahawks podcast appearance with Joe Fann yesterday, you can check it out here:

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  1. Big Mike

    Gonna be a great year to get a C and probably a LT of the future in the first couple of rounds.
    oh wait.. 🙁

    • Arthur

      No doubt an impressive group, but typically pro day measurements are more favorable than the combine. How much do you think that matters?

      • Ty the Guy

        I’m going to predict that if the 2022 Combine is held as normal we’ll see the # of above 3 TEF scores go back down closer to 8-10.

        Pro days are always artificially pumped up.

        Still, John Schneider, please draft OL.

        • Rob Staton

          I still don’t see how a pro-day impacts your ability to jump higher or further.

          A fast track is a fast track. Jumping from a standing start — it doesn’t matter where you’re doing that.

          The number may well go down again next year but it’s still perfectly plausible that this is just a really fantastically explosive O-line class.

          • Lex

            Completely agree Rob! With the pro day fast forty’s coming via hand held timer, how would that relate to the other TEF measurables? How does one manipulate vertical & long jumps in front of a multitude of cameras? How does one increase their bench press numbers?
            Finally, the OL draft class we & the Hawks have been waiting for! To bad it wasn’t last year with a full cadre of picks and an impressive amount of salary cap funds to protect having to reach on any one position…. hmm

            • Duck07

              Bench Press depth on reps is the one area a Pro Day could see favorable numbers more than the jumps.

  2. Mick

    I got a hunch that we’ll trade next year’s second round pick for a third this year. If we use it wisely, it might even be a smart move. But then again, it’s Seahawks, so I wouldn’t be shocked if everyone goes OL, out of so many options, and that gives us choices for a position we don’t anticipate, with positives CB and RB and negative LB.

    • Rob Staton

      I got a hunch that we’ll trade next year’s second round pick for a third this year

      That would be a disaster.

      So of course they’ll probably do it…

      • cha

        And draft a linebacker.

        • Rob Staton


          • lex

            Imagine our dilemma if they were to draft a safety? Optimistically, we’d pray it would signal we’d found a trade partner for Adams. Realistically, the choice would only be a cover for obvious passing downs.

        • Big Mike

          Never too many LBs or Safeties cha

        • Ryan

          That this is entirely plausible… is so depressing.

    • SpennyDunks

      That leaves us without a 1st and a 2nd. I could see a future 3rd for a 4th type swap.

  3. Gaux Hawks

    awesome, thanks rob!

    • Gaux Hawks

      – Trade Wilson for Darnold
      – Sign Sherman
      – Restructure Brown (3) & Diggs (3)
      – Draft Kellen Mond, Javonte Williams, Quinn Meinerz, D’Ante Smith, Benjamin St. Juste

      QB Sam Darnold, Kellen Mond
      LT Duane Brown, D’Ante Smith
      LG Gabe Jackson, Phil Haynes
      C Quinn Meinerz, Ethan Pocic
      RG Damien Lewis, Jamarco Jones
      RT Brandon Shell, Cedric Ogbuehi
      RB1 Chris Carson, Javonte Williams
      RB2 Rashaad Penny, Travis Homer
      HB Nick Bellore, Will Dissly
      TE Gerald Everett, Colby Parkinson
      WR1 D.K. Metcalf, Freddie Swain
      WR2 Tyler Lockett, Unknown

      LEO Carlos Dunlap, Benson Mayowa, Alton Robinson
      DT Al Woods, Cedrick Lattimore
      NT Poona Ford, Bryan Mone
      DE Kerry Hyder, L.J. Collier, Rasheem Green
      SAM K.J. Wright, Darrell Taylor
      MIKE Bobby Wagner, Cody Barton
      WILL Jordyn Brooks, Ben Burr-Kirven
      NKL D.J. Reed, Ugo Amadi
      RCB Akhello Witherspoon, Tre Flowers
      LCB Richard Sherman, Benjamin St. Juste
      SS Jamal Adams, Ryan Neal
      FS Quandre Diggs, Marquise Blair

      K Jason Myers
      P Michael Dickson
      LS Tyler Ott

      • Trevor

        I would trade Adams and Bobby too to add young cheap talent but like the general idea of your plan a lot.

  4. Leo

    Great stuff Rob, I want to draft Christensen just based on that picture alone lol. I can’t remember if you’ve written about him before, did he stand out as a badass on tape?

    • Rob Staton

      I thought he had limitations at tackle guarding the edge but kick him inside with that explosive profile and watch out

      • clbradley17

        Found this: “PFF Draft @PFF_College
        Lowest QB pressure % allowed by an OT since 2014:
        Brady Christensen, 2020 – 0.8%”

        I think Russ would love someone who can protect him like that at any position on the OL.

        He’s a little under 3.00, but David Moore played great during Senior Bowl week and is someone else they might look at drafting on day 3 for C/G.

        Great article Rob! Thanks so much for putting in all the time to get this organized.

  5. Space Chief

    I just watched Brett Kollman’s analysis of Tevin Jenkins. Looks like a fan mauler type.

  6. Tony

    Of all the years to be without picks. Finally a draft to fulfill a bully mentality, and we will be on the sidelines watching, probably drawing up new all out blitz packages or 3rd and 10 playground designs.

  7. JJ

    I want the hawks back in the draft so bad. Just don’t know how they are going to do it. Only 3 players that could potentially give us a day 1 or 2 pick if traded. I don’t want to mortgage the 2022 draft any further. Ugh.

    • Rob Staton

      Trade Jamal Adams for Miami’s #36 (Quinn Meinerz) and a second next year.

      Save $9.8m this year and $18-20m next year

      Start Marquise Blair instead


      • JJ


        With you on that and I hope the hawks are too.

      • Lewis

        Sold. Take a receiver at 56?

      • BruceN

        They are more likely to trade Russell before they trade Jamal. Sadly that’s my hunch. I’ve given up on acquiring more picks thru trades. We’ll end up with 5 picks or so after a couple of trade downs. Sigh…

      • Scot04

        Would almost prefer Miami’s 2nd and 3rd this year if possible.

      • lex

        I am so damn curious what Adams’ value is league wide right now?!

        • Rob Staton

          If it isn’t great, it begs the question why the hell would you pay him $18-20m a year?

          • bmseattle

            “If it isn’t great, it begs the question why the hell would you pay him $18-20m a year?”


  8. Poli

    The Jags have picks #25, 33, 45, and 65. Any chance they’d be interested in a blitzing SS? Two of those picks would be nice.

    • Poli

      Jags also have the most cap room available

    • Rob Staton

      Well their defensive coordinator spent the last five years with the Ravens. So if they’re running that scheme, perhaps.

      • bv eburg

        The Jags signed cj bethard to a two year contract and are expected to draft a QB #1.
        So Adams to the Jags in exchange for Minshew, 33 and 65?
        I’m still not convinced Russ wouldn’t accept trade to Miami.

        • Rob Staton

          I am convinced he’d say no to Miami.

          The most important thing to RW appears to be offensive minded, creative Head Coaches

          • bv eburg

            Maybe so.
            Time will tell.

            • Rob Staton

              What you’ve got to remember is two people very well connected to Wilson and the Wilson camp both insist he will not extend his list of trade suitors

              • bv eburg

                To me the idea of a trade was always at best 50/50 whether it would happen. Limiting it to 4 teams really curtails the bidding when probably 15-20 teams would love to have him and thus put trade packages together.
                On the other hand is Russ wants to win SB’s so bad he named his child win. So if it’s truly about winning then there are a couple teams that should be in the mix like the Dolphins and WFT. They are just as close if not closer to SB contender than the Raiders and Bears.
                Time will tell how bad he wants to win.

                • CL

                  What do you think about this:

                  Wilson really wants to go to Chicago because there’s this whole legacy thing that he really cares about AND the offensive minded head coach.

                  So if he would extend his list NOW and Miami and Carolina would be interested (especially after the whole Deshaun Watson situation), they both could easily outbid Chicago. Since they restructered Khalil Mack, their only somewhat expensive piece is kinda off the market.

                  I don’t know but if I think about Tony Pauline’s and Schefter’s comments on the topic, I’m still not sure if Russ will be a Seahawk in 2021.

                  Long story short, maybe Russ just wants to wait if the Bears make a better offer, possibly a 4th first rounder + Darnold on draft day.

                  But, for me at least, if the relationship is as broken as Pauline reports, it’s just a matter of time until he extends his list, cause it does seem like he REALLY wants out… at least it did so two weeks ago.

                  Another question is: Miami doesn’t have the offensive minded head coach, but maybe Russ is so pissed about Pete that he would accept it? Brian Flores at least might not meddle as much as Pete does.

                  • CL

                    P.S.: What did the Seahawks do so far to satisfy Russ?

                    I really like most signings and especially the contracts… but as Rob pointed out earlier, they’re still not close to being a contender this year.

                    I mean it’s not like they signed Linsley, Juju, traded Jamal and told Wilson they’d pick either Najee Harris or Javonte Williams.

                    So I don’t think Russ is satisfied, I just think, for whatever reason, he stopped talking about it for now. Or Mark Rodgers.

                  • Rob Staton

                    People are misreading this though

                    Wilson doesn’t want out at all costs

                    He wants to go to the right place

                • Rob Staton

                  You’re reading this all wrong

          • Donovan

            Crudeness & McCarthy – Still qualify as “offensive minded, creative” head coaches?

            • Rob Staton

              Yes. Say what you want about Gruden but he’s an aggressive, offensive-minded coach. They took it to KC and matched them step-for-step twice last season, beating them once. Gruden’s offense aint the problem in Vegas. McCarthy has bought into analytics 100% and a more pass-happy offense. Now granted, he’s also a mostly unimpressive coach. But the caveat here was it’s Dallas. The Cowboys. That clearly made up for it.

  9. Henry Taylor

    I had a quick search for Kendrick Green and watched him against Northwestern, evaluating oline technique is a bit above my pay grade (which is why TEF is such a useful tool for me) but I love the way he finishes his blocks.

    Also found this:
    Seems like a great kid, speaks passionately about his love for football and is clearly a leader amongst his teammates.

    • Rob Staton

      He’s a big time finisher. Always looking for someone to smack

  10. Ed

    Great stuff. Too bad the Wilson and Adams futures are heading in the wrong direction. On another note, SF just came out and said a 1st for Jimmy G. That won’t happen. The guy breaks down too much.

    • Rob Staton

      Presumably when they said a first, they meant first dibs on the joint they just rolled

      • SeaJ

        Solid burn Rob

      • Big Mike

        I am still literally LOLing on that one Rob.

        • James Cr.

          Oh my god that killed me.

      • BruceN

        😂. You broke the internet!

      • Chris A

        Guess I’m putting down the pipe. I don’t want to disappoint Rob should our paths cross one day

    • BruceN

      He also has a no-trade clause. It’s a pipe dream.

      • cha

        It’s not very strong though. He has no guaranteed money left on his contract, and no huge dead cap hit to hinder any move the Niners would make with him. They could cut him the minute after they draft Jones and only have a $2.8m cap hit and save $23m on the cap.

        • BruceN

          You’re right. It’s not a guaranteed contract and the Niners can get out of it easily. Strangely enough, he has a no-trade clause in 2021 but not in 2022 with even a lower dead cap number of $1.4M with no guarantees. Quite a team friendly contract with the team having all the options. My initial thought was that even with a favorable contract getting a #1 pick for him is a pipe dream.

  11. KennyBadger

    I’d like to hear more chatter about how JS can get us back in the draft. I acknowledge there’s still the possibility of a Russ trade but you don’t really hear anything about the trade many would prefer – adams. Perhaps it’s just more about them keeping it close to the vest, but man it would be nice to pick in the top 40…

    You’re welcome.

  12. Cysco

    Hey, I’m the guy who came up with W/TEF. Glad to see that it’s still being used! Really looks like the pendulum has started to swing the other way. Teams/colleges must be recruiting hard for offensive line now to counteract their push for D-line over the last 10-years.

    • Sea Mode

      Hey, good to see you still lurking around! Hope all is well. Post more! 😁

      • Cysco

        Hey Buddy! I still lurk around, but I’ve just been pretty down on the Seahawks the last couple years. The excitement I had for the building of the team and the potential of the future is basically gone now. I just can’t get into it like I once could.

        Even watching games now for me feels like a chore. I often do it on fast forward or will even check the final score and decide if I’m even going to bother watching it.

        I started coming back here when the Wilson trade stuff started up. That lit a bit of a spark for that excitement again, but that is fizzling quick. Honestly the thing that would probably get me back to being that excited fan would be a new owner coming in and replacing Pete, cleaning house and starting from scratch.

        • Rob Staton

          You’re not alone.

          I think quite a few people feel this way

        • Roy Batty

          For me it got so bad that I purposefully waited until 1 hour after half of the games (I would tune in for the games against bad teams) so I could watch it condensed on YouTube. Watching Pete Carroll coaching a game live has made for a bad environment around my house.

        • Sea Mode

          I feel you, man. I watched the games, but just not invested at all from the very beginning of the season. You know how you used to be shaking uncontrollably heading into the final minutes of a tight game, but with the solid hope that Russ or the defense would pull off whatever miracle was needed.

          Now I just couldn’t bring myself to care, cause I knew that no matter what the outcome of the game I’m watching, they were never going to be good enough to make anything of it in the post-season.

          The worst of it is the self-inflicted mistakes through poor coaching and underwhelming talent acquisition these past couple years that really make me grind my teeth and consider just turning it off altogether. I want to be a loyal fan, but it drives me crazy sometimes and I figure: why force myself to watch this?

          Well, I figure, at least we have the draft to look forward to… *facepalm*

  13. DougM

    Using the PFN Draft Simulator and trading down to get these 4 picks, 80, 88, 129, and 141.

    Using the PFN, PFF and Bleacher Report draft boards I came up with choices that were only available on all 3 boards.

    Pick 80
    Seth Williams WR
    Monty Rice LB
    Anthony Schwartz WR
    Trey Smith IOL
    Tommy Togiai DL

    Pick 88
    Quincy Roche Edge
    Tutu Atwell WR
    Dayo Odeyingbo Edge
    Tyler Shelvin DL
    Kenneth Gainwell RB
    James Hudson OT
    Tamorrion Terry WR

    Pick 129
    Michael Menet C
    Simi Fehoko WR
    Paris Ford S
    Chris Evans RB
    Robert Hainsey IOL
    Khyiris Tongo DL

    Pick 141
    Frank Darby WR
    Sage Surratt WR
    Shakur Brown CB
    James Wiggins S

    Just trying to look at a realistic scenario. Any thoughts?

  14. DougM

    Six picks between 100 and 129 with a 2022 Buf 4th round to boot. Whoopie.

    Tyler Shelvin, Tamorrion Terry, Chris Rumph, Paulson Adebo, Chris Evans, Michael Menet

  15. Zxvo3

    Fantastic write up Rob. I greatly appreciate your hard work! But good grief, the Seahawks desperately need to get back into this draft.

  16. OlyHawksfan

    Great work and awesome to read, but also super depressing. Please get back into this draft JS!

  17. Bigsteviej

    There’s an interesting back story to Drew Dalman. His father, Chris Dalman, played guard and center for the 49ers in the 90’s, including their last SB winning team. Like Drew, he also went to Stanford where one of his teammates was John Lynch. The personal connection and Lynch’s penchant for drafting Stanford players (without a whole lot of success to this point) has led to speculation that the Niners will try to grab Dalman (the son) in this year’s draft.

  18. Ed

    What an oline draft. It’s probably a well run team like KC or Baltimore that gets two starting lineman out of this draft.

    • SeattleLifer

      Pretty sure the Raiders will be dipping into that pool as well. I imagine there are many a gm licking their chops over stocking up on cheap young rookie contract o-liners this draft. And plan ahead Pete and John are …. wait they don’t plan ahead-they’re pretty much reactionary these days(very latest example of many over the years being Jarran Reed).

      • Brik

        I was thinking the same thing when it comes to the Raiders. They traded away their guards and center, and plan on revamping in this draft. It’s kinda brilliant tbh. Save money, get picks, and possibly improve their o-line with the talent coming out. I say they pick 2 O-line within the first 3 rounds, then get another in the 5th.

  19. UkAlex6674

    Thanks for this Rob. This is the sort of info I love to see. Absolutely great work.

  20. Henry Taylor

    That time of year when I spend hours playing with the PFN simulator, there were some of the top centers left when I made the pick but I’m at the point where I don’t think that’s likely so I’m pretending that’s not the case. After multiple trades I ended up with these picks:

    64. Dyami Brown WR North Carolina
    I only just discovered this guy but looks like everything we need as a WR3, great speed, hands, gets open deep. Might be gone by this point but it’s a deep WR class so someone has to fall.
    97. Chazz Surratt LB North Carolina
    I know a LB, what am I thinking? It wasn’t what I was expecting either. The plan was to draft oline, targeting Green in particular, but everyone was gone by this point. However I did think this made for an interesting scenario where the team was forced to pivot off a need and just draft a good player. He has a profile the Seahawks will like, can start right away at SAM and allows them to move on from Bobby’s big contract next year if he works out.
    129. Drew Dalman OC Stanford
    Explosive tester, big hands. Will compete with Pocic to start right away.
    149. Darius Stills DT West Virginia
    I always seem to draft this guy and now, without Reed, a 3tech who can rush the passer is a big need.
    159. Chuba Hubbard RB Oklahoma State
    We need RB depth and Chubba is an explosive athlete who would have been drafted sooner if he’d come out last year.
    190. Israel Mukuamu CB South Carolina
    6’4, 34″ arms, 80 6/8″ wingspan, 36 1/2″ vert. That’s a Seahawks corner project if ever I saw one.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ll discuss this in more detail when I publish my new horizontal board.

      But I think it’s very unlikely Dyami Brown reaches the late second…

    • dcd2

      I like it. Bobby isn’t getting any younger or cheaper, so Shirat (or any SAM) makes sense. Move Brooks to Mike and hope Barton/Jamal can make Will work.

      Really like Brown. I’m worried he’ll be gone by our pick. UNC had some fun players this year.

      Mukuamu is an interesting name. Oregon state had a cb that was checking a lot of boxes too. Nashon Wright. Hamilcar Reshed had great testing numbers too.

  21. AlexG

    From an article on 710. Do people really think this is enough?!

    “Seattle’s defensive line is getting a lot of attention after the Seahawks re-signed defensive ends Carlos Dunlap and Benson Mayowa while also adding defensive end Kerry Hyder Jr. to the mix, but there’s another part of the defense that former NFL quarterback Jake Heaps is very excited about.”

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve seen journalists arguing this is now the best DL since 2013.

      I’ve seen people compare journeyman Kerry Hyder to Michael Bennett

      It’s absolute abject nonsense

      • Comfect

        Couldn’t it be the best since 2013 and still not nearly enough? The DL hasn’t really been all that good in a while….

        • Rob Staton

          They were better in 2018

      • line_hawk

        Hell, compared to last year, they replaced Reed with Hyder. I don’t even know if it’s better than the second half of 2020.

    • cha

      It’s a response to being starved for two solid offseasons for even a mediocre defensive line.

      Now that they’ve even made so much as a reasonable effort, the press is over the moon about it.

  22. Rob Staton

    Social media is obsessed with RAS — a method of calculating an overall athletic profile.

    Nobody is analysing position specific tests or talking about what matters for each position.

    It’s quite frustrating and cliquey.

    • Lewis

      Perhaps because it is simpler to understand/requires less work?

  23. New Guy

    4.3 is the new black.


  24. dcd2

    Wow, those TEF’s are crazy! So many that hit the 3.0, but so many more who are blowing it out of the water.

    I watched some of Tevin Jenkins after seeing his quote about “what kind of football player are they getting in you?” I’ll take that response on the OL any time. He looks great to my eye. He’ll be long gone for us, but someone (hopefully in the AFC) is going to get a stud. Top 20 sounds right.

    I notice Christensen wasn’t in Rob’s latest 3 rounder. I assume he’ll be moving up the board after showing out like he did. He’s got to be a possibility for us right? Checks all the boxes. If we thought he was BPA, I think we could do a lot worse. Tackle situation is creeping up on us quickly.

    • Rob Staton

      Christensen has to kick inside though

      • dcd2

        Oh, I missed that. Is it the arm length or something else? Saw he’d posted some really low pressure numbers, along with the testing.

        If he’s to be a guard, I’d actually prefer to go another way. The idea of moving Lewis to C could have some merit, but certainly creates some chance they screw him up in the process.

        • Rob Staton

          Very short arms

          Might have to go to center

          • dcd2

            Hmmm. Now I’m interested again.

            Honestly, I think I prefer a WR3 with our top pick. If all of the top C’s are off the board as expected. Seems like there are a really nice group of WR’s that will be there in the 2nd.

            SAM backer wouldn’t be bad either (I know that’s a minority opinion) if it’s Browning or after trading down. Maybe DL, as that’s always a need. I’m not sure anyone aside from maybe Dunlap is an ironclad lock for the 2022 roster.

  25. Tomas

    Wish I could banish the thought, but I can easily imagine Pete drafting a CB with first pick. I definitely favor going with any of the good OL prospects Rob has outlined.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not sure why you would think that though — seeing as they’ve gone out of their way not to draft a cornerback early in the last 11 years

    • Sea Mode

      Right now I see DT to replace Reed

      • Big Mike

        That would not be a surprise. But you know, like cha said there’s some really good LBs out there too…………

        • dcd2

          You guys can shake your head at the notion, but I’m not so sure it’s not on the table.

          LB drops off more than most positions when you lose a step. OL can play into their late 30’s. DL too, unless you’re asking them to win off the edge.

          For the talk of how much we’ve dumped into LB and S, we’ve spent a lot on DL too. Since 2015 we’ve spent AT LEAST one of our top two picks on DL. That’s not to mention any trades (draft trade ups: Clark/Taylor)and FA pickups. Clark, McDowell, Green, Collier, Taylor…

          Maybe it’s just because we’ve rolled snake-eyes on so many of these picks, that it feels like we’ve ignored DL. When you look at LB, we’ve spent a lot of money on Bobby/KJ, but we went YEARS without drafting that position. Barton was our 4th pick in that draft and unfortunately looks like a special teamer.

          Bobby is too expensive and will be getting slower each year. He’s due $17M and $20M coming up. That’s crazy. There has to be a succession plan, and the sooner the better IMO. Brooks is the MIKE of the future, but SAM and WILL are without a plan at the moment.

          • Rob Staton

            We can’t seriously have a conversation about the future at SAM and WILL when the future at both tackle spots, both corner spots and both starting DE spots are up for debate

            • dcd2

              You can disregard it, if you like. I think it’s a possibility, and probably makes a lot of sense in some ways. It’s the SAM of the present too. We don’t have anyone at that spot on the roster.

              Let’s say Browning is there. You take him, he looks good and so does Brooks. It allows you to trade Bobby, get about 7 years younger at a position that requires speed, saves you over $16M next year, and costs you a 2nd minus whatever you get back for Bobby.

              At least Browning would start this year. If you draft a Tackle, he’s riding pine. Like you said, maybe Brown plays 5 more years. I have no idea. Neither do I know about Shell. I think he’d be open to an extension for far less than $17-20M/year.

              We haven’t taken a CB early for quite awhile and even Shaq was our 3rd pick in that draft.

              Last year, everyone was talking about OL or RB with our first pick and they went LB. I’m just saying, ruling it out might be a mistake. If you want to get away from having so much resource tied to LB, I think you need to move on from Bobby’s contract.

              • Rob Staton

                I think you’re overthinking things

                Yes we ignored LB a year ago. Rightly so, IMO. But then they addressed it with a first round pick.

                They literally have two picks in this class and a throwaway seventh

                They haven’t moved on from Wagner, meaning they have a $17m LB and a first round pick LB and a third round LB on the roster. There’s talk of Wright coming back.

                So yes, I think we can disregard it.

          • cha

            Just one point for thought dcd2.

            You cannot equate draft attention with overall investment for two different positions.

            There are always 4 DLs on the field in the Seahawks system. There are only 2 LBs for that same span, and a 3rd is about 60% max.

            You also need more depth at your DL than you do at LB. Teams typically carry 8-10 DLs and 5-6 LBs.

            Therefore by sheer nature you are bound to invest in the DL more.

            • dcd2

              That’s true. We really only have two nfl caliber LB’s. Barton can play, but isn’t even average. BBK doesn’t even count. We run base with 3 backers quite a bit and don’t have a SAM on the team.

              Conversely we have: Dunlap, Hyder, Poona, Woods, Mone, Collier, Green, Taylor, Mayowa, Alton, Moore and Jackson under contract.

              If we lose a couple of DL, next man up. If we lose Bobby for a month or two, we’re in trouble. Now, if they sign KJ… different story. I have only heard Cowboys on him though.

              • Rob Staton

                Can I just check… are you playing devils advocate here?

                Because I just can’t imagine anyone going down the path of thinking… ‘yes, I must argue the case for drafting a linebacker for the future’ or that we must have a deep pool of LB’s ‘in case we lose Bobby for a month’

      • cha

        I’d support that for sure.

        Also would like to see the Seahawks being active in the ‘disgruntled star wants out and can be had for a pittance’ market like they have been with Dunlap and Clowney. Maybe Fletcher Cox or Akiem Hicks.

        • Hoggs41

          For me its either WR or center. If Duane Brown wants to retire than LT as well. CB later in draft.

          • Big Mike

            I’m with you on WR or C

          • DougM

            I don’t see a lot of CB’s with length. There is a safety for FSU, Hamsah Nasilirdeen, 6″3″, 215 lbs, and 34.5 in arms. He was there leading tackler in 2018 and 2019. Maybe another possible convert.

  26. clbradley17

    Was on Twitter for a couple minutes and noticed one of the top trending things happening is Chelsea vs West Bromwich. You wouldn’t know anything about non-NFL futbol would you Rob?

    • Rob Staton

      Yes — it’s my day job.

      West Brom just beat Chelsea earlier, it was a surprising result

    • Lewis

      You should listen to the Joe Fann podcast if you can. They talk a bit of English Premiere League and other things footie

    • Sneekes

      Come on you Baggies (too little too late though)

  27. Henry Taylor

    Just realised that, despite standing 6’1, Osa Odighizuwa has 34″ arms. I love a short DT with long arms – all about that leverage.

    Watching one game of his, he moves all around the dline, has a great motor and can really truck his guy back on a bull rush if he gets his hands on them.

    • Rob Staton

      I really struggled with his tape. He seemed really passive. Was happy to pattycake with blockers.

      • Henry Taylor

        Fair, I literally just watched one game but I kinda see what you’re saying. I noticed him getting washed out in the run game a decent amount and most his best moments were when he wins quickly, getting his hands on the guy first and bull rushing them back or swiping around the outside.

        4th rounder seems like it could be a decent value for his upside though?

        • Rob Staton

          Yeah I think that’s fair

  28. cha

    Just in this was missed, Joe Fann wrote up a summary of the podcast w Rob.

    • Ashish

      So happy to read this article Rob, atleast your thoughts are out in national media. I hope we get 1st and 2nd from Miami for Adams. I can hope and dream.

  29. cha

    Seahawks seem to be managing the void years and getting some value while addressing needs. Still a way to go, but I’m pleased they’ve been able to leverage some future cap to get players they’ve needed. Will be very interesting to see if the ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ helps open their eyes to having some more cap flexibility in their team strategy in future seasons.

    They have about $3.4m in void years come due in 2022 (side note, I’m tickled they tacked on a void year to Ogbuehi’s deal for $350k. OK the team’s laundry budget is covered you guys…), and $8m in 2023. So approx $11.4m has been borrowed from the future cap space at this time.

    Not bad at all, considering the denizens of debt that other teams are…

    Philly…$55m of future void debt
    New Orleans $48.5m
    Tampa Bay $38m

    Of note is Arizona jumping into the pool with $18m of void debt. They have $15m in 2023 from Watt, AJ Green and Hudson that year. Coincidentally that would also be the year of Kyler Murray’s fifth year option and when Hopkins and Budda Baker’s contracts start to really impact the cap as well.

    Not sure in investing in players whose best years are way behind them to complement a rookie QB salary was the right move there.

  30. DougM

    It looks like most of the high numbers are for IOL or OT’s who are projected to the interior. So it makes sense that Brady Christensen could project to guard or center.

  31. cha

    The first two names Heaps pointed to were Adams and All-Pro linebacker Bobby Wagner, both of whom could be intriguing options for other teams looking for impact players on defense. Trading either would also allow the Seahawks to add draft picks and open up salary cap space. But Heaps thinks the negatives outweigh the positives in a big way when it comes to the Seahawks trading either Adams or Wagner in the next few weeks.

    “Could you get (something) in return for them? Yes,” Heaps said. “But does it leave big holes in your defense? Absolutely. And at this stage in free agency, you’re not going to get a massive return in terms of guys out there on the open market that you could replace those two with adequately. I don’t think you’re at a position right now where even if you wanted to (trade one of them), you wouldn’t be able to recoup that talent back in draft picks or in players who are (available) on the free-agent market right now.”

    Jordyn Brooks and Marquise Blair say hi.

    Heaps also thinks trading either of those players would be a bad move because the Seahawks are in a good position to win in the immediate future.

    “I’ve always been the proponent of I believe you have the pieces right now to go and compete for a championship,” he said. “You just need to continue to add.

    I see. Sell out the future for the present. How’s that working?

    Rost thinks people have expectations that the Seahawks will trade a player for picks because of what happened in 2019, when the Seahawks were in a similar position with having only a handful of draft picks.

    “I think everyone was looking at the move they made in 2019 with (trading defensive end) Frank Clark and thinking if you have three picks – you had four heading into the (2019) draft with Clark – maybe you could make a move,” she said. “The problem is that was something where in the moment you had enough weapons around you to try and offset what was going to happen with your defensive line.”

    Who on God’s green earth is she talking about?

    Bark Mingo? Jacob Martin?

    The soon-to-be-suspended Jarran Reed?

    Oh I get it. She must have been talking about Naz Jones. That guy was a weapon.

    • Rob Staton

      Yeah… I can’t agree with either take here.

      The Clark point is just wrong and disputes both points really. They traded away what was essentially their only pass rusher, creating a huge enormous hole right before the 2019 draft — and they got value. So that works against some of what Jake is arguing. They created a far bigger hole than they would now by trading either Wagner or Adams, because of the prior investment in Brooks & Blair.

      The jump from Clark to Jacob Martin is/was far greater than the jump from Wagner to Brooks. Blair is more of a jump but let’s be right here, this is a player the Seahawks felt strongly enough about to draft in the top-50 and before D.K. Metcalf. So they thought he was a starter.

      To Stacy’s point, trading Clark motivated them to reach for Collier, overpay and take a huge desperate gamble on Ansah’s shoulder/overall health then trade for Clowney. So clearly they weren’t trading Clark in the knowledge that it wouldn’t be a big deal.

      So none of this really explains why a trade is unlikely.

      There are arguments why trading Wagner & Adams won’t happen. Essentially, it boils down to Carroll seeing both as vital/necessary. That’s about it. And frankly — I don’t think either will be traded. But that isn’t the argument we should be having. We should be looking at whether the Seahawks should consider trading them, the consequences of retaining them at such a high cost and we should be looking at the potential issues facing this team from 2022.

      • cha

        Can we label them Hot Takes to try and reclaim some ground?

        • Rob Staton

          God that was annoying yesterday

          Me and my… detailed, fully explained and backed up… reasonable (even if you disagree)… ‘hot takes’

          • Sea Mode

            This is the level you’ll soon be required to stoop to… 😂🤣😂🤣


            • Rob Staton

              Well 6000 people liked that and 24 people liked my TEF article 🤣

            • Big Mike

              Welllll……not to your point, and though Rob has said Chase is a lock, I’d draft Sewell with #5 which is the point if this meme. The only thing that gives me pause in feeling that way is the depth of the o-line in this draft and the ability to possibly draft a T early in the 2nd.

      • BruceN

        I didn’t catch the S & J article. But I’ve spent the last few days on the Chief’s blog reading about Reed’s trade. The overwhelming message is they all think Frank has been an over paid bust and can’t wait for next year to cut him. And perhaps extend Reed. Just a different perspective. A sample:

        “Clark was never considered to be super-talented though his production was always good for the most part. Most of his production also came towards the end of the season, or end of the game where attrition takes quite a bit of toll and Frank’s hardwork and will to win are at display. He was clearly over-paid with a large contract.”

        • Rob Staton

          Oh well

          They can dry their eyes on the Super Bowl champ t shirts Clark helped them gain

        • cha

          I’m really digging that quote.

          It takes awesome positives and posits them as negatives to try and prop up their argument that Clark should go.

    • bmseattle

      It so frustrating to hear how trading Adams and/or Wagner would leave huge holes in our defense.
      Those two positions actually have viable players that can step right in to them!

  32. Troy

    This is a really excellent article, and gives me some hope the hawks will draft an explosive center or guard or possibly tackle. But then I think about our amount of draft picks and can’t even be excited. Rob I don’t know how you keep writing about the draft cause each time I think about it I get a headache.

  33. clbradley17

    What is the website I’ve seen for the last few years that shows the Sparq scores like above for the OL with the draft prospects by position after the pro days if they do most of the drills? Tried googling Sparq and couldn’t find it.

    • clbradley17

      Found it in an old link. It was Now it’s a dead link. Did they change the name or take it private as in pay-for?

      • Rob Staton

        Looks like he’s just not running the site any more

        • clbradley17

          Too bad. It was a great website for years to see the best Sparq scores by a LOT of the draft prospects by position, also showed the drills results and measurements as I recall.

  34. Danny P

    Its stuff like this that sets this site apart from others. Team specific, in depth analysis with specific players to watch for in the draft.

    Research like this should get way more attention.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Danny

  35. cha

    “lOckeTt suCkS DoEsNt gET YAC”

    • Sea Mode

      That third one is something else…

  36. CaptainJack

    Go Zags! What an incredible game!

    • Big Mike

      Amazing. I probably won’t sleep for hours

      • clbradley17

        Best game I’ve seen in years. Overtime and won with a 30 ft. buzzer beater off the backboard.

        • IHeartTacoma

          What a last shot…. and perhaps not even Suggs best play of the night. That block at the rim followed by the half court bounce pass assist off the dribble was one of the greatest sequences I’ve ever seen.

  37. Sea Mode

    For your viewing pleasure:

  38. Sea Mode

    For all those people saying the DL this year is anywhere in the ballpark of 2013, just watch the third play of this video (or any of them, really) and look at how fast the pressure off the edge arrives and the pocket collapses up the middle. QBs had about 2 seconds to unload the ball into the teeth of the LOB that knew it.

    We are nowhere, NOWHERE near that level. smh

  39. Bankhawk

    Paraphrasing Lloyd Bentsen to Dan Quayle: “Mr Adam’s, sir; You’re no Kam Chancellor.”
    But hey, don’t feel bad-neither is anybody else. 😂
    Well, okay: Kenny Easely. 😲

    • Rob Staton

      Nothing irks me more than when people compare Adams’ ‘intensity and attitude’ to Kam.

      Absolute bollocks

      • GerryG

        Jamal Adams ran his mouth more before draft day than Kam did in his career.

        • Rob Staton

          Jamal is also very good at sarcastically applauding opponents after they make a play.

          Never quite remember Kam doing that…

          But, you know. Let’s assume he’s an alpha dog who plays with a warrior mentality because he talks a lot, runs around a lot and plays with a broken shoulder and broken fingers (even though the shoulder injury means he gives up touchdowns and the finger injury means he drops easy interceptions).

          • Big Mike

            Seems like that would make him an 18 million per year man.

          • cha

            And let’s not forget taking a swipe at the Rams for losing a week after getting booted from the playoffs by…the Rams.

            • Rob Staton

              Oh bloody hell, I almost forgot about that


              • Big Mike

                Embarrassing indeed. “Pathetic” comes to mind as well.

          • bmseattle

            Kam never did the sarcastic clap thing, but I remember Sherman doing it.

            Adams does it more than Sherm did, though, cuz he gets beat waaaay more frequently.

            • Rob Staton

              Sure, Sherman used to do it on the very rare occasions a play was made.

              Sherman was also an insanely brilliant cornerback, a turnover machine, created the best play in franchise history and was a legend

              • bmseattle

                yeah, when Sherm would clap, it actually made sense… it was such a rarity that he was beaten.

                • bmseattle

                  Ultimately, Adams “bravado” always seems forced/manufactured.
                  Other teams actually *feared* Kam and Sherm… because they would humiliate you and dominate you.
                  No one fears Adams.
                  He’s a paper tiger.

                  • Big Mike

                    Post of the week bms. 100% spot on.

      • Bankhawk

        Roger that, Rob!
        I do confess to being old enough to have watched Easely play a fair few games, but I remember him as a ball Hawk more than one who separated men’s souls from their bodies as in some of Kam’s most earth-shaking hits.
        At any rate, any ‘dream-world Hawks D backfield’ would contain them both. That would be Hawk Heaven! Shock and awe, gridiron fashion! Both awesome playmaker in their own right. 👏😲🦅

      • Trevor

        It is a complete joke to compare Adams and Kam. There is only one Kam like their is only one Marshawn they were incredibly unique and special not only physically but mentally. We were truly blessed to have them at the same time. The only other duo I would compare from an intimidation standpoint in my years watching football were Charles Haley and Ronnie Lott. No coincidence those Niners teams were special too.

  40. Sea Mode

    Happy Easter, Rob and SDB!

    • Rob Staton

      Happy Easter Sea Mode 🐣

    • Trevor

      Happy Easter to all the gang. Hope you enjoy the holiday with family and friends.

  41. Trevor

    Rob what range do you think Brady Christensen will go? Until you brought him up I had not even checked him out but I was impressed by what I could find. Does not have the length the Hawks like but with that profile and his movement skills he could be an all pro caliber C it seems. When facing a guy like Arron Donald it would help to have an athlete like that one would think. He is almost the anti Pocic.

    • Rob Staton

      With his testing profile I imagine his floor is round 3-4.

  42. Ashish

    I guess we have to wait around draft day if there will be any trades by hawks? Based on no news around trading Adams or Bobby makes me wonder what JS will do.

    • Big Mike

      I find the lack of news around “paper tiger” Adams (with kudos to bmseattle for that one) encouraging or at least cause for hope.

      • Bmseattle

        I’m encouraged as well.
        I think that if the Seahawks were willing to pay Adams what he wanted, the deal would have been made when the trade happened.

        We were probably hoping he’d compromise and lower his asking price…but apparantly he’s not willing to do that.

        I wonder if the Seahawks offered Adams a deal comparable to Lockett’s.
        If they did, and Adams said no, the odds of a trade probably went way up.

        • Rob Staton

          Nobody in the media has pieced together that they just gave Tyler Lockett a contract that is similar to the one Jamal Adams will presumably want

          Which either means they’ve prioritised Lockett or the Seahawks and Adams aren’t close on a number

          • cha

            Another factor though is the cap room. Lockett fully deserves the extension now, but that $7-8m room opened up at this time of year is gold.

            There would likely be no cap room opened up by a JA extension.

            • cha

              There would likely be no cap room very little cap room, if any, opened up by a JA extension.

      • Ashish

        Good one Big Mike – “Paper Tiger” Adams 🙂

    • cha

      I got a kick out of Corbin Smith’s article on the topic.

      ‘Don’t expect an Adams extension because the Seahawks typically don’t do extensions until the late summer. Except when they literally just five minutes ago extended Lockett.’

      • Rob Staton

        I noticed that too

        ‘They don’t do extensions at this time of year, apart from the one they’ve just done’

    • McZ

      In PCJS opinion, Adams is the type of generational talent they never had the picks to acquire. Also, any move this offseason cries “go for it season”. They’re clearly thinking, they come from a 12-4 season (on the third easiests schedule) and have just improved both lines (which is debatable). Yet, they did nothing to fix the “one and done”-problem.

      Do we really think, they will trade Adams?
      Or BWagz, ftm?

      Nope, they will roll with it and resign Adams to a huge, mindblowing extension before the season starts. 5yrs, 100m+.

      They will draft on the credit card by leveraging 2022 picks for 2021 selections.

  43. Aaron Bostrom

    Rob, if they trade down a bit and go WR first? Who could realistically be there in your opinion?

    • Sea Mode

      Not Rob, but… Dwayne “Dee” Eskridge

    • Rob Staton

      Check out my updated horizontal board — just published on the blog in a new piece today

      • Aaron Bostrom

        A work of art! Thanks, Rob.

  44. DC

    Maybe the Hawks intend to let Adams play out his contract & get a full year of work in to make sure he’s in their long term plans. If he is & there’s an impasse on a new contract then he gets the franchise tag & take it from there.

  45. Justaguy

    Who would you rather lead your team, Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson. Rodgers replacement has been drafted and he will be out of Green Bay if this upcoming season doesn’t deliver. That creates a potential two pony show next offseason between Russ and Aaron. Did this potential contribute to RW’s market this last offseason?

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