Is Will Levis locked in to the Colts at #4?

Another day, another slice of speculation featuring the top-five in the draft…

This one makes sense for a few reasons (and has done for a while).

When the season ended and Chicago earned the #1 pick, the early frontrunner to trade up to #1 was Indianapolis. After years of trying various ageing veterans — and the firing of Frank Reich — it was finally time to invest in a young QB.

Even owner Jim Irsay blurted out his admiration for Bryce Young during a press conference, before pitching his relationship with the Bears as a pathway to a deal.

The Colts didn’t move up though. As time passed by, it felt increasingly like they weren’t even in the running.

Sticking at #4 appeared to be a statement that they were comfortable with the top-four quarterbacks. They were guaranteed to get the third or fourth QB. If they graded all four similarly, there was no pressure to move up (unlike Carolina, who were picking ninth).

The other thing to consider here is the Colts need someone who can play now. They don’t have a Geno Smith, Jared Goff or Jimmy Garoppolo bridge. They have Gardner Minshew. They might start Minshew in 2023 but they need someone who can realistically replace him at some point, or push to start immediately.

That isn’t Anthony Richardson. He needs time and ideally a redshirt year.

Levis, on the other hand, has been coached by two NFL offensive coordinators. He understands pro-concepts and language. He’s older and more mature. He’s also faced a ton of adversity at Kentucky, which will prepare him for the inevitable challenge that comes with transitioning to the pro’s.

I’ve seen some people argue that the Colts might trade down or take Will Anderson, then wait for Hendon Hooker. It’s a suggestion, I suppose, yet it feels unrealistic. For example — it’d only take one other team usurping them on Hooker to mean they end up with no young quarterback and no viable solution at the position. If they’re banking on trading up from #35 to get the Tennessee QB, it’d only take Tampa Bay sweeping him away at #19 and it’s game over. Or Minnesota at #24. Or even Seattle at #20.

Could they trade for Lamar Jackson after the draft? Sure — but how does that work? The Ravens will likely match any off-sheet put in. If you try and negotiate with them separately on a trade, how much will that cost? Especially given the Ravens would be left with a black hole at the position with the draft and free agency in the rearview mirror.

Unless they move up to #3 and are prepared to sit Richardson or start him immediately, it just feels very likely the Colts are comfortable selecting Levis. If they weren’t, I’m pretty sure they would’ve been more aggressive to move up by now. Or they would’ve made more of a push for Lamar Jackson, or they would’ve signed (or traded for) a bigger name veteran such as Garoppolo.

This assumes Levis even reaches #4. I think there’s going to be quite a bit of variety among teams in terms of quarterback rankings. Some will be put off by Bryce Young’s size. Some will be intrigued by Richardson’s physical upside, others will want a more ready-made player. The fact that Levis has worked in the McVay and Shanahan system will appeal. Let’s not forget that Houston is featuring the Shanahan offense.

Let’s just park that for a moment and imagine this goes as many expect, with C.J. Stroud and Young making up the top-two. If the Colts don’t feel obliged to move up to #3 because they’re comfortable taking Levis, what then?

It comes down to what we’ve been suggesting for a long time. Does Arizona trade out of that spot for a team coming up for Anthony Richardson (or Levis)? Do the Cardinals stay where they are and select Will Anderson?

Either way, it has felt for weeks that Seattle’s pick could be Richardson or Anderson. Who lasts and do you like either enough to trade up?

Forget personal preferences for a moment. We’ve all heard by now who wants what.

To me it makes perfect sense that the Seahawks are deliberating between these two options (seeing who lasts to #5 or considering a trade up if they like a player enough to do so). Corbin Smith reported recently that John Schneider spent considerable time speaking to Richardson’s agent at Florida’s pro-day. He also noted that Pete Carroll had a private meeting with Billy Napier.

Smith joined Michael-Shawn Dugar of the Athletic in publishing a piece with a headline including the words, ‘Seahawks’ interest in top QBs is no smokescreen’.

It just feels like they’re really intrigued by Richardson. Is it really a surprise? He’s a physical phenom. We’ve never seen a player like this. Carroll and Schneider have always talked about looking for field-tilting ability. I’m not sure a player has entered the draft with Richardson’s level of upside at the quarterback position. There’s clearly been more polished, refined, pro-ready talents. But there’s so much to work with here. It’d be such a Carroll move to want to harness that talent and ability.

Then there’s Schneider — with his history of quarterbacks and reasonable reports of players he was previously interested in. Richardson ticks a lot of the boxes he has seemingly looked for. On top of that, I just get the feeling that John has been positioning himself for this draft since the Russell Wilson trade. That he’s been eyeing a quarterback here.

I appreciate that’s just a hunch on my behalf. Yet he’s always struck me as someone who will ultimately judge himself on his quarterback decision making. That’s pretty much the Green Bay way. That franchise prides itself on the fact they’ve almost over-prepared at the position at times, yet have enjoyed a run of Favre-to-Rodgers which is fairly unprecedented in terms of production and quality.

I guess what I’m saying is I don’t think Schneider traded away the quarterback he hit a home-run on without a plan which possibly included this specific draft class.

Yet there’s also the other side. The one that has to acknowledge that Seattle’s season ended with everyone looking enviously at San Francisco’s defensive line. Whether Will Anderson can be as impactful as Nick Bosa or not, he’s still a heck of a player. Adding him to the pass rush will be immensely attractive.

I think a lot of fact-finding has been going on over the last week or so. That’s as much a reason to attend the pro-days as anything — and let’s not forget, Anderson was part of one of those pro-days too. Who is going where? Who is thinking of trading up?

It’s very easy to imagine Schneider speaking to Richardson’s agent to scope out what he’s hearing. Perhaps even to ask to be kept in touch as they piece this together.

What I am pretty certain about though, is that the Seahawks are not — as some fans might prefer — ‘definitely not taking a quarterback’. I think it’s a very real possibility. I think they’re weighing things up. You can afford to do this when you’re picking fifth overall and have a bunch of picks to play with.

Do they want to trade up to #3 to guarantee the third quarterback — who they might rate very highly, irrespective of the fact they’re the third QB to leave the board (after all — Josh Allen was the third taken and so was Justin Herbert)?

Do they want to trade up to #3 to guarantee Will Anderson?

How much are they prepared to spend to do it?

Or do they just want to see how the cards fall at #5?

I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a discussion that is being had, or has been had. If trading up is a non-starter than you sit and see what lasts. You might be delighted with the end result. You might be disappointed. They’ve got to determine what emotion they want to feel on draft night. Elation at getting the ‘must have’ player (if one exists) or contentment that you settled for what’s left.

How gutted will you be if you’re eyeing one player and have to settle for another, because another team traded up to #3?

Personally I’d be very excited about Richardson or Anderson. I suspect the Seahawks feel similarly — and I’d add Levis to that mix too. It’s just whether one player has emerged during this process that they really ‘have to have’. If so, go get him. If not, then it’s all good.

It’s why I’ve tried to stress a few times this off-season that the Seahawks are in a good place, with some very attractive options. It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out. But I think we can see a picture emerging of the options facing Seattle — and the likely players they’ll be able to consider.

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  1. Swedenseahawk

    For me its easy.

    If there is one of the Qb that JS has to have, then trade up. But not for Anderson.

    Personally I just hope they don’t try to outsmart themselves with the picks in late 1 and the two in the 2nd round. BPA or dline and center.

    Can’t help but wish for Meyer at 20. So envy at the Qb-TE tandem at the Chiefs and 49ers.

    • Rob Staton

      If there is one of the Qb that JS has to have, then trade up.

      This is the key point

      If John Schneider wants one of these QB’s so badly he wants to trade up, I’m 100% all-in for that. Trust his judgement on it.

      • GerryG

        As much as I hate trading picks, I do trust their judgment on it!

      • cjjo

        I agree, trust our draft team.
        As far as lots of capitol to trade, there are so many good players avaialable in the 1st 2 days,
        I would be very reluctant to give those picks away.
        We and all NFL owners and fans need/want a franchise QB.
        In this draft, I have to disagree that thier are 4 in the top 10.
        Young/Stroud if at 5….lets do it.
        Anderson? if he is the alpha end that will generate 10+ sacks…ok.
        Reading your write ups and not seeing tape, are McDonald, Smith that far behind?
        We do have some good ends (well promising…Mafe unknown Smith) Should I say OLB?
        In the 3-4 we do need a NG and ends. Really stoked about Jones, but need more.
        Too many needs that can be filled in this rich rd 2-3 draft to be trading away picks.
        I listen to NFL radio on sirius, read plenty on net.
        There is obiously lots of debate on the top 4 QB’s, with the majority, whom I side with,
        Levis and Richardson are boom/bust with a lot to overcome.
        Yes, we do have the “perfect” climate to bring a young QB to sit and learn.
        As well as Geno played last year and I hope he expands his skills, is he the mentor?
        And if he falters, the 2 year plan to learn the rookie is shot.
        In the 3rd year, its make it or break it as the 5th year option is $$
        I trust in management, personally stick at 5.
        Really enjoy all your content 🙂

      • Quinn

        I think your hunch is very plausible. Schneider will likely have had this QB class in mind when deliberating the Russ trade. I’d go a step further and suggest that they will have intended to package picks to trade up to get one.

        Whatever they said after the event – starting Geno and a bunch of Rookies projected much more to a top ten pick than a playoff berth. If Denver were anything like they were supposed to be it will have been a pick in the 20’s that we got back from them.

        If we were picking at, lets say 10 and 24, then in all likelihood it would have required future picks to make a jump up to 3 and they may well have been prepared to do that. As it stands we can get there with little more than ours and Denver’s pick. I would not rule out a more aggressive jump up to 2 to get THE guy. I still think 5 is an attractive trade down spot, including for the Card’s, due to the guarantee of QB or top defender being there.

        • Rob Staton


          A lot of people have forgotten that last summer, most of us were saying they would probably trade up for a QB this year (if they needed to)

          • GerryG

            So true, we were counting on it, almost not even thinking that we had two first rd picks, but that those two would provide us one pick in the top five for a QB.

            It still feels weird to me that considering that was their plan, they’ve got really big roster holes to fill and no cap space. I know they are rebuilding, but they always claim “championship roster” every year.

            Regardless, I’m edge of my seat excited to get this draft underway, feels like there are so many ways it could unfold.

    • GerryG

      Love Meyer at 20 too, one of the reasons I am cringe to move up. I do love Richardson though.

      Michael Shawn Dugar had Nate Tice on his pod this week, speaking about TE and QBs and their fits to Seattle. Was a good listen, I really like Tice.

    • TJ

      If Schneider would be equally happy with any of the top 5 players he should stay put. If he sees the players as more 1A, 1B, 1C, 2A and 2B, he should move up. If he thinks, for example, that Stroud, Levis and Richardson check all of his boxes and that Young and Anderson check most of his boxes, he should be working the phones to move into the top 3… much easier to do owning pick #5.

      • Malanch

        I’m starting to feel a bit of a 1A/1B versus 2A/2B/2C consensus from the media (Stroud/Young versus Anderson/Levis/Richardson), with a sizey drop distinguishing the two tiers. However, the curious case of Anthony Richardson more or less dictates his placement on the top shelf, so if the Seahawks are also seeing a two-tiered top five of some form, I’ve got to think they’ll endeavor to make the jump up—even to #2, if that’s what it takes. Picturing Pete and John settling for second-tier with first-tier within range is not an easy mental exercise.

  2. Allen M.

    I think the answer to why the Seahawks haven’t already traded up is we are assuming Richardson would be there at 4. Perhaps we will have to wait until the draft to see if he’ll be there and make the move then – if that is the goal. Perhaps there are only two QBs Seattle would offer considerable draft capital in a trade up: Stroud or Richardson. I think this helps explain the timing here, in part. The other factor is Arizona can court teams and their offers all the way until pick 4 is made. They, as mentioned, want the best haul they can get. Will they have all the information they need with weeks until the draft?

  3. Blitzy the Clown

    Seems like Seattle is in control of who Arizona trades down with, if they do.

    Nobody else can offer them the combination of a top 5 pick and another top 20 pick in return. But 20 seems like a lot of money to move up from 5 to 3.

    Maybe they even it out a bit by swapping their R2 picks.

    That would make the deal 5 + 20 + 37 for 3 + 34

    Pretty fair for both sides

    • Gary

      Not sure if I’ve heard anyone else suggest this, but I’d offer 5 + 37 and say take it or leave it. Play some hardball with the fact that we are the only team that can offer them a chance to still get Anderson. If he’s the same player they were gonna take anyway at 3, then 37 is just gravy.

      • Ben - Fort Worth

        Then trade down from #20 to #26 and pick up an extra 3rd rounder. G-men get their WR.

    • Scott Bailey

      Rich Hills trade chart says 5+20+37 for 3+34 is one-sided. 899 to 689. If they are using the chart, the more even trade is 5+52 for 3.

  4. Cysco

    I’m feeling very confident that picks #1&2 are set in stone at this point. I’m also very confident that ARI has told teams that #3 is for sale.

    This really is the the only reason all these teams outside the top-5 are having meetings with Richardson. They know he’ll be there at #3 and they know that for a price, they can get there.

    This tells me everything I need to know. If it’s not Seattle, it’ll be someone else who moves into #3. IND wants Levis so they don’t care. Picks 1-4 will be QB. If Seattle wants Anderson, there’s no reason to trade up for him. He’s being drafted 5th overall to someone.

    The fact that there’s smoke about Seattle trading up, to me, only signals they want Richardson (or Levis I suppose, but doubt it) Because again, if they wanted Anderson, they can have him at #5.

  5. Allen M.

    Surfing YouTube and “Seahawks Ideal Draft Scenario” from PFF had me intrigued. (for about 20 seconds)

    Pro Football Focus: “what’s the ideal situation for Seattle at 5?”
    “Well I think Jalen Carter at 5 is the ideal scenario for the Seahawks”

    Why do people get paid for this garbage?

    • MountainHawker

      They want to keep the sexy picks for the higher value markets and keep the clicks rolling in

    • Peter

      You should have stayed til they then selected Jordan Addison with his tiny size and not particularly fast speed….

      On the note of Carter. I see tons and tons of mocks that say something like ” Seattle needs dline help….” true. Then Carter. Then nothing.

      I’d argue it’s a big need. So much so that if you were even considering Carter why wouldn’t your next few picks include at least one of: ade ade, keion white, benton, Pickens, etc? It’s like this tunnel vision that a great deal line and problem solved with one player.

      Pff is trash online.

  6. Shane

    Personally Rob, if I was Seattle I’d just stay where I am and see how things pan out, they definitely bound to get a very good player at No5 whoever that maybe, unless they pick someone stupid or trade down, which I don’t want that to do. If they go qb, then the next 3 picks should go on the trenches and maybe even rd3. Once those picks have gone, I think a TE, RB and finally a WR should be picked up and then I think they can be happy in filling out a fair few holes, with a few remaining for 2024 draft and FA to tackle that.

    What I’m also curious about is how the hell are Seattle planning to pay for their draft class and make anymore money available for 1 or maybe 2 FA to get, plus the practice squad needs paying.

    • Peter

      Restructures, trade fant…..and cut jamal. I know they say he’s in their plans but we weren’t trading wilson…until the day we traded him.

      • Elmer

        Diggs too? And if they draft a QB, it’s possible that Lock is traded or cut.

      • GerryG

        My guess is the draft will play a big role on if Jamal sticks around. If they draft a guy they love and he shines at rookie mini camp then you can make that call. No need to designate him a June 1 cut yet.

        Same could be said of Fant. If you get a guy in the draft maybe you can trade him for 24 5th or 6th.

  7. Z$

    Rob, absolutely epic content this year. I’m wearing out my refresh button looking for updates.

    My one concern (which isn’t even worth worrying about given that it’s out of my control), is that if Detroit love Richardson, they are in a very good position to move up to 3. They can offer 18 as opposed to Seahawk’s 20, they aren’t a division rival, and Arizona is likely guaranteed one of their top two rated defensive players (Anderson or Tyree Wilson). Richardson can redshirt behind Goff, and be in a great position to take over in a year or so.

    Regardless, totally agree the Seahawks brass would be thrilled with any of the 4QBs or Anderson. My intuition though, based on Geno’s and Lock’s contracts, as well as the fact they 100% had a plan in place for life after Russel trade, as well as the fact that 3/4 of this year’s QBs are JS archetypes, is that they’ll make a concerted push for QB. No real reason to have such obvious, team friendly 1 yr outs on both their signed qb contracts otherwise. I think Richardson will appeal to both JS and PC in a way few others players possibly could. Trying to take your advice and just sit back and enjoy the journey.

    • Julian L

      Very good point regards Detroit with the #18 pick.

      It makes me think that Indy are probably happy with either Young or Levis at this point, because if teams are attracted enough to move up to #3 to draft the traits of Richardson, I doubt they’ll swing to Young as the alternative in this spot, more likely Levis, meaning Young would be more like the QB that’s there at #4?

    • Malanch

      Yep, Z$. Detroit is in play for sure, provided Arizona is cool with dropping three spots up at the top. The Raiders could feasibly make a run at the top tier, too. I’ve heard of other teams also potentially jumping up from farther down, to include even Baltimore with its Lamar Jackson trade chip. Point is: #3 overall is not safe, and it could get quite pricey. The true value of the top quarterbacks is becoming known (consensus is coming around to their special potential), so henceforth you can take whatever draft chart you’ve got and chuck it out the window.

  8. cha

    I am not against the idea that the Seahawks need to catch up to SF on the DL and therefore Anderson is a very attractive pick.

    But it should be noted, drafting Richardson, a center and maybe a guard this year to add to bookend tackles would be a real step to counteract SF’s power on the DL.

    AR I can see manipulating the pocket, throwing darts, taking off running if there’s too much heat AND being so big and muscular he can just shrug off pass rushers, Roethlisberger-style.

    I can see Bosa often on all fours pounding the ground after AR escaped his grasp 7 yards deep and is now 25 yards downfield.

    Like Pete always says, the best way to counteract a good pass rush is getting the ball out.

    • Cysco

      I haven’t done the exercise, but I’d be curious where the curve is for SFO. There has to be a point in the next few years where they exit their window and start to lose players and start to come back down to the pack. (I hope at least) IMO that’s what Seattle needs to be building towards. When SFO stumbles, be there to overtake them.

      • Josh

        Go check OTC for their cap space next year, and then add a new Bosa contract on top of it.

    • 509 Chris

      I like this point, and I think the commissioner and owners do to as evidenced by recent changes making the LOB style defense extinct. The modern NFL wants high octane high scoring affairs. Let’s appease them and build the fastest offense ever seen! I’m being a little over the top but not really. And who wouldn’t mind making everyone hang 40 to have a chance at beating those Seahawks?

  9. MountainHawker

    The amount of hoops people are jumping through to tell themselves the QB talk/scouting/interest is a smokescreen is AMAZING. it’s even better when people think they’re going to trade down for “high picks next year so they can take a better QB in next year’s draft”. I can’t wait for the draft just to see the reaction.

    • Peter

      The high picks next year talk is insane.

      You are as likely to get a second this year and next. Unless a team comes up from about 15 or so. But if they are at pick 15 this year their next first might not be worth much.

      Plus did we not all just see Denver? What’s stopping tge titans for example to do the opposite in that division and win or at least back into the playoffs?

      Next year…..give me a break.

    • GerryG

      I can’t wait for four QBs to go in the first 4, we draft Anderson and they all claim “see!! It was all a smokescreen!!!”

  10. Rokas

    I am thinking about the possible scenarios every day, and reality is I don’t think it’s possible to figure this out with a decent degree of certainty.
    Let’s assume, Cards are willing to trade down with SEA, and SEA is prepared to pay the iron price. It’s not an easy assumption to make from both sides. But let’s assume this.
    Then let’s assume SEA is only willing to do this for either AR or Stroud. I don’t think it’s an unrealistic assumption. Let’s say, Arizona wants to make a trade now, in order to get the best offer possible. How SEA can offer a haul, if it’s possible that neither AR and Stroud is there at No.3? Then JS would be left with a sour mouth after paying the Iron price for his assumed 2nd tier (Young Anderson Levis), which he would get in any case. I believe this might complicate matters.
    Because Cards will want a premium for taking a risk and gifting SEA their desired QB.
    Also, Cards might want to wait till draft day, to make sure that Texans didn’t take Anderson. But if it postpones until draft day, who has the leverage, SEA or Cards, assuming Texans go with Young as expected? If i am JS and Cards are even speaking with me on draft day, I assume they want Anderson and can’t go lower than 5th, so why offer them the iron price?
    In JS shoes i would very much explore the trade with Texans which i am sure he does. Sine Texans went heavy on defense in FA, and have many picks, it’s tough to deal with them as well. After all, they might prefer only Young for example (or Stroud for that matter), and want to see what Carolina does.
    All these factors could lead to a trade happening or not happening only on draft day, contrary to the recent practice.

    • Old but Slow

      Not to speak for Rob, but I think he made it clear that he would favor moving up to #3 if we would be looking at 3 players. If there are only 2 that interest you it would seem a gamble, but with 3 it is Bobs your uncle.

    • Malanch

      “Let’s assume, Cards are willing to trade down with SEA…then let’s assume SEA is only willing to do this for either AR or Stroud.” –Rokas

      Let’s assume that any GM who ever tries this will have earned his candidacy for immediate termination.

  11. Dingbatman

    On top of that, I just get the feeling that John has been positioning himself for this draft since the Russell Wilson trade. That he’s been eyeing a quarterback here.

    I wonder if AZ might not be interested doing something similar by being open to future draft picks they can package to move up if needed to get their QOTF next year? If Murray has another mediocre year (a possibility I can’t imagine they haven’t considered) they could well begin the process of moving on.

    • lil’stink

      I’m not sure the Cards will be able to move on from Murray for a few years based on his contract. And you know his ego won’t be able to handle it if they draft a QB with a high pick. I would love to see the fallout, though.

      • Simon McInnes

        It would be fun to watch. However, as much as Murray is horribly over-rated in NFL terms based on his college achievements, he is an OK option at QB – one of those that if you move on from, you run the risk of ending up with someone worse. Cross reference Buffalo before Josh Allen, the Jets since aeons back, the Jaguars until about two years ago etc

  12. Troy Lacharite

    You have to think that JS has some pretty good Intel on what teams are picking who, especially at the top end of the draft. With that said, this is the year like Rob has laid out beautifully that the plan was created at the time they moved on from Russell Wilson last year. From Arizona’s standpoint even though Seattle is a division photo, the fifth pic would essentially lock them in and guarantee them will Anderson if that’s who in fact they would covet. It might not even cost the 20th pick to move up. It could be a second rounder or two second rounders (one of them for next year).
    Either way, this is probably the most exciting draft for Seahawk fans in the last 20 years

    • GerryG

      No way AZ is giving us the ammo draft a potential game wrecking qb that could torment them for the next 10+ years for a bargain. IMO. Even if they got a comparable offer from two teams, they would take the other.

  13. Trevor

    Would there be any trade market for Noah Fant?

    • JJ

      Maybe after draft if a team doesn’t get a TE they want.

    • lil’stink

      He seems like the sort of player we wouldn’t get much in return given his value to us. He didn’t light up the stat sheet but I thought he was pretty solid. Might as well keep him unless we have to trade him to squeak in under the cap.

    • 509 Chris

      It amazes me how at least half of the fan base still would bet their left nut that Seattle’s taking Carter at 5

      • Big Mike

        Deny, deny, deny. If he flames out in the NFL, he may well have a future in politics.

        • 509 Chris

          Honestly I could maybe chalk the accident up to a stupid thing young people do if he had shown remorse and got to work. Realize that was a close call and you could have been the one killed, and go to work like you were just given the biggest second chance opportunity in history. But he didn’t. It looks more like he went and partied and ate shit food without one workout before the combine or his pro day. It’s not just laziness it’s entitlement. It’s also an attitude that will only get worse with a new big NFL budget.

      • Palatypus

        But not the right one.

        • 509 Chris

          Not sure which is more important 🤔 Do you have a dominant like your hand? Sorry I’m done.

          • Palatypus

            I am left-handed.

            • Old but Slow

              I am ham handed.

    • GrittyHawk

      My favorite part of this is the instant reaction by half the fanbase that this is somehow proof he wasn’t racing. Like… that’s not how that works. A person’s denial is not a statement of fact. Let’s also consider that the man owns a 700 horsepower car literally named Trackhawk. That’s reason enough for me to suspect he was racing until proven otherwise.

      I am personally going to continue to side with the story reported by Sun-Sentinel, who most assuredly reviewed mountains of official reports and interviews and were certainly 100% positive they had the facts right before publishing. It’s pretty telling to me that Carter’s agent or attorney have not so much as pointed a finger at that paper for getting it wrong, much less attempted to take legal action for libel considering the huge financial impact that story could have.

      • GerryG

        I believe he also had numerous speeding infractions including one on video where the cop let him off because football star at Georgia.

        NIL $ is changing the narrative on “what’s going to happen when they paid?” Question we ask at draft time. Carter already has been paid, and he’s already not working out and racing a fast car. We know how he is going to act with a big paycheck.

  14. lil’stink

    I know this is an incredibly unpopular opinion, but I wouldn’t be upset if we drafted Bijan with our first pick. The more I watch of him the more I’m enthralled. Not saying we should draft him at #5, I’m just convinced he’ll be an all-pro talent as a rookie.

    For all the talk about trading up to #3, I wonder what other teams would be willing to give up in order to land either AR or Anderson at #5.

    • Palatypus

      Well, if we did that, I think we would be seeing a LOT of bear fronts next year.

    • GrittyHawk

      I have no doubt if Bijan somehow lasts to 20 he would be the pick, but I don’t see it happening. He’s too talented and this draft class is far too weak from 5-20 for him not to be taken early. I could honestly see any of those teams from 6-19 grabbing him.

      • Rob Staton

        Would be a major shock, IMO, if Bijan lasted to #20

        He’s too good

    • DW

      I would be distraught if we drafted Bijan without first pick.

      • DW

        With our*

      • God of Thunder

        Same. It would shackle us to a terrible contract with a player at a non critical position. I wish I could block posters urging us to draft a running back at 1.5

        Bonanza is tailor made for a franchise that has a lot of its needed pieces in position already. Maybe *maybe* Philly.

        • God of Thunder

          I meant Bijan not Bonanza. But at least Bonanza is a fitting nickname for a superb RB/athlete like Bijan.

        • Malanch

          “I wish I could block posters urging us to draft a running back at 1.5.” –God of Thunder

          Why block them?

  15. JimQ

    My nightmare. A few years down the line I don’t want to have to tell my grandkids that the Seahawks could have drafted that kid back in ’23 if they had only used a 2-nd round pick to move up for him.

    • James

      Already living that nightmare watching Nick Chubb.

  16. Producehawk

    Given that the Cardinals are in our Division and will not want to do us any favors it might be easier to deal with Huston. If the Texans were actually thinking of Defense it would make sense for them to trade down to five and pick up 20. Of course John better be right if he takes AR at two. AR is a hella bet on the future. Make or break. But I am in if John and Pete are.

    • Hawksorhiking

      I think Houston is a sleeper trade candidate if they decide they can live with who is left at 5. They will likely want at least one 2024 pick as they have a ton of picks this year.

  17. Geoff u

    If the cards fall at #5, does that mean the hawks rise at #3?

  18. PJ in Seattle

    Just chiming in to say I am sure JS has put a bug in AZ’s ear and has already greased the skids to move up to #3 if the QB they covet is there when the Cardinals go on the clock.

    Otherwise, standing pat at #5 and taking either the last of the big 4 QBOTF (and we are all only guessing at where they truly rank those guys in terms of value) or a perfectly-suited-for-our-scheme and defensive BPA Will Anderson is the play. I’m leaning towards the latter but if they give up picks to go get their guy, I won’t hate it.

    Fucking hell, can get the draft get here already?

    • Malanch

      Potentially trading with Arizona is interesting. I don’t see it as a non-starter, as many others do. Unlikely, maybe. Yes, Arizona risks helping Seattle find its quarterback, but Seattle also risks helping Arizona find its quarterback-killer—and then some. That could be a great way for Monti Ossenfort to kick off his rebuild. Win-wins are good business. Besides, if John Schneider were to break convention and deal premium picks with a division rival, would you be surprised? I sure wouldn’t.

      As for the “But Schneider has never traded up in the first round before, therefore it’s impossible for him ever to do it!” assertion being parroted around mainstream and social media, well, one need not worry about addressing overt breakdowns in logic. Agreed: Can the draft get here already?!

  19. samprassultanofswat

    Personally. I think John Schneider would be happy with Will Anderson. But I think JS would be ecstatic to nail Anthony RIchardson.

  20. Zezinhom400

    Rob I have read several times about Schneider’s history with QB’s being relevant to him liking someone like Levis. I’m trying to figure that out. Maybe it’s because he reports to Carroll, but since he’s been g.m. he’s only drafted 2 QB’s: Wilson and McGough. That’s in 13 years. You mention his love for Josh Allen and for Patrick Mahomes but he did nothing to go get either one.

    So what exactly is this history? His time in GB 15+ yrs ago? Seems to me Pete is calling the shots

    • dregur

      Josh Allen was drafted 7th overall when the Seahawks had the 27th overall. Unless they traded their entire draft, there was no way for them to get him. There were rumors he wanted to trade with the Browns for the 1st overall, but of course it didn’t happen.

      Mahomes was drafted 10th overall, when the Seahawks picked 26th, and was drafted higher than most predicted (some as late as 27th overall). If Mahomes had fallen, I have a feeling the Seahawks wouldn’t have traded down and drafted Mahomes at 26.

    • Malanch

      “You mention (John Schneider’s) love for Josh Allen and for Patrick Mahomes but he did nothing to go get either one.” –Zezinhom400

      I doubt Schneider did nothing. For all we know he did plenty, and we just never heard about it until little snippets eventually made their way through the media apparatus, years down the road. For both the Mahomes and Allen drafts, Schneider did have peak Russell Wilson as a trade chip, so with all that juice for jumping way up the board it’s at least plausible that he made a sincere effort to get these guys.

      For me, it comes down to this question: At what pick number was Schneider truly willing to go for each guy? Surely, he didn’t scout the players in the hopes they would fall to Seattle all the way down in the high 20s, so where did he think he could get them? Up in the low 20s? The mid-teens? Did he legitimately try to trade into the top ten, only to be unable to consummate the deal? The answer to this determines the degree to which I’ll credit Schneider for being right about Mahomes and Allen.

    • Rob Staton

      Maybe it’s because he reports to Carroll, but since he’s been g.m. he’s only drafted 2 QB’s: Wilson and McGough. That’s in 13 years.

      They drafted a franchise quarterback two years into his tenure. They had no reason to regularly invest draft picks in a quarterback.

      You mention his love for Josh Allen and for Patrick Mahomes but he did nothing to go get either one.


      He reportedly tried to trade a legit, top-level franchise quarterback in 2018 in order to get the #1 pick to select Josh Allen. That would’ve been an unprecedented, stunning move.

      He reportedly was willing to take another quarterback in round one, if that player lasted into range (many believed he would, including Daniel Jeremiah and Lance Zierlein, I can’t remember what the others projected). That was just five years into Wilson’s career. It’s not dissimilar to the Eagles considering using one of their first round picks this year on a QB. It would’ve been a stunning move.

      Not sure how you can’t see this.

      • Big Mike

        There you go again Rob letting facts get in the way of people’s denial. Geez, don’t you think it best to just post groupthink stuff?

        • Rob Staton

          Bloody facts

          Always get in the way of someone’s draft preferences!

  21. Denver Hawker

    Colts beat writer confirming interest in Levis, but also suggesting if Richardson is there, they take him instead? 🤷🏼‍♂️

  22. Jeb1333

    How can I say this gently. NO

    • Rob Staton

      Well that’s me convinced…

    • God of Thunder

      Good thing you didn’t say it non-gently 😉

  23. Forrest

    We don’t talk enough about Young being the one who lasts to #5. If that happens, is Seattle really going to draft him? What team would be interested in trading up for him? What would the Hawks do if they had to trade with the Raiders and were sitting at #7 with all the QBs, Anderson and Carter off the board? Who would they pick then, if there weren’t any trade partners to move down again? Nightmare scenario.

    • Rob Staton

      I think the Seahawks would draft him

    • James

      if all you have to choose from is Young and the rest of the draft, you’re still sitting pretty. Hardly a nightmare.

  24. Zorn is King

    Slightly different question arises to me re: trade up to #3… are Js/Pc happy with Bryce Young sliding to #5?
    We haven’t heard much about their opinion of Bryce…

  25. Wilson502

    Posted this on the earlier post, seems the Titans are considering moving up. Seahawks need to make a deal and secure their QBoTF

    • Jack Frost

      Hard for me to believe TEN could come up with enough to compensate ARI for missing out on the cream of the crop this year.

  26. Jabroni-DC

    Arizona is the lynchpin at this point for the Seahawk’s draft. What do they want to do? How are they set up? They own picks #3, 34, 66, 96, 105, 168, 180, 216. That’s solid ammunition so it’s not like they’re starving for picks as Chicago was. They also ran a 3-4 defense in 2022 & unless they are making a scheme change Will Anderson would be a perfect fit for them at OLB as a cornerstone building block & also fills a tremendous need as a pass rusher. What would it take for them to risk missing out on Anderson? It’d have to be one helluva haul from any team that puts them out of range to select him.

    • Diehard82

      I read article on Revenge of the Birds, Cardinals equivalent to Fieldgulls, that they are indeed moving to 4-3 with new coaching staff.

      • Rob Staton

        That’s definitely the background of the new coach

      • Jabroni-DC

        That certainly makes a trade down scenario much more plausible.

  27. Palatypus

    If I were submitting a mock for a contest right now. I think I would have Will Levis to the Colts, Bijan Robinson to the Bears, and Jalen Carter to the Eagles. I feel really solid about those. The rest?

    Who knows?

  28. Jordan E

    Real talk but do we think Will Levis would fit well with the Seahawks culture? I don’t see him becoming good friends with DK and Tyler. But maybe I am wrong. I could see Richardson being a great fit- but just have to make sure his intangibles are also off the chart. I’ve been seeing some comparisons to him and Cam. Met a guy who worked with Cam personally and he mentioned that- that Cam was probably one of the worst human beings hes met.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t understand why Levis wouldn’t fit with the culture

      Besides, he’s one of the few people who looks as good as DK with his shirt off

      Richardson has some Cam to his game but as people they are polar opposites

    • Malanch

      “I don’t see (Will Levis) becoming good friends with DK and Tyler.” –Jordan E

      Really? Why?

    • TatupuTime

      1. I don’t think there is any way to accurately guess the personal relationship that would develop between Levis/DK/Tyler. We don’t know anywhere near enough about any of those three to even summarize what their current friends are like. There has been nothing but praise out of former teammates, Kentucky and media about Will Levis’ character. It seems like he is very well liked by former teammates.

      2. I don’t need my QB and WRs to be friends. Baldwin is a leader of the “let’s slag Russ” group. He had great on field chemistry with Russ. Tyler and Russ were also notably not particularly close. Tyler never worked out with Russ in the off season. Again, I thought Tyler and Russ were great on field together. I don’t know that DK and Tyler are close personal friends either. Certainly they have mutual respect for each other, but they are very different cats. Levis, much like Russ, is going to go to battle with his teammates and play hurt. If he does that he’ll have their respect.

      3. I find Levis pretty cocky. But I’m an old man so it doesn’t matter one iota what I think. Every single elite quarterback is a psycho. Some are better at hiding it than others – but they all believe they are the dude.

      • Rob Staton

        I haven’t seen one single thing that would make me think Levis wouldn’t get on with Metcalf

  29. LouCityHawk

    I’ve been lurking on the top 4 pick message boards, getting a feel for what the fans and pundits are saying and hoping for, btw…really shows what a great fan community the Seahawks are and so charmed to have great content producers, like Rob.

    Carolina is debating Stroud and Young. The fans are leaning Stroud about 2 to 1, and want their owner to step back.

    The Texans fans are largely wishing the team would trade back or take D player, and plan on “paying the iron price” next year, they are seen resigned to the fact they will get a QB, and Young has near unanimous support.

    The Cards fans surprisingly are all on board with trading with the Seahawks for pick #3 (5, 37 is the assumed compensation) and selecting Anderson (some favor Tyree Wilson for scheme fit).

    Indy (and I know a lot of their fans personally) pray that Irsay sells the team and they are rescued…it is kind of sad, they all assume that another team will trade in front of them, they will be stuck with QB4 and their purgatory will continue. The biggest wish is that they sign LJack, but the assumption is that isn’t happening. Not one is hoping for Richardson, and assume it will be Levis.

    I figure it is pretty simple, if the Seahawks are trading up to #3 it is based on a handshake agreement to not take Anderson. The Seahawks by trading up are either a) jumping Indy for Levis, or b) spooked that another team will trade into #3 and take Richardson. I’d lean scenario a, based on the perception I got from the Card fan base, gifting Seattle Anderson at #5 would be unforgivable; making a move for a QB we may get anyways, plus losing pick 37, Cards fans are ok with that.

    • BK26

      I appreciate this homework that you did. It’s very telling, even if it just is for fans. I can see Carolina being worried: a good gm and a capable coach, but your owner is way too involved.

      Texans fans just need hope. They were so high with Watt, Andre Johnson, Matt Schaub, Foster, and that entire defense. Then finding Watson and realizing that was nothing more than a cancer.

      I respect the Colts, but I’ll never root for anything Irsay is tied to. Levis just looks and feels like Indianapolis will be 100% targeting him.

      Cardinals is surprising. I think there is still a hope of Kyler. My delusional fandom hopes that the front office thinks like the fans and are open to trading with Seattle.

      It’s all very interesting. Would be even more so if it wasn’t so important of a draft.

    • Rob Staton

      Appreciate the info

    • Cysco

      Good info.

      This is basically where my head is at as well. ARI wants Anderson. If they can take something from seattle and still get him. They’ll do it.

      I know some don’t believe such handshake deals happen, but I can’t see ARI trading with us any other way.

      • LouCityHawk

        They want Anderson, they don’t think they can get Anderson past #5 (I agree), so they view trading with the Hawks as taking something of value (pick 37, no one there thinking 20) and getting what they want anyways.

        Figuring that Levis/Richardson would be roaming the Northwest regardless.

        The Cardinals organization may feel differently, and the GM reports to Bidwell.

  30. CHaquesFan

    There’s 5, maybe 6 depending on your opinion of Carter, players worth top 5, as long as they get one of the 5 and not like Tyree Wilson I’ll be happy

  31. Brodie

    Things I think I think:

    AR won’t be there at #5

    Trading up is our best case scenario and it still won’t land us the guy we want

    Will Anderson is good, not great

    We won’t draft a NT before round 5

    We won’t draft a LB before round 5

    We won’t draft a TE

    We will draft a safety by round 3

    Media has us thinking Levis is likely to fall, but it’s actually Bryce Young who GM’s are terrified of

    Will McDonald will have a comparable or better career than Will Anderson

    If we don’t get a QB, we won’t take a Center early. If we manage to get a QB, Center will be our 2nd pick

    Two guys I love – Antonio Johnson and Tyjae Spears won’t be Seahawks

    Seahawk fans are going to be livid when we pass on Drew Sanders, Mazi Smith and Calijah Kancey

    Not saying I’m right
    Just declaring for the world
    My future hindsight

    • Trevor

      Some interesting takes. I agree with you about Will McDonald at least as a pass rusher with sack and pressure numbers I think he will be every bit as good as Will Anderson. Might even be better but against the run and for leadership Anderson seems to have the advantage at least for now. Really like both players but I would also prefer McDonald in the 20s to Anderson at 5.

  32. Old but Slow

    Trying to understand what will happen at center puzzles me. First, we signed the free agent, Evan Brown, who seems a step up from Blythe and seems likely to start as it would be expensive to sign a veteran as a backup. It would seem wise to focus as much at drafting a guard as it is a center (Brown can play either).

    Second, I have been watching games and focusing on centers. I think I have watched (I am not knowledgeable enough to claim that I scouted) nearly all of the top ones down to Scruggs on Rob’s horizontal board, and can see differences but not what differentiates them. For instance, J M Schmitz does not seem as strong against the bull rush as some, but is much better than any of the others at getting into the secondary for downfield blocks. Scruggs, another example, seemed to stone the rushers but is not as mobile.


    • Rob Staton

      The big positive with JMS for me is consistent hand placement — which is very important and worthwhile. I worry about how he defends the angle though and he’s not much of an athlete. Wypler’s technique not as consistent but he’s a better athlete.

    • LouCityHawk

      Center play is something that is very hard to quantify. Bad play stands out, but good play will go unnoticed unless you focus. I usually ask the guys I played with who played Center for their opinions on those players and they can point out all sorts of little things I didn’t see.

      I have seen several of the centers play in person. All appear competent, but don’t pop in a WOW way.

      I rank Tippmann as the best followed by Oluwatimi, JMS, Wypler and then Scruggs. I don’t see a huge difference between the 5 of them though and generally would be happy for the Hawks to grab one of them in round 3 or later.

      • PJ in Seattle

        I’m a big fan of Tippmann as well and think he will go earlier than expected. He’s one of those guys like Avila who could play well either at guard or center. Unfortunately, he’s a lot bigger and taller than the Seahawks have lookd for at center, so they may not value him the way some other teams will.

        Olu Olu, JMS, and Wypler all have the protoypical center size they look for.

  33. Robert Las Vegas

    Rob a quick question for you as far as Chris Rodriguez Jr goes do you think his 4 game suspension in 2022 will have a effect on Seahawks drafting him .I know it was off the field I can’t recall what exactly it concerned.

    • Rob Staton

      I believe it was something to do with academics

    • SalukiHawk12

      I have some serious insight to this and I’ll spare the details unless it comes up at a later date, but let’s just say it should have zero effect on his draft stock. This is overall a great kid, with a tremendous work ethic, who would be an ideal grind it out, complement to KW.

  34. PJ in Seattle

    Daniel Jeremiah saying the Titans are getting serious about moving up to #3 for a QB. Their picks this year:

    Round 1, Pick 11
    Round 2, Pick 41
    Round 3, Pick 72
    Round 5, Pick 147
    Round 6, Pick 186 (from ATL)
    Round 7, Pick 228

    Obviously will cost them a R1 next year and/or a player and future picks as well, but if they have the 4 QBs bunched together on their board, this could make a lot of sense for them.

    • Henry Taylor

      IMO the Titans should 100% do it if they can. They’ve hit their ceiling with Tannehill and certainly aren’t challenging in a stacked AFC without special at the position.

      We should, however, look at the Titans situation as a window into our future, even if we are able to significantly improve the defence with this draft the peak Titans is probably as far as we go with Geno (which isn’t bad, especially in the weaker conference, but is that really where we want to be?)

      • GrittyHawk

        I actually feel like the Titans would be silly for doing that. They finished 7-10 in a horrid division last year. They traded AJ Brown and will soon be moving on from Tannehill and Henry. Their defense fell apart and there have already been rumors they’re looking to trade Jeffery Simmons. I think the Titans are headed for a full scale rebuild. Trading multiple first rounders for a QB before your rebuild even starts would be a complete disaster. They need to stockpile picks at this point, and on their current trajectory they might already be picking high enough next year to be in on Caleb Williams or Drake Maye.

        • Rokas

          These are good points, Gritty.
          1783th “smoke screen” joke: the Cardinals are spreading this for other teams to up their ante.

  35. AL

    Vegas Draft Odds.

    CJ Stroud (Ohio State, QB) -300
    Bryce Young (Alabama, QB) +250
    Anthony Richardson (Florida, QB) +900
    Will Levis (Kentucky, QB) +5000

    Bryce Young (Alabama, QB) -300
    CJ Stroud (Ohio State, QB) +300
    Anthony Richardson (Florida, QB) +1400

    Will Anderson (Alabama, LB) +100
    Anthony Richardson (Florida, QB) +175
    Will Levis (Kentucky, QB) +500

    Will Anderson (Alabama) -350
    Jalen Carter (Georgia) +700
    Tyree Wilson (Texas Tech) +700
    Will Levis (Kentucky, QB) +1600

    • AL

      Was suppose to be

      Christian Gonzalez (Oregon) +1000


  36. JJ

    For Robbie and the Seahawks sake I hope we move up to the 1st pick and draft AR.

    • Cysco

      Sadly for Robbie, doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

    • LouCityHawk

      If AR is first overall I see Panthers nation lighting itself on fire.

      For all the conspiracy theorists out there, I’m surprised none have latched on to the various QB jockeying to be drafted by Seattle, it is the clear best “likely” landing place

  37. dahveed

    well its the part of the NFL we all Love
    All the teams in front of the Hawks either are Locked in to qB (Arizona) who you know is trying to trade out and get a Haul
    Or need a qB to Play year 1
    and we all know it would be criminal to play Richardson out of the shoot

    your consellation prize is a super solid DE named Anderson for not panicking

    Seahawks stay put at 5 if the Raiders or simler team move up and grab Richardson then you get the Alabama star and keep your powder dry if Arizona stays put Richardson will most likely be there

  38. Bertelli

    I don’t want to get involved in any handshake agreement w ARZ. That would entail waiting until Draft Day at pick #3 for it to happen as they would want to make sure Anderson wasn’t selected. I just think dealing w ARZ is going to be a pain the ass and would just as soon avoid them altogether. Why not just make HOU a massive offer and move up to #2 ?? You’re guaranteed either AR or Stroud. HOU would get extra picks and still have a realistic shot at B. Young at #5. They could even get Anderson at #5 if ARZ elected to move down with a QB needy team. I know it would cost more to deal with HOU, but I like knowing I’ve only got to sweat out one team taking AR versus two if you move up to #3.

    Any idea would it would take to move up w HOU? I also wondered how you value future draft picks when trading them. Would it be possible to use 2024 picks to lessen the number of 2023 picks it would take to move up? Thanks.

  39. John P

    I kind of like the idea of them trading down a few times from pick 5 and picking up extra picks between say 15 and 45. Seems like a lot of high ceiling players in the draft with some significant unknowns/risks – Kancey’s short arms, Ade Ade’s not stunning tape, ditto Musgrave, Will McDonald’s weight, etc. So – if you get a lot of bites at the apple, decent chance you wind up with some great players. Seems better than putting all the eggs (to mix a metaphor) in a couple of baskets.

    • Rob Staton

      They have 10 picks

      And a rare opportunity to pick in the top five

      Not sure how many picks you think you can get between 15 and 45 for trading down.

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