Seahawks trade up in my first 2024 NFL mock draft

If you missed it last week, check out my horizontal board. It took months to put together, it’s where I’ve graded players vs where I think they might go in the draft.

Below you’ll find my first mock draft for 2024, with further thoughts on Seattle’s pick and details of the two trades included in the mock to follow.

2024 first round mock draft

#1 Chicago (v/CAR) — Caleb Williams (QB, USC)
If the Bears land the #1 pick thanks to the Panthers, they have to take Williams and pair him with a creative offensive-minded Head Coach.

#2 New England — Drake Maye (QB, North Carolina)
The Patriots are destined to take a quarterback with their top pick in 2024. I don’t think it’s as clear-cut, though, that Maye will be QB2.

#3 Arizona — Marvin Harrison Jr (WR, Ohio State)
This would be a home-run pick for the Cardinals.

#4 Seattle (v/WAS) — Quinn Ewers (QB, Texas)
The Seahawks give up a package of picks to move up 11 spots. Ewers’ natural talent, easy arm strength and massive potential will have him go far earlier than many are projecting. He’s not the finished article yet but when he gets there, the ceiling is limitless. If Texas wins the National Championship, there’s little reason not to declare.

#5 New Orleans (v/CHI) — Jayden Daniels (QB, LSU)
The Saints trade up in round one to select Louisiana’s adopted son and would-be Heisman winner. His outstanding playmaking qualities will secure a lofty draft placement. He has the deep-ball accuracy and running talent to be an X-factor player.

#6 New York Jets — Brock Bowers (TE, Georgia)
If Aaron Rodgers returns, this would be an excellent addition for the offense.

#7 New York Giants — Rome Odunze (WR, Washington)
With four quarterbacks off the board the Giants opt for an outstanding receiver with everything needed to be an excellent pro (speed, body control, ball-tracking, character). They could target a QB with their second pick if it plays out this way.

#8 Tennessee — Malik Nabers (WR, LSU)
They may never get over trading away A.J. Brown but in Nabers, they’d have someone who could have a similar impact.

#9 Chicago (v/NO) — Olu Fashanu (T, Penn State)
Fashanu isn’t technically efficient at this point but the raw materials are there. The Bears take a left tackle to protect their new quarterback investment.

#10 Tampa Bay — Spencer Rattler (QB, South Carolina)
It’s ridiculous how underrated he is. Rattler is a changed man/player these days with as good an arm as you’ll see. Outstanding talent.

#11 Las Vegas — Tyler Guyton (T, Oklahoma)
Every time I watched Oklahoma he stood out. He’s a big, physical, athletically gifted right tackle. He’s this year’s Darnell Wright.

#12 LA Chargers — Jared Verse (EDGE, Florida State)
Khalil Mack’s had a good year but he turns 33 in February and Joey Bosa has too many injuries. Why not add another pass rusher? Verse had an underwhelming season but showed his potential against Louisville.

#13 Buffalo — Taliese Fugue (T, Oregon State)
A big, brutal right tackle who plays with a punisher’s mentality.

#14 Denver — Laiatu Latu (DE, UCLA)
The injury history needs to be checked but he looks so much like Jaelen Phillips who went in this range (and also had similar health issues).

#15 Washington (v/SEA) — JC Latham (T, Alabama)
The balance, control and tippy-tappy feet he has at his size is astonishing.

#16 LA Rams — Troy Fautanu (T/G, Washington)
He reminds me of Alijah Vera-Tucker and could play tackle or guard at the next level.

#17 Cincinnati — Amarius Mims (T, Georgia)
It’s remarkable how big he is while carrying almost no bad weight. Teams are going to be struck by his frame and physical talent.

#18 Arizona (v/HOU) — Chop Robinson (EDGE, Penn State)
He’s so dynamic and quick off the edge and his best football should come at the next level.

#19 Atlanta — Jer’Zhan Newton (DT, Illinois)
The Falcons are a big ‘best player available’ team and that would be Newton here.

#20 Green Bay — Bralen Trice (DE, Washington)
He can run a 4.2 short shuttle at 270lbs. Enough said.

#21 Minnesota — Graham Barton (OL, Duke)
He can pretty much play anywhere in the interior, after excelling at left tackle for Duke. A terrific prospect. The only thing that lets him down is his short arms.

#22 Indianapolis — Xavier Legette (WR, South Carolina)
He’s had an incredible year and can run in the 4.3’s at his size. He will go early.

#23 Pittsburgh — Terrion Arnold (CB, Alabama)
Mike Tomlin would love his character and attitude and he’s had a tremendous season for Alabama.

#24 Houston (v/CLE) — Joe Alt (T, Notre Dame)
I think he’s a right tackle at the next level.

#25 Kansas City — Keon Coleman (WR, Florida State)
It’s very, very clear that the Chiefs need to add some quality at receiver.

#26 Jacksonville — Nate Wiggins (CB, Clemson)
Has the frame the NFL likes but could stand to play with a bit more intensity.

#27 Dallas — Cooper DeJean (S, Iowa)
A highly athletic chess-piece for the back end of the Dallas defense.

#28 Detroit — Kool-aid McKinstry (CB, Alabama)
Not as storied as the draft media have been saying but certainly worthy of a top-50 placing.

#29 San Francisco — Jacob Cowing (WR, Arizona)
He’s so underrated. His routes, athleticism, catching ability — everything — is so natural. One of my favourite players in the class.

#30 Baltimore — Dallas Turner (EDGE, Baltimore)
He feels like a classic Ravens pick.

#31 Miami — Kingsley Suamataia (T, BYU)
A big, rare athlete who has extreme potential and can play left or right tackle.

#32 Philadelphia — Payton Wilson (LB, NC State)
The injuries are a concern but he’s a sensational athlete and playmaker.

The trades explained

— The Seahawks move up from #15 to #4 to select Quinn Ewers. For a multitude of reasons, they need to make a big move this off-season. The franchise is flat. Pete Carroll’s record before (15-19) and after (15-15) Russell Wilson is mediocre. It’s increasingly looking like they need a difference maker at quarterback. C.J. Stroud has shown it’s possible to reach that level quickly and he has energised the Texans. Plus they’ve spent two drafts building up the roster. It feels like it’s time to replace Wilson. Hopefully they’ll do the right thing and finally appoint a quality offensive coordinator at a big cost to help the new QB take to the pro’s.

— The Saints are in the same boat as Seattle. An expensive and underperforming defense, some talented playmakers on offense but suffering due to uninspired coaching, an ageing, average quarterback and the whole franchise just needs a jolt. If they move up for LSU’s star player, it’d be well received. There’s chatter already that New Orleans will be aggressive.

I don’t think it’s plausible for the Seahawks, Saints or anyone else to trade up to #1 or #2, given the likelihood of the Bears and Patriots sticking and picking.

Further thoughts on Seattle’s pick

When I look online, half the Seahawks fan base seems to have already decided they want Michael Penix Jr because he plays for the Huskies. As explained in my horizontal board article, there are legitimate reasons why Penix might not be a first round pick. Added to that, I don’t think he’d be a great fit for the Seahawks aside from his ability to drive the ball downfield. I think his best fit would be to land with a team leaning into Miami’s offensive system, acting as a bigger-armed Tua Tagovailoa.

I think John Schneider will be a huge admirer of Quinn Ewers. When you properly study Ewers, there are so many traits that will stand out to pro-scouts in a way that perhaps the draft media aren’t as likely to highlight. His release is exceptional. There are throws where he has to make a very quick decision under pressure and there’s no wasted motion on the stroke. Some of the whip-like releases he’s shown have to be seen to be believed.

Ewers has easy arm strength with an ability to throw a Wilson-esque moon-ball. Lance Zierlein calls it ‘late life’. He explained to me a few months ago what it means:

“The ball seems to have similar energy in the final third of the deep ball as in the first third of the deep ball. Some QB’s have throws that just look like the ball dies on them late in the trajectory and some quarterbacks like Josh Allen and Aaron Rodgers have late life.”

We were specifically discussing Ewers here — and it’s notable that Allen was admired by Schneider and Rodgers was drafted by the Packers during Schneider’s tenure.

Ewers throws layered passes to all areas, throws in the modern style from different angles, functions within a system that carries some pro-crossover given he works with Steve Sarkisian and he’s a far better athlete than many realise. He throws with great anticipation already, he’s throwing receivers open and he has elevated Texas back to a level they’ve been chasing for years.

He can scramble to extend plays, throw on the run and he can make decent gains as a running threat. He led his team to one of the wins of the season at Alabama.

There are very few players with the natural talent Ewers has. As soon as he headed to Ohio State early, he’s been on a NFL trajectory. The buzz around him has been significant and noticeable. If he doesn’t declare, I’d predict he’ll be a top-two pick in 2025. He is going to go early. It’s clear on tape he isn’t the finished article because you see erratic errors and bad decisions. However, NFL scouts are going to project ahead to what he can become. With the right guidance, the sky’s the limit for Quinn Ewers.

I think Schneider will have a twinkle in his eye for this specific quarterback. I’m sure he won’t be the only player rated highly — but I’ve felt for some time that Ewers could be Schneider’s guy.

The key question is whether he’ll declare. Recent reports are suggesting he’s leaning to returning to Texas in 2024. However, if he wins the National Championship — that could change. What else would he have to prove? For a player who was believed to be on a ‘three-and-out’ path to the pro’s, it’d be mission accomplished. Especially with Arch Manning waiting in the wings for the Longhorns.

It’ll be intriguing to see what happens in the playoffs. I hope Ewers turns pro and if he does, I think there’s every chance he will be the player the Seahawks target and potentially move up for.

If you missed my first published horizontal board for the 2024 NFL draft, please check it out here. And if you can share it around the internet, even better.

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  1. CJ

    Fantastic work again, Rob!

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you

  2. Jabroni-DC

    Another thing for Ewers to consider is that he would have to play a full SEC schedule next year in addition to a road game at Michigan. The chances of getting whacked go up dramatically as the quality of defenses goes up.

    • BK26

      Great point.

      Also something else: his injuries. Do you want to add onto that already and let those pile on? SEC hits much differently compared to the Big 12.

      I almost said that he is not a big guy, but per wikipedia, he’s an inch taller than Rattler. Rattler has him by 22 lbs though.

    • cha

      Probably raises his profile to the point where he could double his NIL money though.

      • Jabroni-DC

        There’s that.

        Looks like Devon Witherspoon received a pretty significant signing bonus as the #5 pick to the tune of $20,171,748. Not too shabby.

        Things to consider.

  3. RipleyRay

    You didn’t say but I am wondering what you have Seattle giving up in “package of picks” to move up.

    • Rob Staton

      I deliberately didn’t want to go there, it could become more of a talking point than the actual move and pick.

      But it would need to involve at least your 2025 first rounder, other picks and maybe a player.

      • RipleyRay

        Fair enough. Thought there was probably a reason for the omission.

      • Rick

        If Ewers does not declare do you see the Seahawks taking Rattler?

  4. Jabroni-DC

    Curious what you have Seattle giving up to move to #4?

    • Jabroni-DC


  5. Palatypus

    Rob said,

    — The Saints are in the same boat as Seattle. An expensive and underperforming defense, some talented playmakers on offense but suffering due to uninspired coaching, an ageing, average quarterback and the whole franchise just needs a jolt. If they move up for LSU’s star player, it’d be well received. There’s chatter already that New Orleans will be aggressive.

    Over at SaintsReport .com they are pounding the table for Jayden Daniels. Some take of Pennix and Nix. No mention of Michael Pratt, who is literally in their backyard. You can see the Tulane campus from Canal Street.

  6. cha

    Well done Rob.

    -I too hope Ewers declares, even if he isn’t the Seahawks’ guy

    -I lovehate the Saints trading up for Daniels. It makes sense in a way that irritates me greatly.

    -A lot of your comments seem to reflect your board, intended or not. There are a lot of guys that would be great 2nd rounders there…whether it is experience, polish, or a trait or two.

    -Houston drafting a RT with Cleveland’s pick makes sense. Goodness gracious. Two first round OL picks and Will Anderson for a disgraced Deshaun Watson. The NFL’s universe arcs towards justice here (sorry Dr King).

    -9 OL in the first round is impressive. What is driving this do you think? Just the available talent swinging or is OL making a run to compete with DL for the most talented HS players?

    -Chop Robinson is fine at 18. I guess. He should go much higher based on name alone. That’s an all-timer. Kool-Aid McKinstry? Only if he gets drafted by the Chiefs or Cardinals. Maybe Houston to promote their all red alternates.

    -If Daboll / new coach can’t get Daniel Jones to improve (or be protected) I fear Odunze will just be running routes to nowhere. But I cannot argue with the pick and placement.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s a great OL draft early — on the Giants, I think they could take Penix or Nix day two

      • cha

        Bo Nix throwing to Odunze?

        This will not stand, sir.

        • Rob Staton


  7. BK26

    Rob, if Ewers does come back, would you just slide Daniels up in place?

    I could see the Saints getting into a bidding war to make sure that they get Daniels. Local savior.

    • Rob Staton

      Yes — or there’s Rattler

      • BK26

        I would rather let the Saints work themselves up making sure to get Daniels and we take Rattler, but there is way, way too much time to worry about being that specific.

        This is amazing for getting ideas going. You’ve been on point this week.

  8. Big Mike

    Christmas on the 6th of December!
    Thanks much for this Rob.

  9. cha

    Jamal Adams and the Seahawks deserve each other.

    • Rob Staton

      For those wondering, cha is referring to this:

      It’s an absolute disgrace, AGAIN.

      I’m starting to lose a bit of love for this team over this. If they’re asking me to root for this guy on Sunday, they can get stuffed

      • Big Mike

        Jamal Adams, POS
        Pete Carroll, enabler

        The sooner these 2 are gone the better.

        Is THIS how you want your franchise represented publicly Jody?
        Are these the people you want front and center for your franchise Jody?
        Are you going to tacitly accept this behavior by doing nothing Jody?

        • BobbyK

          The only difference between a bucket of crap and Jamal Adams is the bucket.

          I’ve been a fan since ’83 and that has been, by far, the single worst trade in franchise history (I wasn’t a fan when they traded the rights to Tony Dorsett). He went from a smelly pile of crap to this toxic waste crap. You can’t get worse than him. And Carroll continually embraces him. Puke.

      • Jabroni-DC

        It would make sense to cut Jamal before he gets hurt again & we’re on the hook for another $50+ million. Pete has a window of political cover known as ’cause’.

        • Big Mike

          I suggested this would be the perfect out for Carroll yesterday but as I also stated yesterday, I don’t believe he’ll do it. I believe he would have already done so if he was going to. Instead he’s going to desperately hold on to this guy for another season after this in the continuing desperate attempt to somehow, some way save face on the worst trade in franchise history.
          Welcome to the continuing Pete Carroll vanity project.

          • Jabroni-DC

            There’s no one left in the room to check Pete or tell him that something is a foolish move. All his great works are being replaced with garbage.

            Parallel to George Lucas after the original Star Wars trilogy. No one was left to tell him that Phantom Menace was a horrible film & a smear on the legacy of his earlier Championship films. Not to mention his employing the stupidest character in history, Jar-Jar Binks, the Jamal Adams of the Star Wars universe.

            • Luis

              Jar jar Binks was cut, so there’s hope

      • BK26

        All I’ll say is that you need radiation to get rid of cancer.

        What a pathetic, weak coward.

        • Big Mike

          And as I said yesterday the fact that Pete Carroll is allowing this person (he’s no man) to stay on his team makes him every bit as culpable in this as Adams is

          • Rokas

            Really, as culpable as Adams? Should he just cut him for this post?

            • Big Mike

              imo, yes

      • Andrew M

        JFC- this defiance on Jamal’s part is almost unbelievable. Almost. There is no way I can root for this guy anymore. The trade was one thing, the contract extension was a colossal mistake, but then as a loyal fan I’d sit there on Sundays and reluctantly cheer when he was able to make plays, which has been a dwindling return on investment for some time. And he crossed the line into total D Bag territory with that tweet, and now he decides to just keep moving the line. What an ass. He doesn’t know that by attacking a sports writer in that manner is only going to put him under the microscope of any other writer who wants to get an easy dig at him? Classless, arrogant, and plain dumb. Home fans who are going to anymore games should make their own big signs to waive at the defense that just say “Yikes!”

      • icb12

        That article.. Jamal… Yikes! And Yikes again!

      • geoff u

        Horrible trade, horrible player, horrible person. Can’t believe they reworked his contract to make things even worse. This is beyond ridiculous.

      • McZ


        This has to go full on Pete Carroll, not reigning in one of his idiot players and – honestly – one of his cronies.

        Once again, he is showing how much out of touch he is with managing a locker room. Again. And again.

        I guess, it did the trick finding distractions clouding the incoming implosion of the season!?

        I cannot really understand the ignorant part of the fanbase not calling BS on this. And next day, those Twitter-addicts will senselessly roast some politician, tell everybody how much Brie Larson has hurt their souls or whining about Jerry DiPoto cleaning the house of the K-kings and bad contracts.

        Marvelous times.

    • Pran

      Adams and Pete deserve each other…Seahawks suffer!

    • Big Mike

      Hey AL
      Got a comment?

      • BK26

        Staaaaaawp. You’re too hard on him. Everyone hates him irrationally.

        • Rob Staton


          That someone criticised Big Mike for being too harsh on Adams like five days ago

          • BK26

            Oh I know, I was commenting along with Mike then.

            Then all of this started literally the next day 🤣

            • Big Mike

              And the silence since this did start has been deafening

    • Sea Mode

      Doubling down on this is the lowest of the low. I can’t believe what I just read. What an absolute loser.

      • Rob Staton

        And the Seahawks are going to ask every single one of us to root for this absolute loser on Sunday

        No thanks

        Jog on

      • bmseattle

        “I hate that I had to bring her into the situation…”

        What a petty little piece of crap he is.
        I will now actively hope for him to fail in every aspect of his career.
        I mean… I hate to have to do that, but…

        • JimQ

          Can y’all that attend games repeatedly say the word BOO????

    • Demitrov

      I mean, Jesus… you read the article and it just keep getting worse. What’s next for Jamal? Going after someone’s kids? Because he blatantly saying he’ll do whatever it takes to hurt someone. I can almost understand the silence on the Seahawks part of just hoping it’ll just go away bit after this doubling down and Jamal basically saying the organization didn’t say shit to him to knock it off, the organization becomes complicit. Robs culture rant on the Seahawks is looking more and more prescient.

    • cha

      For those wondering, if the Seahawks cut Adams today

      There would be no savings on the 2023 cap. I suppose the Seahawks could pursue the remaining ~$250-300k in 2023 salary as a breach of contract by idiotic conduct type clause, but why?

      In 2024, they’d have a $20.8m dead cap and gain $6.083m in cap room

      They are free and clear in 2025 (so the $27.916m hit would be off the books).

      • Ground_Hawk

        Pete and John could save face by cutting him and cite their desire to stick with the cultutre that they’ve been trying to establish as reason for cutting him, not that he’s just a d-bag who sucks.

        • Rob Staton


        • cha

          Given the position that Pete has already staked out in today’s press conference. I think the route they’ll go is Sunday Adams will have “a knee flareup,” and he “just can’t go.”

          • Big Mike

            The chickenshit way out? Shocker

            • bmseattle

              It’s difficult to believe anything that Pete ever says about “accountability”, since he is unable to apply the word to himself.

        • McZ

          Either this, or they retain him showing that the culture was really the invisible band of a certain breed of players long gone.

          I stopped buying this “Pete culture” thing 2017.

      • Peter

        When we get 6 million in free cap it will be darkly comedic to see his open market worth of around…..6 million.

        • Rob Staton


        • geoff u

          In the words of one much wiser than I: yikes.

        • Carl

          I doubt he even gets that much

    • KennyBadger

      May the boos rain down upon this overpaid washed up POS if he goes long enough without injury to get introduced in the starting lineup at a home game. What an absolute puke. I’d rather Cody Barton start at safety than this peacock.

  10. Ben - Fort Worth

    I could see Penix in Atlanta. I think that’d be the best place for him to be honest. Drake Lindon, Kyle Pitts, and Bijan Robinson already in place as your weapons. Yes please.

    • Palatypus

      I could see it. But they might need to draft a tackle to protect him. Seems like they are always having health problems on the line.

  11. Jabroni-DC

    It took me a while to figure out that Tony Pauline had left pro football network & longer to find him at sportskeeda. Anyway, here’s his Nov. 30 write up on Spencer Rattler.

    • Palatypus


      At the Thursday Senior Bowl practice last year, I found myself quite accidentally standing behind Lance Zierline while someone from Pro Football Focus was interviewing him with a handheld digital tape recorder.

      • Palatypus

        Actually it’s spelled Zierlein,

    • Palatypus

      Not one word about his offensive line in that scouting report.

    • PatrickH

      Wow, Tony Pauline gave a 7th round grade to Spencer Rattler. This is not what I expected. A quote from the article:

      “Spencer Rattler has flashed his ability as a deep passer in recent seasons. However, he was often late with his throws, has receivers adjusting for passes and all too often throws the ball into coverage.
      The QB’s inability to read opposing defenses or find players in the secondary consistently has led to a lot of turnovers and missed opportunities for the South Carolina offense.”

      • McZ

        I’m not a Rattler fan myself, but this is much too harsh.

        Quinn Ewers would do it for me. I even think, with the right HC, Nix could be a menace.

        And Jayden Daniels IMO will light up the NFL. He is a complete surefire player.

        But, why oh why haven’t we simply drafted Will Levis? Drafting a QB was overdue in 2023.

      • Rob Staton

        Obviously I disagree very strongly with Tony on this one 😂

  12. BobbyK

    I love how the Cowboys have a dynamic and powerful offense with OC Brian Shottenheimer. But he’s too stupid for Pete Carroll. The only common denominator is Pete Carroll still fields a worthless offense and Shottenheimer’s is dominating the league. Anyone else find it “funny” how Carroll’s defense could not stop Schottenheimer’s offense one single bit Thursday? Pete is becoming a painful joke.

    It’s time to get a QB and pair him with an offensive head coach. There’s lots of talent on this Seahawks offense. Get the QB and coach pairing and lets have some fun again. I’m willing to go through growing pains in ’25 because I know it’ll be setting the organization up for long term success.

    Enough of Pete Carroll and him always competing for NOW. I’m sick of now (latest debacle, Leonard Williams trade). Let’s look out for the long-term and only make those Leonard Williams type trades when you truly are only one player away.

    • Peter

      4 losses since trading for Williams…

      Yeah let’s mutually part with a top 10 offense having OC sounds perfect.

    • PatrickH

      Even though Shottenheimer has the title of OC, Mike McCarthy is actually calling the offensive plays for the Cowboys. From what I can gather from Cowboys websites, he is essentially McCarthy”s assistant in designing plays and a glorified QB coach.

  13. Peter


    Killer stuff.

    Daniels to Atlanta is the move I see.

    I’ve got this (irrational?) Fear that mcvay will make a move for Rattler.

    • Big Mike

      It’s McVay so no, it’s not irrational.

      • Peter

        Stafford at 36 as a bridge and the rams getting the 20th overall pick….the they wanted it more than us + mcvay offensive genius fields a better defense with no name 3rd rounders than us prize.

        • geoff u

          McVeigh trading right above us to pick the 5th QB while we stand pat would be peak Seahawky

          • Peter

            At least we will all know we were right in it til the end.

            • Big Mike

              Awesome Peter

    • Rob Staton

      Rattler + McVay would be scary

  14. BK26

    Dan Orlovsky’s knocks on Caleb Williams: too small (that’s a new one, thinks his measurements aren’t correct), can’t play in a structured offense, had to score 42 pts to win so he is only thinking big play, that he needs development (this is talking as if the Bears were thinking between him and Fields), and he can’t go through professions.

    It’s almost like this guy doesn’t know football…. Oh, wait….

    • Rob Staton

      Sounds like he needs to last to the Seahawks pick then

  15. Ground_Hawk

    Great content Rob!

    After Jamal’s latest bs it feels like Seattle must take a Safety sometime early, and also cut Jamal asap.

    He’s on your board and Nubin from MINN had a good year, so Seattle could go safety with one of their 3rds and close the Jamal Adams chapter for good.

    • IHeartTacoma

      It seems like Minnesota has sent some good players to the NFL lately. They are doing something right recruiting-wise.
      And Bucky Irving was a Gopher too, so I can include him for argument’s sake. I like him a lot and will be interested to see where he lands.

    • Rob Staton

      No more high picks at safety

      The veteran market has collapsed — just go and find two cost-effective starters

      Ditto at linebacker

      The next big moves in the off-season should only be to transfer cap money to the trenches and draft a QB

      • Ground_Hawk

        McNubin though…lol.

        But seriously, I hear you on not wanting to spend anymore high picks, but I’m just ready for Seattle to close this Jamal Adams door and lock it and move on.

  16. Rob Staton

    Video thoughts on Jamal Adams

  17. Lord Snow

    I’m more sick of Pete Caroll than Jamal Adams. And I’m really really really sick of Jamal Adams

    • Gross MaToast

      Amen to that. Pete’s working retirement vanity project is starting to blow up in his face.

      The loudest voices in the locker room are two vastly overpaid safeties who grade out as among the worst in the league. To top it off, Adams is a shit weasel. This reflects more on Pete than any game he will ever coach again.

  18. Brodie

    I don’t care if Jamal apologizes, it won’t mean a thing. Dude is rotten.

    This whole mess has gone from bad (trade), to worse (extension), to pathetic (play) to unforgiveable (off-field).

    I don’t ever want to see this POS in a Seahawk uniform. I’m honestly thinking of going to the home games just to lose my voice booing him.

    Disgusting representation of the team and the worst ‘role model’ we could have for our young guys. GTFO #33

    • Rob Staton


    • Peter

      I feel this.

      The concern I have is kind of crap seeps out to everyone. If your leaders are two goofs who spend more time with their press clippings and in adams case doubling down on it, how to do hold any accountable for anything.

    • jed

      Any apology at this point would be so fake and forced even KJ couldn’t believe it.

      This whole team is so sad. A handful of guys one this team are extraordinarily tough to root for. Pete’s acting like it doesn’t matter, which means it doesn’t matter to him.

      On the field, Pete’s admitting he’s getting out-coached & his team wasn’t prepared well. They look like it too.

      It’s time. Make it seem like it’s his decision, build a statue, and move on.

      I also really enjoyed the mock draft and article and hope something like this happens.

    • BK26

      Hopefully change starts with all of these whispers….

    • bmseattle

      Good for Hugh.
      He’s not backing down on this.

      • Big Mike


  19. CJ

    I’ve never rooted for the Hawks to lose, even when it would have helped our draft position. And I’ve never rooted for ANY player to get injured, even players I strongly disliked. But man, Jamal and the PeteHawks are making me question my values.

    Is it too much to want a team that’s fun to root for? That doesn’t have guys with DUI charges, or laying hands on women etc? A team that can own up to shortcomings with honesty and sincerity instead of false bravado, platitudes and cliches?

    I remember reading about Pete Carroll when he was first hired, and how his departure from USC seemed to go. And learning about Reggie Bush’s house, the sanctions on USC etc. And I realize know that Pete never really changed, he just move to a bigger stage.

    I’m a sad Seahawks fan right now.

  20. LouCityHawk

    My next post is going to be about Rob’s Mock, but I have a Prez related question.

    Could someone explain to me the difference between the character concerns with Prez, Carter and Thibadeaux? Cause prez seems more cancerous than the other two.

    • Palatypus

      Carter committed a crime and someone is dead because of it.

      Then he went to the most important job interview of his life and performed horribly.

      • LouCityHawk

        Cut from the same cloth, maybe more excusable for Carter?

        Reminds me of the quote, “once you make an exception you become a team of exceptions”

        • Palatypus


    • Brodie

      Thibs sees football as a means to an end from my understanding. He’s got the natural talent to be great, but half of the passion for the game that most NFLers do.

      The big knock on him in his interviews was that he spent the majority of the time talking about his ‘brand’.

    • icb12

      Simple really.

      Adams is an egotistical asshat, general douchenozzle and a shitty human.
      Carter is an irresponsible, lazy, coddled and entitled moron.
      Thibs is a weirdo that maybe isn’t in love with his job.

      • Big Mike

        Summed up nicely. Bravo

  21. LouCityHawk

    Generally speaking, this was pretty close to my own mock I did recently where I had the Seahawks trading up to 8, except that I had the Pats take Daniels and a couple other changes (DeJean in the top 15, no Payton Wilson or Cowing).

    My bigger questions are about the two DT that are gathering steam, T’Vondre Sweat keeps getting better as this season goes on, I feel like he should go late first as he is superior to Mazi Smith. This is heartbreaking to me because I would love to see him in Action Green, but the third round feels like a pipe dream.

    A lot of media outlets seem to be suggesting that Sanders will turn pro, which would shake up the rankings and the first round a lot. Does anyone have anything recent or definitive on this?

    My wishlist for this draft looks like it won’t get much love, but one of the two Iowa tight ends would be great. Along with a coordinator that uses tight ends.

    This might be one of the deepest receiver drafts in memory, Thrash isn’t even on the horizontal board and he is a damn good receiver.

    Overall, this is feeling like one of those years where the draft ends up very weird.

    • Big Mike

      Rob, where would you rank Sanders if he does come out? Top 10? Later?

      • Rob Staton

        Stopped studying him very early in season, would need to watch more

        • Peter

          NIL valuation on 4.6 million this year.

          Could be more next year.

          He’s not going first overall so the chasm between possibly 6 million to stay at CU and be a mid round pick is not that great financially.

          Next year he can propel himself to 1 overall. Possibly.

  22. Ground_Hawk

    Thanks again for the quality work Rob! I had some fun with a rd1-5, no trades, Seattle mock draft using your horizontal board:

    R1. 15 Rattler QB SC, qbotf
    R3. 77 Gray LB NC, good college production and would be lb depth post BWagz
    *R3. 81 Nubin S MINN, start for replacing both Jamal and Diggs
    R4. 117 Fiske DT FSU, WMU transfer who has some fire to his game
    R5. 151 Sinnott TE KSU, need a cheaper contract than Dissly and/or Fant

    *Maybe go with a WR at 81 instead of S

    • Jabroni-DC

      I did a 4 rounder that was very similar earlier today.

      R1 Rattler
      R2 Van Pran (traded both 3rd rounders to move up)
      R4 Fiske

      • Ground_Hawk

        Nice! I wouldn’t be surprised if they move back into the 2nd for some DL or OL baddie. Reading around that Van Pran could be out of our range as a late r1 or early r2 pick.

  23. Jabroni-DC

    We could have had Ryan Neal, a better SS, for $1.1M. He’s available in 2024 as an UFA.

    • Big Mike


    • GrittyHawk

      Eh. I mean I agree I’d rather pay nothing for Neal than $27M for Adams, but there’s a reason Neal drew zero interest on the FA market and is now playing for the vet minimum. According to PFR’s stats, he has allowed 29 completions on 31 targets in coverage this year, for 553 yards and 5 TDs. Neal was a decent depth player and I wouldn’t mind bringing him back in that capacity but we can do much better for the amount of money we’ll free up cutting Adams.

      • Peter

        Seahawks getting hefty pay days with no interest in the free agent market are not feeling this comment.

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        Jamal Adams’ has allowed 26 receptions on 30 targets. So not that much better for more money and tons more baggage.

  24. Jabroni-DC

    Maybe we need to make T-shirts or fly an aircraft banner with “FEEL THE HEAT PETE”.
    “HOT SEAT PETE”. Something.

  25. Jabroni-DC

    Now it’s getting more press. Keep talking Jamal.

    Less than an hour earlier, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll was asked about Adams’ X posts. He clearly wasn’t thrilled.
    “We addressed it with him. I don’t know if it was a great decision at the time. I don’t know the details of it, but I know that he realized he needed to take it down,” Carroll said. “We don’t want to be part of that.”

    Carroll’s answer was relayed to Adams.

    What was that conversation like with Pete?

    Adams gave a giant smile and said, “It was a great conversation.”

    The article summary is on point & the whole thing is worth a read.

    We all know, though — there’s clapping back at your critics, and then there’s going after someone’s spouse. Adams crossed the line. He’s choosing to stay across that line. And in the minds of Seahawks fans, he might never be able to go back.

    • GrittyHawk

      Usually when you “clap back” at a critic, you prove them wrong in some way. Clapbacks aren’t quite as effective after you get roasted in man coverage and lose the game for your team lol.

  26. Mick

    Such a pity that Rob gives us something so interesting to think about and we end up talking about Jamal Adams. I want him gone, and the very least we should do is bench him until he reconsiders his actions. Not that we would miss him too much anyways.

    I like that Rob didn’t disclose what we’d give up in a trade for #4. I’m down for whatever it takes, it’s the only way to get out of this mediocrity. I could also live with Daniels and Rattler, if John likes one them more.

    • Big Mike

      until he reconsiders his actions

      First of all, I don’t see him ever doing that considering he doubled down on it yesterday and secondly, even if he did it would be fake like his tough guy act.

      • AlaskaHawk

        More material for the lawsuit that will occur.

  27. Palatypus

    And the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award goes to…

    Taylor Swift.

    Jamal Adams is crushed.

    • GrittyHawk


  28. Peanut

    Ewers, Daniels and Rattler, give me either and i’ll be happy as can be. Mock season is slowly starting, fun times! Also man this nfl season really flew by

  29. Ben - Fort Worth

    Keon Coleman for me, isn’t a first round WR. He’s not a very good route runner. Great size, great speed, but he cannot seperate from his defenders. He runs a good straight line and can go up and get the ball, but not much else. That’s the only trait I feel like he really possess’s.

    • Rob Staton

      Keon Coleman for me, isn’t a first round WR

      I agree, I graded him day two

      But that’s the benefit of the horizontal board — it emphasises that when you get to the late first, you’re going to see players that you might’ve graded for day two be selected because there aren’t any alternatives

      • Ben - Fort Worth

        That’s what I really enjoy about your boards. Getting to discuss certain players, regardless of how we feel about them. Just the conversations in general are what I enjoy most about this blog.

        And to reiterate what I said about Brian Thomas Jr. Even though I feel like his upside is that of the 2nd best receiver in this class, I feel as though his floor is that of a complete BUST. I see this guy, and there is just so much potential there. But how many different prospects have we seen that with?

    • Palatypus

      Keon Coleman also returns kicks.

  30. London Seahawk

    Fun times indeed… the one silver lining of starting to drift into a mediocre season is the exciting prospect (hope!) of drafting a QB – and injecting all Rob’s draft coverage about it into my veins 🙂

    Rob – this is an exciting piece…

    Reading it I was thinking an interesting exercise would be to merge this year’s – say top 5 – QB prospects with last year’s, and rank them as a group… according to how you were viewing those prospects close to last year’s draft (maybe weighted with your view on their NFL career start too).

    We all got to know those prospects very well last year and it’s a nice clear/recent frame of reference for us to try and get a handle on how good *you* think these guys are / can be, and how excited we should be about them.

    Anyway, keep up the awesome work.

  31. Mr drucker in hooterville

    This on a week that the Mariners are being exposed. Tough week to be a Seattle pro sports fan.

    • Big Mike

      47 seasons and counting………….Ms franchise is as low as it gets

  32. Mr drucker in hooterville

    Rob, seeing Witherspoon and Levis, would you have drafted Levis?

  33. samprassultanofswat

    The trade for Jamal Adams just gets worse by the day. Pete’s loyalty to crappy players is frustrating and it is driving me insane.

    • Thatonedude

      Couldn’t agree more

  34. DAWGFan

    Physically and talent wise I think Ewers is a marvel. But he seems to stare down his primary and doesn’t do well with his 2nd and 3rd reads, relying on his ridiculous arm strength and quick release. After seeing Daniels in the PAC I have been really surprised by his success at LSU, the game looks like it has slowed down for him. To me he is the clear #2 QB in this draft behind Williams.

  35. Neal

    Don’t you have them moving up to draft a QB every year?

    • Rob Staton


      This is literally the first time I’ve ever put it in a mock

      Nice try, though

  36. Andrew

    Great work as always, Rob. Love your content. Of the 3 non “top 2” QBs (ewers, daniels, rattler), how would you rank them? I’d be happy with any of the 3.

    • Rob Staton

      Like all three

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