It’s time for the Seahawks to be aggressive

The floodgates are open.

By spending over $15m on two players — Gerald Everett and Gabe Jackson — the Seahawks used any remaining cap space.

Combined with Poona Ford’s extension and the addition of Ahkello Witherspoon, they’re now in the red. They’ll need to create cap space.

So why stop there?

Neither the Everett or Jackson move was calculated, value shopping in the market. These were two aggressive additions.

$6m on a tight end with a stat-line of 417 yards and one touchdown in 2019 — playing in the offense you want to lend from going forward — is a big investment.

Using one of only four remaining draft picks on an ageing guard with a contract worth $9.35m is no small thing either.

In isolation it’s easy to pick holes. Everett’s lack of production and Jackson’s age and declining performance (63.7 PFF grade in 2020 — the 40th best guard in the league) are at least worthy of consideration and discussion.

But if they are part of a more aggressive free agency approach this off-season, then it’s harder to criticise a team shooting its shot.

It basically comes down to this. If these two moves are Seattle’s only real powerplay in the veteran market — we’ll compare the $15m investment to other signings made by other teams.

It’ll be no different than looking at the +$10m spent on Greg Olsen and Jacob Hollister a year ago, or the +$9m they spent on Brandon Shell, Cedric Ogbuehi and B.J. Finney, when Jack Conklin was available for $8m in year one of a multi-season contract.

Yet if the Seahawks just want to go for it — at least then you can’t accuse them of not giving themselves a chance.

That was part of the issue last year. They had so much cap space and sat idly by while the top players left the board. We could all see they hadn’t come close to fixing the pass rush or setting themselves up for the draft.

By the time training camp arrived they still hadn’t addressed key needs — leading to the overly-expensive Jamal Adams trade and starting the season with one of the worst defensive units in the NFL.

It can be different this year. They’re already over the cap, so why stop there?

It is perfectly plausible to create cap space without screwing yourself down the line. If there’s a trade that enables you to recoup draft stock and gain salary relief, do it.

And then get stuck into the remaining options on the market.

This is the time period in 2011 and 2013 when the Seahawks went to work — landing the likes of Zach Miller, Sidney Rice, Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril.

This team has been desperate for impact signings like that for a long time, with the draft providing minimal results over the last few years.

Kenny Golladay appears destined to join either the Giants or the Browns. Yet Will Fuller, JuJu Smith-Schuster and Sammy Watkins are still available.

Wouldn’t it be something to see one of those three admirably filling the WR3 position in Seattle, creating a dynamic receiving trio Russell Wilson couldn’t help but admire?

In the case of Fuller and Smith-Schuster, you could even structure a smaller year-one cap hit. Or lean on Wilson to convince them to sign a prove-it deal. Come and play with one of the best in the game.

If you’re going to be so aggressive to make the Adams trade last August, why not consider something like this for your offense?

D.K. Metcalf, Tyler Lockett, Fuller or Smith-Schuster and Gerald Everett would be a potent attack. The rest of the NFC would be put on notice.

Then go and land a running back with the potential to lead your ground game. Seal the deal with Leonard Fournette and bank on him finding inspiration to turn all of his LSU promise into a proper pro-career. You pulled it off with Marshawn Lynch, can lightning strike twice?

Pair him with Mike Davis and have a proper one-two punch in 2021.

Then, perhaps most importantly, go and sort out your pass rush once and for all. Bring Carlos Dunlap home and pair him with another option. If it’s Benson Mayowa, so be it. It’s at least worth considering a Jadeveon Clowney return or the addition of Ryan Kerrigan or Kerry Hyder.

Why not make the pass rush rich in depth and a strength of the team?

Let’s keep this going. Can you bring Richard Sherman home, making cornerback a strength too? And after all this — why wouldn’t K.J. Wright fancy another run back as you create an exciting roster.

How realistic is it? Well here’s the thing. We’ve just seen the LA Rams pay Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey. They gave Jared Goff a huge contract, then paid him to go away. Ditto Todd Gurley. They paid their top two receivers and tight end. They then acquired Matthew Stafford’s contract.

They put themselves in cap hell — and still found a way to retain Leonard Floyd on a huge deal. How did they do it? By structuring his contract to only pay him $5.5m this year and backload the contract.

They’re currently $16m over the cap.

It’s not just the Rams. The Chiefs are paying Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, Frank Clark, Tyrann Mathieu and Chris Jones. They still splashed out for Joe Thuney and were in the hunt for Trent Williams.

In 2013 nobody thought it was possible to add Bennett and Avril after trading for (and paying) Percy Harvin. They pulled it off.

With minimal cap picks the Seahawks only really have free agency to put themselves in a far better position to compete in 2021. They have $58m of flexible non-guaranteed salary on the roster.

It’s time to be bold, creative and aggressive.

It’s time to load up the roster and become a contender.

That way — the $15m splurge yesterday looks less like an act of mild desperation and more like one small piece of a puzzle to get back to the top.

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  1. Belfasthawk

    They also have a boatload of cap space next year to do such a thing.

  2. KennyBadger

    Totally agree with the aggressive approach Rob, but I feel like they have to be more aggressive getting back into the draft with only having 3 picks now. Not sure where that capital is going to come from other than the blog favorite Jamal Adams trade.

    • Big Mike

      Trade him yesterday please

      • Roy Batyy

        I still think Pete is enamored enough with Adams that he will not part with him, no matter the cost. They will back load his contract and next year he will be a $25-27 mil safety.


        • Rob Staton

          I’m tempted to say if Pete was so enamoured, they would’ve signed him to a deal by now

          • Big Mike

            That is at least cause for hope

          • BobbyK

            Could become like Frank Clark. They intended to keep him but he wanted so much they decided to deal him instead. I hope. You keep the pass rusher, not the strong safety.

            • Rob Staton

              Agreed 100%

          • McZ

            Possibly, they tried to “be aggressively in” on Adams the last weeks, but are millions apart!?

            • Rob Staton

              Then they should move him like they did Clark

              • Roy Batty

                The hilarious (tragic) thing is that John works the numbers, Adams rejects them, Pete tells John to rework them, Adams rejects them…and so on, and so on…

          • Spencer

            That is a very good point. The longer they wait, the more leverage he has. Of course no one knows, but do you all see that as a pre-draft day move or day of?

  3. CallMeAL

    Rob, didn’t you say this in your last article about Gerald Everett?

    However, as a former second round pick he didn’t really deliver for the Rams. He never had more than the 417 yards he recorded in 2020

    A $6m contract is quite the commitment for that level of production.

    And this about Gabe Jackson?

    PFF graded Jackson at 63.7 in 2020 — the 40th best guard in the league. The year before he was given a 61.8 grade.

    My fear, expressed prior to this signing, is that he’s well past his best. Formerly one of the best guards in the league — I’m not sure he’s anywhere close to that level as he approaches 30.

    He’s also very expensive.

    Now your praising these as aggressive additions and saying are at least worthy of consideration and discussion? Based on your own player evaluations on these two players I see these as a continuation of past bad FA moves PC has made.

    Now your encouraging them to become more aggressive? I’m on the fence about that one as my fear would be they will make more bad decisions and over pay for the value they are getting.

    By the way, you have done an outstanding job providing us with content during the RW saga, player evaluations for the draft and FA. We are lucky to have you! I went in to my patron account to increase my donation and realized I hadn’t completed my email confirmation. Apologize for that.

    • Rob Staton

      Now your praising these as aggressive additions and saying are at least worthy of consideration and discussion? Based on your own player evaluations on these two players I see these as a continuation of past bad FA moves PC has made.

      No, I said if these two moves are part of an overall new and more aggressive approach to FA, I can accept that as an ‘all-in’ off-season.

      If these are the only big moves they make, they aren’t all-in and they just overpaid for two guys.

      • CallMeAL

        Ok, I can understand that by themselves those two additions would just be overpaying two guys. I would just rather see them overpay two guys that are actually good and have it be part of an overall strategy and plan.

        I’ve just taken a really negative view on JSPC over the past year. I guess I really need to work on being more positive about all things Seahawks…

        • Spencer

          Gabe Jackson is shy of $10m this year and next year, with zero guaranteed. With Thuney and some of the others getting these massive contracts, (granted they are at the top of the position) $10m doesn’t seem as bad. But I’m with you on his the way he has been trending the last two years. Although he didn’t surrender a sack in 2020 and gave up only 2 QB hits. Maybe with a change from Tom Cable to Mike Solari that trend can reverse for a few years. If that’s the case, I’d say good value…IF that happens.

      • GerryG

        Rolling the dice on Everett, who has shown a lot of potential and is still young, doesnt bother me too much, but the 6M hit this year, and being out of a TE again next off season doesnt sit right with me.

        • Spencer

          Just a guess here, but with both him and Dissly being free agents after 2021, maybe they want to see what they have in Parkinson, and if he is the real deal, then they can bring back whichever of the two they think best?
          But agreed, $6m was steep. I wonder if there were other interested teams that inflated his value. But I don’t see this being like Greg Olsen all over again. He is young, has potential, and can bring a lot with his system familiarity. I’m still not sure what they saw in Olsen that was worth $7m. I’m afraid it was mostly a move to please Russ.

    • Aaron Anthony Anderson

      I think I read that Jackson only gave up 3 sacks in 1000 snaps. We could use that protection.

      • Rob Staton

        He gave up 26 pressures though

        I would suggest that is a little more indicative for guards. It’s harder to beat them for sacks running through the interior.

  4. Russ

    They can create almost 27 million in cap space if they restructure Bobby, restructure Russ, and extend Lockett.

    They could do another 4.5 mil for Gabe Jackson, but I wouldn’t fault them if they want to keep the ability to cut him next year with no cap hit.

    Since it’s going to be hard to get back into the draft, the least they can do is get some cash together to address C and the DL.

    • CallMeAL

      Imagine a world where the Seahawks restructure a bunch of contracts to free up money, decreasing next years available cap space, and then spend it like they did last year. Completely throwing away fifty million.

      The thought scares me.

      • Russ

        I don’t disagree AL.

        That being said, what’s the other option? Go into next season with a ton of cap space where they potentially do something similar just on a larger scale?

        Eventually, we have to just look at the options and hope that PC JS makes smart choices with the cap space or draft picks they have.

        Since they have no draft picks and don’t appear to be active in looking for trades at the moment, I’m looking at, what I think, is the most plausible way to not waste another year of Russell Wilson.

        • CallMeAL

          The hope would be they would do something similar to what New England has done this year. Your correct though, spend some of it this year with the hope they make some good decisions. I just don’t see them being able to fix this roster this year, I think the best we can hope for is they make some good signings and start building a solid foundation for the future.

          Unfortunately I just don’t have any faith in PC’s ability to do that. I just see more of the same from last year happening. They really need to hire a consultant to give them some good advice lol.

          • Russ

            Here’s the plan –

            1. We get in contact with each other
            2. Create an NFL consulting LLC
            3. Get Rob on board
            4. Get hired by the Seahawks
            5. Fix the team

            Easy enough, right? 🙂

          • CallMeAL

            It’s really becoming a sad state of affairs when you feel like you could hire any head coaching candidate with the feeling that he couldn’t be any worse than PC!

            • CallMeAL

              There you go Russ, I’m onboard with that plan!!

          • Blitzy the Clown

            I don’t want Seattle to do what the Patriots did this FA. Not at all. Sure they signed some decent names. Hunter Henry, Jonnu Smith, Matt Judon, Nelson Agholor. But they also guaranteed $137.5 million of their contracts (2nd most ever) and that will be a problem in the next few seasons. Perhaps a significant one. No thanks

            • Spencer

              It’s also not a great comparison because they’re trying the Cam experiment for a second year and then who do they have under center? Teams with franchise QBs are a whole different animal than those who don’t.

  5. no frickin clue

    I would love to think that Adams will be traded and enable us to get back into the 1st round, but I’m dubious. Anyone trading for Adams in the final year of his contract will (presumably) want to negotiate a longer-term deal before making a trade, but the latest deals for safeties don’t suggest much of a bump in value over Adams’ current $9.86 million salary.

    Per PFT, here are the safeties that were UFAs heading into 2021 and ranked in their Top 100 Free Agents.

    4. Justin Simmons (Broncos) – franchise tag – $10.6 million price for 2021
    12. Anthony Harris (Vikings) – unsigned
    18. Marcus Williams (Saints) – franchise tag – $10.6 million
    27. John Johnson (Rams) – signed a 3-yr, $33.75 million deal with the Browns, $12 million guaranteed
    28. Marcus Maye (Jets) – franchise tag – $10.6 million
    81. Rayshawn Jenkins (Chargers) – signed 4-yr, $35 million deal with Jaguars, $16 million guaranteed

    If Adams has hopes of getting $18m – $20m per year on a new deal, it seems like the market is close to half of that. Whether he adopts another scorched-earth strategy to talk his way out of Seattle, in the same way he talked his way out of New York, is anyone’s guess.

    • Roy Batty

      I would gladly accept his scorched earth routine if it leads to the same amount of draft picks the Hawks traded to get him.

      • no frickin clue

        Truth. I’d be overjoyed if we could recoup three high picks for him. But seems like it’s not viewed as a premium position, which makes you wonder WTF Pete was thinking to give up that treasure trove in the first place.

        It feels like a guy in a Texas Hold ‘Em tournament who started out conservatively but with the occasional big bet (2010-2013: Rice, Miller, Lynch, Bennett, Avril, Harvin), started betting on flush draws (2014-2016: Graham, over-drafting Britt), lost a few hands that way, proceeded to bet on gutshot straight draws (2017-2019: McDowell, Richardson, Brown, Clowney), and then, after getting short-stacked, started going all-in on sketchy hands like J-9 offsuit (Adams).

        I think it’s time for Pete to pick up his remaining chips and leave.

        • Kendo

          I really like the poker analogy. It fits really well. I am in agreement that we won’t get much if anything in a trade. If teams are smart and want to agree a contract before doing a trade I could see Adams holding out for more money and the team pulling back because they don’t see his value in the same range. I don’t have confidence we’ll find a trade partner this late in FA for Bobby either. I think we’re stuck with Pete’s mistakes for awhile longer. If I was Russel I would either force my way out or walk when he becomes a FA.

    • CallMeAL

      Ah Jamal Adams, the gift that just keeps on giving!

    • Bigsteviej

      Besides the safeties on your list, other available FA’s include:

      — Kareem Jackson (PFF grade of > 80 the last two years)
      — Xavier Woods
      — Malik Hooker
      — Keanu Neal

      These guys are probably going to sign contracts in the $4 to 6 million APY range. To pay Adams $14+ mill/year would simply be nuts.

    • McZ

      As long as Adams’ market contains our very Seahawks FO, having paid a good chunk of precious draft capital on him with the need to save face, he will be good.

    • Peter

      Thanks for this. People want to talk about Malik Mcdowell…but for me it’s nice to be reminded of the time Seattle could have traded down and taken John Jonson III and/or Marcus Williams two players I loved in that draft and not drafted Tedric Thompson, Delano Hill, and Mike Tyson…..and not spent two firsts and a third for Adams and for 22 million could have had TWO pretty good, in all aspects, safeties. As opposed to zero draft stock and having to let walk or pay 18 plus for one safety next year…..

      Maybe the market stays in a holding pattern and Adams “is only,” worth 14-15 million but I doubt he’ll see it that way.

      • Feindt

        It gets better: Chicago drafted Eddie Jackson at 112 Tedric was 111 and Lano was 95 XDD
        Instead of McDowell you don’t trade down, draft TJ Watt and we wouldnt be void of pass rush let alone experienced all the moves that followed past the Frank Clark trade. But the ability to travel back in time has not been discovered yet.

        But not all hope is lost : If they trade Jamal Adams it means the have come to their senses. RW might have done everybody a favor, regardless of where he plays this season.

        • Peter

          That draft was maybe the worst ever? Tj watt and either of my safety choices…and seattle as a whole would be better off presumably now.

  6. Submanjoe

    Very reasonable article Rob. I agree with pretty much all of it. And yes, get Fournette! He’s the only back out there who be a workhorse power feature back.

  7. Hoggs41

    I could really see Will Fuller as an option as he would be a deep threat. Just not sure how much he could build his stock as a number three. Im guessing Juju would be to expensive. Keep waiting for cap space to olen which it has to soon. You would think Dunlap could be back very soon as well.

  8. Jason

    Adams isn’t going anywhere this year, as much as some of us want him to. Unless MAYBE someone tosses the farm at us for him.

    • Rob Staton

      I know people keep saying it won’t happen. Maybe you’re right. But I’m not sure many people saw ‘trade talks with the Bears about Russell Wilson’ coming a few weeks ago.

      • Scot04

        It’s pretty sad if you you can listen to potential trade offers for your franchise QB; but not be willing to trade Jamal Adams.
        I’ll hold out hope we atleast try to trade him. Even if we just get a 2 and 4 this year.
        I really hope they sign Andrews if they’re gonna keep Wilson, heck even if the don’t.
        But i agree 100% Adams or Wagner needs to be moved. While both would be great; I feel the loss of Adams would be far easier to replace

        • Blitzy the Clown

          Did Pete Carroll say they were definitely not willing to trade Adams?

        • Spencer

          Ryan Neal, Marquise Blair, FA options from $4m-$8m. Definitely easier to replace Adams. I wouldn’t mind moving on from Bobby (feels wrong typing that) for a fair value (2nd, maybe? A 3rd and something in return?) but I don’t think that you can do both of those in the same year. That would be a pretty big hit to the leadership/moral of the defense, especially with KJ very possibly being gone as well.

    • MyChestIsBeastMode

      I tend to agree he will not be moved and will likely be signed long term. Why? Because he’s a young stud and our only other stud on D, B Wagz, while still great, is reaching his twighlight. Pete wants a player who has “it” on the defense with the inevitable end/decline of BWagz career approaches.

      We can argue whether Adams has “it” or not. We should not forget the one time he was completely healthy all year was game the 1st game of last season where he was an absolute monster — really, he was seemingly in on every defensive play. Then the injuries, and he still flashed occasionally but clearly struggled in coverage and whiffed (intentionally) on multiple tackles that needed to be made. He was playing with one shoulder and bum groin. Not an excuse but a reality. Still, Pete rolled with Adams over a healthy backup (Neal), and continued to morph the defensive game plan around Adams. Clearly Pete values him a lot.

      I think the crux of a trade or extension lie in the mystery of – can Adams ball out consistently like he did in game 1 of last season or not. I’m betting Pete wants to see him healthy again and judge from there. Meaning a trade/extension will wait until the start of the season.

      All of that being said, I think it highly unlikely, but IF a team offered the nuts, ie at least a 1st and 2nd rounder then the Hawks will and should strongly consider the trade.

      • Scot04

        With all the Pass Rushers getting less than 16M per this year. Even the top signing at around 16M, i don’t see how anyone can justify paying Adams top passrusher money. He and PC may think he’s a weapon, but in reality he’s just a very talented S who has great sack numbers because we schemed our defense to get him those numbers. I believe a healthy Blair could give you 6or7 sacks in a similar situation. Paying him what he’s gonna want just makes 0 sense. Seahawks like to go based on the market like they did with Clowney. If they do their offer would be around 12-13M for Adams and he won’t be happy with that. It sure screams Clark trade. I just hope they do it. I’m not as hung up on getting a 1st. Money saved and a couple 2021 picks would be worth it. Preferably atleast a 2 & 3, but I’ll take a 2 & 4.

        • MyChestIsBeastMode

          Mostly agree. Personally, I want Clowney and Dunlap on our D-Line and would be ecstatic if they were both signed to 2ish year contracts. No question. However, I think Pete wants Adams on this defense for the long haul or at least wants to see if Adams, when healthy, can be the player Pete thinks he can build around for the next 4 years.

          Is there a way to make both of those happen i.e. Clowney+Dunlap and keep Adams? Ugh, maybe (said with a sigh). It would mean someone (Bwagz, Reed, RW) has to go and/or that most everyone’s contracts who can gets restructured/extended do.

          If we can create $50+million with restructures so we can get an adequate 4-man front pass rush AND keep the wildcard of Adams, then I’m for it. But, if by keeping Adams along with potential front office reluctance to restructure contracts inhibiting us from signing Dunlap/Clowney then I don’t like it.

          With all that room to restructure and eating up some of next year’s HUGE cap space, I do not think the idea of keeping Adams and signing 1 or 2 quality DEs are mutually exclusive. So, I say, why not both?

          • Rob Staton

            If Adams wants more than they’re willing to pay, they will move him

            • MyChestIsBeastMode

              Here’s how I see it playing out:

              Adams will definitely want the top Safety contract. Budda Baker’s Average Annual Value (AAV) is $14.75mil and is the highest in the NFL. Adams will use his leverage of pass rushing to try to ask for $18-20 AAV. Seahawks will counter with his injury history and below average coverage skills and offer $14-15mil. I’d bet they acquire Adams for $15 & change AAV. Still, I think the Seahawks would consider up to $16.5AAV and not a dime more. If Adams thinks he’s worth more than that, he is crazy. If he wants more than $16.5AAV then I’d agree with you Rob. If Adams accepts $15-16AAV then I say we sign him.

              PC/JS had to have a salary in mind before they offered the exorbitant trade. They had to know that number may have to be at least a bit of a significant overpay (i.e. $16.5AAV). Adams would be a fool to trade that down. While he is a bit odd, he doesn’t strike me as a fool. Still, I think nothing happens on his contract until the season starts and Adams can show what he’s capable of when healthy.

              • MyChestIsBeastMode

                All of that aside, I’m indifferent about and Adams trade. I don’t really want him to stay or really want him to go. However, I do really want a solid DE. And while I don’t personally believe Adams and his current or future potential contract are a hinderance to signing Dunlap or Clowney based on the money that can be created by restructuring the current contract on our roster, if I’m wrong (I mean WTH do I know anyways!?) and Adams is the roadblock to signing a good DE, then yes, definitely move Adams. Again though, I just don’t think Adams is the financial hinderance he’s being talked up as.

      • SeattleLifer

        I think you hit on the important part of it all with Adams(salary notwithstanding). Can he play at his highest level game over game? I don’t see it ever happening. He is small in stature and plays the game very violently – not a good combo for longevity and if he’s already shown such a penchant for getting banged up in just one season with us than to me i’d be terrified to sign the guy to some huge money extension.

  9. pdway

    Completely agree w this post. Our rivals are going down this path, and in the short-term, it’s giving them a competitive advantage over us. So let’s get that d-line help and make it a strength. It also doesn’t seem like the market for KJ is white hot – so let’s bring him back as well.

    If we add two D-lineman who can rush the passer and bring back KJ; use the 2nd rounder on the best O-lineman prospect – – I”m going into this season feeling alright about things.

    The WR3 and Sherman return would be awesome bonuses…

  10. Rohan Raman

    If the Seahawks miss out on Leonard Fournette and he decides to return to Tampa, thoughts on Phillip Lindsay? Back-to-back 1000 yard seasons before suffering from a backfield committee and injuries.

    • Rob Staton

      I like him but he’s not a fit at all in Seattle’s offense (or LA’s for that matter)

      • Scot04

        Lol. Neither was Adams, yet we alter our defense for him. Maybe we can do same for Lindsay. After all that makes more sense than trying to work with your Franchise QB

    • B.P.

      Lindsay’s big problem is that he is not very good at Pass Protection/Blocking. I read somewhere he was ranked #142 by PFF on Pass blocking. Probably makes him a No for Seattle. I think he would be an upgrade to current players we have; however, not worth the $ to upgrade.

  11. JLemere

    Time for an update on best remaining options for positions of need

    RB1: Chris Carson. Alternate- Mike Davis, Leonard Fournette
    WR3: Will Fuller Alternate- T.Y. Hilton
    TE1: Signed Gerald Everett
    LG: Traded for Gabe Jackson
    C: David Andrews. Alternate- Austin Blythe
    LEO: Carlos Dunlap. Alternate- Jadeveon Clowney (The circle would be complete)
    5T: Malik Jackson Alternate- None
    SAM: KJ Wright. Alternate- Bruce Irvin (on vet min only)
    CB: Signed Ahkello Witherspoon.

    • Hawk Mock

      QB1: Wilson
      RB1: Fournette RB2: Davis/Penny
      WR1: DK WR2: Lockette WR3: JuJu
      TE1: Everett TE2: Dissly
      OL: Shell, Jackson, Lewis, Brown, Cleveland
      DL: Ford, Reed, Suh
      DE: Dunlap, Hyder
      LB: Brooks, KJ, Wags
      DB: K Neal, Diggs, Sherm, Reed, Witherspoon, Blair

      • Scot04

        Instead of Cleveland I’d prefer a rookie who can play C & LG. Dickerson or Meinerz. With such limited draft capital I’d prefer the flexibility. Especially in your scenario.

        • Rob Staton

          Well, I fear we’ll miss out on a good one if we do that.

          Cleveland is a bit special. There just aren’t people with his size, power and athleticism. Gets nowhere near enough attention.

          • WALL UP

            He’ll probably be gone by the time they make their selection, which could be the early 3rd rd from trading down from 56. They need more than 3 picks. Hopefully, it’s with NY Jets for 66 & 108.

  12. TCHawk

    I like the Everett signing. Just because he didn’t have many targets doesn’t mean he wasn’t valuable or talented. He is definitely more athletic than our other tight ends, and brings knowledge of the the new OC offensive scheme. He is a mismatch, opportunity target, a perfect complement to DK and Lockett. Stress the defense, reliable hands, +YAC, what’s not to like.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s fair to question the price

      • JLemere

        Yeah should have been probably more like 4 million, unless you did a two year deal and made the second year voidable. If he performed well, pay accordingly. If not, send him back to FA.

      • TCHawk

        OK, but $7M for Olsen, a 35-yr old with Significant injury history versus avg/yr 27-28 year olds Blake Jarwin ($5.5), Eric Ebron ($6.0), CJ Uzomah ($6.1), and Tyler Higbee ($7.3) are all in that range. That’s the market for starting TEs coming off their rookie deals. Contract $ seem fair to me. Everett’s salary will likely be offset by Hollister’s +$3M coming off the books.

        • Rob Staton

          In fairness though, listing a bunch of crap overpaid TE’s doesn’t justify the cost.

          I really hope we won’t just add Everett to that list, because it’s inglorious.

          For me I would’ve rather them get back in the draft and select a Brevin Jordan type, paying him $1m.

          • TCHawk

            Not to beat a dead horse, but Brevin Jordan would likely add value in year 3 of his contract. It is very rare to have a rookie TE contribute much. If we want to maximize this opportunity in Russ’ prime, we needed an experienced TE.

            • Rob Staton

              Well the last time the Seahawks featured a rookie tight end he scored two touchdowns in his first start and had 156 yards in three and a bit games before picking up a season-ending injury.

              So I think assuming it’ll take a tight end three years to contribute is wrong.

              • TCHawk

                Interesting example. Dissly was a rare exception for 3 games. If we are talking only about Seattle’s history then, their preference is the blocking TE. Dissly’s reputation was more of a blocker with some catching skills. As I remember it, Seattle realized during camp that he had good hand and some mobility. The 3 weeks were eye opening surely, and fun. However, when did Seattle last draft a move/receiving TE? I can’t remember one. We can argue they maybe should, but that does not seem to suit PC’s vision. If they want a dynamic receiving threat at TE, they trade for an experienced one, aka Graham or Miller,

                • Rob Staton

                  Well hang on a minute. You can’t dismiss Dissly that easily just because it’s convenient.

                  He was an immediate factor in the offense prior to injury. That’s just a fact

      • Blitzy the Clown

        I think it’s always fair to question cost. But compare Everett at $6m for 1 year to Hunter Henry for $37.5m for 3 years with $25m guaranteed, Jonnu Smith for 4 years at $50m with $31.25m guaranteed.

        Hell even the 33 year old Jared Cook signed with the Chargers for the same amount as Everett. I’ll take Everett over Cook all day for the same price.

        So while it’s fair to question price, I think it’s important to compare price to the current market.

        • Rob Staton

          My whole point has been I don’t like this tight end market. I don’t have to avoid questioning the value of the Everett deal just because other players got more

          • Blitzy the Clown

            I understand your point. And in any other draft I would totally agree. There are several very intriguing TE prospects in this draft class I’d like to see on the team for several seasons at least on a cheap rookie deal. But you can’t do that in a draft where you only have 3 picks and many holes to fill.

            Cost depends entirely on the market you’re buying in.

            • Rob Staton

              But you can’t do that in a draft where you only have 3 picks and many holes to fill.

              Well no — but that’s why I’ve been advocating getting back in the draft

              Cost depends entirely on the market you’re buying in

              It doesn’t mean I can’t have reservations over the cost of a signing just because other players at the same position received a similar amount

              Not sure why people have such a bee in their bonnet about my somewhat mild take on the Everett contract

              • Blitzy the Clown

                Indeed you have and I agree 100%. But until that happens…

                Just for grins, which TE would you want us drafting and with which pick?

                I really like Tommy Tremble. I haven’t seen an old fashioned throwback inline TE like him in a while. I wonder if he’d be available in round 4.

                • Rob Staton

                  I like Freiermuth, Jordan and Tremble in this draft (Pitts too but he’s top-10)

          • BruceN

            The TE market this year is nuts and has outpaced the WR market. Go figure.

            I do hear you about going the draft route for the TE is better long term. But with so few draft picks we have to be careful where we spend it. The counter argument is that it is easier to get a good TE on a reasonable contract than finding a good OL or DL on a reasonable contract. So sign FA for the former and draft the latter. I would like us to trade down a few spots, accumulate more picks and then select Cleveland or Meinerz.

            • Rob Staton

              But I’m not sure it is a reasonable contract. That’s the point

              Not really sure why me saying I have reservations about paying Everett $6m is such a talking point

  13. Sea Mode

    We’ve got a couple DBs for the 32″ arm, 77.5″ wing club over at Auburn. I don’t know anything about either, but these are some nice measurements:

    DB Jamien Sherwood
    HT: 6016
    WT: 216
    Hand: 10
    Arm: 34
    Wing: 81 7/8

    DB Jordyn Peters
    HT: 6006
    WT: 202
    Hand: 9 2/8
    Arm: 32 4/8
    Wing: 79 5/8

    • Rob Staton

      That’s fantastic for Sherwood. Interesting safety prospect for sure.

  14. Peter

    I like Fournette a ton but I think I’m back on the Carson train. Similar value, injury time off, production. Feels like the RB market has cooled a bit. Maybe both or either and mike davis. Not sure how Seattle can draft a RB with three picks and have to assume JS will spin the second into a third and a sixth.

    Not against yesterdays moves but 6 million for TE and I’d have to think you could get Fuller for a bit more and much more production and the team could really use a third WR.

    Rob you’ve mentioned “bear fronts,” with Adams and I’m not sure if you’re being sarcastic, facetious, or truthful but if that’s the case is it time to start to consider bigger bodies in a more traditional Nose tackle vein?

    I’d love to see Kerrigan and/or Dunlap here. Have to assume Clowney would not want any part of Seattle and after him it’s kind of a motley crew of ends maybe Vic Beasley on a reclamation project one year contract?

    • Rob Staton

      I can’t face the thought of another year of having to coddle Chris Carson through a regular season to make sure he’s OK for the playoffs.

      The injuries are too much. You can’t trust him.

      If he’s coming back for a Carlos Hyde 2020 type contract, fine. But nothing more.

      Rob you’ve mentioned “bear fronts,” with Adams and I’m not sure if you’re being sarcastic, facetious, or truthful but if that’s the case is it time to start to consider bigger bodies in a more traditional Nose tackle vein?

      I have no idea why you think I was being sarcastic or facetious in simply pointing out the formation the Seahawks used a lot last season.

      • Peter

        more of a crossover post to your podcasts which are great. But you had this great snarky tone about letting Adams “have his say,” in your last one and it had this feel of a great eye roll about changing things for one player.

        I actually do not think you are being either but rather it was a sarcastic “bear front,” in as much as Seattle does not have the players to run this. And after you made mention of it I did a cursory search of the concept and the team is not set up to run this effectively.

        Re Carson: I think I’d rather have Fournette and I didn’t realize how good he was in the passing game. I’m just worried that PC talks about this bully/trench/clock control nonsense but has left the team pretty vulnerable with maybe the most important cog in that which is a running attack. And no way to fix it in the draft.

        • Rob Staton

          I actually do not think you are being either but rather it was a sarcastic “bear front,” in as much as Seattle does not have the players to run this. And after you made mention of it I did a cursory search of the concept and the team is not set up to run this effectively.

          Perhaps not. But they ran a bear front quite a lot last season. I was simply stating a fact.

    • TCHawk

      My own value meter for RB is Carson ($8M), Fournette ($6M), Davis ($3M). I understand the negative cap balance, but i’d really prefer Carson with a 3-yr contract.

      • Rob Staton

        Are you serious???

        $8m for Carson????

        • TCHawk

          Yep. He brings the attitude, talent and versatility we need. Only about $8M guaranteed though.

          • Rob Staton

            There is no way Carson is worth $8m — either per year or for one year

      • Peter

        Fournette: 2 years, 6 mil, 4 guaranteed.

        Carson: 3 years, 8 mil, 4 guaranteed


        Neither is worth 8 or 6 per year. Too many injuries for both.

        • TCHawk

          Boy, sign me up for any or all of that. In my opinion that is wishful thinking, even in this down cap year. It will be interesting to see what contracts they get.

          • Peter

            I’m just adjusting for Fournette’s last contract…..and spitballin’ on Carson since neither have been immediately signed. I think there’s some good talent in tge draft and unlike Seattle many teams can get a RB in the second for much cheaper than either.

          • AlaskaHawk

            Every year I see good running backs on other teams that are being paid in the 2-3 million range. Guarantee their money for 3 years and you could get just about anyone you wanted short of an elite running back. Fournette last year is a good example.

            But for some reason those sort of guys don’t make it in Seattle, either they are out of shape, injured, or just look slow. At least they got Collins back, maybe he will have a good season. Why don’t our rookie running backs look better? They are some combination of wimpy or easy to tackle.

  15. Mike

    I completely agree Rob. This year isn’t the year for 1 year contracts. We need to sign longer backloaded contracts and get good players via FA. We should pick a year to be a down/reset year, and draft according to that plan. Avoiding resets is impossible, but making them short is possible.

    I just dont see us trading anyone for picks and being able to replace them with good talent that is of equivalent value. We need to bring in the good players now. The draft will be a crapshoot with our picks. Maybe we can get one starter out of it. Probably gonna get some backup level players, and a practice squad guy.

  16. Silly Billy

    Wonder how much the Seahawks are considering 2022 comp picks this year.

    Shaquille is probably going to get us a 3rd.
    KJ and Chris could probably get us 4/5, with Everett canceling one of those out.
    Hyde/Dorsett probably don’t get us much (7th maybe).
    Don’t know ‘Spoon’s contract deal, but i bet it belongs somewhere in there.

    Hawks could be playing the waiting game, to sign cut players vs FAs.

    • Rob Staton

      Wonder how much the Seahawks are considering 2022 comp picks this year.

      Presumably not at all.

      Because they’ve already signed two outside FA’s.

  17. Ed

    It almost seems they are going for it one last time with Wilson.

    -Wilson wants out
    -Hawks don’t want to eat $39 million
    -Hawks don’t have 1st rd pick 2021 or 2022
    -Wright not kept this year
    -Wagner probably gone next year
    -Adams not extended

    Take one last shot this year and if (more like when) it doesn’t work (maybe last in the division), trade Wilson for multiple 1st in the future (so you would have 1 in 2022 and 2 in 2023 and 2024). Hawks wouldn’t have to eat $39. Let go of Wagner and Adams after the season, or trade them both (maybe by trade deadline this year if not close to playoffs).

    • Hawk Mock

      Hard to know what the heck their “plan” is.

      • Ed

        Very true. Not a big fan of the direction of the last few years and it almost seems like a hopeful wish that they have thought about it, rather than something that just happens by dumb luck (maybe like the early drafts that got them to 2 SB)

    • BobbyK

      You can generally judge people based on their actions (not what they say). But with comPete, what they have done have been so baffling.

      On one hand, they trade Clark because they don’t want to pay him. They get a 1 and future 2. They are looking long-term, seemingly. But with Adams, not only had they not properly replaced their only pass rusher, they threw the farm away.

      It makes zero sense. There is no direction. No blueprint. For all their talk of their “plans” nothing seems to add up.

      • AlaskaHawk

        The one guy I wanted them to resign was Carlos Dunlap. He is key to avoiding a repeat of last years pathetic pass rush. I wouldn’t mind KJ Wright coming back either since the Seahawks only have 3 draft picks to find another linebacker. Something has to change – there are too many holes to fill.

  18. CallMeAL

    Here’s a thought, and I think a lot of us would agree, there’s still a possibility that RW gets traded. Given that, wouldn’t make more sense right now to spend our limited cap dollars on players good enough to warrant 3 or 4 year contracts with the focus on OL, DL and the defense as a whole.

    What good is it to sign a TE for 6 mil on a one year contract, or a WR3 on the same kind of contract than see RW get traded? I’m fine with their plan for RB as long as there not paying more than market value.

    I’m all for them being aggressive provided they are building a foundation for the future, not just this year. I’m tired of all these one year rentals on average or end of their career players.

    Again were back to, what is the plan here?

    • CL

      What do you think about this whole Watson situation?

      These allegations are obviously horrible, if true.

      But I could also see some implications for the Seahawks / Russ if those stories are true

      • CL

        Should’ve been a new post, my bad.

      • CaptainJack

        As with Peyton Manning, Jameis Winston and Antonio Brown, I suspect the league will gloss over these allegations.

        • CL

          Yeah I tend to agree with you.

          But it seems like that there are six law suits already, we’ll have to wait and see, I guess.

        • Big Mike

          You left out Tyreek Hill there Captain Jack.

          • Jordan

            Not sure Tyreek’s were sexual of nature, as opposed to the 3 guys he mentioned.

            • Big Mike

              Absolutely true. I was just going with “glossed over”.

  19. Seattle Person


    I have always thought with the Wilson drama, you cannot be in between. Either trade him and blow it up or go for broke and truly go for it…They have tried to “go for broke” in weird ways by being cheap and doing things they thought was smart…If you are not going to trade Russ, then go for it! You already have limited funds and limited draft capital. The window is 1 year, maybe 2 years and that’s pushing it.

    As fans, at least this gives hope and excitement. It also gives us somewhat of a plan…Go all-in. If it doesn’t work, blow it up. Stop being in between because it give yields in between results and prompts Russ to go on his period….

    • Ben


      On KJR Joe Fann (I think he was the one that said it, could have been one of the hosts) alluded to 1 year deals being a hedge. The reason being you don’t wanna hand out big contracts to Olineman only to turn around and trade Russell.

      It’s either all in or fold. They need to make the decision ASAP. Cant drag it out.

  20. Rob Staton

    Mike Florio’s latest thoughts on Wilson’s future:

    • MyChestIsBeastMode

      They sound like a couple guys on the outside talking about scenarios this blog covered weeks ago (big credit to you Rob). Though, Simms saying that an offer was never actually made is maybe-sorta-somewhat interesting. But, as far as I’ve seen, he is the only person saying this and Florio literally tried to help him back off of that stance so as not to contradict other sports reporters. Simms may be a good QB evaluator but he doesn’t strike me as a top notch critical thinker.

  21. Cortez Kennedy

    Call up Mayock and see what it would take to get Bryan Edwards

  22. CaptainJack

    Vikings cut Shemar Stephens after trading for Dalvin Tomlinson. Would you sign him again as a cheap veteran DT?

  23. Matty

    Hoping yesterday was one small piece in the bigger picture.
    Another great read.

  24. Rob Staton

    More on Wilson’s future from Adam Schefter:

    Implies the Seahawks need more time, more study of the draft class to figure out what they want

    Schefty also dismisses the dead cap hit (of course)

    And ends by saying if it’s going to happen it’ll be the week of the draft — and that people have suggested to him there are other teams on RW’s target list

    • Gaux Hawks

      rob, serious question: would you trade for dalton, mack and johnson, plus three firsts and a third?

    • Big Mike

      “….people have suggested to him there are other teams on RW’s target list”

      Interesting. Says to me Russ 100% wants out and will do what it takes to make it happen (Miami?)

      • Rob Staton

        It did make me wonder if Wilson left teams like Miami off the list simply because if he includes Miami (#3 & #18) then the other four teams (who picked much later in round one) wouldn’t have a look in

        • Gohawks5151

          It would be very interesting with Flores there. Defensive HC. From The NE tree, which is very structured. No one is bigger than the team. Weird/unsettled offensive scheme currently. But that is the advantage of having an owner and empowered GM. If they say Russ gets the keys, he gets the keys. Miami won 10 games and missed the playoffs. The Bills are loaded and the Pats piling up players. Does Miami get desperate enough to make a big move?

      • Matt

        I agree Big Mike. I think RW is out the door. And this is just a matter of time, THIS offseason.

    • Matt

      I’m staying on the “RW’s mind is made up about leaving Seattle” until I hear, definitively, the opposite. They’ve had plenty of opportunities, both sides, to squash this thing and move forward.

      That it hasn’t happened and now they are doing the “IF a trade happens…” routine. I still think he’s gone.

      • Rob Staton

        I’m staying on the “RW’s mind is made up about leaving Seattle” until I hear, definitively, the opposite.

        I think you should do that even if he says in a press conference he wants to stay.

        We’ll know when he’s settled when we never hear from Mark Rodgers or his buddies on this topic again. If you want to know how Wilson really thinks, you have to listen to what his agent is telling the media.

        And we know what his agent is telling the media.

  25. LB


    Just read the last two posts and as always it’s good insightful information.

    I just want to commend the quality of the work done here, I genuinely appreciate what you do. Almost every other franchise has multiple mainstream voices that are critical of the team as a whole, whether that be ownership, coaching or players. With Seattle however, for as long as I can remember the only persons the mainstream media has been willing to criticize are Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman. Outside of Seahawks Draft Blog none seem willing to criticize Carroll, Schneider or anyone else.

    For context, it took one season for the national media to turn on Belichek and Mike Tomlin has been under fire since day one, yet these two who sicne their last Super Bowl appearance haven’t accomplished anything other than treading water are somehow above reproach.

    I hope you continue to operate in the manner that you’ve done since I started following this blog a few years ago and not succumb to the scapegoating that seems so prevalent in the Seahawks community.


    • Rob Staton

      Thanks LB

  26. Sea Mode

    How is every so-so, status quo move being hailed by some media as a huge gesture to appease RW? I still don’t get it. He had Bellore before and wanted to leave. Now he has him back and suddenly that makes him more likely to stay??

    It’s OBVIOUS that Seahawks FO sources are paying with scoops in order to have each framed like this. I’m certainly not falling for it.

    Mike Renner

    Pro Bowl FB Nick Bellore will be staying put and re-signing with Seattle, per source.

    HUGE get for the Seahawks in their pursuit to appease franchise QB Russell Wilson

    • Peter

      Nick who?

      A huge get would be a quality 3rd receiver. Not an invisible fullback

      • Big Mike

        Or Linsley, or Thiuney or Zeitler………….

        • JJ

          Mike was probably making a joke.

          • Big Mike

            I wasn’t

            • JJ

              Mike Renner

      • Simo

        Bellore is basically just a decent ST player. Seriously doubt bringing him back means much to RW!

    • Rob Staton

      Mike’s taking the piss there — he’s just joking

      • Sea Mode

        Oh, thank goodness. I was about to lose it.

      • Robbie

        I legit spit my coffee out when I read that tweet. Then realized he had to be joking. Pretty funny now that I’ve calmed down from my initial rage at the tweet LOL

    • CaptainJack

      That’s pretty funny. I still don’t understand why he was selected to the pro bowl.

      • Rohan Raman

        His last name is Bellore. The voters who vote for ST don’t care enough to scroll down to the other guys and he did actually put up good stats for a ST.

    • WallaSean

      Why do they keep doing this? Do they really think someone is going to poach this guy from them? Just circle back after the draft or sign him at the roster cutdown when they end up releasing him anyway. Instead they just park a chunk of the cap for what? Better yet, draft a TE or RB that can be a dynamic option at FB and maybe 3rd down, There are always day 3 guys like that, Tremble on day 2 could have been awesome in that role.

  27. Ed

    Lindsay from Denver might be a cheaper alternative. Gets dinged up, but a one cut guy with speed and not much wear and tear. One year prove it deal

  28. Sea Mode


    • Gohawks5151

      Wheeeeeee! What a savage.

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      Daaaamn!! He absolutely tossed that second guy like he was a little kid.

      • Ryan

        Well, compared to Cleveland he is. #9 for LSU is a safety listed at 6-2, 194 lbs. So an almost meaningless clip, other than for entertainment purposes.

  29. SamprasSultanofSwat

    I absolutely love yesterdays two deals. Yes Gabe Jackson is 29 years old. But what is interesting is the fact that Gabe is actually younger than Aaron Donald. Now I am not comparing Jackson’s talent to Donald’s. Not by a long shot. However, Jackson is a pretty darn good lineman. What is interesting is the fact that two years ago when the Raiders played the Rams. Gabe Jackson held his own against Aaron Donald. BTW: Gabe Jackson is not Aaron Donald’s favorite player. These two players have a history against each other. And Gabe Jackson is not afraid to get in the face of Aaron Donald. Jackson has a nastiness that Aaron doesn’t particular care for. When Aaron Donald is NOT getting his way. He tends to get very frustrated.

    In regards to Gerald Everett. I love the signing. I think he is perfect. The Seahawks again are pilfering from the Rams. Everett has been with Shane Waldron for the past four years. Everett already’s is on board with Shane Waldron’s concepts. Everett’s production has increased every year. This is a CONTRACT year for Everett. If he produces. GREAT. If he doesn’t produce. It is only a one year deal. If Everett stays healthy there is little doubt that Everett’s numbers will improve.

    • Ryan

      One of the best parts of the Everett deal is it means we’re not going to trade assets for Zach Ertz.

    • BobbyK

      I would have preferred to sign Zeitler. Pay him a few million more than Baltimore and give him a 3-year deal for over $24 million. In that scenario, they get a better guard, keep their 5th round pick, and get a cheaper player for a million less per season. Seriously, I don’t understand their “plan.”

      I’m hoping Jackson plays LG at a high level and we’re all happy. I just think Zeitler is better, cheaper, and wouldn’t have cost us a draft pick. For all the talk of free agency and Zeitler choosing Baltimore… it’s almost always about the money so if Seattle would have offered him a few million more (still cheaper than Jackson, better graded than Jackson, and doesn’t cost a pick), he’d have taken it. That’s what players mostly do… take the money and then tell the local press about all the BS reasons to appease the fanbase into thinking that player wanted to be there most (when it really was about the money).

      • UkAlex6674

        Zietler roomed with RW at college. What if, at that time, RW assumed the Bears deal was going down and gave Zietler some insider info not to come?

        • Rohan Raman

          I think Zeitler just really likes playing in the AFC North. Plus, there’s a whole legacy thing with stepping into Marshal Yanda’s shoes, familiarity with the Ravens from being a Bengal and Brown, etc. I do think the Hawks should/could have made a more competitive offer (and perhaps they did), but the reasons why players make decisions aren’t always as simple as ring-chasing and the bag.

          • Rob Staton

            This certainly seemed to be a big factor in Zeitler’s decision.

            Plus I think Baltimore’s probably a more attractive destination for FA’s at the moment.

      • Big Mike

        Is there a “plan” though?

    • Rhawk

      Well I hope he can reclaim some of that against aaron donald.

  30. D-OZ

    Ben Cleveland moving into the 1st. round after busting out a 4.85/ 40 !!!!

  31. Ashish

    Adding average/below average players we are in RED cap space wise, oh not to forget we gave 5th rounder too. Is it safe to say now that we are not giving a monster contract to Adams? Logical answer will be yes and trade him for draft picks so hawks will do exactly opposite. Also they should have got something out of Bobby saving and draft picks..again that is logical. 🙁 🙁

  32. Rhawk

    Does anyone think the Bears will increase their offer once Deshaun is off the table?

    • JJ

      I wonder if Watson will be off the table for everyone until this lawsuit stuff is cleared up.

    • James Kupihea

      I think Andy Dalton is their guy.

      • James Kupihea

        Bill Lazor being my evidence.

        • Rhawk

          I see. Good point. I did not know that connection.

    • Rob Staton

      I think they’ve missed their chance

      Should’ve offered three firsts and three seconds to get it done

  33. Happy Hawk

    Great content and dialogue Rob. Really appreciate you! I like the Everett signing because he is no longer on the Rams killing us with another 3rd down conversion but that it also gets RW a “move” tight end and more options in the passing game. Plus he is young and fairly inexpensive.

    OK go ahead and destroy me – I am glad we still have RW and are not joining the have nots settling for Tyrod Taylor, A Dalton, J Winston, Fitzpatrick, Darnold, Foles, Bridgewater,Minshew etc. etc.

    • TCHawk

      Color me the same. I want Russ to stay. I have no interest in trying to find his replacement. He’s under contract for 3 more years. Even with all the talk, Seattle holds all the cards. I don’t buy the idea that he will be disgruntled, and then become a problem. How would being a problem affect his stated desire for ‘legacy?’ No, he’ll suit up and play his heart out like he always does. Go Hawks!

      • IHeartTacoma

        Yeah, I find Russell annoying and we could get a haul for him (maybe…), but when I think of Quarterback Purgatory I get a little scared.

  34. Rob Staton

    Reminder — at noon (PST) I’ll be hosting a live stream with today’s guest Danny Kelly from the Ringer

    Lot’s of Seahawks talk — free agency, Russell Wilson, maybe a bit of draft

    • TCHawk

      Great! Looking forward to it.

      • JJ


        Content has been amazing. Really appreciate it.

        • Rob Staton


  35. SamprasSultanofSwat

    Next on the agenda is to bring back a) Carlos Dunlap. b) either Chris Carson/Leonard Fournette c)Austin Blythe from the Rams(let’s keep pilfering from the Rams). Austin Blythe is perfect. I know the Rams want him back. Blythe is already familiar with Shane Waldron and Andy Dickerson concepts. Blythe probably knows all of Aaron Donald’s moves. No doubt he could give Gabe Jackson a few tips on Donald.

  36. Saucetrich

    Rob, the previous two posts you’ve been critical of the Everett signing due to a lack of value citing his meager stats from last season. Its a fair criticism but you’re omitting the fact that he was playing behind Higbee and his snap count % (particularly the first half of the season) backs that up. Don’t you think it’s reasonable to assume that with increased volume his stats will increase? Not trying to be hostile (I know you get enough of that on Twitter) but I was just curious if there was any other reasons that you are “down” on the Everett signing other than his less than stellar stats?

    • Rob Staton

      Rob, the previous two posts you’ve been critical of the Everett signing due to a lack of value citing his meager stats from last season.

      I’ve expressed reservations about the price ($6m)

      Are we really at the point now where unless you’re 100% bought in and convinced on a signing, you are ‘being critical’?

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      Not Rob, but I would think the counter argument would be that the Seahawks paid a pretty good chunk of change for a TE that couldn’t start on his last team.

      • Saucetrich

        That’s fair. I think his youth, athleticism, and upside make the contract worth it. It’s all gonna depend on how involved he is in the offense. If he’s underutilized (like Seahawks TEs in the past) then that contract is gonna look awful like Olsens. I guess we will find out come season time!

        • Matt

          This is one of those moves that I love at $3-4M and am pretty meh about at $6M. And he’s going to be 27 before the season starts – so I am not sure I would expect massive growth from him (not exactly a young guy).

          • Chavac

            Considering his former TE coach/passing game coordinator is our current OC, and that Waldron likely played a big role in him coming to Seattle, I’m going to guess they see him as someone who has more potential than the role filled in LA.

        • BobbyK

          I have no faith in these guys with the TE position.

          For all the talk Pete/John never sign big money guys – they went after Zach Miller free agency and made him one of the highest paid TEs in NFL history. Miller had seasons in Oakland of 44, 56, 66, and 60 receptions. After the Seahawks got him, they didn’t throw to him (his “high” was 38 with the Seahawks and only exceeded 25 receptions twice) and basically made him a glorified blocker.

          I think it’s fair to look back and admit Jimmy Graham did not work out as planned. Ed Dickson was a joke. Olsen was worthless money, too. Forgive me for not being optimistic about any TE the Seahawks ever sign under this regime.

          • Tien

            I agree with all your points, Bobby! How many times last year did they have 5 TEs on the active roster and yet, we still hardly threw to the TEs? Until they’ve proven that they know how to use a TE as an effective offensive weapon, I think it’s a waste of resources to pay a high salary or spend a high pick on TE.

  37. Scot04

    I wonder if Seattle would take 3 1sts, 2 2nds, Jameis Winston, & Ryan Ramczyk for Wilson.

    • MyChestIsBeastMode

      I would, just barely, but I would. Still hope the Miami’s and Carolina’s of the NFL have a chance to get involved.

    • Bill Bobaggins

      I think it would be fun to see a fluid offer from a team – something like “1st rounder this year and next. If Russ makes Superbowl in year 3 = that years 1st and 2nd. If Russ makes playoffs = that years 2nd and 3rd.” I’m sure there’s a great reason we don’t see offers like this, but would make things more exciting.

  38. Rob Staton

    Also a heads up for tomorrow, looks like I’ll be on 710 ESPN with Jake Heaps at 1pm

    • Rhawk


    • Robbie


    • Belfasthawk

      Good luck. Please ask him if there are more teams on Russ’s list!!

    • Aaron

      Congrats on getting on 710 Rob! I’ll actually listen in for once. Since Brock and Salk ended their daily show I’ve barely given it a thought. Looking forward to hearing a more balanced take on the Hawks than what exists in most of the local sports media.

    • Magmatizer

      Well deserved, Rob! Looking forward to listening in at 1pm tomorrow.

    • BruceN

      Excellent! I was just thinking we need to do something to get you on the air more often challenging some of the fluff being spread around.

    • Jordan E

      Keep up the momentum Rob!! Lets get you working on ESPN or something awesome for the Hawks!

    • RWIII

      Looking forward to listening to you and Jake talk Seahawks.

  39. Rob4q

    With AJ Green signing in Arizona, would we entertain signing Larry Fitzgerald to a one year deal? I believe Russ would absolutely love that move and it’s sounding like ARZ isn’t going to bring him back. Seems like he still has something left and would be a great influence for DK.

    • Rob Staton

      I highly doubt Arizona legend Larry Fitzgerald thinks the best thing to do is finish his career with one year at a division rival

      • Hawk Finn

        While I agree with the sentiment, it’s not exactly unheard of. Just don’t see why he’d choose a division rival with an anemic offense

        • Rob4q

          Well, if Fitz is not wanted back in ARZ, why wouldn’t he want to sign with a devision rival? I would think him and Russ wouldn’t have any trouble getting on the same page quickly and we are looking for a 3rd WR right now. I just think there is a chance he would sign on to play with Russ knowing they could do some good things and offer a chance to win.

          And I don’t agree that we are going to field an “anemic” offense…if Pete actually gets out of the way and let’s Waldron and Russ run the offense, it could be very exciting. I understand that is a huge “if” right now and we still don’t know what the plan is, but it’s not hard to see Waldron & Russ making the case to Pete that if he wants to win another SB, he needs to let the offense run through them.

          If Pete can’t see that, then there really is no point in keeping Russ around. Trade him and get what you can and get your game manager to run your offense. I know, nothing that hasn’t been said 100 times, but still…if you bring on Waldron, sign Everett and trade for Jackson, those seem like signs they want to make it work with Russ. Obviously more work to do though…

    • BruceN

      Sorry if it’s been already mentioned. It seems like Russ is at it again recruiting AB. May be he’s not one foot out the door?? If so, pretty exciting to think how would a D try to cover DK, Lockett and AB.

  40. drrew76

    Everett looks a lot better when you seen Jared Cook at 34 getting the same number, and Kyle Rudolph getting 16m over 2.

    My main quibble with the Everett signing is that it’s just the one year, so they can’t move some of the cap hit into next year. Hell, I’d even make next year voidable if that’s what it took.

    • Peter

      I get that coaches like to bring over their guy for continuity. I dont even dislike the signing.

      My only quibble is what seattle lacks is a rushing attack and not pass catching TE’s for PC’s preferred style. And again I only really care with three draft picks and now currently no money unless contracts start to get restructured.

  41. RWIII

    Rob: I heard the interview with Mike Greenberg, Adam Schefter, and Dan Orlovsky. Do not disagree with any comments they made. If Russell Wilson were to be traded it would not be with any of the four teams that Russell Wilson listed(Raiders, Bears, Saints, Cowboys). If someone is going to trade with Seattle they have to have the ammunition to trade for Russell Wilson. The Only teams I can think of are Jacksonville, Miami, NY Jets, Houston(doubt if Russell Wilson would go to Houston or Jacksonville). I know Carolina is interested I but don’t know if the Panthers have the ammunition to trade for Wilson.

    BTW: I really like Kellen Mond. Don’t know why anybody is talking about Mond. In my opinion Mond is under the radar.

  42. jdruaint

    Raiders looking to cut Mariota if does take pay cut to 3 mill. Cheap insurance for RW trade?

    • TomLPDX

      I’d take Mariota over Smith any day!

  43. Ukhawk

    Nailed it, Rob. Couldn’t be summed up better

  44. SamprasSultanofSwat

    Two months ago Jon Gruden was talking about Gabe Jackson.

  45. Kendo

    I would like to see some kind of moves like you described but I have little confidence in the current FO for this to happen. I guess I’m jaded by recent history. It feels more like Pete will keep the guys that cost too much and spend too much on backups and aging players. I really wonder how different things will be if we get a new defensive coordinator then Pete gives up control to JS and the coordinators. He could still influence the culture but get some fresh minds in there without handicapping them.

    It really feels like we are in the middle of a decent to the bottom that will see Russel get traded next offseason or walk when his contract expires in a couple years.


    NFL just announced the new TV deal. 110 BILLION over 11 years. That equates to 3.45 billion per team or around 300 million a year. According to Wikipedia as of 2019 the TV contracts were paying teams 255 million a year so each team will be netting an additional 45 million a year from this contract compared. Will be interesting to see how much that affects the Cap in 2022 and beyond.

    • Denver Hawker

      I’m no expert, but doesn’t the CBA just establish a rev-share such that the cap is a % of the revenue? The cap should roughly go up by a % of the new money coming in, plus or minus changes in other revenue sources.

  47. Julian Langdon

    I’m very comfortable with the Gab Jackson and Gerald Everett acquisitions.

    Ideally they wouldn’t have given up a 5th round pick for Jackson, but the Seahawks clearly felt his value was only going to go up if he reached free agency and crucially options were running out fast. Perhaps now they can put some of his money this year into a Roster Bonus to bring his cap hit down a couple of mill or so. Jackson is only 29 and per PFF he’s ranked in the top 20 in pass protection of guards for every season he’s played in the NFL, so if that’s not a message to Russell Wilson (and those who like to believe that this is all that the RW drama is all about) that the organisation aren’t out to prioritise his pocket protection this year, then I don’t know what is.

    We have to remember there are 31 other teams all looking to sign the best players. I believe both these players can improve their respective position groups from last year.

    Quinn Meinerz and Cade Johnson in the draft and I’ll be stocked for the offense next season. Plus D’Ante Smith to develop, ok I’m being greedy now.

    • Rob Staton

      Quinn Meinerz and Cade Johnson in the draft

      You’ll need more picks for that…

      • Julian Langdon

        There is a take that it might be a deliberate plan on the part of JS to trade away picks in this years draft on the grounds the usual scrutiny done on college players isn’t available to them, so trading for known NFL players is the wiser investment.

        I’m sure this is not a deliberate plan, not least because two of the trades Stephan Sullivan and Carlos Dunlap are no longer with the team. To me it looks like trying to make an excuse for some bad trade investment.

        I think they will get back into the draft with a day one or day two picks, not least because they do still have roster needs to fill with cheap talent who could be potential game 1 starters. I think anyone can see (including the man himself), the only sensible trade the Seahawks can make to get these picks, is Jamal Adams.

        Though a shame the NFL didn’t have the combine as I love stats, and they should of had one, it’s a good exercise for the team scouts to be trusting their eyes more for talent this year, rather than perhaps overemphasising analytics.

        Incidentally I think extending Tyler Lockett at this point makes sense, not just to lower his cap hit for this year, but the team doesn’t want to be at a point next year when they’re negotiating new contracts with their number 1 and 2 receivers at the same time.

        • Rob Staton

          If it’s a plan to punt on the draft, it’s a bad plan.

          You need cheap talent on a roster. You need cheap club control for future years. Everything can’t be short-term, one-year arrangements. The draft is a challenge in 2021 but it’s a challenge for all 32 teams.

          • Julian Langdon


  48. BrixtonHawk

    4 years, 61 mil for Justin Simmons.

    Wonder what this means for Jamal Adams’ camp. Worth waiting for next offseason to pen a long term deal?

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