Rob Staton & Danny Kelly talk Seahawks free agency

Danny Kelly from ‘the Ringer’ joined me earlier to discuss free agency and the Seahawks. You can watch the playback below.

The Seahawks have signed back Ethan Pocic today for $3m. Rather than start a new post I thought I’d just share a thought here. I think this is a draft hedge. It’s a cheap(ish) short-term deal for a player familiar with the team. If the center options are strong at #56, you can still go in that direction.

Another thought — if you had the opportunity to draft Landon Dickerson and wanted to give him the chance to get fully healthy, this also allows you to do that.

I don’t think either of the moves for Pocic or Gabe Jackson prevent the Seahawks from taking an O-liner early.

Don’t forget to check out my article from earlier today, discussing the next step in free agency for the Seahawks.


  1. God of Thunder

    Plenty of content these days—as always, thank you Rob!

    A quotation I ran across today at the NFL’s FA site, very apt for this week, so I thought I’d share it:

    “Free agency does something funny to the Football Industrial Complex. We can’t help but equate hyperactive teams handing out satchels of money to players other clubs didn’t want as a sign of competence and future success.”

  2. MyChestIsBeastMode

    I love me some Chris Carson… but Fournette simply does everything better. I truly hope we land Fournette.

    • Benjamin Davis

      Who’s the better pass catcher?

      • Cortez Kennedy


    • Hawkdawg

      I disagree with that. Much prefer the way Carson runs. He’s not the home-run hitter Fournette can be, but Fournette does not run angry like Carson. Carson is much more of a tonesetter.

      The problem is that although he can set the tone like Marshawn, he can’t stay healthy enough to do it reliably over time like Marshawn could.

      • MyChestIsBeastMode

        The homer in me agrees with you Hawkdawg. But after watching some film, Fournette is a better pass catcher, he runs hard (maybe just a bit less hard than Carson… MAYBE), he’s faster, quicker, arguably better vision. Don’t get me wrong, I’d be happy if we brought Carson back, but after further thought, I want Fournette more.

        Watch some highlights and judge for yourself.


        • MyChestIsBeastMode

          FYI: I posted the same links down below because my post ^^ above didn’t show up for a while and I thought it may have been deleted.

          • Rob Staton

            If you post multiple links in a post wordpress automatically needs me to clear it

            • MyChestIsBeastMode

              Ahhh. Gotcha! Thanks

      • Tomas

        Informative, entertaining, filled with good humor, thanks much. First time I ever saw Kelly, he’s a likable fellow for sure. I’ve appreciated his radio commentary for quite some time. High marks for all.

    • Ross

      I mostly agree. I love that Carson trucks mofos on the regular, but he pays dearly with his health for that style of running. Fournette is a pleasure to watch. Breaks tackles, shifty, and strong. I’d love if Sea could sign him. But after seeing Drake’s contract, it doesn’t look promising. That is stupid money for an inferior RB, IMO.

      • Jordan E

        Carson runs hard for 10 years max… then gets hurt. We can do better.

        • Roy Batty

          You meant “games” not “years” right?

          • IHeartTacoma

            Or “yards”

            • Jordan E

              Yards lol but games also works

    • CaptainJack

      It wasn’t long ago that Fournette was cut by Jacksonville, and was viewed by their fans as being an average back who peaked in college.

      • MyChestIsBeastMode

        CaptainJack, fair enough and nothing against you (I’ll add BobbyK too) but your takes are consistently “glass-half-empty”.

        Funnily enough though, even more recently Fournette was a stud throughout Tampa’s playoff run and Super Bowl victory. He had a relatively healthy season. He was not playing for the piss poor Jaguars and showed a lot of talent not matched by many other RBs in the NFL.

        Watch for yourself. Fournette and Carson are not worlds apart, but Fournette at his best just looks better.
        LF highlights from 2020:
        CC highlights from 2020:

        • Ryan

          Fournette’s not good. I mean, okay, he’s fine as part of a RB group, he gives you something, but you can’t scout off a highlight video. Other than having a longer run from scrimmage than Carson this year, how is he better?

          Look at the numbers. I’m told our OL is poop and TB’s is good, and Fournette averaged like 3.8 ypc for the year, lower than Carson. As far as passcatching, he’s the kind of back that will catch dump-offs and checkdowns, but he’s not really a good passcatching back. If Carson played with Brady he’d have those kinds of numbers, too.

          He’s pedestrian. He’s Carlos Hyde. Not worth paying for unless you’ve got somebody better/different already on your roster.

  3. Sea Mode

    Possibly setting RB market for Carson and Fournette:

    Adam Schefter

    Former Cardinals RB Kenyan Drake is signing a two-year, $11 million deal that includes up $14.5 million with the Raiders, per source.
    Update: Deal is 2 years, $11 million up to $14.5 million, including $11 million guaranteed.

    • Sea Mode

      Ok, Breer says 8.5 guaranteed, which makes more sense:

      Albert Breer

      New Raiders RB Kenyan Drake’s deal is worth $11 million over two years, with upside to $14.5 million and $8.5 million fully guaranteed, per source.

      • BruceN

        Interesting. Having Jacobs why would make this investment? Pretty expensive for a backup/2nd RB.

        You’re right, this would help set the market for RBs.

        • Big Mike

          Getting ready to trade Jacobs to the Hawks?

          • BruceN

            Might as well. They traded away their entire Offensive line.

          • Chase

            Id be so happy.

      • Peter

        Not loving the 8.5 million gurantee for a sub 1000 yard running back who has missed a good bit of time in the last three seasons

  4. All I See is 12s

    Just thought I would put this out there. With the allegations on Deshaun Watson and the cloud that they create over him, do you think it could accelerate a Russell Wilson trade as some teams that were in the Watson market may no longer be so and are now more willing to make a serious run at Wilson?

    • CL

      [Whitfield] Now the number is 9. Tony Buzbee just shared nine women have come forward accusing Deshaun Watson of assault. Three civil lawsuits have been filed so far.

      They lawyer also says they “are talking to several others”.

      So I guess this is the kind of magnitude, that interested teams definitely are not going to ignore

      • Simo

        Innocent until proven guilty and all, but nine women making allegations? With possibly more soon? This doesn’t look very good for Watson as a human being, let alone a football player!

        • TomLPDX

          Not looking to good for Deshaun at the moment.

        • All I See is 12s

          I am not even going to begin to offer any kind of judgment on Watson. It really isn’t my point. My point is that this type of thing takes time to resolve. It’s the type of thing that would take Watson out of play for likely most of the off-season. So instead of two elite quarterbacks in the market now there is only one.In theory, the Hawks could have increased leverage.

          • CL

            Yeah, I posted something similar earlier today.

            I really think that teams like Carolina or Miami will have a really close second look at Wilson, if they weren’t already interested.

            If the Seahawks want to trade Wilson as bad as he wants out (like Tony Pauline reported) , maybe one of those to teams steps up and really makes an offer Russ or PC/JS can’t refuse.

            • All I See is 12s

              Yeah, should be interesting. One thing I keep coming back to is a point of Florio made the other day. Something I’ve been thinking about too. Maybe the new panthers GM doesn’t want Wilson because he knows too much about Wilson and his personality as well as his limitations.

    • Brik

      I think these allegations are very convenient with their timing.

      • TomLPDX

        Pull your head out of your ass. They aren’t convenient for you? You have 9…NINE women alleging this. This is real.

      • DW

        Stop discrediting women.
        It might have been more convenient for them. What kind of time and money would it take for one woman to file a lawsuit against a star NFL player and his legal team? It might be more convenient now that there are 8 or more others who can band together.
        So I guess in that respect, sure, it’s convenient.

  5. CaptainJack

    I wonder if the Cardinals try signing fournette or carson at this point. I don’t know how much cap they have left after their moves so far though.

    • Ky Swift

      I think they will roll the dice with Chase Edmonds. Maybe sign a cheaper back or draft one.

      • CaptainJack

        Very possible. Just spitballing. Hope we don’t roll with just Penny Collins and Dallas…

        • Big Mike

          Trade Adams and draft Williams.

          • DancingBuddha

            They aren’t trading Adams no matter what, might as well get used to the idea

            • Big Mike

              Sadly I agree with you. It was just a reasonable suggestion to get a young stud RB.

  6. SonGoku

    Will Fuller to Miami. Good for them to add another weapon for Jacoby Brissett.

    • Simo

      RW would look really good throwing the deep ball to Fuller. Just saying!!

  7. BobbyK

    If the Bears offered three 1’s, a 3, and Mack and another player… I wouldn’t really consider that. I’d need 2’s and a young player. And assurances of getting Darnold somehow. Or if they love a guy in the draft – that player.

    • BobbyK

      Look at some of these loser teams trying to get by. I don’t want to be one of them.

  8. GoHawksDani

    Great content Rob as always!
    But tbh I’m so tired about this whole situation and the Hawks I start to get apathetic.
    I was always so happy and pumped when the offseason started. Always thought about different draft scenarios. This year? Nothing…I don’t check the potential rookies, don’t read up on them, don’t even wait for the season to start. The Hawks and the NFL was always important for me. Now I mostly feel either empty or frustrated when I think about the Seahawks. This FO pretty much killed the joy of being a 12th man for me 😞 I’ll stay and hope something will change because currently this feels like a relationship where we stay because of the common memories not because it’s good for us

  9. drrew76

    Russ just dropped a ‘Go Hawks’ at the end of his instagram story talking about registering for his flag football league.

    He’s going to be here this season.

    • MyChestIsBeastMode

      That was somewhat reassuring to me as well. Happy to hear it. The trade speculation will continue up to the draft (IMO rightfully so).

  10. Rob Staton

    Hope you all enjoyed the live stream — I’ve got another one coming on Monday with another guest

    And if anything big happens I’ll jump on with Robbie asap

    • JD

      Incredible stuff Rob. Thank you so much for all the amazing and frequent content. This is a special place and it is much appreciated.

    • Sea Mode

      Could only catch the first part of it, but loved it! Thanks so much for doing those.

    • Henry Taylor

      Thought it was fantastic, love Danny still follow everything he’s been doing since joining the Ringer. It seemed you were both having a blast as well.

  11. Blitzy the Clown

    PFN is reporting that Miami and Chris Carson are close to a deal.

  12. Rob Staton

    Miami supposedly signing Carson:

    Not from one of the big beasts of NFL reporting though

    • SonGoku

      Maybe we hear something from Fournette soon.

    • MyChestIsBeastMode

      Fournette’s been mulling over the Seahawks offer for 2 days now. I’ve got to imagine Hawks and Bucs are going tit-for-tat behind the scenes. Hopefully RW’s “Go Hawks” post from today give Fournette enough of a comfort in believing if he signs with the Hawks that we won’t go and blow up the ship. Fournette wants to win, which he stated was his main impetus for signing with the Bucs.

      If Carson is gone, I’ve got nothing but love for that guy. He is a real bruiser and I won’t be looking forward to our D having to tackle him some day. I wish him all the best!

      • Roy Batty

        If he were all about winning, why on earth would he take the Hawks over the Bucs, assuming the money was close?

        • Volume12

          Seattle doesn’t consistently win?

          • Big Mike

            Considering all the top defensive players TB has have re-signed this offseason and considering they are rather obviously a more complete team than Seattle is because of that side of the ball alone and considering they have the GOAT QB who it pains me to say shows little sign of slowing down and isn’t going anywhere for sure, casting your fate with the Bucs seems the more clear path to a Super Bowl which is the ultimate in winning.

            Yes Seattle has won, until they get into the playoffs that is. TB just won the whole enchilada.

          • BobbyK

            Big difference between playing with Tom Brady vs. a team guaranteed to lose early in the playoffs every year.

          • CaptainJack

            I really don’t care how many games they win if they can’t get past the divisional round

            • MyChestIsBeastMode

              C’mon guys. So negative.

              Seahawks had a truly weird season with the best offense and worst defense for one half of the season then flipped to a thoroughly average offense and an above average defense.

              There is no reason to think that our offense won’t perform at a top level next year (except of course IF RW is traded), and there is no reason to think that our defense can’t play at least as well as it finished last year.

              A few transactions would go long way to solidifying my assessment. Assuming we land Fournette or Carson, draft a C or G (Meinerz, Cleveland, Dickerson), and for F’s sake sign a DE; we are better next year than we were last year.

              QB – set (obviously this could change and any worry is understandable, but we still have a top QB with nothing set in stone that he’s leaving)
              RB – Penny has flashed when healthy + Fournette or Carson which is still very probable at this time.
              WR – DK, Lockett (studs), Swain was solid as rookie. I’d love a sure thing for a WR3, but I’m content with giving Swain a real opportunity to grow.
              TE – Lots of potential for dynamic receiving and solid blocking, and they’re young!
              OL – We only need a C or G if we moved Lewis to C. That’s a great spot to be going into this draft. We can’t count on D. Brown forever, but we can this year.
              DE – A weakness with unknown variables with Taylor. Robinson popped as a rookie late rounder. While I don’t love Collier or Green, they both showed flashes at times and have continued improving year over year. They’re all young and still have room for growth. Signing Clowney, Dunlap, Ingram, Kerrigan, or even Mayowa (as a rotational piece) would solidify this group substantially.
              DT – Reed and Ford are a solid duo. Mone a solid depth as a space eater.
              LB – Wagner and Brooks are the real deal. KJ is still in play.
              CB – A potential weakness or a potential boon. Akhello is a Sherman clone and could thrive here. DJ is solid. And we could do worse than sending out Tre Flowers in a pinch.
              SS – Adams was playing with so many damn injuries we never got to see him shine. He is one season removed from 1st team all-pro. He’s legit. Marquise Blair looked like he was ready to pop before his injury. Ugo is solid. Neal is a great cheap chess piece to have.
              FS – Diggs is solid

              Weaknesses at this time: C & DE > RB > CB (maybe).
              Upgrades: OL, TE

              We don’t have many huge holes at the moment. And those that need to be filled i.e. C, DE, RB have multiple available options either in FA or draft. We are nowhere near falling off the cliff’s edge as seems to be intimated by some commenters on a regular basis.

              • Alaska Norm

                I agree it’s not a dire as some are suggesting. Lots of negativity this year in general but…” the rumors of a Seattle demise has been greatly exaggerated.”

                • Roy Batty

                  I don’t think I’m being negative when you consider both team’s divisions. The NFC West is going to be a brutal this year. So many really good defensive fronts. The South, not so much. If I were Fournette, and the money was nearly the same, I would choose the Bucs.

          • Jordan

            NFC is so random.

            Unique one-off conference champions every year since the Hawks won back to back.

            In a conference that hasn’t had any powerhouses emerge since the Hawks’ run, RW/PC are as good as bet as any to be in the dance every year. They certainly need to do better once they get there though.

            • pdway

              it’s really as has been stated on here a bunch – – we are pretty solid/strong at LB, DB, and the offensive skill positions. A couple substantive adds to the O-line and D-line, and I feel pretty good too.

              Hopeful that Waldron brings something to the table as well.

  13. Rob Staton

    Davis Mills…

    • Sea Mode

      Saw that. You find any footage from his pro day today?

    • Sea Mode

      Jim Nagy

      QB Davis Mills
      9 1/2
      31 3/8
      77 3/4
      4.82/4.78 (1.76/1.71)
      no bench

    • Benjamin Davis

      Mills crushed it, on a rainy day no less.

    • TCHawk

      I wonder if RW’s complaining has the unintended consequence of the Seahawks drafting a QB they like at 56, just to have a fallback plan for a possible trade of RW next year. One of Mond, Mills, Lance should be left. If so, he may miss out on a stud OL.

      • Volume12

        Trey Lance at 56?

        IDK what it is about that kid, but he fascinates me. The personal life is eerily similar to Russ, Cam Newton size, beautiful moon ball, the way he spins the ball will have DBs not looking forward to playing him. I probably shouldn’t b enthralled w/ him due to his lack of starts & whatnot, but I can’t help at.

  14. Sea Mode

    Lance Zierlein

    More testing results from La Tech DT/DE Milton Williams – and these numbers are unreal for his size.

    Height: 6’3
    Weight: 284
    Arm: 31.5
    40: 4.62 and 4.65
    VJ: 38.5″
    BJ: 10’1″
    3-cone: 6.87
    Short shuttle: 4.25 and 4.33

    Short arms but LBs and some RBs would be happy w/ these #s

    Another team contact had Milton Williams with
    6.96 – 3 cone
    4.69 forty against wind
    4.61 forty with wind

    …. everything else the same.

    He’s going in the 2nd round.

    • Volume12

      👀 Damn! U got a 10 for him?

      • Sea Mode

        I don’t. Maybe Lance does if you want to hit him up.

    • Julian Langdon

      Super impressive, on testing alone, very Donaldesque (actually better). Such a shame for him his arm length, that’ll knock him down a few draft boards, probably including Seattles.

      • Hoggs41

        Those are very impressive numbers. Almost look exactly like Gerald Everett’s at 45lbs heavier.

  15. Sea Mode

    Woof. @PIT week 17…

    • Big Mike

      Oh I see it’s AT Pittsburgh. Gee what a surprise…….not. Eff the stealers

    • Jordan

      Hawks on two game win streak vs Pit I believe?

      That epic shootout in Sea
      Then at Pit when Dissly kicked Devin Bush’s behind up and down the field

  16. drrew76

    Not that there was any doubt that the money would come, but with the TV deals officially now done, there’s no excuse not to push some cap dollars into the next couple seasons and get someone like Dunlap, Kerrigan, Clowney signed.

    • Volume12

      Seattle currently has the 2nd most cap space next year, right?

    • Big Mike

      Get Carlos back please.

  17. Benjamin Davis

    Patriots “Ramping” up their pursuit of Carson.

    • Saucetrich

      That tweet is two days old

      • Benjamin Davis

        Exactly. And its the most current and “ACCURATE” information on the Carson situation.

  18. Benjamin Davis

    Carson to Miami is inaccurate.

    • Julian Langdon

      If he’s not back in Seattle on a super cheap deal, Miami is actually one of the teams I wouldn’t mind seeing him going to. As a team with 4 picks in the top 50, without Carson, they’d be one of the teams most likely to pick Javonte Williams in the draft otherwise.

      Williams won’t be there at #56, but if somehow we end up back in the first round, a trade down and a pick early in the 2nd, he might still be there. Have the Steelers picked up a RB free agent yet?

  19. Benjamin Davis

    As long as Seattle retains one of Fournette or Carson, I will be happy. Belichek and Pete both love their downhill RB’s. So it wouldn’t surprise me to see him wind up in New England.

  20. Mike

    How expensive and plausible would it be to sign Mike Davis and Phillip Lindsey as a poor man’s (but effective) version Lendale White and Reggie Bush? If we are really going to run this back with Russell we have to free cash to make an investment to give us a chance to add talent all over the roster.

    Is it possible that for an equivalent cost of Carson you could get Lindsey and Davis?

  21. Sea Mode

    The last phone call on Monday night, right around midnight (11 p.m. in Houston), led to [his agent] Baker advising Griffin that three teams were serious—the Jaguars, the Seahawks and a third team (one Baker declined to name).


    Through all of their early conversations, Baker knew how Griffin felt about Seattle, and that leaving there wouldn’t necessarily be easy for his client.

    “They gave me my first opportunity,” Griffin said. “I built relationships there, I started my foundation there. Everything that I want to do as a player, I started there. So, of course, I had some love for Seattle and was hoping that I could go back there. But, end of the day, I know it’s a business. And I know what’s going on in this world.”


    And that led into Tuesday negotiations. Baker was cognizant of Griffin’s affinity for the Seahawks but moved forward with the three teams on even footing, and the principle that he wasn’t going to shop one team’s offer to another, or give Seattle any sort of right of first refusal for sentimental reasons.

    With guideposts in place, the best way to describe how something like this is handled is to compare it to a silent auction, with three parallel negotiations taking place.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Hey Sea Mode how do you post quotes like that?

    • TomLPDX

      So F’ing what. He’s gone and good riddance. Back home (JAX ain’t St. Pete, BTW)

      • STTBM

        Sir, I salute you: for this comment and the one on nine allegations being real.

        • God of Thunder


  22. Sea Mode

    Bill Voth

    Panthers have agreed to terms with former Seahawks WR David Moore. Building that pipeline …

    • Jamey

      Fingers crossed that it is more than the minimum for comp pick purposes!

    • cha

      Not surprised at all.

      Playing hardball with Moore on cutdown day to halve his salary.

      Pete not happy with the playcall being changed in Week 17 to get him a $100k performance bonus.

      Moore has every right to leave for greener pastures.

      • Submanjoe

        These are the types of things Seahawks/Pete does which are not player friendly etc. I worry that Seattle isn’t the destination the local media seem to think it is. Pete is selling and players seem to be just a tad disappointed in what they’re getting to often.

    • CaptainJack


    • sonicreducer

      That’s a bummer. David Moore has always been a fav in our household. Training camp 2017 David Moore was my son’s first autograph, he chatted with my son, who was 11 at the time, for a few minutes, That was cool of him.

    • Sea Mode

      Tom Pelissero

      For the #Panthers and WR David Moore, it’s a two-year deal worth $4.75 million with $1.25M guaranteed, per source. A reunion with GM Scott Fitterer, who was with Moore in Seattle, and an opportunity to take on a bigger role.

      • cha

        I would’ve signed Moore for that in a heartbeat.

        • TomLPDX

          Why? Bye, bye, DMo!

  23. Benjamin Davis

    Dang it!!! Damn you Matt Rhule.

  24. cha

    AP NFL
    BREAKING: The NFL will nearly double its media revenue to more than $10 billion a season under new rights agreements.


    Well there you go.

    • j hawk

      Does this mean that next years cap could go up or is it too late?

      • j hawk

        Sorry meant to say this years cap.

        • cha

          Yes too late. The 2021 number is based on 2020 revenue. So it is set.

          But it does mean teams that locked long-term contracts with heavy hits in 2022/23/24 played it well.

        • dj 1/2 way (SEA/PDX)

          I read it “…next years crap”!

  25. Space Chief

    Hey thanks for the stream with Danny. Your guys’ reenactment of the Pete and John trade conversation inspired to make a pitch meeting parody. We all like the Youtube series pitch meeting right? Sorry for the length.

    /Camera shows the front of the VMAC

    Pete Carroll: So you have trade idea for me?

    John Schneider: Yes sir I do, and it’s for a defensive player.

    PC: Wait you mean I’ve acted defensive about our off-season moves?

    JS: No no no just that player we’ll acquire is a defensive player.

    PC: Makes sense I am a defensive coach.


    PC: So who is it?

    JS: I was thinking of Jamal Addams you know the strong safety from the NY Jets.

    PC: Well okay then, but didn’t we draft Marquise Blair to be our strong safety?

    JS: Wait we drafted a strong safety last year?

    PC: Yeah even ahead of DK Metcalf, and in fact you were the same as me when we drafted him.

    JS: Whoopsie.

    PC Whoopsie

    JS: So I should I call Joe Douglas now?

    PC: I don’t know see why not? I call the shots here and I’m giving you permission.

    JS: /Dials phone, pins phone to ear, then hangs up and puts it away.

    PC: That was quick so what did he say?

    JS: Oh that he’s in a hurry and couldn’t talk long but come up with an offer and the deal is done.

    PC: So what should we offer?

    JS: I think we should start with lowballing obviously so how about 2 first round picks, a 3rd round pick, and Bradley McDougald.

    PC: You sure that’s a lowball offer?

    JS: Think about it: our drafting record in the first round is terrible and in this case we don’t have to worry about doing that anymore.

    PC: That is true we do suck at picking in the first round but we can still trade those to trade down.

    JS: Listen I am going to need you to get all the waaaay off my back.

    PC: Well let me get off of that thing.

    JS: So should I call back and this deal done?

    PC: Absolutely but the only thing is our pass rush is still lacking and safeties usually don’t rush the passer.

    JS: Actually it’ll be super easy, barely an inconvenience.

    PC: Oh really?

    JS: Yeah just change your defense to make sure he blitzes at least 10 times a game so he gets sacks and when we negotiate his next contract he’ll point to that as to why we should pay him 20 million.

    PC: Hey this sounds like winning forever. You think Russell Wilson will be mad we spent a lot to get Jamal
    and not offensive players?

    JS: Nah he’ll be fine sir.

    /Smash cut to Adam Schefter tweet.

    • Rob Staton

      I actually wrote out a full script for a screen rant pitch meeting of the Seahawks 2020 season but never recorded it. Wasn’t sure I could pull it off!

      • Sea Mode

        Take my money.

    • Space Chief

      Sorry I think my post formatting when wrong please delete if doesn’t look good.

      • Sea Mode

        Looks great! Hilarious!

        Now we just need to work in a “trading the farm for non-premium positions is TIGHT!” or something to the effect!

        • Space Chief

          Oh dang it I knew missed something! I have an earlier version where I worked Wow wow wow wow, but didn’t like the joke.

    • Scot04

      If u switch PC to JS and JS to PC i think it would be more accurate.
      I could see JS saying they wanted too much and PC just saying get it done whatever the cost. JS what about having an extension done 1st. PC nah we can figure that out later.

      • Space Chief

        That’s fair. I just felt that Pete was more the producer guy then screen writer guy.

  26. Space Chief

    Oh good it worked. I bet yours is better Rob ;D.

    • Scot04

      It definitely would have been interesting to be able to hear the real behind the scenes on that conversation.

  27. Gaux Hawks

    can we cut nick bellore without a cap hit?

    i was really pulling for tommy tremble : (

  28. Paul Cook

    I was just reading around online about the RW saga. Three of the articles I read characterized the Bears offer for RW as “massive”, “tremendous”, and “monstrous”. LOL I guess it’s a matter of perspective, but three probable late first round picks and a late third round pick and a couple of older vets that would provide them some CAP relief is not all that for a future HOF QB in his prime to a team who hasn’t had anything resembling a franchise QB in the entire SB era.

    Just funny to me.

    • BobbyK

      Agreed. It was an insulting offer more than anything, imo. You look at the cap relief the Bears would get and there once was a time the Browns accepted a terrible/worthless QB and got a 2nd round pick just for paying him $10 million or whatever. With that cap relief the Bears would have gotten, that should have been worth three additional 2nd round picks all by themselves.

      I would only trade Wilson if the Bears traded us: Darnold (they’d have to somehow get him first), Mack or Johnson, and a 1/2/3 this year and 1/2/5 picks in ’22 and ’23. I like the extra 5th rounders because I actually trust them more in that round than any other round. Robinson last year is just another example.

  29. Gaux Hawks

    also, thoughts on alden smith and carlos dunlap being bookends? or are they both LEOs?

    i know they expressed interest in smith last year…

    • STTBM

      Dunlap doesn’t play LEO, he’s the run stuffer opposite. He’s Cliff Avril, only slower, with more power.

  30. Rob Staton

    Today has been boring so far

    Let’s get things rolling with a rock star signing

    • Rohan Raman

      Seahawks: Ethan Pocic. Take it or leave it.

      • Peter

        😄 well played

        • Big Mike

          Yeah it was

    • Peter

      I dunno that fuller to Miami deal was pretty exciting

  31. Rob Staton

    Ethan Pocic back for $3m

    Draft hedge

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Nothing wrong with this

    • KennyBadger

      A regular mick jagger

    • Scot04

      If it’s followed up with Dunlap and another DE plus a WR3, I’m fine with it. Filled our holes. Atleast it helps me feel like they won’t put Lewis at Center now.

    • Mike

      They need to draft some linemen. It probably won’t be bad for next year but Damien Lewis is the only player that can be penciled in for the future.

      It seems like everyone is going into a contract year 😂

    • BobbyK

      One of the least physical starting Centers in NFL history. Be the bully!

      • BobbyK

        Good technician and intelligent. There are strengths to him. But if you want to be the “bully” this is not anything you really want “anchoring” your OL.

      • Rob Staton

        I also wonder… if you really like Landon Dickerson but want to give him time, this allows you to do it.

        • Mike

          Gosh he’s such a badass, I just think to many teams probably think that for him to get to 56.

          • BobbyK

            Can a team that drafted Darrell Taylor last year afford another potential injury risk though? Upside is high, I’ll give you that. If he gets hurt, that’d be nothing in about the first 130 picks.

        • HOUSE


          Great point. I have seen Dickerson between the 2nd rd through the early-4th and I’m assuming it’s strictly based on the ACL.

          What are your thoughts on Creed Humphrey?

          • Rob Staton

            Talked about him near the end of live stream in the piece

            • HOUSE


              I missed it. Was cooking dinner the first listen. Just re-listened.

              I love me some Ben Cleveland and I was hoping we had picked up a vet C and drafting BC was the pick. I know the Gabe Jackson trade doesn’t mean we couldn’t draft Cleveland, but we’ve got some needs.

              A Jamal Adams trade and getting some picks back would make sense BIG TIME. I saw a clip of Blair the other day and he looked good working out that knee.

    • Mick

      If Wilson was any happy with Jackson, it’s all gone after this move.

      Rob I watched you live, thank you for the really good work.

      • Mike

        If he is, he is being very unreasonable. Like what does he expect the team to pay $10 mill to every linemen?

    • Troy

      I really don’t like that signing if the 3 mil is guaranteed. But if they can cut him with minimal dead cap and land a stud like dickerson or meinerz in the draft then I’m 100% on board. Hope the guaranteed money isn’t high.

    • Sea Mode

      Jump on the live stream immediately…!

      • Peter

        Where’s robbie to fire this up!

    • Peter

      Hope so. Been awhile it seems since Seattle would sign a small deal for a hedge in hopes of a player in the draft

  32. BobbyK

    Is it to much to ask to sign Fournette, Dunlap, Wright, and trade Adams to the Dolphins for a pair of 2nd rounders and to turn our three 2nd rounders into: 1. RB, 2. Interior OL, 3. BPA (I don’t care if it’s a WR, another RB, OT, TE, DE, DT, etc.).

    • BobbyK


      • Hawk Mock

        I honestly think it is too much to ask with these guys. But hey, there’s a distinct possibility we get to watch Donald plow through Pocic multiple times a game to get to our QB next year!

        • SeattleLifer

          And not only is Pocic’s pass protection questionable but his run blocking leaves alot to be desired. If he ends up being our starter i will be upset.

        • Big Mike

          With you Hawk Mock, I think it is too much to ask with these guys

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I’d prefer their round 1 pick (18) instead of 36 and 50 if that’s possible.

  33. BobbyK

    Wilson publicly calls out OL and Seahawks bring back 4 out of 5. Can’t bring back Iupati because he retired. Things that make you go hmmm.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      There’s still the draft

    • Rohan Raman

      Realistically, the Seahawks were only going to change 2 positions (LT, RT and RG are set). They addressed LG by getting Gabe Jackson – time will tell us how well they addressed it – and they could conceivably still sign an Austin Blythe, depending on the guaranteed money in Pocic’s contract, or draft a rookie C and let Pocic handle the reins out of the gate.

      All I’m saying is that the Seahawks don’t view Pocic as the long-term starter. He could be a nice backup option and let’s not forget, he did play well at the start of the year. Certainly not what I would have done, though.

      • Rohan Raman

        *Seahawks may not view Pocic as the long term starter.

      • BobbyK

        Yes. But both LG and C were black holes. Between them, that’s 40% of your entire OL. That’s big. Now they just filled only 1 and are going back to the anchor of the OL being a marshmallow in terms of NFL physicality. Sure, Pocic could beat all of us up – but that doesn’t matter. He needs to hold his own against NFL players. Maybe Meinerz is going to take Pocic’s job one day? I can hope.

  34. Henry Taylor

    Arent they now overthecap? And aren’t they supposed to not be overthecap at this stage? Surely theyll have to announce some kind of cap saving move soon right?

    • Rohan Raman

      League year already started, so they can be over the cap with no immediate consequences.

      I expect a cap saving move to come shortly.

  35. SeattleLifer

    Still think 3 million is an overpay for Pocic and if i had to guess probably another decision with some fear driving it a bit. Most likely a hedge as has been said. So just in case they don’t get the draft pick/free agent they want then he’s the fallback-which is worrisome because i don’t want him starting unless it’s because our real starter is injured and in that case 3 million for a backup who i’m not fond of is a signing i’m not fond of.

  36. JJ

    If Jackson is the only change on the line hawks better add some weapons for Wilson. Need a dynamic 3rd receiver and rb.

    • Rob Staton

      They still have a lot to do. I hope they will do it.

      Because the Seahawks were not Gabe Jackson and Gerald Everett away from being a contender.

      • JJ

        Wilson has to be sitting there like come on man get with it if you want to keep me.

  37. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    The #Bears are releasing veteran CB Kyle Fuller, sources say, a cap casualty. In a tough 2021 offseason, this is Chicago’s only cut due to cap space. A former All-Pro corner now hits the market.
    1:14 PM · Mar 18, 2021

    • MyChestIsBeastMode

      If only we had traded Russell, he could have been ours!

    • Blitzy the Clown

      When are we going to learn that Fuller was one of the two starters Chicago was offering for Russ?

      • Hoggs41

        Looking like it could have been Fuller and Hicks which is an easy NO.

      • cha

        Greg Rosenthal on KJR yesterday said it was Fuller & Hicks.

        Garafolo was on KJR later and claimed the Seahawks countered with Johnson & Moody.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          Garafalo had to be joking right?

          • Scot04

            He said Mooney and Johnson were 2 of the players they wanted included. Did not specify if they wanted additional players or not. Just said the conversation never got that far. Makes total sense they would want young controllable players. Why take two high priced veterans that were likely cap casualties.
            If you’re gonna trade Wilson you better get what you want, not just take what’s thrown at you.

  38. Rob Staton

    Martin >>> Pocic

    • John_s

      They my be applying there Veteran Salary Benefit where $1.25m can be excluded from the cap hit

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Heck, Hudson >>> Pocic and the Raiders moved on from Hudson.

      • HOUSE

        The Raiders traded Hudson

    • CaptainJack

      I still think oline will be the target in the second round. Pocic comes back to compete. He’s average, young, still could improve I suppose.

    • SeattleLifer

      Shoot Martin was the guy i had hoped we would get.

  39. KennyBadger

    What’s the take on just having 3 picks in the draft? It seems impossible that the FO would stay on that, but what is there to trade if Russ is off the table? I get that adams is the obvious option, I think it’s strange we hear nothing on that front and it’s hard to trust that the FO is playing this slyly. Can we assume they’ll start borrowing against the cap given the $$$$$$$ announced by the league today?

    • Rob Staton

      Well, I wouldn’t assume Russ is off the table.

      • KennyBadger

        I wouldn’t either but the odds have changed IMO. Wondering how the peace is brokered with current options.

        • Rob Staton

          I think it’ll take more than a guard and a Go Hawks to sort this mess out

          • KennyBadger

            No doubt. But if they weren’t aggressive by now, are there reasonable ways they can open it up beyond Russ and adams transactions?

            • Ryan

              Thought all along the plan was to trade back. For what we will probably be looking for, #56 is too late for a really good pass rusher and plenty early for an iOL, RB, WR3, even CB. So I expect a trade back into the 60s to pick up a late 3rd or 4th, and then see where we are.

              I think you can get good players at all of those positions from the mid-2nd to the end of the 4th rounds.

            • Rob Staton

              Sure, they can create a lot of money if they want to

  40. Robert Jorgensen

    Rob I think you would agree with this we might just more pass rushers . what’s your thoughts on one year deal with Aldon Smith I know the Seahawks tried to trade for him last year when he was with dallas .

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not sure if you meant to say they just need more pass rushers. I think they need a lot more than just that — but they do need to sign some pass rushers.

      • Hoggs41

        Starts with bringing back CD. Once we can possibly sign him we can go from there. I guess what could be next depends on how they feel about Robinson and Taylor which only people inside the building really know.

  41. Rob Staton

    If you have the means to share these video streams around by the way — on reddit or other forums — please do to help spread the word

  42. Denver Hawker

    None of these moves so far are long-term commitments to Russell Wilson. All have one year outs. I suspect the FO is going to hedge- give Wilson an improved offense on paper and see what he can do.
    Also, Waldron has his fingerprints on the offensive acquisitions, also a trial period.

  43. Rory

    This was great, Rob. Thanks for doing it. Also, really like Danny. Super chill and seems like a good dude.

    • Rob Staton


  44. Rob Staton

    Akiem Hicks is available

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I think we know who were the “two starters” Chicago offered to Seattle for Russ 😂

      • Hawk Mock

        Pretty funny. This is the same tactic all the fantasy managers in my league try to use. Good try Pace.

  45. pdway

    why is there no market for Juju so far? He’s two seasons removed from a 111/1426/7 season, and still just 24 yo. Is the word that he’s regressed?

    Seems like he’s there to be had on a 1-year prove it deal, no?

    Also – Rob – loved hearing you w Danny Kelly – have always enjoyed his writing on the ringer – so it was fun to see him speaking as well. You’re best line, I thought, “if you accept that Bears offer, and you lose Russell Wilson, what are you? You’re the Bears.”

  46. Big Mike

    Another wonderful stream that gave me a solid hour + of entertainment today Rob. Thank you and thanks to Danny as well.

  47. Walter W Rucker

    Sorry if asked already. Could Chicago have picked up Dalton to use in a trade w Hawks? It is a 1 year deal and we could use the first round pick from them on a qb. It would make sense if the hawks value Darnold. I doubt this is the case because we dont win the SB him so it would be a wasted season. If Bears are that desperate, they would have to know that Dalton isnt the answer and they will be unemployed next year.

    • drrew76


      That ship has sailed.

    • Roy Batty

      Dalton was plan D.

  48. Sea Mode

    Interesting. PFF doesn’t like the Floyd or Dupree signings because of their low win rate on “true pass sets” (no RPOs, play-action plays and screen passes):

    Player Win rate Rank qualifying pass-rushers
    Carl Lawson 22.0% 4th
    Trey Hendrickson 17.2% 23rd
    Shaquil Barrett 16.9% 25th
    Matthew Judon 15.0% 33rd
    Yannick Ngakoue 14.8% 37th
    Leonard Floyd 12.1% 54th
    Bud Dupree 11.9% 56th

    Note that the average pass-rush win rate in these situations is 14.5%. Thus, Floyd and Dupree have actually been below average at consistently winning their rep but incredibly lucky at turning pressures into sacks, as roughly 25% of their pressures ended in a sack, more than 10% higher than the league-average rate. Our data has shown that being lucky can result in a career year and therefore in a huge contract when the timing is right, but the sack production is, unfortunately, unsustainable.

    These are the types of deals that teams tend to regret two years from now.

    Wasn’t Dunlap near the top in win rate?

    • MyChestIsBeastMode

      Win rate? I don’t know. But Dunlap definitely won my heart.

  49. Seahawk_Dan

    *Inside Pete’s head*

    Okay Pete, it’s the draft. A lot of good. Young offensive linemen on the board. You know what to do. For Russ.

    *Drafts LB at #56*

    • SeattleLifer

      My guess is a bit of a reach on a RB.

  50. charlietheunicorn

    Some “potentially” excellent WRs handing in the wind right now in FA. Seahawks need a #3 WR right now…… time to look at some of the potential blue light specials!

    Golladay – should get a good deal, but still is unsigned
    Hilton – intriguing, most likely wanting more than Seahawks want to spend
    Watkins – Pass, injury concerns
    Brown – Pass, off field sideshow
    Patterson – Upgrade ST is nothing else / Seahawks should kick some tires

    • Rob Staton


      And as I said earlier, now is the time to get on the front foot and pull off a couple of big moves

      • charlietheunicorn

        Radio (ESPN) said something about the Jets making a big play for JuJu.

      • pdway

        starting to feel like Juju could be had in the 1 yr $6M range… total guesswork of course. But the guys who haven’t had their phones ringing off the hook, must be feeling like they need to lock in the right gig.

        • Ky Swift

          Total agree, corvette corvette has had a colder market than originally thought. He would make a great #3. We need a more physical guy that will go over the middle an in crossing routes. 2yr 13 million range with low cap hit in year one.

  51. cha

    Sometimes the jokes write themselves

    Sports Illustrated
    Seahawks cornerback Shaquem Griffin threw up when he heard the Jaguars offered his brother a three-year, $40 million deal

    • Scot04


    • CaptainJack

      Not going to miss either

    • charlietheunicorn

      TBH, I did too

  52. JLemere

    Time for another update on best remaining options for positions of need since there was more FA action.

    RB1: Chris Carson. Alternate- Mike Davis, Leonard Fournette
    WR3: T.Y. Hilton. Alternate- Josh Reynolds (may as well keep signing LA players)
    TE1: Signed Gerald Everett
    LG: Traded for Gabe Jackson
    C: Resigned Ethan Pocic
    LEO: Carlos Dunlap. Alternate- Jadeveon Clowney (The circle would be complete)
    5T: Malik Jackson Alternate- None
    SAM: KJ Wright. Alternate- Bruce Irvin (on vet min only)
    CB: Signed Ahkello Witherspoon.

    Still got a lot of work to do.

  53. icb12

    From everything I’ve read, it sounds like Davis Mills had a good pro day.

    Would be my choice for qb of future with a mariota bridge.
    Gonna have to get some stock to pull it off though.

    • Dingbatman

      That hilarious!!!

  54. Hughz

    Great dialogue between you two. One of the best hours of Seahawks chat I’ve ever listened to. Thanks Rob.

    • Danny P


    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Hughz

  55. Malc from PO

    Pocic sets the floor for the OL, I think drafting another C would be the right way to go. But we don’t even have acceptable floors at WR3, RB, or DE and we can’t go into the draft without those sorted.

  56. CaptainJack

    There’s a weird narrative on fieldgulls that Lewis is moving to center, Phil Haynes will be the starting right guard and Pocic was resigned to be a backup. I think that’s total idiocy. Pocic was signed to be the starting center, and Lewis is a right guard permanently. Haynes hasn’t shown that his body is NFL caliber with his injuries. Pocic Lewis and Jackson are so obviously locked into starting roles for NOW, unless a rookie challenges one of those roles (most like at center). Phil Haynes can in no way be counted on as a member of the starting oline next season.

    • Rob Staton

      FieldGulls tho…

    • dj 1/2 way (SEA/PDX)

      First thing I thought when they signed the right guard was that Lewis was going to move to center. Pocic is a better backup than starter, and if they are trying to make the QB happy then one more BAMF on the oline is a good move. Will it be draft, trade or free agent? Could an interior lineman be part of a Jamal Adams trade?

      As we see over and over, it does not matter how good the team/players are in the first half of the season. What really matters is how good the team/players are in the playoffs. Haynes does not have the durability.

  57. Sea Mode

    Aaron Wilson

    Nick Bellore (Seahawks) two years, $4.45M, $1.2M signing bonus, salaries $1.1M, $2.15M

  58. Sea Mode

    Wow, they gave Alex Mack a 3-year deal. (at least on the surface) It was initially reported to be 1-year, $5.5m.

    Kinda disappointed we didn’t go after him. Maybe we did but the Shanahan connection was too strong and their offer for too many years at his age. Still:

    – 84.7 PFF Grade since 2017 (3rd)
    – 1 sack allowed in 633 pass blocking attempts in 2020.

    PFF SF 49ers

    Positional rankings over the last four seasons (min 1,500 snaps)

    LT: Trent Williams – 2nd
    LG: Laken Tomlinson – 8th
    C: Alex Mack — 2nd
    RG: Daniel Brunskill – n/a
    RT: Mike McGlinchey – 8th

    #49ers have a Top 10 player in four out of their five projected starting linemen.

    • Rob Staton

      Yeah but now they have to take on the might of LJ Collier and Rasheem Green…

      • Sea Mode



        • Big Mike

          Again I come here to be entertained and instead I end up crying. 🙁 But hey, who needs Dunlap?

      • Peppapig

        There goes my game pass subscription.

    • MyChestIsBeastMode

      That’s a lot of hype. Avg grades since 2017 is misleading for some ageing players. Mack on 3 year contract at his age (36 in November) – his 2020 PFF overall grade 65.9. meanwhile, a young Ethan Pocic is 10 years younger, cheaper, and a not too dissimilar grade of 62.4 from 2020.

      Plus the draft – just keep saying it, it gets sexier everytime – Quinn Meinerz, Ben Cleveland, Landon Dickerson. Our lineup and draft position are set up to benefit from a relative strength in the draft and should afford us a pick of at least one of these guys.

  59. Trevor

    If the Hawks were to sign Fournette and say Golliday or Juju then draft a guy like Dickerson at Center this offense would have all the parts to be elite next year. It seems quite doable.

    The defense and pass rush in particular is a whole other matter.

  60. Trevor

    Still makes me cringe when I think about last years draft and we could have added anyone of the good young RB (CEH, Taylor etc) and then Claypool at WR they would have been set at the skill positions with elite talent for the next 3-4 years by adding that duo to DK and Locket.

    • Big Mike

      I really liked Taylor. Workhorse type. RW wanted him too.

      • TomLPDX

        And Taylor wanted Seattle on top of that.

  61. Mick

    Andrews re-signs with Pats, one more center gone. Blythe would make a lot of sense though.

    • Rob Staton

      They just signed Pocic

      • Mick

        Yes I know, the question is if that’s only a backup or not. I realize we have other positions to fill too.

        • Rob Staton

          Well they can’t sign two veteran centres when they have no pass rushers

          • seanmatt

            We’re talking about the Seahawks, Rob. The could totally sign two vet centers and not sign more pass rushers. That would be a very seahawky thing to do.

            • Rob Staton

              But then they won’t have any money for a fourth and fifth safety

              • Big Mike


                • Peter

                  Got to have a little in the coffers to sign Luke Wilson in week 13 as well.

  62. Bankhawk

    How much did they squander on Pocic? 😕

    • Rob Staton


    • Sea Mode

      “Nothing guaranteed past this year” *sigh*

      Albert Breer

      49ers C Alex Mack signed a three-year, $14.85 million deal.

      • $3.675 million signing bonus.
      • $1.425 million base for ’21.
      • $400K in per-game RBs for ’21.
      • Total of $5.5M in ’22, $3.85M for ’23.
      • Nothing fully guaranteed past this year.

      • Big Mike

        OK that makes it a pretty damned decent signing imo

        • Hoggs41

          Crazy thinking Mack gets $5 and Williams gets $23

  63. Rob Staton

    Yesterday was boring

    More action today please

    At least one of:

    A pass rusher
    Running back
    Make a cheeky dabble at JuJu or Hilton

    Or really make it a day to remember and regain the draft stock you squandered on a blitzing box safety

    • Sea Mode

      Yes, please! I think we’re going to hear about at least one extension/re-structure today to clear up some space for a pass rusher or to close on Fournette.

      Either of these guys sounds like a good fit a WR3. JuJu might take a prove-it deal and TY should be cheap due to his age:

      JuJu Smith-Schuster is going to hit free agency having just turned 24 years old because of how young he was when he entered the NFL before the 2017 season. His exact role and ceiling is still something of an open question. His best season — an 81.8 overall grade in 2018 — came working predominantly inside and when Antonio Brown was the primary threat for the Steelers.

      12. WR T.Y. HILTON
      Hilton is not the same big-play threat he once was, but he’s settled in as more of an efficient chain-mover over the past two years. Forty-two of his 56 receptions went for either a first down or a touchdown in 2020, and he has just six drops on his past 101 catchable passes. Hilton had the No. 13 grade on intermediate (10-19 yard) passes last season, and that’s where he provides the most value going forward as a complementary threat.

      Also, I have this terrible feeling that we’re going to overpay to pry away Fournette and then the Bucs are going to just draft Javonte Williams at #32…

      • Rob Staton

        Surely… surely they’re not just going to hang around like the last two years and end up scrambling around for pass rushers

        But then if they’re still thinking of trading RW, they might just be waiting for the draft 🤷‍♂️

        • Sea Mode

          I was literally just worrying about that. That they allow the uncertainty over Wilson’s future to stop them from signing players or even extending guys like Lockett to lower his cap hit.

          • Peter

            This would be the seahawk thing to do…

            Completely miss that regardless of Wilson and trades this team is solidly mediocre and needs help all over. Even if they trade Wilson…..still might want to go get a third WR, running back, dline. The goal should be honest with your team and make it as strong as possible regardless of who is under center. The only net change so far is losing Dunlap. Which is a negative.

            The thing slowly bumming me out is no one here seems to advocating for huge names but just some cost effective players that are improvements…. ( Everett might be so I’ll reserve judgement)…. Watching Seattle unable or unwilling to pull the trigger is frustrating.

      • CallMeAL

        I wished I shared both Robs and Sea Modes enthusiasm for more action in the free agent market. I’m assuming with the point being that the Seahawks build a roster capable of competing for a SB. I mean that’s the point each year isn’t it?

        Well I for one don’t want to see it being the point this year. JSPC have simply made to big of a mess to be able to field a team that will be able to be competitive for a SB this year.

        Case in point, as it stands now, is our offensive line better than last years? Are our tight ends better and will they actually be able to utilize them for once? Who is our RB1, WR3, our 3rd LB, are our CB’s better than last year, where’s our 4th DT, DE OMG don’t get me started??

        How is PC going to fill all of these holes with no cap room and three draft picks and at the same time get quality players to not only compete in our division but with a more difficult schedule than last years.

        One might suggest to restructure contracts, and they will probably have to do that, but to what end. So we can fill out the roster with 3rd wave FA’s? And consider we haven’t resigned Jamal Adams yet. If we were going to trade him for max value, shouldn’t he have been on the market at the beginning of FA?

        Then lets consider RW, I don’t think that situation is resolved. RW doesn’t want to play PC’s way anymore, wants to go to a big market team and wants to be the focal point of an offense, Has that suddenly changed?

        While I’d love to see RW happy to be a hawk, and JSPC building a solid competitive roster, they just aren’t going to accomplish those things this year. They would have to have a strong break from their traditional way of doing things. Just don’t see that happening. So far, I’m just seeing more of the same.

        I fear this is going to be another lost year with way worst results. Sorry, I hate being the negative guy.

        • Peter

          You’re not wrong at all. But the team could borrow a bit from next year and of course Wilson is the black cloud looming.

          But there have been some moves they could have made that, this is just me, would have been good regardless of who is under center. I think some of tge O line moves could have saved tge puck and been the same cost. I get it, what’s a fifth worth? Normally nothing but when you have four picks they are all worth something. Alex Mack for basically 5 million vs. Police for 3 I think is a better deal. You know all this…

          I’m trying to stay optimistic and hope Seattle remembers its okay to upgrade everywhere. And if it’s a budget thing I think I’d prefer to have spent their small cap on Dunlap rather than upgrade TE which I don’t think changes Seattle’s fortunes or went out and got Witherspoon and traded for Jackson.

          I know its not all on him but before Dunlap came Seattle was trending to be the worst defense in history. You can not win pete ball fielding a historically bad defense.

    • Sea Mode

      I would like Clowney and Dunlap. Also, what do we think Sheldon Rankins might get?

      He produced at an elite level for interior linemen in 2018, with 8 sacks and 12 tackles for loss, but he ruptured his left Achilles in the playoffs to close that season out. He worked his way back to the field sooner than expected in 2019, but finished that season on injured reserve after getting surgery to prevent a rupture of his right Achilles.

      In the last two seasons, Rankins has recorded 3.5 sacks in 22 games. He has shown flashes of the powerful and athletic form he displayed in 2018, but has not been able to put it together consistently yet.

      He believes it’s still there in him though.

      Rankins described Achilles injuries as ones that heal on their own timeline, irrespective of the work one puts into the rehabilitation. He essentially played the 2019 season with two weakened Achilles tendons. Last season, he felt his left Achilles was back to normal, and he’s only now feeling like his right one is coming along.

      “Now, I legit wake up and feel like me again,” Rankins said. “I can run around and … have that bounce in my step that I know I used to have. … Going into free agency, that’s why it’s exciting for me, because I know that no matter where I end up, you can cut that 2018 tape on and say that’s the guy you’re getting.”

      • Peter

        Dunlap first for me.

        Doubt Clowney would have any part of this team.

        Rankin because of his age and injury recovery maybe a one or two year deal.

        There’s a lot of older vets that have some value at a good price: Suh, Kawann Short, Griffen.

        I don’t get super excited by him but maybe Vic Beasley for cheap for low expectations and just to get after the QB….if he even can anymore

        • Zxvo3

          Give me Dunlap and Ryan Kerrigan.

          • Peter

            Really like Kerrigan. For a fair/good price absolutely

          • Chase

            +1. This seems like the best scenario without having to absolutely break the bank.

            • Hawk Mock

              Rankins was a blog favorite and a great athlete coming out for his size and position. I would definitely be happy to have him in our rotation. Dunlap for sure, not sure what the holdup is there. Clowney would be cool but not sure if he feels burned over last year or not.

    • Ashish

      I like Kenny Golladay more, but JuJu or Hilton as 3rd receiver will be awesome .

  64. Frank

    I actually like Juju fit better, Locket can get open underneath a bit, but DK is decidedly bad at it, while both have deep threat ability. Our problem isn’t stretching the field, it’s being able to work underneath and I’m not convinced our “upgrade” at TE is enough. Juju is a beast, that hit on Burfisett was absolute legend stuff. For all DK size, his lack of being a natural catcher of the football and poor agility relegate him to only being useful as a deep threat guy, and beastly blocker. I don’t know what his price is, and am not willing to spend half the cap on receivers in the next couple years when DK and Lockett need resigned. I’d rather those resources used on dline and CB, and hopefully draft an Oline player.

  65. Sea Mode

    Nice toss…

  66. JD

    PFF tweet per MattCasey9,

    Hawks were offered 3 1st round picks, 3rd round pick and Kyle Fuller and Akiem Hicks.

    So those who were speculating about those two were correct potentially. I’m happy that JSPC turned this down. Not nearly enough and a little upsetting that they only offered the two big cap casualties that they were eventually going to cut/trade for cheap. It is also extremely sad when you realize that the only difference between this offer and the Jamal Adams trade is an extra 1st and an additional player.

    • BobbyK

      That is a horribly pathetic “offer” if it’s true. A franchise QB for basically Ifedi, Penny, Brooks, and Naz Jones. Plus two overpriced veterans with no long-term future.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Fair for a franchise quarterback that doesn’t want to play for the Seahawks. Three draft picks, no money, and a quarterback that wants to go. The Seahawks should have made the trade. Oh well. Lets suffer through three more years of “I don’t want to be here.”

        • BobbyK

          Do you realize the Texans once gave a 2nd round pick to the Browns just to take a worthless overpriced QB away from them? Look at all the salary cap space the Bears would have gained from that trade. That’s worth a bunch of 2nd round picks all by itself.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          You’d have taken that offer AlaskaHawk? I couldn’t disagree more. Seattle did the right thing by rejecting it.

    • Trevor

      Russ in not traded because 3 of the 4 teams on his list were not even interested and the team that was desperate made an offer similar to what the Hawks just paid the Jets for a Box safety. Of course they could not accept that offer. People including myself were giving Pete a hard time about turning down a great Bears offer but that is far from a great Bears offer.

      Pretty telling how GMs around the league view Russ IMO. The one team that even makes an offer has a GM and HC that are on the scorching hot seat and even then they are not willing to make a great offer and would prefer to roll with Andy Dalton.

      I think the Hawks and Russ are stuck with each other not so much because they really want to be but because they have no other choice right now.

      • Peter

        You’re probably right. But the thing is in two years Wilson will be getting old and still be worth a good chunk of cash. PC may not want a rebuild in his last hurrah but he could very well be staring down a rebuild in two years when KJ is gone or done. Wagner is gone or done. Wilson is gone and, this is me, there’s no future players to look towards. To build around. An older Lockett and Metcalf maybe being the highest paid WR I’m an open market unless Seattle resigns him for a ton of cash is not a great recipe.

      • Danny P

        It’s not similar. Only another 1st round pick + is kinda disingenuous. They’re so valuable when traded for Adam’s, but not now? 2 1sts vs 3, is in fact, 50% more 😉

    • Simo

      Good points for sure. This offer doesn’t exactly smell of desperation on the Bears part! You can’t just offer high salary guys you plan on cutting anyway, and no way Seattle would have been able to fit both those guys under their cap! I hope the Bears have to roll with Andy Dalton all year long!

    • Peter

      Add to that, that with Wilson those firsts would most likely be in the 24-28 range the following years. Pass.

      Three 1sts. Two 2nds. Two 3rds. Khalil Mack. For a franchise that’s never had a good QB to trade spare parts that they were going to cut for a near first round HOF player at the hardest position to find…come on Chicago ya gotta get real.

      • jdruaint

        Add Mack and Johnson, have them trade that 3rd for Sam D. and you have a deal.

        Mack and Johnson locked up for 3 years Fuller/Hicks one year rentals that if perform you can extend, if not add to your comp formula for the following year.

        3 firsts and FIVE players but remember 2 of them Fuller/Hicks they are basically cutting and we are taking them helping them cap wise.

        2 DE Mack/Hicks

        2 CBS Fuller/Johnson

        1 QB Sam D.

        Would they do it? Would you?

        I think yes on both if we really tried you know negotiating…

        • Peter


          Absolutely. I’m neither pro/con Darnold but those players plus picks heck yeah. Make seattle a good to great team all around and let Darnold and PC game manage til their hearts content.

    • TheOtherJordan

      If that was the offer then the Bears GM will deserve it when he gets fired. If you’re going that far, why wouldn’t you go slightly further and get the deal done. They cut Fuller a few days later. And are allowing Hicks to seek a trade.

      Had the offer been 3 1st round picks, a 2020 2nd round pick, Sam Darnold, and Mack I think Russell Wilson is a member of the Bears.

      • Hawk Mock

        I’m a little scared to think that the 3 firsts, a third and Mooney and Johnson would have gotten it done as some have implied. Throw in Mack, a couple 2’s and Darnold and I’d probably be good with it.

  67. GerryG

    Great pod Rob! Thanks

  68. Trevor

    One of my favorite podcasts to date. Great job Rob. Nice to listen to a couple of pros who actually make sense of things and are not complete homers.

  69. jdruaint

    Add Mack and Johnson, have them trade that 3rd for Sam D. and you have a deal.

    Mack and Johnson locked up for 3 years Fuller/Hicks one year rentals that if perform you can extend, if not add to your comp formula for the following year.

    3 firsts and FIVE players but remember 2 of them Fuller/Hicks they are basically cutting and we are taking them helping them cap wise.

    2 DE Mack/Hicks

    2 CBS Fuller/Johnson

    1 QB Sam D.

    Would they do it? Would you?

    I think yes on both if we really tried you know negotiating…

  70. CaptainJack

    Freddie swain as your wr3 is NOT good enough. Go get Juju.

    • CaptainJack

      Of course that in particular is not very realistic but they need to bring in another receiver without question.

      • Chase

        With the market for receivers being so poor, I think their best option is patience and to let the market come to them.

        • Group Captain mandrake

          Counterpoint: the marker for WRs isn’t great, so pick the guy you want and make him a team friendly offer. If they aren’t getting offers from other teams they might take a “prove it” deal.

  71. CL

    [GetUpESPN/Schefter] .@AdamSchefter when asked if we should stop paying attention to a potential Russell Wilson trade: “No … I’m told that the Bears still are paying attention to Russell Wilson and have not abandoned hopes.”

    • CallMeAL

      I think the Bears probably made about the best offer they could while at the same time retaining enough capital to be able to build around him. Smart move on their part. What good is having RW if you can’t surround him with talent.

      It really only makes sense to trade for RW if you already have a team ready to compete, have good cap flexibility, draft picks and being just short of a good QB.

      Only a couple of teams come to mind and then they have to interested in him.

      • Simo

        I don’t think it was the best offer the Bears could make if they truly want a franchise QB! Obviously it wasn’t a good enough offer, Seattle turned it down! The Bears better be ready to roll with Andy Dalton if that was their best offer!

      • TheOtherJordan

        How is it a smart move for a GM and coach who will be fired next year to roll with Andy Dalton at QB? They are preserving the draft capital for the next coach and GM. And if not Dalton, it’s likely they are still going to use that draft capital for a QB if they hope to save their jobs because Dalton isn’t going to get it done for Chicago. Why wouldn’t you use it on the one proven, veteran QB in his prime that is available?

        To me, if this is your solution, you get it done. In for a penny, in for a pound.

  72. CL

    Another interesting piece from Schefter:

    “If there’s a team that can assure that the Seahawks get a Quarterback, don’t be surprised if we see a Russell Wilson trade.”

    • CL

      Oh… and he dropped a bomb at the end:

      “doing all the work they can and all the diligence they can on the Quarterbacks in this draft and knowing that they can secure the Quarterback they fall in love with. And if that happens, Russell Wilson is gonna be traded.”

      • Danny P

        Interesting. If the Hawks actually did that, and got a legit starter in the draft, they’d be back on cheap quarterback time. That’s a good time to have. Russ is a baller, but if he thinks the Bears are a superior organization, I’d say let him go find out for himself. Unfortunately.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s not going away

      • dj 1/2 way (SEA/PDX)

        Great content Rob. Thank. We love Danny Kelly!

        I still think the Raiders might pop up here. Do you think the FO likes Mariota?

        Surprisingly, I find myself wanting to trade Russ, Jamal and Bobby. Please let it be at least two of three.

    • Gaux Hawks


  73. JD

    Justin Simmons extension 4 yrs $61 mil, $35 mil GTD probably sets the floor for an Adams extension. $15.25 / year.

    No thanks

    • Rohan Raman

      Realistically, this extension changes very little. Adams is going to want $16 mil at bare minimum. That was true before the Simmons extension and it remains true now.

      • JD

        I agree it doesn’t change much. Cements it more but give me Keanu Neal at a third of the price, or Marquise Blair on a rookie contract.

    • Ashish

      It will interesting to know what/How JS/PC thinking handling Adams case. Are they planning to extend? if yes how are they fit in cap space.

    • Scot04

      I think most here agree 16M spent on a Safety is too much with all our other needs. I think PC would be fine with 16M.
      We need Adams to say he won’t accept anything under 20M or trade me.

      • Hawk Mock

        But he’s really a S, LB and DE. Pretty sure the going rate for that is around 40mil per year.

        • Rob Staton

          ‘Pay the man’

  74. Gohawks5151

    Geno Atkins released. Interior pressure available. Come on guys get going on some deals

  75. JD

    Who says no? 3 team trade.

    Jets get: Khalil Mack

    Bears get: Russell Wilson

    Seahawks get: Bears 2021 1st round, 2022 1st round, 2023 1st round, Jets 2022 1st round (from Seahawks), Sam Darnold

    It makes me feel a little better knowing if we tank, we won’t look like the Texans giving up a top 5 pick. That would sting way too hard for me to handle. We get 4 first rounders and a QB option. Jets get an All-Pro DE, Bears get Russ and only give up 3 (late) first rounders and Khalil Mack. Seahawks and Bears both eat the $37M and $39M dead cap hits.

    I am not great with cap so if it’s true that Mack is unmovable, substitute Roquan Smith. He can be Salah’s new Fred Warner.

    • Ross

      I think Jets say no. Bears need to give up a 2nd rounder to also go to Jets. Wouldn’t mind another mid-round pick for Sea here.

      • JJ

        I don’t think Mack is on the move after the restructure.

        • Scot04

          Yep, after restructure would be difficult to include Mack in any deal.
          I don’t think anything happens unless Wilson opens it up to other teams.
          It sure doesn’t seem like Chicago had the intent to put a real offer on the table based on the reports

    • Sea Mode

      I like the direction you’re taking it.

      I would rather get Mack for us and send a WR the Jets’ way. Jets have been looking for a #1 to help out their rookie QB, Corey Davis is a decent #2. Then the Bears could sign Golladay to replace him and give Russ a target along with Miller and Mooney.

      Jets get: Allen Robinson, Bears R3

      Bears get: Russell Wilson

      Seahawks get: Bears 2021 R1, 2022 R1, 2023 R1, Khalil Mack, Jets 2021 R1 (from Seahawks), Sam Darnold

      • Simo

        I would love this trade – for Seattle and the Jets, no so much if I’m Chicago! Give up their best WR, best DL, and three R1 picks is pretty steep!

  76. Hawk Mock

    Ok, today’s the day. They can start regaining some of that trust and get back to the “in PCJS we trust” slogan. Sign some toys for Wilson(or Darnold) in Fournette and JuJu. JuJu says he’d be happy to play with his boy Darnold again, so, that works out if rumors of Pete’s infatuation with Darnold come to fruition. Get Dunlap back! Haven’t they seen how the defensive lines win when it matters? Reed and Ford are above average in the middle, but get some guys on the edge with some clout. Dunlap on one end and Clowney sealing off the other side – BAMF! Bring some excitement to this offseason and to the fans. Otherwise, I’m afraid it is going to be – In PCJS We BUST!

  77. Sea Mode

    Marshawn BAMF vibes from Dickerson:

    “With analytical guys, I’ll give you a great example: if you don’t believe it works, have somebody punch you in the face as hard as you can. Then stand up and see if you want it to happen again. I can almost bet you don’t want it to happen again.”

    • Hawk Mock

      Get that guy on the team. I don’t care if he doesn’t play for awhile, his attitude is much needed. Couple that with Cleveland – instantly going to be the bullies in the trenches on that side of the ball again.

      • Scot04

        Cleveland, Dickerson & Lewis would be fun.

  78. Happy Hawk

    I think Las Vegas is the one i would like if we HAD to trade RW. It is out of the NFC. What about:

    Raiders get: RW

    Hawks get: 2021 #1 (17th) #2 (48th) and #3 (80th)
    2022 #1 and #3
    2023 #1 and #2
    Plus: D Carr, J Jacobs, and M Crosby

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