Seahawks 53-man roster prediction

C.J. Prosise makes the cut (again)

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I think it’s still an open competition between Geno Smith and Paxton Lynch. Both players have been unable to play in a game each due to injury. Lynch performed very well against Denver and Smith was solid against the Chargers. I sense it all rests on the final game against Oakland. Most teams would go with the more experienced, more conservative option here. The Seahawks aren’t conventional though and the idea of taking on a younger reclamation project could appeal to Pete Carroll.

Russell Wilson
Geno Smith or Paxton Lynch
Total: 2

Running back

The Seahawks needed their running back depth a year ago and that’ll remain the case in 2019. Chris Carson has missed games throughout his career (college and pro). They need some options, especially considering they run the ball more than most teams. The big question mark is whether they keep full back Nick Bellore. The Seahawks will take on a dead cap hit of $600,000 if they cut him. They also like his special teams value. I have him making it, just.

Chris Carson
Rashaad Penny
C.J. Prosise
Travis Homer
J.D. McKissic
Nick Bellore
Total: 6

Wide receiver

David Moore’s injury creates a problem. If they intend to bring him back later in the season they can’t put him on injured reserve without naming him on the 53-man roster. Therefore, here’s what I think they’ll do. Moore makes the roster and then is placed on IR immediately. Malik Turner will then be called onto the roster once he (likely) clears waivers. Jazz Ferguson clears waivers and makes the practise squad.

Tyler Lockett
Jaron Brown
D.K. Metcalf
David Moore (and once he’s put on IR, Malik Turner)
Gary Jennings
John Ursua
Total: 6

Tight end

This is a difficult projection. Ed Dickson’s injury situation and the lack of clarity on when he’ll return makes me think he won’t make it. It’d be a risk to go with just Will Dissly (returning from injury) and Nick Vannett as your orthodox tight ends. However, the news George Fant is set to return for week one is a positive and enables them to carry an extra body at the position. Jacob Hollister was given a shot to impress against the Chargers but didn’t really take it.

Will Dissly
Nick Vannett
Total: 2

Offensive line

Despite a number of injuries during pre-season, this seems fairly straight forward. They like Joey Hunt enough to keep him around. George Fant is their hybrid tight end and Jamarco Jones provides a backup left tackle. Ideally Jordan Simmons would be on the roster but he has another knee problem and could be absent for some time. If he’s able to return after a few weeks they could keep him on the roster (possibly at the expense of Nick Bellore or DeShawn Shead) and then IR him to free up a roster spot (just as they might do with David Moore). They protect Phil Haynes.

Duane Brown
Mike Iupati
Justin Britt
D.J. Fluker
Germain Ifedi
Ethan Pocic
George Fant
Jamarco Jones
Joey Hunt
Phil Haynes
Total: 10

Defensive line

I think they will add a new player to bolster the pass rush before the start of the regular season. Barkevious Mingo, despite being a key special teamer a year ago, has struggled mightily to adapt to a pass rush role. The Seahawks need more off the edge and I think they’ll acquire someone either via trade or off the waiver wire. I have them going with only three defensive tackles to start the year (Ford, Woods, Jefferson) but would expect Bryan Mone to make the practise squad and be available if needed down the line.

Ziggy Ansah
Poona Ford
L.J. Collier
Al Woods
Quinton Jefferson
Cassius Marsh
Jacob Martin
Rasheem Green
New addition
Total: 9


Austin Calitro has played like a warrior in pre-season. A year ago he won a roster spot and this summer he’s again made an impression. It’s hard to justify stashing Ben Burr-Kirven over Calitro. Hopefully BBK makes it to the practise squad. Shaquem Griffin could be placed on IR.

Bobby Wagner
K.J. Wright
Mychal Kendricks
Cody Barton
Austin Calitro
Total: 5


It’s very possible they’ll simply go with Jamar Taylor or Ugo Amadi at the nickel. Yet none of the candidates to replace Justin Coleman have really stood out. They acquired Coleman via a trade with the Patriots. Will they make another deal for a nickel this year? I’m going to say yes in this projection.

Tre Flowers
Shaquill Griffin
Akeem King
Neiko Thorpe
New addition
Total: 5


This group is pretty straight forward. I think they’ll cut DeShawn Shead with the intention of signing him after week one. Shead’s ability to play corner and safety will be useful and they need some experience. However, they don’t necessarily need him in week one and this will give them some flexibility to protect other players.

Bradley McDougald
Tedric Thompson
Lano Hill
Marquise Blair
Ugo Amadi
Total: 5

Special teams

There’s no drama here with all three specialists signed to long term contracts.

Jason Myers
Michael Dickson
Tyler Ott
Total: 3

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  1. Logan Lynch

    You won’t see me complain if Prosise makes the roster. Just a few years ago, we had terrible RB depth. With the focus on the run game and the beating RBs can take, stash as many good guys as you can.

    I’d be a little leery of only having 2 TE to start the season even if Fant is a de facto TE/OL hybrid. As you mentioned, I’m not sure Bellore is safe even with the dead money. I would maybe swap Bellore for a TE. Possibly Hollister, or maybe a waiver pickup somewhere else.

    I could see BBK making the team with Shead left off and signed later. Seems like no one else wanted him besides SEA, so I don’t think we’d risk losing him.

    Jazz, Wright, Mone to the PS. Haynes and Christmas to PUP.

    • Coleslaw

      I agree on Prosise. Hes too good to cut (since hes healthy right now). Even if he plays #3 and gets 50 carries this year it will be worth it. Because those 50 Carries from your 3rd string RB are going to be high quality snaps.

      I wouldn’t mind him being inactive 10/16 games. Just used for specific game planning situations, then unleash him in the playoffs until he gets hurt. Hes a weapon, we should find a way to use it. Honestly might be the 2nd most dynamic player on offense (not including RW) right behind Lockett.

      It’s a real shame he isnt dependable, like rob said he could have changed the course of our franchise. Him and McDowell man…. those 2 really may have set us back 2-3 years since the Richardson trade and Penny pick. Game changing stuff.

      • Coleslaw

        Darius Leonard, multiple OL, Dallas Goedert, Komeko Turay, Dante Pettis, James Washington all could have been had instead of Penny if Prosise was reliable. Goedert and the rest could have been had after a trade down.

        • Rob Staton

          The absolute worst thing you can do is list the players ‘you could’ve had’.

          Because if we all knew who the really good players were going to be pre-draft, every player on the roster would be an all-pro caliber talent.

          • Coleslaw

            I get that 100%. At the same time, JS is known to make “his picks” just as Penny was in this draft. We dont know what their draft board looked like. With all due respect, they could have had 1 or those guys higher than Penny if they didnt need a RB.

            • Rob Staton

              Every pick a GM makes is his pick!

        • Robeetle12

          The draft for Penny is OVER….He is your #2 RB so get used to it. The guy is obviously needing more time and he will get his chances. Golden Tate took almost 3 years to become good, and that will be the case with Penny more or less.

    • Elmer

      Shaquem to IR or PUP? And do we know if BBK is totally healthy, all the way recovered from hernia surgery? If healthy I would expect the Hawks to want to keep young LB’s, if nothing else for special teams and as a hedge for the possibility of Kendricks not being available.

      • Logan Lynch

        Shaquem can’t go to PUP as that designation needs to be made prior to camp starting. He could go on IR, but if you want him to be IR-return and come back during the season he has to make the initial 53. They could waive-injured him and try to stash him on the IR this season. Not sure if that would be really helpful. Calitro has played too well and deserves a spot, so I think it’s down to BBK vs Shaquem.

  2. Simo

    Nice job Rob! I’ll be anxious to see who the two new additions (DE and CB) to the final 53 are going to be though. Need a semi-big splash at DE/edge it seems, if we hope to have a consistent pass rush this year. Can’t rely solely on Ziggy, he has his own troubles staying on the field.

    Smaller splash at CB, ala Coleman a few years back, seems appropriate. To bad none of the in-house guys seized this opportunity!

    Sure wish we would have gotten a better look at Phil Haynes, Collier, Blair and even DK this pre-season. Probably take them 2-3 years to be big contributors anyway.

    Agree with you that Calitro has earned a spot on this team! Pocic is another who has stood out and will be a valuable contributor.

  3. cha

    Nice job Rob. Looks like a pretty good approximation of what we’ll see.

    I’ll be curious to see what they do at nickel. They have options on the roster with Ugo, Shead and King. Wouldn’t surprise me if they did go find someone else. But they have in house guys to work until new guy gets up to speed.

    If dead $ is the sticking point for roster spots, I’d imagine Dickson’s injury settlement/dead $ would far outweigh Bellore’s. But your logic is sound. With Fant as a de facto TE and Jamarco as tackle depth it could work with only 2. Personally I’d swap Dickson and Bellore but the Hawks love FBs.

    New addition at DL is going to be a critical piece. Hope JS can spin a little magic there.

  4. Gaux Hawks

    1) If Shaquem Griffin is “stashed” on IR, how does that affect his rookie contract?

    2) Does J.D. McKissic have PS eligibility?

    • Rob Staton

      McKissic isn’t eligible.

      Griffin — likelihood is they pay him off with an injury settlement and then he comes back to the team on the PS assuming nobody else picks him up. I don’t think there’s any need to protect his rookie contract. Shaquem is a nice special teams option but can anyone see him starting?

      • Gaux Hawks

        thanks, rob!

  5. Hunter

    I just don’t see any reason to keep Jennings. He’s shown absolutely zero this preseason besides a bad penalty and also hasn’t shown anything in practice

    • cha

      PC had an interesting reply when asked about Prosise after the LAC game about how he doesn’t give up quickly on guys. Definitely some fire behind his words when he said it.

      Makes me think they keep Jennings as a roster stash type guy.

    • Rob4q

      WR typically take 2-3 years to learn the NFL and start to perform. There are many examples of this over the last few years. Yes there are the exceptions that are good right out of college, but that’s not the norm even for some of the best WR. Go watch Jennings college tape and you will clearly see the talent is there and he checks all the boxes physically. Writing a player off this early into their career just isn’t a good idea and typically isn’t how the Seahawks do things.

      I guess we’ll see how they really feel about him in a week or so…if they don’t see anything in him they won’t hesitate to let him walk. But I really think they’ll give him time to develop.

      • Sea Mode


    • Rob Staton

      So are you also cutting Rasheem Green?

      Because he’s shown nothing in two camps.

      • Andrew C Taylor Inc.

        I think Rasheem showed well first camp and preseason.. this one not so much

  6. TomLPDX

    This seems very reasonable to me, Rob. I still wonder about the FB position. Not sure I have actually seen Bellore on the field yet and I sure would hate to lose Dickson…he is a solid TE, not flashy, just solid. Hope we can keep him somehow.

    If we keep a player on the 53 and then turn around and put him on IR, are there different rules for that? Are they then one of the 2 options that they can bring back during the year or is it different?

    I’d hate to see Shaquem end up on another team but that is the reality of of the NFL. Calitro has certainly made a case for himself and I don’t see Shaquem beating him for the spot, especially since he is injured.

    Fingers crossed they keep Joey, he played really well the other night and they brought him in early to relieve Britt. He got pulled into the medical tent at the end of the game, does anyone know what that was about?

  7. James

    Rob, thanks for your thoughtful roster projection. I will offer a few counter thoughts… Bellore only played a couple of downs vs the Chargers, surely a roster spot is too valuable to waste on a few plays per game, and his talents are not needed on Teams. It seemed like the Seahawks were using Dissly at an H-back in place of the FB on obvious running downs? The thing that always catches me on the 53 projections each year is the implication of the inactive roster, and therefore it is more likely to stash a couple of rookies on the 53, rather than carry someone who won’t be active. Two examples of this are Joey Hunt and JD McKissic. Hunt would not be active (Pocic is the backup C), and the Seahawks learned last year that he can be placed on the practice squad… the same with McKissic, he would not be active, so why carry him? Prosise and Homer are good backups, so the roster spot is more likely to go with a young guy they want to protect, such as one of the WRs (Ursua or Jazz). BBK has not shown preseason, and his small stature probably means he will clear waivers. With these moves, I think Taylor and Shead make the 53.

    • Rob Staton

      I would agree on Bellore. However, it’s strange that they gave him a good salary (relatively speaking) and that will now force themselves to take a dead cap hit to move him. Which makes me think they are absolutely 100% content with his special teams performance and are therefore happy to carry him as a full back for when they want to use one. But I accept his place is far from a given.

      I think it’s certain Joey Hunt makes the roster by the way. I think they’re really high on him. And he was good vs LA.

      • Eli

        It has to be special teams value I think, because according to Football Outsiders the seahawks only ran 45 two-back sets last year and ranked 28th in DVOA on those plays. Source:

        Just kind of a curious signing all around in my mind

        • Rob Staton

          It’s that curiosity that has led me to keeping him on the roster. Because as that stat notes, there’s no reason for it. But they gave him a contract that almost screams ‘he’s on the roster’.

      • WALL UP

        JS is more than willing to acknowledge a mistake and move on, than let go better talent for the roster. The one play in which he was used in the backfield, he whiffed on his assignment and resulted in a TFL.

        They can start the season without a fullback, and if injuries to RB or TE occur, than this could merit Bellore being resigned. It’s hard to see him being scooped up by another team. It’s difficult to see any positive things that were made thus far.

        • Rob Staton

          Again though, none of us have studied his special teams impact. And it seems he was signed as much for that as anything else.

    • James

      question… if Moore, Dickson and Shaquem are waived injured, rather than placed on the 53 and then onto IR, and they clear waivers can they go directly on IR without going onto the 53?

      • Rob Staton

        Yes but there’d be no reason to do that for Moore and Dickson. You wouldn’t be able to call them up to the roster down the line and they’re out of contract in the off-season any way.

  8. Sea Mode

    I’m interested to see what JS can scavenge off the waiver wire after cut-downs. TE and Nickel might come from there. DE will probably require a trade to be able to secure someone who will actually be able to come in and help right away.

  9. CHawk Talker Eric

    I made some roster predictions in a reply to your Instant Reaction post. I think Geno is all but a lock to be the backup QB. The only way that doesn’t happen is if he turns the ball over vs the Raiders AND Lynch has a breakout performance. I just don’t see both happening. Lynch may have the higher ceiling, but Geno is the safer bet to backup Wilson, and safe is exactly what you want in a backup QB.

    I also think Hollister has one more chance to make the team. He missed a relatively easy reception early in the Chargers game, but overall had a decent night, especially in his blocking duties. I can’t see SEA going into the season with only 2 TEs plus the hybrid Fant. Maybe they decide to pick up someone off waivers, but either way I think there are 3 legit TEs on the 53 man roster.

    I’m not sold on Bellore making the final cut. I understand your reasoning about the money and dead cap hit. But even still I just don’t see his value add to the team.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s not necessarily what the Seahawks want in a backup though. They’ve had UDFA rookies like Boykin before. If they sense upside and an opportunity, they’re more than others are drawn to that. For me the QB race is wide open. Carroll wasn’t exactly glowing about Geno after the Chargers game. Basically said he was neat and tidy.

      Bellore probably needs to be judged by his special teams ability not what we’ve seen at fullback so far.

      • New Guy

        I couldn’t help but notice the Chargers’ backup QB’s. I wonder what JS/PC thought?


        • Rob Staton

          I’ve seen two Chargers games and Jones has a lot of talent. It’s a shame for him that’s he’s never harnessed it because he has starter potential. But I wouldn’t expect the Seahawks to bring in an outside backup QB this year.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Fair point. Lynch has legit NFL starter potential. Geno Smith not so much.

        Maybe Bellore is the team’s new Heath Farwell 🤷🏻‍♂️

        I enjoyed the podcast. It’s satisfying to know we see things similarly.

        • Rob Staton

          Thanks for listening.

          I appreciate all feedback on the podcasts I do. Got some big plans coming soon and the community insight is important.

          • David Johnston

            I am intrigued! Looking forward to hearing about your plans.

      • Del tre

        Why all the interest in Turner? He’s down absolutely nothing on the field, 0 receptions in the preseason, why would he be the choice over Jazz?

        • Rob Staton

          1. Because Turner has experience in the offense and with Russell Wilson from last season and as I keep saying you can’t have two receivers who know the offense and a bunch of rookies.

          2. Jazz is flavour of the month for fans but look at his number of targets vs every other receiver. He benefited a ton from Paxton Lynch zoning in on him. The best thing for Jazz and the Seahawks is for him to last on the practise squad and continue to learn and develop.

          3. Pre-season production is misleading. Just ask Kasen Williams.

          • Del tre

            1. Is that a good reason to keep a receiver around though? That’s like a high school coach starting a.bad player and saying “he’s a senior so he’s earned it”
            2. Malik has no flavor, he has 0 receptions and 0 targets and did.nothing last preseason as well. People are arguing that they might let go of Jennings and even he has been better than Turner
            3. I agree but no production isn’t misleading. I think he’d be a mistake to keep even if that means just bringing in a veteran who knows the system.
            I do think that’s a good 53 otherwise but I still don’t get the sense that Turner will ever be an NFL contributor in any capacity.

            • Rob Staton

              1. Yes, it’s absolutely vital to have receivers who know the offense.

              2. You’re paying too much attention to pre-season stats. Look at the targets.

  10. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    Follow @RapSheet

    #Seahawks promising WR David Moore, who has a hairline fracture in his humerus, received his second opinion and is not slated to be placed on Injured Reserve, sources say. Surprisingly positive news. He’ll miss the start of the season, but should be back sooner rather than later.
    1:10 PM – 26 Aug 2019

    • Sea Mode


  11. Sea Mode

    Man, we shouldn’t have let that tall RB go last year. Such a unique physical profile. We know Pete likes ’em big… 😉

    (noticed this when watching and grabbed a quick screenshot. I guess even the graphics guys are in pre-season form… BTW, was it just the stream I was watching, or was no down and distance shown on-screen?)

    • cha


      That wasn’t the only odd thing going on that night….

      • Rob Staton

        The announcers for the Chargers were also talking off air about Andrew Luck (without knowing those of us on gamepass could hear). I was waiting for the moment one of them said something they shouldn’t but it never happened. I did notice the decked/dicked moment though 🙂

  12. Greg MI Haugsven

    What would people prefer in a De trade situation?

    Option A…Jadeveon Clowney:

    High impact starter but he costs you more money and draft capitol and may slow down the growth of the young guys due to the fact he would most likely play 80-90% of the snaps.

    Option B…Everson Griffen:

    Older player but he is less money and less draft capitol but fits in better with a rotation which lets young guys get there chances.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I think it’s highly unlikely MIN will part with Griffen, let alone trade him to a conference rival.

      • Rob Staton

        Griffen is an interesting one. On the one hand, if the Vikings were willing to deal him it probably gets done before the draft. John Clayton said the Seahawks were interested in Griffen at the start of the year. So sounds like maybe some talks happened and nothing could be agreed. By this stage — and having seen Griffen starting in pre-season — I would be surprised if they were eager to move him to a NFC rival they face later in the season.

        That said, the Vikings currently have barely any cap space. They need to make a saving somehow.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Right, forgot about their cap space woes. Still, don’t see them trading Griffen to a conference foe, but anything is possible.

    • Coleslaw

      Clowney. Hes worth the money and his contract will look small a couple years after signing. Also, I don’t believe he’ll cost the young guys time. Him and (probably) the better of Collier or Green would start at DE. And Clowney would slide inside with Poona or Reed on passing situations, with Martin and Ansah at DE. Who’s missing out? The only young guys who need time are Green and LJ. Green probably isnt ready for that yet anyway and we haven’t even seen Collier.

    • cha

      The snaps isn’t much of an issue to me. In fact it might assist Green, Collier, etc in their development a bit.

  13. Coleslaw

    I have a question for who ever has the answer.

    How can Zeke get a new deal if hes still on his rookie contract? I thought you couldn’t change the 1st 4 years?

    And if hes just trying for an extension and hell make under 4M this year anyway, why the heck is he even holding out? Just guaranteed $? I know I’m way late to this party but I just didn’t schot l expect it to last this long.

    • cha

      He can’t negotiate for an extension until after 3 seasons. He just passed that milestone, and while the Cowboys have a 4th season and a 5th of club control, the RB dilemma of ‘get paid while you can’ is why Zeke’s strategy is as it is.

      • Greg MI Haugsven

        I would hold out after three years as well. You never know with football but the RB position is even more so. You look at Gurley, he wouldnt get that money today. Like Cha said, get it while you can.

        • Greg MI Haugsven

          If Carson has another good year this season you could see him holding out next year as well.

          • Rob Staton

            People need to get ready for that.

            Carson is essentially in a contract year in 2019. In that if he has a great season, he will expect to be paid. And if he isn’t, you’re right there’s every chance he will hold out. That would put the Seahawks in a bind and really test how committed they are to giving him mega money.

            • Denver Hawker

              They paid Lynch but only while Russell was on his rookie deal. They appear more focused on stocking the Lines now and seems to have a decent stable. Injury caveats aside, I think it’s very unlikely Carson gets a deal next year. They have Reed and Ifedi to pay first. I know some aren’t sold on Ifedi yet, but price for solid RT keeps going up and I’m content to lock him in. He’s been great this pre-season. Add Ansah/Clowney/productive rusher and they are suddenly out of cap space for Carson’s market deal.

      • Rob Staton

        Cha is right. You can negotiate a new contract after three years.

        • Coleslaw

          Can the 4th year be altered? Or is it just extensions?

          • cha

            He’ll get a bunch of bonus $ upon signing. So that’s where the change is. How it’s apportioned over the years is secondary to the matter.

  14. Ceasar

    The Prosise thing is just too predictable. Even if the idea is to keep him in bubble wrap until needed due to an injury to Carson or Penny, Prosise is just as likely to sprain an ankle loading his bag on the bus as he is during game play.

    I don’t think Seahawks can only go 2 for TE or 9 for D-line. Something has to give.

  15. 6x2 stack monster

    I totally agree with one of the above posts – Rashean Green is gone. He’s soft like of Lawerence Jackson. I know he’s only 21 years old, but he just doesn’t have it in him. Rob is on point. Several 2019-20 Hawks are currently on other teams rosters right now.

  16. Coleslaw

    I’m seeing reports that Buffalo and Seattle are inquiring about Clowney. Talk of Penny likely being involved in a possible trade.

    BS meter? I say 5/10

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      The talk of SEA being one of the teams inquiring about Clowney is almost certainly true. The talk of Penny being involved is pure speculation. The PFN article even says “one could speculate” Penny is involved. I for one would be surprised if SEA traded their #1 pick from 2018. He’s too important to their offensive scheme to trade. Especially for what may end up being a one year rental.

      Prosise on the other hand isn’t. He might be — he has the talent to be — but he’s not been available consistently enough. He definitely could be involved.

      • Rob Staton

        That PFN article is shocking.

        Basically they’re using Tony’s respected name to tout some clickbait.

        We know Tony has great sources but how much of that report is his work? They name three people working on the article! And the other two are just two random dudes.

        And they admit some of it is just speculation.

    • WALL UP

      The Eagles have been talked about, has an extra tackle at their disposal for a trade. Jones & Prosise with a 3rd or 4th may not be enough.

      • Rob Staton

        Can’t see the Eagles trading Peters. No way.

        • McZ

          Jordan Malaita is just as good.

        • WALL UP

          Agreed Rob..I was referring to (2) others shown in this article: Trade for Jadeveon Clowney? These are the Eagles’ best (and realistic) chips for any potential Texans deal

          • WALL UP

            Ultimately, it would depend upon Clowney’s acceptance of a rotational role with Barnett and Graham, with limited snaps or mins, verses being paired with Ansah as featured DEs.

            Playing mins can jeopardize future dollars when there isn’t enough to go around. That would be the only difficulty if Philly were his trade partner. From Clowney’s perspective, Seattle may be his best fit. Barnett & Graham wouldn’t mind if that would be the case either.

            • Rob Staton

              For me the best fit for Clowney is the one which enables him to max out his 2019 season before reaching free agency.

              • WALL UP

                Agreed. Hopefully, from Clowney’s perspective it is Seattle. Crowd noise alone may give him an extra (2) sacks, not to mention the combo of Ford & Reed up the middle, with Ansah as the bookend DE.

                This would allow Clowney to maximize his potential as a DE, for his next contract. It may even get him a ring along with it.

    • McZ

      Citation: “so one could speculate that Seahawks RB Rashaad Penny could enter the conversation.”

      This is not even a rumour. This is bullshit bingo.

      • Rob Staton

        Agreed. It’s a frustrating article. Just hopelessly speculative with a total hope that people will pay it attention because Tony’s name is in the piece. They’d be better off getting rid of stuff like that and having the other guys hanging off Tony’s coat tails and just rely on whatever info Tony has.

      • cha

        “Tradurbation” ?

    • Logan Lynch

      I’m frustrated that people are so eager to trade Penny. A few years ago, SEA would’ve been pounding the table for a good RB and now they have a handful of them. Penny is not terrible! He has a different running style than Carson. I honestly think he’ll have multiple 50+ yard runs/receptions this season. He’s going to get into the open field and be gone. While people were still ragging him after his low YPC on Sat night, I was actually encouraged that he was making multiple guys miss on some of those plays instead of being brought down by the first guy. Carson is a bruiser with awesome vision and cuts. Penny is more of a glider…smooth with better long speed.

      • Coleslaw

        Who’s eager to trade him? Nobody here has said anything anti Penny.

        • Logan Lynch

          I should’ve been more clear that my mini rant wasn’t targeted at you or most users on here. It’s been floated elsewhere online.

  17. hawkdawg

    Rob, how reliable is Tony Pauline in this business? He’s saying that the Bills and the Hawks have now inquired re Clowney…of course, I’d be surprised if the Hawks didn’t at least inquire, but it would still be interesting to know…

    • charlietheunicorn

      There has been some chatter about San Diego and Seattle and San Diego and Houston making a deal. Perhaps there is some type of 3 way traded inbound…. something along the lines of San Diego moving 1 disgruntled RB to Houston, then Houston shipping Clowney to Seattle… then Seattle giving San Diego a decent draft pick (say a 2nd for discussion). All 3 teams would benefit.

      • Simo

        If the Chargers have given up on Gordon, or feel like they are prepared to move on without him, then this type of deal makes really good sense. Texans could obviously use a back of his caliber and LA may be happy with a decent pick or two. Obviously the Hawks could use Clowney!

        Although three team deals in the NFL seem rare, I see a possible deal like this:

        LA sends Gordon to Houston
        Houston sends Clowney to Seattle
        Seattle sends a R2 to LA and R5 to Houston

        Understand it’s not a simple deal with the franchise tag, no ability to sign a long-term deal, etc, but let’s pull the trigger already and get it done. We need to get Clowney in town soon so he can gain some familiarity with the defense.

    • DC

      Knowing our FO it would be a big surprise if they had not inquired about Clowney.

      I’ve come to terms with a trade scenario that views him solely as a one year rental. I could see a player or two & a 3rd round pick at the highest in a trade. That way if he bails in 2020/21 you likely recoup the 3rd round pick in 2021/22. If everyone is happy together then you pull the trigger on a longer term deal.

    • Rob Staton

      Tony is very reliable.

      This PFN site though seems to be using his reputation to try and develop their own.

      And that article they put out was poor.

    • Logan Lynch

      If you believe John Clayton, he very strongly hinted that Bill O’Brien called SEA to see if they were interested. What I’m curious to see is how O’Brien plays it out as he’s the GM now essentially and may not have the experience with this side of the personnel decisions.

  18. Maxwell P Rogers

    You did not Inlcude Reed on your DL list. What do you think the team plans to do when he comes back? (assume he does not take a roster spot when suspended?)

    • Rob Staton

      Yep that’s right, he doesn’t take up a roster spot during his suspension.

      We’ll have to see what the situation is by week six. If one of the DL gets injured in week five it might be an easy decision. Have to wait and see.

    • Elmer

      Right. Reserve/suspended and not taking a roster spot. If Green is kept and does zippo, zilch, nada for 6 weeks then it might be his turn to go when Reed returns. If nobody else picks him up he would presumably have practice squad eligibility.

  19. Phil

    1 idea/ question and 1 actual question

    1. Why not put Phil Haynes on PUP? Isn’t this why they’ve kept him out this long? It will give them a bonus O-Lineman after week six, and this might be much needed by that time.

    2. If the Hawks trade for Clowney, would he play at the OLB franchise price; or would it be at the DE franchise price since the Hawks would be playing him at Edge? In other words, is it based upon some percentage of snaps within a teams formation for the year paid or is it based upon percentage of snaps in the previous year?

    • Simo

      Pretty sure Phil Haynes is on the pre-season PUP list currently. If he stays on it, then he misses the first 6 games as you described. Doesn’t appear he’s being counted on in any 53 man projections, so PUP is very likely for him. Hope he is fresh and ready to roll by week 7!!

      Gotta believe Clowney plays as a DE in the Hawks 4-3 defense, there’s not really any LB snaps available with Wags, KJ, Kendricks, et all.

      • Phil

        Yes, Simo, that’s my plan. Rob has Haynes on his 53. Leaving Haynes on the PUP would allow Rob to keep 1 more TE.

        My question about Clowney recognizes the fact that he would play Edge. It is regarding whether we’d be paying him the Franchise price for Edge or the Franchise price for LB that the Texans would be tagging him with. *Also, since this is what Clowney’s beef is about the franchise tag, maybe they could work out a deal of franchising him as a DE so he could be traded to the Hawks. This might help to overcome what seems to be the biggest hurdle: the Texans can’t trade the man until he is willing to sign his tag.

  20. Bigten

    Anybody still thinking of doing a SDB fantasy league? I really liked that idea and think it would be a lot of fun.

    • ZB

      If so we need to start it soon and somebody needs to step up and be the moderator or it’s not going to happen. I personally am not a vet at the whole fantasy football thing but I’m in if it happens.

      • Bigten

        I will start a league, just need a rough estimate of how many are interested.

        • Rob4q

          I’d be in for that!

          • Haystacker509

            I’m in!

            • SeaHusky

              I’d be interested as well!

              • Easthawk

                I haven’t played Fantasy football in 3 years but, I’d be up for it.

        • Simo

          I’ll play too, depending on when you hold the draft.

        • Ashish

          I’m in

        • Ashish

          You need minimum 8 can go upto 14. You need to start the league now and if we have 8 people we can play. We can have dead line till friday and first come first basis. Saturday or Sunday we can have draft.

        • Ashish

          I have created new league called “SBD” please post email address if you’re interested.

          • Ashish

            Or email me

            • karilyn kuipers

              What host/scoring format? I’ll def play but prefer espn/ppr (or custom scoring with lots of bonuses)

  21. RWIII

    Rob: How years can a team put a player on the their practice squad?

  22. RWIII

    Rob: Actually I just had my anwser to my question from Wikipedia.

    National Football League
    Starting in 2017, each NFL team may keep up to ten members on its practice squad in addition to the 53-member main roster. A majority of those on a practice squad are rookie draft picks and undrafted free agents who were released prior to the regular season. A practice squad also includes veterans, up to four as of the 2016 season. Players may be signed to a practice squad for several reasons: for lack of space on the team, due to injury, or because they require more development. Practice squad players can be signed to any team’s 53-man active roster, without compensation to their former team, at any time during the season.

    A player cannot participate on the practice squad for more than three seasons; he is eligible for a third season only if the team has at least 53 players on its active/inactive list for the duration of that player’s employment, or have no prior accrued seasons in the NFL (an accrued season is six or more games on the active roster); or if he has accrued a year of NFL experience on a club’s 53-man active roster. If the player was on the active list for fewer than nine games during their “only accrued season(s)”, he maintains his eligibility for the practice squad. Games in which a player is listed as the third-string quarterback do not count as being on the active list. Former quarterback Mike Quinn, who was listed as the third-string quarterback for several teams throughout his career, is a notable example, being practice squad eligible during his 8th NFL season.

    Practice squad players practice alongside regular roster players during the week, but they are not allowed to play in actual games.

    The practice squad is only in effect during the regular season. During the offseason, players are instead signed to a reserve/future list; any person on a practice squad, or not on an active roster, is eligible for a futures contract. Such contracts count toward a team’s 90-person offseason roster limit but do not count toward the team’s salary cap until the start of the league fiscal year in March.

    Those on the practice squad are paid 17 weeks a year for the regular season, like active players, however unlike the latter there are no signing bonuses nor guaranteed money. Practice squad players earn considerably less than active squad players; in 2012, the minimum salary for a practice squad player was $5,700 per week, and the minimum rookie salary was $390,000. Some practice squad players are paid considerably more, however. In 2006, the New England Patriots paid third-year player Billy Yates the full $425,000 he would have earned on the active roster. In addition to their low wages, practice squad players can be cut from a team at any time. This means that they incur additional expenses and uncertainly due to the frequency of moving around as the “cost of living varies so widely from city to city — as do each state’s taxes — that most players err on the side of caution when it comes to the rent they’re willing to pay, since they don’t know where they’ll wind up next”. Being on the practice squad is similar to a “journeyman lifestyle, but often without the active roster paychecks that make that path worthwhile”. Consequently many practice squad players rely upon family support and/or take offseason jobs.

  23. RWIII

    From the reports I read. Their are approx. 10 teams looking at Jadeveon Clowney. Beside Seattle two of the teams looking at him are New England and Philadelphia. Houston is looking for an offensive tackle in return. I have read their is a possible Larry Tunsil for Jadeveon Clowney trade. Even Seattle doesn’t get Clowney in a trade. I am hoping that he doesn’t go to either New England or Philadelphia.

    • Greg MI Haugsven

      Definitely not Philly. He kind of has a little no trade power due to the fact he hasnt signed his tender yet.

      • cha

        The opposite is true. Clowney can say “I’m not signing the tender” if he gets traded to a team he doesn’t want to play for. So any trade is predicated on Clowney’s approval and him signing the tender.

        There was a piece a week ago that they had a deal with Miami in place and Clowney nixed it. Not sure if that actually happened but it illustrates the strength of his position.

    • McZ

      The thing is, all Houston has on offer is a LB franchise tag for 2019. Without Clowney signing the tender, this is basically not even a tradable commodity.

      Clowney is in full control of the process, if he makes clear he will optionally skip the 2019 season.

  24. RWIII

    One other thing on the Clowney trade talks. Brock/Salk were talking about trading either Britt/Ifedi to Houston for Clowney. I would love to have Clowney. But that would be a pretty high price. Yesterday John Clayton said the Everson Griffin looks “Really Good”. A Griffin trade might be the better play. The only reason that Minnesota might be looking to trade Griffin is because of their salary cap situation.

  25. RWIII

    One last thought on Griffin. Griffin did play for Pete Carrol at U.S.C.

  26. DC

    Is Tony Pauline’s site no more? It now re-directs to Why Tony, why?!? Kind of a bummer.

  27. Lil’stink

    FWIW Tony Pauline bumped his tweet about Clowney, adding that is was for the Seahawks fans, wink-wink nudge-nudge. But I’m sure it’s purely speculation at this point.

  28. Volume12

    Great stuff. Aka ‘good s**t pal’

    • DC

      Wow… 3

  29. cha

    Hawks waive Darboh and place Kalan Reed and Naz Jones on IR

  30. Gaux Hawks

    Seattle just added more WRs… sounds like we might be backfilling that position before we finalize a trade with Houston! FWIW, they both are ~ 5-11 and 190.

    • Logan Lynch

      I think it’s more about finding guys to play on Thurs night. Moore, Lockett, Brown, Metcalf won’t play.

      • Gaux Hawks

        …debbie downer

        • Kyle


  31. James

    We have no OL backups, so we are one injury away from rack and ruin. Jones injured, Fant injured, Hunt injured, Haynes injured, Simmons injured and Pocic in for Iupati. Unless Fant and Jones get healthy in one week, I don’t even know who our 2 active backups would be? Having to carry someone like Marcus Martin on the 53 means cutting someone we need to keep. They will have to keep Haynes on the 53, and then move him to PUP. Iupati must available as backup, at least, or it gets messy. Landon Turner, anyone?

    • Elmer

      New guy, Will Holden? Nkansah? You make a very good point about depleted depth.

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