Jarrad Davis pro-day results

Davis’ broad jump and vertical would’ve ranked #1 at the combine:

Vertical jump (top five)

Jarrad Davis — 38.5
Tyus Bowser — 37.5
Blair Brown — 37
T.J. Watt — 37
Zach Cunningham — 35

Broad jump

Jarrad Davis — 10-8
T.J. Watt — 10-8
Tyus Bowser — 10-7
Matt Milano — 10-6
Zach Cunningham — 10-5

Davis also ran a 4.56 forty.

He has the character and intensity, the good tape and at his pro-day he’s proving to be a highly explosive athlete. It seems very likely someone will take him in the first round. The Raiders at #24 might be his floor.


  1. DLep

    We a live one it appears Rob. This is great, because it adds to the options that will be available at 26.

    • Dale Roberts

      I still expect to see a new member of the LOB with the first pick. This helps to push good people our direction.

  2. Greg Haugsven

    Do you think we would take him? To me I would say no. He could become a great LB but doesn’t offer up much as a pass rusher. Would we use our first round pick on a SAM that plays 30% of the snaps? Those numbers are pretty impressive though.

    • Steve Nelsen

      We played nickel 70% last year in part because of the personnel. Mike Morgan was not capable of playing on 3rd downs. If we had a more athletic option at the position who could cover backs or TEs and blitz, I think the defense would be improved short-term. Long-term, I think he would become a future pro-bowl piece of the next generation Seattle defense.

      I had Davis penciled in as a possibility at 26 based on his character, production and the evaluations of his college coaches. I was waiting for his pro-day results to see if they confirmed the evaluation and they certainly do. He will probably be gone at 26 but if he is there and Seattle picks him, I think that would be a great pick.

      If a few desperate teams ahead of us at 26 reach for OL or QB, we could have a nice group of players to choose from. No way Davis, Obi, King, and Watt are all gone.

      • Attyla the Hawk

        “We played nickel 70% last year in part because of the personnel”

        I don’t think this can be understated.

    • JT

      Agreed. While Davis would siphon some snaps from Wagner and Wright to keep them fresh, the Hawks would still take 1 of those 3 studs off the field on roughly 2/3’s of snaps. They have played nickel over 65% of the time, even when they had Bruce Irvin. A pure SAM probably isn’t enough of a need to draft in the first round. Davis is a beast though, not unlike Bobby Wagner.

    • Trevor

      Agree Greg love the player just think we have much bigger needs and if we take an LB I hope he has pass rush upside like Reddick or Bowser.

      • Ty the Guy

        I label this man as a “Football Player.” That is one of the highest compliments I can give a prospect. Davis seems to have that passion for the game you love to see. Thrives in the box and lives for contact. So far this year I have felt the same about Tredavious White, Justin Evans, Garrett Bolles, and Deshaun Watson. I’m sure there are plenty of others, but admittedly I haven’t been able to spend as much times on this draft as I did in previous years.

        That being said, I see LB as the Hawks’ 3rd or 4th biggest need. I know what Pete said going into the offseason, but as others have pointed out, our base defense is basically a nickel package. So I see OL as the #1 need with DB #2. Seeing that the 2 OL I’d be willing to take in round 1 will probably be gone I see us taking a DB in the 1st (if not trading down) and looking for a LB from round 2 on.

        I like Rob’s idea of taking 2 DBs early. It’s a stacked class and the LOB could use some youth. We need a CB2 with the potential to be our #1 if Sherm starts to show age.

        Still, I go back to what we are best at coaching-wise. We coach up DBs better than anyone. So using our 1st 2 picks on DBs almost seems wasteful. At the same time I hate reaching in the draft, so drafting an OL too early isn’t what I want either.

        What do you guys think about trying to pick up a WR or TE in round 2? Or Corey Davis or Mike Williams if they last to #26? Evan Engram? Bucky Hodges? Zay Jones in round 2? Just for kicks…

        • McGruff

          Our defense was nickel by default last year, because we had chump change at SAM. When Irvin was here, 4-3 was our base.

          Our personnel will dictate our base formation.

          • Rawls1234

            There’s a reason the entire league plays nickel the majority of the time. Linebackers would get killed no matter how good they are playing a slot receiver like Edelman or Baldwin.

            • Misfit74


              • RealRhino2

                Agree. Don’t think Mike Morgan has much to do with us playing so much nickel. Think the NFL average was more than 65% of all defensive snaps in nickel or dime.

                it seems very unlikely that nickel is the norm for other teams but for us it was just a matter of personnel.

        • RWIII

          TTG: Even if the Hawks went DB in first round . The Hawks still could use another DB early. They could also use a pass rusher or an offensive tackle.

      • D-OZ

        I have believed Davis will never make it past Baltimore all along and certainly not Oakland. I have seen some draft sites mocking him in the 2nd round and I just have to laugh at that. The steelers would be his floor.

    • Kenny Sloth

      He could be Ray Lewis.

      Don’t overthink it

  3. Sea Mode

    People reporting 4.56 40yd for Davis


    Jarrad Davis’ Pro Day numbers:

    38.5 inch vertical
    10’9″ broad jump
    4.56 Forty Yard time

    7:47 AM – 28 Mar 2017

  4. CHawk Talker Eric

    Impressive numbers for Davis. It’s really nice when a prospect’s testing confirms the athleticism you plainly see on the field.

    I don’t think this necessarily puts him in play for SEA though. IMO he’s too similar to Wagz. Unless SEA plan to shuffle Wagz and/or Wright to get Davis on the field. He does have the intangibles they like though so it is possible.

    Still, I think DB is the need SEA will address early (and often). Davis’ excellent pro day results probably mean he goes top 25, and one of SEA’s top DB prospects falls to them at 26.

  5. Jason


    What are your thoughts on drafting a LB early since all the recent LB free agent signings?

    • Attyla the Hawk

      Shouldn’t affect that option. These signings were hedge signings anyway. More mild options than the OL hedge group. Seems we put way more into filling that hole in UFA.

    • Rob Staton

      I think they might still take one in rounds 2-3 but certainly they’re setting themselves up to go DB and/or OL early instead.

  6. Smitty1547

    So now we officially have 55 players gone before are pick 26

    • Sea Mode

      Haha. TBH, I had long given up any hope for Davis after watching the tape a few months back. Mocking him to Arizona @13 in our NFL.com challenge.

      • Ty the Guy

        Oh I would hate that so bad! J Davis would fit perfectly in the AZ defense…. Which would suck.

        • Ty the Guy

          Think Nkendiche will show up/out this year?

          • Smitty1547

            yes im sure that had a lot to do with letting Campbell walk at his price tag

        • Misfit74

          Yeah, AZ is a great spot for him, though I had Corey Davis there, myself ๐Ÿ˜‰ Much harder to fill #1 WR than 34 ILB.

    • McGruff

      Just mental math . . . 2 QB’s will go for sure before we pick (Watson and Trubisky), maybe as many as 4 (Kizer and Mahomes). Probably 2 RB’s (Fournette and either Cook or as well, could be as high as 3. 3 WR’s are likely (Williams, Davis and Ross). One TE (Howard). Probably at least 3 offensive linemen (Lamp, Robinson and Bolles).

      Right there we have 11 to 15 players that really don’t even matter to me.

      Defensive linemen . . . at least 4 will go before we pick. There will also be 2 safeties gone very early (Adams and Hooker) as well at least two corners (Lattimore and Humphrey) and one linebacker (Foster) . . .

      There’s 10-25 players for sure . . .

      By my math that leaves a group of players that includes Reddick, King, Melifonwu, Davis, McKinnely, Charlton, Conley, Jackson, Baker, Ramcyk, Peppers, etc. to pick from. That doesn’t even include surprise picks that might sneak in there.

      Good players are going to be there at a position of need for us. They can’t all go in the top 25.

      • Ed

        Not a bad list. I think more CB will go before Hawks and the only way Kizer/Mahomes would be at 26 or later with someone trading back into 1st.

        • McGruff

          I agree that some CB’s will go, its just hard to say which ones. Even Humphrey is not a lock to go before us. The order after Lattimore is all over the place.

      • McGruff

        And if some of those listed player go before us, it means others come down to us.

        Is Corey Davis or John Ross or Mike Williams an option for Seattle? What about OJ Howard?

        The worst case nuclear option is a QB falling, and giving us ammunition for a trade down.

        I have done a team by team mock yet. Maybe that wil be my workplace distraction today . . .

        • Sea Mode

          Everybody’s doing it… ๐Ÿ˜‰

          Group name โ€“ Seahawksdraftblog
          Password = Robisking

          • Kenny Sloth

            Thanks man.

            Hadn’t heard

        • Ty the Guy

          I think you have to take a look at Corey Davis, Mike Williams, and/or OJ Howard. I know those aren’t need positions, but imagine a true #1 WR.

          Or having the option of leverage against Jimmy Graham to restructure his deal or take a lesser one at his upcoming resigning. Or the option of letting him go if he under-performs this year….again.

          • Misfit74

            I approve this post.

            However, TE and WR are deep this year with guys like Engram, Kittle, Jonnu Smith at TE and Godwin, Z. Jones, Henderson at WR.

            That being said I think Howard and Corey Davis are going to be top-flight NFL starters, certainly.

            • D-OZ


      • D-OZ


    • Rob Staton

      Not at all. And while I know you’re joking really Smitty1547, in my last mock I had Davis going at #16 overall.

  7. McGruff

    Would we consider moving Bobby to SAM and having a guy like Davis play MLB?

    Bobby is a severely underrated pass rusher . . .

    • Ty the Guy

      It’s a nice thought. Bobby blitzing brings boatloads of badass bombardment and bashing of Bradys to my brain.

      But…. Wags is too critical in coverage to move to SAM except maybe for a play or two a game.

      • Sea Mode

        If anything, I think you move KJ to SAM and let Davis play WILL. Don’t think it’s happening though anyway. 4-2-5 base with Obi (Evans, Maye)

        • Misfit74

          I don’t think LB3 is going to be a big investment unless said LB3 can really rush the passes and cover,and even then I lean DB even still. Unless we are intent grooming a KJ Wright replacement, it’s hard to see. Reddick has a trump card.

        • Ty the Guy

          Davis looks serviceable in coverage, but KJ and Bobby are special.

          Agreed with the 4-2-5 base. And that it would look great with one of those DBs you mentioned. But we also have some decent DBs who could fill that role of “buffalo nickel.” Thorpe, McCray, etc.

          Or Shalom Luani with the last pick of the 3rd…

          • Sea Mode

            Agree as well we could find a part-time Buffalo later on and switch up according to matchups. Glad we probably won’t have to face the conundrum.

            It’s just my opinion, but if talent and character like Jarrad Davis is there at 26 you just take him and figure it out later.

            • Misfit74

              I don’t get how you take a position that would play 30% +/- of the snaps unless its a pass-rusher as part of a rotation. Where would Davis play on passing downs?

              • Kenny Sloth


                Mike Morgan played 30% of the snaps…….

                Much different than Jarrad Davis as an option xD

                • Sea Mode

                  Exactly. When you have a player like that, you will be more inclined to put him on the field.

                  • Misfit74

                    I agree, provided Davis is excellent in coverage, in particular. His value in taking snaps from Wagner and Wright would be an important plus, as well. If he is forecasted to play enough meaningful snaps in our defense I think it makes sense. Does it make more sense in round 1 for that vs. a corner (King, etc) or S/Buffalo Nickle (Obi, Jackson, etc) who would almost certainly be on the field 70~90+% of the snaps? Tough thing to weigh out.

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    No, I agree with you Misfit.

                    While he is my number one target, I think a DB is more likely

            • RWIII

              SM: Agree about talent and character. But Obi Melifonwu is talent ,character, a bigger need. But Melifonwu is also special. When is the last time you saw a 6’4 strong safety had his coverage skills , instincts, explosiveness, closing speed and a “Freak ” of an athlete?

  8. Misfit74

    I had him at 32 without the measurements, to the Saints. I could see Colts at 15. A lot of teams in the 15~32 range could use a stud ILB. That position is hard to judge in terms of going in round 1 though. Not may ILBs get drafted there, as it’s a position that can often be found later and throughout the draft. Davis is clearly as special as many of us thought, so perhaps he is the #3 LB off the board, mid 1st to mid 2nd round. Mosley and Shazier, Shaq Thompson are guys in recent memory who made round 1.

  9. Sea Mode

    Marcus Maye

    9’10” broad
    4.48 40yd (NFL network time)

    • Ty the Guy

      Where will Maye go in the draft? Sure thing R2? or will he last into the 3rd?

      • Nick

        Rd 2. #58 could be in play. He’s a very, very intriguing prospect.

    • McGruff

      I was waiting for those numbers. I like Maye a lot.

  10. Sea Mode


    4.41-4.44 times for D’Onta Foreman at the Texas pro day ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    8:36 AM – 28 Mar 2017

    • Misfit74

      Heh, refresh, misfit, refresh

    • McGruff

      Could be a stud. He’s not Derrick Henry, but he’s not far behind IMO.

      • Greg Haugsven

        4.4 at 233 is a locomotive. Get out of the damn way.

  11. Misfit74

    Side note:

    D’Onta Foreman UT pro day numbers (only benched at combine): 6-0 1/8, 234, 33-inch vertical, 4.45/4.45 40s


    • Ed

      Big boy with good speed. Is he a wrecker? Can’t really afford to use high pick on RB though. Lacy/Rawls/Prosise already.

      • Misfit74

        May not require a high pick, and Lacy is on a one year deal. He was also almost 270lbs at signing!

        • McGruff

          Allegedly. I don’t buy it at all.

          • Misfit74

            He was weighed at team visits. Here is a link (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel) https://twitter.com/BobMcGinn/status/841694727330246660

            • MSL

              That could just be a rumor. He certainly didn’t look 270lbs in video they released. He also sounds motivated to prove himself. Not saying he’s the long term answer, but taking a RB really high seems super unlikely when the team has 3 RBs they believe could be feature backs.

              • Greg Haugsven

                Who cares what he weighs now. I care what he weighs later on.

    • C-Dog


  12. Sea Mode


    Jarrad Davis says he was told he ran a 4.56 today. “That’s the fastest 40 I’ve ever ran, and to do it today?!” #Gators #ProDay

    9:54 AM – 28 Mar 2017

    Must have fresh legs coming off that injury! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Misfit74

      He could definitely go top 20 now. His measurables dwarf almost everyone else in the LB class. Special athlete, surely on the #Seahawks board now, just lower than CB/S/OT on the ‘need’ list, IMO.

    • Kenny Sloth

      PR when it counts?

      This is the type of workout we look for.

      Guys that want to be the best. To prove it. Every chance they get

  13. Misfit74

    “NFL.com’s Lance Zierlein projected Temple LB/EDGE Haason Reddick to go off the board at No. 5 to the Titans.”

    • williambryan

      Doesn’t he also project Fournette to last into round 2?!…

      • Hughz

        No I believe he had Fournette going #6

        • RealRhino2

          I project that Zierlein was drunk when he made his projection….

          This is getting to be the crazy season. Am thinking that first LB off the board goes to the Bengals at #9, the second would be either Saints, Colts or Dolphins.

  14. Misfit74

    Here is Foreman’s 40 (video) https://twitter.com/RosterWatch/status/846743791457501184

    • D-OZ

      He has hand’s too.

  15. Sea Mode

    Wow, what an athlete!

    WR Riley McCarron, Iowa

    5’9″, 188 lbs.
    4.36 forty (1.39 10-yd)
    3.96 shuttle
    6.47 3-cone
    40.5″ vertical
    10’4″ broad jump

    Not sure I’ve ever seen a sub 1.4s 10-yd split. That’s crazy if it’s true. His release off the line should be special. Only found a couple plays of him on YouTube, but it looks like it could be.

    These are the kind of UDFAs that Seattle and New England can turn into Pro Bowlers…

    Had 42/517/4 in 12 games as a Sr. Not much, but at least it’s something. Also returns kicks.

    Got the backstory too:

    • Ishmael

      Incredible split. Shows in his jump numbers as well. That’s a boy with some serious pop.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        He almost broad jumped 2x his height. Might have to call him grasshopper.

        • HawkTalker #1

          Snatch this pebble from my handโ€ฆ

  16. MontanaMike

    Unless there’s a player there that’s on top of our board, i think we should trade down just a spot or two, maybe three, and pick up more players with an early 2nd. In this deep of a draft we’ll still get talent. If there’s an elite player at #26 by all means pull the trigger.

  17. GeoffU

    While impressive, what were his 3-cone and 20-yard shuttle times? 10-yd split? Those are more important for linebacker, I think.

  18. Nick

    New Marcus Maye tape. The. dude. can. play.


    • Nick

      The hit he puts on at 2:20ish…shows incredible angle pursuit and finish. He should absolutely be on this community’s radar.

      • Kenny Sloth

        One of the first safeties Rob brought up, actually!

  19. Sea Mode

    Glad we pick before them… mwuahahahahaaaa


    #Cowboys meeting with S Obi Melifonwu today at UConn, per source.

    Lost two safeties this offseason. He played with Byron Jones in college.

    10:31 AM – 28 Mar 2017

    • Greg Haugsven

      I could see Dallas trading up just right in front of us to grab him.

      • HawkTalker #1

        Personally, I hope they do. No this was not bait for hate responses. I’d just feel better about him being off the board and helping that drive us to move in a different direction. And yes I know I have an opinion on this contrary to most.

      • RWIII

        Dallas has plenty of holes in their leaky defense to be trading up.The boys need a pass rusher they lost 3 starters in their secondary . The Cowboys need to be trading down. They have plenty of needs. But you never know what Jerry Jones is going to do.

  20. Bill

    Would love to see the Hawks get an elite LB like Davis that can stay on the field for all 3 downs.
    After they address the DB and LB position, they need to get to the secondaries best friend; a pass rushing DL.

    Not since the Superbowl runs have they had a DL rotation that can push the pocket into the QB’s face to help get you off the field on 3rd downs.

    When you pick up a guy off the street in the middle of the season last year and he quickly becomes a starter at DT, that indicates some serious depth issues.

    Looking over the pass rushing D-Tackles available in the draft, and there is not many, Iowa defensive tackle Jaleel Johnson looks like a possibility with one of our 3rd round picks. Here is an interesting post on him:


    • lil'stink

      Johnson bombed at the combine, unfortunately. I still like his tape but I think it’s unlikely we draft him unless he really falls.

      • Bill

        Its seems like high-motor, over-achiever type players often don’t test well. If you can get him to play every week like he did against Michigan……

  21. Volume12

    Love this guy.

    Texas TE/H-back/QB Tyrone Swoops. His versatility, size, and willingness to switch positions for his team was very ‘Seahawky’ IMO.

    Seattle does like him as a TE and showed interest in him at Texas’ pro day.

    • Volume12

      These are just some of the things I’m getting out or the VMAC visits, pro day workouts/meetings, etc.

      – Seattle is looking for more versatility out of their prospects
      – size at WR
      – they like a bunch of safeties in this class
      – they’ll select a smaller school CB on day 3
      – looking for a big nose tackle somewhere. Very likely day 3

  22. Volume12

    JS with some interesting notes.

    Said they’ll consider Ifedi at RT, because Aboushi is a RG.
    They’re high on CB Pierre Desir
    Keep an eye on Bradley McDougald to play more than just safety ( IThought this was a very likely possibility. Could take over Snead’s role or he’s a hedge for him)
    Neiko Thorpe was a big resign for them

    • Volume12


      • Nick

        They clearly like Pierre Desir a lot. He stuck around after this season even though there was a ton of interest from other squads. PCJS probably said you have an honest chance of getting that CB2 spot.

        That said…this could all be smoke and mirrors.

        • Volume12

          With Seattle, I don’t really buy the smoke screen stuff. With them it’s either, we really like this guy and here it is, or they’ll hide who they really like by not making it public.

    • Ishmael

      Where was this V12?

      • Volume12

        Sirius XM radio.

        Also said Wilhoite and Garvin will compete at SAM.

        • Ishmael

          Cheers, I’ll see if I can find it.

          I think Thorpe is a guy they want to try and get on the field

    • Misfit74

      I had thought Ifedi was the plan at RT since we drafted him, so that’s good to hear it’s not a consideration, at least. Probably needed/needs to get stronger but the frame is there along with requisite athleticism. We shall see…

      • Volume12

        Yeah, I think that’s the long term plan as well. Not worried about his run blocking, its his pass blocking. Even though he still made mental mistakes that 90% of rookies do on the O-line, I thought as the season went on his run blocking was really starting to come together.

        With him the issue appears to be getting comfortable playing in a 2 point stance and coming out of his stance, not playing back on his heels (he really struggles with this) like the scheme at A&M forced him to do.

        • RealRhino2

          When your head coach comes out and says you drafted him as a right tackle, you have to think that was a serious part of the plan when you were considering him. Nice to see they might be coming to their senses.

          Would also open up a lot more possibilities for the draft.

    • Overtime

      They gave Thorpe ( 2 years, $3.5M ) more money than DeShawn Shead ( 1year, $1.5M ). All of these guys are Sherman size. We may not go as heavy on DB’s as we thought. Where are they going to find the roster spots?

      • Smitty1547

        Thorpe is healthy, Shead is not, didn’t have a lot of negotiating power

  23. Peanut

    I’ts looking alot like there is almost a guarantee that the player we pick in the 1st and 2nd (maybe 3rd aswell) will be solid players that we as fans are going to be happy with. If Seattle picks a OL within the first 3, I’ll eat a uncooked hotdog, record it and send it to Rob to post, cause man this is not the draft for it it seems.

  24. Ed

    JS also said they listen to all deals and didn’t say no to the Sherman rumor. Not that I would be hoping for Sherman trade on draft weekend, but wouldn’t be upset either. The LOB is extremely expensive and by injury or lack of production, doesn’t seem worth it any longer.

    Get another 1st for Sherman:

    1st Baker/Jackson
    2nd Tankersley
    2nd Bowser
    3rd Biegel
    3rd Luani

    • HI Hawk

      A 1st for Sherman? Oh my. Draft picks are extremely overvalued these days. Even top-10 picks are unpredictable, I wouldn’t gamble on replacing the best CB in the NFL with anything of the sort. How have the Rams done with the haul they got for RGIII again? I don’t think there’s any reason at all to move on from Sherman anytime soon.

    • Ishmael


      We were still in the top handful of defences last season by almost any metric you can think of. Getting rid of Sherman will make us a significantly worse defence next year, even if it does ultimately end up proving a good move down the track.

  25. Misfit74

    “Florida CB Teez Tabor’s fastest unofficial forty was clocked at 4.75s at the Gators’ pro day workout on Tuesday.”


    • Greg Haugsven

      Unhook the trailer

  26. Forty20

    Charles Casserly has mocked Haason Reddick to the Seahawks in his latest mock.

    He has Conley, Brantley, Harris, Watt, Ramcyzk and Cunningham going before Seattle to make it happen.

  27. Aaron

    Looks like the Ifedi to RT thing is actually going to be a thing…at least at the start. I wouldn’t be surprised if he stays at RG but he is a natural RT to me and I hope they stick with it. Glowinski and Aboushi likely to battle it out for starting RG or perhaps both crack the starting lineup. Given this new information, I’d like to see one of these three o line combos for 2017…

    Fant, Joeckel, Britt, Glowinski, Ifedi
    Joeckel, Glowinski, Britt, Aboushi, Ifedi
    Odhiambo, Joeckel, Britt, Glowinski, Ifedi

    Almost seems inevitable that three positions at a minimum are going to change on the o line. I have to say that Glowinski and Aboushi are not long term solutions at guard. They are bridge players imo. The only long term guy at guard is Ifedi if they choose to keep him there.

    • Coleslaw

      My guess is
      LT: Joeckel, Fant
      LG: Glowinski, Odhiambo
      C: Britt, Hunt
      RG: Aboushi, draft pick (Asiata, Siragusa)
      RT: Ifedi, Gilliam

      • Greg Haugsven

        It would be nice to draft Asiata and have him win the RG job. That would be some serious beef on the right side.

        • Trevor


        • HawkTalker #1


      • Overtime

        My guess:

        LT Fant, Odhiambo
        LG Joeckel, Aboushi
        C Britt, Hunt
        RG Glowinski, Aboushi
        RT Ifedi, Gilliam

        • Misfit74

          I think this combo is passable. Does anyone know if Joeckel is better as a R or L Guard? Which requires more strength; which side fits him best? I presume he’s a LG simply because Aboushi is a RG? How many people think Glowinski is better in the lineup?

          It will be exciting to see if we get help through draft and perhaps post draft, post June 1st cuts also.

          • Mac

            He’s a decent guard or Lt, he excels at covering stunts but is pretty bad with bull rush or speedy 3-4 OLB’s coming off the edge. But he is pretty insane at blocking stunts as well as being finesse with lateral movement. I think he will have more success with us than Jacksonville because most teams in our division play out of 4-3 looks or lack bull rush from OLB’S

        • williambryan

          I would put my money on this group too.

      • DLep

        Yes to Siragusa!

        • Greg Haugsven

          Pete said he would compete at LT and LG

          • HI Hawk

            I don’t take that serious at all, Pete is just identifying the places he played in the past in that interview. He said he “expects” him to compete at LT and LG, but we all know Tom Cable is going to decide where and if Joeckel plays. His best fit is probably RT because he is not athletic enough to be a LT and the team has enough Guards. I think we’re undervaluing Glowinski here, he was prone to mistakes, but when he was on his assignment he was very effective.

  28. Greg Haugsven

    Anyone have the link to JS interview?

  29. BobbyK

    I wonder if the line is going to shake out like this:

    LT: Fant
    LG: Joeckel
    C: Britt
    RG: Glowinski
    RT: Ifedi

    • Rob Staton

      Seems very possible today, with maybe the question mark whether Aboushi wins the RG job or maybe they draft a guy to compete at that spot (eg Asiata).

    • Volume12

      Also liking the depth they’re starting to accumulate.

      LT- Joeckel
      LG- Odhiambo
      C- Hunt
      RG- Aboushi or Glow
      RT- Gilliam

      I’m thinking they go for a C/G like Asiata as Rob mentioned, or perhaps a G/T type like Ifedi and Odhiambo. Seems to be the former if we purely go off the interest they’ve shown in O-lineman this month. FA & draft wise.

      • Peanut

        Hunt? IMO Britt was the strongest on that Line, really taking steps.

        • Volume12

          I listed the backups there my man.

      • Ground_Hawk

        $8 million, for Joeckel to play backup? I mean if it happens then so be it, but that’s a lot of money tossed at non-starter.

        • Volume12

          Where did I say that? I agreed with Bobby with Joeckel at LG and him as the backup at LT.

          • Ground_Hawk

            That’s what I thought at first, but It through me off how you had Glowinski backing up Glowinski at the RG spot. Just one of those things misconstrued by internet chat, I think. Anyway, nice work this year Vol! You’ve definitely been a top contributor here recently, as far as I have noticed, and it’s much appreciated. Cheers!

    • RealRhino2

      I would peg this as the #1 possibility as of today.

  30. Nick

    We have to draft some one from that Florida defense. Every time I watch them I fall in love with a different player.

  31. Volume12

    JS just told us what they’re looking for in LBs here fellas.

    Short-area quicknessx instincts, toughness, and STs ability. Said ‘we’re looking at a specific type of person’ and then listed or rather mentioned, these qualities.

    • Volume12

      Also compared the McDougald signing to the Bennett & Avrils ones. I’m expecting him playing a big role for us going forward.

    • Rob Staton

      Validates the short shuttle assertion we made recently

      • Trevor

        For sure! Nice call.

      • Volume12

        That’s the 1st thought that popped into my head.

    • Trevor

      Great info Vol! JS mention any update on Kam?

      • lil'stink

        The earliest PCJS have extended someone before the Bennett deal was when they extended ET3, and that was at the end of April before the final year of his deal was set to start. I can’t imagine anything happens for Kam before that. But who knows what is going on behind the scenes. Perhaps Kam is willing to test the FA market. What’s a fair deal for him? 2 years $22 million? Gives him an APY of $10 million the next 3 years. Almost all the Seahawks extensions have been for 4 years – I’d be surprised if they are willing to give that to Kam.

  32. Matthew Baldwin

    i might have missed it, but I don’t hear much talk about JS comments last year about being the bully again. Certainly that wasn’t fixed with one draft and two FA rounds with limited resources.

    That’s why I could see a LB like Davis replacing one of the softer D players Morgan who’s a reserve/core ST on an elite D or the spot opposite Sherm with an aggressive 6′ 3″ CB King.

  33. Peanut

    Another LB into the mix. Terence Gavin, former Steeler and Redskin player.

  34. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Here is a problem with the 2017 draft…..

    too many damn fine looking prospects and too few picks for Seattle….. :O

    Sidenote: I’m shying away from LB types in the first round now, I do not see an obvious need or fit…. secondary is looking more and more likely (OBI). I guess if Reddick fell into Seattle’s lap, they couldn’t say no.. but I find this VERY unlikely.

    • Volume12

      I’m with ya there. Everything is setting up to be a DB in round 1. Then one on day 2 and another late on day 3.

      • DC

        You got a favorite TE prospect V12?

        Wouldn’t be surprised by a day 2 pick there.

        • Trevor

          If they take one with one of the 3rd round picks I like the Iowa TE George Kittle. He tested really well and is a great blocker.

          If they look to add on on day #3 I like Eric Stauber out of Drake if they are looking to replace Willson next year or the kid out of Canada Alex Auclair if they are looking for more of an inline blocking TE.

          • DC

            Sounds good. Kind of like Sprinkle as an all around TE too but more as a day 3 guy.

            • Volume12

              Love George Kittle. Identified him at the combine.

              Texas’ Tyrone Swoops, UW’s Darrell Daniels, to name a couple, and I’m also forgetting a couple more. It’s tough to gauge what type they’ll go arts because they have 3 different kinds in Jimmy, Luke, and Gannett. A hybrid, an inline TE, and the athletic but decent blocker in Luke.

              After typing that, I’m starting to think it might be a Brandon Williams type. Big bodied and a STer.

  35. Volume12

    E. Washington LB Samson Ebukam. Wow! Freak.

    6’2, 240 lbs. 4.47 40 into the wind, 39.5″ vert, 10’10” broad jump, 25 reps on the BP

    Him, Jackson St’s Javancy Jones, W. Georgia’s Dylan Donahue, Mizzou St’s Dylan Cole, and Duquesne’s Christian Kuntz were listed as the top 5 non FBS OLB’s and Seattle has attended the pro days of every one, but Duquesne, although they could’ve or will if it hasn’t happened yet.

    And they’ve worked out Donahue and met with Jones at the Shrine game.


  36. MontanaMike

    Bobby I think that might be the line with Aboushi has promise, although he might be here as insurance for an injury. If we kept Evans last year we might have squeezed out another win or two and had home field advantage. I’m glad to see they’re willing to try Joekel at guard considering his salary, if Fant takes another step forward this season, he could be a legit LT soon.

  37. MontanaMike

    It would be great if Odhiambo showed up this year, maybe RG as well, we’d have a solid line, a little young and raw with years of potential.

  38. Trevor

    I think the best news I have heard this off season so far with JS saying they were considering Ifedi at RT. A lot of here on SDB have been hoping for that I think. You could not build a more perfect physical specimen to play RT in the NFL. There will be some growing pains but let him use his length and athleticism and I think he has enormous upside.

    If he and Fant can develop as expected over the next year or two they could be the most athletic OT combo in the league.

    Now draft Asiata in the 3rd to compete for a G spot and backup Britt at Centre and a developmental tackle like Jaylan Ware from Alabama St. or Aviante Collins out of TCU or Max Rich from Harvard and we are all set.

    • Greg Haugsven

      I agree, he was a RT in college, he’s built like a RT. Let the man play RT. Simple

      • BobbyK

        He’s going to be a mauler in the run game no matter where he plays. I worry about him in pass protection at either position though. The positives about moving him to the outside is that when he screws up it’ll take the defender a split second longer to get to Wilson versus coming up on a mental mistake untouched through the interior. I do like him at RT better.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I always thought he would be a right tackle. The Seahawks may be shuffling players around a lot until they get that offensive line figured out!

  39. Robert

    Any potential Seahawk interest in MALIK MCDOWELL if he drops into range?

    • Overtime

      I think we are short two DT’s in the middle of our D line. We need some bigger bodies but the big guys don’t show up until R6 or later. McDowell could be an option but my best guess is we wait until R2 or R3 for an interior DL.

      • jujus

        AGREE 100% -I feel the secondary and the Oline are getting all the attention where the DLINE is to me the missing link to getting back to Championship football.

        Pete will not even mess around with a DT who wont be 100% accountable for his GAP. Hence the Alabama connection with Dt’s we have seen. I think if Dalvin Tomlinson falls to round 3 he is for sure a target. Then Roderick Henderson or Grover stewart Late + patric Richard in UDFA.

      • RWIII

        Problem with McDowell is that he doesn’t give a 100% consistently.

    • Rob Staton

      McDowell is the type of player IMO you let another team take a chance on. Very talented but zero grit, totally mailed it in when things went south in 2016 at MSU. Not a warrior.

  40. Hawk Eye

    another posting from Rob
    and another player we all want.
    has to be about 10 so far….

    I would love an impact LB, but based on them signing 3 LB’s from other teams, I figure they will do DB in the first round and one more in the 2nd or 3rd

    but I also figure they will take someone high that we don’t expect, might be 1st or 2nd round
    PC and JS can be predictable in their unpredictability

    • HawkTalker #1

      They definately have their own big board.

  41. Kenny Sloth

    “Just all these different reports people throw at you, he was just really efficient,โ€™โ€™ Schneider said. โ€œAnd so he just stood out. With all the analytic stuff we do, itโ€™s kind of about asking more questions and going back to the film, and thatโ€™s what we did with him and just talking to a bunch of people that he has been with just led us to a really good place with him. Came in that day (March 17) and had a great visit and we have a good relationship with his agent (Brian Mackler, whose firm also represents current Seahawks Cliff Avril and Justin Britt, among others) and he was ready to roll, so he wanted to do it.”

    Interesting revelations on player acquisition from John Schneider, though for me it really raises more questions than it answers

    • House

      His reference points on Aboushi. Leads me to believe Aboushi has a legit shot to start at RG. Sounds like the ideal fit to compete with Glowinski @ RG

      • Volume12

        Everyone has a shot at starting. Fant, Glow, Joeckel, Aboushi, Gilliam, Odhiambo.

        Its gonna be very competitive come TC. Let that sort itself out and the spots that may not is where they’ll focus their coaching at.

        • Old but Slow

          This could turn into an interesting competition, and we know that Pete likes competition. The unit is very young, which leads me to think that they will not draft OL early, hoping that the good young talent they have and the free agents they have added will develop into a workable group. Britt seems solid; Ifedi can be a horse in time; Glow is a good athlete and strong and is just gaining the level of experience that can tell the tale; Fant is a nearly ideal fit athletically for the LT but needs reps; and Gilliam is still very athletic and may be motivated by a poor season. Besides that, Odhiambo seems highly regarded by the coaches and may be ready after a year of learning and recovering from the injuries from college. Now, with an infusion of veteran talent, some who may work out well, and for that we can hope.

          On the whole, it seems the prospect is better than the history, as is fitting for a very young unit, and with growth we might have a group that is effective.

          On opening day, I am hoping for a set starting line and that they get some time to work together for some time before any injury makes a change (the story of success in the NFL).

  42. Volume12

    So, I thought Seattle might be scouting Tennessee St for OL Jessamen Dunker or CB Ezra Robinson, but after the combine, I crossed them off, and then couldn’t figure out who they were looking at. Got it now.

    Tennessee St QB Ronald Butler- 6’3, 180 lbs., but they worked him out at CB.

    • Volume12

      Love this team man. They work out DTs as O-lineman, LBs as FBs, QBs & WRs as CBs, CBs as RBs, FBs as TEs.

      Expect one of their selections or a priority UDFA to be one of these conversion projects. As ideal and nice as it would be, NFL teams know that not every pick will make their team anyways.

    • Overtime

      V12: I think we are going to be looking for a QB to challenge Boykin. Any thoughts on who that might be in the later rounds?

      • Volume12

        They could go for a vet come June 2nd or shortly after.

        But, it does kind of seem like they’ll be looking for a backup as you mention. Do they want a Boykin type or a Matt Flynn type?

        This guy could be an option, Colorado’s Sefo Liufau, Tennessee’s Josh Dobbs, Oklahoma’s Trevor Knight, BYU’s Taysom Hill, Jacksonville St’s Eli Jenkins, could Iowa’s CJ Beathard be an option?

        I’ll start taking a look at some of the smaller school guys.

  43. Volume12

    BTW, JS kind of dismissing the notion that SAM is a priority.

    He basically said when you look at the position its hard to spend value on a guy when he plays 15-18 snaps a game. Its a NICKEL league now.’

    Look for a pass rusher from that position.

    • millhouse-serbia

      Does that make a player like Takkarist McKinley a possible choice at 26th?

    • Rob Staton

      I think this suggests more likely a retention of 4-2-5 looks and nickel CB being somewhat of a priority.

      • Volume12

        For sure. I think you were absolutely right about that from the jump.

        I’m also starting to get a sense that the reason they’re interested in so many different safeties is because maybe the take a couple of a them instead of one.

  44. Old but Slow

    Confused? Overwhelmed? Torn by indecision? Try Damitall.

    The ol’ Big Board looked pretty straight forward a few weeks ago. A few risers and fallers in the early draft, but then things started to get ugly. Injuries, off field revelations, questions of commitment, bad hair, and all seem to affect the middle rounds much more. Trying to winnow out the mid rounders from the udfa’s is a big bored nightmare.

    But, the biggest problem is this blog. Rob and the contributors in here keep me hopping, trying to get a handle on the pebbles they find that could turn into gems. My earlier drafts were spent blissfully going through the print ratings and finding I didn’t know most of those taken. Now I feel like an undergraduate heading to finals. So much studying, so much analysis, so many opportunities to be wrong.

    But, I am learning, and I am starting to see things like knee bend and hand work, quick response and pursuit angles. Tackling technique, tenacity, patience, instinct, and so on, are all things I have grown in my understanding and observation.

    Thank you so much, Rob, and others. It is nice to find such an absorbing avocation in my 70’s.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks for reading ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. CLB

    Found a lot of recent PFF scouting reports on offensive linemen, safeties, and several players mocked to us at DB and other positions.



























    No scouting report on Kevin King at PFF yet, but here’s one at a Bills site: http://billswire.usatoday.com/2017/02/13/bills-2017-nfl-draft-targets-washington-cb-kevin-king-scouting-report/

    Some of the highlights on the safeties PFF page about Obi “He flashes impressive range for a player his size, but is also excellent against the run in the box because of his ability to square up and finish tackles consistently (ninth among all FBS safeties in 2016 in run-stop percentage). He is a matchup-breaker because of his size, speed and physicality in coverage, and gave up just 40 total receiving yards in his final five college games. He also finished 17th in the FBS in tackling efficiency, and considering his size, awareness and technique, this should translate well to the next level.”
    How impressive is that? Out of over 1400 defensive players (128 FBS teams times 11 def. starters each) he was 17th in tackling efficiency!

    Marcus Williams of Utah is also an option in round 2 or maybe 3 at safety and also an excellent tackler. According to PFF: “Stats to know: Highest run-stop percentage of all FBS safeties in 2016. Second-highest tackle efficiency against run of all FBS safeties in 2016. He did not miss a single tackle when playing within 8 yards of the line of scrimmage at the snap, and led all FBS safeties in run-stop percentage when playing at that depth. While not a flashy hitter on the back end, he had 10-combined interceptions between 2015 and 2016 and gave up just 11 total receptions as the primary defender on 430 total coverage reps the past two seasons.”


    1. Obi Melifonwu, S/CB/LB-Connecticut
    2. Cordrea Tankersley, CB-Clemson
    3a. Marcus Williams, S-Utah
    3b. Montravius Adams, DT-Auburn
    3c. Traded to Vikings for round 4 picks 120 and 128
    4a.(120) Alex Anzalone, LB-Florida
    4b.(128) George Kittle, TE-Iowa
    6. Aviante Collins, OG-TCU
    7. Robert Davis, WR-Georgia St.

  46. CLB

    Hey Rob. Thanks again for all the great research and work you do about the Seahawks and the draft. This Seahawks site has gone from my #5 or 6 after fieldgulls, seahawks.com, espn, hawkblogger, and a couple others a year or more ago to #1 by far the last several months. Your great analysis of the Seahawks and their potential draft picks has seemed to have gotten even better and more frequent recently – check it a few times daily not only for your fantastic articles but the comments from you and everyone is very informative,

    Drive for my job several hours a day, wondering when to look for the next podcast. It’s one of the highlights of my work week listening to your details of the prospective future Seahawks. Any update for the next podcast with Kenny or elsewhere?

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