Tony Pauline’s two-round mock draft

You’re probably well aware of Tony Pauline’s ‘Draft Analyst’ website — but if not you’re missing out. Tony’s the best draft insider in the business with a proven track record on Seahawks-specific info.

Today he published a two round mock draft (click here to see it). Two of the big headline picks are Kevin King going at #14 to Philadelphia and Budda Baker going at #17 to Washington.

Although both projections are different, they also make a ton of sense.

King is a unique athlete. Cornerbacks with his physical profile are rare. He has the height and length of a bigger corner (6-3, 200lbs, 32 inch arms) but the long speed and short-area agility of a smaller slot CB.

It means he can be challenged to handle any position at the next level. His agility testing (highlighted by an incredible 3.89 short shuttle) show he can realistically cover the slot against any type of target. His 4.43 forty and size means he can run against a #1 (whatever the size or style), cover dynamic TE’s and be physical in the run game.

He flew under the radar partly because he was seen as the other guy playing across from Sidney Jones. King is a freakish athlete with a rare profile. His performances were always underrated and he has the character and work ethic (and tape study dedication) to compliment what he is physically.

It’s entirely possible he’ll go in the top-20.

Budda Baker meanwhile is just a stud. Size might work against him but it hasn’t been a problem for Earl Thomas. And while Baker will struggle to match Thomas’ sensational career, teams will be enamoured by his intensity, physicality and versatility.

What about Seattle’s picks?

#26 — Gareon Conley (CB, Ohio State)
Analysis: Adoree’ Jackson is a consideration here as would be any highly rated offensive lineman who slips to 26. Conley is big, athletic and plays smart football and perfectly fits the Seahawks mold.

It’s interesting that Tony notes Adoree’ Jackson is a consideration. We’ve talked a lot recently about Jackson as a potential Seahawk.

Yes, Jackson is undersized. However, he’s also exactly the type of dynamic, natural athlete Pete Carroll loves to draft in round one.

He’s a former 5-star, #6 overall recruit with natural suddenness and athleticism. He’s Percy Harvin without the hassle and he plays defense.

The Seahawks are exactly the type of team to see value in Jackson’s special teams impact (especially with Tyler Lockett returning from a broken leg). They’re the kind of team that will have an ‘Adoree’ Jackson package’ in the offensive playbook. He can handle 70% of the snaps on defense in the slot.

Furthermore you’d be getting an immediate impact player. He’s a day one starter in the slot and on special teams. The Seahawks have been loathe in the past to start outside corners early due to the complex technique they teach. A rookie drafted to play outside corner might not get on the field in week one.

Pauline linking him as a possibility to Seattle adds some validity to the assertion he could be an option. If the likes of Kevin King aren’t available at #26 (plus one or two others) — Jackson could be a player they seriously consider.

Conley, the actual pick at #26 in Tony’s mock, is also a fine possibility. He has the length and athleticism they like. Technique wise he’d have a lot to learn to play in Seattle’s system. Too often in college he handed a free release to the receiver and relied on athleticism to stick. At the next level he’ll be beaten like a drum unless he learns how to jam and use his hands to guide and feel the route, knowing when the receiver’s going to break.

You can have all the recovery speed in the world but in the NFL you’re going to need to get an angle on the route more often than not. That means contact.

Still, it’s highly possible the Seahawks will take one of these long, athletic outside cornerbacks even if they don’t start immediately or experience some growing pains as a rookie.

In round two, Pauline has the Seahawks drafting Charles Harris.

This feels quite low for a player who has received a lot of first round buzz. He handled the position drills at the combine as well as anyone. It’s entirely possible he goes in round one and Detroit at #21 is a popular destination in mock drafts.

I’m not sure he’s a SAM/LEO given he didn’t run an elite 10-yard split and his agility testing wasn’t in the Bruce Irvin range. Neither was he a Frank Clark dynamo at the combine. Still, he’s a talented player with a lot of potential.


  1. RWIII

    I noticed that Obi Melifonwu was ignored by Tony Pauline. Can’t agree.

    • RWIII

      BTW: I would take Adoree’ Jackson and Obi Melifonwu over Conley.

      • Bill

        For everyone on this blog in love with Obi Melifonwu for R1, you may want to pump the brakes a little.
        There have been plenty of examples of combine workout warriors who didn’t do much at the next level.
        Don’t discount that he played on a bad UConn team in a sub-standard league. It
        is easier to look good against lower competition.

        Round 2 is maybe where he belongs.

        • Rob Staton

          If we’re saying the tape looks good and the physical profile, what exactly is keeping him out of R1 other than ‘great athletes have been bad in the past’?

          • Bill

            All I’m saying is the tape from a UConn program might be misleading.
            I can’t help thinking about Seahawk draft pick Aaron Curry, and the ACC competion is much better than the AAC.

            • Rob Staton

              You could just as easily argue if he plays on a bad team that is regularly outclassed and he still excels, that it’s a major positive for him.

              I just don’t really see the argument Bill. You admit his tape looks good and we know he’s a physical freak. So let’s second guess him because Aaron Curry flopped?

              • Bill

                He seems like more of a fit at Safety and with the current Seahawk shortage of
                outside and slot CBs, and pass rushing DLinemen, I would rather they go with a safer pick.

                • Rob Staton

                  Define ‘safer’

                  • Bill

                    Well, Gareon Conley for one. At Ohio State, he played regularly against more NFL type players, and in big time games.

                    But if really someone thinks Obi is worth the first round pick, this is probably not going to matter. I can only say for myself, that when it comes to a 1st rd pick that has to be a starter, given the choice, I’d feel better with the player from a bigger, tougher conference.

                  • Bill

                    It may be a coincidence, but seems like Pete and John agree,
                    when they have used a first round pick, the players have come from:
                    Oklahoma State,Texas, Alabama, West Virginia, and Texas A&M.

                    • Rob Staton

                      West Virginia were playing in the Big East when Bruce Irvin was there.

                      It seems like we’re talking about a lot of unrelated things here. Conferences and former players. You’re defining Melifonwu as not a safe pick because of the conference he played in and yet one of Seattle’s best picks over the years was Bobby Wagner of Utah State.

                      If Melifonwu’s tape is good and he’s an athletic freak, then I’m not worried. Doesn’t mean he’ll be a success or a great player but there’s little reason to focus on opponents and the past to judge a totally unrelated situation.

                  • Bill

                    I have no problem taking him in round 2, LIKE Bobby Wagner.
                    As far as the importance of evaluating players against the level of competition, we’ll have to agree to disagree.

                    But it’s your blog so I’ll differ to you. 🙂

                    • Rob Staton

                      No need to defer, just felt it was important to establish a few points. Especially if we’re talking about strength of conference and the Big East/Mountain West are two examples 🙂

        • :)D-OZ

          He will go Rd.1, Certainly before Conley.

    • Rob Staton

      Melifonwu is early R2 in Tony’s mock

      • RWIII

        Rob: What I should have said was that Tony Pauline took Conley over Melifonwu at 26.

        • Michael

          Over Reddick as well… I’ll take it

          • :)D-OZ

            Lane and Shead aren’t from power conf. school’s and neither is K.J. I could name a few Hawks draft pick’s from power conf. school’s that haven’t panned out also.

            • Bill

              None of them were 1st round picks

              • Bill

                I think most would consider the SEC a power conference where K.J. played.

                • Bill


            • Chico50

              K.J. Attended Miss St. which is in the SEC. Sort of a power conference.

  2. Sea Mode

    I know we kind of discarded Brandon Wilson for not meeting arm length, but still, this is impressive:

    One timer on defensive back @ItsMeBWill_ at @UHCougarFB Pro Day. Wow. Wow. WOW.

    • Vista

      I might watch a game or two of Houston’s to see what he is like tonight. I wonder if he would do well as a FS.

      • Sea Mode

        A little ice water on the above tweet:


        UH corner Howard Wilson ran high 4.4 to low 4.5s. Ran 4.48, 4.50 for AFC North team. Stood on combine field drills, has upcoming workouts

        1:40 PM – 27 Mar 2017

        • Misfit74


        • Vista

          I guess someone got a little trigger happy then

        • JakeB

          Confusing, but I think those are two different Wilsons. Pauline said we worked Brandon out.

          • JakeB

            I guess we worked him out at RB now that I look closer

        • jujus

          This Howard wilson is a QB. We orked out a RB/CB who I think we are eyeing as FS depth.

          • Mr. Offseason

            Wait a minute. A CB that is being worked out as an RB but he is an ideal FS?

            This is very confusing.

      • jujus

        VIsta I agree, I think we are looking at him for FS. I like John Johnson from Boston College but Brandon Wilson is even a better athlete.

  3. Ukhawk

    Redid know goes a few picks later and that’d be my choice

    Then trade up in R2 to get Obi or Evans please?!

    • Ukhawk

      Reddick (darn spellcheck) goes…

      • Spireite Seahawk

        Lance Zierlein has Reddick going at number 5 to the Titans.

  4. Jason

    If Jackson is drafted does Lane move outside to start the season?

    • Rob Staton

      It’s a possibility for sure

      • Jason

        I actually think that would help Lane out a lot. Slot is a lot tougher to play.

        • RWIII

          In my opinion it is much more difficult to be a slot corner than a corner on the outside.

    • Overtime

      If he doesn’t move outside they are paying him too much.

    • :)D-OZ

      Slot was our weakness last year. I do think lane would be better on the outside where he can be protected a little more. OK, I am repeating myself here….
      We went through this a few day’s ago.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Moving him outside would favor drafting Jackson over Conley for me. Jackson inside and Lane outside sounds better than Conley outside and Lane inside.

        • HawkTalker #1

          I like that logic as well . . .

  5. Turnagaintide

    Any decent QB’s options in the draft? Boykin not showing good judgement again…

    • Volume12

      VA-Tech’s Jerrod Evans, Colorado’s Sefo Liufau, Oklahoma’s Trevor Knight (similar style to Boykin) and he might be able to play other positions of QB doesn’t work out, BYU’s Taysom Hill is older and injury prone, but what a freak!

      • Volume12

        If they do let Boykin go, do go for a QB similar to him and RW or more of a game manager who might be such a threat to run but still plenty mobile?

        • C-Dog

          There was something in Pete’s words at the end of the season that kinda made it sound to me like that might pursue the veteran route this offseason. They haven’t gone that way at all yet, but I wonder if we start seeing a view veteran visits over the next week.

          • peppapig


            • Bayahawk

              At $9 million per? No thank you.

              • HawkTalker #1

                Ditto . . . Gong.

      • nichansen01

        Knight, isn’t he TAMU

    • Ishmael

      He was a passenger. There are a number of players on the Seahawks roster who have done a LOT worse than that.

      • Jesse James

        Ish. A number of players? Besides Clark and Tom Cable who has done worse than that.

        • Bayahawk

          Perrish Cox. Raped and impregnated an unconscious woman.

          • nichansen01

            I very disgusted when we signed him.

          • nichansen01

            Although he was found not guilty, according to Wikipedia.

            • Ishmael

              All I can say about his case is that I recommend you read it for yourself. It’s a disgusting signing, and one that gives me very little faith in anything the Hawks have to say regarding violence against women.

            • peter

              not guilty of criminal offenses, but still settled out of court for a civil trial. And before anyone turns into a professor I get the burden of proof is lower for a civil trial. i still thin he’s a dirt bag who I wish Seattle hadn’t of signed.

          • Ishmael

            Yep, Tony McDaniel was done for battery as well.

          • :)D-OZ

            WTH, I hadn’t heard that??????

    • nichansen01

      For backup, I personally want Keapernick.

    • Bigten

      RGIII would be cheaper and less baggage than kap in my opinion

      • peter

        baggage? Come on. RGIII and his copyrighting his own sayings as a rookie and reports of team videos only showing his positive plays is better than a guy who puts his money where his mouth is and supports community builidng causes and has less “baggage,” attached to him. Not for me.

        • Ishmael

          Seriously, what baggage does Kaepernick have?

          If he costs too much for a backup, then that’s fine. But the baggage narrative is risible.

          • Mr. Offseason

            Speaking of Kaeperick, I have heard someone compare Sefo Li’ufau (spelling?) to Kaep and I really like that comparison. I think Sefo has a ways to go until he is NFL-ready, but I really like that he’s a unique player that can allow us to have some creativity with the playbook. He could go undrafted, sign with us and compete with Boykin for the backup job. But if he doesn’t make the team, I would be pretty good about getting him on the practice squad. A nice developmental player to have around.

            On the other hand, if Boykin is facing an upcoming suspension, I wouldn’t mind bringing in RGIII. Yeah yeah, he may be done and all that, but that’s what makes him cheap (unlike Kaep, who will end up being out of our price range). If we can get him for minimum, he could be a really good guy to have the backup role and complement Russ in Seattle. On his baggage, I really think he’s changed how he operates over the last couple of years. You usually have to take it with a grain of salt when players say they’re going to change, but RGIII really has been humbled. I would not mind bringing him in at all.

  6. swisshawk

    A 7th round projection for the hawks. Would be a draft who takes full advantage of the strenghts of this class.

    1. S Obi (or CB King, one can hope)
    2. CB (or S, depending on 1.)
    3. LB
    3. trade down for 4&5
    4. TE/DL
    5. CB
    6. OT (small scool prospect to redshirt)
    7. priority udfa
    7. priority udfa

    • Misfit74

      We are thin at WR, esp in a year from now. Injury concerns with Lockett and PRich. We have to add one or more that can push for playing time, IMO.

  7. Volume12

    I actually think Conley will end up being a better pro than Lattimore. His coverage skils are unreal. Such a smart player. So smooth. Plenty aggressive, but just takes bad angles. His ability to anticipate certain throws stands out.

    Would definitely like to see him use his hands more at the LOS, although he does hand fight down the field very well. And while jamming, pressing, stab moves are difficult to teach, that will come sooner than the footwork and Conley’s is damn good. Panics a little bit on some moves, but the kids got a ton of upside and looks like he can play inside or outside.

    • Rob Staton

      The main issue for me is there are too many times with zero contact. It’s not even so much about hand-fighting, it’s just about getting a feel for the way a WR is going to break. If you offer a free release and allow the WR to make an unchallenged release and break, you’re going to get beat all the time in the NFL. However athletic or long you are.

      My feeling with Conley is he could be really good IF he gets this worked out. But it might take him longer than other outside corners to reach a level where you trust him.

      • Volume12

        Yeah, I get understand those concerns 💯%.

      • Ed

        The hands all over and jam was old Hawks, the last two years it’s been nothing. I have been real disappointed in that as well. Hawks use to rough receivers up, but last two years has been pretty soft about it.

        • Scraps

          I think that’s the NFL getting stricter. If Seattle wanted to “rough receivers up” like we used to, and we have more penalties as a result, I don’t think that’s what we want, right?

    • Misfit74

      Well if there’s anything the Seahawks coaching staff can teach it’s hand use and press. If Conley has everything else it seems he can be molded into a very viable LOB corner.

      • Greg Haugsven

        That could be from the league. They used to hold after 5 yards all the time.

        • Volume12

          They still do. Difference is the referees are more likely to call it.

          Ever since the ‘Peyton Manning’ rules were established the WRs now seem to have more of a right to the ball than DBs do.

          • Greg Haugsven

            Pass Interference is one of my biggest pet peeves in the league. Mostly the WR can murder the DB and get away with it where it doesnt go the other way. Sometimes I feel like the ref doesnt call offensive PI because he thinks they already won the play because the pass was incomplete

            • peter

              Jermaine Kearse hears what you are saying and see’s you non existent pick play that still get called OPI.

  8. Rowlandice

    We passed Reddick, Obi and J. Davis (who I don’t see in TP’s 2 rock mock?) for Conley? I’m not so sure about that.

    • Volume12

      Is there something in Davis’ medical report that could possibly have him slip?

      He’s a fantastic player, and I’m not sure we will with him, but how many MLBs do we see fall down the board year in and year out?

      • Rowlandice

        Possibly V12. But if he’s there after we take a DB in RD1 if would make sense to get a player that could spell Bobby and KJ per PC’s offseason wishlist.

        • Volume12

          I agree. Just not convinced he falls all the way to 58 or whatever it is.

    • Rob Staton

      I wouldn’t expect Reddick to be there and Davis is likely top-40 but we’ll see.

      • Misfit74

        Rob do you think Reddick, if he should make it to the 20s, it would be because he isn’t a traditional ILB or DE? I mean he will murder in the right scheme used properly, but will he have the same appeal to teams in search of a 34 ILB, 43 MLB, or 43 DE?

        I guess my question is what positions and specific schemes do you see other teams around the NFL drafting him for as his primary role?

        • Rob Staton

          I think he can play SAM, WIll or MIKE. Incredible player. And can rush too. Fits any scheme IMO.

    • C-Dog

      Yeah, I find it hard to believe they would pass on Obi, unless there was something with his personality they weren’t so sold on.

    • HawkTalker #1

      My first thought was also Reddick and then noticed Davis, Obi and the others as well. I know we need some quality CBs, but how do you pass on Reddick? Don’t think I could.

  9. Mexican Hawk

    Trading back involves a lot of angst in losing out on a player you really covet. Will depend on their board, but a scenario likes this can really merit trading back to early 2nd while picking up ammo to move back into mid 2nd with own 2nd rounder + some of our own picks plus those gained in a move back.

    Getting two top 25 picks (on their board) in the process.

    Have a good feeling on the Hawk’s haul for this draft.

  10. Sea Mode

    Continuing discussion from last thread on Adoree as a CB, since he is mentioned in this article too. I want to understand what you are seeing.

    It’s not the big plays I’m worried about, but how he gives up all the little gashes that he should be using his elite quickness to stop. His elite recovery speed should allow him to play tight coverage and not gift so many easy 1st down completions.

    I should have been more specific: as far as covering the 6010, 209 Godwin, I agree with Kenny that is too big of an ask for Adoree. He didn’t follow him every snap, but yes a good part of the game, and Godwin had 9/187/2. I saw nothing that would make the QB think: “better not throw that direction, Adoree is over there.”

    But as for Ross, the exact opposite applies in my book. That is exactly the type of WR the team that picks him should be able to say: go shadow him. I’m not even referring to the 70yd TD. Adoree had one nice PBU on a 50/50 deep ball, and for the rest of the game Ross caught everything thrown his way. It was like Adoree was just told to run with him and tackle him once he caught it, and that is the most worrisome part of all: he couldn’t even do that effectively, letting Ross slip out multiple times.

    If he can’t be expected to cover and bring down the 5103, 188 John Ross, who is he going to cover and tackle in the NFL, justifying his potential R1 cost? Can he tackle a Baldwin, an Edelman, a DeSean Jackson, a Crowder? Is he a “damage control” CB, so to speak, or really an impact player at CB? (no doubt he will be on ST and even offense).

    • Volume12

      See I’d be more worried about corners, any corner that is, giving up the big plays then those little ones.

      As we know, this defense is built on 2 central things. Stopping the run and limiting explosive plays.

      • peter

        True but teams since superbowl 49 are getting better at death by a 1000 cuts against this defense. Not evey team can do it, but those that can, can and do at will. Hopefully there’s a change in philosophy defensively against teams that can pull that off.

        I fully get that Seattle beat New England last year, but in Superbowl 49 that come back was brutal and Atlanta in the playoffs last year wasn’t much prettier.

        • Volume12

          That’ll never happen my man. You start giving up chunk plays, here comes the knockout punch. Death by a single blow.

          That’s a weakness of every good to great defense. That’s how you beat them. Keep them on he field. Doesn’t matter what an offense does when your opponent isn’t converting 3rd downs. Its not their philosophy that needs to change. Its execution on the money downs.

          • Volume12

            Or scoring TDs. I’ll take the short stuff down the field and teams have to kick FGs. Because our O-line is not built to come from behind our play in a shoot out more than once or twice.

            Hopefully that’s what changes. Play of the O-line.

            • peter

              Absolutely. Ball control offensively. Run game. And as much as fantasy owners want to see Russell air it out I’m perfectly happy with 18/23 stat lines. For Seattle’s D and attack style they need to stay on the bench a little ( or a lot!) longer then they were able to last year.

          • peter

            I’m not suggesting a philosophy change. Last year some of the games may have been anomalies in how Seattle lost. But when you look at the Atlanta and Green bay two of the worst if not THE worst losses in modern franchise history, they lost both ways.

            Again most teams can’t control the clock with a modernized west coast game plan. And in both instances Seattle very successfully controlled the run. Which is a great strength, however Green bay was allowed a nice efficient day in the air, and when you look back at the Atlanta box score Seattle actually was giving up the chunk plays (132 yards on just 4 pass plays).

            All this is why I hope to see more ‘Buffalo,’ or 4-2-5 but with a guy built like Obi. I think Seattle needs to get back to run defense plus chunk play defense. Which they want to be. But….I’m still advocating being able to more quickly snuff out the dink and dunk against a Brady, etc. especially against a team like the Patriots who literally due to arm strength aren’t going to take it to you with the deep strike.

    • Rob Staton

      It feels like we’re watching different tape TBH.

      I can only repeat what I said earlier. There was basically one big play in each game (USC, Penn State). One where Jackson tripped vs Ross (it happens). One which was an incredible play by Godwin (maybe shouldn’t have counted on replay). Apart from that, the only plays he gave up really were when he plays off Ross because he’s a 4.2 runner and USC decided to try and limit the big play. He also had three interceptions in those two games.

      I didn’t see any evidence of any troubles working in close areas i.e. the slot. Against Ross he played well off him and gave up about 2-3 ‘bend but don’t break’ short gains designed by scheme. Against Godwin he didn’t even cover him that much.

      • Nick

        I agree with this analysis, but I appreciate Vol’s concerns. I think ultimately the Seahawks will look for someone that will create turnovers. We simply didn’t have enough of them last year. It hurt us.

      • Sea Mode

        “gave up about 2-3 ‘bend but don’t break’ short gains”

        I guess I just saw one after another of these and didn’t consider them exactly short gains. USC wasn’t protecting a lead either on any of the first three, and three of them were 3rd down conversions:

        0:35 (3rd&4)- gives up 12yd reception, misses tackle for 3 more
        0:46 (3rd&4)- gives up 12yd reception
        1:30 (2nd&14)- gives up 10yd reception, misses tackle for 3 more
        2:38 (2nd&6)- gives up 4yd reception (ok, that one is short)
        4:04 (3rd&10)- gives up 13yd reception, nearly misses tackle again

        I just wanted to see him contest any one of these throws, play the ball, and he never did. Maybe that was what he was told to do vs. Ross. Ok, do your job. And I do still worry about him trying to tackle 200lbs Julian Edelman and other bigger/stronger slot receivers.

        Honestly, maybe we actually were watching different tape as well, because I was watching “John Ross vs. USC” and not “Adoree Jackson vs. WU”, so it didn’t show the game-sealing 2nd interception or the fumble recovery on ST, for that matter. That makes it feel a bit better overall, even despite the big trip up.

        • Rob Staton

          Here’s the problem though Sea Mode — a lot of the plays you’re saying you wanted to see contested passes, USC is scheming not to get beat deep.

          0:35 — Jackson is deliberately dropping off and giving him a cushion. It’s a safe back-shoulder throw which is quite common in this coverage. This is USC playing a very conservative play call. Jackson isn’t up at the line contesting with Ross. You say he gives up 12 yards. How is he supposed to defend that? USC are giving them that play and not giving them the deep ball and it happened a few times in this game. Ultimately, it worked as a game plan as USC limited big plays.

          0:46 — Ross beats him on an inside quick slant. A really tough play to defend vs a top-15 pick with 4.22 speed. It’ll happen.

          1:30 — again, he’s 10-yards off Ross in coverage because of the scheme. He’s not lining up 1v1. To level this as Jackson giving up 10 yards is grossly unfair. He’s playing the scheme. What is he supposed to do here? Not give up the deep ball (his actual responsibility) and yet be able to close 10-yards of cushion in the time it takes Jake Browning to execute a pass, then make a break on the ball? That’s impossible and the complaint here should be about the scheme and the coverage USC called.

          2:38 — this is well covered. It’s clear Ross has options in his route and he breaks it off to make a short gain well short of the sticks on second down.

          4:04 — He’s 12 yards off Ross on this coverage. Once more, how can he be accused of giving up this reception whe the coverage screams ‘don’t get beat over the top’. You also assert he almost misses the tackle. Well, he makes the tackle in the open field. It was well executed IMO.

          Jackson’s responsibility in this game was pure and simple — don’t get beat over the top. The coverage makes that quite clear. So really, he did his job but for one play where he slipped at the break and it was game over. That’ll happen to a cornerback sometimes. As noted before, he had two interceptions in this game to counter the one error.

          You’re not going to see contested throws and playing the ball when you’re playing off your receiver by 10-12 yards to take away the deep shot.

          • Sea Mode

            Thank you for taking the time to respond.

            Right, it was the scheme. I looked another game (vs. Cal 2016) in the meantime and he plays closer to the line and mirrors the WR well. One way or another (and usually in multiple ways), he makes his impact felt on the game, and Webb wasn’t eager to throw to his side at all. It seemed like they even tried as often as possible to get Hansen lined up away from him whenever possible. I’m glad to see that.

            Tackling remains a clear issue though. I can’t concede you the “well executed” on that last tackle either. You gave him a lot slack of “it happens”, and I agree–one can’t have unrealistic expectations for any prospect–but at least don’t tell me it was a well executed tackle. 🙂 Got the job done, yes, but barely… He took the exact same approach as the other two missed tackles (run in at full speed and reach for the ball carrier’s waist), and IMO is lucky Ross didn’t break the arm tackle and take off past him like those other two occasions.

            Beyond that one lucky or not tackle, he will have to face heavier slot WRs at the next level and that won’t do it. Of course, it should be coachable though since he is clearly willing, and he is certainly not the only one who needs work on that point (Evans).

            Lastly, I came across a punt return I can’t believe didn’t show up in any of the highlights I had watched a while back. Probably because it didn’t go for a TD, but it is absolutely incredible in so many ways if you focus on the details in the replays:

            Good night, Rob!

            • Rob Staton

              I’m very comfortable saying it was a well executed tackle to be honest. A receiver like Ross is tough to get down in the open field and he did it. I might be convinced to retreat to a mere ‘he got the job done’ but it’s the kind of play I don’t even give a second look to. He got the job done. And having watched at least 10 of his games now, tackling didn’t seem like an issue at all to me (especially compared to other CB’s in this class). If anything I thought he played with tremendous grit for his size and was a very sure tackler.

              • Ishmael

                Definitely wasn’t textbook, didn’t take a great angle and got himself in a slightly weird position. On the plus side, he aimed for the waist and was strong enough to make it stick.

                Looks like he enjoys tackling which is more important than you’d think

    • Ishmael

      I understand those concerns, but I think it is worth mentioning that if he went to the Seahawks he’d be receiving coaching at a level far higher than anything he has before. He’s not a perfect prospect, but he does have genuinely special qualities.

  11. Jujus

    Sorta outta the blue question. But has anyone heard anything regarding Joe Mathis? I see on his Social media he is squatting 500 lbs, sprinting, ect. I was expecting something from him at the UW proday but it has been complete radio silence.

    Does anyone have any info on his measurables? Maybe from previous Uw pro days? will he be dropping to day 3? Is he a possible OLB / LEO candidate?

    • JT

      Last I read, JoJo is planning to hold an individual workout for teams in April, where he will participate in the athletic tests. He upped his bench press total to 32 at the UW Pro Day.

    • Ed

      I had him in my ideal Hawks draft:

      1st Obi (S)
      2nd Tankersley (CB)
      3rd Griffin (CB)
      3rd Mathis (LB/DE)
      3rd Luani (S)

  12. Misfit74

    Harris did a bit better at his Pro Day, at least in the vertical:

    [“Harris.. he improved his workout numbers from February’s NFL Combine. The 6-foot-3 Kansas City, Mo., native weighed in at a lean 249 pounds, boasting an impressive frame and certainly looking the part of an elite NFL pass-rushing prospect.
    Harris chose not to participate in the 225-pound bench-press repetition drills at Pro Day, electing to stick with the 21 reps he recorded at the Combine. He also did not run the 40-yard dash at Pro Day after running a time of 4.82 seconds in Indianapolis.
    If onlookers were disappointed that Harris chose not to participate in the bench press drills, he didn’t let them down on the next drill. He wowed the crowd with an impressive 37.5-inch vertical jump, a 5.5-inch improvement from the prior 32-inch jump he had at the Combine.
    Harris’ strong performance in the vertical and broad jump didn’t surprise him. A highly recruited basketball player in his days at Lincoln College Preparatory Academy, Harris is well-known for his athleticism.
    “I’m an ex-basketball player, so of course I still have bounce,” Harris stated confidently. “But at the Combine, my legs just felt a little more dead than usual.”]

  13. OCDavid

    Hey Sea Mode, Jujus, and anyone else who is interested, has updated their Predict the Pick game so we’re all set for 2017. It’s free and just a bit of fun but anyone who is interested just needs to predict how the first round will go – the closer you get to the right players in the right spots, the more you score.
    Group name – Seahawksdraftblog
    Password = Robisking

    You’ll need to create an account and join the group but it’s all covered in the ‘How to play’ section.

    • Ed

      Seems interesting. Winner gets to be Browns new GM or take over for C. Casserly on NFL network?

      • Misfit74

        Sounds fun, thx

    • HawkTalker #1


  14. nichansen01

    Obi and Reddick there? No way I chose Conley. I think I’d go with Obi even over Reddick

    • Greg Haugsven

      To play devils advocate where does Obi play? Can he play corner? LB? Safety would only be a back up. Not saying I don’t like him, just asking g the question.

      • nichansen01

        Personally, I think he plays a tweaked version of Jeremy Lane’s slot corner position.

        • Greg Haugsven

          It would almost feel like if they drafted him the writing would be on the wall for Chancellor. I could be wrong but that is how it would look.

      • RealRhino2

        Chess piece. Whole new position that Mike Mayock made up. Used to be called tweener. 😉

        • peter

          Gotta be honest. When I hear “movable chess piece.” It makes me throw up a little. That’s all chess pieces.

          • HI Hawk

            I think the term is to indicate that on one play he’s a rook and lines up outside and on the next play he can be a bishop and line up inside. Not that during the course of a game the piece moves on the board, but that it changes roles during the course of a game. In that way, the term moveable chess piece makes sense.

  15. Ed

    Please get 2 safeties/hybrids, 2 corners by the end of 3rd round. Trade back, trade up, trade players, I don’t care. Hawks are thin at corner and injured/expired contracts soon at safety. The LOB is almost DOA, so time to reload now while the draft is stocked with them.

    • lil'stink

      I’m starting to think we aren’t going to draft as many defensive backs in the first 3 rounds as we all think or would like.

    • HI Hawk

      I’m all in on DeAndre Elliott’s upside, and Sherman should be rock solid for at least 3-4 more years. I like the idea of Adoree Jackson, because J. Lane is a better equipped to play outside. Sherman & Lane outside with Elliott and Thorpe competing for playing time. Then you slot Jackson into the nickel role, and that’s a solid 5 CB group with Shead starting out on the PUP. I think that group is more than good enough for the next two seasons.

      The other Jackson I am really all in on, is Eddie Jackson. I think he’s going to be an elite FS in the NFL and he should be available late 3rd round. I know a lot of people like Luani in that range, and he seems like a good prospect as well – but I think he’s too small to replicate Kam’s game and not quick enough to replace Earl. Eddie Jackson is a more natural athlete and is very familiar with single high, deep coverage. He’s a ball hawk and an elite return man who uses that skill to take a lot of his picks back for TDs.

      This is all to say, I don’t think we need volume as much as we need the right pieces to add to a talented roster.

  16. JimQ

    Does the guy taking over for Charlie Casserly have to wear his wig?

    • Ed

      Ha ha. Him and Polian have the worst mocks and analysis.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        The mocks may not be spot on, but the insight and the back ground “the why” a team might take a guy are very very accurate. They bring insight into the process of taking a guy and what teams might be looking for besides the football / tape part.

  17. CharlieTheUnicorn

    So, a certain back-up QB had a slight problem in Texas this morning. Not his fault, but I’ve heard it reported that it might be a parole violation (from a prior substance abuse incident) and he might do up to 360 days in jail. Would Seattle bring in a journeyman back-up QB or should they try for a draft pick one… say 3rd round? There are a bunch of decent QBs, no franchise guys “yet”, but there could be a few who will be very good after a few years to be had in the mid rounds….

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      ah I knew V12 would have a good name in the thread somewhere.. Colorado’s Sefo Liufau

    • Overtime

      The courts are not going to throw anybody in jail for 360 days for 2 ounces of pot. Jail is expensive. More likely he gets a fine and time added to his previous probation. The courts would rather have your money than your behind filling a jail cell and eating three free meals a day.

      • mishima

        7 grams.

        • rowdy

          This is a wait and see deal. When multiple people are involved they can arrest everyone for it. I haven’t read that anything was personally found on him but details will come out soon. Regardless, this isn’t good for him but I bet he gets released and serves no more jail time.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        This is not due to what was found, it was the parole violation that will nail him.
        Texas has some harsh penalties for minuscule amounts of “illegal” substances…. and he got off light with probation last time… not this time, if the story is true.

  18. nichansen01

    How about Quincy Adeboyejo as a 6’3 4.42 running project? Maybe available in the late 6th, early 7th, where we pick.

    • Volume12

      Keep 👀’s on Arizona WR Trey Griffey.

      • Mr. Offseason

        I will be so sad if we don’t get Trey Griffey.

        It’s irrational I know.

  19. astraeus

    TE George Kittle @ Iowa Pro Day

    6’4.0″, 251 lbs
    4.07 shuttle
    6.76 3-cone
    38.5″ vertical

    • Rob Staton

      Very impressive

      • astraeus

        “Has only allowed a single quarterback pressure over the last two seasons combined. Earned the second-highest run blocking grade (79.6) in 2016 among the TE draft class.” per PFF

        I would love to get this guy in the 3rd. Complete package except for elite size.

        • Spireite Seahawk

          The more I see and hear about Kittle the more i like him.

          • lil'stink

            He’s nasty. Zach Miller that can actually move. Graham, Willson, Vannett, and Kittle would be sweet.

        • Scraps

          “second-highest run blocking grade”

          But because we can’t see the actual plays & grades, it’s basically worthless. Let’s make PFF show their work. Otherwise we are just taking their word. Why? They pretty much claim they are objective. They’re not, at all.

    • Misfit74

      May be my favorite TEs after the first few. Should be a good mid round value pock for someone. This TE class is absolutely loaded.

  20. Greg Haugsven

    If Charles Harris really struggles that much against the run I can’t see him as a Seahawks pick. You have to be able to defend against the run to play here. I would prefer Jackson over Conley but would be happy with that pick.

    • Ground_Hawk

      Daeshon Hall instead of Harris, for me. If nothing else, Hall is the better athlete.

      • Misfit74

        Derek Rivers if we take an early pass rusher

  21. BobbyK

    I’d almost go Taco and Sidney Jones in the first two rounds in that draft. Be forced to go with 2 DBs in the third round though, as Jones would essentially be a redshirt first round pick for the 2018 draft. It’d be like having two #1 picks, with one being a top 10-12 pick in the first. Not a good draft for 2017 DB help, but probably a better draft with the future in mind.

    Of course, Obi and Jones would be an insane first two picks, too. Or Obi and trade a third to move up for Watt in the second. That mock just magnifies how good this draft is. Great options. Sadly, not just for the Seahawks. Lots of teams will be getting a lot better, too.

    I actually see the Browns being the team that drafts Sidney Jones in the second round. They seem to take a long-term approach with Moneyball dude in the mix. Many other GMs won’t draft him because they are more concerned about keeping their jobs and some won’t have it if they lose in ’17. Like the Jets. He’s gone if they suck again. No way they’ll take Jones even if it’s in their best long-term interest.

  22. Misfit74

    My first run at predict the pick. Hard to slot some of the pass rushers I, don’t particularly like. Same for the QBs, because I’ve soured on most of them. Does Mike Williams make round 1? Where do I fit John Ross? His medicals are a big issue. 32 picks, in order

    T.J. WATT

  23. Greg Haugsven

    I still feel after all this talk that Adoree Jackson would be the pick for me. Just feels like he could start from day 1 in the slot and return some kicks as well. Ticks all the boxes minus the arm length which may or may not be that important in the slot. Could also play free safety as well if Thomas went down. Kind of a Tyrann Mathieu type.

    • Dutchenstein12

      But can he develop into a FS, a position he has never played? If PC thinks he can than I’m sold. I would still prefer Obi and King over him. But he would then be a close 3rd. Budda has played FS but his lack of TO’s, size and not being the ST threat that Adoree is makes him less attractive to me. I don’t see us making the pick though if PC doesn’t see Adoree as a potential future replacement for ET.

      Dream scenario: pick Obi or King at 26
      Dream scenario 2: if neither are there, trade back and pick Adoree at the beginning of round 2, then trade back up in the middle of round 2 for Watt. Having a rookie tandem of Adoree/Watt would make our team so much more dynamic. Watt could help with some SLB on early downs, Adoree could take over for Lane in the slot, Watt could help with d-line depth on 3rd down and Adoree could return punts/kicks. Probably unrealistic to get both. But dreaming is what this time of year is for…

      • Greg Haugsven

        Hopefully he wouldnt have to. ET is only 27 and has a lot of tread left on those tires assuming he wants to play. The slot corner is an important position these days with all the aerial attacks. Could look for a safety in a couple years to replace him.

        • Greg Haugsven

          Would also like Jackson in round 1 to start in the slot and draft another guy say round 2 or 3 like Witherspoon or Tankersly or Douglas to learn the system then start opposite Sherman year 2.

          • Trevor

            If we can extend Kam this off season then that is exactly what I was thinking. Jackson in Rd #1 to play the slot and Witherspoon with our first pick in the 3rd to play outside opposite Sherm. For me that would be an ideal situation.

            The only thing that would change this as my dream scenario is if the Hawks cannot extend Kam this off season. If that was to happen then IMO Obo has to be the pick.

            • Trevor

              2017 Secondary

              FS Earl / Mcdougald
              SS Kam / Mcdonald
              CB Sherm / Shead
              CB Witherspoon / Elliott / Thorpe
              Slot Jackson / Lane

              That would be a pretty deep and talented group.

            • Ishmael

              Agree with all that. Except I’d expect either Thorpe or Elliot to start opposite Sherman, given what we know about the Seahawks usual development patterns.

              And honestly, while I personally like Witherspoon, I’m really not sure the Hawks will like his abject lack of physicality.

  24. bankhawk

    Im thinking with the LB depth the Hawks have added in F/A to date, the back-to-back CB picks ought to be that much closer to becoming a reality. At the very least, any LB they take early should be a bonafied b/u to Bobby and or KJ, with definite starter potential as a ceiling.

    • Coleslaw

      I think Vince Biegel is the ideal pick. He compares to K.J. Wright, and Wright has played MLB for us at times. Could n had in the 3rd round, probably could be the SAM too, having 2 K.J.s on the field together lol

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        PFF on Biegel: “Short-area agility is superb. Can cross tackles’ faces at will.”

        • Coleslaw

          Yup he had just slower times than BWagz I believe.

  25. RWIII

    Guys tell me this. Obi Melifonwu is 6’4. How many Strong safetys in the NFL are all star caliber and are 6’4. Only one I can think of. KAM Chancellor. As good as Eric Berry is. Berry is only 6’0. Daniel Jeremiah said at the Senior Bowl that he was impressed by Melifonwu’s coverage skills. Rob has video showing Melifonwu’s ability to close. Rob also mentions Melifonwu’s ability to read opposing QB’s. Then you throw in the fact that Melifonwu has good instincts. Plus his combine numbers were impressive. Melifonwu can play any position in the secondary. A player like Melifonwu comes around once every 10 years.

    Rob: Think about this. Let’s say you have Melifonwu, Earl Thomas and Chancellor on the field next year at the same time. The Hawks go with a 4-2-5. It will almost impossible for an opposing QB to read Seattle’s defense. The Hawks will be able to play all kinds mind games.

    • Misfit74


      Though to a certain extent an extra DB is an extra DB. However, Obi in the lineup on down/distances that are traditionally passing downs will be a huge plus when teams think they can run with a lighter box instead. Obi will lay the wood compared to your every day 5’10, 190lb DB! The size and intimidation factor of Chancellor (potentially) with the coverage ability of a FS or big Corner would enhance the LOB big time!

      Physical run game; physical, intimidating deefense, and Russell Wilson = Super Bowl contender again.

      The way I see the draft falling one of Obi, King, Conley, or Jackson will be there at 26. Maybe Peppers could be a similar player, I don’t know.

    • Rob Staton

      Sure, that’s why Obi is an option. He could play SS if needs be but he’s also a possible CB project and ‘Buffalo’ nickel.

    • D-OZ

      Kenny Easley. When they drafted him they started him out @ FS then moved him to SS. He said, if he had it to do over he would have stayed @ FS. Would probably have extended his career. When they drafted him I bought season ticket’s and got to watch the most exciting Hawk to prowl the Dome, along with Jacob Green and sadly the short career of Micheal Jackson. Obi has the range of Easley. I have watched their tape and see the similarity. The collision’s aren’t the same but what are in today’s NFL….

      • D-OZ

        I hate to say it but Obi won’t be there @ 26. 🙁 Not if I was a GM…

  26. jujus

    Went in a new direction with my mock draft game. Came away impressed

    Your Picks:
    Round 2 Pick 14 (IND): Tyus Bowser, OLB, Houston (B+)
    Round 2 Pick 26: Adoree’ Jackson, CB, Southern California (A)
    Round 3 Pick 12 (N.O.): Tarell Basham, DE/OLB, Ohio (B-)
    Round 3 Pick 16 (IND): Ahkello Witherspoon, CB, Colorado (C)
    Round 3 Pick 26: Dalvin Tomlinson, DT, Alabama (B+)
    Round 3 Pick 42 (COMP): Justin Evans, SS, Texas A&M (A-)
    Round 4 Pick 2 (S.F.): George Kittle, TE, Iowa (C-)
    Round 4 Pick 36 (S.F.): Joe Mathis, DE, Washington (C-)
    Round 6 Pick 26: Robert Davis, WR, Georgia State (A-)
    Round 7 Pick 8: Grover Stewart, DT, Albany State (D-)

    • Misfit74

      That’d be an amazing draft haul.

    • Ed

      Dropped back a lot. Like Bowser/Jackson/Witherspoon/Tomlinson/Evans/Kittle/Davis. That would be fantastic. Would think 3 12 would be better used on guard/tackle

      • jujus

        I dont think any Olinemen would even get a real chance to start on our team. They Cut Jahri evans so I couldnt bring myself to draft anyone when there are udfa who hit the TEF threshold

  27. Misfit74

    Krishawn Hogan, late round super-SPARQ. 124.9 pSPARQ, 78.8th percentile

    “He caught the ball effortlessly [in Combine drills] and he ran clean, crisp routes,” Jeremiah writes of the 6-foot-3, 222-pound Hogan. This past season, he logged an 80-1435-15 receiving line. As for his athletic tests, Hogan came out respectably across the board. He ran the 40-yard dash in 4.56 seconds, scooted through the three-cone drill in 6.74.

  28. Greg Haugsven

    Whats peoples thoughts on a mock like this?

    R1…Adoree Jackson
    R2…Demarcus Walker
    R3…Witherspoon or Tankersly
    R3…Isacc Asiata
    R3…Shalom Luani

    Jackson could start year 1 then push Lane to the outside.
    Some possible quality inside pas rush with Walker.
    Witherspoon or Tankersly could get taught the system year 1 then really compete to start opposite Sherman year 2.
    Asiata could compete and really push for a guard spot this year, next year for sure.
    Luani could be good depth at Safety

    • jujus

      There is so much depth at CB If were going after adorree We will trade down for sure IMO

    • HawkTalker #1

      I thing a trade back with the 106 pick can still get Luani.

    • peter

      I like a lot of this if it were to work out this way. Seattle may very well have to pick Luani if they like him in the third with a comp pick. But if they trade back at all I believe he will be a great value in the 4th or even the 5th.

    • Trevor

      Greg I would absolutely love that draft!!!! That would almost be my perfect scenario. We like a lot of the same guys I think.

  29. nichansen01

    Thoughts on NC States Josh Jones?

    I think he could be a nice second round pick for us at safety if we go different direction than Obi round 1.

    • Greg Haugsven

      I like Jones but personally I would want more than a backup for my second rounder. Third round for sure.

    • Rob Staton

      Josh Jones is very athletic, good attitude. Tape is a bit underwhelming though.

  30. George

    I feel like this is the year PCJS has 4-5 guys pinned, as opposed to “that guy” they’re potentially targeting (i.e. Ifedi, well done, Rob). I think we would love if Bolles/Reddick/Lamp etc. fall, but if not, I don’t know what Seattle does. There is a lot of DB talk early, but I don’t know if I’m buying that, especially in a deep DB draft. The site is pushing up Obi, Jackson, King, but all PCJS has done is find Kam/Sherm/Maxwell in the fifth/sixth and turn them into successful football players. In all honesty, are we just that much smarter now as far as evaluating these types of players? Rob has stressed the fact that Seattle doesn’t reach on DBs (minus ET and you don’t find that type of player at the end of Rd 1), so why are we all of a sudden jumping on that train? I believe teams have adapted to Seattle’s draft strategies/evaluations, but I still have faith in PCJS finding DB talent in the mid-late rounds, as they’ve successfully done in the past. I think this is the most difficult draft of the PCJS era. I don’t believe they go OL early and get younger as they did last year. I don’t believe there is an edge player like Bruce Irvin that they’re targeting late 1. I don’t believe they’re looking offense either. This year is tough. This is a deep, yet difficult draft, and it will be interesting to see what Seattle does. All I know is that this is a SMART franchise and I trust whatever decision they make. My prediction: Maurice Morris comes out of retirement and leads the league in rushing. Go Hawks.

    • Greg Haugsven

      So who do you have them taking George? All the positions are gone. They have to draft someone.

    • Rob Staton

      The reason we’re asserting CB early this year is due to the options available. It’s a fantastic CB draft and Seattle, for the first time in a while, has a big CB need.

      And despite the depth at CB in the class, these guys will go early and often. Good luck getting a terrific cornerback on day three this year. Teams will fill their boots early.

  31. Coleslaw

    1. Adoree Jackson
    2. Cordrea Tankersley
    3. Vince Biegel
    3. George Kittle
    6. Joe Mathis
    7. Malachi Dupre

    I spent a good 10 minutes trying to decide what to get with that pick, decided screw it, who would you guys want? I’m gonna say Zay Jones or Cooper Kupp

    • Misfit74

      Anyone but Kupp. We have the slot covered and I don’t think he can cut it outside. Jones, Godwin, even Carlos Henderson yes.

      • Coleslaw

        Yeah Godwin would be good too. I think the third round will be tricky.
        The Patriots pick in between our 4th and 5th picks, so we have to grab someone we want at 102 if we know NE might be interested. I also think LB and TE are a lock for round 3 of not sooner, unless we get a 4th or 5th rounder. That leaves a third rounder which is basically a wild card, assuming you pick slot corner and outside corner in 1&2. This is where we would probably look to the future, safety would be a good pick (Marcus Maye?) Receiver would be nice but we could just double up later in the draft if we really felt like we needed to. D Line is interesting to me, Avril and Bennett getting older, we could grab the future guy opposite Frank Clark.

        Sorry for the rambling lol but this draft has me pumped!

      • Volume12

        I could see Seattle liking Kupp.

        • Forty20

          He schooled mostly every cornerback he lined up against through the Senior Bowl. His numbers don’t jump off the sheet but he is a footballer. I like him.

          • Misfit74

            For me the Senior Bowl doesn’t erase that he played exclusively in space and against significantly younger players throughout his time in college. His athleticism isn’t outstanding, either. He may become a good player for someone, but the only spot he can play and have a chance win matchups consistently on our team is already occupied by Doug Baldwin.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Dalvin Tomlinson

      • Coleslaw

        Nice that would be a good one. Hes a stud

  32. HOUSE

    My 2017 Draft:

    026. TRADE: #26 for #30/105. PIT selects DeShone Kizer (QB, Notre Dame)
    030. Obi Melifonwu (S, UConn)
    058. Cordrea Tankersley (CB, Clemson)
    090. Demarcus Walker (DE, FSU)
    102. Isaac Asiata (OG, Utah)
    105. Roderick Johnson (OT, FSU)
    106. Antony Auclair (TE, Laval)
    210. Jeremy Clark (CB, Michigan)
    226. Jimmy Gilbert (OLB, Colorado)

    • HOUSE


      • HawkTalker #1

        Demarcus seems to be dropping like a rock, at some point he have to become a value pick.

        33: R2P1
        50: R2P18
        90: R3P26
        108: R4P1
        121: R4P14
        145: R5P1
        199: R6P15
        210: R6P26
        226: R7P8

        The last pick would have been Luani if he was even listed, how could he not be? Boards are still a ways away from reality (as is this mock)

        • Misfit74

          I’d throw a draft-haul celebration!

    • Trevor

      Would be hard to complain about that draft class.

  33. Robertlas vegas

    I really like adoree Jackson as are first pick we could use a really good slot corner .and I would be very surprised if we kept all three third round picks why because I can’t see John and Pete with only two picks on day three..

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      In a different draft I’d be inclined to agree, but in this class there will be players available in UDFA who normally would go on Day 3. Better to come away with 5 quality prospects early and add several development types after the Draft.

  34. Volume12

    Seahawks worked Houston CB Brandon Wilson out. As a RB. Very interesting. Could mean a # of things honestly.

    Do they see him as a Devin Hester?
    Do they view him more at S, depending on length?

    • Volume12

      * Or do they view him at RB as comp for Pope?

      • Volume12

        Thinking about it, that screams Seattle FS size and speed. 4.36!? 5’10, 200 lbs.

        • Rob Staton

          If they do like Adoree’ and want that type of player, could be that they’re looking for a hedge in case he isn’t there at #26.

        • Sea Mode

          I like the FS/backup KR theory.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Wowow he used to be a RB right???!

      Very interesting indeed

      • CLB

        According to the Houston Chronicle’s online site, “After Monday’s showing at the University of Houston’s pro day – which included being clocked consistently in the mid-4.3s in the 40-yard dash – Wilson has given NFL teams several options to consider. “Like they say, the more you can do the better,” said Wilson, who was used primarily in the secondary and kick returns during his college career. “Some teams want me to play defense. Some teams want me to play offense.”

        Wilson, the Cougars’ do-everything playmaker, went through defensive back drills and was even asked to participate in some running back drills, an intriguing possibility after filling in for two games his junior season. But all the talk was about Wilson’s performance in combine-style drills before representatives from all 32 NFL teams at UH’s Athletic-Alumni Center and TDECU Stadium. He wowed scouts with an official time of 4.36 seconds in the 40, which would have been the third-best among cornerbacks had he been invited to the NFL combine in early March. His vertical jump (41 inches) and bench press reps of 225 pounds (24) would have been the most for his position group, and his 11 feet, 1-inch broad jump would have ranked second.

        Before Monday, the 5-10, 198-pound Wilson was projected as a seventh round pick or undrafted free agent, according to His stock will undoubtedly rise in advance of the April 27-29 draft. “There’s kind of a wheelhouse to what they think you are going to do run-wise, jump-wise, measurement-wise,” UH coach Major Applewhite said.
        “And if something jumps out of that … if you go out and jump and hit a 4.3 that raises eyebrows.”

        As a junior, Wilson was one of the most versatile players in the nation as the only player with multiple touchdowns on offense, defense and special teams. In an emergency role, Wilson rushed for 111 yards and two touchdowns in a division-clinching win over Navy. In his final season, Wilson’s biggest moment was a 100-yard return off a missed field goal in a season-opening upset of Oklahoma. “I can play anything,” Wilson said. “Whatever you want me to play, I’ll play it.”

  35. Trevor

    Rob what are your thoughts on the Hawks not extending Kam yet? I was really hoping this deal would get done by now as he showed once again last year that he is the glue that keeps that unit together.

    Are they just waiting to get outside deals done and see what they have left cap wise or is there something to worry about?

    I think Kam being extended or not is the most critical things to consider when trying to determine whom the Hawks will take early in this draft. If he is extended then I think most likely King or Adoree Jackson are the pick (Assuming Bolles, Reddick are gone).

    If he is not extended and plans to test FA next year then I think he is gone baby gone. Then I think Obi is almost a lock to be the pick and almost has to be. He could play the Buffalo spot you refer to year #1 and be groomed to replace Kam.

    Just really want to Chancellor extension to get done to be honest to bring some certain for the next couple of years. Even if we take 2-3 DBs on the first two days of this draft. Who better for all this young talent to learn from than Kam, Earl and Sherm who are not only great players but true students and teachers of the game.

    • Rob Staton

      Kam extension might come soon now they’ve finished with FA.

  36. astraeus

    LB Jarrad Davis @ Florida Pro Day

    38.5″ vert “Would have been the highest jump for a LB at the Combine this year.”
    10′ 9″ broad

    • astraeus

      Broad jump would also have been the longest for a LB at the Combine.

      • astraeus

        23 reps on Bench too. Very good numbers.

      • nichansen01

        Round 1

        • D-OZ

          Kenny Easley. When they drafted him they started him out @ FS then moved him to SS. He said, if he had it to do over he would have stayed @ FS. Would probably have extended his career. When they drafted him I bought season ticket’s and got to watch the most exciting Hawk to prowl the Dome, along with Jacob Green and sadly the short career of Micheal Jackson. Obi has the range of Easley. I have watched their tape and see the similarity. The collision’s aren’t the same but what are in today’s NFL….

          • D-OZ

            I don’t think Obi will be there @26, not if I was a GM. Not with that guy’s range!!!!

  37. D-OZ

    Davis has a little Micheal Jackson to his game. The best Husky LB to play the game. Rose Bowl MVP…

  38. Dale Roberts

    I’m convinced that the Hawks will take a DB in round 1 because of the damage to the season a hole in the LOB would cause. That being said, which athlete would have to drop to force them to abandon that pick? I’ll say Reddick. Anyone else?

    • HawkTalker #1

      100% agree. That may be it.

  39. Nate

    Hello Rob,
    is Stanley Jean Baptiste still on PS/futures?
    If so they easily compete to start and the Hawks trade up for Solomon Thomas. A 3T DT is quite in need. I didn’t get the Q Jef pick although Jordan Hill originally was. Ore a head scratch and a stretch putting it lightly!!
    Trade down our 2nd pick possibly to makeup for it if there is so much depth outside OL which can be had later rounds anyway!

    • Nate

      They=SJB, Lane and Pierre Desir
      Also can’t remember if Seisay is available or not as well?

    • Rob Staton

      He was an exclusive rights FA so not sure what the situation with him is.

      Trading up for Solomon Thomas would require a RGIII level trade with multiple R1 picks.

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