Joey Hunt and the Seahawks’ zone blocking scheme

“I don’t know if Pete and I would’ve been able to leave the building if we didn’t come away with Joey.”
John Schneider

“We had to get that done.”
Pete Carroll

Of the ten players drafted by the Seahawks this week, only Joey Hunt was described as a player they simply had to have.

It was the most interesting part of Carroll and Schneider’s day three press conference. It made an undersized sixth round center thoroughly more fascinating than he otherwise would’ve been.

So this felt like the ideal place to start when reviewing Seattle’s draft class.

The Seahawks run a zone blocking scheme and yet the personnel they use is a real mixed bag. Mike Shanahan’s pure use of the scheme focused on agility and often smaller linemen. The Seahawks have started guys like James Carpenter, Justin Britt, Robert Gallery and now Germain Ifedi. All were in the 6-5, 320lbs range more suited to a man blocking scheme.

I haven’t spent any time studying what the Seahawks called in the run game last season and they may already do this — but I wonder with this pick whether they plan to run a ton of outside stretch. It relies on the left tackle and centre working to the second level, while the guards are asked to pin their defenders inside. Both Garry Gilliam and Hunt are athletic enough to do this — and it might be why they’re looking for size at guard and right tackle as a compliment.

This type of running play is also hugely beneficial for a runner like Thomas Rawls. He attacks the LOS so well, reads the hole and explodes. He’s extremely precise and sudden. They might be designing their O-line around Rawls — and possibly C.J. Prosise too (or at least that type of runner/skill set).

The combination of size/agility across the line also possibly counters some of the issues the traditional ZBS has faced against the growing disparity between O-line and D-line in the NFL. You’ve got some bigger maulers in there but still complimented with athleticism/agility at certain positions too. It could also allow the Seahawks to install some man-scheme counters and game plan for specific opponents.

So what about Joey Hunt specifically? I watched two games today (vs Kansas State & Minnesota).

He loves to get to the second level and doesn’t waste any time in doing so. He’s also a master at executing precise double teams — an underrated aspect of the ZBS.

The scheme in its most basic form asks a lineman to determine whether he is covered or uncovered on a given snap. If he’s uncovered, the player is often required to work a double team. Time and time again on tape you see Hunt effectively blocking inside on a double team. It seems like he’s reading the plays correctly, understanding his duty on a snap-by-snap basis and doing what he needs to do. If that’s the case, it arguably makes him relatively prepared to succeed in Seattle’s scheme.

Only this week Pete Carroll mentioned how disappointed he was watching college O-line tape pre-draft. Carroll, Schneider and Tom Cable have talked about how badly prepared offensive linemen are entering the league. If Hunt provides any kind of an edge here in terms of his readiness — that has to be a plus.

On the first snap of the game vs Kansas State Hunt perfectly executes a double team, opening up a huge running lane for a long touchdown. On several occasions in this match-up he opened up running lanes right up the gut.

There are two other big positives on tape. He sets well in protection with an upright posture and he’s very good at the legal cut block (which remains a key feature of the ZBS).

Size could be an issue. There are times when he’s walked back into the pocket. He seems to struggle against long defensive linemen who get into his frame and move him off balance. There were a couple of times where he struggled to plant and hold position and was nearly on the turf. He was handled pretty easily on both occasions and didn’t really have a counter. He’s only 6-2 and 300lbs with 30 1/4 inch arms. He’s pretty adept at squaring up and winning with leverage — but there are times where he’s controlled by bigger, longer and more explosive defensive linemen.

There were times where Hunt showed really good technique with his hands. On a couple of attempted spin moves he just worked the DL and stayed in position. He moves well on his feet and wasn’t beaten once vs Kansas State or Minnesota by a swim/rip.

His main challenger for the job is Patrick Lewis who himself is only 6-1 and 311lbs with 32 1/2 inch arms. It’s kind of peculiar that the Seahawks have looked at so many contrasting body types at centre. Hunt and Lewis are small and lack length and yet Max Unger was around 6-5 and 305lbs. All three lack truly explosive athleticism. Then there’s Kristjan Sokoli — the best athlete to enter the NFL in a generation with size (6-4, 295lbs) and length (34 inch arms).

There isn’t a great deal preventing Hunt from competing early for a starting spot. He’ll battle with Lewis, Sokoli and possibly Will Pericak. That’s a wide open race and let’s not forget — Lewis a year ago didn’t win the job vs Drew Nowak.

It wouldn’t be a total shocker if the Seahawks started a sixth round rookie on their O-line in 2016 — along with possibly two other rookies if Germain Ifedi and Rees Odhiambo hit the ground running.


  1. Naks8

    I like the fact that he’s a true center rather than a guard/tackle convert because he will understand the position and calls a little better. The other thing I was thinking about is that Aaron Donald is only 6′ 285 with 32″ arms and Kawann short isn’t all that big too. You might have to combat small technician with similar sized quick dt.

    • Forrest

      That’s what I’m thinking too.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not convinced Donald can be countered with technique. Too explosive.

      • SeventiesHawksFan

        Agreed. Slow feet with good technique wouldn’t hold up for an entire NFL game. But Hunt could be perhaps be effective in doubling Donald in pass pro. Doesn’t sound like he whiffs his blocks or misses assignmentments the way our interior linemen routinely would last season. That alone would be an improvement.

      • Eran-Ungar

        I’m not convinced Donald can be countered with technique either. I think a team has to tailor thier whole offensive game plan to account for Donald.

        However, I had the misfortune of watching Donald facing Sweezy last year so I can testify that being an incredible OL athlete and a bully doesn’t help either.

        • Greg Haugsven

          The way you handle Donald is by hiring Jeff Guilouly to take out his knee caps. Other than that , good luck.

          • Producehawk

            Great cultural reference. Millinials may have to google it.

            • CharlieTheUnicorn

              Naugh. Just take him to Oregon and throw a hubcap at his knee. 😛

              • Seahawk supernova

                Aaron is only 6’0 284lbs; he beats people with speed and leverage. His arms are 32 1/2 inches, not super long. I think Hunt has a chance.

          • abark

            lol, Gillooly couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag… at least not successfully

      • Naks8

        Well of course one man will not be able to stop Donald, but maybe a new approach will help neutralize him part of the game instead of getting their butts kicked the whole game

  2. Forrest

    I think they might move Sokoli to Guard. Just a hunch, but I personally think he would be more suitable as a LG. Even if they don’t start him this year, I think he’ll still be on the roster.

    Hunt vs Lewis. I think Hunt has the edge honestly. If you put two huge athletic guards next to him, then I don’t think that the super long d-line guys will be as much of a problem. One thing that stood out in the PC/JS press conference was them saying that he could “take command” of the Line.

    Here are the ten guys I (tentatively) think they carry into week one:

    • cha

      The Hawks staff including Cable have been careful the last year to specifically label Sokoli a center. But interestingly, the roster on their official website now lists him as C/G. I am not sure if that has always shown that but it’s worth noting.

    • Rob Staton

      After drafting Odhiambo I think they’ll keep Sokoli at center. He’d be buried at guard — but at center there’s a wide open competition.

      • Lewis

        Considering Britt started at LG last year, how is that not also a wide open competition? Seems like Sokoli would have a better shot at winning the LG competition, without needing to make the calls, then he would at C. Why not Gilliam and Ifedi at tackle, Sokoli and Glowinski at guard (assuming they beat out Odhiambo), and Hunt competing with Lewis for Center? Assuming Sokoli has made progress and can beat out Rees, seems like that would be putting the best 5 on the field.

        • Lewis

          Odhiambo and Britt, I should say.

    • SeventiesHawksFan

      I think the future of the center position will be Sokoli / Hunt. Lewis will be there as long as the other two are not ready. But only that long.

    • J

      Don’t think Sowell makes the team.

      Don’t think Rees has the size for LG. He’ll fill the Alvin Bailey role as the backup swing tackle. Thats if he doesn’t beat out Glowinski. Webb or Ifedi will be the LG.

      RT: Webb/Ifedi/Poole
      RG: Glowinski/Rees
      C: Lewis/Sokoli
      LT: Gillliam/Rees

      Also Fant gets the 2015 Sokili treatment, makes the roster but is inactive. Hunt goes to PS.

      • Jaimie Drew

        What are you doing with Britt, may I ask?

        • drewjov11

          I think Britt needs to be the third TE/swing player. He might also want to learn how to snap. He is so ridiculously bad at pass protection it’s scary.

        • J


          He has shown nothing in two years. Its time for us to show him the door.

      • Rob Staton

        The way they talked about Hunt — I doubt he’ll be heading to the PS even if he doesn’t start. They seem to love him.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          Back-up center and possible LS for year #1 is my read on it.

      • bobbyk

        I’m not sure why anyone is projecting Ifedi at anything other than RT when Schneider and Carroll both say he’s a right tackle.

      • RWIII

        I would be surprised(not shocked, but surprised ) if Seattle puts Hunt on the PS. Sokoli will probably be on the PS.

        • David

          PCJS used a roster spot for Sokoli for an entire year in a year when they knew he would not contribute just so other teams couldn’t poach him (I assume they value his potential too much to risk losing him). Unless he has a severe set-back or shows no signs of improving, I doubt they PS him this year.

  3. Kenny Sloth

    Rob, we are getting close! We have to look for rare athletes at positions of need that do something spectacularly. Even if it’s just one thing. Tyvis Powell is the best tackling safety I saw last year. Not a hitter. He also is a great interview.

    Jarran Reed same story.

    Ifedi, too, to a degree.

    A lot of these guys love Seattle and WANT to be here, also.

    Point is we need to factor in that JS consistently posits that they essentially draft the coaches favorite players! “Ooh that kid’s a baller, he’s got a mouth on him” That’s gonna be a huge factor in the war room.

    They seem to also guarantee some guys spots.

    JS is drafting TC guys. Darrell Bevell’s weapons (Ervin, Prosise).
    Sherman Smith’s RB room was a big priority we somewhat overlooked.

    Also the competition factor. We mocked Ervin with the idea “Oh, he’s a backup, starving for touches, typical scat back.”

    They don’t want to limit a guy’s potential role and they want to push their established guys, so why wouldn’t they add a lot of RB’s to a quiet duo of Rawls/Michael? Who is the leader of those two

    Fascinating write-up, Rob!!

  4. Samuel Baratheon

    I definitely agree Rob! Due to him having experience in a zbs, playing with a mobile qb, and having experience as a true center and not having to learn the position he has a good chance at winning that starting job.

  5. Rick Lynch

    I would appreciate your comments about the undrafted free agents

    • Rob Staton

      It’s a fantastic group. Unreal the names they were able to bring in.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Across the league, there are plenty of guys who will make 53 man rosters… and the way it is going, some PS are going to be STACKED with talent

      • HD

        Brandon Bryant was interviewed prior to the draft and said 3 teams (no names) inquired if he would be willing to take a shot at playing both sides of the ball..namely DT and FB. At 6’3″and 300lbs, Bryant turned in top notch shuttle and 3 cone times at the combine. His 40 was 4.81 and he benched 225lbs 38 times. I compared his numbers with Tukuafu…he’s a younger, bigger, stronger and faster guy. Of course Seattle has no FB signed at this time.

        • C-Dog

          Interesting tidbit of information.

        • Lewis

          Seems like a kid who would be willing to do anything to get on the field.

    • Steve Nelsen

      My thoughts are, “Wow!” I posted the at the end of the Intial Reaction thread.

      The success this year is a testament to Seattle’s recruiting ability and the attractiveness of Seattle as a destination for undrafted players. This gives Seatle a competitive advantage.

      Boykin and Adams both to compete at QB! Both could have been late-round picks. Bring back T-Jack and we are set at the QB spot.

      DT Brandin Bryant has as much upside potential as any DT in the draft. He could be a steal if his knees hold up.

      CB DeAndre Elliott was draftable and fits the Seahawks CB project mold.

      So much SPARQ in the LB and WR signees. Overton had an elite 10-yard split and was draftable as an edge project.

      Fant was draftable as a TE to OT conversion project. Can we duplicate the amazing accomplishment of finding a starting caliber LT from the UDFA ranks like we did with Gilliam? Is this the start of a new “project” trend for every draft?

      S Tyvis Powell was considered a mid-round draft pick.

      Tanner McEvoy will be fun to watch. Is he really a 6-6 safety? That is unique. Can he be coached to fill the “big nickel” position projected for Brandown Browner? Doe he convert to a big WR in the pros?

      • Lewis

        McEvoy was already a WR. He played both ways.

        • D-OZ

          That’s my boy!!! Love McEvoy. Converted QB. Played TE, WR, S, LB. A couple month’s ago I brought him up and the response I got was we don’t need a Swiss Army Knife. How many times have we heard, it’s all about versatility by the Hawk brass. The more you can do the better chance of sticking. He understands the game, and I think he can cover a TE pretty well. A few more #,s and look out…

          • bigDhawk

            Mentioned it a couple times in the draft thread both for those of us who wanted to draft Cajuste, it looks like we got him. His name is McElvoy instead.

  6. manthony

    Great write up Rob!
    I think we had a heck of a haul this year.
    I got good feelings about this class..

  7. Forrest

    Looking at this draft I only really see immediate impact players except for Collins and Brooks who will probably only be backups for the first year or two. The UDFA class also looks great, I’m actually wondering which two or three guys from that group make the roster.

    • D-OZ

      Don,t count out Collins. Little Beast is what his teammates call him.

  8. Kenny Sloth

    Joey Hunt has a really lovely snap. Is that a reason we liked him so much?
    34 bench reps the only # on him

  9. rowdy

    I think Jacksonville had the best draft but are udfa class is hands down the best. I watched tape of tre madden today and he’s impressive too, anyone what size he is?

    • bigDhawk

      6-0, 220. I commented a few times on him during the college season.

      • Veryal

        A friend from usc says tre is an amazing player that’s made of glass. Hope he can stay healthy

        • bigDhawk

          That’s been his been knock – has a hard time staying healthy.

  10. Kenny Sloth

    ECU DE/OLB Montese Overton signed with the Seahawks, per a report.

    Texas Tech DE Pete Robertson looks like he’s signed with Seattle.

    Middle Tennessee guard Jaylen Hunter reportedly to join the Seahawks.

    • Steele

      Keep your eye on Overton. I had him on my list of edges. He’s got some pass rush.

      • Kenny Sloth

        I know you did haha

        • rowdy

          I wanted them to draft him

          • D-OZ

            Yea and I was pulling for Yannick. I’ll say it again. Reminds me of Derrick Thomas. Good pick by the Jag’s….

  11. Kullris

    After looking over the complete draft and the UDFA, I can’t decide who is going to stay or go. There are going to be some hard cuts this year.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Lawler, Collins will be providing those hard cuts

      • Volume12

        I doubt Collins.

        He’s an elite talent. Probably woulda went late RD2-early RD3 had an injury and migraine not affected his testing numbers.

        They like this guy. Scout Aaron Hineline keeps raving about him.

        Brooks might be the odd man out.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Cuts on the field* 😉

      • Donald

        Ha HA, I get it.

        Prosise will be making some hard cuts as well hopefully!

  12. sdcoug

    One thing I noticed watching Hunt’s tape.

    he’s pretty adept at turning a defender’s shoulders away from the (making) the tackle. You don’t always have to win by physically moving somebody off the ball. Positioning and technique can go a long way.

    Also, we share the same last name. So pretty frickin cool

  13. J

    He’ll compete with Lewis and Pericak for one roster spot.

    I don’t think we keep two guys who are center only. Limits you roster wise.

    I think he will be a PS guy. Him, Lawler and Brooks will be the three to not make the team.

  14. Forrest

    On a side note, Kenny Lawler’s hands!! X3 Gloves!! He’s a red zone threat for sure. I really hope he actually makes the final roster. Him, ADB, Lockett, Chop-Chop, and Preach would be an amazing group.

    • Darth12er

      Can he play special teams though?

  15. Therick05

    Rob, can you write your opinion on Rees Odhiambo? Can he start week 1 if he is Healthy? If you need, there are games of Boise State on YouTube (vs Kaufusi, vs Nkemdiche)

    • bigDhawk

      Seems everyone has ReesO pegged to compete at LG but I don’t think he’s quite big enough. With his supposed above-average agility I see his as competition at RG. Curious to hear Rob’s opinion on that.

    • Rob Staton

      I will watch his tape and have some thoughts on the blog soon.

  16. mwstretch

    I remember you watched a lot of Nick Martin tape. How would you compare/contrast Hunt and Martin as pass protectors?

    • Rob Staton

      Martin is superior but then he was a top-50 pick and Hunt is a sixth rounder.

  17. bigDhawk

    I was initially sour on the Hunt pick with what I perceived to be a true bully at center still on the board in Jack Allen. But after processing it for a day I have really warmed up to Hunt and what he brings to our scheme.

    He was the center for the most dynamically mobile QB in college football probably since Michael Vick, so blocking for Russell will not be a shock. And after watching some tape as Rob did, I came away equally impressed. Of particular interest was the 2014 Peach Bowl where they blew out Ole Miss and Hunt absolutely stoned Nkemdiche, even blowing open those huge running lanes that Rob mentioned against the supposed gem of Arizona’s draft class.

    Plus I’m sure it didn’t hurt the recruitment of Boykin as a UDFA to have his college center already drafted. Perhaps Boykin was the real prize they were after. Either way, I am now excited about the Hunt pick and can’t wait to watch him compete for the C position. If he wins, it can only mean he will be the legit field general we’ve all been wanting after losing Unger.

    • Rob Staton

      I think Jack Allen was really overrated. He just looked overmatched and bad at the Senior Bowl and barely got any game time after the week of practise. Nice try hard guy in college but went undrafted for a reason.

  18. Eran-Ungar

    Hunt is indeed the most telling of the OL picks.

    Go back and listen to PC and JS talk about the OL picks. There is one none physical attribute they mention about all of them – “All three of these guys (Ifedi, Odhiambo and Hunt) are really smart players”.

    I think that they realize that the biggest, longest, strongest, fastest O-Liner will still be no match physically to the guys he will be facing. They won’t win by sheer athleticism. The need to be smarter if they want to get it done.

    TEF/wTEF are still alive and well. The Seahawks would love those guys to be big, strong and explosive. If they can get an Ifedi with his physical traits combined with his high wonderlic score and football IQ, they will run to the podium and get him.

    Hunt is anything but all of those physical traits. This is what he is according to PC –
    “What’s really special about Joey is that he’s in such command,” Carroll said. “He really sees the line of scrimmage and can make all the calls. So we know we’re bringing in a guy who can captain the offensive line if he’s able to take that spot over. That’s a really big plus.”

    We are bringing a guy who can captain the offensive line.

    Not a guy that gets the job done on his own. A guy that can lead a group of guys working as a unit.

    O-Liners can not get it done on their own against what they face on the DL. They need to work as a unit to get the job done. They need to be smart and they need a leader to direct them on the field.

    I consider it a big step up in thinking.

    • DC

      Part of why I love our FO so much as their self honesty and evolving philosophy. The Center needs to be heady. He does need to make the right line calls and is the keystone of the line. Hunt doesn’t need to be taught this skill, he’s already got “it”. The experiments at C are over. Hunt will start sooner or later.

      Best guess is that Gilliam, Ifedi, Glowinski & Hunt all have a lock on a roster spot. Odhiambo might get a red shirt. Everyone else is fighting it out.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I keep saying that in the 31-9-27 i dug up he says smarts is a top consideration on the OL

      • Kenny Sloth

        31-9-27 quote

    • Rob Staton

      “I think that they realize that the biggest, longest, strongest, fastest O-Liner will still be no match physically to the guys he will be facing. They won’t win by sheer athleticism. The need to be smarter if they want to get it done.”

      I don’t buy into this. Being smart is a nice aspect but ultimately in a 1v1 battle if one guy is considerably more explosive than the guy he’s facing, it doesn’t matter how smart you are.

      There weren’t a ton of explosive O-liners in this class as TEF highlighted and they clearly didn’t think much of McGovern, Haeg and Dahl (same with the rest of the league). I think the decision to pick Odhiambo and Hunt is more a case of — ‘if we can’t get explosion, let’s get the toughest guys we can find who fit our character ideals/scheme’.

      • Eran-Ungar

        “Being smart is a nice aspect but ultimately in a 1v1 battle if one guy is considerably more explosive than the guy he’s facing, it doesn’t matter how smart you are.”

        Rob, i did not expect this from you.

        Being smart and technical, Knowing what you need to do and for how long – ALWAYS MATTERS.

        It may not win the 1v1 battle but we have seen very explosive O-Liners (Sweezy…Britt), blown away just as easy. Being smart can by an extra half second, sometime that is all it takes between a completion and a sack.

        How smart you are always matters in sports.

        Considering that they had so many TEF demons available when they picked Odhiambo that “they clearly didn’t think much of” should have told that already. They certainly did not pass on McGovern because he was not tough enough.

        • sdcoug

          I agree Eran. Big dogs are gonna eat, and sometimes its about minimising the damage a “Donald” does. Being a heady, savvy, sound player can go a long way. Until we have a physical equal, having a guy who pairs smarts with physicality and agility can be a real asset.

          Donald is a force, no dispute. But he is “contained” against other teams much more often than against Seattle. It can be done and is done. Donald does not single-handedly destroy each opponent. Shoring up our interior, as well as committing to getting the ball out quick (against LA, Car, Az) in certain matchups can help.

          • sdcoug

            Brute vs lesser-Brute…Brute is going to win.
            Brute vs lesser-Brute + Smarts, Experience, Savvy…well maybe now you have a chance

        • Rob Staton

          “It may not win the 1v1 battle but we have seen very explosive O-Liners (Sweezy…Britt), blown away just as easy”

          But this implies that I think being explosive is enough. It isn’t and I never suggested that.

          Neither did I say it doesn’t matter how smart you are. I said if you are considerably less explosive it won’t matter. There does come a point when if the guy in front of you is that physically superior — it really does not matter if you’re ‘smart’. You’re going to lose the 1v1 battle.

          So just to clarify again — I did not say being smart doesn’t matter. I said you cannot compensate for being significantly physically inferior.

          • Saxon

            How was Lofa Tatupu so much better than Aaron Curry? Smarts and instincts. It doesn’t matter if you run a 4.4 if you take a false step and are caught out of position. A smart guy that runs 4.8 will beat you to the ball every time.

            There is a reason that TEF guys like McGovern fall while average athletes like Whiehair are selected above them. With all your analytical genius, Rob, you’re still missing what matters. Saying Sokoli is the best athlete to enter the NFL in decades is illustrative of the issue. Sokoli is the best at owning 5-6 tests. He is hardly the greatest athlete in modern history. Truly great athleticism transcends those tests. Twitchiness, short area agility, hand speed, core strength and especially the mental acuity and diagnostics required to exploit athleticism.

            I hope this draft represents a return to sanity. Quit drafting Olympians and select proven football players. Outside of Ifedi it looks like that was what they tried to do.

            • JustMeMyself&!

              Rob isn’t saying that TEF matters to every team. He applied it very specifically to how the FO + PC + Cable look at OL in the draft. The argument that Whitehair went earlier than McGovern means absolutely nothing here because the Seahawks obviously weren’t interested in either of them.

              People keep attributing things to Rob that he’s never said or implied. It’s obnoxious and confusing.

            • Rob Staton

              As was pointed out in another reply, the whole point of TEF was a study on what the Seahawks had done since 2012 when drafting offensive linemen to help us determine who they might take this year. It was also an attempt to work out why they had drafted how they had in the past. I’m not sure why people keep misunderstanding this.

              Saxon a linebacker doesn’t face a 1v1 battle in the trenches every single snap. They aren’t physically coming up against a guy directly in front of them that might be two or three times more explosive having to hand fight and win a personal contest on every down. The Curry/Tatupu comparison doesn’t make any comparable sense here.

              And the point still stands. If you have a DL that is thoroughly more explosive than the guy trying to block him, no amount of smarts will be an equaliser. It’s like saying you can win an arm wrestle by being smarter. In the trenches it really does come down to physicality. And Seattle taking Odhiambo and Hunt doesn’t indicate any kind of major shift away considering they took the third most explosive OL in the draft with their first round pick.

      • bigDhawk

        Being smart is a nice aspect but ultimately in a 1v1 battle if one guy is considerably more explosive than the guy he’s facing, it doesn’t matter how smart you are.

        This really only applies, like you said, in 1v1 battles, almost like the line drills before the Senior Bowl, which is not a true representation of how blocking actually occurs on the LOS. I think Eran’s point is they need to become less of individual, 1 on 1 blockers and more of a singular unit – passing off blocks, anticipating stunts, and always one step ahead of the DL, winning with technique and tactics as much as explosion. In this regard, as a field commander Hunt might be an upgrade over anything we currently have on the roster.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Who knows what Odhi and Hunt would have tested!

        I bet they would pass TEF if fully healthy. Hunt is an outlier for sure. But he does bring rare abilities to the Center group.

    • D-OZ

      Well said Eran…

  19. Steele

    Rob, nice writeup. I think Hunt has real potential, and if JSPC Cable had to have him, that says a lot.

    I think he is technically very good. The one thing that concerns me is him getting mauled by bigger defenders in pass pro. He will give too much in height and reach. This problem will require some creative scheming.

    On the other hand, his height improves RW’s vision at the LOS. Like an extra throwing lane in the middle.

    • SeventiesHawksFan

      I would expect offensive coordinators to line up their bigger, longer DT’s on him. How he can handle power and length at the NFL level is really the essential question about him.

      • bigDhawk

        Go watch the 2014 Peach bowl on youtube of Hunt vs the bigger, longer Robert Nkemdiche. Hunt owned him the whole game.

        • SeventiesHawksFan

          That’s very encouraging news. They’ll find out soon enough how well he holds up.

        • D-OZ

          That’s right.

  20. Eran-Ungar

    One more observation –

    When talking about trading up in the 5th, JS mentioned that they feel fine about the price (a 4th in 2017) because of their comp picks in 2017.

    Look at the OL and DL picks. Siliga/Sowell, maybe both, will not make the final 53. Each costs us a valuable comp pick next year.

    • bigDhawk

      Neither will be worth the fourth we gave up. Seventh at best for either.

    • DC

      I like the vision of 3rd or 4th and 1 or a goal line situation with Reed, Siliga, Rubin & Bennett lined up to shut it down. Quite happy with Siliga on the roster.

      Sowell’s spot is much more precarious and he has much more competition to make it for what he does.

    • SeventiesHawksFan

      I think they were insurance signings. The roster space being devoted to those two at the expense of a young player who needs time in the system to develop would also be a big concern. Do we really want to risk losing a udfa with massive upside potential because we have Sowell taking a roster spot? Not to mention losing a comp pick? Makes no sense. The udfa haul should really change their thinking after some of them have proven themselves in camp.

    • Kurt

      Neither Silaga or Sowell will cost a comp pick. Silaga was cut by the Pats and Sowell’s contract isn’t big enough to garner comp consideration. Webb looks to be the only one who cost a comp pick.

      • Josh emmett

        they will probably get 2 4 round comps for Okung and Irvin and 6th for Sweezy. Okung signed a huge contract but there so many 15+ a year contracts signed Okung will be at the top of the cut point for the 4th round comp pick and Irvin will be towards the bottom. Malik Jackson, Olivier Vernon, and Brock Oswiler will be the third round comps.

        • David

          Okung didn’t sign a big contract, really. At least not one that guarantees him a lot of money and us a good comp pick. Considering that Denver has full optionality after this years’ extremely cheap prove-it deal, my money is that they do not exercise the remainder.

    • JustMeMyself&!

      Neither of them cost us a comp pick. Sowell’s $1 million contract doesn’t meet the minimum requirement.

      Please fact check yourself before posting.

      • Eran-Ungar

        I stand corrected.

        I based my assumptions on the Overthecap comp pick table from a few weeks ago but you are right. Sowell and Siliga are under the minimum now so all is well.

        We currently have a 4th, 5th and 6th and if Okung lives up to his full contract potential it would be 2 4th and a 5th.

  21. Steele

    Montese Overton

    Don’t know why he went undrafted, but he is explosive and is a heat seeking missile. Looks like he can do the Bruce Irvin job. Moves well in space, is a great edge speed rusher.

    • bigDhawk

      He made enough plays in that one game for a full length highlight reel. Impressive.

    • vrtkolman

      OLB/S tweener. Scouts dont think he can put on more weight which will limit his pass rushing, but he tested very well and could be a nasty SAM LB. I dig it.

    • Trail Hawk

      Could be character flags. Check out his twitter. Changed his handle Oct. 2013 then got even smarter and quit all together shortly after. Still his original page is online for all to see. It’s not the worst stuff, but not good. Seems to be a partier who like the bottle and his bitches. That will make a team think twice. Hope he grew out of that. He’ll also be 25 in December.

    • matt

      Overton was my third favorite day 3 OLB prospect after Jatavis Brown and Travis Feeney. He didn’t test as well as expected, but think he has a good chance at making the team. Has the skill set to play either OLB position, covers well. One of many quality UDFA we secured.

  22. Shane

    Tape of Hunt vs Nkemdiche in pass pro from 2014 season. He struggles early on against the bullrush (around 1:24 mark). But as the game progresses he improves and finishes the game out strong with a good down field block (around 7:04 mark).

    • Lewis

      That’s…impressive. It was kind of hard for me to tell, but it seemed like when the did get pressure it was coming from the outside. Hunt did get pushed back at times, but held firm enough to keep guys from getting to the QB.

    • David

      Thanks for the link. The nice thing about picking up a C and QB from the same team – makes it easy to scout tape on both at the same time.. Impression from this game only, definitely seems to have issues holding his ground when there is real A gap pressure, especially on the bull rush. Can see him getting overpowered at the next level versus some of the DTs he’ll be seeing. At least did not see him straight up whiff on his guy like Britt did multiple times last year. Unfort can’t see here how he fares in the run game and how effective he is there.

  23. HawkScott

    Anyone wanna try and take a stab at our 53 this year? It’s gonna be BRUTAL.

    I can’t figure out why the NFL won’t go up to 55 and give a few more guys an opportunity every year.

    • bigDhawk

      I can’t figure out why the NFL won’t go up to 55 and give a few more guys an opportunity every year.

      Parity – preventing teams from hoarding talent and forcing them to spread it around.

      • HawkScott

        I get the whole parity thing. But I think it also penalizes teams like the Hawks who are really good at scouting and drafting NFL-type talent.

        • DC

          I’m fine with the 53 man roster. What I find non-sensical is that you cannot suit up all 53 up for game day.

          • GeoffU

            Double yes! I was just about to respond with the same thing. Makes absolutely zero sense.

            • D-OZ

              Pete feel’s the same way….

        • Josh emmett

          That’s the point of the compensatory pick I believe

    • Dawgma

      Like everything with NFL management, it’s pure $$$$ – even with the bottom two slots opening up being league minimum, that’s still ~$30 million in extra salary. That’s peanuts to the overall revenue of course but these guys didn’t get rich enough to buy franchises by giving up a penny they didn’t absolutely have to.

    • J

      QB: RW, Boykin
      RB: Rawls, Prosise, Collins, Michael, Cottom
      TE: Vanett, Willson, Helfet
      OL: Gilliams Island, Webb, Glowinski, Rees O, Sokoli, Lewis, Ifedi, Poole, Sowell, Fant
      WR: ADB, No-E, Kearse, Williams, Lawler, Arnett

      DL: Avril, Bennett, Clark, Clemons, Reed, Rubin, Siliaga, Jefferson, Bryant
      LB: Wright, Wagner, Marsh, Perkins, Coyle, KPL
      DB: Sherman, Shead, BB, Lane, SJB, Elliot, McCray, Terrell, ET, Cam

      ST: Haushka, Ryan, Sowell pulls double duty as LS.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        You forgot Graham at TE, Helfet is a goner

        • D-OZ

          Got that right

      • darrenlk

        Perfect, J. Though who plays the slot, lane ? This means burly is gone. Otherwise, a perfect balance of vets and new comers. Also, Hill probably makes it with Bryant going on redshirt IR. I think Kasen williams makes it. I love how you ad both Lawler and Arnett. Brilliant !

        • darrenlk

          Also curious, you have sjb costing both seisay and simon. Thats a bold move my man….i dont know thatll be the biggest battle in camp.

          • D-OZ

            There’s going to be some surprises @ CB.

      • STTBM

        What about Jimmy Graham?

        No Mike Morgan? I’d say he’s bound to outplay Marsh. Marsh is just not fast enough. Also, can’t see Sowell or Fant beating out Hunt for a roster spot. Otherwise looks good to me.

        • STTBM


      • D-OZ

        Terrell is gone….

      • David

        What happened to ap-Rich, I assume we are talking first week 53?

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I think it is actually pretty simple this year. Here is the harsh reality.

      If you are a player on the Seahawks for 2-3 years, been constantly banged up or underperformed…. you will be gone. You are a tweener that has been bouncing around the #46 and #53 roster spots, inactive most Sundays.. you are gone as well. You’ve been hanging out of the PS for 1 or 2 years… CYA. If you are above 30 and are declining, you might need to pack your bags. If your name is TJACK, bye bye as well. This draft simply is about setting the Seahawks up for another 2-3 years by infusing a bunch of youth onto the roster, providing some depth and getting younger in the process.

      • darrenlk

        I dont know about that. This is a program where some guys come along a little slower and are groomed and gradually settle in place, get better, see the field more. Guys come back from setbacks…p-rich is still only 22 or 23.,,, guys like Kasen Williams former 5 star recruit getting stronger over a year in the program, marsh getting groomed for more time. Hill getting right in a contract year. Guys like golden tate who didnt come on until year 3. I too wish the roster could go upba couple slots or so. IR stashes are the preferred method.

      • David

        I seriously doubt they are going to cut P-Rich to start the season for a 7th rounder or UDFA. Richardson has proven himself at the next level and his talent is too rare.

  24. vrtkolman

    Watching some Brandin Bryant film and holy crap. This guy looks like a nose tackle and moves like a linebacker. Explosive interior rusher, would not be surprised to see him on the 53 when it’s all said and done.

    • SeventiesHawksFan

      My initial fave udfa signing by far. He’s a crazy good athlete for 290 lbs. Three cone, short shuttle and 10 yard split that is as good as any DT in the NFL. And identical times to Atkins and Donald. He could be a major difference maker for us on critical downs and end of games.

      • John_s

        He looks great. It will be interesting if he can play DT how Pete wants his DT’s to. They have to cover their responsibilities first before rushing the passer.

        Look at TY McGill. He was a SPARQ star and played really well in preseason but was cut anyways

        • Grit21

          McGill was cut because he was neglecting is assignments. PC was really down on him for that reason even when he was getting sacks.

    • Kenny Sloth

      You see him break that dude’s arm?

      • Josh emmett

        loved the karate chop spin move, hurt that dude bad, Savage

    • Robert

      This film is extraordinary! So many great plays where he wins immediately. He is the epitome of Pete’s most coveted trait: suddenness. Check out the great football instincts at 4:08 where BB smells out a disguised screen play and puts his head down to sprint like a linebacker and blow up the play behind the blockers. Just a freak’n amazing play on so many levels! This kid is special!

    • gonzpty

      He reminds me of John Randle, the vikes great (played for the haws as well) undersized lighting quick moves

  25. DC

    The DRAFT BOARD is behind Pete & John in that press conference!

    I’d pay $5 to pan around and focus in on that screen shot.

    • Mark

      I saw that too. However, I could tell after scrutinizing it a bit that those were just all the players picked by each of the 32 teams. Each column was a given teams picks and each row corresponds to which round they were taken in. So I imagine they had a different board with available players, and when a guy gets picked they just move it over to the other board of picked players.

      • DC

        Good eye then. I was surprised figuring the Seahawks’ draft board would be as highly protected as the nuclear launch codes.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          It was….. however, during one of the live shots they gave up some information off another board. Doubt anyone had time to look at it before the round(s) were over that day.

  26. Volume12

    Joey Hunt is the 1st O-lineman drafted under PC/JS that doesn’t have 33″ arms.

    PC has now drafted 5 guys from ‘Bama in 6 years. Similar scheme, best talent in the country top to bottom. Already got a couple guys in mind for next year from there.

    Back to Hunt. I’ll say it again. Probably the best ZB C in the draft.

    Love this guy. I think he’s big time.

    His football IQ looks to be off the charts. Fluid movement skills, easily climbs to the 2nd level. Underrated strength, and the way he snaps the ball leads me to believe his grip strength is amazing, which is important in O-lineman.

    Tough, nasty SOB. The fact he’s used to blocking for a guy like Boykin, at times impossible, is a big plus going forward with RW. It means he’s conditioned, has the right amount of flexion, and keeps his head swiveled.

    Onky negative I see in him? His base. That can be easily fixed.

    Joey Hunt is a gem.

    • Trail Hawk

      How good they fit with our style of QB play was a parameter we failed to figure in to the C selection. Our mistake. He may be the best pick for what Russ does. C and QB need that fit together.

    • DC

      I imagine someone on this board was a Hunt advocate pre-draft?

      It just feels like a great momentum shift is underway. We are launching back up from a relatively high bottoming out point. We are winning our next Super Bowl within 24 months!

      • Robert

        This film is extraordinary! So many great plays where he wins immediately. He is the epitome of Pete’s most coveted trait: suddenness. Check out the great football instincts at 4:08 where BB smells out a disguised screen play and puts his head down to sprint like a linebacker and blow up the play behind the blockers. Just a freak’n amazing play on so many levels! This kid is special!

        • Robert

          OOps…double post. Original is up above in the Brandin Bryant discussion.

    • bobbyk

      Maybe now when someone doesn’t have 33″ arms you won’t say he automatically can’t become a Seahawk. 🙂

      • DC

        True, true. They just need > 33″ legs… 😉

    • C-Dog

      Wouldn’t be shocked at all if he is the starter day one. Going to be a very interesting battle at center this year.

  27. Tom Page

    A big part of playing center is reading defenses and making line calls. I’m having trouble understanding how Sokoli will be able to do that after spending one year practicing at center. What JS/PC highlighted in the news conference is Hunt being able to take charge of the group. He might not be a physical specimen but the rest of his running mates are a set of brutes and he can make sure they are in the right place at the right time.

    Anyone who saw Russell Wilson’s organized practices this year is Southern Cal, Sokoli was lined up at guard and Pericek was playing center. Allow Sokoli to exploit his physical gifts by blocking the guy in front of him and relieve him of trying to figure out what everyone else on the line is supposed to be doing.

    • John_s

      I agree 100%. There’s no way you can expect Sokoli to step in at center and make all the calls. Especially with teams which are great at disguising

      • hawkdawg

        And yet we expected that of Novak, with not much more experience….

    • Dan

      The lesson learned from last year is that you just can’t put a more “explosive” athlete like Nowak at center and just hope they get the mental responsibilities of playing the position. And Sokoli has less time at center/OL than Nowak has. Perhaps you can convert Sokoli to right guard ala Sweezy much easier than center. The TEF model probably should be ignored when finding a center.

      • Del tre

        Nowak wasn’t an explosive athlete at all

    • David

      Agreed. Sokoto looked dominant in the run game vs the Raiders preseason last year. Let him get that athleticism on the field sooner without making him learn center.

  28. DC

    There is a distinct possibility that Seattle will be starting a college Center at Center, Hunt. A college RG at RG, Glowinski. And a college RT at RT, Ifedi. Interesting times for sure.

    • Troy

      interesting, and also Gilliam will finally be playing the position they saw him at years ago (LT). Now we just got to get a bone fide LG and our line might not actually suck!

      • FourSoko

        Odhiambo will be our LG of future

        • darrenlk

          Webb for now.

  29. Ignorant

    Florida Atlantic @ Florida. Full game.

    Just in case someone wants to scout Brandin Bryant. 5 tackles, 2 solo, 2 TFL, 1 sack.

    • Alicamousa

      I can’t get over him. If he can stay healthy he could be absolutely anything, more excited by him than anyone else we drafted. Training camp is going to be incredible.

      • Ignorant

        He’s a situational pass rusher. Unfortunately you can see his short arms from his tape.

        • Robert

          He seems to get off blocks at will, Ignorant. His hands technique is consistently violent and effective from my vantage point.

  30. Zzdexzz


    These I am expecting will be our starting “dancing bears”

    RT – IFEDI
    C – LEWIS
    LT – WEBB

    Any other lineup in my opinion would require a player to really impress in camp.

    • SeventiesHawksFan

      I agree with this.

    • Josh emmett

      Release the kraken! Totally want to see Sokoli get in the mix, haha, totally agree with you though as of right now on paper, it’s all different once the pads start poppin! Webb:LG and Gilliam:LT

      • Zzdexzz


        LT – GILLIAM


  31. Kenny Sloth

    Kenny Lawler is gonna push for a spot. Gritty competitor, tough route runner. Redline ballwinner. Seahawk. Good call V12.

    Curious they were so high on Hunt. Unique velocity on his snap. Elite strength in that short frame. Take a chance in the sixth. Academic honors galore.

  32. Josh emmett

    I think more then anything they wanted to have options at center because they have tried so many different ways and haven’t been happy. Unger was great until he started getting hurt all the time and his contract was too heavy to justify keepin him. Think about it though. They got the practice squad guy in Pericek, the guy who had his shot and couldn’t keep his job in Nowak, the incumbent starter in Lewis, the fuckin Kraken in Sokoli, and now the undersized gritty blue collar guy. IMO they want to get that shit figured out real quick this year, they want to try everybody and see who fits with the giant oline they have assembled. I’m hyped, I think this unit is going to be good. Rawls gets the rushing title, Booya

    • nichansen01

      Rawls won’t be getting any rushing titles with five good backs on the 53 man roster.

      • JustMeMyself&!

        But he might win some Super Bowls.

  33. Zzdexzz

    Sokoli is the project-freak-hopeful-wonderboy. These guys unfortunately usually don’t work out but I can’t seem to shake the fact that on the post draft interview pc/js mentioned “other” guys we haven’t really seen yet. Hoping that’s Sokoli.

  34. J

    Quick Projected 53

    QB: RW, Boykin
    RB: Rawls, Prosise, Collins, Michael, Cottom
    TE: Vanett, Willson, Helfet
    OL: Gilliams Island, Webb, Glowinski, Rees O, Sokoli, Lewis, Ifedi, Poole, Sowell, Fant
    WR: ADB, No-E, Kearse, Williams, Lawler, Arnett

    DL: Avril, Bennett, Clark, Clemons, Reed, Rubin, Siliaga, Jefferson, Bryant
    LB: Wright, Wagner, Marsh, Perkins, Coyle, KPL
    DB: Sherman, Shead, BB, Lane, SJB, Elliot, McCray, Terrell, ET, Kam

    ST: Haushka, Ryan, Sowell pulls double duty as LS.

    • STTBM

      Jimmy Graham?!

      • J

        PUP list

    • JakeB

      You like Perkins over French, huh? I don’t know much about either, but the team is certainly throwing a lot of UDFA bodies at that position

      • Old but Slow

        Perkins ran a 4.42 40 at 233 pounds, which makes him interesting.

        • HawkScott

          Good work on the 53, J. Don’t know about Arnett, but we’ll see. If we go with 6 wideouts, he’s got a shot. I’m guessing it’ll be 6 plus Procise (who’s a RB/WR combo). Regardless, there’s gonna be some tough cuts.

      • Beanhawk

        As a Duck fan, I am very skeptical about Christian French. He has elite measurables, but I don’t think he plays tough (though he improved a bit as a senior). I would be really, really surprised to see French stick on the 53, maybe an outside chance st the PS. I also wouldn’t be surprised if the Seahawks get French in, and they quickly realize that he doesn’t quite fit the mindset for which they are going.

    • Beanhawk

      Arnett is an interesting choice. Such a high-level recruit and athlete, but really underachieved on a Michigan State team that could have really used a speed threat. He is a fascinating player to me. Why do you see him making the 53?

      • J

        Richardson will be hurt. He is a Richardson lite.

  35. bobbyk

    Thankful we drafted a center who has extensive experience there.

    Although I don’t think we can measure this as fans, but I wonder how they value the “grit” factor. They seem willing to take guys with unique skills, that’s for sure.

    Every year, we think we have them figured out. Every year, we find out something new why we don’t. They have standards, but they can deviate, too. I appreciate that.

    Aside from missing out on Fackrell, I love this draft.

    • bobbyk

      How they “judge” grit, not “value” it.

    • Sea Mode

      I really think Fackrell was the pick in R3 until GB jumped in front of us and snagged him. I’ll back this up a bit later with the full thought process.

  36. nichansen01

    I think Obhiambo could totally challenge Glowinski for the starting job. Glowinski started own game. Small sample size of him.

    At left guard we have an intriguing mix of Webb, Poole, Ifedi, Sowell and Britt, however I doubt that Ifedi starts anywhere other than right tackle.

    Webb probably beats out Britt in my opinion. Britt is just too awful of a pass protector. Get him out of the starting lineup.

    Center is going to be a wild competition. Sokoli, Lewis, and Hunt will be the front runners for the job but Will Pericak and Drew Nowak could also factor in.

    I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Hunt beat out Soko and Lewis.

    Gilliam – Webb – Hunt – Obhiambo – Ifedi

    Young… But a possibility. Camp is going to be super super competitive, way more than last year.

    I think we keep five backs, six receivers and three tight ends. Tupou as a fullback.

    Running back:
    Thomas Rawls
    Christine Michael
    CJ Prosise
    Alex Collins
    Taniela Tupou (they usually carry a fullback)

    So not every back can make the roster, however Seattle carried five last year and it seems likely that they do this again, except carry only 1 fullback this time. Tupou might not be the guy… But it would be cool if he panned out well at the position.

    Wide out:
    Doug Baldwin
    Tyler Lockett
    Jermaine Kearse
    Paul Richardson
    Kenny Lawler
    Zac Brooks

    Sorry Kasen and Kevin. Brooks is really fast and intrigueing. I think he can beat out Kevin Smith and Kasen Williams for the sixth wideout spot (position he was recruited for)
    If Richardson can get healthy his speed will help him make the team and Lawler’s height and hands should secure him a spot on the 53 in the Chris Matthews, Ricardo Lockette role.

    Tight end:
    Jimmy Graham
    Nick Vannet
    Luke Willson

    Seattle usually starts out carrying three. Vannet has gronk upside. Imagine having Gronk and Graham on the same team. Willson has been okay… Unimpressive. Veteran Brandon Williams or UDFA George can’t COULD beat him out, however I suspect he wins the third string job. Bye bye coop. It’s been fun knowing you but you never really figured out the blocking or pass catching thing.

    Man, what a haul. It will be sad sad sad when cuts come around, however the competition will make everyone better. This is a very exciting young offense that I predict will be the top in the league next year.

    • nichansen01

      Fullback competition likely between Brandon Cottom and Tupou.

    • Nathan

      What happened to Chase Coffman?

      He came in and served us well last year.

      • David

        He’s pretty redundant now that they drafted an inline TE

  37. 6x2 stackmonster

    I like this guy. Some guys get that you don’t have to blow someone off the line like he’s on roller skates. That’s not going to happen a lot in the NFL. Really good linemen realize that you block with your feet through positioning and consistent engagement because it’s damn hard for a defensive player to make a tackle when he has someone blocking him. Everyone is going to get blocked, the great defensive players aren’t going to stay blocked. Michael Bennett is so damn great because he doesn’t say blocked. He’s a disengagement artist. If you can get a body on a body and stick with it, insert an explosive RB like Rawls, you have created a defensive coordinator’s nightmare.

    • sdcoug

      Thank you

  38. FourSoko

    LT – Gilliam
    LG – Odhiambo
    C – Sokoli
    RG – Glowinski
    RT – Ifedi

    This is our ideal OL this season, with Webb, Hunt, Pericak and Fant as backups.

    • Robert

      This is the starting Oline I’m hoping for. I think Sokoli is outworking everyone this off season. He said last year that he is striving to make his entire war-torn country proud. I think he is a man on a mission!

    • David

      Don’t think Odhi has the size they want for LG. I believe he was drafted for competition at RG. Guessing LG and RT will be 2 out of Britt/Webb/Ifedi

  39. FourSoko

    Deondre Hall is a gem at CB.
    Him, Trovon Reed and S J-B could battle for RCB(nickel formation w/ Lane nickel)

    • JustMeMyself&!

      Then it’s unfortunate that we didn’t get Deondre Hall, we got Deandre Elliott. Different players.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Deiondre’ Hall
        He went early day 3.
        He’s a good one, too

  40. FourSoko

    I meant DeAndre Elliott, not Hall.

  41. RWIII

    Guys. Just curious. Anyone know What kind of a route runner Nick Vannett is. Can Vannett create separation?

    • Kenny Sloth

      Not gonna threaten the seam, but creates seperation with his feet. Doesn’t sink hips and can be collisioned off his routes. Good hands. Decent box out. 30 catch kind of guy

      • RWIII

        Thanks Kenny

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        According to a national radio guy, they said Vannett is as fast or faster than Willson in the seams. He has better hands and can block better as well. As part of a 3 man TE rotation, perfect.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Not according to the tape.

        • Robert

          Uhm, Willson is a 4.5s TE, who can blow by LBs and SSs. Vannett is a great blocker, who can chip and release to keep defenses honest. But he won’t be running past anybody.

  42. RWIII

    I know that Vannett was brought into block. But I am just curious about his receiving skills.

    • Volume12

      Not what he’ll be asked to do.

      He’s an inline guy they want ptoduction from there.

      His hands? Small sample size. But I will say this. Dude’s got a ton of potential as a receiver.

      Big difference between upside and potential BTW. I see those words getting mixed up in football/basketball vernacular.

      Potential= something we haven’t seen from a guy, but believe it’s there or he’s capable of.

      Upside= things we’ve seen from a guy that can be developed, worked on, or corrected.

      Use him as a true Y tight end and develop those receiving skills.

      I like this guy’s personality and football character. Screams JS.

  43. HD

    Bryant was asked by three teams prior to the draft if he would be interested in playing two ways. Give FB a shot, besides his normal position at DT…I looked at his combine numbers…He’s younger, bigger, faster and stronger than Tukuafu…and Seattle has no FB signed to their roster.

    • David

      Cotton is listed as TE but he was RB in college and functionally a FB

      • David


        • David

          Dang auto correct -Cottom

  44. Kenny Sloth

    QB RW, Boykin
    RB Rawls, Prosise, Collins, Brooks
    FB Tiny Tupou
    WR ADB, Kearse, Lockett, Prich, Lawler,
    OT Gill, Ifedi, Sowell
    OG Webb, Glow, Odhi, Britt
    C Lewis/Hunt, Sokoli
    TE Graham, Van, Willson, Helfet

    Leo Avril, Clem
    5T Bennett, Jefferson
    NT Jarran Reed, Jordan Hill
    3T Rubin, Bryant
    SLB Clark, Marsh, French
    MLB Wagner, Coyle/Perkins
    WLB Kj, KPL
    CB Sherm, Lane, Simon, SJB, BB, Elliott
    FS ET, Shead,
    SS Kam, McCray, McEvoy

    K Hausch
    P Ryan

    Notable exclusions; Christine Michael, Tre Madden, Vernon Adams, Poole, Fant, Siliga, Terrell, hard to leave Tyvis Powell off, ST value.

    Notes; I have them rolling with
    5 S
    6 CBs
    7 LBs
    8 DL

    4 TE
    9 OL
    5 WR
    5 RB
    2 QB

    2 ST

    Kind of lighter on WR than they usually run. Ricardo’s gunner spot up for grabs. 2 spots available

    I think Michael or Brooks will be the bottom of the HB depth. Not sure what their plan is at FB this year. 4 spots available

    They must really like Boykin. Doubt Adams beats out someone that does everything he does well, better. 1-2 spots available

    Fant could stick on the PS. Versatility makes 9 OL feasible. Improved durability should be a theme this year. 5 spots available

    Helfet’s been in the system, nice to keep depth for the long season. Might be expendable (read “probably”) with the addition of Big Van. 1-2 spots available

    Maybe missing Siliga there could hurt. Like to see what the udfas bring. 4-5 spots available

    Really excited by McEvoy. Added him to the Deathbacker Ranks, though he may be a CB who knows? 1-3 spots available

    Solid, deep LB corps. 2 spots up for grabs.

    • Jarrett

      Pretty good, but I have a few changes.

      I think Will Tukuafu will be back eventually (unless he’s signed somewhere else)
      Kevin smith in, Cooper helfet out
      Cmike in, Brooks out
      Siliga in, Bryant out

      Also I think Jefferson will spend most of his time playing 3tech and clark at 5tech

      • Kenny Sloth

        They’ve been calling Clark a Sam all offseason. They specifically comp’d Jefferson to Bennett is where that projection is coming from.

        Probably right about CMike over Brooks. Don’t personally like Brooks much at all.

        K.Williams K. Smith good picks over Helfet, for sure. Thinking they’re looking to move away from traditional FB and roll with an extra TE. Tupou takes Tukuafu and Silliga’s spots.

        • Beanhawk

          The Brooks pick makes perfect sense, especially given the way the UDFA played out, but I agree, he is the ultimate boom or bust type. Frankly, I think above all else, they just wanted to get a look at him, and I don’t think they would have any problem cutting him should they need it.

          It will be really interesting to see which Christine Michael shows up this year.

        • David

          Am skeptical that they truly intend to move Clark to Sam.

    • Ignorant

      I have a feeling Brandon Browner is gonna contend for a SAM spot. Rough up TEs on press coverage. I think his time as an outside CB is over.

      If I’m correct, I’m expecting that he goes against Morgan, Marsh, Pinkins and even Clemons for that SAM spot.

      No reason not to believe Clark is gonna be depth at DE. I can hardly see him line up as a stand up rusher on 4-3 under situations, let alone a SAM in base. Would be a total waste of talent to put this guy on the least position.

      IDK about Lawler making the roster over Kevin Smith/Kasen Williams, but man, this WR corps is going to fly.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Play Browner at Sam, but Frank Clark is a no-go?

        C’mon Ig.
        They’ll use Browner in a lot of different ways, but he’s going to be struggling to make the roster not redefining positional archetypes. I’m sure he’ll get some exotic looks, but more likely as a big dime type in obvious passing situations.

        They’ll be platooning positions more than some care to admit.

        Morgan might stick, too. Though if he’s our best SAM, I want KJ to slide over.

        • Volume12

          I like it.

          I’m a fan of Helfet and think he’s incredibly important. Laugh it up, I know. He just does so many different things well. No ego.

          Perkins is an EDGE. IMO it’ll be Longa battling Coyle.

          I’d really only make little change, and that’s personal preference.

          Tyvis Powell over McEvoy.

          Morgan, Silinga, and Cottom are gonna be hard to beat out though.

          But, having to make har cuts is a good thing. Shows off your depth and talent. It’s something every team and NFL GM wish they had or are trying to accomplish.

          • Volume12

            Not sure about Sowell either.

            He was a hedge, I think.

            That way you could carry Fant, Poole, or even better Lewis and Soko.

            Hunt is gonna get every opportunity to start outta the gate. As he should. Best C on the roster.

            • Kenny Sloth

              I think I’d agree with everything listed. Forgot Longa.

              Yeah throw Overton in the mix for edge.

              I do like Frank Clark’s edge potential. Why move Avril for anything but to rush the other side maybe in Nickle?

              How high is Hunt’s ceiling? Do we (Seattle) see him as a blue chip guy?

              Or is he a bit of a project that signs elsewhere 2nd contract?
              Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Interesting to speculate.

              Probably agree with Powell/ Mcevoy. Quite an unknown, T-Mac.

              • David

                I believe one day (and may be this year) Frank Clark will be more disruptive and effective on the edge versus the run in base than Avril.

          • Robert

            Some veterans/incumbents are really gonna have to fight like hell for their jobs this summer!

        • Robert

          I predict KJ at SAM and Pinkins or KPL at WILL. I’m rooting for Pinkins because his length, athleticism will provide a much needed upgrade in pass coverage vs TEs and RBs. But can he hold up in run defense?

    • Beanhawk

      Very nice, Kenny! Here are some of my reactions if you are interested.

      As I suggested above, I would really surprised to see French make the final 53. Great athlete, but lacks toughness – Oregon fans have been thoroughly frustrated for a good four years (though he came on a bit toward the end before his injury). I kind of feel like toughness is something you either have or you don’t. Based on Perkins’ tenacity and explosiveness, I would give him the edge (no pun intended).

      McEvoy is such an interesting chess piece, and I think you will see him or Powell have a decent shot to make the roster.

      The DeAndre Elliott vs. Tye Smith vs. SJB will be interesting I think. I think if PCJS get their way, they redshirt Elliott for a year on the practice squad and roll with the other two (or one of other many contestants). Not sure they have that luxury though.

      I got to think Hunt has a great chance to make the roster given the way they gushed about him in the presser. His lack of positional versatility, however, makes him more likely kept as a starter though. I think he might one you could sneak onto the practice squad if need be though.

      The Boykin-Adams competition will be one to watch. I agree that measurables-wise Boykin exceeds Adams (Adams escapability is remarkable, but make no mistake, he isn’t fast… shifty, but not fast). That said, Adams hero throughout his college career was Russell Wilson; he never stopped talking about Wilson in interviews, etc. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him jump in as Wilson’s shadow in way that really appeals to Carroll and the brass. The chip on his shoulder is gigantic- even more so after not even being a priority free agent. Either way, it would be a nice salary cap luxury to move forward with a rookie QB backup.

      You don’t have a long snapper here. I assume you are counting on Sowell?

      Man, this is going to be such an intense pre-season. Thanks for all your work, Kenny.

  45. Nathan

    Is anyone else concerned that this may be another experiment which falls in a heap?

    They’ve gone away from an established pattern(athleticism/explosiveness) and gone for something new.

    Another way to avoid paying O line men.

    Is this an admission that what they tried in the past can’t continue, and possibly replaced with something as bad?

    • ClevelandDuck

      You’re right that it is a different direction and that it may fail. But I’m not sure what they can do about it other than to keep trying. And, to be fair, Seattle’s offense rocked over the last half of the season, so criticism needs to be measured. The offensive line may always be the weakest unit on the team, but the salary cap ensures that all teams will have warts. Seattle has chosen to invest dramatically less than any other team in salary for the offensive line. And, going forward, they are also investing the bare minimum at running back. If we want the Hawks to change that, we need to reckon which of the highest paid players at other positions should be sent away. Because, as of this year, this isn’t a team with much fat against its cap. Looking at it, other than Jimmy Graham (who we can debate), everyone who is being paid is a core guy. That alone is an achievement.

      • Michael (CLT)

        Awesome post.

  46. J Boy

    It makes sense for them to grab a smart, experienced center prospect to compete for playing time right away. I mean what’s the point in grabbing a guy like McGovern if they were disappointed by his tape and see him as a project when Sokoli is already on the roster?? No point.

  47. Kenny Sloth

    Ok… I guess I’ll take a stab at The Carroll Code.

    Clue I; Eddie Murphy on Carson.

    Many people felt Germain Ifedi didn’t belong in the first round. Seattle didn’t feel the same. If-Eddie Murphy is an easy one. Murphy also talks about Black Secret Service for a Black President. “You’re crowding Mr. Wilson, Chandler Jones.”

    The real challenge is finding another prospect clue hidden in there.

    Buckwheat? Cereal?

    The truth is out there.


    Clue II; Bill Burr’s bit about owning a dog

    Rose Bowl is the key here. Christian French won the Rose Bowl two years ago. Kenny Lawler played every home game there. Both have a rabid mentality on the field. Both are phenomenal udfa pickups and possible contributors with red chip potential.

    I also like a CJ Prosise tip here with Bill Burr’s notorious Irish heritage.

    A possible triple-clue here from Carroll? You be the judge.


    Clue III; The late, great Rodney Dangerfield on Carson

    Tough Buck. Nick Vannett. That describes the most prolific TE to emerge from OSU in this decade. Imagine that. And Seattle reportedly told Jake Stoneburner they were going to draft him if he was available late.

    May also refer to Tyvis Powell. But he is more well represented by the general statement posited by Easy Money being the clip. 30% of early entrants went undrafted. There was plenty of easy money this year.

    Why the elaborate games? What does Carroll have planned for us?


    Clue IV; Dave Chapelle talking meeting Kanye on Jimmy Fallon

    This may get a little abstract… Bear with me, here. Kanye represents Kenya, Rees Odhiambo’s homeland. This is further strengthened by the fact that this is from after Dave Chapelle’s personal journey to Africa.

    Does Carroll’s Code hold indications of deeper connections throughout global scouting?

    Carroll Code Historians say “Yes”.


    Clue V; Brian Reagan, Pop-Tarts

    We had previously tabbed Beau Sandland and Joe Dahl with this hint. Neither came to fruition, but the interest may certainly have been there.
    I have the feeling this does represent a draftee he has chosen, but his baffling gigantic mind has me confounded.

    I declined to contact Carroll in regards to this piece.

    Is there really a secret piece to the Code hidden in the energetic antics of Reagan’s fast paced hit stand up special?

    According to Carroll Code Historians; the answer is “Yes”


    Clue VI; La Grange, Zz Top

    I am going to go out on a limb and say this clue is meant for Joey Hunt. He’s a stiff upper lip type from Texas that went to school in Texas. Plus that mane is spectacular.

    Did Zz Top write this song for a young Joey Hunt in the hopes he would be the ultimate draft gem?

    Carroll Code Historians believe they did.


    Clue VII; P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing), Michael Jackson

    30% of early entrant prospects went undrafted. Signing udfa’s and getting Young sounds like a Pretty good Thing.


    We may never know the true meaning behind Carroll’s clues. This elaborate web of clips and pop culture references has baffled fans and experts alike since it’s inception.
    Carroll’s Code Historians have unlocked a fragment of a sliver of a single jig of this dramatic puzzle that will captivate audiences for the remainder of it’s existence

    • bigDhawk

      The clues were probably all for players that got drafted out from under them and all our picks were plan B.

  48. Coleslaw

    I’m still going to bang the drum for Geoff Schwartz, he would be a great swing tackle. Rob, you should highlight some unsigned free agents, that might be interesting. I wonder what our cap space looks like now, too.

    • Coleslaw

      Arian Foster is still a free agent.. Somebody’s going to get a great deal if he stays healthy.

    • Coleslaw

      Anquan Boldin and Chad Greenway, too. Owen Daniels might be an option in preseason if Graham isn’t coming back.

  49. Old but Slow

    This camp is going to be crazy, like, I mean crazy. The draft picks are impressive, and there will be some impact from them, but the UDFA class is beyond the pale. We are accustomed to having a couple of them make the team most years, but this group is really amazing. To begin with Trevone Boykin may be the perfect backup for Russell at QB. Mobile, throws well on the run, and has an upside. But, beyond that, there is a linebacker, David Perkins, from Illinois St. that is 233 pounds and runs a 4.42 40. Bryant, the DT that there has been much talk about. Tanner McElvoy, the human swiss army knife who has played most every position on the field at 6′ 6 and 230. He has played QB, safety, TE, Lb, and WR. Deandre Elliot is a long CB who had a short shuttle under 4 at 3.94, and had a vertical of 41″. And the film on Montese Overton is unreal.

    What to do? What to do? Nice problem to have.

    • D-OZ

      It is going to be a really intense camp and fun Preseason!!!!!

  50. Cysco

    My take on O-line picks this year:

    The Hawks are looking for athletes for the O-Line, but they’re not looking for just physical freaks. They’re looking for athletes that have the mental capacity to be coached. (hence PC’s intelligence remarks)

    We know the Hawks believe that pretty much every o-line prospect they bring in is going to have to be taught to play the position. You better find quick studies.

    Wondering out loud, I wonder if they’ve had some bad experience in the last couple years trying to coach up some of their picks. Like, does Britt just not “get it” . Does he have the physical ability to play the position, but just not grasp what he’s supposed to be doing? Remember that time around game 3 or 4 last season where we heard that the team was simplifying things and going back to basics? Even then there were times where Britt looked completely clueless. Winning a battle will require physical ability, but if you don’t understand how to do your job, all the physical ability in the world won’t help you.

    Cable’s goal IMO has been tweaked to be “find physically gifted athletes that have the capacity to be coached to play the position.” For next season, I think we keep TEF and filter through it for players that appear to have a mental gift for the game.

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