Instant reaction: Reviewing the 2016 Seahawks draft class

Size. Toughness. Physicality.

The Seahawks want to be the bully again and this draft made it clear.

This is a team that lost the toughest player to play the game in a generation (Marshawn Lynch). This was Seattle’s answer — their new path.

Germain Ifedi and Jarran Reed set the tone early.

Ifedi’s big, athletic, explosive and long — plus he’s much more physical than people realise (he’s at right tackle):

That’s against Alabama, by the way.

If you want to push teams around in the running game — this is the kind of frame you want on your O-line.

I mocked Reed at #16 to Detroit in my first round mock draft. Did anyone expect him to last until #49?

Both Reed and Andrew Billings seemingly fell due to their perceived inability to play three downs. That’s semi-understandable given how little teams play in base these days.

That said — there’s still a ton of value in being able to take away an opponents run game and make them one-dimensional. Especially when you have Michael Bennett, Cliff Avril and an opportunistic secondary.

You can’t move Reed off the LOS — even with a double team. He’ll anchor at DE and DT in Seattle. And he’s one of the toughest players in the draft — possibly the toughest. He fits the personality of this defense like a glove. A perfect match.

The Seahawks followed by drafting three running backs (C.J. Prosise, Alex Collins and Zac Brooks), a blocking tight end (Nick Vannett) another big guard (Rees Odhiambo) two other linemen (center Joey Hunt and DT Quinton Jefferson) and a receiver (Kenny Lawler).

Here’s some notes on Seattle’s picks:

Nick Vannett (TE, Ohio State)
Admittedly I didn’t expect the Seahawks to draft a tight end early. They remain upbeat on Jimmy Graham and have had some production from Luke Willson. I’m not sure anyone should expect Vannett to put up major numbers either — he’s in Seattle to play a role and not be a prolific target.

That said — it’s still a fun pick to be enjoyed. John Schneider and Pete Carroll both highlighted Vannett’s blocking potential. Again, it’s about re-setting that ‘hit you in the mouth’ physicality in the post-Marshawn era. Vannett enables them to essentially put another lineman on the field and yet keep a team honest in the passing game. It also puts less pressure on Graham to be a blocker.

What does the class say about TEF?
The formula we used was designed to try and identify who the Seahawks might take on the O-line in this class (not, as some have suggested, to try and identify a good or bad player).

Germain Ifedi reinforced the formula — but Rees Odhiambo was a major outlier based on what they’ve done since 2012. We don’t have the numbers for Joey Hunt (only a bench press of 34).

I think what we learnt from this class is that the Seahawks are not totally 100% focused only on a specific explosive profile. They are, wisely, open to other skill sets even if they’ve almost universally looked for an explosive ideal over the last four years.

Odhiambo has been praised for his toughness, grit and ability to handle adversity. In a draft where the Seahawks wanted to get bigger and tougher — the pick makes a ton of sense. Can he stay healthy? That’s the concern. Yet the success or failure of this class doesn’t rest with Odhiambo.

The Seahawks have been accused by some fans of being too driven towards analytics and athleticism — and yet Odhiambo, Hunt, Collins, Lawler and Reed all fit a different profile. This draft looks like a concerted attempt to get bigger and tougher in certain positions. Job done.

They passed on Connor McGovern, Joe Dahl and Joe Haeg which was a bit surprising. Yet all three fell much lower than we expected. The league appeared to give a collective thumbs down to the trio.

How many running backs?
There are two things to consider here. Firstly, Pete Carroll loves competition especially at running back. He always had multiple 5-star recruits battling for touches at USC.

Secondly, the Seahawks need to plan accordingly for the post-Marshawn era. They have Thomas Rawls — but they can’t just pile Lynch’s workload onto his shoulders. Now they have depth, physicality, a range of skill sets and a chance to survive if Rawls gets injured again some day.

C.J. Prosise has some suddenness to his game but he’s also a solid pass catcher and looks like a third down back who can take on a decent number of snaps.

Alex Collins was one of our favourite players in college football last year — and we only soured on him after a bitterly disappointing combine performance. He plays with genuine physicality, speed and skill. He looked like a really good back on tape.

Zac Brooks didn’t have much of a role at Clemson but the Seahawks clearly liked something about him and had him visit the VMAC. He too can try and win some special teams snaps and a few carries in pre-season.

This will also hopefully push Christine Michael — arguably the most talented of Seattle’s many backs. Will he rise to the challenge?

And the rest?
Kenny Lawler, while not an amazing athlete, is a touchdown machine with big hands. He scored a touchdown every 5.3 receptions in college. He’s a Seahawks type of receiver. High points the ball, makes difficult catches, hangs on. It’ll be fascinating to see if he can have an impact in camp.

I’m unfamiliar with Joey Hunt but look forward to getting into some TCU tape. He certainly has some fans out there:

I also didn’t spend much time watching Quinton Jefferson — so this pair will provide the starting point during the review process over the next few days.

UDFA watch
The Seahawks made an absolute killing on the market at the conclusion of the draft. They also signed a number of players we highlighted in recent weeks:

According to Davis, they gave Trevone Boykin a $15,000 signing bonus which signifies he was a top priority UDFA for Seattle.

Brandin Bryant is an athletic phenomena with unreal tape:

It’s not surprising to see Christian French signed or DeAndre Elliott. Ohio State’s Tyvis Powell is a really interesting pickup — he was expected to be drafted in the middle rounds.

George Fant could be another Garry Gilliam for this team. He ticks all the boxes in terms of athleticism, size, explosion and length. He was a basketball player turned tight end in college. Expect him to be tried at tackle or guard in Seattle.

And several readers contacted me about S/LB hybrid Tanner McEvoy at Wisconsin. The Seahawks grabbed him too.

In a draft rich in LOS talent — the Seahawks were able to match their biggest needs with the strengths of the class. They come out of this draft with impact players, greater talent and competition on the O-line, a new collection of running backs and perhaps a re-established attitude.

There were a few shocks, a few surprises. But overall this should be a class to get Seahawks fans dreaming of September.

Kenny and I will record a review podcast on Monday and on the blog we’ll begin to look at some of the prospects drafted by the Seahawks throughout the week.


  1. Nathan

    Rob, what do you make of Strikers undrafted status?

    • Rob Staton

      Not a shock after the way he tested. What is he positionally?

  2. CA


  3. 12er

    There’s probably 7 UDFA’s there I would have been happy about if they used a late round pick on them. Pete putting all his recruiting chops into one hour is special. There’s a reason we have a roster full of successful UDFA.

    • Trevor

      You nailed it 12er. Pete is still the best recruiter in the game!

      • 12er

        Pete could sell-out girl-scout cookies

        • Tyler Jorgensen

          Don’t you mean he could out-sell girlscout cookies? The cookies sell themselves, last I checked.

          • 12er

            My bad, I just meant I’d buy Girl Scout cookies even if old man Pete showed up at the door selling them

    • Mike Kelly

      I agree too. Carroll can put on his College Recruiter hat and bring in the best UDFAs. Plus the fact that we seem to have more UDFAs that make huge impacts than any other team

  4. Sam Jaffe

    I disagree with you that they underemphasize TEF. I just think that they discount for injury. Both Odhiambo, Hunt and Jefferson were injured. Reed is a 1 Technique, to which they probably don’t apply TEF. The theme of this draft to me is injuries–most of these players had injuries that masked their athleticism (including Vannett). Let’s hope they all recover by September.

    • 12er

      I think the TEF theory is still very valid. Ifedi obviously qualifies as an explosive guy with elite length, and Odhiambo is obviously still working his way back after injuries. He looks far more athletic than he tested on tape.

      • Trevor

        I said the same thing 12er. I bet if you test Odhiambo in 6 months his TEF looks much different.

        • 12er

          Yeah for sure.

          Hunt is off to a good start with 34 reps. I’m actually a little surprised by that pick since he’s clearly better using his quick feet as a pass-blocker. Dunno how much lower body explosion he has.

          • MedStudentInKC

            Odhiambo actually was given the goon award at Boise state as a redshirt freshman for being the strongest of his group. Don’t know if this was mentioned yet.

          • hawkdawg

            Unless he has very short arms, what 34 says to me is that he works hard. That is a good sign overall.

      • Robert

        Wait,…Odhiambo tested on tape?

        • 12er

          Nope, bad sentence structure on my part – “…looked far more athletic on tape than he tested.”

      • BCHawk

        In the JSPC presser, they said they thought Odhiambo and Ifedi were the two strongest OL guys in the draft. I am not sure how they judge strength, clearly they don’t mean benchpress. Carp also was a “strong” guy.
        They want guys that can move immovable objects. maybe they get them to flip mining truck tires in the private workouts like in the strong man competition.

    • Coug1990

      This is an interesting theory. This goes along with the tweet from earlier this week from an NFL Insider (I forget which one) that said the Seahawks believe in their sports science and medical staff more than most teams.

      • pqlqi

        Pete Carroll said that this week. I guess he counts as an NFL insider. If you add up all the hints from players in interviews and comments about the VMAC, Pete is concerned about the holistic status of his players. They have access to sports psychologists (as well as personal counselling/coaching), meditation training, sleep counselling and monitoring, nutrition training, yoga, and the best/healthiest cafeteria in sports according to local radio hosts. Basically, they spare no expense in taking care of their players.

  5. JustMeMyself&!

    Rob, thanks for all of your hard work. You banged the drum for Ifedi longest and loudest and are remarkably humble given how much you give back to the fan community. It’s a welcome contrast to some in the Hawks’ Twitterverse.

    I’ll be in London May 10th to the 24th and owe you at least one round of drinks for all of the free entertainment you’ve provided me.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man — let’s meet up if I’m in the capital!

  6. Jujus

    My only gripe is no edge rushers but use a might have a few.

    Otherwise I was befuddled by the huge rb investment but I get it now

    Draft 10/10

    • Rob Staton

      They did bring back Clemons.

    • 12er

      Bennett, Avril, Clark, Marsh, Clemons.

      That’s 2 of the top 10ish edge guys in the league, a freaky-athletic 2nd year player ready to explode, and quality depth

    • Colin

      No reason to invest in edge this year when next year is flush with them.

      • Steele

        They could have done both. Take at least a low rounder this year, and a bigger name next year. Stockpiling pass rushers is the thing to do.

    • Steele

      UDFA David Perkins has some pass rush. Problem is, he is a tweener. Too small for DE, hasn’t played much as a LB in space.

      So the edge rusher role is Clark and Clemons to lose. I would like to see another out there, but i guess not.

    • rowdy

      Udfa Bryant looked like he play some edge

      • williambryan

        He looks crazy good

        • Hawktalker

          Loved his tape. That guy is on a mission to track down anyone that has the ball, no matter who it is.

  7. TannerM

    Interesting roster invite to Aaron Karlen, LB out of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. His highlight film consisted of at least four plays where he tracked down a ball carrier at least twenty or so yards off the line of scrimmage… when he was on the D-line. In other words, no quit. He’s got some very interesting workout numbers, too: 4 flat shuttle, 6.86 sec 3-cone.

  8. 12er

    Look at the depth & competition the roster will have at some spots this season, especially on offense:

    QB – DangeRuss, Boykin
    RB – Rawls, C-Mike, Prosise, Collins, Brooks, Madden
    WR – Baldwin, Lockett, Kearse, P-Rich, Lawler & others
    TE – Graham, Wilson, Vannett
    OT – Gilliam, Ifedi, Sowell, Poole, Fant (tested like Sokoli)
    OG – Glow, Britt, Odhiambo, Webb
    OC – Lewis, Sokoli, Hunt

    DE – Bennett, Avril, Clark, Marsh, Clemons
    DT – Reed, Rubin, Hill, Siliga, Jefferson, Bryant (this guy should not have gone undrafted)
    LB – Wagz, KJ, KPL, Morgan, Coyle, Pinkins, French, Longa, Perkins
    CB – Sherman, Lane, Shead, Burley, Simon, Smith, Browner, SJB, Seisey, Elliot & others
    S – Earl, BamBam, Terrell, McCray, Powell

    • 12er

      QB and LB are the only spots without great depth &/or competition. They’ll probably sign T-Jax, and likely feel pretty good about their existing LB reserves (KPL, Pinkins, Morgan).

      Love the competition they’ve created all over the roster, most of all at CB. Lane can play outside or slot, so all we need is one of the many freaky, long CBs to impress and become a viable starter to have 3 quality guys on the field.

      • H M Abdou

        Worried about that secondary…

        Getting a bit long in the tooth.

        • 12er

          Kam is the oldest starting LOB’er at 28…

          • H M Abdou

            To borrow a line from Indiana Jones: “It’s not the years, sweetheart, it’s the mileage”

            Kam’s big hits have exacted a toll not only on opposing players, but on Kam himself (I think that’s why he held out, he knows he has a shorter than average shelf life, the way he throws his body around).

            • 12er

              C’mon. Kam has his worst season in a while and suffers some mild injuries and so many fans have called for a new safety. This guy skipped the entire camp, preseason and start of the regular season and he still wasn’t bad last year, just not pro-bowl quality like we’re accustomed too. He’ll play better this year and they spent this draft’s 5th round pick on his depth (McCray), who has already proven himself capable.

              • Brett

                This is an overlooked fact. McCray for a 5th in this draft and Seisay for a 6th. Makes sense we didn’t load up on secondary guys given this.

        • Darnell

          Experienced? Yes.

          Long in the tooth? Nope.

          Prime ages, really.

          • 12er

            ..with so many great young options to compete for that third CB spot.

            Seisey and SJB are freakish testers and long. Shead, Burley Browner and Simon have played meaningful snaps for us before. Tye Smith and DeAndre Elliot fit the outside profile to a T.

        • SeventiesHawksFan

          I disagree. So many of the young guys were injured and just not enough time in the system yet. Bryant and Lane both took two years. Richard Sherman needed a year as a back up. There is a learning curve to get the technique and system down and just know your assignment and where you need to be on the field.

          Odds are that one or several of those younger players are going to ‘suddenly’ be at Lane / Byron Maxwell level of play. Though it won’t actually be sudden at all. They just healed up and have got the system in their muscle memory now.

        • Steele

          I’m worried about C. Gotta hope Hunt balls out and becomes a pro bowler. That’s a stretch, but that’s all there is. Don’t believe in Soko, Lewis is just meh.

        • hawkdawg

          Not even close. Kam is the oldest, and the other starters haven’t even hit their peaks yet.

    • Trevor

      The competition this year at camp is going to be awesome. This group is even deeper than 2016! This roster is stacked and I bet 5-10 guys we cut will catch on with other teams.

      • 12er

        I liked Gwacham and Justin Coleman last year… It’s inevitable that our practice squad guys will get stolen, just like our mediocre free agents are overpaid every year.

    • Darnell

      Deepest they’ve been since 2013.

      It wouldn’t surprise if they looked at some potential June 1st cuts for interior oline.

    • SeventiesHawksFan

      That looks like a stacked roster, assuming the O line additions develop. That to me is the big IF of the upcoming season.

      A few thoughts:

      I’d like one more year of TJack and Boykin on the practice squad.

      The OL has size and strength again. Let’s hope Cable can get that raw talent up to speed. But at least we don’t need to be worried about being physically dominated because the guys aren’t big and strong enough.

      Hunt being so solid in pass protection and an intelligent player who has done it before looks like a great depth move for life after Lewis. He would appear to be Lewis replacement who can come in and hold things down if that becomes necessary. Lewis last year really exposed the need to have that kind of player on the roster.

      I doubt Odhiambo seems much action this season. Or at least not until the second half of the year. Who knows on
      Sokoli, Glowinski, and Poole? But we aren’t in a position of NEEDING them to be ready.

      RB is a full stable of horses again. I don’t think the RB’s being selected means wanting to discard CMike. But we aren’t a Rawls injury away from being down to CMike and rookie Procise. Collins was an outstanding insurance pick at the position, as well as a player who can possibly just be an every down back if necessary. With all that depth we also won’t be facing giving $10 million Marshawn contracts out with $5 million in dead money if that player is cut or moves on.

      We are stacked with depth at receiver. If any of Lawler or the two UW udfa’s develop into a downfield threat, then we are going to be in really good shape there.

      TE now looks like a complete set again. And not a Graham or Willson injury away from being bare and compromised again.

      DLine looks no worse. And possibly stronger.

      Defense is missing Irvin. LB’s don’t appear as deep or strong.

      Secondary depth looks VERY strong, assuming return to health for all the injured players last year and the young guys have another year of development and getting the system down. Which is so important for our system. Even Sherman needed a year of being a back up before he became Richard Sherman. Odds are that at least one of the young guys breaks out and becomes Lane / Bryant level of play.

      We have a stacked team. Wish we would have gotten a better inside pass rusher. But maybe Jefferson has something. Or Hill is back to form and healthy again. Only major unaddressed need that I see though.

      Everything depends on the new O line group being able to field a capable starting five with at least two back ups who can fill in when one or two of those starting five misses time.

      • Trevor

        Agree on all points. They have vastly improved the depth on the roster the past two years.

        I really liked the move they made before the drat picking up Barnes as well. I liked him a lot coming out of Clemson.

      • bigDhawk

        Agree on the LBs. The only question mark I still have coming out of the draft is how we replace Irvin. He was such a unique, hybrid player that it is not realistic to replace him with one player. It will be interesting to so how they adjust their scheme for the multiple players likely needed to replace his role.

    • Ignorant

      Is EDGE the early #1 2017 draft need?

  9. twelfth monkey

    Thanks Rob! Great work on the draft, as surprising as all of it was and it was *really* surprising. I really appreciate all your work. I was at first surprised by virtually all of Seattle’s picks (minus Ifedi, whom you nailed well in advance) but then on further research quickly realized what they were doing. Really interesting draft.

    I can’t believe they only drafted two defensive players (I suspect they would have taken a few more had things worked out a little differently) but with the help of this blog it all fit together perfectly. They said they were going to address issues on offense and the offensive line specifically, and they did that. No one probably expected the Vannett pick, but it makes perfect sense: Cable’s ZBS needs a solid blocking TE, something that they have not had since Miller went down. Drafting three RBs was a surprise only on the surface; as you suggested, Pete likes competition and they have some question marks in their current backfield.

    Anyway, get some rest. Looking forward to your follow-up. Great work, and thank you.

  10. H M Abdou

    The draft certainly had a tone to it – they want Beast Mode to be here IN SPIRIT. And that means both offense and defense. Some things I think:

    1 – I think Cable will find Ifedi a pleasure to coach. He seems like such a smart and open-minded young guy. Seems very mature, and I loved his reaction to being drafted by the Hawks.

    2 – I think my guy CMike will have to play the best football of his life to make this team. I’m hoping he can do it because I became an even bigger fan of CMike’s after he came back late last season more humbled and focused. Hopefully he keeps that up.

    3 – I think the defense will be very, very good this year, close to 2013 levels. I’m still a little bit worried about the 2ndary, as I’ve seen even Sherm get beat more than I’d seen before.

    4 – I think this is my favorite Seahawks-related site.

    Thanks, Rob and Go Hawks!

    • Trevor

      Great post HM!

      • H M Abdou

        Thanks, man!

        I really enjoyed not only Rob’s insightful postings, but also all the wonderful discussions/debates that occurred between all the passionate 12s on this blog.

        This is definitely my favorite Seahawks-related site.

        • Trevor

          Me too. We don’t all agree on things as well which makes it fun. The good thing is that even when there are arguments they are thought out and respectful. That is what makes this place the best.

          • H M Abdou

            Yup, and even when we see things differently, it is with the overriding goal of seeing the team succeed.

    • SeventiesHawksFan

      I don’t think this means moving on from CMike. He may move down the depth chart, depending on what the rookies show. But cutting C Mike would mean you are a Rawls injury away from being down to Collins, Procise and someone else. Which would be a reprise of the same problem we had last year.

      I think JS / PC aren’t going to go with less than four RB’s who can step in and hold things down after last season.

      And we will also not be in situation where any RB can demand a $10 million per season deal again. Marshawn had WAY too much leverage. And we are carrying a $5 million dead money hit this year as well. That’s not going to happen again either.

      • H M Abdou

        Listen I personally love CMike, aside from Zach Whitman, I’m probably CMike’s biggest fan. I hope you’re right about drafting these 3 RB’s not automatically spelling CMike’s doom.

        But I do admit that he must continue to show the maturity and humility he showed when he returned to the Seahawks late last season. I’m really hoping he becomes one of the best players on the team. He has the raw talent, just needs to continue improving as a student of the game.

        • SeventiesHawksFan

          Agreed he must show maturity, discipline, humility, knowing his assignment. Running back depth should help to insure that happens.

          I don’t think the plan is to be down to Rawls coming off of injury, Procise and Collins though. Two rookies who have never played an NFL down and a player who didn’t finish last season. That would be crazy.

          They have injury insurance, guys who can develop in the system, and won’t be facing Marshawn Lynch type contract demands in a few years.

          This is a brand new season. If CMike performs in camp and shows it on the field, he’s not going anywhere. That’s up to him.

          • H M Abdou

            I hope you’re right. I don’t know if CMike’s inability to carry the ball in the left hand has to do with hand-off technique? Maybe that is the root cause of the problem. It’s just very strange, the only successful RB I’ve seen with that issue was Emmitt Smith (he could only carry in his left hand).

            • drewjov11

              When they were showing Procise’s highlights on Friday he was carrying the ball exclusively in his left hand and I was like “uh oh…” Hahahaha!

          • manthony

            Why do we have 5 million dead money if Marshawn retired? I always assumed since it was his choice it wouldnt count against us this season.
            Seems like double punishment

            • mtskibum16

              I think it’s part of his signing bonus. From what I remember, I think they (Seahawks) can technically take it back but no one expects that they will.

        • amocat

          Counting FullBacks, Hawks started with 5 last year.
          What if Collins isn’t the next Lynch, but the next Robinson?

      • Beanhawk

        This is going to be a heck of a rookie mini-camp next week. Can the public attend (I believe so, yes?)? And if so, can we get reports from any SDB attendees. I am pretty stoked.

        • Shadow

          The rookie minicamps are not open to the public. Apart from the first couple weeks of training camp practices each July/August, no fans are allowed to attend any of Seattle’s minicamps or practices.

  11. SeventiesHawksFan

    Great synopsis of this draft, Rob. And your work and analysis enriched the entire experience, anticipation and reaction to the selections for all of us.

    I don’t know how any fan of this team who understands its core philosophy and identity could come away from this draft displeased. They are undeniably stronger and bigger physically up front, as well as younger; needs and weaknesses on the roster were addressed; and there would appear at least five players who are likely to become significant contributors and possibly even core building block players who will form the team’s future identity. What a great draft!

    And thank you for making it so much more interesting and adding so much additional insight to your readers.

  12. Trevor

    Another great draft year for SDB and the Seahawks. Rob as the community grows and you take your analysis to a whole other level this was the best draft season yet. It was a pleasure to be part of the group and share in some incredible debates, analysis and discussion about all things Seahawks. You should be so proud of what you have created here. It truly is special and means a lot to many of us.

    A sincere thanks to you Rob for all your hard work and incredible writing skills and insight. I also want to thank all the regular and less frequent posters. This is by far the most educated, insightful and respectful group of sports fans on the net.

    A special shout out to Vol 12 who is the best at finding small school and sleeper prospects. You provide some great insight and I really appreciate your contributions to the group.

    I am so pumped for training camp to start because I think this will be the most competitive group in the PC / JS era. Go Hawks!

    • H M Abdou

      Yup, totally agree. Great job once again, Rob!

      I also am jacked up for this upcoming season. I think the defense will be really good, reminiscent of 2013.

      • Volume12

        Thanks Trev.

        No stone unturned. 🙂

  13. Jeremy

    One thing I remember about the 2013 team is how deep it was. This draft class has potentially done a very good job of stocking 1-53 and the PS with very talented players, getting back to that amazing depth. It will be fun to the the specific roles for these players emerge based on what they can do exceptionally. It wouldn’t surprise me to see a pivot in some offensive and defensive schemes to take advantage of special skills yet again. Just when we think we have all the answers, they change the questions.

    • Jeremy

      And one humorous thing to watch throughout the whole process was how PCJS were calling their shots in the press conferences. After day 1, they all but said their round 2 pick would be a d-lineman. At the day 2 press conference, they all but said they were going to take a center. They do a masterful job of knowing exactly what they need to do to get “their” guys. This team is so much fun to watch.

      • 12er

        They don’t fudge around, which is why some picks over the years appear to be reaches. They get who they really want to draft whatever it takes.

  14. elliottatk

    Bummed we didn’t get cajuste but excited about these other UDFA

    • H M Abdou

      Where did Cajuste sign?

      • elliottatk

        The whiners

        • Kenny Sloth

          Fuck em

          • 12er


          • Josh emmett


        • H M Abdou

          LOL Whiners

  15. Nathan_12thMan

    Vannett: I see a true Zach Miller replacement. Obviously not a proficient receiver like ZM was but I think he has the potential to be a good receiving TE as well from what I have read. Down the road has the potential to be a 3-down TE, especially if we let Luke walk in UFA. As you & Pete said he frees up Luke & Jimmy to run routes which is awesome. I love the pick.

    In regards to TEF & Odhiambo I wouldn’t be so fast. I have read that he was injured and that when healthy his athletic testing (TEF) could be more of what we’d expect from a Seahawk OL pick. That if you look at his junior testing numbers (or something) they look good.

    @DavisHsuSeattle also- Odhiambo 7-9 Broad Jump….No way I believe that…coming off broken ankle…

    @DavisHsuSeattle I don’t buy the 7-9 Broad for Odhiambo- I think that is all injury

    @DavisHsuSeattle So Odhiambo, Vannett, Collins are all likely much better athletes than their Combine/Pro Day but all were dealing with something that day

    Lots of guys we took were injured or had a reason for not performing well at their combine/pro-day. Makes it difficult to judge their athletic testing.

    I am really high on George Fant. I wonder if the Seahawks are now bigger fans of converting a TE than a D-linemen. It is a better conversion IMO because the TE has experience on the OL and blocking. The two positions are already similar, unlike DL-to-OL which are quite different. I love the idea of having another Gary Gilliam project on the roster.

    Yeah, I am flabbergasted by the idea of what Tanner McEvoy could be. I mean the dude is 6’6 and is considered one of the top sleeper Free Safeties by PFF? The difference between him and Earl Thomas physically is mind boggling.

    • Trevor

      Lots of gret stuff Nathan! I am anxious to see what they do with Fant and Mcevoy too. What and awesome UDFA class. That would be a good day #3 draft class in a lot of years.

      • bobbyk

        The best part of the Zach Miller and Vannett comparison is that Vannett is cheap, whereas Miller was one of the highest paid TEs.

        • Trevor

          Yep and even though he his not a speedster he is more athletic than MIller was with us after the injuries.

          I loved Zach as a blocker and doing all the dirty work but it was painful at times watching him lumber up the seam. He always looked like he was in pain. This team missed him though when he was gone.

          • bobbyk


            • Belgaron

              Vannett was not drafted to be a role player, they hope he becomes the starter. Defenses key off of the personal that comes on the field and Seattle doesn’t like to tip their hat. This is why they left Graham in many times to try to block on running plays. Graham could also be played at split end and they could even use sets with Graham, Vannett, and Willson on the field at the same time as the SE, TE, and Joker respectively. They like to use 2 TE sets making the potential for all three to contribute a lot.

              • 12er

                “Vannett was not drafted to be a role player, they hope he becomes the starter.”

                I’m guessing you mean in the long term? Jimmy Graham is one of the NFLs best TEs and they’re paying him good money. He’s the starting TE unless or until they cut him.

    • Coug1990

      There was an interview a month or two ago that JS was asked if they still look for defensive lineman conversions to offensive lineman when they are scouting? He said yes. He said they look at all avenues for players. They are a staff that tries not to leave any stone unturned.

  16. Trevor

    It is amazing how excited I am about this draft class even though we did not get any of my top 5 favorite Hawks prospects. Shon Coleman, Sheldon Rankins, Keanu Neal, David Oneymata and Jatavius Brown.

    The great thing about this blog is that it makes to a fan of the player, his character and back story as well as his game. As a result I will follow these guys through out their careers as I do favorites from previous years like Bitonio, Morse, Bryant etc.

    We did get my TE though in Vannett who was the guy I had the least hope in getting and that makes me smile. Our OL just improved a ton without even drafting an OL man. If you want to see a blocking TE watch this kid he truly is a younger more athletic Zack Miller. I think we have the 2nd best TE group in the NFL after NE.

    • H M Abdou

      Totally agree, Trevor! Vannett is basically Zach 2.0. It’s important that, like Zach Miller, he has great hands and catches everything, because he won’t get many opportunities and must make the most of the few he gets.

    • sdcoug

      I was with ya on that TE/Vannett train; Just made too much sense to me. Loved seeing it happen, and I think we’ll be reminded of the benefits of having a TE that can get down and dirty a bit.

    • matt

      Agreed Vannett is the perfect compliment to our TE core. JS/PC said they’ve been looking for a guy like him for a few years. Since Miller has been gone basically.

  17. Jaimie Drew

    Thanks Rob for another great year keeping us informed and enthused!
    I want to compliment you that you never take the Seahawk picks personally, when they are not what you saw coming.

    It’s a great ride and you help make it that way!

    Thanks again!

    Go Hawks!

  18. Kenny Sloth

    Favorite pickup, Rob? Everyone?

    • 12er

      Hard to say. I liked the way the Hawks filled their needs with solid players more than any individuals stood out.

      I kinda like the UDFAs Bryant/Fant/Elliot, although they obviously have a tough road ahead of them.

      • chet380

        A tie — Jefferson for his pass-rushing skills and Hunt for his 99.5% pass-protection.

    • Trevor

      Loved French, Fant, Bryant, Powell, Mcevoy, Elliot, Longa and Boykins. What an amazing UDFA class.

      I think Fant has the most upside and could truly be another Gilliam.

      I think Powell has the best shot to make the team as a back up FS and special teamer.

      I think Bryant has the best chance to have an impact in 2016. If Jordan Hill does not play well in camp or has another injury I could see Bryant and Jefferson battling for the 3rd down pass rushing 3 Tech spot and Bryant is crazy athletic so if he gets the spot he could really flash this year.

    • bobbyk

      After watching the Jefferson “tape,” I’d have to say him as a situational pass rusher. His “juke” is pretty unbelievable. I can see guards totally whiffing here and there against him in pass rush situations.

      People are hard on him for his run defense, but who cares if he’s going to only be on the field (at least initially) in passing situations.

      • Kenny Sloth

        He’s my favorite behind Ifedi

      • C-Dog

        IMO, if he shows what I think he will through camp, this guy has the makings of becoming a fan favorite in the rotation. Brilliant moves by JS to move up in R2 for Reed, and then move up in R5 for Jefferson. With Bryant added to the mix, they have the makings to be absolutely loaded at DL, like 2013 loaded.

      • Trevor

        You are right Bobby as a pass rushing 3 tech specialist this guy could be every bit as good as Jordan Hill and likely better as he seems quicker off the snap. They have Reed as Rubin as elite run stuffers so Jefferson will likely not see the feild on 1st or 2nd down so his run stopping is irrelevant.

    • H M Abdou

      Liked most if not all, but favorite has to be Jarran Reed, especially getting him at 49th overall, when most mocks had him going mid-to-late 1st round. Great value.

    • GeoffU

      Jefferson and Hunt. I’ve enjoyed looking into these two.

    • sdcoug

      I am absolutely stoked to nab Reed. An absolute gift for this team at 49. There were times our D line really got shoved back last year…no more. And our LBs will be running clean to the line

      • H M Abdou

        Yup, excellent point about the LBs, betcha Bobby and KJ were smiling ear-to-ear when they saw that pick!

    • Trevor

      I thought you meant in UDFA Kenny. But for draft picks I think the best pick was Reed as he will be the next great leader on our defense this guy is a true alpha dog, beast run stuffer and leader of men. I really was worried about the loss of Mebane as a leader more than as a player but not any more.

      Vannett is a close 2nd because he will make our OL better in pass pro and the run game. He will never have the stats of Graham or even Willson likely but will do all the dirty work to help us win games and this is invaluable in the NFL.

      • Kenny Sloth

        I think the Reed pick was absolutely inspired. Falling for no reason at all. Nice steal.
        I also think trading up jostled our plan a for our board. They expected him to be unavailable

        • sdcoug

          Teams were so concerned with Edge and pass rushers that it let a dominate player, who happens to be a perfect scheme fit, fall right into our laps. I’m sure JS/PC were shocked to be in range.

        • Coug1990

          I agree. Reed falling changed the plans for the draft. Schneider was grinning ear to ear when talking about him and said they had him rated VERY high. I capitalized “very” because John emphasized how highly they had him rated.

          • JakeB

            He basically said they had 26 guys rated as first rounders (as opposed to 16 last year) and two of them were Ifedi and Reed. Said it was 50/50 whether they were going to take either player at 31. What a great value for the club!

            • matt

              Yep JS played the top of the draft masterfully, getting Ifedi+#94 and going up to secure another day 1 starter in Reed. Capitalizing on the impressive amount high quality depth of DT’s in the draft, we basically got 2 first round picks.

      • DC

        Same here Trevor. Reed & Vannett. Graham is now free to be what he is.

        Reed is just a brilliant pickup. He’s immovable.

        Also excited for the other DT pickups Jefferson & Bryant. Hunt too. I have to applaud that they drafted a C to play C. Great pass pro and heady. Exciting crop all around!

        • D-OZ

          Do you think Reed is going to have a chip on shoulder?:)

  19. Kenny Sloth

    FIU defensive lineman Lars Koht signed with the Seahawks.

    — Utah State safety Marwin Evans to the Seahawks.

    — Boston College running back David Dudek to the Seahawks.

  20. Kenny Sloth

    Wisconsin Stevens Point DE/OLB looks like he might have a tryout with the Seahawks.

  21. Kenny Sloth

    – Oregon quarterback Vernon Adams will get a tryout at the rookie mini-camp.

    The drama is real

    • 12er

      can’t believe no one signed this guy. Hope he earns a contract after camp

    • Trevor

      Boykins and Adams battling for a spot in camp. That is going to be must see TV. Love it!

      • lenny J

        Ish just got real

      • matt

        The QB battle is one to watch for sure. It’d be cool if one of them could nail down the #2 spot and/or get stashed on the PS.

        JS brought in some major competition at basically every position. Fant, Overton, Powell, Elliot, Bryant, Boykin, Adams these are all players I would have been happy with a late round pick. I don’t know much about McEvoy or Perkins, but they’re intriguing too. We nailed the UDFA portion once again! Can’t overstate how excited I am about this years draft class!

  22. Trevor

    I really hope the Saints try to stash Oneymata who is really raw on the practice squad for a year and the Hawks nab him like they did with us and Gwacham last year. I don’t think it will ever happen but they are a poorly run organization so who knows. Still can’t believe they got Rankins and Oneymata.

    • H M Abdou

      Sheldon Rankins put a SICK spin move on Glasgow in the Senior Bowl practices. Dude looks like Aaron Donald 2.0

      • Trevor

        Yep best DL in the draft IMO. Great pick by the Saints.

        • H M Abdou

          Could it be??? Could the Aints start to wise up about how to build a defense? The hell you say LOL!

          • Belgaron

            The Saints had such a small draft class. If this draft is as good as JS says it is (and he’s the man), they really missed the boat.

    • C-Dog

      I think with Jefferson, there probably isn’t a spot for Oneymata, plus Jefferson is probably much more ready made to be rotational now.

  23. 12er

    Kristjan Sokoli is the best athlete in the NFL according to SPARQ. Here’s how he compares to George Fant:

    Sokoli – 6’5, 290, 4.86 40yd, 38 vert, 9’11 broad

    Fant – 6’5, 296, 4.84 40yd, 37″ vert, 9’11 broad

    • 12er

      Fant also appears to have good length, and at least has some athletic coordination with his basketball background. The next TE-to-OT conversion, a la Gilliam?

      • H M Abdou


    • sdcoug

      Uhhhh…..WOW! Thanks

    • SeventiesHawksFan

      WOW! Let’s hope he can be a player.

    • Trevor

      Nice post 12er. He certainly fits the bill as a Gilliam type convert. Can’t wait to see him in camp.

      That OL group is going to be a crazy competition this year. I just hope they settle on a group early and let them gel.

      I watched as much tape as I could find on Hunt / Boykins at TCU this evening after the draft and Hunt is a flat out baller! He is a great snapper and he gets out of his stance ultra quick. Good feet and anchor. For a supposedly undersized guy I never saw him get over powered our pushed back into the QB. Seemed to have great balance and always beat the DL he was facing to the spot. I never knew a thing about him but now I love the pick and if he plays like his tape he could very well be our starter at C this year.

      • 12er

        Chances are that the beginning of the season will be rough. It’s going to take time to get almost an entirely new OL to gel together. At least they have a ton of competition and depth this year.

        • Coug1990

          If they get things ironed our early in camp, they should be OK. One of the things that hurt last season was Bailey struggling when he was handed the LG job.

          It forced Gilliam who had practiced all camp at LT, and Britt who had practiced all camp at RT, into the starting lineup late in camp at RT and LG respectively.

          So, they missed on a a lot of preseason and camp reps. Cable and Ruel need to made a decision early on the starters and give them reps to begin to gel.

      • sdcoug

        RE: Hunt.

        One thing I noticed was that he seemed great at turning the defenders shoulders. You don’t always have to move a guy to be a good blocker if you can take away his ability to make the tackle

    • J

      Full numbers.

      6’5, 296, 4.83 FYD (1), 37 VJ (1), 9’11 BJ (1), 22 BP, 7.2 3C (1), 4.21 SS (1)

      Parenthesis are where he would have combined.

    • bigDhawk

      Rotoworld has him at 6-6, 250. Not 296.

      • Ben

        Zach Whitman has him at 296. Either way, those are awesome numbers (though the 40 time less so).

      • J

        296 at his pro day.

        Listed at 250 when he was a basketball player, so maybe that is where 250 is from.

          • Josh emmett

            I wanna see him catch the ball, haha, something about a 290 pound tight end sounds rad! I know he is a tackle convert project but let’s see some uneven line formation where he is eligible a la 2014 nfc championship game. When Gilliam caught the TD to pump some life into the team. Come out in a two tight end set with Vannett and Fant. Ouch

            • pqlqi

              Why not line up with Prosise in the backfield, 4 TE (Giliiam, Fant, Wilson, Vannett) and use swing tackle Odhiambo at LT. You can line up power, get the defense to bring in 5 LBs, then spread em all out and empty the backfield.

              • Aussie Al

                That’s a lot of big dudes to cover!

              • Josh emmett

                I was really excited about that with Graham, Gilliam, Wilson, and Matthews last year and they never really did a “sky scraper” formation. Maybe this year?

  24. lenny J

    Obvious passing situations I can envision Avril, Jefferson, Bennett, Clark. That’s a pretty mean situational line up. Not sure how they will use Reed on early downs. Will he play end like Red Bryant a few years back or play a traditional DT along with Rubin inside? either way we have a lot of options. PCJS did not disappoint this draft. They took care of the interior early on both sides of the ball, added RB competition, and brought in the best blocking TE in the entire draft. This was a Roast and Potatoes type of draft. BTW, Anyone else excited about Prosise? Imagine him going into motion from the Tailback position and a LB trying to cover him, lol. We taking back the West!!!!

    • 12er

      Reed will definitely start in base 4-3, likely at 1tech with Rubin at 3tech.

      Jefferson and Bryant will compete for a roster spot, and hopefully compete with Jordan Hill for that 2nd DT spot beside Bennett in nickel.

      • C-Dog

        Carroll didn’t pencil him in a 1 tech during his presser, said that who starts at 1 tech and 3 tech between Reed and Rubin was something they were going to figure out. There’s a chance Rubin ends up the 1 tech and Reed the 3 tech in the base.

        • Josh emmett

          Not a bad problem to have right? Haha, 2 guys that are very versatile for big men on the number one run stuffing defense. I remember seeing Arizona start 3 DT’s against that Dallas oline a few years back and had success. I was hoping the Hawks would try something like that. Have the heavy base down line: with silga and Rubin in the middle and Jefferson and reed at end. Huge

          • C-Dog

            Good points. Reed and Rubin can both play 1 tech and 3 tech, I think Carroll alluded slightly that they might try switching them out depending on match ups, something I thought they might do if they drafted Butler. That’s about 630 lbs of flexibility between the two inside on first and second downs. Then when you factor in Jefferson being able to play 1 tech, 3 tech, 5 tech, Bennett being able to play 1 tech, 3 tech, 5 tech, edge, .. you can see a lot of flexibility on this line. Hill mostly does nose, but might be able to handle the 3. Siliga is a nose. Now factor in the Bryant kid if he shines through camp, yeah, the DL’s could be really special going along with the depth at Edge.

        • Robert

          Rubin is on record saying that he prefers 3T and is more effective there.

      • Del tre

        I think DT will more likely be Rubin, Jefferson and bryant. Bryant has some of the best tape at DT in the draft he is a monster

        • C-Dog

          I would say Rubin and Reed as the starters. If Bryant makes the team, he and Jefferson rotating in the nickel. Jefferson is probably backing up Bennett as the DE/DT.

          • Josh emmett

            What happened to hill? Seriously, he was looking so good then ended the 14 season hurt after having that pick where the QB was trying to spike the ball at the backs foot because he sniffed out the screen and he had 5.5 sacks all in the second half of the season. Never really heard his name this year. I wonder if he never really recovered from his calf issue?

  25. RWIII

    Russell Wilson has got to be giving EVERYONE high FIVES. The Seahawks pick up 6’7″ 330Ib.DeMarcus Webb. Then in the draft they add 6’6″ 325Lbs Germain Ifedi/ 6’4″ 315 Lbs Rees Odhiambo. In addition to beefing up the line John Schneider/Pete Carroll gave Russell Wilson a boat load of toys to play with. Russell Wilson is probably so excited he won’the be able to sleep at night for a whole week.

    • 12er

      And they picked up one of the best pass protecting centers in the entire draft class, which Nowak/Lewis really struggled with last year.

      • SeventiesHawksFan

        I LOVE the Hunt pick.

        Lewis really exposed the need to have a serviceable center on our roster who can hold things down and doesn’t need to need to be ‘great’ or have all the measurables. Hunt would appear to be that player and is probably Lewis’s future replacement as the dependable back up who gives us insurance if the eventual starter goes down.

        • Josh emmett

          Let’s hope they get stepenoski 2, the undersized center for the Great Wall of Dallas, I’ve been a huge fan of the Hawks trying out a shorter center ever since number 3 became the man. I know it’s not an issue and Russ can throw ball accurately to Lockett in a forest of 50 foot trees for a long touchdown but maybe the over the middle pass game looks better now. Lewis is shorter as well and when Lewis became the center the pass game took off. Just sayin

      • SeventiesHawksFan

        Also possible that Hunt would even be a situational starter, depending on what team we’re playing. If he can pass protect against the Rams D line, but we sacrifice something in the run game, so be it.

        The havoc the Rams D line created on passing downs was the critical and defining issue when we played them. I think we would have gladly given up something in our running game against them if it means that Donald isn’t living in the backfield anytime we call a pass play.

        Hunt would appear to be the kind of ‘undersized’ player who can hold off whomever he lines up against for at least the critical first 2 to 3 seconds after the snap.

        • C-Dog

          Hearing Pete talk about Hunt in the presser, I got the vibe Hunt could be legitimately competing for the starting center job. Folks might think that’s crazy, but a certain 6th round DL/OL convert rookie in 2012 was added to the starting competition at RG in 2012 and ended up with the gig. Kinda that they had designs for Hunt in R6 all along.

      • nichansen01

        Well, he actually was THE best pass protecting center.

    • JustMeMyself&!

      Russell Wilson never sleeps. He just watches more game film.

      • GeoffU

        When he closes his eyes, game film plays on his lids

  26. Kenny Sloth

    Arizona offensive lineman Lene Maiava signed with the Seahawks.

    • Kenny Sloth

      There’s another feather in Rob’s cap

    • Cleveland Duck

      Man, this UDFA class is unbelievable. JPSC wasn’t kidding about having 200 draftable grades. Looks as well as if there was a strategy of drafting certain positions and leaving others for UDFA.

  27. GeoffU

    Seems like once Ifedi gets his hands on you, it’s all over

  28. Belgaron

    The big signing bonus makes Boykin the big dog they really wanted to land. He’s the development QB they wanted.

  29. C-Dog

    Could not be more happier with this draft. Where there players I wanted but they didn’t take? Yup, I was wanting Feeney in a big big way in the last rounds. But man, they players they landed really have be jacked up.

    Got to be the Bully again.

    Ifedi gives then ridiculous upside, and I trust TC will fix them feet of his, and get him working out of that 3 point stance. They only OL I wanted out of the bottom of R1.

    I’ve been clamoring for interior DL all season long and into the offseason. They brilliantly moved up for the nastiest run stopper in the draft, and a player I think that has upside to become a disruptive interior force as a rusher, won’t happen overnight, but I think he’s more athletic than some might think. Keep in mind he was a former JUCO LB before he went to AB, and grew into a DT.

    IMO, R3 was brilliance that I think few saw coming. Prosise, I think wasn’t a total shock, we new they were probably going RB relatively early, we new they would likely want a 3rd down player. However, when Vannett was taken, I was admittedly stunned but got really excited. For those maybe still struggling with this pick, I would invite you to look back to the 2013 magic. Russell Okung was lost for much of the season, and was replace by a slow footed guard in Paul McQuistan. When faced with top level defenses like the Texans, Rams, 49ers, etc, just think about what Zach Miller did staying back in pass protection, and occasionally sliding out for quick inline passes. Now, consider that your 2016 OL is going to have a new LT that, while athleticism that fits the position, has no experience starting there, and a probably super physically talented but raw rookie at RT. Vannett, my friends, if poised to have a major impact on this offense that will not show up in the stats, but don’t discount his value. Add Odhiambo and you have a technique sound, athletic, smart, high character OL who projects really well as a guard. Bingo.

    As much as I was impressed with R3, R5 actually stunned me even more with their guts and brilliance. Quenton Jefferson has been a personal favorite of mine for a while, and someone I thought they might consider in the middle rounds if they missed on Bullard, and the likes. I started looking at him a few months ago, and his tape jumped out, then when I saw his plus combine results I got more excited. IMO, he naturally ticks a lot of the boxes they want at DL, which makes the passing on Jonathan Bullard kinda all the more brilliant. He’s battled adversity, athletic, good motor, is a mature guy, scouts were impressed with him in interviews. He’s a pure one gap penetrator, 3 tech rusher, has a nasty swim, and tackles with an attitude. I started mocking him to Seattle a few times, suggesting he could be the player that would be the fan favorite out of this draft, and I still believe that. If he stays healthy through camp, and does what I think he will, you could see him in the rotation more sooner rather than later this season. He has a legit inside game as a rusher. There is a reason Seattle traded next year’s 4th rounder to get him. The pick for Alex Collins was simply the cherry on top in this round, tough physical inside runner.

    I knew nothing on Joey Hunt, but after reading up and looking at tape, very excited about this pick. He looks like a legit late round sleeper who could battle for the starting center job. Checks a lot of boxes, Smart, strong, athletic, former DL, productive multi year starter, top pass pro center statistically last year. He’s got interesting intangibles, to say the least. I like how Carroll was coy last night when asked about the center position, that he said “the draft isn’t over.” I think they had a plan all a long. This might mean Sokoli competes for guard this year, as the team as been listing him as a center/guard for a while on their website, and may not be a bad thing.

    Love the Lawler pick, thought he might be a 4th round option. Pure Red Zone Target. Not problem at all with the selection of the SPARQy Zac Brooks. Love the variety of the backfield. Thunder and lightening, playmakers. This is very vintage Pete Carroll.

    As for the UDFA, love the Boykin signing, the Tre Madden signing (think he could contend for the starting FB spot), the ball hawky Powell signing, Steve Longa, but the signing for me is by far and away the Brandin Bryant signing, especially after looking at his tape. Fantastic call out, Volume 12.

    This is just my humble opinion, and I don’t think this is just jacked up Seahawk Fan hyperbole coming out of me, but I think this class could legitimately rival the 2013 class as the best in team history.

    With Reed, Jefferson, and now Bryant added to the DL with Rubin, Bennett, Avril, Clark, Clemons, Marsh, Hill, Siliga, Francis, Ryan Robinson, Hamilton, Barnes, etc, this looks every bit of a deep, deep group. Dare I say this group could be 2013 DL deep. There could be good players that won’t make this team kinda good going on. Jordan Hill could be a bubble player in August kinda deep. The team really needed this like a shot in the arm.

    Anyhow, yeah. Super jacked. Go Hawks.

    • Trevor

      Awesome write up!

      • C-Dog

        Thanks, Buddy! Go Hawks!!

    • sdcoug

      Good shout on Jefferson, hard not to like him even more after listening to him speak. And Bryant?? about a quick get-off. Think we may have something with those two

      • C-Dog

        Yeah, if Bryant comes in and pushes people, it’s going to be an intense competition for the interior DLs. Typically they only carry 4, but considering that Jefferson can also play 5 tech, they might hang onto 5. The fact that Carroll compared Jefferson to Bennett makes me think he will be the DT/DE they were apparently looking for in this draft.

    • Josh emmett

      Dline is filthy now. So many established beasts and prospects that are going to puss the unit to the promised land again.

      • Josh emmett


        • C-Dog

          A big, big part of the magic of 2013 was the ridiculous depth and rotation at DL. It dumfounded me last year how much they slipped away from that and relied on edge players. Clearly not happening this year. If Jefferson and/or Bryant pop in camp, this rotation could be really special again in a hurry. Hill is going to get pushed, Bennett will be playing for a reworked deal. Clark should be ready to make the next step. Can not have enough quality DL.

        • Producehawk

          Made me laugh!

  30. RWIII

    After watching Brandin Bryant’s tape I don’t know if Jordan Hill will make a roster spot. Instead of having the off season to rest his toe. Jordan Hill might have a the rest of his life to heal his toe.

    • C-Dog

      If Jordan Hill comes out of the gates with his hair on fire in a contract year, all the more better. Perfect scenario, in fact.

      I like Hill, but one of the things that has always struck me about him is what I’ve felt as a bit of a passive demeanor at times. Maybe this is unfair and ungrounded, but there’s been little things with him. In 2014, he started out slow, but came on with a lot of confidence built on solid pass rushing play on the stretch run with Mebane out, and McDonald gone. Last year, I thought he played the run much better, kind of in a way that I thought he might have made it an offseason point of emphasis, but outside of the obvious injury bug thing that has haunted him, there seems to be perhaps a bit of a “settling” attitude. I heard him on the radio say he’s “just a nose” when asked if he’s going to battle for the 3 tech. Maybe that’s a valid thing for him to think, seeing that he plays nose in the nickel, and maybe saw himself as the next in line after Mebane, but it also came across not a hungry dog mentality thing to say. I want to see some hungry dog out of him this year. If Quenton Jefferson and Brandin Bryant bring that out of him, it will be very good for Jordan and the team. Competition, man. This is the foundation of Pete Carroll.

    • nichansen01

      “The rest of his life to rest his toe”

      Wow… No chill haha

    • lil'stink

      We usually carry 4 true DT’s on the roster, so right now that would be Rubin, Reed, Siliga, and … ? I think there’s a good chance Hill gets cut in favor of Jefferson. Bryant probably doesn’t clear waivers for our PS squad if he’s healthy – maybe they try to create space for him on the roster somehow if he flashes.

  31. Lewis

    The overwhelming thought I have looking over the class as a whole is that the guys who were on the roster before today had better bring it when camp opens or a lot of them will be out of jobs, especially on the o-line if they are healthy. RB too.

    Competition is going to be fierce and this is a group that has overcome a lot of adversity and aren’t going to take “no” for an answer very easily.

    Love the Reed pickup. Jefferson seems to have sensational ability to penetrate and could be special, especially if he can get stronger. Prosise brings an element the team was missing as does Vannett (what a weapon that guy could develop into).

    Lawler, while not a big YAC/speed guy has massive hands and love the way he fights for the ball and goes up to make tough, contested catches.

    While some of these picks were a surprise, incredibly pleased overall and excited to see how the competition shakes out.

  32. J

    George Fant would’ve placed first in everything but bench at the combine among OL.

    People compare him to Gilliam but

    GG: 6’5, 306, 5.03 FYD, 35 VJ, 9’5 BJ, 19 BP, 7.59 SS, 4.56 SS

    GF: 6’5, 296, 4.83 FYD, 37 VJ, 9’11 BJ, 22 BP, 7.2 3C, 4.21 SS

    • Coug1990

      Do you know what his arm length is?

      • Ben

        He does not have one listed.

        • Josh emmett

          He is raw raw raw, basketball player turned TE and now a Tackle convert hope he is mentally tough like Gilliam

  33. RWIII

    After watching Brandin Bryant’s tape. This guy lives in the opponents backfield.

    • hawkdawg

      No shit. There’s got to be a catch.

      • hawkdawg

        Two successive ACLs with second happening a few months after coming back from the first. But he’s rehabbed again. Dig these recent Pro Day numbers:

        “The 6-foot-2, 289-pound defensive tackle ran the 3-cone drill in 7.16 seconds, the 20-yard shuttle in 4.24 and his best time in the 40 with a 4.81 at Thursday morning’s workout in Boca Raton. The Omaha North graduate also had 38 repetitions of 225 pounds on the bench press.”

        • RWIII

          38 reps.That is AWESOME! I hope Brad in Bryant makes the team. I am pulling for him.

          • Jujus

            Love Bryant been a fan of his for months.

            He has 32 ish arms. If he had 34 plus he would be a God.

            I honestly think most of the 2013 and 2014 depth will be off the roster, like willson might be the only survivor

            All on the roster bubble for doing nothing

    • Josh emmett

      He didn’t play in a high caliber uber competitive conference. I think the injury questions are there and can he play at a high level with top tier competition?

      • Jujus

        Is Florida not good enough? They could stop him he has all the polished moves u want a pass rusher to have.

        • Jujus


      • Lewis

        Have you seen his tape against the Gators? I bet we can find a full game by looking for one of Florida’s offensive guys.

        • Josh emmett

          I saw his highlight reel. I’m not saying he is a bad pick up or anything, the dude looked like he snapped a guards arm in half at the elbow on that highlight reel and I saw him straight up dominate floridas guards. That being said last year the gators weren’t really known for their offense and in fact it hurt them at times last year. Just saying the Hawks Dline rotation is hard to crack. I’m rooting for the guy but who’s spot will he take? They keep 4 interior tackle right? Rubin, silga, reed and competition from Francis, hill, and Jefferson. The Hawks are going to cut some good players and to make the team he be better then some high level talent.

          • Josh emmett

            He will have to be better then some high level talent*

          • Lewis

            Siliga’s contract is only 200k guaranteed. This is what I was talking about above. Guys like Siliga and Hill are going to have to fight like hell to stay on the roster. Competition is going to be intense. Assuming Bryant is healthy, would you be shocked if the final roster had Rubin, Reed, Jefferson, Bryant?

  34. Madmark

    I like it! I always thought it would always be a offensive heavy draft this year with all that money on the other side it happened. I holding out for those UDFA’s to make my draft list still. Hey Rob I finally got my TE! You know the real one hehehe. This is definitely still beast mode baby with 3 picks at RB this is going to be crazy. Theres only 2 defensive player’s picked and I loved both of them. Jarrad Reed this is the Brandon Mebane type guy that will hold his end up. I’m not so sure he doesn’t replace Siliga Sealver this year. The other tec 3 guy we drafted will have a hard time making it with Hill needing to prove something being in his last year. This all depends on if he can stay healthy. So that’s the 2 guys for defense. Then the rest of the draft spoke to running the Ball. You know when we was first looking for that beast mode. Well they stocked the cupbroads RB and grab the guys that’s going to help them go forward. Germain Ifedi is the RT for the next 4 , maybe 5 years. I’ll be quite honest I looked at Prosise but I lost him. He’s perfect thou great catch ability but what I really like is he weighs 220lbs which is a nice weight for a 3rd sown back. We talked about Alex Collins as a 3rd round running back once. In the 5th he is a steal and wow you really sent a message to the NFL that you are running this year. Crap

    • bigDhawk

      I’ll say five years, given the first round option.

  35. Forrest

    I really love this draft of guys. I think they all make the roster (except maybe Brooks). The UDFA look great as well. Can’t wait for camp! 🙂

  36. Hoberk Unce

    Rob, I think I speak for everyone when I say that your research and insight really connect us with the Seahawk’s drafting mindset. Following your work shows us not just who we’ll draft, but what kind of player’s JS/PC are looking for, and most importantly, why. As each Seahawks pick comes up, draft after draft, the principles you explain year after year come into play. Can’t thank you enough for what you do here.

    • Steele

      Second that. Rob did an especially outstanding job this time around with TEF.

    • KD

      Cheers! I’m thankful to be part of the most well informed fan base in the NFL

  37. Coug1990

    I agree with everyone, Thank you Rob for all you do. Thank you for providing a place for us to talk Seahawks. Than you for dong all this legwork and scouting so many potential Seahawks. I do miss listening to you and Kenny during the draft, but thank you for doing the podcast after on Thursday and Friday.

    We know you are tired with the double duty covering the snooker tournament. So, we do appreciate you giving us your thoughts on little sleep.

    Lastly, I will be watching and hoping that Leicester City goes into Old Trafford and clinches the Premier League. Not going to be easy against United, but it would be fitting and epic if they can.

  38. lenny J

    How does Brandin Bryant not get drafted? I think PCJS found another UDFA gem. Equivalent to last years Thomas Rawls!!!!

  39. michigan12th

    Rob, has anyone taken Justin Zimmer yet? Could he still be a target for the Seahawks or do you think they are done adding guys to the team?

  40. Kenny Sloth

    Jackson State receiver Devin Fosselman to the Seahawks.

  41. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I have to say… wow

    This draft was impossible to mock for…. the number of quality players that slid (Alex Collins was likely a 2nd or 3rd round pick, but taken late for example) was incredible to watch. This was a great draft for teams already having strong teams, that just needed a few pieces to get back to the promise land (Seattle, Packers) and it also set-up well for teams such as the Jaguars (Draft winners imo).

    The UDRFA list is amazing, filled with a tone of talent and potential 53 man roster players. Seattle normally has 3-4 make the roster, so this will be fun to watch what the 90 man looks like headed into mini-camp and closer to the start of training camp. The work has just begun, but championship can be made by all these moves in the offseason. Yes, I love the Boykin pick-up as a back-up QB. T Jacks days in Seattle are likely over.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Oregon quarterback Vernon Adams will get a workout at the rookie camp as well….
      Boykin + Admas as back-up QBs……. perfect imo.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Right? Too perfect

      • Madmark

        Vernon Adams in UDFA is a win doe me I had him at 247

    • KD

      Perfect. It is perfect in the sense that what both QBs need to learn is how to correctly hand the ball off the RB. The RB position is going to be the most important competition of the entire camp. Along with that comes the ability of the newest members of the OL (Sokoli included) to run block.

  42. lenny J

    More tape on Bryant.

  43. KD

    I just wanted to throw a few random thoughts out there:

    -If the Seahawks had not drafted Russell Wilson, where would we be right now? It’s scary to think about, and I’m wondering if Pete Carroll ever envisioned having a QB like Russell at all. I’m wondering if he envisioned the Seahawks never having an elite QB, but rather a team that goes against the grain of the league and is dedicated to running the ball in the current meme of the NFL being a passing league and could win that way. If the rest of the league is going to push, we’ll pull. If they pull, we’ll push.

    -The Marshawn Lynch era is over. It’s done. Marshawn’s play was such a service to this franchise, but it is time to move on. Marshawn Lynch can never be replaced, that is why it is so important to draft so many running backs. A team that creates it’s offensive identity around running the ball cannot just say “Thomas Rawls did a great job, he’s the #1 guy, so we’lll draft some back-ups” Always compete. Now that Marshawn lynch is gone, competition at the RB position is more important than ever. No wonder they drafted 3 of them and brought in more. Hell, I’d expect them to draft 2 more RBs next year.

    -Was drafting an OLB all that important to them? We talk about replacing Bruce Irvin, but Irvin was a phenomenal athlete who was drafted to be Seattle’s version of Aldon Smith (at the time). It didn’t pan out for Irvin to fill that role, so they moved him to OLB most of the time to make sure that they got something out of him, and he did a good job. They don’t necessarily need to replace Bruce Irvin’s skill set. They didn’t pick up Irvin’s option, so they were comfortable with what they had. They have Frank Clark. They have Cassius Marsh. They have KPL, Eric Pinkins. They have a few UDFA who can compete, but the fact that they never picked up Irvin’s option signals that, although they liked him, finding a replacement was never a priority.

    -This FO immediately and aggressively, immediately and intelligently addressed the biggest needs of this team. I am feeling a sense of optimism that i have not felt since the end of the 2012 draft. I really do feel that this team is poised for great things with a renewed, and refreshed sense of optimism.

    • RWIII

      If Kennedy Lawler makes the team he might be a Red Zone target.

      • KD

        I would not be surprised if he replaced Paul Richardson. What a waste of a draft that was.

        • Greg Haugsven

          It’s still early on PRich. He was coming on strong until the injury. This will be a n important year for him

    • Josh emmett

      I think having Irvin was a luxury they liked to have as he was able to turn 2 roster spots in one and they could keep guys like Tukuafu as a second FB, and keeping BJ Daniels on the roster to develop. The Sam backer spot will be 2 down position now like nose tackle IMO

  44. RWIII

    Just think. Russell Wilson had a fantastic season in 2015. Now you ADD ALL these pieces on offense.WOW!

    • KD

      Every time. Every time there is a weakness on this team they use the draft to immediately address it. The OL sucks? Let’s draft 3 of them. The return game sucks? Let’s move up and get Tyler Lockett. Marshawn retired? Let’s draft a bunch of RBs and let them compete. Need interior DL? We don’t mind moving up to get a good one.

      • Sea Mode

        Moved up 2x for interior DL!

      • chet380

        The test — will a combination of these guys be able to (somewhat) neutralize the Aaron Donalds of the league.

  45. Ehurd1021

    They signed my boy Overton… LOL. I remember posting about him on here a month or so ago – great prospect. Tape on him again for those who didn’t see it –

    Also, this kid David Perkins they signed… he looks very raw as a player but his talent, measurable’s and skill set is amazing. Tough and Nasty kid –

    • Rik

      Perkins looks like a dynamo on tape. Speed and nastiness at the edge. He’s gonna be fun to watch in the pre-season.

    • dean

      Montese Overton, LB, East Carolina

      Particulars: 6-3, 221, senior
      Skinny: Overton grew up about 20 minutes from ECU’s campus in Greenville, N.C. — well, about 20 minutes given the way he runs. Despite his size, he has been clocked in the low 4.3s in the 40. He also possesses a 36.5-inch vertical jump and good strength (a bench press of 345 pounds, a squat of 490 pounds and a 323-pound power clean) per diamond in the rough
      OLB David Perkins from Illinois State 6’3 240 4.43/40 22 bench reps

      2015- 69 tackles- 12 TFL- 8.5 sacks

      2014- 64 tackles- 12 TFL- 8 sacks

      He is almost the same size as Noah Spence only much faster (he has blazing speed) than Spence and the similarities don’t stop there as you will see. Until his senior year in high school David played RB and LB where he dominated: 1,311 rushing yards and 15 TD’s 103 tackles 22 TFL 8 FF 13 sacks as a junior. He was recruited by every major school but thought that tall RB’s have short careers in the NFL so he switch permanently to defense and took a scholarship to Ohio st (same as Noah Spence).

  46. Saxon

    I like their UDFAs better than half their draft picks. Training camp bout to get hella competitive, yo.

  47. Ehurd1021

    Yea… the tape on Bryant was to good to be true for me. That kid is unbelievable… so I decided to watch the Florida vs Florida Atlantic game and he dominated that line ALL game long. I love the UFA class they brought in defensively… what a fantastic draft by this staff. PC/JS

    • Greg Haugsven

      Good player but he also tore the same ACL twice in two years

      • JustMeMyself&!

        I wonder if they’ll stash him on IR. Give him a year to get the knee fully strengthened in an NFL program.

  48. Dawgma

    Didn’t love it, didn’t hate it. The RBs stacked early and often seemed like a MAJOR overreaction though, unless it’s really something concerning they see in Rawls’ recovery. Of course if THAT’S the case it also makes gambling on so many injury cases a bit baffling.

    • KD

      Keep in mind that this is the first post-Marshawn year. You can’t put all your chips on Rawls. As great as Rawls was, you can’t put all your faith in him. As a team that bases it’s identity around the run, drafting 3 RBs is a solid response to losing one of the best RBs in the league. You can’t put all your chips on Rawls, and Michael is brilliant, but questionable. Why not draft a ton of RBs and let them compete?

      • Ground_Hawk

        Another possible point could be with Coleman’s legal issues still pending, they really needed to ensure that they had enough depth going forward?

    • JustMeMyself&!

      I’m wondering if they have some big offensive gameplanning revolution in the works. Prosise and Brooks are both hybrid RB/WRs. Might we be seeing a situation where the carry one less WR in exchange for a hybrid?

  49. BrandonS

    Man this was a great draft. Not only did we nail a bunch of our draft picks, but the UDFAs are on fire too! Anyone else liking the chances of Tre Madden? I think he’s got a real chance to establish himself as the 2nd RB after Rawls. Also love the Brandin Bryant pick up, that get off is insane. Really looking forward to the season, especially the offense. Let’s get back to scoring 30+ points a game!

  50. nichansen01

    Three UDFAs have serious chances of making the team this year. Brandin Bryant, Trevone Boykin and Tyvis Powell.

    I think we carry four running backs this year, and one fullback. Could one of the backs we drafted switch to fullback?

    • amocat

      Collins maybe could play some fullback. He doesn’t really break tackles, so much as smash into guys and take them with him for an extra yard or two. He’s also had some fumbling issues. What if he didn’t need to worry about ball security, but just had to open a hole for Rawls? Or help CMike turn a corner?

  51. Ely

    Just saw an article on ESPN talking about how badly Jerruh Jones wanted Paxton Lynch and was offering their 2nd and third rounder as well. Jones said he wishes or might have overpaid had he known what Denver was offering. Must have been quite a dilemma. thats quit a bit higher 3rd they would have had to play with and who knows what “overpaid” might have meant?

    • sdcoug

      I also read that offer was never actually on the table. Will be interesting if we hear any more on that

      • Greg Haugsven

        Also you would rather have Lynch go to the AFC Broncos instead of the NFL Cowboys

        • Coug1990

          I’ll let you know in a few years. If he is good, then of course the AFC team. If he is a bust, then the NFC team. I know Rob likes Lynch, but I am not sold on him. We shall see.

    • Ryan M

      Also would’ve meant dropping into the early 2nd instead of the late 1st and possibly missing their guy Ifedi.

      • Ground_Hawk

        Definitely! It also gives them that 5th year option.

      • chet380

        …and possibly losing Reed would have been a consideration too.

    • BHarKnows

      What I read was he offered a second and fourth. So then the Broncos picks would have been slightly ahead of what the Cowboys offered making sense why John pulled that trigger.

  52. nichansen01

    We have a beast and deep DT group now.

    Ahtyba Rubin
    Jarran Reed
    Quinton Jeffreson
    Brandin Bryant
    Jordan Hill
    Sealver Siliga
    AJ Francis
    Justin Hamilton
    Tarvaris Barnes

    Easily the deepest we have ever been at DT.

    • Trevor

      You are so right that is a great DT group!

  53. Saxon

    Thanks for all those sleepless nights spent typing up scouting reports for we daft Yanks. I’d damn sure not lose shut eye writing about Tottenham Hotspurs prospects for you Brits. We appreciate it! Thank your wife from all of us!

  54. KD

    Marshawn Lynch was the identity of this team which is based around running the ball. It makes a ton of sense to maximize the competition at the position that they identify with, especially now that Marshawn is gone.

  55. Lenny J

    Rob, thanks. Your blog keeps me entertained until football comes back around. Now we wait, June is around the corner.

  56. Josh emmett

    thinking about the team as a whole now:
    1The Dline competition is going to be ridiculous
    2 we are probably going to be looking at a totally revamped Oline, I know most thought this is where the team needed to go but the inexperience is a bit nerve racking. Similar to last year but I feel way better going into camp then last year sans Carp and Unger with Britt and Nowak as the replacements.
    3 How will the RB stable shake out?
    4 how will the TE group look? Healthy Graham or no?
    5 the Sam backer will be 2 down position now
    6 they are very comfortable with their DB room IMO
    7 wide out seems to be the most solid group, weird

    • Josh emmett

      8 FB?

    • chet380

      Having (almost) all our eggs in the Gilliam basket at LT is a concern — what’s Option B?

      • Josh emmett

        In all fairness gilliam played every game last year, so I would think they are high on his durability as he hasn’t played a ton of snaps like Okung who played every snap at Oklahoma state for the whole time he was there. Maybe they like that he has ” a ton of tread on the tires” but I’m pretty sure Sowell is the back up roll of Bailey used to hold down. Sowell has started at left tackle and sounds like that’s good enough for them to go into the season as the back up. hawks made the SB in 13 with majority of the season started by Mquisten at LT. Maybe IFedi in a pinch?

        • Coug1990

          Webb has also played LT. Don’t forget this team won a Superbowl with Paul McQuistan playing a lot of LT during that season.

  57. MJ

    This class is amazing. Absolutely giddy about it.

    Jarran Reed will go down as “how the hell did this guy go in Round 2?” He’s an absolute force on the DL and a team captain type. Complete HR that will usher in the new era of physical Seahawk football.

    The UDFA class is almost more exciting that half the picks (I mean that as a compliment). Seriously…how does Brandin Bryant not get drafted, even despite the medical. That is some of the most absurd highlights I’ve seen from a DT. Truly looks Aaron Donald like…and I totally admit that is crazy to say.

    Very intrigued by Perkins, Boykin, and Powell. I think all 3 have a real chance of making this roster.

    • C-Dog

      Yeah, best thing that can happen for this defense now, even with the additions of Reed and Jefferson, is for Brandin Bryant to come in with his hair on fire and push the other DTs. Very exciting stuff.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I want to echo this comment. Jarran Reed will go down as “how the hell did this guy go in Round 2?”

      This is a top 3 or 4 pick for JSPC in the last 4-5 years. RW is #1 of course, but to get an impact “1st round” talent in the mid of the second round, who perfectly fits what you want to do on defense….. it honestly doesn’t get better than that. Seattle is looking to repeat as the defensive scoring champs again. With this move, among others this offseason…. very very very good shot at the 4 peat.

      • MJ

        On top of that…I do sincerely think there is a backfield disruptor in Jarran Reed. He is so disciplined with such great technique and strength; IMO, it’s only a matter of time before that translates into being in the backfield more often. Alabama has made it clear that their DL are supposed to destroy the run. Rushing the passer is not in their vocabulary.

        Now, Marcel Dareus is a different animal than Reed, but Dareus has turned into a monster disruptor in the NFL. Not saying that’s Reed, but if he can become 75% of that…HOLY COW.

      • Robert

        The Seahawks have 4 in the bag! This year they have a great shot at their 5th consecutive title as the #1 scoring defense, which is legendary!

    • dean

      This class is amazing. Absolutely giddy about it. and to add something too the giddiness is Jarran Reed was the (49th pick) . f the S F niners!! I will always remember he has the 49 pick.

  58. Nathan

    Did the 3 tech who blew the TEF score out of the water get drafted?

    • Trevor

      Oneymata went in the 4th round to Saints if that is who you mean.

      • Kenny Sloth


        • H M Abdou

          He signed with Buffalo.

  59. Kenny Sloth

    Hey guys, up late taking care of a super sick gf.

    I’ll just throw up some thoughts here.

    Brandin Bryant LITERALLY messed up this OG’s arm with a crazy swat on a spin move. The G spends the rest of the clip jumping around in severe pain and the QB goes down.

    Quinton Jefferson; “Just trying to put my best foot forward… because i believe in myself and I have people around me that believe in me”

    Oh, my poor poor girlfriend! You know that feeling when you want to help someone more, but you can’t?

    The thing that strikes you about Joey Hunt is man, that kid rifles the snap to Boykin. I can see why they would prefer him to say Ryan Kelly or Evan Boehm. They have kind of lazy lofty snaps. Nick Martin and Hunt haze some zip on it. Is this our designated LS, too? While pushing Sokoli to refine the details of the position. Good awareness on stunts and blitzes.

    Kenny Lawler beats press like a celebrity’s bodyguard. He’s a money maker. They like shifty route runners at WO. Phone booth types.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Lawler with the fluid 180 on a zig route.

      Christian French won the rose bowl….. Somebody hit somebody?

      Clues aside. He’s a smart OLB. Reminds you of KJ the way he uses his blocks and rips away from holds. Will compete at Sam.

      Tanner McEvoy is becoming a favorite prospect of mine. He looks like Moritz Boehringer has similar frame and athleticism, but has tons of experience at WR and QB and it shows. His multiple pick season was no fluke he has a unique understanding of route patterns and great ability to spy the qb. Really like his potential (at qb wr, too)

  60. Trevor

    I think Kenny Lawler was drafted to primarily be a red zone target TD maker. The one areas this team has struggled with at times is the passing game inside the red zone as we never really had receiver who was great a fades and just going up to get the ball over DBs. Jimmy Graham was brought in to help with this. This is where Lawler excels and gives our WR group a different group. Check out this kids hilight reel and you will see some of the most spectacular red zone TD catches ever.

    I really like his chances of making the team and having and impact with 4-5 TDs as a rookie. I am not sure he will ever be an elite WR with his limited speed but he could be a key contributor to our WR group.

    • SeventiesHawksFan

      Sounds like he is a short yardage, compressed field, red zone type receiver.

      • Sea Mode

        Best hands in the draft, said JS. (34.378″ arms, 10.5″ hands) And crazy acrobatic catches in the end zone. 1 TD per 5 catches in 2015.

        The big knock on him is speed, but Bucky Brooks and Daniel Jeremiah both agreed he looks way faster on tape than he tested.

        And we got this guy in the 7th round? Why in the world would the WR-starved Rams not have drafted this guy as a familiar target to help out Goff? With that catch radius you can pretty much chuck it up anywhere in his area code and he’ll find it!

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          Rams already selected a WR earlier in the draft. They had a modest number of picks, so couldn’t splurge on WRs this year.

        • GeoffU

          They picked Mike Thomas in the 6th instead. Had no 7th round picks.

          • JustMeMyself&!

            They also picked up Marquez North as a UDFA.

  61. Alicamousa

    Bryant’s tape is unbelievable. What level of play is that, and what caused him to drop as far as he did?

    • SeventiesHawksFan

      His athletic measurables would appear to be elite and freakish as well. As in possibly best in the entire DT draft class. He may actually have Aaron Donald type get off and explosion. I’ll be very curious to learn more about him.

      • SeventiesHawksFan

        Bryant’s Pro Day results. That 1,64 ten yard split for a 290 lb DT really stands out.

      • SeventiesHawksFan

        Turns out his short shuttle and 3 come are virtually identical to Aaron Donald’s. Wow. How this guy got to us in udfa seems pretty crazy. You’d think at least one team would have seen something with the take and measurables he’s got. I’ll be curious to hear Rob’s take on him. And what his deficiencies might be.

    • Lewis

      He had ACL injuries on the same knee in back to back years. It’s conference USA (Division I). You can see him wrecking the backfield of the Florida Gators in his tape, though, so he can play against the big boys.

      • SeventiesHawksFan

        Well Bryant moves with his repaired knee over short areas of ground with the same quickness as Aaron Donald and Geno Atkins. Not sure if he can power through an NFL guard or has the moves to get by him, but the raw athletic quickness is there.

        I am now just extremely intrigued and excited to find out what he can do. We haven’t ever had that kind of raw athlete on our defensive interior to my knowledge.

        • Josh emmett

          Clinton McDonald was pretty dope in the nascar package and did his job well and the Hawks have been looking for that ever since he left. Hill had some flashes but I think they brought in Jefferson and Bryant to push that nickel spot IMO

  62. Samuel Baratheon

    Man this pre-season is going to be fun to watch! I cant wait to see how all of this young talent looks like on the field. I’d love to see Bryant and Jefferson lined up next to each other in the pre-season, because I am so intrigued by the internal pressure they could cause together!

    • SeventiesHawksFan

      I am now too. A bona fide nterior rusher was that seemingly big ‘missing piece’ from this draft. Bryant clearly has the elite and freaky measurables to be that player. I’m very curious to see how he does against NFL level guards.

  63. H M Abdou

    If anyone is interested, Justin Zimmer signed with the Buffalo Bills:

    • Nate

      He might be reffering to Joel Heath.

      • H M Abdou

        I’m not 100% sure, but I think Joel Heath signed with the Texans.

  64. Sea Mode

    Ha! finally learned their lesson about giving the Seahawks a low grade on their draft!

    • Coug1990

      We take all these draft grades with a grain of salt. Nonetheless, it is nice to read some nice things about the Seahawks draft. It is interesting that Reuter compared Prosise to Matt Forte. I think it was Tony Softli, former Rams and Panthers VP that said Prosise reminded him of a faster Matt Forte.

  65. Sea Mode

    Doug Baldwin Jr Verified account

    Dear @PeteCarroll,
    We are thrilled with the new teammates. One condition. Nobody wears #24 for years to come.

    The Players

    4:09 PM – 30 Apr 2016

  66. 12er

    I have a theory about PCJS’s comments on their sports science team, and how they might be more willing to take a chance on players who’ve been injured during the pre-draft process.

    Obviously the draft results supports what they said, as they took a few players who were either too hurt to complete athletic testing, or performed poorly in their testing in part due to these injuries.

    My theory is that their confidence in the sports science department is based on its ability to judge the athleticism of these players from their game tape. Basically, the staff can analytically measure the players’ athleticism from breaking down explosive movements, lateral movements, etc. Perhaps they are able to come up with reasonable estimates of what a player’s broad jump is, or well quickly/smoothly he changes direction, and so on/so forth.

    I think we’ve all assumed PCJS’s comments pointed to their confidence in getting these players healthy again, but they’ve also differentiated between their sports science and medical staffs. My guess is they actually use their sports science staff to estimate players’ athleticism from the actual movements they perform on the field in game.

    • MJ

      Totally agree but I would add this; we know there is a health factor. Football players inevitably get hurt. They have incorporated things like monitoring physical output and judging when a player needs rest. This is especially important in football. I would venture to guess that injury risk is highest when fatigue reaches a certain level.

      So for guys who might have minor dings or football injuries; they probably think they can mitigate those with proper observation.

      • 12er

        Definitely that as well.

  67. Rik

    I don’t get why Powell wasn’t drafted, but maybe he got lost in the crowd of Buckeyes that were drafted. He had a 3-4 round grade on some mocks. What a great pick-up for the Hawks! It’s gonna be a heck of a battle for roster spots. With Powell, Bryant, Perkins, Boykin, and Adams, it’s almost like we got to pick all over again in rounds 3 through 7!

    • SeventiesHawksFan

      Agreed. It’s like we got to pick the second half of the draft twice.

  68. vrtkolman

    Fantastic draft followed up a fantastic UDFA haul! Earlier I pegged the Vannett pick as the pick of the draft for Seattle, but Alex Collins is really close. I can’t believe he made it past the 3rd round. Don’t dwell on his combine performance too much – nearly every Razorback in the draft had a dreadful combine performance too. The fans think their athletic department doesn’t prepare the prospects enough ahead of time, he could end up being a much better athlete than we think.

    Lawler is a good one too, and I think he’s here not only for his ability but for his insight on Goff.

    I will get around to the UDFA”s later but there are a few gems in there.

    • Volume12

      Collins had a migraine and a bad knee on his pro day.

      Just like Odhiambo, Jefferson, Lawler, and Vannett, check out their spring testing or junior testing numbers.

      Those say what kind of athlete a kid is.

      Were all these guys healthy, the SPARQ scores would reflect that and be totally different.

  69. CharlieTheUnicorn

    The new SPARQ scores for the Seahawks picks and UDRFA pickups is

    The Alex Collins pro-day was outstanding, he went from a -1.2 combine score to 0.7 post pro day score due to that workout. This translated meant that he is or displays traits that are 74% more athletic than all the RBs currently in the NFL. He is going to be a hell of a pickup, I can feel it.

    UDRFA pickups DT Dryant, OLB Perkins and the OT Fant both jump off the page…. all three measured above 87% of all NFL players at their position groups in terms of athleticism.

    It is always fun to look at this site after the draft madness each year.

  70. Ulsterman

    Loved this draft and udfa pickups. Think they’ve gone back to what worked in past by drafting good tough players who fill clear roles. For me the 2013 and 2014 drafts were poor because they got carried away with the idea of drafting to an athletic ideal believing they can coach anybody up.
    Think they went a bit overboard on running backs, but probably just a case of Collins too good to pass up at that stage. Loved the trade to get Jefferson.

  71. nichansen01

    Could Zac Brooks make the roster as a running back?

    • Brett

      I kinda wonder if they don’t turn him back into a WR and stash him on the practice squad for a redshirt year.

  72. James

    Hey guys, siap (I didn’t have time to read through the 269 posts above), but is there a limit to how many UDFAs a team can sign, or is it simply as many as their 90 man roster will take? It seems like we have signed a larger number than usual (no surprise given how John and Pete said this is the deepest draft they have seen)?

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I believe you can only have 90 man on the roster at any time.. signings and veterans.
      There are a fair number of guys coming in for tryouts, but they have not signed.
      I would hazard to guess Seattle has 80 slots filled right now, 10 to go.

      • James

        Thx, Charlie. A quick google seemed to indicate that there are no numerical limits on UDFAs, only a cap on their bonus payments. I think you can add as many as you want as long as your roster stays at 90.

  73. Volume12

    Boykin, French, Powell, and Tupuo.

    Those are 3 UDFAS I think make the 53 man roster.

    Bryant and Fant look like the next 2 up. PS or ‘red-shirt?’

    BTW, here’s our new Tukuafu:

    Udub’s Taniela Tupuo (keep in mind he’s got 20 lbs on Tukuafu at the time of their pro days)

    Tupuo-6’2, 280 lbs.
    5.04 40, 2.88 20, 1.76 10, 25 BP reps, 28 1/2″ vert, 9’3″ broad jump, 4.53 SS, 7.30 3 cone

    Tukuafu-6’3, 266 lbs.
    5.00 40, 2.85 20, 1.66 10, 25 BP reps, 32″ vert, 9’5″ broad jump, 4.50 SS, 7.28 3 cone

    Kind of uncanny huh?

    Tupuo’s name is familiar right?

    • SeventiesHawksFan

      Bryant and Powell intrigue me most as players who could impact this season. I think the rest are PS and red shirt players who may make the roster after a year or two in the system. Very exciting udfa class this year for sure though.

  74. vrtkolman

    Boykin and Vernon Adams are making me super excited for the preseason.

  75. vrtkolman

    Rob, any idea why Jeremy Cash went undrafted? Maybe his cover skills are too poor?

  76. James

    I admit to being a cheap date for the Seahawks draft… all I wanted were two monsters, one for each side of the line, and John could pick 14 long snapper prospects off the Little Sisters of the Poor after that, as far as I was concerned. I have no doubt that we landed the two biggest brutes in the draft.

    Ifedi is the-physically-dominant offensive lineman… the miscreant Tunsil is a sparq-laggard and is being moved to OG, Stanley is too soft to play for Tom Cable, Conklin would be invisible if standing behind Germain, and Decker would take twice as long to engulf the same DE.

    Reed is matched only by Vernon Butler in size, among the top tier DTs, but honestly, Louisiana Tech to Alabama is like comparing the Canadian Mounties to the US Marine Corps. I have watched every game Jarran Reed has played the past two seasons, and each one of them was a back-alley knife fight in the SEC trenches, and every single time, Reed’s opponent emerged covered in blood, if he emerged at all.

    All the other guys are gravy, and I don’t pretend to know anything about most of the UDFAs, but I can say that the highlights of Tre Boykin, Quinton Jefferson, Brandin Bryant, CJ Prosise, Tyvis Powell and Nick Vannett all look Kam-Chancellor-esque to me.

    • JustMeMyself&!

      “Miscreant?” He’s a kid who made a couple of mistakes that, surprise, hurt no one but himself! We can be fans without denigrating the character of people we will never meet.

  77. Josh B

    Very interesting draft. Lots to like and I love to see such a resounding reaffirmation of the “Seahawks Identity” – trench warfare

    If there’s one thing I’ve soured on it’s this whole ‘find value in injury’ thing.

    This will come across as cynical, but the Seahawks have repeatedly tried this strategy before and it has frequently failed. Beyond Bennett, I cannot think of a single other success – Harvin failed, Jesse Williams failed, Paul Richardson is teetering on the edge, etc. In fact, it seems that even players with clean histories come to the Seahawks and find themselves in a cycle of injuries – Sid Rice, Tharold Simon, Anthony McCoy, etc. etc.

    So while I appreciate the benefit of their strategy, it’s strange to see them relying on something that, so far, hasn’t actually worked

    • Volume12

      Injuries happen. Unfortunately, they’re a part of the game.

      You can draft a guy that’s never hada scratch on the field, and in one plat, one blink of the eye, career or season over..

      Do you love this game? Do you still like football even after all the injuries and time spent on the sideline?

      Feeling that energy, competition, but not being able to contribute, how bad does that feel? You gonna work to get back to that feeling?

      That’s why injuries will never make Seattle back off.

      A kid that works his tail off to keep coming back, keep improving, is worth it’s weight in gold.

      Shows character, heart, and the fact that ‘yeah, I’m about this life.’

    • Volume12

      Prove the naysayers wrong.

      ‘Oh this kid is injury prone. ‘He’ll never make it.’

      These guys wanna prove those people wrong.

      It creates a healthy chip on their shoulder and a motivational tactic.

      PC is the ultimate motivator.

    • James

      Hasn’t actually worked? One Super Bowl win, and another lost only with a single bad play call? Unless someone has statistical proof otherwise, my impression is that the Seahawks injury situation is about average, and certainly not as bad as the worst-hit teams?

  78. Ed

    Like the draft, but I think too much capital was spent on the RB position (maybe all play well in the preseason and Collins or Brooks get interest) and could have been used elsewhere (LB or DE maybe).

    The OL is about to get real athletic and stronger if Sokoli becomes the center.


    • James

      I think Cable’s best-case-scenario is Gilliam/Webb/Sokoli/Glowinski/Ifedi for 2016, with Odhiambo replacing Webb in 2017?

      • Ed

        Looks good to me.

      • vrtkolman

        Makes sense to me, Odhiambo vs. Webb is going to be a very nice training camp battle to watch.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        I believe they have said Webb is being brought in as a LG and back-up right tackle.
        The RT spot is Ifedi’s to lose imo. I also think Hunt will make a strong play for the center spot, just a feeling I have…. Sokoli could be your back-up and they can stash Hunt as the LS on the roster, if they have to, for one year.

    • lil'stink

      I would be surprised to see Soko get any meaningful snaps at center this year after the Drew Nowak debacle, but you never know. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has at least another year to go if the plan is to still try him at center. I know Glow is penciled in at RG, but Soko seems to fit the profile of what we like at RG. Maybe GG-Glow-Lewis-Soko-Ifedi or GG-Webb-Lewis-Glow-Ifedi

  79. Producehawk

    UFDA to the UDFAS

  80. Volume12

    PC tells Prosise ‘we got some special things in plan for you.’

    And Vannett’s wingspan is longer than Odhiambo’s? Wow!

    Why wasn’t he usee more? Where’s the production?

    After Zeke Elliott, Braxton Miller, Michael Thomas, Jalin Marshall, Corey Smith, and the fact Ohio St’s QBs like to keep the ball on read options and scramble, where were his targets and opportunities gona come from?

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      He has blocked for mobile / athletic QBs should be a ++++ for the offense. He has an idea what they do behind him and has a good feel for where to block or who to block in front of him.

    • Dave

      Prosise carries the ball left handed. Michael only carries right handed. Are we balancing our roster?

  81. RWIII

    Guys did you notice the reps for Brandin Bryant and Joel Hunt? Tom Cable is looking for a lineman to pump out 27 reps on the bench. Joel Hunt had 34 reps. Brandin Bryant pumped out 38 reps on the bench.

  82. Volume12

    TE Nick Vannett replaces what we lost in Zach Miller.

    DT Jarran Reed has a Red Bryant like personakity and a Mebane type skillset

    OT Germain Ifedi is a Russell Okung type freak athlete with a Breno Giacomini edge to his game.

    OG Rees Odhiamo gives us what we lost in Alvin Bailey. A 6th O-lineman is highly important. Think ofit like a 6th man off the bench in the NBA.

    C Joey Hunt replaces the attitude and nastiness we lost in JR Sweezy.

    RB CJ Prosise gives us that Reggie Bush or Percy Harvih kind of playmaker PC has been searchung for since he’s got here. Can also replace Freddy Jackson on 3rd down.

    RB Zac Brooks is another 3rd down pass catching back and increases the competition. Probably a backup, PS guy, or C-Mike’s replacement.

    RB Alex Collins gives us that tough, physical, between the tackles runner we lost in Lynch.

    DT/DE Quinton Jefferson is that hybrid interior rusher we all thought and knew they needed at some point. One of the most active D-lineman in the draft. A Michael Bennett hedge.

    WR Kenny Lawler gives a red zone target and someone to go to when we need a tough, big time catch. Might not have the size of Sidney Rice or Chris Matthews, but plays like those 2 due to him playing bigger than he is.

    Seattle didn’t see a Chris Clemons or Brandon Browner in this draft, so the turn around and just sign those guys.

    • Volume12

      LB Christian French is built like and similar to KJ Wright.

      LB Steve Longa is a Bobby Wagner and Brock Coyle (STs) kind of MIKE.

      LB/EDGE David Perkins is a tweener and has a troubled past. Which comps to Bruce Irvin.

      This is roster mirroring at it’s finest and the definition of.

      • Darnell

        Is Tre Madden Derrick Coleman perhaps? Or maybe Tani Tuopo is the new Will Tuk?

        • Kenny Sloth

          I think Prosise is gonna get some looks from a toolsy fb spot.

          Would have loved if we could find a Mike Tolbert.

          He’s always one of my favorites to watch.

          Hopefully we run some wishbone shit w Collins Prosise Rawls

          • amocat

            Or sometimes use Vannett as FB–go from 22 to wishbone with no swapping.

  83. Stwood8

    I used to just read an article here or there leading up to the draft, but this year Rob’s coverage was so good and I can’t believe we as Seahawks fans have such a great resource!

    Thanks so much for all the hard work and late nights. The commentary on day 1 was great–so glad I could turn off those talking heads and listen to some real analysis! 😀 Looking forward to the podcast coming up tomorrow.

  84. Kenny Sloth

    Did ya’ll see Brandin Bryant break that cat’s arm?

    • Alicamousa

      Yeah that was unbelievable. He’s becoming my favourite get of the entire draft. I just can’t get over how FAST he is. He seriously moves like Donald/Atkins out there, and then he demolishes guys when he gets to them.

  85. Kenny Sloth

    Hey guys, up late taking care of a super sick gf.

    I’ll just throw up some thoughts here.

    Brandin Bryant LITERALLY messed up this OG’s arm with a crazy swat on a spin move. The G spends the rest of the clip jumping around in severe pain and the QB goes down.

    Quinton Jefferson; “Just trying to put my best foot forward… because i believe in myself and I have people around me that believe in me”

    Oh, my poor poor girlfriend! You know that feeling when you want to help someone more, but you can’t?

    The thing that strikes you about Joey Hunt is man, that kid rifles the snap to Boykin. I can see why they would prefer him to say Ryan Kelly or Evan Boehm. They have kind of lazy lofty snaps. Nick Martin and Hunt haze some zip on it. Is this our designated LS, too? While pushing Sokoli to refine the details of the position. Good awareness on stunts and blitzes.

    Kenny Lawler beats press like a celebrity’s bodyguard. He’s a money maker. They like shifty route runners at WO. Phone booth types
    Lawler with the fluid 180 on a zig route.

    Christian French won the rose bowl….. Somebody hit somebody?

    Clues aside. He’s a smart OLB. Reminds you of KJ the way he uses his blocks and rips away from holds. Will compete at Sam.

    Tanner McEvoy is becoming a favorite prospect of mine. He looks like Moritz Boehringer has similar frame and athleticism, but has tons of experience at WR and QB and it shows. His multiple pick season was no fluke he has a unique understanding of route patterns and great ability to spy the qb. Really like his potential (at qb wr, too)too

    • Kenny Sloth

      Love Tyvis Powell’s interviews “You have that personality….
      “hahahaha I’m laid Back, man”

  86. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I saw a post regarding the RB position getting too many picks in the draft. I disagree.
    #1 You lost Lynch to retirement
    #2 You have an UDRFA pickup from 2015 as your bell cow right now, coming back from surgery
    #3 The few other RBs on the roster in 2015 have moved on or most likey retiring and need some youth at the position
    #4 The offensive identity is to rush the ball and control the clock. I can see all 4 or 5 guys making the roster easily. The 7th round guy might be a PS, but Collins and Procise are locks for the roster. They have been carrying 2 FB and 3 or 4 RBs almost all of 2015, so there is room on the roster for the RBs.

    Value standpoint, Procise was about right in the 3rd and Collins is a HR pick in the 5th round.
    Get excited, this is like 2012/2013 all over again.

    • Kenny Sloth

      It reminds me of when Pete first got here. Haven’t had such a major position battle in a while.
      I could see us even moving away from fb sets replacing Coleman for an even tooldsier guy in Prosise.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Carolina had THE most devastating (read; effective) rushing attack last year and it’s easy to forget how unique their formations and sets were.

        Unique skillsets, too.

    • James

      I believe the influx at OL will mean the Seahawks can only carry 3 RBs and 1 FB. Lord knows who the FB will be, and Rawls and Prosise are locks, with C-Mike and Collins battling for #3. The #2 FB will have to be stashed on the practice squad and activated as needed, with Willson continuing as the emergency FB.

  87. Kenny Sloth

    Rob, we are getting close! We have to look for rare athletes at positions of need that do something spectacularly. Even if it’s just one thing. Tyvis Powell is the best tackling safety I saw last year. Not a hitter. He also is a great interview.

    Jarran Reed same story.

    Ifedi, too, to a degree.

    A lot of these guys love Seattle and WANT to be here, also.

    Point is we need to factor in that JS consistently posits that they essentially draft the coaches favorite players! “Ooh that kid’s a baller, he’s got a mouth on him” That’s gonna be a huge factor in the war room.

    They seem to also guarantee some guys spots.

    JS is drafting TC guys. Darrell Bevell’s weapons (Ervin, Prosise).
    Sherman Smith’s RB room was a big priority we somewhat overlooked.

    Also the competition factor. We mocked Ervin with the idea “Oh, he’s a backup, starving for touches, typical scat back.”

    They don’t want to limit a guy’s potential role and they want to push their established guys, so why wouldn’t they add a lot of RB’s to a quiet duo of Rawls/Michael? Who is the leader of those two?

  88. Steve Nelsen

    This will be a long post so forgive me but the draft brought up several thoughts that I would like to share and discuss as we analyze the results this week.

    First Topic: Round 1-2
    Ifedi should compete with Webb at RT as a rookie. Brilliant move trading back to get an extra 3rd.

    Jarran Reed and Ahtyba Rubin will start at 1T and 3T in base. What a value pick in the 2nd round! Well worth the 4th to trade up. He has the potential to provide some interior pass rush in base that we did not get from Mebane without sacrificing the run-stuffing we got from Mebane.

    Second Topic: Round 3
    Hearing Pete and JS talk about how rare it is to find a true Y in the draft made it clear they saw this as a clear need. We can’t consider all TEs the same. Vannett and Graham play different positions.

    We knew a 3rd-down back was a need. Prosise fills that need.

    We knew OG was a need. Odhiambo fills that need.

    • Steve Nelsen

      The Odhiambo pick brings up my first question. How dis the TEF criteria work for predicting Seatlle O-line picks?

      The TEF trend analysis seemed supported by the Ifedi pick. But, Odhiambo’s athletic measurements are far outside TEF. I am unsure about Joey Hunt’s TEF score as I write this. First off, Many have already pointed out that Odhiambo was still recovering from ankle injuries at the time of the combine so his scores don’t reflect his true TEF. Can we get some measurements for him and Hunt to accurately evaluate whether they met the TEF criteria or not?

      One thing I did notice about both Odhiambo and Hunt was their apparent pass-blocking proficiency. Both scored very high in this regard according to PFF. We had speculated a while back about whether Seattle would begin to increase the value of pass-blocking ability when evaluating potential interior offensive line draft picks. If Odhiambo and/or Hunt fall outside of TEF is this a sign that Seattle is adjusting their model?

      • Rob Staton

        Hunt didn’t test so we can’t judge him. Odhiambo’s testing so was so poor it’s led some to speculate he was way off 100% because of the injury. They look like outlier’s based on the 2012-2016 trends (including Ifedi) but it’s a little frustrating we’ll never know just how explosive either truly is.

      • James

        A Seahawk that can both pass block and run block is a rare bird, indeed, but that appears to be exactly what John/Pete/Tom are aiming for. Ifedi, if he realizes his massive potential, could actually be that RT who can stun the pass rush, and maul in the run game… if so, Rawls/Prosise can go out right now and buy a new calculator to keep track of how many yards they are gaining. Metrics notwithstanding, to the eyeball test, Odhiambo appeared to have more quicks, when healthy, than McGovern/Dahl/Haeg. With Webb and Britt at LG to start the season, it may serve both Odhiambo and Seattle to give him some time on the sick list to be sure he is fully recovered. And I would argue that Joey Hunt does indeed prove that centers are outliers (at least in the mind of Tom Cable), for he has no athletic metrics to explain his insane pass pro scores.

    • Steve Nelsen

      Third Topic: Rounds 5-7

      Moving up to get Jefferson is Round 5 filled the need for a 3-T with pass rush potential to compete with Hill in the rotation. He was also good value in the 5th and an example of how the rare DL depth in this draft worked to Seattle’s advantage (along with Schneider’s gift for making trades).

      We knew that Seattle wanted to add depth and create competition at the RB spot. Collins and Brooks fill that need.

      Seattle has been after a red-zone receiver for years. Lawler could be the answer. Great hands.

      There was a recognized need to upgrade the center position. Some even considered the need worthy of a 1st-round investment. Did Seattle get a new starting center in Round 6 with Hunt? They added competition at the very least. What does this mean for Sokoli? He is now listed at C/G on the Seahawks website so a possible position shift seems more possible than it did a few months ago when Coach Pete spoke about Sokoli’s future.

      • Steve Nelsen

        The Odhiambo, Collins, and Brooks picks bring up my second question. Does Seattle have such a high opinion of their medical staff that they are more willing to “buy” players at an injury discount? We wondered last year if Easely was the target at the end of Round 1. Is this year’s draft a continuation of a new trend?

        How can we evaluate the correct injury discount when considering potential draft picks in the future?

    • Steve Nelsen

      Fourth Topic: UDFA or “Round 8” Wow!

      The success this year is a testament to Seattle’s recruiting ability and the attractiveness of Seattle as a destination for undrafted players. This gives Seatle a competitive advantage.

      Boykin and Adams both to compete at QB! Both could have been late-round picks. Bring back T-Jack and we are set at the QB spot.

      DT Brandin Bryant has as much upside potential as any DT in the draft. He could be a steal if his knees hold up.

      CB DeAndre Elliott was draftable and fits the Seahawks CB project mold.

      So much SPARQ in the LB and WR signees. Overton had an elite 10-yard split and was draftable as an edge project.

      Fant was draftable as a TE to OT conversion project. Can we duplicate the amazing accomplishment of finding a starting caliber LT from the UDFA ranks like we did with Gilliam? Is this the start of a new “project” trend for every draft?

      S Tyvis Powell was considered a mid-round draft pick.

      Tanner McEvoy will be fun to watch. Is he really a 6-6 safety? That is unique. Can he be coached to fill the “big nickel” position projected for Brandown Browner? Doe he convert to a big WR in the pros?

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