Joey Hunt to start vs Miami? Plus CFB week 2 preview

Maybe J’Marcus Webb shouldn’t have referred to Germain Ifedi’s injury as “dreamland”? Per Ian Rapoport, they might prefer to start a rookie instead on Sunday.

Having spent the summer preparing one of the more explosive interior offensive lines in the NFL (evidence here) — the Seahawks look set to blow everything up before week one.

Germain Ifedi’s twisted ankle sprain could keep him out for a few weeks (although he was only listed as ‘questionable’ for Sunday’s game, not ‘out’ or ‘doubtful’). Initially it looked like a straight swap. Webb plays right guard, Justin Britt and Mark Glowinski stay where they are. Webb played right guard for Oakland. Britt was excelling at center.

For whatever reason, Rapoport is suggesting they’re not entirely comfortable with that scenario. So let’s look at the pro’s and con’s of what might happen instead:

PRO #1 — Joey Hunt knows the center position
The Seahawks have tried converted defensive linemen, tackles and guards at center. Hunt at least knows the position. He’s already beaten Patrick Lewis for the backup job in pre-season. He might not be the massive, explosive force Britt was going to be — but as a stopgap he might be able to hold the fort.

PRO #2 — Justin Britt isn’t just succeeding because he’s a center
I can’t remember if it was Tom Cable or Pete Carroll but one of them recently suggested Britt was influenced too much by J.R. Sweezy. Britt liked Sweezy’s playing style — aggressive and a little reckless. It worked for Sweezy but Britt needed more technical refinement and control to succeed. It appears to be one of the reasons he has performed so well this summer. That shouldn’t change if he moves back to right guard.

CON #1 — What does it say about J’Marcus Webb?
He can’t win the right tackle job. He didn’t even appear to seriously compete at left tackle. And now with Germain Ifedi likely out, he might not even be trusted at right guard. This is quickly looking like the 2016 version of Cary Williams.

CON #2 — Loss of size and explosion
Britt is 6-6 and 325lbs. Next to Glowinski and Ifedi that was an intimidating and explosive trio. Joey Hunt was listed at 6-0 and 295lbs before the draft. He might’ve added weight — but it’s hard to add much more to a 6-0 frame. Seattle’s run game looked great in pre-season when the interior line was bossing defenders at the LOS. Hunt is more of a technician.

CON #3 — Oh, they’re playing Ndamukong Suh
This was always going to be a major test for Seattle’s new O-line. The feeling was if the interior holds up it won’t matter too much if the tackles Sowell and Gilliam struggle against Cameron Wake and Mario Williams. Can Hunt slow down Suh? Remember rookie J.R. Sweezy facing a baptism of fire against Darnell Dockett on debut? Hunt isn’t learning how to play offense like Sweezy — but could it be a similar rough start? How will he deal with knowing every time he snaps the ball — he’s battling Suh? Mentally can he deal with that, as well as physically?

The Seahawks’ roster is largely signed up for the long haul so they can pick and choose their target needs moving forward. This one injury proves, again, how light they are on the O-line. One injury to the right guard is leading to a major overhaul — with doubts already lingering at tackle.

It wouldn’t be a big shock if the Seahawks ‘do a Dallas’ and focus on the O-line for a series of drafts. Especially if they want to focus on protecting Russell Wilson and need better blocking in the post-Marshawn Lynch era.

With that in mind — here are some players to watch this weekend in college football:

Dan Feeney (G, Indiana)
The most impressive O-line performer on opening weekend, Feeney is powerful, adept at pulling, blocking at the second level and being physical at the POA. For more on Feeney click here. Indiana face Ball State on Saturday.

Adam Bisnowaty (T, Pittsburgh) & Dorian Johnson (G, Pittsburgh)
Both players looked strong teaming up vs Villanova at LT/LG and they have a much tougher match-up vs Penn State this weekend. Both are very physical but are also deceptively athletic. Pittsburgh dominated in the trenches last week and will likely continue to run to the left side this weekend.

David Sharpe (T, Florida)
In what looks like a generally weak tackle class in 2017, Florida’s LT has a chance to really boost his stock this year. The right side of the Gator’s line is a bit of a mess, which could make it hard to judge Sharpe if opponents focus on the right tackle (possibly true freshman Jawaan Taylor). Florida faces Kentucky on Saturday in one of the few intriguing games in an otherwise mediocre week two. Keep an eye on Kentucky’s Denzil Ware.


  1. line_hawk

    Not sure why they released Jahri Evans if they knew Webb was useless. This team can never get offensive line right. That after watching Okung last night play a solid game against a good defensive line.

    • Jack Laughing

      They reportedly had an offer on the table for Okung that was similar in overall money to what he ended up taking from Denver, but Okung went on the road thinking he could do better. The fact that he signed with Denver without counter-negotiating with Seattle implied to me that he didn’t really want to return to Seattle.

      Felt like they were never that enthusiastic about Evans. He practiced and played almost exclusively with the 2nd team. Still would have been nice to have him there for depth, but they chose to go a different direction.

    • Lewis

      Possible they hoped to resign him after the first game, so his contract wouldn’t be guaranteed (perhaps the same thing with Tukuafu).

  2. Jack Laughing

    I am assuming that *if* they do start Hunt at Center and Britt at Guard and that doesn’t work out, they could switch up to moving Britt back to Center with Webb at Guard for the 2nd half. I honestly don’t see why they’d want to start Hunt and move Britt. Hunt has had very little time with the 1st team offense in camp (from what I read) and Britt was so much better at Center than at Guard.

    I honestly wonder if @rapsheet was just plain wrong or purposely mislead? Carroll isn’t known for disinformation campaigns but he has played his cards close to the vest.

    • Jack Laughing

      Looks like Webb is only replacing Ifedi, and no other moves will be made. @rapsheet was wrong.

      • Rob Staton

        That has not been confirmed. Some members of the local media appear to be taken Webb’s assertion today that he’s starting as fact — Carroll was thoroughly non-committal.

  3. Darnell

    Dave Boling
    PeteCarroll: Webb at RG for Ifedi. #Seahawks

    • Darnell

      I should add (with the caveat that they’re highlights) Webb looks pretty good at RG in Latavious Murray/Derek Carr highlight compilations.

    • Rob Staton

      I watched the press conference and Carroll did not state Webb at RG for Ifedi. He was asked about Webb at RG and talked generally about his strengths if he plays there (eg experience at RG in Oakland). But he did not state Webb would be starting at RG.

      • Darnell

        Nor would he. There is no competitive advantage to revealing what the starting line is going to be. Either situation is merely speculative at this point.

        We didn’t know Bowie was getting a playoff start until it happened.

        To be clear, by no means am I critiquing the article; I appreciate the work.

        • C-Dog

          Yeah, I think there might be a bit of a strategic guessing game going, but honestly, if they feel Britt to guard and Hunt to center gives this the best interior OL, I’m good with it. I’m actually kinda intrigued to see how Hunt holds up. He’s not the big powerhouse Britt is, but I think he might have some legit game. Nemhauser at Hawkblogger noted at an early training camp practice that he pancaked Jarran Reed, who I don’t think is an easy guy to pancake.

  4. Lewis

    If they see Britt playing center going forward, he should stay there with Webb at RG. This causes the least disruption and allows Britt to continue developing at center, while putting what are presumably your five best (for now) on the field.

    A con of Hunt coming in that isn’t listed: if Hunt were to be injured, there’d have to be a larger shuffling on the line, since Britt would be the backup center.

  5. vrtkolman

    I am actually most excited about the fact that Pete said Ifedi had a twisted ankle and wasn’t even ruled out for this game. This was the first official word about the injury, and is MUCH MUCH better than a high ankle sprain which seemed to have been mis-reported.

  6. Nathan

    Gronk not playing Sunday.

    Another gift for the cardinals.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      if the game looks like a lost cause, just rest your guys. The chance of the Patriots beating the Cardinals in AZ was pretty remote, unless Brady was playing.

      • Volume12

        I wouldn’t put it past NE.

        QB Carson Palmer looked awful this preseason. Yes, it was just preseason, but when you factor in his age,it’s not out of the realm of possibility that his play drops off dramatically.

        • C-Dog

          Definitely possible, especially after another poor playoff outing. That’s why I think this tea went crazy in the offseason towin now.

        • Steele

          NE is without Gronk, T Nate Solder, and others. Their chances are not good.

          But if Belichick comes up with one of his better game plans, they could sneak by with a win.

          • CharlieTheUnicorn

            I just don’t see it, unless there was a major injury to Palmer. Even then, the Cardinals defense can hold the Patriots under 20 points.

  7. DC

    If Seattle is not selecting a front 7 defender with pass rush abilities with their first pick I would love G Dan Feeney as the selection.

    T Fant, Gilliam
    T/G Ifedi, Odhiambo
    G Glowinski, Feeney
    C Britt, Hunt

    • RealRhino2

      I think it’s time to add an edge rusher in R1, myself. Or even (gasp!) a CB is we are still looking for a piece opposite Sherman. Some guys with good length seem to be out there. Add an interior guy (kicking Ifedi out to RT) or a RT later in the draft. My 2 cents.

      • Rob Staton

        Let’s see how Frank Clark performs in 2016. Not many teams have three really good edge rushers. That could be the case in SEA with Bennett, Avril and Clark all under contract.

        • Volume12

          I can only think of one team. Denver.

          Miller, Ware, Ray, and Barrett.

        • cha

          “could be the case in SEA with Bennett, Avril and Clark all under contract.”

          Bennett is signed through 2017 and Avril through 2018. I’d love for the Hawks to extend one, both, or find another bargain FA rusher like Bennett and Avril.

          But I’d think practicality would demand they take a strong look at pass rusher early in the 2017 draft to have him ready to contribute in 2018. Assuming they don’t have to reach, the board falls their way, etc.

          • Volume12

            Or do they go O-line, pass rusher next, an offensive skill player in round 3 whether that be WR,TE,RB. And then in round 4 grab a LB and CB or vice versa?

            • cha

              I hope not RB. I mean, if they have to, they have to. But that means Rawls, Prosise and Collins are either seriously hurt or the Hawks don’t think they can do the job. I’d be happy if the Hawks just waived through the RB draft class and signed a couple UDFA’s to duke it out for the 4th spot.

              Depending on this year the Hawks might have the continue investing heavily in the OL, be it in high draft capital or signing a mid-range free agent.

              • Volume12


                Let’s see if Rawls can remain healthy for more than 9 games, something he never did in college.

                Let’s see how if C-Mike can be consistent for a whole year and it’s possible he leaves in FA.

                And with PC saying they are now a RBBC, something we knee they we would do after Lynch, they’ll always carry 4 RBs.

                I don’t think Prosise is a 2. More of a specialized role.

                • cha

                  That’s why I qualified it with…”But that means Rawls, Prosise and Collins are either seriously hurt or the Hawks don’t think they can do the job.”

                  • Volume12

                    Ha. Yeah I missed the part when you said ‘seriously hurt.’ My apologies.

                • monkey

                  Well, I have to somewhat disagree with your last sentence. I mean, for right now, I agree he’s a specialized role player, he’s a third down/2 minute drill back at the moment…but going forward, he could possibly be FAR more than that.
                  If David Johnson gets Cardinals fans, and fantasy footballers all excited, then imagine what Procise would do if he became the starter!
                  And he most certainly could be down the road.
                  After this season, if Michael goes somewhere else (I expect he will actually), then Procise is Rawls #2. If anything adverse were to happen to Rawls, or for whatever reason his play just suddenly fell off (bloody unlikely! Rawls da man!) then I could definitely see Procise becoming the every down starter and doing very well.
                  He has the speed, size, power, and obviously, the hands, and all the things that make him valuable as the third down back.
                  Like I said, David Johnson has nothing on Procise. Procise could be every bit the RB1 that Johnson is!

                • Del tre

                  Let’s also see if Michael can handle that workload he is just as if not more injury prone once he actually gets reps.

          • Rob Staton

            That is certainly plausible. I do think a couple of things are worth noting too:

            — The FO’s great success in finding value in the veteran DE/EDGE market
            — The possible extreme need to keep adding to the OL

            Ultimately if there’s an insane athlete with length on the OL or DL they will always be considered by this FO.

            • CharlieTheUnicorn

              Concur with Rob. If there is a “unique” athlete on the OL or DL and they fall into the Seahawks lap…. they will grab him.

        • RealRhino2

          Get what you are saying, but both Avril and Bennett will be over 30 next year, right? I just worry about having a guy ready to step in, first as a rotation guy in 2017, then as a potential #1 in 2018 as those guys decline.

          And to be honest, I feel a lot better about our chances of picking the right guy at DE than I do at OL.

          • Rob Staton

            Bennett is 31 in November.
            Avril is 31 next April.

    • El GRingo

      I’d like to see us go back to trading down out of the 1st round. I don’t like paying rookies that much when we have journeymen we trust that could use small pay raises in the coming years.

  8. nichansen01

    I really hope webb gets the start over Britt and Hunt. Webb is massive and played better… far better… at right guard last year than britt did at left guard. Hunt is tiny. Hunt is none of that… just a solid smart college player who’s lack of size makes his chances of being a successful NFL center rather slim.

    Britt was supposed to be this huge revelation at center with his size, explosion, knowledge and experience. Giving up on all that just to start Britt over Webb, when Webb is a better guard, makes absolutely zero sense to me. I’ll lose the little faith I had left in this team’s ability to evaluate offensive linemen if I don’t see Webb lining up with the starters come Sunday.

    Think of it.

    Sowell (6’7) Glowinski (6’4) Britt (6’6) Webb (6’7) Gilliam (6’6)

    That is a massive line. Dear Pete Carroll, please start these guys instead of forcing us to suffer through having to watch Justin Britt try to play Guard again. He’s a center.

    • C-Dog

      The word I keep hearing about Webb is that he is a better tackle than guard which is why they wanted to give Him a shot at RT. But he got dinged up and lost too much time to really compete for it. They may still keep Britt at center and try Webb at guard, but what if they actually really like Hunt at center and Think Britt is the better option at guard? Robbie Tobeck was not a big guy at center but played pretty well in the league. He was a tough tactician, maybe that’s Hunt’s ceiling.

  9. J

    Its a bit tough on Webb. I think if he hadn’t been hurt he would be a starter. He looked like a serviceable LT in the limited snaps I saw and good at RT. Was really impressed with his run blocking.

    IMO the Britt to guard thing is gamesmanship. I don’t know why you would sub in the size limited Hunt. Plus Britt has looked so good at center – why mess with that.

    I would be really surprised if they rolled with Hunt.

  10. Volume12

    Seattle is going to do a demonstration of unity. Not protest.

    Apparently the NYPD was in town.

    Sheil Kapadia said when he found out what they’re doing it almost brought him to tears.


    • nichansen01

      I am looking forward to seeing what they do. It is a shame how so many “fans” have turned on the seahawks before even seeing what the demonstration is at all.

      Inviting the NYPD and NYFD into town to watch practice was a cool move. I am sure Baldwin and the rest of the hawks will nail this.

      • Volume12

        Oops. I guess Baldwin said that, not Sheil.

        And according to ‘howeva’ aka Stephen A. Smith, Seattle is gonna lock an arm in black player white player order. Or an all lives matter.

        But, let’s wait and see. I’m wondering if they’re gonna lock arm an arm with the NYPD and NYFD?

        • C-Dog

          Man, I really hope this is the case. Go Hawks.

  11. Volume12

    So, Bucky Brooks gives us some tips here guys.

    Why does Seattle not care about 1st round picks so much? PC said there’s a commonality between them and UDFAs. They both will have the same learning curve upon entering the NFL.

    According to one Seattle scout, ‘too many teams want the polished prospect without flaws. PC is willing to coach and develop knowing it takes a few years for most guys lights to turn on.

    And while this isn’t breaking news, just something to keep in mind and interesting nonetheless. He has guidelines for every position, but these are his values for all positions.

    PC wants talent that is versatile and has positional flexibility.
    Favors instincts and awareness over pure intelligence
    And will take chances on ‘character risks, ‘misfits,’ ‘castoffs,’ if he can get a good feel for their background.

  12. cha

    Not sure if this has been posted but just a brief nugget from

    “Seattle has been dramatically reshaping its offensive line, and among the new faces are two CFAs, Bradley Sowell and J’Marcus Webb. However, should the Seahawks change their mind on either of them, cutting each one of them before Week 10 would free up 6th round comp picks for Brandon Mebane and/or Russell Okung.”

  13. Steele

    I was not a fan of the Webb signing and he could be this season’s Cary Williams. He was poor to mediocre for the Raiders, and I watched a lot of Raiders. (Forget the highlights.They were glad to dump him.)

    Hunt concerns me. I am haunted by that horrible bad snap/fumble. And he hasn’t exactly shown a lot so far.

    The Dolphins are pretty scary. Not a good time to lose Ifedi.

    • C-Dog

      He was one of the pro football focuses’ top rated OL iduring the preseason, though. Seattle was wearing down defenses with their run game in the second half of games when he as in there and he showed well in pass pro.

      • Rob Staton

        It’s also worth noting Hunt was facing second and third stringers.

        • lil'stink

          Also, not sure if Hunt ever lined up with Wilson in an actual preseason game. Not sure how much that matters, but if it’s your first game as a pro and you have arguably the nastiest DT in the league right across from you… Webb might not be the ideal replacement but it seems like putting him in there could be the move that is the least disruptive to the line.

        • C-Dog

          Absolutely worth noting, but that performance was top level against them in terms of PFF. The more this sits with me, I think I am leaning more towards letting him play center and shifting Britt to guard. Suh is a beast, no doubt, but he’s one player. If they think he can handle himself out there, I kinda think that’s a plus for the team.

  14. D-OZ

    Worth noting here, we have two starting TE’s who’s contract’s are up at next year. Good year for TE’s in 2017 draft. I am sure we will be taking one early.

    • Rob Staton

      Willson’s contract is up — Williams possibly won’t be a difficult re-sign.

      Graham and Nick Vannett are contracted though.

      • The Hawk is Howling

        I have a feeling Luke willson will want more playing time and sign elsewhere. I may be wrong? I like Nick Vannett and Brandon Williams so we shall sed how this all works out!

        Go Hawks!

      • D-OZ

        I thought Graham had two years left on his contract when they traded for him. was there an option year? And wasn’t it for around 10,mill-per year?

        • D-OZ

          On research, JG will receive a 2 mill. dollar roster bonus if he is still on the team the 3rd day of the start of the 2017 league year. the final year of his contract. I stand corrected!!!

  15. Ukhawk

    Watched David Sharpe vs Charles Harris from ’15. Like his size and length at 6’6 350 and he moves ok but his technique needs a lot of work. Kickslide looks ok but he lunges and is very susceptible to a double move. With only 13 career starts he may improve. However the state of the Florida offense makes it a tough evaluation; they were one of the worst teams for sacks, pressures and rushing yardage last season, they are a pass first offense, and many times line up in a 2 point stance. They could look past some of these things with Ifedi but I just don’t see the same nastiness nor aggression in Sharpes play so it would be a very sketchy projection IMO.

  16. JimQ

    Hunt was originally listed on the Seahawks roster as 6-0, 299. Must have been a typo as the roster has been changed and currently lists Hunt as 6-2, 299.

    Per pro-day results at: … 6&genpos=C
    Hunt is 6-016 which equals 6′—1-3/4″ and 299-lbs.
    + he did 34 bench reps, so he’s pretty strong too. Arm length = who knows. Tape shows that Hunt uses leverage & his strength very well plus he seems very agile with good feet as well.

    So he’s not necessarily as short or small as some seem to think. If he can handle Suh, It’ll show that his size may not be a big concern and a new starting OC may have been found.

    • Volume12

      Arm me length was 31″ IIRC. Shorter arms lead to more reps.

      The NFL just like the NBA always exaggerates height and weight.

      No one is gonna have me believe that Mebane was 310-315 or Lynch was 218. That’s just hilarious.

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