Week 2 CFB open thread

I’m working at the Gennady Golovkin vs Kell Brook fight in London today so won’t be able to watch any college football until Monday (wedding anniversary tomorrow). Expect some thoughts in the week (plus instant reaction to the Seahawks/Dolphins game on Sunday).

In the meantime here’s an open thread for today’s games. Tell us which game you’re watching and which draft prospects stood out.


  1. Mike Granat

    Happy Anniversary! Celebrated our 38th yesterday, married Ryde, Isle of Wight. Go Hawks!

  2. Daniel Bryan

    Rob’s wedding anniversary?!

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

    • Volume12

      Dude, is this the real Daniel Bryan?

      Can we put the strap on AJ Styles tommorow night? Please? ?

  3. Aaron

    UFC vs. Mich.

    Jake Butt has had a few nice catches today. Definitely a pass catching TE to watch.
    Jabrill Peppers looks like a special athlete. Still months away from knowing arm length tho. He had a nice punt return.

    • Volume12

      Peppers is a special athlete.

      He’s gonna be a top 10 pick, and is my selection for dude that’ll blow the roof off the combine.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        The last time a guy named Peppers came into the league…… freak

  4. Volume12

    Rob, it’s kinda the perfect weekend for what you got going on today. It’s a brutal schedule CFB wise. Boring games so far, although Pitt might have the best left side on the O-line in the country.

    Next weekend is loaded! FWIW.

    Florida St vs L’ville (QB Lamar Jackson for the Heisman?)
    Pitt vs OK St.
    ‘Bama vs Ole Miss
    Oregon vs Nebraska
    Texas A&M vs Auburn
    Miss St vs LSU
    Georgia vs Mizzou
    Michigan St vs ND
    Ohio St vs Oklahoma
    USC vs Stanford

  5. The Hawk is Howling

    Happy Wedding Anniversary Robbie! You’re the Best M8!

    Today is go Dawgs!


    Go Hawks!

    • The Hawk is Howling

      I understand that tomorrow is your anniversary. I’ll wish you happy day again tomorrow man. You’re wife is part of this community since she let’s you have your hobby with this awesome blog!

      Thanks again

  6. Volume12

    Got my eye on a few games right now. Or the noon games.

    Utah St RB Devante Mays- NFL level athleticism, such a physical and tough runner, great balance, highly overlooked.

    W.Kentucky WR Taywan Taylor- explosive, big time production, deep threat, route running, alpha dog like mentality

    Tulsa WR Keevan Lucas- Great COD skills, battled injuries, lost his mom in HS and then his grandma helped raise him, then she passes away some 5-6 months later. Another productive guy,tough, gritty, underrated

    Florida DT Joey Ivie- outstanding technique, great burst, enough speed and athleticism to make backside pursuit plays away from the LOS. Powerful, smart, disciplined, interior pass rusher, his motor and hands never stop.

    Ohio St CB Gareon Conley- size, length, not afraid nor hesitant to come up and play the run. Huge upside, ball skills, just a playmaker.

    And Rob’s guy, Kentucky EDGE Denzil Ware has already flashed. Appears to also be a playmaker.

    • Volume12


      When I get a chance I’ll post the Joey Ivie tape from last year vs E.Carolina. Exciting prospect.

      And he manhandled top 20 pick C Ryan Kelly quite a few times last year too. Not to mention, didn’t get knocked back or ran over when playing the run against RB Derrick Henry. Stoned him. He hardly ever gets pushed back or blown off the LOS. Good anchor.

      • Volume12

        This LB from Florida, Alex Anzalone? Keep an eye on him.

        240 lbs., and said to be one of, if not the most athletic LB in the SEC.

      • C-Dog

        Ivey is pretty interesting. I’ve been mocking him to Seattle in R4 a few times, but he might end up being a much higher round pick next spring.

  7. C-Dog

    Dan Feeney is a stud. Both the Pitt guys looked good as well. I can totally see Seattle mimicking last year’s draft, going OL R1, and then maybe taking advantage of the edge and corner depth of this class afterwards.

    • Volume12

      Yes he is. He’s an ideal modern day guard.

      todaypigskin.com mocked Feeney to us in his 1st round mock.

      • C-Dog

        As much as I’m wanting Ifedi to stay at guard, I see the logic getting a guy like Feeney R1. I think you’re right about Pitt’s Johnson, too. I kept noticing him throughout the Penn St game. Good looking player clearing and sealing out.

        • Volume12

          Him and Bisnowaty. IDK why but it seems like Johnson should be an OT.

          Yeah his ability to turn and seal his man in the hole away from the play is excellent.

      • Coleslaw

        I would love Feeney but there’s something so sexy about a keleche osemele type guard in Ifedi.

        • C-Dog

          I agree with that.

  8. Volume12

    Hmmm… JS is personally scouting the Udub vs Idaho game. Yes siruh!

    Last year he personally scouted, that I know of, Ohio St. and we drafted a Buckeye.

    LB’s Azeem Victor or Keishawn Bierria?

    CB’s Sidney Jones or Kevin King?

    WRs John Ross or Darrell Daniels?

    DB Budda Baker?

    My guess? Jones or one of the LBs.

    • Volume12

      This Vita Vea, DT from Udub, is a monster! Such a superior prospect to Danby Shelton.

      He has a chance to be the next Dontari Poe.

      • C-Dog

        I was just going to post about him. This kid looks like a stud in the making.

        Love Sidney Jones, King, Victor for the Hawks. Gotta say, people will wince because we already have Earl, but I’m a big time Budda Baker fan.

        • C-Dog

          Greg Gaines has been plenty active too

          • Volume12

            Gaines seems like someone Seattle would target in UDFA, and he’d end up a stud for us.

            Love me some Budda. We could use him in 3 safety sets with Bam Bam down in the box, or put Budda in the slot.

            There’s something very ‘Seahawky’ about CB Sidney Jones the more I watch and think about him. I can’t figure out who he reminds me of. It’s right on the tip of my tongue too.

            • C-Dog

              I notice that same Seahawky thing with Jones. I think it’s that He’s got an aggressive style, handsy, really good open field tackler for a corner. Good in coverage. King kinda has that Sherman/Simon thing, but I just like the attitude style of Jones.

              Budda in the slot is what I’m thinking for sure, and getting creative with 3 safeties. Just a really great athlete, instinctive. Not sure Seattle would take him, but it wouldn’t shock me. Just a really good football player.

              • Volume12

                Yeah, your probably right.

                It’s gotta be either Jones, King, Victor, or Bierria.

                Maybe WR Dante Pettis as an UDFA?

                It wouldn’t surprise me to see them draft a Udub prospect and add one as an UDFA.

                Rumor was, Seattle would’ve taken CB Bradley Roby in round 1, but he went one pick before, and we traded outta the 1st.

                • The Hawk is Howling

                  Hey Vol. Thinking of you today my Seahawks friend. Time really Heals all wounds emotionaly and physically. I care about you M8 and I really say that whole heartedly!

                  Love you My Man!

                  We should all try and get to a game together at some point!

                  Go Hawks!

                  • Volume12

                    Thank you Cragie. You’ve become one of my go to guys on this site. Was it you that said there would be a new star in the sky last night? It was true. ?

                    It really is an awesome, unbelievable community Rob has assembled here. It’s like a brotherhood.

                    Dude, that would be so cool. SDB at the Clink? I’m game. Man that would be sweet!

            • nichansen01

              Jones is slender but a ferocious tackler. I like him a lot and agree… Very very Seahawky.

              • nichansen01

                Jones was the one who tackles the returner who fumbled at the start of the uw game today.

                • C-Dog

                  I thought that was Budda. Jones had that superb open field tackle of the ball carrier, I think either for a lose or at the line of scrimmage. Total Hawk tackle.

  9. Volume12

    Look at Arkansas OT Dan Skipper!

    On the move and got lower than the defender at 6’9-6’10?

    Arkansas WR Drew Morgan is a tough, gritty UDFA type receiver. Could be a steal as a 5th wide out for someone.

    • C-Dog

      Not going to be able to watch this game, but please post tidbits. Really interested in Skipper, Sprinkle, Wise Jr and my boy Carraway. Go Hawks!

      • Volume12

        No doubt. You know I will C-Dog.

        Carraway has already made a huge sack and another splash play.

        Kenny, agreed about Skipper. Me and C-Dog were saying the same thing. If he can learn to play with proper leverage, and it could be hard at that height, he’s one of the most unique prospects in CFB.

        Pittsburgh LT Alejandro Villanueva has transitioned to the pros and I believe he’s 6’9.

        Arkansas is using Skipper like Auburn used Shon Coleman last year. Moving him to and from LT-RT and lining him up at TE when they go with their jumbo package.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Dan Skipper had some ugly whiffs in the tape of him I saw last year.

      Sure hope he can maintain that leverage! He could be a stud

      • Volume12

        Arkansas LB Brooks Ellis is a man possessed. This kid can play some ball. Very exciting. Also has ST’s demon written all over him.

        • Volume12

          C-Dog, alright man. You’ve officially got me on the EDGE Josh Carraway bandwagon. Explosive and long man.

          Him and OT Dan Skipper are going at it! Fun battle. Both play with some nasty.

          • C-Dog


  10. Ishmael

    Pretty brutal lineup of games, nothing I’m really feeling.

    Watching Arkansas vs TCU now, Probably switch to the LSU game to watch some Fournette when it’s on. Anyone in particular I should be looking out for?

    • Volume12

      Fournette is out. Not playing.

      Keep an eye on WR/TE Bucky Hodges for VA-Tech.

      • The Hawk is Howling

        Bummer! They should do it like they do in the NBA. One year of College and If you’re good enough you can be drafted. Especially for the Running Backs this would only be fair!

        Fournette would making 5 million plus this year if that rule change was implemented.

        Not fair to people like him because football players get hurt all the time.

        Go Hawks

        • Volume12

          Ishmael, some more namnes here.

          WR Isaiah Ford , CB Brandon Facyson for VA-Tech too.

          Tennessee CB Can Sutton

          Oregon WR Darren Carrington, OT Tyrrell Crosby, RB Royce Freeman

          Boise St LB Tanner Vallejo.

          Those are tonight’s game. Turn on the Arkansas vs TCU game on ESPN. Seahawks are scouting this one.

          • DC

            This TCU Arkansas game is crazy. TE Sprinkle with a good TD catch. Skipper with a field goal block. QB Kenny Hill is a playmaker.

          • David M2

            Hogs vs. Frogs

          • Ishmael

            Cheers man, really appreciate it.

            I don’t watch much college football, always feels a bit light to me, but I enjoy watching the talent coming through.

  11. Gray

    Another year, another solid UF defense

  12. The Hawk is Howling

    Zipidy doo Da zipidy A !

    My oh my, the Husky’s killed today!

    Plenty of Sunshine for U of Dawg Football today!

    Zipidy do da

    We’ll kill it in the playoff’s championship game against

    The U of A(labama)!

    • David M2

      Being a Husky fan Thy Howling Hawk Man,

      I’m sure you’ll appreciate this. It was from the comments section of this article written by Jim Moore who went to Wazzu.


      jmcipale is questioning Moore’s inconsistency of what he was saying in his article contrary to what Moore was saying on the radio. MattPoop’s reply is genius….


      hey moore…

      You report how much better the o-line is on radio then you spew this crap-load of nonsense? What is it?

      4 days ago

      @jmcipale Jim Moore, proving that inconsistency is a hallmark of being a WSU Cougar.

      • The Hawk is Howling

        Shit I don’t know about Jim Mora? He is angry, I am Happy and positive. I wish him well! I want all to be happy always.

        I never attended the University of Washington
        I Wish I have, and some day I shall.

        My Mum’s a U-Dub graduate and have been cheering since the Late 80’s Don James era! More like early 90’s but not “Mora” because that never happened.

        Go Dawgs!

        Go HAWKS!

        • David M2

          Jim Moore not Jim Mora my man. Jim Moore who I was discussing in my reply is a writer for the Seattle PI. Jim Mora of course is a former Seahawks coach and current coach of the UCLA Bruins. Just to clarify.

          • The Hawk is Howling

            Oh oopsy. I’ll check that article out! I feel silly I was a bit tipsy. Cheers

            • The Hawk is Howling

              DavidM2 I just read the article and it’s just talk. I’ve been following the Hawks along time and I know how lucky we are to have such an awesome team. People going to write negative write-ups about something. I ain’t worried, Hell yeah!

              Go Hawks!

  13. nichansen01

    Texas tech has a flat out awful defense. But there quarterback Mahomes is one to keep an eye on. Arizona state running back Kalen Ballage tied the cfb single game rushing touchdown record with 7. 6-3 tailback.

    • nichansen01

      Ballage also caught a TD pass. 8 total on the day.

      • Volume12

        That Ballage kid is freaky.

        Another really good looking RB is App St’s Marcus Cox.

  14. Volume12

    Oregon RB Royce Freeman with a huge game tonight. 21 rushes, 207 yds, 2 TDs

    Would like to we him finish more runs with physicality, but he deserves more love. Another, less athletic version of RB Johnathan Stewart.

    • Volume12

      You know who else impressed me today? Looked quicker and obviously slimmer.

      Pitt RB James Conner. Not only way is he talented, how could you not root for him wherever he ends up.

      • nichansen01

        What are your thoughts on San Diego Sate’s running back Donnel Pumphrey? Rushed for 281 yards and 3 tds tonight against cal. Hugely productive sophomore and junior seasons.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          What about Kalen Ballage from ASU? Productive in passing and rushing situations. He has some nice numbers already. Only knock is he is 6’3″ 230….. but maybe he could transition to a FB/TE type of player in the NFL.

          • Volume12

            How is being 6’3, 230 lbs a knock? This is 2016. All that ‘he runs too high, he’s too big.’ That don’t exist. It’s not about running high. That is the most overrated, looking to poke holes in a backs game there is. It’s all about pad level. Not that your saying that.

            Have you seen Tennessee RB Derrick Henry in the NFL? Stud.

            Ballard has breakaway speed, balance, and good pad level. When you combine the traits, skill sets, and size that guys like Ballage and Henry have? That’s almost impossible to find.

        • Volume12

          3rd down back. He’s small, but runs tough.

  15. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Has Jake Browning shown enough to be considered a top 15 pick for the NFL draft in 2018 ?
    He had a 63% completion percentage last year and has right around 75% so far this year…. that is precision that the NFL covets. The kid has looked like money since HS….. he might be the next “great one”.

    • C-Dog

      He’s looking really good, but let’s see how he does against top competition. Top 15 right now seems like a stretch, but he is showing good awareness, decent arm strength, and better athleticism than I think folks thought he would have. Looks like a west coast QB.

      • Volume12

        Alot of good young QBs.

        Still wouldn’t take Browning over L’ville’s QB Lamar Jackson. That kid is changing the way CFB is played.

        Florida St’s DeAndre Francois, Texas Shane Buechle, ‘Bama’s Jalen Hurts, and of course Browning.

        UCLA QB Josh Rosen has future bust written all over him IMO.

  16. D-OZ

    He looks way more at ease this year. the game looks to be slowing down for him. Nice tempo throughout.

  17. Vista

    This was suprising

  18. The Hawk is Howling

    That 3rd down pass for a 1st Down completion to CJ Prosise was nice!

    Go Hawks!

    • Volume12

      Yup. That’s gonna be his money play.

      I like how they’re using him as an offensive weapon. Lined up out wide, in the slot, backfield, and then when they start to motion him into the backfield will make him even more dangerous.

  19. The Hawk is Howling

    I think our O-line is holding up fairly well against a stout Dolphins front seven! Sowell and others have had a few holds but hey its Football and that stuff just happens.

    Good news is Pete Carroll teams know how to adjust their game plan and Kick major Lasor ass in the second half!

    Whoo hoo

    Go Hawks!

  20. Volume12

    OT Bradley Rowell is awful!

    Wasn’t worried about the guard play even with Webb in. My concerns, and they still are, the OT’s. Gilliam not so much as I think he’s still coming into his own.

    BTW, that opening drive for Miami it was 3rd & 5. What the hell was that hybrid front from Seattle? Or was it? Might have to go back and make sure. But, I’m pretty confident it was NASCAR package, but they stood Frank Clark up, had Avril in a wide 9, and brought KJ as a stand-up blitzed over the C and LG. That was dope! More looks like that please.

    • Volume12


      It wasn’t NASCAR. They had Bennett and Reed I believe pinched at strong side DE. Avril in a wide,wide 9. Clark stood up at DT, and they brought KJ down as a blitzer lined up over the B gap. Good stuff. Great look.

  21. The Hawk is Howling

    The fact Kenny Stills dropped that sure touchdown reminds us all that Karma is a bitch.

    You want to take a stand well you can’t kneel to take a stand. Kenny Stills was one of the Dolphins that kneeled during the national anthem.

    It’s cool and I respect those who are true to their beliefs and their stance on very important matters in life.

    Just kind of a coincidence that he dropped the sure thing touchdown. Maybe if he would have stood he would have scored because any action we take changes the course of our reality and Future.

    Anyway, I believe our freedom gives us the opportunity to make those choices and respect all who do so!

    Go Hawks !

  22. Volume12

    Uh oh! Nooo ?

  23. The Hawk is Howling

    Russ will be okay doesn’t look serious his ankle just needs a little time to recover from getting tweaked.

    Go Hawks!

    • Volume12

      What was that call on 4th & inches?

      I hope he’s OK, but he needs the flexion in his ankles more than probably any other QB.

  24. Volume12

    BTW, Prosise is hurt again.

    This dude is gonna be an 8-10 game guy every year with only certain packages for him.

    • The Hawk is Howling

      Seriously? We’ll let’s try to stay positive Vol!

      Injuries are just part of the game.

      • The Hawk is Howling

        When I said seriously I meant Prosise got hurt? Not trying to be a jerk, though you know that! We all good!

        Go Hawks!

  25. rowdy

    Offensive coaching is killing us and the oline is as bad as ever

    • Volume12

      Yup. Penalties too. Our OT’s just aren’t very good.

  26. The Hawk is Howling

    Oh yeah I just remembered!

    Happy Anniversary to you Rob Staton!
    You are very fun to read and follow!

    May your day be full of fun!

    Go Hawks!

  27. Volume12

    Cash Money! $$

    ST’s demon man.

  28. rowdy

    I think Boykins is are best chance at scoring.

  29. Volume12

    Cassius Marsh is a stud!

    This defense is back to being lit!

    Love games like this. What a tough, gritty win. RW has got ice water in his veins. He shouldn’t have been there.

  30. Forrest

    This team consistently produces heart attack finishes, and I love it for some reason! ?

    This game was a slugfest, nothing looked great on offense, but nothing really looked that bad either. Defense looks godly…except for those ET whiffs, those were strange. Hopefully the injuries are minimal. 1-0! Go Hawks!

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