KJR radio appearance (19th Dec) with Puck & Jim

Earlier today I was invited onto KJR again to discuss the Seahawks with Puck & Jim.

Have a listen below…


  1. Peter

    Great segment. Would love to see this continue.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you — appreciate the feedback.

  2. z$

    Great hit. Informative, enjoyable, and well reasoned!

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you!

  3. geoff u

    I really don’t get why Seattle doesn’t have a deal in place when they trade for players. they always get held over a barrel later.

  4. Red

    Love you getting some more local (Seattle Local) airwave time Rob. As always great work!

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you!

  5. BK26

    Haven’t listened to the segment yet, but just read: Will Howard transferring to USC?

    That…seems like a really, really bad move….

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s a great move. Things might’ve collapsed a bit last season but Lincoln Riley is a Heisman and high draft pick machine at QB. Great opportunity for Howard to propel his stock.

      • BK26

        I guess I don’t have faith in how much better he will make Howard. Seems like he’d have been better in a pro-style offense.

        It will definitely help his draft stock.

  6. BobbyK

    Leonard Williams was a stud last night but I’ve seen this broken record before. Don’t be the team who hands out massive third contracts to players unless they’re generational talents (or they are reasonable deals and not of the “pay the man” variety).

    I don’t think the Seahawks need Leonard Williams in ’24 to be a mediocre team with a rookie starting QB. They aren’t winning the Super Bowl anyway. They aren’t even beating the 49ers or Rams in their division (with or without Williams).

    Get younger and go through the growing pains properly. No more band-aids for bigger issues. He’ll be 30 before next season starts – which makes trading a 2nd rounder even dumber. Don’t compound one mistake for another. 30-years old don’t improve, especially when they aren’t playing for a contract.

    If anything, cut some of the fat (salary cap) and take the hit in ’24 while being properly set up to try to seriously competing again in ’25 and especially ’26.

    While they are at it… get rid of Jamal, Diggs, etc. Let Witherspoon lead the new era on Defense, though I’m cool bringing Wagner back on a 1-year and minimal deal (if he’d agree to it) on the promise that he’s not allowed on the field in third-and-long situations anymore.

    I enjoyed that final drive but, at the same time, I’ve said several times they are going to win 3 of the last 4 and we’re going to be stuck with the stupidity of thinking we’re “right there.”

    We’re not and we know it. The 49ers put us in our place twice. The second shellacking looked respectable on the scoreboard (more crap for Pete to spew about our being “close”) but the reality is/was we were clearly outclassed by the 49ers both times. And it’s really not even close (unless Bosa, Williams, CMC, Deebo, and Purdy all suffer season ending injuries).

    My bar is winning a Super Bowl. Not trying to get a little better that what is still not good enough to hoist a Lombardi.

    • BobbyK

      The two best teams in the NFL are the 49ers and Ravens. The Seahawks have played each team. They are 0-3 against the Class of the NFL and have been outscored 96-32. That’s all we need to know.

    • Big Mike

      Agree with a good portion of what you said Bobby. I’m on the fence about Williams based on what you said but also based on how well he plays. It is past time to cut the fat that is for sure. I definitely disagree about Wagner however, it’s time for him to retire.

    • Justaguy

      It says a lot about the inability of this franchise to bring in free agent defensive lineman if they are forcing themselves into overpaying by extraordinary measures mid season for a difference making player at the position. Maybe the culture has something to do with free agents taking lesser deals to play elsewhere. Williams is not going to be the player this franchise is paying for but setting a precedent that they will pay for results is not a bad thing especially when contending for a championship is still way the fuck out on the horizon.

    • ukalex6674

      30 years old don’t improve.

      But they can bring a high level of consistent play to any team, especially useful wit a younger roster.

      And they will need this next year if Wagner doesn’t come back.

      I’ve said it before- younger doesn’t always = better.

      There has to be a balance.

    • A-ok

      The defense played with more discipline vs the Eagles, they looked less volatile and likely to collapse. They still aren’t a great defense, but they aren’t “bad” when they do their jobs (which is a great baseline for next yr)

      The offense has all the fancy tools but no chef. We ain’t cooking. Draft a QB, simplify the scheme (unload extra “weapons”) and RUN THE DAMN BALL!

      We won’t get better by getting younger. We’re already VERY young, we have over 20 players on rookie contracts. We need to replace some of our vets with new vets. I think Julian Love has what it takes to play well, he just wasn’t in position in this system, but he showed last game he’s one of the few players like Witherspoon who wants it and will go get it.

      Same reason we need to keep Williams, he’s getting at it. He’s making things happen because he wants it.

      DK got his head right last game and did his job, when we needed him he made plays when it counted most.

      I really think the contracts they deployed with Love and Reed are the exact kind of vet contracts they need to rock with as they search for who can fill the holes. They have an easy out after the first year, and an affordable year 2 if they play well.

      We should always keep an eye out for a young DL, or a low-cost vet-run stuffer for the rotation but otherwise, with a new scheme, I think we have the makings of a solid DL.

      We can improve over the middle, I dont have answers, I think we just need to take shots.

      Our secondary just needs to be healthy, it feels like every time someone starts ballin they get injured and arent the same when they come back. Its a tough gig.

      I don’t think we’re as far away from competing with the top as some think. It’s just whether we can find a few more pieces and if we can gel.

      The core talent is there, the execution is not.

      • Rob Staton

        I thought the defense was fairly bad with the exception of a couple of key performances

        They gave up +170 rushing yards and the Eagles look broken

        • cha

          I’m struggling with anyone that thinks the Seahawks were much better Monday than they were in the 4-game losing streak.

          It seemed clear to me that they were “less worse” than the Eagles.

          Philly looked disjointed and made several dumb decisions at key times. Jason Kelce false start, Jalen Hurts’ two deep passes, passing when running was critically important and the Seahawks weren’t stopping Swift, etc etc etc.

          • geoff u

            So they turned into the Seahawks? And we basically just barely won against ourselves at home?

          • Elmer

            It seemed to me that they were better at SS with Julian Love in the game. Yes, a win is good but they have the same issues.

          • BK26

            Game was over and my thought was “lipstick on a pig.”

        • A-ok

          Sure, but they also had their 2nd lowest pass total of the season too. I mean, 82yds rushing was Jalen Hurts and most was scrambling because no throws were open. On a few of them he barely escaped the DL.

          I think the defense was definitely playing better than in previous games because they weren’t giving up the same big play after big play. Swift’s longest run of the day was 11yds and they had no passes over 20 yards all day. When they tried J Love picked em off.

          And I want to point out since you mentioned it in the stream, Hurts didn’t throw into double coverage on the last play, Love was at midfield when the ball was released.

          But, I dont say this because I believe the defense is really good, they are middling, but they were more stable and did their jobs much more consistently than in previous weeks. They played much much more calmly.

          They still made mistakes and missed some opportunities.

          Also every single team this year has looked bad for stretches. 49ers 3 game losing streak, the Chiefs have looked lost at times, the Bills, the Cowboys are top D and let the hawks put up 35. The Ravens lost to the Colts and Steelers early on.

          We went toe to toe with the Cowboys, beat the Eagles and Lions, and were in the game with the 49ers until we let big plays beat us. The AFC isn’t really any better than those 4 NFC clubs.

          I still think we need to move on from our coordinators, clean up the roster, draft a QB, and move forward because we’re definitely not there yet, but I also don’t think we are that far away if we can snag a QB and another player or two on Defense.

          • A-ok

            Also to add before everyone screams about it.

            I’m ok if this means we move forward without Pete. I love the guy, I think he’s done an incredible job but they didn’t clean up and gel in the second half of the season as they have in past years, and that is about them buying into the coaching. The eagles game wa sa very different attitude, the noise was gone and whether thats because of certain players not being there, or what was said, the tone changed.

            If they want to try one more year with him after cleaning up the roster a bit, I’m ok with it.

            If they want to move on and pick a new HC to go with new QB1, I’m ok with that too.

          • Rob Staton

            But this is the thing. I can spend 30 mins detailing all the counters to this, the things we’ve talked about for years. Including our very expensive 24th ranked defense, embarrassing performances against our two main rivals, the players saying things like ‘the other team wanted it more’ and at times chaotic appearance. The basic scheming, the awful run defense (still, despite all the focus). The lack of identity. The irrelevant nature of the team for years in terms of serious contention.

            But sure, we only just lost to the Cowboys in a game where they didn’t have to punt once and we nearly beat a very average Bengals team where we didn’t score a point for about three quarters. Cling to that if you want.

            We need the changes you mentioned, badly.

  7. bmseattle

    another great segment, Rob!
    I’m glad those guys appreciate you. Seems like this could be a regular thing going forward.
    Fingers crossed!

    • Rob Staton

      🤞🏻 thank you!

  8. cha

    I missed it live but it was well done Rob.

    A day-after reaction discussion is very worthy of a spot. The KJR guys sound like they tune in to the postgame reaction streams which is great.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Cha

  9. Big Mike

    Enjoy it as always Rob. You’re smooth and on point.
    Sure hope you are correct about Adams never being back in a Seahawks uniform. Color me skeptical.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Mike

  10. Jon W.

    Insightful and excellent analysis Rob. Thanks again for all that you do 👍

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you Jon!

  11. 12th chuck

    I haven’t listened to the segment yet but did hear on KJR, that tomorrow marks the third anniversary that peacock had his last sack. 3 years ago. When peacock whiffed on a tackle, Sam Darnold ran out of bounds and peacock got credit for the sack.

    • Big Mike

      And undoubtedly he flexed and celebrated after the play

    • Rob Staton

      What a trade! What a player!

    • dave M

      Like the wendy’s commercial “bag boys bag boys, watcha’ goin do, watcha’ goin do when we come for you!”

      now its: “blitz boy blitz boy, watcha’ goin do, watcha’ goin do when i whiff tryna’ blitz you!”

  12. Justaguy

    It is very nice to know that a well schooled fan of the Seahawks, with real honest opinions, is able to express their views. Thank you Rob for being a huge supporter of this team and maintaining a platform that gives many fans an opportunity to do the same

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you!

  13. Palatypus

    Violent Night ended the debate over whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas movie.

  14. JJ

    What are your guys thoughts on Lockett going forward? I just haven’t seen much this year that warrants his $27 mil cap hit next year.If Pete is still around I have a tough time seen him get cut. Possible restructure to lower cap?

    • Peter

      It’s tough. I actually hope he retires.

      A restructure just pushes the money down the road. At this rate I’m not sure Lockett at 33, 34, 35…? Is going to be worth it.

    • Palatypus

      Losing Tyler Lockett makes D.K. Metcalf the leader in the wide receiver room.

      But hey, I would love to see Dee Eskridge light his farts on fire on Tik Tok.

      • Big Mike

        Creed Humphrey thinks this is funny but he’s gotta go now. His Super Bowl ring needs polished

        • Palatypus

          So are you pro or con Deez Nutz roasting on an open fire?

      • Peter

        Not sure there is a ‘leader,’ in the WR room.

        I’m actually unconvinced about positional leaders in general. The best olinemen on the team is a third round sophomore right tackle. Lewis and I guess Brown are the vets but who is the leader?

        Same with the TE’s. Dissly’s been here longer. Is fant really going ‘hey uncle Will what do you think of this play or that?’

        What does Dissly respond with…’well I really don’t know. I get a five yard catch to offset my five yard penalty.’

        • Palatypus

          Let’s say you’re a rookie. Who do you want to show you how to run a stick route?

          • Peter


            I love tyler but his time may be coming sooner than later.

            • Palatypus

              JSN IS a rookie.

    • A-ok

      I think too many people undervalue the significance of a reliable WR. It doesn’t matter if he gets 1000yds if hes converting big 3rd downs, or making clutch catches. We have DK and Smith-Njigba to compliment him and take the burden off.

      Lockett’s the kind of guy who can keep all the way until retirement and never regret it.

      Too much talk about cap hit over structure. The team is full of rookie contracts, you can afford to have backloaded contracts right now that expire before you start renewing the rookies.

  15. Robert Las Vegas

    Rob quick question for you do you have any thoughts on Brock Bowers? If some unexplainable reason the Seahawks don’t draft a QB would a tight end be a option if he was exceptional

    • Rob Staton

      Bowers is an excellent player. But for me there’d be no point because they clearly have no idea how to properly feature a TE in the passing game and delaying a QB pick will be frustrating if the idea is to run it back instead.

      • cha

        *cough* Kyle Pitts without Matt Ryan *cough*

    • Peter

      Cut Dissly draft Ben Sinnot (k-st.) In the 4th or 5th round save 7 million get a big body upfront like A’shawn Robinson and pay Sinnot around 1 million a year to do what Dissly, allegedly, does with no injury history.

      • Palatypus

        Now watch Sinnot burn the house down at the Senior Bowl.

  16. Sea Mode

    Obviously missed him and his great tackling soooo much…?? 🤮

    How Pete can look his players in the eyes and talk like this is beyond me.

    “Not having Jamal, obviously you can see that we missed him,” Carroll said Tuesday. “We can’t wait to get him back this week. These weeks coming up are really big-time run weeks for us [playing teams who like to run the ball]. We have to make sure we have all of our firepower out there. We took care of him during the week last week hoping to help him recover.”

    • Rob Staton

      This is why I’ve lost all faith in Pete

      Jamal Adams has been a total arse over the last 2-3 weeks, to go along with atrocious performances on the field.

      No public accountability. No consequences of any note. Just Pete telling everyone how awesome Jamal is.

      Balls to that.

    • Big Mike

      EXACTLY as I predicted. The psychology of Carroll just isn’t that difficult to figure out. Gonna be a looooooooong 2 more seasons after this folks.
      Oh and Adams WILL be back next year unless Carroll retires.

      • Big Mike

        The saddest thing of all is that this team’s defense is obviously better without Adams on the field yet Carroll’s ego and unending desperation to save face on the worst trade in franchise history is more important to him than his defense playing at a higher level. That’s ego utterly out of control.
        Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

        • Bmseattle

          Perhaps you haven’t heard?
          Adams is an amazing leader!
          In fact, he was leading so hard from his home during last game…it totally inspired the guys to victory!

    • cha

      This is a really good illustration of why Pete has lost his chops.

      In 2020, Jamal was chomping at the bit to play coming off his groin injury and Pete stepped to the podium early in the week and said “he’s not playing Sunday.” Later he said he did it to get Jamal’s head right because he’d spend all week yapping at Pete that he’s ready when he isn’t.

      There was lots of talk about Jamal’s psychology that he’s such a competitor he wants to play no matter the shape he is in.

      This year? Pete is bowing to the pressure, trying to cover for Jamal being upset he isn’t ready and saying what is posted above and then pivoting to “they’re such competitors I hated to have the conversation with them. We cried together etc and it was amazing.” Then making those ridiculous statements about how they cannot wait to have him back next week.

      There was ample proof that Jamal is even worse when he plays hurt. Those swinging gate plays against the Rams when he tried to protect his shoulder just one example.

      Another example of Pete doing a 180 and not for the better.

    • dave M

      Like the wendy’s commercial “bag boys bag boys, watcha’ goin do, watcha’ goin do when we come for you!”

      now its: “blitz boy blitz boy, watcha’ goin do, watcha’ goin do when i whiff tryna’ blitz you!”

  17. Odium

    Him calling you a “patriot” at the end cracked me up and I giggled out loud. Also, “London”.

    • Odium

      Also, huge congrats on two weeks in a row local radio! Hope you can keep that momentum into the draft season.

      • Rob Staton

        Thank you!

  18. Trevor

    Was just looking at Tankathon to see who might be potential trade up partners with the Hawks.

    Commanders and Chargers seem to make the most sense. Chargers in particular. They have Herbert and a LT already but need talent all over their roster.

    My prediction Jim Harbaugh goes to the Chargers and the Hawks trade 2023 1st, 2024 1st and Kenneth Walker to the Chargers to move up to # 6 or they trade 2023, 2024, 2025 1st to Commanders to trade up to #4 to take Jaden Daniels. If they can’t make that move then Ewers / Rattler will be plan B.

    Dream draft
    RD1 QB Daniels / Ewers / Rattler
    RD3 DT Mckinley Jackson Tex A&M
    RD3 LB Payton Wilson NCSt

    • Peter

      For the talk of talent on this team is this team really three first round players for a qb….with the same coaching staff…away from changing any outcome?

      I’m not outright opposed to it.

      If they retain Geno but make the other big moves needed Jamal, Diggs, Dissly perhaps they can buy an oline and dline. Then spend their other picks on the edges of a roster such as LB, TE, safety later.

      The concern as I see it is Jamal is already being praised for his tackling that the team missed…see above…though 17 points to the eagles is one of the best performances this defense has had all year sans Jamal. Then talk about this being a ‘two year’ recovery.

      I see Geno coming back. The team and media have carried a ton of water for him this year praising games like Dallas and hand waving away games like the first rams game.

      I see Jamal back. I just do. Pete is obsessed with safeties. And he’s pretty well obsessed with being right. Combine this and you get Jamal.

      I do see them drafting a qb in a more meaningful round (1st or 3rd) but I really don’t see a Flynn, Wilson style competition. I see them getting half the reps in a single preseason game and riding the pine.

      Whether you think Lock is good, bad, or indifferent Pete has fairlyvwell shown that the best player is not always in the field. Additionally if there was a real competition between Lock or Geno ( where one guy had a year with the system, live game experience,) or not we also know Geno was partly chosen because the boys in the locker room think he’s a cool dude.

      • Big Mike

        I see Geno coming back. The team and media have carried a ton of water for him this year praising games like Dallas and hand waving away games like the first rams game.

        I see Jamal back. I just do. Pete is obsessed with safeties. And he’s pretty well obsessed with being right. Combine this and you get Jamal.

        You know man, I’m 67. The next 2 years of my Seahawks fandom are going to be utterly wasted for the reasons you’ve mentioned here and others as well (How good is Bobby Wagner?). By the time Carroll is FINALLY shown the door and a new regime likely tears it down to the studs and rebuilds it to contention I’m going to be in my early to mid-70s. That’s damned depressing cuz if the new regime doesn’t get the QB right, it could be an other 5 years and another and………..

        • Peter

          This right here is the top #1 reason why all this sycophantic fawning has me down.

          Just waiting two more years (?) At which point mafe, Lucas, walker will be in second contract land while we rebuild then just so some guy….and I do mean some guy based on how half the fans don’t know Holmgren and around 80% have never even heard of knox, Largent, Easley, etc al….can put his hat on backwards and stare longingly into the lights.

          Btw…not sure why people thought anyway or the other about that image. Pete’s a showman. In pro wrestling parlance that was a “work.” Pete has always been as manufactured for good or for bad as the former qb was.

        • Rob Staton

          Jamal is done

          Take it to the bank

          • Big Mike

            Done for this season and beyond or done for next season and beyond? PLEASE be specific. Based on what Carroll said about getting him back for Tenn I am feeling like you mean done for next season and beyond.
            (again I’m huffing the hopium……….dangerous)

            • Blitzy the Clown

              Logic would dictate both Big Mike. Done for this season AND beyond.

              But logic and Carroll were never close friends.

              • Big Mike

                Have they even been acquaintances?
                Rob seems so locked in on this I’m having a really hard time not getting excite at the prospect of the guy being long gone.

                • Blitzy the Clown

                  I thought the same after his twitter meltdown, especially when he didn’t play.

                  And maybe Carroll’s just doing his PR cover thing by putting a smiley spin on it. Maybe Adams really is done.

                  Thing is, he should be done. Done on the field because I’m sorry, his product is insufficient regardless of price. But factoring price into it, and how that affects the rest of the roster, it’s unacceptable. Done off the field too, after taking a cheap ad hominem shot at an innocent person and doubling down on it after being called out.

                  But the way Carroll explained it all as an injury thing…man I just don’t know

                  • Big Mike

                    Absolute power corrupts………

                  • geoff u

                    It’s amazing how many resources and time and money they wasted on a complete disaster, at each point digging the hole deeper.

            • Rob Staton

              I think done beyond this season

              I will be stunned if he is a Seahawk next year

              • Big Mike

                You have no idea how badly I want you to be correct.
                I disagree based mostly on the “not fully recovered from injury” statements and the contract re-working.
                If you’re right, I will literally come in here and strut my wrongness like well, a peacock.

                • Rob Staton

                  He’s done bud, you can rest easy

                  The car crash nature of the last three weeks have confirmed it

                  This latest episode is just another reason

                  They are going to cut him

                  • Big Mike

                    I’m not going to compromise your work by asking but I will simply state this: I hope you have a source in the organization that is confirming this to you. I’ll leave it at that.

                  • Peter

                    Rob is the source I’ve decided.

                    Wilson, Carter, adams…..do any of us know if Rob really lives in England? Seems suspicious to me we never see him in the same room as Adam Nathan.

                  • pdway

                    completely agree. the knee injury came up pretty out of nowhere – and feels like a thin pretext for a public benching. I’d actually be surprised if he plays in the last three games.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        I see Geno coming back as well. But it won’t be at the current projected salary. Otherwise it’ll be Lock (though I wonder if Lock won’t try his luck with a different team).

        I also can see Adams coming back. But lt won’t be for his current projected number either. After reading Carroll’s tap-dance reply about Adams being frustrated returning from injury and so it was ok he wasn’t with his team to support them, how it’s been so hard physically and all that (which I acknowledge), the writing is on the wall as to how he’s going to present the Adams problem publicly. Which indicates to me he’s willing to give Adams another offseason to get himself right. But there’s just no way they can pay Adams as one of the top safeties in the League when his play on the field is one of the worst.

        • Peter

          I just don’t see how they change Adams’ dollars short of giving him the axe. He’s a narcissistic dude. I can’t see him willingly reducing his salary. Do they spread it out to 2027?

          • Blitzy the Clown

            He doesn’t have any leverage. Their fallback position — to cut him post 6/1 and move on — is stronger than his, especially if he doesn’t have one.

    • Palatypus

      McKinley Jackson will be going 1v1 with Sedrick VanPran at the Senior Bowl.

      • Jabroni-DC

        THAT will be worth the price of admission

        • Palatypus

          Admission to Senior Bowl practices is free.

  19. Anthony

    A common refrain I’ve been seeing on social media now is “Geno will be making 33 million a year, that’s not even middle of the road for a good QB. Pete will want Geno around and no one is around to stop him from making that happen and Geno was playing at the same level as last season before getting hurt. The cap will just work itself out.”

    • Peter

      The “this is market rate,” argument is fairly brain dead. Saw John middlekauf with Cowherd talking about Mayfield getting 15 million next year. Maybe. If so then Geno should get around 9-10 million because Mayfield is blowing the doors off of Geno this year. Better in yards, better in interceptions,….way better in TD’s.

      This it is what it is of the whole thing is so ridiculous. Teams falling into that pay guys like Carr nearly 30 million to have done nearly nothing meaningful.

      Wilson is overpaid. Watson is way overpaid. At least one of those two had some consistent metrics to back it up. Even Cousins a weirdly shrewd negotiator puts up big numbers for a career. He may be a wilting daisy come a big game but you can actually get some results from him.

      Geno’s great year and mediocre year equal out to well, mediocre. 45 td to 19 ints. Some good comebacks, some failures, few good games, a few truly bad ones. And a bunch of games where anyone with basic qb skills would get the same results.

    • cha

      I feel comfortable guaranteeing Geno will not play on a $33m cap hit next year.

      He has a salary that is not guaranteed until Feb 16.

      He has a roster bonus that isn’t due until March 20.

      And he hasn’t played very well this year.

      Geno and the Seahawks structured this contract to be reworked in some way in 2024.

  20. Big Mike

    I made the mistake of allowing myself hope that because the peacock wasn’t in the stadium, maybe just maybe Carroll was done with the guy. This despite my previous predictions that Carroll would bring him back next week and next season. Hope with this regime is a dangerous and foolhardy emotion. I won’t make the same mistake twice.

  21. Blitzy the Clown

    As a Seattle media outsider who doesn’t listen to any of the usual suspects talked about regularly here, I want to say I really enjoy Puck and Jim. They seem pretty open minded, and humble about their football knowledge. They do a good job of giving you their platform to bring their listeners a perspective they probably wouldn’t otherwise get.

    I hope you continue to make appearances with them.

  22. cha

    I must have missed something.

    Do we know that Jamal Adams was at Lumen, was told he wasn’t playing, and left?

    I keep hearing that and it would not shock me at all. But has that been confirmed? Or are we just thinking that happened because Pete protesting a bit too much postgame/the next day?

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I’ve not read anything confirming Adams was actually at Lumen at all on Monday night.

      While I agree it would be worse if he was there and left only when he was told he wasn’t playing, I’m not sure it really matters if he knew beforehand he wasn’t playing and decided not to show.

      • Big Mike

        100% Blitzy. It doesn’t really matter

    • cha

      Florio & Simms discuss it


      • Blitzy the Clown

        Thanks for posting that. Interesting take by Sims that maybe Adams wanted to play despite an actual injury and the coaches told him no and he got mad and left (or didn’t show).

        And interesting take by Florio that maybe they just didn’t want him on the sidelines because he can be a pernicious presence.

        I’m encouraged by Sims’ conviction Adams is done in Seattle.

        • Peter

          I’m the same size as Adams….and the image of Brown vs Adams has me intrigued. I’d certainly want no part of Brown.

          Agree I am encouraged by what Simms said. And Florio is right. Let’s never trade for a player who actively doesn’t want to be on their team again.

      • Big Mike

        Keep this in the national discussion please Mike and Chris.

      • MarkinSeattle

        It is astounding to me that the Hawks won without Adam’s towel waiving from the sidelines.

  23. Blitzy the Clown

    Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Love play SS with the Giants before Seattle moved him to FS to accommodate Adams?

    Curious how he excellent when restored to his proper position vs the Eagles

  24. LouCityHawk

    A couple of thoughts I have:

    1. Prez won’t be lacing it up in Nashville. I bought a 33 Jersey off EBay and have altered it to read ‘Yikes!’ … if he isn’t playing it will be my usual away BeastMode in Action Green.

    2. Playoffs or no, there will be a flurry of activity from the team when the season ends. I suspect this will be a busy offseason.

    3. The more I think about Carroll’s news conferences, the more I am starting to suspect he has been told that the end is coming, and he should be working on his retirement speech or what is next.

    4. The more I think about the timing of Ben Johnson’s withdrawal from the process last season, the more I think he had a suitor who said ‘wait for the next cycle’.

    5. The difference between Lock and Smith is that Lock energizes a lot of the fan base, Smith might increase the odds of victory, but Lock has the intangible

    • BobbyK

      Actually Lock is better even though Geno is better… when taken into the context Lock could be our QB at $5 million vs. over $30 million wasted on Geno. We could have signed Brandon Sherff to and actually gotten a good center or much better somewhere else with the extra money. Geno at $30+ million is just so stupid. A lot of the people who like him are probably the ones who hated Wilson at $35 million (when he was good) just a few years ago.

      • Peter


        Geno loves playing here which the fans love, which is good for him because after a probowl season no one would sign him but us.

        Thankfully we don’t have any players with big egos like Wilson anymore.

      • A-ok

        Geno is likely the better mentor and at $10-15m that would be worth it for a starter + mentor. But you’re right at $30m, we’re only getting a slight non-guaranteed improvement over Lock in terms of on field play.

        Geno is DEFINITELY a more accurate thrower at this stage, but Lock is both more reckless and less scared to just make a throw, which has it’s + and -.

        If they draft a top-talent QB, I’d be ok with either Geno or Lock starting next year.

        I don’t think we’re as cap-crushed as others are suggesting, I don’t think we need big signings this year, just a couple more vets on contracts like Reed an Love.

  25. no frickin clue

    I wonder if Pete and Prez came to a gentlemen’s agreement here. Prez agrees not to bad-mouth the team, and Pete agrees to treat his absence as an unfortunate injury, announces he hopes he makes it back soon, etc..

    • GlastoHawkUK

      Prez and Gentleman in the same sentence, that took some doing.

      • pdway

        mutually beneficial is another way to phrase it

    • BK26

      I think Pete is just trying to stick up for his spoiled kid. “It’s completely normal to burn ants, never mind if it is with a literal flamethrower instead of a magnifying glass. He’s only kicking the puppy because it tried licking him without permission.”

      “He has been hurt all year. That explains everything.”

      • BK26

        *stick up out of embarrassment.

    • BobbyK

      Imagine Jamal in the New York media when it comes to situations like this! He should be thankful he’s in Seattle. Not as many people know what a gigantic moron he is if he’d stayed in New Jersey.

      • Big Mike

        Yeah if he were back there he might post a picture of the wife of a reporter he doesn’t like and make disparaging remarks about her appearance.

        • Peter

          Tbf the new York post would run a front page “yikes” if he was still there and did that.

          ( and I hate the post)

          • BobbyK

            That’s what I meant. He (and Carroll) get free passes because of their market.

  26. 509 Chris

    I agree that signing Williams needs to be a priority, but I don’t want to see them make a mistake buying too jigh at the end of a guys career. I think they traded and dont want it to look like a waste, hence might be a little hasty too over pay. It could be a way less severe Jamal Adams situation. If the price is right, or even a little high, then fine go for it. Otherwise letting him walk might save the team from throwing bad money at more bad money, or more specifically at a bad trade. The question is how long will he be able to play at the level we’ve seen here this year? I’m really glad I dont have to be the one negotiating with him to be honest because its a tough call either way. With him they still desperately need more help on the d line so losing him is a crisis too. Damn I just talked myself im a circle lol

    • Peter

      Spotrac has him listed as an estimated 15-16 million a year contract going forward.

      Too much? Fair?

      He’s giving more than Jones so far.

      • Palatypus

        Give him a $60 Million four-year deal with $20 Million up front, right now, today only.

        Merry Christmas!

  27. cha

    Pete said today that Jamal Adams being evaluated day to day for injury and the option to shut him down for the season is on the table.


    • 509 Chris

      Wish this came out last December.

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Curtis, would shutting Adams down trigger any additional guarantees for next year? We’d still be able to designate him post June 1, yes?

      • cha

        No there are no clauses or important contract dates left in his contract. At least none have been reported, and that is about 99% certainty.

        If they 1-shut him down right now, and then 2-cut him Post-June1 and he 3-can’t find a team to pick him up by September, he would be eligible for the Veteran Injury Benefit. Basically it’s a minimal cap hit that the Seahawks pick up, $1.2m more than what would be on the books for 2024.

    • Big Mike

      STILL trying to hold back my hope….

      • pdway

        i think this is how you shut him down w out making it a public benching….

    • Palatypus

      The technical term for his injury at the Andrews Institute here in Pensacola is “Bitch Knee.”

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Injury perhaps. But his underlying condition is a seemingly intractable case of the yikes

    • Sten

      Is this Pete/ the front office’s way of letting Adams save face while putting him on track to be off the team? My instincts tell me the rift in the locker room that KJ was talking about last week was Pete and Jamal not getting along after his infamous comments to the press. The fact he wasn’t at the game on Monday, despite being at all the games even when he was on IR the past few years speaks volumes to how the situation has changed.

  28. Trevor

    Crazy fact of the day.

    Arch Manning made over $3.2 Million in NIL money this year as the Texas Longhorns backup QB

    Brock Purdy, the QB of the No.1 seed  & odds on MVP favorite made $870,000 for the 2023 season

    • Palatypus

      If were Arch, I would troll him.

    • cha

      That just accounts for Purdy’s NFL salary.

      Count his endorsement deals and he zooms past Arch like he’s standing still.

  29. Rob Staton

    17:50 mins in — listen to this, you’ll enjoy it 😂


    • Blitzy the Clown

      “…the worst safety in football against the run…”

      “Anything else?”

    • cha

      It’s almost unnerving to hear that on mainstream radio.

      Very validating

      • Big Mike

        Nice to hear in public all the things we’ve been saying here for the last 2 plus years

    • Sea Mode


    • Andrew M

      I can’t open this up, any idea if it’s available to stream on other platforms?

      • Rob Staton

        it’s on the KJR website in the podcasts section, hour one of Puck & Jim

        • Andrew M

          Oh, thank you sir.

        • Andrew M

          Man, it’s such a breath of fresh air to hear the people at KJR publicly criticize this regime for some of the specific issues that seem self evident.

    • Big Mike

      The bit about flexing after tackling the Patriots’ mascot who had gained 7 yds was so spot on.

  30. ok

    re: ‘worst safety in football against the run….’

    that’s what it looks like, bad against the run. jamal doesn’t look good in coverage, and i heard someone in the radio saying he was more of a ‘backer’. no. he’s just not a good player at this time.

    he’s been hurt for years, and seems a self-centered jerk.
    the real issue is that Pete has been playing him. next man up. please move on. please cut the sacred cows. please pete.

  31. ukalex6674

    I’ve always been one to day Adams isn’t to blame for what the Seahawks gave to NY when we traded him. I’ve also been hopeful that he will end up playing consistently to the level he played in his first Seahawk game v Atlanta (I think).

    He’s a complete idiot, no doubting that.

    But his on field game stinks. End of.

    However – how much of this is on Carroll? We traded for an got an All-Pro player with what seemed a very good career ahead of him

    Should Carroll have some accountability for the way Adams has flamed out? Would another coach have used him – dare I say properly?

    Someone on here posted recently that Carroll views Adams as the Chancellor enforcement type, desperately trying to recreate the LOB. I think this is correct.

    • BK26

      All of it is Pete’s fault. It was his trade that they VASTLY overpaid for, then overpaid him because they didn’t have a contract in place. I don’t know how many other coaches or gm’s make the same move. I bet if we knew, the number would fit on one hand.

      No matter what, it is Pete’s team. Players are going to act however they want, but it is what you do afterwards that is on Pete. Adams has been and is a cancer: on the field, off of the field, all over.

      And if he was looking for an enforcer, instead he got a player that the opposition is currently laughing at on the field. This whole period of Jamal Adams being on the team is a giant waste in every sense of the word: time, money, on-field product, off the field, fighting within the fandom. The only thing we have gotten out of it is some dumb record that Pete talks about like his kid made the honor role. No one cares.

      • Peter

        Hugh Millen was talking about how Pete’s love of Adams possibly stems from how the previous defense flamed out on him and Adams said great things about Pete early days.

        • Rob Staton

          I think he’s trying to manage a distraction by just implying nothing is wrong

          When in reality Adams is done in Seattle

          • Peter

            Hugh after your segment was pretty thoroughly done with Adams.

            • Rob Staton

              A lot of sense is spoken on KJR

    • cha

      There are six distinct problems here and they all have PC fingerprints all over them:

      1-Trading a huge haul for Adams.

      2-Not conditioning the trade on Adams signing an extension.

      3-Extending him with a massive, massive deal after a year of manufactured pass rush coupled with troubling injury and basic tackling issues (as a big part of a very poor defense).

      4-Not cutting him or approaching him about a reduced contract this summer.

      5-Pushing cap money to 2024 on a player you KNOW is coming off a horrific injury and will not play to his full potential in 2023.

      6-The horrible handling (at least in the public eye) of the Twitter and Adams interview and comments.

  32. Mr Magic

    Ok here is my glass half full take..

    1. If not for a missed FG in LA we are firmly in playoffs, if we kicked FGs in Cincy we are being discussed as potential contenders at 9-5.

    2. We have beaten 2 of the top 4 teams in the NFC and basically blew a win against a 3rd.

    3. Every team in nfl has wards somewhere, anyone can win any week or get hot and win a SB (see 9-7 NY Giants).

    4. 6 wild card teams have won a SB since 2000

    • Rob Staton

      And we could’ve easily lost to Cleveland, Detroit, Philly…

    • Peter

      Seattle offense scoring: 18th rank

      Seattle defense scoring: 24th rank

      Only ONE team has won the superbowl this century without a top 10 rank in either category. That team was ranked: 11th and 12th respectively.

      If Seattle gets the 7th seed they go to Dallas. Maybe, just maybe we beat them. Almost did it. Which team adjusts better? So that’s a possible win.

      For our troubles we go to the niners then.

    • BK26

      We are also STRUGGLING to make the playoffs, with an extra gimme 7th seed in an NFC that no one is trying to win in.

      We have made it by bad teams by the skin of our teeth. That 9-7 Giants team had a destructive offensive line. We have nothing on the roster like that.

      We are what we are: in terms of record and what we have done on the field. Doesn’t give me much hope when the argument is “get in and anything can happen.” Sounds a lot like “miracles can happen.”

    • Denver Hawker

      I so badly want to have a positive outlook for this team. I’d like to think if they continue to show accountability on defense by benching Jamal and Riq, then can glue up a bit. A healthy O-line might help the QB play…

      But it’s so hard to cheer for success knowing they are squarely behind the elite teams in the NFL. If they played the Niners and Ravens closer, I’d feel better, but they got annihilated.

      At this point, rooting to make a run in the playoffs, is rooting to get creamed by SF and get a worse R1 pick to get a new QB.

      • Peter

        Exactly Denver.

        Last playoff match when they would ‘definitely’ not beat us a third time…folks cling to how close it was at halftime. They nearly put up three tds on us by games end and almost 200 yards of offense over us.

        The last game where we ‘only’ lost by 12…they had nearly first down every snap while we gave up over 50p yards on offense.

        If we played them much, much closer ( and the Ravens as well) sure. These games aren’t even close.

    • cha

      How many years of this ‘glass half full take’ is enough?

      That song has been sung every year since 2018.

    • Olyhawksfan

      I appreciate the positivity, but I just don’t see this team competing with the elite – Niners, Ravens, Dolphins, maybe Chiefs and Bills. Hawks just need to get younger at the top. It’s just time.

      • Mr Magic

        No one can compete with San Fran leaguewide!!!

        We can compete with every other team in the NFC and that is all that matters. If we go 10-7 we are likely the 6 seed and we are off to Dallas where we almost won, to Detroit where we did win or Philly who we also beat!!!

        Ill take that anyday. We will be underdogs for sure but you cant look anyone in the eye and say we wont be comitative in those matchups.

        Dallas lost to Arizona
        Detroit lost to Chicago
        Philly lost to the Jets

        • Rob Staton

          It’s amazing, how quickly people reach to grasp at the available straws as soon as one game is won

        • BK26

          …you still have to beat a team in the AFC. We would be lucky to be a top 8 team over there.

          I’m done with moral victories. Yay, we are in the playoffs, what else is new? Moral victories and excuses are what this team is made of anymore.

          What a difference one games makes….

          • Mr Magic

            If we play an AFC team in the playoffs Ill be pretty darned happy!

            • BK26

              Already got slaughtered by the one it would probably be, not looking to see it again. I want to actually be a good enough team to win it all. No moral victories in losing the Super Bowl. And this is coming from a D-backs fan that just lost the World Series.

              That’s assuming we can actually win a playoff game, which is pretty rare in itself.

        • James Z

          Here’s the straw that drains you half-full glass to the dregs: Pete Carroll

          Kudos to Pete for the first half of his tenure but the last half: fuhgeddaboudit…

  33. ok

    i am just re-heating more JA related frustrations.

    over paid for in trade
    over paid for in salary
    charitably, both of these could best case scenario be chalked up to trying to make a move, acquire talent, a difference maker.

    without rehashing all of it, trading for JA, and thinking he was/is a Kam type is unforgivable: it was obvious he wasn’t that type. just hearing him speak….he sounds so disingenuous/fake tough guy. the whole act, he is all bark. Kam was really that guy, Jamal looks like an actor play acting in that role.
    swinging for the fences and missing, happens. but this would the baseball equivalent of falling down mid swing and throwing the bat, before the pitcher let go of the ball.
    it’s the wild misjudgment of talent, and the wild misjudgment of character, followed by an inability to move on, that is so galling.

    i realize i am just trauma ranting right now.
    The JA trade is so bizarre, for me it does cast a bit of a pall, on this idea that JSPC are these talent evaluation gods.
    the not moving on cements, to me, that they have lost their mojo. no adb’s, no sherman’s, no kam’s, kearse’s, none of those guys would be able to move up onto the roster these days. compete left. and it sucks. that was the vibe. the talk of what positives a player had, the fearlessness, replaced by the opposite. it’s just depressing.

    • SeaTown

      This is exactly wy I’m torn about JS staying on if Pete leaves. We like to say that all these horrendous trades were Pete, but JS was apparently ok with them. I mean Charlie Whitehurst, Percy Harvin, Jimmy Graham, Sheldon Richardson, Jadevon Clowney, JA, and Leaonard Willaims (if he isn’t extended). Does JS get a pass here? Or should they just clean house? I’m not sure. I’d lean towards JS staying, but it’s no slam dunk.

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