KJR radio appearance discussing the latest Seahawks topics

Today I was on KJR with Jim Moore & Tim Booth, you can listen to the piece below. Also, check out today’s draft notes article if you missed it earlier.


  1. cha

    Thanks for the shout out Rob. That was great!

    • Troy

      Look ma I’m famous!

    • Big Mike

      I knew it was coming and I wouldn’t have expected anything else from Rob. And it was very deserved Curtis.

      Excellent appearance Rob.

    • PJ in Seattle

      I’d be a charter Patreon supporter of cha’s Seahawks Cap Blog. I actually like playing with numbers and that esoteric shit still drives me bonkers.

      • cha

        “Seahawks Cap Blog” My god, what an idea


        • Elmer

          I like it! Maybe it could have its own Seahawks Cap Database where we could input mock roster moves and see the Cap effect. I’m a Finance MBA and I love working with numbers but am thankful for your cap expertise. I had better stop. I’m getting carried away.

        • Palatypus

          “Seahawks Senior Bowl Blog”


  2. Troy

    Also it was cool to hear the origin story of how Rob became a Hawks fan, guess we owe it all to your wife and you being willing to hop countries!

    • Rob Staton

      She is the best

      • Parallax

        See, here’s where we need a “like” button.

  3. Jabroni-DC

    Several moving parts in this projection.
    Seahawks re-sign Leonard Williams.
    Seahawks draft Darius Robinson.
    Option to use a 4-3 base of Dre Jones, Reed(1T), Williams(3T), Robinson should help with the run D. Robinson could kick inside on passing downs with Mafe or Nwosu moving up. Then we’d only need 1 additional LB to fill out a starting front 7. If the price is right on Brooks he could be back.
    DR is one of the many interesting prospects that we may have a chance to select.

    • PJ in Seattle

      I like this… a lot. I’m an admitted Darius Robinson fanboy for his play alone, but the fit you describe with the assumed personnel makes him that much more enticing. I think he’s an early-to-mid 2nd round pick, so a trade back from #16 could get us back in the mix for him.

      Unless he shows poorly at the combine, which I hate to root for, but the idea he could drop into one of our third round slots would have me beyond giddy.

      • Palatypus

        He wasn’t fast at the Senior Bowl. #25 in Zebra metrics amongst the DL.

  4. Sea Mode

    Good. Hope others follow suit and we don’t have to go through that whole thing again during draft season.

    Kalyn Kahler

    🚨draft scoop 🚨
    Athletes First agency is directing it’s prospects to not take cognitive tests in the pre draft process this year. A direct response to the CJ Stroud S2 leak last spring.

    A1 emailed teams: “Our recent experience with these exams has been less than positive. Specifically, the fact that certain results and performance were leaked publicly last year demonstrates that there truly is no confidentiality with these tests.

    It is not right for a player’s intelligence, aptitude or mental processing to be subject to public discussion and ridicule — no other job interview carries the same scrutiny.”
    Will be interesting to see if this becomes a trend.

  5. Sea Mode

    I know this news was mentioned in the previous thread, but it really feels like they took the low route just to be able to dump him. If he were playing great, do we really think this “grave offense” comes to light…?

    (And how in the world does the agent of a multi-million dollar athlete not take care of submitting the proper paperwork or whatever for their client’s medication?)

    Just dumb all around. But hey, if this means they want to give us something for Geno, sounds good to me!

    Adam Schefter

    Raiders QB Jimmy Garoppolo is being suspended two games for violating the NFL’s Performance Enhancing Substances Policy, league sources told ESPN.

    The policy violation is related to him using a prescribed medication without having a valid Therapeutic Use Exemption, per sources.

    • HawkfaninMT

      I saw on “X” (got love the internet!), that if taking this contributed to him losing his job to AOC, the med should probably be taken off the PED list

    • cha

      The craziest part to me is, this contract was reworked and rewritten a couple times because JG had health problems and the Raiders wanted more security.

      The point being, the contract AND JG’s health were big, big points of emphasis. Far bigger than your typical NFL player.

      And he still found a way to screw up.

  6. hoggs41

    You are fantastic on these radio shows. Maybe you should try and do it for a living. (I already know you do by the way)

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you

  7. HawksFanMattMan

    So, if the Seahawks end up trading Geno, as the tea leaves appear to indicate they’re interested in attempting, what exactly would that mean their QB plan is for ’24?

    Re-signing Drew Lock and drafting a quarterback? Does trading Geno automatically mean they are much more likely to take a quarterback in the draft? If they can’t bring Lock back for whatever reason, then what?

    I understand the case for moving on from Geno, but I am a bit concerned about what they do in the immediate future.

    • PJ in Seattle

      They will re-sign Lock if they dish Geno. There just doesn’t appear to be much if any market for him, so I’m pretty sure they have little concern about be able to sign him as the bridge QB with an incentive-laden deal. For whatever reason, teams see him as maybe a decent backup but little else, so the Hawks should have no trouble inking him if they choose to.

      They may even have a tenative deal worked out with his agent already in the event Geno gets traded.

    • Parallax

      My concern, and the reason I was hoping they would just cut him, is what if no one offers anything for the guy. Maybe other teams think $23M is too much.

      One of the many times I’d love to be wrong. C’mon Broncos, send Seattle a second rounder.

      • PJ in Seattle

        Probably not getting a second rounder unless it’s a late one, but Geno at $23M is gonna be enticing to a few teams, particularly those who are drafting a QBOTF this year and don’t want to throw him to the dogs week one. Geno’s better than a game manager and throws a really nice deep ball. The money’s not crazy. I could see it.

    • cha

      The way the whole staff is so hell-bent on talking about Lock like he’s part of the plan, I would surmise they either are negotiating with him or already have something worked out.

    • BK26

      I say if that happens (or even if it doesn’t), they won’t be worried about the immediate future. They want to build something and win. Geno, Lock, *insert veteran qb,* it doesn’t matter. They are a bridge. A placeholder. Too much is being made about them when it really doesn’t matter.

      They are trying to rectify big, long-lasting mistakes because they were prematurely worried about the immediate future.

  8. Peter

    Hercule poirot!!!

    I was dying. Thanks for that Rob

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      I heard that and wondered a bit if the hosts got the reference

  9. PJ in Seattle

    Since it’s Friday night and we’re all bored, I keep dinking around with the sportskeeda mocks. Here’s a fun one – many trades down from 16 when no blue chip stud was there. Tried to balance value with need and loaded up 2025 with 2 additional 1st round picks to make our move up to grab the QBOTF apple of John’s eye next year (Ewers?)

    57. McKinnley Jackson DT Texas A&M
    61. Kris Jenkins DT Michigan
    76. Sedrick Van Pran OC Georgia
    82. Edgerrin Cooper LB Texas A&M
    92. Patrick Paul OT Houston
    106. Malik Mustapha S Wake Forest
    155. Cade Stover TE Ohio State
    167. Jaylan Ford LB Texas
    203. Anim Dankwah OT Howard
    227. Emani Bailey RB TCU

    2025 TB 1st
    2025 TEN 1st

    • Wayne

      That would be nice.

    • Jo

      Seems ok by me.

  10. Charlie TheUnicorn2187

    “Everyone from America sounds like they are from Texas…..” lol

    J Adams and Q Diggs are the most obvious candidates to get the axe.
    J Adams is the one which is really tricky, post June 1 you can live with him being cut. 10M dead money, but free up 16M cap space. 10% of total cap tied up in 1 player.. yikes.
    Q Diggs it doesn’t matter if he is cut prior to or after June 1…. but you take a 10M cap hit while freeing up around 11M. I’ll be shocked if he is retained into 2024 season.

    Numbers are from Overthecap.

  11. samprassultanofswat

    I think there is a very good chance it is going to be Penix. At first because of his propensity to end up on the operating table I really wasn’t interested. However, I think John Schneider sees Penix as Seattle’s version of Patrick Mahomes. There is no doubt that John Schneider absolutely loves Michael Penix’s arm. And you have already seen that Ray Grubbs can spin his magic with Penix. Grubbs and Penix are already on the same page. With the new NFL agreement you don’t get to practice as much as you want to. And as I mention Penix and Grubb are already on the same page. Penix also seems to have a ceiling that is in the conversation of Patrick Mahomes. However Mahomes has a super football I.Q. Mahomes knows when to take off and run. Don’t know about Penix. Would Schneider run the risk of trading out of the 16 pick and losing Penix? Penix might not even be there at 16. Everyone knows the knock on Penix. Teams will be shy on Penix because of his injury history. Which is also my big issue with Penix. There is no doubt that Penix is a tough dude. He proved it in the National Championship.

    The big elephant in the room for Penix is his injury history. But QBs with the talent that Penix has just plain DON”T grown on trees. I am willing to take a shot with Penix.

    • PJ in Seattle

      And his age – he’s hella long in the tooth for a college QB. And with a scary injury history and a frame that doesn’t look like it could survive a few games of Aaron Donald and Nick Bosa hammering him into the turf.

      This is where the chess-play of scouting gets really interesting. I’ve gone from wanting nothing to do with JJ McCarthy to thinking this could be a guy we might get late first, early second after a trade down who maybe has a much bigger ceiling than I gave him credit for. He’s 21 – a baby compared to Penix – with a better frame that is going to fill out. His 3rd down conversion % and throwing on the move is off the charts. Doesn’t have a rocket arm nor a mindmeld with Grubb but it’s not like he’s going to be able to run the same system in Seattle.

      If a blue chip game changer is not there at #16, I would absolutely trade down. Good chance Penix, McCarthy, or Nix are there to be had late first to mid second round. Only John knows whether any are worth waiting for.

      • Dregur

        The problem with the age thing is that eliminates half the top QB’s. They’re all the same age, Nix ,Penix, and Daniels, are all going to be 24 going into the 2024 season. Pratt is only a year younger.

    • Peter

      Like this perspective.

      Will say Seattle fans rate Penix much, much more than outside.

      Example. I just looked at four cbs mocks. Five nfl mocks. Two mocks on walterfootball. Out of 11 mocks Penix is in the first round only one time.

      I’m coming around to Rob’s thought about trading down and letting the draft to come to us.

  12. Film12Hawk

    Great stuff, Rob. Likewise to what Troy said. It was fun hearing your own story of fandom. Great interview in general.

    If we don’t get our guy this year, what about Drew Allar? Do you think there’s a realistic chance or is he a top five selection that we probably don’t have a chance at getting?

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you —- appreciate the feedback on the radio hits because I want to try and make them worth listening to

      • Sea Mode

        Your new microphone sounds great now, btw. On level with (or at least very close to) the Shure + accessories that most of them are using these days.

        • Rob Staton

          It’s a Shure mic

  13. Forrest

    Any chance the Seahawks are only talking up Drew Lock because they’re after compensatory picks? Maybe they’ll sign Leonard Williams and hope they get some picks next year for Brooks, Lock, Fant, Taylor, Damien Lewis, Wagner, etc.

    • Ashish

      That means will sign new players which offset comp pick. Right now hawks in rebuild mode we can’t hope for comp pick. If it happens we got lucky.

    • Rob Staton

      No it isn’t that

  14. Palatypus

    Just now noticed that Marshawn Kneeland and Jalyx Hunt are not on Rob’s horizontal board. Kneeland put up outstanding metrics. Hunt I thought held his own against a level of competition he’s not used to.

    • Rob Staton

      Kneeland is

  15. samprassultanofswat

    Quick comment: The Seahawks have been knocking it out of the ballpark with their coaching hires. There is no doubt they will knock it out park with player personnel.

    Also agree that Shedeur Sanders and Quinn Ewers are going to highly targeted QB prospects for 2025. But those guys will be long gone before Seattle gets on the clock.

    As Rob said. John Schneider is probably going to let the draft come to him. John Schneider and Mike MacDonald are finding diamonds in the ruff for their coaching staff. You can expect the same in both free agency and in the NFL draft.

    One last point. I think the Seahawk players are going to be really excited to be working with this new coaching staff. If you are a Seahawk player how can you not be excited. Players want coaches that can make them the best possible player they can be. And their is no doubt that the Seahawks will be jumping at the bit to learn from this new coaching staff.

    • samprassultanofswat

      One thought on the 49ers. Up until the Raven game last year I thought the 49ers were hands down the best team in the NFL. The 49ers were blowing teams out of the ballpark. But then they got beat pretty bad against the Ravens at home. They did win two home playoff games. However, both the Packers and especially the Lions made crucial mistakes and the 49ers pulled both games out of the fire. It has been a long season for the 49ers. No doubt they are both tired and hurting after losing that Super Bowl.

      The question is how much does the 49ers have left in the tank. They went to the NFC championship during the 2022 season and they just lost in the Super Bowl. They just finished two long seasons both times losing in the end. The last Super Bowl lost must have felt like they got their heart ripped out. BTW: When was the last time the loser of the Super Bowl went back to the big dance. And they are not the youngest team in the NFL. The NFC West is probably going to be a dog-fight between the Seahawks, Rams and the 49ers. Also it was nice to see these 49er fans get humbled.

      BTW: The Chiefs did an amazing turn around on the defensive side of the football. You could make the point that it was the defense that carried them across the finish line to win the Super Bowl. The Chiefs made a lot of changes on their defense. And it paid off big-time in the playoffs. Their two cornerbacks(L’jarius Sneed and Trent McDuffie) played lock down football in the playoffs. In fact in the Super Bowl Trent McDuffie stuck to Deebo Samuel like glue. Samuel had 11 targets caught 3 passes for a grand total of 33 yards. The Chiefs CBs played lights out football in the playoffs.

      Because the Chiefs defense turned it around in one season. Their is no reason the Seahawks can do something similar in one or two seasons. They should really be improved next year on defense. The Seahawks do have some pretty talented young cornerbacks in their secondary. There is a good chance that this coaching staff should have similar results with Witherspoon and company.

      • Jo

        You are EXACTLY correct about the reason the Chiefs are back to back champions that defense was top 5 at least but they still needed the current best quarterback to make sure it was a done deal. Put Geno or Russ in Patrick’s place;49ers win.

  16. LouCityHawk

    This piece got me thinking, the U.K. Has got a variety of accents, some as thick as mud. Some are barely cognizable as a language. Some sound like the movies.

    I was thinking about this from a US perspective. Some of our regions can be thick (Cajun/creole, North East generally), but do we have any delightful accents? Hawaiian?

    • Palatypus

      Yoo shaw meat a’ kay-jun tooday hoo shaw jum up sum gumbo fo’ yoo.

    • Palatypus

      Go pawk the caw in the yawd!

    • Palatypus

      Fun with AI

      Write me an opinion of the University of Texas Longhorns loss to the University of Washington Huskies in the 2024 college football playoffs in the voice, style, and point of view of the character Boomhauer from the Mike Judge animated series King of the Hill.

      Dang ol’ man, tell ya what, them Longhorns, man, they put up a good fight, ya know? But them Huskies, man, they just came out on top, man, 37-311. I mean, dang ol’ game was at the Caesars Superdome, New Orleans, man1.

      Start off, man, both teams scoring touchdowns in the first quarter, man. D.Johnson from the Huskies, man, rushed for 2 yards, touchdown1. Then J.Blue from the Longhorns, man, rushed for 5 yards, touchdown1. It was back and forth, man, like a dang ol’ tennis match, ya know?

      But then, man, Huskies, they pulled ahead in the second half, man. Scored 13 unanswered points, man2. Longhorns, they tried to rally late, man, but just couldn’t get that last-second touchdown, man2.

      I mean, dang ol’ Huskies, man, they played a good game, man. Forced two pivotal fumbles on two of Texas’s first three second-half drives, man2. But them Longhorns, man, they fought hard, man. Just wasn’t their day, man.

      But ya know, man, that’s football, man. One day you’re the dog, next day you’re the hydrant, man. Just gotta pick yourself up, dust off, and get ready for the next game, man. Dang ol’ game, man.

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