Video: Seahawks seven round mock draft


  1. Canadian Hawk


    Solid draft.

    Under coach Macdonald, what do you think represents a “Seahawky” player now?

    • Elmer

      Good question. The coaches will be looking at the players on the 2023 roster with new eyes. Who they choose not to retain might give us a clue about players that they like in the draft.

  2. BK26

    Looks like a good meant and bones draft. One of those drafts that isn’t flashy, but in 3 years when Zinter turns into the Juggernaut from X-Men and Polk turns into a better Jermaine Kearse (as well as young, hungry, hard-hitting corners running around the field like elementary school kids that are playing tag too hard, shoving the other kids), there is the backbone that contenders need.

    Adding Rattler adds some home run to it, adds some flash to it. And for me, adds excitement to it that just doesn’t feel like it would be there otherwise. Going with just Lock or Geno (or a qb just doesn’t have any threat to push) makes it almost a write off year. A year to get coaches up to speed and the sytems in place. After Zinter, I would interchange Rattler with anyone else.

    I had to sit and let the video churn for a few minutes to get behind it, but I understand the logic.

    • Clayton Russell

      I think Rattler makes a lot of sense as well. Besides the maturity issues he had a few years ago, he has proven he can command an offense even when he is left with crappy OL play. Looking at the SEC and the defenses he’s gone against, I think it is fair to say he elevated the S. Carolina offense and gave them a fighting chance. In general this is the most excitement I’ve had for the Seahawks in roughly 5 years (coaching hires, new schemes etc) I am excited for what can be going forward knowing there will be some growing pains.

    • SD37

      Not only a year to get systems into place but also a year to evaluate some of the guys on D like who we would have liked to see more from last year and to see who looks like they fit long term (Morris, Reed, Hall, Cam Young, even Riq). Love the shift from old to young and hungry and deep in Safety and LB. CB room would be similarly deep.

  3. Peter

    Great draft.

    Mentioned this in the youtube and maybe it’s just fan service to me and me alone but sometimes I want to see a stick and pick draft just because I wonder how likely teams are willing to move up if all ( most) of the players from 16-50 are basically the same value.

    Will say it’s slightly amusing on youtube that people to this day can’t seem to understand that Rob’s mocks are not a fantasy projection of all of Rob’s favorite players that magically are drafted by Seattle….

    Rather from now until draft day they always seem like thought experiments to understand how different combinations can work.

    • BK26

      Agreed. I have to think of it that way too: it’s one mock with one strategy. It isn’t what Rob will do or what he is banking on the team doing. There is plenty of time for other mocks. Worst case, just look at the positions drafted and when, not necessarily the players.

      • Peter

        Exactly. Rob just did a mock with Penix and a ton of great picks. Today it’s a ton of great picks and Rattler.

        The only common theme is Zinter and Mustapha.

        • Big Mike

          Hell, the combine hasn’t even happened yet. He’ll have a lot more info after that and there’ll be more changes and different approaches.

          • Peter

            And the biggest elephant…free agency. Cuts, players, hedges

            • Elmer

              And the elephant behind the elephant…

              Money. Cap space.

    • BK26

      I also like the Youtube name. I wondered who that was that was always making rational points on Rob’s videos. Now it all makes sense!

      • Peter

        Haha! It’s my welding contractor business. No one can pronounce my last name and where I buy steel for years under a different company name, I had, would have it all marked for some guy named “Jacob bison,” so I just said to myself fine….let’s do that then!

  4. Lawrie

    Good reasoning used in your selections, though I might have taken a TE over the second safety

    • Commander Ga

      The best reasoning I’ve heard, and I totally agree with:

      “He hammers people”

  5. Palatypus

    I can’t believe you took Rattler over Pratt. /sarcasm

  6. TatupuTime

    Elite selection of background photos with Kam and Marshawn bracketing Spoon.

  7. Walter Rucker

    Very nice mock…
    I think Sainristil is a fantastic player that is Seahawky. He is so little though. He’s listed at 5’9” which is appears generous. He really looks around 5’6”.
    Love TJ, Draine, Rakestraw…. So many great options
    I’ll check out Tyler Shaw’s work.
    Best Seahawks site on the planet.

    • Walter Rucker

      He may be limited to being a slot corner

  8. Ruthless pass

    Man I’d be super pumped for a draft like this

  9. Palatypus

    You know, Payton Wilson measured 6041 @ 234. He could probably afford to put on some weight being that he was one of the fastest MFers at the Senior Bowl.

  10. Ian

    As a follow up to yesterday’s discussion on 3rd down success rate, the stats on Smith and Lock for 3rd down and 7+ yds to go are as follows for the 2023 season:
    Smith went 31 of 55 for a 56.4 completion percentage for 380 yds, an average of 6.9 yds/att; those 31 completions yielded 15 1st downs, 3 tds, and 1 int.
    Lock went 10 of 14 for a completion percentage of 71.4 for 132 yds, an average of 9.4 yds/att, yielding 5 1st downs, 1 td and 1 int.
    Of course, the sample size for Lock is small. He went 0-2 with 1 int in his fill-in work in the second Rams game; but he also went 6 for 6 including the game-winning td in the Eagles game.
    The two qbs, combined, were sacked 14 times in 3rd and long situations.
    These stats were gleaned from looking at play by play lists, not from watching film, so I have no info on what they did when they left the pocket and were on the move.

  11. Seattle Person

    I appreciate this mock. I wished more Seahawks fans would do mocks that included just talented players.

    We get caught up in needs a little too much sometimes. Tampa and Polk are two potential starters. I like it.

    I wished you had snuck in a TE in but I guess they can always re-sign their own dudes.

  12. Clayton Russell

    It will be interesting to see how many times John can trade down in the 1st and pick up a 2nd rounder and maybe multiple 3rds. As Rob points out there should still be quality players within rounds 2-4 and having multiple selections in those rounds should make for great competition going into the OTA’s and solidify areas of current weakness. I like the coaching hires and can see this staff being a model for the NFL going forward.

  13. Rando31


    His name is spelled Tyler Shore?

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      I assume you are referring to the artist. It’s Tyler Shaw. Bit difficult to find since there is a musician with the same name. His Instagram handle is @tzshaw29. He has a little vid on there of him creating the Spoon painting.

    • Odium

      I def heard “shore” too

  14. MNF_Hawk

    Went and watched the TJ TAMPA season highlights after watching this…

    Sign me up! The confidence and aggression of him, my word!

  15. Group Captain Mandrake

    I tell ya, I would love this draft. I don’t think Rattler will be there that late, but that would be awesome. Like so many others here, I dig that you use these mocks as a thought exercise rather than just saying “they need a QB so I’ll give them one at 16.”

  16. Denver Hawker

    Seeing this much talent acquired from trading back makes sticking and picking pretty unappealing. As much as I like Verse, Chop and Bowers at 16 (which I’d be shocked if they fell that far), hard to argue they make this team incrementally better than another R2 and a couple R3s can given the depth there this year.

  17. Sea Mode

    RE: new mic

    No wonder, nice choice! I was thrown off initially by the silver color thinking it wasn’t a Shure, since I mostly see that mic in all black, but now I see on their website the MV7 comes in silver too.

    It must be their audio interface or software settings that makes it sound slightly different, then. Yours sounds just as clear. Theirs adds a kind of stereo surround effect which makes it sound a bit fuller although it can tend towards boomy if overdone.

    Anyways, it sounds great now. I just enjoy talking about the tech/gear side of stuff.

  18. cha

    Jonathan Jones
    The Seahawks are expected to hire Charles London as their new quarterbacks coach, sources say. London most recently served as the Titans QBs coach/pass game coordinator.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      He has recent relevant experience working with a rookie QB 🤔

  19. Blitzy the Clown

    This is a little genius

    • cha

      Brilliant in its simplicity. And spot on!

  20. Charlie TheUnicorn2187

    I’ve not heard definitively where the Seahawks are staying base 3-4 or going back to 4-3. I guess it really doesn’t matter, since most plays will be with 3 safety looks (or other sub packages). They just need some guys who can hit and have a bit of nasty to their game.

    I use the PFN mock draft, which looks pretty much the same as the one you used Rob.

    I really like the Ruke Orhorhoro / DT /Clemson pick. Exactly the type of player I could see Seattle taking in the 3rd round. Young (to football) player who has considerable upside…. and is already disruptive with explosive tendencies. A little bit of coaching could make him a real force in a year or two down the line.

  21. Blitzy the Clown

    The sportskeeda mock sim is a lot of fun. It’s free and easy with the trade offers. I was able to trade down several times from 16 with generous offers.

    After multiple runs, Zak Zinter never makes it past the mid 50s.

    Not sure how realistic it is but man oh man would I love to come away with something like this:

    43. JC Latham, OT Alabama

    49. McKinnley Jackson, DT Texas A&M

    53. Zak Zinter, OG Michigan

    59. Edgerrin Cooper, LB Texas A&M

    71. T.J. Tampa, CB Iowa State

    78. Malik Mustapha, S Wake Forest

    118. Cole Bishop, S Utah

    143. Nathaniel Watson, LB Mississippi State

    232. Austin Booker, EDGE Kansas

    • Peter

      Weird I get Zinter every time in the 70’s

      30. Nix, qb
      62. Jenkins, dt
      76. Zinter, g
      78. Sinnot, te
      93. Mustapha, s
      118. Fiske, dt
      150. Watson, lb
      193. McCaffrey, wr
      232. Booker, de

      Jenkins too low. Sinnot too high. Probably fiske too low.

      But I think Rob’s theme is true that you can fill up on talent going backwards a bit.

      • Peter

        Also 7 turned into 9 picks seems more realistic than 7 into 10+

    • UkAlex6674

      Great draft Blitzy. Get me some Cole Bishop all day long.

  22. Brodie

    TJ Tampa! Hyped you got around to watching his tape! Loved watching him and agree that he looks like a dude.

  23. Sean Hoffert

    I’m in the trade DK camp. So, in the early 3rd, if Xavier Legette is there I take him.
    If we are looking to build up the trenches, taking 1 guard, coming off a broken leg and 1 Dlineman that weighs 290 isn’t nearly enough. I get there’s free agency, but I want to see what JS and MM will do in their first draft to build the trenches.
    One thing I always noticed when I watched Baltimore on TV, they were huge at every position. Their DB’s were all tall and long. The DT’s were mammoth. The LB’s were brick houses that could run. Seattle could not be described as huge at any position on defense. I think that will be a focus for this draft.

    • Rob Staton

      You can’t just use the draft to build the trenches

      You need some veterans in there too

      I’m not sure what people really expect, when two of the first three picks are trenches players. Would another third rounder really make any difference vs a quality veteran or two? That’s what you need to think of here

      One thing I always noticed when I watched Baltimore on TV, they were huge at every position. Their DB’s were all tall and long. The DT’s were mammoth.

      Justin Madubuike at his combine — 6-3, 293lbs. Their best D-liner

      • geoff u

        The draft should be about taking the best player on your board, not choosing positions and trying to picked highest player at that position. In my opinion

    • Peter

      Legette has maybe not great hands and is not the freak athlete that DK is.

      He came into the senior bowl not anywhere him.

  24. RainInSpain

    It’s crazy to me that Bo Nix with his stats, size and speed aren’t a top 10 lock at this point. I watched the first Huskies game and didn’t see any major issues with his game.

    If him checking down often creating a high completion percentage is an issue for people… Then I don’t know what to say.

    • Rob Staton

      A top-10 ‘lock’??

      Come on

      • RainInSpain

        Based on stats, size, speed and Power 5 conference, who else has fallen outside the top 10?

        I’m not saying he necessarily should be or that scouting on him backs anything up, but his gaudy numbers are similar to Stroud aren’t they?

        That’s why it’s curious to me that the general football media aren’t pushing him as a top 10.

        I’m not saying you should… I come read here for your analysis and opinions on where players should fall, not to tell you where to rate someone.

        • RainInSpain

          Checked Stroud…

          Both are 6’3, 215
          Both finished 3rd in Heisman their final year.
          Both great TD to int ratio
          Nix ran better, 10% high completion percentage.

          Massive difference though is 2 extra years for Nix in college.

          Again, I’m here for your analysis Rob, I’m just saying I’m surprised statheads on ESPN and elsewhere aren’t calling him a top 10 lock.

          • Parallax

            I’m pretty sure Stroud has a significantly better arm and better long ball. I know that Nix threw 50 yards in the senior bowl but that’s a flag football game. Stroud’s game against Georgia was very special.

            That said, I thought Stroud was overrated last year and thought a team would be foolish to take him at 2. Shows what I know.

          • BK26

            Yet Steoud is massively better and was a massively better draft prospect. So how come Nix had more schooling and looks like the worse one.

            You can’t just read things off of Wikipedia.

        • Rob Staton

          Numbers = box score scouting though

          • Peter

            I agree with this. They tell a part of the story though not all of it.

            Though I do think he’s better than Maye who has been fit in as the second or third qb doing not much all year.

  25. RainInSpain

    Also JJ McCarthy stats look awful similar to Russell Wilson minus about 10 TD passes. About the same amount of pass attempts (they were hiding Russell Wilson!), both run the ball similar enough, completion percentage, low interceptions, similar yards.

    The negatives I’ve read about some QBs don’t tend to add up when you can find successful QBs in the past that did the same.

    Nix stats are amazing, we should probably consider him a #16. He did what he was asked and did it better than almost everyone else.

    JJ wasn’t being hidden, there’s just not a huge need to pass the ball when you’re always winning and controlling the line of scrimmage. I’m not saying I’d run out and grab him round 1, but don’t be surprised if he’s really successful in the NFL. He did what he was asked to do and did it well.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I think JJ needs more practice passing. But that’s why he’s not top level. If he can improve then he could be a starter. Even if he doesn’t become a starter, look how many teams were on their second or third quarterback this year. It was crazy.

      Anyway, I’ll take Robs word that Rattler would be good and be happy with him in this draft.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Regarding quarterbacks of the past and their college performance. There are very few quarterbacks from the division formerly known as the PAC (har har) that are starters. Herbert comes to mind. Browning got elevated last year when the starter was injured. Who else has made it in the NFL?

    • Peter

      There’s a really big difference. You’re looking at a qb’s stats with one year in a system vs. Three years in a system. The former qb was fairly erratic at NC state but they had him rip it. Then he played in a pro system and showed big growth in accuracy.

      It’s not just a swing of 10 tds. It’s 3 more on the ground and around 50 recieving yards.

      Mccarthy to me is a sit a year maybe 2 or 3 qb. Maybe all of them are. Nix, penix, rattler are older which is a pro/con going either way. But they’ve played a lot of ball.

      Also one was a fringe third round and the other is mocked as high as 12 regularly.

      • Peter

        Honestly if we were talking Mccarthy late second round and beyond I might feel different about him.

    • BK26

      Stats mean nothing to the NFL. Otherwise Colt Brennan would be a HOF lock in the NFL. You have to actually watch film. Nix very well could be a third round pick.

      And McCarthy was being hidden. One game he threw it 8x. It wasn’t the offense, it wasn’t controlling the line of scrimmage. It is the exact same offense that Harbaugh has always used. He was a minimal part of their game plan.

      And you have to watch the tape. If you watch McCarthy and see Russell Wilson, then don’t watch film right after you’ve triple coat painted your living room.

      They did do what they were asked to do. Nic was asked to throw the ball 6 yards and McCarthy was asked to hand it off. That alone is a bad excuse to draft them.

      • RainInSpain

        Colt Brennan didn’t play in a Power 5 conference and had a terrible TD to int ratio. Certainly you can come up with better than that to make your point.

        • Rob Staton

          His point still stands

          You can’t base opinions on players through stats

        • BK26

          Oh no no. We are only going off of stats per your argument: Nix has amazing stats so he should get drafted early. You can’t put context behind stats. Why would that make any difference?

          Change it to Graham Harrell. Point still stands.

    • Daniel

      Nix sat out the 4th quarter of about 3-4 games. What might his stats have looked like if he hadn’t? I would be happy with him.

  26. LouCityHawk

    Been messing around with Sports skeeda mock draft.

    One thing that has hammered me over the head is what a disadvantage the Seahawks are at for not having that R2 pick.

    I’ve experienced a dozen or so sims where Jayden Daniels slips to 16! He obviously is my dream choice at 16, and it is fantastical that he will be there.

    The pick, though, really makes it clear how hard it is to put together the rest of that draft, especially if you don’t rely on some of the inefficiencies (Puni, McMahon, Gabe Hall, Randolph, Booker, Watson, Brownlee, Demerson – all players I noted I could snag in the 200s).

    That said, if we walked away with Daniels at 16…I’d view the draft as an A.

    • Peter

      I just actively do versions where I assume the mock is wrong and trade down. Then I build from there.

      Unless I get Daniels at 26 or so then I think it’s working great!!

      • LouCityHawk

        I try to stay disciplined to my own board, I’ve found the same issue when Chop or Verse fall there and I decide to stick and pick.

        That lack of a second really has a big impact on the entire draft.

        I haven’t dug in just yet, but mock draft simulators can encourage that thinking that you just trade down multiple times, accumulate picks, grab Rattler in the 7th, then act like that is totally real.

    • LouCityHawk

      Hire me John!

      Chop Robinson
      EDGE Penn State

      Michael Penix Jr.
      QB Washington

      Kris Jenkins
      DT Michigan

      Xavier Legette
      WR South Carolina

      Dylan McMahon
      OG NC State

      Nathaniel Watson
      LB Mississippi State

      252. Trade
      Erick All
      TE Iowa

      256. Trade
      Dadrion Taylor-Demerson
      S Texas Tech

  27. Murphy

    One dilemma that I keep running into with skeeda: what if Chop Robinson is there at 16 but you have not gotten extra draft stock through trading a player? I think this team is in dire need of blue chip talent so I say you stick and pick. However, it would be really tough to wait that long and see so much interior OL and DL talent leave the board. Thoughts?

    • Peter

      Try a stick and pick draft or a few. It’s a bit of an exercise but I think you can get great players still.

  28. Peter

    Justin eboigbe. He’s not my draft crush. But he’s doing his best.

    I love watching him walk olinemen into the qbs.

    But I’m pretty hypnotized that so many of his highlights are read, react, disengage, and wrap up runner for a loss. If you have seven sacks But a bunch if your highlights are tfls’s I’m intrigued.

    Don’t think he’s any kind of super athlete. But seems strong as a bear with the double teams he gets. He’s a handful, is putting it nicely.

  29. Seattle Person

    This is unpopular but I have to say it. I can’t help but shake the feeling that the Hawks are gearing up to draft a young QB. No…I’m not talking about Penix. MP has a great arm but he just doesn’t seem to scream John Schneider to me. He seems a little too one or two dimensional if this makes sense.

    People will hate this but oh well. I think JJ McCarthy screams John Schneider more. Multi-dimensional with the ability to throw on the run, evade the rush, and use his legs to gash the the defense. He’s going to win in the interviews. He has had success in high school and in college. Strong leader. Those things Schneider dig right?

    I mean the new slogan now is ‘Chasing Edges.’ McCarthy excels when blitzed, excels on 3rd downs, excels in the 4th quarter. Grubb and now new QB coach Charles London have a lot of history with working with young QBs and developing them.

    This is a lot of spit-balling from me but I don’t know, it makes a lot of sense in my head. I would still like for the team to get more picks in the 2-4 rounds but I just keep going back to the team’s off-season so far. They want to hit home runs. It might be a moot point because McCarthy seems to be climbing up draft boards. But right now, I think JS is digging McCarthy.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t know why you think McCarthy ‘screams’ JS. I don’t see that at all

      • Seattle Person

        That’s fair.

        I do think we should be open minded to it though. I am very skeptical about him too.

        The athleticism is there. The arm while not truly elite is more than enough. The intangibles are there. I think he’s checks off a bunch of what John and Mike might be looking for.

        Plus he’s most likely going to have a ringing endorsement from the Michigan folks.

        I think it boils down to how JS projects him. McCarthy is frustrating on tape but he does many things that translate to the NFL.

        I personally am not convinced fully but it’s getting ears perked up about him.

        • Rob Staton

          The arm while not truly elite is more than enough.

          It’s a thoroughly average arm. ‘More than enough’ feels a bit vague. It’s enough of a concern for me to think he will struggle to challenge teams vertically

          Everything else feels unspectacular about him

          • Seattle Person

            I agree somewhat. He doesn’t have the easy flick that others have. He does have to put his full body into a throw to drive it.

            That is a legitimate concern. Can he threaten down field? He hasn’t shown the consistent ability to.

            But again, does JS look at it and say — “We can work with that?” I don’t know. He does have a lot of the other boxes though.

            • Rob Staton

              Such as what though?

              He’s undersized in his frame and light, doesn’t have the big arm, doesn’t really fit any of the other QB’s John has coveted

              And the arm is just really average

              • Seattle Person

                He is very light and skinny. But, will that be where he ends up? I don’t know. The kid can always bulk up but frames like him might have a hard time trying to add weight.

                I don’t think the arm is elite by any means. I also don’t think it’s average. He’s got enough to throw to most spots and routes in the NFL. He has throws like this on tape where he throws from one far hash to the sidelines on a line. I do think it’s fair to question whether he can push the ball down field consistently. But I think it’s footwork rather than a limited arm. His base gets him into trouble.

                Some of the things I think he checks off:
                – Good arm
                – Mobility inside/outside the pocket (mostly likely a 4.5 guy)
                – Creativity and extending plays
                – College success (a little overrated IMO)
                – Pro Style offense with experience calling out plays
                – He has very high efficiency numbers against high ranked defenses (traditional & advanced stats).

                All of these things make him multi-dimensional. I’m only starting to maybe come around McCarthy. It’s only because I’m looking at what he could be rather than what he is. Just like with Penix, I want to take a holistic view of him and not dismiss anything about him.

                At the end of the day, I do think JS is probably intrigued by what McCarthy has to offer. I know it might not make sense or it’s unpopular but it’s where I feel right now. Like with anything — I have been wrong with some things and right on other things. I just think it’s worthwhile to talk about it. No biggie. Love the discussion even if we disagree.

                • Rob Staton

                  I think a lot of these deep throw attempts fade badly — it worried me quite a bit TBH

                  I think he might struggle to add weight. It’s not as if we didn’t know that a year ago and he didn’t in the last 12 months get bigger

                  • Seattle Person

                    More than fair to say that.

                    His deep throws and touch throws can leave a lot to be desired.

  30. RomeoA57

    I had fun the past rew years playing around with the PFN Mock Draft Simulator. The last mock that I did last year had CB Kaylee Ringo going #1 overall (he ended up going at #105). Sure Carolins is going to trade a ransom to draft a Cornerback with the first pick.

    I am staying away from doing mock draft simulations, for my own sanity.

  31. Whit21

    I would have like xavier legette over polk right there.. could be the DK replacement in a few years..

    • Rob Staton

      Why would we need to replace DK?

  32. Josh

    First go at mock draft this year

    Troy Fautanu
    OT Washington

    Jeremiah Trotter Jr.
    LB Clemson

    Spencer Rattler
    QB South Carolina

    Malik Mustapha
    S Wake Forest

    Mekhi Wingo
    DT LSU

    Zak Zinter
    OG Michigan

    Luke McCaffrey
    WR Rice

    Roger Rosengarten
    OT Washington

    Picked up a 2025 DET 2nd too
    Lots of trades back! Could be the year it makes the most sense!

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