Listen: Hawk Blogger podcast appearance

This week I was invited onto the Real Hawk Tawk podcast courtesy of Brian Nemhauser at Hawk Blogger. Big thanks to Brian for having me on.

We went over several different draft and Seahawks topics. Check it out below.

Underneath the audio I’ve posted some thoughts on Darrell Bevell’s reported firing.

Curtis Crabtree reported in the early hours of the morning that Bevell had been fired.

Firstly, I think whatever your opinion is of Bevell — he deserves some credit for the job he’s done in Seattle. He was the offensive coordinator tasked with helping a rookie Russell Wilson. He was part of two Super Bowl teams. On his watch Seattle’s offense had four consecutive years ranking in the top-10 per DVOA (including a year where they finished #1 in the league).

This was all achieved in a not ideal environment for a play caller. Russell Wilson, as industrious as he is, is also highly unpredictable. Bevell was tasked with orchestrating a ‘scrambling offense’ for a 5-10 quarterback. Not an easy thing to do.

He also had a pretty unique working arrangement. He had to coexist alongside a ‘running game coordinator’ who also acted as the offensive line coach and Assistant Head Coach. And the Head Coach, despite being defensive minded, chose the offensive identity.

It was difficult to apportion blame when things went wrong. Even with that play call against New England. Now isn’t the time to re-hash that debate — but Seattle’s offensive setup hasn’t exactly been orthdox since Bevell arrived in 2011.

That said, it feels like change is required. The Seahawks have regressed in recent years and didn’t make the playoffs this year. It would’ve been too easy to blame injuries — a refresh and a transition is required. On the field and on the sidelines.

It’s time to have one offensive coordinator in charge of the offense, not two. It’s time for the play caller to be responsible for the entire performance. He also needs a significant say in the identity and plan moving forward.

A re-tread or a ‘big name’ will comfort some. Yet the NFC West is now rich in young offensive minded coaches. Arizona might join the party when they name a new Head Coach shortly.

Personally, I hope the Seahawks go for an up-and-comer too. Someone who can craft an offense to support and propel Russell Wilson to new heights. Someone with the potential to be a Head Coach very soon — possibly in Seattle as Carroll’s heir apparent.

John DeFilippo is a strong candidate in Philadelphia. They have a balanced, explosive offense which heavily features the run. He’s a student of the game and speaks clearly and precisely about the little details that make an offense click.

They might have to wait with Philadelphia in the playoffs — but that type of appointment would make sense. And when the next man comes in, he should be granted the freedom to appoint his own support staff.

It’s since been reported by Bob Condotta that Tom Cable has also been fired. This felt inevitable with the running game struggling for two years.

One final note — Damien Harris apparently chose not to declare for the NFL draft. It weakens the running back class slightly — and narrows the options for Seattle if they want to take a runner with their first pick. This wasn’t a big shock — he’d been on the fence about this for a while according to reports.

Tremaine Edmunds, unsurprisingly, did declare today along with his brother Terrell. Tony Pauline is reporting it’s possible Christian Wilkins, Clelin Ferrell and Austin Bryant all return to Clemson.

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  1. Drew

    Bevell is out as the OC. Curious as to who will replace him and if that means Cable is staying?

    • Forty20

      To add to this, Adam Caplan just tweeted hinting at more movement on the coaching staff so presumably Cable and Richard are in the crossfire. We are in for an eventful week.

      • millhouse-serbia

        Mike Shula as OC.

        • Forty20

          Carolina fans seemed to hold Shula in the same regard that Cable and Bevell are/were in Seattle. Not sure if that is the path we should tread to be honest.

      • Sea Mode

        Here’s the tweet:

        Adam Caplan‏ Verified account

        There may be more movement coming on coaching staff…

        Adam Caplan Retweeted Curtis Crabtree:


        BREAKING: Darrell Bevell fired as offensive coordinator of the Seattle Seahawks after seven seasons, per sources. Story:

        4:50 AM – 10 Jan 2018

      • BobbyK

        With Bradley staying in San Diego, I think Richard is a lock to return. We can continue the party of giving up 3rd and 12 with regularity.

        • Sea Mode

          Ok, but tbf he did have a good number of timely corner blitzes. Not sure what the 3rd and long issue is due to.

        • BobbyK

          That sounds like I don’t like Richard. I do. That party actually started with Bradley, too. It hasn’t stopped. For being such a great defense, which we’ve had for quite some time, it’s surprising that we have seemed to give up those 3rd and long situations as much as we have.

          The offense is what needs the most change and that’s what is going to come, which is good.

          • Sea Mode


        • Mark Souza

          Bradley isn’t the only capable DC out there, just one we’re familiar with. Who knows whether the next DC will be an NFL retread, or a hot up and comer from the college ranks. We’ll have to wait and see.

      • Lil'stink

        “Movement” could also mean Cable being the new OC, aka here comes 8-8.

  2. drewdawg11

    Great job, Rob! That got me through the first part of my workout today. You’re making me dream of A certain OL from UGA in the hawks and I don’t want to listen, but he’s pretty darn good. I think the RB is still important, the LB spot is as well. We would really be a better team with a better line, however.

    • Rob Staton


  3. peter

    Rob….thanks for these podcasts, sir. I work for myself and have a tooooonnnnn of time to listen to podcasts, etc, so I’m always stoked to hear your analysis.

    Also didn’t you comment just yesterday that Seattle needs to get a move on with coaching decisions? Ha! nice call.

    • peter

      Also I like your point at the end of the podcast you didn’t say it quite like this and this is how I interpreted it but instead of a hodgepodge approach, just go and fix one or two areas first before spreading out to all the other areas.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m glad we’re seeing some movement at last!

      And thanks for the kind words on the podcasts. Hope you enjoy this one.

  4. dingbatman

    I suspect that no top tier OC candidate will touch the Seahawks as long as they have Tom Cable operating as “run game coordinator”. Who would want to be hamstrung like that?

    • Kyle

      I agree with this statement. From the perspective of the OC they hire if it is from outside the organization, I always thought that was dumb. Let one man besides pete call plays. It lets him fully utilize his game plan. But, I do hope they can find a run oriented OC. As much as RW is the franchise now, i still agree with petes philosophy. Strong fast defense that creates turnovers with a brutal run game TOP type offense.

      • UKAlex6674

        So we need to work on the ‘defense that creates tunrnovers’ too……?!

    • Rob Staton

      He might be replaced too. No news on that yet.

      • Hawk Eye

        Schefter and Sando and I think some other “insider” are reporting Cable will be OC.
        I am skeptical about that. Probably a few more rumors before it all settles out.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      Great point Dingbatman. Agree 100%.

  5. Ed

    Didn’t like either really, but if one needed to go, it was Cable for me. I hope PC takes it one step closer and finds someone with a more man on man scheme.

    DeFillipo (top choice for me. emphasis on running, but uses athletic ability of QB)
    Shula (has worked with dual threat QB, but RW is a better passer than Cam)
    Turner (emphasis the run (man style, rollouts and uses the TE (NV is old style TE like Witten)

    But please, get rid of Cable. Please. I would trade Cable to any team and include a 5th round pick. Cable and a 5th for a bag of chips.

    • FAN Person


    • Trevor

      I am with you on that Ed. Hard to plan offense and call a game when your QB is pressured on 50% of drop backs and there are no holes in the run game.

      I think however this is likely just the first move of several. Likely waiting to see if Cable finds an opening with Gruden or something. I only say that because logically no quality OC would want to come to Seattle and not have control over the run game. It was ridiculous how Pete had that set up in the first place.

    • Mark Souza

      Ed, I would be fine with just the bag of chips.

      As to a Cable replacement, someone on this forum brilliantly noted that when all you do is run a Zone Blocking scheme, the defense knows exactly what you’re going to do. It puts the offense at a disadvantage. I hope whoever comes in will mix it up so the defense is never sure about what’s coming. Fingers crossed.

      I was pissed about the ZBS we ran and our rigidity about maintaining it. I thought we could have done better if we’d figured out the strengths of our personnel and run something that better utilized their skills and abilities rather than force fitting them into the ZBS. Clearly that wasn’t working.

  6. Michigan 12th

    I think as Seahawk fans we all owe Bevel a big thank you for his time and energy, and help in bringing us a Lombardi. At the same time it was time for him to go, and I still think time for Cable to go as well. However the front office will do what they think is best for the team, and I support them for now anyways.

    I would like to see Tom Herman from University of Houston. He has experience with a dual threat QB from his time at Ohio State working with JT Barret, and he should be hungry to continue to climb the ladder to a NFL head coaching job.

    Here is what Bleacher Report say’s about his scheme,

    “Tom Herman’s offense has its roots in the spread but with more of a power feel. A downhill running attack will look to draw contact and bring the defense into the box, only to then throw over it soon thereafter. It’s also one that maximizes the skills of the players, as we saw when Herman helped Ohio State win a national title with a third-string quarterback in 2014.”

    • peter

      Herman signed a big deal to coach for the Texas longhorns. even if that was possible his buyout would be ridiculous.

      my fantasy pick is scott frost at Nebraska but again he signed a “homecoming,” contract.

      • Michigan 12th

        Oops did not know that. Thank for the response. Well then maybe we will just have to wait and see what they come up with.

        • peter

          no worries. I do like Herman as well. he feels like he might be one if those lifer college coaches, to me.

  7. SheHawk

    Agree Ed would’ve kept Bevell over Cable but hopefully it’s a 2 -step process.
    Also+ 10000 to Robs point about new OC being totally in control v. 2- headed monster we’ve had. One throat to choke. Hopefully new OC uses the leverage of being brought in to force that change. …Exciting times. 😁

  8. SheHawk

    Rob they say we will play in London next year—tallyho and dilly dilly

    • Rob Staton

      Possibly so, it seems. Announcement on Thursday.

    • cha

      Does anyone know how it works for season ticket holders? If it’s a “home game” in London, do season ticket holders get first crack at tickets?

      • Drew

        If they do play in London, it’ll probably be against the Raiders which would be an away game for us.

  9. Tennessee

    Hey Rob,

    Thanks for all your insight on that podcast, really helped make things very clear as to where things stand pre-combine for the Hawks.

    I had one thought while listening about how many analysts and fans seem convinced the Seahawks will go with an RB early, possibly even first found or in round two if they trade down. The same things were being said about them last season about CB’s and Safeties given the depth of that class and the Seahawks ended up waiting until their 2nd(?) pick of the 3rd round to draft a CB in Shaq which infuriated people at the time but now seems to be shaping up to be a decent grab (Malik disaster aside). If the Seahawks essentially do the same thing again this season and use their first round pick on a different position, or trade down and still use their new picks on lets say Edge/LB’s, what would be some RB picks in the 3rd or 4th round you might see them target?

    You mention in the podcast that there are about 10 RB’s that you see going in the first two rounds and after that, there are a bunch of guys who might pan out to be more like Robert Turbins or Alex Collins than a marquee talent. But are there any “Shaqs” out there that you could see with high upside in those later rounds, or is it too early to tell pre-combine? People were saying similar things about the DB depth last year, and yet they still waited until Round 3 to make their first splash, and then really Round 4/5 to fill out their safety depth. Given JS/PC’s propensity to draft in an order that confounds many others, do you think this should be taken into account more?

    • Rob Staton

      I think there is a slight difference between this year at RB and last year at CB. A year ago when discussing cornerbacks, it was well acknowledged they hadn’t drafted one before round four. They have done a fine job of developing CB’s. And it was possible they would wait again. That said, there was one cornerback (Kevin King) who had such a sensational combine, it was considered a possibility Seattle might break that streak for him. Ultimately they didn’t, they stuck to their guns and selected Shaq in the late third round.

      At running back, there isn’t really that trend of taking players early or late. They’ve drafted RB’s with their first pick (2013) and found success with a seventh rounder. So I think it’s wide open what they do at the position this year. I do think, however, they have to tap into the early talent. Too many good runners to run the risk of missing out completely by round four.

      On day three I might consider Kamryn Pettway or Kalen Ballage. But really, I couldn’t cope with missing out on the big names earlier. The RB position has depth but there’s a big drop off after the top 8-10 go.

      • Trevor

        Pettway and Ballage would definitely be interesting late round options. Do you think either guy could fill the Full- Back short yardage roll effectively?

      • Tecmo Bowl

        ” The RB position has depth but there’s a big drop off after the top 8-10 go.”

        Agreed. Absolutely see the Hawks going RB with our first pick, after a trade down or 2. Another day 3 name I like a lot in case we miss out early, or double dip, is John Kelly. Not the home run hitter(lacks top end speed)like a Michel or Jones, but there’s a lot to like in his game. Great balance, sets blocks up well, makes ppl miss, runs through arm tackles, finishes runs well, natural hands(tied for team lead with 37 catches), explosive jump cuts.

        Check out his game vs. Florida-link:

    • Patrick T.

      Another difference this year is the massive gap between picks. Even if they trade back, it will likely be for a late 3rd at best. The only scenarios I see them waiting for RB are if:
      A) they grab a veteran who they feel really good about.
      B) A player falls that they rank so highly they can’t pass on them.

      I’m not sure which veteran would meet that criteria (I’m not sure Hyde does for me), so I think RB is the most likely first pick. Pete seems to think having a big time talent there is what’s needed. Free Agency will tell us a lot. They generally try to fill as many holes as possible as to not pigeon hole themselves in the draft.

      • Mark Souza

        I hear Eddie Lacy might be available.

  10. C-Dog

    Seems to be a lot of buzz generating about a Pete and Sark reunion.


    • peter

      good grief. I don’t follow the huskies a ton but since that time to present day in Atlanta is dark even a good coach? not be facetious. I really don’t know. Atlanta regressed. the huskies were better than terrible when everyone was barking for Sark, but that was on the heels of being Kansas jayhawks football bad.

      is there any position group he’s known to develop particularly well? Did he succeed at USC because they were USC and had a million top recruits?

      • C-Dog

        He has been pretty good coaching at QBs, IMO. I think he’s been a decent play caller.

        Personally, I don’t think this would be a terrible hire, it wouldn’t disappoint me like a Tom Cable promotion to OC would, but I think this feels like lazy speculation, to be honest. Just kinda smells of nepotism.

        DeFilippo would get me much more excited. Just someone who will offer a full fresh take. Not to say Sark wouldn’t, but it feels like retreading the past.

        Also, does Sark even want to come back to Seattle after what happened at UW?

    • cha

      Ian Rapoport

      Verified account
      2 minutes ago

      For the #Seahawks, who now need a new OC with Darrell Bevell being fired, Steve Sarkisian would be a top target. #Falcons coach Dan Quinn just said “zero chance of that.”

      • C-Dog

        This I believe much more.

    • SoCal12

      I highly doubt it though since they’re still in the playoffs and Dan’s already denied the rumors, which in this case means he still wants him around. I wouldn’t leave ATL if I were Sark either since he’s had relative success there so far. I think this is a case of the media grabbing the closest narrative available right now which is a reunion plotline.

      Could just be wishful thinking on my part though since I’m not a fan of Sark, and I’d much rather get DeFilippo or Van Pelt anyways.

  11. Millhouse-serbia

    We fired Richard! So new OC , new DC.

    • Drew

      Cable has got to be next.

      So who would be options to run Pete’s cover 3?

    • vrtkolman

      QB coach out as well. I’m actually kind of excited, Pete is actually doing something out of the ordinary for him.

      • cha

        Getting rid of Smith might be the most underrated move of this offseason. Helping RW get to the next level will be huge.

        • vrtkolman

          Agreed, Russell has looked stagnant since 2015. That just shows how amazing Russ is.

          • Drew

            Remember, 2016 he was injured for pretty much the entire season.

          • 503Hawk

            I would say part of the problem is Russ himself.
            His stature aside, he has difficulties finding his receivers. It wouldn’t surprise me that many of his receivers are frustrated with the apparent lack of trust that Russ has for them. When Baldwin came out last week and said that it wasn’t Bevell’s fault, I think he was talking in part about Russ.

            • Drew

              The biggest thing about Russ, and its been talked about a lot here….too often he passes up what the defense gives him (5-10 yard plays) looking for the big play and then twirling around in the backfield. He needs to take the easy play, and I would love if he would just take off running more often for the quick 5-10 yards as well.

              • AlaskaHawk

                Or at least throw the ball away before being tackled 20 yards behind the line of scrimmage.

              • Greg Haugsven

                Is Richard gone, or he may be gone? Very different.

                • Greg Haugsven

                  Thats what I saw fiddleman

              • peter

                that to me is the game plan and Pete. Pete always loves weapons and the downfield strikes. also 5-10 yard plays are great when you don’t spot teams two scores in the first half.

                • fiddleman

                  Wow! Cable just was fired. Bob Condotta Seattle Times reporter tweeted.

    • fiddleman

      Where did you hear that? I heard that the Hawks said they would let Richard out of his contract if he was offered another job.

  12. drewdawg11

    Jason LaCanfora says its an expected move, then another tweet by Ian Rappaport says that Dan Quin quoted as saying “No way”. I sincerely hope that we can find someone better, and with less of a tracj record of inconsistency. I will say this: His offenses have always made good use of motion and formational versatility. But still…

  13. 12th chuck

    looks like Richard and qb coach are gone as well

  14. vrtkolman

    The Rams are starting to get poached. Raiders signed their QB coach Greg Olson, and he will be the new OC over there. I like it.

  15. Ed

    If they give Sark OC and assistant head coach, it would be an upgrade and therefore not need Atlanta permission. But they would have to get rid of Cable, because he is assistant head coach. I would prefer Eagles QB coach. Look what he did with Wentz, and he runs a lot too, which is what PC likes. Get LB or DL coach from Vikings as new DC please.

  16. pran

    Thank you Bevell, Appreciate your work for Hawks!
    All the coaches worked with Hawks in the past and till now deserve appreciation!

    Things just became stale over-time and in need of new talent. Who knows it could be Pete and JS’s time in 2-3 seasons if things does not turn around.

  17. vrtkolman

    Kind of surprised Brian Schneider hasn’t been axed yet. The special teams has been steadily declining and it was a complete wreck this year.

    • Drew

      That is actually very surprising as well. His unit has been underperforming and declining for several years now.

      I’d love to bring Heath Farwell back as the ST coach!

    • Patrick Toler

      Agreed. Special Teams have been a big problem. Walsh obviously isn’t Schneider’s fault, but punting, coverage, and returns have been lackluster for a while now.

  18. Forty20

    Frank Pollard, offensive line coach for Dallas, is now a free-agent apparently. Could be a name to watch in the event the Seahawks part company with Cable.

    • Brandon Adams

      That line has been declining for years. Bill Callahan was its real mastermind.

  19. Jason

    Off current topic, but anyone have a site for a list of underclassmen who have declared?

  20. Sea Mode

    Just wanted to say that was quite a performance for 3:30 AM, Rob! You literally can talk draft in your sleep, haha!

    • Rob Staton

      Haha, thanks man 🙂

  21. AlaskaHawk

    Well lots of coaching changes. My dreams finally coming true- lets hope it doesn’t turn into a nightmare!

    • Sea Mode

      We will find out how green the grass on the other side really is…

  22. Greg Haugsven

    It feels like Cable should have been the first to go.

    • peter

      agreed. Bevell has created many different schemes with what’s he has to work with. but cable, when not counting qb runs has had average to sub average run games and pass blockiing.

    • Patrick Toler

      I tend to think that the Seahawks see Cable as the likely long term replacement for Carroll. And I think he might be a good one – maybe a better head coach than a line coach. I have mixed feelings about Cable, but mostly agree with the consensus that we need a new voice managing the OL. Like Bevell, his job is to understand his players abilities and limitations and design a scheme they can execute. It seems like our lineman, who are generally pretty limited, were being tasked with pulling off blocks too difficult for them to execute. The players’ lack of skill/talent/experience may be somewhat to blame, but it’s the coach’s job to recognize that and make a new plan.

      • Patrick Toler

        And the above is the same way I feel about Doug’s comments regarding Bevell. It is totally understandable for a player to be frustrated with his fellows’ inability to execute the scheme – because I’m sure Bevell’s schemes were adequate in a vacuum. But it’s the coach’s job to recognize his player’s limitations and design a scheme they can execute. He couldn’t do that.

    • Aaron

      Cable may yet still leave. I’m glad the organization is finally changing things up. But I feel like it would be incomplete without Cable also leaving. If it’s Bevell and Richard that’s good, but add Cable and I think you’re finally turning a corner on this offense and especially offensive line. Not that any of these men are bad coaches, it’s just time for new voices and new approaches to the game.

    • Realrhino2

      Yeah, they are hitting all around the target, but missing the bull’s-eye. And he won’t make a better coordinator or head coach. If you can’t get your players to understand and execute their responsibilities as a position coach, how are you going to guide the whole team to do that? He was a head coach, and he was not good.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Another beef that I had with Bevell/Cable was the inability to evaluate and place a player in their correct position on the line. Britt went through three positions, Ifedi on his second. Weird rotations from left to right with players like Glowinski.

      Plus they have 15 linemen listed and out of that group there are 3-4 solid starters. Hopefully their hit rate will improve next year.

  23. dinosaw13

    Rob, looks like Damien Harris is going back to school, shame would have been great in Seattle.

    • Patrick Toler

      I makes sense. Next year will likely be a less crowded for running backs and he’ll have a real chance to improve his stock.

    • vrtkolman

      Kind of bummed out here, I was looking at him at 18. I’m warming up more and more with Ronald Jones.

      • 503Hawk

        Argh! 🙁

      • Volume12

        Incredibly talented. His comments after the game were nerdy as hell. Came off like a dork.

      • Volume12

        Also remember Nick Sagan’s credo. If you return to school you didn’t get a day 1 grade. Wonder if the NFL wasn’t that high on him at the moment?

    • Kenny Sloth

      There goes my draft crush.

      Classy pro RB. He wants to go in the first and the DAC probably told him day 2.

  24. Volume12

    I like Bevell, always have, but it’s clear the 2nd half of 2015 was him capturing lightning in a bottle. It’s time for Seattle to figure out this O-line once and for all, and let this offense be built around RW.

    Hope Cable is next. Can’t imagine why a new OC would even have trust in him anyways.

    • Ed

      I know I’ve wanted DB gone for awhile, but have wanted TC gone longer. No development of really anyone. Please PC, if you had the smarts to get rid of DB, make it a clean sweep and get:

      OC DeFillipio (Eagles)
      DB Edwards (Vikings)

    • Volume12

      Whoever it is needs to fix this and fast.

      ‘Seattle went 3 and out on 57.4% of it’s 1st quarter drives, the highest rate in the NFL.’

      Johnny Morton, OC of the Jets would be an amazing get. Crossing my fingers he’s the guy.

      • Volume12

        Morton was also at USC under PC.

      • BobbyK

        That’s just a mind blowing stat. I can’t believe an offense as talented as the Seahawks went 3-and-out on over 57% of their 1st quarter drives.

        I can’t believe they were so inept in the first half of games, too. Consistently.

        And I can’t believe they were the worst rushing offense in the NFL if you take away the scrambles from Wilson when he dropped back to pass only – but was forced to run, which counts as “rushing” yards.

  25. M

    A move long overdue. Bevell deserves clear credit for his successes but my take has always been when he’s hot, there are few OCs that are better but when he’s not… the reverse is probably true.

    If you have a team with the following characteristics:

    1) The best receivers are possession type receivers and likely to get separation/open early on
    2) The OL is inexperienced, inconsistent and porous
    3) You are a rhythm offense

    What kind of plays do you dial up? In Bevell’s case, it meant stretches of games where the Seahawks relied heavily on long developing, deep routes (paging Al Davis) sometimes with no check off and seemingly no adjustments until the second half where they would start to move the ball by…relying on tempo and their quick strike passing game to re-establish themselves. Strategically confounding. Another case in point: the seemingly endless struggle to effectively use a unique talent like Jimmy Graham which is frankly astounding after all these seasons.

    To me, good play calling is a function of successfully balancing the following:

    1) Plays the defense is likely willing to “give” you
    2) Plays that you are going to take (think Beast Mode in tandem with the read option…teams knew what was coming just not when, i.e, your identity)
    3) Keeping a defense off-balance through mix, sequencing and the unexpected
    4) Understanding the play-specific and situational risk/reward and respecting the probabilities
    5) Minimizing execution risk by optimizing player match ups and assignments

    For example (and I already regret going here), but that certain SB play where someone not only dials up what is historically the riskiest play inside the 5 but, moreover, one that requires Kearse to handle the physically superior Browner in order to be successful–a match up that was already unsuccessful earlier in the game. In short, how not to do #4 and #5 above.

    Let’s hope the new OC better balances the play calling because the offensive talent is certainly greater than what we saw in December.

  26. Volume12

    Depending on the OC Seattle gets, as has been mentioned, HB Ronald Jones would be a perfect fit for an up tempo, ZBS.

    Defensively, again as mentioned, LB/EDGE Tremaine Edmunds is like the youngest player in this draft and has nothing but star potential/upside.

    And while I would love DB Derwin James, another defender I love and wouldn’t be surprsied if Seattle did too is ‘Bama’s Ronnie Harrison.

    Harrison might be the most under the radar athletic dude in the draft and is a head hunter back there. His physical mentality is awesome.

    Harrison was a black belt in kick boxing at age 9. You had to be 12 to be in that camp. So he quit and started playing football. Says to me he just wants to compete. And animalisticly as well.

    • Nick

      I got to believe that Ronald Jones is their preferred choice at RB. I have no life, and so I’ve managed to watch most of his games that are on YouTube and at least from the sideline view, he looks like a terrific running back prospect.

      He is a perfect fit for ZBS, he has incredible acceleration, and he’s shown that he can be a feature back of a top college program. Also, after seeing years of Seahawks fall over after five yards, I love his balance.

      I’m guessing Seattle trades down 3-5 spots in the first, picks RoJo and then looks at adding the best prospect from LB/WR/S.

      From what I can tell, the OL is pretty set. You’ve got Brown, Fant at LT, Rees & Roos at LG, Britt at C, Pocic at RG, Ifedi at RT. I think this year is Ifedi’s last to show he can play at a high level.

      • BobbyK

        I know Ifedi has had his ups and downs, but he improved on the field (not penalties) throughout the season. I know he’s not a stud or anything, but the encouraging sign is that he’s trending in the direction we want him to go in. Up. That’s good.

        Now, the penalty thing… ugh.

        • GoHawks5151

          Still hoping they move Ifedi to guard and Fant to RT. Let Pocic and Roos fight it out at LG. I do not care for Rees

      • Volume12

        Ifedi has yet to show he can.

      • BobbyK

        I know they are aiming to get younger all around and I think they should… but one thing that would not surprise me is them signing a LG who is a bit long in the tooth. Another veteran. Like J. Evans a few years ago, except not cutting them at the end of camp. I’m not sure the Rees showed enough at LT to think he’d be a good starter at LG, nor do I think they want another young guy added like Roos so soon after the comments Carroll made last year how the OL was too young. I know some of those guys have matured, but it’s still going to be a relatively young line aside from Brown. The entire right side only has 3 years of “experience.” I don’t know if they will want a guy like Roos, with one year in the NFL and no starting experience to potentially start yet.

        • Greg Haugsven

          I agree to sign a veteran guard if there is one available that fits there cap.

      • Volume12

        I wouldn’t count out RB Bo Scarborough either.

        • Nick

          I’m loving his tape as well. Gotta imagine he’s got to go later than Derrick Henry did…maybe a backup option if RoJo or whoever they want isn’t there.

          • Greg Haugsven

            I still think your best starting 5 would be:


            It doesnt help with depth as it would be nice to have Fant as a swing tackle. This just based off what we currently have, having Bron and Britt on either side of Ifedi could really help.

          • Southpaw360

            Why can’t the line be Brown, Fant, Britt, Pocic and Ifedi? Is LG that much different than LT? If Brown doesn’t sign an extension Fant would move back to LT in 2019. Makes sense to me to do this. Maybe I’m the only one?

            • Greg Haugsven

              Guard is more of the mauling spot and tackle is more of an athletic spot. Thats my thought process as Ifedi is a monster dude and could also benefit from being next to Brown and Britt.

              • Mark Souza

                … and Fant has show far more potential at tackle than Ifedi. If you were going to pick one of those guy to move to guard, I’d make it Ifedi.

          • Volume12

            I think so. The combine will be big for him.

            I’m probably in the minority here, but RB Derrius Guice is still one of my favorite backs this year. Runs so angry. Just a hard nosed, gritty player.

            • Nick

              Interesting, I’m not wild about Guice. But we know Seattle loves them some SEC RBs.

              • Volume12

                Coming off an injury, LSU had no passing game so defenses just stacked the box and Guice still went off.

                His smash mouth style and larger than life personality is probably the closest thing to Marshawn Lynch I’ve seen since him as weird as that’s gonna sound.

                Incredible backstory too. His dad was murdered when he was 6, his brother is in jail as a getaway driver for attempted murder, met a guidance counselor when he was growing up that gave him food on the table and a place to sleep at night.

              • Volume12

                His ability to grind it out over 4 quarters is one the things that impresses me the most.

              • Volume12

                And he’s got a heart of gold.

                He does try to do too much at times and that leg injury is a question mark, but for me, he’s the toughest back in this class.

    • D-OZ

      +1 on Harrison. Slightly underrated…

  27. SeaTown

    Everyone wanted Bevel out. Well you got your wish. However, now you get TC as OC. Enjoy.

  28. Logan Lynch

    The Dave Aranda possibility is gone with his new contract to stay the DC at LSU, so give me Jim Leonhard. I don’t care if he only has one year so far as a DC. Find a spot for him on our staff. He played under Mike Pettine, who just finished the year as a consultant for us and is now the DC in GB. Leonhard is going to be a hot commodity in the NFL sooner rather than later.

  29. Kyle

    What about Gary Kubiak as a OC? Run oriented and established?

    • Greg Haugsven

      I thought about that as well, even Mike McCoy maybe

      • pran

        Didn’t Kubiak retire for Health reasons. I thought he relinquished Head coach, why will he accept OC?

        • Greg Haugsven

          Not sure, maybe he still wants to coach but would like something less stressful?

          • LLLOGOSSS

            He’s not retired.e did step away for health reasons but he’s been cleared to resume his career.



    • BobbyK

      He just won a Super Bowl as a head coach a couple years ago. He stepped away for 2 reasons IMO…

      1. Stress/job… an OC is much less stressful than a coordinator.

      2. He’s smart. Why coach an NFL team with a worthless QB situation?

      IMO – he’s the best OC we could get. And he’s won a Super Bowl more recently than our HC. Again, IMO, he coaches us to the Super Bowl next year and then goes back to Denver as HC with his old buddy (Elway) ***IF*** Elway proves the Broncos have a franchise QB to coach.

      Seriously, why would anyone with a brain (and not needing the money) choose to be a head coach of a team with a crappy “stable” of “QBs?”

      • BobbyK

        Sorry… an OC is much less stressful than a head coach…

    • Brandon Adams

      He’s not leaving Denver.

  30. 503Hawk

    Just heard Cable got released.

    • Greg Haugsven


  31. Nick

    Cable OUT.

    • vrtkolman

      Great day to be a Seahawk! I won’t be surprised if our O line is top 15 next year. We have some serious talent on it.

      • Hawk Eye

        I am not going to celebrate people losing their jobs. I am not disappointed.
        I think change was needed and these guys are well compensated, so I don’t feel sorry for them.
        But we should all show a little class and have some empathy.

        • vrtkolman

          I understand your point, but with Tom Cable’s off the field history I don’t really have much empathy for him.

          • Hawk Eye

            well, I guess a few ex wives and girlfriends are celebrating…..

    • Aaron

      This will be a day long remembered! It’s seen the end of Bevell and Cable, it may soon see an end of offensive ineptitude in Seattle. GO HAWKS!!! It was time to move on.

  32. Braden

    Cable in my opinion was the guy who should have gotten fired. Instead we fire everyone else and are probably giving him a promotion. I don’t see where he’s done anything to deserve a promotion let alone still be around. I thought bevel was a pretty good coordinator for the most part and Richard has done okay considering he’s had to work with an aging defense. I don’t get it.

    • Greg Haugsven

      I could have been good with Bevell staying but am good either way. I agree, Cable should be number 1

    • Braden

      Well nevermind

      • Greg Haugsven

        lol Braden

    • GoHawks5151

      Quite frankly less about what they did in the past and more about what can you do to change the future in an evolving league


    Cable fired.

  34. Volume12

    This the type of back I think Seattle will target late on day 3. Yes, I beleive they’ll double dip on 2 positions, RB being one of those. They always have and always will.

    I mentioned L’ville’s HB Reggie Bonnafon (6’3, 215 lbs.) Was a QB his 1st year, then a WR, and this being his last year he was moved to RB. Not unlike CJ Prosise’s transition in college.

    2017 stats: 459 yds rushing, 4.93 YPC, 7 TDs/ 21 rec, 182 yds, 1 TD

    However, his teammate HB Malik Williams who he split carries with may be the better back. Williams is 6’3, 222 lbs.

    2017 stats: 531 yds rushing, 7.93 YPC (!!!), 4 TDs/ 14 rec, 136 yds

    Notice his feet, and how quickly he gets his shoulders square

    Malik Williams highlights (2017):

    • Rob Staton

      It’s extremely likely IMO they draft two RB’s.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I wouldnt mind going to our backyard with Lavon Coleman, fits the profile.

  35. FAN Person

    Thank GOODNESS they fired Tom Cable too!

    We need a NEW FRESH start!!

    • schuemansky

      I have they feeling they won’t stop here. ET gets traded and Kam will become assistant coach.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Very important date to remember is February 9th 2018. Thats the day Kam’s salary becomes guaranteed. 30 days and counting and we will know Kams future, most likely before then.

        • AlaskaHawk

          I thought he was pretty well locked in, since he has a guaranteed injury settlement. He isn’t going anywhere.

          • Greg Haugsven

            That’s an issue as well but different.

      • D-OZ

        My thought’s also…

  36. 12th chuck

    cable is gone

  37. 12th chuck

    looks like cable is gone

  38. Kenny Sloth

    Love this podcast.

    Really happy about the cleaning house

  39. vrtkolman

    I’m very interested in our offense. Is Pete going to take his hands off the offense and let the new OC control everything? I think that would be best. No doubt the running game will take priority, for good reason. Pete is still a top coach in the league, it’s just that his system has become stale. Pete overlooking new, younger coordinates with modern systems just seems very exciting to me.

    Vol’s suggestion of Johnny Morton is a great one. What he did with Josh McCown and Jermaine Kearse as his best receiver is nothing short of extraordinary. I still like DeFillipo, a younger guy with roots under Andy Reid is exciting. Kevin Stefanski is the Vikings QB coach, who has also coached running backs and tight ends.

    • Volume12

      It’s too bad Terryl Austin already got the DC job for Cincy and Matt Patricia is probably gonna end up as the NYG’s HC.

      I wonder if they go the college route again like when they got DQ. He’d cost some major coin, but Brett Venables from Clemson would be amazing.

  40. j hawk

    Cable now fired !!! Let the party begin. Pete fixed the run game. Can’t get worse. Cheers!

  41. Mac

    If I were running the show, I’d be gunning for Scott Frost as OC and grab Alex Grinch for DC. He really helped turn around the cougs defense the past couple seasons and since he’s only an assistant dc at Ohio State getting him wouldn’t be too difficult. Scott Frost would cost a pretty penny but in my oppinion it’s worth it for the future of the franchise, who will take over the reigns down the road. We needed fresh minds at every coaching spot.

    On a side note, it’s bittersweet and I’ll always be grateful for what coach Bevell and coach Cable have done for our franchise. I wish them great luck but we need this to get this program in the right direction.

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      I doubt the Seahawks could get Scott Frost since he just took his dream job at Nebraska.

      • Mac

        A fan can dream haha 😭

  42. Schuemansky

    I am pretty sure there will be a lot of cap space and probably draft picks created this offseason!

  43. EP

    Feels like as good a time as any to restock the coaching staff. An obvious down year in comparison to the past. Fresh faces, fresh ideas. This time next year we will know if it works out. Will be an exciting offseason for the Seahawks. Feels like a rebuild to an extent but a positive one. Not in the same manner of the Jets or Browns. Going into next season with unknown potential and I find that quite exciting. We don’t know what our team will look like come August. With this being “the end of an era” potentially, we may arrive next season they way we did back in 2012. Relative underdogs with a chance to reassert ourselves as bullies in this league. Fair play to Pete Carroll for doing what people assumed he wouldn’t. Lives and dies by his mantra of competition. We’ve got to be an enticing location for any OC and DC. Great QB and some pieces on offence. Remnants of or a complete LOB with some young pretenders in the wings and the best MLB in the league. Not to mention some young stars on the D line.

  44. Kyle

    So, wild thought and speculation coming.

    George Fant has been working with Walter Jones, and he also tweeted that he had good news. Could it be that Walter is going to be the new Line coach in Seattle? Id be stoked because that man is a monster!



    • GerryG

      Wow that could be cool

    • Ground_Hawk

      Hire a local HOF OL as the OL Coach? Always compete!

    • BobbyK

      I saw that and took it as the doctors are pleased with his recovery from ACL surgery.

  45. peter


    how grateful are you to not have the fire tc/db posts!

    also frustrating but kind of exciting to see if the hawks draft profiles, running back, Tef scores, etc. change at all

    • D-OZ


    • Rob Staton

      It’s a big relief Peter!

    • AlaskaHawk

      Now Rob can concentrate on more important things. Can we make a pact not to whine about coaching for one full year??

      • Kenny Sloth

        Im definitely going to blame every sack on the new OL coach.

        • Michigan 12th


    • Mark Souza

      Good news, Ifedi will actually have to compete for a place on the O-line this year.

  46. Trevor

    Too bad Scott Frost signed that deal with Nebraska he would have been the perfect guy to bring in to runthe offense and groom to replace Pete when he retires.

    • BobbyK

      As a Nebraska fan, I’m absolutely delighted Scott Frost is there. 🙂

      • peter

        don’t be bummed when the NFL calls in 2-3 years. I know he’s home but frost feels like a great future nfl coach.

        • Trevor

          I agree he is a definite up and comer. I am sure he would like to bring a championship to Nebraska first.

          • BobbyK

            One as a QB (check) and another as HC (yes, please).

          • peter

            I’m sure he would love to do that. What a killer life if you could bring two national championships to your alma mater.

            Too bad I see him winning say 10-2, 10-2, and then coaching the Seahawks!

            Jokes aside anyone who wants to stop Urban Meyer and shuts up Harbaugh I’m in. I hope he does kill it at Nebraska, love the school, and love it when places like that are relevant again.

  47. Trevor

    I know he is not well liked but from the standpoint of design and play calling Lane Kiffin would be the ideal run focused OC. Not sure I could take the personality though.

    • Volume12

      I love me some Lane Kiffin. That man is a legend.

      • peter

        he’s a goofus but a tremendous offensive schemer. I’m into it.

        • Greg Haugsven

          I think he just signed a 10 year deal down in Florida

          • peter

            no details on the buyout but previously it was four years with a 2.5 million buyout. 10 years maybe something like 7 million with escalators like before for each year he coached.

  48. GoHawks5151

    Wow where to start. Though it would be great, i think it will be too hard to pull recently hired college guys like Frost or Grinich. Probably gonna be some NFL experience guys. John Morton seems like a great choice as a young guy. Perhaps double dip with Todd Dowling as a QB coach. Mike Mccoy is has an adaptive scheme. Gary Kubiak would be crazy in a good way. At line coach we should be looking for someone with a simplified scheme that features the athleticism of the Offensive linemen. Better/new fundamentals. Better background in pass blocking. Crazy idea #1: Big Walt as OL coach. Crazier idea #2: Two words… Peyton Manning… 😉

    • Kyle

      The big walt ol coach has tracation, if not veiled in hope and dreams. Above i mentioned how George Fant has been working with him, and then recently tweeted he had good news.. People have been saying that it could be a sign he will be the ol coach. My buddy put me on that track at least. Heres to hoping!

      • vrtkolman

        I’d rather get an experienced OL coach over Walt, love Walt but I think he would be better served as an assistant before taking a full on NFL coaching job.

        • D-OZ

          How much experience do ya need ????

          • Hawk Eye

            great players rarely make great coaches
            most great coaches are failed players or were mediocre and had to work every angle to get anywhere.
            Great players have so much natural ability they cannot explain it or teach it to others
            Now Walt may make a great O line coach, but I would rather have him as an assistant O Line coach working with the tackles and get an experienced O Line coach

  49. John_s

    Judging from Wikipedia, Kris Richard is following Mike Pettine to GB to be secondary coach

    • vrtkolman

      Outstanding hire by Green Bay if that is true, but I don’t buy it. Richard was just taking HC job interviews. He’s going to take a demotion right away?

  50. Thy Hawk is Howling

    Oh what a glorious day!

    Things HAD to change and they actually are because Pete realizes it and made it so!

    Dream senerio for me

    Defensive coordinator- Kam Chancellor

    Kam is intelligent enough to quite playing because of his neck and he earns his money Paul Allen owes him as New DC.

    Offense Coordinator – Russell Wilson

    Russ becomes the first in game Offensive Coordinator calling the plays along with Pete.

    • Ty the Guy


      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        Right on Ty you hope that as well!

        Kam already has the complete respect of this team and I can see him as the Future Head coach as well because player’s will want to work hard for him and he has passion to inspire his team.

        Russ is very honest and he knows his limitations so let him make the calls sometimes Pete will suggest different play’s. Let Russell Ball Out !

        Also along with some of you I’m hopeful for Walter Jones as Offensive Line coach. Let him implement whatever scheme I’m guessing “Power” whatever he is knowledgeable at from his experience being one of the best Lineman Ever to play the game!

    • Michigan 12th

      I think that would have been Payton Manning. He didn’t officially have the position title, but he was definitely calling the plays for his offense.

    • Mark Souza

      That would be awesome because if a deal like that is reached, his injury buy-out money would come off the salary cap – and I think he’d be an excellent coach. He definitely is well versed in the “Seahawk Way.”

  51. Trevor

    Part #1 of ideal Hawks Offseason done. Offensive scheme, blocking and coaching change. Complete!

    Part #2 Hire innovative young play caller and give him control of offense

    Part #3 Trade Earl to Jags for a late round 1st and Bennett to NE for a 3rd

    Part #4 Draft

    Rd #1 Pick # 18 Edmunds
    Rd#1 Pick # 26 Sony Michel
    Rd #3 Isiah Wynn
    Rd #4 Jaleel Scott (WR/NMSt)
    Rd #5 Kyzir White (S W Vir)
    Rd #5 Greg Gaines (DT/ Wash)
    Rd #5 Kerryon Pettaway (RB / Auburn)
    Rd #7 Daniel Carlson (K/ Auburn)
    Rd #7 Dickson (Punter / Texas)
    Rd #7 Shaqueem Griffin ( LB/ UCF)

    • Ed

      That’s a dream draft. Doubt Michel, Wynn or Scott fall that far.

      • peter

        I think Michel at 26 seems about right. that’s a pretty high valuation for a non featured back. I get what you mean though it feels like he could go higher. though I wonder if Edmunds actually goes later, so maybe it’s those to players flip flop.

    • peter

      pretty good. got to say might be tough to get Wynn. like the rest, id almost pass on pettway for Carrington, wr.

    • Schuemansky

      Love it. Think thoug that with the cap space cleared they will their guard in FA.
      Rd #3 Jordan Whitehead (S Penn)
      Rd #5 best blocking TE available

    • Bigten

      First mock that truly love. I’m a big fan of Barrett to the hawks as well tho

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      Greg Gaines is returning for his Senior Year, the Huskies are my Collage team. Also you you said Keryyon Pettaway his last name is Johnson and Rob is high on him so I believe he’s a 3rd rounder or possibly a 2nd rounder.


      Go Hawks

      • Greg Haugsven

        Auburn has 2 running backs…Kerryon Johnson and Kamryn Pettway. Not sure who he was referring to, maybe its a combo of them both.

        • Trevor


    • D-OZ

      Gains didn’t declare.

    • Bayahawk

      Greg Gaines is going back to Washington for another year.

  52. SeahawkeyezSubj80

    Pete got no excuses now! Got rid of all the coaches. What players are next? I feel now the talent evaluation going to be more than ever on Pete and JS. TC probably had a lot influence on who they drafted at Oline and RB. its going to be interesting who they bring in as coaches.

  53. SeahawkeyezSubj80

    Whats Lovie up too? DC with Seattle. Trade Earl and change to a more Tampa 2 Defense?

    • SeahawkeyezSubj80

      Please Offense change to a more power blocking game. I’m done with the ZBS. IMO.

      • D-OZ


    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      No way Pete will still implement his defense and that’s why Kam Chancellor is perfect for our new DC!

      • SeahawkeyezSubj80

        Yeah sorry but no way Kam our New DC. DB Coach at best.

        • Thy Hawk is Howling

          I understand your reasoning on Kam. My thinking is he already has vast knowledge of Pete’s scheme and as coach will be the “Field Sargent” for Pete. Just because he doesn’t have experience as a coach doesn’t mean he can’t adapt quickly. I mean he was already our defense leader on field so tell me why that would be a bad idea since we’ve had a legendary defense up to the past couple if years. A coach of Alpha Dogs has to bark the loudest and I’m pretty damn sure Kam would be respected as the Leader of the Pack (Nest) !

          • SeahawkeyezSubj80

            My question is Kam still wants to play(mentally)…but physically he is not able. No way he step into the mental and time commitment it takes to coach as a low level assistant, let alone what time it takes to invest as DC. Too quick of a turn around. IMO i think Kam find a way to play or at least force Seattle to pay the remainder of his contract, hence the clause I’m hearing that Kam and his agent negotiated.

        • D-OZ

          It’s PC’s defense….

          • D-OZ

            Kam’s got a job if he wants it…

            • Greg Haugsven

              It would be nice to get to 6000 yards of offense again (375 a game). 4000 passing and 2000 rushing scoring around 26-28 points a game.

        • GerryG

          I dont care how much of a coach on the field/mentor Kam already is… he is not, nor is any player imo ready to jump straight to a coordinator position in the NFL. Need at least one year going through the system as a coach.

          • House

            He’s been in the system over 6 years and he did miss half the season… Nothing is impossible

          • Thy Hawk is Howling

            So you think someone without the experience of Pete’s system who is already a Coach would be better then Kam who already completely understands what Pete Carroll wants? I know it’s a radical thought but if Kam wants to play and shouldn’t because of risk then the next best thing would be to be with his teammates and mentor them. What is a coach anyway? Someone with experience who teaches and trains you at desired interest/passion/work. Just because it isn’t a normal transition does not mean it would not work out, but I understand why you think it won’t or would be too quick of a transition.

            Some people are the exception, just like most thought Russell would not be successful in the NFL because he was an too short! I believe in the spirit and determination of people and every experience with different people have varied results. Some People just have it and we won’t know until they try. Some of those people will fail however they continue to work at it and stay positive and succeed. Basically what I’m saying is just because it isn’t common or shouldn’t work due to metrics, doesn’t make it impossible.

            I believe Kam is the exception and they could work out the injury settlement to pay Kam as a coach. Some of you will say no way why would Kam do that when the Seahawks already owe him. I believe Kam iw

            • Thy Hawk is Howling

              Oops didn’t mean to send already, I’ll finish my post.

              I believe Kam is grateful for all the money he has received especially with his latest contact that he would earn that money he is owed as a coach since he can’t play. It would be a honorable way an a win/win for both Kam and the Hawks. Of maybe he just takes the 12 million and is never to be head from again.

              • Braden

                It’s a good thought and I’d love to see kam get added to the coaching staff. He has never coached before or anything of that nature. giving him the DC spot right away is not a smart idea.

              • Hawk Eye

                I am sure that if they try to pay him as a coach in an injury settlement it will be seen as a salary cap violation. The NFL would have to approve it.
                And I find it hard to believe he can just step into the DC position. I am sure he would need to have a few years as an assistant before he could handle all the different duties and responsibilities. The job is much more than calling plays on game day.
                I think Kam could be a future DC if that is what he wants. But no one knows if he wants that.

          • Mark Souza

            I think it’s in the realm of possibility. Kam has a ton of experience in Pete’s system. The defense is really Carroll’s baby and will be more than ever next year no matter who is hired. If they pick Kam, I’m sure he won’t just be handed the reins. It will be a mentoring position with Pete right over his shoulder.

    • Michigan 12th

      Plus a million to Lovie

  54. Ishmael

    I’m wary of new coaches bringing immediate success. A lot of the time it takes a year or two to sink in before things really take off, just look at Shanahan in Atlanta.

    Something had to change in Seattle, they’d let things get stagnant, but this is looking like a huge overhaul. Surprised the ST guy hasn’t been encouraged to seek other opportunities tbh, they’ve been dreadful in that phase of the game. But if they let Cable, Bevell, Smith, and even Richard go, they’re absolute gutting the senior leadership of the staff – might want to keep at least one group stable to help with culture/continuity etc.

    I’m interested, but it’s surprising to me that they didn’t see this coming years ago. Could have staggered the changes, instead of going all out.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Sometimes yes sometimes no. Look at McVay this yer in LA.

      • Ishmael

        For sure. He didn’t have his boss telling him his offense had to be x, feature y, and achieve z though. Whoever the new OC is, Carroll is either going to have to get a grip and step back, or pick a guy whose vision matches up.

        • GerryG

          McVay’s offensive coordinator had his boss telling him his offense had to be x, feature y, and achieve z though.

          • Ishmael

            McVay is out there calling checks for Goff at the line. I don’t think it’s exactly a controversial take to suggest it’s his offense.

            Change is good, and I think it should have happened years ago. But I also think Seattle isn’t an easy place to coach in, and Bevell will do just fine wherever he ends up. If we’re going all in on a cleanout then I’d like to see the ST guy go, Pete’s sons go, and all of the random old USC guys go. Clean start.

  55. BobbyK

    I like Richard but I understand why Pete let him go. He’ll be an asset wherever he goes. And if some team gets him as a DB coach, he’ll be one of the best in the NFL and will a DC somewhere else again soon after (if he has decent enough talent).

    It’s like if another team had a Richard Sherman type player/talent (or Earl Thomas). And we traded our Richard Sherman for him. It would be a trade where both players needed a change of scenery and were better off for it (like the Sherman comments about “not needing that” last year in terms of rah, rah, stuff).

    This may be random, but if Earl still “buys in,” I wouldn’t trade him at all. He’s a generational talent and does anyone remember our “pass defense” after he got hurt last year?

    • Greg Haugsven

      Is he for sure gone now? I thought it was a maybe?

      • C-Dog

        Feels like it might be more of a “Probably.”

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Maybe there is a behind the scenes rub between FS ET, CB Sherman and DC Richard.
      It could be the choice between the DC and FS for all we know. I’ll sign for slightly less money if so and so if not the DC any longer.

      • C-Dog

        Heard some really interesting insight on 710 this afternoon that the Richard is apparently fiercely loyal to the LOB and if they were to move on from some of those players, it might not sit well with him. Moving on from Richard might signal further moving on from the LOB, and Seattle is looking for a DC who will emphasize other areas of the defense.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          *rubs chin*


    • Tien

      I’m with you about ET, Bobby. To me, he’s still the most irreplaceable piece of the defense and as long as he still wants to be here, we shouldn’t trade him.

    • peter

      I’m trying to gauge where Seattle recoups draft stock without trading Earl and/or Bennett. I love Earl. but trading down from 18 to 26 gets you a late third rounder.

      Trading down yet again gets you right back into Britt, prich, malik Mcdowell territory. If we’re honest Britt’s okay….Prich? this season sure but is he a guy who is only playing for a contract, because prior to this year the production for three years was nothing….and then there’s Mcdowell and Ethan “hit the weights,” Pocic.

      Sort of seems like Seattle needs maybe great talent going forward as everyone else that is good/great ages out…nto a bunch of guys.

  56. Adog

    Paul allen of all people knows that seven years is,a long time to have the same leaders in the same position. If you want to change and adapt…you need to start by planting the seed in a wet paper towel on top of the family bible…not by throwing it in the same ole dirt with the same ole water. Pete carrol is a garden that thrives on competition/companion planting…plant your lettuce beteen your corn rows…but the game changes…the blue jays shit on your scarecrow and eat all your seeds. So replace a straw man with a robotic owl.hoo hoo

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      That was a very creative post Adog I like the use of a analogies. It’s true you have to adapt be successful and today Pete made a very wise choice to make those adaptations! I still believe in Pete and John!

      Go Hawks!

  57. Al

    How does Gary Kubiak as Offensive Coordinator and Brandon Streeter as QB coach sound? I’m an offensive guy so idk about replacing Kris, who’s some defensive coordinator options you like, Rob and everyone else? Love reading this blog and the comments, can’t wait to join in, especially during this crazy time!

    • Steele

      Kubiak had health issues. Not sure he is willing to risk himself.

  58. Dingbatman

    I would expect one of the new coordinators will be hired to also be a successor to Pete Carroll. That could add a few names that haven’t been mentioned yet.

  59. Old but Slow

    Hopefully, this will mean a single OC rather than the two-headed scheme we have had. I never understood how that could work well.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      2 SB appearances and 1 SB win….. seemed to work for more than a year or two

      • 80SLargent

        A historically good defense that allowed the least points in the NFL 4 years straight (the first time since the Browns in the 1950s) had A LOT more to do with that than the offense.
        Plus, it was pretty easy to see the bipolar nature of the offense if you’ve watched a full game of Seahawks football in the last 7 years. The changes that are about to be made have been a long time in coming.

  60. JimQ

    A name I saw over on field gulls that is very interesting. Pete Carmichael, Jr., New Orleans OC. Per a comment section contributor (I haven’t verified the #’s), If these #’s are for real, he could be a very good candidate for AHC/OC considering the similarities between RW and Brees. He very well could be a slam dunk for the job.
    2010 OC of NO = #6 YPG #11 PPG
    2011 OC of NO = #1 YPG #2 PPG
    2012 OC of NO = #2 YPG #3 PPG
    2013 OC of NO = #4 YPG #10 PPG
    2014 OC of NO = #1 YPG #9 PPG
    2015 OC of NO = #2 YPG #8 PPG
    2016 OC of NO = #1 YPG #2 PPG
    2017 OC of NO = #2 YPG #4 PPG.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Does he want to leave?

      • Ed

        If he’s an OC already, unless a level up, would need permission. So since lateral OC to OC, he would need to be given assistant HC, Same for Sarkisian since he’s an OC. Now DeFillipo from Eagles wouldn’t need permission because he’s QB coach.

      • 503Hawk

        Yah, why would he leave HoF drew Brees with an indoor stadium and an offensive minded head coach for Russell Wilson’s unsustainable playground offense, rainy Seattle and a defensive minded head coach?

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          Excellent points. However, the Saints have been more of a rushing based attack this season…. I would call it a “balanced” attack, which is where Seattle wants to end up (or return to).

          • RealRhino2

            Brees and Wilson are both short. I think that’s where the similarities end.

            Brees is so much more savvy as a passing QB, IMO. Russ has all the tools, but I really, really hope we end up hiring an OC/QB coach who will hold Russ’s feet to the fire.

            I honestly would have been fine with keeping Bevell as long as Cable was gone. Hard to know how good we could be with better OL play. But ultimately our offense was too simplistic. If that’s because the OL was bad, then Bevell in, Cable out would have been okay. But if it’s because Russ has trouble either with certain reads or certain concepts, we need a new voice to get him straightened out.

            • peter


              I’ve got to ask when people say hold Wilson’s feet to the fire is there anything in particular just working with what he has had to work with especially since Lynch has been gone that a coach should be making him pay attention to?

              I’m a total Wilson apologist, full disclosure.

              I do think he has regressed as far as situational awareness as far as what to do when rollouts break down. long bad sacks, near fumbles, actual fumbles….terrible.

              That said I’m literally not sure when people complain that he isn’t stepping up in the pocket what they are watching. Are those people not sure how people avoid conflict? do they not realize that most people and probably most QB’s aren’t going to magically think “now step on up into the pocket on this particular play it looks clean,” when just as often as a good pocket are free three man rushers getting him killed.

              I’d like to see him throw players open and I’d like to see him get WR’s in space. I’d also like to have a season without multiple picks coming literally off the hands of WR’s. Hate picks. Hate them. But it makes me think that a player is a chump when the pick comes off their hands.

              I’d like him to see the open receiver sooner. really.

              It’s still hard for me to put a ton of the problems on Wilson. A terrible line that has been a league leader in sacks given up. A terrible run game. And pedestrian receivers. I know there are many fans that think the WR’s are fine but really it’s Doug Baldwin and not much else.

              • RealRhino2

                As a Wilson apologist, you’ve pretty much named most of his faults that I was thinking of when I said he should be held more accountable! 😉

                Stepping up in the pocket may not be intuitive, but too bad. It’s not intuitive to keep your eyes downfield when a 300-lb. man is chasing you with bad intentions, either, but it’s another counterintuitive thing a good QB HAS to do.

                My #1 is that Russ needs to get back to recognizing what the play is designed to give him and take it, rather than always thinking there’s something better just around the bend if he holds the ball, scrambles, etc.

                Matt Harmon just published some data that shows Seattle receivers have the 2nd-greatest separation from DBs at the time the QB releases the ball. Guys are open. I can’t count on all my fingers and toes the number of times — even on the TV copy — when I’ve rewound plays and said to myself, “He’s open…..but for some reason Russ decides not to throw it.” Now, a QB can’t see everything. But I’m talking about plays where the alignment and coverage dictate a certain throw, and it’s there, and Russ STILL decides not to throw it. I feel like earlier on he was better at that.

                • peter

                  agreed. but…..cant be a league leader insects allowed and still expect a qb to step up. biggest issue on the line to me for years….not the quality but lack of consistency. in any job if someone sucks you can plan around them but if you swap out parts, I get it with injuries, but otherwise you can’t plan your moves.

                  I agree he should take what’s given.

                  but being down in the majority of games last year I think pressing is a natural byproduct. the downfield shots per example.

                  also from a macro view not spending the money to retain olinemen or just getting by with a terrible tuning game, and I get they went after michael, has been detrimental.

                  now moving forward it will be interesting with a mediocre line, zero running game, and 1.5 wr’s (Doug and sort of Lockett) I’ll be fascinated to see how they move forward.

                  • New Guy

                    In a way, RW is being re-taught how to be a somewhat less-good QB by his environment.

                    His environment has become a close up and very personal view of the hair on opposing interior defensive linemen’s chin. He doesn’t now really feel comfortable stepping up into a very possibly nonexistent pocket. He has learned to do something else instead. It’s a very understandable situation. It will take some unlearning.

                    i.e., consider Blake Bortles. He had great promise coming out but was thrown into the fire and never got the chance to have a healthy environment in which to learn and grow.

                    RW pretty much had that at first but his environment has deteriorated. It’s not surprising that this one aspect of his performance has likewise deteriorated.


            • Mark Souza

              So true about the differences between Brees and Wilson. Brees will look over the defense prior to the snap and recognize immediately that the corner has taken an insider position on a receiver running a 7 yard out. His receiver will have a step or two as soon and he makes his break, and the ball will be out of Brees hand when he does. Bang-bang, seven yard completion.

              Wilson will see the same thing, but instead of taking the sure thing, will wait to see if the receiver running a fly pattern or the guy running the deep post on the other side comes open for the big play. As a result of holding onto the ball, the 7 yard sure thing is gone, and then while waiting on the long routes to develop, the blocking breaks down and he’s scrambling trying to make something happen on the fly – or the long patterns don’t come open and he’s scrambling again.

              Wilson was at his best in the second half of the 2015 season. The line wasn’t great and didn’t protect all that well – it was the start of the O-line decline, but Wilson seemed to have turned a corner. He was anticipating receivers coming open and getting the ball out of his hand quickly. And then, when we were all excited about the new Russell Wilson, he regressed.

              If we could find a coach to instill in Wilson a “keep the chains moving” philosophy, and take the sure thing rather than gambling for the big pay-off, I’d be elated.

        • Myfanwy365

          Drew Brees is due to be a 38yr old FA, plus he’s 38, how much longer does he have left

          • Mark Souza

            Since he’s a pocket passer and in great shape, until his eyes or arm start to go – maybe ten more years tops. Or until he takes that hay-maker shot that makes him consider whether it’s worth it to keep playing.

    • Rowdy

      The head coach is the mastermind of their offense just like Pete is the mastermind of are defense. However if he came here and thrived he would get a lot of attention for a head coaching gig. And with drew on the verge of retirement he may want to have some versatility on his resume. I highly doubt it will happen but that’s the only way I see it happening.

      • Patrick Toler

        These are good points. Seems unlikely, but there’s a thread of logic there.

  61. Jason

    Is Richard our?

    • Greg Haugsven

      I believe as now he is still our DC

  62. Pickering

    I have to think JSPC already have replacements in mind. Paul Allen’s a businessman. He knows you don’t remove people from key positions without having a good sense of who’ll replace them. Pete and Schneider know that, too. I assume they’re close to having the contracts ready for the new guys. Free agency and the draft, after all, are coming soon.

    • fiddleman


    • peter

      Or at least deals in kind, if there happens to be any coaches still in the playoffs. I agree it’ hard to imagine that like a bad college their are going into this blind with no clue as to who they are targeting.

  63. STTBM

    Rob–Not that you care, but well done! Excellent points. I do feel that Bevell deserved more praise from you, and Cable more blame, but hey, we usually don’t see exactly eye to eye so that’s fine. Great job navigating the recent Sea Change.

    On Bevell; I thought he deserved a chance to move forward without Cable’s massive incompetence hampering his scheme. I believe his biggest failure was kowtowing too much to Carrols meddling, and allowing Cable to usurp his authority in the run game. This also will preclude him getting a HC job anytime soon (and I think permanently). I do think Bevell, if given another shot somewhere with talent, will win more SB’s as an OC.

    People forget HE is the main reason we have Russell Wilson. He stood on the table and forced Carrol to consider him, and after he pushed and got his way, he hounded Carrol to believe in Wilson and cut the cord and unleash him as his rookie year progressed. Carrol has said he wishes he had trusted Wilson fully earlier that year, that his unwillingness to unleash Wilson may have cost us a SB. He has also said Bevell tried to get him to. Again, Bevells biggest failing was not asserting himself.

    The only surefire failure of Bevells Seattle career was wasting Graham and trying to mold him into a traditional TE. Had Bevell adapted and used Graham for what he is, a receiving weapon, pure and simple, he’d still be here.

    Bevell didn’t deserve this.

    That said, Seattle will benefit from starting over–as long as they pick a good OC. Their offense was too predictable, stale even–and the NFL had figured it out. Wilson has stagnated, and as Ive been saying since we hired him, Carl whatshisbutt is only ruining him, and had to go as QB coach. Thank GOD they finally fired his butt too–just two years too late!

    Cable richly deserved to be fired three years ago, and every year since. I believe he’s DONE in the NFL. The game has passed him by, and his total incompetence at talent evaluation in the college ranks the last five years should not only be the final nail in the coffin of his NFL career, but preclude any return to the college ranks as well.

    Richard has to go–he thought he was smarter than he was and he has proven he cant get it done even with superior talent. Sherm was right–the secret to Seattle’s success in 2012-2015 on D was “personnel”.

    I hated Bevell after 2012. I grew to appreciate and respect the man and his scheme. He just needs to grow a set and step up. Carrol, shame on you for firing him without giving him a chance to get out of Cable and the meddling HC’s shadow. I hope he gets hired by Chicago or Cincy or someone and kicks butt.

    • peter

      I hope Bevell takes a year off and hits the college ranks. I honestly think he’d be the kind of coach who could have fan at a non power five school like Kiffin is at FAU or recently Frost at UCF.

      Just a chance to be his own person and call all the shots.

      I think Bevell has a stronger ability to scheme based on his personnel then people want to give him credit for. But per Carrol sometimes you need to get rid of all the bad to start over. Right or wrong someone called up the worlds most mocked play to lose the Superbowl. Maybe it’s the best call, maybe it’s the worst call but when you have players denigrating the coach who dialed up those plays at some point it’s not working.

      Also, someone has been allowing Wilson or creating for Wilson a system filled with bad habits. The rollouts, fine, not stepping up in the pocket….I get it after getting killed by the Oline…..but last year? what happened to throw the ball away and not those combo fumble-sideways throw-while being sacked? Things like that are a coaches job to reinforce situational awareness.

    • RealRhino2

      Agree with everything you say except the part about Graham. Can’t make a dog with no fight in him join the fray. When I focus on him while rewatching games, it looks as if unless he’s the primary option on a play, he gives little to no real effort and negatively impacts plays by just going through the motions on his assignments.

      A player is no good if he only tries on certain kinds of plays designed to highlight his maximum effectiveness and his teammates can see that.

  64. Greg Haugsven

    I have to think the Seahawks go one of two ways with the OC position. If they go young it’s John DeFilippo. If they go experience I think Mike McCoy. If they wait a while is could be DeFilippo as he is still coaching with the Eagles.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      A name bandied about today… mike shanahan

      You know you will get a run first offense. Also, he is a take no prisoners type of coach.
      He has turned multiple low draft pick / UFA runners into servicable, if not special running backs….
      Terrell Davis comes to mind.

      • Pickering

        I hope they go young.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          John DeFilippo, quarterbacks coach, Philadelphia Eagles

          He’s just 39 years old, but (A) that’s not so young anymore for NFL head coaches and (B) he deserves a chunk of the credit for Wentz as well. ~ ESPN

          This looks the part to me….. QB coach to OC… developed a young QB rapidly.
          I’m not sure how much experience he has (NCAA/NFL/Other) except for 1 year as OC in CLE a few years back.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Cleveland browns.

      • Brandon Adams

        Shanahan would certainly have Rob on the roof. 🙂

    • MarkinSeattle

      A name not being mentioned is Charlie Weis. In the late 90’s he oversaw a Jets offense that went from bad to first in a couple of years. Then he followed Belichek to NE and called plays and was Brady’s QB coach from 2000-2004. He went to ND as HC and sucked. After getting fired, he went to KC as OC for a year, transforming their offense into a top 4 offense including the #1 rushing attack and made Matt Kassel a respectable QB for a year with 27 TD’s to 5 Int’s. Point is that in three different jobs he has turned bad offenses into top 4 offenses with a heavy focus on the run. He is also a decent QB coach.

      The negative is that he is obnoxious and rubs people the wrong way, but I bet that PC and RW would lighten him up. He is also not a young guy. But he seems to have a mind for calling NFL offenses, not unlike how Monte Kirin was a great NFL DF, but horrible in college.

    • C-Dog

      One name floated about who I think would be an interesting consideration is Bret Bielema.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Here is another one from CFB to watch Oklahoma head coach Lincoln Riley

        • H

          That would be a really cool choice. Gotta be quite unlikely a he’d want to leave a head coaching position at a major school after just 1 season though.

          • Greg Haugsven

            Bret Bielema was a DC though at K St and Wisconsin.

  65. Seaspunj

    Any thoughts it Ken Norton Jr or Jack Del Rio could be DC candidates?

    KNJ got hired by 49ers as LB coach but who knows

    • Del tre

      Not a fan of either, hoping we get Richard back but if we don’t I’d like to see a younger coach come in with a clear plan. Thatd not much but PC and JS will be the evaluators and i trust their judgement

  66. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Not on topic at all but…..

    New Cleveland Browns general manager John Dorsey has added former Green Bay executives Eliot Wolf and Alonzo Highsmith to his revamped front office.

    Talk about pedigree. I respect what John Dorsey did for the Chiefs … and he is making very sound front office choices. This is not the Browns of 1999-2017…. they might only win 2 games next season, but I can see them turning it around quickly… to 8-8 in 2019.

  67. Frank

    Hard to believe Bevell finally got the axe, is this REAL? Is he FIRED, permanenty, for good, not coming back? Not as OC, not coaching QB’s, not doing anything?

    I don’t believe this until its official but it’s agonizing what could have been if they’d fixed this, and the LT/inside pass rush, years ago.

    Feels very surreal after I’ve wanted him gone this bad, for this long and #FireBevell doesn’t feel like an easy fix anymore like it did every other offseason. Now we’re 9-7, non-playoffs, against the cap with key players hitting free agency and the LOB falling apart, injury problems everywhere and Russell not any better than he was 5 years ago. It’s a rough offseason when I can’t celebrate Bevell getting canned, I have a sinking feeling the Seahawk Golden Age is over.

  68. drewdawg11

    Man, I can’t believe how much this team is about to change. I wonder if there was amandatebfromuo top to clean house or if Pete decided to make these moves. Either way, I just hope that we get some innovative young minds who can give this offense new life. Russell has had one OC for his entire career. The new OC is going to have to be able to get him to believe in something new and not only that, excel at it. The defense is about to look much different as well, potentially. It’s a scary/exciting time.

    • Sea Mode

      Highly, highly doubt it was specifically mandated from above. Just my hunch. PA seems like a hands off owner who would defer those decisions to JS/PC. Surely he signed off on them though since he will be the one cutting the checks.

      The defense will probably still be PC’s defense, but hopefully with a couple new wrinkles here and there as well as better situational management.

      Agree on OC. Fresh ideas, new life. The great thing that I imagine makes the position attractive is that you have a young, MVP caliber QB in Wilson and a stud slot WR in Baldwin to start with.

      I’m definitely excited too to find out who the new names are and hear a bit from them on what they want to bring to our team.

  69. Brazilianguy

    I think that Cable and Bevell got the axe one season too late.

    I don’t want Richards gone. He gets a lot of pressure for succeeding Quinn and Bradley’s success but people has refused to take account that those too worked with a younger, less paid, hungrier, deeper version of the current defensive cast.

    • Rob Staton

      One thing to remember here…

      In 2015 Seattle had the NFL’s #1 offense. In 2016 they had to deal with Russell Wilson getting injured in week one and a totally inexperienced O-line.

      I don’t think we can point the finger too much at the timing of these moves. From the club’s perspective, they never had a chance really to re-create the end of 2015 in 2016. I think timing wise they got it right.

      • Brazilianguy

        I can see it both ways with Bevell. On 2015 you you had the #1 offense, but also you had an unprecedented and not likely to be repeated 2015 Russell Wilson stretch to skew the numbers in his favor the signs of over reliance on Russ for this offense to be effective were already there and only further proved in 2016. In 2017 it only became glaring, but the curve was there to be seen. Sure, there’s the argument for the benefit of doubt with Bevell. Cable? I don’t think so. The OL was never particularly good at protecting Russ and the run game just kept plummeting ever since that shockingly great stretch of Rawls being elite vs base defenses. Not even in the Marshawn days the run game was elite if you took out Russ’ contributions. That makes for back to back seasons of a downward spiral, and a clear case of over reliance on QB and RB play to be effective that were clear as day since 2015, hence, I believe the axe got certainly one year late for Cable and arguably for Bevell.

        Pete is great because he understands the value of not relying on one single asset to be responsible for the success of the team, but he didn’t have the guts to separate an increasingly distant past to his diagnosis. He tryed to manage his way out of it just to get behind of the curve and miss the playoffs with one of the most talented teams in the league.

        • peter

          I agree with most of your thought process including how the run game wasn’t/isn’t as good when you take out Wilson’s yards.

          I will say though you mention 2015 and a stretch that was not likely to be repeated but Wilson threw for the same TD’s and only 3 more ints.

          Nothing exists in sports in a vacuum. I think Wilson has been off this year to be sure. I will also state that Kears, Lockett, and Baldwin were rocking a 72% catch rate in 2015. The very next year: Kearse 46%, and Lockett/Baldwin both drop down to the low 60’s percentage wise. Again some of this is on Wilson but when you drop 10% on anything some of it is on the WR. And in the case of Kearse, when you drop your catch rate 26%….well your’e not helping and actually hurting the team at that point.

          • Mark Souza

            Absolutely agree, Peter. We had one of the worst rushing attacks in the NFL, and when you take away Wilson’s “running for his life numbers,” it shows how truly abysmal our running game was – far and away the worst in the league.

        • Volume12

          2015 he caught lightning in a bottle.

          I liked Bevell, but he was so matchup averse and that’s what today’s game is all about. Doesn’t matter the position because those themselves are becoming less and less relevant the past few years. Its why guys like Tyreek Hill, McKissic, and others can succeed in today’s NFL. And the same goes for defensive players too.

          We all saw it. As the rest of the league was progressing, Seattle was getting left behind.

          • peter

            what’s weird is that he seemed better at matchup early on with rice, Baldwin, tate….that era. last seasons bombs away attack was terrible.

            • Volume12

              That had a lot to do with Lynch. Teams had to respect the run so it allowed him to create plays in space.

              • peter

                but that rabbit hole is going to me out with regards to how the run game has been approached. I guess that’s how pc got to the point where the coaches were cut.

                v12, best RB for seattle this draft? I’ve got too much time to start picking apart this class.

                Ronald jones….barely any fumbles but slight of build and literally never switches hands when carrying the rock.

                kerryon johnson…..not great yards per carry. looks like an expensive Carson.

                chubb…..not much of a creator.

                michel….looks great but a lot of big gains come from huuuuge holes. him and Chubb stuffed against auburn. both differently bad at pass pro.

                penny….power run game, multiple fullbacks. does seattle even use those anymore.

                guice….good yards per carry, better as a pass catcher than many know of. looks less explosive to me in short areas than seattle goes for.

                Freeman…..gonna be great, maybe. just not how seattle is constructed. would like to see a guy that size they the wood to make players lazier at tackling late in games.

                • Volume12

                  Guice, Jones (I think Jones is bigger than he looks) Michel, Chubb, Penny, Freeman. In that order.

                  I like Kerryon Johnson quite a bit, but yeah he’s very, very similar to Chris Carson.

                  Bo Scarborough could also be someone to keep an eye on. Combine will be huge for him. From a medical and performance standlpoint. As could Bryce Love if they were to sign a Carlos Hyde for example.

                  • Volume12

                    I’d rather Seattle went after a big back later on day 3. Someone like L’ville’s Malik Williams or Reggie Bonnafon, Auburn’s Kam Pettway, or Troy’s Jordan Chubb to name a few.

                    Oregon St’s Ryan Nall is someone I can’t wait to see perform and how teams view him.

                  • Volume12

                    * Chunn

                  • peter

                    the thing for me with nall is I see him as a short yardage guy, fullback switch, previously was a TE. love his attitude and think he’s a guy who could make his bones on special teams.

                    I like Scarborough more than most and had wanted the big back samaje perrine, later last year.

                    I was super convinced of a feature back earlier but not due to new Orleans but due to pc think there’s going to be two rbs drafted this year. yes, drafted. seahawks fans are always hopeful that player x turns some corner but right now it’s just too much injury history coupled with barely average.

                    love hasn’t made a ton if impression on me. mostly because Stanford is so solid on the line

  70. Trevor

    Rob one position that has not been discussed much on the blog is WR.

    With Graham and PRich moving on one would think the Hawks might add a WRs via draft or free agency.

    Current group Baldwin Locket, Darboh and Moore is a little under whelming and lacks that big target /red zone type guy.

    First what are your thoughts on the WR free agent class and options?

    Second have you looked at Arden Tate or Jaleel Scott? Any potential Day #3 WR you like in this draft?

    • peter

      Ha! Sorry Trevor, not Rob But I always seem to answer your posts before him.

      I’ve not looked at Arden Tate. I’m intrigued by Jaleel Scott but in the past Seattle seems to value short area quickness and he seems, to me, like a long strider with a slow build up.

      Have you checked out Darren Carrington, Utah. V12 knows I’m a big fan of their players. 6’2″ receiver with strong hands that has big play potential as well as can catch in traffic really well.

      I’m also a big fan of J’mon Moore out of Missouri. 6’3 205. Very tenacious run blocker, great, for being a bit lanky, short area quickness. A little better yards per catch than jaleel scott.

    • cha

      I get the feeling Grayson is going to be in the mix. Needed a season to get his football legs back and will be ready to compete at the very least for a ST spot in 2018.

    • Rob Staton

      I haven’t watched those guys yet. I expect WR will be a position they look at in free agency, seeking value.

  71. Myfanwy365

    Rob – Can you get free tickets for the Raiders game in London?

    • Myfanwy365

      Week 6th – October 14th at Spurs

      • 503Hawk

        I hope our boys get a BYE week after the game. I’ve done that flight more than once, its brutal.

        • Myfanwy365

          Bye is always the week after isn’t it, so Week 7

      • CestrianHawk

        Brilliant. Have supported Seahawks since the early eighties but my visits never coincided with being able to see a live game. Been waiting for them to come to UK for years.

        • CestrianHawk

          And it’s a good old eighties Seahawks-Raiders clash.

  72. H

    Fantastic news for me. As a uk based seahawks fan, who can’t currently afford to go to seattle. And who is also a Spurs fan excited to see their new stadium
    Im pumped, hopefully i can get tickets, would be a dream come true for me

    Podcast appearance was great Rob, would love to see you on there more regularly 🙂

  73. Greg Haugsven

    It should be like this:

    Week 5 @ Carolina

    Week 6 @ Raiders (London)

    Week 7 Bye Week

    • Greg Haugsven

      Which would most likely mean home games week 4 and week 8

      • Greg Haugsven

        Maybe 3 of the first 4 could be at home. Possibly like this for the first 8 weeks:

        Week 1…Home
        Week 2…Away
        Week 3…Home
        Week 4…Home
        Week 5…Away
        Week 6…Away/Neutral
        Week 7…Bye
        Week 8…Home

  74. Volume12

    What a clip. This is my dude, Marshall QB Chase Litton. Don’t sleep on him.

  75. Ed

    I must say, I am a bit revitalized for the future. Moving on from TC an DB (which Rob knows I have posted a lot over many years about wanting them gone) has given me a lot of hope for 2018. It may be the same problems without them, but at least there is a chance it gets a lot better. You knew after so many years, those two would be saying and doing the same things. It’s a rebirth Hawks. Now to do the same thing with an aging and expensive defense. Please, continue to make my wishes come true:

    MB (trade for 5th) Too many penalties, too many distractions.
    ET (trade for 2nd and 3rd) Too many questions about his desire to be here or even play
    KJ (3rd/4th) I like him, but one year left and then 3rd contract, time to get younger, cheaper and hungrier
    RS (2019 2nd/3rd) Shaq and Maxwell with Coleman in slot finished the season just fine
    Cut Lane/Ryan
    Cut/Retire Avirl/Kam
    Only try and resign BM, but don’t break the bank
    Tender and keep Jordan and Coleman
    Don’t sign any expensive FA (more than $6 million)

    Draft RB/LB/DE/WR/TE/OL

    OL Brown/Pocic/Britt/Ifedi/Fant
    DL Clark/Reed/Jones/Jordan


    • Volume12

      I mean, 2018 is already more exciting than anything Seattle did last year. I liked Bevell didn’t think he was bad, but when you got a guy at QB who’s in his prime like RW, ‘good’ ain’t good enough if that makes sense.

    • peter

      Bennett is worth a third or no go for me. I get a lot of fans are confused by protests. but 8.5 sacks with a foot injury all year? and avril possible retirement, no data to support Jordan for a year, no mcdowell, and one else besides Clark?

      pass rushers are slim in this draft and the free agents don’t look much better.

      he’s always had offside penalties. that’s not changing….

      getting rid of kj….that just adds more wholes to fill. seattle still needs a sam and then they would need a I’m fine with Sherman being traded. pass defense didn’t fall off the cliff as hard as when the linebackers were out.

      earl. sure. team needs draft capitol and he’ll be rolling into a third contract. no thanks.

      • peter

        “a will,”

    • Logan Lynch

      Personally, I think Ifedi will stay at RT. And if he does get moved to RG, I think a draft pick will replace him at RT and not Fant. He’s coming off a major injury and was unproven before that even happened. I hope I’m wrong.

      • Gohawks5151

        I cant shake this hunch that Fant is going to be good. I got more confidence in him than Pocic or Ifedi

        • Logan Lynch

          That would be awesome if he is. I’m just going by what we’ve seen so far.

        • Mark Souza

          Fant was starting to show something before he got hurt. The time with Walt looked like it was goingto pay dividends. In order, I have the most faith in Pocic – he has all the skills, aptitude, and attitude. He just needs to hit the weight room hard. Then Fant. Ifedi? He seems miles away. He lacks skills and technique, and he seems to lack the aptitude to pick up a complicated pro offense.

          Since he wasn’t the handpicked choice of the OC or line coach he’ll have next year, I think he’ll have to earn his way onto the field. He has all the physical tools to be all-world, if only he would dedicate himself to it. I’m rooting that he does and shuts me up.

          • Logan Lynch

            It will be interesting to see how the new OL coach views these guys and what positions they end up at. I thought Ifedi looked better at T than G, but was that due to having an extra year of experience or a better positional fit?

        • RealRhino2

          I like Fant, but I think banking on him being your LT starter w/o a good backup plan coming into 2017 was a mistake. I think he’d be my bet if we were betting on greatness, but Pocic would be my bet if we were picking who we were most sure would at least turn out to be a good (not great) starter.

          • House

            The problem is you can only have so much great players and depth…Fant was definitely a cheap/upside diamond in the rough. You could see how that injury truly affected Pete Carroll. He had such high hopes for him.

            We were hard-pressed up against a wall. Odhiambo did ok at times and to later find out that he was playing with 2 fractured fingers, we couldn’t have asked more from the guy.

  76. Volume12

    Loving the hires of these progressive, creative young/college minds that the league is becoming more and more attracted to. It’s much needed to make the NFL fun again.

    Chicago hiring Mark Helfrich as it’s OC is the perfect example of this. WC offense merging with the spread. Now go get Trubisky some weapons on the outside!

    • peter

      plus a boring product doesn’t get better by the annual musical chairs of coaches from basically 4 trees, retreads, and guys “who just need another chance….”

    • vrtkolman

      Some up and comers to keep an eye on:

      Kobi Burns – Co-offensive coordinator at Auburn. Played with Cam as a WR during their championship season in 2010. He’s only 28!

      Cort Dennison – Remember him from UW? He’s now the linebackers coach at Louisville, and also the recruiting coordinator. They have been killing in the recruiting department lately. He’s also only 28.

      Glenn Schumann – Georgia’s linebackers coach. They are about to have a bunch go in the 1st round. He joined Kirby from Alabama. And he’s only 27.

      Jacob LaFrance – Expect him to be a NFL GM down the road. Currently the director of player personnel at UTSA. He runs recruiting and got them the top rated class in school history this year. He’s just 27.

      I LOVE how football is becoming a younger man’s game in coaching and management.

      • Volume12

        I do remember Dennison. Nice list. Will definitely keep my eyes on those 4.

    • cha

      Feels like you have to get in more on the ground floor now, with top college programs paying nearly as much as the NFL.

  77. Volume12

    Re-watching that Ohio St/USC bowl game. I know there’s a lot of fans of Ohio St’s Billy Price on here, rightfully so he’s a stud, but why is Ohio St OT JaMarco Jones not getting any national love?

    He’s tremendous man. Excellent pass protector (plays a bit high though) with what appears to be great length. Really smooth.

    • Trevor

      I am with you on Jones very under rated but when all is said and done I bet he goes Day #2 not Day #3.

      • Volume12

        For sure a day 2 guy. Round 2 actually. IMO anyways.

  78. vrtkolman

    My thoughts on some of the recent NFL coaching hires:

    LOVE Helfrich to the Bears. Him and Matt Nagy are great offensive minds and I think we’ll see a big year two jump for Mitch, much like we saw with Goff/McVay.

    HATE Norv to the Panthers. Cam needs a dynamic, creative offensive mind, not a boring retread. Analysts are saying that Cam needs someone to get on him and Norv provides that, but is that really all he needs? Also Norv is bringing his son along as the QB coach, is that really his best candidate? It’s more nepotism IMO. Minnesota’s offense improved at an incredible rate right after Norv left.

    Greg Olsen to the Raiders is pretty good. He coached under some really brilliant offensive minds in McVay and LaFleur.

    Ravens promoting from within to replace Dean Pees is a bad move I think. Pees was pretty awful, I think Harbaugh should have gone a different direction.

    • Gohawks5151

      Agree on most except Helfrich. Was not good at adapting the offense after Frost left. Had a lot of resources and still squandered it in the end. Rode Chip’s players to a title game. Maybe a case of a good OC and a bad Head coach maybe.

      • vrtkolman

        It’s certainly possible Helfrich rode on Scott Frost’s back. We shall see.

    • C-Dog

      Helfich was a really nice hire.

    • Volume12

      Bye Cam. He had a nice run.

    • cha

      I could be wrong but I’ve always felt Norv was a “you need to fit MY system” kind of guy more than tailoring his system to the roster talent. Cam is such a unique talent he needs some flexibility. They get a splash from hiring a name coach with some good success but I’m not sold this is a step forward for the Panthers.

      On the flip side, maybe a quick rhythm style offense can suit them better. Cam can’t just keep taking the beating he has been the last 2-3 seasons and continue to be effective.

      • RealRhino2

        OTOH, maybe Norv is exactly what Cam needs as they try to move away from having him run so much. Cam’s “unique” ability is that he can run, but they don’t want him to do that as much. So rather than having a creative OC that incorporates Cam getting hit a lot, go for a guy that should pair well with a strong-armed passer who can push it downfield.

  79. Volume12

    Hmmmm… Brian Schottenheimer would be fascinating as the OC. His pops is one of my all time favorite HC’s.

    And James Bettcher as the possible DC? My god yes please!!

    • Volume12

      Bettcher would make my year. He’s creative, aggressive , and multiple. Not afraid to take defenders that are labeled as ‘not having a defined role at the next level’ and create positions/roles for them to succeed.

    • vrtkolman

      Schoettenheimer would be incredibly deflating. Talk about a boring retread. He would be a step down from Bevell IMO.

  80. Cysco

    I feel that this house cleaning had a good deal to do with Pete looking for his heir apparent. Pete probably only has 2-3 years left of coaching and is looking for the guy to replace him. For that groundwork to be set, he needs to bring someone in who is the Asst. Head Coach. It makes sense that they’d bring in someone to be OC/Asst. Head Coach so both Bevel and Cable needed to go.

    Now, knowing Paul Allen’s propensity for big splash coach hirings, I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if there’s a big name from the college ranks that is coming in to be the OC/Asst. HC/future HC. The name to keep an eye on IMO is Dabo Swinney. I could see him coming in and bringing some of his staff to be OL coach, QB coach and asst. OC.

    Swinney and Carroll have a lot of similarities in coaching philosophies. Seems like a perfect fit for now and the future when Pete moves into the front office full time.

    • peter

      huge swinney fan. he’s my hope for the next hc.

    • Gohawks5151

      Wow. Never really thought of Dabo though now completely obvious. Great fit. If that’s true though you gotta think Scott Frost too though it may cost a lot to buy him out.

      • Cysco

        Yeah, Frost is an option too.

        Just seem to me that:

        A. Pete doesn’t have many more years of walking the sideline
        B. Pete is going to stay with the organization as President after coaching and will be the guy that selects his successor
        C. Allen wants a “name” as a head coach
        D. Pete is going to want someone with similar energy and personality

        So, the person they bring in to be Asst. Head Coach is likely to be the next head coach and that person is probably going to be a pretty well known guy.

        • Jason

          No way Dabo is coming in to be a coordinator. You would have to fire Carroll.

          • cha

            He’s making something like $6-7m a year at Clemson. Yeah it’s HC or bust for him.

        • cha

          That’s entirely possible but they tried something similar with Holmgren/Mora and that was a disaster.

          I’m not saying it’s a bad idea and shouldn’t be done. It just should be noted, that plan isn’t always the pathway to success. There are many different ways to make it work. I don’t think PC particularly needs to have his heir on the sidelines with him for a couple seasons before he decides to hang it up.

  81. Patrick Toler

    If Richard does go, I’d like to see Pete bring in a DC with a background in a different system/philosophy, but is willing to work with Pete’s system. The report that Pete wanted Richard to go somewhere where he could be exposed to different ideas resonated with me. I think that having Richard as DC was in issue in that Pete and Richard didn’t have any friction when it came to implementing the system. Bradley and Quinn had been exposed to other influences and draw on that experience and suggest alternatives that came from different perspectives. Richard, being a lifetime Carroll disciple, didn’t have that.
    I think having some friction and someone who could suggest strategies and play calls that might not occur to Pete would be healthy.

  82. Sea Mode

    Yay, V12 is back on dropping names! (missed you for a stretch there… 🙂 )

  83. Steele

    The exits of Bevell and Cable are a long time coming. The bottom line for both is that you can praise both for some successes, and there were, but neither sustained the kind of consistency or creativity needed, and JSPC waited too long to lose them. Their greatest success, not surprisingly, came when the defense was dominant (Quinn, etc) and the players on both D and O were fresh, healthy and hungry. That obscured the problems with both Bevell’s playcalling (which has never been consistently good, even before he joined the Hawks) and Cable’s ill-fated experiments.

    It is indeed time for a real offensive coordinator. Whoever it is, I expect growing pains for Wilson.

    I am also not sad to see K Richard go. Similar problem as the O. An aging, injured nucleus+poor offseason personnel+ a regression in playcalling and intangibles since Quinn/Norton in many aspects.

    The elephant in the living room is Pete. Replace the entire coordinator staff, and Pete is still there. How much blame should he get, if any? Stubborness to change, loyalty to existing guys, ingrained habits, etc.
    This will all be tested now.

    If the Rams can do what they did in one season, anything is possible, anywhere.

  84. Millhouse-serbia


    What are your thoughts on Jaleel Scott?

  85. cha

    Just a thought.

    The injury disparity between the Rams and Hawks was incredible in 2017. We know this, but when you look at the data it really shows up even more.

    Look at all that red!

    And not just the sheer number of games missed, the quality of players stands out in sharp relief. If the Rams had lost Gurley, Donald, Sullivan or Whitworth for anywhere near the length of time the Hawks were without Sherman, Chancellor, Avril or Carson, they’d have been in deep trouble.

    Good on the Hawks for cobbling together a winning season with the sheer volume of the core players hurt.

    I don’t want the Rams to be all injured in 2018 (personally, I like opponents to be healthy when they play the Hawks so they get a proper beat down), but it sure wouldn’t shock me if the law of averages dictates they struggle with injuries next year.

  86. peppapig

    Nothing like change.
    Good luck to Bevell, Cable and Richard.
    Looking forward to 2018.

    Seaahawks @ Raiders London. Woot Woot.

  87. Tim

    I would love to see gary kubiak as our new oc.

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